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00:00:00I don't think lenox needs to go forward.
00:00:05He's place a straight right hand on this center crown.
00:00:13Final moments of the fight.
00:00:17Sweeping left hand.
00:00:22That's got to be considered a technical knockdown.
00:00:27The rope, the only thing that holds him up there.
00:00:34And again, you can see that right hand, depositive ground on the floor.
00:00:45Doing a lot of the work for lenox.
00:00:52>> Joe: So brown resting safely now after the fight.
00:00:57He took some damage in round number four.
00:01:00We'll hear from the judges when we return.
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00:03:42>> Joe: John lenox scored the knockdown in the last round.
00:03:47Let's get the decision.
00:03:52>> After four rounds of action, we go to the judge's score cards.
00:04:00Bennett scores about 39-46 for lenox.
00:04:09Judge cap chi know scores about 38-47 for brown.
00:04:16And judge cheeks scores about 38-37 for your winner by split edition, from the blue corner, lenox.
00:04:35>> Joe: John lenox gets the split decision.
00:04:41Robert brown still seeking his first win.
00:04:43It's a good night here in atlantic city.
00:04:48Johnson wins the main event.
00:04:52The battle of the american, the undefeated heavyweight american prospect and johnson scoring big in the fourth over vargas.
00:05:04I'm joe tessitore, reminding you next week on "friday night fights," the cuban stars in miami.
00:05:1100 eastern next " espn classic presents one of the greatest upsets in boxing history.
00:05:18It's the 1990 heavyweight championship fight between mike tyson and james "buster" douglas.
00:05:24AS THE '90s UNFOLDED, TYSON Seemed unbeatable -- 37-0 with 33 knockouts.
00:05:30His menacing presence inside the ring, coupled with his tabloid lifestyle outside of the ring, made it seem that tyson would be a world figure, as eric clemons explains in this vintage "SportsCenter" REPORT ON THE EVE Of the fight from tokyo.
00:05:43>> They call it "the big egg," the tokyo dome, here in japan, and on sunday, here in japan -- saturday night in the united states -- mike tyson makes his first heavyweight title defense in almost 7 months against james "buster" douglas.
00:05:55Now, while most in the states feel that this fight is of no major consequence, any time the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world steps to this side of the planet, it's always considered a big deal.
00:06:05>> No, no, no.
00:06:06No, no, no.
00:06:07No, no, no.
00:06:09No, no, no.
00:06:11>> That's evidenced by the way these japanese fans responded to the champion upon his visit to the aikido yoshinkan dojo for a martial arts exhibition.
00:06:19Many of them ran simply to be near him and grinned uncontrollably as tyson obliged with autographs, handshakes, and smiles.
00:06:26But right now tyson's only true interest is simply defending his title.
00:06:34..i'm just here for a job.
00:06:37I'm ready to leave.
00:06:40I'm at peace with myself.
00:06:41I don't want to be a celebrity.
00:06:43I'm a champion.
00:06:44You know what I mean?
00:06:45A celebrity, you know, he's out there showing his face, smiling.
00:06:48That's not me.
00:06:49>> Heading into the fight, douglas had won 29 of 34 professional bouts.
00:06:54In his only other shot at a heavyweight title, douglas was stopped in the 10th round by the ibf champ, tony tucker.
00:07:00Now let's head back to 1990 -- tyson and douglas for the heavyweight championship, right here on espn classic.
00:07:10>> While jimmy lennon jr.
00:07:10Continues his introductions, we will take a look at the tail of the tape, and you see there, uh, mike tyson a few years younger.
00:07:18He's actually 6 years younger.
00:07:20He's 11 1/2 pounds lighter than is buster douglas, and he's giving away 5 inches in height and is a considerable reach advantage you see there, too, for buster douglas.
00:07:31Now let's listen to jimmy.
00:07:32>> And fighting out of columbus, ohio.
00:07:35>> Yeah!
00:07:35>> His weight--231 1/2 pounds.
00:07:39His record--29 wins, 4 defeats, one loss, one draw, with 19 wins by way of knockout.
00:07:49He's ranked number 3 by the wbc, number 4 contender in the wba.
00:07:55Please welcome the challenger-- james "buster" douglas.
00:08:02>> They don't know buster douglas too well here, but he's one of the real nice guys in boxing with a great opportunity tonight.
00:08:09>> And his opponent-- the defending champion on my left--really needing no introduction the world over.
00:08:17He's ready to fight out of the red corner and attired in black trunks.
00:08:22Hailing from catskill, new york, he weighed in at a ready 220 1/2 pounds.
00:08:30His outstanding record-- 37 wins, no defeats, with 33 big wins by way of knockout.
00:08:39He's making his tenth defense of the heavyweight crown.
00:08:43Introducing the undefeated, disputed heavyweight champion of the world--the one and only iron mike tyson.
00:08:59>> Just another day at work for mike tyson.
