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00:00:00Fter yesterday's game one loss to georgia, the cal bears are now pushed to the brink of elimination.
00:00:05Today, with their backs against the wall, can cal come back to force a decisive game three?
00:00:11Or do the bulldogs close out the series and trourn oklahoma city, and the women's college world series?
00:00:17It's next on espn.
00:00:26Welcome to espn's coverage of the 2010 ncaa softball super regionals, presented by capital one.
00:00:32And today we're in athens, georgia at uga softball field for game two of the athens super-regional, between the 6 seed georgia bulldogs and 11 seed cal bears.
00:00:43A look at the brackets, two teams have already punched their tickets to oklahoma city.
00:00:48Washington beat oklahoma 2-1, tennessee clubbed michigan.
00:00:53And hello, alongside hall of famer cindy bristow and four-time all-american at alabama brittney rogers, I'm justin kutcher.
00:01:03Cal has made a change in the circle and they're going to their freshman, jolene henderson.
00:01:07>> Cindy: Cal's hopes hang on that freshman arm, joe leenl henderson.
00:01:13She throws extremely hard, 2-0 in the regionals last week with a perfect game.
00:01:19They're looking for her to quiet the mighty georgia bats.
00:01:22>> Justin: Bats are mighty, brittney, led byalisa goler.
00:01:27>> Cindy: She has been a force to be reckoned with all season.
00:01:30Four at-bats, two walks, a single and home run over the fence, but she is doing great things on the field.
00:01:37Can't wait.
00:01:37>> Justin: The top two batters in the order, alisa goler, a force to be reckoned with the georgia bulldogs.
00:01:44Georgia looking for a return trip to oklahoma city, hoping to force a game three.
00:01:51>> We want to tell the fans of georgia don't get too comfortable with 19-0 lead.
00:01:56The pac-10 a flair for the dramatic in the super regionals.
00:02:00Let's show you what washington did last night in double elimination at home.
00:02:05Thanks in part of the freshman catcher shawna white, game three.
00:02:10>> A huge home run for shawna wright getting washington on the board.
00:02:14Danielle lawrie dominant in the circle, washington on the way back to oklahoma city.
00:02:18>> Here's two teams fighting for on it espnu, game one, hawaii and alabama, they were rained out last night, the prolific hitting hawaii.
00:02:27Traveling all the way to b a, ing to get there.
00:02:30But your game coming up next, taylor schlopy and the bulldogs looking to advance in game two.
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00:04:17Georgia at the university of georgia.
00:04:18The uga softball stadium, game two of the best of three super-regional between georgia and cal.
00:04:24The head coach for the georgia bull docks in her tenth season, lu harris-champer.
00:04:29One win away from 500.
00:04:32They get a win today, they will have 500 wins and also a trip to oklahoma city.
00:04:36Let's take a look at the capital one starting lineups for the georgia bulldogs.
00:04:40Taylor schlopy leads it off and plays center field.
00:04:43Megan wiggins bats second and plays left.
00:04:46Alisa goler bats third, brianna hesson bats fourth, kristyn sandberg bats fifth, ashley , brittney hubbard bats seventh, laura trout, and ashley pauley.
00:05:00And they'll face the freshman, jolene henderson in the circle.
00:05:04>> Cindy: Jolene henderson is a totally different look than arioto.
00:05:08Henderson throws hard, she keeps the ball down, has a change-up.
00:05:11She's really started to work on.
00:05:13This is cal's hopes to try and really offset schlopy off the bat.
00:05:18>> Justin: Jolene henderson throwing to lindsey zeigenhirt.
00:05:25Zeigenhirt, and henderson, have worked together since they've been about 7 years old.
00:05:29They certainly know each other which has to be comforting for henderson.
00:05:34>> Cindy: It's crazy to think that cal's hopes ride to two freshmen.
00:05:38One pitching.
00:05:40The other catching.
00:05:41They're exceptional freshmen.
00:05:43The fact they have worked together so long in their career, this is another day at the ballpark.
00:05:48>> Justin: Taylor schl leading off, on the season, batting .449.
00:05:54Change-up, popped up, into left field.
00:05:57Jamia reed is out for the first out of the ball game.
00:06:00The defense behind jolene henderson, you saw jamia reed make that catch in left field.
00:06:23>> Justin: One away for megan wiggins, the star left fielder for the georgia bulldogs team.
00:06:29First pitch, dropped down low and inside, 1-0.
00:06:31>> Cindy: That start with schlopy popping up is exactly what henderson is trying to do.
00:06:36A change-up, they're going to mix speeds, mix in her feet, and a change-up to try to offset the ing of the powerful hitters.
00:06:44>> Justin: There was a change-up, two balls and no strikes to wig whoins comes in 410 with 14 home runs AND 50 RBIs.
00:06:53462 on-base percentage, a 19-game hitting streak.
00:06:58I guess that means she's been hot.
00:07:03>> Cindy: One thing is that hard for the georgia hitters, is to get the ing of this speed that henderson has which is totally different than what they saw yesterday.
00:07:11For the first time through the lineup, a lot of it is just exploration, discovering what henderson has and how fast she has it.
00:07:19>> Justin: Three balls and no strikes to wiggins.
00:07:22And she gets the call in the outside corner, 69 miles an hour on that last pitch.
00:07:30>> Cindy: Henderson just basically looks like a fastball throwing it hard on the outside.
00:07:35Looks like we have that wider strike zone than we had yesterday.
00:07:38Now it's going to be important for them to figure it out early.
00:07:41>> Justin: Nice play at short.
00:07:43Taylor kelly, does not beat her.
00:07:47That's the speed of this georgia lineup.
00:07:51We'll see it on both teams.
00:07:53But megan wiggins beats it out.
00:07:58>> Brittany: Well, henderson got what she wanted, a strong hitter hitting a ground ball.
00:08:01Looks like kelly was a little too lackadaisical in getting rid of the ball.
00:08:06She did a great job charging it and getting it but got rid of it a little too slow.
00:08:11Wiggins is fast.
00:08:12>> Justin: Now wiggins certainly a threat to go 18 for 23, in stolen bases this season.
00:08:17Alisa goler at the plate.
00:08:18And goler takes the first pitch low and inside for ball one.
00:08:23Goler, in yesterday's game, set the tone in the first inning.
00:08:28After a lead-off walk to taylor sloper, wiggins made an out and then goler came up in a two-run homer to center field.
00:08:37On the outside corner, 63, one ball and one strike.
00:08:42375, 15 home runs, 51 RBIs.
00:08:46Five players in this georgia lineup have at least ten home runs.
00:08:52>> Cindy: Well, that's so incredible to disperse your offense equally.
00:08:56What cal did is what they've been trying to present, extra outs.
00:09:00They don't want to give extra any extra outs in an inning.
00:09:03Yesterday they did it by walking schlopy.
00:09:05So goler comes up with a runner on base.
00:09:07Today they get schlopy out, but wiggins is up with goler -- with goler up.
00:09:13They have to try and prevent the extra outs.
00:09:15They don't want to give georgia anything more than necessary.
00:09:19>> Justin: The 2-1 pitch.
00:09:21Wung on, a hit-and-run, throwdown, and safe f they had kept the tag on wiggins overslid the bag.
00:09:29That was a very close play.
00:09:33>> Brittany: It was a great release by zeigenhirt.
00:09:36Again, it's an outside pitch, hardest pitch for a catcher to release.
00:09:39But it looks like it tags really close.
00:09:41She overslides, wig for instance this view, you can see really well.
00:09:46Wiggins, her speed takes a her past the base, kelly trying to get the call, misses that key tag.
00:09:52>> Justin: A stolen base, number 19 for wiggins.
00:09:55Two strikes, now on alisa goler.
00:09:58Can you tell that was a hit-and-run.
00:10:00Goler waved at that outside pitch trying to get the bat on it.
00:10:06Change-up, in the dirt.
00:10:07Now, it's three balls and two strikes.
00:10:11>> Cindy: Nice block by zeigenhirt.
00:10:13She'll be key today.
00:10:16Because lindsey -- jolene throws so hard, her main pitch is a drop ball.
00:10:21A busy day in the blocking department for the catcher.
00:10:25>> Justin: Payoff pitch, missing outside, ball four.
00:10:29First and second, one out, top of the first inning for georgia.
00:10:35We've talked about the balanced attack.
00:10:38You have to lead off this game, schlopy, 11 home runs.
00:10:41Wiggins 14.
00:10:42Goler 15.
00:10:43Hesson 13.
00:10:44Look at this, five players with ten or more homers.
00:10:47Four others at least five home runs.
00:10:49They have 94 home runs on the season which is a school record.
00:10:52And now brianna hesson steps in.
00:10:55With runners on first and second, foul ball in the first pitch.
00:11:03>> Brittany: Particularly unique about goler, not only is she hitting the ball over the fence but she has a great eye.
00:11:08That's really, really helpful to have some one who can swing hard, who can see, draw the walks, get on bases.
00:11:18>> Justin: Another change-up, no balls and two strikes.
00:11:22You can see the emotion from zeigenhirt off that pitch.
00:11:25>> Cindy: And that to them shows that that is a key part of their game plan.
00:11:29Georgia knows henderson throws lights out.
00:11:31They're looking for that.
00:11:32So the cat and mouse game on cal's side, is we're going to offset her and throw a lot of change-ups and get them out in front.
00:11:40That's what happened there.
00:11:41>> Justin: The 0-2, inside.
00:11:44That's a cal ball, no balls and two strikes.
00:11:47How important it is in a pitcher's per spec tifer and also, brittany, from a hitter's perspective when you face a pitcher like henderson, to mix in what change-up, don't rely on that -- do you alternate, go back and forth?
00:12:00>> Brittany: Well, typically you use your speed, to se pitches to get to the change-up.
00:12:05She's doing it the other way around today.
00:12:07Because they're ahead of georgia going, so they're goflip it around on them.
00:12:14Brittany, when you know a hard ing pitch hears change-up like this.
00:12:20>> Brittany: It does.
00:12:21It makes you think in the box.
00:12:22If you are up in the box, thinking, makes it hard.
00:12:25>> Justin: Drive to center field, echavarria makes the catch, wiggins tagging for third.
00:12:29Makes it in safely.
00:12:34Two utes in the inning, first and third, now, two outs in the inning.
00:12:39Brings up chris tinl sandberg.
00:12:45Any time a paul is hit in the air by the georgia bulldogs you have to hold your breath if you are a fan of the cal bears.
00:12:50You never know, 94 homers, it could be going out.
00:12:56>> Cindy: Particularly against a pitcher like henderson that throws it so hard.
00:12:58It's ier when you make contact for that ball to just fly.
00:13:02>> Justin: Now kristyn sandberg, a meeting in the circle between zeigenhirt and jolene henderson.
00:13:07Why is there a meeting?
00:13:09Kristyn sandberg, just a sophomore, yesterday's game one of the super-regional, came up in a big way.
00:13:17A two-run homer to left field, the scoreboard isn't there, maybe some broken windshields in the parking lot.
00:13:26She crushed it.
00:13:28>> Cindy: She knew it awry way.
00:13:30She was high-ing it in the batter's box.
00:13:34This is a dangerous situation for georgia already in the first inning.
00:13:37They have don't want to have happen what happened yesterday, a big three-run inning for georgia.
00:13:42They're trying to get out of it.
00:13:43>> Justin: And was that conference in the circle maybe about a potential double steal?
00:13:47>> Cindy: First and third, we don't have as much speed right now at first, although goler has surping spied.
00:13:53>> Justin: Goler space -- speed.
00:13:55>> Justin: Goler takes a big lead off the bag.
00:13:57>> Cindy: With two outs, if goler does go, zeigenhirt is going for gold.
00:14:01They're going to try to get the direct tag on goler.
00:14:03Georgia knows that, they'll try to use goaler to set up wiggins to delay, steal and score.
00:14:11>> Justin: Goler, in case you wonder, is a perfect 10 for 10 in stole lynn bases this year.
00:14:16That catches sandberg.
00:14:19And now it's bases loaded and two outs.
00:14:25>> Cindy: That's definitely what henderson was not trying to do, a screwball, also run in on her a little bit.
00:14:31She got it a little bit too much, broke it up a little too soon.
00:14:35The angle was too deep and just caught sandberg right there on the leg.
00:14:39Now we have bases loaded, which could work into cal's favor.
00:14:44Now there's a force anywhere.
00:14:47>> Justin: There is a conference right now, and my question is, with the bases loaded and two outs, what is this conference?
00:14:53Is she saying you aren't going to bunt, you aren't going to hit-and-run, you're not swing going to swing away.
00:14:59What is the offense?
00:15:01>> Brittany: You have to wonder what are all these conferences about.
00:15:03We saw it yesterday.
00:15:04So many times in the game that the obvious is just that, obvious.
00:15:07And, again, we have signals for things.
00:15:09If you as a coach need to relay things to your hitter can you use signals.
00:15:14This is what georgia operates.
00:15:15It's whoo they're comfortable.
00:15:16They're going to do the group hug confering.
00:15:19It's not for every team, but it's for georgia.
00:15:22>> Justin: Ry steps, in the d.p.
00:15:27That gets by zeigenhirt, coming in to score is wiggins.
00:15:31Everybody moves up a base.
00:15:37>> Cindy: Well, that's definitely not how henderson wanted to start this inning.
00:15:41But any time you get a runner at third, and that's another screwball that gets away from henderson just like the ball that hit sandberg.
00:15:49And with wiggins' speed to third, it's over.
00:15:53She scores before henderson can even get to the plate.
00:15:57>> Justin: Two balls and no strikes.
00:16:01Two balls and no strikes.
00:16:03And this inning began with a lazy flyout to left field by taylor schlopy, then an infield single.
00:16:112-1, As that catches the outside corner.
00:16:13>> Cindy: That's what henderson has to do, put the last pitch behind her, put all the runners on base behind her and try to go after it and get ry right now.
00:16:22In this inning, right now.
00:16:31>> Justin: 68 Miles an hour on that one.
00:16:33Now it's 2-2.
00:16:35You notice this, that jolene henderson ising a rosin bag.
00:16:41>> Cindy: That speaks to the humidity in georgia.
00:16:45There is a chance for rain today.
00:16:47>> Justin: Change-up, called strike three to end the inning.
00:16:48But a run does come across.
00:16:51On the wild pitch.
00:16:52Megan wiggins scores to make it 1-0.
00:18:44>> Justin: Diane nine mart.
00:18:48-- Ninemire.
00:18:49Let's look at our capital one starting lineups for cal.
00:18:53Jamia reed leads it leads it off.
00:19:09sarah McCloud for the second straight game.
00:19:13She threw a complete game shutout yesterday.
00:19:15>> Cindy: She kept the cal lineup off of the base paths.
00:19:18Today we need her to be looking TO THROW IT IN THE LOW 60s, KEEP On it both sides of the plate, mix it up, let her defense work for her.
00:19:26>> Justin: Jamia reid to lead it off.
00:19:30The slapper, first pitch change-up, starting her off just like they started off yesterday in game one.
00:19:36>> Cindy: That is the advantage cal has, in seeing the sam pitcher again.
00:19:40They have had her for seven innings yesterday, this is like the eighth inning of seeing the same pitches.
00:19:45They have a chance at the game plan if you are georgia.
00:19:49>> Justin: Missing inside, may have had an illegal pitch right there.
00:19:54The third base umpire, jeff sloan, came in to talk with somebody.
00:20:02>> Cindy: Wait us a ball on the bat, we don't know if it was an illegal pitch.
00:20:08Have to wait and see.
00:20:11>> Justin: Slapped through the hole on the left side, lead-off single for jamia reid.
00:20:16Something that we did not see in yesterday's game, jamia reid on base, what they do now?
00:20:24Of the defense, behind sarah McCLOUD.
00:20:43>> Justin: Shannon thop as bunts.
00:20:44Nice throw by goler to get the out at first base.
00:20:48That will be a sacrifice, as reid goes down to second.
00:20:52And that gets the tying run in sing position.
00:20:56>> Cindy: Well, the one thing that we didn't see yesterday was pressure put on georgia's defense.
00:21:00And that is what reid at second base, on the base paths in general, is going to do to georgia's defense.
00:21:07They have to be quick without rushing.
00:21:10>> Justin: Jamia reid has 48 stolen bases on the season.
00:21:12So she could certainly steal third base.
00:21:17Valerie arioto takes the first pitch low for 1-0.
00:21:22Brittany, trailing 1-0 in the super-regional, trailing now 1-0 in this game, how important is it for cal's psyche to strike back and at least tie it up here?
00:21:31>> Brittany: I tell what you, they just need to press th reset button.
00:21:34It will be a long game, just like yesterday.
00:21:37Anything can happen.
00:21:37It takes one big inning.
00:21:39So as long as they reset their minds and focus on one pitch at a time I think they'll be great.
00:21:44>> Justin: Three balls and no 358, 19 HOME RUNS AND 60 RBIs.
00:21:54Arioto is not somebody who will expand that strike zone.
00:21:57She knows a strike zone, and she will take her walk.
00:22:00>> Cindy: Well, the one thing that sdoes do is put the defense back.
00:22:05We can see right there, goler is even with the bag.
00:22:07Which makes it very hard for reid to steal third.
00:22:10Because of goler's power.
00:22:14>> Justin: A four-pitch walk to arioto.
00:22:17Arioto came into the series having homered in three straight games on the columbus regional.
00:22:23She is held without a homer in yesterday's game.
00:22:25But now she is on base for the third time with another walk.
00:22:30Lindsey zeigenhirt steps in.
00:22:31First pitch change-up.
00:22:33Misses outside for ball one, 1-0.
00:22:37>> Cindy: It looks li McCLOUD'S GAME PLAN IS A LITTLE Bit like henderson's, we're going to use the change-up as our main pitch and set it up with our faster stuff.
00:22:47>> Justin: Fouled off, one ball, one strike.
00:22:53sarah McCloud in yesterday's game, complete game, four-hit shutout.
00:22:56Four walks, three strikeouts.
00:22:58Didn't have her best stuff, didn't have command, threw a lot of balls.
00:23:01But, hey, you throw a shutout you do something right.
00:23:04>> Cdy: Doesn't have to be a pretty one.
00:23:05There's no column for pretty and ugly wins.
00:23:08It's just a win or a loss, and she got the win.
00:23:10>> Justin: Because that first pitch change-up, you have seen zeigenhirt late the last two balls.
00:23:16.254, TWO HOME RUNS, 58 RBIs.
00:23:20We saw this yesterday as well, with cal getting runners on first and second with one out, not being able to get a run in, in the first inning.
00:23:27>> Cindy: I was going so-to-say, if there's any ball in the outfield grass, she is sending everybody as fast as she can.
00:23:36They have to try and get a lead here.
00:23:38And you can see that right now, McCLOUD FEELS LIKE SHE MIGHT BE Dealing with the same strike zone today which is a little squeezer.
00:23:44But that we can see is clearly outside.
00:23:47Something maybe the fans at georgia here couldn't quite see the same way.
00:23:52>> Justin: 2-2, Fouled straight back.
00:23:54All right, so we just saw her foul that pitch straight back, come back with a change-up here?
00:23:59>> Cindy: It seemed like it.
00:24:00When you foul something straight back, like that, it means are you right on it, you just barely miss it.
00:24:05It means it didn't fool you at all.
00:24:08You need to go a complete different direction or complete different speed, both if you are capable of it.
00:24:14>> Justin: Two balls, two strikes, one out, first and second.
00:24:19Foul off, again, not a change-up.
00:24:2158 On that one.
00:24:23Cal in yesterday's game, they got runners on base, the problem was they couldn't do anything with runners on base.
00:24:290 For 13, with runners on.
00:24:310 For 7 with runners in sing position.
00:24:33They lined into two dou plays.
00:24:35They left seven runners on base.
00:24:38Another 2-2 pitch.
00:24:41Again, fouled back.
00:24:45>> Cindy: Well, so far the way that McCloud is pitching zeigenhirt is out, fast, in slow.
00:24:52We'll see if she changes that, now, and goes in fast.
00:24:56>> Justin: Mccloud's numbers in the ncaa tournament, 4-0.
00:24:591.74 E.r.a.
00:25:05Change-up, taken outside.
00:25:08Psych, she thought she had just struck out.
00:25:13I have never seen that.
00:25:16>> Cindy: Everybody but the umpire thought she was rung up on this play.
00:25:20THE FANS, McCLOUD THOUGHT SO, Zeigenhirt was heading back to the dugout.
00:25:25>> Justin: Fouled back on 3-2.
00:25:31Brittany, if you are a hitter do you think I just got fined in kangaroo court or do you think i have a second chance?
00:25:38>> Brittany: Thank goodness for the second chance is what I'm thinking.
00:25:41That was a good pitch, something is supposed to fool a batter and it did.
00:25:48>> Cindy: Zeigenhirt does strike out a lot.
00:25:49>> Justin: Work the walk, though.
00:25:50Bases loaded, one out, now.
00:25:54For cal, trailing 1-0 in the bottom half of the first inning.
00:25:58>> Brittany: I tell you what, if I were a cal ball player, i would feel really encouraged.
00:26:03Not only did you have first and second, you have zeigenhirt up there, who was fouling balls off left and right who really looked like she was on the ball.
00:26:11But if I'm the next batter I'm thinking I'm going to get this hit because my teammates showed me everything that the pitcher had.
00:26:18>> Justin: I thought you also brought up a good point, cindy, before, talking about sarah McCLOUDWORKING LIKE JOLENE Henderson, off the change-up, as opposed to working off the screw or the kooufer.
00:26:31There's a ground ball up the middle, the play is to home.
00:26:34And she is out!
00:26:38Jamia reid takes out catcher, kristyn sandberg, and sandberg goes down.
00:26:43And he harris-champer, not happy with that.
00:26:49>> Cindy: Well, it looked like a pretty vicious play.
00:26:51But, you know, all that reid is trying to do is run in and get a piece of that plate.
00:27:02You can see right here, the ball comes right back up the middle, a great job of cutting it off, throwing against her body.
00:27:09Maybe does slide in play a little bit too much there.
00:27:13Georgia might have a point.
00:27:15But, again, cal's fighting for their lives.
00:27:17She isn't trying to hurt sandberg in anyway.
00:27:20She is simply trying to break up the double play.
00:27:24>> Justin: I think it's a good play.
00:27:27I mean, you can't afford in this situation to let the catcher make a throw to first base.
00:27:32Even if she wasn't planning on doing it, you can take her out of that play.
00:27:36>> Cindy: Sandberg made herself vulnerable, stretching out so far.
00:27:40That's what made her stance so weak.
00:27:43When you have reid sliding in like that is correct it's ier to chop her legs out from under her.
00:27:48But it wasn't any effort to hurt her, at all.
00:27:51>> Justin: With that threat, the defense, again, steps up for the georgia bulldogs.
00:27:55>> Cindy: Yes, they did it all day yesterday.
00:27:57So far they've done it.
00:27:58Cal's threatening, the question is can cal break through.
00:28:04>> Justin: We talked with punk situation.
00:28:08Frani echavarria, first pitch screwball for a strike.
00:28:11And I know this may sound weird, but the situations aren't always late in games for the clutch situations.
00:28:20This is a big situation for the cal bears.
00:28:23Momentum, if you don't get a run here, momentum goes over to georgia.
00:28:28>> Cindy: Well, what we just saw from that first pitch from McCLOUD, SHE'S FIRED UP BY THE Defensive play behind her.
00:28:36Trout stepped up, made a great play, great play behind the plate.
00:28:39McCLOUD FEEDS OFF THAT AND SHE Has a little more juice out there in the circle.
00:28:44>> Justin:337, 24 RBIs.
00:28:47Now ahead in the count, two balls and a strike.
00:28:49And frankly right now, cal will take a walk.
00:28:53A walk gets a run in, ties this game up at one.
00:28:56They're just looking for a run to get on the board to get this offense going after being shut out in yesterday's game.
00:29:06On the outside corner, 2-2.
00:29:08>> Cindy: Well, one thing, justin, that that out does, not only does it prevent cal from sing but it means there's two outs.
00:29:15Now the infield gets to move back.
00:29:16And they're in a much better position.
00:29:19Because you're back further, you have grapter range.
00:29:21They're able to get things that may have gotten through them had they been up a little closer.
00:29:27>> Justin: The 2-2 pitch, outside, ball three.
00:29:30>> Cindy: Well, that's a tough pitch to stand and look at when it was just called a strike.
00:29:37Oh, I don't know.
00:29:39That did take a lot of courage.
00:29:41>> Justin: I think it's good eye, good call by the home plate umpire.
00:29:45But now it's 3-2, the runners off with contact.
00:29:49Payoff pitch.
00:29:50Outside, ball four.
00:29:53Echavarria works the bases loaded walk, ties this game up, as valerie arioto comes in to score.
00:29:59>> Cin, THAT'S WHAT CAL Wanted but not what georgia and McCLOUD WANTED.
00:30:05She just has to settle down, find her strike zone.
00:30:08She isn't missing by very much.
00:30:10Again, we have a little tight strike zone behind the plate.
00:30:13>> Justin: Let's look at the pitch sequence against frani echavarria.
00:30:18>> Cindy: What we can see, first pitch, screwball.
00:30:21Goes out, again.
00:30:23Trying to go up and in on her.
00:30:26Out, again, and it's the outside corner that he's not calling for.
00:30:30Seems like you maybe want to go away from that instead of conting to try to go where he isn't calling the pitch.
00:30:36>> Justin: Jordan wallace, the in this game, steps in for the first time.
00:30:40Wallace pinch-hit in the seventh inning yesterday.
00:30:43And a pinch-hit double.
00:30:46This time, it's too far with the screwball, 1-1.
00:30:50This first inning, is very similar to the entire game YESTERDAY FOR sarah McCloud, she gets into trouble with control but she gets bailed out by the defense, helped out by the defense.
00:31:04Now she walks in a run.
00:31:07Inside, again, now its 250e-1.
00:31:09And -- now it's 2-1.
00:31:11The fans here not exactly happy with the home plate umpire.
00:31:14>> Cindy: He's being really consistent.
00:31:17While that is an inside pitch right now to wallace, it was an outside pitch to echavarria.
00:31:21It is the same place.
00:31:23And he's calling it the same way.
00:31:25That is really all you want from a home plate umpire.
00:31:29Bart hadley is being consistent now, it's just not consistently the way georgia wants it.
00:31:35>> Justin: Sandberg goes out and NOTICES that McCloud may be getting a bit frustrated and try to settle hen her down.
00:31:41>> Cindy: Divert her game plan.
00:31:42Live harris champer calls the pitches in the dugout.
00:31:45But let's try the other side of the plate, mix speeds a little more.
00:31:50>> Justin: Line drive, caught at second by pauley.
00:31:54So cal gets a run but they leave the bases loaded.
00:31:58We've played one here in georgia.
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00:33:48>> Quick tag, double play.
00:33:50But in the second, amanda lock.
00:33:54>> Aplan da lock off the right side.
00:33:57>> 1-0, Alabama, still batting.
00:33:59Back to athens, and justin kutcher.
00:34:05>> Justin: Thanks, pram.
00:34:07Looking at the road to oklahoma city, alabama against hawaii currently on espnu.
00:34:13Missouri-oregon later today, ucla against louisiana-lafayette 00, arizona state that one 30, versus florida.
00:34:23Washington has pun fd their ticket, tennessee sweeping michigan.
00:34:31Leading off in the second.
00:34:34Brittney hubbard against jolene henderson.
00:34:36Nir the pitch screwball inside for ball one.
00:34:39Hubbard, the sophomore from victorville, california.
00:34:45Father played football at fresno state.
00:34:47The right fielder.
00:34:49The 1-0 pitch.
00:34:53There's a strike, one ball and one strike.
00:34:55>> Cindy: Henderson has to be fired up that her team got on the board, they answered georgia's run with a run of their own.
00:35:01But she needs to do right now, shut georgia down as close to one, two, three as she can.
00:35:07Keep them scoreless this inning.
00:35:10>> Justin: Change-up, beautiful pitch.
00:35:14>> Cindy: Justin, when we were interviewing her the other day, no knowing she throws gas, for those of you that may be more familiar with baseball, a pitcher in softball who throws 70 niles an hour is equivalent to about 100 miles an hour in baseball.
00:35:30Her favorite pitch is a change-up.
00:35:32It's new and exciting.
00:35:35>> Justin: She follows that change-up up with one at 68 miles an hour.
00:35:38And this is a girl in jolene henderson who doesn't scouting reports, doesn't know a thing about who she is faing, just goes out there and tell me -- says tell me where I'm supposed to throw it and that's what I'll do.
00:35:53>> Justin: Illegal pitch is called against henderson.
00:35:58So hubbard gets the second chance.
00:36:01>> Cindy: And that's something that the umpires, if you really are sticking to, and I think henderson is doing a great job by walking over and saying, what is it that I'm doing, I want to make sure I'm not doing it again.
00:36:12Let's see if we can catch it.
00:36:14They may be calling her for crow hopping, may be that her back foot isn't on the rubber enough.
00:36:20Henderson is like, oh, man, that was a great pitch, you took it away from me.
00:36:24>> Justin: Set up a strikeout, the ball, 3-2.
00:36:26Called strike three on the outside corner.
00:36:29So she gets one looking as opposed to swinging.
00:36:32>> Cindy: I'm going to strike her out anyway, I don't need that change-up.
00:36:36>> Justin: Dmou what constitutes an illegal pitch?
00:36:40Not staying in the pitching lane, both feet in the air at the same time, not dragging the pivot foot.
00:36:45>> Cindy: But also, justin, not having your back foot on the rubber.
00:36:49Unlike baseball and softball the pitcher has to start with both feet touching the pitching rubber.
00:36:55Jolene henderson, the back feet touching the front of the rubber.
00:37:01>> Justin: First pitch change-up to wlaur a trout, misses up high for ball one, 1-0.
00:37:06Trout, the shortstop from summerville, south carolina.
00:37:10A junior.
00:37:10We've already seen her make a nice play.
00:37:13That play, we talked about the play at the plate, with sandberg making the catch and this lineup jamia reid but a strong throw from trout to make to it short.
00:37:24>> Cindy: A tremendous defensive play.
00:37:25Her momentum was taking her towards first base.
00:37:27Which is directly away from that throw.
00:37:29So with only her upper body, she turned it and got her chest in to make that throw.
00:37:36It was a great play.
00:37:37>> Justin: 2-On the outside 248, 8 home RUNS AND 21 RBIs.
00:37:44>> Cindy: So far that henderson IS DOING what McCloud wasn't doing last inning, henderson is going to the side of the plate that bart hadley behind the plate is calling.
00:37:54She's going away from the hitter.
00:37:56>> Justin: Right there, again, gets the call, 2-2.
00:37:59>> Cindy: And the georgia fans don't like it, and trout isn't too thrilled with it but he is consistent on that side of the plate for strikes.
00:38:08>> Justin: Keep pounding that part of the strike zone.
00:38:10>> Cindy: Yeah.
00:38:11That's a pitcher's job, find the strike zone today, with this umpire, and throw it.
00:38:19>> Justin: Three balls and two strikes.
00:38:26Jolene henderson and her catcher, lindsey zeigenhirt, roommates on the road.
00:38:31The team is on the road a lot.
00:38:333-2, Outside.
00:38:34Ball four.
00:38:37The ncaa softball super regionals continue today on sprn 30 eastern, you'll see game three of this series if necessary, or oregon versus number flienl seed missouri.
00:38:48On espnu, the top seed alabama takes on the 16 seed hawaii.
00:38:53The ncaa softball super regionals, presented by capital one, on espn and espnu today.
00:39:01First walk of the game, second walk of the game issued by henderson.
00:39:06The first pitch to ashley pauley, taken for a strike.
00:39:11>> Cindy: Good opportunity right now, with one out, a lefty in the box for georgia to possibly send trout at first base.
00:39:17She has good speed, blocks the view back there, of zeigenhirt.
00:39:21We might look for her to run in this at-bat.
00:39:23>> Justin: There she was, off of the pitch, fouled away, 0-2 to the number final batter, ashley pauley.
00:39:32265, with five HOME RUNS AND 29 RBIs.
00:39:35You mentioned the speed of laura trout over at first base.
00:39:3917 For 22 in stolen bases.
00:39:46Look how deep jerry glasco is in the third base box.
00:39:53Jolene henderson was asking the home plate umpire, was she too close to the plate on that one?
00:39:58Almost out of the batter's box.
00:40:01>> Cindy: Well, henderson definitely didneed to put another runner on base there.
00:40:06That pitch just got away from her.
00:40:08And that looked like it's supposed to be a curveball, sticks in her hand.
00:40:12She just tagged pauley in the back.
00:40:15Close to 70 miles an hour that, can't feel good at all.
00:40:18>> Brittany: Oh, no.
00:40:19>> Justin: Second hit batter of the game.
00:40:21Brings up taylor schlopy, the lead-off batter.
00:40:25And the sfirgs the pitch -- first pitch change-up.
00:40:28Is taken for a ball, 1-0.
00:40:30Schlopy fwlu out to left field her first time up on a change-up.
00:40:35She had a 13-game hitting streak snapped.
00:40:44>> Cindy: One thing we'll see, we're seeing a conference right there.
00:40:47Between jerry glasco and schlopy.
00:40:52What we're going to see more of at the same time is a counter conference on the mound with henderson.
00:40:55Because unlike arioto yesterday who doesn't want anybody near her in the circle, henderson is fine witness.
00:41:01She has a pretty whatever attitude.
00:41:04They're going to go out and chat.
00:41:06Jav seems to feel the need to klatt, too for georgia.
00:41:10>> Brittany: What could they be talking about, heads up for the change-up.
00:41:14Got out on the change started out change-up, lay off that, look for something hard to drive.
00:41:21>> Justin: Taylor schlopy, her 446, alisa goler set the record for georgia .455 last year.
00:41:30>> Justin: And that is back to schlopy with a screwball.
00:41:34Back-to-back hit batters after a strikeout to hubbard, a walk to trout, hit batter to pauley, hit batter to schlopy.
00:41:40Bases are now loaded and megan wiggins is coming up.
00:41:45And coming out to speak is john reeves.
00:41:49>> Brittany: This is definitely not where cal wants to be.
00:41:51Because megan wiggins is a play maker.
00:41:53She is going to get in that box and fight to the death until she either gets a hit or a walk.
00:41:59That's pretty tough with bases loaded, having her get up there.
00:42:02>> Justin: What are you seeing from jolene henderson that led to this lack of command?
00:42:07>> Cindy: Well, I think she is going a lot to the rosin bag.
00:42:10Even though it is a little cooler than it was yesterday, it's still tremendously hot and humid for what the cal bears are used to from playing in the bay area.
00:42:18They don't deal with humidity.
00:42:20So it doesn't take much moisture on your hand as hard as she throws for those pitches to get away from her.
00:42:26They are the same two pitches that have hit the same place.
00:42:31I think it is moisture on her hand and she's trying to dry her hand off with the dirt as well as the rosin bag.
00:42:38>> Justin: Her numbers on the season, 187 2/3 coming in, she had just 62 walks compared to 189 strikeouts.
00:42:45Now megan wiggins with the infield single, her first time up.
00:42:49First pitch outside for ball one.
00:42:51Boy, there's no margin for error right now for jolene henderson.
00:42:55We said it was important for jolene henderson to get a one, two, three inning, as close as she could.
00:43:01And this is not what she was looking for.
00:43:071-0, Missing outside.
00:43:08And it's 2-0.
00:43:09That goes back to the strike zone of the home plate umpire, bart hadley, he had not been calling the outside pitch to lefties.
00:43:19Do you go inside?
00:43:20>> Cindy: Right now you have to go henderson's strength, even if it's wiggins' strength.
00:43:24It might be wiggins' strength but you're ready to walk in a run.
00:43:28They may be saying, if we walk in a run with wiggins, it be could beat the alternative to a meat ball grand slam.
00:43:36There's always that thought.
00:43:36But you have got to go strength against strength when you aren't sure what else to go to.
00:43:40>> Justin: And you have alisa goler on deck.
00:43:4439-0, Taken for a strike -- 3-0, taken for a strike with that screwball.
00:43:51We saw that bases loadedone-out situation for cal, a ground ball to short which laura trout came home for the short.
00:44:00That was in the first.
00:44:01The 3-1, slapped foul.
00:44:03And now it's 3-2.
