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Aired at 06:00 AM on Sunday, Nov 28, 2010 (11/28/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00, so, everybody, pick out your favorite.
00:00:09this guy sticks everything but the landing.
00:00:14(woman) OH!
00:00:16(laughing) He can't let go.
00:00:30His hands are frozen to the handlebars.
00:00:33(crowd gasps) (man on P.A.) AND HE'SSTILL ON! LOOK AT THAT!
00:00:40(woman) OH, OKAY, A LITTLE TOO MUCH SNOW Coming down still, eh?
00:00:44It was 99 when we started.
00:00:47Granted, it's not hef's grotto, but it's the best the tri-county area has to offer.
00:00:53(woman laughing) (laughing) ..
00:01:12(laughing) No one gets by frosty when he's on baby watch.
00:01:21(woman) HE'S COMING DOWNHILL! HE'S--OH!
00:01:25(laughing) When you don't get much of a snowfall, you don't get much of a snowman.
00:01:41And this is revenge for all the centuries of dogsledding.
00:01:52♪♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪♪
00:01:56♪♪ jingle all the way ♪♪
00:01:58(high-pitched voice) ♪♪ OH, WHAT FUN IT IS...
00:02:01(babbling) ♪♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way ♪♪
00:02:09(crying) ♪♪ OH, WHAT FUN IT IS TOO RIDE ♪♪
00:02:13(babbling) ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:02:26we all think our pets are smart.
00:02:29Your cat gets his head stuck in a yogurt cup.
00:02:32It's not because he's an idiot.
00:02:34He's making a helmet.
00:02:35Your dog chews your remote control.
00:02:37 he wants you to read more.
00:02:40Well, you might be in denial, but here are some animals that are undeniably clever.
00:02:47(woman) HERE, KITTY.
00:02:49They couldn't teach him too many tricks.
00:02:53But he's got great manners.
00:02:55There he goes.
00:02:57(doorbell rings) Okay, you can let him in.
00:03:02Let him in, guys.
00:03:06Now he comes in. there he is.
00:03:11(woman) I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING, But he's not moving out of the middle of the road.
00:03:17(horn honks) (woman) THE OTHERS ARE CROSSING NOW. LOOK.
00:03:21(man) OH, HE'S A CROSSG GUARD, And he's waiting for the rest to come across.
00:03:28That's what it is.
00:03:29See? now he's gonna-- now you can go.
00:03:32(woman) NICE LITTLE FELLA.
00:03:48Man, that is one patriotic elk.
00:04:05Some people go to the greyhound races just for t.
00:04:18They aren't the smartest dogs, but they're smart enough to cheat.
00:04:32(man) IT AIN'T MOVING.
00:04:36(man) AND NOW...
00:04:39For my trained snake to do his trick.
00:04:42Play dead.
00:04:49(cheers and apand applause) You know wheyou go away on vacation and you end up doing crazier things thanou're home?
00:04:58Well, think about the worst thing that you ever did when you were away.
00:05:02This guy did it with a lizard.
00:05:06(woman) SEE IF UNCLE ROB WILL DO IT.
00:05:09Uncle rob, will you put this on your earlobe?
00:05:12(woman) NO, THOSE ARE JUST LIKE THE ONES At home.
00:05:15(imitating pirate's voice) AHOY, MATEY. ARR.
00:05:21(man) THAT'S A REAL DESERT.
00:05:24(laughter) That hurts a little.
00:05:38Ow. ow.
00:05:42Enough for me.
00:05:44(laughter) That hurts a little, too.
00:05:57Ow! don't pull on him. he's really biting.
00:06:02(laughing) He won't let go.
00:06:08Just don't touch him.
00:06:15(woman) WAIT, JONAH, JONAH...
00:06:18(laughing) He's got desert teeth. make it quick.
00:06:48Or uncle lou?
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00:10:00(moos) (cheers and applause) You've heard it said-- breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
00:10:11Then why not make it the biggest?
00:10:23(woman) MMM.
00:10:25These are some honey graham squares.
00:10:32(laughing) I think you need some more.
00:10:41 milk two jugs?
00:10:56Oh, thanks.
00:11:01(man) HEY, DOUG.
00:11:07(laughs) (all laughing) (singsong voice) OH, MOM!