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00:00:00Hinman: After they presented me with information rogers earlier, the next thing that I asked for is, "who are the individuals who are on her mail " it didn't have the feel of an individual who was a stranger.
00:00:17Narrator: Who would want the mail carrier dead, and why?
00:00:22Coming up next on "body of evidence," investigators reconstruct the last moments of immogene rogers' life.
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00:03:55Narrator: Postal worker immogene rogers is found strangled by the side of the road in pinetta, florida.
00:04:02Rogers had been shot 15 years earlier, but survived that attack.
00:04:07Investigators initially believed that this previous assailant may have come back to finish the job, but the promising lead took investigators nowhere.
00:04:18The man has an airtight alibi for the time of the murder.
00:04:23Now, the team of investigators take the case in a new direction.
00:04:29I wao see a listof all of the people rogers'mail route, because what if she wasdelivering mail, and she delivered it to theoffender's residence, then drove on and he followedher to the point, you know, where he couldget to the car?
00:04:45Narrator: Special agent hinman is certain that a reconstruction of immogene rogers' final moments will help them zero in on her killer.
00:04:53Step by step, hinman and lead investigator jimmy bunting set out to retrace immogene's last movements along her mail route.
00:05:02The fact that she disappearedoff of the mail route made the mail routeour primary area to startour investigation in.
00:05:09Narrator: Immogene rogers had delivered the mail at box 41, but never made it to box 42.
00:05:16That makes the residents at both houses possible suspects.
00:05:20But when investigators interview the family at box 41, their story checks out, and they are scratched off the list of suspects.
00:05:27Now investigators turn their attention to the resident at box 42, joseph williams, a lifelong citizen of pinetta.
00:05:39Bunting: I knew joe w we'd go up there at night sometime to play nickel, dime, penny poker together with joe, so I knew him.
00:05:46Narrator: Williams has no alibi, with immogene rogers on the day she was murdered.
00:05:54Hinman: The first thing that stood out to us is he didn't have an alibi for the day.
00:05:58Number two was the fact that the mail stopped at his house on that day.
00:06:03Narrator: But before williams can be csidered a good suspect, investigators need more evidence.
00:06:12All mmogene's killer left fingerprints on the undelivered mail in her car, postal inspectors are in charge of finding them.
00:06:22, and we decided to process everysingle piece of mail in that vehiclefor fingerprints.
00:06:35 take about 20, 30 pieces off the top of the crime scene there, and then we took the rest, and you're talking about roughly 800 pieces of mail.
00:06:50Postal investigators check every letter and obtain fingerprint samples from everyone who may have legitimately handled the letters.
00:06:58Hundreds of people are fingerprinted.
00:07:00Hinman: So, they were separated out based on -- say, if a person put a letter in their mailbox that morning and put the flag up for it to be picked up, well, certainly their fingerprints would be on that letter, and that would not be suspicious.
00:07:14Narrator: Postal investi are looking for a needle in a haystack.
00:07:18Among all the fingerprints that should be there, they hoped to find the one that shouldn't.
00:07:26And all dayle hinman and her colleagues can do is wait.
00:07:32But suddenly the wait is cut short when joseph williams, their main suspect, calls investigators and volunteers to take a lie detector test.
00:07:44Joe williams had volunteered to take this test to show that he wasn't lying when he was confronted with that.
00:07:50The thing that stood out how calm this guy was -- is that wh his arm was on the table.
00:08:01This was a hot july day, and it would be normalfor anybody to leave perspiration on the table when you t for him, he lifted his hand, there was no perspiration on the table.
00:08:14Narrator: Coming up on "body of evidence," joseph williams takes the lie detector test.
00:08:21What will the results reveal?
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00:11:45Narrator: One month after the death of postal worker immogene rogers, a primary suspect, joseph williams.
00:11:55In before reaching the williams' family mailbox, and her body was found near their home.
00:12:01Agent hinman believes the investigation is on the right track.
00:12:10Early in the investigation.
00:12:11The fact that the mail was stopped right before his postal box, that made him become hig Narrator: But there is no hard evidence connecting williams and investigators wonder if they might be looking at the wrong man