00:44:08>> Cindy: That's a big pitch for henderson.
00:44:10That gets her back in the ball game from her point of view.
00:44:13Wiggins, now, with two strikes has to expand her zone.
00:44:16If henderson really has trust in a pitch I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a change-up.
00:44:21This would be a great pitch to throw a change-up on.
00:44:24Wiggins is going to be swinging hard.
00:44:26It's hard for her not to be in front of the change-up.
00:44:30>> Justin: Critical pitch in this game, the 3-2, in the air, left field, jamia reid, lets it drop because she's afraid the run would score.
00:44:39Now, is that a good play in this situation?
00:44:43I see brittany you're shaking your head, that she let it drop.
00:44:48Would you have let it drop?
00:44:49>> Brittany: A foul ball in a situation like this, is a run scored.
00:44:52I absolutely think she should have let it drop.
00:44:55She wasn't coming in on the foul ball.
00:44:57She was running back toward the fence.
00:44:59So everybody was going to tag and advance a base.
00:45:01>> Cindy: I disagree.
00:45:02I think when you have a hitter like wiggins up, you get one out even if it's a run because with one swing she can hit four.
00:45:09>> Justin: Just like that.
00:45:10>> Cindy: Just like that.
00:45:11>> Brittany: You called it.
00:45:21>> Justin: You don't give the georbulldogs a second chance.
00:45:26>> Cindy: Well said.
00:45:37>> Justin: When you have batters like megan wiggins, alisa goler, you see jamia reid let it go on the 3-2 pitch.
00:45:45The very next pitch line drive, grand slam.
00:45:50>> Brittany: I have to renege my decision on that one, that bit them.
00:45:55>> Cindy: In general that's the right thing to do.
00:45:56But wiggins isn't a general hitter.
00:45:58She's a tremendous wig-time hitter.
00:46:01That was a big-time situation.
00:46:04Reid did look at henderson and go my bad, my bad.
00:46:08You have one chance when that is happening.
00:46:10That's why it's good for players to think ahead of time, if it's hit to me, what should I do.
00:46:16>> Justin: And now it's two balls and no strikes to alisa goler who walked her first time up.
00:46:22And, wow, how quickly things have now changed here.
00:46:25>> Cindy: Bushe has to stay on goler.
00:46:29Goler is trying to outmatch wiggins distance-wise right now.
00:46:32She's going to be swinging, coach jerry glasko said outdo her, hit it further.
00:46:42Get goler out.
00:46:46>> Justin: Jolene henderson looking in to lindsey zeigenhirt.
00:46:502-1 Missing outside.
00:46:51Three balls and a strike.
00:46:53And, again, going back to the play by jamia reid out in left field, letting that ball drop.
00:47:00What it comes down to for me is the pitch was 3-2.
00:47:04If she walked the batter, the run is going to score.
00:47:07Would you rather exchange a walk for an out or a run for an out?
00:47:11That is an, I would.
00:47:14Get two outs and get out of the inning.
00:47:16>> Cindy: Right.
00:47:16And that is why, I mean, based on who was up, if that type of hitter is giving you an out you have to take it.
00:47:23Even if it exchanges a run.
00:47:26You just got -- obviously now we're smart talking about it.
00:47:29At that point in time I would take that out every day over giving wiggins another chance to be big-time with the bases loaded.
00:47:37>> Brittany: Definitely.
00:47:38>> Justin: And she is big-time.
00:47:39That was her 15th home run of the season.
00:47:41SHE HAS 54 RBIs.
00:47:43And 95 team home runs for georgia.
00:47:47One ball, no strikes to brianna hesson, threw out the to sernter field her first type up.
00:47:545-1, Top of the second inning, a grand slam by megan wiggins.
00:48:00Up high, 2-0.
00:48:05>> Cindy: And that really rocks henderson.
00:48:07Her body language, it just took a toll on her.
00:48:10She needs to compose herself, get back in and get out of this inning without any more damage.
00:48:15Throw first, don't try to be cute around the corners, throw her game right now.
00:48:21>> Justin: On the inside corner, 2-1.
00:48:2466 Miles per hour.
00:48:28Is there a thought, I mean, to possibly bringing in arioto?
00:48:34>> Cindy: I think we're a little early in the game.
00:48:36Cal has already shown they have the ability to score.
00:48:40They're only up by four which sounds like a lot but cal is a very explosive offensive team as well.
00:48:46It's early in the game.
00:48:47One more inning like georgia is having, or if this income can't end, but it's still henderson's game.
00:48:59Shot of arioto.
00:49:00Who can play first base when she isn't pitching as well as hitting cleanup for cal.
00:49:09>> Justin: Alisa goler left early from first base.
00:49:13So she has been called out.
00:49:16That will go as unassisted.
00:49:19And the second out of the inning.
00:49:21>> Cindy: In softball you have to wait until the ball leaves the pitcher's hand before you can leave the base.
00:49:26There's no leading off, like in baseball.
00:49:29Goler just cut that line a little too short.
00:49:33>> Justin: Three balls and a strike to brianna hesson.
00:49:40Strike two, 3-2.
00:49:42This is goler.
00:49:50The ball is still in the hand and leaving early.
00:49:53That was the exact same time, that's why awlis a goler was called out.
00:49:59Payoff pitch, called four.
00:50:03Another walk here in the inning.
00:50:04This is incredible.
00:50:05Look at this inning.
00:50:07A walk, a hit batter, hit batter, grand slam, walk, walk.
00:50:12>> Cindy: We have two hit batters, three walks and a home run.
00:50:15That's not the inning you want at all, period.
00:50:18You don't want that in a whole game.
00:50:22She's having it in this game.
00:50:23She has to find her strike zone, compose herself.
00:50:26>> Justin: First pitch chge-up, to kristyn sandberg, taken for a strike.
00:50:30Sandberg was hit by a pitch her first time up.
00:50:33351 with six homers and 36 RBIs.
00:50:48>> Cindy: Now she's saying, can you tell when she's a little more comfortable.
00:50:55WHEN SHE DROPS INTO THE MID-60s She forces it a little bit and maybe trying to be too careful.
00:51:00>> Justin: Now, the 0-2 pitch, jolene henderson.
00:51:04Just missing on that one.
00:51:06One ball and two strikes.
00:51:10>> Cindy: Again, she is a freshman.
00:51:12She's young.
00:51:13She still has a lot of growing to do in college softball.
00:51:17And she's growing a lot this inning.
00:51:18This is a tough lineup to face.
00:51:23>> Justin: 1-2, Change-up.
00:51:25Line drive, caught by taylor kelly to end the inning.
00:51:29But the play of the inning, jamia reid on 39-2 pitch lets it drop.
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00:53:24>> deep left, home run!
00:53:33>> danielle lawrie, strikes her out.
00:53:40>> Justin: Back in athens, georgia.
00:53:41There is megan wiggins, one swing of the bat grand slam, 5-1 bottom half of the second inning.
00:53:47We just saw danielle lawrie on that package.
00:53:50How about the performance that she put in last night, out in seattle, winning both games, both must-win games, sting out 17 in game three.
00:54:01>> Cindy: You could almost see the flames coming out of h ears.
00:54:06>> Brittany: She was lit up the night before, that wasn't going to happen again, she carried them to oklahoma city.
00:54:12But it's also, you know, hope for cal.
00:54:14It can happen.
00:54:14Can you come back and win two games.
00:54:17>> Justin: Taylor trying to lead it off in the second.
00:54:20First pitch screwball for a strike.
00:54:24197, 3 home runs, 15 RBIs.
00:54:27Cal was able to answer back in the bottom of the first and they answered back with -- can they answer back with even a run in the bottom of the second?
00:54:35>> Cindy:.
00:54:37>> Brittany: What laurie did last night, be fired up, that's what cal needs to do.
00:54:41Any time you mick a mistake, especially in this sport, it's game of failure.
00:54:45You are going to fail more times than you succeed.
00:54:49You have to respond hardcore, get out there, fight hard, don't think about what you did in the past.
00:54:53And just move forward.
00:54:55>> Justin: Absolutely.
00:54:57Two balls and a strike to taylor kelly.
00:54:59On deck is elia reid.
00:55:04>> Cindy: Brittany, what would you do in the dugout if you go in and you're sitting there, you aren't up for a little while.
00:55:10What would you do?
00:55:11>> Brittany: If I were elliot, i tell you what -- elia, I'd get up there and tell me pitcher it was my bad.
00:55:18I did -- I apologize for what, but I'm going to make up for it when I get in the batter's box.
00:55:24It was jamia.
00:55:25>> Cindy: Right, jamia reid.
00:55:27But you have to learn that, to kind of like shake it off?
00:55:30>> Brittany: Well, that's when you're young.
00:55:32But you have to work at it.
00:55:33It's not easy, it's not easy to say I did something wrong.
00:55:36The sooner you learn it the better.
00:55:38It's going to happen all the time, you make mistakes in the field, you make bad decisions.
00:55:48>> Justin: Popped up, first base, hesson off the glove.
00:55:52 defensive per for rmer.
00:55:54One thing I've noticed in this series, hesson and also with arioto and henderson, all who play first base, none of them use first baseman's mitt.
00:56:08>> Cindy: It's a preference, it's legal for them to, do it's personal preference.
00:56:12A lot of first basemen use a fielding glove.
00:56:16In catching they use a softball catching glove that has more padding than the baseball glove.
00:56:24>> Justin: Ground ball to second, pauley makes the play, kelly steps on the awkwardly.
00:56:29One away in the second.
00:56:30Georgia defense, the outfield, they put on a show for the fans here.
00:56:34Watch this, this is an outfield practice before the game.
00:56:37Wiggins scales the wall, taylor schlopy goes back to wall, a little jump for show.
00:56:43And a ing play, a sing play, and these fans here, when they say georgia your outfield practice can begin, the fans go crazy.
00:56:54They start clapping cheering.
00:56:57As elia reid grounds out in the first pitch, back to sarah McCLOUD.
00:57:01Two up, two down in the second.
00:57:02>> Brittany: Let me tell you that fired me up watching that pregame practice.
00:57:06I mean, there is nothing like an outfielder who will go all out.
00:57:10Get that jersey dirty and do everything she can to catch the ball.
00:57:14I wanted to get out there and shag fly ball seeing that.
00:57:18>> Justin: Two outs for jamia reid.
00:57:20I'm watching during that whole outfield practice, all the cal bears are watching this.
00:57:23How intimiing is it to watch that?
00:57:27>> Brittany: Well, as a batter are you thinking, man, I need to hit it in the gap.
00:57:33>> Justin: Jamia reid tried to bunt for a base hit.
00:57:35It was a foul ball.
00:57:37>> Cindy: A heads-up play on her part.
00:57:39We just talked about her having that tough decision out in left field.
00:57:42Now she is up, that's how the game works.
00:57:45That is a cruel game, as soon as you take make a mistake, the ball or the game finds you.
00:57:50Here she finds herself up.
00:57:51And she is smart, heads up, drops the bunt.
00:57:54If that's fair, she has a good chance of beating that out.
00:57:57That's a heads-up play.
00:57:59>> Justin: Jamia reid, singled her first type up.
00:58:030-1 Pitch.
00:58:04Misses outside with a screwball.
00:58:07It's 1-1.
00:58:08How about alabama, bottom half of the third, leading 7-0 over hawaii.
00:58:13>> Cindy: Oh, baby.
00:58:15>>> I'm proud of my baby's.
00:58:18-- I'm proud of my baies.
00:58:22>> Justin: Chopper, second base, she makes it herself.
00:58:27One, two, three inning by sarah McCLOUD AND GEORGIA.
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01:00:43Hawaii-alabama, amanda lock, second time, three-run shot.
01:00:47Roll, tide, roll, 7-0 'bam a.
01:00:49Back to athens.
01:00:51Justin kutcher and crew.
01:00:55>> Justin: Top of the third, 5-1, georgia leading california.
01:00:59That will be ashley raiy, brittney hubbard and laura trout to face j.d.
01:01:05Georgia won yesterday's game one, 7-0.
01:01:09First pitch missing outside, a drop ball.
01:01:15Ry struck out her first time up, one of two strikeout victims in the game for jolene henderson.
01:01:25Change-up, 1-1.
01:01:27>> Cindy: That is a pitch that ry struck out looking at on last at-bat.
01:01:31This is a big hitter for henderson.
01:01:33And it seems like we're saying that with almost every georgia hitter that comes to the plate.
01:01:38But she needs to get her momentum going and really start to take control of the pitches.
01:01:45>> Justin: One ball and two strikes.
01:01:49We have 6, 7, 8 due up in the order, you'd like a quick order.
01:01:53You don't want that batting order flipped back around.
01:01:57Schlopy, wiggins, goler, likely ons and tigers and bears, oh my.
01:02:02>> Brittany: Oh, my!
01:02:03>> Justin: Thomas makes the play, for the first out here in the third.
01:02:07Coverage of the nashg softball super regionals continues on espnu, today, with two more 30 eastern, and 10 seed arizona ing on byu in game two.
01:02:1700 eastern, they will meet in game three.
01:02:21The ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one on espnu today.
01:02:30>> Cindy: So far, justin, cal has yet to put two outs back-to-back.
01:02:36So we're only in the third inning.
01:02:37But, still, like you said, last inning it was the bottom of the inning that got up.
01:02:44That let the top of the inning do the damage.
01:02:46This is where henderson really has to bear down.
01:02:49It should be easy for her, she is a cal bear.
01:02:52And really start to get these georgia hitters.
01:02:56Get two outs, right here.
01:02:57>> Justin: Quickly 0-2 to brittney hubbard.
01:03:00Hubbard struck out her first time up.
01:03:06Right fielder, for georgia, entering this game, the bulldogs 1.
01:03:11And it's 18-8 in the acc.
01:03:150-2, Swing and a miss, strikeout number three.
01:03:17So there's the first back-to-back out in the same inning for jolene henderson.
01:03:22>> Cindy: A nice job.
01:03:23She does look like she is in a little better groove.
01:03:26Her pitches are working a little better.
01:03:28She goes to that outside corner, throws a little bit of a curveball.
01:03:32Nice job, and a good job right there of hubbard having to protect with two strikes.
01:03:36>> Justin: Laura trout steps in.
01:03:37Walked her first time up, came around to score on the grand slam by megan wiggins.
01:03:43First pitch curve, outside for ball one.
01:03:49248 with 8 homers AND 24 RBIs.
01:03:54Top of the third inning, 5-1, georgia leading.
01:03:58That's low, 2-0.
01:03:59>> Cindy: And she's starting 2-0 to trout, who last inning is the batter that walked that, started the whole avalanche for cal.
01:04:09Get back in, right now, throw a strike.
01:04:14>> Justin: Aggressive at the plate, laura trout, knowing she has a throw a strike, thinking she may get a good pitch to hit.
01:04:20She has eight homers, why not swing away.
01:04:23>> Cindy: Walks just don't happen, they evolve, on a 2-0 count.
01:04:28Instead of throwing an iffy pitch, don't get a strike and get yourself back in the count.
01:04:33>> Justin: Change-up, ground ball to third base, backing up, williams.
01:04:37Long throw, makes it across and beats trout.
01:04:39A one, two, three inning of work by jolene henderson.
01:04:43Is that what cal needs to get back in it?
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01:06:59Softball super regionals.
01:06:59In athens, georgia.
01:07:015-1 Georgia on top of california, here in the bottom half of the third inning.
01:07:04That last inning went georgia went one, two, three, the first one, two, three inning of work by cal.
01:07:11Since the second inning of yesterday's game.
01:07:16Leading it off, fakes the first pitch -- takes the first pitch for a ball.
01:07:23Sacrifice bunt her first time up.
01:07:281-0 FROM sarah McCloud, popped up.
01:07:30That'll reach the seats.
01:07:34One ball, one strike.
01:07:35>> Cindy: One thing we can see, thomas is a lefty slapper, we can see how close the georgia infield is pulled in right there.
01:07:42You can see, they're way in, both the corners are in front of the pitcher's mound.
01:07:48Which makes it ier for them to get a ball quick a lot better behind them if she can dink it in.
01:07:55>> Justin: Slaps it foul, 1-2.
01:07:58.333, HOME RUN AND 22 RBIs IN The season for shannon thomas.
01:08:04Transfer from texas, single season record for steals, that's 35, with the longhorns.
01:08:15She had 13.
01:08:191-2 to McLoud, pauls foul.
01:08:21Thomas had a lot yesterday, those pitches that look like they're going to hit her, she pulls and she fouls them off.
01:08:29>> Cindy: You might think that's great bat speed, huh-uh, if you are cal you want a runner with her speed to get on first base.
01:08:35Let that ball hit you inside, get yourself on first base so can you help the team.
01:08:41>> Justin: And this time she steps in and takes it for a ball.
01:08:44But I think if she had gotten hit they wouldn't have let her go to first base.
01:08:50>> Cindy: She was almost behind home plate.
01:08:52I think it really tripped her up.
01:08:53She wasn't expecting that change-up.
01:08:57>> Justin: The 2-2.
01:08:59In the air, right field, hubbard under it, makes the catch, and the first out.
01:09:05Let's take a look at our game track, brought to you by coke zero.
01:09:12Megan wiggins, the grand slam in the second, led to four runs in the inning.
01:09:17sarah McCloud, after 9 1/3 innings, cal 0-for with runners ining position.
01:09:30One away for valerie arioto.
01:09:34Arioto takes the first pitch inside for ball one.
01:09:36>> Cindy: I think I misspoke earliing arioto was a cleanup hitter, she is the third hitter.
01:09:43One of the stronger hitters in the cal lineup.
01:09:46The one thing, thomas by hitting that fly ball, doesn't hurt her team.
01:09:50The speed hitter needs to hit the ball on the ground so she can beat out the ground ball.
01:09:56They have to adjust their thinking, not panic, they have a lot of outs to go in this game.
01:10:01Arioto could go a long way in helping her team by seeing a good pitch.
01:10:07Get something good and hit it hard somewhere, try to get yourself on base.
01:10:11>> Justin: 2-0, Arioto drives to left center, wigglays out.
01:10:20>> Cindy:.
01:10:21>> Brittany: Poi, it has to fire you out when you see an outie laying out.
01:10:25McLOUD IS THANKFUL FOR THAT, IT Could have been a double.
01:10:29Great effort.
01:10:31>> Cindy: You can see her just dive.
01:10:33That's where that outfield practice ahead of time comes in handy.
01:10:37She's saying, just like i practice, love it, I'm having a game.
01:10:41>> Justin: Look at the reaction from McCloud.
01:10:44>> Cindy: Mccloud is like, oh my gosh, I love when the outfielders do.
01:10:48That arioto did all she could.
01:10:50She drove the ball hard, drove it in the gap, georgia is everywhere.
01:10:54Seems like right now, I bet if you are cal, it seems like there are 20 defenders for georgia.
01:11:00>> Brittany: Almost a dog pile out there.
01:11:02Great, all her teammates going out there to sa wlut her.
01:11:05-- Salute her.
01:11:06>> Justin: First ball change-up to lindsey zeigenhirt, taken for a strike.
01:11:13Megan wiggins is having herself pretty good afternoon.
01:11:16You know, ho-hum, a grand slam, ing catch, single, stolen base, two runs scored.
01:11:25>> Brittany: Just like any other day.
01:11:26>> Justin: Not bad for the first three innings.
01:11:29>> Brittany: Loving it.
01:11:29Life is good out there in left field.
01:11:31When you have this kind of a game and this part of your season, it's because you have worked really hard all year.
01:11:36It's not just luck.
01:11:38You make a really good point.
01:11:40You don't win the postseason by just throwing regular through the pre-season, all the season.
01:11:48It starts when your coach says first practice, let's go.
01:11:50You could tell, wiggins gets out there, she does extra work.
01:11:53A lot of the players do the same thing.
01:11:56It's really ppaying off.
01:11:58>> Justin: Misses outside with the curveball, three balls and a strike.
01:12:03Two away here in the bottom half of the third inning.
01:12:08Each team scored a run in the first.
01:12:12Georgia, struck big with a grand slam in the second.
01:12:163-1, Is outside, ball four to lindsey zeigenhirt.
01:12:22>> Cindy: She really missed with that pitch.
01:12:24She might be starting to get a little tired.
01:12:28Threw all seven innings yesterday, a lot of humidity.
01:12:32Although she is used to it.
01:12:33She might just be starting to wear out.
01:12:35They have had activity down in the georgia bull pen.
01:12:38They're just asking sarah McCLOUD TO GO AS FAR AS SHE CAN Go.
01:12:42>> Justin: Jace williams take the first pitch on the inside corner, first strike.
01:12:48Williams, grounded into the fielder's choice her first time up.
01:12:516-2, As trout caught the out at home in the first inning.
01:12:59That was too far inside with a curveball.
01:13:01That's 1-1.
01:13:07In the tournament, williams 1 for 13, only hit a double.
01:13:16Of outside, 2-1.
01:13:18Let me ask this question.
01:13:19On every pitch you see branna hesson come in, look for the sign, and retreat to first base.
01:13:25If you are a player, if you are the hitter, you take a peek over to see if she's starting the line or playing off the line, to know what kind of pitch is coming in.
01:13:35>> Brittany: That would be great thing to do.
01:13:37But she resets herself right as the pitch is coming.
01:13:39That is difficult.
01:13:41>> Justin: A popout to first base, to end the inning.
01:13:44We've played three here in athens.
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01:14:57>> Justin: Welcome back, top of the fourth inning, georgia on top of cal 35-1.
01:15:00We're joined by the head coach for the cal bears diane ninemire.
01:15:06We want to go back to the second inning, that foul ball, out to left field.
01:15:09That jamia reid let drop.
01:15:12Hindsight is 20/20 but when it happened did you think she should catch it or let droipt?
01:15:18>> That's a hard decision, we have a lot of faith in the pitcher.
01:15:24But that ball was deep and if she would have caught it it would have scored one.
01:15:29Looking back that is better than the grand slam.
01:15:31But it's just the luck of the game.
01:15:34>> Cindy: Coach, in that same inning looked like henderson with a lot of walks and hit batters, like maybe something was going on, anything going on?
01:15:42Or it just got away from her?
01:15:44>> Just got away from her, lost her composure out there and put the runners on, then they hit them n we have to get back to work and get our pitches going and try to get?
01:15:53Hits here.
01:15:54They've outhit us, 2-1 not a lot of hits, but they're timely and potent.
01:15:59We have to get back in the game and get some big innings.
01:16:01>> Brittany: Coach, quick question here.
01:16:03The players, they all seem to be a little down right now.
01:16:06What does it take for them to come back and really fight hard?
01:16:09Who is going to be the emotional leader?
01:16:12>> Well, you know, it could be any one of them.
01:16:14We have to get something going right now.
01:16:16And it's just going to -- have to get one run at a time and not look too far ahawaii head.
01:16:23>> Justin: Coach, thank you for joining us, good luck.
01:16:25>> Thank you.
01:16:27>> Justin: Top of the fourth inning, 5-1, georgia leading.
01:16:31Trying to go back to oklahoma city.
01:16:33They were there last near.
01:16:36-- Last year.
01:16:36The players when we spoke to them, they said losing, getting there last year and losing in the college world series, kind of fuelled him them this year.
01:16:45It's been the motiing factor.
01:16:47Great bunt by pauley, beats it out for a base hit.
01:16:52>> Brittany: Right there, pauley just caught the entire cal defense sleeping.
01:16:56She's the number final hitter.
01:16:58Which usually means she's not the one with the pop.
01:17:00But they have a lot of speed.
01:17:02And cal was back.
01:17:03Jace williams was too deep.
01:17:05First pitch puts it down on the ground, great heads-up play by pauley.
01:17:11>> Justin: And we didn't see it, because we were speaking with diane ninemire, taylor schlopy steps in.
01:17:17But as we were speaking with coach ninemire, jerry glasco pauld have called ashley pauley over.
01:17:27Maybe said put a bunt down.
01:17:29>> Cindy: He said up.
01:17:30What it does is brings that part of the lineup up that, dangerous part, with runners on base.
01:17:35>> Justin: Ground ball to third, jace williams can't make the play, everybody is safe.
01:17:41A tough play on the in between hop.
01:17:43You knew you had to hurry up with pauley and schlopy running.
01:17:47And it's going to be ruled an error against jace williams.
01:17:52>> Brittany: That's what speed can do to you.
01:17:53It's a simple ground ball in terms of difficulty.
01:17:56But what makes it hard is the speed that schlopy has.
01:18:00It forces jace williams to rush fielding it.
01:18:04And couldn't do it.
01:18:05Couldn't get a handle on the ball.
01:18:08>> Justin: Actually love that angle of schlopy with the way she hits.
01:18:13Megan wiggins steps in, with the grand slam last time up.
01:18:15It reminds me of ichiro suzuki, the way that they kick that leg up, the ing mechanism.
01:18:22I think it's cool.
01:18:23You don't see that very often from a righty.
01:18:28>> Brittany: If there's young hitters out, there I like the way schlopy plays, I want to imitate her, you may not have to imitate that exact part of her.
01:18:37That's just how she, like you said, justin, it's ing.
01:18:40How she loads her z. self up.
01:18:44-- Loads herself up.
01:18:45>> Justin: Two balls and no strikes to wiggins.
01:18:49Off-speed pitch.
01:18:49And that misses now, three balls and no strikes.
01:18:54>> Cindy: Schlopy did what thomas needed to do for cal, which is hit the ball on the ground and things can happen.
01:19:00>> Justin: Do you think that means she thought 11 for 15 with two home runs, a grand slam, in 4 1/2 games for the ncaa tournament this year?
01:19:11>> Brittany: Most definitely.
01:19:12>> Justin: Wow, that's called having yourself a tournament.
01:19:1523-1, As she -- 3-1 as she takes that pitch for a strike.
01:19:193-1, Runners on first and second.
01:19:21I'm waiting for her to come out of her shoes on this pitch.
01:19:24>> Cindy: Right.
01:19:25You don't pitch it anywhere near her if you are jolene henderson.
01:19:30>> Justin: Ground ball, to shortstop.
01:19:31Kelly goes to third, and throws high.
01:19:37Back-to-back errors by the cal bears.
01:19:48>> Cindy: What caused that error, taylor kelly was hesitant.
01:19:51It wasn't very difficult hit ball.
01:19:53It comes right to where she sits back on it and is a little slow in roing the throw over to third.
01:19:59Again, the speed of georgia is really catching cal off guard right now.
01:20:05>> Justin: E-6 on the throw.
01:20:08Megan wiggins is on base for the third time in this game.
01:20:12The bases are loaded.
01:20:13Nobody out.
01:20:15Here in the top of the fourth inning.
01:20:17And this is a danger zone yet again.
01:20:21For cal.
01:20:23Goler at the plate, has walked twice already.
01:20:26First pitch change-up.
01:20:27Taken for a strike.
01:20:29>> Brittany: Justin, at the top of the inning when we were interviewing coach ninemire she said they're onlting us 2-1.
01:20:37It's because they get timely hitting.
01:20:39This is the time, with the pop hit from goler, explodes the game.
01:20:43>> Justin: A pop hit right now, she had a home run in yesterday's game, another home run right here makes it 9-1.
01:20:49You play another inning, and the game is over, they're going back to oklahoma city.
01:20:54>> Brittany: Cal isn't helping themselves.
01:20:55They keep allowing the innings to continue, and georgia hitters to come to the plate.
01:21:01>> Justin: Outside, a screwball, one ball and two strikes.
01:21:06Alisa goler, game one, first inning off of valerie arioto.
01:21:11Two-run shot, set the tone for the game.
01:21:14En route to a 7-0 victory for georgia.
01:21:171-2, Change-up.
01:21:19Good job by goler to stay back, fouling it back.
01:21:22>> Cindy: That's spitching on henderson's part.
01:21:26A dangerous hitter up who dieing to try and match what her teammate did with the grand slam.
01:21:33So throwing up that change-up, is a good job much pitching out there right now.
01:21:38>> Justin: 1-2, Bases loaded, nobody out.
01:21:41Two errors in the inning.
01:21:42A chopper, up the middle, base hit.
01:21:45Here comes schlopy, around third, the play at the plate, schlopy is safe.
01:21:52Although schlopy, there's never been a sign from the home plate umpire.
01:21:58You wonder if she ever touched home plate.
01:22:06>> Cindy: Well, that is the sign that she didn't.
01:22:09Well -- >> Brittany: Again, it was just simple ground ball.
01:22:13But the damage is done.
01:22:15Because cal has just not helped themselves getting that out.
01:22:18Just passed taylor kelly.
01:22:21Nice job.
01:22:21>> Cindy: Echavarria fires, a little late.
01:22:24Again, you are right, justin, no safe sign.
01:22:28Zeigenhirt does a nice job of blocking that ball and not letting it get pasher.
01:22:32>> Justin: Two runs score, it's now 7-1, in the two-run single by goler who takes second on the throw.
01:22:39And now goler gets pinch run for.
01:22:46The pinch runner is number three, lacy pierce.
01:23:04>> Brittany: If you are jolene henderson you are doing your job, throwing ground ball outs.
01:23:08The defense is struggling.
01:23:09>> Justin: They take the out at first base, throw down to third, safe as pierce takes third.
01:23:19Time-out, as jace williams is down, slow to get up.
01:23:34Jace williams, a sophomore third baseman, got spiked actually up in the face.
01:23:43>> Cindy: Looks like maybe around her nose.
01:23:45Her nose might be bleeding.
01:23:46A nice job of arioto, getting rid of that ball quickly.
01:23:51>> Justin: Oh!
01:23:53>> Cindy: As the foot comes in and clips her on the nose.
01:24:00Pierce sliding in hid first but her cleat came up and caught taylor kelly on the nose.
01:24:11As if her day couldn't get any worse.
01:24:16>> Justin: 8-1, The top of the fourth inning.
01:24:21We saw a play earlier where you thought maybe the catcher, kristyn sandberg, got spiked for georgia.
01:24:29And this is completely inadvertent.
01:24:33com/espnu today and become a fan.
01:24:36We want to know your opinion, we want to know this trivia question, which returning champion failed to make it to the women's college world series the very next year.
01:24:45com/espnu today, let us know your answer.
01:24:51And one of my partners here thinks she knows the answer.
01:24:56I think she has one of the teams.
01:24:58There are multiple teams.
01:24:59As we look at the defending champion, the washington huskies, they were in danger of not going back, of joining that trivia question.
01:25:06But they were able to come back and win two games last night against oklahoma.
01:25:11Arizona leads byu 1-0, good game played last night in tucson.
01:25:16And tennessee, swept michigan knocking out the two seed.
01:25:20>> Cindy: Byu has to be proud of how they played out there in tucson against arizona.
01:25:24 team, punching their card, getting themselves into oklahoma city.
01:25:30Great job for the volunteers.
01:25:36>> Justin: Looks like jace williams is okay.
01:25:39Got the band-aid on there, wiped off the blood.
01:25:44As we take a look at the other side of the bracket.
01:25:46Alabama on top right now, off hawaii, that game on espnu urnt currently.
01:25:52Missouri-oregon later today.
01:25:53The team won -- ucla-louisiana lafayette tonight.
01:25:5930 eastern, on espn.
01:26:03The women's college world series begins june 3, 1:00 p.m.
01:26:07Eastern, in high-definition on espn.
01:26:12During the season, we w talking about this during games, did anyone think that washington could be knocked off?
01:26:21Right now, alabama is a top seed in the tournament, and I'll pose the question to you.
01:26:28Washington has punched their ticket, they're going back to oklahoma city.
01:26:31Can anybody knock them off?
01:26:33>> Brittany: Well, I tell you what, anybody can be knocked off in a tournament.
01:26:37It's postseason, everybody is good, everybody is ing the number one pitcher, all about the team that has the grit, the fight, the team unity.
01:26:44That is what it's going to take.
01:26:46I don't want to make any predictions but we'll see how it turns out after this weekend.
01:26:51>> Cindy: I tell you with that thing on her nose, jace williams has some grit.
01:26:54And watch for a squeeze right here.
01:26:57Everything se for it a lot of speed at third base and cal was distracted with that injury.
01:27:02I wouldn't be surprised to see a drop down right here, even though sandberg may not be noted for the speed.
01:27:10>> Justin: It's picked up in foul territory, great prediction, by cindy bristow.
01:27:14That's why she is a tall famer.
01:27:16>> Brittany: Fortune teller here, whoa!
01:27:19>> Cindy: It's working out today.
01:27:20But that to me is a pretty obvious time when there's going to be a squeeze.
01:27:24The reason I say obvious, it was just a total distraction for cal.
01:27:29So that's when you want to almost try to ambush them, with the unexpected.
01:27:34>> Justin: One away here in the top of the fourth.
01:27:378-1, Georgia leading.
01:27:38They put another run across.
01:27:42Six defensive outs, if they can hold cal scoreless, going back to the college world series.
01:27:51>> Brittany: Now, with a runner at third, henderson is a downball pitcher.
01:27:55She wants to keep it down, she wants a ground ball.
01:27:58Because a fly ball could turn into a sacrifice fly.
01:28:01Yet another run for the georgia bulldogs.
01:28:04>> Justin: Sandberg is 0 for 1, hit by a pitch, flied out to shortstop.
01:28:08Line drive, right field.
01:28:09And it's now a 9-1 game.
01:28:14Lacey pierce comes in to score.
01:28:15Rbi single for sandberg.
01:28:18That was really a nice piece of hitting.
01:28:20>> Cindy: Great job of hitting a nice pitch.
01:28:22It was out, it was down, and what sandberg did, that she has proven she can do, is go the opposite way.
01:28:28The pitch is outside.
01:28:30Waits on it.
01:28:31Doesn't try to do too much.
01:28:32She punches it io right field.
01:28:34Does a good job of sing her runners.
01:28:3912K3w4r9-1, georgia lead lear -- 9-1, top of the fourth, one out.
01:28:46Off-speed pitch misses low to ashley ry for ball one.
01:28:49You look at what has happened now in the fourth inning.
01:28:54You've got an error by the third baseman, jace williams.
01:29:01Then you have an error by the shortstop taylor kelly.
01:29:04It's opened up the floodgates, four more runs scored in this inning.
01:29:10Cal just not playing their game.
01:29:13>> Cindy: No.
01:29:14It's disappointing for them to get to this point on this stachblgt and not be able to play -- on this stage and not be able to play the way they've played all year long.
01:29:22You don't make the supers playing this kind of defense.
01:29:25I think they're just trying, it's just not working for them.
01:29:29It's not working for any of them.
01:29:31Henderson is doing her job.
01:29:32She's getting georgia for the most part to hit the ball on the ground.
01:29:40>> Justin: Off-speed pitch, two balls and two strikes.
01:29:42Think about what they did in the columbus regional.
01:29:46Jolene henderson pitched a five-inning perfect game when they won 10-0.
01:29:51Against kentucky, one-run game, it was valerie var yet owe home run.
01:29:57Then they beat ohio state 7-0.
01:30:01Pitching is working, defense is working, with the exception of the kentucky game conference is working.
01:30:07Now get shut out yesterday 7-0, get a lot of walks, but you can't get anything across the board.
01:30:13You are unyourself into double play s, get doubled off a couple times.
01:30:16Other base running blunders.
01:30:18And now here in this game, you fall behind 1-0, you tie it up s-1 -- 1-1, then the grand slam, now errors.
01:30:28>> Brittany: And henderson fell apart in the second inning.
01:30:30She didn't help herself.
01:30:32But you can say it's because they've been on the road, a long season.
01:30:35You can't really pinpoint why it is.
01:30:37It's just unfortunate for cal that it is.
01:30:40They didn't come here to play like this.
01:30:41This is not representative of the type of team cal is.
01:30:45On the other hand, you've got to give georgia tons of credit.
01:30:48Because they keep their foot on the gas pedal, fing you to make plays.
01:30:54>> Justin: Shannon thomas, can't make the play on the pop-up in shallow right field.
01:30:58A base hit for ashley razey.
01:31:04>> Cindy: And georgia keeps at it.
01:31:05They just keep at you, and keep at you.
01:31:07And if they're going to dink it in between, great.
01:31:09If they hit it over the fence, great.
01:31:12Right here, you see ry just dink it in.
01:31:15It's just b outstretched glove of shonn an thomas.
01:31:19Great job of diing, but no-man's land.
01:31:21>> Justin: Pinch hitter coming up for brittney hubbard, jennie auger.
