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00:00:00And that's why we're here.
00:00:01We're replacing the lost income for fishermen, small businessmen and others who aren't able to work until the spill is cleaned up.
00:00:07We've agreed to createa $20 billion claims fund, , administered independently.
00:00:12Our claims line isopen 24 hours a day.
00:00:15I volunteeredfor this assignment because this is my home.
00:00:18I'll be here in the gulf as long as it takesto make this right.
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00:03:12>> announcer: AT THE TOP OF ..
00:03:14, >> keep her coming on down, if it will, eddie.
00:03:18>> announcer: RYGAARD LOGGING Is on the move.
00:03:21>> Do you want me to grab a hold ..?
00:03:24>> Another day with-- you know, I don't know what's going on.
00:03:28Just trying to help out where I can.
00:03:31>> There you go; now you can feed it on there.
00:03:33It's gotta be spooled evenly across there as best you can.
00:03:37>> Okay.
00:03:38I'm good.
00:03:43, >> announcer: AT THE NEW SITE, They're facing one of the most ..
00:03:49Downhill logging.
00:03:51>> The toughest logging that there is, and the quickest way to go broke in logging is downhill logging.
00:03:57It's just hard.
00:03:59When downhill logging, , everything is upside-down.
00:04:04The yarder is placed at the bottom of the mountain and the skyline is extended up the slope to a lift tree located in front of an anchor point.
00:04:14To pull the carriage up the hill another line, called a halbeck, is attached.
00:04:19It's run up to the lift tree, out to a third point, to keep it clear of the rigging and back to the yarder.
00:04:25Drums on the yarder reel in the halbeck, which pulls the carriage up the hill.
00:04:30Gravity then brings it back to the landing.
00:04:35Greenhorn brad helps set up the site, hauling the haywire that will pull the skyline up the mountain.
00:04:42>> A lot more of a gradient on this hill.
00:04:47>> announcer: 30 COILS OF 50-Pound haywire are needed for this job, so brad will be making at least four trips up this 2,000-foot slope.
00:04:57>> Right now I gotta go up to the very top and look down and see where I can see the crew bus or anything where the landing is supposed to be down there , so I can know how to make my layout.
00:05:07>> [groans] >> Brad's been up there helping him drag that line around, which is good for him.
00:05:18I got a feeling he's gonna be pretty tired when he comes down tonight.
00:05:21>> Going back down for another one.
00:05:24Keeping up with these guys-- that's all I can ask of myself is just to follow their footsteps and keep up.
00:05:35That's pretty steep.
00:05:36, these coils on your back makes it extra fun.
00:05:47>> announcer: 150 MILES TO THE South, s&s aqua logging is ready to salvage their last piece , of perfectly cured old-growth timber.
00:05:57>> Now pull it!
00:06:00Damn it!
00:06:02I'm gonna try to start this thing, back it up, and you hook it immediately.
00:06:06>> Yeah.
00:06:09, >> you ready, james?
00:06:10>> Yeah!
00:06:22Hold on!
00:06:27[line snaps] Stop!
00:06:30It drove itself into the shore!
00:06:35>> WHERE'S THE OTHER [bleep] Cable that I told to bring down here, the short one, where w w could hook it up and pick the MOTHER[bleep] UP?
00:06:42I can back up to here, winch it up.
00:06:45Go get it!
00:06:46>> It is over there!
00:06:47>> Well, go get it!
00:06:48>> Not my fault you're so IN-[bleep]-DETERMINATE.
00:06:50>> MAN, I [bleep] TOLD YOU I Wanted the other one over here.
00:06:53>> I know I put it somewhere in sight.
00:06:55>> Is that it right there?
00:06:56Yeah, it is!
00:06:57[imitating James] "I DON'T KNOW Where I put it.
00:06:58I don't know.
00:06:59" >> I said I forgot where I put it.
00:07:02>> announcer: WITH AN EXTRA Choker for added strength, it's time for round two.
00:07:07>> Grab it here and feed it to me.
00:07:09Just grab it and feed it.
