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00:00:00That stink and the stains everywhere!
00:00:04>> If I don't come up from this, nice knowing you, girl.
00:00:05>> Woman: It has been nice knowing you.
00:00:08>> Ooh! oh, god!
00:00:09Ooh, my gonna be sick!
00:00:11>> What you think it is?
00:00:12>> I think it's pee, it's pee.
00:00:14>> Is it?
00:00:15>> Pee-pee.
00:00:15>> Animal or human?
00:00:17Would you know?
00:00:18>> I don't know, but it's pee-pee and I can smell feces.
00:00:22>> Oh.
00:00:23>> Announcer: The scent of not-so-sweet release isn't limited to the carpet.
00:00:27>> There's a big stain there.
00:00:29Go on, help yourself.
00:00:30>> Aggie, I get stuck here-- hang on, agsie.
00:00:33Oh, i-- I gotta smell the stain, ag.
00:00:37Oh, god! oh!
00:00:38>> What is it?
00:00:39>> Oh, it's-- >> nether regions?
00:00:42>> Somebody's bum's been here.
00:00:44>> Bit of a leak going on there?
00:00:45>> They don't wear knickers, I'll tell you that.
00:00:48There's no undergarments.
00:00:52>> Jerry: It's no secret that our friend howard stern has a thing for lesbians-- beautiful, bikini-clad lesbians.
00:00:59In november of '95, howard appeared on "the tonight show with jay leno" accompanied by two female friends.
00:01:06At one point, stern cued his gorgeous gay gal pals to lock lips.
00:01:11>> Oh.
00:01:12>> Jerry: Leno froze.
00:01:13The audience roared.
00:01:14And stern basked in his glory.
00:01:18>> He often makes the most astute commentary on the hypocrisy of our lives in america, more than michael moore, more than anybody, and rarely gets credit for it.
00:01:28>> If you wanna shock us, don't bring two lesbians.
00:01:31>> What's wrong with a little bump and grind on late-night television?
00:01:34>> Bring three.
00:01:36I haven't seen that.
00:01:37>> At least we don't have to pay for it anymore.
00:01:39Whoo, that should-- cinemax gets expensive.
00:01:43>> 'Cause there's only one thing hotter than girl on girl.
00:01:46Girl on girl on girl.
00:01:48>> Now, I don't care if he would have brought ten lesbians and if they would have gotten it on right there.
00:01:53Gotten it on, like the kids say.
00:01:55>> The lesbian kiss brought to you by the same man who wears an open butt cheek spandex suit and calls himself fart man.
00:02:03Not to be confused with my dad.
00:02:06>> Jerry: Outrageous.
00:02:13Gary coleman has certainly been working the reality circuit.
00:02:16He showed off his romantic side " >> you look like a little puppet.
00:02:22>> Jerry: But as a guest star on "the surreal life 2," coleman had more than romance to deal with.
00:02:26>> [ Maniacal laughter ] my like, god!
00:02:28>> Jerry: Gary and vanilla ice landed jobs at mel's diner.
00:02:32They were both surprised when coleman's ex-costar todd bridges showed up at the restaurant as a patron.
00:02:38>> What's up, todd?
00:02:39>> What up, rob?
00:02:41>> His butt needs to be kicked today, I'm telling you.
00:02:43>> Tell him to come here.
00:02:44>> Jerry: This put vanilla ice in a very "diff'rent strokes" mood.
00:02:47The ex-rapper insisted gary deliver his famous catchphrase, "what choo talkin' about, " >> one time, man.
00:02:53>> No, I'm not doing it.
00:02:54>> Oh, come on, bro!
00:02:55>> No!
00:02:56>> Come on.
00:02:57What choo talkin' about, willis?
00:02:59One time.
00:03:01>> If he said it, there may have had to have been a trade-off.
00:03:03You know, if he's gonna say that, then vanilla ice should have to do something like shave those little three things in his eyebrows again.
00:03:08>> If you're a guy, and you're being taunted by vanilla ice, and you don't have a good comeback, there is a problem in your taunting skills, okay?
00:03:18That guy's open game.
00:03:20>> You know, if I win, I win.
00:03:21If I don't, I don't.
00:03:22I'm just happy to be here, you know.
00:03:23>> Jerry: The diminutive actor refused and tried to pull rank with his "manager for the day" status.
00:03:28>> You don't understand.
00:03:29When I say he's fired, he's fired.
00:03:31>> He can bite at your knees when you least expect it.
00:03:34And it's also really hard to knee someone like gary coleman in the crotch, right?
00:03:41It's probably impossible.
00:03:42>> God help vanilla ice!
00:03:44That's all I could think when they were arguing.
00:03:46>> What you talkin' about, willis?
00:03:47>> You are fired.
00:03:48>> Okay. come on.
00:03:50>> Don't fire him.
00:03:51>> Can you cook?
00:03:53>> I can cook if I have to.
00:03:54>> Take his jacket.
00:03:55>> Jerry: Surreal, for sure.
00:03:59More outrageous moments on the other side of the break, including one from yours truly.
00:04:04Imagine that.
00:04:06Still to come, an angry crossfire gets personal, a legendary goof.
00:04:12>> I still don't know if it's chicken of the sea, in the sea, or by the sea.
00:04:15>> Jerry: Tuna causes mayhem.
00:08:38>> Welcome back to the countdown.
00:08:40It's a story we've heard a thousand times.
00:08:43Beautiful young stripper falls in love with 90-year-old billionaire.
00:08:47She marries him and later gets her own reality show.
00:08:51In this case we're talking about anna nicole smith.
00:08:59Tragically, anna died in february 2007 in a florida hotel room.
00:09:03But anna nicole left us some outrageous tv moments.
00:09:08>> Oh, it's gonna eat me!
00:09:10>> The anna nicole smith show made me famous.
00:09:12I can't believe that she is gone.
00:09:15She's the modern-day marilyn monroe.
00:09:17>> Jerry: Watching the blond bombshell on "the anna nicole show" became america's favorite guilty pleasure.
00:09:24>> Bye, [bleep], new york.
00:09:26I didn't get laid once.
00:09:28>> Jerry:..
00:09:29>> Are you gonna give me your house?
00:09:31>> Man: Yes. yes. yes.
00:09:32>> Swear?
00:09:33>> Jerry:..
00:09:34>> I want to go and have an orgy.
00:09:36I haven't had sex in two years.
00:09:38>> Jerry: And even the pouting.
00:09:40>> [ Whimpering ] >> [ screaming ] >> oh, my god, I'm obsessed with anna nicole smith because it was like, every time I watched the show I would be like, on the edge of my seat wondering how much her spandex could take.
00:09:56>> Whoo-hoo!
00:09:57>> Something very hot about her, I mean, even at like 250.
00:10:00>> Deep down I think that's exactly what would happen to me if all of a sudden I had $40 million.
00:10:07I'd just end up just rolling around in like, nacho cheese, donuts, pizzas.
00:10:11>> Walberg: She has always represented herself as the benchmark of a southern lady.
00:10:17When I think of anna nicole, i think "steel magnolias" maybe.
00:10:20She should be the remake, maybe the sally field role.
00:10:23>> Jerry: The show's most infamous moment involved anna, a gentleman's club, and a whole lotta strippers.
00:10:29>> Man: One of the strippers came over and she wanted to ..
00:10:33>> I love your [bleep].
00:10:34>> Thank you.
00:10:35>> Man: And she wanted anna to feel the texture of it and the weight of it.
00:10:38Then I decided to go on and cup the other breast.
00:10:42>> Peek-a-boo, I see you.
00:10:45>> Fake boobs are good.
00:10:47>> Yeah, fake boobs are awesome.
00:10:49>> Totally.
00:10:50>> Jerry: Anna, like your theme ..
00:10:52>> ♪♪ You are so outrageous anna nicole ♪♪
00:11:00>> Jerry: Season two of "the restaurant" began with a battle more spicy than anything chef rocco ever whipped up in his kitchen.
00:11:06A cocky intern named drew copped a major attitude on the job, clashing with star chef rocco DiSpirito.
00:11:14One evening the conflict reached a boiling point.
00:11:20>> [ Phone ringing ] >> hello, rocco's.
00:11:24>> Who's this?
00:11:25>> This is drew.
00:11:26>> Why are you answering the phone?
00:11:27You shouldn't be answering the phone.
00:11:28You should not be answering the phone until you've been trained.
00:11:30>> I'm actually up front today.
00:11:32>> Listen, you're not an employee and you're not qualified to be taking reservations.
00:11:36Talk to emily about getting lip training and it'll be fine.
00:11:39>> Drew: Hey, emily, captain douchebag's on the phone.
00:11:42>> "Captain douchebag's on the " >> I think "captain douchebag" is areat insult.
00:11:47If you wanna be part of the douchebag brigade, you wanna be running the thing.
00:11:52You definitely want to be captain 'cause, if you're demoted to lieutenant, you're way too water and vinegar.
00:11:57>> Jerry: Rocco didn't want to be the only one with a new title, so he decided to give drew a title of his own, unemployed intern.
00:12:04>> Hey, drew, can I talk to you for a second?
00:12:06>> Absolutely.
00:12:07>> In the three dat you've been here you've insulted just about every employee; you referred to me or emily as captain douchebag; you are rude, inexcusably rude to my mother.
00:12:17>> I wasn't rude to your mother.
00:12:18>> Don't, don't even talk.
00:12:19>> You are condescending, you are arrogant, you've insinuated yourself on the phone, at the bar-- hold on.
00:12:27Listen to me.
00:12:28Listen to me!
00:12:30And at 19 years old, I frankly don't understand what you have to offer.
00:12:33>> Drew: If I was 19 years old.
00:12:33>> DiSpirito: How old are you?
00:12:34>> Drew: I honestly don't need this.
00:12:36>> Okay, you know what?
00:12:37You are not welcome here.
00:12:37You are fired as an intern.
00:12:38Please leave.
00:12:39Make sure he leaves and doesn't come back.
00:12:41>> Jerry: The chef later told his staff, "if he comes back " the moral of the story, don't .. within hearing distance.
00:12:54>> Jerry: Marriage proposals are usually romantic ending with an " but then there's the guy who thought proposing at a televised washington wizards basketball game would win his girlfriend's heart.
00:13:07He fouled out big time.