01:31:42>> Justin: A pinch runner, sara sikes will run for kristyn sandberg.
01:31:55Basically what this is right now, is trying to get some insurance runs to ensure that you can get that run ahead rule.
01:32:02>> Cindy: They have it right now with eight runs.
01:32:04But what they're trying to do is make sure they just building.
01:32:08Again, cal is a formidable team.
01:32:10And you don't -- can't take anything for granted.
01:32:13They're trying to get as many runs as they can.
01:32:17>> Justin: Jennie auger at the plate, squares around to bunt, nobody covering third.
01:32:22Stolen base by sikes, and she will come in to score!
01:32:35Stolen base, e-2, as nobody was at third base.
01:32:38A great call by georgia right there.
01:32:41>> Cindy: And can you almost see that coming.
01:32:42You have a pinch runner in with some speed.
01:32:45Where the mistake came, zeigenhirt throwing it anyway.
01:32:48But that's what catchers do.
01:32:49They throw to a location.
01:32:50And the fielder's job is to get there.
01:32:53It was just taylor kelly was late getting to the bag.
01:32:58>> Cindy: That has been how it's gone this weekend.
01:33:00Certainly this game for cal.
01:33:02They've just been a little late in everything they've done.
01:33:06>> Justin: Another pinch runner here, now at second base, is going to be number 14, macie couey.
01:33:17Runner at second, one out in the fourth inning, five runs now in.
01:33:2210-1, Georgia leading cal.
01:33:24And I'll say it right now, I'm shocked by what has transpired here in this super-regional.
01:33:31When I saw this super-regional, I thought, wow, this is a great one.
01:33:35And I thought we would have some close games, potentially three-game series.
01:33:39And even potentially upset with the 11 seed in cal beating georgia.
01:33:43Like you said, give georgia credit.
01:33:47Cal keeps almost defeating themselves in more ways than one.
01:33:52>> Cindy: That's wh happening.
01:33:54It's just the meeting of two ing forces.
01:33:57Georgia has everything going their way from speed to pitching to power.
01:34:01And cal doesn't seem like they have anything going their way right now.
01:34:04So, it's the worst case scenario for cal.
01:34:07>> Justin: Henderson takes the out at third base.
01:34:11For the second out of the inning.
01:34:12The women's college world series returns to oklahoma city, the action begins thursday june 3 at eastern live on espn-hd.
01:34:20For more information on the 2010 women's college world series, go com the official online home for all 88 ncaa championships.
01:34:28The fielder's choice for jennie auger, as macie couey is tagged out, it'll go 1-5.
01:34:37If you are sing.
01:34:39Two outs in the inning.
01:34:40And laura trout takes the first pitch for a ball.
01:34:43Alabama, now leads 8-0, bottom of the fourth inning.
01:34:47In cuss ta loose, a game one of that super-regional.
01:34:51In tuscaloosa.
01:34:56Up high, two balls and no strikes.
01:34:59>> Cindy: Justin, right now, if you are the cal bears you have to relax, just play.
01:35:04You've got to relax and finish this inning and just play.
01:35:08This game is not going your way but you can't carry it around with you.
01:35:13>> Justin: That's a lot ier said than done, though.
01:35:16>> Cindy: Way ier said than done, particularly when you have got a freshman pitching and a freshman catching, couple of sophomores very young team which says -- that's what young players do, they're great one game, maybe not so great the next game.
01:35:30Up and down.
01:35:31When this team matures they really are going to be more consistent.
01:35:35And that's when the cal bears are going to be really something.
01:35:38>> Justin: We're going to have brittney hubbard re-enter right now for jennie auger.
01:35:43Jub hard hubbard is on at first base, 10-1 top of the fourth inning.
01:35:49And not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but you talk about the young team, this cal team has.
01:35:56It's kind of like georgia.
01:35:57Georgia has a bunch of juniors.
01:35:59The 2-1 pitch, on the outside corner, 2-2.
01:36:02And they've been building with this junior class.
01:36:04They go to the college world series last year.
01:36:07Now they're on the brink of going back again.
01:36:09This cal team, you think you have arioto coming back, a junior.
01:36:12Now you have got the experience of henderson, she will be a sophomore as well as catcher.
01:36:18This cal team, has the infield base hit for laura trout now, brittney hubbard beats it out.
01:36:25At second base.
01:36:28And now, georgia has batted around here in the inning.
01:36:32But with this cal team, you look down the lineup, you have jamia reid and elia reid both sophomores.
01:36:39Arioto a junior.
01:36:40Zeigenhirt a freshman.
01:36:41Jace williams a sophomore.
01:36:43Echavarria a sophomore.
01:36:45You go down the lineup and a lot of the players wi returning, getting this experience, and they could be another team to be reckoned with next year, with this year and this experience under their belt.
01:36:55>> Cindy: I definitely think so.
01:36:56And while georgia players are saying, hey, we've tasted the world series last year but we want to taste more, we don't want a bite of the cake, we want the cake.
01:37:04What this game and this weekend is going to do for cal, we never want to play like this again.
01:37:08And we're going to work all off-season and all fall to make sure when we go out next season we don't play like this again.
01:37:16>> Justin: Ashley pauley at the plate, the change-up for a STRIKE, TWO BALLSnd HAVE AND TWO Strikes.
01:37:24Pauley began with a bunt single.
01:37:30>> Cindy: Georgia has just played spectacularly.
01:37:34You have to give credit to georgia.
01:37:36>> Justin: Up the middle.
01:37:37Taken by the shortstop, kelly, to the bag, that will end the inning.
01:37:41Five more runs do come across ♪♪ ♪♪
01:37:53♪♪ a day once dawned ♪♪
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01:38:56>> Justin: The 2010 ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one.
01:39:01Back in athens, georgia, it's 10-1, georgia on top of cal.
01:39:04We're now joined by the head coach of the georgia bulldogs, lu harris-champer.
01:39:09Thanks for joining us.
01:39:10We take you back to the second inning, with me dpan wiggins at the plate, 3-2, fouls down the left field line.
01:39:17Were you surprised that jamia reid let it drop or did you think she would do that?
01:39:21>> I thought at the time it was a good call by her.
01:39:24I think it's one of those things you have to make a decision and stick witness.
01:39:27>> Cindy: Megan is an awesome hitter.
01:39:29>> She comes through in the clutch over and over and over.
01:39:32She is a phenomenal player.
01:39:34McCLOUD HAS REALLY DONE A SOLID Job today of trying to j keep -- let the bats win this game.
01:39:41They're doing a great job of that, coach.
01:39:43>> She is doing a good job of hitting her spots, and the defense is playing behind her.
01:39:48>> Brittany: Your players do such a great job of staying fired up.
01:39:51What do you say to them to keep them hungry even though they have a lead?
01:39:55>> They're hungry no matter what, they want to play hard as a team and represent georgia.
01:40:01>> Justin: Thanks, coach, for joining us.
01:40:03Coverage of the ncaa softball super regionals continues on espnu today with two more games.
01:40:0830 eastern, it's the 10 seed arizona wildcats ing on byu in game two.
01:40:1300 eastern, arizona will play byu in game three.
01:40:19The ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one on espnu today.
01:40:24Bottom half of the fourth inning.
01:40:26It will be frani echavarria, jordan wallace, taylor kelly AGAINST sarah McCloud.
01:40:32Echavarria takes the first pitch for a ball, 1-1.
01:40:36-- 1-0.
01:40:42Echavarria, drew a walk with the bases loaded in the first inning.
01:40:45That is the only run that cal has been able to muster against sarah McCloud through this first game and a half of the super-regional.
01:40:54>> Cindy: And it started out like a different game, it looked like this plight be cal's game.
01:40:59But georgia right back in it.
01:41:01As we said, cal's gloves haven't helped them.
01:41:04Cal can do a lot right now to try and just muster up a run.
01:41:08You have to give cal credit, they haven't hung their head.
01:41:12They have had a tough day today in every way.
01:41:14But they're a proud team and trying to just scrape and get it going right here.
01:41:18>> Justin: One ball and two strikes to echavarria.
01:41:23>> Cindy: Tough day for an athlete and a coach to have.
01:41:26Nobody wants to have this day.
01:41:27But everybody is going to have it if you play long enough.
01:41:30>> Justin: Change-up, right back up the middle.
01:41:32Echavarria, a great job sitting back on that ball and driving it up the middle.
01:41:39>> Brittany: Really nice piece of hitting, off-speed.
01:41:42Echavarria keeps her weight back and just drills it back up the middle.
01:41:46A great start here for cal.
01:41:52She's happy.
01:41:56A little something for us to cheer if, if we're cal.
01:41:59>> Justin: Jordan wallace, tries to go the other way.
01:42:02Nice catch by somebody back there in the bull pen.
01:42:05>> Cindy: That is the kind of day georgia is having.
01:42:07Even the bull pen can catch it.
01:42:09But a nice piece of hitting, even though it was fouled right there.
01:42:13Wallace takes that outside pitch, waits on it and drills it.
01:42:16There is a catcher down there, going, got on tv.
01:42:19>> Justin: Got the face time, take the mask off.
01:42:22>> Cindy: Right.
01:42:23>> Justin: 0-1, Back to mccloud, goes to second for the out.
01:42:27The throw to first, not in time.
01:42:29Fielder's choice, 1-6.
01:42:35>> Brittany: Cindy, going back to something you said back in the past innings, you mentioned that it is a lot ier said than done to muster up some energy and some confidence, to fight back.
01:42:45What you do in that situation as a player, if you look to your teammates and you talk to them and come together collectively as a team and make a conscious decision to fight for each other, that is what it takes.
01:42:57You have to get that mentality to fight as hard as can you.
01:43:01It starts with the lead-off batter, you have to go down to the people sitting on the bench.
01:43:06>> Cindy: Great point.
01:43:07I'm sure in your four years playing for alabama you had plays like.
01:43:12This did you have big blowouts?
01:43:15>> Brittany: Definitely.
01:43:15It's about how you respond, about the process.
01:43:18Are you going to fail, yes you are going to be in situations where it's the fourth inning, you're losing by nine runs but you never want to give up.
01:43:25You look to your teammates, want to tell each other that you are going to fight through it and things will start to happen for you.
01:43:32>> Justin: Pinch hitter, vernae 'veilia for -- sevilla in for taylor williams.
01:43:40Are you trying to say that brittany and alabama struggled for a year or two when they're in?
01:43:47>> Brittany: No, justin, that's what you would be trying to say.
01:43:50>> Cindy: I didn't say that.
01:43:51>> Justin: Ground ball up the middle, base hit for sevilla.
01:43:55Runners on first and second, one out, now.
01:43:57Here in the bottom half of the fourth inning.
01:44:01Remember, as far as this game is concerned, these runs are important because if it stays 10-1, as we have a pinch runner coming in for cal, shannon houston, will run for jordan wallace at second base.
01:44:18The reason why it's important, if it's eight runs after five innings, with cal being the home team, the game is over.
01:44:26Right now, cal just trying to prolong this game, get this game closer so they can get a couple more runs and get to the sixth inning and the seventh inning and give themselves a chance.
01:44:39>> Cindy: It might be easy if you are cal to say, forget it, they're blowing us out, let's just quit.
01:44:44But you can't quit.
01:44:46That's what competitors do, they fight, they con pete.
01:44:50You can't just compete when you win, you have to compete on days like this when knock is working for you.
01:44:56This game isn't over if you are cal.
01:44:59>> Brittany: Are you only as good as you are when you experienced a vity.
01:45:02That's what I firmly believe.
01:45:03If you have good character and fighting hard, you are great club.
01:45:06And you're absolutely right, they have to fight especially when things aren't going their way.
01:45:12>> Justin: One ball and one strike the count to elia reid who is showing bunt, pulling it back.
01:45:18Takes the pitch outside, now these fans, they want the strike, they've thought that reid would offer them that last pitch.
01:45:25But did not get the call.
01:45:27It's 2-1, looking at the score, alabama on top 8-0, top of the fifth, one out over hawaii.
01:45:37Inside, now through balls and a strike with jamia reid on deck.
01:45:41>> Cindy: This is something sarah McCloud wants to avoid, giving a free pass right now to reid.
01:45:45She wants to go after it, make her hit the paul, let her defense make a play.
01:45:52>> Justin: 39-1, Outside -- the 3-1, outside, ball four.
01:45:57Bases are wloeded.
01:45:58Bottom of the fourth, one out, now, for jamia reid.
01:46:03Bases are loaded.
01:46:04Time-out has been called by kristyn sandberg, wants to go out and discuss this with the entire infield.
01:46:12>> Cindy: This is a nice job.
01:46:13You can see goler kind leading the discussion out there.
01:46:16And what she simply is saying, look, look at the scoreboard, we have a nine-run lead f they score a run on this play it's all right.
01:46:24But what we need is outs, we're playing the outs versus runs.
01:46:27We want oults.
01:46:28Give them a run, find the closest out.
01:46:31>> Justin: And the funny thing is, on a ground ball, the out may be at home because jamia reid is so fast.
01:46:38>> Cindy: Right.
01:46:41>> Justin: Reid trying to slap to the base hit.
01:46:43Fouls it pack, 0-1.
01:46:46>> Brittany: And one thing that a slapper does, she's trying to hit the ball on the ground, which like you said, justin, can be a little ier play defensively.
01:46:56What makes it hard is her speed.
01:46:57Bases loaded you have an ier out, probably other than first.
01:46:59But the infield is in so much, it's hard for them to get back and cover bases.
01:47:05>> Justin: Outside, one ball and one strike.
01:47:08Jamia reid singled in the first, grounded out to second her last time up.
01:47:121 For 2.
01:47:13>> Cindy: And if you are georgia, you're most likely out at third or home.
01:47:17You have tons of speed at first, and at the plate.
01:47:20>> Justin: There is the taken at home, a fielder's choice, 1-2.
01:47:25Bases still loaded but no run comes across.
01:47:31>> Brittany: That's what georgia does.
01:47:32They get the ground ball, that a slapper hits, right back at McCLOUD WHO DOES A NICE JOB OF Fielding her information.
01:47:40Good decision right there on sandberg's part not to throw it to first.
01:47:44Try to get the second part of the double play.
01:47:46Just get the force.
01:47:47Seeing if she can strip the runner at third, maybe pick her off.
01:47:53>> Justin: Two outs, bases loaded, you have a slapper at the plate.
01:47:59Why do you still play the infield in?
01:48:02Because can you get an out anywhere.
01:48:04>> Cindy: Right.
01:48:05Maybe a better question is, did cal consider pinch-hitting brittany rogers last year, at the world series, was the recipient of that kind of move.
01:48:15She -- >> Justin: Line drive caught by briannaesson to end the inning.
01:48:21Bases loaded one out, cal can't get a run across.
01:48:24We're through four complete in athens.
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01:50:34>> Justin: 10-1, Top of the fifth, georgia leading a new shortstop into the game, vernae sevilla, replacing taylor kelley.
01:50:43Taylor schlopy, megan wiggins and alisa goler against the freshman jolene henderson.
01:50:49First pitch change-up, taken for a strike.
01:50:51Well, the game has gone final in tuscaloosa, alabama takes game one, by the eight-run rule beating hawaii 8-0.
01:51:06>> Cindy: Makes our booth partner happy.
01:51:09>> Brittany: I'm doing a jig.
01:51:10>> Cindy: Trying to restrain herself, now sha she is trying to be neutral.
01:51:14>> Cindy: I'll try not to sing the fight song.
01:51:19>> Justin: That's what the "oh yeah" was.
01:51:22>> Brittany: Yeah.
01:51:23>> Justin: Alabama, they're the one seed, and we have seen the two seed, mich eliminated from this tournament.
01:51:32Loses to tennessee.
01:51:36Change-up is pulled foul.
01:51:38>> Cindy: And the three seed going on the ropes to ou.
01:51:42It does -- to o.u.
01:51:44It speak to the parity that we have.
01:51:47Those are just seedings, people's opinions of how good a team is.
01:51:51Until you get on the field you aren't sure how good they are.
01:51:54>> Justin: Fouled off, stay is a live with taylor schlopy.
01:51:58Schlopy reached on the error her last time up with the third baseman, jace williams.
01:52:02Hit by a pitch, on base two to three times, which her on-base percentage entering the series 587, which is almost obscene.
01:52:15>> Cindy: Like she made it up.
01:52:17>> Justin: 1-2, Ground ball, good play by henderson.
01:52:20For the first out here in the sixth.
01:52:21Now, let's take a look at the homeing clin talks about outfield defense.
01:52:29>> Cindy: What we have seen right now from megan williams, she has put on a clinic.
01:52:33In her bare hand to find the fence, going over the wall, then when she goes to dive, laying out, bare hand out in front, instead of getting stuchblgt practice makes perfect.
01:52:43>> Brittany: Absolutely right.
01:52:44Another thing that she did, what is important is what you do before you get to the ball.
01:52:49If you are not explosive on your first couple of steps you probably aren't going to get to it.
01:52:58>> Justin: Megan wiggins at the plate, takes the first pitch for a ball.
01:53:01Wiggins has been on all three times in this ball game.
01:53:07Reached last time on fielder's choice, takes a change-up.
01:53:10One ball and one strike.
01:53:14>> Cindy: This is one of those days where megan wiggins seeing the ball, and it's the size of a beach ball.
01:53:27>> Justin: Welcome those of you watching the alabama-hawaii game where alabama won 8-0.
01:53:32Here in athens, georgia, it is 10-1, georgia on top of cal.
01:53:37Georgia on top in the series one game to nothing, ing to make a return trip to oklahoma city.
01:53:42Justin kutcher, alongside hall of famer cindy bristow and four-time all-american at alabama brittany rogers.
01:53:49Two outs here in the fifth.
01:53:50The story of this game, back in the second inning, megan wiggins hit a grand slam on a 3-2 pitch.
01:53:57After fouling off a 3-2 pch down the left field line.
01:54:00Jail jamia reid let it fall in, didn't want the run to score on a tagup.
01:54:04Next pitch was a grand slam.
01:54:07Then georgia took advantage of errors in the fourth inning to put five runs on the board.
01:54:12And it is now 10-1, two outs in the top of the fifth inning.
01:54:17Alisa goler at the plate.
01:54:20Goler, sickled her last tim up -- singled her last time up.
01:54:24Behind no balls and two strikes.
01:54:25>> Cindy: That flyout by wiggins is the first time she has not reached base.
01:54:30She is having a phenomenal day seeing the ball, huge.
01:54:34Goler right behind her, wanting to hit the ball hard.
01:54:37>> Justin: Ground ball to first base, arioto takes the bag, one, two, three inning worked by jolene henderson.
01:54:43We go to the bottom half of the fifth, cal needs a couple runs to prolong the game.
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01:57:06>> Justin: Turned out to be a very nice day in athens, georgia.
01:57:1010-1, The pull dogs on top of the cal bears here in the super-regional.
01:57:15Georgia if they can get out without allowing a couple of runs they go back to oklahoma city.
01:57:20First pitch to valerie arioto, taken for a ball, 1-0.
01:57:25Arioto flew out to left field her last time up on a phenomenal play by megan wiggins, laying out full extension.
01:57:33Missing inside, now two balls and no strikes to arioto who also walked and scored the only run in this game.
01:57:39And the only run in this series for cal so far.
01:57:43>> Cindy: Cal has their three, four, five hitters up.
01:57:46If they're going to try to cut into the lead and prolong the game this is the spot in the lineup to do it.
01:57:52>> Justin: Three balls and no strikes, now, to arioto.
01:57:57sarah McCloud, threw a complete game shutout yesterday.
01:58:01Four hits, four walks, three strikeouts.
01:58:04She's walked four-plus now in this one.
01:58:08Looking for her fifth win in this ncaa tournament.
01:58:11On the outside corner, 3-1.
01:58:18Oregon against the final seed 30 eastern time.
01:58:24Justin kutcher alongside cindy bristow and brings brittany rogers.
01:58:303-1 Missing outside, another walk for valerie arioto.
01:58:34The game track, brought to you by coke zero.
01:58:37Megan wiggins the grand slam in the second.
01:58:41Georgia, seeking their second straight trip to oklahoma city for the women's college world series.
01:58:45Cal, look at that, 1 for 20 with runners on in this series, 0 for 11 with runners in sing position.
01:58:53You don't need many more stats than that.
01:58:55>> Cindy: And it speaks to the fact that they're getting the run tlers.
01:58:58They just can't do anything with them.
01:59:00>> Justin: Make it, now, what is that 1 for 21 with lindsey zeigenhirt flying out to right field with a runner on base.
01:59:07>> Cindy: It satisfies lot about the kind of defense that georgia plays.
01:59:11sarah McCloud is a pitcher who is smart.
01:59:12She is not trying to go in and overpower the cal hitters.
01:59:16She is a partner with all the fielder's behind her.
01:59:19And together they're going to stop the cal defense.
01:59:22Too many young pitchers trying to do everything themselves.
01:59:25>> Justin: If I had this defense I'd do the same thing.
01:59:28>> Cindy: Exactly.
01:59:28But she could make a mistake and try to overthrow and throw some meet balls and get in trouble.
01:59:33>> Justin: Goler goes to second,
00:00:07>> Eric: For the first time the show me state will be shown with super regional softball is all bow out.
00:00:12Kristin nottelmann and missouri tigers trying to get to the women's college world series ey're hosting super for the first time virginia man that pappas and pesky oregon ducks stand in their way of return trip to oklahoma city.
00:00:24It's super regional softball in columbia.
00:00:35Question welcome everyone to espn's coverage of the 2010 ncaa softball super regional presented by cap auto toll.
00:00:44In game one from university field here in columbia.
00:00:48Let's take look how the brackets are shaking down.
00:00:51Already three teams have punched their ticket to oklahoma city the other side of the bracket washington, georgia and tennessee all confirmed.
00:00:58Here on our side of the bracket all four of these games series getting started just today earlier just moments ago alabama with a victory over hawaii in game one.
00:01:10So glad you can join us with my partner former michigan wolverine all american, jennie ritter I'm eric collins.
00:01:16Let's start with the oregon ducks.
00:01:18They're familiar to life on the road last week they had to go to atlanta, swept three games to get here they're led by jessica moore.
00:01:27>> Jennie: She's a freshman she's coming inin the post season with upper classman performance, the drop ball combined with good defense behind her will be the key.
00:01:39>> Eric: Ducks will take on team this is very comfortable at home.
00:01:41The missouri tigers last week they stayed here and played in the columbia regional, they swept all three games.
00:01:46Their led by junior centerfielder in ray I can't taylor.
00:01:53>> Jennie: She goes, we go.
00:02:02>> Eric: Getting ready for softball in columbia, missouri.
00:02:05Oregon ducks trying to get to the women's college world series far first time since 1989.
00:02:09They will play game one in the b of three against missouri when we come back.
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00:04:02>> Eric: Welcome everyone to columbia, missouri.
00:04:04Glad you could join us.
00:04:04Third consecutive year missouri played in the super regional the first time they played at home where university field here on the call pus of missouri.
00:04:12Take a look at our capital one starting line up for the oregon ducks.
00:04:17Their lead-off batter is allie burger, from spokane.
00:04:22Senior leader, neena bryant, sam pappas is third.
00:04:26Kelsey chambers at showers stop.
00:04:30Monique fuiava, kaylan howard, carlyn re and against right hander from february ton, missouri, kristin nottelmann.
00:04:44>> Jennie: She took over teammate chelsea thomas' place who came down with an injury.
00:04:56>> Eric: Saving the season for the missouri tigers.
00:05:01Chelsea thomas was exceptional last year.
00:05:03Had an arm injury mid march.
00:05:04They really didn't know what they were going to do.
00:05:07Kristin nottelmann stepped up and filled her role as their ace.
00:05:12She's leading them today as they begin the best of three series.
00:05:16Ready to play some softball.
00:05:18Allie burger steps in.
00:05:22.3967 The batting average.
00:05:24Freshman from spokane, washington.
00:05:26Had a great regional a week ago in atlanta.
00:05:30Six hits in 11 at-bats.
00:05:34>> Jennie: She's one of those freshman who has come on for oregon, helps in the success of their team there.
00:05:45First of six batters for oregon are freshman.
00:05:49Very young team.
00:05:53They understand that they're supposed to be nervous.
00:05:55They went on the road and swept three games against good teams in the atlanta regional.
00:06:03Ball and strike to mottle from nottelmann.
00:06:09Outside, 2-1.
00:06:12>> Jennie: The freshman getting in to the piece season, it's unknown coming in to freshman season, learning as you go along.
00:06:19The season for the ducks is everything is new in the super regional.
00:06:23Interesting to see the freshmen.
00:06:26>> Eric: That's first pitch strike one to burger.
00:06:303-1 Now.
00:06:31Good hitter's count for the leftfielder for the ducks.
00:06:38>> Jennie: As pitcher in this situation, you can't get behind on that lead-off batter, he is specialsly since allie burger makes things happen.
00:06:46She gets on base, tries to steal, has to find way to get on top of the count.
00:06:53>> Eric: A little poke to the third base side, the count is full 3-2.
00:06:57There is first year, oregon head coach, mike white.
00:07:01An associate of the program for awhile, pitching coach for couple of seasons.
00:07:10Just living in the eugene area decided to take the job when it became available.
00:07:16Throws out the speedy allie burger, out number one here in THE TOP OF THE 1st.
00:07:21Let's take a look at the rest of the defense for the missouri tigers.
00:07:24A lot of speed in the outfield.
00:07:27Lisa simmons, rhea taylor and ashley phlegm can.
00:07:30Nicole hudson you saw, jenna marston, cat lee with the battery of kristin nottelmann.
00:07:39On the year, 53 errors in 60 games for the missouri tigers.
00:07:47First pitch to neena bryant is ball one.
00:07:51>> Jennie: She's had an interesting senior year.
00:07:52Had to take everything on as a senior, then came back, notice i think that the freshmen have been doing a good job she didn't have to worry about that.
00:08:03>> Eric: On the ground to gina schneider, throws her out.
00:08:07Couple of groundball outs.
00:08:11>> Jennie: Trying to drop all that, you throw the drop balls you get better ground outs.
00:08:15Her defense is good.
00:08:19Jenna marston is a terrific shortstop.
00:08:24Another freshman steps in, this is sam pappas.
00:08:28Freshman of the year in the pac 10.
00:08:32Pops it foul, out of play.
00:08:35Pappas from the los angeles area.
00:08:40From las flores, california.
00:08:45The third best in school history, just a freshman.
00:08:50A little bit high.
00:08:51Ball and strike now.
00:08:56>> Jennie: Coach white calls sam pappas the natural.
00:08:57She just comes out there, very relaxed.
00:08:59She's a perfectionist, she wants to do well and it shows in her batting.
00:09:07>> Eric: Changeup, misses low.
00:09:12Missouri went to the women's college world series a year ago, kristin nottelmann was on that team.
00:09:18Didn't get in any of the games.
00:09:20They were two and done.
00:09:22This year much more expanded role for the sophomore.
00:09:25They're going to get there, more than likely, kristin nottelmann will have to lead them there.
00:09:29>> Jennie: If you saw her at the beginning of the year, or right when she got in you probably would say, maybe she can't bring it.
00:09:35But she's come on in the post season, thrown really well.
00:09:38Her team has a lot of confidence in her.
00:09:41They behalf they can win it.
00:09:42No doubt about it.
00:09:46>> Eric: 3-1.
00:09:46Nottelmann throws the strike, count is full.
00:09:48Second time in this inning she's gone full to a batter.
00:09:56Sharply on the ground, threw the hole.
00:09:58Right side, base hit for pappas.
00:10:01Two-out single.
00:10:02Ducks have their first baserunner.
00:10:10The oregon ducks, they were just the sixth place team in the pac 10.
00:10:17They earned a bid in the ncaa tournament, had to go to atlanta took on auburn, won in a shut out.
00:10:23Knocked off georgia tech back to back games.
00:10:25That was hard to do.
00:10:27Georgia tech has one of the best hitters in jen yee on their roster.
00:10:32She was neutralized for the most part.
00:10:36Oregon ducks advance to the super regional.
00:10:38>> Jennie: Georgia tech was a great team.
00:10:40But oregon they just stayed relaxed, their goal was to make it to super regionals.
00:10:45Now that they are here they want to go further.
00:10:47But they had to have pushed three to find a way to get here.
00:10:50There goes the runner down to second.
00:10:52Pappas is going to be out.
00:10:55Great move by the catcher, meagan christopher.
00:10:58Pappas is out by about five feet.
00:11:02So, the missouri tigers a little bit of pick me up defensively.
00:11:05Meagan christopher a great pick to second.
00:12:48>> Eric: Bottom of the first inning.
00:12:49Meagan christopher catcher for the missouri tigers just throwing out sam pappas to end the top of the first inning.
00:12:55Let's take a look at the batting.
00:13:00Rhea taylor batting .457.
00:13:05Another freshman at third, marla schweisberger is the designated player.
00:13:12And gina schneider is the capital one starting line up for the missouri tigers.
00:13:17Here is good look at the freshman from sutter, california, jessica moore.
00:13:24>> Jennie: Jessica moore has been a great pitcher as a freshman.
00:13:26Having a very good upper classman post season performance is what it looks like.
00:13:30She throws drop balls, she comes low, she has to keep it low.
00:13:33When she gets in trouble her drop ball gets up.
00:13:36She's got to keep it down hope that missouri keeps hitting groundballs.
00:13:40>> Eric: She has one of the best arms of any of the pitchers remaining in this year's field.
00:13:44SHE CAN BRING IT HIGH 60s, We're expecting 68, 69 miles per hour.
00:13:49There is ehren earleywine.
00:13:51Fourth season now at missouri.
00:13:53He took the tigers a season ago to oklahoma city.
00:13:58Highly thought of young coach.
00:14:00Very aggressive what he likes to do both with his hitters and on the base pads.
00:14:06Rhea taylor steps in.
00:14:07Junior from atlanta.
00:14:09Swings at the first pitch.
00:14:10Hits it softly.
00:14:13Third baseman picks it up throws out taylor by half step.
00:14:18Bang-bang play at first.
00:14:33Knowing that rhea taylor was going to be quick.
00:14:38>> Eric: One pitch, one out, first baseman, catherine lee the batter.
00:14:46Just misses.
00:14:49Cat lee, second team all big 12 in her first go around with the missouri tigers, her first two years as collegiate, played at georgia state.
00:14:58Wanted to step up a level in competition.
00:15:01She has performed nicely as the first baseman for the tigers.
00:15:07>> Jennie: She on the team is the goofy vocal leader.
00:15:10There's always one on every team.
00:15:12She keeps the girls light and also allows them to be focused as well.
00:15:21>> Eric: 2-1 To cat lee.
00:15:29Cat's original college choice was georgia tech.
00:15:31That time georgia tech was coached by ehren earleywine.
00:15:37When ehren earleywine left to go to missouri, cat stayed in contact with him.
00:15:43Said, you interested in me now?
00:15:44He said, sure, come on over.
00:15:45That was after she performed nor a couple of seasons at georgia state put up good numbers.
00:15:56Two balls, two strikes.
00:16:11>> Jennie: Good pitch by jessica moore right on the corner.
00:16:13Coming in to the oregon program from her senior year to freshman she only came in with a fast ball.
00:16:21Coach white worked with her, gave her different pitches now is very successful on that drop ball and pretty decent rise as well.
00:16:30>> Eric: 2-2.
00:16:32Had a changeup.
00:16:34Fooled her.
00:16:35Lee can't pull the trier that strikeout number one for jessica moore.
00:16:38They're now two outs here in the first inning.
00:16:41Defensively this is what the ducks look like, allie burger, neena bryant, sam pappas outfield.
00:16:51The catcher is ashley kivett.
00:16:54Defense is so important for the ducks.
00:16:57They have hardly been air fight.
00:17:10Talked to hire head coach, michael white, it hasn't cost them much in the last couple of weeks.
00:17:16>> Jennie: It has been the story throughout the season.
00:17:20What oregon needed to do was come out have much stronger defense, they were making a lot of errors like you said.
00:17:26That can hurt any team no matter how good your pitcher is.
00:17:29Moore did her best, you hit groundballs they need to be fielded and outs.
00:17:35>> Eric: This is jenna marston takes outside.
00:17:38She's a freshman.
00:17:39Now 2-1.
00:17:42One of the changes defensively, monique fuiava just saw her at third.
00:17:47She moved over to the hot corner just about two weeks ago, just to try to shore things up, she's played flawlessly since she moved over there.
00:17:593-1 Now to marston.
00:18:03Marston first team all big 12.
00:18:05Just a freshman.
00:18:08Goes by the nickname j.j.
00:18:12>> Jennie: Very quiet and humble person, man, does she love the sport.
00:18:15She played baseball and softball in high school.
00:18:17Loves to play, it shows.
00:18:20She dos a great job at shortstop.
00:18:23>> Eric: A little bit tardy, count goes null 3-2.
00:18:33Jessica moore looking for her second strikeout here in the first inning.
00:18:43On the ground, sharply hit second baseman, kalin howard fields and fires.
00:18:48Side retired.
00:18:501-2-3 Inning.
00:18:51Jessica moore does her job tolt second we go.
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00:20:54>> Eric: Welcome back everyone, take look at some of the big picture things that we've seen in the first couple of days of super regionals.
00:20:57Three teams have already advanced to the women's college world series.
00:21:00Washington knocking off oklahoma, they're the national champ is from a year ago.
00:21:04Tennessee a stunner, they knock off michigan wolverines, up in ann arbor.
00:21:08Georgia earlier today completed sweep of the cal bears combined two games outscored them 17-1.
00:21:17Top of the second inning.
00:21:18Kristin nottelmann will work against kelsey chambers, what are the first thoughts of the super regionals.
00:21:26>> Jennie: Ex sighing.
00:21:29Danielle lawrie loses the first game has a chip on her shoulder I'm going to win it.
00:21:36Ivy renfroe for tennessee THROWING 6 2/3rds INNINGS OF No hit ball in the first game against michigan.
00:21:43There's been some great performances, post season brings that out in people.
00:21:50>> Eric: The washington huskies were down 1-against oklahoma then lawrie was untouchable in two ball games yesterday.
00:21:5827 Strikeouts and 14 innings.
00:22:01That's just jennie ritter like.
00:22:04>> Jennie: There's a reason why danielle is national champion from last year.
00:22:08She knows how to win.
00:22:09If you lose a game she gets right back up and fights harder that's what she needed to do for her team.
00:22:16>> Eric: Ball and two strikes to kelsey chambers.
00:22:18That actually hit off the bat.
00:22:20It's going to be a foul ball.
00:22:23The count is 1-2.
00:22:28>> Jennie: This is unlucky check swing there.
00:22:31Hits the knob of the bat.
00:22:35Good strike there for nottelmann.
00:22:38>> Eric: She'll take it.
00:22:40>> Jennie: Take anything you can get in the post season.
00:22:43A little bit outside.
00:22:45Good eye by the sophomore chambers.
00:22:50Chambers, northern californian from concorde, california.
00:22:55300 batting average on the year.
00:22:58Oregon as team they're hitting .301.
00:23:03>> Jennie: That was their goal coming in to the season.
00:23:05Last year the following year, the year before, they came out 200 batting average and era of around three.
00:23:13Coach white said, let's get era of around two, batting average around three.
00:23:17So they're working towards their way that's what got them to super regionals is the flip flop.
00:23:24>> Eric: 7Th pitch.
00:23:26Golfed down left field line that's going to be fair.
00:23:28Base hit for chambers.
00:23:29Good at-bat there, saw bunch of pitches, fouled off tough deliveries gets herself a lead-off single.
00:23:36>> Jennie: If you're a young hitter, that's what you want to do.
00:23:39Bat until you find your pitch.
00:23:40Even though when you have to battle in your down two strikes, find a pitch that is hittable, not a pitch that's necessarily a strike, something that's hittable that's exactly what kelsey chambers did going down at a drop ball hitting it to left field.
00:23:55>> Eric: Runner on at first, nobody out.
00:23:57June grower las vegas, monique fuiava.
00:24:07Seems to be a good strategy against a pitcher like kristin nottelmann.
00:24:16>> Jennie: I think nottelmann throws it down, they need to find a way to just connect with the ball, be patient.
00:24:21Specifically monique fuiava who is very patient hitter be patient, find the strikes go out and hit what you want.
00:24:29Lays down a bunt.
