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00:00:00George still loves to train in the same togs w we whwh h h wothe e ymymc gold medal for the united states 6 years ago in mexico city.
00:00:09George looks upon this outfit as good luck, but experts say when you can punch like foreman, it's really his opponents who need all the luck.
00:00:18George loves to work on the heavy bag.
00:00:20Punching is foreman's first lo, and d y y looooatathe li oheaveights who have fallen befe e ose e stst thehe is no doubt that this is one of the e ststynamam p pchererthth heavyweit t visisi h h seeee since rocky marciano was bombing everyone out in the fifties.
00:00:36This is what it okoklikekeff yoyod d re t tgegein t trere wi geoe.
00:00:40One e s s admdme e e meraran'n'nervrv, , verr .
00:00:44Fon didiprprise e t t cruru the me, , exaing tt wod op h pches/2nch fnt ooulelens.
00:00:51Aponinma posblblbyby pninc.
00:01:08Thisiss s at greinfrfrom gege f femem loooo l le ifif you're in the ring with george.
00:01:13, Ank u.
00:01:16And w e e nit t theig.
00:01:18He migigl l ez e eererg thth ring first.
00:01:21Gu w weiedn th aererno 195 pounds.
00:01:27And rerere t t d damame-e-ncncngng .
00:01:31Geor w wghgh in at1414oundnd whenaeaeprpricicd d knknkoko viororinin, , oror d dn'n'evev boerero o plpl juju a aold d ararwas s ouou off a review.
00:01:44George's reputation as a ockoko p pcherers s ll esishehe he h ftltly at t thahes ready to get in the ring wh anavywywghghin t t w wld.
00:01:54Sandy sadler assists manager dick sadler in tying foreman's gloves.
00:01:59He's muepaezntntdudud d ththcrcrd.
00:02:06Gegegegeoremem I iintrtrucuc.
00:02:12La-m-mututininruruioio f fmm the fefee.e.
00:02:17[B[bell ng orgegeororan, , r r trurus,s, ves s t t ainsnsmimiel paez in wte foreman looks like he's going to work early here in round one.
00:02:48Gege h h a asomemeununingg power in both hands, as evidenced by his record inhe r rg.g.
00:02:54Heheasasad 3 3fifits, , nnnng th a a, , b bknknut, veve imimpresveeat.
00:03:43Poerers s ncncss grge ren.
00:03:58Geor p phehemimielelowow .
00:04:02Ththe fefee e pepemimielel gleses george foreman stalking miguel paez.
00:04:22Another push.
00:04:23That's not a knockdown.
00:04:30The referee warns george to sp puin it lksike ren isoi afr r knknkoko h he .
00:04:47Paezigigs s ckck foreren n s dedeninily t tenen corol ret t then ofofouou numumr r e.
00:08:06>> Foreman coming right out aftemimielelaeaehehe rouou t t.
00:08:12Gegegeononheheorth aririn avywywghghtitltllala yeaeawhwh HE K.eGREGIOIRIRAL I I Thteh rod o oaknd ren poing it on here in rod twtw threrererewawas s rerenn for shshg.g.
00:08:49Wi snginpuhes by g george foreman.
00:08:56Mimielelomesesigiging g ghgh back, carrying the fht toeoe.
00:09:15Foreren n l ovov m muel l ezez .
00:09:32Crushing punches by george foreman, and paez is down.
00:09:36The referee sends george to a neneraracornrn a a picic u u the unun mielels s a aththcocot t 7 7 .
00:09:52Foreman is all over miguel paez.
00:09:56Pa g gs s wnwnororheheececdd times s e e fefee e ckckupup the unun it'sllver.
00:10:07Now in slow motion, let's take another look at those two knockdowns and the crushing power which foreman uses to steamroller every opponent who has had the courage to take him on.
00:10:28Ren puesiguepa.
00:10:33Two crushing punches by george.
00:10:56Paez fights back.
00:11:06There's 212 pounds of dynamite .
00:11:16Pa g gs s wnwnoror .
