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00:00:00Course is suspected of killing two of his wives.
00:00:03>> You know, I'm a million miles away from that.
00:00:08To somehow suggest I had anything to do with that.
00:00:10>> Not that you anything to do with this.
00:00:12>> I have stopped thinking that rod blagojevich tried to sell barack obama's senate seat and am starting to think he's murdered at least within of drew peertson's wives.
00:00:25Governor, while everyone was getting ready to string you up, you managed to believe you were actually having the best week ever.
00:00:31I'm going to congratulate you where that great week is actually happening, inside your mind.
00:00:39Oh, here we go!
00:00:46Oh, my god.
00:00:46It's full of hair.
00:00:49Now I get it.
00:00:51It grows inwards and insulates against reality.
00:01:34>> female narrator: Here they are in all their pubescent glory.
00:01:36>> Oh, my God, I'm totally buggin'.
00:01:39>> narrator: The most amazing teen stars ever.
00:01:40[screaming] >> ♪ I'm hot. ♪
00:01:42>> narrator: From the popular pretty boys-- >> My name's Brandon Walsh.
00:01:45>> narrator: To the horny high school nerds-- >> Come on, she's waiting for you, man.
00:01:48>> narrator: To the hot goody-goodies who steamed up study hall.
00:01:51>> No, thanks.
00:01:51I don't smoke.
00:01:53>> narrator: The teen stars themselves are here to tell you all about the madness of years past.
00:01:57>> The late '70s-- it was all about disco biscuits and Dom Perignon.
00:02:01>> Exactly.
00:02:02>> narrator: And what they're up to today.
00:02:04>> I'm a father of six kids, and right there is my biggest responsibility.
00:02:09>> narrator: Secrets will be told.
00:02:10>> Truth of the matter was, I knew I was gay.
00:02:13>> narrator: Crushes will be remembered.
00:02:14>> We really did have a litt romance going on on the island.
00:02:18>> What are you looking at?
00:02:19>> Your muscles.
00:02:21>> Oh, how embarrassing.
00:02:23>> narrator: And yes, Coreys will be celebrated.
00:02:25>> And he said, "Hey, dude.
00:02:26What's up?
00:02:27This is Corey Haim, man.
00:02:28I guess we're gonna be working together.
00:02:29We got to be bros, man." >> narrator: Come on, you know you want it.>> Lick it up, baby.
00:02:33Lick it up.
00:02:37>> narrator: It's VH1's 100 Greatest Teen Stars hosted by Deborah Gibson.
00:02:41All right.
00:03:00>> You're entering a land of teen stars where everyone's cool and all the eyes are dotted with a heart.
00:03:06I know.
00:03:06I've been there.
00:03:08We're counting down the 100 greatest teen icons ever, bringing them to you in the flesh and telling you what they're doing now.
00:03:15Let's get straight to the sugar with number 80.
00:03:25>> narrator: Somewhere in that sweet spot between hunky and nerdy, Ralph Macchio was his own brand of babyface heartthrob.
00:03:31>> You know, I have this face that's somewhat young looking, so I have to work with the goods.
00:03:35>> He's cute as heck.
00:03:36>> You're the best friend I ever had.
00:03:38>> He just had that real, like, outsider-loner kind of thing.
00:03:42>> narrator: Ralph started acting in his teens, playing troubled Jeremy onEight Is Enough,but his career took off when he played greaser Johnny Cade inThe Outsiders.
00:03:50>> He was that character that you just kind of wanted to wrap your arms around and say, "It's okay.
00:03:55Everything's going to be okay." >> Johnny Cade was the kid that ended up in a fight with Leif Garret's character and stabbed him and killed him.
00:04:03>> I stabbed him.
00:04:08>> Ralph, little bastard.
00:04:09Had to kill me.
00:04:11I was like, "Oh, not in the first reel." >> narrator: Then in 1984, Ralph waxed on, waxed off his way into movie history withThe Karate Kid.
00:04:20He was 23, and Daniel San was 16, but who's counting?
00:04:24>>The Karate Kidwas, it was like this massive, insane phenomenon.
00:04:29>> You're telling me.
00:04:30>> Ralph plays this downtrodden kid who gets beat up.
00:04:33He's from Brooklyn and he's in Reseda and doesn't fit in.
00:04:37>> You had to push it.
00:04:38Well, now you're going to pay.
00:04:41>> So with the help of Miyagi San, he learns karate.
00:04:44>> Hiya.
00:04:46>> I loved that Mr. Miyagi made him do all those things.
00:04:49>> You know, have Macchio waxing his car.
00:04:53>> Wax on, wax off.
00:04:57>> "Wax on, wax off." >> narrator: After two Karate Kidsequels and a serious growth spurt, Ralph tried to grow up, playing a more adult role in 1992'sMy Cousin Vinny.
00:05:08>> Once Ralph started to grow up, he kind of suffered the curse of the baby face.
00:05:14>> narrator: Now in his 40s, the Karate Kid is a husband and father.
00:05:17Still acting, the Long Island boy is also finding work behind the camera.
00:05:21>> I just finished directing and now editing a short film that I wrote.
00:05:27>> I really think that, you know, he's just a talented actor all around.
00:05:37>> narrator: Take figure skating, a little romance, plus a whole lot of blindness, and you've gotIce Castles, the '70s classic that made Lynn-Holly Johnson a star.
00:05:46>> Whoa!
00:05:47>>Ice Castlesis this lovely little coming-of-age movie, and here you have Lexi.
00:05:54She goes partially blind.
00:05:55>> I think they could have, like, done something a little more believable, like she was ice skating, and then someone threw, like, hot acid in her face.
00:06:02"My eyes." >> narrator: After winning the '74 national championships and starring in Ice Capades, 18-year-old Lynn-Holly stumbled into a tailor-made movie role.
