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00:00:01incredible sense of failure when they haven't managed to to successfully quit before >>What I do find as as common to most people that I meet is that they feel that they're willpower just hasn't been enough.
00:00:14They should have been able to stop smoking and they feelsomewhat like they've let themselves down or their families or they just feel weak and like a failure that they just couldn't do it.
00:00:25>>nd not probably help by non smokers who have no idea really of what those cravings are like and how difficult it is.
00:00:31I mean we probably don't help smokers because we just think it's just down to simple willpower and they don't have it.
00:00:37>>right, right.
00:00:37And it's not, think about it, we weren't born as smokers, we weren't born desiring nicotine and craving nicotine it is not a natural thing for our bodies so if you've never smoked before and you've never had that desire and craving, it's really difficult to relate to somebody that's experiencing it.
00:00:54> f there was something that could help them, you know, get off the cigarettes or stop smoking without having to white knuckle it.
00:01:03> Without having to, you know, fight that fight everyday with their willpower.
00:01:06>>Willpower sometimes just isn't enough and that's ok.
00:01:08There is physiologically a chemical that is released in the brain from nicotine that makes you want more nicotine.
00:01:15There's really something happening in the body that creates that incredible desire that makes it so difficult to quit.
00:01:23In most people willpower frankly isn't enough.
00:01:26It's just too hard and finally we have a product that can that can help.
00:01:32It can help eliminate that desire, it can give your willpower the the help that it needs to stop smoking for good.
00:01:40Ya know people are watching right now and they're saying ya know I I wanna quit smoking, I've tried everything under the sun to to quit smoking.
00:01:45But what's gonna make this different and why should I give this a shot?
00:01:48>>First off, Smoke Remedy doesn't have any side effects.
00:01:50So there's no need or fear you can your mind is at ease, you don't have to worry about when I take this, what's going to happen, what are the other things that are going to happen.
00:01:58There are no side effects with Smoke Remedy.
00:02:00Are you gonna have any withdrawals?
00:02:02>>The craving that you experience for wanting more nicotine in the body is overwhelming.
00:02:07You literally feel at least I did when I was trying to come off cigarettes, I felt like I was going to just lose my mind.
00:02:13I wanted a cigarette so bad it was overwhelming.
00:02:17And th-those are cravings, but is there any like withdrawal symptoms?
00:02:20>>You can have headaches and irritability and a host of symptoms like that and often is it is related back to the craving, because the craving is so strong and not satisfying that craving leads to sometimes irritability, you're you're cranky you have headaches and there's lots of other thing you can experience, but at the core is because that craving isn't satisfied and Smoke Remedy eliminates the craving or desire and therefore you're not going crazy wanting another cigarette or wanting some form of nicotine because you don't desire it in the first place.
00:02:54So it will in essence, Smoke Remedy will also eliminate the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine because it eliminates the desire for people to smoke and that's what really causes a lot of those symptoms.[aa3] >>Exactly.
00:03:05And if you talk to smokers one on one for the most part they will tell you they want to quit.
00:03:11They truly want to quit, they know it's not good for their health.
00:03:14They're family's use usually are pressuring them, often their children are pressuring them to quit.
00:03:19They want to quit, they know it's not something that's good for them, but that craving is so powerful and overcoming it's it's they just need an alternative.
00:03:29They need the help to be able to get to the other side.
00:03:32The spray saying your desire goes away and if you don't have a desire to smoke, guess what - you're you're not gonna smoke for the health benefits (laughter) >>or the cost or the cost.
00:03:41Yeah I mean I mean forget about it.
00:03:43Today with the economy the way it is that's a great way to save some extra money too is to quit smoking.
00:03:47If you're watching right now and you want to quit smoking.
00:03:50I mean you're sick and tired of smelling all day.
00:03:53You're sick and tired of waiting for your smoke break, you're sick and tired of waiting for the plane to land so you can run to the next, you know, smoking spot and you just want to give it up, I mean, put it behind you.[aa4] You know, so many Americans do want to put smoking behind them but they just don't have an answer that will help them eliminate the cravings and really eliminate their desire to smoke.
00:04:13Up until now...right now there's a revolutionary product, it's really a breakthrough for smokers.
00:04:19It's called Smoke Remedy.
00:04:21If you've tried everything under the sun to quit smoking and nothing has seemed to work., please pick up the phone and give it one last try.
00:04:29Try Smoke Remedy and try it today.
00:04:33It's unconditionally guaranteed.
00:04:35[aa5] When when some people don't smoke for a while they have really an uncontrollable desire to to smoke.
