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00:00:00Ur time is 5:00.
00:00:01>>> This is decision day for the cal athletics department.
00:00:04Christin ayers is in berkeley, where word is expected today on the fate of five sports.
00:00:11Good morning.
00:00:12>> Reporter: Good morning.
00:00:12We should know whether or not those five sports will be saved by about noon today.
00:00:16This is a big day for both athletes and alumni waiting to hear whether the university will eliminate those five cal sports teams in order to save the university money.
00:00:31The teams are baseball, men's rugby, men's gymnastics, women's lacrosse, and women's gymnastics.
00:00:39The campus plans to cut the teams originally in june.
00:00:42That is, until an online fundraising effort called com stepped in claiming it had raised about $15 million of the $25 million needed to save all five of those teams.
00:00:57The group brought the university its blueprint for saving the teams including baseball in the middle of its possible final season a couple of weeks ago.
00:01:05They got big support from the likes of the san francisco giants.
00:01:09Now, complicating things are some reports coming from the "new york times" saying the university doesn't have a choice of whether to eliminate those five teams.
00:01:15They say if they did eliminate those teams, particularly the women's teams, it would knock them out of compliance with title ix.
00:01:26The university, however, maintains it is in compliance and has considered those regulations throughout this process.
00:01:32Again, that decision coming down, sydnie, at noon today.
00:01:34>> Thank you, christin ayers in berkeley.
00:01:36>>> Now to a developing story out of san francisco.
00:01:38Police are on the scene of a fatal accident in the inner richmond.
00:01:43It happened around 2 a.m.
00:01:45Witnesses say a black audi sped through a red light at geary and arguello boulevards and struck a gray mazda killing the drive.
00:01:53The cause of the accident is not known but police are starting a dui investigation.
00:02:01The intersection is closed.
00:02:05Elizabeth has more on traffic.
00:02:06>> Good morning.
00:02:07This is the area right here.
00:02:10This portion of inner richmond.
00:02:11San francisco police department is still on the scene of this overnight fatal accident.
00:02:16We have learned that a three- block stretch of geary boulevard is still shut down between second avenue and jordan avenue so obviously not busy this time of the morning but if police are on scene and this investigation continues this will cause major delays.
00:02:32So california or fulton are your best alternates.
00:02:38Also impacting the 38 geary muni line.
00:02:45Bart, ace, caltrain, everything else on time.
00:02:50Two-van crash near treasure island everything off on the shoulder.
00:02:55Didn't cause a delay, no problems.
00:02:59Bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are off.
00:03:03In sonoma counties, southbound 101 around kastania an earlier accident, as well.
00:03:08Tow truck symbol means it's cleared.
00:03:11Looks good for your drive down southbound through petaluma and through marin looks great.
00:03:16San mateo bridge in the commute direction fine westbound 92.
00:03:1813 Minutes is your drive time from hayward to foster city.
00:03:23And coming off the high-rise towards the east bay looks great, as well.
00:03:26More traffic coming up.
00:03:28Back to you.
00:03:28>> Thank you.
00:03:29>>> Was it a random shooting or was something aiming for a specific bus passenger?
00:03:35Police in richmond trying to answer that question after a shooting near 3rd street and grove avenue last night.
00:03:39Someone in the group standing on the corner opened fire on an a.c.
00:03:46Transit bus but one passenger was taken to the hospital after being cut by flying glass.
00:03:50>>> New state records show pg&e put off inspecting its gas pipeline for years.
00:03:57An audit shows those were crucial inspections in high pressure transmission lines.
00:04:01The utility put them off for more than two years.
00:04:08The public utilities commission says they failed to follow their own safety guidelines to make sure inspections were thorough.
00:04:13Pg&e says it understands the number of findings is high and is working to ensure the safety of its pipelines.
00:04:20>>> Stanford university is demanding that pg&e give it a detailed account of pipelines and maintenance inspection history.
00:04:28The san bruno pipeline reportedly snakes through the palo alto hills and cuts through stanford before reaching the neighborhood that suffered from the deadly explosion in september.
00:04:35And that is just one of two gas lines that passes under the university.
00:04:41>>> The anti-government movement in egypt is expanding.
00:04:44The government is threatening an army crackdown by imposing martial law.
00:04:48Thousands of demonstrators are gathered in cairo's tahrir square for the 17th day in a row.
00:04:54They are still vowing not to leave until president hosni mubarak steps down.
00:05:00Protestors are getting some additional support.
00:05:05Egypt's public transportation employees are going on strike.
00:05:10Organizers are reportedly calling on all 62,000 transportation workers to take part but there have been some buses seen on the streets today.
00:05:19-based group human rights watch says about 300 people have been killed since the protests began.
00:05:24>>> This morning a republican congressman from new york has resigned over a craigslist scandal and it's all because of this photo.
00:05:32That's christopher lee.
