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Make $$ in Real Estate Locally
   July 1, 2015
>> Announcer: If you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an opportunity for you.

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KPIX 5 News Early Edition
   July 1, 2015

>> Looks like gotham city out there with the dark and moon and fog.

>> Hi, everyone.

I'm frank mallicoat.

Happy "hump day" everybody.

Let's talk about that weather.

And a little bit of traffic, too.

ABC7 News 4:30AM
   July 1, 2015

>>> Whether you commute by car, bus, or ferry, starting this morning, many of us will be paying more for our rides.

Abc 7 has more live from the ferry terminal with the various fare and toll hikes kicking in today.

Try Total Gym for $14.95
   July 1, 2015
>> Male Announcer: The following program is a commercial presentation of total gym fitness.

>> What happens when people want to get results?

Well, we're putting total gym to the test.

>> 14 People, all with different goals.

Today in the Bay
   July 1, 2015
Hanging on in the middle of scorching heat -- temperatures soar for a second straight day as conditions fuel =kris/vo= it'll be a struggle to stay cool again today, as state leaders worry about putting our " what you need to know about your power use.

=Sam/vo= and a new month means new laws.

From smart phones to sick .

Kerry Shook Ministries
   July 1, 2015
st important values that have held us together.

And our families are losing those values that make all the difference. Relationships seem to be missing those values that hold relationships together.

But God wants to restore those values in your life. And they're values that money can't buy. That make all the difference in our lives, and today we're talking about restoring integrity, and how we have a God who cares so much about us.

KCRA 3 Reports at 4:30AM
   July 1, 2015
Let's get started with the thing that you are talking about.

Let's talk about how hot we will be today.

pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday.

A couple of variables that will change tonight, but this morning you are waking up to a much warmer start than this time yesterday.

America's Funniest Home Videos
   July 1, 2015

(squeals) (wan) WHOA!

Oh, my gosh.

(woman laughs) (laughter) ..

We've got some workoutsthat don't quite work ..

AAH! (thud) And some dogs show their ownerswho's master.

(woman) OH, YOU IDIOT!



Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life - Quitting Is Not an Option Q and A
   July 1, 2015
♪ You need a little ♪

♪ love in your life ♪

really trying to get my relationship back on track, I remember very vividly the holy spirit saying to me, " I was like, "apologize?

Why do I need to apologize?

To Be Announced
   July 1, 2015
He rest of my life alone.

Oh, mom, it's not all your fault.

It's just that my problem is I blame my mistakes on other people.'s...

It's not you, mom. it's me.

It's me. it's all me.

I'm just no good.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody - Commercial Breaks
   July 1, 2015
D our place in line and call us onceyou get to the front.

Yeah, nowyou're dreaming!

You' All: Oh, man!

A cappella!

[Humming] [plates crash] ta-da.


I've seen a lot of lousy acts today, but yours is the first to make me actually fear for my life.

Six Star Knife Set
   July 1, 2015
You only slice off what you need when you need it.

I don't care whether it's ham, roast beef, lamb, turkey.

This knife is like a hot knife going right through butter.

It has a fork on the end so you pick up the meat dip it into the gravy.

Roseanne - Tooth or Consequences
   July 1, 2015
There's no shame in saving money.

Ride on, ride proud.

GEICO Motorcycle, great rates for great rides.

I try hard to get a great shape.


I can do easily.

New Benefiber Healthy Shapehelps curb cravings.

Roseanne - Glengarry, Glen Rosey
   July 1, 2015


York peppermint pattie.

Get the sensation.


Okay! here you go. good catch!

Alright, now for the best part.

Ooh, let's get those in the bowl.

These are way too good to waste, right?

[ Male Announcer ] SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE WITH Who you love.

Robot Chicken - Plastic Buffet
   July 1, 2015
- Sometimes with my penis!

- Seacrest, out!

- Aah!


- Well, it isscientifically possible to fly a crew of men tothe asteroid and destroy it, saving our planet.

However, it will cost 80,000 trillion dollars.