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Aired at 10:00 AM on Saturday, Feb 26, 2011 (2/26/2011)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:01Strike the set!
00:00:03[Crew chatter] [overlapping conversations] Penny: Good boy.
00:00:16[Music playing] uh-oh.
00:00:23[Tires skid] bolt, speak.
00:00:28[Click] [all groan] boom mike?
00:00:31We got a boom mike.
00:00:32That's a boom mike.
00:00:35That's sloppy.
00:00:36The dog could've seen that.
00:00:39He could've seen that.
00:00:40Uh, who cares if the dog sees a boom mike?
00:00:44[Indistinct whispers] forgive me for answering a question with a question, but who are you?
00:00:54Mindy parker, from the network.
00:00:56Of course.
00:01:01What do you see here?
00:01:04Uh, the dog?
00:01:07"The dog," she says.
00:01:09Oh, mindy.
00:01:11Poor, poor mindy.
00:01:14Am I missing something?
00:01:15You're missing everything, mindy.
00:01:19You see a dog.
00:01:21I see an animal who believes with every fiber of his being, every fiber that the girl he loves is in mortal danger.
00:01:30I see a depth of emotion on the face of that canine the likes of which has never been captured on-screen before.
00:01:36Never, mindy from the network.
00:01:41We jump through hoops to make sure that bolt believes everything is real.
00:01:45It's why we don't miss marks, it's why we don't reshoot, and it's why we most certainly do not let the dog see boom mikes!
00:01:55[Sighs] ..
00:02:05The audience believes it.
00:02:11Ok, you want reality, here you go, chief.
00:02:14The show's too predictable.
00:02:16 the dog saves her from the creepy english guy. we get it.
00:02:19There's always a happy ending.
00:02:21And our focus grou tell us 18- to 35-year-olds are unhappy.
00:02:24They're not happy with happy.
00:02:26So maybe you should-- I don't know-- spend a little less time worrying about the dog's method acting and more time figuring out how to stop 20-year-olds in topeka from changing the channel, because if you lose so much as half a rating point, so help me, I will fire everyone in this room, starting with you!
00:02:43How's that for real?
00:02:49[Whines] perfect.
00:02:51[Whines] you saved me again, bolt.
00:02:54[Banging] [growling] it's ok. it's nothing.
00:02:58[Growling] no more bad guys.
00:03:00Do you want some food, bolty?
00:03:02Huh? are you hungry?
00:03:04[Growling] you got 'em, bolt. no one's gonna hurt me.
00:03:12[Growling] bolt, look at me.
00:03:15I'm fine, see?
00:03:18Come here, buddy! come here!
00:03:22Go get it, bolt!
00:03:24Go get it!
00:03:25Yeah, that one's no fun either.
00:03:28[Gasps] well, what do we have here?
00:03:35Mr. carrot!
00:03:38[Growling] [vibrating] [beep] [sighs] [whining] oh, bolt.
00:03:58You know I have to go.
00:04:00[Whining] [kiss] yeah, you're my good boy.
00:04:16[Whining] there she is, my little superstar.
00:04:27Let's get to that "teen vogue" cover shoot.
00:04:29Mom, i--i wanna take bolt home this weekend.
00:04:35Oh, that'd be nice. that'd be great.
00:04:36That would. a little girl and her dog.
00:04:39[Chuckles] nothing better that.
00:04:42[Chuckles] so I can bring bolt home?
00:04:47As your friend, I say yes, absolutely.
00:04:51But as your agent, I have to remind you.
00:04:53This is bolt's world.
00:04:56He has to stay right here.
00:04:58Ok, let's go.
00:05:00But he never gets to be a real dog, and it would be only for the weekend, and I just once-- you know what? it's a fair question.
00:05:06Let's do this. let's put a pin in it.
00:05:09Boop. pin in. there you go.
00:05:10Now, let's let that hang there a bit, and then we'll address that when we've thought things through, ok?
00:05:15Good enough for everybody?
00:05:16Smiles all around. let's get out of here.
00:05:17Come on. I don't need to think it through.
00:05:20I wanna take bolt home.
00:05:22Look at this face.
00:05:24I have a little girl at home, love of my life.
00:05:27I would do anything for her.
