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00:00:07>> ♪♪♪♪
00:00:10 you've tuned into america's program, "sportscenter," coming at you.
00:00:16>> Oh, yeah, we're coming at you, hard, heavy, and humorous.
00:00:19>> The camera loves me, I love the camera right back.
00:00:22>> We're checking out some of our favorite "sportscenter" commercials.
00:00:26>> Give me energy, energy!
00:00:28>> You know those commercials.
00:00:30>> I'm gonna need a minute.
00:00:31>> The ones that take you inside the worldwide leader in sports, an all-access pass.
00:00:36>> Some of these writers are actual journalists.
00:00:39>> And there are so many.
00:00:40>> Follow me!
00:00:41Follow me to freedom!
00:00:45>> I enjoyed the one with peyton and eli walking down theall.
00:00:49>> The rally monkey.
00:00:50>> We got to cut back.
00:00:52We got to let you go.
00:00:53[Chitters] >> I saw billy pido in his speedo.
00:00:56>> Show me the sex.
00:00:57>> He's ripped, ripped.
00:00:59>> Yeah.
00:01:00>> The real question is, have you ever seen a bad commercial?
00:01:03>> I'm the man.
00:01:03>> I'm the man!
00:01:04>> I don't think I've ever seen one.
00:01:07>> This is lame.
00:01:08>> Uh!
00:01:09>> So sit back, 'cause we're pulling out all the stops for all our spots.
00:01:12>> Quit jerking me around, patrick.
00:01:15>> I think we should run those commercials and interrupt with programming once in a while, instead of the other way around, but they haven't seen the light on that yet.
00:01:24>> Oh, we've seen the light, kenny, and here it is, "the best " >> roll tape!
00:01:31[Captioning made possible by ] >> buenas noches.
00:01:35>> Oh, yeah.
00:01:36>> I don't want lotion.
00:01:37Get away!
00:01:40>> I'm out of here.
00:01:42>> "The best of this is " >> hello and welcome to "the " it was 1995 when espn debuted its first "this is sportscenter" commercial, and the hits just we have gone through the archives and we'll present to you some of our favorites from the past 13 years, but we will also be revealing 3 new we had some new visitors here to the worldwide leader in sports yeah, bristol, connecticut, international headquarters of espn, also host to some of the world's elite that's right, this is where sports lives, right in the middle of the nutmeg state.
00:02:22>> Everyone looks forward to fridays 'cause we have this it's just a way to let your hair down a little t. old faces stop by.
00:02:28>> Where do you think you're going?
00:02:30>> What are you doing?
00:02:31 I'm just-- >> get out of here, kid.
00:02:32>> I don't think I'm very good at this game.
00:02:34 I mean, you're doing wonderfully.
00:02:37>> Really?
00:02:37>> You're playing--let me see this hand.
00:02:39>> Ok.
00:02:40[Applause] >> hey, get out of here.
00:02:44>> Come on, I used to-- >> get lost.
00:02:45>> I used to be on this show.
00:02:46>> Can I get you some cole slaw or something like that?
00:02:48>> Charles, you remember me, ..
00:02:53>> Hey, scott, man?
00:02:53>> Mm-hmm?
00:02:54>> We've been working on these nicknames.
00:02:55>> Really?
00:02:56>> We got a couple.
00:02:57>> Ok.
00:02:58>> The parquet posse.
00:02:59>> The 3 basketeers.
00:03:01>> Barrage a trois. it's french.
00:03:05>> The 3 amigos.
00:03:10>> Whatcha think?
00:03:12>> The boston 3 party.
00:03:16 see, this man is hey, scott, thank you, man.
00:03:19>> No sweat, fellas.
00:03:20>> Let's go work on ..
00:03:22>> As part of our relationship with the nfl and the nba, we educate first-year players on how to deal with us, with the it's kind of like our own rookie camp.
00:03:32>> All right, you guys have money, but you don't have it's say it, you're the man.
00:03:37>> I'm the man.
00:03:38" come on, it's got to be like, ! you got to raise it up like that, buck up a little bit.
00:03:44>> You.
00:03:45>> I'm the man.
00:03:46>> I'm the man!
00:03:47>> I'm the man.
00:03:47>> I'm the man!
00:03:48>> I'm the m-- >> I'm the man!
00:03:50>> I tell you what, it's we're making a difference.
00:03:57>> Thanks, guys.
00:04:02>> Hey, hey, hey!
00:04:05That was my car.
00:04:08>> Oh, that was-- that was your car?
00:04:10>> Yeah.
00:04:11>> Well, this is my parking spot. I park here every day.
00:04:19It's an honest mistake.
00:04:20[Car alarm chirps] >> people always say, how do you how do I'm like, you just got to be in the building at the right time.
00:04:29..That's monday's problem.
00:04:30All right, well, I think-- >> hey, do you guys know where the research department is?
00:04:33>> Yeah, mary lou, it's right around the corner to the left.
00:04:35>> Down that way?
00:04:35>> Yeah.
00:04:36>> Thanks.
00:04:37>> Sure.
00:04:38So anyway, the point of this ..
00:04:41[Thudding] >> jimmy.
00:04:50>> Steve.
00:04:56>> He was determined to get that speed bump out of there so that we could get through the parking lots quicker.
00:05:00>> We have athletes hanging out at sportscenter all the time.
00:05:03The one thing they have in common, though, they all want their highlights on, they all want the publicity, they all want their names spelled right, but some of them tend to take it a little too far.
00:05:12>> No, really, karl, I want you there's not enough room. have the car.
00:05:16>> Hey, is this, uh, is this your rolex right here?
00:05:18>> Come on, man, you can take I mean, it'll look much better than the one you got on.
