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00:00:02♪ And get along with each other. ♪
00:00:05♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪
00:00:07♪ Hey! What a wonderful kind of day. ♪
00:00:11ARTHUR: Hey, D.W.
00:00:16(crash) MUFFY (doing dolls' voices): Whoa, is this where you live, Mod Polly?
00:00:24Yeah, I just had it renovated.
00:00:26Isn't groovy?
00:00:28I'll say!
00:00:29Want to dance?
00:00:31(music begins playing) I wish I had a place as nice as this!
00:00:38I sleep in that trailer!
00:00:40Ew, it's so cheap-looking!
00:00:42Cheer up, Paradise Polly, I'm sure Muffy will make you your own house some day.
00:00:47A beautiful little beach house with real sand and a pool.
00:00:52(door opens) Time to go.
00:00:54I don't want to be late for the art opening.
00:00:57Do I have to go, Daddy?
00:00:59Those things are so boring.
00:01:01(laughing): Come on, Muffin, a little high culture never hurt anyone.
00:01:05Besides, art can be a great investment.
00:01:08So are diamonds.
00:01:10Can we go to the jewelry store instead?
00:01:14(sighs) Don't worry, Paradise Polly.
00:01:17When I come back, I'm making you that beach house.
00:01:32(creaking) ED: You see, Muffums, Arthur Ganson makes kinetic sculptures.
00:01:38They're works of art that actually move and do things.
00:01:42I think they're ingenious.
00:01:43Daddy, it's a chair.
00:01:47Just wait.
00:01:48(yawns) ALL: Ooh...
00:01:54See? How'd you like that?
00:01:56Um, yeah, that was great, I guess.
00:02:01ED: I wonder what it's going to do.
00:02:04My feet hurt.
00:02:05How much longer do we have to stay here?
00:02:08Did you see that?
00:02:10That little machine just flipped the chair.
00:02:14Oh... did it?
00:02:16Oh, look-- cheese.
00:02:20What, no Brie?
00:02:22Hey, Muffy.
00:02:23Aren't these sculptures great?
00:02:25Oh, please.
00:02:27All I've seen are a couple of chairs.
00:02:29Big deal.
00:02:31I love this color.
00:02:33Have you seen "Machine with Oil"?
00:02:36Is it like salad with oil?
00:02:38I saw that at lunch.
00:02:40Come on.
00:02:41It's really cool.
00:02:46This blue is like the ocean or a tropical sky.
00:02:52(surf crashing) Muffy, where's my beach house?
00:02:56I want my beach house!
00:02:59(grunts) (yells) My dress!
00:03:04Isn't it funny?
00:03:05It's like the machine is taking a bath.
00:03:08It isn't funny, it's dumb...
00:03:11and messy.
00:03:12I guess some people just can't appreciate great art.
00:03:17"Great art"?
00:03:17This isn't great art.
00:03:19It's just junk.
00:03:21Believe me, Prunella, I would know great art if I saw it.
00:03:24I have impeccable taste.
00:03:27Guess what, Pumpkin?
00:03:28I've decided to buy this one from Mr. Ganson here.
00:03:32It's called "Machine with Wishbone." Excellent choice, Ed.
00:03:38It brings to mind the tragicomic works of Samuel Beckett-- a tiny figure forever yoked to its burden of absurdity.
00:03:46Yeah, and it's funny.
00:03:48Glad you like it, Ed.
00:03:49I'll be over Monday to install it.
00:03:51PRUNELLA: I wish "Machine with Wishbone" was going to be in my house.
00:03:55Some people have all the luck.
00:03:57Ha-- I could make something more beautiful than that with my eyes closed.
00:04:03Oh, really?
00:04:03I'd like to see that.
00:04:06Well, you will.
00:04:10One for you, one for you and one for you.
00:04:13You're all invited to my art show on Monday.
00:04:16"If you liked Ganson, you'll love Crosswire." Muffy, I didn't know you made kinetic sculptures.
00:04:23How long have you been working on this?
00:04:26The invitations were the hard part.
00:04:28I made them last night.
00:04:30I'll do the sculptures this weekend.
00:04:42(dog barks) (flies buzzing) Okay, first I think we should arrange everything by color.