00:09:01He looks almost bored as they fall into the center of the ring by the referee octavio meyran.
00:09:06>> Gentlemen, remember the dressing room instructions.
00:09:10Shake hands and good luck, both.
00:09:13>> Mike didn't have that menacing look that we've seen in so many of his fights before.
00:09:17Anyway, the stage is set.
00:09:19Now, you'll notice something in the crowd here.
00:09:21They don't quite cheer the way they do in the united states and other places around the world, so if you think the crowd isn't into it, we're in the tokyo dome.
00:09:29It seats some 60,000 people.
00:09:32There's about 30,000 to 35,000 here, but it's not that they're not into the fight.
00:09:36It's just that they don't seem to react the same way they do.
00:09:39You know, their baseball players bow at the umpires in seball when they're called out on strikes, so that kind of gives you an idea.
00:09:46The stage is set.
00:09:47We're set to go.
00:09:48Bob sheridan here.
00:09:49You see mike tyson in the black trun--traditional-- and buster douglas.
00:09:53Well, buster--it's which buster douglas has come to fight tonight?
00:09:57We've seen him fight outstandingly in many of his fights.
00:09:59We're just underway here.
00:10:0110-Point-must scoring system.
00:10:023 Judges will score the fight.
00:10:04Larry rozadilla of the united states, , and mr. uchida from japan here.
00:10:11Mike will try to get in and land that big right hand any time he can.
00:10:15Buster, who's got a pretty good left hand, and you see that jab.
00:10:17He's trying to hold mike off.
00:10:19If he's able to hold mike off, this thing could go a few rounds.
00:10:22If he can't hold mike off, mike will dispose himarly.
00:10:27And that right hand got through.
00:10:29There's a surprise, and one thing noticeable right away here is that buster is not backing up, and when he gets in tight, he's not just hanging on to mike.
00:10:37He's here to fight.
00:10:40Johnny johnson--his trainer-- AND J.D. McCAULEY ACTUALLY Believe that buster douglas can win this fight, but, golly, how many trainers have we listened to over the years that, uh, you ow, I think sometimes you get too close to a fighter and you believe things that you're hoping for, but, uh, honestly speaking, buster looks pretty good in the early going here of this, the first round of a scheduled 12-round world heavyweight championship fight.
00:11:05And now the, uh, warning comes about and the heads coming in.
00:11:09You saw mike's head come right in the cheek there of buster douglas.
00:11:13You see the way mike dips down, and by the way, this is one of the taller fighters, as we reach the halfway point in this, the first round, and you see right away--buster not so intimidated by mike.
00:11:24Couple of unusual things here.
00:11:26You know, against the guys he won the title from, like trevor berbick and bonecrusher smith, with the exception of tony tucker, who mike won the ibf title from, everybody else has been really intimidated by mike, and buster is not showing a lot of that, uh, you know, real intimidation we've seen by other fighters fighting mike.
00:11:45>> Hey, hey.
00:11:47>> The big thing is whether he can sustain this.
00:11:49Of course, mike hasn't tagged him yet with a big blow.
00:11:53>> Knuckle down, boy!
00:11:54>> Look at them as they exchange here in round one.
00:11:57Oh, that right hand actually caught mike!
00:11:59Now, mike may have taken it on the glove there, but, uh, buster is here to fight.
00:12:04This is a surprise, I think, right away.
00:12:09You see again the key.
00:12:10They keep watching for this-- whether buster can hold him off with the left hand, and what nobody else has been ae to do--can he actually ever back mike off?
00:12:20>> Keep going, baby.
00:12:22>> There's that big lunging left hook and buster able to get--notice the right hand up to protect the right ear.
00:12:27I think the height and reach advantage, uh, certainly looking like an advantage for buster douglas here in the early going.
00:12:34Buster in at 231 1/2-- 11 1/2ounds heavier than is mike tyson.
00:12:41Coming up to the closing seconds of this, the first--wow!
00:12:44With a right hand, it's buster douglas, and mike comes right bacm and answers it with a wild left hand of his own.
00:12:49There's the bell ending round one.
00:12:51I got to tell you, folks-- 4 f1 >> while mike tyson was a dominant force inside the ring, many thought outside the ring he was battling many personal demons.
00:15:02As his career progressed, it became apparent that it was only a matter of time before these stractions would eventually catch up with him inside the ring.
00:15:09For more on tyson's rise and fall, here's al bernstein in his continuing series, "bernstein on " >> by june of 1988, when mike tyson dusted off light-heavyweight champion michael spinks in one round, he'd accomplished more in his first 3 years as a pro than one might have ever expected.
00:15:28He produced 35 wins, all but 4 , won and defended the heavyweight title 7 times, and even managed to unify that title, always a tough task in the st 20 years of boxing history.
00:15:41And he had done all this just 3 days shy of his 22nd birthday.
00:15:45The way he did it was with a relentless fighting style that featured head movement and defense as much as aggression.