00:05:29And I would trade her for you in a heartbeat.
00:05:33True story.
00:05:34 we need to be getting over to wardrobe.
00:05:37Let's go.
00:05:40[Overlapping conversations] so, the dog thinks this is all real?
00:05:54Oh, yeah. you're new.
00:05:55Guy never leaves the set.
00:05:57It's unbelievable.
00:05:59Whenever I get a chance, this is the perfect way to unwind.
00:06:03I like to start with an evil laugh.
00:06:08[Maniacal laughter] hello, hairballs.
00:06:12You may have won today, bolt, but in the end, we will get your little penny.
00:06:20Not likely, cat.
00:06:20For you have chosen to follow the path of evil.
00:06:23Ultimately, we'll destroy you, along with your fiendish puppet master.
00:06:29I know. right?
00:06:30Ok, watch this.
00:06:32She's a goner, dog.
00:06:35The green-eyed man has a plan, and soon he will execute it.
00:06:46[Chuckles] nice.
00:06:47I would super bark you both back into the hole you crawled out of, but I need you alive, because I've got a little message for you to take back to your green-eyed man.
00:06:56You tell him his old friend bolt said he-- is it long?
00:07:00I-is what long?
00:07:02The message.
00:07:03Is it--is it a long message?
00:07:04Because I have a horrible memory.
00:07:06Yeah, I'll make it brief, all right?
00:07:07You tell him I said I'm gonna-- you know what? why don't we do this?
00:07:10You remember the first half of the message, and then I'll remember the second, and then we can pass it on to the green-eyed man together.
00:07:17I don't care how the message is translated, all right?
00:07:20Just do it, ok?
00:07:21Tell the green-eyed man that I will not sleep, I will not rest until my penny is safe from his evil clutches.
00:07:28You tell the green-eyed man-- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. way too many words!
00:07:32" " and then I got a little bored.
00:07:38And--something about clutches?
00:07:40Anyway, I'll do my best. ciao.
00:07:41By the way, huge fan. love it. love you.
00:07:42Gotta go.
00:07:45Thank you.
00:07:46Get back here, you--you sick, ..
00:07:51[Barking] dogs.
00:08:03[Growls] I'll never let them get you, penny.
00:12:31[Panting] you ready, bolt?
00:12:40[Growling] let's widen out camera 3.
00:12:47Ready, 4. go, 4.
00:13:00Thanks, larry.
00:13:01All right, scooter, frame the grate.
00:13:05Ready on the rubber bars.
00:13:10And track with them.
00:13:15Penny: The calico supercomputer.
00:13:17If we can access it, we'll finally learn where they're keeping my father.
00:13:41The weapon's hot.
00:13:44"Heat vision" time.
00:13:48Bolt, stare!
00:13:52[Barking] [beeping] [gasping] nice move.
00:14:05[Beeping] come on. come on.
00:14:09[Gasps] ..
00:14:13It brings tears to my eyes!
00:14:18Your father's discoveries could be of great use to our organization.
00:14:24[Meows] I'm sure he'll be more accommodating now that I've got his "lucky penny"!
00:14:35World domination is within my grasp!
00:14:39[Laughing] [growls] [barking] [bell ringing] [barking] how did your focus groups feel about cliffhangers?
00:14:54You asked for unhappy 18- to 35-year-olds.
00:14:57I give you unhappy 18- to 35-year-olds.
00:15:02Bolt! it's ok, bolt.
00:15:04I'm fine!
00:15:05 guards, stop her!
00:15:08Hey, hey, hey! bolt!
00:15:09Hold on!
00:15:11Listen to him.
00:15:11He needs to know I'm ok.
00:15:13No, you're not ok.
00:15:15You've been kidnapped by the fiendish dr.
00:15:18At least, that's what the dog needs to think, close your eyes and imagine how excited he'll be when he saves you tomorrow.
00:15:27Ut--but he's gonna be freaking out all night.
00:15:30Please, just let me-- w-wait a second.
00:15:32What's that behind your ear?
00:15:34Is that a-- yes, it is!
00:15:36It's a pin! let's do this.
00:15:38Let's take the pin and put it in this conversation.
00:15:41 and we will not take it down-- no, ma'am-- until this matter is resolved.
00:15:46But I just-- you know what that reminds me of?