00:04:54Miss Muffy, if your intention is to make kinetic sculptures, might I suggest that you think about what you want your sculptures to do.
00:05:03I guess you're right.
00:05:10There, my first piece.
00:05:11I'll call it "Rolling Can." It has a childlike whimsy, Miss Muffy-- very nice.
00:05:18Yeah, but all the sculptures at the art opening did something.
00:05:23This just rolls.
00:05:24Perhaps it would be more impressive if it rolled down a ramp and set off a chain reaction.
00:05:30Hey, that's a great idea.
00:05:35Ready, Miss Muffy?
00:05:40(yells) It worked-- it actually worked!
00:05:44No, it didn't.
00:05:45It ruined my new overalls.
00:05:47Just like that messy oil machine at the exhibit.
00:05:51You mean, it's a little too much like Ganson's work.
00:05:55You're right.
00:05:56We need to come up with something all our own.
00:05:59I need a change of clothes.
00:06:09Bailey, would you mind if I took a little break?
00:06:11There's something I have to do.
00:06:13By all means, Miss Muffy.
00:06:15I will attend to... this.
00:06:20Okay, Paradise, let's get to work.
00:06:22Now, my concept is this...
00:06:39MUFFY: Wrong.
00:06:42(hammering) Oh, Sweetums, I invited Arthur Ganson to your art show tomorrow.
00:06:52I hope you don't mind.
00:06:53It's tomorrow?!
00:06:54That's what it says on the invitation.
00:06:56Oh, no-- I completely forgot.
00:07:03Bailey! Bailey!
00:07:07Uh... yes?
00:07:08We have to get to work.
00:07:10My art show is tomorrow and all I've made is "Rolling Can." No need to worry, Miss Muffy.
00:07:15I made a few pieces to supplement your sculpture.
00:07:27You did all this?
00:07:30Um, yes.
00:07:33They don't move, so technically, they are not kinetic.
00:07:37But they are interactive.
00:07:39Pleased to meet you.
00:07:41(honking) (laughs) What's this one called?
00:07:47BAILEY: "Chester." It's named after a boy who used to tease me in fourth grade.
00:07:53(laughing raucously) Ooh... he's kind of scary.
00:07:58(laughing stops) So was the real Chester.
00:08:02Bailey, I never knew you were so... talented.
00:08:06So, you like them?
00:08:08I'm not sure if "like" is the right word.
00:08:11They are very interesting.
00:08:13But we have some important decisions to make, like what to serve.
00:08:17Cheese is so overdone.
00:08:19I was thinking of littleempanadas?
00:08:22("Chester" laughing) Muffy, how on earth did you make this?
00:08:30It wasn't so hard.
00:08:31Bailey actually put it all together.
00:08:33But itwasyour idea?
00:08:35You're not just taking credit for someone else's work, like you did with the cookie contest?
00:08:41The hors d'oeuvres are ready!
00:08:42Francine, you must try one of these.
00:08:45See? It's not just a stuffed mushroom cap, it's a stuffed mushroom beret.
00:08:51Pretty cute, huh?
00:08:56(sculpture growls and Ratburn gasps) I don't like this one.
00:09:00It's too sinister.
00:09:05(laughing) This one is called "Chester." It's named after a boy who used to tease me in the fourth grade.
00:09:14You haven't been in the fourth grade yet.
00:09:17Oh. Um...
00:09:19Actually, it was meant to be called "Binky." That's a typo.
00:09:24Muffy, I owe you an apology.
00:09:26These sculptures are amazing.
00:09:28You're much more creative than I thought.
00:09:31FRANCINE: Oh, she's creative all right-- a creative liar.
00:09:34She's just being a credit-hog again.
00:09:38Come on, admit it.
00:09:39Bailey made them all, didn't he?
00:09:41No, he didn't.
00:09:43I made... one.
00:09:45Where is it?
00:09:47Over there.
00:09:48It's called "Rolling Can," and it's kinetic.
00:09:54(yells) Nice try, Muffy.
00:10:01Well, that was a failure.
00:10:04Indeed, Miss Muffy.
00:10:06Not for you, Bailey.
00:10:07I think a lot of people really liked your sculptures.
00:10:11Only the kids.
00:10:13If I had just had more time...
00:10:16(sculpture growls) Whoa, this is powerful.
