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00:00:00Relief arrive?
00:00:01>>> Massive blaze.
00:00:03More than 100 brave firefighters battling a deadly blaze in houston.
00:00:08>>> Abc news exclusive.
00:00:10Inside the hostage crisis, the boy held in the bunker by a gunman.
00:00:16Well tonight, you'll hear how he was rescued and how the school bus driver put his life on the line to save his kids.
00:00:25>>> And, jackpot.
00:00:25Take a look at this puzzle.
00:00:26Can you guess the answer?
00:00:29Hear how a woman won $1 million, nailing it in a single second.
00:00:32>> We have a million dollar winner!
00:00:46>>> Good evening to all of you, as we close out this week of fierce tornadoes and the worst storms of the year.
00:00:53Let us show you now some new pictures, what a lot of americans are facing tonight.
00:00:58While that entrenched and violent weather system keeps spinning off twister after twister and abc's mrng ginger zee tells us the very latest at this moment.
00:01:10>> Reporter: Multiple tornadoes forming right now outside oklahoma city tonight.
00:01:14Very dangerous conditions, one tornado already ripping through el rino and other cities west of oklahoma city.
00:01:21The city itself bracing.
00:01:23Reports of airport passengers evacuated to safety, as downtown oklahoma is under tornado warning.
00:01:29Earlier today, a pdf warning issued.
00:01:32A particularly dangerous situation, meaning there was a 90% chance of two or more tornadoes touching down in the city.
00:01:38And they have.
00:01:41This, after another night of severe weather.
00:01:46Overnight, 16 tornado reports in three states.
00:01:47This one near broken arrow, oklahoma, caught on tape.
00:01:51>> There it is.
00:01:52Right there beside us.
00:01:52Get on the ground!
00:01:55>> Reporter: Tearing a six-mile path in the earth with wind speeds over 125 miles per hour.
00:02:00The running total of severe weather reports keeps going up -- nearly 1,200 since the outbreak began.
00:02:06These storms are bringing colossal rainfall, too.
00:02:08More than ten inches of rain has hit parts of the midwest this week.
00:02:11Some areas getting a month's worth of rain in one day.
00:02:15In arkansas, at least two dead and one missing.
00:02:19Dozens of high water rescues.
00:02:20>> I'm in y city, arkansas, where rising floodwaters have become a concern for this area.
00:02:26Cars just like the one behind me were swept off the road during the heavy rain.
00:02:32>> Reporter: Nearby, sheriff cody carpenter was found dead near a heavily flooded area.
00:02:38He was checking on a home after a 911 call.
00:02:40In towns along the missouri and mississippi, sandbagging.
00:02:43There are fears of river levels ten feet above normal.
00:02:46>> I been out here for about an hour now and I plan on staying out here until we can't sandbag no more tonight.
00:02:52>> Reporter: Outside the tornado zone, both sides of the country are dealing with extreme heat.
00:02:57In new mexico, hundreds evacuate west of santa fe as a wildfire rages, over 1,000 acres.
00:03:03And hot, dry conditions are fueling the fire north of los angeles.
00:03:07More than 1,500 acres burned already.
00:03:10In the northeast, record-breaking high temps and to boston.
00:03:16>> Ginger, so many people battling this, night after night.
00:03:20When is the system going to move out?
00:03:22>> Reporter: I would love to tell you that oklahoma would be free and clear, but not tonight.
00:03:26Look with me here, diane.
00:03:28From here, up through tulsa, in and up into parts of southern and central missouri, we're going to have the threat for tornados.
00:03:35Tomorrow, severe weather all the way from western pennsylvania to still parts of texas.
00:03:43>> So, it is going to go on and ginger zee will be right there in the middle of it.
00:03:45We thank you so much.
00:03:46>>> And we turn next to houston, where the high temperature today WAS IN THE 90s, AND IT WAS A Grueling mission for firefighters.
00:03:52Trying to battle an enormous fire that broke out at a hotel.
00:03:55So many brave responders risking everything.
00:03:58For the latest, we go to abc's ron claiborne.
