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00:00:07You're getting to be a big boy!
00:00:11♪♪ I'm just a kid who's four ♪♪
00:00:13♪♪ Each day I grow some more ♪♪
00:00:14♪♪ I like exploring, I'm Caillou ♪♪
00:00:18♪♪ So many things to do ♪♪
00:00:20♪♪ Each day is something new ♪♪
00:00:21♪♪ I'll share them with you, I'm Caillou ♪♪
00:00:25♪♪ My world is turning ♪♪
00:00:27♪♪ Changing each day ♪♪
00:00:28♪♪ With Mommy and Daddy I'm finding my way ♪♪
00:00:33♪♪ Growing up is not so tough ♪♪
00:00:35♪♪ Except when I've had enough ♪♪
00:00:36♪♪ But there's lots of fun stuff, I'm Caillou ♪♪
00:00:41♪♪ Caillou ♪♪
00:00:42♪♪ Caillou ♪♪
00:00:44♪♪ I'm Caillou! ♪♪
00:00:45(Giggles) Ha, ha, ha!
00:00:47That's me!
00:00:48 caillou was going for a picnic in the park with mommy and rosie.
00:00:53He was very excited to try out his kite.
00:00:58Ah, this looks like a good spot.
00:01:01What do you say we have our picnic here?
00:01:05I'm going to fly my kite!
00:01:07Okay, but just for a little while.
00:01:09We're gonna have lunch soon.
00:01:15Why isn't it working, mommy?
00:01:18 first, you have to make sure that the string is long enough.
00:01:22There, that should do it.
00:01:25Take a few steps back.
00:01:30Caillou: let go, mommy!
00:01:36Maybe try to run a little bit.
00:01:38Ready? set? go!
00:01:43Oh no!
00:01:45 caillou was disappointed that his kite wasn't working.
00:01:50My kite is broken!
00:01:53It doesn't look broken.
00:01:55There's just no wind right now, and a kite needs wind to stay up in the sky.
00:01:59But I want to fly my kite now!
00:02:03Well, if we wait a little bit, it might just get windy.
00:02:07Who wants some lunch?
00:02:09(Sighs) storyteller: caillou felt bored.
00:02:14I wish it would be windy.
00:02:17One way to tell if the wind has come back is by looking at the clouds.
00:02:20See how still they are?
00:02:22 mommy, look, there's a dinosaur in the sky.
00:02:27 (giggles) caillou: roar!
00:02:29Oh no! he's coming to get us!
00:02:33Mom: look over there.
00:02:33That cloud looks like a big bowl of ice cream.
00:02:36I'm going to eat some!
00:02:40 caillou was having so much fun looking at the clouds that he forgot all about his kite.
00:02:47There's a big tree!
00:02:51There's a train!
00:02:53Choo! choo!
00:02:54Go get it, rosie!
00:02:55 (giggles) caillou: mommy, push me, too!
00:03:04I'm going to touch the sky!
00:03:13The clouds look like bubbles in a bubble bath.
00:03:17Mom: ooh! I think it's starting to get windy.
00:03:20See? look at the sky.
00:03:22The clouds are blowing away.
00:03:24Caillou: bye clouds!
00:03:25 b time to try out- my kite!
00:03:32Where did my kite go?
00:03:35Hey! come back!
00:03:41Watch, mommy.
00:03:46 let's try to let the kite find the wind on it's own.
00:03:49If we take our time, I'm sure it will work.
00:03:55Caillou: look! it's flying!
00:03:59I want it to touch the clouds!
00:04:08Gilbert, wake up!
00:04:11(Meow) look at my kite!
00:04:18(Meows) I'm going to the park to fly my kite today!
00:04:22(Meows) caillou, what are you doing?
00:04:29Mommy, get dressed!
00:04:30You said we were going to fly my kite today, remember?
00:04:35Mom: I don't think we can, caillou.
00:04:39They're calling for rain all day!
00:04:44(Disappointed groan) storyteller: caillou was very disappointed.
00:04:47He was looking forward to trying out his new kite at the park.
00:04:54What's wrong?
00:04:55I have nothing to do now!
00:04:58You could play with rosie!
00:04:59I don't want to play with rosie!
00:05:03Hey, I have an idea!
00:05:05Maybe you could have a friend over?
00:05:13Can I speak to leo please?
00:05:17Oh! thank you.
00:05:21He's not there.
00:05:23Storyteller: caillou was discouraged.
00:05:25He had no one to play with and nothing to do.
00:05:28Cheer up, with a little imagination, I'm sure you can find something to do!
00:05:39 (giggling) (giggles) I can't see rosie! where is she?
00:05:59(Giggling) caillou: hey! this is my drawing!
00:06:06Caillou, she was just looking at it.