00:05:20Now, come on, man.
00:05:21>> Cherokee, I have a watch.
00:05:22>> It's really nice.
00:05:23>> Cherokee! I have a watch.
00:05:24>> Just take it, man.
00:05:25Come on, mike.
00:05:26>> I can't do this.
00:05:27I can't do that.
00:05:28>> Wait, wait, wait, mike, mike, come here.
00:05:32[Metal detector beeps] I need you to step back.
00:05:35>> Probably my ring.
00:05:39[Beep] ..
00:05:43>> Another ring.
00:05:44>> Yeah.
00:05:48[Beep] uh, anything in your pocket ..
00:05:52>> Uh, oh, 2003.
00:05:56I always forget about that one.
00:05:59[Beep] >> hey, tiger.
00:06:10>> Yo, stu.
00:06:10>> How you doing?
00:06:11>> Good. we still on for lunch?
00:06:12 what do you say meet me in the lobby at 12:30?
00:06:15>> Perfect. done. see you there.
00:06:16>> All rig.
00:06:24>> Tiger!
00:06:27>> Woo, tiger!
00:06:29>> Tiger!
00:06:32>> You got everybody walking the mascots walking with athletes, and anchors walking with parents, and all kinds of stuff going on.
00:06:39>> Anyway, that's the control lot of chaos there, but it all looks good when it comes out on the show, actually thanks to and over here in the digital center is our highlight screening area, so that's where we get all the games that are played that night down to either a 90-second or 2-minute clips or whatever you're gonna see on "sportscenter" this hallway, it runs between, you know, both if you want to get from the control room to the screening, then this is the hallway you'd take.
00:07:04 I can answer whatever you want about the place. no? nothing?
00:07:09>> I like the chad johnson where all of 'em, see stuart scott and all them try to dance and come I mean, that's who chad is.
00:07:17>> Ok, guys, touchdown chad ..
00:07:21 little bit of, uh! pop and lock. boo-ya!
00:07:27>> Ha! boo-no. next.
00:07:31>> Sizzling bacon action.
00:07:34>> No.
00:07:38[Blows] >> I like it.
00:07:42>> Mm-hmm.
00:07:43>> But can I get a puff of smoke with that?
00:07:45>> We can do smoke.
00:07:46>> That was good.
00:07:47>> Chad thought that the celebrations that the anchors did were really hysterical and he was actually thinking about using a couple of 'em in real life, especially the sizzling bacon.
00:07:57>> What's nice for working mothers here is the new kids' it fosters a family atmosphere.
00:08:02>> Today we gonna read "the " >> and when your teacher's the reigning wba champ, you're gonna listen, which is nice.
00:08:09>> I don't care what you seen on tv, no biting.
00:08:14>> Coming up, whether it's screening our calls or running our security, we put superstar athletes to work here at espn.
00:08:21Hey, everybody needs a job.
00:08:24>> Morning, l.t.
00:08:25>> Good morning. how you doing?
00:08:26>> But don't go anywhere because on the other side of this break, we'll be debuting one of our 8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8 8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8>8> >> welcome back to "the best of " now it's time to debut the first of our brand-new commercials.
00:11:11 another champ right you know, it takes a lot of people to put "sportscenter" on the air, and that includes the celebrities and star athletes who hang out here in I mean, somebody's got to answer my calls, right?
00:11:24[Telephone rings] >> espn. how can I help you?
00:11:27John anderson is at extension 5634. there you go. stan.
00:11:34Got a message for you.
00:11:36Production meeting, 2:00.
00:11:48>> Chosen one, huh? ha.
00:11:54>> The reality is, just because you're a former athlete, it doesn't qualify you to be a "sportscenter" anchor.
00:11:59>> After the olympic gold medal, the rhodes scholarship, 10 years with the new york knicks, I was a u.s. senator for 18 years.
00:12:06>> How about any writing experience?
00:12:08>> Well, I wrote 3 books--one on the bestseller list--and the tax reform act of 1986.
00:12:12>> But no tv writing.
00:12:14>> Any experience in front of an audience?
00:12:16>> Well, I gave a keynote address at the democratic national convention.
00:12:20>> I meant a large audience.
00:12:22>> Oh.
00:12:24>> I did one "sportscenter" commercial, being interviewed for a job, and I'd go through airports and people would shout at me, saying, "did you get the " >> dale, are you sure you have to do all this for a screensaver?
00:12:37>> Uh, you're good on the but I was poking around in there, your ram was on you got 4 gigs want to give her a shot?
00:12:45>> Sure.
00:12:48[Electrical crackle, powering down] she working?
00:12:51>> Um, no.
00:12:53>> Ah.
00:12:54[Ratcheting] that do anything?
00:12:57>> Nope.
00:12:58[Rustling] I'll figure her out.
00:13:01[Pneumatic wrench whirs] >> come on, people, we got to let's go, come on!
00:13:08>> Anything?
00:13:09>> It's got to be here somewhere!
00:13:11>> Check under the freezer.
00:13:14>> What?
00:13:15>> [Spits] ..
00:13:17>> Oh, my.
00:13:18>> Wow.
00:13:18>> Wait, wait.
00:13:20[Whistles] >> wow, looks good. nice.
00:13:22I like that. very nice.
00:13:23Bling, bling.
00:13:24>> Security's always been an issue for us here, like any other company, but since we've grown, it's tten tighter.
00:13:31We're not proud of it, we don't brag about it, but you never know who the hell's gonna walk through the door.
00:13:35>> Got a delivery.
00:13:36>> Can I see some i.d. please?
00:13:37>> Well, my hands are kind of full right now.