00:07:11Don't hang it out like a horseshoe.
00:07:13, do I gotta tell you everything every time?
00:07:17>> How 'bout you be patient for once?
00:07:19>> GIVE ME THAT [bleep] NOW!
00:07:22IF I [bleep] HAD A KID THAT WOULD DO WHAT THE [bleep] HE WAS Told.
00:07:26>> You're a whiny-ass hypocrite, dad.
00:07:29,, hook it up!
00:07:33Let it go!
00:07:35Now get outta there!
00:07:46, >> all right, there it is.
00:08:02, >> announcer: THE LAST PIECE Of cured douglas-fir is on land.
00:08:09But just when things were ..
00:08:13>> We're outta the water!
00:08:15James, unhook that line.
00:08:17>> The receding tide beaches , the barge.
00:08:20>> Get--get on the barge and PUSH THAT [bleep] WITH YOUR [bleep]--HERE, JUST THROW THE Line.
00:08:24Be careful.
00:08:25Just throw the line up there.
00:08:26[bleep] THE LINE, [bleep] IT.
00:08:28Push us off.
00:08:33>> We're loose!
00:08:35[engine sputtering] >> My engine's not frigging running!
00:08:42Damn it!
00:08:43[bleep] DAMN IT!
00:08:45Pull us back over here so we can tie up.
00:08:47James, put that on the dock.
00:08:49Do it quick!
00:08:50, not like that!
00:08:53Damn it!
00:08:55>> announcer: COMING UP...
00:08:56Downhill logging is in full force.
00:08:59>> Every turn's gonna have a lot of weight to it.
00:09:03>> announcer: AND BART PUSHES His luck to the brink of disaster.
00:09:06, >> hey, don't give up on me.
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00:13:00,, >> announcer: IN MONTANA'S Northern rockies, connor aviation needs to get back in , the saddle.
00:13:11Yesterday, a storm moved in, trapping bart in a blinding whiteout.
00:13:16>> He stayed out a little bit too long logging, and probably should have quit maybe a few minutes earlier.
00:13:22>> announcer: TODAY THERE'S No time for second-guessing.
00:13:25They're not making money unless they're flying logs.
00:13:28So bart needs to turn and burn.
00:13:32But with reports of another front on the horizon, that's easier said than done.
00:13:37, >> the weather's not looking good at all.
00:13:40But still, you know, we feel the need to get out there.
00:13:45Yeah, there's that conflict there, and you've got to decide whether or not it's worth it.
00:13:53, >> announcer: BART MAKES THE Call.
00:13:58He's going for it.
00:14:02,, chokers, chokers, chokers.
00:14:22>> announcer: THE FRONT IS JUST Three miles away.
00:14:25Bart takes advantage of the , visibility while he still has it.
00:14:29>> All right, bart, I got you three logs clustered here.
00:14:31>> I got you down there.
00:14:33I got you.
00:14:41, hey, real nice.
00:14:5228, Two-eight.
00:14:56>> Log coming!
00:15:04>> Okay, coming back in.
00:15:06Going down, I'm off your ten.
00:15:14, >> announcer: WITH LOGS IN THE ..the wind shifts, and the front moves in quick.
00:15:29[wind blowing] , >> that came in fast, didn't it?
00:15:38>> Yeah, the ceiling's dropping pretty good.
00:15:43>> Yeah, we might have a front coming in.
00:15:45Today we might be a little more cautious with the snow,, considering, you know, yesterday we had some, you know, a close call.
00:15:51>> announcer: LIKE A BAD Flashback, the fog closes in, and bart's visibility starts to shut down.
00:15:58>> All right, well, landing, I don't know if I can see you.
00:16:02, give me a point.
00:16:05>> I'm next to the fire and billy's next to the water.
00:16:13>> Hey, don't give up on me.
00:16:15Keep directing me in.
00:16:16>> Almost there.
00:16:16Need you to get more towards the road.
00:16:18, >> road?
00:16:20>> At your six, your seven.
