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00:04:18Up, up, up!
00:04:20I'm up! I'm up!
00:04:21How do you go up?
00:04:24You're turn. see ya.
00:04:28That was a hoot.
00:04:29I can see whyyou like it so much.
00:04:33Where's the groceries?
00:04:34We decided to getan apartment instead.
00:04:37Oh, I guess I'm notgonna get any change back.
00:04:41No, mom, I'm serious.
00:04:43It's the adultthing to do.
00:04:45You're gonna move out 'cause I won'tdo your laundry?
00:04:48you know, we have a baby on the way.
00:04:51We need our space.
00:04:52We foundan awesome apartment.
00:04:54It's got a pool,a gym, and amenities.
00:05:00I'm not surewhat that is, but they wouldn'tbrag about it if it wasn't good.
00:05:06You know,it's been a while since I gotan apartment, but don't youhave to have a little thingcalled money?
00:05:11come on, van, let's fill outour application.
00:05:14It's our first stepto independence.
00:05:18Mom, do you havea pen?
00:05:22" mr. and mrs. van montgomery.
00:05:28[Giggles] " Both: Married.
00:05:33[Giggles] oh, there's a cute one.
00:05:36" van, what should I put as your "current position"?
00:05:46No, I think they mean a real job.
00:05:48" that can be anything.
00:05:54" ok, well, with my allowance and your, uh-- uh, excuse me.
00:06:02Do you really think your allowance continues once you move out?
00:06:07Ok. fine.
00:06:11Well, we have savings, and all we need is a small little loan to help us get goin' until our jobs kick in.
00:06:16I'm gonna learn to mow.
00:06:28I'm gonna help.
00:06:35Hey, brock.
00:06:38Hi, daddy.
00:06:40Well, hi, honey. hi.
00:06:41How's my favorite little girl?
00:06:43How's my favorite cornerback?
00:06:45Hey, coach.
00:06:47She went to wendy's house.
00:06:49What? oh, well, maybe next week.
00:06:51Wait a minute.
00:06:53You can't let kyra get away with this.
00:06:56What's goin' on between you two?
00:06:57Ah, I don't know, reba.
00:06:59Look, i--it's just, I never know what to say to kyra.
00:07:02If you wanna know the truth, she kinda scares me.
00:07:04She's a 12-year-old girl.
00:07:07With a 35-year-old mouth.
00:07:09She's always makin' fun of me.
00:07:12I will never wear bermuda shorts around her again. that's for sure.
00:07:17Come back tomorrow at 11:00.
00:07:18Ok, I guess I could take her to a movie.
00:07:21No, no, no, no, no. not a movie.
00:07:23I want you two face to face.
00:07:25Plan somethin' special.
00:07:26You have a date with your daughter.
00:07:28All right.
00:07:31Don't leave without sayin' bye to me.
00:07:35 [laughs] daddy, we need your advice.
00:07:39Well, sure, sweetheart. what is it?
00:07:41Well, we need some money.
00:07:45Well, all right. here you go.
00:07:47Thanks, but that's not what I meant.
00:07:50Van and I found this incredibly adorable apartment.
00:07:54An apartment?
00:07:55You kids don't have that kind of money.
00:07:57Oh, van's gonna learn how to mow.
00:08:06No, why do you kids wanna move into an apartment?
00:08:08Come on, you got it pretty good around here.
00:08:10Your mom's a great cook.
00:08:12You can come and go as you please.
00:08:14I loved livin' here.
00:08:19You had a strange way of showin' it.
00:08:23We're trying to be adults.
00:08:25Please, daddy?
00:08:27Please, coach?
00:08:32Sorry, you guys.
00:08:33All I can go is another 20.
00:08:35That's not gonna help.
00:08:40Come on, van.
00:08:46! I put my foot down.
00:08:49Yeah, and it only cost you 60 bucks.
00:08:53Ok, it's a start what about your parents?
00:08:56Uh, I don't think so.
00:08:57Van, I just askedmyparents.
00:08:58Yeah, but your parents didn't shuck your stuff out on the lawn and tell you you were throwin' your life away for a sleazy cheerleader.
00:09:05I'm not a cheerleader. I'm on drill team.
00:09:10Ok, look, van, time has passed.