00:15:52And with it, a dedication to the sport that seemed endless and a personal ferocity that came to life in the ring.
00:15:59After the spinks fight, changes came quickly to tyson -- personal issues, new trainers, a new promoter and manager, and, ultimately, a new way of looking at the sport of boxing.
00:16:10These changes and others, that apparently were internal, manifested themselves inside the ring, marking his decline, and would affect him for the rest of his career.
00:16:20And the genesis of all that is seen best in the fight featured on this show -- his battle with buster douglas.
00:16:27For espn classic, I'm al bernstein.
00:16:30>> Who were the 3 fighters that tyson beat to unify the title?
00:16:33Trevor berbick, james "bonecrusher" smith, and tony tucker.
00:16:37Now, though, we continue with the 1990 heavyweight championship fight between mike tyson and james "buster" douglas, here on espn classic.
00:16:48>> Let's see how it goes here in round 3.
00:16:50Mike looks like he's got the adrenaline flow going a bit better here.
00:16:54Mike, of course, has had some personal problems, and you wonder--everything has come kind of easy for him.
00:17:01Is he bored?
00:17:02Um, you know, he had all the highly publicized problems with his marriage with robin givens, and, of course, the death of cus d'amato-- good left hook to the body that time and-- >> come on. don't do that, mike.
00:17:14Don't do that, mike.
00:17:15Break. ok.
00:17:19>> They tell me again, uh, interesting information that buster douglas has landed over 50 punches, and tyson's landed only 16.
00:17:28Now, the problem is the judges don't see those statistics that we're telling you, so, uh, I would say that the judges probably scored the first round even and the second round in favor of buster douglas.
00:17:39You see mike much more aggressive, but again, buster's not being backed off by mike tyson, which is something we jushaven't se in other fights.
00:17:47>> Now, no, no, no.
00:17:49>> Referee meyran tries to separate the two big fellas, and the action continues.
00:17:54It's clear that buster douglas is not intimidated by mike tyson.
00:17:58Mike not using a lot of movement.
00:18:00You notice we haven't seen him do the dip.
00:18:02He's kept that head kind of in the face of buster douglas, but we're only in round 3, don't forget, and buster has that history of kind of wearing down as fights progress.
00:18:13Midway point now in this, the third round.
00:18:17Octavio meyran, the third man in the ring.
00:18:20His name is actually octavio meyran sanchez.
00:18:23He goes by the last name meyran.
00:18:25>> That-a boy.
00:18:27>> Unbelievable the performance, to this point anyway, of buster douglas.
00:18:32Douglas, of course, in the white.
00:18:34You see him faint right, and then he doesn't throw the right hand.
00:18:36Mike tying him up inside.
00:18:38Buer doing something successful.
00:18:40When he gets mike inside, he grabs on and holds.
00:18:43You see right there, and that prevents mike from doing what we've seen in other fights-- dipping down and then coming with that big uppercut.
00:18:50Haven't seen an uppercut yet by mike tyson.
00:18:55That one, he kind of shoots from the hip and misses the left hand and notice buster doing a pretty good job getting his right hand up by the ear so he's not susceptible by getting really creamed by that left hook of mike tyson.
00:19:08Oh, that--there's the left hook that got through!
00:19:10That's the first real telling blow by mike ton, and now let's see if buster can hang on and keep him off.
00:19:16Instead, it's buster coming back.
00:19:19Mike paws and lunges.
00:19:23Well, mike has been very successful against some tall guys.
00:19:27Bonecrusher smith--a big tall guy.
00:19:29Mitch "blood" green-- ..
00:19:33>> Down in front!
00:19:35And both of those opponents just sort of hung on to mike, but buster is hanging on when he gets inside, but trying to keep him off with the left and then throwing the right hand.
00:19:45Closing seconds now, as the bell ends round number 3.
00:19:49>> Hey, hey.
00:19:49, ithisunthis, s round 4.
00:21:23Bob sheridan here.
00:21:24We're in tokyo, japan, and a beautiful arena here where they--the yomiuri giants play baseball most of the time, and the japanese crowd of some 35,000 ohand here enjoying what they certainly didn't expect, and that's that we're in the early moments here of the fourth round in tokyo.
00:21:43>> Hey!
00:21:45Break, boys.
00:21:46>> Buster has been successful getting his left jab through and holding mike off.
00:21:51He really hasn't backed mike off yet, and that would be an indication if maybe buster's for real, and mike, you saw, landedhat big le hook, and there he goes headhunting with the right hand, and that's what aaron snowell told him in between the third and fourth rounds.
00:22:09But again, their philosophy may be to try to wear this big guy down, but at this stage into the fourth round, buster not showing any signs of slowing down.
00:22:19He looks a bit lethargic here in the fourth.
00:22:21He's not up on his toes, not shting out that left as much--well, there he goes.
00:22:25As I say it, he throws a left with a right right behind it.