00:06:10 the pirate drawing and mommy playing with the sheets gave caillou an idea of what he could do.
00:06:16Caillou: okay rosie, you can have it.
00:06:21(Laughing) did you find something to do yet?
00:06:28(Meow) that's strange, ..
00:06:34 caillou was building his very own pirate ship.
00:06:37He thought it would be fun to pretend to be the captain of his very own ship!
00:06:46(Meow) caillou: hey!
00:06:51Gilbert, you wrecked my ship!
00:06:56(Meow) me, too!
00:07:00Rosie, no!
00:07:02It's mine!
00:07:04Rosie, let go!
00:07:05Mom: what's going on in here?
00:07:07I'll settle this right now.
00:07:09Huh? but I was playing with it!
00:07:12You can only play in the living room if you two play nicely, okay?
00:07:24Rosie, this is my game!
00:07:27Rosie: moo!
00:07:30 (giggling) hey!
00:07:42(Gilbert meows) (both giggle) look rosie, I'm a fish swimming in the sea.
00:07:50 caillou was having fun now, playing with rosie.
00:07:53He liked the fact that he could always make her laugh.
00:07:57Wait, rosie!
00:07:58I know where I can get a fish.
00:08:09Look, there's a fish in the water.
00:08:12 (giggles) (gilbert meows) caillou: oh no! gilbert's a shark.
00:08:23He wants to eat the fish.
00:08:25(Giggles) gilbert!
00:08:28(Gilbert meows) we're safe now, but we have to build a boat.
00:08:34(Meow) (giggles) I better swim to shore and get some stuff for our boat.
00:08:42Boat! boat!
00:08:48Dad: hey caillou!
00:08:49What are you up to?
00:08:51I'm in the sea!
00:08:52Me and rosie are going to build a boat because gilbert is a shark.
00:08:56Well, I haven't seen any sharks around here.
00:08:59Maybe he's hiding!
00:09:04Here, maybe you could use this to find him?
00:09:08 caillou was having a lot of fun playing pirates.
00:09:11Now he was all set to build his pirate ship with rosie.
00:09:15Rosie, you're in the water!
00:09:18Let's build our boat!
00:09:26Now we can be on the look out for sharks!
00:09:30Look rosie, an island!
00:09:34Maybe there's pirates.
00:09:38Maybe the pirates took gilbert!
00:09:45I see a pirate!
00:09:49Hurry, hide from the pirate!
00:09:51He's gonna catch us!
00:09:53Arrr! I'm a fearless pirate!
00:09:55Look at this, an abandoned boat!
00:09:58(Both giggle) hmm! I think I'm going to climb aboard!
00:10:06Oh no! I surrender! you caught me!
00:10:09Okay mister pirate, where's gilbert?
00:10:14I don't know!
00:10:15Mom: hey everyone, time for lunch!
00:10:17Can we have a picnic on my boat!
00:10:20I think your boat is a little too small, caillou.
00:10:24Storyteller: caillou knew what to do.
00:10:26If his boat was too small, he just had to make a bigger one!
00:10:29Mommy, can we use the picnic blanket?
00:10:34(Gilbert meows) gilbert!
00:10:36I found you!
00:10:39 all right, I guess a rainy day is a good reason to have a picnic indoors!
00:10:44Here you go, gilbert!
00:10:50Tuna fish!
00:10:55(All laugh) and so, on a rainy day that began with nothing to do, caillou and his family had a wonderful picnic by the sea!
00:11:04 (vroom) (imitating car sounds) eeeyaar, vroom.
00:11:11Dad: have you seen caillou anywhere?
00:11:13He said he wanted to help me with the car.
00:11:15I think he's in the garden, driving his car.
00:11:18Beep! beep! caillou's in his car.
00:11:24Vroom! eeeeee-yaah!
00:11:27 now you probably know that caillou loves anything to do with cars and buses and trucks.
00:11:38(Loud meow) (giggles) ah. there you are.
00:11:51Did you forget?
00:11:51You said you wanted to help me wash the car.
00:11:59Vroom! vroom! eeeeaarrrgghh!
00:12:06 caillou imagined he was driving the most fantastic car you ever saw.
00:12:12Hello, mr. lion.
00:12:22(Elephant trumpets) (quack, quack) (car engine roars) (wind blows) wow! I'm really going fast.
00:12:39This is fun.
00:12:41(Thunder) (tires squeal to a stop) (beep) dad: oh! oooh no!
00:12:55Hey, caillou, look what you made me do.
00:13:06(Laughs) daddy, you're all wet.
00:13:09What happened?
00:13:10 caillou had no idea that he was the one who made his daddy spray himself with water.
00:13:16Well, it was an accident.
00:13:19Don't I look silly?
00:13:23(Both laugh) do you still want to help me?
00:13:28You bet.