00:16:25>> It's scary when bird's in the air and fog rolls in, and he can't see a thing.
00:16:30I can't imagine what he's going through.
00:16:34, >> first log down.
00:16:41I'm at your 12.
00:16:44>> All right, well, there it is.
00:16:51Hey, I appreci >> announcer: LOGS ARE STILL ON The ground.
00:17:02It's up to bart to decide if he'll tempt fate two days in a row.
00:17:07, >> all right, I guess I better go sit down for a little bit.
00:17:23, >> it's a judgment call on whether he should fly or not fly.
00:17:27That's not my judgment call to make as an owner/operator.
00:17:30It's the pilot in that helicopter who makes that decision, and I don't blame him for doing that.
00:17:35>> It's a bad thing because we're not logging.
00:17:37And if we're not logging, we're ,, >> announcer: 660 MILES TO THE West, rygaard faces the most ..
00:17:50>> Watch the line!
00:17:52>> announcer: DOWNHILL LOGGING.
00:17:54>> We don't do these kinds of , jobs every day.
00:17:56A lot of people try to avoid these jobs.
00:17:58>> What it is, is dragging logs downhill.
00:18:01So gravity does a lot of your yarding for you, but you gotta be able to hold 'em once they get to the bottom of the hill.
00:18:07>> Watch out!
00:18:08>> All that pressure coming downhill.
00:18:10We got gravity working with us , and against us at the same time.
00:18:15>> announcer: ON A DOWNHILL Logging site, gravity is working with the wood but against the landing crew at the bottom of the hill.
00:18:23As a turn travels down the slope, it gains momentum.
00:18:26The mass and velocity of the logs can easily overpower the brakes on a carriage, plowing through the yarder like a battering ram.
00:18:38To give the crew an edge, gabe called in the feller buncher to cut and stack the , trees, costing an extra $10,000.
00:18:48>> I took a gamble and paid the money to have it bunched mechanically.
00:18:52This wood's all pointed in lead.
00:18:54Its butts are pointed right at us.
00:18:57We should get really good production on this job.
00:19:00, >> normally we'd have to fight this a little bit.
00:19:02If it was all hand-felled, it'd be kinda crisscrossed and jackstrawed.
00:19:05With it feller bunched, everything's pointed right at the landing.
00:19:12>> announcer: TODAY, BRAD WILL Be unbaling logs on the landing, right in the line,, of fire.
00:19:19>> Brad, you're not gonna want to stand anywhere in front of the yarder while they're-- you're gonna want to stay back over here.
00:19:25>> Okay.
00:19:26>> 'CAUSE ALL THIS [bleep] IS Coming downhill.
00:19:28>> announcer: GABE MAY THINK His greenhorn is dense, but he doesn't want him dead.
00:19:32, >> you gotta realize too we're gonna be yarding a little bit more weight per turn 'cae this is all buncher piles, so every turn's gonna have a lot of weight to i hey!
00:19:44Let's get movin', guys!
00:19:48, [honks horn] >> Logs come flying down the hill, there's nothing to hold 'em back, and the brakes get warm and it just, you know-- things can start happening if you don't watch what you're doing.
00:20:02Logs fly forward and hit the yarder, and they can wipe out a chaser or chainsaw, or hit the yarder and break the windows out of it, or--just about anything could happen.
00:20:12And with my processor sitting right on the landing, it makes me a little nervous sometimes.
00:20:20, >> right now I'm just kind of chasing.
00:20:36Getting these logs, you know, , unchoked.
00:20:45>> announcer: BRAD'S KEEPING Pace.
00:20:47>> Double time, double time!
00:20:49>> announcer: BUT JUST FIVE Turns in, gravity kicks in.
00:20:52, >> move!
00:20:58>> [yelling] >> Watch out!
00:21:00[crashes] >> Damn!
00:21:08>> A big log just hit the front, of the yarder.
00:21:17>> announcer: THE MOMENTUM OF The two-ton logs overpowered the brakes and smashed into the yarder just inches from where brad was working.
00:21:25,Hmhm >> I'm just checkin' for damage.