00:15:48The dvd release junket.
00:15:50Let's get goin'. it's a big push.
00:15:51I want to go with the modern looks.
00:15:54[Chatter] all right, let's give her some air.
00:15:58 [chuckles] [grunting] [growling] I've been working on my evil laugh, ..
00:16:13[Snarling] like that.
00:16:16Ok, here's the thing.
00:16:17You're not ready for the evil laugh.
00:16:18You could do a chuckle, like a mildly upset chuckle after my evil laugh.
00:16:22Listen to mine.
00:16:24[Maniacal laughter] hey, bolt!
00:16:26[Screaming] bolt, come back!
00:16:32[Panting] ah, I'm too late.
00:16:36Bolt, help!
00:16:38I'm coming, penny!
00:16:39[Panting] bolt, help!
00:16:43Unh! hold on, penny.
00:16:46Hold on!
00:16:47Bolt, help!
00:16:49[Footage rewinds] bolt, help!
00:16:55[Barks] [engine starts] penny!
00:17:09[Music playing on headphones] bolt!
00:17:18Here, bolt!
00:17:35[Humming a tune] [bolt whining] huh?
00:17:48[Grunts] [barking] whoa! hey, hey!
00:17:52[Barking] hey, hey!
00:17:58[Barking] ok, bolty. ok.
00:18:03Stay cool.
00:18:04You're cool, bolty.
00:18:06[Barking] ahh. the green-eyed man.
00:18:17[Panting] unh!
00:18:22Uhh. ooh.
00:18:34[Whines] [sniffs] [barks] penny!
00:18:46Hey, boy.
00:18:58[Grunting] penny!
00:19:10Target acquired.
00:19:14[Barking] it ends here.
00:19:28[Screams] [tires skidding] penny!
00:19:41They moved her.
00:19:43[Barks] huh?
00:19:47There's no time for formalities, brothers.
00:19:48My person is in danger, and i--i--whoa!
00:19:52What are you doing?
00:19:53Oh, i-i'm sorry.
00:19:54You wanna sniff mine first?
00:19:56Not from around here, are you?
00:19:58Hey, stop it! what?
00:20:00This is serious.
00:20:02Hey, there.
00:20:03Are you lost, sweetie?
00:20:05Hey, wait!
00:20:14[Panting] hmm.
00:20:25[Grunting] why can't I bend these stupid bars?
00:20:32[Grunting] ..
00:20:37You got your head stuck pretty good, huh, guy?
00:20:40H-hey, guys, come here.
00:20:42Check this out.
00:20:43He's got his melon stuck.
00:20:45Yep, that is one stuck melon.
00:20:50[Grunting] hey, hey, buddy, take it easy.
00:20:54Slow down.
00:20:55I will not take it easy, pheasant.
00:20:57I am missing my person.
00:20:58[Grunting] hey, buddy, relax.
00:21:02Like this, turn and pull.
00:21:04Turn and pull.
00:21:06Forget about it. you'll be out, no time.
00:21:13[Grunting] wh-what are these things?
00:21:24They've weakened me.
00:21:26Ohh. polystyrofoam packing peanuts.
00:21:32This has the green-eyed man written all over it.
00:21:35Have you seen a man with a green eye?
00:21:36[Chuckles] you know, I gotta say somethin'.
00:21:40If I could say somethin' here.
00:21:43You look familiar.
00:21:44Joey, look at this guy's mug.
00:21:46Yeah, you know, I could've sworn I've seen this guy before.
00:21:50Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:21:51I gotta tell ya, I never forget a face.
00:21:54He never does. oh, yeah, yeah.
00:21:55 yeah, he's real good with the faces and such.
00:21:58Listen. listen.
00:21:59The man with the green eye.
00:22:00Tell me what you know, birds.
00:22:04I know this dog.
00:22:06Yeah, yeah, me, too!
00:22:08I gotta remember. it's gonna kill me.
00:22:09Hold on.
00:22:11[Brakes squealing] no, I don't know. i--i--i thought I knew.
00:22:19Hey, you ever hang out down on 14th street with a stray named kelvin?
00:22:22Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. kelvin, the labra-doodle.
00:22:26You gotta gimme something here, 'cause this is redonkulous.