00:06:12>> I was on tour with Ice Capades.
00:06:13They got me this script called Ice Castles.
00:06:15Wish me luck.
00:06:18>> She was such a phenomenal skater, and she could act.
00:06:22You know, when you get that kind of combination together, you know, there's no one else for that part but her.
00:06:28>> You bastard.
00:06:32>> narrator: Originally this family movie was intended to be an R-rated flick with hot skater-on-skater action and nudity.
00:06:38>> I just plain put my foot down and said no.
00:06:42If that movie had nude scenes in it, it would not be this family movie that it is today.
00:06:49>> I know you don't like me very much anymore, but I love you.
00:06:58>> ♪ Since I found... ♪
00:07:01>> narrator: Lynn-Holly's grand finale was perhaps the greatest blind skating scene in film history, complete with its own million-selling theme song.
00:07:08>> ♪ The eyes of love. ♪
00:07:13>> The theme fromIce Castles is beautiful.
00:07:16>> When we were in pre-production, Marvin Hamlisch comes in and he says, "I just want to see you skate around a little bit, and so he's creating this tune off of what he felt while I was skating.
00:07:26>> narrator: Lynn went on to star in a few other films, but today the happily married mother of two finds her current role much more exciting.
00:07:33>> Yay.
00:07:35Being a mom, it's like this second part of my life that has as much drama as being in the movie business.
00:07:50>> Believe it or not, one day, they'll be begging me for autographs.
00:07:54>> narrator: Brian Austin Green played David Silver, the 90210 nerd who went from high school loser to Mr. Popular.
00:08:00>> Wow.
00:08:01>> It took a little while for David Silver to be accepted by the 90210ers.
00:08:07>> You know, you better get out of here before I call the police.
00:08:09>> Geek.
00:08:10>> Loser.
00:08:12>> The show progressed, you know, and he grew up, and he filled out, and he became, you know, really quite the hunk.
00:08:19>> I think that you're very sexy.
00:08:22>> narrator: David Silver's claim to fame was as Beverly Hills High resident DJ and MC.
00:08:26>> ♪ I want, I want ♪
00:08:27♪ a mic check. ♪
00:08:28♪ A-bring a level up. ♪
00:08:29♪ I want a mic check. ♪
00:08:30>> He became the DJ at school, and DJs are always cool.
00:08:33>> narrator: Brian lasted 10 long years on90210, and in 2002, he had a son, Kassius, with former costar Vanessa Marcil.
00:08:42Three years later, his career got very busy again, with Brian appearing in the movieDomino and returning to TV as star of the ABC sitcomFreddie.
00:08:50>> He plays, like, a player type of guy who really is completely different from how David Silver was, so to see Brian Austin Green in this different role is going to really help him kind of break that David Silver mold.
00:09:02>> You better believe it.
00:09:11>> narrator: In the mid-'90s, Jason London had it all: movie stardom, extreme cuteness, and an awesome body double, his twin brother and fellow actor Jeremy.
00:09:21>> Twins.
00:09:23>> There's more than one London?
00:09:25>>Dazed and Confusedas Pink Floyd, the quarterback, that was Jason, yes?
00:09:32I'll Fly Away,great TV show, sort of based onTo Kill A Mockingbird,that was Jeremy, yes?
00:09:40Man on the Moon,Reese Witherspoon's object of affection, that was Jeremy, right?
00:09:46[buzzer] >> My brother and I get mistaken for each other pretty much on a daily basis.
00:09:52>> narrator: Jason started his acting career in 1991, landing a major movie role as Court Foster in the coming-of-age dramaThe Man in the Moon.
00:10:00>> Hey, kid.
00:10:02>> I'm not a kid.
00:10:04>> Went in, auditioned, didn't even think anything about it, and ended up getting the part in this beautiful, wonderful movie.
00:10:10Thank you.
00:10:12Nice of you.
00:10:13>> Well, I figured you be out here.
00:10:17>> narrator: Two years later, Jason nabbed his most famous role to date as cool jock Randall "Pink" Floyd inDazed and Confused.
00:10:24>> Don, have you ever thought about why we play football?
00:10:27I mean, how many times you gotten laid strictly because you're a football player, huh?
00:10:31>> Randall "Pink" Floyd was a cool guy.
00:10:34All I'm saying is I bet we could do just as well if we were in a band or something.
00:10:38Just getting to be a part of something that has become such a huge movie and such a classic is just an honor for me, and even my grandkids' grandkids will think I'm totally cool, which is great.
00:10:49I'm not going to smoke pot with them, though.
00:10:51>> narrator: Jason kept working through the '90s, later on doing more TV and indie films.
00:10:55Today he's raising his daughter and is still in the biz.
00:10:58>> He's actually going to direct an indie film that his brother Jeremy is starring in.
00:11:03>> My life today is fantastic.
00:11:04I hope to be making movies until the day I croak.
00:11:12>> narrator: Coming up, Neil Patrick Harris makes teen star medical history.
00:11:16>> Here was someone who's saying, "Yeah, I'm a kid, but, you know, I can be an MD." He pulled it off.
00:11:23>> narrator: Plus Lisa Bonet, Cosby kid turned voodoo teen.
00:11:26>> I always saw a glint in her eye like she was into something dangerous.
00:11:30>> Hello.
00:11:31>> But first, a teen star Who Am I?
00:11:35See if you can figure out who this is.
00:11:37>> I spent most of my breakout movie wearing a loincloth and sometimes not even that.
00:11:42Who am I?
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00:15:52>> Hey.
00:15:52Back with you on100 Greatest Teen Starswith the answer to our Who Am I? question.
00:15:57Before the break, we asked you to guess the identity of this mystery star.
00:16:02>> Hey, if I had to get stuck on an island with one other person, I'm glad it was the hottest teenage girl on earth.