00:05:33He reportedly sent pictures of himself without a shirt on to a woman seeking a relationship on craigslist.
00:05:38The woman apparently googled him and realized who he was and then sent email along with the pictures to the gawker website.
00:05:46Lee is married.
00:05:47He says he regrets the harm that he has caused to his family, his staff and his constituents.
00:05:53And in this day and age it makes you wonder, what's he thinking?
00:05:58Come on?
00:05:58>> Such a well-known public figure.
00:05:59>>> We don't want to see any of those pictures of you.
00:06:02>> I don't quite look like that, either.
00:06:05[ Laughter ] ..
00:06:06>> You could have fooled me.
00:06:06>> You wouldn't see any of those pictures of me on there.
00:06:09If you are just getting up, it is freezing in some parts of the bay area.
00:06:13Down to 31 degrees, clear skies in the napa valley.
00:06:1632 In santa rosa.
00:06:1831 Degrees in fairfield.
00:06:1935 In livermore.
00:06:22A little chilly to begin the day.
00:06:26Skies clear and offshore so by the afternoon, fantastic.
00:06:3067 And sunny in santa rosa, 56 in napa, about 65 in san jose.
00:06:34Even out toward the coastline, yeah, a little sea breeze toward the afternoon but not bad.
00:06:40But enjoy the sunshine while we have it, folks.
00:06:43We have some major changes coming our way.
00:06:45Some rain is headed back toward the bay area in a few minutes.
00:06:48We'll tell you when coming up.
00:06:51Back to you guys.
00:06:52>> Thank you.
00:06:53>>> The verizon iphone goes on sale today.
00:06:56Verizon and apple stores across the country are opening nice and early for you folks.
00:07:007 A.m.
00:07:01To handle the expected rush of customers.
00:07:04Until now, of course, at&t had been the only exclusive iphone carrier.
00:07:10But there have been a lot of complaints about at&t service as you know.
00:07:14At&t is offering incentives in hopes of keeping customers on tap.
00:07:18It's allowing the iphone to share its internet connection with wi-fi-neighborhood laptops and other devices.
00:07:25Next week it will offer credit towards a new at&t device in exchange for old cell phones, as well.
00:07:31>> Iphone war is heating up.
00:07:32>> I guess so.
00:07:32That's all good for us, though, especially if you're an at&t customer.
00:07:36>>> 5:08.
00:07:37A bay area business owner opens fire when a man brings his dog into his store.
00:07:42>> My brother told him to move.
00:07:44He didn't move it and he pushed it with his foot and that guy like lost his mind.
00:07:50>> Why the shooter's brother says it was bound to happen.
00:07:56>>> I don't know what the hell is happening.
00:07:58But I know what they're doing is wrong.
00:08:03>> He could be the oldest pot smoker in the bay area.
00:08:07Why stan the man is now fighting to be able to sell marijuana.
00:08:11Iles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park.
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00:10:25The shooting in san francisc >>> a dispute over a dog is behind the shooting that put a man in the hospital with life- threatening injuries.
00:10:32A shooting in the haight- ashbury happened after a man walked into a store with a small dog yesterday afternoon.
00:10:36The dog apparently got in the way of a store employee who shoved it with his foot.
00:10:42The witness says the dog owner challenged that employee.
00:10:48>> That guy come back in.
00:10:49I brother felt like he had something on him.
00:10:56My brother has the gun.
00:10:58>> Shot him?
00:10:58>> No, he shot two or three bullets.
00:11:02He didn't mean to shoot him.
00:11:03>> The store employee was arrested for the shooting.
00:11:08The suspect's brother said they kept the gun handy in the store because of the mentally unstable people who live in the area.
00:11:15>>> Two mountain lions were 00 yesterday in woodside near a school at the west entrance of canada college.
00:11:24Mountain lions usually try to avoid confrontation with humans but here's our advice.
00:11:30If you en counter one, don't run away but face the animal, throw rocks at it make menacing noises, and then wave your arms and try to appear larger than you really are.
00:11:41>>> The san francisco police commission is asking for the public's help in selecting a new police chief.
00:11:46Today the commission will hold an event to listen to community input on nominees and quality sought in a top cop.
00:11:53The public is also invited to attend the commission's regularly scheduled meetings and submit written suggestions.
00:12:0012 on this thursday morning.
00:12:02A lot of celebrity, a lot of golf and hopefully a lot of sunshine, too.
00:12:06The stars teeing off at the pebble beach pro-am and why the most famous name in golf is refusing to play.
00:12:15>>> And we are following a fatal accident right now in san francisco's inner richmond.
00:12:25Lanes are blocked.
00:12:25Investigation continue more ,, ♪
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00:15:14Crash in san francisco this >>> good morning.
00:15:18Out the door this morning, grab a jacket.
00:15:21It's chilly in spots early on today into the freezer in some places.
00:15:30Patchy frost around the bay area with those cold temperatures.
00:15:32But by the afternoon, should be just fantastic.