00:09:12I'm sure they feel guilty by now, and you know what guilt means.
00:09:18Oh. then we're gonna be rich.
00:09:21My parents are monsters.
00:09:30[Horn honks] cheyenne!
00:09:37Check out our new truck.
00:09:40Oh, my god!
00:09:42Honey, it's the best thing I've ever seen.
00:09:47I love you!
00:09:49[Laughs] just what they need, another thing with a bed.
00:09:57 [laughs] [l where'd it come from?
00:10:02My parents got it for me.
00:10:03You were right. guilt works every time.
00:10:05Oh, my god, there's leather seats!
00:10:08[Sniffs] oh, they smell incredible!
00:10:10Mom, you have to come smell these seats.
00:10:13Wait a minute.
00:10:16Are these the same parents who boycotted your wedding and disowned you?
00:10:19Yeah! I even got a bigger surprise!
00:10:23They invited us to move in!
00:10:26No way. yeah.
00:10:28That's awesome!
00:10:34 [laughs] whoa, whoa.
00:10:37What are you talkin' about?
00:10:39Now you're moving?
00:10:41This is a big decision.
00:10:42You two need to do some serious soul searchin' and ask yourself if one extravagant gift erases all the hurtful things they did to you.
00:10:54Is that orange suitcase still in the hall closet?
00:10:59I have a truck!
00:11:00Cheyenne: [laughs] oh!
00:11:08Man! that is one great truck!
00:11:11Is that all anybody cares about, is that stupid truck?
00:11:14Now, reba, I know this is hard, but they're only gonna be a couple of blocks away.
00:11:18And at least they won't be strugglin' to pay the rent on some dumpy apartment.
00:11:21Why isn't this botherin' you as much as it's botherin' me?
00:11:24Because nothin' bothers me as much as it bothers you.
00:11:28Look, the way those kids love each other, they'll be fine.
00:11:32Ok, we're gonna take our first load over.
00:11:37..don't look so sad.
00:11:40We're not movin' out of your life.
00:11:42 we're just gonna be-- I know. it's just a couple of blocks away.
00:11:52Ok, mom.
00:11:54Mom, I'm running out of air.
00:11:58Sorry. bye, daddy.
00:11:59Bye, honey.
00:12:05We knew this day would come.
00:12:07Our little girl is leavin' the nest.
00:12:10Before you know it, it'll be kyra, then little jake.
00:12:14Soon it'll just be you and me, all alone in this big-- brock.
00:12:19You don't live here anymore.
00:12:23You really know how to kill a moment, don't you?
00:12:35Hi, dad.
00:12:36Hello, son.
00:12:37[Cheyenne chuckles] cheyenne.
00:12:39Oh, it's nice to see you, sir.
00:12:43[Exercise machine racket] um, sue, honey, you want to get off that thing?
00:12:46 I had a huge dinner last night.
00:12:48 well, I'm sure you worked off all that celery by now.
00:12:53[Sighs] oh, you know, I've always love this house, mr. and mrs. montgomery.
00:13:00Or should I call you "mom and dad"?
00:13:02[Both parents laugh] and thinks for lettin' us live here, sir.
00:13:09Cheyenne: Oh, yeah.
00:13:10 uh, you know, I need a moment here with my boy, cheyenne.
00:13:14Why don't you go on in the kitchen and fix yourself a snack.
00:13:16Oh, great. yeah, I'm starving.
00:13:18Eatin' for two now.
00:13:21There's rice cakes on the counter.
00:13:24..i'm a little confused here.
00:13:27I thought we had an understandin'.
00:13:29Dad, I don't understand. I'm a little confused.
00:13:32Well, we're tryin' to help you here.
00:13:34You're 17 years old. you got a bright future. gotta leave your problems behind you.
00:13:42..not her.
00:13:45 when you handed me the keys to the truck, you said, "we'd like for you to move back " " oh, van.
00:13:56Your english.
00:13:57" " Ooh, what did santa bring you?
00:14:27Whatcha get?
00:14:27 beeu beeu beeu beeu beeu!
00:14:29Let me see! whoa!
00:14:31It's a barbie!
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00:18:42w Reba:..
00:18:43It looks stupid. right?
00:18:45No, honey. you look adorable.