00:16:11Who am I?
00:16:11I'm Christopher Atkins from The Blue Lagoon.
00:16:22What are you looking at?
00:16:23>> Your muscles.
00:16:25>> narrator: In 1980, he ruled theBlue Lagoon with a blond mop of hair and a loincloth the size of an oven mitt.
00:16:31Teen castaway Christopher Atkins was not only hot; he totally got Brooke Shields pregnant.
00:16:36>> ♪ I can feel it ♪
00:16:37♪ coming in the air tonight. ♪
00:16:41>> Let's face it.
00:16:42Brooke Shields was way lucky to be on an island with Christopher Atkins.
00:16:46>> narrator: Chris was a 19-year-old sailing instructor and part-time model when he got the role.
00:16:51Once on location in Fiji, Chris was instructed to put on a curly wig and take off everything else.
00:16:57>> Christopher Atkins had the all-over tan.
00:17:01No tan lines whatsoever.
00:17:03>> Director was really adamant about it, 'cause he really wanted for us to have full tans.
00:17:08If you're going to be on an island since you were little kids, you know, you're going to have an all-body tan.
00:17:12That was a big, big issue.
00:17:14>> narrator: Living on an island, getting tanned, Chris had it good.
00:17:17Plus he got to roll around naked with a teen supermodel.
00:17:22>> The love scenes were a little awkward just because she was so young, and we're doing such a mature scene.
00:17:28It was very easy to feel something for Brooke.
00:17:31I'm not going to tell you how much.
00:17:33What's the matter, Em?
00:17:33Don't you love me anymore?
00:17:35>> Yes, I love you more than ever, Richard.
00:17:39>> Why don't you want to do it?
00:17:41>> narrator: After Chris left the lagoon, he scored a role in 1982's musicalThe Pirate Movie and a pop hit to boot.
00:17:47>> ♪ I know she'll ♪
00:17:49♪ never understand. ♪
00:17:52I had to go through months of singing lessons.
00:17:56I'm not much of a singer.
00:17:57♪ How can I live without her? ♪
00:18:00I had that solo onHow Can I Live Without Her,and next thing you know is, it's on the chart.
00:18:06♪ How can I live without her? ♪
00:18:10>> narrator: After a stint onDallas and even a steamyPlaygirl spread, Chris' priorities changed.
00:18:15>> Yo, keep the top up.
00:18:16That a way, Randy.
00:18:17I'm a dad.
00:18:18Never wanted to miss a minute of my kids, to the effect of it took me out of the business for a while because I wanted to be with my kids so bad.
00:18:24>> narrator: Now that the kids are all grown up, Chris is getting back in the biz and hopes to keep making movies, and he might just visit that lagoon one more time.
00:18:33>> We literally shot this picture on an island that had nothing there.
00:18:36Some day I got to get back.
00:18:46>> narrator: Not even Einstein could dole out meds and save lives at 16.
00:18:50>> All right, give him four milligrams of morphine.
00:18:51I'll be there in five minutes.
00:18:52>> narrator: At least not legally, but television makes anything possible.
00:18:58That's how Neil Patrick Harris was able to redefine precociousness as the world's youngest MD, Doogie Howser.
00:19:03>> The Doogster.
00:19:05>> I told you I'm on call.
00:19:07>> Here was someone who's saying, "Yeah, I'm a kid, but, you know, I can be an MD," and he pulled it off.
00:19:14>> At the hospital, he was this professional, treating people, saving lives, but then at home, he was a kid.
00:19:20He was dating girls.
00:19:21>> I'm going to tell her her hair smells great.
00:19:23Then I give her a lick on her lobule auricular.
00:19:29>> I loved that show.
00:19:31It always ended the same way.
00:19:32He's typing, and then he thinks about something, and he has an epiphany while he's typing.
00:19:37>> narrator: When the series ended in 1993, 20-year-old Neil turned to the stage, landing roles in Rent, Proof,andThe Assassins.
00:19:44>> Neil is like this brilliant Broadway star.
00:19:47Neil can sing.
00:19:47Neil can dance.
00:19:48He's not just a teen star.
00:19:49He's like actor man.
00:19:50>> Neil Patrick Harris in the house.
00:19:54>> narrator: Now in his early 30s, Neil's trying to put theDoogiething behind him with less wholesome roles in the 2004 stoner comedy Harold and Kumar Go To White Castleand the CBS sitcomHow I Met Your Mother.
00:20:04>> The writing's really good on the show.
00:20:05I got the pilot and read it, and it was ridiculously funny.
00:20:11>> narrator: But Neil has no regrets about being a teen doctor or at least playing one on TV.
00:20:15>> A lot of people watched it.
00:20:16Kids watched it with their parents, and it wasn't a cheesy sitcom.There was actually great merit to the show.
00:20:21I loved doing it, and it was a great education for me.
00:20:31>> narrator: She was the hottest teen on the hottest, most sweateriffic sitcom of the '80s,The Cosby Show.
00:20:37>> Hi, I'm Lisa Bonet.
00:20:39>> narrator: As big sister Denise, Lisa Bonet gave the Huxtable household a dose of cool.
00:20:43>> Isn't she gorgeous?
00:20:45>> ♪ Feels just ♪
00:20:45♪ like it should. ♪
00:20:47>> She had great style.
00:20:48I always remember wanting every outfit that she had.
00:20:51>> She just had this kind of, um, just kind of cool hipness to her.
00:20:57>> narrator: After three seasons onCosby, Lisa went in a whole different direction with her first big movie, the creepy, voodooey, and very naughtyAngel Heart.
00:21:05>> I always saw a weird glint in her eye like she was into something dangerous.
00:21:10>> To go off and be this vixen, showing her breasts and then having sex, and the blood or whatever, that just changed everything.