00:15:41AT THE COAST, PLAN ON 50s AND LOW 60s.
00:15:43So as we look over the next couple of days, high pressure still holding strong.
00:15:48A great day today, weather repeat very similar to yesterdath those temperatures maybe a degree or two warmer but should be beautiful sunshine by the afternoon.
00:15:56Almost sprinlike ispots.
00:15:56Expect about 65 degrees in san jose.
00:16:0164 In morgan hill.
00:16:0364 Sunnyvale.
00:16:0363 Fremont.
00:16:03East bay plenty of sunshine all day long, 64 in hayward.
00:16:07About 64 in alameda and 62 degrees in concord.
00:16:12In the north bay, warmest temperatures with down slope winds.
00:16:16About 67 degrees in santa rosa, 66 petaluma, and about 61 in san anselmo.
00:16:21So over the next few days, enjoy the sunshine while we have it.
00:16:24We are looking at major changes in the works.
00:16:27High pressure begins to weaken as we head in toward the weekend and that means, well, a few more clouds going filter in across our skies.
00:16:34By monday the clouds begin to gather and I think overnight month night and into tuesday the rain returns to the bay area, and then a series of storms is headed our way to keep things wet and wild probably a good 7 to 10 days after that.
00:16:48That's weather.
00:16:48Here's elizabeth with traffic.
00:16:49>> Thank you, lawrence.
00:16:52Let's go back out to san francisco.
00:16:53We are following a developing story out of the inner richmond.
00:16:56There was a fatal overnight crash right there near the interchange of geary boulevard and arguello.
00:17:04Lanes are blocked.
00:17:05This was a head-on collision.
00:17:06San francisco police are on scene continuing their investigation.
00:17:09We know that several blocks of geary boulevard are blocked off, at least three blocks, as well as several blocks o arguello.
00:17:18This can be a traffic nightmare for commuters in the area if it continues for a while.
00:17:23Use california street or fulton street again because lanes are blocked 60 in both directions in that stretch.
00:17:30Several muni lines are impacted as well including the very popular 38 geary as well as we have just learned the 33 stanion.
00:17:39Fatal accident near geary and arguello in san francisco's inner richmond.
00:18:0219 Minutes from westbound 80 to the maze.
00:18:04We haven't looked at the south bay much this morning.
00:18:06It's been quiet, that's why.
00:18:09880/237, We have a live camera in milpitas showing you silicon valley ride or we did -- maybe I can make it appear again?
00:18:17All right.
00:18:17There it goes.
00:18:18All right.
00:18:18Westbound 237 nice and quiet this morning towards silicon valley and san jose.
00:18:24And in san jose, everything looks great to downtown 70 miles per hour according to one of our live traffic sensors.
00:18:33Northbound 280 approaching the 880 interchange, smooth towards cupertino.
00:18:36We'll continue to follow traffic around the bay area.
00:18:40Remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm.
00:18:45Back to you.
00:18:45>> Thank you.
00:18:46>>> Here's a look at our top stories on this thursday.
00:18:50A new pg&e audit shows the utility put off important pipeline inspections for more than two years.
00:18:56State public utility commission says pg&e also ignored its own safety guidelines by conducting less thorough inspections.
00:19:03Pg&e says it's working to improve the safety of its gas transmission lines.
00:19:06>>> And it's a big decision day over at cal.
00:19:10The university is ready to cut five sports in an effort to save money but fans have been collecting cash to try to save those sports programs.
00:19:16And there is a chance the university might have to preserve them anyway to comply with title ix rules.
00:19:24>>> A man who could be the oldest pot smoker in the bay area is fighting for what he says is his right to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.
00:19:33Stan says he started smoking pot years ago at the age of 80.
00:19:36He says it's helped him deal with sleep issues.
00:19:39But now the former muscle beach body builder is being taken to court.
00:19:46The city of vallejo wants $80,000 from stan for operating a pot dispensary.
00:19:51>> Said we were operating without a permit.
00:19:53>> And they sue you?
00:19:58>> Yeah.
00:19:59>> He feels he's being singled out.
00:20:01He says 10 others are being operated without permits or problems in vallejo.
00:20:05>>> A point reyes woman will apparently not face charges for disobeying police at a protest AGAINST PG&E'S SmartMETERS.
00:20:13She says that the marin county district attorney's office told her she won't be charged now.
00:20:17But she might be prosecuted if arrested at another protest within the next year.
00:20:23She and another woman were cited in december when they failed to get out of the road so traffic could pass in inverness park.
00:20:32>>> Speculation this morning that three of the most popular websites in the world could be joining forces.
00:20:38>> Plus, it's not exactly love potion number 9 but see how a special drug is helping play cupid for couples.
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00:23:31[ Signal breakup ] >>> monterey bay swarming with celebrity watchers and golf enthusiasts as the pebble beach pro-am tournament gets under way this morning.