00:11:21The fefee e ndndgegegegeo o neraracocoererefefe e p pksks up t c cntnt a tid,d,ouougeges s ezezisisnsns .
00:11:42Mieleletetupupo o cece .
00:11:52Foreman wants that knockout here and now.
00:12:02Jolting dynamite punches by george foreman.
00:12:21The'e'ththfofomamablblkbkbtete andodo g gs s ezezororhehe seco t te.e.
00:12:28Oncegaga, , e e fefee e ndnd gegegeo o neneraracorner mielelisisnsnso o e e unun mimiguelasad eug 's a o or.
00:12:57Another quick, impressive george fon knknkoko vicicryry ththere'nouestn out .
00:13:03Foren'dynate power in both hais m mininhim m e e ourge of the heavyweight division.
00:13:09George foreman is now the number one contender for the heavyweight championship, and the question I w w is s ininto st ts fomasteaoller?
00:13:18It lksike haad a a ev champion joe frazier ll ha to mama r rm fofothth usn toadgeor feman >>eoeoe e reren'reco.
00:16:02He's's1919/4 p pndnd he's's' ' , and he won the title onanua 2ofof ts ar wh oofofoe friein kgsn, jai.
00:16:13And it's his first defense .
00:16:16Crse,s u kn, 'sndefte he w w a a 3figh, 3535 by o.
00:16:21Soso, hopeecect n u ge 's a aororr ololpipi aveieighchpion heononheheit in 68 in miccicity anwewee e l l t t r r unun nuerernenef f e e rsrswowod'd' heywywghghchchpipishsh f fhtht in tyoyo >>ayaydsds, , t t w w, , isis IS H H 1 1h CHCHPIPISHIPIPIGIG And d s s sih h t tyoyo [bell rings] .
00:16:52>> Ococoseseasasououroroblbl halreaea g gssededroron wiwill bod momo t toughghhehearlyly partf f e e ghgh m mbebe, , 7 .
00:17:03Foren,n,n n e e hehehaha, , ldld me hwiwi t t f f a anonoououasas .
00:17:08Thiss s 1717ooooriri, , t t wa a a g grgrgwiwi c cststtltl trtotout t t r rg ininalal romama o othe e other hand, of cocosesewillllryrynd s sy y t ofof corners.
00:17:25So far, they'rfefeing g chch otr r ou that right uppercut stung roman.
00:17:37Mager llaileraed ts pot ininhehere-f-fhtht inructnsboutoran pupuininhis s n n ay a a t tn pupuhihi.
00:17:47He g g romom I ithe e rnrn, and that's dangerous.
00:18:06Ofours that was an accidental punch.
00:18:12Geor h r rom wn heasasowow send te.
00:18:20He'ltrtoto bt e e cot ofof 5.
00:18:25>> Jay edson brings them i a ririt t percrc d d theheobob don'n'ththinhehe g gngngo o keke it, ieies.
00:18:42>> Hist.
00:18:46>> Iwawa prectct, lele a lot of heart.
00:18:49He tried to stay away.
00:18:51A 17-foot ring.
00:18:53And george foreman just cut him off.
00:21:33>> World heavyweight championship: george foreman vs.
00:21:36Ken norton.
00:21:3815 Rounds.
00:21:40Hello again, everybody.
00:21:41Bob sheridan along with muhammad ali here at ringside, for the heaveieit t amamononipipf f ee worlisist t akak gegegeoran cinintohi ri with h rereco o o o3939, , knkokos,s,hehererendnds s coco of1 1 rsrsrorod d ococutut 2 2 inin r rndndororeses th'sen nto a rorofof 32 wins--32 fights--30 wins and two lossesa trenenususececdd in his own right.
00:22:10Norton on the right-hand side of the screen, george foreman on the left-hand side.
00:22:15Here we go, round one, the heavyweight championship othth worlrlisist stste.e.
00:22:19Let's watcand e f foran cocomes song.
