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00:00:00>> He approached me and posed a scenario that I would have sexual intercourse with his wife three times a week, until she either became pregnant or school started back up in the beginning of september.
00:00:13>> What time frame are we talking about here?
00:00:15>> That was seven or eight weeks, I believe?
00:00:18>> Let's go with eight weeks.
00:00:20At a minimum you gave mr.
00:00:23Glover 24 opportunities to become a daddy.
00:00:26>> Yes, sir.
00:00:26>> That fair enough?
00:00:27>> Yes.
00:00:29 glover, you were okay with this.
00:00:31Is that my understanding?
00:00:32>> Your honor, at the beginning of our timed meetings set up by my husband, we talked, we played games, we watched movies, there was actually no sexual intercourse at the beginning.
00:00:47 glover, farly the $5,000?
00:00:51>> I had given him the $5,000.
00:00:53I gave him a contract with all the agreements and exactly how things should be done.
00:01:00 farly signed it.
00:01:02>> You have a copy of that contract, sir?
00:01:04>> Yes, sir, I do.
00:01:05>> Let me take a look.
00:01:08So we made this official.
00:01:10We've got a document here, understanding there will be a natural insemination.
00:01:20The goal is to become pregnant, I see that.
00:01:24 farly, you signed it.
00:01:29 glover, the agreement says this is the understanding of the parties.
00:01:32That this is the promise and the agreement.
00:01:35It has your signature, ma'am.
00:01:36I don't get the sense that you weren't with the program here.
00:01:40>> Your honor, I was with my husband's program.
00:01:49>> I was following his wishes, his rules according to the way he wanted in the marriage, not actually following my own needs, nor did he ever listen to that.
00:02:01>> Whose fault was that that you didn't follow your own voice?
00:02:04>> That would be mine, your honor.
00:02:07>> When "america's court" returns.
00:02:09>> As time went on I started noticing she became distant because I thought it was the awkwardness of the situation.
00:02:16>> Hello, awkward.
00:02:17>> Later.
00:02:19>> I would be in tears, telling me my cats would be locked in my apartment and basically starve to death.
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00:05:07>>> This is "america's court" with judge ross.
00:05:09>> We are back with the case of michael glover, suing his neighbor, douglas farly, for breach of contract when the defendant failed to im pregnant the plaintiff's wife.
00:05:19>> At some point the agreement didn't actually go as planned.
00:05:22What happened?
00:05:23>> That is right, your honor.
00:05:25While I was at work, sierra and doug were supposed to meet for about an hour at the most.
00:05:34>> You made it a point, I don't want to see it, I want the end result.
00:05:38>> Yes, sir.
00:05:38>> Got it.
00:05:42>> They were supposed to attempt to get sierra pregnant.
00:05:48>> All right.
00:05:49>> As time went on I started noticing that sierra became somewhat distant and non communicative, so I became a little concerned but not too much.
00:06:00I thought it was the awkwardness of the situation.
00:06:03>> Well, hello.
00:06:07>> Yeah.
00:06:07[ Laughter] >> then she started becoming happier than she usually is.
00:06:17And I thought, I love that.
00:06:19I thought that was good, except when I tried to initiate any intimate contact with her, she was -- >> she was like been there done that already.
00:06:30>> I understand.
00:06:32>> Which really is not surprising, is it, sir?
00:06:35>> I'm wiser now, your honor, than I was then.
00:06:38>> I see.
00:06:39I don't want to make light of the situation.
00:06:41I can tell in your voice this is a little painful for you.
00:06:44>> Yes, your honor.
00:06:45It is.
00:06:46>> You basically got played.
00:06:47>> I don't think she intended that in the first place.
00:06:51It's just something went terribly awry.
00:06:54>> Do you want your wife back?
00:06:56>> Yes, sir.
00:06:57>> What are you willing to do?
00:06:59>> Marriage counseling, whatever it takes to build the strength back up in our marriage so that it will be very loyal.
00:07:06>> Your honor, may I interject?
00:07:09>> Nope.
00:07:10This is grown folk.
00:07:12This is a and b conversation, c your way out of it.
00:07:16[ Laughter] .
00:07:18>> Mrs. glover, should mr.
00:07:19Farly keep the money?
00:07:21>> I believe, your honor, mr.
00:07:23Farly should keep the $5,000.
00:07:24>> Why?
00:07:24>> It is a business contract that was drawn up by my soon-to-be ex-husband.
00:07:31He thinks e it is business, keep it at that, let the money go.
00:07:35>> Lose you in the process.
00:07:40>> He was losing me two years ago.
00:07:44He wasn't listening then, not listening now.
00:07:48>> Sierra, please.
