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00:00:27♪I'm just a kid who's four ♪Each day I grow some more ♪I like exploring - I'm Caillou ♪So many things to do ♪Each day is something new ♪I'll share them with you - I'm Caillou ♪My world is turning, changing each day ♪With mommy and daddy I'm finding my way ♪Growing up is not so tough ♪'Cept when I've had enough ♪But there's lots of fun stuff - I'm Caillou ♪Caillou, Caillou ♪I'm Caillou.
00:01:05That's me!
00:01:06And me!
00:01:07And me!
00:01:08And me!
00:01:14I think Caillou forgot about us.
00:01:16-Dinosaurs are big and strong, but I don't think they're meant to be forgotten outside all night!
00:01:22-I don't think teddy bears are either.
00:01:26-It's dark and spooky.
00:01:35Teddy? Teddy?
00:01:37-Don't look now!
00:01:38Don't look back, don't look back!
00:01:42-That's the eye of the biggest dinosaur-eating dragon I've ever seen in my whole life.
00:01:48-Um, do you think he eats Teddybears too?
00:02:07-Daddy! I want to cook too!
00:02:10-Sorry Caillou, but the barbecue is too hot.
00:02:13Why don't you go play with Rosie until dinner's ready?
00:02:21-Look Mommy! Look!
00:02:23-Oh no, ants!
00:02:28Why don't you go see if Grandma needs some help in the kitchen while I make sure there are no more ants around.
00:02:34-Okay Mommy.
00:02:38Grandma! What are you doing?
00:02:41-I'm making my special top secret potato salad.
00:02:45-Top secret?
00:02:50-You can be my taste tester.
00:02:58-What a beautiful night!
00:03:00I think I see the evening star.
00:03:03-Wow! It's pretty.
00:03:06-This reminds me of the time I saw a shooting star.
00:03:10-A shooting star?
00:03:12-It's a star that flies across the sky like a bird.
00:03:17It's like magic.
00:03:18-Well, Caillou, lets get back to work.
00:03:21-Come and get it!
00:03:31-Look! A shooting star!
00:03:34-Wow! What a beauty!
00:03:38-It was just there a second ago.
00:03:43-Grandpa! There was a shooting star outside!
00:03:43But it's gone.
00:03:47-I'm sure there will be more. Let's go see.
00:03:52Look Caillou! There goes another one!
00:03:56I want to see!
00:04:00-Don't feel bad. Shooting stars are very fast and hard to spot.
00:04:05-Caillou still wanted to see a shooting star.
00:04:08He decided he would wait as long as he had to.
00:04:11-I'm sorry you missed the shooting star Caillou.
00:04:15Why don't we look at the moon instead?
00:04:16-Yay! I want to see the moon!
00:04:23-Oh! The moon is big!
00:04:29-You see this group of stars?
00:04:32That's called the Big Bear.
00:04:35-I can't see a bear.
00:04:39-Let's see, where were we?
00:04:41Here we go. And that one's the Little Dipper...
00:04:48-See you soon.
00:04:49-Look! Quick Caillou!
00:04:52-Ohhhh, I missed it again.
00:04:55-Don't worry Caillou, there will be other shooting stars some other night.
00:05:00-Caillou wasn't sure he would ever see one.
00:05:03He felt sad.
00:05:04-Time for bed, Caillou. It's late.
00:05:08Nighty night.
00:05:13-Goodnight stars.
00:05:24What are we going to do now?
00:05:27-About the monster?!
00:05:28Okay, um, um...
00:05:30Let's sing.
00:05:33That way we won't be afraid.
00:05:36Don't look Teddy, don't!
00:05:38Okay, I'm going to sing.
00:05:40♪Sometimes when it's dark, it seems a little scary.
00:05:44♪I think of great big spooky things and monsters big and hairy.
00:05:51-Don't look! Don't look! Don't look!
00:05:54The secret is, Teddy, be silly, do almost anything at all.
00:05:58Make it silly, wacky, crazy, cracky, do it with a grin.
00:06:03And if it doesn't work the first time do it all again.