00:23:48It is the 71st year of the tournament.
00:23:51Lots of the stars and regulars returning including the lovable bill murray, ray romano, kevin costner.
00:23:59Tiger woods once again is missing in action.
00:24:01He is vacationing and doing a little golf in the united arab emirates.
00:24:05Cbs 5 of course will have live coverage of the tournament all the weekend long.
00:24:10>>> The vatican putting its foot down on that new iphone app.
00:24:14The church says catholics, you cannot confess using your smart phone.
00:24:19[ Laughter ] >> itunes is selling an application called confession, a roman catholic app.
00:24:31It was made so catholics can combine faith and digital technology, according to the authors.
00:24:35>> Got to keep up with the times.
00:24:39>> But you have to go to confession.
00:24:41You can't do it on the iphone.
00:24:43>>> It is the cuddle drug and helping some people who struggle with intimacy issues.
00:24:51It's best known for sending pregnant women into labor.
00:24:52But new research into the hormone has found it can be put to different uses.
00:24:58Doctors say it can help people feel more connected to one another.
00:25:01They claim if the couple is having intimacy problems it could be from a low level of oxytocin.
00:25:09>> You just put it under your tongue and dissolve.
00:25:11Not that I just have any -- i just read that online, checked it out.
00:25:15[ Laughter ] >>> 5:26.
00:25:16A developing story now.
00:25:17Hundreds of people evacuated after a major gas explosion rocks a pennsylvania neighborhood.
00:25:21We have the latest on the possible cause and the search for several people still missing at this hour.
00:25:28>>> And pg&e and the commission in charge of regulating it both in the hot seat this morning.
00:25:34Some new findings coming up next.
00:25:38>>> And will cal cut five sports teams?
00:25:41The decision coming in just a few hours.
00:25:44How title ix could impact that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I m frank mallicoat.
00:28:31>>> And good morning, everybody.
00:28:32It is thursday, february 10.
00:28:34Glad to have you on board.
00:28:35I'm frank mallicoat.
00:28:35>> I'm sydnie kohara.
00:28:36Thank you for joining us.
00:28:37Your time coming up on 5:30.
00:28:40We begin with a fatal traffic accident in san francisco.
00:28:4200 this morning in the inner richmond area.
00:28:47Witnesses say that a car sped through a red light at geary and arguello boulevards.
00:28:53It struck a gray mazda killing the driver.
00:28:55The cause of the accident not known.
00:28:58Police will start a dui investigation.
00:29:00With more on how this will affect your morning commute if you use geary, let's go to elizabeth wenger.
00:29:04>> Reporter: This is a busy intersection, maybe not this time of the morning but again if this investigation continues which it likely will because it's a fatal accident as well as a possible dui investigation, lanes could be blocked for quite some time.
00:29:17Right now three blocks of geary boulevard are shut down in both directions.
00:29:20They have it all blocked off, all taped off.
00:29:25Use california or fulton as your alternates in the meantime that section of inner richmond.
00:29:35Geary and richmond.
00:29:37Parts of geary and arguello are blocked off.
00:29:40Busy commute spot.
00:29:40There is a gas station in the area.
00:29:43Several muni lines are being rerouted impact by this overnight fatal accident.
00:29:51That including 38 geary and 33 stanyan both dealing with delays.
00:29:55Back to you guys.
00:29:55>> Thank you.
00:29:56>>> Pg&e has been dragging its feet on inspections.
00:29:59That all according to the new state records released by the public utilities commission.
00:30:04Anne makovec tells us the utility was putting up crucial inspections for years and joins us live from san bruno.
00:30:12Good morning.
00:30:12>> Reporter: Good morning.
00:30:13Accusations of pg&e dragging its feet but also, the puc, public utilities commission, dragging its feet on regulating pg&e.
00:30:22We all know what happened in san bruno but pg&e has 1800 miles of gas pipelines throughout northern and central california.
00:30:31So this section of pipeline is right now under the microscope since it exploded here in september.
00:30:37But it looks like it was too little too late.
00:30:41An audit of pg&e shows that it put off crucial inspections on high pressure transmission lines for more than two years.
00:30:49The public utilities commission says that pg&e also failed to follow its own safety guidelines to make sure inspections were thorough.
00:30:57Now, this report was done by the puc back in may well before the san bruno explosion.
00:31:01But the findings are only now coming out.
00:31:04The puc is supposed to oversee the utility but it has not issue a fine against pg&e for at least a decade.
00:31:12Now, pg&e says they welcome these audits.
00:31:14A spokesman says they realize the number of findings is unacceptably high and, quote, we are moving on multiple fronts to ensure and enhance the safety of our gas transmission and distribution systems.
00:31:27Now, the public utilities commission and pg&e both on the hot seat right now from politicians.
00:31:33But also, from some individual property owners, like stanford university is now trying to -- is demanding records from pg&e on the gas lines that are running through its campus.