00:04:42And Smoke Remedy eliminates their their desire to smoke.
00:04:45>>Ah the cravings can be so severe and Dina's story is amazing.
00:04:51She her craving was just so overwhelming for her she would if she saw cigarettes she would pick it up and sm just smell it and wanna actually eat it.
00:05:00And she's smoke free right right now?
00:05:03>>She is smoke free.
00:05:03Her cravings have been eliminated, her desire to smoke is eliminated.
00:05:06>>et's hear what she had to say.
00:05:08The cravings were so strong that not only would I want to smoke but I would want to smell the tobacco, chew the tobacco, swallow the tobacco.
00:05:15But now since I've tired Smoke Remedy, the temptation, desire, it's completely gone.
00:05:21It's left, so I don't have to worry about being near somebody that's smoking cause it doesn't affect me.
00:05:27I can walk right past a cigarette right past open tobacco, I have no problem whatsoever.
00:05:30That's how powerful Smoke Remedy is.
00:05:34I would recommend it to all my friends or even people I don't know because it can make their lives healthier and extend their lives as well.
00:05:41It's wonderful!
00:05:42[aa6] >>ou've talking about a lot of people really giving up hope of doing it and and or probably even being surfing through the channels already and said oh not another one, this won't work.
00:05:51Well they're waiting for the pharmaceutical company to come out with a pill to stop smoking.
00:05:55>>es, probably >nd I guess recently they did and I guess there's been a bunch of side effects and things that go along with that.
00:05:59Do you know much about the pharmaceutical um drug >>There's been lots of side effects that I've read about in the press and in different papers and on the internet and that's the difference with Smoke Remedy, there are no side effects.
00:06:12There's no fear of what are the other things that I'm going to have to worry about.
00:06:15What am I going to feel?
00:06:16I stopped smoking but what are the other things I need to give up, the side effects and the other bad things I'll have to feel to give up smoking.
00:06:23Donald, the co-developer of Smoke Remedy, Martine Collash who has been practicing homeopathy for over thirty years, she has used this product for so many different people who have come to her desperate to quit smoking and I'd love our viewers to hear from her about her experience with Smoke Remedy and just how effective it has been for her.
00:06:44>>et's do that right now.
00:06:45I'm a board certified homeopathic and I've been practicing for well over thirty years.
00:06:51I've seen people with all different kinds of ailments come to the office.
00:06:54And then there are those who want to quit smoking.
00:06:58and they tried everything, they were so frustrated, they tried the prescription pills with all the devastating side effects.
00:07:06Tried many different kinds over the counter products, the patches, the nicotine gums, the hypnosis, the acupuncture, but it didn't help.
00:07:16If it did, it was just for short time, they would go back on smoking right away.
00:07:21So it is really after I give them Smoke Remedy that you saw the beauty it was amazing, it was so amazing to see them quit smoking.
00:07:32The best part about Smoke Remedy is that it is safe, it is natural, no toxicity, no side effects involved, it really works.
00:07:43It has been one of the greatest pleasure to help people quit smoking.
00:07:49It is safe and it helps their family.
00:07:53What a blessing it is to help people quit smoking with Smoke Remedy.
00:07:58>>o I suppose the frustration really is getting the message out into the market place that something like this actually exists and can be that effective.
00:08:05>>Martine and I are so thrilled to have this opportunity today to introduce this product to the millions of smokers that we know who are desperate to quit.
00:08:16We can only reach so many people in an office setting, this is a venue that allows us to spread the word about this extremely effective product that has homeopathic medicine that actually works.
00:08:28So this is virtually the first time that this is being launched or talked about on national television?
00:08:34>>First time.
00:08:34>>'ve never heard of anything like it before I've never seen it o-on a television screen.
00:08:38I mean, I think that's it it's all the advertising that you were saying from the pharmaceutical industry about the gums, about the patches, about the drugs, nothing about something, natural, safe, effective.
00:08:47This just seems effortlessly simple.
00:08:49people are spending so much money every year on smoking.
00:08:51We talked about the economy just a few minutes ago, but people can save thousands of dollars a year just by quitting, ya know to give up there cigarettes two packs a day I think I was I had a actually I was on the internet, this was two packs a day if you took the money and invested it, reinvested it >That's the entrepreneur in you >ith the average rate of return in twenty years you're talking about a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars >>hat's scary isn't it >t it's scary, I mean we're-we're broke as it is >>mhmm >e're sick as it is and this would help us in both areas and it would put more money in our pocket and we're gonna stay healthy as a bi-product of ya know giving up the smokes so to speak.
