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00:00:01They're very healthy cats.
00:00:04Many are known to rea of 18 years.
00:00:08[ Mews ] regular grooming with a good steel comb is recommended on both the short- and long-haired scottish folds.
00:00:16Scottish folds adore human companionship and make wonderful family pets.
00:00:19They adjust well to other household animals and are as comfortable in a room full of noisy children as they are with one person.
00:00:28Remember, all cats are individuals, but in general, the scottish fold is a healthy breed.
00:00:34Regular brushing is recommended.
00:00:36And they thrive on human companionship.
00:00:39He's so cute. can I pet him?
00:00:43[ Mews ] Narrator:..
00:00:46This breed shows you what a cat is like with no fur.
00:00:50The cat breed that loves water.
00:00:52The cat that goes limp like a rag doll.
00:00:54This breed came over on themayflower.
00:00:57The breed with fur so soft, it makes great yarn.
00:01:01That's right -- yarn.
00:01:02And we'll meet the cat that ran away from home in milwaukee all the way to france.
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00:05:20[ Camera shutter clicks ] this cat can jump an amazing 7 feet in the air from a standstill.
00:05:26Good boy!
00:05:26Savannahs jump higher and farther than any other domestic breed.
00:05:31[ Meows ] ..
00:05:34They're amazing.
00:05:35They're incredibly beautiful cats.
00:05:37They look like little leopards.
00:05:38Narrator: This is the savannah, the largest domestic cat, weighing up to 30 pounds.
00:05:44Savannahs are larger in size,and they look like a wildcat.
00:05:48Narrator: It's the newest breed of cat, created in 1986 by crossing the wild serval cat of africa with a domestic cat.
00:05:58Want to adopt one?
00:05:59Get ready to spend up to $20,000.
00:06:03Because these cats are very difficult to breed and quite controversial.
00:06:07That means a very small breeding pool.
00:06:10David: A lot of states actually don't recognize them as a domestic breed, and they've made them illegal in several states.
00:06:17Narrator: Currently banned in new york city, massachusetts, hawaii,and georgia, the half-wild side of savannahs is too wild for some.
00:06:26[ Meows ] they worry that the wild side of the savannah could emerge and change the ecosystem if too many savannahs escaped into the wild.
00:06:36But for many owners, it is that wild element that attracts them to the savannah.
00:06:41It makes owning these cats a unique experience.
00:06:44Savannahs are bred with varying degrees of wildness in them, which is measured by the filial system, a formula for measuring the percentage of wild genes in each cat.
00:06:57The f1 is 50% wildcat.
00:06:59When you take an f1 female and breed that to a domestic cat, you have an f2, and so on.
00:07:06Their serval lineage produces some very long legs, which makes them appear to stand as tall as a medium-sized dog, and they have black tear marks running from the corner of their eyes down to the whiskers.
00:07:18David: And the purpose of this is actually to reflect light when they're hunting.
00:07:22And this actually comes from the genetics of the wildcat that's been bred into them.
00:07:26Narrator: And those huge ears work like radar, spinning 180 degrees and allowing them to hone in on their prey.
00:07:35And beg from the wild, they come with some odd noises.
00:07:39[ Yowls ] ..
00:07:45[ Hisses loudly ] ...which can kind of take you off guard.
00:07:48Narrator: While all cats growl and hiss to express distress, the savannah has a more extreme hiss.
00:07:56It's closer to its days in the wild where it would imitate the snake hiss in times of danger.
00:08:02[ Hisses ] savannah owners chris and tina fruhauf fell in love with the serval cat while on safari in africa.
00:08:10One evening we went out and we saw a serval just out,you know, tching a snake.
00:08:15It just was a stunning animal.
00:08:17Narrator: They began researching when they returned and ended up with two savannahs -- kayla and mondo.
00:08:25Probably the funniest reactionis, "is that " they -- they don't get it.
00:08:29They think it's a wild animal the house.
00:08:31Chris: We'd love for our cats to be able to roam around outside, but, you know, the area that we live is just not safe.
00:08:38So we built a nice little enclosure.
00:08:39This enclosure allows mondo and kayla to connect with their african roots, but not return to them.
