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00:00:01(to tune of "Yankee Doodle") ♪ Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination ♪
00:00:13♪ And when he's tall, he's what we call a dinosaur sensation ♪
00:00:22♪ Barney's friends are big and small ♪
00:00:24♪ They come from lots of places ♪
00:00:26♪ After school, they meet to play ♪
00:00:29♪ And sing with happy faces ♪
00:00:31♪ Barney shows us lots of things ♪
00:00:33♪ Like how to play pretend ♪
00:00:35♪ ABCs and 1-2-3s and how to be a friend ♪
00:00:39♪ Barney comes to play with us whenever we may need him ♪
00:00:43♪ Barney can be your friend, too ♪
00:00:45♪ If you just make-believe him. ♪
00:00:48Captioning sponsoredby Hit entertainment What are you drawing?
00:01:06I'm drawing a pirate ship.
00:01:09I'm thinking about adding some pirates.
00:01:13What about you?
00:01:14I'm drawing an airplane.
00:01:16Oh, that's nice.
00:01:17My friend Marisa took one when she went away on vacation.
00:01:21What are you drawing, Sofia?
00:01:23Well, I'll give you a hint.
00:01:25He's a very special friend and he's purple.
00:01:30(chuckling): Whoa-ho!
00:01:32Hello there.
00:01:32Kids: Barney!
00:01:33Well, hi, everybody.
00:01:38So, uh, what are you doing today?
00:01:39We've been drawing pictures, but I think I'll stop now.
00:01:43I don't feel much like drawing anymore.
00:01:46Is everything all right?
00:01:47Well, I'm just a little sad because my friend Marisa-- she went to go visit her cousin in India.
00:01:54I kind of miss her a lot.
00:01:57Isn't India far away?
00:01:59It's across the ocean and around the world.
00:02:01I think it's almost as far as the moon.
00:02:03Well, it's not quite that far, but it is a long way away.
00:02:09I hope she's okay over there.
00:02:11Maybe we should take a little trip of our own.
00:02:15All we need is a little imagination.
00:02:19(chuckles) Just leave the rest to Engineer Barney.
00:02:23All: Wow!
00:02:24All aboard the Magic Caboose.
00:02:28♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:02:31Barney & david: ♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:02:34Barney, david & sofia: ♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:02:37All: ♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:02:40♪ A train rides on a railroad track ♪
00:02:43♪ It makes a sound like clickety-clack ♪
00:02:46♪ It blows a great big whistle, too ♪
00:02:49♪ That makes a sound like this: woo-woo! ♪
00:02:52All: ♪ Chug-a-chug, woo-woo ♪
00:02:55♪ The train goes rolling through ♪
00:02:58♪ Chug-a-chug, clickety-clack ♪
00:03:01♪ The caboose rides in the back ♪
00:03:04♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:03:07All: ♪ Chug-a-chug-a-chug-a- chug-a-chug-a-woo-woo! ♪
00:03:10♪ Trains, they have an engineer ♪
00:03:13♪ Who rides in the back so they can steer ♪
00:03:17♪ There's even a conductor, too ♪
00:03:20♪ Who always shouts, "All aboard!" to you ♪
00:03:23♪ Chug-a-chug, whoo-whoo ♪
00:03:26♪ The train goes rolling through ♪
00:03:29♪ Chug-a-chug, clickety-clack ♪
00:03:31♪ The caboose rides in the back. ♪
00:03:35(train whistle blows) Here we are.
00:03:44First stop on our trip.
00:03:46Where are we, Barney?
00:03:49This is a country called Egypt.
00:03:52Who are they?
00:03:54And why are they dressed like that?
00:03:55They're ancient Egyptians.
00:03:57That's how people used to dress here many years ago.
00:04:01I am King Khufu, ruler of all Egypt.
00:04:07Hello, Your Highness.
00:04:10What's that big triangle-shaped thingie?
00:04:13It's called a pyramid.
00:04:15Oh, wow! The sun is so bright!
00:04:19We're in a desert, Melanie.
00:04:20The sun is bright and very warm here.