00:24:30Third baseman hudson, only play at first.
00:24:33Second baseman schneider covering.
00:24:39Moving to scoring position goes chambers.
00:24:41The ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one continue later today.
00:24:4530, game two from tucson, arizona looks to finish off the byu cougars.
00:24:5130 eastern see game one between 13th seed arizona state sun devils the 4th seeded florida gators.
00:24:59The ncaa soft wall super regional presented by capital one on espn today.
00:25:03First ball swinging right to the shortstop.
00:25:06Marston drops it, throws.
00:25:07Not in time.
00:25:09That's probably going to be an error an merestone allowing kalin howard to reach first base.
00:25:15Runners at first and second with one out.
00:25:19>> Jennie: Just a tough break on that bounce.
00:25:21It wasn't a bad bounce just a hit off marston's glove popped right out.
00:25:25Kind of freshman mistake, unfortunately.
00:25:29But knowing her she's going to come back not going to affect them as much.
00:25:34>> Eric: That is 16th error of the season for marston.
00:25:37Now we're going to have a pinch runner come on, a change at second base.
00:25:48That's shelley deadmond, fifth year senior from chico, california, she will run for kelsey chambers.
00:25:54Most likely that is just a temporary substitution.
00:25:57Kelsey chambers will stay in the game because of the double substitution rule.
00:26:03>> Jennie: The runner in scoring position.
00:26:060-0 Ball game you want to put some speed on the bases, smarts on the basis trying to get her around a little bit quicker.
00:26:18>> Eric: One out.
00:26:19Carlyn re, senior first baseman grabs a bat.
00:26:29Good strike, 0-1.
00:26:37>> Jennie: She's one of oregon's best left-handed power hitters.
00:26:40Good person to have up in this situation, runner in scoring position and if you're missouri you want to try to get the lead runner here and find a way to get an out and keep the runners at first and second.
00:26:53>> Eric: Rs, in trouble.
00:26:54Down in the count 0-2 trying to fight here against nottelmann.
00:27:06Good eye.
00:27:07Ball and two strikes.
00:27:10>> Jennie: That was close pitch for nottelmann on an 0-2 count.
00:27:13Usually as pitcher you want to get a little bit further out, but nottelmann was confident, was a good drop ball, low and a good miss.
00:27:26>> Eric: 2-2.
00:27:26Inning began when kelsey chambers got a single to left field, moved to second on the sacrifice by fuiava.
00:27:33Then an error on ball hit by kalin howard, shortstop jenna marston couldn't handle it.
00:27:39Runners at first and second.
00:27:40As we await the 2-2 pitch we have a meeting, both in the third baseline and in the circle.
00:27:48Ehren earleywine, fourth year head coach for missouri everything a conversation with his entire infield.
00:27:53Jon if you're coach earleywine, just working a little strategy saying, okay, we have a situation, let's find a way to get out of it.
00:28:01This is the best way.
00:28:03Talk to nottelmann, find out what she needs to do, the defense, where the out needs to be make sure everybody is on the same page.
00:28:16>> Eric: Two balls and two strikes.
00:28:26Lifted foul down third baseline that's going to make it out of play.
00:28:31That's interesting dynamic between both these head coaches, you just saw ehren earleywine talk things over with his infield.
00:28:38He's matched up with the head coach for oregon, michael white, who is a very good friend of his.
00:28:43They both played a number of seasons together on the u.s.
00:28:47Men's fast pitch national team.
00:28:50>> Jennie: They have such a great respect for each other and know each other well enough to say, well, coach white would do that, coach earleywine saying, he can pick up pitches.
00:28:59They know each other well enough tophic out strategy that way as well.
00:29:05>> Eric: One of the big time concerns of ehren earleywine was, michael white's ability to pick pitches.
00:29:11He is one of the best in the world at the determining what a pitcher is going to throw just by looking at their mannerisms on the mound.
00:29:19Looking how their holding their hand in the glove.
00:29:21That's a big time concern.
00:29:23If the batters know what is coming it makes it easier.
00:29:272-2 Pitch misses low.
00:29:29Full 3-2.
00:29:33>> Jennie: Coach earleywine says, scares him to death knowing that they might know everything that nottelmann is going to pitch.
00:29:39Just makes dynamic of the game so much more interesting, how is missouri going to respond to that.
00:29:49>> Eric: Slapped, off the glove of the third baseman, everyone is going to be safe.
00:29:52Nicole hudson, almost came up with that softball but even if she had I don't know if she could have thrown everyone out much everyone is going to be safe.
00:29:59>> Jennie: I agree.
00:30:00A great save by jenna marston here backing hudson up there.
00:30:05Would have been incredible play by hudson just to try to keep the ball in the infield.
00:30:10Great job backing her up.
00:30:11If it got out to left field it could have been an opportunity for baserunner to score.
00:30:21>> Eric: Top of the second inning here in columbia, missouri.
00:30:24University field, alongside former michigan wolverine, national champion jennie ritter, I'm eric collins.
00:30:31Ducks have the bases loaded.
00:30:32Pinch runner at third, kalin howard at second, carlyn re at first.
00:30:38Our first look at kaitlin vitek who swings and pops it foul out of play.
00:30:56>> Jennie: Hudson just slipped up.
00:30:57Could have cost the out right there.
00:30:59But luckily nothing hurt by missouri and great pitch by nottelmann.
00:31:13>> Eric: 0-1 To vitek.
00:31:14A little bit low.
00:31:22Nottelmann only allowed oregon to hit one ball out of the infield here in the second inning.
00:31:27The ducks have still loaded the bases.
00:31:34Fouled back to the screen.
00:31:42>> Jennie: Kaitlin has some of the strongest power on the oregon offense.
00:31:44If she gets ahold of one here it can mean a lot for oregon trying to get some of the runners around.
00:31:52>> Eric: Vitek with a homer so far, just one.
00:32:05Shelley deadmond pinch runner on at third.
00:32:07At second base, kalin howard.
00:32:12Carlyn re is at first.
00:32:19Line pop to the third baseman, hudson.
00:32:25Seems like hudson's been a magnet for the softball here in the second inning.
00:32:29>> Jennie: What a great fielding performance by her.
00:32:32And huge out right here, just a line drive by vitek.
00:32:36Hudson reaching up to get it, great play.
00:32:40Huge out.
00:32:40Kept a runner from scoring, can't ask for more than that from your defense.
00:32:46>> Eric: So, missouri one out away from getting out of this half inning getting back to the dugout.
00:32:53Number nine hitter, ashley kivett will hit.
00:32:59Junior from yucaipa, california.
00:33:04>> Jennie: She is one set of twins, they have two sets on oregon's team.
00:33:07She's one set of twins for oregon.
00:33:13On the ground, marston a tough chance.
00:33:16Goes to second and the force is out.
00:33:20Marston had to go far to the right she makes a nice play.
00:33:22And the side is retired.
00:33:25Fans here at university field they like it.
00:33:26That was a danger zone, oregon had the bases loaded and just one out but they cannot score.
00:34:26rundgren's ] ..what's going on with dad?
00:34:31He seems different.
00:34:33 ♪♪
00:34:34he's not talking about work.
00:34:36♪♪ I don't want to work ♪♪
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00:34:41 ♪♪
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00:34:45And now this?
00:34:48♪♪ I don't want to play ♪♪
00:34:49♪♪ I just want to bang on the drum all day ♪♪
00:35:16>> Studio with this update.
00:35:18Freshman jessica with a grand slam.
00:35:22>> That is second home run of the game.
00:35:24Obviously they found their groove and their home runs are coming.
00:35:27Offense is going, going to be interesting to see what happens over there.
00:35:36>> You can see that game on nibsu back to eric and jenny in columbia.
00:35:38>> Eric: Thanks, guys.
00:35:39Not much of a surprise that alabama is up against it.
00:35:41Hawaii they can hit.
00:35:42Alabama they have been sensational all season long.
00:35:46>> Jennie: And why they have the number one seed is that reason.
00:35:48They have been sensational.
00:35:50But hawaii they can hit.
00:35:52They can in the outhit.
00:35:54What with a series that is going to be or coming out to be.
00:35:58>> Eric: No team from the sec has ever won the women's college world series.
00:36:06Only one team from the big 12, which is what missouri.
00:36:10Texas a&m also.
00:36:14And oklahoma.
00:36:16BOTTOM OF THE 2nd.
00:36:17Ashley fleming will lead things off for ehren earleywine's missouri tigers.
00:36:23Clean-up hitter from silex, missouri.
00:36:26First team all big 12.
00:36:34>> Jennie: If you're oregon's defense right now, you really want to be feeling the momentum you created getting bases loaded in the last inning.
00:36:41Even though they didn't score anything they need to build that in to their defense.
00:36:43Find way to get three quick outs and get right back on offense and hit some more.
00:36:53>> Eric: Two balls, no strikes.
00:36:54Jessica moore working against ashley fleming.
00:37:01>> Jennie: Jessica moore a pitcher that has typically some control issues, maybe what we're seeing here getting behind in the count a little bit too much.
00:37:07She's really got to find a way to get on top of the batter.
00:37:11>> Eric: Slapped in to left field.
00:37:13Lead-off single for fleming, first baserunner for the missouri tigers.
00:37:20>> Jennie: Exactly for that reason in a lot of cases you have to come in, you're behind the count, you have to come in throw a better pitch.
00:37:25Take a look at this pitch here just really over the plate.
00:37:28But solid hit right there.
00:37:34That's why they have ashley fleming there in the number four spot.
00:37:40>> Eric: Lead off batter aboard.
00:37:42Nicole hudson steps in.
00:37:47Freshman from webb city, missouri.
00:37:55Hudson's coach, ehren earleywine, just thrilled with the performance for nicole hudson this season.
00:38:01As a freshman, really no ups and downs, she was steady all season long.
00:38:07>> Jennie:327 going in to the series, coach earleywine would say she didn't have a great season, which is funny batting .327.
00:38:16She puts the ball in play, she's very effective, even if she a runner on base here a gre situation to be in.
00:38:26>> Eric: Now we're going to have meeting in the circle here.
00:38:28What's this all about?
00:38:29Mike white will talk things over with jessica moore.
00:38:31We've talked how the fact that mike white, one of the best pitching minds in the game today.
00:38:37What do you think he's seeing?
00:38:39>> Jennie: If you're coach white, seeing that on fleming, moore got behind on the batter.
00:38:44Now here with nicole she's behind again two, balls, no strikes.
00:38:48Coach white I think just going out there, kind of more or less, what you really want to say, plain and simple you got to stop getting behind on the batters.
00:38:58At the time just resetting her mind trying to calm her down say, let's get ahead of the batters you have good stuff make it work.
00:39:10>> Eric: Two balls, no strikes.
00:39:17Stroked to left field that is speared by allie burger, that ball was rocketed but burger got a good jump on it records the out.
00:39:27One out here in the second inning.
00:39:30>> Jennie: Once again second time we've seen a solid hit from missouri.
00:39:33Two times in a row when moore gets behind in the count.
00:39:36Great catch there by allie burger, just dashing to the left there trying to get the ball.
00:39:42Great job, big out right there.
00:39:45>> Eric: One out.
00:39:46Fleming still on at first base.
00:39:47Here is marla schweisberger.
00:39:52Fouled off her leg.
00:39:55Give a ton of credit with michael white in his knowledge of the pitching game.
00:39:59His counterpart, ehren earleywine is considered to be one of the best teachers of hitting in the women's game in the last couple of games.
00:40:07You can see his influence both first two hitters here in the second inning, fleming and hudson going with the outside pitch lining balls to the opposite field.
00:40:15>> Jennie: There's so much to be said about not only just having good swings, but being smart up at the plate.
00:40:22That's one thing that coach earleywine not only from the technique standpoint but from the mental standpoint finding the holes in other people's swings and his team's swings and correcting that.
00:40:32I just think that's very positive thing this he brings to his team.
00:40:38>> Eric: 1-1.
00:40:49Another person that has helped with the missouri's hitting is coach phil bradley, coming in this year, he's really brought a different voice to the team.
00:41:01Coach earleywine can see not necessarily he says the same things but different ways that's what's really helped missouri come out, helped some of their hitters.
00:41:11>> Eric: That is phil bradley with the sunglasses.
00:41:14Former missouri great quarterback and outfielder.
00:41:18Sent a lot of time with the seattle mariners.
00:41:21Jessica moore gets her second strikeout she strikes out schweisberger lear in the second inning.
00:41:27Phil bradley was actually the head baseball coach at westminster college just down the road here in missouri.
00:41:35He coached ehren earleywine back when he was in his college days.
00:41:39And aaron needing help on his staff returned the favor, asked phil bradley to join him as volunteer assistant to help teach hitting, obviously a former major league baseball all star, knows a thing or two about hamming a bat.
00:41:53>> Jennie: No doubt about that.
00:41:55Just the addition of new coaches brings such a different language, the girls have really responded especially some that coach earleywine feels that -- >> Eric: Meagan christopher hits it to the shortstop, kelsey chambers.
00:42:14>> Jennie: This is where oak needs to get strong.
00:42:19We've talked about it all day long they need to cut down those errors and have very solid defense to have a good outing here get a win.
00:42:25Just a tough play there, bad bounce right out of shortstop, kelsey chamber's glove.
00:42:31Tough break on the defense there.
00:42:34>> Eric: 20Th error of the season for the shortstop, chambers.
00:42:38And the inning continues for missouri runners at first and second.
00:42:42Leftfielder lisa simmons, swings and fouls it first base side.
00:42:49It's hard to get as far as oregon has in the ncaa tournament with the fielding issues this they have had.
00:42:58Take a look, they were dead last in the pac 10 in fielding percentage, amount of errors, double plays.
00:43:03Yet they have overcome that to make it to the super regional round.
00:43:09>> Jennie: They said, everything in the post season just kind of clicked.
00:43:13They got it and made it happen.
00:43:14The errors as you said earlier didn't -- haven't hurt them.
00:43:17Hopefully for them through the rest of the season it's not going to hurt them either.
00:43:21When you have numbers that low in fielding, you've got to find way to pick it up in the post season or you don't get here.
00:43:35>> Eric: Outside 2-1 to lisa simmons.
00:43:40Junior from boonville, missouri.
00:43:44.22 The batting average with a homer and seven runs batted in.
00:43:49Has a chance to do some damage.
00:43:52Fleming on at second and christopher on at first.
00:44:01Before the pitch what do we have?
00:44:07I think they called a balk.
00:44:11They did.
00:44:12Home plate umpire, rodney ross called a balk on jessica moore.
00:44:19It's now 3-1.
00:44:24>> Jennie: I believe that was violation on the time that it took for moore to release the pitch.
00:44:28She had to throw the pitch within certain amount of time.
00:44:29She exceed thad amount of time.
00:44:31When moore does that as a pitchera ball is issued to the batter.
00:44:34If the batter does that, a strike certain you'd to the defense.
00:44:41>> Eric: Count is full 3-2.
00:44:44Swing and foul tip in to the catcher 'glove.
00:44:46Jessica moore over comes error behind her.
00:44:48Strikes out simmons and side is retired.
00:44:52Missouri strands couple of runner on the base pads, jessica ♪♪ ♪♪
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00:45:22♪♪ ♪♪
00:47:07>> Eric: Welcome back everyone to espn's coverage of the ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one.
00:47:11Softball super regionals presented by capital one continues on espnu and espn2 later this evening.
00:47:1800 eastern time, the arizona wildcats try to finish off byu, possible deciding game three.
00:47:2700 eastern time on espn2 louisiana-lafayette taking on ucla in game one that have series.
00:47:34Ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one on espnu and espn2 tonight.
00:47:44Two inning in the books, scoreless in columbia.
00:47:47Top of the line up, allie burger takes outside ball one.
00:47:55>> Jennie: This is one of those batters that you really want to get ahead of if you're a pitcher.
00:47:59Because allie burger can make something happen you don't want to bring something in on the late that would be easier for her to hit.
00:48:10Heirs 2-to burger.
00:48:16Allie burger has moved around quite a bit.
00:48:18Told us yesterday that she moved eight different times before her 18th birthday.
00:48:24Born in kansas but also lived in illinois, iowa, last handful of years, her high school softball she was in spokane, washington.
00:48:35Each of the places that she went, her parents built her a batting cage.
00:48:42Soft line drive caught by the second baseman, gina schneider.
00:48:45One up and one down here in the third inning.
00:48:49>> Jennie: Great power by allie burger there.
00:48:52Definitely, you have a batting cage in your back yard you have no excuse not to go out there and hit every single day.
00:48:57No doubt that's what has gotten her to where she is today.
00:49:02>> Eric: Her most recent home in spokane the entire back yard, it wasn't very big.
00:49:07It contest cysted of the batting cage.
00:49:09Nice chang up by kristin nottelmann, fools neena bryanto-1.
00:49:18Bryant first time up hit it hard right at second baseman, schneider.
00:49:33>> Jennie: Better for nottelmann getting ahead of a very good hitter, neena bryant.
00:49:37What she needs to do throughout the rest of the game is find a way to get ahead throughout the rest of the line up.
00:49:47>> Eric: Again, right side.
00:49:49Schneider throws out bryant for the second time in three innings.
00:49:55>> Jennie: She's pretty quick runner, baserunner.
00:49:58But it was very quick play there and very good out.
00:50:08>> Eric: Two outs, bases clear.
00:50:10Nottelmann will work against the rightfielder sam pappas.
00:50:23Strike one.
00:50:25Pappas, her first time up solid single against nottelmann, that was caught trying to steal second base.
00:50:33Looked like it may have been a failed hit and run, not sure.
00:50:36Pappas was thrown out by a good five feet.
00:50:43>> Jennie: You get to post season like that, every little detail counts, that's one thing for oregon that they have really worked on lot is focus on the small thing, focus on the little things and the details.
00:50:52That will make you a better team in the big picture.
00:50:55That was one miss small detail that could have scored the run.
00:51:02>> Eric: Changeup, misses high.
00:51:10That was the 50th pitch so far in the ball game for nottelmann.
00:51:14Here comes number 51.
00:51:16Working against the pac 10 freshman of the year, sam pappas.
00:51:19High, 3-1.
00:51:24>> Jennie: You see nottelmann getting behind again on a great hitter in sam pappas.
00:51:29Now forced to bring the ball in a little bit closer than she might have if she had some room to play around and throw her pitch.
00:51:38>> Eric: Second time in the ball game pappas reaches against nottelmann.
00:51:41This time she reaches with the walk.
00:51:43Something to keep in mind with kristin nottelmann she can't really afford to get in too much trouble because she does have the great equalizer or a strikeout pitch that's not her forte.
00:51:53Case in point so far through 2 2/3rds DOESN'T HAVE A Strikeout so far today.
00:52:01You are right.
00:52:02She has to throw pitches that's going to allow her defense to do the work because she doesn't have something to blow it by the batters no matter who she is getting behind it's causing issues.
00:52:14Pappas, great hitter, you don't want to give her something close once you get behind it's almost sometimes better to come out and just put her on base.
00:52:25>> Eric: Kelsey chambers the batter.
00:52:26Hits it on the ground right side.
00:52:29Schneider gobbled up everything in the first three inning.
00:52:32Throws out chambers.
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00:54:46>> In the studio with you we update you on usa-turkey international friendly on espn2 landon donovan set up jose altidor, 1-1.
00:54:57The world cup begins june 11 on the espn family of networks.
00:55:04>> Eric: J.w. thank you so much.
00:55:05We've got a soccer style score here in columbia, missouri.
00:55:14Nill-nill as we play home half of the third inning.
00:55:15Missouri trying to get to the college world series for second straight year.
00:55:17Last year they went on the road to westwood, knocked off ucla bruins on their home field to earn the trip to the women's college world series this time in front of fans and friends here in columbia.
00:55:30Number nine batter, gina schneider, second baseman leads things off, takes ball one down low.
00:55:41>> Jennie: She had great practice yesterday hitting line drive after line drive, she can turn that in to something today she's really going to help her team out.
00:55:50>> Eric: Already helped her team out defensively.
00:55:54 recorded nine outs against the offense of oregon, three have been groundball outs hit to schneider and she also caught a line drive for an out.
00:56:06Four of the nine outs have been made by her glove.
00:56:092-1 Now.
00:56:15Jessica moore, freshman from sutter, california, she was backed up last inning, she allowed lead off single and mike white, head coach immediately had action in the bullpen.
00:56:28Third baseman, fuiava, throws out schneider.
00:56:32Out number one here in the third.
00:56:34The women's college world series returns to oklahoma city, the action begins thursday june 3 at 00 eastern time live on espn and espn hd.
00:56:42For more information on 2010 women's college world series go com, home of the 88 ncaa championships.
00:56:56Missouri trying to get their for a fifth time.
00:56:591983, 1991, 1994 And last year.
00:57:03Making it to the women's college world series.
00:57:07Have never won it all.
00:57:08This is rhea taylor.
00:57:11Great career for her.
00:57:14>> Jennie: Talking to rhea taylor yesterday we said, what do you feel like about this season, what do you think of the ♪♪ we can win it, no doubt.
00:57:22Big smile on her face.
00:57:24They are carrying that in to today and hopefully through the rest of the season, hopefully get to the world series what they want to do and continue on.
00:57:45Swing and a miss, fooled her, two and one.
00:57:47Rhea taylor is one of those great developmental stories by ehren earleywine and his staff.
00:57:52When she of being recruited she was right-handed hitting third baseman.
00:57:56In buford, georgia, coach earleywine saw something there.
00:58:01Got her here to town, moved her to left side, put her in the outfield she has caught on quickly.
00:58:08Career batting average is currently tops among anyone who has ever played softball here at missouri.
00:58:18All-time leader for the tigers in both stolen bases and runs scored.
00:58:22Look at that batting average .419 all time best in the entire big 12.
00:58:30>> Jennie:300 Batting average is great.
00:58:35>> Eric: Fouled, first base side.
00:58:37>> Jennie: You see a hundred points better than that, it's no wonder she is igniter, reason why the rest of her team feeds off of what she does, she makes something happen.
00:58:53All-time leader in runs scored and stolen bases, this is how she's doing just this season.
00:59:03Fooled there.
00:59:03Moore gets her for the strikeout.
00:59:06That's four strikeouts for moore.
00:59:07>> Jennie: That was a huge out for oregon.
00:59:10For rhea taylor we talked about it over and over again, she's the igniter.
00:59:16Take a look at this pitch.
00:59:16Great pitch, just heat I think, not a lot of movement there but got rhea taylor jumping.
00:59:22That's their defensive plan.
00:59:23They want to get rhea taylor out find way to get her off the base path.
00:59:28Definitely great out there.
00:59:32>> Eric: Two outs, bases clear.
00:59:33This is cat lee.
00:59:56Game one, best of three super rannal, university field in columbia, missouri.
01:00:01Former michigan all-american, jennie ritter I'm eric collins.
01:00:05Scoreless as we play home half of inning number three.
01:00:08Both teams have threatened, no one's been able to score.
01:00:14Changeup, a little bit outside.
01:00:19>> Jennie: Jessica moore is throwing a lot of her pitches a little bit high, we talked about her struggling a little bit with the drop ball when it gets high.
01:00:25Hasn't hurt her yet.
01:00:26But when you look through the second, third time in the line up she's going to have to be a little bit more careful with the placement of that.
01:00:39>> Eric: Popped up.
01:00:40Foul territory, third baseman, fuiava, makes the play.
01:00:451-2-3 Inning that is four consecutive retired.
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01:01:58>> Eric: Welcome back.
01:01:59Top of the 4th inning scoreless game here in columbia, missouri.
01:02:00Oregon and missouri game one of the best of three super regional.
01:02:03Joining us now is ehren earleywine, considered one of the best hitting instructor in the game.
01:02:08Coach I want to ask you about your team's strategy with the bat in the hands what are you guys looking to do against jessica moore?
01:02:15>> First of all everybody is wondering why you're saying I'm one of the better hitting coach in the country.
01:02:19We have one hit in three innings.
01:02:21I don't know.
01:02:22We're just plugging away.
01:02:23She's got a good drop, a pretty good rise.
01:02:26Had couple of strikeouts on the changeup.
01:02:30She's been very difficult for us to deal with.
01:02:31By the way the looks of this game is going it's probably going to end up being a you won run game.
01:02:39>> Jennie: Kristin nottelmann having a scoreless outing so far, what do you look to see her improve on or she doing as well as expect?
01:02:46>> She's doing fine.
01:02:49Her velocity doesn't look great, a good sign that she's still getting a lot of outs without great velocity.
01:02:55They haven't squared up too many balls, I'm feeling comfort rabble with her right now.
01:02:59We'll just see what happens.
01:03:01>> Eric: Thank you so much.
01:03:02Brush your time.
01:03:02>> Thank you.
01:03:04>> Eric: Coach ehren earleywine, fourth season here at missouri.
01:03:06We told you the fact that he has a great personal relationship with the head coach of the oregon, michael white.
01:03:10They played a number of years national team, the fast pitch team.
01:03:17Mike white was one of the best pitchers in team usa's program.
01:03:21And coach earleywine was one of his middle infielders.
01:03:25Lot of respect for each other.
01:03:29>> Jennie: I heard when they found out they were going to be playing each other they have been texting each other back and forth just talking about the game saying, we're going to play you.
01:03:37Just getting a chance to get familiar with each origin.
01:03:44>> Eric: Top of the fourth inning.
01:03:45Number five batter in michael white's line up, monique fuiava will bat against kristin nottelmann.
01:03:53Misses upstairs.
01:03:58>> Jennie: When you have a patient hitter like monique fuiava you want to go right at her.
01:04:02She's going to look to find her pitch until she gets behind has to battle.
01:04:06But you want to find that pitch, get it right in there as a strike.
01:04:10For nottelmann she has to find a way to get it right there.
01:04:14>> Eric: 1-1 To fuiava.
01:04:16There is her dad, love it.
01:04:18I don't think that's his natural hair.
01:04:23>> Jennie: Good school spirit there.
01:04:30>> Eric: Fuiava from las vegas, long trip for dad to make it here to the super regional.
01:04:35Two balls and a strike now.
01:04:37It will be fuiava, kalin howard and carlyn re for the ducks in the 4th inning.
01:04:44They have three base hits as a team.
01:04:46All of them singles, haven't been able to score against nottelmann.
01:04:51Bounce tore the shortstop, marston, throws out fuiava.
01:04:54ONE OUT HERE IN THE 4th.
01:04:55Send it back to the studio for an update.
01:05:02>> Alabama-hawaii over on espn it's tracy yoshikoa.
01:05:09>> A tale of two games.
01:05:10Game two going all direction for hawaii.
01:05:14>> 152nd HOME RUN FOR THE Rainbow wahini.
01:05:20>> Eric: Thank, guys.
01:05:20Alabama up against it.
01:05:22Alabama, fantastic team but i don't think that lot of people around the country understand how good of a hitting team that hawaii has.
01:05:30>> Jennie: Hawaii, they can't even keep the ball in the park.
01:05:32It just keeps going out.
01:05:34I think stacey nuveman said it best they just figured her out.
01:05:39You can't -- once you figure somebody out they're just going to keep hitting.
01:05:46>> Eric: One out here in the top.
01:05:47This is kalin howard.
01:05:50From riverside, california.
01:05:54Poly high school.
01:05:55Same as arguably the greatest women's college basketball player, cheryl moore.
01:06:02On the ground, marston's been busy.
01:06:04Two outs.
01:06:16TOP OF THE HAth.
01:06:18Oregon and month nothing-nothing.
01:06:20Combine four base hits, oregon with three.
01:06:22Jessica moore in her three innings of work has struck out four, kristin nottelmann and 3 2/3rds INNINGS OF WORK SHE'S Not struck out any but neither team has been able to score.
01:06:33It's a moot point.
01:06:35Carlyn re takes the changeup for strike one.
01:06:40>> Jennie: It's mottle machine's defense that's doing a great job.
01:06:42If you want the ball hit to somebody in a tough situation, who do you want to come out and get the ball.
01:06:46, jenna marston just had two groundballs hit to her this inning.
01:06:54>> Eric: Half wing for re, didn't mean to, down in the count 0-2.
01:06:58You just saw the break down between groundballs and fly ball outs.
01:07:02Both of the fly ball outs is stayed in the infield.
01:07:05None of the three outfielders behind nottelmann have been involved with anything.
01:07:14That ball just got away.
01:07:15Slipped out of the hand.
01:07:22>> Jennie: Going back to the pop ups, the three let's that nottelmann gave up were solid.
01:07:26The outs that she's given up the defense have been great pitches by her.
01:07:30Dinkers and groundballs right to people that's where where she needs to live.
01:07:34>> Eric: There's the first strikeout of the ball game for nottelmann.
01:07:36She strikes out carlyn re, that will do it.
01:07:40With wean coal back we'll talk to first year head coach for the ducks, mike white.
01:08:54>> Eric: University field here in columbia, missouri.
01:08:55BOTTOM OF 49th.
01:08:56First game of our best of three subpoena irrelevant regional, oregon and missouri joining us now is first year head coach for the ducks, michael white.
01:09:00Mike, I want to ask you jessica moore, freshman starting pitcher, she's given up just one base hit so far but when she gave it up leading off the BOTTOM OF 2nd, YOU IMMEDIATELY Had activity in the bullpen.
01:09:11What was that about?
01:09:14>> Well, I didn't even know they were down there.
01:09:16They know how I think.
01:09:17We won't get in to extended inning anywhere.
01:09:20Not that we're going to pull the plug early.
01:09:22Jess looks good right now, she's keeping the ball in the infield throwing well.
01:09:27>> Jennie: Coach, nottelmann on the other side she's only given up three hits, where offensively do you need to adjust to get on top of her?
01:09:34>> We're doing a good job, hitting the ball fairly hard.
01:09:43They're very deep, hard to get the ball through the infield.
01:09:44Hopefully we can get balls to drop on the grass here pretty soon.
01:09:47I like what we're doing with the bat just got to hit a little harder.
01:09:49>> Eric: Thank you so much.
01:09:49Appreciate it.
01:09:50>> Thanks very much.
01:09:50>> Eric: Michael white, if you can't guess the accent, he was born and raised in new zealand, moved over to the states, has 20-year-old she's been here ever since.
01:09:59Makes his home in eugene, even before he got the job with the oregon ducks.
01:10:03He was talking about his right hander, from sutter, california, jessica moore.
01:10:10This is what her day has looked like so far.
01:10:12>> Jennie: Really just throwing some good pitches with good speed, rise ball looks great.
01:10:17Drop ball is dropping right at the end.
01:10:19Maybe could stand to be a little bit lower but hasn't hurt her yet.
01:10:23That's what's made her so effective today.
01:10:28>> Eric: Jessica moore, just a freshman.
01:10:31New to mike white in his teaching.
01:10:34She signed her letter of intent to go to oregon she committed to the previous coach, kathy ahrenson had her contract expire and michael white replaced her.
01:10:46Jessica moore continued with the oregon ducks.
01:10:49She's very hope to be working with mike white.
01:10:53First ball swinging that is infield base hit for jenna marston.
01:10:57There's just 2340 chance at all that kaylan howard will throw her out.
01:11:02Lead-off batter aboard.
01:11:04>> Jennie: That was great fielding.
01:11:08Good high bounce just not enough, take ran howard doing everything she can to try to get marston out at first just not enough for marston's speed.
01:11:18>> Eric: Second time in the ball game that the tigers have had lead-off batter aboard.
01:11:21Marston runs well.
01:11:2215 Steals sonar season.
01:11:28Ashley fleming steps in.
01:11:31On the ground, could be two.
01:11:33Second for one.
01:11:34On to first.
01:11:35In time.
01:11:38Beautifully turned.
01:11:40How toward chambers to re.
01:11:43TWO OUTS, BOTTOM OF THE 4th.
01:11:44Send you back to the studio and j.w.
01:11:48>> Eric, thanks very much.
01:11:48Another update from the u.s.-turkey friendly on espn2.
01:11:52Couple of moments ago, clint DEMPSEY, 18th CAREER GOAL.
01:11:56Team usa up top 2-1 in final home game before they to go south africa.
01:12:01On the espn family of networks.
01:12:07>> Eric: Two outs now.
01:12:07Third baseman nicole hudson steps in.
01:12:09Heck of a defensive double play turned by oregon just a moment ago.
01:12:15>> Jennie: Just very quick and to the point.
01:12:17Really great job by kaylan howard to be smart enough to think in this, for kelly chambers great throw to carlyn re at first base.
01:12:29Eric this is a four pitch inning.
01:12:31Groundball to kaylan howard who is integral in that defense here IN THE BOTTOM OF THE 4th.
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01:15:01>> Eric: Espn2 coverage of the ncaa lacrosse championships prepared by enterprise rent-a-car they continue today with couple of semi final games from baltimore, maryland.
01:15:0900 Eastern time notre dame against cornell.
01:15:1130 eastern, it is duke against number one seed, virginia.
01:15:15Notre dame they have never been to a finals before they are the interloper.
01:15:21They're seeking first ever finals appearance they're only other time in the semi final was 2001, their goalie scott rogers hands down their best player.
01:15:35Top of the 5th inning.
01:15:37The bp, kaitlin vitek leads off.
01:15:40It will be vitek, kivett then top of the line up allie burger against kristin nottelmann.
01:15:48Vitek hit it hard first time up with the bases loaded and one out in the second inning.
01:15:52Hit a bullet to third baseman, nicole hudson's spear.
01:16:00Another line drive this one makes it through the infield.
01:16:02Lead-off single for vitek.
01:16:06>> Jennie: That was huge hit for vitek right there.
01:16:08Finding a way to get on base with no outs, as a dp that's all you cano.
01:16:12You can't make defensive plays you can't do anything.
01:16:15As dp all you want to do find way to get on base.
01:16:20>> Eric: The ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one continue on espn today.
01:16:2430 eastern time it's GAME TWO FROM TUCSON, 10th He'ded arizona faceyu.
01:16:3100 30 you'll see game one between arizona state and florida gators.
01:16:35The ncaa softball super regional presented by capit o on espn today.
01:16:42We have pinch runner coming on for the oregon ducks that's blair williamson.
01:16:47Senior from salem, oregon.
01:16:49She comes on to run for kaitlin vitek.
01:16:56Coach earleywine, we talked to him a moment ago was mentioning how he thinks this is probably going to be a one run game.
01:17:01That being said, any time you get chance to improve your speed on the base paths might as well do it.
01:17:07Williamson running for vitek.
01:17:09First pitch to ashley kivett is ball one.
01:17:15>> Jennie: Not only improve speed, you want somebody that's really smart.
01:17:17There's a lot that comes with base running besides just being fast.
01:17:22You have to assume that williamson is smart enough to find a way to get on base.
01:17:28>> Eric: Swinging away a gaper going to the wall.
01:17:30Williamson chugging around third she's being asked to stop.
01:17:34A double for ashley kivett and ducks have something cooking HERE IN THE 5th.
01:17:39Second and third, nobody out.
01:17:44That ball was hammered in to the gap.
01:17:46>> Jennie: Huge hit for ashley kivett getting runners in scoring position.
01:17:50Not only that, zero outs, the bottom of the line up.
01:17:53The bottom of the line up shows up that's when you're going to win ball games that's exact plea what ashley kivett did.
01:17:59Just found a hole.
01:18:01You see blair williamson there getting held up and cashly kivett just trucking it to second base as well.
01:18:11>> Eric: Danger time for missouri.
01:18:12Runners at second and third.
01:18:13Nobody out.
01:18:14Here is top of the line up.
01:18:15Allie burger flipping it down left field line it's caught by simmons.
01:18:21Not deep enough for williamson to think about coming home.
01:18:25Are you surprised that allie burger swung at that first pitch in that situation?
01:18:29>> Jennie: You know, yes and no.
01:18:30I think when you have runners on second and third in scoring position you can get a little antsy want to hit the first pitch.
01:18:37At the same time if it's a good pitch you want to go for it.
01:18:40Nottelmann has been throwing a lot of good first pitches.
01:18:44Unfortunately not deep enough for oregon ducks to score williamson at third base.
01:18:53>> Eric: The senior, neena bryant steps in.
01:18:55She swings and misses the first pitch from nottelmann.
01:19:02>> Jennie: A big swing.
01:19:04Make contact if european that bryant, find a way to put the ball in play with one out.
01:19:10On that swing looked like she was trying to do it all.