00:22:28Notice another thing about buster-- some pretty good hand speed, and for some reason, mike doesn't seem to be into it, but he's a guy, as we've seen so many times in other fights that have gone any distance at all, like against jose ribalta that went 10 rounds, and, oh, I suppose you could talk about that rouvd fit with tyrell biggs, but mike, when he decides to pick up the pace, can do it.
00:23:01Past the midway portion of the fourth round, and octavio meyran separates them for about the 20th time so far here.
00:23:10>> Concentrate!
00:23:12>> Open !
00:23:14>> Of course, the people on hand here are thrilled that buster is still around here in the fourth round, and the big question's going to be, can he back mike off?
00:23:22Can he keep that left going?
00:23:24Oh, now, see, there's a right hand that gets thrown.
00:23:27I'm talking about the big questions, and all of a sudden, the big fella executes it.
00:23:31See him bounce the head back again of mike tyson?
00:23:36And he's been very successful with the ability to tie mike's hands up.
00:23:40For some reason, mike just doesn't look as aggressive and menacing as I've seen him in so many other fights, but all that can change with one big shot and don't ever forget that.
00:23:50 that's a great thing about the heavyweights.
00:23:53It's always sudden death.
00:23:55>> Break. break.
00:23:57All right.
00:24:00>> There's the ability of buster douglas again.
00:24:02Yov have to say, in all the fights and all the world telecasts we've done that have involved buster douglas, this is the best I've ever seen him look.
00:24:13And, of course, styles make fights, and you see-- oh, there's mike missing that big left that just grazed the chin of buster douglas and douglas answerjng with loaded-up shots of his own as the bell ends round 4.
00:24:26Hey, we've got a good fight on our hands here in tokyo.
00:24:32Mike tyson just barely missed that, uh, left-hand shot, and right away, buster came right back.
00:24:42As evander holyfield-- of course, he's in line.
00:24:46He's got a $12 million guarantee for june, so, of course, he wants everything to go the way it's supposed to go.
00:24:53Evander, one of the great warriors in this sport, but he'll have his hands full with tyson like everyone else has had.
00:25:02Because I say that like I just expect tyson to knock buster douglas out, but this 4 f1 >> you're watching heavyweight history, as mike tyson defends his heavyweight title in 1990 against buster douglas, here on espn classic.
00:26:50>> Your mouthpiece.
00:26:51Everything will be there, champ.
00:26:52>> You can come back, ok?
00:26:53>> Don't worry about it.
00:26:54>> A lot of confidence in the corner of buster douglas.
00:26:59[Bell rings] and buster filled with confidence as we go to round number 5.
00:27:04You know, my scorecard-- I actually have douglas winning 2, 3, and 4.
00:27:10And look at this.
00:27:11The first two big shots and 3 and 4 shots landed in this, the fifth round are landed by james "buster" douglas.
00:27:17T intimidated at all.
00:27:19Now, you see what I mean about backing him off?
00:27:21This is the first guy I've seen that's been able to do this.
00:27:23As I say that, mike comes right for him.
00:27:26The trouble with trying to alyze what buster is doing now is I just have the feeling that mike wants to drag this into some later rounds, but there was a real good right hand that landed off the hand of james "buster" douglas.
00:27:38No, mike. no.
00:27:38[Indistinct] no punches. ok.
00:27:42>> A little bit of swelling and puffiness by that left eye.
00:27:44You see the jab followed by the right hand?
00:27:47Mike with puffiness by that left eye here in the fourth round.
00:27:51>> No punches. break.
00:27:53>> Now, buster is back up on his toes like he was in the real early going.
00:27:59>> No, no, no.
00:28:00>> You know, as the rounds go by, this guy is gaining more confidence.
00:28:04>> Ok.
00:28:05>> So mike doesn'tanto drag this thing any further than he really has to now.
00:28:12Mike never used to being hit as much as he's been hit in this fight.
00:28:17Oh, big right hand landed that time!
00:28:20Buster is--if 2, 3, and 4 is a question mark, he's winning the fifth round handily.
00:28:28You don't need to be a professional boxing judge at the midway point here, and even inside there, he lands an uppercut.
00:28:37Mike lunging with the left hand, and buster seems quick enough on his feet, so as mike lunges with that left hook, he's able to slide back.
00:28:46A lot of that has to do with the height and reach that he has, but he's chosen to stand and fight with mike where bonecrusher smith when he fought him and mitch "blood" green-- every time they get anyplace near mike, they just tied him up, and it made for a lackluster fight.
00:29:01Buster douglas, for however long this goes, has come to fight.
00:29:07>> Ok.
00:29:10>> That-a boy. get to him.
00:29:11>> No, no.
00:29:13>> Buster's making a statement that, at least, he's not afraid of mike tyson, and that's something that we can't say for too many of the opponents that have fought mike, no matter whom they may be to this stage in mike's young career.
00:29:31Is mike having an off night?