00:22:30Absolutely redonkulous.
00:22:31Capisce redonkulous?
00:22:33Ya know what that means?
00:22:33Ahh. you pigeons are useless.
00:22:36I need someone on the inside, someone close to the green-eyed man.
00:22:41A cat.
00:22:43Oh, a cat?
00:22:45Yeah, a cat.
00:22:47When I find him--ooh.
00:22:48When I find him, I'm gonna make that cat wish he were never born.
00:22:55[Chuckles] I think we know just the cat.
00:22:59[Purring] right on time, saul. come on in.
00:23:07Ok, saul, nice work.
00:23:09Let's find some mustard next time.
00:23:11Ok, babe? yes, mittens.
00:23:13Thank you, mittens.
00:23:14Ho ho. is that an everything bagel, ted?
00:23:20Good day, mittens.
00:23:25[Shudders] what is this?
00:23:27[Stammers] it was a slow week.
00:23:29I mean, th-that's half of what I got.
00:23:32[Gurgling] you hear this, louie?
00:23:35I'm starvin' here, and when the old stomach starts talkin', it ain't talkin' to me.
00:23:43The claws.
00:23:44Not the claws! please!
00:23:46I'm holding these bad boys back best I can, but thing is, it's not up to me.
00:23:51The stomach's got a direct line to these babies, and I'm pickin' up a lot of chatter.
00:23:58So, I'll talk to the claws, but in exchange, next week, all your food comes to me.
00:24:05But--but that's not our deal!
00:24:07I bring you half, you give me protection.
00:24:09That's our deal.
00:24:11Yeah, well, the deal just expired.
00:24:13Now, get lost.
00:24:15Mark my words, mittens.
00:24:16One day, someone's gonna stand up to you.
00:24:20Someone's gonna teach you a lesson.
00:24:23Yeah, I'm really scared now.
00:24:26You should be!
00:24:27 you-- where is she?
00:24:31Aah! who?
00:24:33You know why I'm here!
00:24:34Aah! where is she?
00:24:35 look, buddy, i--i don't know what you're gettin' at, but-- [laughter] come on, mittens.
00:24:42Just tell the guy where she is.
00:24:45Tell the dog. make him happy.
00:24:46Yeah, yeah. come on, mittens! tell him!
00:24:48Heh heh heh.
00:24:49Ha ha ha!
00:24:50Joey, vinnie, bobby, my boys!
00:24:54Would you tell the crazy canine that he's got the wrong cat?
00:24:59You got her, pal.
00:25:01That's her.
00:25:02She's the one.
00:25:03That is definitely the right cat.
00:25:06Looklike we're gonna do this the hard way.
00:25:10Whoa! aah!
00:25:11Hey, you're crazy, man!
00:25:15Hey, joey, d-did we go too far on this?
00:25:18You kiddin'?
00:25:19This is the best day of my life.
00:25:22You work for the men in black, who work for the man with the green-eye.
00:25:25They've taken penny.
00:25:26Where is she?
00:25:27I don't know what you're talking about.
00:25:29This is becoming tiresome, cat.
00:25:31In fact, I feel a yawn coming on.
00:25:34Ok, ok, I'll talk. I'll talk.
00:25:36I know where penny is. yeah, they have her.
00:25:39Yes, the men in black and the guy, the guy with the blue eyes.
00:25:45Blue eyes?
00:25:46Um--oh, green!
00:25:47Yes, green! the one green eye.
00:25:49You just can't stop lying, can you, cat?
00:25:52It's in the genes.
00:25:53It's just gross.
00:25:55[Sighs] I know.
00:25:56It's disgusting. I disgust myself.
00:25:59[Gasps] hollywood?
00:26:01Uh, b-but if you put me down, I'll show you where she is.
00:26:07[Chuckles] hmm.
00:26:09[Traffic passing] Mittens: You know, I hope you appreciate the risk I'm takin' here.
00:26:22Every bone in my evil cat body is telling me not to betray the trust of the green-eyed man.
00:26:28Ok, this is a top-top-secret map of the entire earth.
00:26:37Now, we're over here, by the green lady with the big torch, and my boss has penny locked up-- ..right... right over...
00:26:47Oh, oh, here. here!
00:26:48By the waffle with the sunglasses!
