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00:00:22óoóÑóoóÑóoóÑóoóçó narrator: At the Nashville Nitro Hill Climb, motorcycle darevils charge up inclines of almost 90°°in souped-up dirt bikes.
00:01:11Tonya: Let me tell you, these motorcycles, those are freakin' cool.
00:01:15narrator: Racer Phil Libhart kicks off the first heat. d somody sucker-punched him and put him on the hill.
00:01:41Chuck: He actually becom commentator: Ohhh...
00:01:49narrator: While rush to Phil's aid, others tend to more serious issues. love how they're nurturing the bike on the way down.
00:01:58commentator: Easy, b Roll her easy.
00:02:00You okay, sweetheart ?
00:02:01You're gonna be all right.
00:02:02John: Is the motorcycle okay ?
00:02:03All right.
00:02:05Chuck: Just remember, the life you save may be the bike's.
00:02:09narrator: Thankfully, Phil is fine.
00:02:11But don't worry, hill-climbing fans, there's plenty of great racing action left.
00:02:19commentator: Yee-ha !
00:02:21( bleep ) Oh, yeah.
00:02:24Oh, ( bleep ) !
00:02:26Damnit !
00:02:29Oof !
00:02:30Ugh !
00:02:31( bleep ) Fellas, why do we do such dumb things ?
00:02:38Yee-ha !
00:02:39Ho, ho, ho, ( bleep ) !
00:02:47narrator: Lake Tahoe, surrounded by California's finest ski slopes.
00:02:53commentator: This skiing is awesome, Bunny.
00:02:56narrator: But some enterprising snowboarders seek their excitement off the beaten path.
00:03:01man: This year, we did this road gap, and-- "Guys, this'll be a piece of "cake, whatever.
00:03:06"We'll just build this jump and jump over." commentator: Wee-hoo !
00:03:11Michael: When somebody says, "You know what we should do ?
00:03:13"We should jump the road that has no snow or anything on it," punch that guy right in the face.
00:03:18He's trying to get somebody hurt.
00:03:21man: Gnarly !
00:03:22Ooh !
00:03:23Woo hoo hoo hoo !
00:03:25Ugh... oh...
00:03:27Billy: When you hit asphalt at that speed, it's like hitting solid asphalt.
00:03:33Think about it.
00:03:34commentator: Woo-hoo-hoo hoo-hoo !
00:03:37Ugh !
00:03:39Todd: Ahhh !
00:03:41My ankles !
00:03:43commentator: Woo !
00:03:44Ugh !
00:03:45Nick: This would have been a better clip if we could actually see his heel shatter or hear them shatter, like glass.
00:03:54( glass breaking ) Rachel:" commentator: Oooh !
00:03:59Oh !
00:04:01Daisy: How do you know you're screwed when you're hurt ?
00:04:03If the guys coming to help you are the guys wearing those hats.
00:04:07commentator: Oh, bra, are you okay ?
00:04:10narrator: The "bra" is not okay.
00:04:12His shattered heel requires multiple surgeries.
00:04:16Brad: Henailsthat snowbank.
00:04:19Nails it.
00:04:21You should buy that snowbank dinner...
00:04:24'cause you nailed it.
00:04:26commentator: Woo-hoo-hoo !
00:04:27Ugh !
00:04:32narrator: Meanwhile, another group of daredevils builds a ramp with a bar area and makeshift hot-dog stand.
00:04:41commentator: Here's your hot dog, dude.
00:04:43Thanks, bro.
00:04:44Bitchin' !
00:04:45Nick: Yeahd a bar on the other side of the ramp where people are going by at the speed of light and we're drinking margaritas.
00:04:51What could happen ?
00:04:52commentator: All right !
00:04:54Keith: You know what we're miing, man, from this little spin-around jump ?
00:04:57A nice, sweet high-five.
00:04:59commentator: High-five.
00:05:03Loni: Ooh, right there.
00:05:06Hit him right there on the head.
00:05:07commentator: Ooh-- oh, dude !
00:05:10Oh !
00:05:12Daisy: Whoa, that was like an up-high-down-low-too- type of deal.
