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Aired at 03:30 PM on Saturday, May 28, 2011 (5/28/2011)      View all transcripts from this day


00:02:06Wait for me!
00:02:12Thanks. it won'thappen again.
00:02:20Got it.
00:02:24[Laughter] have a nice trip,shaggy!
00:02:32Hey, yep, sure did.
00:02:34Just like yesterday and they day before thatand the day before that.
00:02:40Grow up, man.
00:02:44Hey, watch out!
00:02:46I'm sorry!
00:02:51Well, what do yougot there?
00:02:53Trying to builda better mousetrap?
00:02:54This is the prototypeof an ethanol-based self-circulating nano reactor.
00:02:58It filters negative energythrough a quantum matrix by compressing relative densityof atomic matter, which I know soundshighly unstable ..
00:03:08[Indistinct chatter] "without that title,romeo doth by name, and for that--" uh, excuseth me.
00:03:16Uh, would you just mindif I just, uh, get in there?
00:03:20Oh, sure,just let me move my backpack.
00:03:22Ok, perfect, thanks.
00:03:23Sorry, I'm justgonna--i just need to get in right-- ow, oh, just let memove my bag!
00:03:28We're gonna be fine!
00:03:29 'causei don't think-- ahh.
00:03:33Made it.
00:03:35What's in a name?what's in a name?
00:03:37 [sniffing] ahhh. carefor a bite?
00:03:42What is that?
00:03:44It's a pbj&s.
00:03:46Peanut butter,jelly and sardines.
00:03:48Oh. oh, ok.
00:03:49I can scrape offthe jelly.
00:03:51No, thanks!
00:03:52They scoffed oppenheimer,too, you know.
00:03:53But when I realized thatkinetic instability could be addressedby reversing the polarity of the cadmium core, viola!
00:04:00I knew everyoneat the science fair would bow before me.
00:04:04Oh, hello.
00:04:06What I was sayingis this is the prototype of an ethanol-basedself-circulating nano reactor.
00:04:11It filters negative energythrough a quantum matrix by compressingrelative density of atomic ..
00:04:18[Music playing] [indistinct chatter] unnh-ah!
00:04:38It's just so easy!
00:04:40Let's go.
00:04:41[Laughs] Girl on P.A.:ARRIBA, ARRIBA!
00:04:43The spanish clubwill be hosting a fiesta ..
00:04:46Ah, come on!
00:04:48[Indistinct chatter] ah. must bethe humidity.
00:04:54[Grunting] ooh!
00:04:58Whoa! oh!
00:05:02I hate this job!
00:05:05Never wanted to bea janitor!
00:05:10Excuse me! oh!
00:05:12[Gasps] [muffled yelling] whoa!
00:05:17Locker problemsagain, mr. rogers?
00:05:20i, uh, I just seem to get the squirrelly oneevery year.
00:05:25I like to thinki'm pretty plugged into the scene here at the c.h.
00:05:31And if we'rekeeping it real, I can't help but noticethat you've always had a hard time finding a crewof home buds to "kick it" with.
00:05:40Ha, um, say what now?
00:05:43Friends, mr. you have any?
00:05:47Um, ha, friends. yeah.
00:05:49Like, I got tons of those.
00:05:51they're always inviting me to go into the park,and, uh, ha, throwing and--hey,is that a new bowtie?
00:06:01Now, believe it or not, when I was your age, I had a hard time making connections with people.
00:06:07Hmm, no.
00:06:09But you know what helped me?
00:06:10Phately. bless you.
00:06:13No, philately. stamp collecting.
00:06:14 dweeb city, huh?
00:06:17But I have to tell you, it is more like thrill city!
00:06:21I am particularly excited about my latest find.
00:06:25One eyed jack.
00:06:31Now, if you'll look closely, you'll notice that the jack rabbit has only one eye.
00:06:36It's a misprint!
00:06:37Those are the most valuable.
00:06:40Well, would you look at that?
00:06:42[School bell rings] so, norville, I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't give up.
00:06:51You'll find people you fit in with.
00:06:55They may not know it themselves, but they're out there.
00:06:58Waiting to fit in with you, too.
00:07:11Oh, ha.
00:07:14Heh. hey, hey.
00:07:16Right here, dawg.
00:07:18[Chuckles] yeah.
00:07:21That is what I am talking about.
00:07:23See ya. heh heh heh.
00:07:24 [chuckles] [sighs] Man on P.A.: Welcome to the coolville pet adoption fair.
00:07:35Open your heart to an adorable puppy or kitten, they don't get any cuter than these little guys.
00:07:42[Barking] banjo here has a lot of personality.
00:07:46I think we're looking for something a little bit bigger.
00:07:49Then I think I know just the dog for you.
00:07:53Here he is.
00:07:55Meet our pet of the day.
00:07:56Oooh! he's very affectionate.
00:07:58And he'd bring a lot of joy to any family.
00:08:00 that thing looks like he would eat us out of house and home!
00:08:05No, no, no!
00:08:08[Whimpering] don't worry, scoobert.
00:08:13I have a feeling that you're finally going to get adopted today.
00:08:16Ooh! I just know it.
00:08:26[Giggling] hello, hello!
00:08:32[Humming] hey!
00:08:35He he he he!
00:08:47[Clattering] [whimpering] that one! hmm?
00:08:54I want that one, daddy.
00:08:56This is the last time I tell you you can get anything you want.
00:09:02Hiya, boy.
00:09:04Hi. we'll take that one.
00:09:06That one? really?
00:09:08Oh, gosh, you know, we're going to be really sorry to see him go.
00:09:12I'll get the paperwork.
00:09:13Well, fella, you ready to meet your new family?
00:09:21Ahh! ahh, no!
00:09:23[Screaming] ahh!
00:09:25Scooby! no!
00:09:26Daddy! help! someone!
00:09:28Get him off me! get him off!
00:09:30This crazy mutt, you better get him off!
00:09:34Man on P.A.: Thank you all for making this our most successful pet adoption fair ever.
00:09:40[Whimpering] next month for sure, scoobert.
00:09:44I just know it!
00:09:45All right, you're good.
00:09:47[Sighs] oof!
00:10:08Huh? hey! hey!
00:10:11Hey! wait for me!
00:10:12Hey! wait for-- wait for me!
00:10:16[Whimpering] [crickets chirping] [sighs] [exhales] ..
00:10:51[Howling in distance] [howling continues] [whimpers] [wind blowing] [thunder] [scooby whimpering] [gulps] ahhh!
00:11:33[Laughter] no!
00:11:37[Gasping] st!
00:11:48[Panting] whoa!