00:29:33You don't know.
00:29:34I mean, because again, the guy that lives by the big punishing punches--i've never seen him, in any of his fights, behind in the fights before, and again, I use bonecrusher smith and I use blood green because they're the tallest guys that I can recall him fighting.
00:29:50You see that punishing body shot with the right hand to the side of buster douglas' body?
00:29:57Coming up to the closing seconds of the fif, and this is certainly buster douglas' round.
00:30:00[Bell rings] all right, and buster not taking any of the shenanigans from mike, and that tells you something in itself.
00:30:08Back now, the corner of mike tyson, and we'll listen this time.
00:30:11>> You got to stay tight on this guy, mike.
00:30:14You got to jab right hand around here, left hook up here, and come out with your right hand, all right?
00:30:18You're here to punch him.
00:31:52>> Round 6.
00:31:54[Bell rings] >> mike just not moving laterally at all.
00:31:59He's standing and making himself a nice target for buster douglas.
00:32:02This is round 6.
00:32:04Scheduled for 12, and a big surprise to this point in the fight here in tokyo.
00:32:14I get buster winning 2, 3, 4, and 5.
00:32:17That's unofficial, of course.
00:32:19The judges--rozadilla, morita, and uchida of japan--will do the official scoring, but a blind man can see certainly that douglas is in command at this stage.
00:32:30>> Step back.
00:32:31And at one stage, I question whether that could be the fight plan--to drag it into the later rounds--but buster not showing any signs of wearing down, at least to this point, and we're in the sixth round.
00:32:42>> Come on, mike!
00:32:43Get ready! here he comes!
00:32:48>> Mike tyson with a long history of early knockdowns when he was fighting a lot.
00:32:56Very few fights get to the second round.
00:32:59Almost all first-round knockouts, and then you get into the area of '86 where he actually had to go 10 rounds against quick tillis.
00:33:09It was his longest appearance at that stage.
00:33:12It hasn't been a lot of rounds since then.
00:33:16>> Step back, both.
00:33:17Step back.
00:33:17No punches. step back.
00:33:19All right.
00:33:20>> And it's, you know, a real strange thing in my mind.
00:33:22I'm saying to myself, "hey, is mike mentally prepared to go the distance in this " and if so, he better start winning some rounds.
00:33:30Mike looking a bit lethargic to me for the first time that I've seen him in his career.
00:33:36Oh, nice, nice jab by tyson that time.
00:33:39See, again, I don't want to give you the false impression that mike couldn't end this at any time because he still has thunder in both hands, and you get the idea now that the adrenaline's pumping here in the sixth round.
00:33:52Mike has got to realize that he's behind in this fight.
00:33:56You know, he's a guy that things have come very easy for him so far.
00:33:59Now he's got a man who's ..
00:34:03And this is when they separate the great champions from the guys who are around for a while--is how they face adversity, and mike has got to reboundrom this because, certainly, buster's having a good time of it to this point.
00:34:16Whatever the case may be in the eventual outcome, this is turning into a terrific fight, and it's gonna be a memorable one.
00:34:24Look at buster with the movement.
00:34:27Mike continues to stay flatfooted, not showing a lot of boxing skills.
00:34:32We haven't seen any uppercs from mike.
00:34:35We haven't seen him dip down.
00:34:36>> Use the jab to get him there, mike.
00:34:38>> And looking, again, almost lethargic looking to land the big blow, which was thrown about 3 or 4 times in this fight.
00:34:45A couple have landed, but buster's been able to gobble them up.
00:34:48You see that one? just off.
00:34:50We're in the closing seconds now of this, the sixth round, and every time mike-- [bell rings] mike does that hop, skip, and a jump as the bell ends the sixth round-- buster seems to realize it and backs off.
00:37:27>> Look at that swelling of the left eye of mike.
00:37:29That can become a problem.
00:37:31[All talking at once] >> everything off of 7.
00:37:37>> Round 7.
00:37:39[Bell rings] here we go in the seventh round.
00:37:42Bob sheridan here in tokyo, japan.
00:37:44This is for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.
00:37:47Mike tyson in the black trunks, having a very tough time of it against james "buster" douglas.
00:37:53You know, coming into the fight, emotionally speaking, buster probably has everything going for him.
00:38:00A lot of talk about the death of his mother and the dedication that this is his night and all of that sort of stuff, but just one big shot from mike tyson can end all that speculation, and mike looks like he's really trying to land a big shot here in the seventh round.
00:38:15[Indistinct yelling] >> punch him there, mike.
00:38:20>> Break. break!
00:38:22All right. break.
00:38:25>> The way the fight's going to this point, you at least have to begin thinking the possibility of an upset because I have buster considerably out in front in my scorecard.
00:38:36In fact, at this stage in the fight, I don't have mike tyson winning one round.
00:38:39I scored the last round even.
00:38:41I was stretching to score it even for that round, and I scored the first round even, but I scored 2, 3, 4, and 5 all in favor of buster douglas.
