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00:00:00As happening internally for me.
00:00:03I was drinking a lot.
00:00:06And it's funny, beuse in this three-month period, this is the time that I got sober.
00:00:31I had been married four years.
00:00:33I married a wonderful musician, songwriter.
00:00:37And he was makinhis firstsolo album, and he dided to work up with a producer named sylvia, who is a really great producer and has a studio up in weed, california.
00:00:53Sylvia bought this old movie theater,he one and only movie theater in weed, and converted it into a recording studiw.
00:01:04We live in los angeles, and my husband s gonna leave fo like, three months, so i was a lile freaked out that he was gonna be gone for soong.
00:01:14And there was an attached apartment next door to this theater.
00:01:19And he said, "i can tell you right now you're not gonna " but I didn't care, because I waslike, "i just want to be " there was, le, one block that was actually the town of weed.
00:01:32It wasn't, like, a western, like, ghost town, but it was very deserted.
00:01:38He showed me the theater and the studio, and it was very dark.
00:01:44It was very dark.
00:01:45There weren't a lot of lights.
00:01:47It smelled old.
00:01:49And he was trying to tell me, "this place is really cool.
00:01:51You know, the chili peppers have stayed here, and tom petty's recorded here, and there's history here, and great " and I thought, "okay, you know what?
00:02:01Just stick it out.
00:02:02You can do this.
00:02:03" " we go up to this apartment.
00:02:09It was just old, dusty-- dusty, dusty.
00:02:14There was a kitchen, and I love to cook, so I'm like, "all right, I'm gonna come in.
00:02:18I'm gonna make dinner.
00:02:20I'm gonna make this " so we go to sleep one night.
00:02:27We were in separate beds because they were twin beds, so I couldn't sleep with rob.
00:02:33We went to sleep that night, and I wasn't scared of anything or spooked about anything.
00:02:45Probably the freakiest thing happened to me.
00:02:52And my armpits are starting to sweat right now as I'm telling this.
00:03:00Re yanked--whoosh-- from my legs.
00:03:05And what I felt was this horrible--like needles pokink into my legs like a current of electricity.
00:03:15It was like an electric shock.
00:03:17And it was violent, " some thing was trying to get my clothes off.
00:03:31Rob, get up!
00:03:33He didn't even think anything, anything of it.
00:03:39I was completely terrified, frightened, and it took me a long time to go back to sleep.
00:03:51The only way that I could make myself feel better was to cook a massive, beautiful indian dinner.
00:04:00I wanted to cook for everyone, and it's the way that I would relax.
00:04:04And we had sylvia and her husband over, and it was so good.
00:04:08And white I was doing the dishes, cleaning up, she lays it on us.
00:04:15She says, "so have you seen " aspsm Ani dropped the plate, a I had this instant horrible feelinall over, and I'm like, " and I said, "what are you " she was like, "we've had some sightings, you know.
00:04:39There haveeen artists that ha come.
00:04:42Different artists ha seen this ghost.
00:04:46There have been sightings " I said, his is really "and I told her this-- whatever it was.
00:05:00I described everything to her.
00:05:01And her reaction was, "i'm so sorry, you know.
00:05:05" " you know, and she starts to tell us.
00:05:15There was a barber that lived in t basement of the building years and years and years ago.
00:05:22It was, like, 1919, something like that.
00:05:26He was a violent alcoholic.
00:05:28This guy was just a mean drunk, a bad drunk.
00:05:40And she was telling us stories th--this was pasd down-- that he was so drunk when he would cut people's hair that he would cutheir ears with the razor blade.
00:05:50>> What'd you move for?
00:05:51Look at that. you cut yourself.
00:05:53>> But this is the part that made me really upset.
00:05:59He committed suicide in theasement OF THAT BUILDING.c qórw Good.
00:06:51At sounds so good.
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00:06:53!So good.
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00:10:05we go up to ts apartmt.
00:10:07Probably the freakiest thing happened to me.
00:10:11And what I felt was this horriblelike needles poking into my legs.
00:10:19there was a barberhat lived he committed suicide.
00:10:34You , whatappened to me personally was, I actlly thought, "you know, what if this is a messageu ow, from himyou know, th I got " and I was li, esus,you kn, is ts,ike-- is the actn re?