00:21:35>> Shakes eddie up a little bit, I think, when it hits the ..
00:21:40Pretty tough steel.
00:21:42>> announcer: TODAY IT WAS Just a dent, but it's a grim reminder of what can go wrong.
00:21:52>> [bleep] ROLLS DOWNHILL.
00:21:54That's a fact.
00:21:57, >> announcer: COMING UP...
00:21:58>> You stay right there, america, you guys'll be fine.
00:22:01>> announcer: LEVI GETS A Close shave from a deadly barber chair.
00:22:05>> Oh, my god!
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00:23:53?s?s?1 1 1 ?,,- - Lost in the Foggg >> announcer: IN NORTHERN OREGON The pihl company starts cutting at their new job--a 27-acre site ,, >>>> these are really tall trees.
00:26:10Pushing 200 feet tall.
00:26:11, >> this patch of trees is a transition stand, it's got everything in it--young trees, old trees, every species.
00:26:19So the cutters have a lot of issues to face.
00:26:21This is old, mature timber, a lot of it's rotten.
00:26:24This is a really good example of what we're facing.
00:26:27I mean, if you look on the outside of the tree you would never know it was rotten on the inside, but once you get your saw in there and you've got all this, who knows which way this tree's gonna go?
00:26:36>> 'Specially with the frickin' wind blowin' all the time.
00:26:43>> announcer: DWAYNE AND LEVI Must approach each tree in this rotting forest with extr caution.
00:26:50>> See the reason why I pull this moss off?
00:26:52'Cause this timber's been here so long that that's ash from mount st. helens right there.
00:26:58It's--you'll find that a lot under this moss and stuff on these hardwoods.
00:27:02>> announcer: IN 1980, MOUNT ST.
00:27:04Helens rocked the pacific killed 57 people and destroyed 150,000 acres of forest.
00:27:14Ash from the blast was seen as , far east as wisconsin and as far south as new mexico.
00:27:30>> It's steep, it's brushy.
00:27:32, it just takes a while to get it opened up where you can get moving in it good.
00:27:38Working our way through all THESE SNAGS AND [bleep] WITHOUT Gettin' hit in the head.
00:27:41>> Watch out!
00:27:44>> Go, go, go, go, go.
00:27:49>> announcer: STANDARD PROCEDURE When cutting is to carve out a notch known as a face cut in the direction the tr I is to fall.
00:27:58This is followed by a back cut.
00:28:02And gravity does the rest.
00:28:04, but in windblown timber, there are no guarantees.
00:28:11>> I got a big, nasty leaner up here.
00:28:14Well, you get some of these hard-leaning ones like this.
00:28:17That thing's got so much top-weight out in front of it and the way it's leanin'-- , you just can't put a face in it and back it up.
00:28:24That thing'll barber chair.
00:28:25It's a cutter's nightmare.
00:28:27>> announcer: WHEN THE TRUNK Of a falling tree splits vertically, it's called a barber chair, and the butt of the tree could crush a logger.
00:28:36>> The top weight rips the wood , up and it'll chair up and sometimes spin, and it's just a cutter's worst nightmare; that's how cutters get killed.
00:28:47>> announcer: TO MINIMIZE THE Inherent danger of this leaner, levi must make a careful and precise cut.
00:28:56But even a veteran can be taken by surprise.
00:29:00>> Now, you see how that's still standing there right now?
00:29:03This tree's leanin' so hard, if I were to just put my face in it like I did, and if I'da came around back and tried to catch , this big thing, it woulda took off long before I'da got it cut up.
00:29:14About this far into the tree, all the guts are cut up in it, so all's i-- [crackling] See, there she wants to pop.
00:29:25Gimme my saw back.
00:29:30We just sat here too long and HAD TO BULL[bleep] ABOUT IT AND Then it started to take off on me.
00:29:40So next time you guys just watch.
00:29:41, I'll put the tree on the ground, ,, as you can tell by looking at that alder over there, it's rotten by looking at the bark and the dead wood and the holes in it and stuff like that.