00:21:17>> narrator: AfterAngel Heart, Lisa continued to be a wandering spir.
00:21:21>> Power to the people.
00:21:22>> narrator: She left The Cosby Showbriefly after rumors of a rift with Bill to star in her own spinoff, A Different World.
00:21:28>> Nothing exciting, just the regular sitcom world.
00:21:31>> narrator: She appeared seminude on the cover ofRolling Stone.
00:21:34>> Hello.
00:21:35>> narrator: And she met, married, and had a child with some guy named Romeo Blue.
00:21:39>> Hello, darling.
00:21:40>> Hello.
00:21:41How are you?
00:21:42>> Very good, thank you.
00:21:44>> Lisa Bonet married Lenny Kravitz, but it was before really the Lenny Kravitz era.
00:21:49No one really heard of this guy.
00:21:50>> narrator: After divorcing Lenny in the early '90s, Lisa kept popping up on the radar screen in flicks likeHigh FidelityandBiker Boyz,though she refused to appear in a 2003Cosby Show reunion special.
00:22:03Now in her 30s, Lisa lives in L.A., still acts, does outreach work for disadvantaged kids, and is raising her teenage daughter, Zoe Kravitz.
00:22:11>> I even think she changed her name, actually.
00:22:13I don't even think it's Lisa Bonet anymore.
00:22:15I think it's Liliquois Moon.
00:22:23>> narrator: He might just have been the cutest ofThe Outsiders,and 17-year-old C. Thomas Howell was up against some pretty stiff competition in that flick.
00:22:31>> Go back and look at that movie.
00:22:33The cast is unbelievable.
00:22:34You know, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Diane Lane.
00:22:40I mean, it's just incredible.
00:22:41>> C. Thomas Howell was Pony Boy inThe Outsiders.
00:22:44>> You know what a sosh is?
00:22:46>> What?
00:22:47>> White trash with Mustangs and Magers.
00:22:50>> He had such an authenticity and a rawness to his work.
00:22:54You didn't feel like he was acting whatsoever.
00:22:58>> narrator: AfterThe Outsiders,C. Thomas moved on to less sensitive roles like Robert inRed Dawn.
00:23:03By '86, he was money at the teen box office.
00:23:06Then disaster struck.
00:23:07>> In the controversial movie Soul Man,C. Thomas Howell tries to impersonate a black man.
00:23:12Sometimes, though, it doesn't work.
00:23:16>>Soul Manis a movie about a white dude that gets ahold of some special tanning pills.
00:23:23Turns himself black so he can get a scholarship from a college that's supposed to go to a minority.
00:23:31[record scratching] [crickets chirp] I'm not making this up.
00:23:35This was actually a greenlit Hollywood picture.
00:23:39>> The press, I think, are trying to make this a very controversial movie, but it's a comedy.
00:23:43It's easy.
00:23:44It's funny.
00:23:44>> I think C. Thomas was great.
00:23:46I just, you know, why'd you do Soul Man?
00:23:50>> narrator:Soul Manbombed, but at least it wasn't a total waste.
00:23:52C. Thomas did marry costar Rae Dawn Chong.
00:23:55>> Oh, God!
00:23:57>> narrator: The couple split in 1990, and C. Thomas never regained that leading man momentum, but he's still in the game as the king of straight-to-video movies including 2005's otherWar of the Worldsremake.
00:24:08>> I'm coming to get you, okay?
00:24:09>> What's going on?
00:24:10>> I will meet you at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
00:24:12>> I'd love to see C. Thomas still repping strong in the years to come.
00:24:17I want to see C.
00:24:19I want to see C.
00:24:22>> More of the most crush-worthy teen stars coming up.
00:24:26Here's a look ahead.
00:24:28>> narrator: Jennifer's lunchtime love lesson.
00:24:30>> Jennifer Jason Leigh is Phoebe Cates' best friend, but she's definitely not as experienced.
00:24:35>> [gags] >> narrator: Plus meet the last American virgin.
00:24:39>> Would you like a chip?
00:24:40>> What?
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00:28:52Time again for our World's Oldest Teenager Award.
00:28:54This one goes 90210's Gabrielle Carteris, who was actually pushing 30 when she hit Beverly Hills High, which begs the question do nerds age slower?
00:29:08>> Hola.
00:29:09>> narrator: She was AHN-drea "Don't call me AND-rea" Zuckerman.
00:29:13>> Andrea is a, well, it's a little boring and common.
00:29:18>> narrator: Nerds are everywhere, even in the 90210 zip code.
00:29:2230-something Gabrielle played perhaps the oldest high school geek in Beverly Hills history.
00:29:28>> Andrea was, like, 16 going on 30.
00:29:30She was, like, the most unbelievable high school student ever in the world.
00:29:35>> Hanging out with a bunch of people acting stupid is not going to get me into the Ivy League.
00:29:40>> narrator: Andrea's superior intelligence didn't stop her from having a totally unrealistic crush on Brandon Walsh.
00:29:45>> Hey, Brandon.
00:29:47>> ♪ You're bringing on ♪
00:29:48♪ the heartbreak. ♪
00:29:51>> Andrea, of course, has to have a crush on the hottest guy at school, and she reveals it at a slumber party.
00:29:58>> Hey, so it is Brandon.
00:30:03>> So sad and sweet at the same time.
00:30:07>> narrator: Alas, Brandon didn't dig the naughty librarian thing and Gabrielle left90210 in 1995 to host her own talk show and later appeared on TV'sSurreal Life.
00:30:17>> "Can Gabrielle Carteris keep it clean?" I don't know.
00:30:24>> narrator: Today, Gabrielle is married with two kids and still working steadily.
00:30:27>> You know, what's so strange is that you look at Gabrielle, and you're like, "She kind of still looks the same." Freaky.
00:30:36It's weird.
