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00:00:00Oh, yeah.
00:00:01Ribbit, ribbit.
00:00:03(laughing) Ribbit, ribbit.
00:00:06Mike, mike.
00:00:07Mike, what are you doing?
00:00:09What us frogs do best.
00:00:10(laughing) "Dear cousin, do not eat that apple.
00:00:19.." what's this word?
00:00:22" poisoned.
00:00:24" you're just saying the words, cindy.
00:00:28Well, I have to, don't i?
00:00:30You have to live your part.
00:00:32That's what stanley slavsky says.
00:00:35Stanley slavsky.
00:00:37That's stanislavsky, dumbbell.
00:00:39I saw it in the encyclopedia.
00:00:40Anyway, he was the greatest drama teacher there ever was.
00:00:43He said to be a great artist, you must suffer.
00:00:46Hodo you suffer?
00:00:48I'll show you. keep reading.
00:00:51"Fairy cousin "that apple was meant for me.
00:00:55" (coughing) " N;(moaning) Jan, are you okay?
00:01:06I'm suffering.
00:01:09(moaning) Boys: Yay!
00:01:22Hey, if I'm the star how come she's getting all the applause?
00:01:33Okay, herman, you can stretch your legs now.
00:01:36Go take a walk. go on.
00:01:42Hey, could I play?
00:01:43Sure. be the batter.
00:01:45Come on.
00:01:46Put it in here.
00:01:49Strike one.
00:01:51"Never mind.
00:01:52"The fairy queen will save you.
00:01:54"She can do anything.
00:01:56"Let me call her.
00:01:57"I will fly to get her for you.
00:02:06"It's easy for fairies to fly.
00:02:08"You just think lovely thoughts and flap your wings " hey!
00:02:16I'm okay.
00:02:17Yeah, but you almost squooshed herman!
00:02:20I'm sorry.
00:02:21I was hearsing my part.
00:02:22You were hearsing your part?
00:02:24I'm the fairy princess.
00:02:26I have to fly.
00:02:28Boy, that's neat.
00:02:29You get to be hung up on wires.
00:02:31You're not scared, are you?
00:02:32Course not.
00:02:34How do they hang me up?
00:02:36Want us to show you?
00:02:37We don't have any wires.
00:02:39We can use the clothesline.
00:02:40That's a good idea.
00:02:41We'll show you how.
00:02:42Come on, bobby. bring those boxes.
00:02:44Peter, you give me your belt.
00:02:46Boy, this is going to be fun.
00:02:48Won't be scared, sure? are you?
00:02:53Cindy, come here.
00:02:54All set down there, bobby?
00:02:56Just about.
00:02:57Hurry up, you guys.
00:02:58There. how's that feel, cindy?
00:03:02You'll be perfectly safe.
00:03:03These are real strong belts.
00:03:05Come on, you guys.
00:03:06Let's get rid of these boxes.
00:03:10And now, fairy princess we will show you the wonders of space flight.
00:03:14I'm not flying.
00:03:15I'm just hanging here.
00:03:17Pilot to copilot.
00:03:18Ready for takeoff.
00:03:22Now you're flying.
00:03:23Hey, make me go the other way!
00:03:25Okay. having fun?
00:03:36What a cast.
00:03:3860 Kids giving a band concert followed by the fairy princess with 26 speaking parts.
00:03:43I know.
00:03:43How can we fit the families of 86 children into this auditorium?
00:03:47We can't even seat all the parents.
00:03:49What'll we do?
00:03:50Settle it democratically.
00:03:51We'll have to limit each cast member to only one ticket.
00:03:54Each child can decide for himself which member of his family to ask.
00:03:58 brady is out.
00:04:01Can I take a message?
00:04:05Yeah, I see.
00:04:06I thought I'd better phone and explain the situation about the seating.
00:04:09I understand-- just one ticket.
00:04:11The children can bring the other parent to the next production.
00:04:16Go faster, greg!
00:04:18(laughing) Hey, daddy wants to know where you guys are.
00:04:22Oh, my gosh!
00:04:23We almost forgot about that game!
00:04:25Hey, wait for me!
00:04:26Someone, let me down!
00:04:30Alice, alice!
00:04:32Let me down!
00:04:35Alice, let me down!
00:04:40 for pete's sake what are you doing up there?
00:04:44I can see that.
00:04:45I was flying, but they all went off and forgot me.
00:04:49Well, I'll get you down, honey.
00:04:53Gee, I'm sorry, cindy.
00:04:54We almost forgot about you.
00:04:56That's okay.
00:04:57Besides, our pants were falling down.
00:04:59Come on, fellas. help me get her down.
00:05:01I'll get this back one first.
00:05:03All right, that's one.