00:13:09>> [ Crowd cheering ] >> Announcer: She's found him.
00:13:14Congratulations, kathleen.
00:13:15You've just won a pair of tickets to a future washington wizards' game, but, kathleen, we have another surprise for you.
00:13:25Honey, honey, will you marry me?
00:13:32>> [ Crown roaring ] >> Jerry: A message saying, "she !!!" appeared on the arena's score board.
00:13:41But here's the outrageous part, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax put on by the wizards.
00:13:46But networks completely bought it and aired the story.
00:13:50A fake proposal to fool the media?
00:13:53Now that's good tv.
00:13:58>> Jerry: In december of '91, talk show host phil donahue devoted an entire hour to a single guest, the legendary katharine hepburn.
00:14:07She was 84 at the time.
00:14:09The venerable actress made the rare tv appearance to promote " for 60 minutes hepburn reflected about her fascinating life.
00:14:18At the end of the interview, with cameras rolling, donahue asked the four-time oscar winner if she would kindly autograph a copy of her book for him.
00:14:27>> What's your name?
00:14:30>> Geraldo rivera.
00:14:35>> Jerry: Was she kidding?
00:14:36>> You don't know, do you?
00:14:37You don't know.
00:14:38I'll bet you don't know.
00:14:39>> No, I don't.
00:14:41>> Jerry: Who knows?
00:14:42The moment was pure hepburn and unforgettable.
00:14:47>> I'm too proud to tell you.
00:14:50So we're gonna sit here and you're not gonna be able to say, you're not gonna be able to sign this.
00:14:54>> I'm just gonna sign my name.
00:14:56>> Anytime you get interviewed by somebody or have sex with them, you need to find out their name immediately after the fact.
00:15:04>> Do you have any idea what this does to my ego?
00:15:06>> I think you're fascinating.
00:15:11>> A nameless fascinating man.
00:15:13>> Yes.
00:15:15>> 24 Years on the air, over 5,000 hours, and you don't know who the hell I am.
00:15:20>> What's your name again?
00:15:23Is it oprah?
00:15:25>> How do you spell it?
00:15:30>> H-u-e.
00:15:32>> Uh-huh. h-u-e.
00:15:36>> The idea of exchanging the old ball and chain seems to be very popular in the world of reality tv.
00:15:41Who knew?
00:15:43Now, on "wife swap" two women trade homes, kids, and hubbies for two weeks to find out how the other half lives.
00:15:50Christie baker was a suburban housewife who never had to lift a finger.
00:15:54>> Mostly the cleaning in this house is probably richard's job.
00:15:58>> Jerry: This domestic diva didn't exactly fit in on the donahoe family farm.
00:16:02>> Kinda smells in here also.
00:16:04>> You gotta move.
00:16:06The cows are done.
00:16:06>> Yeah, I gotta fix my shirt and everything.
00:16:08>> No, you gotta milk now.
00:16:09>> I'm milkin', but I'm not gonna get my shirt dirty.
00:16:13>> Man: You don't know fright.
00:16:14I get a bunch of sick cows.
00:16:16>> Jerry: Then christie gave us an utterly outrageous rules change ceremony.
00:16:21>> Christie: You run your family like a business.
00:16:23The children are used as cheap labor and have far too much responsibility.
00:16:28So kids, no more farm work.
00:16:32Rick, why are you crying?
00:16:36>> I just like going to the barn.
00:16:40>> He's upset.
00:16:42But he doesn't know any different.
00:16:44>> My farm is my life.
00:16:48>> It's a good thing these trades come with a full refund policy.
00:16:54Legendary "tonight show" host johnny carson entertained audiences for more than 30 years.
00:16:59During his reign as the king of late night, one moment stands out as a cut above the rest.
00:17:06>> And now, ladies and gentlemen, heeeeeere's johnny!
00:17:13>> Man: Only one revolution on the-- >> Carson: Once around.
00:17:16>> Man: Once around on the way.
00:17:18But that's indefinite.
00:17:20>> Carson: All right.
00:17:24>> [ Woman gasps ] >> [ roaring laughter ] >> we can go in on a little business, huh?
00:18:04>> [ Laughter ] >> I didn't even know you were jewish.
00:18:09>> [ Laughter ] >> Jerry: That's one sidesplitting outrageous moment.
00:18:17Comedians love to riff about politics, but sometimes even the funniest guys get serious.
00:18:23In october 2004, jon stewart paid a visit to the cnn show " hosts tucker carlson and paul begala probably thought the "daily show" anchor would be an amusing interview.
00:18:34How wrong they were.
00:18:35Stewart went on the offensive.
00:18:37The comic claimed "crossfire" " when carlson and begala reminded stewart he was supposed to be funny, jon said " carlson and begala fiercely fired back.
00:18:51Then things got personal.
00:18:53>> Tucker carlson said, "wow, jon, uh, you're a lot funnier on " and then jon stewart said, "well, you're as much of a " so, uh, which I think was unfair because tucker carlson is more of an [bleep].
00:19:07>> Jerry: No clear winner was declared.
00:19:08But this heated exchange made headlines.
00:19:11And it makes our list as one of the most outrageous moments on unscripted television.
00:19:20The minds behind reality tv can be so devious.
00:19:24James agreed to be the sought-after bachelor on "boy " boy, was he in for a surprise.
00:19:30For one memorable, romantic week, the 32-year-old wannabe actor got to know 15 great guys on tv's first gay dating show.
00:19:38James enlisted the help of his straight female friend andra who regularly chimed in with her opinions.
00:19:43Toward the end of james's search for his soul mate, producers tossed in the shocking twist.
00:19:48>> He'd found out that a couple of the boys on the show were not homosexual.
00:19:52>> Jerry: James took the news in stride, but nobody predicted andra's reaction.
00:19:56This girl exploded!
00:19:57She cried, she screamed, she went so ballistic-- >> and what do I get, to be made an [bleep] on national television?
00:20:03>> James: That's me.
00:20:04>> For caring about these people?
00:20:06For having somebody [bleep] fool me?
00:20:08That's fabulous!
00:20:09>> James: I'm the fool.
00:20:09>> You're not the fool!
00:20:10I'm the one who's been shoving them down your throat!
00:20:13>> Jerry: You'd think she was told one of her prospective dates was gay.
00:20:16>> That show really should've been called "all about andra" because it was.
00:20:19James took it okay.
00:20:21Andra freaked the [bleep] out.
00:20:24>> Andra's pantyhose were a little too tight that day, i think.
00:20:29>> Oh, my god!
00:20:31"How could they do this to you?
00:20:33No, no, don't, no, no, don't touch me, no, no, no!
00:20:37" >> Jerry: Andra's melodramatic meltdown proved to be one of the show's most unforgettable moments.
00:20:43>> Andra, you're the friend.
00:20:44You're not the hot gay guy.
00:20:46You might wanna be the hot gay guy, but you're the friend.
00:20:51>> We'll be right back with more moments guaranteed to make you go, "hey, that was pretty " coming up, a devastating secret.
00:21:00Pigs fly.
00:21:01And later, the naked truth about survivor.
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00:25:08>> welcome back.
00:25:09Our countdown continues.
00:25:10Now remember, as the numbers get lower, the moments get more outrageous.
00:25:17You know, if there's one thing i know, it's quality television.
00:25:21What you're about to see rivals anything ever broadcast on " on the talk show "crook & chase, host lorianne crook took a ride on a blue angels jet.
00:25:31And the result was priceless.
00:25:33>> It's a lie!
00:25:35>> Jerry: Crook and the pilot took off and flew several thousand feet in the air, then the pilot spun the plane into a 360-degree roll.
00:25:43>> Pilot: We're gonna roll 360 degrees to the left.
00:25:45>> Jerry: But the intense g-force proved a tad too much for lorianne.
00:25:49Good thing her air sick bag was handy.
00:25:52>> Man: You're not-- are you dead?
00:25:54>> I might be.
00:25:55Let me, let me go ahead and throw up.
00:25:59>> [ Train whistle ] >> [ laughter and applause ] >> [ train whistle ] >> [ laughter and applause ] >> [ train whistle ] >> crook & chase?
00:26:17Are those, are those the two hillbillies who performed for bush at that-- oh, no, that's brooks & dunn.
00:26:23Those hillbillies.
00:26:25>> Jerry: Now that's what you call in-flight entertainment.
00:26:27>> [ Laughter ] >> Jerry: On "average joe: Hawaii," a group of run-of-the-mill guys competed with a batch of hot hunks to win the heart of a former beauty queen named larissa.
00:26:41In the end, larissa narrowed the field to sweet, sensitive brian and babelicious hottie gil.
00:26:46Surprise, surprise.
00:26:48Larissa told bri to hit the road and dashed off to mexico with gil.
00:26:52But on the couple's last day in paradise, larissa decided to reveal one tiny secret to her boy toy.
00:27:03>> I told him who I was with and he took it pretty hard.
00:27:15>> I don't know how you react to something like this.
00:27:19When I found out that larissa had been with fabio, you know i have a serious preconceived notion about fabio.
00:27:26Who doesn't?
00:27:27>> If it had been anybody else that nobody knew, it wouldn't be an issue, which is kind of why it's not fair.
00:27:32Because there's judgments placed on my ex, the people assume he's a certain way.
00:27:36>> Any guy in the united states of america can feel with me on this one.
00:27:40>> Jerry: The devastating news nearly destroyed him.
00:27:42Truly outrageous.
00:27:44>> He walked off but imagine how he would have reacted if she had dated someone famous.
00:27:52'Cause fabio's not really famous anymore.
00:27:58>> Jerry: The all-time cheesiest tv variety show was created by chuck barris, the man who may or may not have been a c.i.a.
00:28:05"The gong show" consistently pushed the envelope of taste.
00:28:09It unnerved network censors.
00:28:12But in 1arris went a little too far.
00:28:16Wacky chuck decided to put two seductive, freckle-faced teenagers on the air.
00:28:20The girls called themselves " their talent?
00:28:24They licked orange popsicles.
00:28:27>> Man #1: All right!
00:28:29>> Man #2: Oh, yeah.
00:28:30>> Man #1: All right, all right, all right, all right!
00:28:32>> We would go down everyday to the studio with all these acts and the censors, the standards and practices people, would come running down and arbitrarily do away with one of the acts.