00:10:20BAILEY: You really think so?
00:10:22I do.
00:10:23To me, it evokes the danger and humor present in everyday objects.
00:10:29Thank you, Mr. Ganson, thank you!
00:10:31Sorry I couldn't be here earlier.
00:10:32I was installing "Machine with Wishbone" in your father's den.
00:10:37That's a pretty wild piece.
00:10:38Oh, that's not part of the exhibit.
00:10:41Those are just my dollhouses.
00:10:44This one's more of a doll environment than a dollhouse.
00:10:47Yeah, a house just wasn't right for Paradise Polly.
00:10:51Here, it's better with the fan.
00:10:57You know, I'm curating an art show next week all about dolls.
00:11:01I'd love to put this in the exhibit.
00:11:04But this isn't art!
00:11:05Sure it is.
00:11:07You obviously put your heart and soul into it.
00:11:09It's an expression of you.
00:11:11I think it's beautiful.
00:11:12I never thought of it like that.
00:11:14I don't know if I want to put it in a show, though.
00:11:18It's not really finished yet.
00:11:20I understand.
00:11:20But... I would like to take another look at "Machine with Wishbone." I don't think I got the full effect the first time I saw it.
00:11:30Groovy beach, Paradise Polly.
00:11:32I wish Muffy would make me an "environment." Oh, she will, Mod Polly.
00:11:39I'm sure of it.
00:11:43KIDS: And now a word from us kids.
00:11:47Hi, my name is Isaac.
00:11:48Today we came to the MIT Museum to see Arthur Ganson's sculptures.
00:11:52GANSON: Have you seen something like it before?
00:11:55STUDENT: On a bicycle. Yes.
00:11:56ISAAC: Arthur Ganson is a man who likes to make machines that move.
00:12:03Arthur Ganson is a...
00:12:04What was he again?
00:12:06He likes to recycle things and use them to make machines.
00:12:11And the thing about this is that it will never exist in the same shape twice.
00:12:17On the top, it's like a big, like, um...
00:12:17a clump.
00:12:21And then it goes, like, round.
00:12:24It's a wishbone.
00:12:25GANSON: What's going on here?
00:12:26I guess that's supposed to be pulling it?
00:12:30ISAAC: It's like a wishbone pulling this thing that moves by itself, which helps function the wishbone and move it.
00:12:36GANSON: Will it fall off?
00:12:38ALL: No.
00:12:39What's going to happen?
00:12:40STUDENT: It's going to stop...
00:12:41STUDENTS: Cool!
00:12:44GANSON: And it'll go back and forth as long as you're willing to stand here and watch it.
00:12:49This can be a little bit messy.
00:12:51Okay, now here we go.
00:12:53STUDENT: Ooh...!
00:12:55That's the best part.
00:12:57STUDENT: The machine pours oil on itself.
00:12:59GANSON: Just imagine if you were a machine.
00:13:02What would you love to bathe yourself in?
00:13:05Oil, because it would oil your pieces.
00:13:09How would it feel?
00:13:10Um, slippery.
00:13:11Why do you think I made this?
00:13:13STUDENT: Because you want to.
00:13:14GANSON: Yeah.
00:13:15He makes them because he likes the beauty of movement.
00:13:21Yes, he is an artist and an inventor.
00:13:24And now, back toArthur.
00:13:29D.W.: Welcome toBaby Cribz-- the show that dares to take you where no one else will go-- behind bars.
00:13:36(fast music playing) Today we're visiting the crib of Vicita Molina in the heart of Elwood City!
00:13:44VICITA: My crib is my own special place where no one but me can hang out.
00:13:50Check it out.
00:13:51Solid maple construction.
00:13:53Bars like that, you know you sleep safe.
00:13:56And e jumpg-- seco to none Of course, no crib is complete without toys!
00:14:09Yessiree, with toys like this, you'll just flip!
00:14:14I wouldn't give up my crib for the whole world!
00:14:31Oops, I broke the head off Snowboard Kristi.
00:14:35That's okay.
00:14:36I have a Secret Agent Kristi upstairs.
00:14:39Come on.
00:14:46(gasps) Vicita, your new bed is here.
00:14:51My crib!
00:14:52Where's my crib?