00:13:38>> He said he wanted to see some i.d., smart guy.
00:13:41>> You don't know how crazy people can be out there.
00:13:43>> Oh! oh! oh!
00:13:45>> It's dangerous.
00:13:48>> Hey, rob.
00:13:49>> Hey, coach.
00:13:52>> You can't be too careful.
00:13:54 from I think the very first time I saw it, I was really into it 'cause I was trying to figure out who was this guy, first of all, and what was he doing in the mail room?
00:14:16>> Morning, l.t.
00:14:18>> Good morning.
00:14:18How are you doing?
00:14:19>> Good, thanks.
00:14:22..none of these are mine.
00:14:31>> Stu, my computer's all messed up. mind if I borrow yours?
00:14:33>> No, you're good. go ahead.
00:14:38[Electrical crackling] >> what is it with the computers in here? I'll try john's.
00:14:51[Squish] [tapping keys] oh! dude!
00:15:01[Typing] [powering down] >> lance, what's the story?
00:15:20 thought everybody left for the night.
00:15:23>> Can I get you an energy bar?
00:15:24How about some water?
00:15:25>> No, man, I'm ok.
00:15:26>> You're good?
00:15:26>> Thanks.
00:15:28>> All right.
00:15:31 he was you know, they go downstairs and he's peddling away the bike.
00:15:37That's one of my all-time favorites.
00:15:41[Soft piano playing] >> hey, dan. what's wrong?
00:15:44>> Hey, grant. uh, bad show.
00:15:47Hair looked bad, teleprompter went down, made some mistakes on some highlights.
00:15:52>> I got something that will cheer you up.
00:15:54[Plays "charge"] thanks, grant, appreciate that.
00:16:02>> No problem, dan.
00:16:08>> Some of the bigger stars like dwayne wade, they've actually negotiated final cut of their highlights.
00:16:16>> I think that works, dwayne.
00:16:19You know what, first we should go with a medium to draw the audience in, then we should go real wide to give a sense of context-- >> dwayne, we're gonna need that highlight.
00:16:28>> When it's ready.
00:16:29>> Well, but you missed two shows already.
00:16:31>> When it's ready.
00:16:33You think we could add a couple more defenders with cgi?
00:16:36That would make me look more like a hero, you know, superhero.
00:16:40>> Uh, yeah, and we're still waiting on dwayne's highlight gold medal doesn't buy you any extra time here at the anyway, before we head to the break, let's pick your brain with some "this is can you name the athletes who appeared in the very first "this is sportscenter" commercial in 1995? here's your hint: Both are still active and we'll have the answer when we come back.
00:17:02Also ahead, my colleagues in swimsuits.
00:17:06>> Dude, you've got to be kidding me.
00:17:08>> When we say that we live and breathe sports here, we mean " [applause] before the break, we asked you if you could name the athletes who appeared in the very first "this is sportscenter" well, here's the answer. take a look.
00:20:06>> Hi, I'm bob ley, and for the past 16 years, I've been part of something very special here at " yes, "sportscenter" is a sports news and information show, but to those of us who actually work here, it's something much, much and so it's with a great deal of pride that I invite you over the next several months to take a long, hard look at the "sportscenter" you've never seen before, a behind-the-scenes exclusive you are sure to enjoy.
00:20:36>> So you got that, right?
00:20:38 and jason all right, jason kidd, mavericks then, jason kidd, mavericks now.
00:20:45It's like time stood still.
00:20:47Anyway, we try to mirror sports as best we can here at the our job's really not that much different than those of our favorite anchoring "sportscenter"?
00:20:56Sort of like stepping into the ring every night.
00:21:00>> Stuart and I get the playoff picture back from the darkroom when we come back.
00:21:03[Bell rings] >> we're clear!
00:21:06>> Oh, the prompter's going too fast. I can't keep up.
00:21:09>> Come on, 's not the now stop the [bleep bleep].
00:21:12>> My throat, I can hardly talk.
00:21:13>> Give him some tea.
00:21:14Give him some tea.
00:21:17 ah, I can't go back out I don't want to go back out there. cut me.
00:21:20>> And we're back.
00:21:21>> Cut me, lou.
00:21:22>> Come on, baby, come on.
00:21:23 don't be a lollipop. get out there.
00:21:25Tonight's your night.
00:21:26>> 3, 2, 1.
00:21:27>> Well, without question, these days, the word-- >> injuries are a fact of life you have to deal with it.
00:21:33>> [Choking] >> we got a coffee scald.
00:21:36>> Every time we put on a uniform, there's a risk.
00:21:38>> Aw!
00:21:40>> We know we can get hurt.
00:21:41>> Aw, it burns! it burns!
00:21:43>> You have to deal with the pain.
00:21:45>> Jack?
00:21:46[Neck cracks] oh!
00:21:47 will the jets be any more-- >> and the great ones play right through it.
00:21:51>> 15 Stanley cups were decided-- >> and that's--that's the stuff legends are made of.
00:21:54>> Oh!
00:21:56[Applause] thank you.
00:21:59>> What a guy, what a guy.
00:22:00>> Doing a show is emotionally and physically exhausting.
00:22:02Afterwards, the last thing you want to do is talk to the media.
00:22:04>> Well, I mean, I felt good.
00:22:06The tie--the tie went with the good, it was a good show.
00:22:11 we had some problems with the third segment, but you know, we'll move on. we don't dwell on it.
00:22:16I'm working the crowd in the if they like it, I assume the people out there in television land like it, but you know, I get paid every two weeks.
00:22:22>> It's starting to wear on me, it's starting to I mean, yeah, it's the greatest job in the world.
00:22:27That's what I tell you guys.