00:28:42So I decided to come down with these really unairable acts and then the censor would run down and get rid of them and then we'd have the good ones left.
00:28:50And the popsicle twins were one of those unairable acts, and they didn't say anything.
00:28:55I think they were out getting coffee.
00:28:57>> Jerry: The performance was so outrageous that network execs yanked the broadcast before it ever hit the west coast.
00:29:03>> If two twins can't fellate popsicles during a game show, then what point is there in living in a democracy?
00:29:11>> Hell, I lick popsicles all the time.
00:29:13It's pretty nasty, but, you know.
00:29:14>> Jerry: Sadly, the girls didn't win the grand prize.
00:29:16But popsicle sales skyrocketed.
00:29:19>> Apparently, there was some psychic pervert in the audience who knew exactly what one of the twins was doing before the popsicle even touched her lips 'cause, as she was putting it to her mouth, before anything suggestive had happened, he was " >> Man: All right!
00:29:36>> Jerry: A good old-fashioned food fight is always fun.
00:29:39But when the food being thrown is pork, chances are somebody means business.
00:29:43On the first season of "the osbournes," tv's outspoken family became fed up with their neighbors.
00:29:48The next-door residents were fond of blaring loud music after midnight.
00:29:53Sharon and jack decided to get even.
00:29:55They tried blasting their own music, then yelling at the top of their lungs.
00:29:59Nothing worked.
00:30:00Finally, sharon turned to the ultimate weapon of revenge, a seasoned ham.
00:30:05She tossed the deli favorite into her neighbor's backyard.
00:30:09>> I mean, they have more money than god and here she is tossing hams over the fence in beverly hills.
00:30:14>> Like they were in the dark, and they were throwing ham.
00:30:17See, ham is the plural of ham, right?
00:30:20>> Could sharon find nothing better to throw than a ham?
00:30:23I mean, is that really that insulting?
00:30:25A ham takes, like, what, a week, maybe, to go bad?
00:30:27>> Of all the things-- she's got like eight dogs and she decides to throw a ham?
00:30:32>> You know, a pig died for that ham.
00:30:37You go throwing it at your neighbor?
00:30:39It's just, it's just disrespectful to pigs.
00:30:42>> I think compacted pork products say, "i'm not gonna " >> Jerry: Never underestimate the power of a ham or an osbourne.
00:30:52>> See, that was just a misunderstanding.
00:30:53What people don't know is that that's a traditional british housewarming present.
00:30:57She was throwing it over the fence as a way of saying, " >> Jerry: Americans know bob dole as a five-term senator from kansas and the 1996 republican nominee for president of the united states.
00:31:11During his run for the white dole became famous for something else, obeying the .. of gravity.
00:31:18While speaking to a crowd in chino, california, the senator leaned over a decorative railing to shake some hands.
00:31:24And unfortunately, the railing wasn't attached to anything, and neither was bob.
00:31:35Luckily, the 73-year-old politician wasn't injured, just slightly embarrassed.
00:31:40>> When people realized he didn't have balance and dexterity, they knew for a fact they couldn't have an uncoordinated president.
00:31:47People do not want to see their commander in chief fall over.
00:31:53Don't touch that dial!
00:31:54And if your tv actually has a dial, it's time for you to go shopping.
00:31:58I mean, this is the 21st century, for crying out loud.
00:32:01The countdown continues in a minute.
00:32:04Up next, "big brother" cleans up its act.
00:32:07The nose that made news.
00:32:08And later, the flash of flesh that changed the world.
00:36:47>> Hello, I'm tv's jerry 's countdown of the "50 most " and believe it or not, I'm only in one of them.
00:36:59"Fear factor" is without question the go-to reality show for creepy thrills, spine-tingling chills, and the nastiest of spills.
00:37:07Each elaborate stunt is more frightening, more disgusting than the next.
00:37:12During season four's las vegas episode, contestants faced a new onslaught of harrowing challenges.
00:37:18But player krisandra wasn't quite prepared to chow down the updated "fear factor" way.
00:37:24>> [ Screaming ] [ crying ] >> you can do this, come on.
00:37:29Reach in it, grab it, and put it in your mouth.
00:37:32>> Grab it and put it in my mouth.
00:37:33>> That's it.
00:37:33Do it!
00:37:34There you go.
00:37:35Get it.
00:37:35That's it.
00:37:36>> [ Audience cheering ] >> Man: Do it! do it!
00:37:38Just do it!
00:37:39Just do it now!
00:37:41There you go.
00:37:41Bite it, chew it, and swallow it.
00:37:43There you go.
00:37:44Put your head up.
00:37:44>> [ Cheering ] >> there you go.
00:37:50That's one.
00:37:51That's what I'm talking about!
00:37:53>> Jerry: Fear was clearly not a factor for krisandra.
00:37:56But she definitely gave us one creepy outrageous moment.
00:38:03One of the most talked about televised acts of revenge came during the second season of "big " retaliation can be oh, so evil, but oh, so fun to watch.
00:38:13The premise of the show was simple.
00:38:15Survive all evictions, be the last houseguest remaining, and win $500,000.
00:38:2126 Days into the competition, hardy put shannon on the nomination block.
00:38:27She quickly turned into one pissed off houseguest looking to get even.
00:38:31Verbal insults only made hardy laugh.
00:38:33Accusations bounced off his big ego.
00:38:36In a moment of rage, shannon grabbed hardy's electric toothbrush and headed to the bathroom for a little payback.
00:38:42>> He had this little electric toothbrush that he loved.
00:38:45" >> [ toothbrush whirling ] >> Jerry: Producers and viewers watched in shock as shannon did the disgustingly unthinkable.
00:39:00>> Funky said the toilet's a little minty fresh.
00:39:03>> Ha ha ha ha!
00:39:05Hee hee! whee!
00:39:07♪♪ You're gonna get hepatitis whoo!
00:39:10I thk you' gonna get hep-c ♪♪
00:39:13>> I've never tried it.
00:39:14But you know what?
00:39:15I like the idea.
00:39:16That goes right along with the sugar in the tank.
00:39:18>> I've done worse with a toothbrush than than scrubbing a toilet for people.
00:39:22Better watch out if you don't like me!
00:39:25You piss me off-- uh-uh.
00:39:26>> Jerry: Big brother forced shannon to 'fess up before hardy actually used the toothbrush.
00:39:31But she got evicted anyway.
00:39:33>> She showed me a lot of character in really standing up to hardy because he was sort of the house bully, if you will.
00:39:38>> Jerry: Never mess with a ticked off she-devil with too much time on her hands.
00:39:43>> You're the best, bitch.
00:39:45I'm horrified of you.
00:39:47You're so damn scary.
00:39:51>> You know what they say, a kiss is just a kiss.
00:39:55That is, unless people think the smooch is unexpected or inappropriate, then we're talking major controversy.
00:40:01Over the years, there've been several surprising displays of public affection on tv that had people buzzing.
00:40:07When adrien brody accepted his academy award in 2003, he took more than the gold statue from presenter halle berry.
00:40:15>> One of my favorite tv kisses of all time.
00:40:17>> I really thought that halle berry's husband was gonna get up and whoop his ass.
00:40:22>> Jerry: Larry king was flattered when the legend himself, marlon brando, ended their interview by planting one on larry's lips.
00:40:29>> And it killed marlon brando.
00:40:31>> Do you miss your mother?
00:40:33Hello, cleveland!
00:40:34>> Jerry: At the 2003 mtv video music awards, britney spears and madonna opened the show by opening their mouths for a sensual french kiss.
00:40:42The shock was felt 'round the world.
00:40:46Angelina jolie celebrated her 2000 oscar win for "girl, interrupted" by sharing a lip lock with her brother james.
00:40:53Angelina maintained that nothing out of the ordinary was going on between bro and sis.
00:40:58Still, some people wished this girl, on this night, had been interrupted.
00:41:03>> Is that girl kissing her brother?
00:41:06That, okay-- that's-- I don't-- all right.
00:41:08Somebody gotta go to church.
00:41:10>> That was really creepy.
00:41:11That wasn't just a loving, sibling peck.
00:41:15>> They're obviously a very close family.
00:41:18>> I ain't never kiss my brother like that.
00:41:20I'd smack him in his face.
00:41:22>> Jerry: Maybe the most outrageous kiss of all took place between then-married couple michael jackson and lisa MARIE PRESLEY AT THE VMAs.
00:41:30Need we say more?
00:41:31After that, I think we're all puckered out.
00:41:36Take one white supremacist, an equality advocate, and a rabbi.
00:41:41Put them all together and what do you get?
00:41:43" the episode was called "young hate mongers," and tension on the set was high.
00:41:52You see, about 38 minutes into the taping, john metzger, who was the head of the white aryan resistance youth, tossed a racial slur at civil rights activist roy innis.
00:42:01Well, innis exploded, jumped out of his seat, went after metzger.
00:42:06Then skinheads in the audience rushed the stage.
00:42:08It escalated into a free-swinging, furniture-tossing melee with geraldo smack in the middle.
00:42:14Rivera never knew what hit him.
00:42:16>> Next thing you know, chairs are flying, geraldo takes one to the nose, and it makes his career.
00:42:22Thank you, racists.
00:42:24>> Perhaps more shocking is the number of times geraldo hasn't been hit in the face by a chair.
00:42:29>> I'm a gay jew.
00:42:30I would have hit geraldo in the face.
00:42:32>> I think it went perfectly as scripted.
00:42:36His nose broke exactly on cue.
00:42:38>> That's the first time that i agreed with some of the policies of the white supremacists.
00:42:44First and the only time.
00:42:45>> Jerry: America was electing a new president the very next week, but "newsweek" magazine put geraldo and his broken nose on the cover.
00:42:55>> Everyone wants to be remembered for something.
00:42:56And poor geraldo, he's got so many options.
00:42:59You know, he's got the white bandage, the empty al capone vault, him giving away his exact coordinates in iraq.
00:43:05So, you know, he kind of just keeps topping himself.
00:43:08>> The question was, was television ever gonna go this far and then television went that far.
00:43:12And now, we don't know how good we had it.
00:43:15I'm thinking, within three years, televised executions and teenage snuff films.
00:43:21Who's with me?
00:43:26>> Jerry: Here's the deal.
00:43:2811 Hot-to-trot singles shacked up at a luxury resort for a little game of sexual musical chairs.