00:05:04Let's get this one.
00:05:06Okay, fellas let her down.
00:05:10You okay, cindy?
00:05:12Let's go.
00:05:14Boy, that was fun!
00:05:15Wait till you see me in the fairy princess.
00:05:20Let's go inside, sweetheart.
00:05:22I think we ought to have a little talk.
00:05:26You mean I can only ask one person to see me in the play?
00:05:30I'm afraid so, honey.
00:05:32Which one-- mommy or daddy?
00:05:33Well, that's up to you.
00:05:35But I want them both!
00:05:36 engstrom you can't have them both, honey.
00:05:41Not this time.
00:05:42But whenever there's things at school my mommy always comes.
00:05:47Then ask her.
00:05:48But I want all the kids to see my new daddy.
00:05:51Then ask him.
00:05:52But they won't know he's my new daddy if he's not with my old mommy.
00:05:56There's no sense you worrying yourself about this.
00:05:59What do you say we leave it up to luck?
00:06:03.. there.
00:06:08One's for mom; one's for dad.
00:06:10Now, you get the pin-the-tail- on-the-donkey game a blindfold here.
00:06:14Here we go, honey.
00:06:15Let's just get this so you cannot see a thing.
00:06:18Can you seen anything?
00:06:20All right, 'round you go .. go.
00:06:27Look who gets to go.
00:06:30Let me get another tail.
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00:08:45ú hey, that's neato.
00:08:46I wonder if this wand is too long for cindy?
00:08:50Let's see.
00:08:51I don't know.
00:08:52You try it, bobby.
00:08:55Hey, this isn't a real magic wand, is it?
00:08:59Oh, sure it is.
00:09:00Try some magic.
00:09:01You're putting me on.
00:09:03Go ahead, try it.
00:09:04What do you got to lose?
00:09:06Well, okay.
00:09:07Robert brady, you are now an astronaut on the moon.
00:09:11Oh, I knew it wouldn't work.
00:09:14Magic wands are only in fairy tales.
00:09:17Like the play cindy's in.
00:09:18Will you guys do something for us?
00:09:21Sure. what's up?
00:09:21Jan and I each made a pair of wings for cindy.
00:09:24We want to find out which one is best.
00:09:26Okay, bring them in.
00:09:27Let's add some more sparkles.
00:09:28We really want cindy's wand to shine.
00:09:31Like the floor?
00:09:32I thought we told you to put newspapers down.
00:09:35You never said what for.
00:09:36For extra sparkles, stupid.
00:09:39Boy, I get blamed for everything.
00:09:41Even extra sparkles.
00:09:46Which one is better?
00:09:47Which one?
00:09:48She made hers for a 47-foot fairy.
00:09:51They're not that big.
00:09:52Well, what do you think?
00:09:54Well, they're too big for a butterfly.
00:09:56Cindy is not playing a butterfly.
00:09:58She's playing a fairy princess with wings.
00:10:00I say that these wings are perfect.
00:10:02They're too big.
00:10:03How do you know?
00:10:04Know what?
00:10:05How big a fairy's wings are?
00:10:07Have you seen a fairy?
00:10:08I've seen a butterfly.
00:10:09I carefully cut out these wings according to the directions.
00:10:13How come yours are bigger?
00:10:14I made my own directions.
00:10:15I want everybody in the audience to notice cindy.
00:10:18Greg: They'll notice her anyway.
00:10:20Cindy looks like a fairy princess even without wings.
00:10:22Marcia: I can't wait to see her in the play.
00:10:25Jan: Mom and dad will be real proud of her.
00:10:27I learned how to whistle through my teeth.
00:10:30Am I going to cheer for cindy.
00:10:31I can clap louder than anybody.
00:10:32Marcia: I'll bet she'll have the best audience of all.
00:10:43Yes, mommy?
00:10:44Would you stand over here, dear?
00:10:47What you doing?
00:10:48Oh, I'm trying to decide which color to use for your costume.
00:10:52Mommy, when you have to decide between two things how do you know which is right?
00:10:58Well, you don't always.
00:10:59Sometimes you have to use your intuition.
00:11:02What's that?
00:11:03It's a little voice inside you that tells you what to do.
00:11:06Who tells the little voice?
00:11:08A big voice, I guess.
00:11:09Suppose it tells you to do two different things at the same time?
00:11:14Well, then, my love, you've got a problem.
00:11:19I was thinking.
00:11:20Maybe the play isn't going to be so good.
00:11:23And you don't even have to come if you don't want to.
00:11:27Don't want to?
00:11:28Oh, darling, wild horses couldn't keep me away.
00:11:47Hiya, punkin.
00:11:47How are rehearsals coming?
00:11:51It's just a dumb old play anyway.