00:14:53We talked about this, sweetheart.
00:14:55You're old enough now to sleep in a big-girl bed.
00:14:58MR. MOLINA: Alberto, let's get the mattress from the car.
00:15:02VICITA: My poor crib!
00:15:05This is all that's left?
00:15:07(whining): I want my crib!
00:15:11D.W.: Vicita-- everything's going to be okay.
00:15:15How would you know?
00:15:17Because I've been through this before.
00:15:20I was just like you.
00:15:21I couldn't dream of sleeping anywhere but my crib.
00:15:24D.W.: This is the life.
00:15:26A big cozy crib, soft animals, a warm blanket.
00:15:30Long as a kid's got her crib, nothing in the world can go wrong.
00:15:35Look at you, D.W.
00:15:36You're spilling out of that thing.
00:15:38We need to get you a bed.
00:15:40Oh, no, Mom.
00:15:41I love this crib.
00:15:42I love it more than anything in the whole world.
00:15:46I want to sleep here my whole life.
00:15:48D.W., remember how we talked about the new baby?
00:15:51Well, the baby's going to need a crib.
00:15:53Get one just like this.
00:15:55Any little brother or sister of mine deserves the best.
00:15:58Honey, the baby's going to sleep in your crib.
00:16:01You mean the two of us will share this crib?
00:16:05No, we'll give your crib to the baby, and you're going to sleep in a big-girl bed.
00:16:14SALESMAN: Look at this, little girl.
00:16:16This one has a secret pull-out drawer for all your special little things.
00:16:24Hey, how about this one?
00:16:25It's got monkeys on the headboard.
00:16:27I hate monkeys.
00:16:28There must be something here you like.
00:16:31No, there's not.
00:16:32There's nothing in the whole store, because I don't want a bed.
00:16:36I just want the same old crib I've always...
00:16:41D.W.: Whoa...!
00:16:45I want that one!
00:16:48So I told my parents, "No more of this baby stuff.
00:16:51I want my bed and I want it now." That was dumb.
00:16:56Yeah, I'd never sleep in a bed.
00:16:59Why not?
00:17:01BOTH: Arachnar, Lord of the Spider People.
00:17:07He's half man, half spider and he eats children.
00:17:09He can't reach his tentacles through the bars of a crib, but kids in beds are easy picking.
00:17:16He climbs up the side and crawls under the sheets.
00:17:20Wait a sec.
00:17:21If he's half man, half spider, why does he have tentacles?
00:17:26Uh, he's half octopus, too.
00:17:28And half Tyrannosaurus Rex.
00:17:31Yikes, that sounds scary!
00:17:34Aw, Vicita, they were just trying to scare me.
00:17:37Arachnar's just an Irving Legend.
00:17:40A what?
00:17:42An Irving Legend.
00:17:42It's the kind of story your Uncle Irving tells.
00:17:46It's really scary, but it never actually happened.
00:17:49I don't have an Uncle Irving.
00:17:50There is no Uncle Irving, Vicita.
00:17:53He's an Irving Legend, too.
00:17:55Now, let me finish my story.
00:17:58Oh, I love my new bed!
00:18:01It's so much better than that silly old crib.
00:18:05I'm glad you like it so much, sweetheart.
00:18:11Sleep tight.
00:18:14(door closes) D.W.: But I was just too excited about my bed to go to sleep.
00:18:23This is the greatest bed in the whole universe!
00:18:27Then it hit me like a ton of blocks.
00:18:31Hey, no bars!
00:18:32I can get right out of bed!
00:18:41Before I knew it, I'd gone through every book on the shelf.
00:18:45And then I realized not onlydidn't I have to stay in my bed, I didn't even have to stay in my room!
00:18:56(someone snoring) (snoring loudly) (sleepily): Sure is nice how easily D.W. took to her new bed.
00:19:10What a relief, huh?
00:19:13D.W.: You said it.
00:19:18(laughing nervously) I know sleeping in a bed is new, but Mommy and Daddy need their sleep, too.
00:19:27So stay in bed, okay?
00:19:31MOM: That's my girl.
00:19:45I bet it's okay as long as I'm very, very quiet.
00:19:52(in loud whisper): Hey, Arthur!
00:19:55Wake up!