00:07:51Your honor -- >> we are not here for this $5,000.
00:07:58That I'm clear on.
00:07:59>> I just want her back.
00:08:01>> Do you?
00:08:01>> Yes.
00:08:02>> Do you really want her back?
00:08:04>> More than anything in the world.
00:08:05>> Are you willing to pay the price for whatever it takes to get her back?
00:08:09>> I will do whatever it takes, your honor.
00:08:13There is no limit to what i would do to keep her.
00:08:17I want a baby but my relationship with my wife is more important than that.
00:08:23>> You mean it?
00:08:24>> I do, sir.
00:08:25>> Good answer.
00:08:26I'm going to help you move in that direction.
00:08:29Judgment in favor of the defendant.
00:08:32We are adjourned.
00:08:33[Pounding of the Gavel] >> Judge ross has ruled in favor of the defendant.
00:08:41>> Of course I want to save my marriage.
00:08:43I love sierra.
00:08:44I don't know if I can after this but I'm certainly going to try.
00:08:47>> I feel if my husband had listened to me from the beginning we wouldn't be here now.
00:08:52>> Coming up.
00:08:53>> He was offering a special one-day only price on pet insurance.
00:09:00His army of atheists in the event of the rupture would come to my apartment and start taking care of my pets.
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00:11:57>>> This is "america's court" with judge ross.
00:12:02>> Katherine pool purchased an insurance policy for her pet, which she later cancelled but never received a refund for.
00:12:08She is suing for $250.
00:12:14Insurance man anthony lakin claims the policy he sold ms.
00:12:17Poole contains no cancellation provision, is non refunding so he owes nothing.
00:12:25>> All rise, remain standing and come to order, the honorable judge kevin ross presiding.
00:12:30>> Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated.
00:12:32All parties have been sworn, your honor >> thank you, deputy thomas.
00:12:34All right.
00:12:35This is the case of katherine poole.
00:12:39 poole, you are suing the defendant in this case, anthony lakin, in the amount of $250 for pet insurance.
00:12:45>> That is right, your honor.
00:12:47>> You are saying you sent a written notice to cancel the policy but the defendant refused to honor your request and return your money; is that correct >> absolutely.
00:13:03>> Are you chewing gum in my courtroom?
00:13:06>> Yes.
00:13:08>> No.
00:13:08Deputy thomas, you slipping.
00:13:09That is not going to work here.
00:13:12Sir, you don't come into a courtroom chewing gum.
00:13:15That is not how we operator in america's courts, spit it out.
00:13:19Are those shades or prescriptions, sir?
00:13:21>> Both, but I can take them off if you want.
00:13:24>> Yes, I want you to take them off, sir.
00:13:27 poole, tell me your story.
00:13:29>> Your honor, about six months ago I was going to this church that my boyfriend was going to.
00:13:36They really believed in the rupture.
00:13:38>> What is the rupture?
00:13:44>> The rapture is when jesus comes back.
00:13:47Everyone who has accepted him as lord and savior will immediately ascend to heaven but our pets and non believers will be left behind.
00:13:55>> So pets and atheists don't go on this journey.
00:13:59>> No.
00:14:00>> What happens to them?
00:14:01>> They are left behind.
00:14:02That is why I was so very concerned because my cats are like my babies.
00:14:09After this particular service se where they were explaining all this, there was a fair at the church.
00:14:15This man had a booth.
00:14:17He had me in tears, telling me that my cats would be locked in my apartment.
00:14:23Would just basically starve to death.
00:14:25But he was offering a special one-day only price on pet insurance.
00:14:30And his army of atheists would immediately in the event of rapture come to my apartment and start taking care of my pets.
00:14:40>> And so the insurance policy says what?
00:14:45How -- how -- he will me me out here.
00:14:48>> I have a copy of what he gave me.
00:14:54It actually doesn't really -- >> show that to deputy thomas.
00:14:58>> Exactly what would happen.
00:15:00>> I checked him out at the better business bureau.
00:15:04>> You have a contract saying in the event of your death -- >> it is not death.
00:15:10It is ascending to heaven.
00:15:13 lakin, is this something that people are doing?
00:15:17>> Yes, your honor.
00:15:18A lot of people are doing that and more.
00:15:21>> So if I were to go online and get on the internet, this is no joke?
00:15:27I could type in rapture insurance and get a policy for a pet?
00:15:33>> That's where you'd find me.
00:15:35>> At the better business bureau you find him in the "f" category.
00:15:40>> When did you find that out?
00:15:42Because if he is saying I can provide you this insurance and you go to him saying I want this insurance, what is the -- >> it was the -- >> hold on, hold on a minute.
00:15:54Where did the $250 come into play?
00:15:56>> That day.