00:43:34At the end of each week, every guy and gal had to choose a roommate.
00:43:38And the one left all alone had to sayadiosto paradise.
00:43:41But toni and dave encountered bigger problems.
00:43:44Toni tended to be loud and ..
00:43:46>> [Bleep] I'm calling [ bleep].
00:43:47>> Jerry: And she rubbed dave the wrong way.
00:43:49>> You're an over actress just ..
00:43:51>> Oh, I'm an over actress.
00:43:52You know what, david?
00:43:53I want you gone.
00:43:54If it means I have to leave, i want you gone.
00:43:57>> Jerry: One morning dave mentioned that he'd never forgive toni for her verbal assaults and disregard for their newfound friendship.
00:44:04During a tension-filled q & a, toni lashed out at nice-guy dave in an angry tirade that sent chills down everyone's spine.
00:44:12>> And I'm calling [bleep].
00:44:13You're playing the game.
00:44:14Nothing wrong with playing the game, but you hurt my friends, we're gonna fight.
00:44:18>> Poor dave didn't know what hit him.
00:44:20>> What was with the deranged, scary, screaming woman with the eyes that I have nightmares about?
00:44:27>> Shut up!
00:44:28>> The crazy thing about toni that, I think, everybody knew her for was these crazy eyes, and they were just, kind of, like this.
00:44:36>> It's not like she just got mad.
00:44:38Toni would get this crazy, like, shaking, bug-eyed look, " >> excuse me?
00:44:48>> Toni.
00:44:49Tough, tough broad!
00:44:51And I mean that in the most affectionate way.
00:44:53>> Toni eventually checked out of the hotel.
00:44:56Paradise gained.
00:44:57Paradise lost.
00:44:59One outrageous moment.
00:45:02>> I never got a room at the paradise hotel.
00:45:04Can you believe it?
00:45:08>> Jerry: So many things seem to mops, price tags, bratwurst.
00:45:14During the first season of "newlyweds," the object of ..
00:45:19Was tuna.
00:45:20In the now world-famous chicken-of-the-sea incident, jess opened a can of tuna and became confused.
00:45:26>> I still don't know if it's chicken of the sea, in the sea, or by the sea.
00:45:30I still don't know.
00:45:31I do know what it is, it's, it's "tuna is the most popular " just like chicken would be here on land.
00:45:39>> [ Crowing ] >> I had no idea that it would be, you know, this classic moment in reality television.
00:45:47I just remember thinking, i can't believe that this is coming out of her mouth right now.
00:45:51>> I wouldn't care if jessica couldn't speak, if she just, you know, went-- all day l-- I wouldn't care.
00:45:59That girl is so strikingly attractive.
00:46:01>> It's not easy to be that stupid.
00:46:03You have to stay away from books and the news.
00:46:06You have to really focus on just the sky and a mirror.
00:46:10>> Jerry: Nick lachey, jessica's husband, chalked the incident up as another one of his wife's endearing quirks.
00:46:16>> I think jessica simpson is dumb as a fox.
00:46:18I think she's really smart, and I think she, in fact, is probably the person who spearheads coming up with the words she's going to use improperly.
00:46:25>> Jerry: Long live this ditsy blonde.
00:46:31Sinead o'connor marches to the beat of a different drummer.
00:46:34>> Yeah.
00:46:34>> Jerry: But on one occasion the beat pounded so loudly she caused an international scandal.
00:46:39On october 3, 1992, the irish singer performed on "saturday " >> next week will be tim robbins and sinead o'connor.
00:46:47And my hope is that that would be good.
00:46:49>> Jerry: Her first song went off without a hitch.
00:46:51But during her second number, sinead took advantage of being on live tv.
00:46:56At the conclusion of her song "war," o'connor whipped out a photo of pope john paul ii.
00:47:02She shouted, "fight the real " and tore up the picture.
00:47:05A stunned silence filled the studio.
00:47:07Television audiences were shocked.
00:47:10The catholic church, well, it cried blasphemy.
00:47:13>> And now the obligatory joke, yes, the pope almost gained consciousness.
00:47:19He was so angry upon hearing the news.
00:47:21>> Jerry: In one fell swoop sinead o'connor shredded both a photo and her career.
00:47:26Nbc banned the footage from ever being broadcast again.
00:47:33Don't go anywhere.
00:47:34Because, technically speaking, the next moment will be at least 1/50th MORE OUTRAGEOUS THAN THE Last one.
00:47:39Go ahead, do the math.
00:47:41We'll be back.
00:47:42Coming up, a single man's worst nightmare comes true.
00:47:46>> Oh, no, he didn't!
00:47:49>> Jerry: Roseanne strikes out.
00:47:51And later, an amazing blowup on " Mys Eric ♪
00:48:01♪ "All by Myself" ♪
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00:52:06>> welcome back.
00:52:07You know, these days there are some fascinating places you can go to meet your soul mate: Internet chat rooms, computer dating services, cozy coffee bars, or network television reality shows.
00:52:19So what if you risk total humiliation with millions of people watching?
00:52:24You could receive a sacred rose.
00:52:29That would be worth it, right?
00:52:33During season five of "the bachelor," quarterback jesse palmer made the biggest mistake in the show's history.
00:52:39>> Jesse palmer sounds like a porn name, doesn't it?
00:52:42"Jesse palmer"-- [ imitating porn music ] >> Jerry: Oh, yes, this dark-haired hunk finally gave viewers the most shocking rose ceremony yet.
00:52:52>> Cool, man.
00:52:53>> Jesse was retarded, all right?
00:52:55I can't believe that anyone took one single rose.
00:52:58The first night, it should have been like, "that's okay, I don't " >> Jerry: Each of the 25 miss america look-alikes anxiously waited for jesse to call out her name.
00:53:08Only 15 of them would remain in the running.
00:53:11When it came down to the final rose, our normally smooth hero lived the single guy's nightmare.
00:53:16He called out "katie," but he meant karen.
00:53:19>> It's a mistake that I made and it's a very honest mistake that I made on the first night.
00:53:23>> Oh, no, he didn't!
00:53:26>> It's a bad thing to do.
00:53:27The good news is, they weren't in bed.
00:53:29>> I don't usually have guys calling me other girl's names except mom, but that's normal, right?
00:53:37>> I always make sure to only yell my name when in bed.
00:53:41Therefore, one, I don't pretend to not be so self-absorbed and, two, I never misspeak.
00:53:46And, often, I'm in bed alone, so it works out.
00:53:49>> Jerry: Katie stayed in the game, and karen received an emergency "i meant to say your name" rose.
00:53:54In the end, neither bachelorette made it to the final round.
00:53:58>> Did I say the wrong name again?
00:54:00I tell everyone that I'm a fourth-string quarterback.
00:54:01I'm about to get cut from the team.
00:54:06Who's gonna [bleep] me?
00:54:07>> He's got man boobs.
00:54:08I don't appreciate it.
00:54:09It's disrespectful.
00:54:10>> Jerry: Jesse no longer dates women whose names begin with " roseanne-- stand-up comic, check.
00:54:19Sitcom star, check.
00:54:22Talk show host, check.
00:54:25Sadly, painfully, not.
00:54:29In july 1990, someone mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to have roseanne sing the national anthem before a baseball game in san diego.
00:54:37Even worse, roseanne thought it was a good idea.
00:54:40We would show you the clip, but really, it's too painful.
00:54:44>> [ Imitating roseanne ] .. ♪♪
00:54:50>> [ imitating roseanne ] ♪♪ and the rockets red glare ♪♪
00:54:52>> I'd do an impression of roseanne, but I don't want to hurt my voice.
00:54:56>> It took like all the guts I've ever had in my life to finish that song getting booed like that.
00:55:00And I did finish it and, you know, that's why I'm not gonna apologize for doing it.
00:55:04I just feel like, you know, i haven't ridden in a tank in north vietnam but y'all are treating it that way.
00:55:10And, you know, I sang "the star spangled banner" as best as i could under the circumstances.
00:55:15>> Jerry: Roseanne later said she regretted going to san diego that day.
00:55:19Probably not as much as the 27,000 fans in jack murphy stadium or the folks who witnessed the debacle on tv.
00:55:26Next time, rosie, lip synch.
00:55:32>> ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:55:37>> Jerry: Pasty-covered breasts always make for riveting television.
00:55:41Toss in a pop diva and a wandering hand and you got yourself one supremely outrageous moment.
00:55:47AT THE 1999 VMAs, DIANA ROSS Stepped on stage with scantily clad hip-hop artist lil' kim.
00:55:54Diana took one look at kim's decorated left breast and couldn't resist giving it a healthy jiggle.
00:56:00>> Something was horribly wrong about diana ross grabbing lil' kim's breast.
00:56:04>> Eeh! eeeh! eeh!
00:56:06>> When you get a little old and yours start hanging, sometimes you get that cantaloupe in a sock stuff vision going and you just wanna feel a little firmer breast.
00:56:16>> Maybe diana had quite a few cocktails, got a little bored, show went a little too long, next thing you know, she's doing shots, next thing you know, you're just grabbing somebody's breasts.
00:56:25>> Mmm?
00:56:27You're not so little after all, hmm!
00:56:32>> Jerry: I'm sure you didn't see this one coming, a second moment from the always outrageous king of pop.
00:56:38It's now our duty to present michael jackson and the three "b's": baby, berlin, balcony.
00:56:45Jackson beamed.
00:56:47Blanket squirmed.
00:56:49People gasped.
00:56:50Michael later admitted he should've thought before he dangled.
00:56:55>> The only reason michael jackson had a baby-- [bleep].
00:56:59He didn't have a baby, some other woman did, with a white father, let's be honest!
00:57:04>> I like how people were shocked and then they all wanted to stick up for him.
00:57:06This guy's crazy!
00:57:08He's just plain crazy!
00:57:09Deal with it.
00:57:10>> My mom's always like, "isn't it sad those kids have to wear " and I'm always like, "no, mom, I think they actually requested " they finally realized, at the age of 5, look, if I'm gonna hang out with your freak ass, I'd like a mask.
00:57:27>> We'll be right back with more outrageous moments.
00:57:29Up next, I do becomes I don't.
00:57:33Behind the bushes, did they or didn't they?
00:57:36>> I wonder what they're doing back there.
00:57:38>> Jerry: And later, a new way to get your protein.