00:06:06Don't look, don't look, don't...
00:06:09Okay, Teddy.
00:06:10Now, now we've got to do it.
00:06:25-Hi, Leo! What have you got there?
00:06:27-It's my new rocket!
00:06:44-Having fun?
00:06:46-We're spacemen!
00:06:48-I thought you might be.
00:06:50-We're going to the moon!
00:06:52-Just make sure you come back in time for lunch, OK?
00:07:01-Caillou play with Teddy!
00:07:06-I don't want to!
00:07:08The moon's this way!
00:07:24-Whoa, spacemen! Slow down a bit!
00:07:27-Rosie really wanted to play with Caillou and Leo.
00:07:38-Oh, this is interesting!
00:07:40There's a planetarium opening tomorrow!
00:07:44-I think I know a couple of spacemen who'd be interested in that!
00:07:48-Me too!
00:07:49And look, they're having a contest, for the best space costume.
00:07:55-A space costume... Hmmm.
00:08:01-Caillou play with Teddy!
00:08:04-No, Rosie!
00:08:12-I know you want to play with them, sweetie...
00:08:14Tell you what: Why don't we find a game we can play?
00:08:20We could make space costumes!
00:08:26-Have you heard the news? They're opening a planetarium!
00:08:31-What's that?
00:08:33-Well... Let's see.
00:08:34It's a kind of movie theatre.
00:08:36Where you can see stars and planets.
00:08:44Can we go?
00:08:45-I don't see why not.
00:08:47Would you like to come too?
00:08:51I'll call your Mom.
00:08:52-And there's a contest, too...
00:08:56-A contest?
00:08:58-Yes! For the best space costume!
00:09:06-Leo, you look just like a spaceman!
00:09:11-And I'm a space monster!
00:09:20-Caillou, Mommy told me you made Rosie cry today.
00:09:26I know you don't always want to play with Rosie, but she is your sister.
00:09:30So you always have to be kind to her.
00:09:32-OK, Daddy.
00:09:37-Come on, finish your milk. It's time for bed.
00:09:45You've got milk on your lip.
00:09:50What's so funny...
00:09:52Oh... I get it!
00:09:59-You two look like you've been to the Milky Way.
00:10:03-What's the Milky Way?
00:10:06-Well, let's see. It's, um...
00:10:08It's the galaxy containing the solar system.
00:10:11It's a place in space where there are millions and millions of stars.
00:10:17-Just what I need!
00:10:20-What do you want those for?
00:10:22-It's a secret!
00:10:28-Caillou really wanted to know what Mommy's secret was.
00:10:31What Caillou and his Daddy didn't know was that Mommy was making space costumes, too.
00:10:41-Why are there stars?
00:10:44-Um... I'm uh...
00:10:48-Night-night, Daddy...
00:10:51-That night, Caillou dreamed all about the stars and the planets and the Milky Way...
00:11:16-Hi, Caillou! Do you like my costume?
00:11:20I'm going to win the contest!
00:11:22-Welcome to the planetarium everyone!
00:11:31-I have a special game for you today!
00:11:35Look! I'm walking on the moon!
00:11:41Can you do this?
00:11:53That's great!
00:12:10...and over here is the Milky Way...
00:12:18And now, something extra special...
00:12:22Walking on the moon!
00:12:29This is the moon...
00:12:30and here come the moon-walkers!
00:12:38-Wow! We're on the moon!
00:12:45-And that's the end of our show.
00:12:47Except for just one more thing.
00:12:49The contest for the best space costume!
00:12:54And the prize goes to...
00:12:57Rosie, and Rosie's mommy!
00:13:07-So that's what Mommy wanted the oven mitts for!
00:13:25-Don't look! Don't look Teddy! Don't look!
00:13:28Uh oh...
00:13:29Bad news...
00:13:31The monster's getting bigger.
00:13:34Okay let's sing...
00:13:36♪The secret is, be silly, do almost anything at all.
00:13:42♪Make it silly, wacky, crazy, cracky, do it with a grin.
00:13:48♪And if it doesn't work the first time do it all again.