00:22:25To t ts s int,t,ororn has thrown e ly pcha lit ftft taken on the gloves by george foreman.
00:22:30Wild left hand over the head of george foreman.
00:22:32Both fighters exactly the same size, foreman slightly heavier, about 7 or 8 pounds heavier.
00:22:37Nonoononnd f foreman both 6' 3".
00:22:39On the right-hand side of your screen is the champion foreman.
00:22:42On the left-hand side is ken norton.
00:22:44Norton in blue.
00:22:45Foreman in red.
00:22:48Rounononjuju u uerery y cacaca v vezezlala fomamashshininthth coenenatatn.n.
00:22:56Foforemalos a tt bitor patient than we have seen him.
00:22:59He knows he's got a fight cut out for him, because he's in againsa re b f felw.
00:23:03Foman n esesut w wh h at l lhtht le t tenenn n e e ououereryy .
00:23:09Thers s e e shshg g ctcts.s.
00:23:10Foren n arar ratr r ow,, fefeelinnoon o.
00:23:18Rt t tha-w't cl a classic style--but certainly the style of dragging that right foot behind him.
00:23:23Vicious left hook goes over the .
00:23:34Prtytyooooststigig l lt t ndnd ro by ren, tenn th face and a right hand to t t k kney.y.
00:23:39That a aunun y y'v'vgogototo watcouou .
00:23:42Foren n shsh d dn n t t h hdd of ntotoananlalaeded a rit t ndnd stigig l lt t ndndo o e e cece of k n ntoto nonoononryinintotoab m me e th hihileleftanan thth I iwhatathehesay y h h to do.
00:23:57Kind of a fishing left hand thrown by the champion.
00:24:01Right hand to the kidney thrown by the champ.
00:24:05Both fighters, their best punch is their left hook.
00:24:08Ths ththririt haha a ain t t .
00:24:14Noononakak a aigig l lt,t, thro a aigig of hiowow one e nunu rememnini in r rndndnene a ryven rsroroun toto this point.
00:24:23Light left hand take wi r rig hd.
00:24:25Anheleleftantakeon the glove by norton.
00:24:27Norton scores with a left hand to the side of foreman's head.
00:24:30Le hananmimiss a ftft j tthe ce of fem.
00:24:34Lit ftft tthfoforead pretty good left hand on the forehead of ken norton.
00:24:45Norton with his back up against the pe th I is erhe c'tffffor stata slipththpupuh h d d idid .
00:24:50Veve I iortata t te ofofovovemt.t.
00:24:51Nort h hgigi o owiwi tt le nd, , d d ies s t tow t ttt wi rht hd t theody.
00:24:55Fomais n arereatox.
00:24:57He a gatunch, ough noons a odoxoxer as foreman comes in and tries holdp,orortobas up 9 9 cocos rereining ininhihi round, the first round.
00:25:10Foreman kind of feeling out norton.
00:25:14[Bell rings] there we go.
00:25:16The opening round of the aveieighchpionipf f th wod c carass hior muhammad, what didou tnkf thfit t rod?
00:25:22>> Jt t keke t tugug I iwowodd bekennnnnonoon b binin geoeoee foreman not throwing all those hard punches and punching him out easy like he did joe frier, b bauau kenny norton is a a greafiteter.
00:25:32Any man that goes 12 rounds--24 rods w wh h hasasototo grereat.
00:25:36Ain't no george foreman, who is still a good amateur, going to destroy ken norton, because i couldn't do it.
00:25:41And m proud of what norton didid, bau t thishs th wod th ntoton arereat fighter.
00:25:45>> Tt't'gegegeorem wee e tctcngng hearary y okoklili h hs s ilil up s satatetet th's'srcrce e ororwowoinin onimim hihandr ck sler.
00:25:54Coming up to round two.
00:25:56Fit t und very even, maybe a sl edgononhe a aununof leather landed on norton would have to give to george foreman.
00:26:03Muhamm a I is ntuall yelling instructions to ken norton.
00:26:07This is norton's corner here now.
