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00:00:08>> Narrator: It soon becomes clear.
00:00:10Something is not right with this house.
00:00:14>> Hey, hey, hey, whoa, guys.
00:00:16Walking legs in the house.
00:00:17You know better.
00:00:22>> Faucets would turn off and on.
00:00:27I didn't understand how thatho could happen.
00:00:31We figured it must be because it's an old house.
00:00:37>> Narrator: Summer turns to fall.
00:00:39The days grow shorter.
00:00:42The nights, longer.
00:00:46Allen and his younger brother share a bedroom.
00:00:57>> I would lay there at night, and I would hear heavy footsteps like heavy boots.
00:01:04[ Footsteps approaching ] I could hear them come up the steps.
00:01:22I knew it wasn't my parents, and I was terrified.
00:01:43>> Hi.
00:01:45>> Well, hello.
00:01:47Hi. nancy stallings.
00:01:50>> Welcome to the neighborhood.
00:01:51>> Thank you so much.
00:01:52>> How do you like it?
00:01:54>> We're moving in slowly, getting there.
00:01:57>> Glad to have you here.
00:01:58You know the old lady who used to live here?
00:02:01>> She says, "ah, that crazy old lady that lived in that house thought th someone was getting in, moving her stuff and taking her stuff, and she had her son " I said to ron, "i wonder why she thought someone was taking her " >> Narrator: The shocking answer will come all too soon.
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00:04:57>> Narrator: In the fall of 1965, ron and nancy stallings are settling into their new home in baltimore.
00:05:04But their eldest son allen knows that something is strange about the house.
00:05:19As weeks pass without incident, nancy's concerns drift away.
00:05:27[ Knock on door ] friends relatis come visit, happy for ron and nancy's apparent good fortune.
00:05:34>> Hey, ron, how you doing?
00:05:36Good to see you.
00:05:37>> My cousin bill, who was a lawyer, came to see our new house.
00:05:43>> Wow, this is beautiful.
00:05:45>> You want to take a tour?
00:05:46>> And he wanted to see upstairs.
00:05:52So he got halfway up the ..
00:05:59And he got a really strange look on his face.
00:06:08>> Excuse me.
00:06:09>> What's wrong?
00:06:10>> And he said, "i don't have " >> I forgot about this.
00:06:14>> I said, "why you got to be " he said, "i just got to get to " >> Narrator: Bill later explains that he was overwhelmed by a sudden feeling of dread.
00:06:26It will be months before he comes back.
00:06:30[ Train whistle blows ] ..
00:06:58...Nancy has the distinct feeling that someone is watching her.
00:07:04>> Ron.
00:07:05Nk I hear something.
00:07:27Look at that.
00:07:28Do you see her there?
00:07:30Do you see her?
00:07:34My god.
00:07:38Oh, my god.
00:07:46Did you see that?
00:07:54[ Church bells ringing ] >> Narrator: Hoping to make sense of the inexplicable events in his house, ron turns to his uncle.
00:08:09>> My uncle was a priest, and i knew he knew a lot about that subject.
00:08:15>> How can I help you?
00:08:17>> I told him the story, and i thought, "he don't believe me.
00:08:22What am I going to do now?
00:08:24" >> things that move in the house.
00:08:27>> Narrator: Ron can hardly believe the story himself.
00:08:30>> I didn't believe you lived after when you died.
00:08:33I believed when you died, that was the end.
00:08:36>> Whatever we need.
00:08:38>> I said, "can you come over to " " " he said about two weeks.
00:08:45I said, "i can't wait two " so he said, "all right, I'll " ..and allen.
00:09:12Name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit.
00:09:16>> We actually had mass in the house like a regular catholic service.
00:09:22And I was glad that we were doing something about it.
00:09:28>> Narrator: The priest blesses the entire house room by room.
00:09:45>> I was hoping that it would take care of the problem.
00:10:03>> And that night, everything was real quiet.
00:10:08And I thought, "well, gee, maybe it did work.
00:10:11" ..it started with a vengeance.
00:10:20[ Crashing ] we heard a ruckus out on the porch.
00:10:27It was loud.
00:10:33The tricycle was just riding ..and back -- by itself.