00:04:30♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:04:33♪ Please shine down on me ♪
00:04:36♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:04:40♪ Hiding behind a tree ♪
00:04:43♪ These little children are asking you ♪
00:04:46♪ To please come out so we can play with you ♪
00:04:49♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:04:54♪ Please shine down on me ♪
00:05:03♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:05:07♪ Please shine down on me ♪
00:05:10♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:05:14♪ Hiding behind a tree ♪
00:05:17♪ These little children are asking you ♪
00:05:20♪ To please come out so we can play with you ♪
00:05:23♪ Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ♪
00:05:27♪ Please shine down on, please shine down on ♪
00:05:31♪ Please shine down on me. ♪
00:05:39So, did you enjoy your visit to Egypt?
00:05:42Oh, it was awesome!
00:05:44I just wish we could have stayed longer.
00:05:46Oh, but we have more new places to go and more new things to see.
00:05:51Where are we going now?
00:05:52How about a breezy island with beaches and sailboats?
00:05:58But, Barney, you can't take a train to an island.
00:06:01An island is surrounded by water.
00:06:04Well, that's true, so it's a good thing we have a magic train.
00:06:11All aboard!
00:06:13The Magic Caboose is ready to go again.
00:06:18(train whistle blows) We're here!
00:06:30Welcome to our islands.
00:06:32What's this?
00:06:33It is a flower called tiare.
00:06:37Wow! It smells wonderful.
00:06:41Thank you.
00:06:42This place is amazing.
00:06:44It sure is.
00:06:45I've never been to an island before.
00:06:47Well, the islands of Tahiti are some of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world!
00:06:54♪ Very far away from the homes we know ♪
00:06:57♪ Is a very sunny place where it's fun to go ♪
00:07:01♪ You can get here with a boat or a magic train ♪
00:07:04♪ And when you look around, you'll be glad you came ♪
00:07:08You sure will.
00:07:09♪ This place is called an island and it's plain to see ♪
00:07:12♪ It's got an ocean and a beach and greenery ♪
00:07:15♪ Imagine all the fun things that we'll find out ♪
00:07:18♪ As we see what an island is all about ♪
00:07:22Oh, boy, oh, boy!
00:07:25♪ It's a little bit of ground with water all around ♪
00:07:28♪ A mountain in the middle and a jungle-y sound ♪
00:07:31♪ Birds and a breeze in the coconut trees ♪
00:07:35♪ That's what an island is ♪
00:07:38Oh, it's fun in the sun!
00:07:42♪ You can gab with a crab who lives in the sand ♪
00:07:46♪ Or wave to a butterfly as big as your hand ♪
00:07:49♪ And if you get hungry for a tasty meal ♪
00:07:52♪ There are bunches of bananas that have appeal ♪
00:07:58♪ It's a little bit of ground with water all around ♪
00:08:01♪ A mountain in the middle and a jungle-y sound ♪
00:08:05♪ Birds and a breeze in the coconut trees ♪
00:08:08♪ That's what an island is ♪
00:08:11♪ That's what an island is ♪
00:08:15♪ That's what an island is! ♪
00:08:21Oh! Oh!
00:08:23(giggles) Are you ready for our next stop?
00:08:28Whatisthe next stop, Barney?
00:08:30Hmm. Well, let's see.
00:08:31We've been to Egypt and Tahiti.
00:08:34Oh, I'm not sure where we should go next.
00:08:37Oh, let's go to India!
00:08:39Oh, yeah.
00:08:40That would be cool.
00:08:40That's where Marisa went!
00:08:42Oh, that's a tee-riffic idea! Oh!
00:08:47(humming) All aboard for India.
00:08:50(train whistle blowing) (laughing) (steam hisses, train chugging) Ah. Here we are, everybody!
00:09:01While you're here, you might see some of the same things Marisa will see.
00:09:08Well, certainly!
00:09:09Like the Taj Mahal.
00:09:11It's a wonderful building in India.
00:09:15Welcome to our country.
00:09:17Oh, thanks!
00:09:18That's a very pretty dress.
00:09:20Thank you.
00:09:21It's called a sari.
00:09:22This is called a dhoti.
00:09:24It's way cool.
00:09:26Maybe Marisa will get to see a real elephant!
00:09:30Well, maybe we will, too.
00:09:32With a little imagination.
00:09:36(laughs) (elephant trumpeting) Look, everybody!