00:08:46On halloween evening a few years back, mondo showed them what kind of trouble he can get into.
00:08:51The house sitter was watching the cats for us, and we called in on our way home.
00:08:57Mondo had gotten out.
00:08:59He just bolted out the door.
00:09:01Mondo was lost, and when your backyard is vast, open space, the story takes on a whole new meaning.
00:09:08There's mountain lions, there's bobcats.
00:09:11It could be very dangerous, and while he's a big cat, we were very concerned.
00:09:15They posted flyers in the neighborhood and online, hoping they'd get mondo back.
00:09:20It was just devastating to think that he could be hurt or that we were never gonna get him back.
00:09:26A week later, and many miles away, something unusual was spotted by christina gray.
00:09:32My headlights caught the spotson this animal.
00:09:38I thought, "mountain lion?i don't know.
00:09:41" l Narrator: The very next day,her neighbor john stewart had a similar sightingin his backyard.
00:09:47Stewart: I heard this crycome from the kitchen -- " " I think I remember grabbing a broom or something and coming out.
00:09:58It's a big cat, you know, and I didn't know what I was facing.
00:10:02Narrator: John approached the cat, and it rubbed up against him and purred.
00:10:04[ Purring ] he instantly knew he had a domesticated cat on his hands.
00:10:11Quickly this cat was the talk of the neighborhood, and they decided to put their efforts together to find this exotic cat's owner.
00:10:19I did find pretty quickly a post without a picture that said, " and then it said, "san anselmo," but I thought, I mean, that's 10, 12 miles as the crow flies.
00:10:32It was so hard to believe that he could have gone that far.
00:10:36But I did write an e-mail, though I just said, "i may have seen your " I guess it was early the next morning when I got tina's response.
00:10:44She had attached two pictures, and I just felt thrilled to be able to tell her, "you know, I'm pretty sure I've got your " Narrator: Mondo had indeed been found, and the very next day, he was reunited with his family.
00:10:57We're just incredibly lucky that mondo found his way to some really nice people who really cared about him, took care of him, fed him, and really made the effort to find us and get him back to us.
00:11:08He was really happy to see the family, and they were, too.
00:11:11What do you think about mondo?
00:11:14I love mondo. yeah?
00:11:15Narrator: This is an easy cat to care for, but it's twice as much cat, and it's a cat that actually likes water.
00:11:22I occasionally take my cats in the shower with me.
00:11:25They seem to like water more so than most cats.
00:11:28Narrator: This is a healthy combination of wild and domestic cat.
00:11:32Because of the savannah's breeding with the wildcat, there's very little health issues with them.
00:11:37Narrator: That's because new breeds don't suffer from inbreeding.
00:11:41These are great family pets, but always acknowledge the size, strength, and intelligence these domesticated wildcats possess.
00:11:49Owning a savannah is a lot like owning a dog, so it may not be for everyone.
00:11:55An savannahs are low maintenance, but twice the cat.
00:11:59If you've got the space and enjoy the wild side, this is the cat for your family.
00:12:04Boy: Mondo! mondo!
00:12:07Mondo, mondo.
00:12:08Narrator:" mondo isn't the only cat who wandered away.
00:12:16Most cat owners know only too weut a kitty gone missing.
00:12:21[ Yowls ] Dr. Halligan: Cats have only been domesticated about 7,000 years, and, unlike dogs, they're not really changedfrom their wild ancestors.
00:12:32Narrator: But when a catwanders, where does he go?
00:12:36Investigate this mystery.
00:12:39Deirdre: Wve the answerto the question that all cat ownerswant to know.
00:12:42They want to know where istheir cat going during the day?
00:12:45The answer, deirdre and michael cross put a camera on the collar of their cat, cooper, that automatically takes a picture every two minutes.
00:12:54Licking ] I'm shocked at so much green and so many beautiful plants.
00:13:00You see these picturesthat cooper comes up with.
00:13:03It's amazing.
00:13:04Cooper's view on the world is so different than what most people see.
00:13:08He's changed the way that I think about my neighborhood.
00:13:13Sometimes wandering in familiar confines can get a cat in trouble.
00:13:18Seth and kelly levy found this out the hard way with their cat gracie mae.