00:30:36So you, like, look at her, and you're like, "Andrea, is that you?" >> I love Gabrielle Carteris.
00:30:41She's a friend of mine.
00:30:42She is yum.
00:30:51>> narrator: The shoes.
00:30:53The sunglasses.
00:30:55The duck man.
00:30:56>> ♪ Don't sweat ♪
00:30:57♪ the technique. ♪
00:30:58>> Morning.
00:30:59Welcome to another day of higher education.
00:31:01>> narrator: It was the definitive role in a flick that defined the '80s teen scene.
00:31:04Jon Cryer as lovesick high schooler Duckie inPretty In Pink.
00:31:09>> I love this woman.
00:31:11I love this woman, and I have to tell her.
00:31:16>> Why didn't Molly Ringwald's character go out with Jon Cryer?
00:31:21Duckie is the bomb.
00:31:23>> Duckie Dale was like what today people would probably think he was gay.
00:31:28>> That's the kind of guy I am.
00:31:29>> Was just adorable, you know, or he'd wear this little blazer with the little vest underneath, and he had his little pompadour.
00:31:35>> Ooh, heh, heh, I don't know where that hair came from.
00:31:39>> narrator: Duckie's flair for new-wave fashion may have set trends, but it was his soulful Otis Redding imitation that stole the show.
00:31:48[soul music] ♪ ♪
00:31:56>> He bursts into Tracks, and he starts getting down toTry A Little Tenderness,and you've never seen anything like this before.
00:32:06>> He does it like with so much feeling, and it's definitely, like, one of the best scenes in the whole movie.
00:32:12>> narrator: AfterPretty In Pink,Jon starred in a string of movies, includingHot Shots and a slew of short-lived TV series.
00:32:19>> I've never had a second season on anything I've ever done.
00:32:22>> narrator: But in 2003, Jon made a big comeback in the CBS sitcom2 1/2 Men.
00:32:27>> Action.
00:32:28>> Got any homework this weekend?
00:32:30>> Nope, did it at school.
00:32:33>> After all those years where it's like, "Where did Duckie Dale go?" and then he's emerged as a man who has a son, and it's just kind of a funny complete departure from who he was as a teen star.
00:32:43>> To me, Jon Cryer will always be Duckie.
00:32:46>> I will never say that doing Duckie hurt my career, because when you do something that the public really latches onto, that's the greatest gift an actor can ever have.
00:32:55I'm off like a dirty shirt.
00:33:02>> I just want you to know that I'm pregnant.
00:33:05>> narrator: Jennifer Jason Leigh made her name in the early '80s playing teenage girls with angst to burn.
00:33:12>> I think Jennifer Jason Leigh is probably one of the best actresses of my generation.
00:33:16She's a powerhouse.
00:33:18>> narrator: Jennifer's most eye-catching early role came at 19 in the 1981 TV movie The Best Little Girl in the World.
00:33:25She played an anorexic teen, dropping down to 86 pounds for the part.
00:33:31>> I'll eat and I'll gain wait.
00:33:33I'll do anything that you want meo.
00:33:35>> It's almost like you really believed she was that girl.
00:33:38>> narrator: A year later, Jennifer starred in her breakout role as sexually naive Stacy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
00:33:44>> There are, like, variables that I might not be good at.
00:33:48>> Like what variables?
00:33:49>> Like, you know, giving [bleep].
00:33:54>> Jennifer Jason Leigh is Phoebe Cates' best friend, but she is definitely not as experienced.
00:33:58>> Slowly in and out.
00:34:01>> She was so cute, and the whole carrot thing.
00:34:04>> [gags] >> It was so naughty.
00:34:06It's just naughty.
00:34:08>> narrator: Luckily for Jennifer, she moved on to more edgy roles in '90s flicks such asLast Exit to Brooklyn, Single White Female, andRush.
00:34:15>> She's picked so many different roles to do, which was really telling of her talent.
00:34:21>> narrator: Jennifer married The Squid and the Whale director Noah Baumbach in 2005.
00:34:25She's in her mid-40s now, and both Jennifer and her career have aged pretty darn well.
00:34:30>> I think she looks exactly the same now as 20 years ago.
00:34:34What's your secret?
00:34:43>> narrator: It wasn't a bird.
00:34:44It wasn't a plane.
00:34:46It wasn't a transgender Superman.
00:34:48It was Supergirl.
00:34:55>> You're Superman's best friend, huh?
00:34:58>> No, his cousin.
00:35:02>> narrator: Helen Slater added some estrogen to the mix in 1984's camptastic movie Supergirl.
00:35:08>> ♪ He's supersonic. ♪
00:35:10>> I am Cara of Argo City, daughter of Alora and Zorel, and I don't scare easily.
00:35:18>> Oh, God, she looked good in the outfit.
00:35:20I would want to stand under her in Metropolis, just trying to see up her skirt.
00:35:25>> I've come here to search for the Omega Hedron.
00:35:27It's a power source vital to Argo City.
00:35:30>> TheSupergirlplot was, like, the most [bleep] thing I've ever heard in my life.
00:35:35>> I end up coming to earth to find the Omega Hedron to bring it back to the planet.
00:35:39Now you know why the film wasn't a huge success.
00:35:42I can't even follow the story line.
00:35:44>> narrator:Supergirlflopped, but Helen kept on playing the hero in the 1985 teen outlaw flickThe Legend of Billie Jean.
00:35:50>> We're going to turn ourselves in.
00:35:51Billie Jean is also a superhero.
00:35:53I mean, she was a great role model.
00:35:55But I want the $608, and I want Mr. Pott to give it to me.
00:35:59>> narrator: Just like the movie's patron saint, Joan of Arc, Billie Jean chopped off her lovely locks.
00:36:04>> We didn't start this.
00:36:05We didn't mean it to happen, but we're not giving up till you pay.