00:31:45Pg&e says it's not under any legal obligation to provide those but says it is committed to answering questions that stanford has.
00:31:52>> Anne makovec live at san bruno, thank you.
00:31:54>>> One passenger rushed to the hospital after somebody opened fire on a bus in richmond.
00:31:59The victim was not shot but was cut in the face by flying glass.
00:32:04The shooting happened near 3rd street and grove avenue about 9:45 last night.
00:32:07Someone in the group standing on the corner opened fire.
00:32:10A bus was hit three times.
00:32:11Police are trying to learn if someone on the bus was the target or whether it was random.
00:32:20>>> San mateo county warning people to keep an eye out for two mountain lions spotted 00 in woodside near the west entrance to canada college yesterday.
00:32:32Mountain lions usually try to avoid confrontation with humans, still it's best to keep a close watch on small kids or animals.
00:32:39And avoid hiking or jogging at dawn, dusk and night, when mountain lions are most active.
00:32:45>>> We expect to learn today whether it's game over for five sports teams at cal.
00:32:50Let's go to christin ayers at uc-berkeley, where federal rules we have now learned could help determine whether those programs stay or go.
00:33:01>> Reporter: Good morning.
00:33:02Title ix is what we're talk about and the question is whether or not cal will reinstate five teams, that's the question we're hearing on campus, that were slated to end in june due to budget cuts.
00:33:14Let's take to what those five teams are affected.
00:33:17They are going to be baseball, men's rugby, which would lose its varsity status, men's gymnastics, women's lacrosse and women's gymnastics.
00:33:26Efforts to reinstate the teams have been largely spearheaded by
00:33:37It's an online effort that claims it raised $12 million to $15 million of the money needed.
00:33:49What does seem clear is that if it saves some of the team, the women's teams may have to take precedence to keep the university in compliance with the "new york times" recently raises questions about eliminating all the teams altogether would interfere with the university's title ix funding.
00:34:09They maintain they remain in compliance with title ix and they took that under consideration even as they were considering cutting these teams.
00:34:16Again that announcement coming at noon.
00:34:18>> We'll be waiting for the decision.
00:34:20Thank you, christin ayers in berkeley.
00:34:23>>> Time now 5:35.
00:34:24And if you liked yesterday, you will love today because I guess it's going to be warmer, huh, lawrence?
00:34:29>> Enjoy it while we have it.
00:34:30We have a major change coming, frank, in the weather pattern as we are going to get back some wintry weather here in the bay area.
00:34:38It is a cold start to the day.
00:34:41Temperatures running at 31 degrees, freezing in napa, freezing in santa road, 31 and freezing in fairfield.
00:34:4735 Even in livermore.
00:34:48So you get the idea.
00:34:49A cold start to the day.
00:34:50But as we head toward the afternoon, what a day it's going to be again.
00:34:54High pressure and those offshore winds will crank up the temperatures to about 67 degrees in santa rosa, 66 in sonoma, 66 degrees in oakland, and about 64 degrees in hayward.
00:35:06A major change in the weather pattern is coming.
00:35:08We'll talk more about that in a few minutes.
00:35:13Back to you.
00:35:13>> Okay.
00:35:13Lawrence, thank you.
00:35:14It is the day lots of iphone fans have been waiting for.
00:35:18The verizon iphone goes on sale.
00:35:20Verizon and apple stores across the country are opening early 00 this morning to handle the expected rush of customers.
00:35:26Until now, at&t had been the exclusive carrier for the iphone but there have been a lot of complaints about at&t's service.
00:35:35At&t is offering incentives now in hopes keeping your customers -- their customers, rather.
00:35:39It's allowing the iphone to share its internet connection with a wi-fi-neighborhood laptop and other devices.
00:35:45Next week it will be offering credit towards a new at&t device in exchange for old cell phones.
00:35:51Trying to hang on to their customers.
00:35:53>>> Just imagine three of the biggest websites joining forces.
00:35:58It can happen.
00:35:59The "wall street journal" reports facebook and google are considering a colossal buy-out deal of twitter.
00:36:04The talks are still in the early stages.
00:36:06But the price under discussion is between $8 and $10 billion, roughly 100 times the amount of revenue that twitter expects to earn this year.
00:36:15>> Wouldn't that be a deal.
00:36:18>>> 5:37.
00:36:18This morning, lots of questions for a new york congressman who resigned over a craigslist scandal.
00:36:23And it's all because of this photo.
00:36:27That is christopher lee.
00:36:28He reportedly sent pictures of himself without a shirt on to a woman seeking a relationship on craigslist.
00:36:36That's congressman christopher lee.
00:36:37The woman apparently googled him realized who he was and then sent hi his e-mails to the website gawker.
00:36:43Lee, who is married, resigned last night.
00:36:45He says regrets the harm his actions have caused his family, staff and his constituents.
00:36:51>>> Anti-government protestors in egypt are now getting some help from workers.