00:18:48That does it. I'm changing.
00:18:50[Knock on door] too late. your date's here.
00:19:00Is kyra here?
00:19:03Come in, come in.
00:19:10You both look so nice.
00:19:12And is that a rose?'s for you.
00:19:21Well. you both have a wonderful time.
00:19:23Don't bring her home too early.
00:19:28This is so disturbing.
00:19:33..and there's so much closet space.
00:19:36Oh, mom, the montgomerys' house is so great.
00:19:39You're gonna have to come visit us.
00:19:42I'll be up in a second. ok!
00:19:45.. you know that thing that you and cheyenne do where you, like, tell each other stuff and stuff like that?
00:19:58Yeah. that.
00:20:00Sure. what's goin' on?
00:20:03.. mmm...
00:20:04They don't want cheyenne to move in.
00:20:07Only me. I misunderstood them.
00:20:08Plus I think they kinda tricked me.
00:20:10I knew I i knew they were up to somethin'.
00:20:13Wait a minute. why is cheyenne upstairs packin'?
00:20:17I haven't told her yet.
00:20:20 she's gonna be sad!
00:20:23She's gonna be even sadder when they arrest her for trespassing.
00:20:28I can't believe my parents think I'm such a loser that a truck is gonna make me forget cheyenne.
00:20:33 I could just-- I could just-- let it go, van. this is great.
00:20:37You could just what?
00:20:39 that's as far as I've ever gotten.
00:20:44[Sighs] well, what do you usually do when you get mad at your parents?
00:20:47Go to my room without supper.
00:20:51That'll teach 'em.
00:20:53You know what really gets me?
00:20:56Is that they're gonna miss out on gettin' to know their grandkid.
00:20:59And they don't even care.
00:21:02Sounds to me like that's somethin' you need to say to your parents.
00:21:05No. my father isn't much of a listener.
00:21:08He's more of a teller.
00:21:11Well, maybe it's time for you to do the tellin', get it off your chest.
00:21:14Ge you're right.
00:21:17Re cheyenne's my wife!
00:21:18And they have no right to treat her this way!
00:21:20She's got her heart set on movin' in, and that's what we're gonna do.
00:21:25That takes guts, van. I'm proud of you.
00:21:28You really are becomin' an adult.
00:21:30Thanks, mrs. h.
00:21:35Will you come with me? my dad scares me.
00:21:44..this is beyond lame.
00:21:47What? we're havin' fun.
00:21:48This is a teahouse for 6-year-old girls.
00:21:51Well, come on, I'm tryin'.
00:21:53You kids outgrow stuff so fast.
00:21:55..have you ever met me?
00:21:58Do I look like someone who sips tea?
00:22:02No. i--i'm sorry.
00:22:03Bj said this place would be lots of fun.
00:22:06Bj collects beanie babies.
00:22:11Some of our scrumptious orange marmalade.
00:22:14It's from london, england.
00:22:16Get over yourself. it's from safeway.
00:22:28[Rattling] put it down!
00:22:32All right, all right, I know this is lame, but I was just tryin' to find somethin' we could enjoy together.
00:22:38Yeah. wecouldgo to a movie.
00:22:42No, kyra, we can't do that.
00:22:43Then we wouldn't be able to talk.
00:22:44We'd just be sittin' in a dark theater starin' at a screen.
00:22:48Yeah. that would bite.
00:22:53You want to go?
00:22:54I'd sell my hair.
00:22:56Ha ha! let's do it!
00:22:57Do we have to sit next to each other?
00:22:59Heck, we don't even have to see the same movie.
00:23:02You're awesome!
00:23:04No hugging!
00:23:05All right, all right!
00:23:09[Machine chugging] mrs. hart. what a surprise.
00:23:19Mr. montgomery. good to see ya.
00:23:22[Chugging sound] mrs. montgomery.
00:23:24Nice spandex.
00:23:27Sue. want to get off that thing?
00:23:28You look like a gerbil.
00:23:33Dad, I have somethin' important to say to you.
00:23:36And it's real important.
00:23:40I'm listenin'.
00:23:45Thanks for the truck, sir.
00:23:49Uh, somethin' you wanted to add?
00:23:50No. this is between you and van.
00:23:54Even though I think you should be ashamed of how you've treated your son.