00:09:28>>We're hoping to reach millions of smokers who really are desperate, they want to quit.
00:09:33They wanna save the money, they want to get their health back, they don't want to be a prisoner to their cigarettes.
00:09:38We wanna spread the news about this product and let them know that there's help.
00:09:43It's safe, all natural, effective, non-toxic and it actually works.
00:09:48Eileen we know smokers are concerned about their lung and you've developed a product called Lung Remedy to go along with ah Smoke Remedy.
00:09:56>>Yes, we did.
00:09:57Once smokers use Smoke Remedy to quit smoking, we developed a product called Lung Remedy that can help support healthy lung function.
00:10:04I know that when I used to smoke, I smoked for a long enough period of time that I was starting to feel the effects of smoking, getting a a chronic cough sometimes called that dreaded smokers cough an exercise or exertion, sometimes I would feel some shortness of breath.
00:10:20I felt like I couldn't necessarily get that full lung extension.
00:10:22I knew I had some damage to my lungs.
00:10:24What Lung Remedy can do is to help support healthy lung function.
00:10:28And what we would like to do today, for those viewers that call in to order Smoke Remedy to quit smoking, we will give them their first month free of Lung Remedy.[aa7] >nd it's only a three month program am I right?
00:10:41>>It's a three month program, exactly >nd then then you're done >>>hen you're done and you can start to feel it should help improve some of the lung function and improve some of the effects that you've experienced from smoking cigarettes for such a long time.
00:10:52Eileen, hold on to that thought.
00:10:53I want to let our audience tune in once again.
00:10:55If you're watching right now and you're a smoker and you've tried everything under the sun to try to quit smoking.[aa8] You've tried the patches, you've tried the pills, you've tried the powders, you've tried the potions and you're still smoking because you just can't eliminate the cravings.
00:11:11You can't eliminate your desire to smoke.
00:11:14Well, we have an answer that is really a breakthrough for smokers.
00:11:24It's called Smoke Remedy.
00:11:24This is the first time that we're going on national television with a smoke remedy that is guaranteed.
00:11:27So if you're watching right now pick up the phone and get Smoke Remedy and when you do call in ask[aa9] the operator about Lung Remedy, because you'll get your first month's supply of Lung Remedy with Smoke Remedy absolutely free.
00:11:39So pick up the phone and give us a call right now.
00:11:41>> always hate to think when people have tried so many things and they fail that they give up the one last hurdle, that that one last step that could be the one for them.
00:11:49Those women um don't give up smoking because they think they're gonna have sort of weight gain and things like that and yet we know that smoking ya know is dreadful for the skin and they're suffering from all the wrinkles and all that sort of thing.
00:12:00I'm I'm presuming that again by taking those craving to smoke away, you won't necessarily turn to food.
00:12:06>>When you have that overwhelming craving you reach for food for a substitute because you are trying to satisfy it.
00:12:13And the difference is is that if you use Smoke Remedy and you don't have that craving, it's eliminated.
00:12:19You don't have the craving and desire to smoke you won't be reaching for something like food to substitute because the cravings gone.[aa11] >>ee I lo - I love the fact as well that ya know when push comes to shove, when you you may be resorting to gums and patches and things like that, but when you think about it, that as you said, you're still putting nicotine into the system, it's it's wrong, it's an unnatural way of doing something that you could be doing naturally.
00:12:43>>And you're just really trying to satisfy the craving in another way.
00:12:47>>ow do the people that end up at your doorstep desperate for help ah with stopping smoking, are they the sort of people who've tried to stop smoking themselves on their own just using willpower or are they people that have used patches and gum and things?
00:13:01>>We have two stories that I would love to share with your viewers that of Hasson and also Richard.
00:13:06They both have used a variety of different options and different forms of nicotine like the patch, gum etcetera and they talk of their experience and just how effective Smoke Remedy was for them in that they have not been back to smoking it just rea-eliminated their desire and cravings and they're smoke free today.
00:13:26>So I think everyone who's sitting at home and trying gum and patches and lozenges and all that, take a look at these two stories I enjoy smoking in the beginning and after a while I start feeling ya know run into a lot of problem, that's when I decide to quit.
00:13:38An I started looking for different help - actually I went to a doctor and doctor ya know prescript ah prescript ah chewing gum and I start taking the chewing gum, in the begin help me, one month, two mon and after this I went back to smoke again.
00:13:51And ah I went to the patches, I use the patches and the same thing ah four or five month I go back to smoke again and back and forth between chewing gum and an ah ya know using patches and ah I started looking for different ah ways w stop smoking.