00:13:22The levys live in florida.
00:13:24One day seth was packing for a business trip to dallas.
00:13:27I had pretty much finishedpacking.
00:13:29I left the bag a little bit open in case there wereany last-minute things.
00:13:32Narrator: Not knowing it, ..
00:13:36..and headed to the airport.
00:13:39A few hours later, kelly came home and realized something was wrong.
00:13:43She always comes right downthe stairs to greet me, and this time she wasn't there.
00:13:47Narrator: Meanwhile, seth and gracie mae are on their trip to dallas.
00:13:51Seth: When I got to dallas and got off the plane, I called my wife, and she was crying, she was frantic.
00:13:58When I couldn't find her, I started to panic a little bit.
00:14:01Narrator: Here's where you think the story will have a happy ending.
00:14:05Seth checks into his hotel, gracie mae pops out of the bag, they all live 1 happily ever after, right?
00:14:13A guy arriving at dallas has a suitcase just like seth's and takes it from the carousel.
00:14:20My bag was nowhere to be found.
00:14:23Narrator: You can imagine what it was like for e guy with seth's bag.
00:14:28He opens the bag he thinks is his.
00:14:29Not only is it the wrong bag, but a cat's inside.
00:14:33[ Yowls ] gracie was wearing her tags, so the confused man was able to call a relieved seth.
00:14:38I received a phone call.
00:14:39He was so surprised to find gracie in the bag.
00:14:43Narrator: Luckily, gracie mae made it back home, and seth will always check his luggage before he zips it closed.
00:14:50Curiosity took gracie mae on an unlikely trip.
00:14:53BUT ASK the McElhiney family about their cat emily.
00:14:57This kitty's curiosity led her on an amazing journey far beyond her wisconsin home.
00:15:04Emily is a very curious cat.
00:15:07We're always looking for emily.
00:15:10Narrator: One day emily went missing and didn't come home.
00:15:14She had snuck out of the house and made her way into a nearby paper factory.
00:15:17Emily then somehow got into a shipping container.
00:15:21Unknowing workers sealed her inside.
00:15:24As the days passed and emily remained missing, the McElhineys began to worry.
00:15:29Donnie: I really thoughtit was just gonna be another "she's herein the neighborhood somewher " Narrator: Meanwhile, emily was on the journey of a lifetime.
00:15:37The container she was in was shipped by truck to chicago.
00:15:41It was then loaded into a boat that meandered through the great lakes and into the atlantic.
00:15:46Back in wisconsin, things looked bleak to the McElhineys.
00:15:51En up hope.
00:15:52We started to just wish that she was safe and okay and someone had made a good home for her.
00:15:58Narrator: Emily's ship finally made port on the french co she was loaded on yet another truck and reached her final destination at a factory in nancy, france.
00:16:08Emily was on the road for a total of 30 days.
00:16:12Emily had until the workers in france unpacked her.
00:16:18When they opened the container, they heard meowing, so they knew there was an animal in there.
00:16:23Narrator: Shocked workers found emily's tags.
00:16:27Donnie took the call, informing the family of emily's whereabouts.
00:16:30" and I said, "the " [ record scratches ] I had lived here like eight or nine months.
00:16:38" [ laughing ] Narrator: Arrangements were made for emily to be flown first class BACK TO THE grateful McElhineys.
00:16:47Donnie: I honestly didn't get emotional until we picked her up at the airport.
00:16:52Leslie: Emily has traveled farther than any of us ever have or ever probably will.
00:16:56Narrator: Everything turned out okay in the end, but emily is now strictly an indoor cat.
00:17:02" this cat is the grande dame of one of new york's top hotels.
00:17:09Is this breed completely bald?
00:17:11This cat may be the world's best mouser.
00:17:13And the breed whose fur is used to make handbags.
00:17:17" [ cat meows ] until fairly recently, cats were widely believed to be color-blind.
00:17:28Tests now show that domestic cats can distinguish three colors.
00:17:32What are they?
00:17:32The answer when we come back.
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00:21:37Narrator: Cats were thought to be color-blind, but recent tests show that they can in fact distinguish the colors ellow, and blue.