00:09:39David & sofia: Wow!
00:09:40Oh, there she is.
00:09:41Barney: ♪ Elephant ♪
00:09:45♪ Elephant ♪
00:09:49♪ She is big and friendly ♪
00:09:53♪ Wrinkled and gray ♪
00:09:56♪ And with her great big feet ♪
00:09:58♪ Better get out of the way of the elephant ♪
00:10:03♪ Every sound in the jungle the elephant hears ♪
00:10:07♪ With her floppy, king-sized elephant ears ♪
00:10:10♪ Got a trunk for a nose as long as a hose ♪
00:10:15Whoa! Oh, my.
00:10:18♪ The elephant, elephant, elephant, elephant ♪
00:10:25Come on.
00:10:25Walk like an elephant with us.
00:10:33♪ The ground, it shakes ♪
00:10:35♪ Elephant ♪
00:10:37♪ Every time she walks ♪
00:10:39♪ Elephant ♪
00:10:40♪ And she sounds like a trumpet whenever she talks ♪
00:10:45♪ The elephant ♪
00:10:46♪ Elephant ♪
00:10:47♪ Every sound in the jungle the elephant hears ♪
00:10:51♪ With her floppy, king-sized elephant ears ♪
00:10:55♪ Got a trunk for a nose that's as long as a hose ♪
00:11:03♪ The elephant ♪
00:11:05♪ Elephant ♪
00:11:06♪ The elephant ♪
00:11:09♪ Elephant. ♪
00:11:11(whooshing) Whoa! Last stop, home sweet home.
00:11:18Thanks, Barney, for a great trip.
00:11:21It was awesome.
00:11:22Yeah, it was really fun.
00:11:23You're very welcome.
00:11:24I hope Marissa has as much fun as I did, even if it was just in our imaginations.
00:11:32Hey, look at that.
00:11:34It looks like the mail has come.
00:11:37It's for you, Melanie, and it's all the way from India.
00:11:43It's from Marissa.
00:11:47"Dear Melanie, I'm having a great time.
00:11:49"I saw a real elephant today.
00:11:52"He made some silly sounds.
00:11:54"I think he was trying to talk to me.
00:11:56Can't wait to see you again.
00:11:56Love, Marissa." Thanks, Barney, for showing me all those amazing new places.
00:12:05You're welcome.
00:12:06It's always fun to see and do new things.
00:12:10And it's even better when we can share those times with our friends.
00:12:14♪ I'm so happy you're the one that's here today having fun ♪
00:12:21♪ Wherever we go, whatever we do ♪
00:12:25♪ It's better with a friend like you ♪
00:12:27♪ Everything's better with a friend ♪
00:12:31♪ Everything's better with a friend with like you ♪
00:12:35♪ Playing, pretending, whatever we do ♪
00:12:39♪ It's better with a friend like you ♪
00:12:41♪ Everything's better with a friend ♪
00:12:46♪ Everything's better with a friend like you ♪
00:12:49♪ Playing, pretending, whatever we do ♪
00:12:53♪ It's better with a friend like ♪ Playing, pretending, whatever we do ♪
00:13:00♪ It's better with a friend like you. ♪
00:13:02Bye-bye. Aw...
00:13:06Girl: Time for Barney's music box.
00:13:10(chuckles) ♪ The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round ♪
00:13:16♪ 'Round and 'round, 'round and 'round ♪
00:13:20♪ The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round ♪
00:13:23♪ All through the town ♪
00:13:28♪ All through the town ♪
00:13:33♪ All through the town. ♪
00:13:40And ta-da!
00:13:42(cheering) Thank you.
00:13:44One more!
00:13:44Please, Barney, we want to see more!
00:13:47All right, one more trick.
00:13:50I'll say some magic words and let's see...
00:13:54Do you know any magic words?
00:13:56(kids shouting) Alakazam!
00:13:59Please and thank you!
00:14:01Not those magic words, sissy.
00:14:05Well, let's try.
00:14:07Abracadabra and alakazam, and maybe a presto, too.
00:14:12Add a "please" and a "thank you" and here's a little magic for you.
00:14:18(kids cheering) Oh, Barney, I want to do magic tricks just like you.