00:23:57Excuse me?
00:23:58This is between you and van.
00:24:01I'm not even here.
00:24:04I'd tell you how wrong you are for makin' your son choose between his parents and his wife.
00:24:11Is that what you came here to tell me, son?
00:24:14..i-- you've got him so scared, he's afraid to be honest with you.
00:24:20Van is not afraid of us.
00:24:21Well, of course he's not afraid ofyou.
00:24:23He could snapyou like a twig.
00:24:33..i don't need somebody like you comin' over here and tellin' me how to raise my son.
00:24:39What exactly do you mean, "like me"?
00:24:41Well, someone who sits back and lets her daughter get pregnant.
00:24:46Well, it's not like I was there cheerin' 'em on.
00:24:49But you know what?
00:24:51It happened.
00:24:52You should be proud to have a son with the guts to stick around.
00:24:55I'mproud of him. give him moral support.
00:24:59That would imply that you know somethin' about morals.
00:25:01Hey! you can't talk that way to her!
00:25:06[Meekly] sir.
00:25:08 has stuck by us, somethin' you wouldn't know about.
00:25:10 I've fed and clothed you for 17 years.
00:25:14Oh, so that make you a good father?
00:25:16My whole life, all you've done is bully me.
00:25:18, sometimes I say things ..
00:25:21And she says things back to me.
00:25:24It's called talkin'.
00:25:28 so the way I see it, mrs. h. is a way better dad than you.
00:25:33That's right-- way better.
00:25:35And you know what else?
00:25:38You can keep your really stupid cool truck.
00:25:41I'd rather walk.
00:25:43Come on, dad.
00:25:46Right behind you, son.
00:25:54So they never wanted me to move in?
00:25:57I'm so sorry.
00:25:59But we were gonna be mansion people.
00:26:03Oh, come on. we've got indoor plumbin'.
00:26:06Cheyenne, we don't want to live there.
00:26:08And who would you rather see across the breakfast ..
00:26:11My mom or your mom?
00:26:14My mom.
00:26:16 van's mom never sits at the breakfast table.
00:26:20She might accidentally eat somethin'.
00:26:24I love my mom.
00:26:27[Chuckles] I love my dad!
00:26:31Ha ha ha ha!
00:26:333ñ ath in. hold. and release.
00:26:48Fill your world with peace.
00:26:52Breathe in. hold.
00:26:58And release. ahh.
00:27:05[Bang on door] thanks. sorry about the tree.
00:27:14Do I know you? my daughter plays the clarinet.
00:27:18Not anymore. I switched to tuba.
00:27:20Why do you hate me?
00:27:23Mom, tuba's cool.
00:27:24But I thought you loved the clarinet.
00:27:26It's so pretty and quiet.
00:27:30I outgrew that.
00:27:33[Unpleasant honk] hi, mom.
00:27:38Hey, buddy.
00:27:38Hey, kyra, I know we live in texas, but that necklace is a little over the top.
00:27:46Good one, dad.
00:27:48You wanna look inside?
00:27:52Don't you dare!
00:27:55Mom, something terrible's happened.
00:27:58No, it's not me. I'm fine. it's van.
00:28:01I flunked my history midterm.
00:28:03Now I can't play football.
00:28:05Oh, my god! oh, thank god!
00:28:08What happened?
00:28:09I don't know. I blew it.
00:28:10 now we're gonna lose the game on friday, all because of me.
00:28:14Isn't it enough that he is a football star?
00:28:17Do they expect the boy to be a brain surgeon, too?
00:28:21I'll take care of it. I'll talk to the teacher.
00:28:23I'll get him to give you a makeup test.
00:28:25Aw, thanks, dad.
00:28:26 I flunked once, I'll flunk again.
00:28:29Failure is not an option.
00:28:31Now, look, if you don't play, we lose the game.
00:28:34No playoffs, no championship, no big, shiny trophy in my dental office.
00:28:41We're all counting on you, son.
00:28:44Hey, coach, ease up.
00:28:46Van, look at you. you're a mess.
00:28:50 take your husband upstairs and try to get him to relax.
00:28:53 h, but I can't even think about sex right now.
00:29:03♪ My roots are plantedin the past ♪ though my lifeis changing fast ♪