00:36:08That was my real hair in the movie.
00:36:10It was trauma, but it was also, I have to say, it was a real freeing experience.
00:36:16Fair is fair.
00:36:17>> narrator: Now married with a daughter, Helen's still acting, doing a lot of TV.
00:36:21>> I just did an episode of Grey's Anatomy.
00:36:23I had a great time, and I'm doing an episode ofWill and Grace.
00:36:26>> narrator: But few people know that the former Supergirl also sings.
00:36:30In fact, she's got two CDs out.
00:36:32>> Creatively, I would say music is where it's the most vibrant, and I feel so fortunate to be playing with these incredible musicians.
00:36:40♪ I'm loving ♪
00:36:41♪ New York in June. ♪
00:36:50>> Pipe down, people.
00:36:53>> narrator: In the '80s, no one played the wealthy preppie snob better than Jami Gertz.
00:36:57Like, totally.
00:36:58>> As one who has reaped the benefits of Reaganomics, it's incumbent upon me to help those who've been shattered by them.
00:37:06>> She was fantastic.
00:37:07You, like, just wanted to hate her guts.
00:37:11>> You're very small minded.
00:37:12I'd work on that if I were you.
00:37:15>> narrator: In 1982 at age 17, Jami broke through as prepster Muffy Tepperman on the much-loved sitcomSquare Pegs.
00:37:22>> I'm Muffy Tepperman.
00:37:23I'm the captain of the Weemawee JV Pep Squad, and I'm here to make sure you all have a good time.
00:37:29>> Woo!
00:37:30>> Within limits.
00:37:32>> When she would come on, she would just take over.
00:37:34She just stole the scene.
00:37:35[laughter] >> narrator: Jami moved on to films likeThe Lost Boys andLess Than Zero, where she played Beverly Hills party girl Blair.
00:37:44>> Do you want to go out tonight?
00:37:45We could go to some clubs.
00:37:46It'll be fun.
00:37:47Portraying a cocaine addict is a very trying, difficult thing to do.
00:37:51>> She was just perfect.
00:37:54>> narrator: Jami kept working through the '90s but began to focus more on her husband and three boys.
00:37:59>> You can have it all and screw it all up, is basically how I work through it.
00:38:04>> narrator: Today she's back giving hope to chubby guys everywhere as the hot, funny wife onStill Standing.
00:38:10>> She's happening.
00:38:10She's thriving.
00:38:12Good for Jami.
00:38:20>> Would you like to dance?
00:38:21>> I really don't care.
00:38:24>> narrator: He was the quintessential horny teen.
00:38:26Lawrence Monoson was just looking for love as Gary in 1982'sThe Last American Virgin.
00:38:32>> Would you like a chip?
00:38:33>> What?
00:38:34>> It's about a guy who was in high school, and he was the last guy-- >> In his mind, he was the last guy in America-- >> To not get laid.
00:38:42>> Gary, come on.
00:38:43She's waiting for you, man.
00:38:45>> Gary is incredibly insecure young man dealing with all of the challenges that I think we all deal with in adolescence.
00:38:55>> All right, cowboys, who's going to be first?
00:38:56I want to get this over with.
00:38:58>> When Gary loses his virginity to the prostitute, it was kind of gross.
00:39:02>> Go on, Gary.
00:39:03Go on.
00:39:06>> It's not necessarily cool for young teenage boys to go, you know, pop their cherry with some beat-up hooker from the street.
00:39:16>> narrator: 16-year-old Lawrence had no problem convincing audiences he still hadn't done it.
00:39:21>> I was a virgin at the time when I shot the movie, and I wasn't very cool.
00:39:25I guess you can say that.
00:39:27After the movie came out, I went from being not very popular to being really cool.
00:39:35>> narrator: SinceVirgin, Lawrence has continued to land gigs in movies and later on TV shows likeER, CSI, 24, and Showtime's Resurrection Blvd.
00:39:44>> Doo, doo.
00:39:45Look at that power, baby.
00:39:46You look [bleep] good.
00:39:49>> narrator: But no matter how many gigs he does, Lawrence will always be remembered as Gary, the kid looking to pop his cherry.
00:39:57>> Yeah.
00:39:58>> I was flipping the channel the other day, and I came upon it, and I was, like, looking at it, and I was like, "Who is that?" You know, it's me.
00:40:07>> narrator: Coming up, the second coming of Jack.
00:40:09>> Here's Christian.
00:40:12>> narrator: Plus the teen cutie who told the Feldster to buzz off.
00:40:15>> I don't appreciate you hitting on me, and I don't think your best friend would either, so why don't you go away?
00:40:19>> Mary Salenger was great.
00:40:20She was a cheeky girl, if you know what I mean.
00:40:24>> But first, our Who Dated Who?
00:40:26Which of these teen stars dated Phoebe Cates?
00:40:31The answer after the break.
00:41:07The original instant message.
00:41:21Chatroom full.
00:41:28Friend request accepted.
00:41:32Dentyne. make face time.
00:44:0880xx<x<÷÷÷÷ ÑO ñ dSdS'SG@# >> It's100 Greatest Teen Stars, and here's your answer to the Who Dated Who? quiz.
00:45:54We asked which teen star dated Phoebe Cates.
00:45:57It was Wille Aames in the early '80s.
00:46:02You know, somehow I just don't see these two stars together, but what do I know?
00:46:06Keep watchingTeen Starsfor more quiz fun.
00:46:08Now let's jump back into the countdown.
00:46:12>> narrator: At number 67, Hilary Duff.
00:46:15She took off in the 2000s with a huge TV show, movies, pop songs, and an all-out teen catfight with Lindsay Lohan.
00:46:22>> Oh, I'm Lizzie McGuire.
00:46:25>> I would watch her and think to myself, you know, "Kid's pretty brilliant." >> Cool.