01:02:03's look at the most outrageous moments from unscripted television.
01:02:08Because no show about outrageous tv would be complete without yours truly, well, here I am.
01:02:14Let's continue with a clip from a show that's always a joy to watch.
01:02:18And if you really like it, you can even turn on the sound.
01:02:33>> Jerry: Everyone loves a supermodel.
01:02:35She's gorgeous, glamorous and elegant.
01:02:37On "america's next top model," a beautiful young hopeful named elyse longed to become the industry's next cover girl.
01:02:44Her only obstacles?
01:02:46A mouth like a teamster and a volatile personality.
01:02:50The outspoken elyse didn't hold back especially after a rough day of competition.
01:02:54Robin's bible thumping, giselle's laziness, and the coach's insults lit elyse's fuse.
01:03:01The explosion was a confessional to remember.
01:03:03>> Robin, how [bleep] dare you show me that.
01:03:06Foolish is the atheist bible versus morning and ask me what do I think of it.
01:03:13What the [bleep] am I supposed to think of it?
01:03:14You know what I think of you?
01:03:16Foolish is a woman who believes that [bleep] damn tripe.
01:03:19Giselle, you [bleep] worthless [bleep].
01:03:23You are so wasteful, bitchy, stupid.
01:03:27You're worthless.
01:03:29Your parents must be ashamed of you.
01:03:30Jay, you offended me today.
01:03:33I know that the medical school is hard work.
01:03:35How can I possibly not be aware of that?
01:03:38It takes a [bleep] ass to cover every seat you [bleep] slice.
01:03:41Today, damn it, let me [bleep] die.
01:03:45You bitches!
01:03:47>> Elyse was the fish out of water 'cause she had a brain cell working.
01:03:51So she was too smart to be there, she's too smart to be a model, and it was fun listening to her vent because we were all thinking what she was saying.
01:03:59>> Listen, god gives you a couple of things, okay?
01:04:02He could either make you really good looking or you know how to multiply, you can't get both.
01:04:08" "oh, yeah?
01:04:10Well, I believe in making " " >> I think that the bible they were using it said, "after the last supper the disciples " >> Jerry: David letterman has been entertaining late night audiences and winning emmys for more than 20 years.
01:04:29Thousands of guests have gabbed with dave, but on april 12, 1995 drew barrymore made a lasting impression.
01:04:37In honor of dave's 48th birthday, drew climbed onto letterman's desk and performed a provocative shimmy.
01:04:44Barrymore ended the desk dance by yanking up her shirt and flashing the stunned host.
01:04:49>> [ Laughing ] >> ha ha, I'm drew barrymore!
01:04:52Ha ha, I'm drew barrymore!
01:04:54>> [ Laughing ] >> what better way promote a movie.
01:04:58I don't care if it's "boys on the side," "50 first dates," it doesn't matter which adorable movie she's promoting.
01:05:07Show your [bleep] and get the name out there.
01:05:11>> I wish I was david letterman.
01:05:13I love her.
01:05:15I love me some drew barrymore.
01:05:16Plus, she's got a phenomenal rack.
01:05:19>> Jerry: Letterman later claimed it was, "one of the " >> that old man, I'll betcha he loved it.
01:05:26When do you get to see drew barrymore's breasts?
01:05:28All his girlfriends are, like, 50, so I'm sure he was just like lovin' life.
01:05:33>> I will flash my breasts, too, see?
01:05:35>> [ Screaming ] >> tease 'em.
01:05:37Just give 'em a little, "you're a dirty little areola, aren't " you know?
01:05:42Work it a little bit.
01:05:43Do that for david.
01:05:45He deserves at least that.
01:05:47Then i-- no.
01:05:48I still wouldn't see "boys on " >> Jerry: When randi coy signed on to be part of "my big fat obnoxious fiance," she had no idea the joke would actually be on her.
01:06:00The premise seemed clear.
01:06:01If randi could fool her family into believing she was marrying a pig of a groom named steve williams, she'd win $500,000 to share with her relatives.
01:06:11Randi would get the cash only if the entire coy clan attended and stayed through the fake wedding ceremony.
01:06:17Even though the family couldn't stand rude and disgusting steve, they all showed.
01:06:23But just as randi and steve were about to pull off the elaborate hoax and say "i do," steve turned the tables and shocked his faux bride with the real twist of the show.
01:06:31>> I'm not who you think I am.
01:06:34Name is steven bailey, not steven williams, and I'm a professional actor.
01:06:40>> What?
01:06:41>> And I was hired to come here, meet you, and be the most obnoxious, annoying, rude, crude, fake fiance possible.
01:06:52>> Jerry: Obnoxiously outrageous.
01:06:58Paris hilton and nicole richie know how to stir up controversy, especially when they're away from their luxurious home turf.
01:07:05On "the simple life," paris and nicole poked fun at everything in the small town of altus, arkansas.
01:07:10But one act emerged as the creme de la creme of their twisted humor.
01:07:15The beverly hills socialites agreed to work at a fast food restaurant called sonic burger.
01:07:20During their shift, the devilish duo became bored and decided to shake things up.
01:07:24>> The girls put on the marquee "half price salty anal wieners" and everyone knows that sonic has never gone half price on their salty anal wieners.
01:07:32The most they'll give you is 20% off.
01:07:35>> I think paris hilton and nicole richie could be serving up poo burgers at the poo drive-in restaurant and people would still line up to pay for them.
01:07:44>> I love paris hilton.
01:07:46I would die if she came to the counter and I ordered a burger from her.
01:07:49I would just about faint.
01:07:50>> It's the age-old thing, hot girls in short skirts servin' up beef.
01:07:55I would watch that, and I do.
01:07:58>> Jerry: The girls didn't win any votes for "employees of the " >> they should have called that rocket science or something " >> Woman: My god, they just, they love you.
01:08:09>> The idea of taking a couple of hollywood sleazebags and sending them out to farming communities where they can disrupt the whole moral fabric ..
01:08:17>> [ Giggling ] >> it only spells progress.
01:08:21" " " >> Both: That's hot.
01:08:24>> It's so amazing that two girls can be so intelligent 'cause it really gives you a role model to look up to.
01:08:31>> Both: Love you, too.
01:08:32>> Paris hilton has made a career out of being a slut.
01:08:36She has absolutely no talent at all, and not even that much of a point of view.
01:08:42She's a genius, and she is my hero.
01:08:45>> We're over it.
01:08:49>> Jerry: On "joe millionaire," a beefcake construction worker named evan marriott posed as a wealthy society guy.
01:08:56He dated 15 eager-to-please young women, looking for true love.
01:09:00A few of the gals played tonsil hockey with marriot, hoping to land the big boy and his big bank account.
01:09:06But, on episode number four, sarah kozer took things a step further or so it seemed.
01:09:12A heated make-out session between evan and sarah segued into a romp behind some bushes.
01:09:17The couple wanted privacy, but the microphones remained on.
01:09:21>> Yeah, you heard those noises and you thought, oh, I've never done that before, but it sounds vaguely sexual, or they're eating pasta.
01:09:28I'm not sure.
01:09:29>> I think the most puzzling thing about the "joe millionaire" sequence was the " the chyron operator had to put the word "slurp" at the bottom of the screen.
01:09:38>> Should I kiss it?
01:09:39[ Slurping ] should we put something on it?
01:09:44[ Slurping ] hmm, I wonder what they're doing back there?
01:09:50Slurp, slurp, gallons of saliva.
01:09:53>> I almost threw up a little.
01:09:54I think I may have thrown up a little in my mouth.
01:09:57>> Jerry: This outrageous scene became a water cooler topic.
01:10:00Did they or didn't they?
01:10:02According to evan, the couple did the deed.
01:10:04Sarah tells a different story.
01:10:07>> I just kissed him in the woods!
01:10:09>> Jerry: He said, she said anyone?
01:10:11Well, whoever you believe, this liaison in the woods will go down as a sultry, scandalous moment to remember.
01:10:17>> I made $19,000 last year.
01:10:19Would you like to see my [bleep]?
01:10:22>> Is that what it sounded like?
01:10:27>> Jerry: Exotic locations, devious behavior, and larger-than-life contestants make "survivor" insanely addicting.
01:10:34Without question sue hawk stands out as one of the most outspoken players in the history of the show.
01:10:41>> Yes! I got one to the left.
01:10:43>> Jerry: On "survivor"'s first season finale, the former truck driver from wisconsin dished out her famous "rat and snake" sermon.
01:10:50Hawk let finalists richard hatch and kelly wiglesworth know exactly what she thought of them.
01:10:55But on "survivor all-stars," sue outdid herself.
01:10:58>> Oh, the drama between sue and i!
01:11:02Eh, she just rubbed me the wrong way.
01:11:03>> During an immunity challenge, one very naked richard decided to brush up against his competitor.
01:11:10Well, that sent sue into an absolute tailspin.
01:11:13>> She took it way too seriously and tried to claim she had posttraumatic stress disorder and compared herself to a veteran of a foreign war.
01:11:22Come on now, you didn't see any burning villages.
01:11:26>> The only person who touched anyone was she touched me with her hands.
01:11:29>> It was really over nothing.
01:11:30>> And why little?
01:11:31>> If I was on one of those shows, I'd be like, "listen.
01:11:33$5 To make that blur thing really super, like, five feet long.
01:11:36" >> later, host jeff probst probed sue about the close encounter.
01:11:41Now, this lady hawk launched into an emotional tirade that left everyone speechless.
01:11:46>> "You don't know what I went through, jeayaafff!
01:11:50You didn't have some gay man's berries rubbin' against your " >> when she was exploding at jeff, I was just thinking, don't laugh.
01:12:00Jenna, whatever you do, don't laugh.
01:12:02So I'm biting my tongue, literally, like-- " arhhhh!
01:12:10>> What kind of accent is that?
01:12:11" >> Jerry: Then thepiece de resistance,sue walked off the show.
01:12:17>> She's insane!
01:12:19>> Jerry: But she left behind an unforgettable, truly outrageous moment.
01:12:24>> If I went that crazy every time somebody brushed a penis against me, I mean, god, I'd be like in a hospital.
01:12:33>> Jerry: Before his shocking death in 2006, famed crocodile hunter steve irwin wrestled 900-pound reptiles and wrangled venomous snakes on animal planet.