00:30:07It's a pretty rotten alder, that's why it's leaning into this maple if you look up top here.
00:30:11There's not much a guy can do with this.
00:30:13, in situations like this, you never turn your back on that tree.
00:30:18So I'm gonna face it from the side to where I can watch that snag.
00:30:21You stay right there, america, you guys'll be fine.
00:30:30, look out, look out, look out.
00:30:46Sorry, did I run ya over?
00:30:47>> Yeah.
00:30:48>> See that?
00:30:48>> Holy crap.
00:30:49>> That's a barber chair.
00:30:53>> [chuckles] That's why you gotta watch.
00:30:56See, and now imagine if I was cutting that tree with my back turned to that.
00:30:59I'da been smoked right there.
00:31:01That's the difference of savin' , your life or dyin', right here.
00:31:05That woulda got somebody killed right there.
00:31:11I don't know, that's probably about 15 feet tall.
00:31:13And when that does, when it barber chairs--however high it wants to barber chair means how far back it's going, so see, , when I was runnin', that chunk of wood was chasing me.
00:31:23And that's a dangerous damn thing for a timber faller, you just--you try to avoid that at all costs.
00:31:28You don't want that, 'cause that's what kills people out ,, >> announcer: 150 MILES TO THE North, s&s aqua logging is adrift on the hoquiam.
00:31:45>> James, put that on the dock!
00:31:48>> announcer: JIMMY AND JAMES Are being pulled helplessly out , to sea.
00:31:53>> Put that on a cleat!
00:31:55>> It's up to pat to rescue them in his trusty skiff.
00:31:59>> Give him a line, give him a line!
00:32:01He's gotta pull us!
00:32:03Back it up, man, back it up!
00:32:06, TIE THIS SON OF A [bleep] OFF!
00:32:20AND GET YOUR [bleep]DAMN [indistinct]!
00:32:23DO YOUR [bleep] JOB!
00:32:26>> announcer: ALTHOUGH JIMMY'S Barge is safe, his bark isn't.
00:32:31He's still on a tear.
00:32:32>> Why don't you just do what i say instead of yellin' at me?
00:32:35>> I don't know, force of habit.
00:32:37>> WELL [bleep] STOP IT.
00:32:38'Cause i-i-i'm just about done with ya.
00:32:41YEAH, I'M GONNA [bleep] GO [bleep] ENJOY MY [bleep] RETIREMENT, AND SELL THE [bleep] Business.
00:32:46[bleep], I'M JUST TIRED OF IT.
00:32:47>> And that's the leash he keeps me on.
00:32:50>> I'M [bleep] TIRED OF IT.
00:32:51I [bleep] HAVE TO FIGHT IT THE WHOLE [bleep] WAY.
00:32:53DON'T LISTEN TO A [bleep] WORD I HAVE TO SAY, AND [bleep] HE'S Done.
00:32:57I'm just tired of it, so you guys might just go home.
00:33:02>> Did we have fun today, jim, or what?
00:33:05>> I don't know, what's your definition of fun?
00:33:08>> Well, I like all of it.
00:33:09The yellin' and hollerin' and the gettin' the logs out.
00:33:12>> Despite how much he acts like it's the end of the world, not everything went bad.
00:33:18>> Done three nice, big logs.
00:33:20Money in the bank.
00:33:22>> James.
00:33:23GET THE [bleep] IN HERE AND EAT, And I'm taking you to [indistinct], PUTTIN' YA ON A Bus.
00:33:27, >> funny.
00:33:29>> announcer: IS THIS THE END OF S&s?
00:33:36On the mountain, the race for loads is heating up.
00:33:40Pihl's lagging behind with 235 loads, but mike isn't going down,, without a fight.
00:33:46In washington, rygaard is pushing forward on their downhill logging job.
00:33:51They increase their lead over browning by five loads.
00:33:54But will it hold?
00:33:59After seven weeks, here's where ,nd.
00:34:06>> Steve, what the he-- watch it!