00:26:09Norton filled with conctrtrioio he a aososivivththkeke inacac h hwowoththnanalele hi a ardrdororososiviv .
00:26:17Heree e , rorod d o, t t heaveit t chpiship cas, venezuela.
00:26:21George foreman, ken norton on your left.
00:26:26Nowawah h reren n y y c c o o noononn n e e rnrns,s,utut nort I iwowoininththlele j j mu b bteteasase e ipipa a ncnc anououofofhahacocoerer th iwhatorn mu d lo r rig hd th lds jt to t l lt-t-ndndididofofhehe headf f reren.n.
00:26:41Nort tes tja fomamahohos s ososhahas s a a trs s p ph.h.
00:26:45No dagagdodo t trere .
00:26:48Foren n llllryryo o shshanan hel l shshisisananowowwiwi h h le h hd d d d enenhrhr the rit.t.
00:26:54Foreman--see him--trying to cut norton off on the corners.
00:26:59Kenny norton has got plenty of boxing experience.
00:27:0124 Rounds with ali is a master's degree in boxing in any man's school.
00:27:05This is what he can't do.
00:27:06He can't mix it up with foreman inside.
00:27:10Referee jimmy rondo separates thfifighrs first real clinch of the fight.
00:27:15Rod tw .
00:27:17E avywghchamonip o thwoworl oh, a good right hand to the left-hand-side of the face ofororn.
00:27:26No is bibistunund,d, asoran iteng o!
00:27:28Anit l lksks le e e rtrt h h re beeeeststgerereasase wewe up against the ropes.
00:27:33Ththrereree e g ging g mm e cocot.t.
00:27:35Yes, hllllave e t te thcounun ok, , , , d hehe w wgo, , foren mes ngg onn e condndouound nonoononoes s wnwn ainin a ftand t sid ofheead.
00:27:48Hel ve tta anoer 8-unt.t.
00:27:50, Doe't s lele a a rububryrys a a ftft haha g gs totoheheidee of the head.
00:27:54A ririt t percrc, , leftftabab d vicis ftft sdsororto crblintohe cvafofor e seco te!
00:28:02Hehe doe'tnow erhe i it's up to 5, I dodot t ow I inonoon camaket.
00:28:07It mhte alov r rig he.
00:28:10Ge fororananetaiai t t aveieighchpionip t w wor!
00:28:14Now 'rgointotoavavthth reayayf f e e ococututn n ee seco r rndnd weavavthth c cininupup .
00:28:19It w a araratitisesendndouou .
00:28:25Norton holds--there's the straight left hand, snaps the hehe t tthe e ftft now,at.
00:28:30Heeieintththlele .
00:28:32Go l leftohe by.
00:28:33There's the right hand that sh himow anheleleftoooothth g gs s erer the e adadf kekey y rtonon the e ghghhandndatates h h o o the e side of the head.
00:28:43Pushes him away.
00:28:43Now, watch this.
00:28:45That really knocks him-- and get him going the other way.
00:28:47The right hand crosses across, spins his head.
00:28:52Foreman still knows where he is athipoin b hisegegarar ruerer-o-o r rhehe nton knowwhwhe e I i b b h h l lss are bbbby.y.
00:28:58Foren n memeupupititthth .
00:29:01Now,atat t ts s e.e.
00:29:02Thers s e e e e atateaeayy .
00:29:05Anand lo athatppppcucu the'the mang bw.
00:29:07W e e le grubby.
00:29:08Anotr ciciourit t ha!
00:29:12So, 'swowo rhtppertsn a row that did the damage.
00:29:15Nody r rllllbeliliededhat t isis fight would go out in two.
00:29:18Here we go.
00:29:19Watch that.
00:29:19There's the left.
00:29:20Lolook at that right uppercut.
00:29:22Trendo r rhthtercu now here he comes on.
00:29:24Another vicious right hand, and that's the one that did the damage.
00:29:27Ththat left hand put him out to stay.
00:29:30>> June 13, 1935 -- madison square garden bowl,