00:10:52Li, what ihe's trying " it's a very, very pbinful time in my life, you know, a very low, dar you know,ad, lonely period.
00:11:14Over the nextwo weeks, I tually joined a 12tep program, and I stopped drinking and haven't had a drink since then.
00:11:27It been five years.
00:11:28And I remembfr I told rob, you know, "i'm gonna do this.
00:11:32I'm gonna come back.
00:11:34And I've got a clean slate in my life.
00:11:36I want to feel bter about lf.
00:11:40Is is it.
00:11:41I'm gonna face this fear.
00:11:42I'm gonna go up there.
00:11:43I'm gonna stay with rob, because that+s what I have to do.
00:11:46I ve to be with my hband right now.
00:11:48I don't care anymore.
00:11:50I'm just gonna go, and I'm gonna walk in that place, and I'm gonna tell that ghost to leave " and I walked in.
00:12:05And I justaid, "if you're here, go away.
00:12:12Don't bother me.
00:12:14M in your space, but I'm not gonna bother you lve me alone don't touch me.n't hurt me.
00:12:22Don't come near me.
00:12:23Just go away and leave me one.
00:12:25" and that was i oh, I was just, like-- I felt like it was cleansed.i felt more clean.
00:12:40The best part about this story ist I remberaying to rob, "i want to have a baby.
00:12:48I want to have baby.
00:12:50" and we went in that room where this ghost pulled the covers off my legs, and we made love, and we got pregnant.
00:13:06Maybe I was meant to bared out of my mind, you kn, and have something like that happen.
00:13:11Whether this barber was, like, some, like, drunk pervert, whethehe was an alcoholic o watrying to give me the message, you knww, to stop, I d't kw.
00:13:25I think all of it happened for a reason, and that was that I cleaned my life up.
00:13:31I needed that to happen, you know.
00:13:34I fd to go back and face that fear, and I did, you know.
00:13:38I took it head-on.
00:13:40So it actually turned out to be a miracle.
00:13:48I've always believed in the paranormal.
00:13:50I mean, there is a paranormal, and there are spirits, and there are ghts, andanybody whdon't, you know, believe there aren't is being lly, because what ns thisnergy.
00:14:06You can only displace it.
00:14:08It has to go uomewhere.
00:14:09So there are "spirits," as we call them.
00:14:12Of course there ar I don't remember much of my life, you know, before this experice, 'cau the experice hpened just few so I don't know what kind of guy I was.
00:14:37I was told I was aa-ho.
00:14:39But I don't know firsthand.
00:14:44In june of 1981, I was making a movie, and I had a break.
00:14:49So I wasff for about two week I was viting my girlfriend.
00:14:52And I left her house, had to go homeo pa to leave town in, like, a day and a lf d as go out to my r, which was a jeep, her dog jumps in the car with me, 'cause I had f the doors.
00:15:06And we pl out her drivey, d we'rheading down the rd, and we're dog about, oh, 35 or 40, and the dog is leaning way out the open door.
00:15:16So I take my hands off the wheel, and I say, "sit down, sandy," and look up, and my last conscious memory for two wee " and I hit a tree.
00:15:28[loud crash] [heavy breathing] [siren wailing] [monitor beeping] [bursts of indtit speech] M not out of the coma yet.
00:15:57And this memory I have in the time I was in thf coma.
00:16:01And I'm over my face, and I'm so close to my own face that I can actually feel my breath.
00:16:14D I'm that close, and then I start risi.
00:16:21That the bed is about the size of my thumbnail.
00:16:26And I have a choice.
00:16:31I can go up, or I can come back to my body, and I chose to come back to my body.
00:16:40You know, I was only 25, and ..i just wasn't done.
00:16:47[indisnct speech [monitor beepi] I come out of the coma for about, like, four days, and i have my arm in a weird kind of a slinwith all these intravenous stuff in there.
00:17:09And I have this weird leg thing going on, and I cannot feel the whole right side of my body.
00:17:14I hit the left side of my head so hard, the whole rig side of my body was just gone, pretty much.
00:17:20And I had this doctor.
00:17:21He told me that heart had stopped twicand that it sound like what I had waswhat's referred to " two days later, after that ..
