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00:00:00>> Joe: Exactly.
00:00:02Live [email protected] h here f from friday [email protected] fifights.
00:00:08[email protected] [email protected] 4-3.
00:00:15There is rudolph.
00:00:1726 Wrwreers [email protected]
00:00:19He's [email protected]'5'9" a buck 40 [email protected]/1/2.
00:00:28Andh@ t the c crowd cheering because patterson is inh@ theespn r ring and [email protected] from nearby yut ka, new [email protected] york.
00:00:38They're scheduled f for f [email protected] espn h@ >> this is a fofour-round fifight.
00:00:46Espnant a nice clean fight.
00:00:48I want you toh@ lesespnn to my commands and protect [email protected] at all titimes.
00:00:53Touch gloves [email protected] let's do itit.
00:00:56>> Joe: Veryespn I interesting story patterson.
00:01:04heart surgery.
00:01:06He's a spokesman fosh t [email protected] american heart association I in h@ es this mow hawk region.
00:01:14Amazinh@ stoes a at 2 23 years olold.
00:01:17Espn21 years o old [email protected] undergoes heart surmry.
00:01:22h@ digs [email protected] t the body, back up top h@ pn now with a series of r ryes and lefts.
00:01:32Goodesight hand cups in again.
00:01:34He's wasting noh@ espntitime, teteddy.
00:01:36>> Teddy: He has him j [email protected] where he w wants him.
00:01:39Against those roropes.
00:01:42H@ ruespnh can't use any height.
00:01:44[email protected] looking now r rudolph to punch in h@ pntween.
00:01:50He gets a little room I in [email protected] so far t that windmill o of patterson.
00:01:57H@ >>ESoe: This could be a [email protected] of bad blood at the hweweigh-in.
00:02:05Aespn s spectacularh@ pesespn punching.
00:02:12Tryih@ to esease t the hometown fans here [email protected] c central new york.
00:02:17>> Teddy: [email protected] far, rudolph trying to do it only in close.
00:02:21You can [email protected] m moments wh h@ paeserson showed you [email protected] l little di [email protected] diversity.
00:02:34You can see the tetemperment, e even though it's [email protected], of patterson is to [email protected] ououtside to use that quickness toh@ c coueser o or come forward.
00:02:44Either way he's cocomfortable.
00:02:46>> Joe: Right hand and t then [email protected] tohe upper cut.
00:02:49>> Teddy: A lot [email protected] o options early o on f from patternh@ esespnsoson.
00:02:53He can counter [email protected] s step back [email protected] punch.
00:02:59So far rudolph [email protected] lpnpnking to do it when he's in clclose.
00:03:07[email protected] espnh@ es rudolph has been knocked o out o one time.
00:03:15[email protected] h has his way, it will be [email protected] titimes.
00:03:20>> Joe: Has [email protected] going back after that right hand and now t tyingh@ esespn up.
00:03:24Got t that hand besesind t the head.
00:03:27Tries to [email protected] l loose now.
00:03:29Pumping with the r righth@ hahand.
00:03:31[email protected]@[email protected]@espnh@ patterson doubles up t [email protected] jpnpn a and rudolph c cups charningespn in.
00:03:52Some blood c coming frh@ heses m mouth now.
00:03:55Puts a r right [email protected] o of his o own.
00:03:58A lot of actionh@ I iesnpn t this first [email protected]@espn patterson and rudolph on friday [email protected]@[email protected]@espn >>oeoeJOJO T T T T TRERE A A T T TDYDY Atla w w [email protected] o on"f"fdada n [email protected] [email protected] weetetooeeeeamamespn p perernn [email protected] t t tghghndndetetmimiddh@ [email protected] paerern,n,[email protected] 0.0.
00:06:54He hes a a g goo oror headadh@ h heapn s sgege t t t y yrsrs ag he a ah@ spspesesnnorororhehe amicic h hrtrt a assiaiaononerer in t t t v vlele o o o n n [email protected] ju 2 2 y yrsrsespn ololol [email protected]@ ososctct >>eded::UDUDOLPH M MAYAVAV G GENEN Up iththe gygym.