00:14:28You can, BJ.
00:14:29You just need the magic ingredients: A pinch of imagination and a little practice.
00:14:43Do you think I could learn to do that?
00:14:46I know you could.
00:14:47We can all learn new things with each new day.
00:14:52All right!
00:14:52♪ It's a bright new day full of possibilities ♪
00:14:58♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:02♪ Anything can happen, just wait and see ♪
00:15:04♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:06Oh, yeah.
00:15:07♪ And we can't wait to get started ♪
00:15:09♪ From when the sun goes up until the sun goes down ♪
00:15:12♪ Fun and surprises will be all around ♪
00:15:16♪ Someday, Monday, any day ♪
00:15:19♪ Together with our friends ♪
00:15:21♪ We can learn and play ♪
00:15:23♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:26♪ Full of possibilities ♪
00:15:29♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:32♪ Anything can happen, just wait and see ♪
00:15:35♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:38♪ And we can't wait to get started ♪
00:15:40♪ It could be sunny outside or pouring rain ♪
00:15:44♪ We know the weather will always change ♪
00:15:46♪ It really doesn't matter 'cause we find a way ♪
00:15:50♪ To make the most of every day ♪
00:15:53♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:15:58♪ Full of possibilities ♪
00:16:00♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:16:03♪ Anything can happen, just wait and see ♪
00:16:07♪ It's a bright new day ♪
00:16:09♪ And we can't wait to get started today. ♪
00:16:15Whoa! (chuckles) Yeah, I'll be a magician.
00:16:20I'm going to be-- ho-ho-- BJ the Great!
00:16:24Oh, wow.
00:16:24But you don't know any tricks.
00:16:27How hard can it be?
00:16:28Barney, may I please use your hat and wand?
00:16:32Well, certainly.
00:16:33Here you go.
00:16:34Okay, everybody, come inside the caboose in a few minutes and seemymagic show.
00:16:40All right.
00:16:41Kids: Bye.
00:16:42Do you think he can do it, Barney?
00:16:45I don't know, Tracy.
00:16:46Maybe I'd better see if I can help.
00:16:49See you in a bit.
00:16:50All: Bye, Barney.
00:16:52Okay, here goes.
00:16:55Abracadabra, spittlety-spat, make a rabbit jump out of the hat!
00:17:02Oh, man!
00:17:04How's it going, BJ?
00:17:06Not so great, Barney.
00:17:07I can't get the rabbit out of the hat.
00:17:10Well, it takes practice.
00:17:12But I don't have time.
00:17:14I need some awesome tricks right now so I can be...
00:17:18BJ the Great!
00:17:21If you read this book of magic, you can learn to do some.
00:17:25You just need to keep trying and trying.
00:17:28♪ Once upon a time ♪
00:17:30♪ The ducky couldn't swim ♪
00:17:32♪ He couldn't even fly ♪
00:17:35♪ But he kept watching his friends ♪
00:17:37♪ Again and again ♪
00:17:38♪ Until he flapped his wings and flew high in the sky ♪
00:17:42♪ He kept trying ♪
00:17:44♪ And trying ♪
00:17:46♪ Every day and night ♪
00:17:49♪ Trying and trying ♪
00:17:53♪ Until he got it right ♪
00:17:56♪ Not too long ago ♪
00:17:58♪ I couldn't ride a bike ♪
00:17:59♪ I couldn't make the wheels go 'round ♪
00:18:03♪ But I kept doing my best ♪
00:18:05♪ And tried again and again ♪
00:18:06♪ Until I started to go and pedaled all over town ♪
00:18:10♪ I kept trying ♪
00:18:11♪ And trying ♪
00:18:13♪ Every day and night ♪
00:18:17♪ Trying and trying ♪
00:18:20♪ Until I got it right ♪
00:18:23♪ Keep trying ♪
00:18:25♪ And trying ♪
00:18:27♪ Every day and night ♪
00:18:30♪ Trying and trying ♪
00:18:34♪ And you will get it right ♪
00:18:37♪ And you will get it right ♪
00:18:40♪ And you will ♪
00:18:43♪ Get it right. ♪
00:18:47Is it time for the show, O BJ the Great?