00:05:16Leif: I'm gonna do a flip, and you stand undern from below.
00:05:22Todd: Yeah.
00:05:23commentator: High-five !
00:05:25Ooh !
00:05:26Todd: Oh !
00:05:28Oh !
00:05:30man: Did my board hit you in the hea man: Straight up.
00:05:33man: That was your dome ?
00:05:34man: It's pretty deep.
00:05:36Chuck: Did I hit your dome, bro ?
00:05:38Judy: I guess that's idiot for, "Do you have a laceration ?" man: I'm so sorry, dude.
00:05:43man: 12 staples.
00:05:45man: I'm so sorry.
00:05:46Leif: Right in the cranium, bro.
00:05:48Todd: Who am I ?t gary coleman.
00:05:52I'm Todd Bridges.
00:05:55narrator: The dude needs stitches on his dome.
00:05:58man: Sorry, buddy.
00:05:59man: I think we got the shot, though.
00:06:02Natasha: Hey, at least we ghe shot.
00:06:04What are you, Stanley Kubrick ?
00:06:06Judy: The guy gets bashed in the head and really only That's a giver.
00:06:11That's someone who's selfless.
00:06:12It's a b narrator: The Carmageddon auto-thrill show in North Carolina.
00:06:31roclaimed "King of Crash," prepares for his trademark stunt, the Ramp to Ruin.
00:06:38Judy: He's gonna jump in his car over a bunch of cars, but they're gonna explode while he's jumping over them.
00:06:52Loni: Let's see if he makes it.
00:06:56He not gonna make it.
00:07:07Told y'all.
00:07:09Not gonna make it.
00:07:18Leif: How'd he get the nickname "King of Crash" ?
00:07:22man:Here he comes again !
00:07:24Over, over, over !
00:07:28What an impact !
00:07:30Roger: Probably not a good sign that we heard the ambulance siren before the guy even hit the ground.
00:07:36( siren blaring ) Billy: carson, the Queen of Crash, I would not let him pick up the kids.
00:07:47Daddy, Daddy, can we go on the explosive Road to Ruin on the way home ?
00:07:51commentator: Wee !
00:07:52Hooray, Daddy !
00:07:54Natasha: Okay, for the driver, that stunt might have gone wrong, but for those screaming rednecks in the stands, that stunt went right !
00:08:02Yeah, woo !
00:08:04man:I sure hope he's okay.
00:08:05narrator: Medics pull Brian from the wreckage.
00:08:08commentator: Get the hose, bring it over.
00:08:10Let's go, let's go, put it out !
00:08:11narrator: Despite some minor injuries, he'll live to crash again.
00:08:14Brad: It is really hard to kill stupid-- look at this show.
00:08:19man:Here he comes again !
00:08:22Over, over, over !
00:08:26narrator: Coming up, more daredevils.
00:08:30Loni: Medic, please.
00:08:35Michael: They shouldn't go for speed, they should go for highest flip ever.
00:08:39Billy: This is why I gave up testing hang gliders.
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00:12:50narrator: For ten years, a theme park in Orlando, Florida, has hosted a daily Arabian extravaganza.
00:12:58Until today, the lead actor has givethe same performance, soaring over the crowd on a zip line.
00:13:05Bryan: Hey, kids !
00:13:06It's Sinbad !
00:13:07I'm Sinbad !
00:13:11Loni: This is great !
00:13:13Wow !
00:13:17Brad: Oh, here he comes.
00:13:22Daisy: Yay, sinbad !
00:13:23Good entrance, Sinbad !
00:13:25Chuck: This show is gonna rock.
00:13:26Brad: God, it's amazing, isn't it ?
00:13:31Bryan: Ooh !
00:13:36Tonya: Hello, people.
00:13:38Sinbad just broke his ass, okay ?
00:13:40That's all you gotta say.
00:13:42Judy: I felt the audience really cared about Sinbad.
00:13:46You saw how emotional they were.
00:13:48man: I don't know if, like, that thing was shaking or something.
00:13:51woman: I thought it was still part of the show.
00:13:53Nick: When his head was wide open and his brain was exposed ?