00:13:53-That's pretty silly!
00:13:56-No! No! Don't look!
00:13:57Don't look! Nonono!
00:13:58Because if he catches you looking, he might think how hungry he is.
00:14:10♪Good night, good night, turn out the light.
00:14:14♪When darkness falls, stars shine with all their might.
00:14:20♪One, two, three, four, five we see.
00:14:25♪Sparkling stars for you and me.
00:14:29♪If I make a wish it will come true.
00:14:33♪I can even make a special wish for you.
00:14:38♪Good night, good night, turn out the light.
00:14:43♪When darkness falls, stars shine with all their might.
00:14:49♪One, two, three, four, five we see...
00:14:54♪sparkling stars for you and me.
00:14:58♪And when I sleep, safe in my bed, ♪A million stars shine over my head.
00:15:07♪Good night, good night, turn out the light, ♪Good night, good night, turn out the light.
00:15:17♪Turn out the light... good night.
00:15:26Good-night Caillou, have sweet dreams.
00:15:28-Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
00:15:36Sleep tight... don't let the bed bugs bite.
00:15:50Bed bugs....
00:15:56-Caillou, what's wrong?
00:15:58-Bugs Mommy...
00:16:07-There, all gone. They were just shadows.
00:16:11-But what about the scratchy monster?
00:16:14-I don't hear a scratchy monster.
00:16:16-There is a scratchy monster in here...
00:16:20He's making scratchy sounds.
00:16:22-I'm sure you think you heard something...
00:16:25But there's no need to be afraid of monsters.
00:16:26Do you know why?
00:16:30Because monsters aren't real.
00:16:33They're just make-believe.
00:16:35Good-night dear.
00:16:37-I'm not afraid of monsters, I'm not afraid of monsters...
00:16:53Ow! Huh?
00:17:00-It's okay, Caillou. It's just your toy "Snaky".
00:17:04-Yes, but, there was a flying monster...
00:17:07and the scratchy monster... it's in my room.
00:17:10-You probably just imagined you heard something, Caillou.
00:17:14I can't find anything.
00:17:15-But the scratchy monster...
00:17:17he went krsh-krsh-krsh-krsh...
00:17:21-Try listening to the music box.
00:17:23It'll make happy sounds for you while you sleep...
00:17:27Goodnight Caillou.
00:17:41The scratchy monster's, he's got me.
00:17:45Aaaaaaa... a two-headed monster.
00:17:48There was a, the music box a, I heard a...
00:17:48eeeee and a scratching noise and a...
00:17:54-The wind was making the tree branch hit the window.
00:17:57That's what was making the scary noise.
00:17:59-See darling... sometimes ordinary things can seem scary.
00:18:03-So the scratchy monster was just the tree?
00:18:10Look... The scratchy monster.
00:18:14It wasn't a monster, it was just Gilbert.
00:18:18-That cat.
00:18:19-You'll be able to sleep fine now dear...
00:18:21-With a little help from Teddy.
00:18:25-I hope there won't be any more scary sounds.
00:18:28-I know how Teddy can help make sure there won't be any more scary sounds.
00:18:34-Goodnight Caillou...
00:18:41-No, don't!
00:18:43Oh Teddy...
00:18:45Teddy, we better run for the bushes.
00:18:51I have never seen a monster so big.
00:18:56The song...
00:18:58the song isn't working.
00:19:00Okay, let's back up.
00:19:09what if he...
00:19:11catches us?
00:19:13-Oh, well he will, if we stay here.
00:19:31I love camping.
00:19:37They're building a campfire.
00:19:40A fire needs lots of wood.
00:19:53Rocks keep the fire safe.
00:20:01A beautiful campfire needs two things.
00:20:13sticky but so good.
00:20:22And, after the snack, a little bit of music.
00:20:41Night-time. It's so magical.
00:20:46Whoa! Big telescope.
00:20:48Great for watching stars.
00:21:00And the best is, when you camp out, you get to sleep in a tent.
00:21:11-Goodnight everybody.
00:21:21-Oh! Great gaboobles!