00:26:51Now all you need to do is get from here to there.
00:26:55Well, I told you where to find her, so if you'll just untie me, I'll be on my way.
00:26:59I'll release you, cat, when we find penny.
00:27:03Excuse me?
00:27:04That wasn't the deal.
00:27:06We had a deal!
00:27:07Your deal just expired.
00:27:09She said that to me not 10 minutes ago.
00:27:13[Chuckles] the irony.
00:27:15[Grunting] ow! ooh!
00:27:18[Rattling] [grunting] ooh, perfect.
00:27:22[Grunting] [grunting] ow! ooh! uhh! ooh! ow!
00:27:26Uhh! aah!
00:27:27Hmm. padlocked.
00:27:30[Grunting] [panting] listen, cujo, I got some pretty wicked claws under these mitts.
00:27:36Do not--i beg of you-- do not make me bring out these bad boys.
00:27:41It gets ugly.
00:27:44What are you doing?
00:27:46Stay back!
00:27:47If I stare at the lock really hard, it'll burst into flames and melt.
00:27:51Now I'm concerned on a number of levels.
00:27:54Man: Easy, watch! second man: I'm good.
00:27:55Watch it, though! you got it?
00:27:56Oh, intruders!
00:27:57Hey! slow down!
00:27:58You're scrapin' the fur off my-- [grunting] Man: Oh, boy, this thing is heavy.
00:28:06Hey, hey! put it down.
00:28:08I forgot the keys.
00:28:10[Grunting] I'll be right back.
00:28:13[Sighs] uhh! whoo!
00:28:16[Sighs] oh.
00:28:21Hey, lucky penny.
00:28:25Now move your butt.
00:28:27Ok, just up on your end.
00:28:29Yeah. a little bit more.
00:28:30I got--no, I got-- I got mine.
00:28:31You got it?
00:28:33[Engine starts] uhh.
00:28:40It's on the tip of my tongue.
00:28:42I know that dog.
00:28:44I'm tellin' you, joey.
00:28:44Bobby, you guys are looking at me like- I'm telling you I know this dog.
00:28:50I've seen him somewheres.
00:28:51You'll remember it tonight when you're preening.
00:28:53Right, that's-- that'shat' hpen.
00:29:18[Cries] I have got some good news!
00:29:23[Gasps] really?
00:29:25Yes, I do.
00:29:25" lead guest! that's right.
00:29:31That--i mean, which means just a-absolutely nothing if, uh, bolt is still missing.
00:29:37It's not even, uh, good news, " who cares? I don't care.
00:29:42Ohh. it's ok, baby.
00:29:45He must be so scared.
00:29:49Well, this is bolt we're talking about.
00:29:51He's not scared of anything.
00:29:53[Chuckles] I bet bolt would want you to do "the tonight " it's-- ahem. it's-- or, uh, maybe not.
00:30:04[Squeaks] bolt loves you very much, sweetie, and you're here.
00:30:10He couldn't have gone far.
00:30:19So, uh, if you got superpowers, I guess that would make you, what, like some kind of super dog?
00:30:26That information's classified.
00:30:29Ah, come on!
00:30:29Like-like, what's your best power?
00:30:30Your go-to move. how 'bout flying?
00:30:33Can you fly?
00:30:34Don't be silly. I can't fly.
00:30:37Ok, ok, fine.
00:30:38If you don't have any powers, you don't have any powers.
00:30:41What's it to me?
00:30:44I have a super bark.
00:30:46A super bark?
00:30:47Wow, you're kidding me?
00:30:48[Gasps] w-what exactly does one do with a super bark?
00:30:55I really can't talk about it.
00:30:57I-it's classified.
00:30:58So, I suggest you pipe down and take me to penny.
00:31:01You're awfully attached to this penny character, huh, wags?
00:31:05She's my person.
00:31:07Oh, please. she's a person.
00:31:09And if you ask me, the only good person is a-- aah! uhh!
00:31:17[Grunting] styrofoam!
00:31:20Tuck and roll!
00:31:22Tuck and what?
00:31:25[Screaming] ohh! uhh!
00:31:29Ooh! ahh!
00:31:32[Grunting] ahh.
00:31:36 [grunting] ow.