01:19:15>> Eric: Oregon with runners in scoring position, so far today they're just 1-5.
01:19:20Bryant is up against it down in the count 0-2 now.
01:19:30Neena bryant has chance to play professionally if she so chooses, was drafted by the chicago bandits, jennie finch's team, the professional fast pitch league.
01:19:43Unsee side had she want to do.
01:19:45Senior from california strikes out on three pitches.
01:19:48Nottelmann with a big strikeout for second out of the inning.
01:19:52>> Jennie: That was huge.
01:19:53This is coming from a pitcher who does not strike people out.
01:19:56She relies on her defense.
01:19:57This is a huge pitch.
01:20:00Huge strikeout against a great hitter.
01:20:03She made it look easy.
01:20:04She got neena bryant swingingswinging at her pitch.
01:20:08That's why missouri is where they are right now.
01:20:10Why they were so good this year.
01:20:15>> Erik: Freshman, sam pappas will bat.
01:20:20They're going to intentionally walk pappas.
01:20:22Lot of respect shown by ehren earleywine to the freshman.
01:20:26The bases are going to be loaded.
01:20:28This will be the second time in the ball game that oregon has the bases loaded.
01:20:35>> Jennie: Considering the alternative of what sam pappas can do.
01:20:38Probably better to give her the free base than have bases loaded than it will to be see how she can score these runners at second and third.
01:20:52>> Eric: That's why she's so dangerous.
01:20:53Leads the team in home runs in 11.
01:20:55Pac 10 freshman of the year.
01:20:57With that intentional walk now been aboard all three times today.
01:21:01Two walks and line drive single.
01:21:05Next in line, this is the sophomore kelsey chambers, the shortstop 1-2 so far today.
01:21:17Ball one.
01:21:25>> Jennie: Pretty good pitch.
01:21:26Looked like it curved j a little bit too much on the inside.
01:21:29Missed the plate.
01:21:29Only need a small part of the ball touching that plate but i think she missed just a little too much.
01:21:34On the ground.
01:21:36Marston, a little flip to the second baseman covering, side retired.
01:21:41Kristin nottelmann like houdini gets out of it.
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01:24:18>> Eric: Welcome book everyone, espn's coverage of the ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one.
01:24:26With the most decorated pitcher in michigan wolverine history, jennie ritter I'm eric collins.
01:24:31There's a good pitcher in her own right, kristin nottelmann.
01:24:34She was in a whole bunch of trouble in the top of this 5th inning.
01:24:39Runners at second and third, nobody out.
01:24:41She gets out of the jam.
01:24:44Defense bind her was very good we're still scoreless as we play home half of the fifth inning.
01:24:52First pitch, jessica moore to marsha she'sburger is ball one.
01:24:58Schweisberger, christopher and simmons scheduled three here in the 5th inning.
01:25:04Nottelmann looks on.
01:25:05She was given up five base hits, walked a couple.
01:25:09But no runs.
01:25:11Second baseman, howard, throws out schweisberger.
01:25:14One up and one down here in the home half of the fifth inning.
01:25:17The ncaa softball super regional presented by capital one continue on espnu and espn2 tonight, if necessary, game three between arizona and 00 eastern time.
01:25:3100 on espn2, how about louisiana-lafayette taking on ucla bruins that's game one of that best of three series.
01:25:39Ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital one.
01:25:44Ball one to the catcher, meagan christopher.
01:25:47She reached on an error by the shortstop back in the second inning.
01:26:02Jenny, let's talk about jessica moore what you've seen out of the freshman when we talk to her head coach yesterday, he said that she had one pitch.
01:26:10When he got her earlier.
01:26:12That was fast ball.
01:26:13It was a strict fast ball which is so rare in the women's game.
01:26:18>> Jennie: Coach white, he says, when you get a pitcher there's two things you can't teach.
01:26:22You can't teach power or speed.
01:26:25So he based her recruitment on that.
01:26:28Took her with power and speed then built her off with a bunch of different pitches that's really what's made her effective.
01:26:35Speed is a great thing, but you put movement on that, too, just makes you all the more tough.
01:26:41>> Eric: Delayed call for strike two.
01:26:422-2 Now to christopher.
01:26:48>> Jennie: Coach white had a little more experience, a little bit more confidence coming out of moore as a freshman going in to her next three years is going to make her even better pitcher.
01:26:59>> Eric: High ball three.
01:27:06She has not walked a batter so far today.
01:27:12Only three three baserunners.
01:27:15Two singles an one reaching on an error.
01:27:18Foul ball.
01:27:19Do it again.
01:27:27Second time in the ball game we're seeing activity in the bullpen.
01:27:31This is sam skillingstad.
01:27:37>> Jennie: She's like the second number one that they have on their staff.
01:27:40She's just coming in getting prepared once again said, knowing what coach white needs.
01:27:47>> Eric: Foul territory, fuiava makes the play.
01:27:49Two outs here in the fifth inning.
01:27:55>> Jennie: Moore is making quick work of this missouri offense.
01:27:59Rightfulrightfully so.
01:27:59She's placing the ball well.
01:28:01She's mixing it up well and missouri hasn't really hit anything very solid this inning at all.
01:28:08>> Eric: Lisa simmons leftfielder, struck out to end the second inning.
01:28:16Member the missouri tigers have been play playing fantastic softball in recent weeks.
01:28:21Last 25 games they have won 22 of them.
01:28:27One of seven different teams from the big 12 to make it to tournament play.
01:28:36On the ground, softly hit that's going to make it in to center field.
01:28:40A little seeing-eye single for simmons with two outs, good speed aboard at first.
01:28:46>> Jennie: That was big deal for simmons right here.
01:28:48Just to find a hole.
01:28:49One again right up the middle we've seen couple hits going right up the middle, that's the best place, a high hop on a hard field, you talk with coach earleywine earlier yesterday, he was saying, I'm most concerned with my six through nine batter, are they going to produce.
01:29:05I'm asking them to create something, to make something happen.
01:29:08 from lisa simmons to find a way to get on base.
01:29:13>> Eric: Second baseman gina schneider steps in.
01:29:16Ball skips away from the catcher.
01:29:18That is going to be a wild pitch.
01:29:20That's been an issue with jessica moore all season long.
01:29:23Jessica moore leading the pac 10 in wild pitches with 20.
01:29:26That's number 21.
01:29:29>> Jennie: She said, you most commonly see those drop balls getting away going too far out.
01:29:34Very hard for ashley kivett to even block them because they're so far away.
01:29:39That's exactly what happened there.
01:29:42Unfortunately for oregon when a runner was on base.
01:29:44Never want to do that when a runner is on base if you're a wild pitcher, it's the pressure and the build up of worry can 'bow it that sometimes can cause a wild pitch.
01:29:59>> Eric: 2-0 To gina schneider.
01:30:06Pivotal part of today's ball game.
01:30:08BOTTOM OF THE 5th, MISSOURI And oregon, scoreless but runner on at second two, outs, gina schneider the batter.
01:30:19First game of the best out of three series.
01:30:22Super regional being played here in columbia, missouri.
01:30:25Winner advances to the women's college world series in oklahoma city.
01:30:30With jennie ritter I'm eric collins.
01:30:32Well played ball game.
01:30:32Each team has made one error, for the most part we've seen good defense played.
01:30:39Moore's 2-1.
01:30:53>> Jennie: Take a look at schneider's back foot.
01:30:55Back on that chalk line for couple of reasons, one to let the ball come in and see the movement.
01:31:00If moore has early movement they have more time to react on that movement.
01:31:04Then hit the ball better.
01:31:07>> Eric: Fouled away 3-2.
01:31:09This may be the pitch of the game for jessica moore.
01:31:12It's three balls, two strikesf she loses gina schneider walks her in the on-deck circle, the best hitter in the big 12 this year, rhea taylor lying in wait.
01:31:25>> Jennie: A little confidence with runners on base what's she going to do a huge out for moore and the oregon defense.
01:31:35>> Eric: Didn't mean to, checked her swing, ball glances off it goes foul.
01:31:37First base side.
01:31:42This is normally the time when missouri does their damage.
01:31:46Almost 21% of the entire runs scored this season long coming in inning number five.
01:31:54>> Jennie: No doubt oregon knows that.
01:31:57Seeing the two coaches being able to scout each other really understanding the team, this is a big out for oregon's defense as well.
01:32:07>> Eric: 3-2.
01:32:08Again, a foul ball.
01:32:08This one glanced off her leg.
01:32:10Will do it again.
01:32:19>> Jennie: Just battling that off just at the bottom of the bat there.
01:32:23Shieder's had very consistent game all day long on defense and offense finding way to make contact and battle at the plate on making good plays on defense.
01:32:31There's no exception here.
01:32:39>> Eric: Softly hit third base side.
01:32:40Fuiava is going to have hurry.
01:32:42Ball gets away.
01:32:44Missouri takes a 1-0 lead.
01:32:46Throwdown to second and out at second is schneider but damage is done.
01:32:51Lisa simmons scores from second on throwing error from monique fuiava.
01:32:56It's going to be unearned run but it counts nonetheless.
01:33:01Missouri on top 1-0.
01:33:03Slow roll tore third.
01:33:04Fuiava had to hurry.
01:33:06We told you about the defensive issues for the ducks, error turns out to be costly.
01:33:11Third out is recorded on the base paths as schneider cut down trying to go to second.
01:33:15At that point simmons had scored it is a 1-lead with six outs to go for missouri tigers.
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01:34:13And somewhere out on the high seas, you get your first water wedgie.
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01:34:4340 Million drivers.
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01:34:47So call an agentat 1-800-state-farm or go online.
01:35:02>> In studio.
01:35:03Alabama-hawaii on espnu.
01:35:03Bama on the comeback trail, the triple to score amanda lock he can.
01:35:09Alabama down 7-1 coming in to THE 5th.
01:35:12They come back continues, alabama won game one.
01:35:16Cortney connelly bring home lunsford.
01:35:22That makes it a one-run game and alabama was not done.
01:35:26Jenny february ton scores connelly.
01:35:28Bama scores to tie it 7-7 game.
01:35:30Back to you guys in columbia.
01:35:34>> Eric: Thank you so much.
01:35:35Alabama showing you why they win 28 consecutive games.
01:35:40They don't roll up the tents because they're down.
01:35:41Good hitting ball club.
01:35:43Our gametrack brought to you by coke zero.
01:35:461-0 Lead, missouri on top as we play the 6th inning.
01:35:52Missouri scoring unearned run, throwing error by the third baseman just moments ago, monique fuiava allowing runner to score.
01:35:59Lisa simmons from second.
01:36:03>> Jennie: Fuiava just a little bit of rush.
01:36:04That you have to get the out.
01:36:05I think just a rush throw not a good throw.
01:36:09Obviously what has hurt oregon throughout hire season is now hurting them in the post season.
01:36:16>> Eric: Oregon ducks dead last in the pac 10 in errors committed.
01:36:22Commit a crucial one there.
01:36:23Second of the ball game.
01:36:25They're trailing 1-0.
01:36:26It will be fuiava who will lead things off here in the 6th looking to atone.
01:36:31She takes strike one from kristin nottelmann.
01:36:35>> Jennie: There's two interesting things here.
01:36:36How is the defense of missouri going to react to scoring a runner, are they going to relax a little bit, still take tough.
01:36:43Is fuiava still going to think about that error or make something happen?
01:36:49>> Eric: Caught by third baseman.
01:36:50Nicole hudson.
01:36:50With the grab.
01:36:53Out number one.
01:36:56Women's college world series returns to oklahoma city thursday.
01:37:01On espn and espn hd.
01:37:03For more information on the 2010 women's college world series go to
01:37:12Alongside the starting pitcher for the michigan wolverines in 2005, when michigan became first team from the eastern side of the united states, first team east of the mississippi river to ever win the women's college world series, jennie ritter, how about that.
01:37:28>> Jennie: You know, it will be exciting to see somebody like missouri or some of these east teams east of the mississippi to build off that.
01:37:36And try to get another one for our side of the state.
01:37:44>> Eric: One out.
01:37:44This is kaylan howard.
01:37:48Pops the first pitch out of play.
01:37:54Oregon hadn't been fooled much by nottelmann.
01:37:58They have struck out just two times.
01:37:59They put the ball in play.
01:38:01But defensively missouri has made most of the stops.
01:38:04They have committed one error, besides that they have been air tight.
01:38:14>> Jennie: Sometimes it's just what kind of breaks do you get or don't you get.
01:38:17Oregon has been hitting directly to missouri defenders.
01:38:22Not really find took many holes, thanks to nottelmann's good pitches and good placement as well.
01:38:30Hard hit ball center field going bark, taylor will have to play it off the ball.
01:38:37Kaylan howard has to retreat to first.
01:38:41Runner on at first base, one out.
01:38:43Let's send you back to the studio and j.w.
01:38:47>> Thanks, eric.
01:38:47We update you, fiu sophomore infielder gary wittles 0- off the glove of pitcher everest to extend the streak to 53 games, five shy of robin ventura.
01:39:02The sunbelt conference tournament.
01:39:08>> Erik: Thanks.
01:39:10Runner on at first base, one out.
01:39:12This is first baseman, carlyn re.
01:39:13Re takes ball one.
01:39:17Runner on at first base, she hit the ball off the wall, dead centerfielder.
01:39:25>> Jennie: Rhea taylor saw it was going to hit maybe bounce off the wall, she played it off the wall like she knows how it's played obviously in her home field here.
01:39:33She just got it in quickly and saved a double.
01:39:45>> Eric: Howard, not too aggressive on the base paths, just one steal in three attempts so far this year.
01:39:54>> Jennie: A look at rhea taylor playing it off that wall, bounces right back.
01:39:58Knows how it works, gets the ball right in right away.
01:40:03You're an outfielder, aspire to play in college take look at that, play it like that.
01:40:10>> Eric: 3-0.
01:40:10Now 3-1.
01:40:16See if re takes another pitch.
01:40:23Ducks just looking for baserunners, down by a run, top of the 6th inning.
01:40:29Swings away, loops it foul.
01:40:39Awaiting the 90th pitch from nottelmann, is that a big deal in the pitch count?
01:40:47>> Jennie: Not -- it's a lot of pitches.
01:40:48But for nottelmann when you're trying to get your beefs to make something happen, you got throw good pitches, got to miss when you need to miss because you don't have something to go right at them with.
01:40:58I think it will affect her more tomorrow and in the games to come more so than it will today.
01:41:12>> Eric: Another foul ball left side.
01:41:15What was your high water mark in terms of pitches when you were pitching for the wolverines?
01:41:22>> Jennie: I couldn't tell you.
01:41:23But I think, your body understands when you hit 90.
01:41:26You start to really feel it.
01:41:28You have two choices, lose your legs and not use them as much.
01:41:32Or just push harder and bend more that's what make them stronger.
01:41:37Second baseman, schneider.
01:41:38Throws to first.
01:41:41Out is recorded.
01:41:41They can't get the forceout at second.
01:41:43A little bit of surprise.
01:41:44I think that would have been the aggressive play but she shows to get the sure out at first.
01:41:50>> Jennie: I think not necessarily a bad situation.
01:41:53It was kind of a slow bouncer, got schneider running in, i think best play was to get runner at first she had plenty of time to do it.
01:42:02Now you have two outs with runner on second.
01:42:04I don't think it's necessary lease a bad situation to be in.
01:42:09>> Eric: Howard now on at second.
01:42:11This is the dp, kaitlin vitek.
01:42:15She had line drive single her last time up.
01:42:17That was the top of the 5th inning when nottelmann had runners on at second and third against her.
01:42:24Yet oregon couldn't scorement second and third, nobody out.
01:42:28Oregon not able to punch across a run.
01:42:31Down to their last four outs.
01:42:36There's a good strike 0-2.
01:42:40>> Jennie: Huge strike getting ahead of vit.
01:42:42Somebody who hit nottelmann well in her last at-bat.
01:42:46Nottelmann is not worried.
01:42:47She comes right at her, gets two strikes on her and this is the best place for nottelmann to be in to throw a mix of pitches that aren't necessarily strikes.
01:42:59>> Eric: Check swing.
01:43:00Nottelmann will have to hurry.
01:43:02Throws -- out at first.
01:43:05Out at first base.
01:43:07That's going to end the inning.
01:43:09If they had called her safe steaming around third howard would have scored.
01:43:15>> Jennie: Take a look at that.
01:43:16A short hopper.
01:43:17Nottelmann picking it up kind of slow.
01:43:19It was close.
01:43:25>> Eric: Ducks can't score.
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01:45:09>> Eric: Bottom of the 6th inning.
01:45:10Missouri still on top 1-0.
01:45:11As we play home half of the 6th inning.
01:45:13Couple of errors have contributed to the excitement in the ballpark today.
01:45:20This coming early in the ball game, shortstop for missouri, general that marston with an error.
01:45:26Then the shortstop for oregon, chelsea chambers making an error.
01:45:34Michele smith and jessica mendoza demonstrate how to field a groundball in the home depot coaching in which glike the weight on the balls of your feet.
01:45:43As the ball approaches keep your glove on the ground with your hands soft bringing them up to your body.
01:45:47Set your feet to target whether or not it's second or to first base and deliver strong throw back to target.
01:46:00What do you think of mendoza's form.
01:46:04>> Jennie: She's an outfielder.
01:46:05One the best outfielders in the world.
01:46:07But she has good point, michele smith talking staying down on the ball, that's where the errors missed a little bit.
01:46:14There were hops on it forced both marston and chambers to come up on the ball which caused the error had the ball pop out of the glove.
01:46:25>> Eric: Once again, oregon plagued by the error allowing unearned run to score in the home haft of the 5th inning.
01:46:32Now leading things off in the 6th.
01:46:35This is a foul ball right side by rhea taylor.
01:46:40New third baseman nor the oregon ducks.
01:46:42Monique fuiava who committed that error an inning ago she is out.
01:46:46At least for now.
01:46:49Actually she moved across the diamond she's now at first base.
01:46:52New third baseman is cortney kivett.
01:47:030-2 Now to rhea taylor.
01:47:08>> Jennie: I think oregon against rhea taylor if that is their game machine has done a good job at pitch placing as well as just getting though swing at things they don't want her to do.
01:47:19Great job by the oregon defense.
01:47:27>> Eric: 1-2 To taylor.
01:47:28.457 Batting average coming in to this series.
01:47:32.419 Career batting average, tops all time big 12.
01:47:37Trying to get on base any way possible.
01:47:40Not going to happen.
01:47:41She's 0-3, it's second time that moore struck her out.
01:47:49Five strikeouts now for moore.
01:47:52>> Jennie: Big out for moore and for the defense.
01:47:54Not only to get rhea taylor out also to get lead runner out.
01:47:58Now you have one out you can -- can't necessarily relax, i wouldn't say relax make something happen.
01:48:05Be a little bit more relaxed on defense.
01:48:15>> Eric: Transer from georgia state one hit, two trips.
01:48:19I'm sorry, 0-2.
01:48:26On the ground.
01:48:27Shortstop chambers.
01:48:30Throws out lee.
01:48:38Just in case, sam skillingstad still getting loose in the bullpen.
01:48:44ALSO GETTING loose McKayla endicott.
01:48:54Two outs bases clear.
01:48:56Shortstop, marston.
01:49:05They play softball in the fall.
01:49:07Marston played softball on the women's team, then in the spring
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00:00:011-1 At the top of the first.
00:00:08>> Kristy zinanti with three straight walks.
00:00:12They knocked out the starting pitcher for the wildcats, kenzie eñ year at regionals at ohio state.
00:00:37>> They were winning 4-0, sixth inning.
00:00:42They realized that they gave the game away and made a commitment to themselves and realized they would never want the taste in their mouth again.
00:00:53>> Crowd responding well to sarah akamine who is coming on with two on and no one out in the first inning.
00:01:02>> We look at the bracket here on this side.
00:01:06Washington, georgia and tennessee, the surprise of the tournament so far have clifnlged clinched a spot.
00:01:15The winner of the series meets the volunteers, the upstarts, next week.
00:01:22Sarah akamine, senior, 5' 6, right hander, 348era, tossed eight pitches but got the regional clinching win over hostra university.
00:01:51She's settled into a nice number two for the staff.
00:01:55>> She did.
00:01:57She's been doing a great job.
00:02:01Last year a starting pitcher.
00:02:03This year a relief pitcher.
00:02:06As a senior, you would be threatened being overtaken by such a strong pitcher like kenzie fowler but they have a great relationship.
00:02:22>> Women's action in oklahoma city beginning on thursday, 1:00 eastern.
00:02:29For more information go to com the official home for all ncaa championships.
00:02:42>> Akamine herself is overcoming a knee injury.
00:02:49She's been struggling the last couple of weeks.
00:02:54For them to come in last weekend was a credit to her.
00:03:01Ten seat taking on byu.
00:03:06Last night arizona winning 2-1.
00:03:12Barbara jordan, team u.s.a.
00:03:19Coach, and matt.
00:03:23Byu with nobody on.
00:03:27>> First pitch from akamine.
00:03:41Quiocho down the third baseline.
00:03:47The only person going after the ball, akamine.
00:03:52>> Swung on.
00:03:55Arriola slips on the bag for one out.
00:03:59One away for byu.
00:04:02>> She takes a nice angle to make sure she keeps the ball in the infield.
00:04:09Gets her glove on and is able to toss it over for the fourth out.
00:04:23>> Ground ball, double play.
00:04:27>> A difficult situation for a pitcher to come in to.
00:04:30It's difficult to come in with runners on base, I think akamine has confidence.
00:04:41They just have to get themes out of this one inning.
00:04:46>> Swing and a miss.
00:04:50Arriola would like to break out and get byu on the board.
00:04:55A ball and a strike.
00:04:58>> Ramirez is standing off the plate.
00:05:01This may be her adjustment from yesterday.
00:05:04>> Just missed off the plate.
00:05:06>> She's looking so far inside that when you watch her stride, she's striding forward.
00:05:15A good pitcher will throw you on the outside corner if they see that happening.
00:05:22>> It is a strike, one and two.
00:05:25Swung at and fouled away.
00:05:28>> Home plate umpire, kevin wallace.
00:05:32Keith carney at first and dustin douglas the third place umpire today.
00:05:43>> Akamine misses and knocks down in the dirt, knocked down by chambers.
00:05:52>> De la house say will stay.
00:05:57Two balls, two strikes.
00:06:10Third strike out from akamine called from the bull pin.
00:06:21>> She's going for the deep ball.
00:06:27Akamine put it where she wanted to put it.
00:06:31Jessica herself comes up.
00:06:35Strike one.
00:06:45Purcell fitu, player of the year last year.
00:06:56>> One and one.
00:06:57>> This is a big situation for byu.
00:07:02They knocked on the door yesterday.
00:07:04They would like nothing more than to break through and make their offense feel like they are going in the right direction.
00:07:14>> 1-1.
00:07:15Gets it away from chambers.
00:07:17Run comes home.
00:07:19De la housey scores to tie it up.
00:07:26Chambers tries to go for a pick out of the dirt.
00:07:30With a runner on first, you want to block the ball.
00:07:36She went to pick it.
00:07:38Just got over the top of her glove.
00:07:41>> Swing and a miss.
00:07:452-2 For fitu.
00:07:47>> The scoring has to be for the byu offence.
00:07:50They are hoping they can put byu in the lead.
00:07:56>> Good score run.
00:08:00She goes down swinging.
00:08:02Great job by ark mean coming out of the pin in a tough situation as kenzie fowler is knocked out of the game.
00:08:15No one happier in the dugout than fowler.
00:10:40>> You come to arizona, you come for one reason, to win national champ shh.
00:10:50>> Playing for the coach has to be part of the formula also.
00:10:56>> The biggest ingredient.
00:10:59He knows what it takes to get his team to win.
00:11:05>> Jessica dugas making it one down.
00:11:12>> Zinanti had a tough inning, 31 pitches, 15 strikes.
00:11:17Good to see her having a good start in the second inning.
00:11:23>> That's going to be key to zinanti success.
00:11:29If she starts to fall behind, she will have to throw good pitches.
00:11:37>> Now bucchanon for arizona.
00:11:400 For 1 with a walk yesterday.
00:11:43She is a tucson native.
00:11:47>> Arizona got one in the first.
00:11:50Zinanti walked three wildcat hitters.
00:11:53Got a one run.
00:11:55In a way, a victory for byu to come out without more damage.
00:12:00>> When you walk people, it comes back to get you.
00:12:05You manage to get the inning with a run, so a great situation for them to be in.
00:12:15>> Two balls, one strike to buchannon.
00:12:22>> Starting with her, five straight left-handed hitters for arizona.
00:12:26>> One through four also lefty, foul, two and two.
00:12:34>> Mike candrea considers this his second lead up spot.
00:12:45383 On the year.
00:12:47436 This season.
00:12:49>> That's when you know things are focused.
00:12:53When you can bat like that, you know you are putting it together.
00:12:58>> Light come backer.
00:13:00>> Zinanti quick outs, eight, nine retired.
00:13:04Dealing with the top of the order again and la straps.
00:13:10You want to keep them off the bases.
00:13:13You don't want to rally knowing you are coming to the top of the order.
00:13:19It's a key job right there.
00:13:37>> We are tied up here in tucson .
00:15:46>> Let's look at it.
00:15:49>> Second hitter of the game off the pitching arm of the freshman starter.
00:15:55She's out.
00:15:57>> This changes the feel of the game going forward, guys.
00:16:02>> She had a little smile leaving the game.
00:16:05I'm sure she knows it >> a precautionary measure.
00:16:42>> Akamine has responded well from the offseason.
00:16:47Again, another excellent >> delaney willard had an excellent game at the plate yesterday.
00:17:27Two for three with a byu run.
00:17:31>> I like that I pointed it out.
00:17:34She came out aggressive swinging at the first pitches.
00:17:39>> Maybe too aggressive.
00:17:41Third strike out for akamine.
00:17:46Her third in a row.
00:17:49>> Headlines, washington -- able to get through oklahoma.
00:18:21>> She comes, throws it on the run, across the field.
00:18:25Doesn't have to throw it on a bounce.
00:18:29She can make it on her strength.
00:18:32>> Two outs for tiffany messerschmidt.
00:18:42>> She' messerschmidt.
00:18:43>> She's a player ohmidt.
00:18:44>> She's a player of the year candidate.
00:18:47>> Yesterday -- she was unbelievable.
00:18:49>> She gets my vote for player of the year hands down.
00:18:55>> Everybody was on her after game one.
00:18:58Even her father was disappointed, left the stadium, and bounced back in games two and three.
00:19:08>> I have never heard of a pitcher's father being up tiet during a softball game.
00:19:20Messerschmidt trying to slap at it.
00:19:23>> It's probably bittersweet seeing akamine on the mound.
00:19:29I'm sure they assumed they would see fowler.
00:19:36Now to see akamine, that's got to be tough.
00:19:42>> They probably watched film last night or this morning.
00:19:45The first two hitters came out and made the add justment, so akamine is a good show right now.
00:19:56>> Strike out number four for sarah akamine.
00:20:00>> Her biggest fan today is kenzie fowler.
00:20:04Arizona trying to get to oklahoma city again.
00:22:16>> Welcome back to tucson and coverage of the soft super regionals presented by capital one.
00:22:25The crowd in tucson as kenzie fowler was knocked from the game literally.
00:22:35Now she's walking across the stadium.
00:22:38We suspect she may be going to have x-rays on that right arm that took a come backer in the first inning.
00:22:52Arizona, this is their home field, but the visiting team on the scoreboard.
00:23:10Lauren schutlzer to lead off.
00:23:16Zinanti's 30 pitches, came back strong in the second.
00:23:19>> A lot of that was nerves.
00:23:24>> Down the line, foul.
00:23:27>> When you are nervous as a pitcher and get on the mound, it's hard to hone in the energy.
00:23:34You let pitches slip harder than you normally would, but it looks like zinanti came back nice in the second inning.
00:23:45>> Some pitchers.
00:23:47You never got nervous.
00:23:49>> Never.
00:23:51>> Here's two on.
00:23:53>> Any pitcher who says they don't get nervous is lying through their teeth.
00:23:59>> It's amazing how well fowler did yesterday.
00:24:04Her first face of the super regents, a hometown girl with a lot of family and friends here.
00:24:13>> She handles it well.
00:24:16She's very even keeled.
00:24:19I think that's inborn, innate, not something you can learn.
00:24:26They give a lot of credit to her parents and the way she was brought up.
00:24:36com,/espnu, become a fan and answer the questions, which returning champions failed to make it to the winning series the next year.
00:24:47Some people thought washington would join that list after oklahoma.
00:24:54Huskies rallied to get back to oklahoma city.
00:24:58>> That's what good teams do.
00:25:00You take a punch in the gut, a good team stands up to respond.
00:25:05That's what washington did.
00:25:06>> Fourth walk allowed by zinanti.
00:25:12 will have a real shot here today.
00:25:14We have to find a way to keep giving up the free passes.
00:25:19>> Arizona is a great hitting team.
00:25:21They take advantage of every at no time byu gives them.
00:25:25Zinanti needs to let the against make the play for her.
00:25:31>> Here's caylee arredondo.
00:25:37The umpire didn't tell anyone what it is.
00:25:41I guess it's a ball.
00:25:43One ball, no strikes.
00:25:46Kevin wallace late on the call.
00:25:49Here's air arredondo out to third.
00:25:54Last time up, gets this one down.
00:25:57Foul ball.
00:25:58Wallace jumps out and makes that call, one and one.
00:26:03>> The nice bunt by arredondo.
00:26:07She has a nice touch on the ball.
00:26:11It comes down, probably hit her in the batter's box.
00:26:16She's lucky she got the call while she was still in the box or she would be fouled out.
00:26:25>> Arredondo the only senior in the lineup today.
00:26:29>> What has to be nice for arredondo, akamine is now with her.
00:26:38Two seniors normally working in release most of the game.
00:26:45>> Two-1 to caylee.
00:26:49Foul again.
00:26:51It hit her, barbara.
00:26:54It got her outside the box for an out.
00:26:57Now mike candrea wants an explanation.
00:27:12>> The home plate umpire thinks it hit arredondo out of the box.
00:27:18It's going to be interesting to see it right here.
00:27:22She's still in the batter's box.
00:27:25On the bounce as it hit her, it doesn't look like a missed angle .
00:27:36So arredondo is out.
00:27:41Schutzler stays at first with one down.
00:27:45>> That's a tough call for an umpire to make.
00:27:48His view is blocked with a left-handed hitter.
00:27:56It's a judgment call at this point.
00:27:59You can't reverse it.
00:28:00You have to roll with it.
00:28:02>> Now chambers is up.
00:28:05Chambers reached a walk her last time up.
00:28:11Now jessica fitu makes a trip to the circle to talk with zinanti.
00:28:17She has had trouble finding the zone in the first inning.
00:28:23Already four walks today.
00:28:25>> She's behind chambers.
00:28:33>> You got to be careful with chambers.
00:28:36She has great power.
00:28:3831 Home runs last year.
00:28:42>> Striking the inside.
00:28:46>> The hitters are not expecting the pitch away.
00:28:51She come in hard.
00:28:53She throws the pitch hard, and it's hard to get turned on it.
00:28:59>> That one foul.
00:29:01Zinanti road one in on it.
00:29:10>> Chambers would like nothing more than to redeem herself, do damage offensively right here.
00:29:23>> It goes.
00:29:24In safely.
00:29:28>> Schutzler with the stolen base.
00:29:31Two and two count on chambers.
00:29:34She has a runner in scoring position.
00:29:36>> She does a great job on the pitch.
00:29:39The catcher mishandles the ball, so there's no chance to make the throw.
00:29:46>> The 2-2.
00:29:49>> It looks like zinanti, that's the second pitch in a row she's got off speed.
00:29:56It's a great call, but now it's a full count.
00:30:00It's dangerous to make that hit.
00:30:05>> Inside, walker.
00:30:08Walk number five for zinanti.
00:30:12We are through two and a third innings of her day.
00:30:16>> The walks are going to catch up to her.
00:30:20She can't keep walking the u of a batters.
00:30:24Sooner or later she will get hurt.
00:30:28>> Hand -- hanna howell in the byu bull pin warming up since the beginning.
00:30:37We have also seen paige affleck loosening up.
00:30:43>> I think we'll see byu use every tool they have in their bullpen.
00:30:53I think we'll probably see a fairly short use of the pitchers today, meaning if anything goes out of control, they'll sub.
00:31:09>> Outside one and two.
00:31:10>> Del ponte a walker last time.
00:31:28>> Now two and two.
00:31:31Yesterday's win against arizona the second this year.
00:31:36They beat the cougars 8-0 in february in the cathedral city towrm.
00:31:44Arizona leads four games to none.
00:31:49Trying to finish here and get on to oklahoma city.
00:31:52After getting ahead of del ponte, now three straight battles.
00:31:58>> She wants to and needs to attack the hitters.
00:32:02The more the batter stands against her pitches, the better the odds.
00:32:08>> Foul back.
00:32:12Lini korea on deck.
00:32:15She would love to hit with the bases loaded yet again.
00:32:21>> How many opportunities will you get in the came to come through in that situation?
00:32:32Here we go.
00:32:34Lini koria coming up with the juice one more time.
00:32:41>> She is thinking of her mom charlene.
00:32:44She has that picture inside her helmet.
00:32:48Charlene, her mother, died in march of a heart attack while the team was on the road.
00:32:55Here's her father who is in attendance today.
00:33:01Lini has done so much when would have been easy to nail it in for the rest of the season.
00:33:08She has stayed tough emotionally, physically and has been great in the postseason for arizona.
00:33:14>> I think having the support of her immediate family and arizona family is helping her through this hard time.
00:33:21I think one of the best quotes she ever got was, lini, be yourself.
00:33:30That advise came from her mother.
00:33:34When she hears her coach say, do it for charlene, her mom, it makes her want to do it.
00:33:47>> Koria walked with the bases loaded, last time up.
00:33:52An identical situation here in the third.
00:33:55Arizona trying to blow this open, tied at one with one out here in the arizona half inning.
00:34:04>> I'm sure arizona would love nothing more than to give akamine the support to take care of her injury.
00:34:13>> Score another couple of runs, and akamine can do her job.
00:34:18>> Inside two and 0.
00:34:22>> You mentioned last time that koria has five grand slams on the season.
00:34:28I'm speechless.
00:34:29I have never heard of five grand slams one season let alone someone's career.
00:34:36>> Give her the green light here?
00:34:41>> Absolutely.
00:34:42>> Three and 0.
00:34:43>> No.
00:34:44>> Tell her to lay off?
00:34:45>> The bases are loaded.
00:34:47There is one out.
00:34:48You want her to come.
00:34:51You want her to work.
00:34:53She will see more than one good pitch.
00:34:56>> Outside walked her on four.
00:35:022-1 Arizona.
00:35:05>> I'm kind of surprised you see zinanti looking at the bullpen.
00:35:11I'm surprised they leave her in.
00:35:16She looks exhausted.
00:35:18We talked about a short hook, this is the last chance the cougars have to get through.
00:35:27Walks won't cut it.
00:35:28You can't give free passes to a team like arizona.
00:35:32>> They were walking koria unintentionally, but intentionally.
00:35:38They wanted nothing to do with her, didn't want her to get a big hit and put the game out of reach.
00:35:45>> I think they'll make the change.
00:35:48>> Gordon eakin is talking with the home plate umpire kevin wallace.
00:35:54>> Meanwhile, the pitching coast has walked out to talk to zinanti, and we'll see paige affleck, it appears.
00:36:05She wasn't sure she was getting the call, but she is.
00:36:11Arizona back in front here in the third.
00:38:44>> Pagepaige affleck is on.
00:38:48She comes in now for kristy zinanti.
00:38:53First pitch to kristin arriola.
00:38:58Zinanti walked two wildcats.
00:39:06>> When you are in a game of this magnitude, you have to let your defense work.
00:39:12She put them in a bit of a hole.
00:39:14With the bases loaded, you want to allow yourself to get a couple of offensive runs.
00:39:22This is a tough situation for her to be put in.
00:39:26>> Chamber's scores.
00:39:28Del ponte coming home.
00:39:32She scores.
00:39:33Throw to second in time to get arriola.
00:39:37>> Holding up at third.
00:39:43>> She makes it with a strike, bases loaded and ready on the next pitch.
00:39:50One, she hits it on the ground, gets the ball to the infield and no cans chance of stealing on the arizona bases.