00:14:09This Smoke Remedy did help me it's for me to stop thinking about cigarettes or the grieve ya know like I wanna I wan I want a cigarette - it just stop I don't have to have it I would recommend Smoke Remedy to friends.
00:14:21To everybody.
00:14:23>>ell I've tried the patch anthe patch ah didn't work for me but then I came across Smoke Remedy.
00:14:31My cravings have stopped, all the dose is so easy to take, it takes no less than ah two seconds.
00:14:38It's ah very effective Smoke Remedy and ah hey it's working for me.
00:14:44I have no side effects from Smoke Remedy except that I don't want to smoke and I think that's a pretty good thing!!
00:14:51If you're out there and you wanna quit smoking and you've tried again everything under the sun the patches, the potions, the pills, the powders, the pharmaceuticals, and you're still looking for answers we've found it.
00:15:04I mean I've really had the opportunity to look at of products that help people stop smoking and this is the first time that we're going on national television with Smoke Remedy.
00:15:14It also will work for people that smoke cigars, I would imagine.
00:15:17>> Any form of nicotine Smoke Remedy will work for.
00:15:20Even if you use, say, chewing tobacco.
00:15:23Any form of nicotine Smoke Remedy will work.
00:15:25I think that the next testimonial that you're you're gonna show us actually shows people exactly how this product works to get people to quit smoking.
00:15:35>>Yasmina is another story that I think that many of our viewers, you're viewers today can relate to.
00:15:40Yasmina is ah a mom and her daughter has been so disappointed that she has not been able to stop smoking.
00:15:48I'm sure that you know that the school sys-systems today are doing a great job educating students, the young children today with the perils if you will of smoking and often they go home and say Mommy Daddy this isn't good for you, I want you to stop smoking.
00:16:05Well Yasmina was in that situation where her daughter just really wanted to have a smoke free mom, and Yasmina talks to her story and the cravings and how she felt bad when she lit up in front of her daughter and just how excited she is and her daughter that she's now smoke free mom.
00:16:23>>et's have a look at that.
00:16:24>>My daughter is six years old, ah she started first grade this year and since preschool she has been on my case to quit smoking - every time I would light one up in front of her.
00:16:33I never smoked in the car with her, um but as soon as I'd get out of the car I'd have the cigarette and lighter in the hand and I'd be lighting it up and I'd let her out of the car and she'd say Mommy I hate it when you qui, when you smoke.
00:16:42Its smells bad and you smell bad.
00:16:46The first time I used Smoke Remedy ah it was in the morning right at the time when I'm usually lighting up a cigarette.
00:16:52I took Smoke Remedy instead and I had no desire to be outside smoking.
00:16:57Since taking Smoke Remedy I've broken the chain.
00:16:59I am no longer a prisoner to cigarettes and it's wonderful and besides me being very happy about it, my daughter is also ecstatic.
00:17:08>h-if you're a smoker, I mean you must not believe what you're hearing.
00:17:13>>mmm Ih-if you're watching right now and you want to quit smoking.
00:17:16If you're watching right now and you want to help somebody you love quit smoking.
00:17:20Maybe they've been trying time after time after time and they've failed with pretty much everything that's out there between the patches, the gums, all the lozenges that are out there and you wanna try something that's gonna work and you're gonna wanna know if it's gonna work in a very short period of time, this is it..
00:17:35This bottle is going to eliminate your cravings to smoke If you're watching right now and you or someone you love wants to quit smoking or has to quit smoking, pick up the phone and get more information on Smoke Remedy.
00:17:48If someone's watching right now and they want to quit smoking, if they just go to the internet and google ya know stop smoking products, they're gonna get bombarded with hundreds of different products, formulas, pills, powders and potions that claim to help them ah to stop smoking.
00:18:02What makes Smoke Remedy different?
00:18:04>>Instead of trying to satisfy the craving in another way, it eliminates the craving or desire to smoke.
00:18:11And the homeopathic medicines that are formulated in Smoke Remedy are just that effective.
00:18:16These medicines have been around for a long time.
00:18:18They're very effective and my co-founder of Smoke Remedy and Co-Developer has used this product for over thirty years and has helped people stop smoking >And that's easy and it's instant and I mean you can just put that in your briefcase, your handbag, you can have it in your desk drawer, your bedside table, wherever they sort of cris, in the car wherever that crisis hits you in your pocket >right, you just keep it on you, keep yourself armed.
00:18:44I suppose the beauty is when somebody's found some something that works, they want to tell everybody and it's great to be able to be in a position to be on a show like this where we can touch so many people.