00:21:23Now he's right over top of us!
00:21:24Oh no, no, no!
00:21:26He's far too hungry and ferocious and frightening and- -Hi!
00:21:32-First time I've seen you guys out at night.
00:21:36Ah yes, it is a beautiful night.
00:21:50-The moon: Big round, hangs in the sky, but only at night when the sun goes down.
00:21:55-Do you mean that all this time I was afraid of the moon and not a monster?
00:22:01-Oh, but see, I thought it was the eyeball of the biggest dinosaur-eating monster I've ever seen in my whole, whole life.
00:22:11-Rexy, have you ever seen a monster?
00:22:15-Ahh well, no, not actually seen, but I've heard about them.
00:22:21-I think I've figured out why Rexy thought it was a monster.
00:22:26-Because never in his whole life has Rexy ever seen the moon.
00:22:32-Uh huh.
00:22:33-Some new things are scary the first time.
00:22:49-When is she coming?
00:22:52-She'll be here any minute.
00:22:56-Come in, Grandma.
00:22:58-I can't fit.
00:23:03You're too big.
00:23:05-Grandma was Caillou and Rosie's favourite babysitter in the whole world.
00:23:12-Hi, kids.
00:23:13What have you got there, Rosie?
00:23:19-After Mommy and Daddy left, Grandma played games with Caillou and Rosie.
00:23:25♪La-la, la-la, la...
00:23:35-And then it was bedtime.
00:23:37While Grandma read Rosie a story and put her to sleep, Caillou washed his face and brushed his teeth.
00:23:44Then he went to bed and waited for Grandma to come and read him a story.
00:23:57-Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess...
00:23:59-While Grandma was reading the story, Caillou got sleepier and sleepier.
00:24:12-Gilbert. Ow.
00:24:18-Caillou was wide awake again.
00:24:20And he couldn't get back to sleep, no matter what he did.
00:24:24He tried rearranging his pillow...
00:24:32but that didn't help.
00:24:35It was summer and it was still daylight outside.
00:24:40How could Caillou sleep when his room was so bright?
00:24:47Sleeping the wrong way round didn't work.
00:24:50Caillou really couldn't sleep and now he was feeling quite cranky.
00:24:56-Caillou, you're all mixed up.
00:24:58Your head is where you feet should be.
00:25:01-Grandma, I can't sleep.
00:25:03-Well, I'm not surprised. It's too bright in here.
00:25:07And I can see why.
00:25:09You don't have any curtains.
00:25:11Where are they?
00:25:12Oh yes, I remember.
00:25:13Your Mommy took them to the cleaners.
00:25:16I have an idea.
00:25:19-Caillou was very curious about Grandma's idea.
00:25:22-There you are, Caillou. A night sky.
00:25:25Now you'll be able to sleep.
00:25:27-Thank you Grandma.
00:25:28-But if it's a night sky...
00:25:30I think something's missing, don't you?
00:25:35-Ready, Caillou?
00:25:45-Caillou's night sky was so beautiful and dreamy that he fell asleep very quickly.
00:26:00-Oh... It sure did look like a monster, but I'm glad it wasn't.
00:26:05-So am I. I wish you had let me look.
00:26:09I'd have known it was the moon.
00:26:10-I didn't want you to be as afraid as I was.
00:26:13-That was nice of you.
00:26:15-Sometimes being afraid doesn't make any sense.
00:26:20Now that I know about the moon, I can see how beautiful it is.
00:26:27-It is.
00:26:29And it's nicest when you share it with friends.
00:26:33-Play safely and I'll see you next time!
00:26:37To come and play with me visit: -I like playing with my grandpa.
00:26:55One time we looked at the moon, way up in the sky.
00:27:02Grandpa knows how to make things.
00:27:06We even made a tent once.
00:27:10And my grandpa gives the best hugs.
00:27:20We have loads of fun together.
00:27:25Like bird watching with real birds.
00:27:30Grandma's real good at arts and crafts.
00:27:35And we love playing music.
00:27:40I love staying over at Grandma's house.
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