00:22:30>> As an anchor, you always want that complete show.
00:22:32>> And coming up, a did you know about sports.
00:22:37>> So ken, how are you feeling?
00:22:38 I'm just let me finish-- >> you'll get 'em next show.
00:22:42>> Sometimes you don't have your best stuff, so you got to bring in a closer.
00:22:46>> Trevor hoffman.
00:22:47>> We usually handle it like professionals.
00:22:49>> Thanks a lot.
00:22:50[Thud, glass breaks, rattle] >> it's all part of the game.
00:22:54>> You're on.
00:22:57>> Welcome back to " the-- >> you know, it was kind of a little, hey, I'm going to the big show here, the real big I was a little nervous going in front of the camera knowing this is the real deal.
00:23:07It was my dream job.
00:23:09>> It can happen to the best of this time it happened to rich.
00:23:13>> Keep in touch.
00:23:14>> He ended up getting sent down.
00:23:17>> Thank you, courtney.
00:23:17 wrestlers must return ..
00:23:20>> He was a real asset down there, his maturity, his experience.
00:23:22 eisen, could you buy us some beer?
00:23:25Ok, when I go like this, that's your cue.
00:23:27>> No.
00:23:27>> Please.
00:23:28>> No.
00:23:29>> Come on.
00:23:29>> Do you even go to this because you're not supposed to be on this show unless you go to this school.
00:23:32>> But we're glad he worked his way back to the show, and I'm sure he is, too.
00:23:36>> So let's see some james k.
00:23:38Polk spirit.
00:23:39>> Well, considering the popularity of the swimsuit issues, the "sportscenter" swimsuit calendar seemed like an idea whose time had come.
00:23:45Sex sells.
00:23:47>> Show me the sex.
00:23:48[Beep] oh, yeah.
00:23:50>> Oh, yeah, that's nice, that's nice.
00:23:53>> I don't want lot get aw.
00:23:55>> Very sexy. oh, yes.
00:23:57Megan, get the snakes, would you?
00:24:00>> Yeah, you're gonna look sexy.
00:24:01It's gonna look great.
00:24:03>> Dude, you've got to be kidding me.
00:24:05>> We know what people like.
00:24:06>> Yeah. good.
00:24:09>> Thanks for joining us for another episode of "sportscenter." I'm dan patrick.
00:24:12 world's strongest man is next.
00:24:17You totally tripped through that piazza highlight.
00:24:19>> Yeah, you were real graceful " >> great.
00:24:22>> Thank you. thank you.
00:24:23>> Here you go.
00:24:24..i'm emotionally spent.
00:24:26I can't bear to watch this.
00:24:37Friggin' texas.
00:24:39>> I think dan patrick was better as a skater in the kiss and cry 'cause he was more emotional and he expressed his emotions and he was very passionate.
00:24:52>> We go through slumps like everyone else, and when things stargoing bad like that, sometimes the best thing to do?
00:24:57Watch the tape.
00:24:58 your shoulder, you're dipping it.
00:25:01>> Really?
00:25:02>> What concerns me is this motion here.
00:25:05>> Yeah, but my posture's good, isn't it? is that bad?
00:25:09 I don't even know where to begin with this one.
00:25:13>> That was a poor effort.
00:25:14>> Eventually the great ones always figure it out.
00:25:20>> I'm embarrassed.
00:25:22>> Yeah, you know, every once in a while it all just comes together and you do have that bob ley had one steiner had his in dan had one working last season. it got crazy out there.
00:25:33During the commercial breaks, the crew, they wouldn't talk to kenny wouldn't even look at him.
00:25:38It was intense.
00:25:39>> That of course is the sort of thing that can't never happen in a playoff race.
00:25:45[Bell rings] >> what did he just say?
00:25:48>> That's a double negative!
00:25:50>> At the end, he justet it get away from him.
00:25:55>> Stay right there, 'cause coming up we'll visit the espn the bullpen, the hotbed of hard sports journalism.
00:26:02>> What do you like better, "hurt me" or "spank me"?
00:26:27presents rivalries.
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00:28:12>> Welcome back to "the best of " [applause] >> everybody's making a big deal about johnny damon getting his hair cut and a shave, and it kind of reminded me of the days before we had our dress code " >> hey, scott, ready for the show tonight?
00:28:30>> Lock and load.
00:28:31>> [Clicks tongue] >> hey, there's a laser light show tonight. in?
00:28:35>> Love to.
00:28:36>> No doubt.
00:28:37>> Huh. yeah.
00:28:37>> Bottom line, we got the job done.
00:28:40>> At that point, the fat lady launched into her medley. john?
00:28:43 he ran all more on the nl stolen base leader when "sportscenter" returns.
00:28:49>> Yeah, that was really an unfortunate hair choice by me.
00:28:53Someone should be fired, speaking of changing looks, however, I'm here in the latest incarnation of our espn newsroom, and yes, its appearance changed over the years, but one aspect remains you never know what's gonna happen in this arena of controlled chaos.
00:29:13>> I tell ya, kenny, it was an outstanding year for new jersey.
00:29:15>> Definitely.
00:29:16>> I mean, you win the stanley cup, that was great.
00:29:18 and the new jersey nets drafted the number 1 overall pick, kenyon martin.
00:29:21>> And bon jovi's released a new " >> ♪♪ it's my life it's now or never and I ain't gonna live forever I just wanna live ile I'm alive ♪♪
00:29:43>> it's cool havinthe athletes " even the old timers show up, which can be interesting.
00:29:48>> In the old days, we had yeah, bobby hull hit me one time right-- you're not they had the advantage because they can put you in a corner here like this.