00:31:41What is this red liquid coming from my paw?
00:31:45It's called blood, hero.
00:31:48Do I need it?
00:31:50So if you want it to keep inside your body, where it belongs, you should stop jumping off trucks doing 80 on the interstate!
00:31:57Yeah, well, normally, I'm a tad more indestructible.
00:32:00Must have been the, uh-- [gasps] oh, styrofoam!
00:32:04That stuff, it weakens me!
00:32:06Aha. what are you doing?
00:32:08Put that down!
00:32:09All right, that's it. I've had with you.
00:32:13I'm gonna seriously wound you!
00:32:15I'm gonna seriously wound you with this styrofoam!
00:32:19Are you mad?
00:32:19You don't know the power of styrofoam!
00:32:22Oh, you bet I'm mad, baby.
00:32:23And I'm about to unleash it!
00:32:25The power of the styrofoam.
00:32:27Oh! all right, cat.
00:32:29Ok, you win. I'll untie you.
00:32:34That's a weird place to put a piano.
00:32:39Ohh! uhh!
00:32:39Are we gonna have any more problems, cat?
00:32:42No, no, no, no.
00:32:43 [chuckles] I'll take you to penny.
00:32:46[Sniffing] [gurgling] ahh!
00:32:51What is that?
00:32:52What? that!
00:32:53Ok, you have 2 seconds to tell me what you've implanted in me, cat!
00:32:57Poison? a parasite?
00:32:58 oh, no, I just said that, didn't i?
00:33:00See, I'm all discombobulated!
00:33:02I can't think straight!
00:33:03I don't believe this.
00:33:05You're hungry.
00:33:06[Gurgling] where is the antidote?
00:33:08Ok, ok! all right!
00:33:10[Sniffing] there's your antidote-- food.
00:33:18All right! who wants burgers?
00:33:20[Campers chattering] go on. use the dog face.
00:33:24This is gonna be beautiful.
00:33:28You know, beg.
00:33:30Do the dog face!
00:33:34The dog face?
00:33:35What does that mean?
00:33:36[Sighs] figures I'm tied to the one dog on earth who doesn't know how to beg. heh. ok.
00:33:41 the antidote-- you're gonna have to do exactly what I say.
00:33:47Mmm. nah. not likely.
00:33:50You're a degenerate creature of darkness.
00:33:53Yeah, yeah, granted, but that said, all I'm asking you to do is just tilt your head a little.
00:33:57You could do that, can't you?
00:33:59Come on.
00:34:01More. more.
00:34:03This is stupid.
00:34:04 work with me on this.
00:34:06Please, you're almost there.
00:34:08Ah, boy.
00:34:10Ok, try it the other way.
00:34:12There you go! tilt up!
00:34:13Hmm, down. now, a little smile.
00:34:17Uh, lose the smile.
00:34:18Drop your left ear.
00:34:20Your other left.
00:34:21Ok, the other way was better.
00:34:22Now, drop 'em both.
00:34:23Hold it right there.
00:34:25And ever so slightly, look up.
00:34:29Soup is on, baby.
00:34:32[Whining] ahh. ohh.
00:34:43Here you go.
00:34:51[Whines] aw, look at the little guy!
00:34:54[Barks] ohh!
00:34:56[Laughter] [meow] beat it, stupid cat!
00:35:01[Yelps] [people moaning] Woman: I want to know what really happened.
00:35:12Second woman: And what does that matter to you?
00:35:14Because I'm involved.
00:35:15With rich? with james.
00:35:17If you and james were romantic, I wanna know about it.
00:35:19 so you can-- Announcer: you're-- Man: Jillian, why don't you stop that?
00:35:24Woman: No whammies! no whammies! no whammies!
00:35:26Announcer: For weather on the ones, here's lester.
00:35:28Rosie O'Donnell: It really does help, and it really releases the serotonin and-- Mr. T: this time, we're gonna do it my way!
00:35:36[Gunfire] [chuckles] [bolt barks] well, hello, puppy.
00:35:44Did you come for some of grandma's butter bean dumplings?
00:35:48Mmm-mmm-mmm. you wait right there.
00:35:50Mr. T: One of these days, I'm gonna pound y'all into the ground.
00:35:53No more mr. nice guy.
