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Knife Show/Cutlery Corner
   May 23, 2015
poke and wear out.

It's one-size-fits all.

Enter the Sleep Number bed.

Recently named best bed for couples, there's no need for compromise.

"It has allowed us to sleep better as a couple, because we both can do our own thing, and it feels like it's two mattresses in one".

World's Wildest Police Videos
   May 23, 2015
I'm sheriff john bunnell.

Officers know that catching lawbreakers requires casting a wide net.

From our waterways to our highways and even our skies above, cops have to cover every avenue, knowing it's only a matter of time before criminals come calling.

   May 23, 2015
and to see how it all goes.

One of the things that I really like about booking is that everything's different, and every night's really different.

Don't run away, Bruce.

Sit down, Bruce.

I've known Bruce ever since I've started working here.

Boy Meets World - If You Can't Be With the One You Love ...
   May 23, 2015
♪ Wn is b mes world ♪anderingowthisoad that we llife ♪s at wre doi ♪

♪ it's go tknowi ha frien w will ways anby m♪

♪ when is boymes wod ♪

Boy Meets World - And Then There Was Shawn
   May 23, 2015
I never understoodwhy anybody would want to be a teacher until now.

That's because you'reseeing your students succeed and grow right in frontof your eyes.

Makes you feel so proudto know you made a difference in somebody's life,doesn't it, mr. feeny?

Cops - Chases ... and Cars No. 2
   May 23, 2015
>> MAN: ♪ Bad boys , whatcha want?

Whatcha gonna do ♪ When Sheriff John Brown Come for you?

♪ Bad boys, bad boys Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do ♪ When they come for you?

Bad boys, bad boys Whatcha gonna do?

Lights Out - Road to Khan vs. Algieri
   May 22, 2015
Next he faces chris algieri, who may be his most dangerous test yet.

This is the highest stakes fight that amir khan has ever had.

Man: He wants to make an impression so that he can get "big, big hts.

Cops - Neighborhood Busts No. 2
   May 22, 2015
everyday crime, but weather's great.

Beautiful place We're headed to assist my corporal in serving an outstanding warrant on a subject.

I believe it's for child support.

It's two down.

What's the name on it?

Cops - Back to Broward Special Edition
   May 22, 2015
-Four, copy ..

(indistinct radio transmission) It's a white...two-door, tinted windows...

>> COSTANZO: All right, right now we're attempting to catch up to a, uh, car, and, uh, see if we can get an I.D. on the driver.

Cops - Jacksonville
   May 22, 2015
(siren off) It's going to be this corner house.

(garbled radio transmission) (dog barking) Copy.

Is he there?

>> Right here, right here!

He's jumping on the...

Get him!

Get him right now!

>> CHADDOCK: Come here.

Cops - Coast to Coast
   May 22, 2015
Rialto Police Department and they hired me.

>> (over radio): 12-40.

>> Officer jermaine gibson: re gonna try and stop this motorcycle right now.

He's moving real good.

(garbled radio transmission) >> GIBSON: Speed limit's 35.

The Flintstones
   May 22, 2015
[ Rock Crumbling ] [ Roaring ] [ Chattering ] [ Roaring Continues ] [ Grunting, Groaning ] Come on, you lazy Cro-Magnon!

Ohh! [ Grunting, Groaning Continue ] Hey! Back to work! You guys had a break two days ago!

Come on, now!

Cops - Jacksonville
   May 22, 2015
>> OFFICER DAVID LEE: He just shut the door.

You want me to go around back?

(knocking) (wind ch >> WHENT: Go around the back.

Where's the white guy that was sitting here?

>> He probably split.

>> WHENT: Did he just run out the back?

Boy Meets World - No Such Thing as a Sure Thing
   May 22, 2015
♪ Wanderin' down this road that we call life ♪

♪ is what we're doin' ♪

♪ it's good to know I have friends ♪

♪ who will always ♪

♪ stand by me ♪

captioning made possible bybuena vista television [ band playing, crowd cheering ] [ Shouting ] IF I WAS ONLYGONNA BE ALIVE For one minute, I'd spend itlooking in your eyes!

   May 22, 2015
that possible could want to hurt you.

We got one highly intoxicated male.

I need a hand on that one.

Can you help me out?

No problem.

All right.

Let's go do this.

All right.

What'd I do, man?

Open up your hand.