00:38:53Buster one of the real nice guys in the boxing game, having the best night of his life.
00:38:58Mike--if he's not having an off night, he's not having a great night.
00:39:02He's not able to execute a lot of things.
00:39:04His hands aren't real busy.
00:39:06He's throwing a lot of wide punches, and every time, just like that time, ..
00:39:11>> Break!
00:39:12>> Being landed by james "buster" douglas.
00:39:17Octavio meyran.
00:39:19Again, you see the jab holding mike off, and more often than not, he's landed-- oh, look at the shot inside by mike that time.
00:39:28Doesn't seem to hurt buster.
00:39:29He's in great shape.
00:39:30There's no question about it.
00:39:31Look at him pushing mike off.
00:39:33Now, there's something you haven't seen.
00:39:36Buster has got the confidence and perhaps--you know, you go back to when leon spinks fought muhammad ali.
00:39:43When he got to this stage in the fight, he had to just say, you know, "hey, maybe I can beat this guy muhammad ali" is spinks' thinking, and now you definitely get the idea that douglas is saying, "hey, I can beat tyson.
00:39:57" and when a fighter believes in himself, and he's ahead in the scorecard, if he doesn't run out of gas, how dangerous can he be?
00:40:08I don't know.
00:40:10But I'll tell you one thing-- there's the first or second uppercut we've seen by mike tyson inside.
00:40:16Buster trying to get off with a kind of half right-handed uppercut that time.
00:40:21Both guys--and buster showing a little bit more fatigue here.
00:40:26I think mike probably having his best round of the fight to this point.
00:40:30Nice shot inside.
00:40:31[Indistinct yelling] and now you get the idea that at some stage here, mike can land a big shot and end this fight.
00:40:40[Bell rings] there's the bell ending ..and that, to me, is tyson's first round of the fight.
00:40:50>> Got to do combinations, all right?
00:40:52[All talking at once] >> all right? you're down.
00:40:58>> You know, we showed you a shot of evander holyfield, but one of the big surprises in this training camp of mike tyson's was greg page, who actually dropped him in training.
00:41:07That was a big surprise, and he immediately got greg page out of there as a sparring partner because don king said, "hey, page, if he's able to do that in training, we could make him " don't forget--greg was a former wba heavyweight champion of the world and could be s his heavyweight title in 1990 against buster douglas, here on espn classic.
00:43:19>> And here we go with the eighthound, and let's see if mike can sustain what he started in the seventh, or buster is gonna get right back on top of his game.
00:43:28We're in tokyo, japan.
00:43:29I'm bob sheridan.
00:43:30You're watching the heavyweight championship of the world.
00:43:32Mike tyson throwing a little bit more leather here now in the early going of the eighth round.
00:43:37Buster tying him up.
00:43:39>> Break, james.
00:43:40>> Expect them to see some fatigue from buster, but no matter what the story is, you never expect them to be in the eighth round of this heavyweight championship fight.
00:43:52Buster looking a little bit sloppy now.
00:43:56>> Break. break.
00:43:57In the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds, buster able to back mike off with that jab and then land the right hand behind it.
00:44:05Let's see if he can get back to that.
00:44:07Oh, instead, mike nds a pretty good right hand of his own inside!
00:44:10>> Break, james.
00:44:12>> And there's got to be a sense of urgency for mike.
00:44:14I think his corner has told him enough that, uh, you know, you're giving away a few rounds.
00:44:20They don't have the advantages that we have with the replays and the punch stats which are relayed to me, but by the same token, they've got two eyes, and they can see that to this point in the fight, buster douglas is ahead, but in this eighth round, buster's not the same guy he was in the third, fourth, and fifth, and even into the sixth round.
00:44:39Mike trying to sustain what he did in the seventh here.
00:44:42>> Don't relax, champ!
00:44:43Don't relax!
00:44:45>> All right. get him, boy.
00:44:46>> We got him, buster!
00:44:49>> We find out from the truck again that mike has only aved about 25, 26 punches through the first 6 or 7 rounds, and he's already throwing more punches than that, I think, in the eighth round.
00:45:01He's busier, and again, for about the sixth time, octavio meyran warns the two fighters about the heads coming together.
00:45:08Neither fighter's been down.
00:45:10Neither fighter visibly shaken.
00:45:12Mike has puffiness by the left eye.
00:45:15Buster--a little abrasion by his left eye.
00:45:19 with a left hand is buster douglas.
00:45:22Buster drops that big right hand, but mike takes it on the gloves, and he backs up mike again with a left.
00:45:27 with a right hand is buster!
00:45:29>> Hey, both!
00:45:31>> Buster trying to really work the left eye of mike tyson.
00:45:35He hit right there, right on top of him just as I say it.
00:45:38 with a right hand that time is buster!
00:45:40Buster trying to finish this thing, and you get an idea mike is trying to finish it as well.