00:07:21He's m [email protected] fit t ooigigsstt151588espn [email protected] heroroededowow t t t [email protected]
00:07:32He lkeke l l leeh@ b bpn weltwewehthtespn [email protected] alalr.r.
00:07:39On t r r rolol c c comesespn I inhehe litete o o h h c c ceeee a [email protected] 140 22ououssooh@ t tak s seeff th s seedvdvtata a [email protected] can eennhehensnsee pattsoso I i I a aeeooanan w w whh sps.s.
00:07:57 [email protected] f fouatatnn geinin t ttete b b t t t r r rhtht [email protected] j jam ttttsosoh@ >>eded::ATATRSRS S SULUL S SVEVEPN Moreimim I i t t tssinin o o o t t t [email protected] outse.e.
00:08:11Thos q q qckck h hdsdsh@ c c can s ser himbebeerer >> Joe L L LEETHTH..
00:08:18Heh@ s stepppn a ayyndndasasblbl t t t [email protected] f full teteioioespn >>eded::OUOUONONRRESPN I IFUDUDPHPH Wa s sryryhaha h h g geepp s someespn of t t ttteieittdvdvtata t t tttee hadomomggh@ int t t tssfififit.t.
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00:08:43>> Tdydy S [email protected] M MHHF F ISISIGIG Beinfofohthtnnhehererehehe [email protected] .
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00:09:04>> TdydyIIEEEE L LEE'M'MNNES Dine g gtiti a a b bluluepn p ptete spiaiabebeusus t [email protected] a a b bee coararffffttyyotot ysys [email protected] : g gddldldakakndnd e egg espn [email protected]@espn >>[email protected] Pattsosofrfr n n rkrk 4-h@ w w wpnh t thr ococutut loining good pnhehere th p pchchraraespn mbmbs.s.
00:09:43[email protected] a a494900 adntnte.e.
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00:09:58>> Tdydy H [email protected] W WILLESES P PTETEONON h@ you n n [email protected] t tha rudoh h ss a attkekethth e e elyly pa o othth r r rndnd Openpphihiespn t t trdrdrororod.d.
00:10:16Jamah@ p pteteononowowh@ h he'pn stalngng >>eded: : BOBO T T TININ I I I h@ thateaea [email protected]'s h hdsdsrere [email protected] whwhvevessunun a a shorr,r,hehe w w wlleteth@ t the firsanan t t [email protected] p pbabayy roinin t t o o oereruyuyitites someinininintwtwnnhehehoho a a th's'shaha p [email protected] d did mome a a t t [email protected] rurudoh.h.
00:10:43Hisanan w [email protected] shtete a a h h g g bebeeeee someffhoho s [email protected] bo g gssrereigiginin I i I [email protected] ifnenegugu a a t t tttroroblbl i outsidennpopo a a u u t t [email protected] ja th c cldldeenonohhooepepatat th I i I t t tssfififit.t.
00:11:04 t t sisi,,rurulplp a ltltl b bieie erer .
00:11:11>> Tdydy I I I [email protected] Figh >>oeoeITIT B BNNESPN A A G GDDNINIT.T.
00:11:17Goodsosoddfififitsts >>eded: : H@ H HAS PNBEBEEN [email protected] f f f !
00:11:33 chchetetrrouou h heeh@ espn fo dodoh.h.
00:11:37Taki w wt't's I f f [email protected] caururgghehemomontnt he's'somom [email protected]
00:11:46>> TdydyBOBO G [email protected] S SHONGNG Plentyffhehet.t.
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00:12:02Rdohh [email protected] vavaagag [email protected]
00:12:08>> TdydyWHWH I I A AITITEE Shtete w w [email protected] mpmp wh s snsnspptrtrghgh o o o g geses h@ whos h hdsdsetethihi f f [email protected] >> JoeACACONONACACEDED .
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00:31:19>> Tdydy N NHIHI C C CPLPLATAT O O O Fay y ejeja.a.
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00:31:42Goodnsnsncnc a a g gddeaea b b gradad he n n w w wkiki w w whh t,t, jo ejeja,a,utute'e' m minin theosos o o o I i I i I ithth b bttayay hecaca maueue s sebebyyeeee t t t g g on m.m.
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00:35:21Tedd lala s srererdrdayay t t tss .
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