00:04:02>> Reporter: The fire apparently started at a restaurant in the southwestern part of houston.
00:04:08It quickly engulfed a neighboring motel.
00:04:11The thick black smoke visible for miles.
00:04:12As the fire spread, the building's roof collapsed.
00:04:15Authorities said four firefighters were killed, battling the five-alarm blaze.
00:04:20>> We can confirm for you at this time that we have four fatalities, four firefighter fatalities.
00:04:26Family members are currently being notified.
00:04:28>> Reporter: Some of the survivors could be seen saluting.
00:04:31A traditional honor for a fallen comrade.
00:04:34At least six firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital.
00:04:38Tom abrams, a reporter for abc houston affiliate ktrk, was at the scene.
00:04:44>> More than 150 firefighters from all over houston responded to this four-alarm blaze of that hotel and restaurant, responding not only to the flames and the intense heat and thick, black smoke, but a wind that kept changing direction, making fighting that fire all the more dangerous.
00:05:02>> Reporter: As the blaze burned out of control into the afternoon, with the temperatures SOARING INTO THE 90s, SEVERAL Firefighters were overcome with dehydration.
00:05:06And this exhausted firefighter, staggered.
00:05:08Late this afternoon, the fire was finally brought under control, but so far, the cause is unknown.
00:05:16Ron claiborne, abc news, new york.
00:05:18>> And we thank ron and our abc station in houston, ktrk.
00:05:23>>> And now, a tragic accident in the air over the desert in arizona.
00:05:27Two small planes colliding and crashing.
00:05:30Killing all four people aboard, two on each plane.
00:05:33The collision happened in north phoenix.
00:05:35One of the planes was registered to a company that trains commercial pilots in the area.
00:05:41And today, federal investigators are headed to the scene to begin determining what went wrong.
00:05:46>>> And next, to the developing story of that american woman, the mother of seven, who was arrested in mexico and accused of smuggling marijuana, put in prison.
00:05:58Tonight, she's free and finally heading home.
00:05:59So, what happened?
00:06:02And what is she saying tonight about being free?
00:06:04Abc's gio benitez has the story.
00:06:08>> Reporter: Overnight, this emotional reunion.
00:06:10Yanira maldonado and her husband gary, holding each other tightly, after she spent more than a week locked up in a secluded mexican prison.
00:06:18>> I'm tired.
00:06:20I had a long day.
00:06:22>> Reporter: You've had a long nine days.
00:06:25>> Yes.
00:06:25>> Reporter: In her first interview since her release, this mormon mother of seven and grandmother of two says she always believed she'd be set free.
00:06:33Did you ever lose hope?
00:06:36>> No, I never lose hope.
00:06:38It was a nightmare.
00:06:41>> Reporter: Last week, mexican authorities say they found 12 pounds of marijuana strapped under her seat, on a bus she was taking home to arizona from mexico, where she had attended a funeral.
00:06:50Yanira was arrested and charged with smuggling drugs.
00:06:55But a surveillance tape viewed by abc news showed yanira and her husband boarding that bus with a medium-sized purse, two bottles of water and some blankets for the journey.
00:07:04>> I have freedom.
00:07:05I'm free.
00:07:06>> Reporter: Yanira says her mormon faith helped set he free.
00:07:11She fasted and read the book of mormon while behind bars.
00:07:15Mexican prosecutors say they'll appeal the decision to let yanira go.
00:07:20>> It's not mexico's fault, so, I probably will go back.
00:07:23>> Reporter: Gio benitez, abc news, nogales, arizona.
00:07:28>>> And now to a big day on wall street.
00:07:30Stocks taking a hit today.
00:07:32The dow closing just above 15,000 points, way down.
00:07:36There has been a lot of speculation that the federal reserve might be ready to pull back on some of those stimulus measures.
00:07:43>>> And as we showed you earlier, that drought sweeping across the country tonight.
00:07:48Well, in some places, like the southwest, it is so severe, it's driving up the cost of food for cows.
00:07:56As a result, the price of beef is soaring, to record highs.
00:07:58And it's for this time of year, so, abc's linzie janis found some ingenious ways to save money and still fire up the barbecue.