00:45:45This has turned out to be ..
00:45:50And the fact of the matter is it's buster that's makg it the fight.
00:45:54Look at these shots landed by buster douglas, and if buster was out of gas in the early going of this round, he's got it back together in the late portion here.
00:46:01Grazing left hand.
00:46:02Chopping right misses.
00:46:04Uppercut landed by mike tyson.
00:46:06That's one of the few uppercuts he's landed in the fight.
00:46:09We've been looking for that all night.
00:46:11Oh, there was a nice uppercut that time that drops buster douglas!
00:46:15The count's up to 2 and 3 and 4.
00:46:19His eyes from where I'm sitting look very clear.
00:46:22It's up to 7 and 8, and here it is at 9.
00:46:25Is he gonna get up?
00:46:26Yes, he does.
00:46:28All right.
00:46:29[Bell rings] and the bell ends the eighth round!
00:46:32What a round for mike tyson!
00:46:36What a turn of events!
00:46:40>> You made a mistake.
00:46:41>> We're gonna show you some replays here.
00:46:44Now let's listen to the corner just a bit.
00:46:47>> You got to double your jabs.
00:46:49Straight right hand.
00:46:50>> Trying to get his bearings ba.
00:46:52Trying to get those legs back, as you look at the replay.
00:46:54It'll be an uppercut from mike tyson that eventually catches him, and there it is.
00:46:58Look at that.
00:46:59That's a clean right uppercut, and down went buster douglas.
00:47:04Different angle.
00:47:05Look at the head snap ..
00:47:10And that's the mike tyson we've been looking for all night.
00:47:14And now the big question is, can buster get it together between the eighth and ninth round?
00:47:20Look at that.
00:47:21What a vicious uppercut.
00:47:23Is it just another day at the office for mike tyson?
00:47:26Well, here we go with round number 9.
00:47:28Now, let's see if mike can sustain it, and he's got the adrenaline flow going.
00:47:33He wants to end this thing now.
00:47:36The ninth round of a fight we never expected to be this far, so no matter what happens, we give a lot of credit to buster douglas for making this a big, big fight.
00:47:46Tyson trying to end it with one big shot again.
00:47:49When he's down, he comes with the uppercut.
00:47:50Somehow or another, buster's throwing shots back!
00:47:53Look at this!
00:47:55Buster is not ready to pack it in.
00:47:58His mind is willing.
00:48:00Are his legs still there?
00:48:03Mike misses with that vicious left uppercut this time.
00:48:07We're in the ninth round-- a place nobody expected us to be in.
00:48:13Look at these shots just loading up by mike tyson now.
00:48:15Mike wants to end this.
00:48:17He's had enough of buster douglas for one night in tokyo.
00:48:22>> Break! break!
00:48:23[Indistinct yelling] >> buster seems to have the bounce back in his legs.
00:48:29In fact, he looks better right now in this, the ninth round, than he did in 7 and 8.
00:48:33In his history, when he's got fatigued, he begins to buckle, but he's not buckling now.
00:48:38>> No, no, no.
00:48:38>> He's doing the right things.
00:48:40He's still sloppy, mind you, in some ways.
00:48:46>> You know buster's mother who died a couple weeks ago might be watching and giving him just that extra inspiration that he needs.
00:48:56Whatever it is, he's fighting back like I haven't seen buster do.
00:49:00Certainly, in the tony tucker fight when he got in trouble, he kind of--well, he folded up.
00:49:05There's no question about it, but buster has something special going tonight.
00:49:12We're past the midway point in round 9, and I expected mike--look at th!
00:49:16Look at buster coming back!
00:49:17Did he buckle the legs of mike?
00:49:19I don't know!
00:49:20He got him again!
00:49:21Buster fights back strongly, landing some big shots!
00:49:25And now he can't get careless!
00:49:26Look at this!
00:49:28Who would ever have expected this?
00:49:30In a round that thought buster would pack it in, he comes back, showing the heart, the tremendous heart that we've seen sometimes and lacking in others.
00:49:40Tonight, buster's got the heart back.
00:49:44Mike now is the one that's hanging on the ropes.
00:49:48Without the ropes, mike may have gone down as well!
00:49:54I haven't seen mike in this kind of trouble before.
00:49:57Look at mike actually grasping to hang on!
00:50:00Mike missing the shots.
00:50:01Buster loading up the shots now.
00:50:04A seesaw battle, it's turned out to be from 6, 7, into the eighth and now the ninth round.
00:50:12>> Right there.
00:50:13>> Buster down, as you know, in the last round.
00:50:15Come off the canvas.
00:50:17This has been something he's not been able to do.
00:50:20Closing seconds of the ninth ..
00:50:23And this is a big surprise.
00:50:24[Bell rings] there's the bell ending the ninth round the significance of what we just saw is buster's history has been when adversity comes, he's had trouble coming back.