00:17:47I'm lying in my hospital bed, and the tv's on without sound, and I'st feeling lik the biggest loser I've ever known.
00:17:56I was such a mess.
00:17:58I couldn't remember anytng but my name, and I think I'll always be a cripple.
00:18:05"I can't remember anything.
00:18:06" and then I see this little cole walk in the room.
00:18:22And th're very tiny.
00:18:29Her hair's mtly white.
00:18:31He had, like, stringy strands of hair.
00:18:37And they both looked as if they'd just gotten off a train having traled 1,0 mile "ha," you know, ve happy to be there but a little tired and a little worn and a little rumpled.
00:18:49And I remeer thinkinthat they reminded me of my andparents.
00:18:53Theyidn't have nice things, so they had to be clean.
00:18:56I was moved by thb 'use I recognized tt right ay.
00:19:07And they walk in mroom,and they know me.
00:19:10I ask themre they came from.
00:19:12" >> we came from romania.>> yesromania.
00:19:19" I said, "like, you came from " " " " " I just accepted it.
00:19:34And they're telling me all about they're here to help me, that I have to start taking phosphatidylcholine for my memory, 'cause I suffered brain trauma.
00:19:43I'm gonna have sere memory loss.
00:19:46And then after about a month of that, I he to go to the hard stuff, which is aslavital or gerovital.
00:19:53And they explained to me that aslavital is a youth serum, supposedly, and a memory enhancer, supposedly.
00:20:21>> It'll help you.
00:20:22It'll help bng back your memory.
00:20:24>> They explained to me that it was illal but can be gottenunder the counin most drugstor.
00:20:30>> You'll feel much better.
00:20:32>> Iidn't really think about it, but I asked them to write down for me, and ty do.
00:20:43And they leave.
00:20:51I get out of the hospital.
00:20:52I was in there for a month.
00:20:54Took me about a week or ten da after I got out ofhe hospital that I decided to go to the pharmacy and to ask about these products.
00:21:02I go to my drugstore, ani askstor under the counter.
00:21:13You don't have to travel far to find it.
00:21:16Everybody's got it.
00:21:17They're juna admit it.
00:21:20It was my pharmacy, so I kw the pharmacist.
00:21:23I knew thetaff.
00:21:24I knew everybody there.
00:21:25And he sells me some, costs 10s a box, five vials in a box.
00:21:30I wouldn't call it a medication, just because it hasn't been approved by the fda.
00:21:37So I start taking aslavita and about the better part of a week pass.
00:21:46And suddenly stuff--pop-pow-- starts coming back.
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00:26:20art had stopped twice.
00:26:22[indistinct speech] I couldn'tembeanything and then I see this little couplealin the room.
00:26:34They're here t me, t I have to start taking phosphatidylcholin for my memory, 'cause suffer brain trauma.
00:26:43I'm gonna have sermemo loss.
00:26:45And th after about mth ® that, I have to gto the hardtuff, which is aslav th explained tme tt it waillegal but can be gotten under the counter in most drugstores.
00:27:00So I start taking aslavita art wi the injectables.
00:27:06And about e ttert of a week passed, d suddenly stuff--pop-pow--starts coming [chaoticoise] Hjgh schwol graduation, remfmbed it.
00:27:25[chaoticse] My manager, w, I remembed I met hsuenly.
00:27:30Oh, ght.
00:27:32I remember where I was from, ddenly.
00:27:37I didn't know the things I was just tole things I didn't kw them as ..
00:27:47The asvil cked in.
00:27:52Itasere brain trauma and I was severe, verely hurt, avd I ought I was ruined asn aetor, because it'all out your talking and remembering, a I cldn't do eier very well after theaccide, so iasery, ver depressed for a long time.
00:28:07But thanks to isania I id, "i d't know thr " she said, "i haven't seen anybody visit you except " " anyway, nobody saws couple.
00:28:34I checked.
00:28:35Nobo saw them.
00:28:38I look back on then.
00:28:39Everything about the memory-- there's different texture to them in my memory, just to them there's a whole different texture, and their color was ..
00:28:58Even his light dull blue sports coat was beautiful, oddly enough, in its old anworn-out way, you know.
00:29:09And she was wearing a lot of yellow.