00:35:56[Gasping] look at you.
00:36:00You are quite the little actor, huh?
00:36:01Ahh. I haven't eaten like this in ages.
00:36:05Hey, look! my stomach's distended.
00:36:07How great is that?
00:36:08Yeah, well, don't get used to it.
00:36:10We gotta keep movin'.
00:36:11But this is a-- this place is a gold mine.
00:36:13What's wrong with you?
00:36:14EVERY WEEK, NEW RVs BRING US New suckers who bring us new food.
00:36:19Look around!
00:36:20It's perfect.
00:36:21[Rattling] [gasps] do my eyes deceive me?
00:36:28Is this some apparition I see before me?
00:36:32Or could it be?
00:36:34My hero!
00:36:36Oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh!
00:36:38[Giggling] [panting] you're bolt, the super dog!
00:36:43You're fully awesome.
00:36:46Ooh hoo hoo!
00:36:46Wait a minute. you know this dog?
00:36:48Oh, I do. he is fully awesome!
00:36:51Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah. we've established that.
00:36:54Who are you?
00:36:55I'm rhino.
00:36:56Rhino, the hamster?
00:36:58Well, you know, my ancestry isn't all hamster.
00:37:00I'm 1/16 wolf, with a--you know, a little wolverine in there somewhere, but that--that--that's besides the point!
00:37:07We have before us a legend.
00:37:09Bolt, the super dog!
00:37:11He can outrun speeding missiles a-and burn through solid metal with his heat vision.
00:37:16Oh, oh, and best of all, he can obliterate large structures with his super bark!
00:37:22Wait a minute. you've seen the super bark?
00:37:25Have you been observing me?
00:37:28Oh, yeah.
00:37:29I watch you all the time.
00:37:31That's incredible.
00:37:32Oh, it's nothing, really.
00:37:33But I'm always so vigilant.
00:37:35No one can evade my detection.
00:37:37You're a phantom.
00:37:40Uh, if you say so--oh, hey!
00:37:43Check it out! waah! oh!
00:37:45Take a gander at this bolt action.
00:37:48Scary, huh?
00:37:49It's like we're twins.
00:37:51Yeah, scary.
00:37:55So, where's penny?
00:37:57She was kidnapped by the green-eyed man.
00:38:00[Gasps] this is terrible!
00:38:02She could be in grave-- grave danger. I know.
00:38:05But I've captured this cat.
00:38:07An agent of the green-eyed man, I presume?
00:38:10Ho ho. you presume correctly.
00:38:12She's taking me to penny.
00:38:14You! you are vile vermin.
00:38:18How do you sleep at night?
00:38:19Penny's the most wonderful person ever, and she loves bolt, and he's awesome, and you're a monster!
00:38:28How dare you disrupt their relationship with your evil!
00:38:33Die! whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
00:38:34Die! I can take her, bolty.
00:38:36Let me at 'em! die! die!
00:38:38Easy, easy, rhino.
00:38:41You're right. we need her alive.
00:38:45Uh, we?
00:38:46 bolt, I can be a valuable addition to your team.
00:38:51I'm listening.
00:38:52I'm lightning quick.
00:38:54I have razor sharp reflexes.
00:38:55Whaah. and I'm a master of stealth.
00:38:58[Chuckles] plus, I'll keep the cat in check.
00:39:03The road'll be rough.
00:39:05I have a ball.
00:39:06There's no turning back.
00:39:07Guess I'll have to roll with the punches.
00:39:09Easy won't be part of the equation.
00:39:12Gotta warn you, goin' into the belly of the beast, danger at every turn.
00:39:16I eat danger for breakfast.
00:39:19You hungry?
00:39:20[Crack] starving.
00:39:23Welcome aboard!
00:39:24[Laughter] hey, can we talk for a second?
00:39:29I don't know what's goin' on here, but I'm just a little bit concerned about the number of lunatics on this trip.
00:39:35My limit is one.
00:39:37He's comin' with us.
00:39:39But i-- [grunting] huh? hey.
00:39:41Move it, prisoner.
00:39:42We're losing daylight.
00:39:44I agree.
00:39:44Now, we need to find a fast set of wheels.
00:39:47[Gasps] I've got a better idea.
00:39:50Follow me!