00:36:56Thousands of demonstrators gathered in cairo's tahrir square for the 17th day in a row.
00:37:01They are still vowing not to leave until president hosni mubarak steps down.
00:37:06Now those protestors though are getting some additional support.
00:37:14Egypt's public transportation employees are going on strike.
00:37:18Organizers are reportly calling on all 62,000 transportation workers to take part.
00:37:22But there have been some buses seen on the streets today.
00:37:27-based group "human rights watch" says about 300 people have been killed since the protests began.
00:37:34>>> Big natural gas explosion in pennsylvania has spawned fires, downed power lines and forced hundreds of people from their homes.
00:37:40As many as 6 people are unaccounted for at this hour after the explosion last night.
00:37:46Firefighters expect a total of 8 houses that are lost, 16 other damaged.
00:37:51The blast blew out windows at the senior center and several nearby structures caught fire.
00:37:59750 People were cleared from the area.
00:38:02>>> A once crippled cruise ship will leave san francisco tomorrow.
00:38:07The 110,000 ton carnival splendor was of course brought to the bay area for repairs a couple of weeks ago after it caught fire during a voyage in november.
00:38:14No one was hurt in the mishap but the 4500 passengers and crewmembers who were stranded at sea for three days, more than 900 local workers took part in the repair job.
00:38:25>>> No longer for sale.
00:38:27Governor jerry brown dropping plans to sell 24 state buildings to private investors.
00:38:34>> It didn't make much sense because it in effect is a gigantic loan with interest payments equal to over 10% every year.
00:38:44>> The state had been in negotiations to sell those $3 billion under a proposal by governor brown.
00:38:57-- By governor schwarzenegger.
00:38:58The state would have leased them from the new owners.
00:38:5939 on this thursday.
00:39:02Pack light or get charged a whole lot more.
00:39:05The airlines raising its baggage fees by $40.
00:39:08>> And we've heard this before.
00:39:11Show me the beef.
00:39:11The big giveaway attacks in response to a meaty lawsuit.
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00:41:36>>> Good morning.
00:41:37We have major traffic problems on city streets in san francisco.
00:41:43There was an overnight fatal accident in the incidentallier richmond neighborhood.
00:41:45A car sped through a red light.
00:41:46As you can see there was a head- on crash with another car.
00:41:52One person was killed.
00:41:53Police are investigating whether alcohol or drugs played a role.
00:41:56This is a busy intersection near geary and arguello.
00:41:59Let's talk about alternates.
00:42:00If this investigation continues for some time, this could cause some traffic nightmare for commuters.
00:42:07California and fulton are the best bets.
00:42:09Right now several blocks of geary boulevard are shut down as well as a couple of blocks of arguello a busy intersection through that stretch.
00:42:17Also impacting several muni lines including the 38 geary which a lot of people use as well as the 33 stanyan.
00:42:27They are rerouteing those lines.
00:42:29Across the antioch bridge, nice and quiet.
00:42:30You can see a couple of headlights there.
00:42:32First sign of brake lights though through antioch just from a street to somersville improving closer to pittsburg and concord.
00:42:45So far, so good usually the slow spot out of the altamont pass but not seeing any yellow yet on our sensors.
00:42:53So 14 minutes from 205 to the dublin interchange.
00:42:56We had an earlier problem on the bay bridge, very early this morning.
00:42:59There was a two-car accident never really caused much of a delay, they were able to clear it quickly.
00:43:04And right now no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza.
00:43:06The metering lights have not been turned on yet.
00:43:09Not likely foanother half hour or so, so that's why it's still good heading into san francisco.
00:43:13And as we are seeing from our live sensors, looks great all across the upper deck.
00:43:20Lower deck into oakland fine, as well.
00:43:22This is the san mateo bridge.
00:43:24Definitely busier now than in our last traffic report about 15 minutes ago.
00:43:29This is the commute direction westbound 92.
00:43:31And one more camera, out of the south bay, from downtown san jose looks good towards cupertino.
00:43:39Peninsula a nice drive, as well.
00:43:44Back to you.
00:43:45>> That's okay, elizabeth.
00:43:49I'll take it here.
00:43:50>> Sorry, lawrence.
00:43:51The sunshine went to my head.
00:43:52>> Last month and a half around here in the bay area has been something else in the middle of winter.
00:43:57It's about to change.
00:43:59Enjoy the nice weather while we HAVE T30s AND 40s IN THE BAY Area and patchy frost in the valleys.
00:44:05Especially toward the afternoon, what a day again today.
00:44:14So if you liked yesterday, you will love it today.
00:44:20A weather repeat forecast for today but starting to see signs of changes in the longer range as high pressure weakens towards the weekend.
00:44:27As this breaks down, probably going to see more clouds.
00:44:31And yes, a return to some rain as we head in toward next week.
00:44:38And much cooler temperatures.
00:44:39Today, 65 in san jose.