00:13:56I thought that was part of the show.
00:14:06Bryan: The truth is, there wasn't a malfunction, I just took a good look at my life.
00:14:11I'm Sinbad in an amusement park.
00:14:14Look at me.
00:14:15I'm not even blind in one eye.
00:14:22narrator: The actor eventually recovers from his injuries, but decides to move on to less-challenging roles.
00:14:29commentator: Yeah, can I get two orders of the fish and chips, a large basket of lobster knots, and an extra side of tartar sauce ?
00:14:41narrator: For ten years, the small Pennsylvania town of Port Royal has hosted an annual Grand Prix racing event.
00:14:49Spectators eagerly await the highly skilled motorists.
00:14:53( engines approaching ) Michael: ( Imitating passing engine ) Tonya: Everybody's like a kid, you know ?
00:15:13Everybody wants to still do what they could do when they were younger, except they just wanna go faster.
00:15:18Natasha: There are certain things that you shouldn't do after your 16th birthday.
00:15:23Racing go-karts is one of them.
00:15:27Watchingpeople race go-karts is another one.
00:15:31Chelfe behind this fence made of toothpicks.
00:15:34I'll just watch from here.
00:15:44commentator: Woo-hoo !
00:15:45You guys rule !
00:15:50Loni: They give out go-kart licenses ?
00:15:52'Cause his is just taken away.
00:15:54commentator: All right, stand back, stand back, stand back !
00:15:56Give him room !
00:15:58Daisy: Guys, clear the area.
00:16:00Go-kart disaster.
00:16:01Tiny mini car going 20 miles an hour, I'm serious !
00:16:10commentator: Give him room !
00:16:12Stand back, stand back !
00:16:13Medic !
00:16:15Tonya: You just plow into somebody, I mean, yeah.
00:16:18I mean, I do like hamburger steak, but come on, I don't like it rare.: There are no serious injuries, but race organizers optnotto pre The race is canceled and has never been held again.
00:16:35Michael: Race is done.
00:16:36We're all going home.
00:16:38Shut your go-karts off, that noise is driving me crazy.
00:16:50Roger: Hey, sports fans !
00:16:51Welcome to "SGP Sports." I'm Roger "Sparky" Lodge.
00:16:54Mike:.. trainor.
00:16:57I don't have a fake middle name.
00:16:59Roger: And we're here at beautiful Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, for the big Hydrofest competition.
00:17:04Mike: And we sure do have a lot of fans out for today's event.
00:17:08Keep in mind, these hydroplanes can reach up to 200 miles per hour and weigh up to 3 tons.
00:17:15Brad: That thing weighs 3 tons ?
00:17:17So it's like Daniel Baldwin on water.
00:17:20Daniel: Mmm.
00:17:22Mike: Next up is popular hydropla commentator: Hey, can you hold this for me, my camera ?
00:17:29Hey, everyone !
00:17:29You rock, Mark !
00:17:31Mike: Here he goes !
00:17:34man:And the race is underway !
00:17:36He's cg down the line.
00:17:38Daisy: Go, america !
00:17:39Land of the free !
00:17:40Home of the dumb ! speed, picking up speed, picking up speed and, oh !
00:17:50Mike: Oh !
00:17:52Roger: Oh, whoa !
00:17:53Mike: Yeah !
00:17:56we ?
00:18:00Mike: Evans gets 60 fe into the air.
00:18:02I believe that may be a record for hydroplane jumps.
00:18:05I also belve that it isawesome.
00:18:13Billy: There's some kind of design flaw with these things.
00:18:15It seems like it's easier for them to flip over backwards than it is to actu stay on the water.
00:18:20Michael: That should be the new sport.
00:18:22They shouldn't go for speed, they should go for highest flip ever.
00:18:27Keith: The way it flipped, it was beautiful.
00:18:29I thought it was part of the show.
00:18:31Michael: Oww.
00:18:36Mike: Roger, I just got in my imaginary headset that Mark Evans will be okay.
00:18:41: I'm not dead !
00:18:42I am not dead !
00:18:44Thank you, God !
00:18:45ke: Well, that'll do it for us at "SGP Sports." Join us again for more dumb daredevils next time.