00:40:06>> Baillie kirker hits with two down.
00:40:10>> That is exactly what arizona wanted to do.
00:40:14We saw that affleck settled into a group pretty quickly yesterday.
00:40:22They have taken advantage of a great opportunity here in the third inning.
00:40:27Now it's 4-1.
00:40:29>> They started zinanti to give her a different look.
00:40:33You know arizona studied the film and they'll make adjustments.
00:40:39They are not going to be contained long off of one pitcher.
00:40:44Affleck coming off a great performance yesterday.
00:40:48All of the momentum is on arizona's side.
00:40:52When you have rhythm and momentum, it's if you tough for testify pitcher to have to battle that.
00:41:00>> The kirker.
00:41:01We have seen that throughout the super regional.
00:41:05Affleck has an outstanding change up.
00:41:09Yesterday she had a problem finding the strike zone with it.
00:41:13If she can bring that out today, it will be her bread and butter.
00:41:21>> Kirker hitless in the super regional.
00:41:29>> Down the line.
00:41:33It's 5-1.
00:41:58>> She does a nice job.
00:42:03Quiocho should have had a back hand and a first base on that.
00:42:09>> They give an error to quiocho.
00:42:16>> Buchannon the number nine hitter now for arizona.
00:42:19>> It's key right here that byu gets to buchannon and puts a stop to the bleeding on the top of the order.
00:42:35>> Buchannon back to the circle from the last lineup 0 for one.
00:42:42A four run inning for arizona.
00:42:46>> Shot foul.
00:42:47This is the most commanding lead for any team in the super regional so far, a 2-1 final yesterday.
00:42:59She pitched well enough to deserve a victory.
00:43:02>> She did.
00:43:03She kept her team in the ballgame the whole day.
00:43:09>> Great job.
00:43:12>> A 4-1/3 inning for arizona.
00:43:18They lead it 5-1 after two and a half.
00:45:05Had almost 3,000 yesterday, expect that or more today.
00:45:10>> Arizona taking a 4 run lead at the bottom of the third.
00:45:24>> Team one as the series gets under way.
00:45:28Coverage presented by espn 30 eastern in crystal clear high definition.
00:45:40>> Sunshining.
00:45:41It's hot, but it's not that bad because there is a breeze here.
00:45:46>> It's not nearly as hot as it was yesterday.
00:45:51A breeze is nice, but hot is hot.
00:45:53You talk to anyone in arizona and their first response is, it's dry heat.
00:46:00>> It's heat.
00:46:01It's hot.
00:46:02>> It's almost 100-degrees.
00:46:07>> Arizona, generally seeking 7:30 or later.
00:46:16This is the heat at it's hottest.
00:46:21Arizona's starter kenzie fowler in the dugout.
00:46:27Took a hit off of her arm in the first inning.
00:46:32>> Jessica dugas at the plate for byu.
00:46:35The only hitter in the game not to hit yet.
00:46:39>> What's important for byu, you don't have to score all the runs at once.
00:46:45You want to put your team in a position to win late in the game.
00:46:51>> Still waiting to get a report on fowler's status.
00:46:55As soon as we do, we'll pass it on.
00:47:00We saw her leave but came back quickly.
00:47:04We don't know if it was for x-rays or ice or what, but we'll update you as soon as we can.
00:47:11>> We saw her for a while wearing a sleeve after she took care of whatever twution it was she took care of.
00:47:21I can imagine the ice on her arm is because akamine is doing a great job.
00:47:35>> If she had to be back in the game, she would keep the sleeve on and keep it warm as possible.
00:47:42>> You are right, akamine has done a great job.
00:47:51Infield hit for jessica dugas.
00:47:54She's been doing that from the number nine spot all year.
00:48:01Del ponte wants to come across the field.
00:48:06Arredondo moving right and would have to throw back across the field left.
00:48:12>> Now the top of the order with della housey.
00:48:19>> Double run scored in the first.
00:48:21>> Right down the middle.
00:48:23Strike one.
00:48:35>> Their big hitters are doing this tournament.
00:48:41>> Ball and a strike.
00:48:44Delahoussaye has in particular done a nice job setting the table for the byu lineup.
00:48:53>> 404 Runs scored for byu this season, sixth in the nation coming into the weekend.
00:49:03>> When you are scoring that many runs, the top of our lineup is doing a good job.
00:49:09>> Most of the time when you score that many runs, it means one through nine is doing something right.
00:49:15You are not just relying on the top of the order.
00:49:19>> One through nine, only 200 -- >> did he call a strike on that?
00:49:30>> A late call.
00:49:33Two and two.
00:49:41>> Not sure if this is up in the zone.
00:49:45>> It's high to be called.
00:49:46Just a high strike.
00:49:48>> Fouled up the front foot here of delahoussaye.
00:49:53>> Stays two and two.
00:50:04>> Delahoussaye being the heart and owl of -- soul of the team.
00:50:11>> They would like to get her out of the dugout.
00:50:17>> Could be two.
00:50:18>> Not on the throw to first.
00:50:26>> Nice job by arriola.
00:50:28She puts herself into a position to give herself a flip.
00:50:35>> Arredondo fabulous with the quick release.
00:50:42>> It is tough to turn a double play in women's college soccer.
00:50:49Everything has to be perfect.
00:50:51You are talking 60 feet as posted -- opposed to 90 feet in baseball.
00:51:01>> You have three seconds to turn a double play, go from second to first.
00:51:05>> Especially when you have the leadoff hitter at the plate.
00:51:09They are generally speaking faster than anyone else in the lineup, and delahoussaye moves well.
00:51:17There was no room for error.
00:51:20Little time in softball to turn.
00:51:28>> They appeal and clayton has a strike.
00:51:32Umpire jason douglas making the call.
00:51:37>> Play coming up.
00:51:38Looking to slap here.
00:51:40Takes the barrel head out.
00:51:44>> 1-1.
00:51:44Throws her bat out there.
00:51:46Strike two.
00:51:48>> I don't know if that's swinging.
00:51:53It looked to me like she pulled bat back in time.
00:51:59>> One out here for byu as they are down now, 5-1 after a four run top of the third for arizona.
00:52:11Akamine pitch, throw to second.
00:52:20>> On the previous pitch, clayton comes through.
00:52:25I think she pulled the bat back in time, but the umpire called it.
00:52:32>> Now here's angie quiocho who is hitless in the super regional.
00:52:42Arizona's pitching staff, fowler, and now akamine kept quiocho in check.
00:52:50Strike one.
00:52:57Quiocho with 90 runs batted in.
00:53:01>> They need her thick in the lineup.
00:53:06She's a leader.
00:53:08She has been all season.
00:53:09She's throwing up tremendous numbers.
00:53:13She's feeling a bit of magnitude of the game.
00:53:18She's got such great potential to put the ball out of the park and generate a lot of momentum for her team.
00:53:27>> Yesterday we talked about the timing with the bat.
00:53:31She brings it in front of her and then back.
00:53:36She's made the adjustment bringing it back earlier than yesterday.
00:53:41Hopefully, that gives her more rhythm.
00:53:44>> It's a unique stance to say the least.
00:53:482-1, Strike two, two and two.
00:53:55>> Quiocho a senior, should be used to pressure situations.
00:53:58Keep in mind, this is byu's first trip to the super regionals.
00:54:05Even if you are a senior, the first time for anything causes nerves.
00:54:19>> Quiocho, gordon eakin's team is down four when we come back.
00:55:41>> Coach eakin, your offense has the ability to score a lot of runs and you can come from behind, but being in an elimination game, how do you stay composed?
00:55:59>> Right now, I don't like what I see.
00:56:03She's done a good job keeping us defensive.
00:56:08We have to change this game offensively.
00:56:12>> I'm sure you are prepare today face fowler.
00:56:15What adjustments have you had to have for akamine?
00:56:22>> They are two different pitchers, but our swings are defensive.
00:56:28We'll have a talk next inning and try to change that.
00:56:34>> Coach, thank you very much.
00:56:36>> Gordon eakin.
00:56:38Ever since he got the job, everything heading north.
00:56:41They have been doing a great job in provoa, two time coach of the year.
00:56:47Hands full here in the elimination year.
00:56:51If byu loses, their season is over.
00:56:58>> Britney lastrape, 0 for 2 with a run scored.
00:57:02Ball and a strike.
00:57:08This is the third time now for the arizona order.
00:57:15A scratch puts it into left field.
00:57:18It's a stand up leadoff double for britney lastrapes.
00:57:24>> It's a matter of time for lastrapes.
00:57:27When you don't have a hit in a tournament, it's a matter of time.
00:57:34She does a great job staying on the outside pitch.
00:57:43She should have taken a deeper angle to prevent it going to the wall.
00:57:51>> Now schutlzer.
00:57:56The first pitch is a foul.
00:58:02>> They are playing tight, maybe looking for a foul.
00:58:14>> Schutlzer looking to get herself on base.
00:58:17>> Two strikes.
00:58:19Caught the corner.
00:58:26>> Slap it the other way and it's fouled.
00:58:30Arizona has three hits in the game.
00:58:33Zinanti the starter for byu, before she was taken out of the game gave up seven walks, part of the reason arizona has a five run lead.
00:58:48>> That's ten base runners over a three and a half inning game.
00:58:51That's a lot of people to have on base.
00:58:56>> One/two pitch from paige affleck.
00:58:59There's the change back to the circle.
00:59:03She gets style points for the effort.
00:59:06She's not about going overhand, didn't have enough time, tried to pitch it over there.
00:59:14>> You don't see that often for a pitcher.
00:59:17A lot of times they field the ground ball, run it to first base, but if you can throw a strike to first base, she has to do it faster, because there's no way you will get the ball there on time.
00:59:32>> Now arredondo hits with nobody out.
00:59:39Arredondo 0 for two today.
00:59:41She was called out after hitting one out of the box.
00:59:46Base hit.
00:59:47This loads it up for arizona.
00:59:50Now trying to score, here comes lastrapes.
00:59:55No throw.
00:59:56Lastrapes was stopped at third base and byu was slow to get it in.
01:00:04>> A hard hit ball by arredondo.
01:00:10Candrea is holding lastrape.
01:00:14Once the bobble happens, he sends her home for an easy score.
01:00:19>> I'm going to give an error on willards.
01:00:24>> Second error on byu here today.
01:00:28It's 6-1 cats.
01:00:32Stacie chambers hits.
01:00:35Takes a strike.
01:00:39Chambers today, a pair of walks and a run scored.
01:00:43The wheels are starting to come off for byu.
01:00:48Stopping the bleeding in a hurry.
01:00:52Delahoussaye -- >> they play.
01:00:56Kristin delahoussaye.
01:00:57 out of las vegas nevada.
01:01:03Just when the cougars needed an out, she comes up aces.
01:01:10She knows exactly what to do with it.
01:01:16Chases arredondo out of the baseline and finishes the play at first base.
01:01:22>> Two outs for del ponte.
01:01:317-1 Arizona.
01:01:40>> For del ponte, her 77th run batted in yesterday became the all time freshman rbi leader here at arizona.
01:01:49She tacks on one more.
01:01:52Arizona's lead now six as koria comes up.
01:01:59>> Lini koria has been up to the plate twice today with the bases loaded.
01:02:06That is not the situation now.
01:02:08Just one aboard.
01:02:10She has walked twice and added to her rbi total, now 54th on the year: >> Paige affleck trying to come with the speed again.
01:02:23Like yesterday, she's having a hard time finding the strike zone.
01:02:28If you can come back to back with the pitch, the hitter's not expecting it.
01:02:36>> Koria, we talked about it before, when she hits it to the opposite side, she's at her best.
01:02:46She's a power hitter technically.
01:02:50>> Coach says when she's hitting low, she hits right center.
01:02:57>> That's where her grand slam against hostra went last week.
01:03:05>> Here's the 3-1.
01:03:10Walked her again.
01:03:14>> Koria's cousin linea who played here in the 2000s, had home runs past the wall.
01:03:30That's why there are greats -- grates over the windows, to protect them.
01:03:41>> They had to put up protective screening.
01:03:46Now lini is here.
01:03:49All smiles.
01:03:51A great weekend for her.
01:03:53A tough day for the byu pitchers.
01:03:57>> You see the black tower --ly any can hit that also.
01:04:07>> 2001 She hit many home runs.
01:04:14She's awarded first base, two on for arizona with two outs.
01:04:21Tennessee awaiting the winner of this super regional.
01:04:28Tennessee the surprise knocking out the two seat michigan in two strikes.
01:04:34Arriola pops it up.
01:04:36It's out of play foul.
01:04:39>> In the 2001 season, I was probably on the mound.
01:04:44>> Did you give up one?
01:04:45>> I don't remember.
01:04:46I assume I did.
01:04:48She can hit the ball a mile.
01:04:51I'm sure that's why they have protection on the score scoreboard too.
01:04:59>> Nice job on the change up.
01:05:01>> You are a great sport bringing that up.
01:05:04You are not too proud.
01:05:06>> Never.
01:05:07We had great games against arizona.
01:05:12>> Arriola a two run single her last time up.
01:05:16She's down in 0 and 2 with paige affleck.
01:05:26>> I am proud to say kristin arriola did well at my high school.
01:05:33It's nice to see her representing our little city.
01:05:38>> There are no little cities in california.
01:05:43>> I guess comparatively speaking, where we come from is little.
01:05:50>> Arriola 5' 5 sophomore, nicknamed booboo, as in bear.
01:06:00>> Two runs, the score for arizona.
01:06:10>> 9-1 Wildcats.
01:06:13>> I think they are hearing that in oklahoma city.
01:06:16This crowd is really alive now, almost 3,000 fans here today on this memorial weekend.
01:06:23They are getting an offencive treat.
01:06:26>> They are getting everything they came here for.
01:06:30>> Right now, arizona's offense is putting it together.
01:06:35They can smell it.
01:06:39>> Seven hits today for arizona, kirker hits.
01:06:49>> Kirker 0 for 2 reached on an error last time up.
01:06:53She's struggled all season at the plate, but now all the pressure should be off of this freshman.
01:07:00The game is in hand, supposedly here.
01:07:04>> What would be nice is that the coach leaves her in because he believes in her.
01:07:09It would be a good thing to have an at bat.
01:07:15>> There it is.
01:07:17>> Base hit.
01:07:22>> 10-1.
01:07:26>> That's what kirker needed.
01:07:29>> That goes a long way for her.
01:07:35>> There is kenzie fowler knocked out of this game in the first inning.
01:07:40She's all smiles.
01:07:46>> Kirker finally gets the hit she wants.
01:07:49Sees the right score.
01:07:50Comes back with her coach.
01:07:52She's happy.
01:07:53You can see the smile.
01:07:57Yes, I knew it was in me.
01:07:59>> Arizona has knocked out its second pitcher from the game as hanna howell is going to come on.
01:08:08Affleck leaves.
01:08:09It's 10-1 arizona.
01:09:47>> There's paige affleck.
01:09:48She is out of the game now.
01:09:50That look says it all.
01:09:52Arizona with four in the third, five in the fourth.
01:09:57It's 10-1.
01:09:58It appears they are a little bit closer now to oklahoma city for the 22nd time in program history.
01:10:08Hanna howell has come into the circle for the cougars, 3 and 1 on the year.
01:10:13This is her 25th appearance.
01:10:16She will lead affleck in the february game against arizona too.
01:10:23>> Hanna has not had a lot of action, but byu is doing everything to get through the game.
01:10:31>> They are trying to stop the bleeding.
01:10:34You will see her try to get her team out of this inning.
01:10:38>> Second, nice play by delahoussaye.
01:10:43Good job out of the pen.
01:10:44We talk with mike candrea who should be very pleasant when we come back.
01:10:53You've never held itin your hand, then unleashed itwith a fingertip.
01:10:57Never watched pixels whip byat 1 Ghz and had your neuronsstruggle to keep up.
01:11:04You've never seen fast.
01:11:06Because you've neverseen this.
01:11:08The Droid Incredible by HTC.
01:11:11With a 1GHz Snapdragonprocessor, it's nothingshort of its name.
01:11:57>> All arizona back here in tucson as we go to the bottom of the fourth inning.
01:12:03Coach candrea joins us now.
01:12:05>> You must be proud of akamine getting out of that situation.
01:12:10How much motivation was it for her and her team to see her come in and get the job done, striking out the first four out of five batters.
01:12:20>> It was huge.
01:12:21It was a crazy start of the came.
01:12:24I told her, go out there and have fun.
01:12:28She did a hell of a job to get out of that inning.
01:12:31We have put plays on the board and things are good now.
01:12:36>> Can you give us an update on fowler?
01:12:39>> Yeah, she's fine.
01:12:41>> Thank you, we appreciate it.
01:12:44>> You got it.
01:12:46>> Man of so many words.
01:12:48There is kenzie.
01:12:50She's throwing over there.
01:12:52She is fine, it appears.
01:12:55Ramirez, self detail and willard to follow.
01:13:21Game is getting late and byu down nine now.
01:13:27>> Sarah akamine has done a stellar job in relief.
01:13:33First pitch swinging ramirez.
01:14:05>> Again, an early swing.
01:14:094-3 Put out as arriola makes a nice play on the charge.
01:14:14>> Nice play by arriola.
01:14:17>> The first thing you want to do is charge as hard as you can.
01:14:23>> Arriola gets a nice charge, nice bounce.
01:14:28She has the strength and athleticism to throw back behind her.
01:14:33>> Now willard hits.
01:14:35She is a strikeout victim in her only appearance at the plate.
01:14:40Byu would have to score two in the next four outs.
01:14:44It's an eight run rule after five full.
01:14:50>> Do you like that rule?
01:14:52>> Putting you on the spot, barbara.
01:14:56>> I mean -- I think -- I like it.
01:15:00I like it because it shows you take away and give the team respect.
01:15:06Some games can get out of hand.
01:15:09I don't like to see anyone lose by large ams of numbers.
01:15:15>> Embarrassed?
01:15:16>> Yeah.
01:15:17You can ask coaches across the country, and there are different opinions about it.
01:15:24The lower schools are going to be people in favor of it.
01:15:28>> Two strikes the count.
01:15:32>> Akamine wastes one and two.
01:15:34>> I like the way she's attacked the zone, amanda, working ahead of the hitters ea she is here.
01:15:44>> She's not scared.
01:15:46She goes right at the lineup.
01:15:49She's hammering the strike zone.
01:15:53>> Arriola with a one, two, three inning for akamine after getting the big lead at the top of the inning.
01:18:30>>> We may be in the final inning of this game.
01:18:35It's a 9-1 run.
01:18:40Byu would have to score two to keep this from being a five run affair.
01:18:47>> Byu fans have made the trip.
01:18:49They are hoping to hold on to make this a three game regional.
01:18:55Looks like there is moving around and defensive substitutions for byu.
01:19:03Whitney thomas has moved into right field.
01:19:06There you see her.
01:19:08>> Catch you up-to-date.
01:19:10Exactly what byu has done thomas is in right.
01:19:21>> Lastrapes, a pair of hits,.
01:19:29A double and a run scored in the fourth.
01:19:32>> Two strikes.
01:19:34>> Lastrape can do it all.
01:19:37She's come from such a great background.
01:19:40She was a member of the championship team.
01:19:58>> Wildcats may be moments away from going to the women's series for the 22nd time in history.
01:20:07Freed won an olympic medal.
01:20:19>> An infield hit.
01:20:20It's been that kind of day for byu.
01:20:35>> Fowler, the story of this game, left the game with an injury to her pitching arm.
01:20:43Second hitter of the game, jc clayton knocked her out.
01:20:50>> The arizona fans and her team are hoping it's not series for fowler.
01:20:55She looks like she's okay, keeping it elevated, doing the things she needs to do.
01:21:02>> We heard from mike candrea, she was all right.
01:21:07>> I don't think he was going to tell you anything.
01:21:09>> Short and sweet answer.
01:21:12>> Whitney thomas the only change.
01:21:14The sixth spot in the byu order.
01:21:17She's out in right field for the cougars.
01:21:23>> Caylee being a senior, this could be her last at bat on what is known as her home field.
01:21:33>> The short high chopper, throw in time.
01:21:37Maybe that was her last at bat here at home, a field that has been so good to her over her four years.
01:21:46I had to laugh when we had our meeting with the team this week.
01:21:51She said, I know my dirt.
01:21:54She's been a great stop for the wildcats over four seasons and made great plays over the years.
01:22:03>> The coach is proud of her for how much she's matured over the last few years.
01:22:10You want your players to be great players, but you want them to grow as people.
01:22:17He's proud of caylee for that fact.
01:22:23>> Strike one and one.
01:22:25Chambers a couple of walks and a double play.
01:22:32>> Looking ahead to the byu, bottom of the order.
01:22:40They would need to score two runs to keep this game alive.
01:22:45>> I think byu -- the big thing last year was ohio state.
01:22:50When they had the bad case after the reemg regionals.
01:22:58What they don't want to do is leave anything out on the field.
01:23:03They don't want to wish they had given more.
01:23:06They have had such huge strides in the program.
01:23:10They want to leave with a good taste in their mouth and hungry next year to do more.
01:23:21>> Coach eakin has done a great job as head coach.
01:23:26>> He has done a fantastic job.
01:23:29They are getting more wins and more wins.
01:23:33This season has put them over the tops.
01:23:36>> Runners at first and second.
01:23:38Two outs.
01:23:40Del ponte comes up.
01:23:43>> Coach eakin also talks about steppingstones.
01:23:47He realizes his team has never been to the super regionals before.
01:23:54This will give his team growth.
01:23:58>> Can't be happy with the nine watts his pitchers have given up.
01:24:07>> Zinanti walked seven wildcats before being taken out, starting the problem for byu.
01:24:15>> That was a speed pitch for a strike.
01:24:21Paige affleck the pitcher yesterday, who was brilliant, was injured as well.
01:24:29>> Arizona has made nice adjustments against the byu pitching staff.
01:24:37>> As you point out, they'll give seven free passes on base.
01:24:41You will get the big hits, and that's what the arizona offense did.
01:24:48Scoring three runs in the third and five in the fourth, too many base runners.
01:24:54>> May be the last chance for byu.
01:24:57We may be moments away from the arizona celebration.
01:25:01A nine run advantage for arizona.
01:25:04They lead it big.
01:25:11>> The ncaa softball super regionals, official credit card of the women's college series, and in part by state farm.
01:25:23Find an agent or get a quote at state
01:27:37>> 2001 Arizona title, taking out ucla.
01:27:51In '07, they did it again.
01:27:54Three titles in the first decade of the 21st century.
01:28:01Arizona and tennessee could meet again next week.
01:28:05>> Each of those celebrations, they have a great pitcher on the mound.
01:28:10This year, no different having kenzie fowler out there for them at the college world series.
01:28:19>> A man thinking about buying real estate in oklahoma city.
01:28:26He's there so often.
01:28:29Ucla with ten.
01:28:30That leads everybody.
01:28:32Amanda, you were part of the title team for the bruins.
01:28:36>> Yes, I was.
01:28:37It's an exciting time of year.
01:28:39You are lucky to make it there, let alone have a championship.
01:28:47Arizona is no stranger to the crowd either.
01:28:51>> You are seeing the sec winning championships and other leagues as well.
01:29:01Byu needs base runners.
01:29:03That's a good sign for college softball.
01:29:08It's more parody now, year to year.
01:29:12>> There are a lot of girl also playing softball in programs that continue to grow.
01:29:18Title nine, you have so many opportunities now.
01:29:21Everyone can go to the same conference.
01:29:25We are getting scattered around and the games keep getting we better.
01:29:31>> And you have to give credit to the coach that is teach the game.
01:29:40They continue to make the game better.
01:29:43That continues to help the game grow.
01:29:46>> Pinch runner for byu, krista hicks is going to run for advance kellum.
01:29:54Byu needs to score two runs to keep the game going.
01:30:00It's an eight run rule after five.
01:30:09>> It's been a beautiful performance for sarah akamine out of the bullpen.
01:30:18She was called on just three hitters out of the game.
01:30:24She was called on right away.
01:30:36Our capital one player of the game -- sarah akamine.
01:30:42>> Fowler was brilliant yesterday but knocked out of the game when she was hit in the arm with a line drive.
01:30:52>> We have word from mike candrea -- a brief statement -- that fowler is okay.
01:31:08>> Got it!
01:31:12>> Great pitch by akamine.
01:31:16>> Akamine has been doing a tremendous job hammering, getting the strike out in a critical inning.
01:31:29>> Strike out number five for akamine.
01:31:32>> She was the eighth last year.
01:31:34You know, a coach knows his player.
01:31:38No time to go to two.
01:31:40Not in time there either.
01:31:44>> Runners at first and second for byu with one away.
01:31:55>> She gets a nice high hop.
01:31:58When the ball is in the air, there's nothing you can do as a defender.
01:32:04>> Now the top of the order for the cougars, dell housey, a double and two plate appearances.
01:32:13>> This is low.
01:32:15>> Byu needs two to keep the game alive.
01:32:20>> It's an eight run rule after five.
01:32:23>> I think it's important for byu really to leave this inning strong and leave the game with a good taste in their mouth.
01:32:35>> Vance kellum with hicks.
01:32:39Hicks scores and it's now 10-2.
01:32:44>> That's a nice job by schutzler.
01:32:50At this point and time t lead runner means nothing.
01:32:59 clayton will hit as byu shows signs of life.
01:33:10>> Strike one.
01:33:32>> What a great opportunity for clayton to get herself on base.
01:33:42You have quiocho up.
01:33:47I'm sure she would love to prove ers herself.
01:33:55>> Just missed outside.
01:34:12>> Akamine has a solid defense behind her.
01:34:22>> The second became, arriola.
01:34:51>> We see auk akamine one run away.
01:35:21>> Angeline quiocho who holds every record at byu, she could be a hero and prolong the game.
01:36:07Mike andrea, the head coach for the wildcats has been saying, ladies, embrace the moment.
01:36:20Oklahoma city, here they come again.
01:36:35>> For the 22nd time, arizona is going to the women's college series.
01:36:43>> They have finished strong at the super regionals with a 10-2 victory.
01:36:50They have a great offensive attack in batters one through nine.
01:36:56>> How uplifting having akamine back in the circle.
01:37:02Byu put up a great show here.
01:37:06What can you say, they have the experience and maturey.
01:37:10They are on the way to oklahoma city.
01:37:14>> 10-2 The final.
01:37:15>> What a series for arizona.
01:37:18This has been a presentation for worldwide sports.
01:37:24I'm clay.
01:37:28>> If you are on espn, we send stewart in the studio.
01:37:35The 22nd time arizona will be in the women's college series.
01:37:39They >> thank you very much.
01:37:46 stewart with stacey nuveman.
01:37:47Yes, arizona out of the women's college world series for the 22nd time.
01:37:52That's 2nd most in history.
01:37:53Only to ucla's 24.
01:37:55The bruins trying to make it 25 this year.
01:37:58You look at the storyline in this game.
01:38:00Right away, stacey, akamine comes to mind.
01:38:03>> Akamine absolutely was phenomenal today.
01:38:07She came off the bench in the 1st inning with the unexpected knocking out of fowler and was flawless.
01:38:15Did not make mistakes.
01:38:16A little at the end.
01:38:17Byu put up a bit of a fight.
01:38:20Akamine did her job and kept the cats in their game and their offense exploded for big runs.
01:38:26No long balls, no home runs, but they kept hitting away and got themselves back into oklahoma city.
01:38:34>> Fowler knocked out of the came 3 batters in.
01:38:37Her coach mike candrea said she will be fine.
01:38:40That's all he had to say.
01:38:42Plenty of time to rest up before the women's college world series starts next thursday in oklahoma city.
01:38:47You talked about long balls.
01:38:48A team thated wells the nation in long ball.
01:38:53Hawaii taking on alabama in tuscaloosa.
01:39:02>> The 1st game was alabama all over the place.
01:39:03They got a lot of production.
01:39:08GETTING RBIs.
01:39:13The 1st game was all alabama.
01:39:16>> [Cheers and applause].
01:39:19>> She was crushing the ball.
01:39:19That 1st game with 8 hits.
01:39:21>> They win by the mercy rule.
01:39:26Hawaii got back to their home run.
01:39:37>> Hawaii said we have not given up.
01:39:38We are in the fight to the end.
01:39:43The 2nd home run of the end.
01:39:53>> Traci yoshikawa goes yard.
01:39:54That's a ncaa record.
01:40:00>> It's a lot of fun.
01:40:02>> Alabama down 7-1.
01:40:04THEY COME BACK 5th.
01:40:05There is locke again.
01:40:11We know about lunceford.
01:40:15The pinch hit grand slam won the world series last year.
01:40:18Comes through again.
01:40:19ALL THE WAY FROM 1st.
01:40:21Alabama down 7-5.
01:40:233 Batters later.
01:40:27It's 7-6.
01:40:27Fenton back up the box.
01:40:31Alabama faces a 7-7 game.
01:40:32>> You have to believe that everybody in hawaii were sweating it out.
01:40:39>> No grand slam here for iguodala.
01:40:48Hawaii goes up 8-7.
01:40:50The 2-time all-american charlotte morgan with bases loaded.
01:40:55She pops out.
01:40:57Hawaii survives and force a game eastern on espn.
01:41:03Alabama's 28 game winning streak is over.
01:41:05It's their 1st loss since march 28th against florida.
01:41:09The number 1 team in the nation pushed to a 3rd and deciding game tomorrow.
01:41:15Look: a tale of 2 games.
01:41:18Hawaii shutout in game 1 for the 1st time since mid march.
01:41:22They put up 8 runs and game 3 coming up tomorrow.
01:41:27We look ahead to tomorrow.
01:41:30>> Alabama will doctor dunne back in the circle.
01:41:35Hawaii has confidence but i think alabama will get it done.
01:41:37>> 4 Teams through to the world series.
01:41:412 From the pac-10 and 2 from the sec.
01:41:43A couple more games.
01:41:45Stacey nuveman and I will see you later on.
01:41:49Now time for sports with will selva and bram weinstein.
01:42:071St a game at yankee stadium.
01:42:09>> A wild one in the bronx.
01:42:10Here we go.
01:42:1215 Years ago today, derek jeter made his debate with the bronx bombers.
01:42:19He went for us: 4 by the way.
01:42:22>> Having fun.
01:42:25Airedoo a-rod calling everyone off.
01:42:28Jeter said you don't have to do that.
01:42:31We know.
01:42:32You are going to catch it.
01:42:37Jeter and an impression of a-rod.
01:42:41Bottom of the 3rd things turn scary.
01:42:42A-rod at the plate.
01:42:43And hits a shot off david huff's head.
01:42:48Nick swisher comes into score.
01:42:52Huff in obvious pain on the ground.
01:42:58A-rod hopes huff is okay.
01:42:59Huff had to leave the game.
01:43:02Taken off on a stretcher in a neck brace.
01:43:06That's what you want to see.
01:43:08Huff waving to the crowd as he leaves.
01:43:11Taken to the hospital.
01:43:14The cat scan on his head was negative.
01:43:19Robinson cano brings home jeter and nick swisher.
01:43:22Yankees up 7-3.
01:43:27Later bases loaded.
01:43:27He singles to center.
01:43:31Mark tiexeira come on in.
01:43:33New york scores 6 runs in the forth.
01:43:37They were coasting.
01:43:37It appeared to be an easy win.
01:43:38Not so fast.
01:43:39TOP OF THE 7th.
01:43:42India chiles down.
01:43:43Bases loaded.
01:43:44Lou off chamberlain.
01:43:502 Runs are in.
01:43:57Indian downs 10-9.
01:43:59Donald goes opposite field.
01:44:03Indians take the lead 11-10.
01:44:05The next batter.
01:44:08Crow singled to right.
01:44:10Jaba gave up 4 runs and 4 hits.
01:44:12Indians up 12-10.
01:44:17They take a 2-run lead.
01:44:20Bottom of the 9th indians up 13-11.
01:44:22And wood faces swisher and swisher will go down swinging.
01:44:27As the yankees end up losing this one 13-11.
01:44:39>> Florida international wittels is a hitting machine, extending his streak to 53 games.
01:44:47An infield single.
01:44:48He is 5 games back of robin ventura's division 1 record.
01:45:00Garrett joins us now.
01:45:00You were 0 for 4 in your final at bat.
01:45:06How heavily was the streak weighing in on you?
01:45:08>> Thanks for having me.
01:45:12I was trying not to think about it.
01:45:15I knew I had to get on base.
01:45:21You was just looking for a good pitch to hit.
01:45:24I got a fastball over the plate.
01:45:26>> What was going through your MIND AS YOU WERE SLIDING TO 1st?
01:45:32>> I was just really excited knowing that the tying run would be on base.
01:45:37I tried to get on base as much as I can for my team.
01:45:41>> You faced a 3-0 count, what would you have done at the plate differently perhaps?
01:45:47>> Hmmm, if it was a good pitch, I probably would have swung.
01:45:51Coach gave me the green light.
01:45:53If it was out of the zone, i would not have swung.
01:45:59Knowing they need to bring the go-ahead run to the plate.
01:46:03>> How has this streak served as motivation for your team?
01:46:06>> I think a lot of different people throughout the line-up are starting to feed on it.
01:46:13Confuse confuse every day someone else starts to step up.
01:46:20Junior got 3 hits.
01:46:22Every day someone else is steping in the line-up.
01:46:25>> Patton had a big blow today.
01:46:29What was going through your mind when that sailed over the fence, no doubt about it?
01:46:33>> I was so excited.
01:46:34Scott was on two days rest.
01:46:36I knew we just needed to get the lead.
01:46:40Jamie was swinging the bat well.
01:46:42Once I got my hit, I knew he would take care of the rest.
01:46:47>> Garrett wittels is a regular on espn.
01:46:49We you have on speed dial.
01:46:54Good luck to you and thankfor joining us.
01:46:57>> Hopefully I can talk to you after we win the conference tournament.
01:47:01>> [Laughing].
01:47:02>> Somebody tasered the mj statue outside of the united center.
01:47:10Notice the skates on the statue.
01:47:13They are reebok.
01:47:15Look at the smile on the face of barry melrose.
01:47:19>> Don't tase me.
01:47:20>> That's pure defacement of the statue.
01:47:23>> With the helmet on.
01:47:34Stanley cup finals tonight.
01:47:37Forwards, philadelphia or chicago?
01:47:38>> I really like the chicago forwards who are very talented.
01:47:41I think the best group of forwards in the nhl are the philadelphia flyers.
01:47:48Lead by mike richards.
01:47:50They have other guys playing great.
01:47:56Gagne and a number of other guys.
01:47:59>> On defense we have the toothless wonder and for the flyers chris pronger.
01:48:04>> I like the chicago blackhawks.
01:48:08Because of seabrook, they are deeper than the fill filled -- the philadelphia flyers.
01:48:15They will pay off in games 6 and 7.
01:48:23>> Leighton has been on 7 different teams.
01:48:33What goal tender do you want?
01:48:36>> Nieme.
01:48:38He is the guy right now.
01:48:39>> Chicago doesn't lose on the radar.
01:48:43Philadelphia overcayman 0-3 hole.
01:48:45>> Who has the intangible heres?
01:48:50>> Philadelphia.
01:48:503 Goals down in game 7.
01:48:52That team believes in themselves and believes they can beat anybody.
01:48:55I love that fact.
01:48:57Philadelphia flyers have the intangibles.
01:49:00>> Sounds like it will be a good series.
01:49:01We need a prediction.
01:49:03Who wins.
01:49:03>> I loved chicago since day one.
01:49:06I see no reason to change.
01:49:08I love the depth scoring and the skilled guys and the golt goal tending.
01:49:15You will have to win a game in philadelphia sooner or later.
01:49:16>> The blackhawks is barry melrose's pick.
01:49:20We have one more challenge for barry melrose as the stanley cup finals begin tonight.
01:49:25>> Another one?
01:49:26>> Yes.
01:49:27>> Better hair.
01:49:27Or better mullet.
01:49:28The one that patrick cane is sporting or the one of our own barry melrose?
01:49:36Check out this look.
01:49:37>> He is a good looking kid.
01:49:39He is very, very bright.
01:49:40I am sure he is do modeling down the road in chicago.
01:49:44With my age and experience, I am ahead of him.
01:49:49He is an unbelievable player.
01:49:52No comparison between me and him as players.