00:29:58You're in there, digging in real tight, you do this, and you get if you don't like them, again, it's up here.
00:30:02Do you understand what I'm the follow-through's like this.
00:30:05So when the puck dropped, I hit it was a respectful game when we played it.
00:30:09" >> mommy.
00:30:11>> Mommy.
00:30:12>> Mommy.
00:30:13>> Ok.
00:30:14>> There is a stereotype out there about jocks, d for the most part it's true, but you're gonna find exceptions.
00:30:20>> Man, I've been talking to you all afternoon about the tension, we got to do something about that.
00:30:27♪♪ Michael, row your boat ashore hallelujah ♪♪
00:30:35♪♪ Row your boat ashore-- ♪♪
00:30:38>> argh!
00:30:43>> My favorite "this is sportscenter" commercial was when everyone in the office is carrying around kerri strug, not unlike her coach carried her after she injured herself in the olympics.
00:30:54>> Gonna do some gymnastics tours on the weekends-- karl, I've got to get this thing done.
00:30:58>> 3 Hours yesterday. I'm done.
00:30:59>> I should have remembered.
00:31:00>> I plan on traveling-- >> keith, uh-- >> nah. bulging disk. got to go.
00:31:04>> Rich would be perfect.
00:31:05Listen, listen-- >> no.
00:31:07>> I want to try to do some speech--motivational speaking.
00:31:08>> Yeah, I'd love to hear about that, but I really got this thing--larry, uh, I'll be right if you could just hold kerri for just one second.
00:31:13>> Oh, I can't--i got to go to the bathroom, gary.
00:31:16Is that ok with you?
00:31:17>> No!
00:31:19 guys, co-- guys.
00:31:23 i it is my you don't seem to understand.
00:31:29This is not funny.
00:31:31>> Oh, it's a little funny.
00:31:32>> This is not funny.
00:31:33Hey, keith, how about some help?
00:31:34>> Sure, charlie.
00:31:35 that's real nice.
00:31:38>> Gheorghe, check this out.
00:31:40[Tech music playing] >> what is this?
00:31:45>> This is our new theme music.
00:31:49>> I like it.
00:31:56>> Hey, gheorghe, hey, karl.
00:31:58>> Hey.
00:31:58>> What are you guys doing?
00:31:59>> We're just dancing.
00:32:01>> Mind if I join you?
00:32:03>> No.
00:32:08>> Athletes come here all the you wouldn't believe it we're it's all about, I think, they just want " but they'll try to sway you, you know.
00:32:19>> You make this place work.
00:32:20I've seen the crap ..
00:32:22I'm not kidding you.
00:32:22You're the best.
00:32:23I think you're the best one you're not just giving me I mean, you reach the people and--you're head and shoulders above the rest.
00:32:29 the presence you have--hey, I love that tie.
00:32:32You define what sports that's a good color green on you, too.
00:32:37Picks up your eyes well.
00:32:38>> I'm not a big guy, but you have all that equipment on you, and you're in this little office cubicle, and I'm thumping people there's no room it's just--it was like I invaded the office with this stinky equipment.
00:32:50>> Did he accept the money before the tournament, because if he did, they're gonna have to forfeit the championship.
00:32:54You've got the documentation.
00:32:55 this is our lead story.
00:32:57>> I know tyson is fighting where, I know tyson is fighting when, but I need to know who that next opponent is gonna be.
00:33:05>> Hey, guys, guys.
00:33:08What do you like better, "hurt me" or "spank me"?
00:33:12>> Spank me.
00:33:13>> Spank me.
00:33:14>> Perfect.
00:33:15>> Ok, this is extremely if you can get it to me tonight, I can get this on-- >> you know what I like about I like to know exactly where you stand at all times.
00:33:26>> Yeah. it works for us.
00:33:28 hey, if they ranked "sportscenter" anchors, where do you think I'd be ranked?
00:33:34>> I don't know.
00:33:35>> Come on.
00:33:37>> I'd rather not get into it.
00:33:39>> Hey, come on, pick a number between 1 and 10.
00:33:42..i'm not sure you'll be in the top 1p.
00:33:47>> I'm in the top 10, roger.
00:33:52>> You don't get too many once in a--well, you know, sometimes a guy will say we're not showing enough of his highlights or his sport, and the time the wrestlers came in, they were a little miffed.
00:33:59 yo, miller, you know that wrestling's the number 1 television sport in terms of demographics?
00:34:05>> Oh, sure, I knew that.
00:34:07Everybody knows that, don't they?
00:34:08>> It's those greco-roman they're a bunch of sissies. you guys are great.
00:34:12 if it's up to me, we're running these highlights every night on " aesthetically, ere's a problem with it.
00:34:18Something--it's technical stuff.
00:34:19The camera angles that ..
00:34:22>> Well, it's time for us to break once again, but first, I'll riddle you this, more "this pay very close attention to this spot.
00:34:32>> WE GOT OUR 25,000th SHOW Coming up pretty soon.
00:34:34>> Really?
00:34:35>> Yeah, august 25.
00:34:36>> That's a lot of shows.
00:34:37>> Yeah.
00:34:39>> How you keep track of something like that?
00:34:41>> We got a guy.
00:34:41>> Freeze it!
00:34:43>> So who's the guy stewart's that'll test the also ahead, we have a mascot infestation here at espn, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
00:34:53Mad love for the costumed ones on the other side of the break.
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00:36:27Deaf, hard of hearing andpeople with speech DISABILITIES ACCESS
00:36:33>> Welcome back to "the best of " [applause] ..
00:36:41 now before the break, we asked you who's the guy that stuart scott's referring to in this commercial.
00:36:47>> How do you keep track of something like that?