00:10:44[ Banging ] >> [ screaming ] oh, my god!
00:10:55>> Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh.
00:10:59>> Just -- just sit down.
00:11:01>> Narrator: Ron suddenly realizes that the priest had never blessed the porch.
00:11:04>> Shh, Shh, Shh.
00:11:06I'm going to get a crucifix.
00:11:08I'm going to take care of the porch.
00:11:11>> I didn't know what was happening.
00:11:15>> I grabbed the crucifix, thinking that was the answer.
00:11:34And it stopped.
00:11:42>> Narrator: Terrified, the family immediately leaves the house.
00:11:47[ Engine turns over ] with nowhere else to go, ron takes his family to his father's cabin about an hour outside of baltimore.
00:12:13The cabin has only one room -- too small to accommodate such a large family.
00:12:21It's also a considerable distance from the children's school and ron's workplace.
00:12:29He knows it is impractical to stay there for very long.
00:12:37>> I thought I could get enough nerve to come back again and hope it stopped.
00:12:46>> Narrator: Ron feels like he has no choice.
00:12:49They will have to go back.
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00:14:42It's the sure sign of a good time.
00:14:44 here we go.
00:16:16>> Narrator: The stallings are prisoners in their new home.
00:16:22Financially, they are trapped.
00:16:25They have six children and one on the way.
00:16:31>> We wanted to move, but we had all of our money tied up in that house.
00:16:38And with children, you can't just move.
00:16:55>> Well, things would go almost in cycles where, for a week or two, things would happen like every day.
00:17:03And then it might not happen for a couple of months.
00:17:08>> Narrator: For several months, the disturbances died down and nancy hopes for the best.
00:17:161967, She gives birth to a son, her first child with ron.
00:17:27Nancy hopes that she can sleep more peacefully in the hospital than she has at home.
00:17:52>> The atmosphere in the room changed.
00:18:00>> Who's there?
00:18:01>> I kept feeling like someone was in the room.
00:18:13>> Who's there?
00:18:31>> [ Whispering ] >> nancy, what are you doing out of bed?
00:18:46>> I was a little cold.
00:18:48>> I'll get you a blanket.
00:18:50>> Narrator: Nancy now realizes that whatever has been haunting her house can follow her anywhere.
00:19:04>> The next day, when I was getting home from the hospital, I was a nervous wreck.
00:19:13[ Baby whining ] I was waiting for any minute that something horrible would happen.
00:19:23>> Hey, kids!
00:19:25How are you?
00:19:28>> Meet your new sister.
00:19:31>> Let's go inside and maybe you can hold her.
00:20:01>> Oh!
00:20:04>> Allen!
00:20:06Allen, sweetie!
00:20:07Oh, my god, are you okay?
00:20:09>> Are you all right?
00:20:10>> I felt like somebody grabbed me from behind and literally, like, heaved me down the steps.
00:20:19>> Stand up.
00:20:20>> Fortunately, he only had a few scrapes and bruises.
00:20:32>> The nighttime just made it worse.
00:20:37There was really no place to go.
00:20:51I dreaded if I woke up in the middle of the night and had to use the bathroom or anything like that.
00:21:03[ Floor creaks ] [ footsteps ] first reaction -- somebody's breaking into the house.
00:21:12The hair on your arms would stand up.
00:21:56[ Footsteps approaching ] [ door handle jiggles ] [ footsteps continue ] I kind of wanted to look.
00:22:17I really was afraid of what i might see.
00:22:22And I finally got up enough courage just to take, like, the slightest peek.
00:22:31[ Footsteps receding ] but then I heard the footsteps go back out.
00:22:39[ Footsteps continue ] and I was scared to death.
00:22:52>> Narrator: Allen can no longer remain silent.
00:22:56He tells his parents about the >> I just don't know what we can do about this.
00:23:02>> I felt so hopeless.
00:23:04How do you fight something that's not alive and you can't really grab it, but it can push you?
00:23:12>> Oh!
00:23:13>> Allen!
00:23:15>> I didn't say it was your fault.
00:23:18I'm not blaming you.
00:23:19I just don't know what to do.
00:23:20[ Baby crying ] >> are you happy now?
00:23:23>> We were frustrated.