00:18:50Oh, uh, almost.
00:18:52(quietly): Hey, Barney, what am I gonna do?
00:18:54You could tell everyone you need more time to practice.
00:18:59Wait. I have a better idea.
00:19:01Psst, sissy.
00:19:02Will you be in my show, please?
00:19:05Oh! Oh, goodie!
00:19:05What do I do?
00:19:06You go behind the curtain, and I say magic words, and you hide, and everybody will think you disappeared!
00:19:13'Kay, perfect.
00:19:13Oh, goodie!
00:19:14What'll I do with my hair? Oh!
00:19:17Is everybody ready for the show?
00:19:19Oh, boy, oh, I can't wait!
00:19:22Here he comes.
00:19:24Voila! (laughs) Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed!
00:19:30BJ the Great will now make his lovely assistant...
00:19:35(laughter) Hello!
00:19:38Wow, this is gonna be awesome!
00:19:42Oh, razzledy-dazz, abraca-zero, presto-poof-o, disappear-o!
00:19:52Ha-ha! Voila!
00:19:55(laughs): Good job!
00:19:57Thank you, thank you.
00:19:58That's why they call me...
00:20:00(echoing): BJ the Great!
00:20:03(giggling) Maybe I can do a trick, too.
00:20:09Hey, Mr. Turtle, would you like to be in BJ's show?
00:20:14(chuckles) And now I will make my lovely assistant reappear!
00:20:21Dazzle-de-raz, abraca-near-o!
00:20:24Presto, poof-o, re-appear-o!
00:20:31(laughter) (gasps) Uh-oh.
00:20:37BJ, I think you turned Baby Bop into a turtle.
00:20:42Oh, no!
00:20:43I'm a better magician than I thought!
00:20:45I'm sure Baby Bop is around here somewhere, BJ.
00:20:48But, Barney, I turned her into a turtle!
00:20:52I hope I can turn her back.
00:20:55Abra-ca-fizzle, razzle-de-dearo.
00:20:58Presto, poof-o, re-appear-o!
00:21:02Maybe we should get something for her to eat.
00:21:05(chuckles) What have I done?
00:21:08Why didn't I practice more?
00:21:11I turned my sister into a turtle!
00:21:15Barney: Oh, BJ.
00:21:16♪ I made a mistake, something's wrong ♪
00:21:19♪ Uh-oh, should I tell someone? ♪
00:21:21♪ What would people say if they knew? ♪
00:21:23♪ I'm not sure what I should do ♪
00:21:26♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:21:28♪ Making mistakes is a way we learn ♪
00:21:31♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:21:33♪ And everybody gets a turn ♪
00:21:39♪ My tummy spins, my knees both shake ♪
00:21:42♪ Each time I make a mistake ♪
00:21:44♪ I feel like I might want to cry ♪
00:21:46♪ Why can't things just turn out right? ♪
00:21:49♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:21:50♪ Making mistakes is a way we learn ♪
00:21:54♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:21:56♪ And everybody gets a turn ♪
00:21:58Sissy has to live in an aquarium!
00:22:02♪ No need to worry, no need to shake ♪
00:22:05♪ Everybody makes mistakes ♪
00:22:07♪ All you need to do is try ♪
00:22:09♪ To be more careful next time ♪
00:22:12♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:22:13♪ Making mistakes is a way we learn ♪
00:22:16♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:22:18♪ And everybody gets a turn ♪
00:22:20♪ Yes, uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:22:22♪ Making mistakes is a way we learn ♪
00:22:25♪ Uh-oh, yikes, whoopsie ♪
00:22:27♪ And everybody gets a turn. ♪
00:22:31I hope Sissy can forgive me.
00:22:32Here's some lettuce if she gets hungry.
00:22:36Aye-yi-yi, this is awful.
00:22:39Well, look at the bright side, BJ.
00:22:42Now you have a sister and a pet.
00:22:44Oh, it's just not the same.
00:22:47I sure miss you, sissy.
00:22:52I'm right here.
00:22:53(gasps) Sissy, you can talk!
00:22:56Well, of course I can talk.
00:22:58Oh, I wish I knew the magic word to get you back.
00:23:02But you do, BJ.
00:23:05It's "please." Please.