00:15:57It was a one-time only special thing.
00:16:00I now feel he was exploiting everybody at this church.
00:16:04>> So for your two cats to be taken care of by atheists once you ascend, you would pay him $250 and -- >> I paid him that day.
00:16:17>> She paid up front.
00:16:18>> I wrote a check that day and I want that money back.
00:16:21>> What I'm trying to understand, then, is if you approached mr.
00:16:26Lakin and said i want this policy -- >> well, he actually kind of approached everyone as they were coming out of the church.
00:16:34>> My whole booth approached her, we moved in unison on you.
00:16:38>> He ascended.
00:16:39>> Yeah, good one.
00:16:40I ascended.
00:16:42 lakin is clearly a shyster.
00:16:45>> Wait a minute.
00:16:47>> No, not wait a minute.
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00:17:25>>> This is "america's court" with judge ross.
00:20:05>>> This is "america's court" with judge ross.
00:20:07>> We are back with the case of katherine poole, suing anthony lakin to recover money she spent on an insurance policy.
00:20:15>> So you got what you bargained for.
00:20:18What I'm trying to understand is what is the problem.
00:20:23>> Well, I broke up with my boyfriend.
00:20:25I'm not going to say why.
00:20:29After all of this I was talking with my friends about this.
00:20:33They were going, oh my gosh, that sounds like such a scam.
00:20:36So we looked him up.
00:20:38There is this whole list of companies.
00:20:45All these testimonials about what a scam artist he is.
00:20:50>> Hold on.
00:20:51I want to make sure I heard you correctly.
00:20:53If you had not broken up with the guy, would you still have maintained the insurance policy?
00:20:58>> I don't think so because there's no -- >> you are looking at mr. lakin.
00:21:04I want you to focus on me.
00:21:07If you were still in the relationship with your guy, would you still have the insurance policy?
00:21:15>> Maybe.
00:21:17>> What I'm hearing here is because it didn't work out with a guy, I'm now -- >> I thought -- >> -- getting out of a contractual relationship that i freely, knowingly, willingly entered into.
00:21:32The problem that I have is even lakin is clearly a shyster.
00:21:38>> Wait a minute.
00:21:39>> No, not wait a minute.
00:21:42>> You -- >> it is clear to me.
00:21:45It is very clear to me.
00:21:46Having said that, sir, you didn't do anything illegal.
00:21:49Because of that, the amount of $250 for return on the pet insurance policy is denied.
00:21:55Judgment for the defendant.
00:21:57[Pounding of the Gavel] >> But you are going to -- >> all rise!
00:22:04>> Judge ross has ruled in favor of the defendant.
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00:23:12>>> I will be a lot more careful when I buy insurance.
00:23:17>> In the future I think i would treat people a little more carefully.
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00:27:01>> You never listen to me!
00:27:03>>Is your child's behavior driving you crazy?
00:27:05>> Shut up! I hate you!
00:27:07>> Don't touch me!
00:27:08>>Are they misbehaving and getting into trouble in school?
00:27:10>> You need to come down and pick up connor in school right now!
00:27:13He's in my office, and he's been in another fight!
00:27:15He's completely out of control!
00:27:17>> Go!
00:27:17>> Get away!
00:27:18>>Do they argue and fight constantly?
00:27:21>> Don't!
00:27:23>> First of all, you need to know you're not alone, and second, help is on the way.
00:27:28>> If you have a child or grandchild with any kind of behavior problem or attention deficit disorder, of if you're a single parent trying to cope with a child who is disrespectful or obnoxious towards you, we're gonna introduce you to the man who can show you how to transform your child's behavior and put some peace and sanity back into your home life.
00:27:45>>Behavioral therapist, james lehman, is here to help you get back in control of your family right now with the total transformation program.
00:27:54>> We are at a place right now that I never imagined our family life would be at and that my son is this productive, happy, capable young man.
00:28:05So, I know that there are parents out there probably feeling exactly like I did about four years ago, and I'm just saying that it doesn't have to be like that.
00:28:15>> If I hadn't have met james, there's no doubt I would be nowhere near as solid as I am right now.
00:28:21I wouldn't have any goals.
00:28:22I was an angry person.
00:28:24I was confused and frustrated, and if I hadn't have met james, there's no doubt I would probably be kicked out of school, kicked out of my house.
00:28:32Probably would be having a tough life right now, but james has helped me in so many ways that my life is real strong and steady, and there's no doubt that I'm on my way.
00:28:43>> Our guest today understands what makes a child with behavior problems tick, because he was once one of them, and he knows how to turn difficult behavior into good behavior.
00:28:53>>James lehman is a renowned counselor, therapist, and teacher who has worked