00:23:25We didn't know what to do or where to turn.
00:23:29>> Narrator: Ron and nancy decide to put their house on the market.
00:23:33>> They know a reporter.
00:23:36Desperate to find a short-term solution.
00:23:38>> We can talk to them and at least find somebody that can help us.
00:23:43>> I made the mistake of telling a fellow I work with about these strange things that were happening.
00:23:49And he said, "maybe I can get " so I said, "all right.
00:23:55If he wants to see it, if that's the only way I can get help, then I'll do it that way.
00:24:01But I don't want a story in " >> if you could just tell me a little bit more about this.
00:24:08>> Sure enough, the man came.
00:24:09>> Please remember, we don't want our names to be in the paper.
00:24:13>> I will not put an address.
00:24:14>> Narrator: The reporter seemed sympathetic.
00:24:17>> Things move.
00:24:19>> Toys.
00:24:20>> Toys, specifically toys?
00:24:22>> Narrator: He promises to find them an expert, someone with experience dealing with the paranormal.
00:24:28>> That's everything I need.
00:24:30Ron and nancy have placed their hopes in the hands of the wrong man.
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00:28:42>> Narrator: The local reporter publishes a story about the strange events at ron and nancy stallings' house.
00:28:48They are shocked and angry.
00:28:51So are their neighbors, who worry about falling property values and prospective buyers who suddenly stop calling.
00:29:01>> The neighbors were pretty bad.
00:29:04They ridiculed us, and we ended up with a lot of harassment.
00:29:08>> Nobody believed in ghosts supposedly, but nobody wanted to buy it, either.
00:29:14So we were stuck there.
00:29:22[ Pounding ] >> [ coughing ] >> [ laughing ] >> back, back, back, back!
00:30:31[ Breathing heavily ] >> another nightmare?
00:30:37>> Yes.
00:30:39>> I had this dream several nights in a row.
00:30:43>> It's okay.
00:30:46>> It wasn't an ordinary dream.
00:30:48It was like an experience.
00:30:53>> Hi.
00:30:55>> About the third time I had the dream, I began to smell gas in the house.
00:31:01>> Maybe we have a gas leak somewhere.
00:31:04>> I don't smell it.
00:31:05>> I told ron, "something smells " >> are you sure?
00:31:11>> Yeah, it's pretty strong.
00:31:12>> He looked and he said, " >> Narrator: To be safe, nancy calls the gas company.
00:31:25>> They said they would be out right away and to open all of the windows.
00:31:32>> [ Whispering ] >> did you find the problem?
00:32:41>> I found the problem.
00:32:43>> He checked the pipes, and there was one connection that was really loose.
00:32:50>> Blow at any second.
00:32:51>> The pipe?
00:32:52>> No, the whole house.
00:32:53>> The gas leak was so bad that the house was a bomb.
00:33:06>> Narrator: Unwilling to remain a victim, nancy reads up on the study of ghosts and paranormal phenomena.
00:33:14One book in particular catches her eye.
00:33:17It is written by hans holzer, an expert from austria.
00:33:22>> In the book, he talked about getting rid of ghosts, and he had an address where he could be contacted.
00:33:33>> Narrator: Nancy sends him a letter.
00:33:43>> I'm hans holzer.
00:33:45>> Narrator: Finally, hans holzer arrives, accompanied by a transmedium.
00:33:49>> You cannot investigate hauntings and ghosts by just going around with geiger counters and other technical equipment and wait for things to happen.
00:34:01You must use a transmedium, a human transmedium.
00:34:05Nothing happens without it.
00:34:07Everything else is useless.
00:34:13>> Narrator: The transmedium has the ability to permit spirits to communicate through her.
00:34:21Holzer has worked with her for several years.
00:34:27>> I was curious to see if they were going to be able to do anything because the blessing didn't work.
00:34:35>> Narrator: Holzer feels certain that he and the medium can contact the spirits haunting the stallings' house.
00:34:41>> Well, perhaps we should begin.
00:34:44>> Narrator: But not knowing their true nature, he has no idea if it's possible to force them out.
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00:39:03>> Narrator: For nearly a year, spirits have haunted the stallings family.