00:34:08>> announcer: STEVE GOES SOLO.
00:34:10>> He's all over the place today.
00:34:13>> announcer: DUSTIN GOES BIG.
00:34:15>> These big trees aren't very nice.
00:34:19>> announcer: S&S GOES FISHING.
00:34:20>> Uh!
00:34:22>> I'm not crazy.
00:34:23I'm just as sane as I can be.
00:34:25Brad, I'm gonna come up there and boot ya right square in the butt!
00:34:28>> announcer: AND CRAIG GOES Berserk.
00:34:30>> If you can't do it, then get THE [bleep] DOWN AND I'LL DO IT!
00:34:32, >> male announcer: TONIGHT ON ..
00:34:38>> Hey, I'm on the air.
00:34:40>> announcer: THE RACE FOR LOADS Is on.
00:34:44Rygaard leads the charge, but downhill logging threatens to rob them of the title.
00:34:49>> Get moving!pull it up the damn hill!
00:34:53>> announcer: PIHL IS MAKING UP , ground.
00:34:55>> We wanted to try and get out 45 loads this week.
00:34:58>> announcer: BIGGER TIMBER, Bolder logging.
00:35:00>> This is a big, old, dangerous tree.
00:35:03>> I get all twitterpated about big logs.
00:35:05>> announcer: IT'S MAN...
00:35:07>> Ryan, get outta there.
00:35:09>> announcer: VERSUS THE WILD.
00:35:10>> You okay?
00:35:11>> [gurgles] >> announcer: AND NOT EVERYONE Will make it.
00:35:15>> Aah!
00:35:16>> Log going dow >> go, go, go!
00:35:20[rock music] ♪ ♪
00:35:26, >> announcer: IN THE FORESTS Of montana, conner aviation gets a jump on the day.
00:35:54>> Loggin' on a beautiful montana day.
00:35:58Today we started a new unit.
00:36:00It's downhill logging.
00:36:01It's gonna be coming in pretty quick.
00:36:03Downhill logging means that the landing is lower than the wood you're taking.
00:36:08This is the ultimate logging >> announcer: THIS SEASON, Chief pilot bart colantuono has ,, >> do you see me at all?
00:36:19>> No, I don't, but I hear ya.
00:36:20>> All right, mike, I might be lost, here.
00:36:24>> announcer: AND STILL HIS Production soared, raking in 198 loads.
00:36:30But bart's contract cycle is , about to end.
00:36:37Now, it's up to the pilot in training to step up.
00:36:41>> Steve's coming today to transition into his shift, you know, he'll fly with bart, and bart'll critique some of his flying, and then, uh, steve'll come on tomorrow.
00:36:51>> Well, I'd love to fly.
00:36:53I'd love to do long line work.
00:36:55What I'd like to do is, you know, pick up the pace a little bit.
00:36:59Get faster, and make ryan a little more money.
00:37:03, >> we definitely need every-- every minute of flight time that we can get right now.
00:37:08>> announcer: STEVE HAS A History of airsickness.
00:37:11>> Dramamine didn't help, huh?
00:37:12>> No, sir.
00:37:14>> announcer: AND ATTITUDE.
00:37:15>> I'll fly with you for a little bit, and-- ,, >> announcer: BUT RYAN'S Invested $70,000 in training his junior pilot.
00:37:26Now he needs steve to deliver.
00:37:29>> If he doesn't, then we're just gonna have to assume that, you know--that we have to find somebody else.
00:37:35>> All right.
00:37:36>> Hey.
00:37:36>> Hey.
00:37:37Glad you made it.
00:37:38You ready to go fly?
00:37:38>> Yeah.
00:37:39>> You haven't been to this unit yet.
00:37:41>> Oh, okay.
00:37:41>> Okay, it's all downhill logging.
00:37:43>> Okay.
00:37:44>> So I had to go to the longer line, 'cause with that short line you're right there at the tree top.
00:37:48>> Okay.
00:37:50>> announcer: FOR STEVE'S FINAL Day in training, bart will evaluate his skills from .