00:18:51Roger: Looking forward to that, pal.
00:19:05narrator: At a Florida flight park, hang-gliding enthusiasts test out the latest models, and a videographer tries outhis new camera.
00:19:15commentator: Ooh, hello.
00:19:19narrator: When suddenly...
00:19:25Nick: Bill !
00:19:26Joe's falling from 2,000 feet.
00:19:28Yeah, but look at the rack on her.
00:19:31( whistling ) Brad: Oh !
00:19:43Oh, God, he's spinning out of control.
00:19:45Oh, ( bleep ), that's-- ( bleep), yeah, he's definitely-- Does anyone have a Fresca ?
00:19:57Chris:, I am-- This is ridiculous, I'm-- Daisy: Maybe someo put a pillow down for when I-- me when I land ?
00:20:07Nope, okay.
00:20:08Uh, fellas, fellas ?
00:20:09Anyone got a mattress, or-- Fellas, fellas ?
00:20:18Michael: Bam !
00:20:29man: Hi, Joe.
00:20:30You did a good job, you looked great in the air.
00:20:33We loved it.
00:20:34We're all watching.
00:20:35Chuck: I have never seen anyone fall 2,500 feet from the sky and have such a pleasant disposition.
00:20:44man: We loved it, we're all watching.
00:20:47man: Exciting.
00:20:48man: Oh, Joe.
00:20:50Roger: Oh, joe !
00:20:51He was so close to beingdead Joe.
00:20:54man: Oh, Joe.
00:20:55man: Boy, you hooked that parachute right on the tip.
00:20:59narrator: Joe walks away from his downward spiral with only cuts and bruises.
00:21:09Billy: This is why I gave up testing hang gliders.
00:21:12Too dangerous.
00:21:14commentator: Oof !
00:21:18narrator: Coming up...
00:21:21Daisy: Street luge.
00:21:23It's a great sport, except we can't turn.
00:21:26narrator: Plus...
00:21:32Keith: Oh, come on !
00:21:33What's with these white guys ?
00:21:35What are they made of ?
00:21:36narrator: And...
00:21:41Billy: Oh, you ruined that beautiful prefabricated shed.
00:21:45narrator: When "The World's Dumbest Daredevils" continues.
00:21:58din can your mom pitch, too?
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00:23:52c narrator: It's the Cottonwood City Fair in Minnesota, where the featured event is the down-and-dirty sport of mud-truck racing.
00:25:52Loni: Another event for espn 4.
00:25:56'Cause there's no ESPN 4.
00:25:58narrator: Step one, line up at the edge of a muddy pit.
00:26:01Step two, floor it.
00:26:14Chuck: It's not mud racing, which I have seen.
00:26:17It's get-out-of-the-mud racing.
00:26:24Brad:" Maybe you should have named it "I didn't do well on my SATs." commentator: Uh-oh !
00:26:40Watch out, guys.
00:26:46Billy: Oh, he ruined that beautiful prefabricated shed.
00:26:50commentator: Oh !
00:26:55accelerator stick on purpose ?
00:26:57Just for us ?he Smoking Gun." commentator: Uh-oh !
00:27:01Oh, boy, woo-hoo !
00:27:13commentator: All good.
00:27:14I'm okay, I'm right here.
00:27:16Hey, I'm all right.
00:27:19I'm okay, I'm right here.
00:27:20Judy: Howard alrea ass( bleep ) !
00:27:23Nick: Comes out, he's smoking a cigar.
00:27:24He's fine.
00:27:25The announcer's still panicking.
00:27:27He's like, "I'm right here, stupid !" commentator: Feeling good, feeling fine.
00:27:30narrator: Howard walks away unscathed.
00:27:38But the "Plum Crazy" is smashed like a piece of overripe fruit.
00:27:42Tonya: I'm sure the car is but, you know, he walks away.ah, good for you, Howard.
00:27:50commentator: Plum Crazy.
00:27:58Roger: Good evening, sports fans !
00:28:00Welcome to "SGP Sports." Once again, I'm Roger "Sparky" Lodge.
00:28:04Mike:.. trainor.