00:39:10With the help of a transmedium, hans holzer will attempt to ..then try to force them out of the house.
00:39:24The medium senses an unnatural presence.
00:39:30>> She was saying there were several different entities there in the house.
00:39:35And the spirits would actually talk through this woman.
00:39:45>> It's what we would call disassociation of personality.
00:39:52A deep transmedium has the ability to move out of their body and let somebody else get in temporarily.
00:40:01>> Narrator: When she emerges from her trance, she has a name -- louis fontaneil.
00:40:07It means nothing to ron and nancy.
00:40:11>> She asked him what he was doing there.
00:40:13And he said that he was waiting for supplies to come in on the constellationin the baltimore harbor, and they were there to protect the city.
00:40:24>> This is civil war territory just at the border where the north and the south met.
00:40:31And there was anger, a lot of anger in that area.
00:40:35>> Holzer suspects their ghost to be a soldier from the civil war.
00:40:39>> Keeps watch at night, wandering.
00:40:42Somehow he's trapped between life and death.
00:40:45>> Narrator: It seems impossible to ron and nancy as the house WAS ONLY BUILT IN THE 1920s.
00:40:50>> We were told it didn't have anything to do with the house itself.
00:40:54You could have a brand-new house.
00:40:55It was basically tied to the property, not the house.
00:41:10>> They live in the land.
00:41:14And if there's now another house, they don't see that.
00:41:18They see what they remember.
00:41:26>> Narrator: Suddenly, the medium detects another presence.
00:41:37She slips into a trance and begins to make contact with a woman.
00:41:44>> [ Laughing ] >> Narrator: The woman is angry.
00:41:54The medium senses a name -- kittinger.
00:41:58>> She asked this lady, "why are " she said, "these are my servants, and they don't listen " she thought that she still owned the house.
00:42:11>> The only problem we have with ghosts is they don't know exactly what they are.
00:42:16They die and don't know they're dead and they don't know what happened to them and they're confused.
00:42:23>> Narrator: Holzer and the medium decide they must contact the spirits and convince them to cross over to the afterlife.
00:42:43>> You do not belong here anymore.
00:42:46You have passed from one life into another.
00:42:52I can help you.
00:42:57>> You know, I just didn't know.
00:42:59I didn't know what to think.
00:43:09>> Narrator: Days later, the house remains quiet.
00:43:13Nancy's cousin bill becomes intrigued by everything he's hearing about the haunting.
00:43:19>> Here you go.
00:43:20>> Thank you.
00:43:22>> Narrator: He admits he'd always felt uncomfortable in the >> he wanted to see if any of these names actually turned up or if it was all just something that was made up.
00:43:41>> Well, I'll go down to the hall of records.
00:43:43>> Narrator: B given by the medium.
00:43:48He goes to the hall of records in annapolis.
00:43:52>> And the more he tried to prove these things to be untrue, the more they jive with what this lady was saying.
00:44:01>> Narrator: He finds a listing for a lieutenant fontaneil, an officer in the union army.
00:44:07He was killed in a skirmish at an inn that once stood on the stallings' property.
00:44:14In records dating back even further to 1787, he uncovers another name -- eileen kittinger.
00:44:23He wonders if this is the old woman from nancy's nightmares.
00:44:29Bill discovers that another home stood on the same piece of property where the stallings' house is now, built in the 1700s.
00:44:46Sifting through tax records, deeds, and ancient maps, bill notices a disturbing trend, a shocking revelation that even the medium failed to detect.
00:45:00And for the stallings family, it could mean the difference between life and death.
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00:48:23>> Narrator: Bill returns from the hall of records with a shocking discovery.
00:48:29Records show that every family who ever lived on that land had at least one person die before they moved.
00:48:36>> Each owner?
00:48:38>> Each one, yeah.
00:48:41>> I was really afraid that one of us, a member of our family, that something would happen to them, you know, before we got out.
00:48:56>> Narrator: After months of trying to sell the house, ron and nancy finally find a buyer.
00:49:02They even express interest in ghosts.
00:49:05>> What's with the crucifix?
00:49:07>> Narrator: The rumors of a haunted house seem to them a selling point.
00:49:14>> That's great.
00:49:19>> I was just so relieved that we were finally getting out of that house, that I couldn't wait.