00:19:56(snorts) Hey!
00:19:59Hi, Stanley!
00:20:00Do you want to play?
00:20:03(change jingling) Would you like some tea, Stanley?
00:20:09(in deep voice): Oh, no, thanks, I don't take sugar.
00:20:12(in normal voice): Here, let me warm up your cup.
00:20:16(pencils clattering) Huh?
00:20:20ARTHUR: Robbers.
00:20:21Robbers! Help! Help!
00:20:25(door opening) !
00:20:28DAD: No more getting out of bed, D.W., I mean it.
00:20:32And no more playing with Stanley!
00:20:35(giggling) You weresoscared.
00:20:39I was not.
00:20:40You took my stuff!
00:20:41DAD: That's enough, both of you.
00:20:43Now, we're all staying in bed, no exceptions.
00:20:47VICITA: Weren't you scared, D.W., getting out of bed like that?
00:20:52What if the robbers got you?
00:20:56Vicita, there were no robbers.
00:20:57That was just Arthur being a scaredy-cat.
00:21:00Well, what if Uncle Irving got you?
00:21:02There is no Uncle Irving!
00:21:04I bet that's because the robbers got him!
00:21:08(sighs) So anyway, the next night, everything started off normally.
00:21:14No getting up from your big-girl bed tonight, okay, honey?
00:21:18Don't worry.
00:21:18I'm nice and cozy right here in my bed.
00:21:21Good. Now, sleep tight.
00:21:25I wanted to sleep, but I just kept thinking about how much there was to explore.
00:21:36(loud, echoing banging) (radiator knocking) (sighs) Sure, it was a little scary...
00:21:45(gasps) Phew.
00:21:48But nothing was going to stop me from getting what I wanted.
00:22:06(static roaring) Turn off, please turn off!
00:22:10(VCR whirring) VOICE: Hi!
00:22:15Let's play a game!
00:22:17Press the button on my tummy.
00:22:19I never turned you on.
00:22:21Let's play a game!
00:22:22Press the button on my tummy!
00:22:24Go to sleep!
00:22:25Press the button on my tummy.
00:22:27All right, stay calm.
00:22:29Just grab some ice cream, get back to bed, and everything will be fine.
00:22:45(straining) (panting) Arachnar, Lord of the Spider People!
00:22:54(Pal barks) (gasps) Something's in the bed!
00:23:06The crib!
00:23:07No, please!
00:23:09Go away, whoever you are!
00:23:11I taste terrible!
00:23:13Let me go!
00:23:14D.W.: Let me go!
00:23:16The robbers!
00:23:16They're in D.W.'s room!
00:23:22(grunting) Stop! Stop!
00:23:25Let go of my sister!
00:23:30MOM: What in the world is going on here?
00:23:34(Pal barks) See, D.W., it was just your troll doll.
00:23:40I can't believe I let the Tibbles' dumb story scare me.
00:23:44There's nothing wrong with being scared.
00:23:47I just want you to know that there's no such thing as Arachnar.
00:23:56I know Arachnar's not real, but would you sleep here tonight anyway?
00:24:11And after that, I haven't had any trouble sleeping in my bed at all.
00:24:16I don't know, D.W.
00:24:17I still don't like this whole bed idea.
00:24:20Come on, if I can do it, you can.
00:24:23MR. MOLINA: There you go, Vicita.
00:24:25Your bed is ready.
00:24:26Maybe if you stay with me on my first night, my big-girl bed won't be so scary.
00:24:31Would you?
00:24:33Mama, can I invite D.W. to stay over tonight?
00:24:37Of course.
00:24:38Hey, with me around, you'll be sleeping like a baby.
00:24:42(soft snoring) I wonder what kind of ice cream they have in their freezer?
00:24:54Hi, everyone, it's me, Buster.
00:24:57If you like all the traditions we have in Elwood City, you'll love what I've seen on my travels with my dad.
00:25:04There are all sorts of cool things other kids are doing with their families and friends to celebrate their way of life.
00:25:10I've filmed amazing things with my video camera and I'm sending it all back to my friends on my very own video postcards.
00:25:19They'rePostcards from Buster.
00:25:25Visit us on-line at
00:25:29You can findArthurbooks and lots of other books, too, at your local library.
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