00:08:09>> Reporter: Americans firing up the grill.
00:08:12But that sizzle you hear, well, it just might be the price of the beef.
00:08:15Today, your ground beef burger 26 a pound, up 9% from a year ago.
00:08:2486 a pound, up 7% over last summer.
00:08:29>> I am buying less red meat because of the prices.
00:08:31They seem to go up.
00:08:32>> Reporter: Blame it on soaring beef from around the world, while that drought is wiping out the feed, making it very expensive to raise cattle.
00:08:41So what do we do?
00:08:43Tips from barbecue grills all over america poured in today.
00:08:47Kathy from virginia says she's mixing black beans and breadcrumbs with her ground beef to make it stretch.
00:08:54While lynn from washington says turkey is the new t-bone for her family this summer.
00:09:01But we also talked to chef wally weaver at the 3 forty grill in hoboken, new jersey.
00:09:05So, wally, americans at home this summer want to barbecue, want to save a bit of money.
00:09:10What's your top tip for them?
00:09:10>> I recommend not changing the quality, but going with a smaller portion size.
00:09:13That way, you can still have what you want and save a little money.
00:09:16>> Reporter: You can still have a sirloin, but maybe not a 12 ounce, maybe a 10 ounce.
00:09:20>> Absolutely.
00:09:22It's a couple of ounces and we have awesome sides that we serve with the steaks.
00:09:24Your filet.
00:09:26>> Reporter: Oh, that looks gorgeous.
00:09:29A restaurant trick that will serve your family well, as experts tell us there's no end in sight to those red-hot prices.
00:09:37Linzie janis, abc news, hoboken, new jersey.
00:09:42>>> And now, we want to give you a followup on our hidden america story from last night, inside one of the most dangerous schools in the country.
00:09:47Your response was simply overwhelming and we thank you.
00:09:51It was for every child in our piece and everyone in that school saw tweets, like these, about helping kids who hope to graduate.
00:09:59And by the way, that student who didn't have enough money to go to the college she loved, has been given free tuition to that school.
00:10:08And we're going to follow up with more reporting on the other students in the school, and for more information on how you can help and support them, you can go to our website at
00:10:16And once again, we thank you so much.
00:10:18>>> And still ahead right here on "world news," an abc news exclusive.
00:10:22The school bus driver who put his life on the line to save his kids.
00:10:26Inside a terrifying hostage crisis, next.
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00:13:03EVERYTHING POPSWITH PRINGLES STIX. [ crunch ] >>> we were all riveted by this story earlier this year, but all we knew at the time was that a deranged kidnapper had grabbed a 5-year-old boy off a school bus.
00:13:21Well, tonight, for the first time in an exclusive report, abc's pierre thomas lets us listen into the crime and to the extraordinary brave people who brought little ethan home.
00:13:35>> Reporter: You are about to hear a voice that is every parent's nightmare.
00:13:39>> I want two kids, 6 to 8 years old.
00:13:41I mean it.
00:13:41Right now!
00:13:42Right now!
00:13:44>> Reporter: A kidnapper named jimmy lee dykes is on a school bus and he's got a gun.
00:13:48>> I need two boys!
00:13:506 To 8 years old.
00:13:50Two boys.
00:13:51Come on!
00:13:51>> Reporter: These recordings, obtained exclusively by abc news, tell a story of madness and heroism.
00:13:58This is the voice of the hero who put his life on the line to protect the school children.
00:14:02>> I can't do it.
00:14:03>> Do it!
00:14:03>> Sorry.
00:14:04You're going to have to shoot me.
00:14:05>> Reporter: Bus driver charles poland stands firm.
00:14:07>> It's my responsibility to keep these kids on the bus.
00:14:15>> I can't help that.
00:14:16>> I can't turn them over to somebody else.
00:14:17>> Reporter: Dykes turns his attention to a little boy named ethan, sitting directly behind the driver.
00:14:20He's only 5 years old and has autism.
00:14:21" dykes shoots him five times in front of the terrifiedhildren.