00:36:49>> We got a guy.
00:36:50>> Did you get it?
00:36:53It's the western kentucky mascot, big red.
00:37:04>> Hey, man, last night's 11:00.
00:37:09 he may have looked annoyed, but big red really does enjoy being the tape isn't that right, go ahead and add that to the stack, if you would.
00:37:19Anyway, red here is just one of a number of mascots that populate espni mean, where would sports be without those fun-loving bundles of excitement with the gigantic heads?
00:37:31>> Do you like the conditioner and shampoo in one?
00:37:34>> Well, yeah, you know, I do, but it does leave my hair a little oily and-- [engine revving] damn!
00:37:42Oh! ho! wait a minute! oh!
00:37:47What is wrong with you, you idiot? this is not a toy.
00:37:50>> Easy, bobby. he's sensitive.
00:37:52 i can't believe-- >> you've got some big ones, my friend.
00:37:58I didn't think you had it in you.
00:37:59>> Scratch here!
00:38:00[Crumpling paper] >> [gibberish] rich.
00:38:23>> [Gibberish] >> thanks for filling in.
00:38:35>> Get out of here.
00:38:38Get out of here.
00:38:39Would you please get out of here?
00:38:40>> Uh!
00:38:42[Crash] louis when the red sox broke their curse and finally won a world series.
00:38:49It is remarkable how few people want to discuss the sports experience as opposed to the time where I was typing on the computer and I got a chance to level the syracuse orange.
00:39:05>> Uh, look, since you arrived, there's a zip to these shows that wasn't there before, and you deserve a I can sit here all day and blow sunshine up your butt, but the fact is, the economy's bad.
00:39:19We got to cut back.
00:39:21We got to let you go.
00:39:22[Chittering] I'm sorry.
00:39:26That's not gonna work. sorry.
00:39:31>> What do you want, chicken nuggets?
00:39:44You want this?
00:39:53That's sick.
00:40:02>> It's neat to see the mascots they pop up in the bathroom and all that.
00:40:06And that's true, by the way, they are here all the time.
00:40:16>> Why don't you go use the woods out back?
00:40:18[Door squeaks] >> jorge?
00:40:27>> Yeah?
00:40:28>> What's going on with your hat, man?
00:40:30>> What's wrong with my hat, man?
00:40:31>> It doesn't look like a it looks all brand-new.
00:40:35>> This come out of the box.
00:40:37 I never have to wear that thing.
00:40:40>> You got to break this thing in.
00:40:44Hey, wally. wally.
00:40:49Hey. it's not what you think.
00:40:54>> With 3 shows a day, it can get a little stressful around luckily we've got a guy who lightens things up a bit.
00:41:03[Pffth] >> hoo hoo hoo! wah!
00:41:05>> I like to think of him as our "sportscenter" doctor.
00:41:11When kenny and I return on "sportscenter," we will take a closer look at-- after all, laughter is the bes medicine.
00:41:22>> Whew.
00:41:25>> Coming up, we check out two of "sportscenter's" more unique anchors in some quirky commercials.
00:41:31>> Come on, charley, come on.
00:41:32Let's go at it.
00:41:33>> Hey, bed wetter.
00:41:34>> Guys are always clowning, you know.
00:41:36>> But first, we debut the second of our 3 brand-new spots.
00:41:43>> It's freezing.
00:44:31[Applae] >> I think of charley steiner, and I think of him laughing on "sportscenter" whene'd lose control and start pulling on his ear, which I think was his queue " >> you have just seen the star witness and plaintiff in a $25 ..
00:44:48[Laughing] I'm sorry to laugh!
00:44:51..."Blood" greene went ..
00:44:54>> Charley steiner certainly had the man could make us laugh whether it was breaking us up on the set or delivering the punch line in some very memorable commercials.
00:45:04Chaz, if you're watching, you had us at hello.
00:45:08>> One of the really neat things about working on "sportscenter" is that the producers give you an opportunity to cover the mine happens to be boxing.
00:45:17>> The sweet science.
00:45:18Bring it o >> come on, charley, come on, let's go at it.
00:45:21>> How's the boxing game going?
00:45:22All right?
00:45:23>> Too old for boxing.
00:45:24Come on, man.
00:45:25>> Lose the glasses, come on.
00:45:26>> The body sometimes.
00:45:27You go up top.
00:45:27>> It's right, left, right, left.
00:45:29>> Show me something.
00:45:30I'll box you here.
00:45:31>> I mean, I like boxing, but it doesn't define who I am.
00:45:35>> Eee!
00:45:39>> The day we took "sportscenter" public, that was a red letter day.
00:45:42>> The big news today, shares opened at $233.
00:45:46[Cheering] >> then they interviewed steiner.
00:45:49>> Charley, how does it feel to be the number one volume mover?
00:45:52>> It's really incredible, especially when you consider we don't even own our own cameras, but that doesn't seem to be a the investors seem to love us.
00:45:59[Collective groaning] I shouldn't be telling you this.
00:46:01They're talking to me now about having my own show.
00:46:03>> Stock market is a fickle mistress.
00:46:05>> I'm not even sure we own the rights to the name espn.
00:46:08>> Well, y know, we make trades all the time, and we made a really big one with "melrose we got shue, they got steiner.
00:46:15>> Andrew.
00:46:16 I spoke with nfl commissioner paul tagliabue he would not confirm nor deny reports that ..
00:46:22>> Worked out great for us.
00:46:24For them, you're gonna have to ask them about that.
00:46:27>> Hi, sidney. I'm bobby.
00:46:28 want to rub some cocoa oil on my back?
00:46:34>> Maybe we got the better end of the deal.