00:46:29>> She's like that girl next door that I think people can relate to.
00:46:32>> Her songs are good and, you know, her voice is good, and she's someone who I actually enjoy watching.
00:46:37>> ♪ Let it go and ♪
00:46:39♪ come tomorrow, ♪
00:46:40♪ it will seem ♪
00:46:42♪ so yesterday. ♪
00:46:43>> She really managed to work pretty consistently and build an empire.
00:46:47>> ♪ I'm going to be okay. ♪
00:46:51>> narrator: At number 66, Will Smith.
00:46:54When the Fresh Prince started rapping at 19, he was clean-cut, cute, and dope in a non-threatening sort of way.
00:47:01>> Will Smith came out strong with the Philly rap L-I-T-E.
00:47:05>> ♪ To you, ♪
00:47:06♪ all the kids ♪
00:47:06♪ all across the land, ♪
00:47:07♪ there's no need to argue. ♪
00:47:09♪ Parents just ♪
00:47:10♪ don't understand. ♪
00:47:11>> He was the first that I remember rapping and making me laugh.
00:47:14>> ♪ I asked her ♪
00:47:15♪ for Adidas, ♪
00:47:16♪ and she bought me Zips. ♪
00:47:18>> His mom did a lot of this in the video.
00:47:20>> He really did bring rap to the masses.
00:47:23We're talking everybody.
00:47:25>> Take it from me.
00:47:25Parents just don't understand.
00:47:30>> narrator: At number 65, Meredith Salenger.
00:47:34Not only was she popular among teens; she was a big hit with the wildlife demographic.
00:47:42>> What is it?
00:47:44>> narrator: In 1985 at the age of 15, Meredith Salenger tiptoed onto the scene with the classic girl-meets-wolf filmThe Journey of Natty Gann.
00:47:53>> Natty Gann was a very independent, fierce, sort of mischievous little girl who didn't take no for an answer.
00:48:01>> No!
00:48:08>> narrator: AfterNatty Gann, Meredith became a full-fledged teen hottie and honorary Corey, starring opposite the Haim-Feldman team in 1989's Dream a Little Dream.
00:48:16>> Look, you're being really weird.
00:48:18I mean, weirder than usual, and that's pretty weird.
00:48:23>> I knew Corey and her would spark it off.
00:48:26>> Mary Salenger was great.
00:48:27She was a cheeky girl, if you know what I mean.
00:48:30>> You're crazy, did you know that?
00:48:33>> To this day, people come up to me and go, "Man, Meredith Salenger, dude, she was so hot.
00:48:38So what was it like working with her?" >> I don't appreciate you hitting on me, and I don't think your best friend would either, so why don't you go away?
00:48:45>> narrator: By the timeDream a Little Dreamhit theaters, Meredith had stopped acting to focus on school.
00:48:50She soon found herself studying psychology at Harvard and graduated cum laude in 1992.
00:48:56>> It was the best experience of my life.
00:48:58It was incredible.
00:48:59Harvard was a good school.
00:49:02>> narrator: But she got right back into acting, doing guest spots onDawson's Creek andCold Case.
00:49:07Now in her mid-30s, Meredith is happy she got off the teen-star merry-go-round before things got too crazy.
00:49:14>> A lot of child stars and teen stars go through a really hard transition into adult life, and I've been pretty lucky.
00:49:30>> narrator: He was one of the baddest boys in teendom with cocked eyebrows and a way cocky attitude.
00:49:35>> I'll repeat myself.
00:49:41>> Everyone saw, like, a little mini-me of Jack Nicholson in him.
00:49:45>> Here's Christian.
00:49:49>> narrator: In 1985, Christian made his big-screen debut as Binx, a Texas teen on the lam in The Legend of Billie Jean.
00:49:55>> Nobody moves.
00:49:56You let her go and give us some money.
00:49:58>> I remember seeing his audition when he was 15 for that part and just blown away.
00:50:04I thought he was so incredible.
00:50:06>> narrator: Four years later in Heathers,he served up poison to his peers.
00:50:10>> Veronica knew you'd have a hangover, so I whipped this up for you.
00:50:15>> narrator: With a side of twisted humor.
00:50:17>> I'm a no-rust-buildup man myself.
00:50:20>> I think inHeathers, that was the first time you really saw his, kind of, his potential.
00:50:25>> narrator: Christian's edgy image got another boost in 1990 withPump Up the Volume and his offscreen rep was becoming just as notorious.
00:50:33>> ♪ Danger. ♪
00:50:34>> Christian definitely got into some trouble in the late '80s and '90s.
00:50:37Such things as trying to bring a gun on a plane.
00:50:40Never a good idea.
00:50:44>> narrator: These days, Christian has gone back to basics with stage work, but trouble always seems to follow him.
00:50:49>> ♪ Breaking the law. ♪
00:50:50♪ Breaking the law. ♪
00:50:51>> I didn't do anything.
00:50:52This is bull[bleep] >> 2005 rough year for Christian Slater.
00:50:57>> He actually does have a problem with the groping.
00:51:00>> Then apparently he jumped off of Paris Hilton's neighbor's house.
00:51:07>> I'm just sort of a wild and crazy kind of guy.
00:51:15>> Hi.
00:51:16>> narrator: Back in the '80s, he was one of TV's first atateens, Glenn Scarpelli onOne Day at a Time.
00:51:23>> He was a really nice kid.
00:51:24He came on toOne Day at a Time maybe in the last few years of the show.
00:51:27>> How was I supposed to kiss her?
00:51:29I puckered up.
00:51:30When I first got on the show, Alex was Ann Romano's boyfriend's son.
00:51:34What's all the racket about?
00:51:35And then things started to shift because the audience wanted her to be the single mom, so Alex moved in.
00:51:43>> You ran away from home, didn't you?