00:14:27>> He could have taken several kids, if it were not for the specific actions of chuck poland.
00:14:36>> It's amazing that -- the faith that he had.
00:14:37>> Reporter: Another hero, 15-year-old tre watts, has the courage to dial 911.
00:14:41>> Oh, my gosh.
00:14:41What's going on?
00:14:43>> The bus driver's dead.
00:14:44>> What's he doing now, honey?
00:14:45>> He took a kid!
00:14:45He took a kid!
00:14:47>> Reporter: Unbelievable.
00:14:48He stayed calm.
00:14:50He described the subject in detail.
00:14:53>> Reporter: Dykes takes ethan to a fortified underground bunker, rigged with homemade bombs.
00:14:59>> When we identified the ied, it was a game-changer.
00:15:01>> Reporter: An army of more than 300 police and fbi agents converge on the scene.
00:15:06And with that, a six-day siege begins.
00:15:11But negotiations with dykes would soon grow tense.
00:15:13He is angry with the government.
00:15:17>> You know I have the knowledge, I have the experience.
00:15:19I have the ability and I have the [ bleep ] to show just how [ bleep ] corrupt this system is.
00:15:25>> He began losing patience with us and issuing ultimatums.
00:15:27He was handling his weapons.
00:15:29>> Reporter: The decision is made to take the bunker by force.
00:15:31>> They immediately received gunfire from mr. dykes.
00:15:36>> Reporter: There was an ied inside the bunker, as well?
00:15:38>> Yes, sir.
00:15:40He was in the process of trying to detonate it.
00:15:44>> Reporter: Dykes is shot and killed in the confrontation.
00:15:46Ethan and the agents, remarkably, escape injury.
00:15:48The children on that bus, hundreds of police and fbi agents, all displayed courage under fire.
00:15:56But they all point to the sacrifice of the hero bus driver, charles poland.
00:16:02He laid down his life for ethan and the children in his care.
00:16:05 poland's wife.
00:16:08She's so proud of her husband.
00:16:10And she said he was so much more to her than a hero.
00:16:14>> Wow.
00:16:14And to all of those children who owe him everything.
00:16:16Thank you.
00:16:17Thank you, pierre.
00:16:20And we know there's a lot more in your reporting and it will be on tonight on "20/20," it will " 00 central.
00:16:31>>> And coming up ahead here, " so, test yourself.
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00:19:19>>> And tonight, an "instant index" for a summer friday.
00:19:21Outside of a sci-fi movie, did you ever think you'd hear the white house say this?
00:19:25>> It's my understanding that scientists have concluded that the asteroid poses no threat to planet earth.
00:19:34Never really thought I'd be standing up here saying that.
00:19:36But I guess I am.
00:19:37>> Asteroid?
00:19:38What asteroid?
00:19:39That one.
00:19:41The dark blurry space rock, two miles wide, which has its own moon, by the way, it's the little white speck beneath.
00:19:48The asteroid will be visible with a backyard telescope tonight.
00:19:536 million miles away.
00:19:55So, sleep well.
00:19:58>>> And how about a trip underwater now, without leaving your chair?
00:20:01Photos by amateur photographers from all over the world.
00:20:06650 Entries, the winner, this shrimp off the philippines, right there.
00:20:14The best student entry, a goliath grouper.
00:20:16And that's a florida male dusky jaw fish, beautiful creature, with a clutch of eggs in his mouth.
00:20:20And a blue ringed octopus in italy.
00:20:23The best overall was a harbor seal in a kelp forest, off the coast of san diego.
00:20:28Not camera shy, that fellow.
00:20:31>>> And here is a puzzle not one of us could solve quickly today.
00:20:36Even though last night, autumn ernhd diit in one second and won -- >> we have a million dollar winner!
00:20:45>> $1 Million, she won!
00:20:46What is the puzzle?
00:20:46Well, here it is.
00:20:47We'll give you a few seconds.
00:20:49>> Talk it out.
00:20:50You're a good player.
00:20:51You never know.
00:20:51Good luck.
00:20:53>> Tough workout.
00:20:55>> What?
00:20:57>> Huh?