00:44:4165 In santa clara.
00:44:4263 In fremont.
00:44:4363 Degrees in redwood city.
00:44:44Hey, how about the sunshine in the east bay?
00:44:46That will bring those numbers up nicely.
00:44:5036 In dublin, 65 berkeley.
00:44:5461 Degrees in pleasant hill.
00:44:55Warmest temperatures in the north bay.
00:44:57You get the down slope offshore wind and crank the numbers up in a hurry.
00:45:0365 In the napa valley, 67 in santa rosa.
00:45:05Looking out over the next few days, looking good as high pressure will hold on but begin to break down over the weekend.
00:45:14That's when we'll see more clouds, dry on the weekend.
00:45:17Monday clouds move in.
00:45:18Chance of showers by monday night.
00:45:20Looks like things could get wet into tuesday and wednesday.
00:45:23And much, much beyond that.
00:45:25Hey, don't forget, folks, we have the at&t national pro-am this weekend.
00:45:29Usually they have a lot of trouble with the rain, tough to have a golf tournament in the middle of winter but looking good, mostly sunny skies if you are going down there, temperature about 65 degrees.
00:45:41Back to you.
00:45:42>> Thank you.
00:45:43>>> In the headlines, a new pg&e audit shows the utility put off important pipeline inspections for more than two years.
00:45:52The state public utilities commission says pg&e also ignored its own safety guidelines by conducting less thorough inspections.
00:45:58Pg&e says it is working now to improve the safety of its gas transmission lines.
00:46:03>>> One passenger was cut by broken glass after someone opened fire on an a.c.
00:46:09Transit bus in richmond.
00:46:10Police are trying to learn whether last night's shooting was random or targeted someone on the bus.
00:46:16>>> And five sports programs are on the chopping block at cal and today's the day we'll learn if they will be saved or not.
00:46:24One thing that could impact the decision is the federal title ix program designed to provide genter equality in at threat -- gender equality in athletic opportunities.
00:46:35 airways is raising the fee to check a bag heavier than 50 pounds on domestic flights.
00:46:40It's now going to be up to $90, up from $50.
00:46:44That's already on top of the $25 to check a first bag and $35 for the second bag.
00:46:52Spirit airlines recently began charging extra for bags above $40.
00:46:54>>> Fewer people lost their homes in january.
00:46:57Reality track says the rate for home seizures last month was the lowest it's been in more than three years.
00:47:03Experts say it is a sign that lenders are taking longer to take action against home owners who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments.
00:47:11>> If your kid is asking you for a dog, might be a good idea to get one of the that's because a pooch could help teens stay in shape.
00:47:19Researchers at the university of virginia followed about 300 teenagers.
00:47:24They found teens that had dogs logged about 15 additional minutes of physical activity a week.
00:47:29>>> A warng aboudiet soda this morning.
00:47:32It could increase your risk of having a stroke.
00:47:36Researchers looked at 2500 people in new york city.
00:47:39They found those who drank diet soda daily are 48% more likely to have a stroke.
00:47:44That's compared to people who don't drink any kind of soda at all.
00:47:49>> We didn't see a significant association between regular soft drink consumption and risk of combined vascular events but we saw it for diet soda.
00:47:59>> At this point, researchers have no chemical or biological explanation for why diet soda may be risky.
00:48:06Scientists with the american beverage association say there is no evidence that diet soda uniquely causes increase of risk of stroke.
00:48:15>>> Where's the beef?
00:48:16Taco bell says it's in there and it wants to prove it.
00:48:19The fast food chain is giving away free tacos in an effort to prove they are in fact made of beef.
00:48:25A lawsuit claimed that the tacos contained only 35% beef but nope, the fast-food restaurant says there is 88% beef.
00:48:35And to prove it, it's offering 10 million free taco bell coupons on the facebook page limited one per fan.
00:48:41>> What's the other 12% in that wonderful taco, huh?
00:48:45>>> 5:49.
00:48:45It was only a matter of time.
00:48:47The new clash between super bowl fans and the nfl.
00:48:52>> You didn't like pebble beach that much so he doesn't always come so it's probably about what we expected I think.
00:48:59>> Celebrity golf tournament tees off in pebble but someone is missing.
00:49:02We'll tell you who when we come back.
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00:51:22 lohan pleaded not guilty yesterday, to >>> don't push your luck.
00:51:26That was the judge's message to actress lindsay lohan.
00:51:28She pled not guilty yesterday to stealing a $2,500 necklace.
00:51:36Prosecutor said she took it in january while still on probation.
00:51:44Lohan posted $40,000 bail and was released and will be back in court in two weeks.
00:51:51>>> Charlie sheen has offered to pay some of his coworkers' salaries.
00:52:00He is in rehab.
00:52:00Reports say sheen may come back to work next week to complete the current season.
00:52:04>>> He and lindsay have had a tough year to be sure.