01:12:45>> Oh!
01:12:45>> Jerry: Irwin loved animals before he could even utter " >> I was born and raised with crocodiles.
01:12:51I know 'em like the back of my hand.
01:12:53>> Jerry: As a parent, steve wanted his own kids to share his affection for creepy crawlers.
01:12:57>> Irwin: Isn't she a beauty?
01:12:59>> Jerry: In january 2004, the likable aussie made international headlines by bringing his 1-month-old son to a public crocodile feeding.
01:13:07>> That baby is gonna grow up to be tough.
01:13:09If you protect your baby from every alligator in the world, your baby is gonna grow up and not know how to deal with an alligator when he sees one as an adult.
01:13:17I think it's good parenting.
01:13:20>> Jerry: Irwin responded to critics by saying he'd never hold his baby while feeding a 13-foot croc again, at least not with cameras around.
01:13:28>> I got a nephew, if I could dangle him in front of a crocodile, whoo!
01:13:31Save us all a lot of trouble.
01:13:34>> Whoo-hoo!
01:13:35Crocs rule!
01:13:39>> Jerry: In late 2002, elusive diva whitney houston granted a rare tv interview to abc's diane sawyer.
01:13:46>> At least don't believe the [bleep], okay?
01:13:49All right.
01:13:51>> Jerry: In an effort to clear up the gossip about her substance abuse, houston admitted to using alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.
01:13:58But the singer with the magnificent pipes insisted she did not smoke crack.
01:14:02Whitney explained that crack is cheap, and she could certainly afford the highest-quality coke if she ever wanted it, that is.
01:14:10 houston added the bumper-sticker-worthy catchphrase-- >> crack is whack.
01:14:15>> Crack is whack.
01:14:16>> Crack is whack.
01:14:17>> Crack is whack!
01:14:19>> Crack is whack.
01:14:20I'm surprised she could even find a rhyming word.
01:14:23>> That's like me talking about aa at happy hour.
01:14:27I won't do it.
01:14:28>> Yes! yes!
01:14:32I have a receipt for my crack.
01:14:33Everyone should!
01:14:35How do you know it's good product?
01:14:37Do I do crack sometimes? I have.
01:14:39Pot? yes.
01:14:41Heroin? a little.
01:14:42Drano? once.
01:14:43I do it.
01:14:45I do it all.
01:14:48I'll be back.
01:14:50I'll be back.
01:14:52With a new wig.
01:14:53>> Show me the receipts!
01:14:55You say I spent that much on crack, show me the receipts!
01:14:58>> I'm sure there's an angry and well-organized crack dealer out there who's just furious.
01:15:03"I swear to god I gave her a receipt.
01:15:06I keep very good records around here.
01:15:08" >> Jerry: The elegant whitney had no idea this interview would turn into one of the most mesmerizing train wrecks ever witnessed on national television.
01:15:17Utterly outrageous.
01:15:19>> Whitney houston is just scary.
01:15:20She can't help it.
01:15:21All right, she's scary and sweaty and cracky and a great singer.
01:15:24What are you gonna do?
01:15:27>> When viewers tune into my show, they know what to expect, the unexpected.
01:15:33I mean, how do you choose the most outrageous moment from "the jerry springer show"?
01:15:36There are hundreds.
01:15:38The answer is you can't.
01:15:40>> I love, "it's not your baby, " "what?
01:15:45Rico was not mine?
01:15:47He's my dad's?
01:15:49Is my dad bigger than me?
01:15:52" >> Jerry: In my studio, it's anything goes, no holds barred.
01:15:57Take a look at some quintessential springer.
01:16:01>> This is not going right.
01:16:03She is a whore.
01:16:04>> All: Yeah!
01:16:08>> Let me be clear.
01:16:10You're a screaming-- >> [ laughter ] >> well, you're ho, too.
01:16:22>> There's no, on our show-- there's a "w" there.
01:16:26>> [ Laughter ] >> pick a number between one and three.
01:16:30>> Four.
01:16:31>> Oh.
01:16:32>> [ Laughter and applause ] >> if she is a friend, why would you do that to her?
01:16:45>> She's-- >> [ cheering ] >> sorry.
01:16:55>> Okay, where was i?
01:16:58I love my job.
01:17:03Okay, even though you've already seen clips from "the jerry springer show," you should stick around.
01:17:09Apparently the producers here think there are some tv moments more outrageous than those.
01:17:14We'll see.
01:17:15Still to come, george bush spills the beans.
01:17:18Donald trump melts an ice queen, and a prize fighter gets really mean.
01:21:26>> Welcome back to the countdown.
01:21:28We're at number seven.
01:21:30You know, it was just a matter of time before a reality show would make fun of other reality shows.
01:21:39Take nine nutty actors, a reality show parody, and an unsuspecting schmo, and you have the elements for one of the best jokes ever played on television.
01:21:49>> There were so many times where I'm like, I'm on the weirdest reality show in america.
01:21:54>> Jerry: 28-Year-old matt kennedy gould really believed he could win $100,000 on a series " but gould didn't know the contest was fake and he was actually the star of his own ..
01:22:09Everyone else was in on the gag.
01:22:11>> You almost had to turn the channel sometimes because he was just so going at it, you know, with full of heart and energy, and yet, at the same time, you knew everyone was pulling a fast one on him.
01:22:20" >> for nine days the cast put poor gullible matt through outlandish competitions.
01:22:26He was completely suckered.
01:22:28The moment finally arrived to reveal the hoax.
01:22:31Matt never saw it coming.
01:22:33>> I tuned into the reveal of the first "joe schmo" expecting to laugh my head off and ended up weeping like a school girl at the triumph of humanity over tomfoolery.
01:22:43>> One by one each character throwing down the line, "i'm an " and it was like, my jaw, you know, I didn't think it could unhinge any more than it already had.
01:22:53Now, I'm starting to cry.
01:22:55I was just praying that brian the buddy, who was still standing next to me, was in it with me.
01:23:01Are you an actor?
01:23:02>> Everything-- >> hold the phone.
01:23:04Are you an actor?
01:23:05And he backed off and said, "no, I'm a writer/comedian and we " >> they tried to make it seem like, "no, joe.
01:23:13We really did this all for you!
01:23:16You're such a great guy that we just decided to give you cash and make fun of you for two " >> matt kennedy gould was so sincere and even sheepish and apologetic in the wake of this announcement that he had been kind of screwed over that, that just made him all the more likeable.
01:23:33>> Jerry: Matt's over-the-top reaction gave us the perfect conclusion to a truly outrageous show.
01:23:42The president of the united states should be courageous, decisive, compassionate, inspirational, and dignified.
01:23:49Oh, and it helps if he can keep his sashimi down.
01:23:52In january 1992, president george bush, the first one, attended a formal state dinner at the elegant residence of japan's prime minister, kiichi miyazawa.
01:24:03Halfway through the splendid feast, the president started to feel nauseous.
01:24:07The leader of the free world slumped over, vomited on the prime minister, then passed out.
01:24:13 bush puked into the lap of a foreign head of state.
01:24:18>> Who could forget the george bush technicolor moment?
01:24:21>> I'll throw up on some japanese people in a minute if i get a bad california roll.
01:24:25>> I've been in japan.
01:24:27I've eaten japanese food for several weeks at a time.
01:24:31I've vomited on the prime minister.
01:24:33It's a natural occurrence.
01:24:34They're cool with it.
01:24:35>> It's not so much that vomiting is a bad thing.
01:24:40It's that you can't do it cool.
01:24:41It's not like, yeah, so, i really think that we should do something about indone-- [ imitating retching ] yeah, pass the rolls.
01:24:58 did by vomiting on the japanese prime minister was set the stage for his son to come in and do some follow-up in terms of international public relations.
01:25:10>> Jerry: During the first season of "the apprentice," 16 contestants battled it out to win a job with donald trump.
01:25:16But the striking urban warrior named omarosa didn't like to play nice.
01:25:20In fact, this tigress had a knack for turning the smallest incident into a national emergency.
01:25:27>> Unequivocal getting hit in the head.
01:25:28She kind of swiveled and just boom!
01:25:32And I busted out laughing because I thought it was a joke.
01:25:34>> It didn't look like a very heavy piece of plaster or cement, but she played it up like it was and I think it was a strategy.
01:25:42>> Jerry: On omarosa's final episode, the towering tornado melted under all the pressure, creating one of the most outrageous moments in the history of reality television.
01:25:53Tension hit an all-time high in donald trump's boardroom.
01:25:56Trump sent omarosa, heidi, and kwame into the lobby while he decided who would hear those ..
01:26:04>> You're fired!
01:26:05>> Jerry: And then, omarosa lost it.
01:26:07>> Here they are deliberating and omarosa just flings open the trump, you have to listen to me, mr.
01:26:12" trump, please " suddenly, she talks like the guy from "shrek," eddie murphy.
01:26:16 trump, please don't " >> it was calculated.
01:26:20It was planned.
01:26:21She knew that she would get more camera time, more attention, and would have everyone talking about her.
01:26:27>> Jerry: Omarosa's over-the-top theatrics made an indelible impression on viewers, and made her a star.
01:26:33>> It's only fair that omarosa went back into the boardroom because, when she was kicked off the show, only 13 seconds of her fame had expired.
01:26:40So she had to capitalize on those other two seconds.
01:26:43That's allowed.
01:26:44>> She is who she is.
01:26:45It's the scorpion and the frog.
01:26:47The scorpion can't help being the scorpion.
01:26:49Just gonna sting you to sting you.
01:26:51>> Omarosa manigault-stallworth is the greatest reality tv villain of all time.
01:26:58Like ali was the greatest, omarosa is the greatest.
01:27:04On "the amazing race 5," colin's explosive temper became a hot topic during this global contest.
01:27:09>> Colin and kristy are the most competitive, feisty couple we have ever had on "the amazing race," bar none.
01:27:15>> Jerry: Colin snapped at other players, argued with an ox, and yelled at girlfriend christie when they fell behind.
01:27:22But no outburst earned more attention than colin's battle with a taxi driver in east africa.
01:27:27>> On "the amazing race" the cab rides are always a-- it's like lucky dip.
01:27:31You just don't know what you're gonna get.
01:27:33>> Jerry: Colin and christie agreed to pay the driver $100 to get from dubai to the kilimanjaro airport but only if none of the other teams passed them.