00:28:06Roger:ere in Snowbird, Utah, for the free-skiing nationals.
00:28:10Judy: This place sucks !
00:28:11Mike: Not a lot of snow today on our course, eh, Roger ?
00:28:14Roger: No, not a lot at all, buddy.
00:28:16Mike: Yeah, don't call me buddy.
00:28:17Uh, next up, Nick Greener, who's currently in third place.
00:28:21He's gonna really have to step it up if he wants to advance in the competition.
00:28:25Here he goes !
00:28:38Roger: Whoa !
00:28:40commentator: Oh !
00:28:47Loni: Can somebody explain to him that you don't get points for bump and rocks ?
00:28:54You're supposed to go over it.
00:28:56Mike: Let's take another look in slo-mo, 'cause I like seeing that type of stuff.
00:29:03commentator: Oh !
00:29:10Mike: Oh, man, that s rough.
00:29:12Roger: Oh, my goodness.
00:29:13Do you think he's okay, Bry ?
00:29:14Mike:.. trainor.
00:29:17commentator: Stay still, stay still !
00:29:18We'll be right there !
00:29:19We'll be right there, hold up !
00:29:20Mike: Roger, I'm getting word that he's okay.
00:29:22No broken bones.
00:29:23commentator: All good.
00:29:24Just a little shaken up.
00:29:26Keith: Oh, come on !
00:29:27What's with these white guys ?
00:29:28What are they made of ?
00:29:30commentator: You sure ?
00:29:31Oh, no, no, it's all good.
00:29:32Judy: I stub my toe, and I can't walk for a week.
00:29:34I just don't get it.
00:29:41Mike: Well, that'll do it for us at "SGP Sports." Join us again next time.
00:29:57narrator: A camera crew in New Zealand shoots a documentary about avalanches.
00:30:02One of the filmmakers trains his camera on a snowboarder heading down a particularly fragile stretch of the mountain.
00:30:18( man panting ) man: You okay ?
00:30:40Leif:.. whoa.
00:30:43man: I thought I was ( bleep ) buried.
00:30:46It completely engulfed me, and I was like, "( bleeps ) get ouof my-- out of my mouth." Brad: Why is he so surprised that he got caught in an avalanche when he was making an avalanche documentary ?
00:31:00Tonya: I mean, the guy is just like, "Aah !" man: I don't know, it's like "Oh, ( bleep )," you know ?
00:31:06'Cause it completely engulf-- engulfed me.
00:31:09And I was like, I'm ( bleep ), I'm ( bleep ).
00:31:12Roger: Hey, avalanche or no avalanche, watch the language, mister.
00:31:16This ain't "Springer." This is "The Smoking Gun." Very classy around here.
00:31:20( bleeps ) Judy: Damnit !
00:31:23Nick: ( Bleep )hole.
00:31:24Tonya: Holy ( bleep ).
00:31:25man: Yeah, for most of it, and there was one part where it just came over me.
00:31:33And... ( bleep ), there was nothing I could do.
00:31:38Billy: So did you learn anythi during the course of your documentary ?
00:31:47Like maybe not to get too close to them ?
00:31:50man: ( bleep ) buried.
00:32:08Tyler: My name's Tyler Wendtland, and I race professional street luge.
00:32:14Billy: From what I understand, the top people in this sport can make literally dozens of dollars.
00:32:20Tyler: The most common injury would probably be broken ankles, 'cause your feet are the first thing that's gonna hit any object.
00:32:25It's all compressed through your legs and your spine.
00:32:26Nick: You jam your feet and then your spine come through the top of your head.
00:32:29But I'm gonna keep doing it.
00:32:40Daisy: Street luge.
00:32:41It's a great sport, except we can't turn !
00:32:45commentator: Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn !
00:32:48Nick: I took that as a metaphor for the guy's career, when he hit the stop sign.
00:32:56Leif: ( Vibrating sound ) A full-on "Looney Tunes" cartoon.
00:33:01Todd: Why would they have just hay there ?
00:33:04Wouldn't you think they would have a better stopping method ?
00:33:06man: Medic, medic, medic !