00:18:53But are you finding that all you're the people that come to you are sort of telling everyone about the news.
00:18:58Because I would imagine if you find something like that you'd be shouting it from the rooftops.
00:19:02>>If you're a smoker and you have used Smoke Remedy you know how effective it is and we have found that so many people then tell other people, they go out of their way to tell people about a product that can help them quit.
00:19:14And actually their thoughts, their their reaction to it is so much more impactful on smokers because to your earlier point Chloe, someone who's never smoked, they really don't get it, somebody who used to smoke in that has now quit and found a product to really help them do it without the white knuckle Donald and just battling their way through the cravings, they are so excited to share that with other people.
00:19:38We have a story of Carol who just has told so many different smokers about Smoke Remedy and she shares her story of someone that she helped to quit smoke with Smoke Remedy.
00:19:49>>o Carol could be you.
00:19:50>>A woman at work one day mentioned that she wanted to stop smoking.
00:19:55I knew about Smoke Remedy so I asked her if she wanted some help and I told her I I knew of a product that had no bad taste, didn't hurt your stomach, didn't have a side effects and it could help her stop smoking, so she said sure, she'd be interested in it.
00:20:14I brought it in to her and she tried it that day.
00:20:17Ah that day she had one cigarette and that's all.
00:20:20She usually would go outside and have a few cigarettes, but she didn't that day.
00:20:24And she didn't for the rest of the week, ah she thought the weekend would be difficult for her because her weekends usually were spent with people who did smoke, but she came in and told me the next Monday that she didn't smoke at all - she didn't even feel the desire to smoke.
00:20:40She called me a couple of weeks after that and she told me she still hadn't been smoking and she was delighted, could she get a bottle of Smoke Remedy for her mother too.
00:20:48So she felt that it really worked for her and she's been delighted[aa16].
00:20:53I always recommend Smoke Remedy because I know that it works.
00:20:57Ei-Eileen, we only have a minute left, is there any last thoughts you'd like to share with the smokers at home that are trying to quit?
00:21:02>>I know what it's like to try to quit smoking.
00:21:05I used to smoke.
00:21:07I am thrilled to be here today to share with you what we know is a breakthrough product that truly can help you eliminate your craving and desire to smoke and become smoke free, finally.
00:21:19If you're watching right now and you've been looking for the definitive answer for you to kick the smoking habit, you've come to the right place, but you have to take action right now.
00:21:32The show is almost over.
00:21:33If you wanna quit smoking pick up[aa17] the phone and get your bottle of Smoke Remedy And because Eileen Coll is on our show today, when you do call in, mention that you saw it on the Donald and Chloe show - you will receive a substantial savings off the regular price of Smoke Remedy.
00:21:49And ask the operator about another product that is great for ex smokers called Lung Remedy which helps support healthy lung function which is so important to smokers, but pick up the phone and call right now.
00:22:02If you or someone you love has been trying to give up smoking this is the answer and you can be a non smoker in-in just short period of time, but you have to pick up the phone and call the number on the screen right now.
00:22:15Eileen I wanna thank you for being on the show.
00:22:18>>Thanks so much for having me >Thanks so much >y name is Donald Barrett >And I'm Chloe Marshall >nd we'll see you on another edition of the Donald and Chloe show.
00:22:25Thanks for being with us.
00:22:26>>ake care.
00:22:33For eighteen years I started everyday with a cigarette and since taking Smoke Remedy I am free from planning my days and nights around smoking and not only am I ecstatic about it, my daughter is very ecstatic as well.
00:22:47>>t has been one of the greatest pleasures to help people quit smoking.
00:22:52It is safe and it helps their family - what a blessing it is to help people quit smoking with Smoke Remedy.
00:23:01>>I'll recommend Smoke Remedy to friends, ah to everybody.
00:23:07>>any folks at work smoke and many of them have expressed a desire to stop smoking.
00:23:12When they do that I always recommend Smoke Remedy because I know that it works.
00:23:17They're very happy with the results.
00:23:20Those who have used Smoke Remedy have said that it lessens their desire for smoking.
00:23:24They don't even want to smoke anymore.
00:23:26I have no side effects from Smoke Remedy except that I don't want to smoke and I think that's a pretty good thing.
00:23:33>>ince I've tried Smoke Remedy the temptation, the desire; it's completely gone.
00:23:38It's left.
00:23:39So I don't have to worry about being near someone that's smoking because it doesn't affect me.
00:23:43It's very powerful.
00:23:44I would recommend it to all my friends or even people I don't know because it can make their lives healthier and extend their lives as well.
00:23:52It's wonderful.
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