00:46:36[Water sloshing] >> it can get competitive here " >> so charley says you're maybe the 50th best heavyweight.
00:46:45>> In the world?
00:46:47>> In georgia.
00:46:48>> But when there are differences, we keep it in the family.
00:46:51>> So karl started drinking a then he was going on i mean, nasty stuff, nasty.
00:46:59>> And keeping it in the family has made our family stronger.
00:47:03>> Charley, come on out and get charley, come on out. steiner!
00:47:10>> Maybe the most disturbing ..
00:47:15I was walking through an airport one day, you know, heading to and this kid, 5 or 6, "hey, steiner, " yeah, you want to dropkick them.
00:47:29>> We certainly did have a lot of fun with charley steiner through the years, but now we HAVE A 21st-CENTURY VERSION OF The bearded one, can't miss him.
00:47:37 likes to say, " yep, it's scott van pelt.
00:47:47>> You almost nailed it.
00:47:48>> Good. thank you.
00:47:52>> Um, you want me to call someone?
00:47:55>> No, dude, I'm just trying to just give me a minute.
00:48:26Thanks for the ride, beemer.
00:48:27>> Anytime, scott. see you.
00:48:30>> That might have been the i mean, he was wedged in there, so I couldn't believe he got in and out.
00:48:38>> Listen, I get the whole idea about you being the captain of team usa and everything, but you're not really captain america.
00:48:44>> I know that.
00:48:45 well, then how do you explain me finding this in your cubicle?
00:48:50>> What's that? a shield?
00:48:51>> You know it's a shield, it's an impenetrable shield, and you're taking the whole captain america thing, I think, a little too far.
00:48:57>> There it is. sweet.
00:48:59Neil, I found it.
00:49:00>> Convention started an hour ago. let's go.
00:49:03>> Right on.
00:49:07>> I'll see you later, man.
00:49:09>> When I took that off, there were parts of my body that were shoved up into other parts that and it's and I'm pretty sure that I've been rendered sterile as a result of it.
00:49:22 I never got tired, so my for "all day" and it stuck with me ever since.
00:49:28" so, um, what's your nickname around here?
00:49:33>> Me?
00:49:33>> Yeah?
00:49:34>> I don't really have a they pretty much just call me scott.
00:49:36>> All day, what's up?
00:49:37Hey, bed wetter.
00:49:39>> Guys are always clowning, you know?
00:49:42>> Bed wetter.
00:49:43 told--told you that in confidence. johnny.
00:49:48>> Yeah.
00:49:49>> Go ahead and get this faxed out.
00:49:50>> Yeah, you do that.
00:49:51>> All right.
00:49:53[Lively music playing] >> woo!
00:49:59[Music stops] >> hey, tony.
00:50:01>> Hey, scott.
00:50:03>> Just finished up the show.
00:50:06Guess I'm gonna head on out of here.
00:50:08>> Cool.
00:50:09>> Go home and watch some television or something.
00:50:13>>Ll right. enjoy.
00:50:18[Music starts] >> STILL TO COME, GET YOUR VCRs, YOUR DVRs READY BECAUSE WE'RE About to roll out some classic commercials that may have slipped your mind way back when.
00:50:33Do you remember this one?
00:50:35>> Jimmy key is attempting-- >> jimmy key, what's he, like, 45? I could hit him.
00:50:40>> Also when we return, there's one more new commercial that we just cannot wait to show you.
00:50:46But first, here's one more piece of "this is sportscenter" between kenny mayne, karl ravech, and stuart scott, who has appeared in the most "sportscenter" commercials?
00:50:56The answer may surprise you.
00:51:05You can't top the "big wheel" memory.
00:51:07This was the best present ever!
00:51:10Remember the freedom, the smell of the pavement, the wind in your hair?
00:51:16It's the big wheel. the big wheel!
00:51:24Announcer: Make this december the one to remember with some of the best values of the year, NOW THROUGH JANUARY 5th.
00:52:48>> Welcome back to "the best of " [applause] >> welcome back to "the best of " now, before the break, we asked you between kenny mayne, karl ravech, and stuart scott, who has appeared in more "srtscenter" commercials?
00:53:05Well, let's count 'em down for you, start with number 3.
00:53:11>> More hips.
00:53:12>> I am.
00:53:15 turn your hip into it.
00:53:18>> I feel like I'm doing just what you're doing.
00:53:21 you got t- you know, you're doing this, right, and you need to really be--whoosh!
00:53:28>> That's good. that's good.
00:53:29>> Really? I got it.
00:53:30>> You got it. you got it. ok.
00:53:32[Bossa nova music playing] when you first get to "sportscenter" as a rookie, all of a sudden you've got fame, attention, money.
00:53:48A lot of the guys really get caught up in it.
00:53:51 welcome-- >> dude, it's cool. it's cool.
00:53:53>> Robert ley, he's the general.
00:53:54>> Just wanted to say hi, welcome.
00:53:56>> Bob, here's how it's gonna go I want these two twins on a fitness show, may wipe out one of those saturday morning where's the caterer anyway?
00:54:02>> The what?
00:54:03>> The caterer? food?
00:54:04>> Yeah?
00:54:04>> Carmen?
00:54:05>> Come on, show something good.
00:54:06>> We'll see you later.
00:54:08>> You can be a good maturity's a whole different issue.
00:54:12>> And by my math, that leaves only 1, boo-ya!
00:54:18>> Hey, maria.
00:54:19>> Hey, stu, what's up?
00:54:20>> Uh, a supplier gave me these, and I figured if anybody could use them, you could, right?
00:54:25>> Yeah, so giant worms can spring into my face? nice try.
00:54:28 come on, maria, I was just trying to be thoughtful. you know what?