00:21:46[ Camera shutter clicks ] the american shorthair cat is among the best mouse one in three pounces results in a catch.
00:22:01In fact, records show that to board themayflower, the shorthair got the gig.
00:22:09We know that early settlersbrought cats on the ships, ..
00:22:18Narrator: Especially when it came to treasure hunting.
00:22:21During the california gold rush, miners paid several weeks' wages for proven rat-hunting cats.
00:22:28Intelligent, healthy, a great hunter -- the shorthair dates back to at least the 10th century.
00:22:34Romans brought the european shorthair to the british isles.
00:22:38In britain, naturally, it became known as the british shorthair.
00:22:42When its mousing prowess brought it to the new world, ..
00:22:46First to the domestic shorthair, later to the american shorthair.
00:22:51But here the cat changed, too.
00:22:55It bulked up.
00:22:57We bred them to be bigger,sturdier cats.
00:22:59Narrator: Today the breed is recognized by several subtle characteristics.
00:23:15And naturally, short hair.
00:23:17The american shorthair actually comesin over 80 different varieties ..
00:23:21Narrator: Including solid, tabby, tortoiseshell, and calico.
00:23:28A calico is a tricolored cat whose various coat colors are broken up into distinct patches.
00:23:33Surprisingly, calicos of any breed are almost always female.
00:23:39The american shorthair is a very easygoing, kind of low-maintenance cat.
00:23:43 they can keep themselves amused.
00:23:46Narrator: But in at least one household in san diego, humans take particular pride in attending to and amusing cats.
00:23:54It turns out two of the nine feline inhabitants here, gus and stella, are a couple of very lucky american shorthairs.
00:24:03This is the cat's house, an extraordinary home for ordinary house ..
00:24:08A feline fantasyland created by artist bob walker and frances mooney.
00:24:13One day we realized that,you know, we all go off to school or workevery day, leaving the house to the cats, so that if possession's9/10 of the law, it's really their house.
00:24:21Narrator: What started with a simple scratching post in 1988 has become a spectacular kitty playland.
00:24:27We figure we at least ought to consider their needs and make it wonderful for them and do everything possible for them.
00:24:33If you know cats,you know that given the choice, they would rather goup and over something than walk across the floorto maybe a third the distance.
00:24:43Narrator: It's a survival mechanism that allows them to see predators and prey beneath them.
00:24:48But 140 feet of elevated cat paths later, bob and frances said it wasn't enough.
00:24:54There were wall colors to contemplate.
00:24:57They have a limited palette of colors that they see, so we figure by oversaturating the colors in the house, that they have that little bit extra -- cats lack a true collarbone and like to squeeze their bodies through nearly any space they can get their heads through.
00:25:16Walker: The first openings we had were mouseholes going into their cat's house up above.
00:25:20And the cat house even has a little red light in it there for them to give warmth and illumination.
00:25:27The next holes I did after that was creating a flame-shaped opening.
00:25:31One thing leading to the next, we ended up saying, "wow, where can we go " and, "ooh, wouldn't it be cool to have red " Walker: We wanted it to be like, "oh, my gosh.
00:25:39" Narrator: For bob and frances, money is no concern when it comes to their kitties.
00:25:44We've probably put $20,000 worth of improvements into the place and decreased the value by $50,000.
00:25:52Narrator: Now they're branching out and building cat environments for others.
00:25:56This is a shelter for the national cat protection society in spring valley, california.
00:26:02The walls will all be like you're underwater, and there will be waves overhead.
00:26:08Here's your good side.
00:26:10This is gonna be so cool.
00:26:12Narrator: Not all cats live in such playful surroundings.
00:26:16So, how would an american shorthair cat do at your house?
00:26:19For starters, grooming would not be an issue.
00:26:23Their short coat doesn't mat, so they don't require a tremendous amount of combing.
00:26:26Narrator: They're one of the healthiest breeds around.
00:26:29Dr. Halligan: It's a great first-time cat for a cat owner.
00:26:32Narrator: And as house cats go, the american shorthair is great with other pets and has the right temperament for a busy family.
00:26:39In general, the american shorthair is healthy and will live 15 to 20 years.
00:26:46They require virtually no grooming and make a great pet for a family with children and other animals.