01:49:56>> He doesn't work the product as well as you do.
01:49:59>> He doesn't need to.
01:50:00>> Barry melrose, thanks.
01:50:02>> Do you know what unsung hero is the key for the blackhawks?
01:50:07Find out route r -- right now on
01:50:13All of the coverage with local chicago insight.
01:50:15>> The 1st race at indannapolis motor speedway should be been named the indy 5.
01:50:23In 1909, it was just 5 miles.
01:50:26That's not enough time to get the grill started.
01:50:29The original brick racing circuit is covered byas -- asphalt and speeds have increased.
01:50:40The drivers will tell you it's the difference between victory and disaster.
01:50:47>> ♪♪ ♪♪
01:50:53>> indy 500, that's when you put everything on the line.
01:50:56You want to get across that line 1st.
01:51:00It seems like such a jimmy valvanole design.
01:51:03It's not.
01:51:04When the sun is out, and the clouds come over.
01:51:07It's always changing.
01:51:10>> If you look at it on paper.
01:51:18The 4 corners should be the same banking, but they are not.
01:51:21This track is unique because the long straights and right angle corners, with relative low banking.
01:51:29>> It's absolutely the fastest race.
01:51:32We are doing over 230 miles per hour.
01:51:36>> The temperature can change 5 or 10 degrees and the wind can change direction a little bit.
01:51:40All of a sudden, this car that was fantastic and you felt you could win, it's a piece of crap and you don't want to drive it because it's trying toy throw you into the wall every corner.
01:51:52>> It's such a long race.
01:51:54You can't get through without a scare.
01:51:57>> Oh no, another crash.
01:52:00>> That stuff when it comes to blueprinting day, you can't plan for it.
01:52:06>> We have a crash.
01:52:07>> He can't believe his race is over before lap 1.
01:52:13>> I think with the blueprint for the indy 500, you crush them up and throw hem away.
01:52:19>> When you think you have a handle locked on the speedway, it comes up and bites you in the butt.
01:52:28The track will pick the winner.
01:52:30It's her choice.
01:52:31You can't force it.
01:52:35>> Every time I was in the lead, which was 7 times in a row, and something happened to me.
01:52:41>> This guy has no luck at all here.
01:52:45>> You can win this race and be THE KING IN A 2nd .
01:52:51But you can lose in a 2nd as well.
01:52:59>> If I moved low early, he was going to go high.
01:53:02If I moved with him, we were going to crash.
01:53:05>> Who is going to win?
01:53:07>> You have to respect the danger and the speeds.
01:53:09>> Last year was a very, very bad day.
01:53:12I left the pit with something still attached.
01:53:20That caused a big fire.
01:53:20The car was fine but I had a very big crash.
01:53:24I broke my back and had to stay out for the rest of the season.
01:53:27My blueprint for this year is to have a good day.
01:53:32>> Oh, my ideal blueprint of a race.
01:53:37I lap the whole field by 2 laps.
01:53:39Cross the finish line.
01:53:40Have my milk, get my beautiful face and the trophy and I can brag about it for the rest of my life, I am the 500 winner.
01:53:52>> Tony, I am hearing nonsense that you are wining this thing.
01:53:57Look in your mirror.
01:53:58That big red target car is coming up behind you.
01:54:01>> The greatest spectacle in racing.
01:54:05Watch the indannapolis 500 noon eastern sunday on abc.
01:54:10>> Nascar, carl edwards battled the pole today.
01:54:17See if he can get his 1st nationwide victory of the season.
01:55:21(Alarm rinng) ♪♪
01:55:41GIRLS: "Are You OK?" (Crowd cheering) get espn's world cup coverage >> "sportscenter" is brought to you by: " nationwide series in charlotte.
01:58:17Kyle busch.
01:58:18Boy, he owns this circuit.
01:58:20Won back herelast on "sportscenter".
01:58:23Kyle busch called for a penalty speeding out of pit road. pass-through.
01:58:32Pushing him back to 32nd base.
01:58:35He is two laps down now.
01:58:38Kasey kahne takes an unscheduled pit stop.
01:58:41They had to change the battery on the car.
01:58:44You'd think they would have checked that.
01:58:47He would fall from first to th.
01:58:49He's two laps down.
01:58:51Lap 138, triver baits spinning out heading to pit road.
01:58:56That brings out a caution and that helps out busch, who was way in the back of the pack but early enough to make up for it.
01:59:03The leaders would pit during the caution.
01:59:06Busch would you say -- would pick up three laps and blornlts he took the lead.
01:59:14Holding off brad kess allows ski for the lead.
01:59:18He's won four of the last eight nationwide races.
01:59:23>> A busy night, including game six of the western fonches -- conference finals between the lakers and suns, also game one of the stanley cup finals.
01:59:31>> For those of you on espn news, stick around there for all the day's events.
00:00:00He leader.
00:00:10Quinzani again.
00:00:11Steve schoeffel.
00:00:12He grew up in charlottesville and went to the virginia lacrosse camp and told by virginia he wasn't quite good enough to play for them and played at duke and has basketball of a lot of duke wins against uva.
00:00:25>> Quint: We got our guys.
00:00:27We don't need you.
00:00:30>> Sean: And his dad may be the biggest uva all-around sports fans and follows all the uva sports and tells you what's happening on the tennis team.
00:00:42Turri, stop and go.
00:00:44Critical possession for duke trying to end the three goals in a row scored by virginia.
00:00:52And a stall warning against duke.
00:00:54They must keep it in the box.
00:00:57>> Quint: And this is where coach danowski needs to get toe officials if the stall goes the turnover is imminent.
00:01:12>> Sean: The goal from hall!
00:01:19A turnover by virginia when they lost it on the end line and perhaps momentum exchange from zach howell.
00:01:30Second goal of the night.
00:01:3249Th of the year.
00:01:33>> Quint: Fatigue shows up on the perimeter on defense.
00:01:35This is a communication error.
00:01:36You have two virginia cavs step out at schoeffel and kicks it back to howell.
00:01:47>> Sean: Duke attackman taken out of the game in the first half by virginia defensively.
00:01:56Ned crotty, quinzani and howell all keys to the second half rally by the blue devils.
00:02:01The lead back to two.
00:02:05Costabile locked up by mcdermott and he's rised to the occasion on the faceoffs and costabile and loose ball goes just possession.
00:02:24Magic by costabile and thompson lets one fly and virginia keeps it.
00:02:31>> Quint: They've carried the ball to the zone, north, south, he's earned that sweat.
00:02:39>> Sean: Warm and humid eve nick here in baltimore.
00:02:44Thompson trying to avoid this being his last game and that's a reality right now for virginia down by two and carroll's shot bounced wide.
00:02:5842Nd shot by virginia.
00:03:01Steele stanwick.
00:03:04Right to the only of the crease.
00:03:09Tough battle by stanwick.
00:03:183:20 To go.
00:03:24Bratton bounced by molinari and molinari all over him.
00:03:32Rhamel to shamel.
00:03:35Let's it go.
00:03:35Blocked out in front, picked.
00:03:39By david lawson.
00:03:42>> Quint: This is where coach danowski can use a time-out potentially.
00:03:47>> Sean: There it is.
00:03:49>> Quint: Molinari and manley standing toe to toe with shamel bratton.
00:03:57>> Sean: So one time-out left for each team.
00:04:06Duke has the ball and a two-point lead when we come back.
00:04:59>> Sean: Turning night game of runs and virginia led 8-5 and duke scored seven in a row, virginia responded with three straight until the goal amoment ago by zach howell.
00:05:12Here's the game track by coke zero.
00:05:19>> Quint: Rhamel bratton comes back and makes it 12-9 and bocklet's been exceptional.
00:05:26Accuracy is ridiculous.
00:05:27Carroll the senior, he won't go down without a fight.
00:05:33Howell from downtown potentially outside his range and just puts that one in the corner.
00:05:39>> Sean: Three goals for turri, four goals for chris bocklet of virginia.
00:05:46Virginia had the edge and play through most of the first half.
00:05:51And a two-goal lead at the half but duke has had the edge in play for john danowski.
00:06:00>> Dom starsia told his team though there's three minutes left to matchup with the offensive player show offensive players can double-team somebody below the goal and pull th goalie >> Sean: That's ghitelman chasing the ball, number eight.
00:06:18Important battle for possession and the goalie with it and here comes virginia, matt lovejoy way with the pass.
00:06:27And good maneuver they go around high.
00:06:30Lovejoy still with it.
00:06:33Bocklet and launches it wildly and it's a terrible turnover.
00:06:45>> Quint: On the pass he threw -- you see the motion he light colored shirt out of corner, me peripheral vision I think he thought the referee was his teammate.
00:07:04>> Sean: I think you're right.
00:07:05That's where the pass went.
00:07:10Jonathan livadas, graduate students and came for one year at duke and he fit in and schoeffel trying to get it and he can move for a big guy and 6'2", 215 and steele stanwick has them right back in the game down by one, 1:50 remaining.
00:07:52>> Quint: Ground ball, lapierre speed creates the problem and you see two defenders stop the ball and stanwick's got the near shot and find the side-arm release.
00:08:09Lapierre does the dirty work and stanwick converts, game on.
00:08:13>> Sean: Hat trick for stanwick.
00:08:16Sophomore's 29th goal of the year and three goals and two assists.
00:08:22One-goal game, 1:50 to go.
00:08:26One-goal games have not been kind to duke for the final four.
00:08:30Here comes virginia right off the break, set high and wide by bocklet.
00:08:36What a great chance and got it to their leading goal score he and he missed.
00:08:40Such an accurate shooter ordinarily.
00:08:47A time-out left for each team.
00:08:49Virginia trying to tie it again.
00:08:54Regardless of the circumstances a backdrop it's been a game played with great effort and emotion on both sides.
00:09:03Brian carroll ties it for virginia!
00:09:27>> Quint: Senior's got the hat trick and he's got 94 career goals including 12 game winners.
00:09:34Maybe none more important than this shot.
00:09:36>> Sean: That ties the virginia record for most goals in a career by a midfielder, pete ELDRIDGE IN THE 70s AND NONE Bigger than that one for carroll trying to stave off the hend of his collegiate career.
00:09:53Two straight goals for virginia.
00:09:5621 to go and costabile to faceoff.
00:10:02Ball free, scooped up and offereded high.
00:10:09And the whistle and time-out.
00:10:11John danowski will use his last.
00:10:15Now we talked about one-goal games for duke at the final four.
00:10:20They've been to the national championship game twice have the blue devils in '05 and '07 and one goal loss to johns hopkins and lost in the semifinal to johns hopkins in 2008.
00:10:38This game looks like it's going to be decided by one goal.
00:10:44What's the approach here now, quint for duke?
00:10:48Obviously they'd love to get it in the hands of crotty and quinzani.
00:10:54>> Quint: And see them diagramming a play.
00:10:55One thing they haven't shown is ned crotty carrying the ball up top in a midfield position to the 1-4-1 set similar to basketball when the team goes 1-4 with the point guard up top and everyone else at the baseline.
00:11:10One thing that hasn't shown tonight in the past they've had success >> Sean: Two outstanding lacrosse programs.
00:11:23Both have endured so much of the the field and everyone's focus on the final minute and six seconds that will send one of them off tie national championship game and the other one home it a bitter defeat and there's also the prospect of overtime and it would be sudden victory.
00:11:53>> Quint: These fans have rallied behind virginia the uva champ down 12-8.
00:12:10>> Sean: And that we are told is the little sister of yeardley love and george huguely, virginia men's player in jail charged with yeardley's murder.
00:12:26The love family's been very supportive of both the men and women's program.
00:12:31Dom starsia said that's why they have continued.
00:12:35One minute to go.
00:12:36The winner will play notre dame.
00:12:41Monday is the national championship game it.
00:12:46Quinzani off for schoeffel and turri has shown he can score from beyond ten yards out.
00:12:5243 Seconds to go.
00:12:53Howell out of the box for a moment and back in to crotty and that's where they want it.
00:12:58All-american against all-american.
00:13:01Crotty and clausen two of the best place in the country and crotty alone behind the net and clausen in the crease with ghitelman and 20 seconds to go.
00:13:17Crotty one of the playmakers in the history of sport can he make one more big one for duke?
00:13:28And max quinzani!
00:13:3212 Seconds to go!
00:13:54>> Quint: You talk about an important faceoff if you're duke and crotty so patient behind the goal and you know who he's looking for and quinzani runs off howell's shoulder and present the target and lacrosse is a visual game and release and celebrate and time for duke to focus on the faceoff.
00:14:16No virginia transition off the faceoff.
00:14:18You must get in.
00:14:22>> Sean: Connected time and time again, crotty and quinzani and the whistle.
00:14:29There's a violation against virginia.
00:14:30>> Quint: That's it.
00:14:32>> Sean: All they have to do is hang on to the ball.
00:14:37Trouble for costabile.
00:14:40>> Quint: Wow!
00:14:41>> Sean: They turn it over with six seconds to go.
00:14:46>> Quint: He's got to shoot this.
00:14:49>> Sean: Dom starsia's going to use a time-out.
00:14:52They put a second back on the clock and the officials telling dom starsia he got it and they pointed to the clark they know there should be six seconds.
00:15:03>> Quint: Going back to the last championship game 26 seconds and cornell with the ball and the lead, mismanaging that and if you're duke you just is have to run the ball behind the goal or throw the ball in the corner, game over.
00:15:19>> Sean: It looked like costabile took his eye off the ball for a moment.
00:15:25>> Quint: He was hesitant to get in the box because once he gets in he has to stay in.
00:15:32>> Sean: We saw six ticks on.
00:15:35And virginia will have possession of the ball on the defensive side of the midfield line and this is what they're talking about.
00:15:43He lost possession of the ball while he was trying to figure out to what he was doing on the attack box.
00:15:50>> Quint: They can put as much as seven or eight.
00:15:52>> Sean: Eight.
00:15:53They will.
00:15:55That could be big.
00:15:58Those two extra seconds can be enormous for virginia.
00:16:03Dom starsia and the lacrosse hall of fame.
00:16:06This is one of the most important time-outs of his career.
00:16:11The women's team watching.
00:16:16>> Quint: Eight second gives you the option you do not have to shoot the ball.
00:16:20You can make a pass and run towards the goal.
00:16:36>> Sean: John danowski and duke eight seconds away from another national championship appearance and if they make it to monday we're assured of a first-time champion because notre dame has never won the title either and they'll get the winner of this one.
00:17:00Eight seconds to go.
00:17:13Brian carroll with the ball.
00:17:15Trying to get away from quinzani and across midfield and now a whistle.
00:17:22>> Quint: Wow!
00:17:23White is off-sides.
00:17:24Are you kidding me?
00:17:26>> Sean: An unbelievable ending.
00:17:39Unbelievable ending to a season dom starsia would like to forget.
00:17:54Off-sides with one last opportunity to tie the game and carroll a great player on the move with the ball and a stick.
00:18:12Chris long the former virginia football star now with the st. louis rams in the crowd.
00:18:21An unlikely ending then star max quinzani for goals including the game winner and head down to the field.
00:18:29>> I'm with a happy coach danowski and take me to the time-out when quinzani found the goal.
00:18:38What was the call.
00:18:39>> We had a hung situation where goalie and defenseman were hung behind the cage and max kept moving inside and once they flushed the goalie out and ned drove and max kept moving and they made the play.
00:18:55>> Since it's duke in the final play so many punches and counter punches and how was your team able to last virginia.
00:19:07>> The kids battled back in the fourth quarter and played great and shot the ball great and you have to tip your cap to them and I'm just very proud of our guys the way we hung in there and figured out a way to win at the end.
00:19:22>> How fitting for you and your program it's 22-8.
00:19:28>> In this format you're going to be playing somebody that's great and virginia's a great team and great program.
00:19:35Notre dame is great.
00:19:37Notre dame whacked us earlier in the year and we have 48 hours to get ready of for that.
00:19:45>> How do you expect to get the team ready to go on monday?
00:19:49>> I'm just going to be with the guys and be in the moment.
00:19:54>> Congratulations.
00:19:59>> Sean: Ned crotty to max quinzani.
00:20:07A quiet first half for that dynamic duo.
00:20:10One of the most prolific tandems in the history of college lacrosse and they came to the center dramatically in the second half.
00:20:20Max quinzani is our capital one player of the game.
00:20:23His fourth goal of the game all in the second half.
00:20:27The difference for duke and a duke career that began for max as a high school committed player to duke and the roof fell up on the duke program and he was released from that commitment and decided to ride it out at duke and see what happened with the program and he said yesterday the storybook ending would be a chance at a national title in his final game and will have that chance and for virginia an unbelievable season of an incredible emotion and you saw dom starsia a moment ago and quint, he spent so much time managing the emotional well-being of this team and faced with that task again.
00:21:09>> Quint: Unbelievable run for duke, the seven-goal run really gave them the lead and virginia dug in and never teams deserve to lose.
00:21:19>> Sean: Final score duke 14, virginia 13 and coming up next the softball super regional action.
00:21:26This has been a presentation of espn the worldwide leader in sports.
00:21:30For quint kessinich and bob HOLTZMAN AND eamon McAnaney and sean McDonough we'll see you monday afternoon.
00:21:43>> Long shot, paul carcaterra what a finish, duke advancing to the title game both duke and notre dame will be looking for their first ncaa title and our championship pairing is set.
00:21:54Your first impress, duke against notre dame.
00:21:57>> Coach danowski mentioned earlier in february duke took a beating by notre dame.
00:22:01Duke is a vastly different team right now though.
00:22:03For the past two months they're the hottest team in the nation.
00:22:06It's a high-scoring offense a look down defense and I at rodgers as the x-factor in the game.
00:22:24Don't count notre dame out.
00:22:30>> Duke started the season bad 30 the national championship and coming up louisiana lafayette for the women's softball super regional we join it live in progress.full?
00:22:46>> Holly: Welcome to the campus of ucla for women's softball action today the stadium.
00:22:55Louisiana-lafayette and ucla battle it out for a trip to the women's college world series.
00:23:02I'm holly rowe along with garland cooper.
00:23:06Already the co-head coach of the ragin cajuns has had to call a defensive huddle.
00:23:11With two ucla runners on base.
00:23:14One at first and second, and the pac-10 player of the year at the plate.
00:23:22>> Garland: She has got a 3-1 count, how much is this for the ragin cajuns?
00:23:27>> Garland: Langenfeld, she is not the batter you want up in these situations.
00:23:32She is clutch, did a great job playing textbook softball.
00:23:36They bunted her over, forced an error, from the kay juns a now -- cajuns, now langenfeld up to bat.
00:23:44>> Holly: Takes an inside pitch, out at second, she's out.
00:23:52So now, langenfeld, no fireworks, but does her job.
00:23:55Advances disalvatore to third.
00:23:59>> Garland: Looks like she just gets her hands in a little too much, pitch around that.
00:24:05Almost doesn't make that play at second.
00:24:07A little bit of awkward backhand clutch.
00:24:11Great slide at second to break up that play.
00:24:14No double play to be made there.
00:24:18>> Holly: Myers coming in to cover second, makes the play, gets the out, but still runners on the corners.
00:24:29Andrea harrishitting .351.
00:24:37This is a prime opportunity.
00:24:45>> Garland: Harrison a little clutch herself.
00:24:48Hit a walkoff, bases-loaded single last saturday to beat san diego state.
00:24:59>> Holly: Just a sophomore.
00:25:01Played with her sister, monica.
00:25:05And swings wide at an outside pitch.
00:25:11Bourgeois early on that outside corner.
00:25:18>> Garland: First and third situation, for ucla.
00:25:20Let's see if they try to do something tricky, late her early, field that runner from first or play it safe in the first inning.
00:25:30>> Holly: At the third baseman, to plate it home.
00:25:33Over the head of the catcher.
00:25:37Out at third, but a run will score, disalvatore getting home to get the bruins the board.
00:25:47>> Garland: Great jo harrison.
00:25:50That's all she needs to do, poke it in the hole, plate the run, unnecessary throw by myers.
00:25:54She should not throw that ball.
00:25:55But in the end, they get langenfeld at third.
00:26:00>> Holly: A risky slide.
00:26:04Langenfeld slow get up.
00:26:04She has a left hamstring, but she isacriing her body.
00:26:11She has to be careful and know herself here.
00:26:14>> Garland: That hamstring injury, maybe not running as fast as usual, needs to be a little more kiefl the bases.
00:26:23-- Needs to be a little more careful on the bases.
00:26:26>> Holly: The designated player, 5'7" sophomore out of california.
00:26:30And she is hot.
00:26:33>> Garland: Two homers and had three hits.
00:26:37Against st. mary's last weekend.
00:26:40>> Holly: Bourgeois seems to be missing outside.
00:26:42What does she have to do to tighten it up.
00:26:45>> Garland: She needs to focus on her mechanics here.
00:26:50She use as lot of her legs, needs to find what works for her, get into the zone and the rhythm and settle into this game.
00:26:59>> Holly: Ucla, one of the hottest teams in the country right now.
00:27:02Six in the nation in batting percentage that last week in their regional, they had 11 home runs.
00:27:09They are seeing the ball well right now.
00:27:13The players said they had put in a lot of extra time hitting because of that disappointing loss last year.
00:27:20Right up the middle.
00:27:27And here is a look at our capital one starting lineup.
00:27:32Yun gets on base.
00:27:34The nice swing up the middle.
00:27:36Disalvatore really the key to this is she got on base early, just with a little blooper.
00:27:42But that started things rolling for ucla.
00:27:47And dani yudin keeps the inning alive.
00:27:50Two runners on for ucla, as 314, has a chance, now, to extend the score.
00:27:58>> Garland: The turning point in this inning was that missed play on the sacrifice bunt at second base.
00:28:04Like I said, you give ucla an inch, they will take a mile.
00:28:08You have to be very careful in these games.
00:28:11And really make the important plays.
00:28:18>> Holly: Louisiana-lafayette players made it to the women's college world series in 2008.
00:28:22They had an upset win over florida.
00:28:24When we asked them what have you taken from that experience, they said the one thing we learned is that small mistakes are magnified.
00:28:33We're seeing that already here today.
00:28:36Bourgeois, bridges, they all said that they don't really remember the big picture when they were there.
00:28:40But they remember specific little things that they did that ultimately changed the course of the game.
00:28:46>> Holly: Bourgeois says she still laments over a walk to put the lead-off runner on that changed the course of that game.
00:28:54But she gets burney swinging here.
00:28:57One run scores, but the s keep the other runners at bay.
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00:30:01) ♪♪♪♪
00:30:20( pop, fizzing ) ♪♪♪♪
00:30:27( Coca-Cola 5-note mnemonic ) >> Holly: Gorgeous day in sunny southern california.
00:31:19Ucla all business, though, in that first inning.
00:31:22Took advantage of disalvatore getting on base.
00:31:27Andrea harrison with the rbi single.
00:31:31>> Garland: The cajuns are a scrappy team.
00:31:34The coach says they have got guts.
00:31:37No one big player.
00:31:38But the team collectively is tough.
00:31:41Ucla can't take anything for granted here.
00:31:43They need to shut them down here.
00:31:44Not let them get that momentum back.
00:31:48>> Holly: 5, 6, 7 Hitters coming up for the ragin cajuns.
00:31:54Lana bowers, 5'10" senior out of crosby, texas.
00:32:07And macon, a good strike.
00:32:22Contact, easy out at first, macon makes the throw.
00:32:25The super-regionals continue on espn tomorrow with regional coverage coverage.
00:32:32Some of you will see number 9 missouri ing on oregon in game two.
00:32:34The rest of you will see number 16 hawaii, and alabama game three, as hawaii got an upset today.
00:32:42The ncaa softball super regionals presented by capital 00 eastern.
00:32:51>> Holly: Macon outside.
00:32:55Ragin cajuns, had runners left on in the first inning.
00:33:05Making contact, again.
00:33:07Harrison late on the throw.
00:33:08And the runner is safe.
00:33:12You can see harrison tell her " >> Garland: Uncharacteristic play from harrison there.
00:33:19Bobbles it.
00:33:21Not bad, but just enough to give myers enough time to get to first base.
00:33:26But these fast slappers, harrison is usually so quick glove-to-glove.
00:33:31That time she bobbles it, just for a split second, but enough to give myers a window to first.
00:33:36>> Holly: So ar error on harrison, just the eighth error of the season, remarkable for a shortstop.
00:33:43>> Garland: And you see wearing that unusual mask.
00:33:46Just a half protective mask.
00:33:48She missed some games this season because of concussions.
00:33:53>> Holly: And now macon has hit the batter.
00:33:58And brittany ia takes the base.
00:34:02>> Garland: They got that first out.
00:34:04Macon, just loses control of this pitch a little bit.
00:34:06I love that she isn't afraid to go inside tbatters.
00:34:10A lot of pitchers are a little bit hesitant.
00:34:12Macon is not.
00:34:13That one just lost some control of on it the inside corner.
00:34:23>> Holly: Ragin cajuns, a very unique hitting team.
00:34:26They have a style that they adhere to.
00:34:31A lot of lefties in the lineup.
00:34:33Four lefties.
00:34:34Not all of them slappers, some can hit for power.
00:34:41Cormier, the senior out of louisiana.
00:34:46>> Garland: No home runs this season.
00:34:53>> Holly: And a check-swing.
00:34:56She'll ask for help, third base said she did not go.
00:35:02>> Garland: Cindy bruno on the line, makes that call.
00:35:07It looks like -- ah, that's a tough call.
00:35:14Slappers are always tricky, there are so many parts in motion when they run out of the box, also moving their arms.
00:35:20>> Holly: And macon outside with the miss there.
00:35:26>> Garland: Ucla got that first out but they don't want to let this scrappy team in.
00:35:30They have speed on the base paths, their infield is up, they have to be really careful and get the outs, get out of this inning, don't let louisiana in right now.
00:35:40>> Holly: Macon, again outside.
00:35:43Has been struggling to find that strike zone.
00:35:50Trying to make those adjustments.
00:35:52Home plate umpire is seeing and calling.
00:35:57Now she's behind in the count 3-1.
00:36:03And gives up the walk.
00:36:04Kelly cormier with a patient eye.
00:36:10Fernandez has seen enough, the pitching coach wants to go out and have a talk with her sophomore.
00:36:17She's seeing things come unraveled for a her young player.
00:36:21>> Garland: After talking to macon and fernandez, she has really helped macon stay in game shape while she was out.
00:36:27They say macon is very mentally tough out there.
00:36:31So I'm sure that they're confident in her coming out of this jam.
00:36:35>> Holly: As you see lisa addressing the team there, she also coaches the infield.
00:36:39And it looks like she is more talking to the infield about what to do in this bases-loaded situation.
00:36:46>> Garland: Well, they have to be -- they have a lot of speed on third base right now in myers.
00:36:49If they're going to get that out at home they have to be quick about it.
00:36:52I'm sure they will have their infield in, ready to get that out.
00:36:58>> Holly: Murphy, another lefty, up to bat.
00:37:01So, they're probably thinking, one out, get that out at home.
00:37:04They're not going to have enough time to make a double play here.
00:37:10>> Holly: So the bases loaded.
00:37:13And she gets this call.
00:37:17That error to the shortstop and a hit by pitch and a walk pushing things up for ucla here in the second inning.
00:37:31Good play at home.
00:37:32Can they turn two?
00:37:36Of heads-up fielding, though, to get the runner in sing position out.
00:37:44>> Garland: Murphy just hits this one right to third baseman.
00:37:47Great job that third baseman, very precise with her throw.
00:37:51Not sure they need to make that second throw to first base.
00:37:57Heads-up play, quick grab.
00:37:59>> Holly: Playing in, you can see how far in the defense is playing right now for ucla.
00:38:04And that brings up the top of the order.
00:38:07Gaspard, her second time around.
00:38:13First time at bat.
00:38:18And a team moment for gaspard.
00:38:21One of those players, 13 on this roster, who played in the women's college world series.
00:38:26You have all that experience, everything to get back to oklahoma city.
00:38:35Macon misses high.
00:38:37>> Garland: 2-0 Count.
00:38:39Gaspard will be looking for something good here.
00:38:41Macon does not want to go to the 3-0 count with the bases loaded.
00:38:46>> Holly: Gaspard, just 18 rbi this season.
00:38:49That's been her strong point.
00:38:51But a big moment for her now.
00:38:56Outside corner, good for macon.
00:39:05>> Garland: She is really battling, trying to see what the umpire is calling that, time she brought it in just a little bit.
00:39:12And got the call.
00:39:13>> Holly: 2-1 The count.
00:39:16>> Garland: She's doing a great job painting that outside corner, using that screwball.
00:39:23And the umpire gives time.
00:39:30The catcher still wants to go out and talk things over with macon.
00:39:38>> Holly: Macon earning the start today.
00:39:42Coach inouye-perez said she's back in the lineup, after the suspension, but she worked her way back into the lineup.
00:39:50She gets a strike there.
00:39:54>> Garland: She said monday through friday every player on the team has to earn their spot.
00:39:57And she also said, if you ask anybody on the team who they'd give the ball to, and that a lot of them would say macon.
00:40:06Despite her suspension she continued to work.
00:40:13>> Holly: Hit foul.
00:40:17Full count.
00:40:17Bases loaded.
00:40:19Two outs.
00:40:24>> Garland: Gaspard has to shorten up, put the ball in play, make something happen.
00:40:28>> Holly: Two outs.
00:40:30Big moment for her.
00:40:36The senior, the hopper.
00:40:37A run will score!
00:40:39Another, coming to the plate!
00:40:40The throw, not in time.
00:40:45And everybody ing.
00:40:46The bruins turning their heads trying to see.
00:40:49And that is the speed of the ragin cajuns.
00:40:51>> Garland: They are so fast on those base paths.
00:40:54You get that hit, and very shallow in the outfield.
00:40:59And still the runner scores from second.
00:41:01That's how fast they are.
00:41:02Can't make that play.
00:41:04And then the other runner advances to third.
00:41:08Tough play for the ruins, gaspard does a great job of finding the hole and just ing the ball in that hole.
00:41:19>> Holly: So nine pitches in her first of the at-bat for gaspard.
00:41:23Then she got to single.
00:41:24Seven pitches this time.
00:41:25THEN SHE GETS THE TWO RBIs, Singles.
00:41:29Fantastic at-bats in her first two appearances for the senior from louisiana.
00:41:39>> Holly: Blasted foul.
00:41:41>> Garland: That's what we've been talking about, going deep in the count, fing that pitcher to throw a lo pitches and make a mistake.
00:41:473-2, With the bases loaded.
00:41:49Macon won't be able to really work the corner.
00:41:52She has to throw in something good.
00:41:55And gaspard took advantage of that.
00:41:58>> Holly: So a conference here.
00:42:00>> Garland: And you know the ragin cajuns, a lot of people out there, may not have heard of them.
00:42:05But they have a rich softball tradition.
00:42:08They were at the women's college world series as recently as 2008.
00:42:12And when they walked into this ballpark, and saw all of the banners, you can see how successful they've been in the tournament, their coach made a great statement.
00:42:24He said you're not playing the history and.
00:42:26>> Digs of ucla.
00:42:27-- History and tradition of ucla.
00:42:30You're playing the 2010 ucla bruins.
00:42:34You have earned the right to come out and compete.
00:42:36>> Garland: They weren't intimidated.
00:42:37I don't think anyone expected them to be.
00:42:40They said this is our house, we are going to play like this is our house.
00:42:43They've played 40 games on the road.
00:42:45They're used to playing on the road.
00:42:47They feed off of it.
00:42:48They like it.
00:42:51>> Holly: High pitch from macon, with verde with the deny at the plate.
00:42:5722 Walks this season.
00:43:00>> Garland: As aggressive as they are as hitters, this has been a very patient lafayette team, louisiana-lafayette team.
00:43:08Really being patient at the plate.
00:43:10>> Holly: Dropped back to macon.
00:43:13Easy throw to first and the side is retired.
00:43:15But not before the ragin cajuns get on the scoreboard.
00:43:19Gaspard, bases loaded, get the hopper and tcajuns are on the BOARD 2-1.Male Announcer ] LET'S TAKE THE Garden into our own hands.
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00:45:04>> Holly: Welcome back do espn's coverage of the ncaa softball super regionals, presented by capital one.
00:45:11Ucla starting their sophomore, aleah macon.
00:45:16But a steady pitcher for them this season, donna kerr, 18-7, and she is active in the bull pen already.
00:45:24Would it be too early to pen macon?
00:45:28They seem to be maing a lot of contact off her.
00:45:30>> Garland: I don't think so.
00:45:31I think if louisiana comes out strong again, they have to think about putting somebody else in there and giving louisiana another look from the mound.
00:45:41>> Holly: The 7, 8, 9 coming up for the bruins.
00:45:49300 on the season.
00:45:53And bourgeois seems to have settled down.
00:45:56Struggled in the first inning, gave up the run.
00:46:07And they've been fring up for both teams.
00:46:12Every run is unearned.
00:46:14Errors with the shortstop.
00:46:15Throwing errors.
00:46:16And miscues, really hurting both teams right now.
00:46:22Plenty of time left.
00:46:28Hits a batter.
00:46:29In the postseason, there's no room for these mistakes.
00:46:33You work all year to get to this point.
00:46:36And especially this ucla team.
00:46:38They really had an emphasis, the ces had an emphasis on perfection, being perfect in the fall, really working on that.
00:46:45So that they could do their best in the postseason.
00:46:50>> Holly: We asked the ucla players do they feel pressure to get back to the women's college world series.
00:46:55They have been a mainstay in oklahoma city for decades.
00:46:59Didn't get tre last year.
00:47:01And megan langenfeld I don't feel pressure, I feel desire.
00:47:05We want to get there so bad.
00:47:11>> Holly: And camuso continues to fight in this at-bat.
00:47:14>> Garland: If you ask the louisiana girls who were at the world series in 2008, they say once you get a taste of it, you're always hungry for more.
00:47:22>> Holly: You took your northwestern team there for the first time.
00:47:27How hard is it to get back, if people, with all of the parity they've seen this weekend.
00:47:34Camuso with a rocket.
00:47:37Out of here!
00:47:41>> Garland: That wasn't any pressure, that was just power from samantha.
00:47:46She hit that one clear out of the park.
00:47:49Over the batting cages, through the trees.
00:47:57Talk about getting the momentum back.
00:47:59She just takes this pitch, she compact, to the point of contact.
00:48:04She knows when she touches that ball, that it is gone.
00:48:07She starts jogging.
00:48:09Very quick to the ball.
00:48:11Center fielders, nobody even looks twice at it.
00:48:13Even runs through that fence, it's way out.
00:48:16>> Holly: Camuso with her 12th home run of the season.
00:48:21Ties it up.
00:48:26Now bourgeois, has to get things back under control.
00:48:31Ing kaila shull, the catcher.
00:48:37>> Garland: This is only the second inning.
00:48:38So much action already.
00:48:42>> Holly: Another blast to center.
00:48:46Shull, with a single.
00:48:52And bourgeois struggling in the bottom of the second.
00:48:55>> Garland: Another hit here.
00:48:56They're doing such good job.
00:48:58See how she keeps her hand so inside of the ball and pushes that one out into the gap.
00:49:04Such a great piece of hitting there.
00:49:06And this is what this ucla team is all about.
00:49:09We said what is your mentality, how is it different from last year, when you got knocked out in the super-regionals.
00:49:16They said coach inouye-perez said to us, this team embraces adversity.
00:49:20And that is what they have done.
00:49:24>> Holly: Michael needs to get his team settled down right here.
00:49:29The second time he has had to go out there and calm the ragin cajuns.
00:49:36>> Garland: You asked if it was too early to take out macon.
00:49:38He has to be thinking about taking out bourgeois as well.
00:49:42>> Holly: They have only got two pitchers on this staff.
00:49:44That is an issue.
00:49:46Bourgeois and brittany cuevas, their pitcher that led them to the women's college world series in 2008, ashley brignac, out for the season after shoulder surgery.
00:49:55They don't have a lot of options to go to.
00:49:57Their pitchers have to fight through these moments.
00:50:00>> Garland: And in the past, the pitchers usually go the length of the game.
00:50:04He doesn't like to take the pitchers out.
00:50:07He likes for them to be able to work through any issues that they're having on the mound.
00:50:13>> Holly: bates, steps to the plate.
00:50:18>> Garland: Talk about a good name for baseball, b.b.