00:11:53"Dumb old play"?
00:11:54You can't talk like that to prince victor.
00:11:58Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit.
00:11:59Itisa dumb old play.
00:12:01Honey, what's the matter?
00:12:03Yesterday you were jumping around here.
00:12:05The boys giving you a rough time?
00:12:07'Cause you tell me if they are.
00:12:09I want to know.
00:12:10It's not that.
00:12:11I don't think the play is big deal anymore.
00:12:14And you don't even have to come if you don't want to.
00:12:19Don't want to?
00:12:19Oh, sweetheart, I wouldn't miss that for anything in the world.
00:12:23Now, you run along and play and I'll see you later.
00:12:40Oh, hi, cindy.
00:12:42Hi. what were you doing?
00:12:45Just trying to see how'd I'd look with faye dunaway's nose.
00:12:48What's up?
00:12:49Promise you won't tell?
00:12:52Well, I can only invite one person to see me in the play.
00:12:56Only one ticket?
00:12:57That's all.
00:12:57And I don't know who to give it to.
00:12:59You have to ask daddy or you'll hurt his feelings.
00:13:03Mom will understand.
00:13:04But what about mommy's feelings?
00:13:06She doesn't even care about wild horses.
00:13:09Cindy, you just don't understand about adjustments.
00:13:15Sit down.
00:13:15We're all going through adjustments.
00:13:17You see, mom and dad and all the kids.
00:13:19You have to try hard to remember how the other guy feels.
00:13:22I know how the other guy feels.
00:13:24She wants to come to the play, too.
00:13:27Listen, cindy, you have to invite our new daddy or you'll mess up his adjustment.
00:13:32Are you sure?
00:13:33If you don't believe me, ask greg.
00:13:52Cindy, don't you know how to knock?
00:13:55Yes, but the door wasn't closed.
00:13:57Well, you shouldn't sneak up on people.
00:13:59I wasn't sneaking.
00:14:00You just didn't see me 'cause you were looking at your muscle.
00:14:05Is it getting bigger?
00:14:07Never mind that.
00:14:08What'd you want?
00:14:09Well, I can only invite one person to see me in the play.
00:14:14And marcia says I better ask daddy or I'll mess up his justment.
00:14:19Is that right?
00:14:23Don't you know ladies cry and get uptight over junk like seeing their kids in plays?
00:14:27You better ask mom 'cause if you hurt her feelings and make her cry dad'll get mad.
00:14:44Honey, did you notice anything strange about cindy today?
00:14:47She's a little nervous about the play.
00:14:49She ran the strangest dialogue past me a few minutes ago.
00:14:53She did the same thing to me.
00:14:54Anyone offering a trip to europe for the answer?
00:14:57Huh. parents are always the last to know.
00:15:00I feel like a fink.
00:15:01I promised her I wouldn't tell.
00:15:03She wants to make up her own mind.
00:15:05About what?
00:15:06Mrs. engstrom called from school.
00:15:07She said that each kid could only invite one parent to the play.
00:15:12Oh, poor baby.
00:15:13I promised her, but I thought you ought to know.
00:15:16Poor baby.
00:15:18Eenie, meenie, mommy, daddy.
00:15:22Eenie, meenie, mommy, daddy.
00:15:29Wish I was never in that dumb old play.
00:15:34All right, now, children, let's get ready for rehearsal.
00:15:38You stand over here, dear.
00:15:39That's fine.
00:15:40And you right over here.
00:15:41No, no. not behind his head.
00:15:44Now you right over here.
00:15:49.. why are you limping?
00:15:52I was playing tag with my brothers and I twisted my left ankle.
00:15:56So I guess I can't be the fairy princess.
00:16:00Oh, the play isn't for two days.
00:16:02Your ankle should be better by then.
00:16:04No, I think it'll get worse.
00:16:07I'm sorry, mrs. engstrom.
00:16:09Mary ditmeyer can do it.
00:16:11And she won't mess up any justments.
00:16:19Cindy, I thought you said you twisted your left ankle?
00:16:23I did.
00:16:24Then why are you limping on your other ankle?
00:16:29I think they both hurt now.
00:16:39It's just a dumb old play anyway.
00:16:41Nobody can turn a prince into a bullfrog.
00:16:46Hi, sweetheart.
00:16:48Oh, hi, daddy.
00:16:49Punkin, tell me something.
00:16:53Would you be very upset if I didn't come to see your play?
00:16:57Well, why, daddy?
00:16:58)%Well, suppose that I had a business meeting that night out of town.
00:17:04Out of town?
00:17:05Would it be all right with you if I went to that instead of your play?
00:17:10Oh, boy!
00:17:11That's sure too bad.
00:17:12That's awful, daddy.