00:33:07Loni: Medic, please !
00:33:09Chuck: If a douche bag piles through a bale of hay doing 50 miles an hour on a skateboard...
00:33:17what you should call for is common sense.
00:33:20narrator: The daredevil suffers a concussion and trades his luge for a different set of wheels.
00:33:26commentator: Oh, ankles are in bad shape.
00:33:28Billy: Can we just hope this stays unpopular ?
00:33:31Let's add this to my list of sports that I hope never really catch on.
00:33:35commentator: Can't turn, can't turn, can't-- Ahh !
00:33:38narrator: Coming up...
00:33:40Bryan: Whoa, who put the wings on that bike ?
00:33:43narrator: Plus...
00:33:45Danny: You've gotta question people that don't have the talent to fall.
00:33:50narrator: And later...
00:33:52Brad: Maybe when you build the viewing cage, you shouldn't make the viewing windows big enough to fit-- oh, I don't know--a shark!
00:34:00narrator: When "The World's Dumbest Daredevils" continues.ouncer ] williams doesn't let sweat and odor ruin her style.
00:34:39New tide plus febreze freshness sport.
00:34:41The #1 sports detergent ..
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00:37:48narrator: Pismo Dunes, California.
00:37:51A motocross rider is making a how-to stunt video.
00:37:57Leif: ( Imitating engine ) Brad: This isn't fun.
00:38:01You know how many bad places you can get sand doing this sort of thing ?
00:38:07narrator: As he guns toward one of the dunes, a cameraman positions himself for some airborne shots.
00:38:17Bryan: Whoa !
00:38:18Who put the wings on that bike ?
00:38:21Daisy: I don't wanna tell you your business, but you're supposed to be sitting on your bike !
00:38:26Michael: Screw it.
00:38:27Not gonna land it.
00:38:28Bye-bye, bike.
00:38:30Don't know where you're gonna land, we'll see you.
00:38:33commentator: Nice close-up of this, nice shot.
00:38:37Ah !
00:38:38man: Woo !
00:38:41Judy: It's always nice when you are in a major accident and your friends are cheering.
00:38:50man: Woo !
00:38:52Loni: He needs first aid, people.
00:38:59Brad: Good, did you bring a hospital with you ?
00:39:01'Cause we're in the middle of the desert !
00:39:04narrator: Both the driver and cameraman are okay, and ready to try some more stunts.
00:39:09Nick: If you got a daredevil for a friend, again, keep your distance.
00:39:13What, are they hoping they're gonna get in the shot so they can be on "Smoking Gun" ?
00:39:18man: Look out, look out !
00:39:20Nick: Well, he succeeded.
00:39:22commentator: Ooh, ah !
00:39:32narrator: Every year, 150,000 American ATV users have crashed and needed emergency medical care.
00:39:40commentator: Hold up, hold Okay, bring it up.
00:39:44Woo-- oh !
00:39:47narrator: Say hello to number 150,001.
00:39:51Brad: "All-terrain vehicles" mean that you can be the terrain, too.
00:39:58It will run right over you without any problem at all.
00:40:03man: Yeah !
00:40:07Daisy: You guys, we've got two options.
00:40:10We can either drive across the road or jump it.
00:40:13Jump it !
00:40:16commentator: Hold up, hold up.
00:40:18Okay, bring it up.
00:40:20Woo !
00:40:25Chuck: Can you imagine being in the car, you're just like-- man: Yeah !
00:40:31Daisy: Oh, dear god.
00:40:33What was that, Harold ?
00:40:34Was that the yeti or the legendary dumb-ass ATV driver that haunts this forest ?
00:40:40man: Woo !
00:40:41Tonya: If I was a driver on that road, I'd be in my Jeep-O, and I'd run his ass over for being stupid.
00:40:48commentator: I got this !
00:40:50Oh !
00:40:59narrator: 13,000 feet above Florida, several skydivers are about to attempt a daring group jump.
00:41:07commentator: Woo-hoo-hoo !
00:41:08Woo-hoo !
00:41:10Hooray !
00:41:14Woo !
00:41:16Judy: Here they are, all just free Zen-ing out.