00:26:54They make a great cat for anybody who loves your average cat that's social, friendly, outgoing, and just wants to be a part of your life.
00:27:03[ Camera shutter clicks ] Narrator: Persians were smuggled by 17th-century european explorers, along with spices and jewels, out of persia -- modern-day iran.
00:27:19Persians are one ofthe oldest cat breeds, DATING BACK TO THE 1600s.
00:27:24For centuries, they gracedthe courts of royalty in france, italy, and england.
00:27:30Persians were a favoriteof england's queen victoria and florence nightingale.
00:27:35They like to drape themselvesover furniture and " Narrator: Experts believe that today's domestic persian cat is the descendant of this cat, felis lybica, still found in africa and asia.
00:27:50In the 19th century, , and since then, they've become the most popular cat in the world.
00:27:57[ Mewing ] now, these cats are probably most well-known for their unique face.
00:28:01Narrator: The persian has a brachycephalic head, giving it a pansy-like face.
00:28:06They've got this short, flat, pushed-in face.
00:28:09The eyebrows, the nose, and the chin should all be lined up.
00:28:12Narrator: Persians have short, solid-boned legs, so they prefer to have their feet firmly planted on the ground, unlike the jumping siamese.
00:28:21The most striking feature of the persian is its luxurious long coat.
00:28:26It's the longest of any cat breed, created by a combination of a long undercoat and topcoat.
00:28:32The persianjust begs to be petted.
00:28:35I mean, you just want to runyour fingers through this luxurious coat.
00:28:39They're just exquisite creatures.
00:28:41Narrator: Danelle german owns three persians -- crazy, chloe, and monica.
00:28:47[ Meows ] danelle is a professional cat groomer in south carolina.
00:28:51It's not unusual for cat owners to shave their persians.
00:28:55German: And when a persian comes in the door, that's when my heart skips a beat.
00:28:59When you shave all of this off, you've got a big pile of beautiful persian cathair.
00:29:03It seems like there's something you should be able to make out of it.
00:29:06Narrator: So danelle borrowed a friend's spinning wheel and turned the persian cathair into gold.
00:29:12German: I figured out how to spin the cathair and turn it into jusa beautiful, smooth, silky yarn.
00:29:19Narrator: Danelle decided to make a handbag out of leftover fur from one of her client's persians and surprised her with it.
00:29:26She had no words to express how she felt about it.
00:29:29She was in tears over it.
00:29:31Narrator: The success of the first bag led to danelle's dog and fur handbag business.
00:29:35German: I've made bags for people all across the united states, in canada, and also in england.
00:29:43Narrator: Making the handbags is no easy feat.
00:29:46First the cat is thoroughly washed -- some like it, some don't -- and then given a blow-dry.
00:29:53German: Then we shave the hair off.
00:29:56We typical have enough hair from that one single grooming to make a handbag.
00:30:01Narrator: This is not done just to make yarn.
00:30:04Some people feel shaving a cat is a low-maintenance way to keep them mat-free.
00:30:10German: I take the hai the yarn is then knitted into a handbag.
00:30:17Narrator: Danelle admits some people may find the idea a little odd.
00:30:22We call those the "ew" people.
00:30:24T of absurd.
00:30:26I always think of a cat as a pet, not a handbag.
00:30:29A cat handbag -- a little creepy.
00:30:31And then we have the "ah" people that think it's really neat.
00:30:35I think these handbags are a great idea.
00:30:37I love t Narrator: Satisfied customers are happy to payfrom $45 to $400 for these made-to-order keepsakes.
00:30:52This bag means the world to me because once the time comes to have charlie put to sleep, I will always have a little piece of him left behind.
00:31:00Woman: I absolutely love my bag because smelly cat means the world to me.
00:31:03He's my baby.
00:31:05German: Knowing that I have given somebody a treasure that memorializes their beloved pet, I am excited time and time again to be a part of that.
00:31:16Narrator: Maybe these cats are so loved because they love to lounge around the house.
00:31:20They're known as the lounge lizard.
00:31:22These purr angels will live peacefully with other cats, dogs, and children.
00:31:28After generations of pampered lifestyles, they don't have street smarts, so they should always be kept indoors.