00:23:07Oh, sissy, please come back!
00:23:10Okay, here I am!
00:23:13(laughter) What?!
00:23:15Looks like BJ isn't the only one who can do tricks.
00:23:18(chuckles): Oh, man.
00:23:20You guys.
00:23:21I'll put the turtle in the terrarium for you.
00:23:24Oh, thank you, Tracy.
00:23:28Anyway, you're back!
00:23:29Everything's going to be okay as long as we're together.
00:23:34Barney: That's right.
00:23:35♪ Together, together, playing together ♪
00:23:39♪ It's so much fun as you can see ♪
00:23:42♪ Together, together, whenever we're together ♪
00:23:46♪ It's a great time for you and me ♪
00:23:51(chuckles): Oh!
00:23:52♪ Nothing can stop us when we get together ♪
00:23:56♪ Every day and every night ♪
00:23:59♪ Playing together, anything is possible ♪
00:24:02♪ When you're here, things turn out right ♪
00:24:07♪ Together, together, playing together ♪
00:24:10♪ It's so much fun as you can see ♪
00:24:13♪ Together, together, whenever we're together ♪
00:24:17♪ It's a great time for you ♪
00:24:21♪ For you and me! ♪
00:24:26(all giggling) Now, wait a second.
00:24:28If you're sissy, then who's that?
00:24:30Did I turn somebody else into a turtle?
00:24:34(chuckles) I think that turtle is really a turtle.
00:24:38Okay, Barney.
00:24:39But I guess I'm not such a great magician after all.
00:24:43But you can be, with a lot of practice.
00:24:46And besides, you'll always be BJ the Great to us.
00:24:51We love you, BJ.
00:24:52(to tune of "This Old Man") ♪ I love you, you love me ♪
00:24:58♪ We're a happy family ♪
00:25:02♪ With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you ♪
00:25:08♪ Won't you say you love me, too? ♪
00:25:17♪ I love you, you love me ♪
00:25:21♪ We're best friends like friends should be ♪
00:25:25♪ With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you ♪
00:25:30♪ Won't you say you love me, too? ♪
00:25:38I have to help my mom with dinner now.
00:25:41Maybe we can come back tomorrow.
00:25:44Okay, sounds great.
00:25:46See you then.
00:25:47Bye, now.
00:25:48We better go, too, sissy.
00:25:50I want to practice some new magic tricks.
00:25:52Okay! Bye, Barney!
00:25:53Bye, Barney!
00:25:54Good luck.
00:25:54I'll see ya.
00:25:59Captioned by Media Access Group at ♪ ♪
00:26:01(kids laughing) (giggles) Hello again to all my friends.
00:26:08I'm glad you're here today.
00:26:09There's lots to do when I'm with you.
00:26:12Let's have fun and play!
00:26:15Today, let's play like we're robots!
00:26:18It's fun to move to music that has a short, fast beat.
00:26:23Can you pretend to be a robot?
00:26:27(Barney giggles) That's it!
00:26:31You're super-dee-duper!
00:26:36Oh, thanks for playing.
00:26:38♪ I love you. ♪
00:26:52Here's somethingIcan do.
00:26:55Kids: Snap!
00:27:03(clicks tongue) Hop!
00:27:07Make a silly face!
00:27:18What canyoudo?
00:27:22Here's somethingIlove.
00:27:25I love my mommy and daddy.
00:27:28I love my uncle.
00:27:30I love my friend Dania.
00:27:31Both: I like the circus.
00:27:33I love my kitty cat because she comes to sleep with me.
00:27:37I love my mom.
00:27:39I love my daddy.
00:27:42I love my little brother.
00:27:45I love my twin sisters.
00:27:46I love my family.
00:27:49What doyoulove?
00:29:13By now, you've probably heard a lot about the trsition to digital tv.
00:29:17The deadline has changed, but there's no reason to wait, and new digital channels are becoming available l e time.
00:29:23If you already have a converter box, be sure to re-scan often to pick up thnewest channels.
00:29:28And if you don't have a box, now's the ti to get one.
00:29:30If you know someone who hasn't made the swit yet, help 'em out, and tell them what they've been missing.
00:29:34Go online orall the number on your screen for more information.