00:52:08>>> Super bowl fans have teamed up to suit nfl, cowboys and jerry jones.
00:52:14Hundreds of ticketholders were turned away sunday because of their seats.
00:52:22They posed a safety hazard there.
00:52:23The lawsuit claims they knew about the problems before the big game but didn't do anything about it to alert the ticketholders.
00:52:29Since the fallout the nfl has offered fans money or a free ticket to a future super bowl.
00:52:36>>> So what do you do with the championship shirts made for the other team that lost?
00:52:41You send them to people in need.
00:52:45The t-shirts are being sent to people in nicaragua, romania, armenia.
00:52:52The relief organization gets $2 million worth of product to distribute every year.
00:52:56>>> From the turf to the greens, today kicks off the first round of a popular golfing event.
00:52:59>> It is the start of the at&t pebble beach national pro-am.
00:53:04The celebrity tournament STARTED IN THE 1930s BY BING Crosby.
00:53:11This year the field includes kevin costner andrew brees.
00:53:15Some people are asking, where's tiger?
00:53:17>> He didn't like pebble beach that much.
00:53:19So he doesn't always come.
00:53:19So it's probably about what we expected I think.
00:53:23>> Tiger doesn't like to be hassled.
00:53:26Would this tournament be more fun with him?
00:53:29But as I mentioned it can get by and has gotten by with big crowds because there are so many -- it's a different type of event.
00:53:44>> Bill murray is the star.
00:53:45>> The winner gets a million dollars.
00:53:47>> I would get home sick in boston where you would see scenic shots of monterey bay in 70 degrees and you're under 2 feet of snow.
00:53:57>> They always have an otter out in the bay.
00:54:00>> The sailboat with the guy with the glass of chardonnay.
00:54:04>>> Right now the time is 5:54.
00:54:05We are following a deadly cras here in san francisco.
00:54:11Elizabeth, what can you tell us?
00:54:13>> This is a business intersection.
00:54:14So far, we are not seeing any big delays because of this.
00:54:17But this is near the intersection in inner richmond near geary and arguello.
00:54:21They have a big radius blocked off at least three blocks right now of geary boulevard and several blocks of arguello both shut down right now while san francisco police department continues its investigation out there.
00:54:34It's also impacting several muni lines in the area, some popular muni routes.
00:54:38So this could cause a traffic mess if this investigation continues.
00:54:41And again, not showing any signs yet of this wrapping up anytime soon.
00:54:45We haven't seen any tow crews out there, so use california or fulton streets to avoid the area for a good while.
00:54:55This was first reported around 2 a.m.
00:54:58So the muni lines impacted, 38 geary as well as of the 33 stanyan.
00:55:01That is really our only thing going on now traffic-wise.
00:55:05Otherwise quiet across the bay area.
00:55:06Here's live look if you are coming down the central freeway, looks like our camera shrunk but southbound 101 looks great along the peninsula heading towards the south bay.
00:55:17Nice and quiet on 280 and 101.
00:55:19Let's check your forecast.
00:55:21Here's lawrence.
00:55:21>> Elizabeth, we have lots of sunshine to talk about around the bay area today.
00:55:24Of course, a cold start, temperatures outside this morning below freezing in parts of the north bay but by the afternoon again it's going to be just like it was yesterday.
00:55:31A lot of sunshine, and some pretty comfortable temperatures BY THE AFTERNOON, UPPER 60s IN Some of the warmer spots inland.
00:55:37PLENTY OF LOW TO MID-60s INSIDE The bay and out toward the coastline you will find some 50s AND 60s, WITH PLENTY OF Sunshine there.
00:55:43Now, it's going to get interesting over the next few days.
00:55:45We are going to start to notice some changes especially into the weekend as it looks like high pressure will start to break down.
00:55:49That's going to allow a few more clouds to move in across the skies.
00:55:53And a big change in the weather pattern is coming our way.
00:55:56By monday, the clouds begin to gather.
00:55:57I think maybe monday night into tuesday looks like rain comes our way.
00:56:01Things going to stay unsettled for the distance after that.
00:56:05Here's a great picture for you.
00:56:06Fog get at the gate.
00:56:08-- Foggy at the gate.
00:56:09Look at the beautiful fog at the golden golden gate bridge.
00:56:19Send us your pictures at the [email protected]
00:56:21>>> 20 Days of racing, millions of dollars, the lengthy "to do" list before the america's cup comes to the bay area, coming up.
00:56:30>> Plus bullets fly inside a store.
00:56:32How the argument started over a dog.
00:56:34That and more coming up.
00:56:35>> And red flags could have been raised months before the explosion here in san bruno.
00:56:41Now new concerns about the hundreds of other miles of natural gas pipeline that pg&e has in california.
00:56:49The report up next.
00:56:51>>> And to save cal sports or to slash five of them.
00:56:55The university's big decision and how the announcement could ,,,,,,,, ♪
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