00:49:26I was just praying that nothing happened between then and the time we actually moved out.
00:49:34>> I couldn't have been happier than I was that day.
00:49:40It was a wonderful feeling to be able to know I was finally free.
00:49:47>> Narrator: The stallings cannot depart fast enough.
00:49:53Movers come to pack up their furniture.
00:50:00>> There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is some type of life after death and some type of spirit, some kind of presence there.
00:50:17>> Oh!
00:50:28>> Got that?
00:50:31>> Narrator: Just before the family departs, nancy recalls an item she left in the bedroom.
00:50:37>> What?
00:50:38Where are you going?
00:50:40>> Just take a second.
00:50:41I'll be right back.
00:50:51[ Door opens ] [ doors, windows banging ] >> come on.
00:51:53>> When we left that house, i can't even describe how good i felt.
00:52:02>> Let's go.
00:52:04>> We had made it through that terrible experience.
00:52:09And now we would be able to live a normal life.
00:52:17>> Narrator: For the stallings family, the nightmare is finally over.
00:52:23But what terrible fate lies ahead for the new owners?
00:52:29 holzer, can predict with any certainty whether the haunting will ever stop.
00:52:51Narrator: In this world, there is real evil in the darkest shadows and in the most ordinary places.
00:53:00These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable.
00:53:07Mike speranza buys an old fixer-upper for himself and his girlfriend, rs a dark secret.
00:53:15Sinister forces prey on his sanity, tearing their world apart.
00:53:21Uncertain if he can stop the haunting, he must face his fears and fight back or lose his home forever.
00:53:34Between the world we see and the things we fear, there are doors.
00:53:42When they are opened, ..
00:53:46Become reality.
00:53:48--Captions by VITAC--www.vitac.com Captions paid for bydiscovery communications, inc.
00:53:57Corning -- a small city in western new york known for its glassmaking and fine arts.
00:54:06Hidden beneath its scenic beauty lies a brutal history of death and despair -- tribal massacres, massive fires, and deadly floods.
00:54:18Today, some believe these tragic events have made this fertile ground for the supernatural.
00:54:27Speranza: This one right here?
00:54:29Murray: This is it -- 213.
00:54:30It's cute. what do you think? you like it?
00:54:35Mike speranza is searching for a house with his girlfriend, lisa murray.
00:54:42Mike works for a telecommunications company, and lisa is an artist.
00:54:49I never knew this place was for sale.
00:54:51Well, it's been on the market for such a long time, I just about forgot about it myself.
00:54:57Narrator: Mike regards his experiences as personal and private.
00:55:03He's agreed to share his story under the condition of anonymity.
00:55:06My girlfriend and I were gonna move in together and just be "together forever" type of thing.
00:55:12This house will be great for a small family.
00:55:16[ Door creaks ] there's plenty of space to work from home.
00:55:22Oh, what do you do?
00:55:23Paintings mostly, sculptures, stained glass, too.
00:55:26It's the main reason I'm buying a place.
00:55:28Speranza: She would have plenty of space to do whatever she wanted.
00:55:33She could have a business in the basement, if she wanted to set it up as a studio where she could even teach.
00:55:39So? when do we move in?
00:55:42Why don't we finish the tour first?
00:55:45All right. fine.
00:55:46Let's go upstairs, shall we?
00:55:54Narrator: A month later, mike and lisa move in.
00:55:58They begin renovating immediately.
00:56:01[ Grunting ] hey, I didn't hear you coming.
00:56:12Want to help me, please? ready?
00:56:19[ Clacking ] Speranza: You would just hear "clack, clack, " oh, my gosh.
00:56:38It's pretty. it's cool.
00:56:41[ Laughing ] from the house.
00:56:44Maybe next time it could send down some diamonds.
00:56:46It was something that we kind of looked at each other, nervously laughed, " Narrator: A few days later, while mike is ..
00:57:36[ Scraping ] [ creaking ] yeah, I know. um, I see it on monitor 2.
00:57:57[ Cellphone rings ] wait a minute. hold on.
00:58:01Can I call you back?
00:58:03I got to go. okay, bye.
00:58:04Hey, lisa, how's it going?