00:17:13Where are you going?
00:17:14I have to call mrs. engstrom.
00:17:15I have to talk to her before she talks to mary ditmeyer.
00:17:33Fairy princess?
00:17:35Have you seen the fairy princess mr. tree?
00:17:40Have you seen the fairy princess, mr. rock?
00:17:44Have you seen the fairy princess, mr. bird?
00:17:49Oh, I hope the wicked witch ..
00:17:56(whispers): FAIRY PRINCESS.
00:17:58Fairy princess.
00:17:59Fairy princess, where are you?
00:18:03(whispering): OH, MY. THAT'S YOUR CUE, CINDY.
00:18:06(audience applauding) Here I am, mr. elf.
00:18:14I'm so glad cindy's father explained her very special problem.
00:18:18 I guess children don't understand sometime it's possible to bend the rules a bit.
00:18:24(audience applauding) It was very nice of the children to give this special performance.
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00:20:50It's been an exciting day, cindy.
00:20:52I'm glad you're going to bed early.
00:20:54We thought you were a very good fairy princess.
00:20:56Maybe I can get a part in the next play.
00:20:59I hope so, sweetheart.
00:21:01Good night.
00:21:02Good night, honey.
00:21:04Oh, no!
00:21:06What's the matter, sweetie?
00:21:07If I get a part in the next play maybe I'll only get one ticket again.
00:21:12Should I ask my mommy or my daddy or what?
00:21:17Good night, cindy.
00:21:19Good night, sweetie.
00:21:34[Captioning sponsored by THEU.S. DEPARTMENT Of education and NICKELODEON Captioned byThe Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation] ♪♪ Here's the story ♪♪
00:22:02♪♪ of a lovely lady ♪♪
00:22:04♪♪ who was bringing up ♪♪
00:22:05♪♪ three very lovely girls ♪♪
00:22:07♪♪ all of them hadhair of gold ♪♪
00:22:10♪♪ like their mother ♪♪
00:22:12♪♪ the youngest one in curls ♪♪
00:22:15♪♪ it's the storyof a man named brady ♪♪
00:22:19♪♪ who was busy withthree boys of his own ♪♪
00:22:23♪♪ they were four menliving all together ♪♪
00:22:27♪♪ yet they were all alone ♪♪
00:22:29♪♪ till the one day when ♪♪
00:22:31♪♪ the lady met this fellow ♪♪
00:22:33♪♪ and they knew that it was ♪♪
00:22:35♪♪ much more than a hunch ♪♪
00:22:37♪♪ that this group ♪♪
00:22:39♪♪ must somehow form a family ♪♪
00:22:41♪♪ that's the way they all ♪♪
00:22:43♪♪ became the brady bunch ♪♪
00:22:45♪♪ the brady bunch ♪♪
00:22:47♪♪ the brady bunch ♪♪
00:22:49♪♪ that's the way they became ♪♪
00:22:52 ♪♪
00:22:53[Captioning sponsored by THEU.S. DEPARTMENT Of education and NICKELODEON] Bobby: Alice!
00:23:14Alice! ow, I ripped myself!
00:23:16Oh, let me see, bobby.
00:23:18Oh, what happened?
00:23:19I fell off my bike!
00:23:20Yeah, you banged that knee up pretty good.
00:23:22How fast were you going, 3-400 miles an hour?
00:23:25I was going around the corner and I hit a banana.
00:23:28Well, that will do it every time.
00:23:30Park yourself over here.
00:23:31We'll get it bandaged in a jiffy.
00:23:32All work guaranteed or your money back.
00:23:35What's going on?
00:23:36What's all the noise?
00:23:37Hot rod charlie hit a banana.
00:23:39Looks like he hit more than that.
00:23:41Your poor knee.
00:23:42You think I'm messed up check out my bike.
00:23:44Banged up, huh?
00:23:45Hobble upstairs and I'll bandage you.
00:23:48Alice can do it.
00:23:52You might get a better deal upstairs.
00:23:54You always do it real good.
00:23:55Well, as long as you're all right.
00:23:58Next time, look out for those bananas.
00:24:03You're not very smart.
00:24:04You had a chance at a pretty nurse and you blew it.
00:24:07But you always fix my knees and elbows and things.
00:24:10The more I think about it the more I think you better go upstairs to your mother.
00:24:16I'm too busy right now.
00:24:17I don't have time for scraped knees.
00:24:19.. I changed my mind.
00:24:21This is a kitchen, not an emergency ward.
00:24:25Don't "but alice" me.
00:24:26Go on upstairs, scoot.
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00:28:03Boy, when you take a spill you really do it up right.
00:28:06I've had worse than this lots of times.
00:28:09If you saw the banana on the street why didn't you miss it?