00:51:45>> I guess you could look at it that way.
00:51:48>> narrator: As Alex was growing up onOne Day at a Time, Glenn was grappling with his sexuality.
00:51:53>> Truth of the matter was, I knew I was gay and I didn't know how to be gay and be an actor on television at the same time, especially in the '80s.
00:52:03If my voice cracks, I'll kill myself.
00:52:06>> narrator: Around this time, in true teen idol fashion, Glenn took a stab at music, and in 1983, he came out with his self-titled album.
00:52:14>> ♪ Don't mess up ♪
00:52:15♪ this good thing. ♪
00:52:17♪ This good thing. ♪
00:52:19I actually recorded one of Janet Jackson's songs calledDon't Mess Up This Good Thing, and it was really wild, stepping into a studio knowing that the song had been previously recorded by Janet Jackson.
00:52:30♪ Yow! ♪
00:52:32>> narrator: When his music career didn't take off, Glenn went behind the scenes in showbiz, but came out in his personal life.
00:52:38>> In 1997, I met Jude Belanger, who is my partner to this day.
00:52:44That's a good boy.
00:52:45That's a good boy.
00:52:47In the year 2000, we moved to Sedona, Arizona, and we thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we opened a local television station?" And that's what we did.
00:52:56>> Hi, I'm Jude Belanger.
00:52:57>> And I'm Glenn Scarpelli.
00:52:59Welcome to Sedona Now.
00:53:02Itas taken off.
00:53:04>> I think we're looking good.
00:53:05>> Okay, here we go.
00:53:08>> narrator: And Glenn still gets reminded of his years when he took it one day at a time.
00:53:11>> That show meant so much to me, and I look back at, yeah, I didn't have a prom, but, you know, I got to go to the Golden Globes, so, you know, it was a trade off.
00:53:24>> narrator: Coming up, one of teen TV's biggest troublemakers.
00:53:28>> Hi, I'm A.J. Langer from My So-Called Life.
00:53:30>> And next another great moment in Gibson fashion, so stick around.
00:57:26>> You're watching100 Greatest Teen Stars,and you're about to travel back to my stylish past with this Great Moment in Gibson Fashion.
00:57:35The year: 1988.
00:57:37The moment: The kids' choice Awards and my infamous Pebbles Flintstone hairstyle.
00:57:42So distinctive.
00:57:44Well, that's another Great Moment in Gibson fashion.
00:57:48Now back to the countdown.
00:57:54>> narrator: She was the girl you dn't want your daughter hanging with: A.J. Langer as Rayanne Graff on the mid-'90s teen drama My So-Called Life.
00:58:02>> Hi, I'm A.J. Langer from My So-Called Life.
00:58:05>> I think she was the most fun to watch because she was such a train wreck.
00:58:08She was always getting in trouble.
00:58:09>> ♪ She's the girl ♪
00:58:10♪ all the bad guys want. ♪
00:58:12>> As a teenager, Rayanne represents everything that you wish you could do and be.
00:58:18>> She wasn't afraid of anything, about wearing anything, about doing anything, about saying anything.
00:58:23She was just balls to the wall.
00:58:27>> narrator: But her reign was short-lived.
00:58:29The network committed a TV felony by cancelling My So-Called Lifeafter just one season.
00:58:33>> Even though it went out early, it kind of went out on top.
00:58:38It's kind of become, like, a legend kind of thing.
00:58:41>> narrator: A.J. then tried a TV comeback in ill-fated series such as 1999's It's Like, You Know, 2001'sThree Sisters,and the recentlyepartedEyes.
00:58:50>> I've had a run of them, of just great shows with potential that just--their life gets a little cut short.
00:58:57>> narrator: Not that she's dwelling on it.
00:58:59In 2005, the 30-something A.J.
00:59:01married a real life prince charming, British lord Charles Courtenay.
00:59:05>> He lives in a castle.
00:59:06It's grey stone turrets, a flag.
00:59:09I'm Lady Courtenay, and he's the next Earl of Devon.
00:59:13>> I'm just thrilled that she's happy and that she's found the love of her life.
00:59:25>> What happened?
00:59:25I thought we were supposed to have a rehearsal.
00:59:28>> narrator: If you like boys, you love David Cassidy, but if you like girls, you've got your crush on with Susan Dey.
00:59:34>> You're not worried about the competition, are you?
00:59:37>> ♪ Come on, get happy. ♪
00:59:39>> Susan Dey, man, I was in love with her.
00:59:42>> That doesn't make any difference.
00:59:45>> narrator: Before she became TV's most awesome keyboardist in the early '70s, Susan was a teen model.
00:59:50Her agency suggested her for the role of Laurie Partridge, and at age 16, she got it.
00:59:55>> I've solved the problem.
00:59:57>> narrator: On camera, the show was all, "Come on, get happy," but behind the scenes, Susan struggled with an eating disorder.
01:00:03>> We had a big problem with makeup with Susan Dey because all she ate was carrots, and she turned completely orange.
01:00:09>> narrator: In a 1987 magazine article, Susan revealed that costar Danny Bonaduce unwittingly helped her snap out of it.
01:00:16>> I ran up to her, apparently, and said, "Oh, my God.
01:00:19Eat something." She said that's when she knew she was just a little too thin.
01:00:24>> narrator: After the show went off the air in 1974, Susan had a hard time escaping Laurie Partridge.
01:00:30>> The hardest time was right after the show.
01:00:31The jobs that I was being offered I knew I shouldn't take, because they really were the same kind of character.
01:00:38>> narrator: But in 1986, she got a second chance, scoring the role of Grace Van Owen onLA Law.
01:00:44>> I remember seeing her all grown up inLA Lawand just still smoking.
01:00:52>> narrator: After leaving LA Law in 1992, Susan continued to act in shs likeLove and WarandTh