00:13:31I was driving the car, daddy.
00:13:34Is that right?
00:13:35Caillou: yes.
00:13:36I love cars, you know.
00:13:38Mm. I know you do.
00:13:40I used to love cars when I was little, too.
00:13:42Mom: and you still love cars.
00:13:45Look, mommy.
00:13:46It's all clean and shiny.
00:13:48Mom: well, what are we waiting for?
00:13:50Let's go for a picnic at the beach.
00:13:58Hello, mr. lion.
00:14:00(Car horn beeps) (cat meows) can I drive the car when I'm bigger, daddy?
00:14:08Will you teach me?
00:14:11Dad: of course, caillou. of course.
00:14:21Weeee! yay!
00:14:22 caillou was playing with his special friend george.
00:14:26Caillou's friend george was a very special friend.
00:14:30We could play dinosaurs.
00:14:32Storyteller: only caillou knew george.
00:14:35And nobody had ever seen him.
00:14:37Caillou suddenly had a wonderful idea.
00:14:40Yeah, let's have a race.
00:14:44Look, mommy.
00:14:45Look, grandma.
00:14:45I'm having a race with my friend.
00:14:49Rosie: I'm hungry.
00:14:51Why don't you go and tell caillou it's lunchtime, okay, rosie?
00:14:56Okay, grandma.
00:15:05I won! I won!
00:15:08(Smash) oops!
00:15:12 as caillou tried to hide the mess, he decided it was all george's fault that the flower pot was broken.
00:15:19Rosie: caillou! caillou! caillou!
00:15:30George runs really fast, you know, but I beat him in a race.
00:15:34Where does george live, caillou?
00:15:36I don't know exactly where he lives.
00:15:40But I think he lives in our basement.
00:15:42George's probably my bestest friend in the whole world, you know.
00:15:47Caillou, look.
00:15:48We finished eating and you've been talking so much you haven't even touched your food.
00:15:55Sorry, mommy.
00:15:57Maybe george had better go outside while you finish eating, okay?
00:16:00'Kay, mommy.
00:16:07Mom: thank you, george.
00:16:09Caillou will be out soon.
00:16:12See you later, george.
00:16:20Dad: hi, caillou.
00:16:21Can you come here for a moment?
00:16:24Do you know anything about this?
00:16:27.. george did it, daddy.
00:16:31Are you sure george did this?
00:16:32 caillou's daddy knew that it wasn't really george who broke the flower pot.
00:16:38 we had a race and george knocked it down.
00:16:43Hmm, well, I think you might have had something to do with it, too.
00:16:47Don't you, caillou?
00:16:49Yes, daddy.
00:16:50I'll tell you what, why don't you help me clean up this mess, and the next time you play with george, I think you both should be a bit more careful, okay?
00:16:56 caillou thought it was a very good idea.
00:17:02You just hold the dustpan steady and I'll use the brush.
00:17:08George is very clumsy, isn't he daddy?
00:17:12A bit like you, huh?
00:17:16I really like it when you push me on the swing.
00:17:21And I really like pushing you, caillou.
00:17:27(Giggles) ♪♪♪♪
00:17:39 ♪♪
00:17:41♪♪ they know how to do things and where to go ♪♪
00:17:45 ♪♪
00:17:50 ♪♪
00:17:53♪♪ they know theay to help you as you grow ♪♪
00:17:56 ♪♪
00:18:02♪♪ big brothers, big sisters ♪♪
00:18:05♪♪ come in all sizes ♪♪
00:18:07♪♪ big brothers, big sisters ♪♪
00:18:10 ♪♪
00:18:13 ♪♪
00:18:15♪♪ they know how to tie shoes and ride a bike ♪♪
00:18:19 ♪♪
00:18:24 ♪♪
00:18:26♪♪ they know the way to help you do the things you like ♪♪
00:18:30 ♪♪
00:18:35♪♪ big brothers, big sisters ♪♪
00:18:39♪♪ come in all sizes ♪♪
00:18:41♪♪ big brothers, big sisters ♪♪
00:18:44 ♪♪
00:18:46 ♪♪
00:18:50 caillou's mommy and daddy had gone out for the evening.
00:18:53And rosie and caillou were excited because julie the babysitter had come to look after them.
00:19:00Did you like that story?
00:19:02Yes! let's play now!
00:19:07Look inside.
00:19:08I've brought something special to show you.
00:19:10What is it?
00:19:13Another book?
00:19:16Yes, this one's an atlas, full of pictures of far away places!
00:19:22Where's that?
00:19:23Julie: this is a desert.
00:19:24And those big piles of sand are called sand dunes.
00:19:29 (giggles) I'd like to go there.
00:19:36Rosie: what dat?
00:19:38It's a camel!