00:31:33Dr. Halligan: You need to keep them inside.
00:31:35Indoor cats live somewherebetween 12 and 14 years.
00:31:40Outdoor cats --average life-span is only 4.
00:31:43Narrator:PERSIANS LIVE 15 TO 20 YEARS And are susceptibleto polycystic kidney disease.
00:31:49It's where ctsform in the kidneys, destroying tissue,which leads to kidney failure.
00:31:5440% Of them are affected.
00:31:56You probably need to have your cat ultrasounded on a regular basis.
00:32:01Narrator: It's no easy task keeping a persian coat beautiful.
00:32:04David: If you don't comb them every day, they get mats.
00:32:06Some people actually opt to clip the cat down completely and give them what's called a lion trim.
00:32:12Narrator: The persian is prone to kidney disease.
00:32:14They should be combed daily and receive regular grooming by a professional cat groomer every six weeks.
00:32:20And they're hams -- the perfect friendly family house cat.
00:32:28[ Purring ] when "cats 101" comes back, ..
00:32:36And the breed that's cuddly as a rag doll.
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00:35:08In ft, some males have tipped the scales at 35 pounds.
00:35:14Friendlyat? absolutely.
00:35:16In fact, ragdolls are called "puppy cats" to room.
00:35:22They're kind of puppylikein right behind your heels.
00:35:26[ Mews ] Narrator: Calm and relaxed, this cat is perfectly named a ragdoll.
00:35:31It has its name for a propensity to become very limp when you pick it up.
00:35:37Narrator: So, how did these cats get here?
00:35:39In 1963, a california breeder mixed a feral white angora with a few other long-haired breeds that had siamese-style points.
00:35:47What developed was the lovable ragdoll.
00:35:50They're known for lyingon the floor, sort of legs akimbo,and just completely relaxing.
00:35:55Narrator: So, what makes these cats special?
00:35:57They're giant. they're big kitties.
00:35:59Narrator: The ragdoll can be three times the size of other cats.
00:36:03These felines are large-boned and strong, with wide chests and big hindquarters.
00:36:08Next up are their killer blue eyes.
00:36:10The ragdoll has intense blueeyes that are an oval shape.
00:36:16Dr. Moses: Cats who are whitewho have blue eyes or have one blue eyeare often deaf on the side of their headthat has the blue eye.
00:36:25Narrator: And did you know that cats see six times better than humans at night?
00:36:29The ragdoll is famous for their coat -- fluffy and easy to care for.
00:36:33They almost feel like a rabbit when you pet them.
00:36:36Narrator: And ragdolls are pointed, which means their face, legs, ears, and tail are darker than the rest of the body.
00:36:43But the most lovable quality is their calm personality.
00:36:46The ragdoll is a super cat.
00:36:49I mean, a little quiet -- you know, sort of just beautiful and there.
00:36:56[ Mid-tempo piano music plays ] ...that was most appealing to the owners at this famed hotel in the middle of manhattan.
00:37:03I think it's a great thing to have a cat in a lounge.
00:37:07We come here often, and we just love matilda.
00:37:10She does have "cattitude," but not often.
00:37:12I'd love to see the cat. is she around?
00:37:14Since 1902, the algonquin, famous for its literary round table, has been a celebrity hangout, hosting greats like douglas fairbanks, al pacino, and matilda, the resident ragdoll who's been living here for 12 years.
00:37:30She is our ambassadress,i guess, " she is in charge of all of us.
00:37:39She's very much a diva,and she's very much a star here.
00:37:43 [ laughs ] Narrator: While hanging in the lobby or sauntering through the lounge, matilda has lots of friends.
00:37:49 she's a cool cat.
00:37:53Cruz: She gets e-mail correspondence from ..
00:37:56From as far away as japan, as close as the bronx.
00:38:00Narrator: But it's bellman peter cruz who waits on the ragdoll day in and day out.
00:38:05 [ laughs ] but for me, I think I'm her butler, and I'm proud to be her butler.
00:38:13Narrator: However, purebred matilda isn't the first feline to grace this lobby.
00:38:17Back in 1930, a mangy stray, who they first called rusty, wandered into the hotel, and a tradition was born.