01:27:41Unfortunately, the cab's flimsy spare tire blew out on the way, so the couple was delayed.
01:27:47They arrived close to last place.
01:27:50Colin launched into a frenzied tirade and refused to pay the fare.
01:27:55>> There is no contract.
01:27:58There's no contract!
01:27:59We got a flight to make.
01:28:05>> We don't have time to do that.
01:28:08Just pay him the $100.
01:28:13Colin, do not waste any more time.
01:28:16Pay $100 and let's go, okay?
01:28:19>> No, no, no, I'm not going inside.
01:28:21>> Just pay him the $100.
01:28:24>> Colin: All of a sudden, the taxi driver wants to press charges.
01:28:27I'm getting thrown in jail.
01:28:29>> Oh, god!
01:28:32>> It obviously did not go down well with the driver.
01:28:34>> Complete idiot.
01:28:35Just, colin, I mean, you know, take it down a notch.
01:28:40Suck it up.
01:28:40Pay the $100!
01:28:43>> I don't want to go to jail in that country.
01:28:44I would have paid the guy the cash for that 'cause that's like, that's not martha stewart jail.
01:28:48>> We cannot anticipate how a team is gonna react to taxi drivers or to somebody that they come into contact with in a foreign country.
01:28:56That's part of what makes it exciting by the way.
01:28:58>> Jerry: No one went to jail, but it was one firecracker of an argument.
01:29:04In his prime, mike tyson was an unstoppable force in the boxing ring.
01:29:08By 1997, circumstances however were very different.
01:29:12In june, iron mike squared off against evander holyfield in the mgm hotel in las vegas.
01:29:18By the third round the fight was not going well for mike and he did something that shocked fight fans everywhere.
01:29:23Tyson discarded his mouthpiece and bit his opponent's ear.
01:29:29The second bite took a small piece of holyfield's flesh.
01:29:32>> Everyone was like, what just happened?
01:29:34You know, did he just do that?
01:29:36And then all of a sudden, you see this chunk of ear missing from holyfield.
01:29:41>> Jerry: Referee mills lane disqualified tyson, and the match was over.
01:29:45>> The moment when he bit his ear off was really when the low-carb diet craze began because he didn't have any bread with that piece of ear.
01:29:53>> Jerry: That's certainly one bitingly outrageous moment.
01:29:59We've got the top two moments around the corner and trust me, folks, you're not gonna want to miss 'em.
01:30:04Up next, a superstar's titillating revelation.
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01:34:41>> We have arrived.
01:34:42By the power vested in me as the former mayor of cincinnati and the honorary godfather of outrageous tv, I declare the following two moments the most outrageous in all the land.
01:34:56Reality tv has produced its share of backstabbers and cheaters.
01:35:00But no one is remembered with more animosity than jonny ..
01:35:05>> [ Laughing ] >> Jerry: pearl " this guy manipulated, duped, and double-crossed everyone in his path.
01:35:12>> Jonny fairplay is a genius.
01:35:15>> This is jonny fairplay.
01:35:16I don't play fair!
01:35:18>> Jerry: fairplay orchestrated the monster of all lies!
01:35:22>> I'm like, well, I need something to kinda get some sympathy back so that I could get the votes I need at the end to win the game.
01:35:28So I came up with a plan to fake my grandmother's death.
01:35:34>> Jerry: Jonny's plan began on day one.
01:35:36>> Everyone's already asking, " so they asked me and I'm like, " those guys at cbs, they made me list a backup, because she's not doing that, that good.
01:35:47And they were like, "what do you " I was like, "well, she's got " >> Jerry: Then, during a reward challenge, jonny received some distressing but bogus news from home.
01:36:12>> Man: You all right, man?
01:36:13>> Yeah.
01:36:18>> Man: You'll be all right, man.
01:36:25>> Jon, you went from really happy to really sad.
01:36:28>> It's either gonna be my buddy or my grandmother coming, and my grandmother is not here for a reason.
01:36:35>> What happened?
01:36:36>> She's-- she's not around.
01:36:43>> Sorry for that news.
01:36:44I'm sure everybody here is sorry.
01:36:46>> I don't know, I can hope to win this and get some more information.
01:36:52>> Turns out grandma is still alive.
01:36:55>> I love what jonny fairplay did as far as lying about the grandmother being dead, but boy did we pay the price.
01:37:01I mean, we had to hear it from this idiot every time he had a microphone he was telling us what a genius he is.
01:37:06>> My grandma is sitting home watching "jerry springer" right now.
01:37:09>> Jerry: That's so bizarre.
01:37:10I was at home watching " >> that's one of the most classic lines I've ever seen on tv.
01:37:15>> Jerry: Several episodes later, everyone cheered when conniving jonny became the 13th member voted out of the tribe.
01:37:22The prize for the most outrageous act of deception has to go to jonny fairplay.
01:37:27>> The show is about outwitting.
01:37:29It's not about out-truthing.
01:37:31He used the, you know, skill set he had in his arsenal to get ahead.
01:37:35>> The important thing is that he didn't lie about her coming back to life.
01:37:38That's a hard lie to get away with, I've tried it.
01:37:40>> Bring the evil.
01:37:41Jonny fairplay is pure evil.
01:37:43>> He's out of control.
01:37:45He's so annoying.
01:37:46>> How do I feel to be the most hated survivor?
01:37:48I'm not!
01:37:49It's only the fat and ugly people that don't like me.
01:37:51The beautiful people, they love me.
01:37:53Especially ladies, especially three or four at a time.
01:37:54>> And now, after almost two hours of waiting, the moment of truth has finally arrived.
01:37:59Without further ado, I present to you the number one most spectacular, most outrageous moment on television.
01:38:12At super bowl xxxviii in 2004, a new phrase was coined, " you all know the story.
01:38:20Justin timberlake, janet jackson, a titillating half-time surprise.
01:38:24Here's how it went down.
01:38:25Justin and janet were dancing up a storm.
01:38:28When justin sang, "i'm gonna have you naked by the end of this song," he delivered as promised.
01:38:34Timberlake pulled on janet's top.
01:38:36Out popped a star-spangled shield.
01:38:39The rest is fcc history.
01:38:42>> A lot of people thought that janet jackson exposing her breast would be traumatic to the children who were seeing it.
01:38:47But the way I see it is under 4 it's just food, and 4 to 9, it's just gross, and after 9, it's a pretty good start.
01:38:57>> A little nipplage never killed anybody.
01:39:00.. for the next couple of hours after I kept replaying it over and over again on my tivo.
01:39:07>> I didn't want to see all that.
01:39:09My husband did.
01:39:10>> It was so prepared.
01:39:12And for her to act like, I mean, is she always wearing those metal things on her nipples, like always just in case something gets pulled off her?
01:39:19>> Nipples need shields for battle.
01:39:22Nipples are homeric heroes that never know when they're going to feel the wrath of gods.
01:39:28>> Jerry: Justin and janet's half-time breast-in-show performance definitely deserves the honor of being our number one most outrageous tv moment.
01:39:38>> Well, folks, we've seen some news, some nudes, some kisses, some disses, and a man biting another man's ear off.
01:39:45These gems are the 50 most outrageous moments on tv.
01:39:50Thanks for watching.
01:39:53Time now for a final thought.
01:39:55What have we learned today?
01:39:57A well-seasoned ham can do almost as much damage as paris hilton in arkansas; crack is indeed whack; and just because someone tells you his grandmother is dead, doesn't mean she isn't at home watching " lucky for reality show producers, people will do just about anything to get their 15 minutes of fame.
01:40:17I'm jerry springer.
01:40:18May you never be on my show.
01:40:21Take care of yourself and each other.
01:40:24 networks] >> I just got the worst news.
01:40:34My grandma, she's-- she died.
01:40:39 she was home watching " I'm just kidding ya.
01:40:46You're so gullible.
01:40:50>> Men: Jerry! jerry!
01:40:58[ Deep voice ] "but then, a grisly discovery " with ripa, it's just like, "and then at that point, she charmed another country, "and more millions of people fell in love " ..
01:41:10Yeah, well, I'm not lame anymore.
01:41:11Woman: We could not get through a scene without peeing our pants.
01:41:16[ Laughs ] we actually got busted.
01:41:18And her husband's number one fan.
01:41:20They couldn't keep their hands off each other.
01:41:22We didn't wanna lose our jobs.
01:41:24He was very new.
01:41:25It got to the point where I think if mark went into the same room with her, she got pregnant.
01:41:29So he would just knock first.
01:41:32Opportunity knocked, too, and kept kelly ripa running as fast as she could.
01:41:3600 in the morning, do a 14-hour day.
01:41:40She would sleep two hours or so, and then she'd get up and repeat the process.
01:41:43It wasn't always easy.
01:41:46Sometimes we don't manage it, you know?
01:41:49We made a lot of mistakes.
01:41:49I mean, it was really kind of chaotic.
01:41:51You lose too much weight, and they take a picture of that.
01:41:53And then you're, you know, the anorexic girl.
01:41:56This is the story of a tv superstar with jersey girl attitude.
01:42:00After the initial fistfight, yeah, we got along.
01:42:03If the chips were down, you want kelly ripa next to you because if she can't save you, she'll make you laugh while you're dying.
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01:42:12" you can't handle the real story!
01:42:16 networks] ♪♪♪♪♪♪
01:42:41wife, mother, daytime diva, sitcom star, and queen of the morning shows.
01:42:47The untold story of kelly. it's great.
01:42:51[ Laughter ] it's riveting stuff, isn't it?
01:42:55At 35, kelly ripa was working overtime and loving every minute of it.
01:43:00How does a tiny girl hold her own?
01:43:02Size does not matter in that particular respect.
01:43:06Kelly is big here. she's big here.
01:43:11And she's pretty big there.
01:43:13Oh, here we go.
01:43:15My wife has chemistry with anybody.
01:43:18She can have chemistry with a chair, you know?
01:43:20Anybody can relate to her.
01:43:22What you see is what you get.
01:43:24She is who she is, a jersey girl done very well.
01:43:32Kelly maria ripa arrived in the suburban town of berlin, new jersey, on october 2, 1970.
01:43:38Her mom, essie, was a homemaker.
01:43:41Her father, joe, drove a bus.
01:43:43But kelly made her entrance in style.