00:50:39Mike's history is, when he gets a guy in trouble, he's a great finisher.
00:53:36>> It was late in the eighth round when buster was in a lot of trouble when he got knocked down, but in the ninth round, buster actually came back.
00:53:43Look at these in these replays.
00:53:45You see mike get one big shot in there, but buster landed 2 or 3 and look at this.
00:53:50Buster catches him behind the head.
00:53:51Another flush left hook, trying to get those arms free.
00:53:57Bangs the body.
00:53:58Back upstairs to the head.
00:53:59Buster doing just about everything right, but mike landed that big shot in between, but it didn't take a toll on buster.
00:54:08>> Round 10.
00:54:11[Bell rings] >> buster douglas absolutely having the night of his life to this point.
00:54:15Oh, mike tries to land a big right hand to open the 10th round.
00:54:20Mike wants to finish this thing in the worst way, and according to my scorecard, he almost needsto.
00:54:28Let's see if buster can sustain through the 10th round.
00:54:31 a right hand landed as the referee was breaking them.
00:54:34Mike misses the uppercut.
00:54:37Mike's left eye is really closing up now, as I take a look how he-- if you get a good shot.
00:54:41Well, you can't see it, but I can, and his eye is really absolutely closed on the left side.
00:54:48>> Short right hands!
00:54:49>> That, uh, jab that buster was good at in the early going, but the big surprise to me is the way buster came back in the ninth round.
00:54:56[Referee indistinct] look at this.
00:54:59Buster not intimidated.
00:55:00He wants to keep it going.
00:55:02Mike actually--his legs-- notice his legs in these wide shots.
00:55:05He doesn't have good bounce in his knees.
00:55:08Buster's legs actually look fresher to me.
00:55:11See mike--the way he went back on his heels?
00:55:13Doesn't have the good balance.
00:55:14His legs together as buster's landing these-- oh, nice uppercut by buster douglas!
00:55:19Look at this!
00:55:20He's knocked mike tyson down.
00:55:22For the first time in his career, mike tyson hits the canvas!
00:55:27He's in big trouble!
00:55:29He may not be able to recover!
00:55:30It's up to 7 and 8!
00:55:33He's not gonna make it!
00:55:39Buster douglas is the new heavyweight champion of the world!
00:55:45This has got to be, if not the, one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing!
00:55:53Buster douglas--the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world!
00:55:59It happens here in tokyo, japan!
00:56:04Wow! what a surprise!
00:56:09Mike--definitely confused.
00:56:13Oh, what a surprise!
00:56:15Folks, I've called a lot of great fights over the years, but this upset, as you take a look at that left eye of mike, certainly one of the biggest.
00:56:27Aaron snowell just there told mike that he was counted out.
00:56:32[Cheering] mike, kind of obviously unaware of what happened and look at buster.
00:56:41John horne there.
00:56:43Rory holloway.
00:56:46A lot of concern to that corner.
00:56:48[Captioning made possible by ] what a scene here in tokyo.
00:56:56Who would have believed this?
00:56:58Boy, I'll tell you one thing-- when the heavyweight championship is on the line, this is why, folks, you can't afford to miss it no matter who the opponent is.
00:57:06This is unbelievable.
00:57:08Two jabs.
00:57:09Third jab--a glancing blow.
00:57:12Mike's legs weren't there at this stage, in my opinion.
00:57:15Still coming forward, and there is just a great uppercut, and it's that uppercut that had mike back reeling and then followed up by a real strong left hand, and as it worked out, that's all she wrote, as mike is now about to be counted out.
00:57:34Boy, you talk about mike being out of breath and out of gas and some of the big upsets.
00:57:41This is unbelievable.
00:57:43I'm out of breath and out of gas.
00:57:45This was a draining fight to call and to watch, but what a great sporting event to be at.
00:57:53I mean, you're talking about clay-liston, spinks and ali-- some of the great upsets of all time.
00:58:00This is going to the record books.
00:58:02Folks, what you've seen is now-- I mean, now that I can think about it--is really a very, very historical fight.
00:58:10One more look at it.
00:58:11There's the big uppercut that changes the course of boxing history, followed by the big left hand right--bang!
00:58:18Right there.
00:58:20Oh, look at this and buster still throwing punches.
00:58:22Another big left hand, throwing the punches as he goes down, and mike, for all practical purposes, as the mouthpiece flies, is out right here.
00:58:31What a night for buster douglas.
00:58:33Now there'll be all kinds of questions about mike tyson and his mental preparation for this fight and the change of trainers and the future for mike and--wow.
00:58:43What is this gonna d to the heavyweight picture?
00:58:45It'll be all a jumble now with this man--the new heavyweight champion of the world.
00:58:52We'll have the official announcement from and listen a very historical announcement.
00:59:01>> We have the time--one minute, 23 seconds in round number 10.
00:59:06The winner by way of knockout, the new heavyweight champion of the world-- james "buster" douglas.