00:50:25>> Holly: Gets a slap.
00:50:28They'll run it out, and she's safe.
00:50:37Great job.
00:50:38>> Garland: bates, bunts this ball, uses her speed to get up the line.
00:50:42Not a lot of speed in the ucla lineup.
00:50:45 bates, races up that line.
00:50:48Makes something happen.
00:50:48Moves the runner, and is also safe with zero outs, runner in sing position.
00:50:55Here comes ucla.
00:50:58>> Holly: Back to the start of the lineup.
00:51:03Disalvatore, she is that play that we told you loves to step up.
00:51:0847 RBIs.
00:51:10>> Garland: She told us she loves these situations.
00:51:12She lives for it, she said.
00:51:14This is who you want.
00:51:16In this situation.
00:51:19>> Holly: Well, wild pitch, from bourgeois.
00:51:35>> Garland: The thing th was -- they're saying that was an illegal pitch.
00:51:39Because the runners advanced.
00:51:44>> Holly: Bourgeois, for giving up the home run, starting to unravel a little bit.
00:51:49>> Garland: She is an experienced player.
00:51:52>> Holly: Two-time sun belt player of the year.
00:52:00Just inside.
00:52:03One run in.
00:52:04Two runs in.
00:52:06And disalvatore stays at second.
00:52:15You said it, she is the person in that situation.
00:52:19>> Garland: Disalvatore, batting .491 with runners in sing position.
00:52:23She nails this one up the line.
00:52:26Such a great job.
00:52:29The junior comes up big for ucla here.
00:52:32Scores two.
00:52:34Gets that lead right back.
00:52:39Neither one of these teams are going to go down easy.
00:52:43>> Holly: Monica harrison singled, in the first inning.
00:52:50Now with no outs, here in the second.
00:52:53Has a chance to score disalvatore from second.
00:52:58>> Garland: That's what is difficult, no outs.
00:53:01And the wheels coming off for the ragin cajuns.
00:53:04How did they get it mentally?
00:53:09They have to refocus the team, bourgeois really has to rely on her team here.
00:53:14Try to get these bruin batters to ground into her defense.
00:53:19Get the out.
00:53:22They need outs.
00:53:27>> Holly: Bourgeois mentally tough.
00:53:33She wrote on her questionnaire that we handed out to the players what is your superstition.
00:53:39She said I don't have superstitions.
00:53:40Play hard or go home.
00:53:42She is a no-none senls kind of gal.
00:53:45We said what is your favorite tv show.
00:53:48She said I don't have one.
00:53:50She is a tough-minded young lady.
00:53:52Has to get out of this jam.
00:53:54>> Garland: Average tough time finding that strike zone again.
00:54:00Downball pitcher, throws this one down.
00:54:03A tough pitch.
00:54:04Just depends on the umpire.
00:54:05Whether that pitch is called or not.
00:54:06She has to figure outts zone pretty quick.
00:54:11Those figure out the zone.
00:54:12>> Holly: And so harrison will get the walk.
00:54:15>> Garland: And here comes langenfeld.
00:54:18>> Holly: The women's college world series returns to oklahoma city, the action begins thursday 00 eastern, on spnl and espn-hd.
00:54:29For more information, go to com, the official online home for all 88 ncaa championships.
00:54:38>> Garland: Got my ticket, i will be going tuesday morning, can't wait.
00:54:42So here's langenfeld.
00:54:45No out, runners on first and second, and if I'm coach inouye-perez, I'm not bunting langenfeld.
00:54:51I'm letting her hit.
00:54:55>> Holly: Already done damage in this inning.
00:54:57Up 4-2.
00:54:59And langenfeld, leaves the bat on her shoulder for that one.
00:55:06She is a clutch hitter, particularly in postseason.
00:55:12Ran into her father before the game, steve, and he said that actually after practice two nights ago she drove home to baker field so she could get in hitting practice at 6:00 a.m.
00:55:26The next morning.
00:55:26This young lady is taking nothing lately in the postseason.
00:55:30Every extra moment of work she can get in, she's doing it.
00:55:38>> Holly: And the problem for the ragin cajuns, they don't have much backup in the way of pitching.
00:55:44They have brittany cuevas, just two pitchers have done the bulk of the work this season, because of injury.
00:55:51And I don't know if they feel like they can pull bourgeois or if they have to ride her.
00:56:00Langenfeld will get the walk.
00:56:01Now bases loaded, no outs.
00:56:08Big problems in this inning for the ragin cajuns.
00:56:14Bourgeois, careful with langenfeld, pitches around the zone, doesn't give her too many good pitches to hit.
00:56:22Pretty smart move there by bourgeois.
00:56:26Langenfeld can change the game with one swing.
00:56:28Don't want to give her that opportunity.
00:56:30>> Garland: You see that pitch placement.
00:56:32She is really still trying to figure out what zone that hand is following.
00:56:36As she gets the strike there.
00:56:49Ucla, upset last year by missouri.
00:56:54In three games.
00:56:55And the players said they would not suffer that embarrassment again this season.
00:57:04Disalvatore said I will be working out in the fall, in the off-season, and get that sick feeling of what that felt like to lose at home.
00:57:12>> Holly: This is ripped up the middle, missed by cormier.
00:57:16More runs coming around!
00:57:20Two runs score.
00:57:26And langenfeld moves over to third.
00:57:30Big problem for the cajuns.
00:57:32>> Garland: A tough play at second base.
00:57:35Glove touches it.
00:57:36But can't quite make the play.
00:57:38She's got to get that ball, ucla will be hitting the ball hard all day.
00:57:44For that second baseman, got to be able to make that play on defense.
00:57:48Help out her pitcher.
00:57:51>> Holly: So an error for kelly cormier.
00:57:56The senior second baseman for louisiana.
00:58:00Normally steady, just three -- five errors on the season.
00:58:03But she's already had two tough plays today.
00:58:13Dani yudin so good in that first inning, getting on base with the single.
00:58:18Has an opportunity to extend the lead with scorers -- runners on the score corners.
00:58:32>> Holly: Bourgeois, finally gets that outside corner called for a strike.
00:58:37>> Garland: You got to tip your hat to her.
00:58:39She keeps going after her bread and butter that, drop ball, on the outside corner.
00:58:44That's a great pitch.
00:58:45A tough pitch to hit.
00:58:47But that's a good hit by bourgeois.
00:58:50She's not going to want to give a lot of great pitches to these ucla hitters.
00:58:54>> Holly: Oh!
00:58:55Bounced back, right into the helmet for yudin.
00:58:59That's why they wear that protective gear.
00:59:03>> Garland: She gets her hands extended there, and knocks the ball into the ground.
00:59:08Comes right back, hits her in the helmet.
00:59:12She has that face mask, no harm done.
00:59:18>> Holly: Nobody out, as the wheels have come off.
00:59:23And hit by the pitch this time.
00:59:28To load the bases.
00:59:31And this is a lonely feeling for junior bourgeois.
00:59:35>> Garland: This pitch gets out in front.
00:59:39Yudin can't get out of the way in time.
00:59:42Gives that back knee.
00:59:43She takes her base.
00:59:46You got to make an attempt to get out of the way of the ball there.
00:59:51Yudin does that.
00:59:52It's tough when pitchers are coming in with those pitches to react so quickly to get out of the way.
00:59:58Bourgeois in a little bit of a jam here.
01:00:02And donna bourgeois had not allowed a run in postseason, incing the sun belt tournament, upset win over lsu.
01:00:09So this is very uncharacteristic for her.
01:00:14Right now, she has to reel it back in.
01:00:17She's getting a little out of control, hitting that batter.
01:00:20Not being able to find the strike zone.
01:00:22She has to find her rhythm.
01:00:24Use her teammates, here.
01:00:27And settle down.
01:00:29>> Holly: Runner comes in for the bruins.
01:00:34On second.
01:00:38And the bruins have batted around.
01:00:41Burney, struck out in her first appearance.
01:00:53And, remember, lafayette had just tied it up -- excuse me, gone ahead 2-1 to start this inning, feeling great that they had the momentum.
01:01:03But ucla, they are one of the hottest hitting teams in the country.
01:01:10And both teams are fighters.
01:01:13>> Holly: Home runs from camuso, the 89th home run of the season.
01:01:18Second-most in school history.
01:01:21They're on pace to break all kinds of patting records this season.
01:01:28Handled by cormier.
01:01:30>> Garland: No play there, langenfeld on third base, with that injured leg.
01:01:34Don't want to push the envelope there.
01:01:36They keep her, and they'll give camuso another shot to score some runs for the bruins.
01:01:46So everybody going through here has reached base except julie burney.
01:01:58>> Holly: And now camuso, home run in her last at-bat so start the inning.
01:02:02Is up again.
01:02:07Into the wall!
01:02:09More runs coming in.
01:02:13Two scores, yudif holds up at third.
01:02:17-- Yudin.
01:02:19>> Garland: Camuso comes up big for the bruins.
01:02:26She takes the pitches down, extends her arm, punches it into that gap.
01:02:33They take it to the time, extend those arms, goes out and gets that down low pitch.
01:02:40She doesn't want to do too much with it, which is the key to hitting those low pitches.
01:02:45Hustling to second base.
01:02:46Getting it done for the bruins.
01:02:50>> Holly: Camuso has been red hot in the postseason, a home run, against san diego state last weekend.
01:02:56Then a home run against fresno state when they were down, tied the game.
01:03:04So the sophomore, in clutch situations for the bruins, has pulled through after sitting out all of last year with an injury.
01:03:17Runners at second and third.
01:03:19Just one out.
01:03:28And lafayette, louisiana-lafayette has been hot in the postseason.
01:03:33Really rolls through their sun belt tournament, 8-0 in the final.
01:03:38And then rolled through regionals, two wins over texas a&m, beat lsu.
01:03:44They've been 12-1 in their last 13 games.
01:03:47Only 7 runs allowed.
01:03:50And already they've allowed eight today.
01:03:58Hard cut from bates -- excuse me, shull, as she goes down swinging hard.
01:04:08>> Garland: Great pitch by bourgeois on that outside corner.
01:04:11Looks like shull just swings really hard at this pitch.
01:04:14Maybe needed to shorten up just a little bit.
01:04:17Try to put the ball in play with two outs.
01:04:19And make something happen.
01:04:24>> Holly: bates, that freshman out of victorville, california, got into the starting lineup after a season-ending injury to katie schroeder.
01:04:33And, boy, has she performed.
01:04:35Stepped into division I without a beat, hitting .328.
01:04:4027 RBIs.
01:04:42I mean, that is a hard transition.
01:04:44And she ha effortlessly.
01:04:47>> Garland: And she's really important to this ucla lineup, with so much power, to add another dimension and put some speed the bases.
01:04:57>> Holly: Great hack there.
01:04:59But it's foul.
01:05:04Two outs.
01:05:08Ragin cajuns fans must be thinking this is the inning that will not end.
01:05:12A lot of fans in red here, flew from lafayette, made the trip, behind this red hot cajun team a lot of people felt very confident that this was an opportunity they could get to the world series.
01:05:26I spoke with one fan, she said we wouldn't miss this for the world.
01:05:29We're ready to go to oklahoma city next week, too.
01:05:33But now, with the bottom of the second inning, seven runs scored in this inning alone.
01:05:43They're in trouble.
01:05:47And bates does a nice job getting out of the way of that pitch.
01:05:50>> Garland: Still a lot of game to play here.
01:05:53The cajuns are fighters.
01:05:55They're scrappy.
01:05:56They're never going to give up.
01:05:58They're going to go back in the dugout, and say what do we need to do to win this game?
01:06:04>> Holly: Bates, tapper, out at first, and finally the inning ends.
01:06:10Mercifully, for the ragin cajuns.
01:06:11But the bruins up 8-2, they take build your better breakfast at subway!
01:06:3050, get a westernegg white muffin melt, ..
01:06:35Of freshly brewedseattle's best coffee.
01:06:37Try the new $2.50 breakfast combo at subway.
01:08:32 stewart in the studio with this sdment-game update.
01:08:36Roy halladay from thhas thrown the 20th perfect game in major league his friday, the second of year the pinch hitter ronnie paulino grounds out to juan castro and the philadelphia phillies win 1-0.
01:08:49The one run unearned on a hot, muggy night in south florida.
01:08:54Roy halladay, 115 pitches, career high -- season high Ks.
01:09:01The other perfect game this season, on mother's day this month.
01:09:05Holly, back to you in louisiana.
01:09:07>> Holly: Welcome -- in la.
01:09:08>> Holly: Welcome back to coverage of the ncaa softball regionals, presented by capital one.
01:09:14Blows this one open in the second inning, on top 8-2.
01:09:24Ucla sticks with macon in the circle despite her circles in the bottom of the first.
01:09:32Excuse me, top of the second.
01:09:33Now they have those insurance runs.
01:09:35So they're more apt to stick with macon, let her work through the issues she had earlier in the inning.
01:09:47>> Holly: Foul ball, or jer on.
01:09:50---Er on jer own, popped up into her first appearance.
01:09:58Sophomore out of new orleans.
01:10:03>> Garland: 56Th rbi this season.
01:10:09Not quite there.
01:10:14Making good contact.
01:10:19Here come the pitch to orgeron inside, a little high and over the plate.
01:10:25And she launches it out there.
01:10:27A little too short.
01:10:28I think harrison probably could have had that ball.
01:10:30She has to go hard after that ball in left field, especially in foul territory.
01:10:35Finds the fence first.
01:10:38And then get to the ball.
01:10:40>> Holly: You saw that come back too haunt somebody today, as wiggins steps up.
01:10:47Hit a foul ball not unlike that.
01:10:51And cal, let it drop.
01:10:55Wiggins next swing, home run.
01:10:59So, got to get those opportunities to end the at-bat when you can.
01:11:02>> Garland: You don't want to give orgeron another chance.
01:11:06She has another life to make something happen.
01:11:11>> Holly: Fans don't like that call.
01:11:13They're calling for a strike.
01:11:15Instead moves to a full count.
01:11:20>> Garland: Take a look at her stance, very open.
01:11:25And she pulls this left, again.
01:11:28It is such a funky catch.
01:11:30She has one foot all the way to the very back of the batter's bock, but on a diagonal that front left foot is ed toward left.
01:11:40And if I see that stance, she's getting a lot of inside pitches.
01:11:44I throw her outside.
01:11:48>> Holly: Back up the middle, but bates is steady.
01:12:01>> Garland: Here we go her open stance, great job, getting to the point of contact, no follow-thru.
01:12:06That's the louisiana style of hitting there.
01:12:10B.b. bates, hardly has to move.
01:12:15>> Holly:BRIELLE BRIDGES, Number 4 hitter, has been deadly in the postseason.
01:12:21Sun belt tournament mvp, baton rouge regional mvp, hitting .348.
01:12:29Takes a hack there.
01:12:34Bridges is a very smart hitter.
01:12:36She learns from the process and from her previous at-bats, good or bad.
01:12:45We asked her why is she so red hot in the season.
01:12:48She said it really is a culmination of everything I've learned, all of the at-bats, I've been able to catch throughout the season and remember what I did well, what i did wrong.
01:12:59Is a product of a season.
01:13:01You can see even in this at-bat, she swings hard, at that pitch up, in the zone.
01:13:07And she just laid off pitches similar high in that zone.
01:13:12Showing she's making those adjustments.
01:13:15Through youpt the course of the at-bat.
01:13:17Which is really important for hitters who might only get three at-bats in a game.
01:13:22>> Holly: 30 Walks this season.
01:13:26And she has pitched macon to a full count.
01:13:32She gets her swinging there.
01:13:34With the change-up.
01:13:43>> Garland: One of the tough pitches to hit.
01:13:45She saw some speed earlier in the at-bat.
01:13:48That change-up is deadly, it's so hard to see that speed.
01:13:53And then adjust and hit something coming in so slow.
01:14:01>> Holly: Lana bowers, the senior out of texas.
01:14:05Singled on an error.
01:14:08Last at-bat.
01:14:10The reason it's so hard to hit that change-up, your body is thinking the ball is coming in fast, and it's really messing with your timing when you do that.
01:14:19And you have to focus on being ready to hit anything.
01:14:24She's throwing the change-up a lot, now, looks like.
01:14:27But just really tough as a hitter to be able to do that.
01:14:30Here is another change-up.
01:14:31See how her ing is off there.
01:14:33She's almost starting to go with her swing.
01:14:35Before the ball even gets to her.
01:14:39>> Holly: High pop-up.
01:14:42And disalvatore, the bruins easy up, easy down as they hold on to with these cross platform projections, the trickledown is gonna be epic.
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01:18:21>> Holly: Monica harrison singled first time up.
01:18:24>> Garland: They got that first out.
01:18:26That's really important.
01:18:29Bourgeois has to find herself and really get back to basics.
01:18:39THAT LAST PLAY, DiSALVATORE WAS A perfect example ofing the defense, throwing that drop ball, getting those groundouts.
01:18:48That's what is going to make this louisiana defense successful.
01:18:54>> Holly: Cormier.
01:19:04Bourgeois has pulled herself together in the bottom of the third after that disastrous inning.
01:19:13She is a mentally tough young lady.
01:19:16Going into the medical field, studying physical therapy.
01:19:22Working with muscles.
01:19:23Verning young lady.
01:19:26That was an uncharacteristic second inning for her.
01:19:30Hadn't given up a hit in the first season.
01:19:32Now she already has two down in the third.
01:19:46Langenfeld walked last time at the plate.
01:19:51A bunt, she can do it all.
01:19:54A bad hamstring, she can't leg it out.
01:19:57Three down.
01:19:58Coming up, we'll speak w kelly inouye-perez when we come back.
01:20:02Bruins up 8-2.
01:21:18>> Holly: Thanks for joining us, coach inouye-perez.
01:21:20You got down early in the second inning, what allowed you to make good contact against bourgeois?
01:21:26>> Garland: For us, we've been taking it one pitch at a time.
01:21:29>> We know it's early, she is a pitcher we haven't seen.
01:21:33We're looking for good pitches to hit in our zone.
01:21:36It was great to see us capitalize.
01:21:38>> Garland: After you guys got down there, louisiana scored two runs, the score was 2-1.
01:21:43What did you say to your team to get them back in the game?
01:21:47>> That it was early, and for us we know one thing, we're here to compete, until the last pitch.
01:21:52It s early, we had an ability to string it togethe one at a time.
01:21:57You got to see exactly that.
01:21:59>> Holly: Thanks, coach.
01:22:00>> You're welcome.
01:22:02>> Holly: 13 Comeback wins for the bruins this season.
01:22:05They're a team that does not panic.
01:22:09Sending 44% of their runs have scored this year.
01:22:15When they have 0-2, got two outs in the inning.
01:22:18When their backs are against the wall, they have been terrific.
01:22:22Nobody more terrific today than samantha camuso, unbelievable home run in her first at-bat.
01:22:28And then a two rbi double in her second plate appearance.
01:22:35>> Garland: Tells you a lot about the character of this team, being down in a game like this.
01:22:39It's so easy for a team to crumble.
01:22:41But this ucla team came back ing.
01:22:44As I'm sure this louisiana team is going to come right back here.
01:22:49Don't be surprised if you see them coming right back at the bruins, right back at macon.
01:22:54Not giving them a second to think that they're winning this game.
01:23:01>> Holly: Melissa myers.
01:23:03Has her work cut out.
01:23:05Trailing by six, top of the fourth.
01:23:07Plenty of time left, but macon had been more confident in the circle.
01:23:14>> Garland: Myers, unbelievable story.
01:23:17Just a freshman out of tuttle, mississippi.
01:23:20They didn't have fast pitch softball in her high school.
01:23:23But she played slow pitch.
01:23:25All of her high school career.
01:23:27And now shows up at louisiana-lafayette trying to learn the game.
01:23:32How hard would that be to make that change?
01:23:33I can't imagine.
01:23:35A lot of these kids have been playing this game since they were 5, 6 years old.
01:23:38She has been playing for, what, two years, maybe one year?
01:23:42Really incredible.
01:23:45>> Holly:293 this season, the thing that is impressive, was able to see the ball.
01:23:51But she strikes out swinging there.
01:23:58>> Garland: Mason does a great job here, following the inside corner.
01:24:02Just can't quite get her hands inside that ball and knock it on to the ground.
01:24:09Great job by macon getting that first out.
01:24:14>> Holly: So a high pitch.
01:24:16Missed 12 games this season with the broken hand.
01:24:20And already had so many other injuries to the lineup.
01:24:23Brignac out for the season.
01:24:28Broussard out with a concussion and aprilen detective my.
01:24:31They lost their two-time all-conference player katie smith, to an acl.
01:24:39They have overcome some adversity.
01:24:44>> Garland: One thing about this team, that the players and the coaches like, they're very unselfish.
01:24:52And even players like ashley brignac who was big-time and missed a lot of games carrying ball bags and setting up cameras and doing what she can to help her team.
01:25:06>> Holly: Now soia, with a very patient at-bat.
01:25:10Making macon work.
01:25:15Grounded to harrison.
01:25:18Gets the out.
01:25:21com/espnu and become a fan.
01:25:25Today's poll question is, what team has won the women's college word series and has not made it back to oklahoma city to defend their title the next season.
01:25:37Log on, let us know your answer.
01:25:40>> Garland: I know, this ball games it was pretty stunning.
01:25:45>> Holly: Just past second base.
01:25:50And cormier gets on, with two outs.
01:25:59Cormier, the defense is a little bit in.
01:26:01Because she's quick, which makes it hard for monica harrison to get to that ball.
01:26:05She could have taken a little bit of a better angle, meaning she could have run more towards the outfield to try to get around that fly ball.
01:26:11But still not sure if she would get to it.
01:26:15Poked that one in a hole there.
01:26:21>> Holly: Sophomore erica murphy, very effective.
01:26:27Another of those lefties in the lineup.
01:26:34>> Garland: Not a power hitter.
01:26:36No home runs this season.
01:26:37But, boy, a power lifter.
01:26:41Three-time state champion power lifter.
01:26:43And you will not believe this, in 2007 she set a national high school record, lifting 413 pounds in the free lift.
01:26:54>> Garland: Incredible.
01:26:55In the 148 weight class.
01:27:01>> Holly: Doesn't lift her team here, strikes out swinging.
01:27:05Coming back we'll speak with co-head coach stiff any lotief and see what her team has to do to get back on track.
01:27:28( whistling, music ) ( whistling, music ) AH!SORRY, COKE. ( Coca-Cola 5-note mnemonic ) >> we haven't seen the struggles, that's something you don't want to see.
01:28:42She had to work through it.
01:28:43There's nothing we could do with it.
01:28:45We let her play defense, and snou we have to finish the game.
01:28:49>> She worked through it, seven pitches in the next inning.
01:28:51Looked like she settled down a little bit and is doing a little bit better.
01:28:55What adjustment has she made, what did you say to her to get her back in her rhythm?
01:29:00>> She figured that out on her own.
01:29:02She said, coach, identify it we went to the bull pen and talked about it.
01:29:05But she figured it on it herself.
01:29:07In the middle of the inning.
01:29:08Towards the end of the inning.
01:29:09And, you know, I just think that she's going to finish in game strong.
01:29:13And hopefully we can get back into it, we're going to try to keep proing some runs.
01:29:20>> Thank you, coach.
01:29:21>> Thanks.
01:29:22>> Holly: Every player, every coach we talk to, with this ragin cajuns team yesterday described themselves as scrappy.
01:29:30Although the score looks formidable, 8-2, this is a team that does not give up fighting easily.
01:29:37>> Garland: And bourgeois one was especially, that stood out to us.
01:29:42She has such a tough mentality coming out there.
01:29:49She said her mentality is she takes it pitch by pitch.
01:29:52Whatever pitch is called, that better be the best pitch she has thrown all day.
01:29:57>> Holly: And to her credit, after these 69 pes in the first two innings, she just had seven pitches in the last inning.
01:30:07Really changed her efficiency, changed her approach.
01:30:12And gets a strike on the outside corner there.
01:30:15>> Garland: And that says a lot about her as a pitcher.
01:30:17It's so important for pitchers to be mentally tough and strong and to be able to answer back when they're ing adversity.
01:30:32of the line.
01:30:35>> Garland: Looked like it was going to curl around third base.
01:30:38But it did not.
01:30:41The rbi single, at her first at-bat, reached on an error.
01:30:45And I'm really impressed with harrison sisters.
01:30:49How cool would that be to be playing on the same team at such an elite level with ucla, with your sisteing backing you up, shortstop and left field.
01:31:01>> Holly: On to the shortstop.
01:31:04And myers makes a nice throw.
01:31:08The ncaa softball super regionals continue on espn and espnu tomorrow at 3:30 eastern.
01:31:15Oregon faces missouri, in game three, if necessary.
01:31:18And on espnu, number 4 florida takes on number 13 arizona state in game two.
01:31:24Ncaa super-regionals, presented by capital one, on espn and espnu tomorrow, 3:30 eastern.
01:31:32Terrific game, you can see florida on top of arizona state, right now.
01:31:41And gone!
01:31:46Yudin deep to center.
01:32:02>> Garland: Yudin does a great job with this pitch.
01:32:05Just nails it into center field.
01:32:07Way over the fence, again.
01:32:10That pitch is too fat.
01:32:12Over the outside part of the plate.
01:32:13But it is too much on the white, too high in the zone for yudin.
01:32:23>> Holly: Of 8930th home run of THE -- 90th HOME RUN OF THE Season.
01:32:30>> Garland: Bourgeois has to be more careful than that.
01:32:33Those mistakes are the ones ucla is waiting for.
01:32:36The hitters are disciplined.
01:32:39Yudin was waiting for just a pitch like that.
01:32:43On the white of the plate, up in the zone, she was ready for it.
01:32:48>> Holly: When you think about all of the history that has passed, at ucla softball, all of the great hitters like noouf man, fernandez, nuveman, they're just five home runs away from setting a new single season home run record.
01:33:05That should tell you their place in history with the 2010 bruins.
01:33:12Swinging a heavy bat.
01:33:18Burney, watching that one.
01:33:21The fan, got to love the home softball fans.
01:33:27A lot of blue.
01:33:29And making their wishes known as burney goes down.
01:33:34>> Garland: We were just talking about discipline there.
01:33:37And burney gets ahead of herself.
01:33:41A tough pitch.
01:33:41She does need to go after that.
01:33:44But maybe a little bit shorter swing, fouled oh that off, and wait for a better pitch.
01:33:50>> Holly: That bring swinging sammy camuso.
01:33:56Already one home run in this game.
01:33:59And a double.
01:34:02And she is seeing her softball right now.
01:34:07>> Garland: That one is way, way of the park.
01:34:11She comes up big, again, with runners in sing position.
01:34:13Sticks her bat out there, making things happen for the bruins.
01:34:18She has come up huge for them tonight.
01:34:22>> Holly: What is it like, now, for donna bourgeois to face her again?
01:34:27How nervous are you, thinking about this batter, you know she's seen your stuff, been a hard out for you.
01:34:33>> Garland: I think bourgeois is especially -- has especially got to be thinking to be a lot more careful with her pitches and more precise with the placement of them.
01:34:42After talking to her I doubt she is intimidated.
01:34:46But she does need to be careful.
01:34:49>> Holly: Past myers, there.
01:34:51Camuso, another single.
01:34:54>> Garland: She is having a day today.
01:34:59Bourgeois has to be thinking, what do I throw this girl?
01:35:03This pitch is on the outside corner of the plate.
01:35:05A pretty good pitch, actually.
01:35:08Camuso does a really good job extending her hands.
01:35:11And hitting that ball hard.
01:35:12And making difficult for myers to get to it.
01:35:19>> Holly: Myers, had a decent shot at that, couldn't make the play.
01:35:22It's really a testament to how hard she hit that ball.
01:35:26Myers hardly had a second to move to get in front of that ball.
01:35:29And she's fast.
01:35:34>> Holly: Camuso, putting on a clinic here.
01:35:39As kaila shul steps into the box.
01:35:50Shull, a senior, out of lodi, california a home run in the regional last weekend against st. mary's.
01:36:00First team all pac-10 this season.
01:36:15And camuso standing on first.
01:36:18Remember, there is a mercy rule in effect.
01:36:21If the team leads by eight runs or more after five innings, the game is over.
01:36:28Ucla, 18 mercy rule games they have won this season, on pace to set a new single season record for that category.
01:36:37They have shown no mercy to their opponents.
01:36:40>> Garland: That's just incredible.
01:36:43It's really important, once you start putting the pressure on teams, to keep the pressure and keep playing your game when you're in that situation.
01:36:58>> Holly: Another base hit.
01:37:00>> Garland: I'm curious to see how long they're going to believe bourgeois in here.
01:37:04She's given up a lot of hits.
01:37:05Thrown a lot of pitches.
01:37:07Looks like ucla has kind of figured it out here in the fourth inning.
01:37:11But they don't look like they're moving on it.
01:37:15But the question is, now, you're this close to being run-ruled, you don't want to bring in cuevas.
01:37:23Who you have to rely on tomorrow.
01:37:27There's a lot of fight in this team that you can't imagine they're going to just give it up here.
01:37:37And here's the problem.
01:37:39They only have two players who have pitched this season.
01:37:42Because of that injury to ashley brignac, out with the shoulder surgery all year.
01:37:46She was their ace the last two years.
01:37:50And that puts all of the pressure on bourgeois and kwef as.
01:37:55-- And cuevas.
01:37:57With two outs, here in the bottom of the fourth.
01:38:02And bourgeois, can she keep this game going?
01:38:08Gets the call on the outside.
01:38:10That's the pitch she has been looking for.
01:38:17>> Garland: A great pitch by bourgeois, right on that outside corner, and low in the zone.
01:38:22Exactly what she has been trying to do.
01:38:30>> Holly: Myers, has the th.
01:38:36Bourgeois gepts out of the jam.
01:38:41Yudin saying so long.
01:38:44As the sun sets in l.a.
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01:40:53>> Holly: Well, a year ago missouri faced number two seed ucla in the super-regional.
01:40:58And they force a third game, after a fifth inning walkoff home run by gifa snyder gave the tigers the upset win and their first trip to the college world series in 14 years.
01:41:11Ucla's only loss of the season by the run rule.
01:41:13And that win forced ucla out of themenwomen's college world series bracket for only the second time in 11 years.
01:41:22Today this ucla team up 9-2.
01:41:27They have been on a mission ever since that loss, they said it was so bitter, so painful, that it fueled their off-season.
01:41:36They asked a lot of tough questions of themselves.
01:41:39Staff has pushed this team this year.
01:41:42Over the head of the shortstop, a little chopper, gas par is 3 for 3 today.
01:41:51>> Garland: Everyone else, just 1 for 14.
01:41:54Gaspard is seeing things pretty good.
01:41:55Great job with that pitch.
01:41:57She's done a prelry good job with her placement.
01:42:00And finding holes in the dechlt and putting the ball there.
01:42:07Finding the holes in the defense.
01:42:09>> Holly: And how do you assess the job that macon, the sophomore, is doing today?
01:42:14A lot of people may be surprised she got the start in this game.
01:42:17What do you like about what she has done?
01:42:20>> Garland: I think she has been really tough mentally after they got down, didn't show any emotion.
01:42:26Just has a lot of conviction, fernandez told us, with her pitches, doesn't doubt herself.
01:42:33And I'm impressed.
01:42:36>> Holly: Fernandez has been key in her pitching development.
01:42:39Macon told us yesterday, she really changed my whole style.
01:42:42I was throwing a different way, she taught me to throw what she calls the figure four, the way she wraps her arm, wraps her leg.
01:42:50To macon's credit she has embraced those changes.
01:42:54Sheath I didn't believe her at first but she said it would make me a stronger pitcher without injury.
01:42:59And she was write.
01:43:00-- She was right.
01:43:03>> Garland: That figure four is very important, keeping those hips open as long as possible.
01:43:09You get as much power as you can into those pitches, and to allow her to last longer out there.
01:43:18>> Holly: Lifts it foul.
01:43:20Langenfeld can't get to the wall.
01:43:31Ver de, one of those players that leads her team to the college world series in 2008.
01:43:35And was very brave in doing so.
01:43:38Played with the torn acl.
01:43:40No pain medication.
01:43:42Just outside the line, and reached.
01:43:48Imagine verde, tore her acl not long before postseason started, opted not to have the surgery.
01:43:55She did miss some games, but came back and helped her team.
01:43:58And she legged out a tricky double in that upset win at the women's college world series.
01:44:04Just on pure guts.
01:44:10She goes down looking here, the throwback to the bag, does not get gaspard.
01:44:16>> Garland: The fans do not like that call at first base.
01:44:23Macon throws this pitch right on the black of the plate.
01:44:27And that is a close play at first.
01:44:29Gaspard may be off a little bit too much.
01:44:33Maybe catches her off guard a little bit after the strike three call.
01:44:37>> Holly: Beautiful tag from langenfeld.
01:44:40So efficient with that movement.
01:44:41>> Garland: A great snap behind the plate by shull as well.
01:44:44All in all, very solid k.
01:44:54There's orgeron with that open stance.
01:44:57I talked about it a little bit, said I might give them more outside pitches, thinking with that open stance it allows her to really get ahold of the inside pitches.
01:45:05Her hips are already open in that direction.
01:45:07But that outside pitch might be harder for her to get to.
01:45:12She might really have to reach to it.
01:45:14She isn't stepping and evening out that stance.
01:45:27>> Holly: Indian-lafayette, that rotational hitting style that michael lotief is known for.
01:45:36He talked coach inouye-perez said I listened to him at a clinic, it is a unique style, focused on the hips doing much more of the work.
01:45:46And what do you see makes him so successful with that?
01:45:49>> Garland: What impresses me the most about this team is that they've taken this unique hitting style and they execute it so well.
01:45:58The whole team -- >> Holly: Owe jer on missed one -- ogeron missed one.
01:46:11The women's college world series returns to oklahoma city.
01:46:14The action begins thursday, june 00 eastern, live on espn for more information on the college world series, go to com, the official online home for all 88 ncaa championships.
01:46:31Big hop there from gabrielle bridges.
01:46:36Daby has been hot in the postseason, but not so much today.
01:46:40Popped up, struck out.
01:46:45And in the postseason, this is astounding, her slugging percentage, is .957.
01:46:52>> Garland: She strokes for power.
01:46:54They could use some of that right now with the runner on first.
01:46:58And two outs.
01:47:06>> Holly: Check-swing there.
01:47:08Save safe at first.
01:47:13And after that speedy second inning where the ragin cajuns really took advantage of their base running, haven't had much of a chance since.
01:47:25>> Holly: Bridges lifts it high.
01:47:28And shull makes an easy play.
01:47:339-2 Lead, michael lotief needs those bats to start swinging.
01:47:38We'll explain that unique .
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01:49:52>> Louisiana lafayette has one of the most unique hitting styles in the country.
01:49:55We'll show you some of basics.
01:49:58The first thing that you are going to see is the split grip.
01:50:00The reason that they do this is because most hitters are top hand dominant.
01:50:04That would mean that my left hand is domiing most of my swing and really controlling my swing.
01:50:09This gets your right hand or your bottom hand more involved in the swing.
01:50:13The key to this swing is the lower body and letting the lower body leave the upper body and really than explosive with the hips.
01:50:20Here's what the swing will look like.
01:50:22Start with split hands, load the hips, and push forward, really get the torque in your hips and be explosive.
01:50:28The difference between this swing and a lot of other schools are hitting is that they don't teach acceleration through contact or that follow-thru, so look today and see if you can see the difference between the ucla hitters and louisiana-lafayette hitters.
01:50:44>> Holly: Of that was our look at the home depot "coaching " it is a unique style, you had a clinic last night, coach lotief was trying to teach that you.
01:50:55How different was it from what you used as an all-american at northwestern?
01:51:00>> Garland: It's different.
01:51:01But this team does a good job executing on it.
01:51:02As I was saying before, really impresses me, the whole team has bought into it.
01:51:07And they do a great job.
01:51:09It shows that there's no cookie ter way to teach a swing.
01:51:14There's no right or wrong answer.
01:51:17Both are very effective.
01:51:21>> Holly: Disalvatore leads off for the fourth time.
01:51:24And what a way to lead it off!
01:51:27Home run, over the center field.
01:51:34And because of that score, that will bring up the end of the ball game, due to the run rule.
01:51:40The 19th time this season ucla run rules an opponent.