00:54:32Forget it. whatever.
00:54:34>> I'm so sorry, stu.
00:54:37>> I just thought-- >> ha ha ha!
00:54:42>> You're evil.
00:54:43>> Can I get that can back?
00:54:47>> Stuart, for the record, i but speaki of, some might think it's devilish of us to expose our employees working behind the scenes to the glare of the limelight, but yet some have capitalized on these 15 minutes of fame, so now we open the vault for some of our classic spots.
00:55:07>> My name is glenn jacobs, and here at "sportscenter" for about 3 months, and it's been really great.
00:55:12>> You've embarrassed me on national tv.
00:55:14>> I work long hours, sure, but I get a lot of exercise.
00:55:17>> Oof!
00:55:18 one of those guys reads something I've written on the air.
00:55:22>> Nice try, sparky, nice try.
00:55:24Maybe next time.
00:55:25>> 4 Months ago, I was writing a paper about my idol, craig kilborn-- >> gary-- >> uh, glenn.
00:55:30>> Ok.
00:55:31>> Here I am getting career advice from him.
00:55:32 pizza, delivery.'s incredible.
00:55:37 I was hiring and firing people, putting, you know, keith olbermann in his place.
00:55:45>> The beauty this place is they love to promote from within, and you can go from being a production assistant, like glenn jacs was, and go he's practically running this place.
00:55:54>> Yeah, got to run, got to run.
00:55:55Talk to you later.
00:55:56See you in boca.
00:55:58Keith, that biscuit in a basket thing, it's got to go.
00:56:02 jacobs-- the pillsbury people, they're all over my [bleep].
00:56:05 jacobs-- remember what I did now he's slumming at comedy central.
00:56:11>> You do the right thing, you pay your dues, there's room for you at the top.
00:56:15>> Keith is a lot of fun to deal with, but I'll tell you, sitting across the table from him and telling him he had to, you know, watch out for that biscuit in a what could be better than that?
00:56:26>> You know, we've drafted kids we had this one kid, you would not believe the scouting reports, the raves, up and down, can't miss.
00:56:33>> Once again the indians appear to be the team to beat.
00:56:35>> Emotionally, ough, he just wasn't prepared.
00:56:37>> Jimmy key is attempting to come back-- what's he, like, 45? I could hit him.
00:56:42>> I mean, it's a different game in here.
00:56:44>> Jack, you watch the game?
00:56:45I mean, didn't it suck?
00:56:47It sucked.
00:56:48[Test signal] it is with much regret that i announce that I am leaving " >> bottom line, he just came out too soon.
00:56:55>> They came and sat me down at the desk with jack edwards and said, all right, well, we're just gonna roll tape for an hour and jack will bring up a topic and you kind of just go off the top of your head on whatever you think, 'cause you know, a 16-year-old kid, you know, what could be better?
00:57:15>> I think the question I get asked most is at the end of the show when the music's playing and the anchors are talking to each other, what exactly are they saying?
00:57:21>> I'm dan patrick.
00:57:22 we'll see you later.
00:57:24 what, do they sell men's clothes where you got that outfit?
00:57:28>> I have got a wedgie like nobody's business right now.
00:57:30>> Thanks for sharing that.
00:57:31>>Hen's the last time your hair actually moved, like 1977?
00:57:34>> When you put your fingers through it.
00:57:36>> Wedgie didn't prevent that gas from coming out, did it?
00:57:37>> That's the naugahyde rubbing don't make things up.
00:57:40>> I ought to kick your.
00:57:41>> I don't know what that is on your teeth, but I assume you're saving that for later.
00:57:45>> Everybody in sports tries we thought we'd try old-timers day.
00:57:48>> A lot of basketball, but first the rams go for a ampionship.
00:57:52>> I can't see it.
00:57:53Can you see that?
00:57:54>> Honus wagner worked for peanuts, literally worked for peanuts.
00:57:59>> Take that hat off. it's rude.
00:58:00>> So seattle n has a center ..after the trade.
00:58:04>> Break.
00:58:05>> It seemed like a good idea at the time, but probably something we should just leave to baseball.
00:58:11>> Patrick ewing and the trade to seattle.
00:58:14>> Never heard of him.
00:58:16>> I don't know why lindross is neely and they don't fight they're respected and besides, I mean, penalty minutes doesn't equate to toughness in my book.
00:58:27When I think tough, doug mark messier is toukh.
00:58:33>> You need some more rouge.
00:58:35>> Here?
00:58:36>> Mm-hmm.
00:58:37 y know, your foundation has looked great lately.
00:58:40>> Thanks.
00:58:45>> Being on "sportscenter" does take its toll.
00:58:47>> For kenny mayne, I'm dan patrick. good night.
00:58:50>> We're clear!
00:58:50>> Once we finish a show, we do it all over again for the overseas markets.
00:58:58>> Buenas noches, amigos.
00:58:59Me llamo kenny mayne.
00:59:00>> Same highlights, same anchors, different dialects.
00:59:03>> Dos vadanya.
00:59:04[Speaks russian] boris patrick.
00:59:07>> [Speaks russian] kenny maynski.
00:59:09>> To touch people all over the world? that's--that's special.
00:59:12[Polka playin >> well, judging by the watch I'm not wearing, it appears we have got to go, but not before we debut one more brand-new "sportscenter" commercial.
00:59:30[Ding] >> going up?
00:59:42>> There you have it, see?
00:59:43 well, we hope that you have enjoyed our look inside the archives as we fondly remember some of our now if you'll excuse me, I have to go check on dwayneade again and see if the highlight's ready.
00:59:56 you got a gold medal and a world championship,