01:43:45Her doctor delivered herin a tuxedo and danced heraround the room singing show tunes.
01:43:51He must have been outat a formal or something.
01:43:54So that was pretty muchhow kelly was born.
01:43:57Essie Ripa:SO SHE ACTUALLY STARTED OUT AS A showgirl.
01:44:04Two years later, kelly was joined by a sister, linda.
01:44:07Joe Ripa: She was good with the new baby.
01:44:09Of course she was only 2 at the time, so she wanted to hold the new baby, and she wanted to help feed the new baby.
01:44:15She took right to the rolekind of naturally of being a big sister.
01:44:19Linda would follow kelly around like a little doll, and kelly would plan the occasion.
01:44:24Whatever they did, kelly was definitely in charge of the program.
01:44:29Kelly liked being in the spotlight.
01:44:32She sang, danced, and whatever she could to get anyone's attention.
01:44:35She literally always had to be center stage.
01:44:39She did just about everything-- piano lessons, dancing lessons.
01:44:45She even had a little stint with guitar lessons.
01:44:49I would look at her " her face would just glow.
01:44:56I would put on a show for anyone passing by.
01:45:01I mean, anytime, anywhere, put on a show, literally.
01:45:06Probably my most cherished memories would be berlin, where we lived.
01:45:12Used to have a fourth of july parade, and my wife decorated the wagon as a little float, and she would dress the kids up in red, white, and blue garb.
01:45:21We entered our bicycles as like floats, you could win like a trophy if you decorated your bicycle nicely.
01:45:28Joe Ripa: To see kelly towing the wagon in the parade down the street, kelly would have a big smile.
01:45:35She would wave, you know?
01:45:37Ripa made her stage debut at age 13 at berlin community school.
01:45:42 [ laughs ] she was very animated on-stage.
01:45:49♪♪ When love is alive ♪♪
01:45:53♪♪ and hope is dead ♪♪
01:45:59she was in eighth grade, we did "a connecticut yankeein king arthur's " and I selected it because I knew kelly would be a strong queen.
01:46:07What did you say your name was?
01:46:09Hank morgan.
01:46:10You mean, that's it?
01:46:11It sounds like a peasant's name.
01:46:13One of the characters made some comment, and she's supposed to faint, and it was your true, I'll say, diva-type faint.
01:46:23You know, the hand flashing, the head falling back.
01:46:26And it was very grand.
01:46:28[ Wails ] in 1985, the drama queenenrolled at eastern high school in voorhees, new jersey.
01:46:37Suddenly, cheerleading and boys took center stage.
01:46:42Kelly had quite a few boyfriends through high school.
01:46:45" because she was a cheerleader, she was popularwith the basketball players and the football players.
01:46:53Our house wasthe kool-aid house.
01:46:55All the boys,they were always there.
01:46:57Junior year, kelly used her cheerleading skills to get a real job.
01:47:01Ripa landed a spot as a dancer on the nationally syndicated tv show "dance party usa," taped in nearby philadelphia.
01:47:09It was wild becauseat the time, you know, again, nobody in our familyhad ever been on tv really, so it wasreally funny to see.
01:47:19All the attention madesome classmates jealous.
01:47:23Kelly did havesome problems with other girlsin school.
01:47:26I thinkwhenever you stand out in any certain way, there's going to beproblems.
01:47:32The teenager got teased for being underdeveloped.
01:47:35But kelly worked it out her senior year with a starring role " the costumes on the women gave them a lot of cleavage.
01:47:44And whether they had the cleavage or not, it was there.
01:47:47And as you'll see in some of the pictures from "the ugly duckling," kelly did have cleavage back in 1989.
01:47:55It taught her to be self-deprecating.
01:47:58She really has no problem making fun of herself for a laugh.
01:48:04After graduating high school in june 1989, ripa pursued acting for real.
01:48:10I think it was the realization that I couldn't do anything else.
01:48:18I mean, honestly, I had no other talents.
01:48:21And I just knew school wasn't my thing.
01:48:23I went to a community college for about two weeks.
01:48:27And I just thought, I can not do this.
01:48:33I wanted to be an actress.
01:48:35Kelly started commuting into manhattan for auditions.
01:48:38I would do any job.
01:48:39I auditioned to work at the toy fair, to be like a human barbie doll.
01:48:45I didn't have any false hope for myself.
01:48:48Who was going to hire me?
01:48:51Then, in october 1990, ripa tried out " she read for the role of troubled teen hayley vaughan.
01:49:00There were seven girls there.
01:49:02They're all beautiful.
01:49:03They've all worked on soaps before.
01:49:06And I sort of looked ridiculously out of place.
01:49:09The back of my resume was about like two lines-- this is kelly.
01:49:13She's an actress. she can swim.
01:49:16She was blondand had hair long, very unsophisticated.
01:49:23Very pretty, though.
01:49:24She has beautiful features.
01:49:26The jersey girl did something right.
01:49:29Kelly's manager called me, and on three-way, we told her " I was working at a baby clothing store.
01:49:37And my mother called me and said, "you got the job, " and she was screaming because she just, you know, was thrilled to be getting me out of the house and thrilled that I got this job.
01:49:50We had goneup to new york to help her findan apartment.
01:49:54I was concernedabout that, you know.
01:49:55She's a youngster.she's in the big city.
01:49:58She's on her own.
01:49:59That's whereher job was, and we had no choice, so we just hopedfor the best.
01:50:05Ripa made her "all my children" debut on thanksgiving day, 1990.
01:50:09But family and friends almost missed her.
01:50:12Man: And who is mystery guest number two?
01:50:16Uh, beats me.
01:50:17I thinks someone's got the wrong house.
01:50:20Hi. can I help you?
01:50:20Yeah, the cop said I could find trevor dillon here.
01:50:23Yeah, right here. trick or treat.
01:50:25What can I do for you, sweetheart?
01:50:27That's just great, uncle trevor.
01:50:28You don't even recognize me?
01:50:30Uncle trevor?
01:50:33I had no idea who she was.
01:50:37She was wearing a dark wig and was totally unrecognizable.
01:50:41And I only knew her through her voice.
01:50:43I had no idea who my own daughter was.
01:50:46They decided to put her in a black wig and have her be goth.
01:50:50So it was a whole different appearance when she came in.
01:50:52Hayley vaughan proved to be as dramatic as she looked.
01:50:56There have been a lot of wild storylines.
01:50:57I think, well, between getting shot off the back of a motorcycle and tripping on lsd and trying to dive off the roof and thinking there was a swimming pool, but of course, there wasn't.
01:51:07Then she wasan inveterate drunk.
01:51:11Kelly:I WAS ARRESTED SOMETHING LIKE FOUR Times, crazy stuff like that.
01:51:15My character is a lunatic.
01:51:16I can't figure out why they cast me.
01:51:18The show producers may have been wondering the same thing.
01:51:21It wasn't until I got there and started working that I realized, I can't act.
01:51:27This is worse than I imagined.
01:51:30I am bad.
01:51:33Not only am I bad, I'm horrible.
01:51:36I'm not ready for this. I don't want it.
01:51:37 hayley, what is the one thing you don't tell me?
01:51:41I'm your husband.
01:51:42I don't wanna make love with you now.
01:51:43Don't be coy. I know you want me.
01:51:45No, I don't.
01:51:47Kelly: And I feel as though I'm teetering on the verge of getting fired.
01:51:51So the producer paid for my acting lessons.
01:51:57"All of you andkelly "who would like to take acting classes,kelly, "feel free to report to the acting instructor, " coming up,love in the afternoon.
01:52:14It said, "hayley and mateo,montage love making, " ..
01:52:20When they sayshe's too skinny, maybe she is.
01:52:22She's the first one to say,"maybe they're " Meatball on white...Next!
01:55:27Ya' want mustard on that or not?
01:55:29C'mon, c'mon, I haven't got all day here.
01:55:30It doesn't come with peppers - they're extra...
01:55:32Hurry up! Pay the lady... Next!
01:55:34Chicken's fresh - I killed it myself.
01:55:36So that's what you want? ... Next!
01:55:38While we're still young...
01:55:39Ya' know you told me you wanted mustard ...
01:55:40get outta here!
01:55:42Time's up! Back of the line!
01:55:43Hey, excuse me...
01:55:46Great sandwich... Thanks!
01:55:48♪ You didn't have to beso nice ♪
01:55:52♪ I would have liked you anyway ♪
01:56:38this is where I work.
01:56:39This is my dressing room.
01:56:41Come on in, I'll show you it.
01:56:42It's really filthy and disgusting.
01:56:43I am known as the most filthy cast member on the set, and I take pride in that.
01:56:49By 1992, kelly ripa was a daytime drama queen " but off-camera, the 21-year-old jersey girl was a real cut-up.
01:57:00You go in the makeup room,the makeup room is probably like the green roomin the comedy store.
01:57:04She would be sittingin the makeup room, telling a story,holding court, and everyone would be,you know, satelliting around her,hysterically laughing.
01:57:10I came on the showas a doctor.
01:57:13So I had all ofthese crazy, long, stupid soap diseasesto pronounce.
01:57:18We could not get through a scene without peeing our pants.
01:57:22And, oh, my god, it was hysterical.
01:57:25We actually got busted.
01:57:28So we were separated from then on out.
01:57:30And kelly had to be on one side of the studio, and I had to be on the other.
01:57:34Ripa's long hours were no laughing matter.
01:57:3700 in the morning where I get up, I get showered, I get dressed, I get over to work.
01:57:46They would do her hair and makeup.
01:57:47And then she would film all day long, you know, 40 pages of dialogue was routine.
01:57:53Kelly's hard work paid off.
01:57:54In 1993, ripa was nominated for both a daytime emmy and a "soap opera digest" award.
01:57:59She also managed to squeeze in a personal life.
01:58:02My boyfriend lives in that building way up there.
01:58:06See it?
01:58:07I get to see him everyday, but it's only for like five minutes.
01:58:10He's an attorney, and I'm an actress, and we have contests who can work more hours in the week, you know?
01:58:18" " she broughtone or two boys home that she went out with " but you know when it's serious, and you know when it's not.
01:58:34In 1995, producers decided to give hayley vaughan a boy toy.
01:58:39Enter a 24-year-old named mark consuelos.
01:58:42When he came into do a reading for "all my children," she took no time at allto tell me