00:38:25De Almeida: John barrymore was playing hamlet, so they thought that hamlet would be more dignified for the cat, and they renamed it hamlet.
00:38:33Narrator: And from the begin these cats were treated like royalty.
00:38:37Now, if you put that milk in a rock glass, he wouldn't touch it.
00:38:41It had to be a champagne flute.
00:38:42So there's been quite a few hamlets here, and there's been two matildas.
00:38:46This is matilda the second.
00:38:47Narrator: Matilda has graced children's books, christmas ornaments, been crowned westchester cat of the year, we make many of these every night.
00:38:58She's a legend. she runs the hotel.
00:39:03Narrator: And well-bred ragdolls like matilda have very few however, have your vet check regularly for heart disease, which can occur.
00:39:13And grooming is easy.
00:39:14They have a relatively short coat.
00:39:16Narrator: So, does a ragdoll make a good family pet?
00:39:19They do.
00:39:21They love children and usually get along well with other pets.
00:39:25They're very affectionate, and they'd probably be a really good firsbltime cat.
00:39:29Narrator: So, in general, ragdoll cats don't have too many health problems.
00:39:32Grooming is pretty simple -- a little brushing every few days.
00:39:36And they do make wonderful family pets.
00:39:38All I can say is, if you're ever in new york, stop in to see matilda at the algonquin.
00:39:45" meet the breed from the "austin powers" movies.
00:39:53" [ cat meows ] every fireman has heard this call -- " but why do some cats have trouble climbingdowntrees?
00:40:05The answer when we come back.
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00:43:59Narrator: Do you know why cats get stuck in trees?
00:44:02It's all in the design of their claws, which curve under -- a useful tool for climbing up, but practically useless when coming down.
00:44:11As a result,que to get out of ees, or in some cases, simply wait for the fire department.
00:44:20[ Siren wails ] [ camera shutter clicks ] at first glance, you might think you've landed on another ..
00:44:32Or arrived at a cat nudist colony.
00:44:35The sphynx is a very rare breed probably most well-knownfor their hairless gene.
00:44:39Narrator:A SPHYNX NAMED "TED NUDE GENT" Starred in the highly successful"austin powers" movies.
00:44:48They kind of feel likea warm suede hot-water bottle.
00:44:53Narrator: Warm because their skin temperature is actually four degrees higher than most other breeds.
00:44:59[ Camera shutter clicks ] and it's the only breed that originated in canada.
00:45:03[ Record scratches ] compared to dogs and other domestic pets, this cat is a very recent breed.
00:45:11They were created by mother nature in 1966 from a domestic cat that gave birth to a hairless kitten in toronto, canada.
00:45:19It was discovered to be a natural mutation, and the sphynx was then bred to be the first hairless breed.
00:45:25 ] cat breeders have bred the sphynx with normal-coated cats and then back to hairless for more than 30 years.
00:45:33The purpose of these selective breedings was to create a genetically sound cat with a large gene pool and hybrid vigor.
00:45:40This is a substantial cat, medium-sized and strong.
00:45:45They actually have a layerof fuzz all over their body.
00:45:52Narrator: Surprisingly, this wash-and-wear cat is not hypoallergenic.
00:45:56For those who are allergic, a regular bathing helps lessen the dander that may build up.
00:46:02Because there is no hair, you get to see and feel the wrinkles and the odd form of the body.
00:46:08It gives you an idea of what most cats look like underneath all that fur.
00:46:11Narrator: Sphynx come in a variety of colors, and since they don't have hair, it's the pigment in the skin that demonstrates the color.
00:46:26And oval paws with long toes and thick pads.
00:46:30Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love being the center of attention.
00:46:34They're very energetic, and they're very gregarious.
00:46:38So they kind of like to show off.
00:46:43Narrator: Laurien mcphee's cat, uncle fester, likes to show off by participating in an important community ..
00:46:49At the angell animal medical center in boston.
00:46:53Hey, how's it going?
00:46:54Good. hey, there, fester.
00:46:56When "cats 101" comes back, why is uncle fester a star at this animal hospital?
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00:48:07Than frontline plus, includingdisease-spreading ticks.
00:48:10And for someone who isalways wanting more, how can you settlefor anything less?