00:37:56>> Okay, let's do it.
00:38:07, >> okay, pal, we're lookin' for ya.
00:38:09>> Uh, work with me, here.
00:38:10New job and a longer line, so it's gonna be a little slow at first.
00:38:14>> All right, how ya doin', steve?
00:38:15>> Good, good, good.
00:38:16Where ya at?
00:38:17>> Oh, keep coming, here.
00:38:18I'm about 400 or 500 off your, uh, 11:30.
00:38:21,, >> announcer: JUST A FEW MINUTES In, things start to go south.
00:38:29>> He's going in kinda flat, and that's kinda what I wanted to work on.
00:38:40, >> right under me.
00:38:46I gotcha, buddy.
00:38:50>> Copy that, there, steve?
00:38:52>> Gotcha, buddy.
00:38:54>> announcer: BART CAN DROP THE Hook straight into the hooker's hand--a skill steve has yet to learn.
00:39:12, ( () One Weak L >> Ah, he needs to work on it a little bit.
00:39:23Couldn't even get ahold of it, it was 20 feet away all the time, but you got--you need it ,, >> announcer: FROM THE LANDING, Bart notices a more serious problem.
00:39:33>> And you see he's-- he's dead lifting the logs out, which is using a lot more power.
00:39:38[trees cracking] [engine whirring faster] , and that's putting that stress on that tail boom.
00:39:49As much as you can, you wanna relieve that stress.
00:39:54>> announcer: A HELICOPTER CAN Lift 30% more weight when it's moving forward.
00:39:59Dead lifting, or hovering in one spot, decreases airflow over the blades.
00:40:04Picking up logs then requires additional engine power, and increases stress.
00:40:10Too much, and the tail rotor can snap off, sending the bird crashing to the ground.
00:40:16, >> he's coming in a little bit low, here, you can see him catching the top of these trees every now and then.
00:40:27Which is a safety factor.
00:40:30>> [indistinct] ,, >> move, move, move!
00:40:36>> As well as, you know, an environmental factor.
00:40:39We don't wanna hurt any more trees than we have to.
00:40:49, >> announcer: ONE HOUR IN, Steve has pulled six turns-- about half of what bart usually hauls.
00:40:59>> Look out, look out.
00:41:06>> Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at steve too bad, but he's all over the place today.
00:41:11>> announcer: IT'S BEEN A ROUGH Start for steve.
00:41:13>> Watch out!
00:41:15Hey, behind you!
00:41:17>> announcer: AND THE DAY IS Only going to get worse.
00:41:21, 600 miles west, the pihl company tackles the northern face of the big timber site.
00:41:32To harvest these behemoths, owner mike pihl has to first get them on the ground.
00:41:37So he sends dustin to help cut with his father dwayne.
00:41:42>> Dwayne and levi, you'll cut that dead, big tree.
00:41:47>> Yeah.
00:41:48>> And then after you guys get it down, dwayne and dustin, you guys'll be cutting in this patch on the right-hand side.
00:41:53, >> what do you think of that, dad?
00:41:57>> You're listening today, all right?
00:41:59So shut your hole already.
00:42:00>> God, he's a grumpy old [bleep].
00:42:04>> announcer: TO CUT THIS Super-sized stand of timbe levi pulls out the big gun: A 120cc chainsaw with an extra-large, 60-inch bar.
00:42:15>> Look at this beast.
00:42:19>> Okay, guys, this is a big, old, dangerous tree.
00:42:21It's probably 350 years old.
00:42:23Probably been dead for about 15 years.
00:42:25, it looks like a cactus up there.
00:42:27It's got two giant limbs that are probably ready to break off and come shooting down.
00:42:32>> Keep your mouth shut and listen to me when we're doing this.
00:42:35Get a good runway outta here in case something goes [bleep]-HOUSE.
00:42:39Just watch.
00:42:40>> It's just bigger wood, you know what I mean, you got, bigger pressure,igigger saws you gotta run to do it, and we're getting a taste of that this morning with that big saw.
00:42:58,- - We L