00:41:20Just really being in the moment.
00:41:26Loni: Oh, ooh, oh !
00:41:29See ?
00:41:30It's always one that's gotta do something crazy.
00:41:33Michael: You don't do upside- down-backwards skydiving.
00:41:35You know better than that.
00:41:37commentator: Incoming !
00:41:38Dude, oh !
00:41:40Chuck: When you have the whole sky, there should be no way you can have a mid-air collision.
00:41:45Danny: You've gotta question people that don't have the talent to fall.
00:41:49commentator: Coming through !
00:41:50Ah !
00:41:51Danny: I'm a blackout drunk.
00:41:53And you know what ?
00:41:54At my drunkest, I'm still capable of falling successfully.
00:41:58commentator: Hey, Ma, look at-- Oh !
00:42:01Leif: Imagine hitting somebody at that speed ?
00:42:03Brad: They probably didn't kill each other right away, because when two objects are moving at 120 miles an hour and they collide, it's not like hitting something that's standing still.
00:42:13( crickets ) I think I just lost Tonya Harding.
00:42:16Tonya: 3.12 Equals pi, right ?
00:42:18Or you just go get an apple pie and you cut it into four.
00:42:21commentator: Huh ?
00:42:21Ho ho ho ho !
00:42:23Oh !
00:42:23Dude, Lou !
00:42:25narrator: Despite the mid-air turbulence, everyone lands safely.
00:42:28Rachel: I would love to have seen what happened on the end on the ground.
00:42:31Michael: Don't you hate lou ?
00:42:33I'm gonna kick him off the team.
00:42:34The next time we do the hands thing in the big circle, I'm not grabbing his.
00:42:37commentator: Ho ho ho ho !
00:42:39Oh !
00:42:39Sorry, dude !
00:42:47narrator: British stunt pilot Dennis Kenyon is in the Utah desert getting ready to perform his signature move, the full reverse flip.
00:42:57Loni: Helicopters were not made for backwards flips.
00:43:01They were made for traffic reporting.
00:43:04narrator: But the scorching temperature is making the air thin, reducing the lift of the propellers.
00:43:10That doesn't stop Dennis from attempting the stunt.
00:43:14Judy: When you know that it's really hot outside, so it's probably not gonna happen, you should still try to do it.
00:43:23Chelsea: Things didn't look good when the helicopter was behaving like a mosquito sprayed with "Off!" Roger: Oh !
00:43:44That was going so well until that landing.
00:44:03Billy: Wait, this maneuver's called the 9-1-1 ?
00:44:05Did I get that right ?
00:44:07commentator: This thing's a mess.
00:44:10narrator: Dennis survives the crash, but suffers injuries to his face and back.
00:44:20Chuck: The best thing about the video is if you start at the end and run it backwards, it has a happy ending.
00:44:33( applause ) narrator: Coming up...
00:44:41you've courageously endured 19 hotshots.
00:44:46But the world's number-one dumbest daredevil is still out there...
00:44:52risking life and limb.
00:44:54commentator: Oh !
00:44:56narrator: Find out who it is right after this.
00:45:27taking tomorrow.
00:45:32>> Thank you.
00:45:34Round of hornitos!
00:45:36purer than your intentions.
00:45:42[ gasps ] BUZZ!
00:45:43[ giggles ] [ gasps ] HOLD ON I'M COMING!
00:45:46♪♪ ♪♪
00:45:48[ Slink ] WATCH HIM! [ giggles ] !
00:45:51Grab a tail!
00:45:53♪♪ ♪♪
00:45:54whooooa! ahh, he's a goner.
00:45:55[ Woody ] NOOOO! BUZZZ! [ beeps ] Ahh. my favorite part.
00:46:00[ giggles ] BUZZ?? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
00:46:02With the guys.hey buzz!
00:46:04Hey buddy!zzhey buzz!
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00:48:38narrator: Off the coast of Baja, California, marine biologists chum the waters with tuna in hopes of luring a great white shark.
00:48:48woman: "In hopes of luring a greawhite shark." That sentence never ends well.
00:48:56narrator: Inside a steel cage, two divers film nature's