00:48:14To protect your dog,see your veterinarian ..
00:48:18For k9 a Narrator:..
00:49:41He's here for blood donation.
00:49:42...Who donates blood in his spare time.
00:49:45And it's perfectly safe.
00:49:47Today he's here to do his duty at angell animal medical center.
00:49:51Heeally lights up, and he getsso much attention there, and everybodycomes out to see him.
00:49:57Oh, he getsa lot of attention here.
00:49:58Everybody knows uncle festerin our hospital.
00:50:00Ows ] hey, uncle fester.
00:50:02 [ laughs ] Narrator: Silvia coviello runs the blood program here.
00:50:08Coviello: It's very difficult to find clients that are willing to have their pets donate blood.
00:50:12People just don't realize that programs like this exist and that pets, just like people, require blood transfusions.
00:50:22Narrator: Whether it's an accident or surgery, both dogs and cats benefit from angell's program.
00:50:27In dogs, very often, our transfusions arebecause of an acute need.
00:50:31They've suddenly lost blood, and they need blood immediately.
00:50:34It's much less common for cats to need blood.
00:50:36Usually it's because of chronic disease or because we're anticipating some blood loss during surgery.
00:50:41Narrator: Angell is a unique center because they only use the blood they get from their own donor program.
00:50:46Coviello: In terms of a program where donors come in, clients receive benefits for having their pets participate, there's not very many out there.
00:50:54Narrator: Obviously something's working, because last year, they transfused 700 animals.
00:51:00Humans have four blood-type options.
00:51:03Dogs have eight. cats have three.
00:51:06Cats have a different blood type than people.
00:51:08They have type "a," type "b," and then very rarely, a mixture of the two, " [ meows ] Coviello: They're given a physical exam and blood screening to make sure that they're okay to donate blood.
00:51:17They're then given a light sedative to help them relax.
00:51:20They're attached to monitors so that we're able to keep track of their vital signs, and after the donation is done, they're given subcutaneous fluids to help restore what we've just taken from them, and then they're allowed to rest for about hour to two, and we feed them a meal and then send them home.
00:51:36Narrator: And for the cat ..
00:51:38Fe Manigat: Mica was brought here three weeks ago after being hit by an s.u.v.
00:51:44She was so anemic.
00:51:45Was so gray in the gums, and her little nose was grayinstead of pink.
00:51:50She needed that transfusion.
00:51:51You've been a good kitty.
00:51:52McPhee: It's a good thing to do.
00:51:53It helps out, and, you know, you never know.
00:51:56It might help your pet out at some point down the line.
00:52:03Narrator: Due to the lack of hair, there is nothing to absorb body oils, so sphynx need to be washed regularly.
00:52:10The sphynx have no significant health issues, but their high metabolism makes them want to eat all day.
00:52:16So if you leave any food out, the sphynx will gobble it up.
00:52:20These cats prefer the company of peoe, but they are great with dogs and other cats, and they thrive on being the center of attention.
00:52:28While sphynx may not be for everyone, they certainly are unique.
00:52:34Give them plenty to eat.
00:52:36Be sure to wash them once a week.
00:52:37And they're good with children and other pets.
00:52:43[ Camera shutter clicking ] so, to recap, the american shorthair descended from the first cats who came over on themayflower.
00:52:58[ Purring ] they remain the best mousers.
00:53:04The savannah is the wildest cat breed.
00:53:06[ Meows ] many savannahs are only one generation removed from wild african cats.
00:53:12As a result, they're banned in some states.
00:53:16Scottish foldshave a unique look because of their folded ears.
00:53:21It's created by a cartilage defect, so careful breeding of scott persians are the most popular breed in the world.
00:53:32Their long coats are so luxurious, they are sometimes [ mews ] ragdolls are one of the largest breed of cat.
00:53:42They're known for the tendency to sprawl on their back when held.
00:53:48The sphynx is the most unusualbreed and appears hairless, and unlike other cats,requires a regular bath.
00:53:59Remember,each cat is an individual and might not adhereto the breed standards.
00:54:05If you're adopting a cat, DO YOUR HOMEWORKAND CHECK OUT To choose your furry friendwisely.