00:20:58How did she do that?
00:21:00It took her, again, one second.
00:21:03Let us know how all of you did at home.
00:21:09I still don't know how she did that.
00:21:11>>> And coming up right here, you know the words, you know the songs.
00:21:14But do you know what our "person of the week" did that no woman has ever done before?
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00:22:05It was very, very painful situation.
00:22:10I'm very athletic and I swim in the cold water in the ocean.
00:22:14Shingles forced me out of the water.
00:22:17The pain level was so high, it was like fire.
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00:24:48>>> As we said, carole king has done something no woman has ever done before.
00:24:51And then she kind of topped it last night, when she and someone you'll recognize showed up at a fund-raiser for the boston bombing.
00:25:00And what better message to send boston than the song written by our "person of the week," you know, "you've got a friend"?
00:25:08♪ All you've got to do is call ♪
00:25:11>> Reporter: Last night, in boston, they brought the house down.
00:25:14♪ You've got a friend ♪
00:25:18>> Reporter: A song written by carole king and sung for survivors and heroes.
00:25:22After all, she's the daughter of a brooklyn firefighter.
00:25:26>> I bow to first responders.
00:25:28I bow.
00:25:29He really was going in there, into these dangerous situations and, you know, they -- really, the only support they had was each other.
00:25:40>> Reporter: And that's the thing, somehow you know carole king has lived these songs.
00:25:42Her share of love and heartbreak.
00:25:47♪ But you're so far away ♪
00:25:50>> Reporter: She's had a 50-year career that almost didn't happen.
00:25:55When she was a teenager, she began writing songs with a lot of collaborators, but for other people to sing.
00:26:00At first, she was petrified of center stage, afraid people didn't want to look at someone like her.
00:26:08Until pal james taylor pushed her into the spotlight.
00:26:10>> Oh, my god.
00:26:11They like this.
00:26:11They like me!
00:26:14>> Reporter: And then just this month, she became the first woman ever to receive the prestigious white house gershwin award.
00:26:25>> It's not just that carole lives the music, it's that music lives in her.
00:26:27>> Every time there's a first woman in something, it's opening the door for all women to know, we can do anything.
00:26:36♪ You make me feel like a natural woman ♪
00:26:42>> Reporter: And carole king says they're not just songs, they're journeys.
00:26:48Like the journey we make together, forward.
00:26:52♪ Winter, spring, summer or fall ♪
00:26:55>> Reporter: How many times have you all sung "you've got a friend"?
00:27:00>> James has a great story he likes to tell.
00:27:03"I didn't know when I asked carole if I could use this song, record this song, that I would have to perform it every single " it's our joy to do it, because it makes people so happy.
00:27:15♪ I'll be there ♪
00:27:16♪ oh I'll be there ♪
00:27:19♪ you've got a friend ♪
00:27:23>> I actually have a word that is the guide-word that I feel every day of my life, and the word is gratitude.
00:27:33♪ You've got a friend ♪
00:27:41>> and so we choose carole king, " and we thank you for watching.
00:27:47We're always there at
00:27:49"Nightline" will be here later.
00:27:52And david muir will be right in this chair all weekend.
00:27:54Have a great one.
00:28:27>>> Breakdown on bart.
00:28:29What went wrong, what went right and how everyone is getting home oof a tough commute.
00:28:34>> We're on fire watch.
00:28:35A hot weather warning.
00:28:37We'll tell you one factor that could make for a disastrous weekend.
00:28:41>> In sacramento supreme court a lawsuit could derail the high speed rail project claiming it broke a promise to voters.
00:28:53>> A looming deadline leaving san francisco without dozens of police investigators.
00:29:06>> Here is a live look at traffic approaching this bay bridge tonight.
00:29:11People forced on to the freeways this moshing are now on their way home.
00:29:15Good evening, I'm carolyn johnson.
00:29:19Bart is back on track operating after that overnight breakdown making for a hellish morning commute.
00:29:28After working for hours to fix track, bart decided to put off making repairs until after hours tonight.
00:29:36We have team coverage for you.
00:29:40Keeping an eye on the evening commute.