00:19:39Look, it's got two humps!
00:19:42That's right, caillou.
00:19:43And over there's a palm tree.
00:19:48Caillou: and there's another palm tree!
00:19:50 caillou started to make-believe he was in a far away place.
00:19:55You're right. we must be near the desert.
00:19:58Can you help me find it, caillou?
00:20:06Rosie help, too!
00:20:11I know! it's this way!
00:20:14 caillou decided that the basement would make a perfect pretend desert.
00:20:19Caillou: we can make a camel.
00:20:24Good idea, caillou.
00:20:26We'll need this.
00:20:28Caillou: it needs humps!
00:20:35More humpees!
00:20:37Julie: now for the blanket!
00:20:51This can be its head!
00:21:01Wow, it's a camel!
00:21:05Let's give teddy a camel ride, rosie.
00:21:12 (giggles) this way!
00:21:18 caillou loved leading rosie and julie through the desert like a real explorer.
00:21:24He felt very brave and adventurous.
00:21:31(Pants) the sun's very hot in this desert.
00:21:38Follow me.
00:21:43(Giggles) it's a palm tree.
00:21:47That's great, caillou!
00:21:48Come on, rosie, let's go sit in the shade.
00:21:54 after all this traveling, I think it's suppertime for the hungry explorers.
00:21:59An oasis is a cool shady place with lots of palm trees where desert explorers can find food and water.
00:22:08(Laughs) look!
00:22:10(Knocks) more palm trees!
00:22:13They sure are!
00:22:14You chose a perfect place for our pretend desert oasis, caillou.
00:22:18 looks like our littlest explorer needs to turn in for the night.
00:22:23Come on, rosie. time for bed.
00:22:27(Yawns) caillou, why don't you look at the atlas, while I put rosie to bed.
00:22:33Be back in a second.
00:22:35 caillou was glad he didn't have to go to bed yet.
00:22:39He liked looking at the atlas and finding new places to explore.
00:22:45 caillou tried hard to imagine where a pretend mountain could be.
00:22:49Suddenly, he thought of just the right place.
00:22:55I'll show you a mountain place!
00:22:59See? it's a big mountain!
00:23:03Let's go! hurry!
00:23:07(Laughs) okay, caillou!
00:23:09I'm right behind you!
00:23:11 (grunts of effort) I see the top!
00:23:27(Climbing strains) we did it!
00:23:36The famous explorers reach the summit.
00:23:38Let's celebrate.
00:23:41This can be a flag.
00:23:43Like in the picture.
00:23:51(Yawn) hmm!
00:23:55I think it's time for caillou the tired explorer's bath.
00:24:00I want to play some more!
00:24:01 caillou didn't want to go to bed yet!
00:24:05He was having too much fun.
00:24:07(Water running) come on, caillou.
00:24:10But I don't want my bath yet!
00:24:12Don't you want to explore this steamy tropical jungle?
00:24:18A jungle?
00:24:25A river!
00:24:26Ready for a river trip, caillou?
00:24:37Wow! what's that way over there?
00:24:44I know, it's a waterfall!
00:24:47I'm going to explore!
00:24:52 while julie was draining the bathtub, caillou was planning a surprise for her.
00:24:58Julie: caillou?
00:24:59Caillou: in here!
00:25:02(Giggles) this is my tent!
00:25:07So I see!
00:25:07But even busy explorers need their sleep.
00:25:11Can I have your flashlight, please?
00:25:18Caillou: stars!
00:25:20Now you can pretend you're sleeping under the stars like a real explorer!
00:25:25Caillou: exploring is fun.
00:25:29(Yawns) julie: sure is!
00:25:32We traveled to all sorts of far away places, didn't we?
00:25:37Mmm-hmm! but I like home, too!
00:25:41 caillou couldn't wait for morning to arrive so he could tell his mommy and daddy all about his travels.
00:25:51 for more fun and games with me, caillou, go to
00:26:02Caillou: grandma.
00:26:04We have loads of fun together.
00:26:08Like bird watching, with real birds.
00:26:14Grandma's real good at arts and crafts.
00:26:19And we love playing music.
00:26:24I love staying over at grandma's house.
00:26:31 now that I'm four, if I try hard, I can cut a perfect heart out of paper.
00:26:40Mom: good work, caillou.
00:26:42Caillou: perfect for a valentine!
00:26:48I'm finished, mommy.
00:26:50I made one for leo and clementine and xavier and emma.
00:26:56And I can make a clown sundae.
00:27:01 (laughs) dad: wow, do you think it could use a hat?
00:27:07Rosie: rosie want!
00:27:11Look, it's polka dot ice cream!
00:27:15Mm-hmm! wonderful!
00:27:19Mm-mm! I love it!
00:27:22Now that I'm four, I can do lots of things.
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