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The King of Queens - Shrink Wrap
   September 11, 2015
♪ My back is gettin' tight ♪

♪ I'm sittin' here in traffic ♪

♪ on the queensboro bridge tonight ♪

♪ but I don't care,'cause all I want to do ♪

♪ is cash my check and driveright home to you ♪

Judge Judy - Post Office Slander?; Pet Custody Fight
   September 11, 2015

You've both worked for the post office.

>> Yes, ma'am.

>> Judge Judy: Your complaint alleges that you made a loan to the defendant in the amount of $300.

You want it back.

The defendant says that it was a loan contingent upon another event happening.

Total Recall
   September 11, 2015
(screaming) Quaid, get over here.

What is it?

There's an opening.

I knew it.

This whole thing is one big reactor made out of tirbinium.

Cohaagen knows it makes air and won't turn it on.

Of course not, if mars had an atmosphere, he'd lose control.

Say Yes to the Dress - Father of the Bride
   September 11, 2015
Your breasts are ridiculous.

Angel: That's all we can talk about.

Jenny: Those bad boys are like a c-plus-plus-plus.

Would you stop? sorry, dad. sorry, dad.

Okay, dad, go ahead. go ahead, dad.

It's beautiful. very nice. very pretty.

   September 11, 2015
Threateningme anymore.

You freak!

You freak,i'm sick of you!

I am dngnicky santoro!

I am--he's my new sponsor!

(siren blaring)HOW 'BOUT THAT?

What are youlooking at?

Ss off!hey-hey.

(Ginger) GO BACK INSIDE-- THIS IS NONE OF Your business.

New Girl - TinFinity
   September 11, 2015

(shrieking) Party time, man.

Did you know that the chemical symbol for tin is SN?

Schmidt and Nick. What?

Is no one else's mind blown by this?

That's it, our theme is TinFinity.

TinFinity. That's actually really good, Schmidt.

The Potter's Touch
   September 11, 2015
>> female announcer: Coming up on "The Potter's Touch." >> Bishop T.D. Jakes: God says, "I am not in the business of being sought less.

I want you to make me first and come to me first." "When do you want me to seek you, Lord?

Late at night?" "No.

Friends - The One With the Cop
   September 11, 2015
So a long time.

This is fun.

Hey, rach, remember that whole"we were on a break" thing?

Well, I'm sorry.will you marry me?

(only Ross laughs) (laughter trails off) All:THAT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

[Captioned byThe Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation] Hey.

The King of Queens - Multiple Plots
   September 11, 2015
But I don't care,'cause all I want to do ♪

♪ is cash my check and driveright home to you ♪

♪ 'cause, baby,all my life ♪

♪ I will be drivin' hometo you ♪

captioning made possible bysony pictures television have a seat, 'cause I am makingmy man a good, hearty breakfast.

KTVU FOX 2 News at 4pm
   September 11, 2015
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Judge Judy - False Third Strike Charges
   September 11, 2015
>> Judge Judy: Thank y.

>> Byrd: You're welcome, jud.

Parties have been sworn in.

You may be seated.

Ma'am, have a seat, please.

>> Judge Judy: moreno, the defendant is your ex-boyfriend.

You claim he owes you some money.

Jerry Springer - Starved for Sex
   September 11, 2015
>> I had a one-night stand.

She called me up saying she was pregnant with my baby.

>> I was actually born a woman.

I want to try to make this work.

>> You trap med with a [beep] baby.

>> It's not all my fault.

How I Met Your Mother - Shelter Island
   September 11, 2015
We just had dinner with Stella's sister and her fiancé.

They're getting married before us.

Okay, you know how you've dreamt about your perfect wedding day ever since you were a little girl?



Celebrity Name Game
   September 11, 2015
[lively music] ♪ ♪

>> Hey, and welcome to Los Angeles, California.

Welcome toCelebrity Name Game.

I am your host, TV's Craig Ferguson.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, sorry, I just had a piece of candy.

It's absolutely delicious.

BBC World News America
   September 11, 2015
" >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and mufg.

>> It's a global truth.

We can do more when we work together.