00:29:13And it was also very faded, as I had been washed a million times.
00:29:18They cbme and went toouickly, too smoothly, and too poignantly.
00:29:23And they weren't seen.
00:29:25I asked around.
00:29:29As time has passed, I look baek ..
00:29:36I definitely believe they were I definily believe, for whatever reasons, they had a al affection for me, because they we sweet.
00:29:45As time hapassed, I ha a real love for them and a real thanks, and I don't believe they we people.
00:29:59I believe they were something else.
00:30:06>> Where I grew up, my mom was tally op and a hipe d a real believer in mysticism.
00:30:16So l's just say that I think I was an open persono a mystical expfrience, but I'm definitely the kind of personthat bievein what I see.
00:30:28I like things I n touch, that I can see, and that are believable for me in that y.
00:30:51I got a house in southamptov, new york, in long island when I was onlaw & orderthati totally fell in love with.
00:30:58Asverything that I love about a use.and a house has a character.
00:31:01It has a quality to it,like a person.
00:31:04When I bought this house, I was really at a total high in my li just overall.
00:31:13I think thatlaw & orderwa so much fun for me.
00:31:18I was in a great relionuhip.
00:31:21You ow, I wajust full of life.
00:31:24I didn't feel like that house kind of had a youthful energetic ality.
00:31:30And I had th, and that's what I was bringing to the house.
00:31:33And I just felt like that house and I belonged together.
00:31:37I'had a lot of happiness in thahouse, a lot of parties, a lot of laughter, a lot of holidays.
00:31:45That looseness osummer is something that continued at that house all throughout I leftlaw & ordfr,which was a long run fore.
00:31:56And I had ne a brave thing, whh was to leave the show and pursue her endeavors.
00:32:03I had beenone from the house for a long time, you know, longer than I'd ever gone.
00:32:10Probably, you know, six or seven months went by.
00:32:17This particular weeken I had I had adopted a dog I me, I just felt, like, totally ole.
00:32:29Mean, I'm just emotional abt comingome.
00:32:32It's bn a long time.
00:32:34It wasate at night, u know.
00:32:36We drove a long way.
00:32:38And 're tired, and we get out of the car, and the aren't a lot of streetlights and city lights, and, I mean, the stars are like a blaet above your head.
00:32:49And when we got to the house that weekend, I did fe like there was a negative feeling, you know, that weekend.
00:33:03I, you know, really felt a shift in thiu house.
00:33:08You know wt I'm saying?
00:33:09Like, there just wasn't-- it felt like life needed to be brthed back into the house or something.
00:33:16But myog, you know, just was just really uncomfortable at this house.
00:33:23He wctually rely afraid.
00:33:26The house is split into two sides, two halves.
00:33:29And on one side, there's the ster bedom.
00:33:33So that side was okay, and the dog, homer, was fine goink to tt side of the house.
00:33:38Homer was fi being anywhere in this house, but the other de of the house that h two bedrooms, he wouldn't go into that hallway and foow me to that side of the house.
00:33:51And that side of the house, I would go into a lot, because the second bedroom has the computer.
00:33:57We always call it the kids' om, becae we had a friend come by with a child and stay for the weekend, you know, they might forget a toy, or, you know, we'd be out anout shopping, and, you know, like, I'd see b stuffed imal, d I'd buy it.
00:34:14I s consly going into this other bedroom, and he stwouldn't follome, you know, llow me upstairsand then not follow me down t hallway.
00:34:25And I s theralone thatweekend, and I thought, " this dog would have followed me through a fire.
00:34:34Ifhe house was on fi, this dog would have run in to save my life.
00:34:42[dog bbrking] I wod just--you know, called him.
00:34:46Every time I would go in and check my email, I'd say, "her, hor, come here.
00:34:49Come here,you know.
00:34:51And heould never cross the threshd of this hallway.
00:34:56[dog growling anbarking] The more I call to him, you ow, he's sort of backing up and vot wanting to come in, and I think, ", god, why is he " you know, it ds begin to make me feel a little bit nervous.
00:35:11[dog whimper So I'm talkingn the phone with a friend, and I'm telling them what's happening.
00:35:18They're like, "oh, my god, there's definitely a gst in the hse, liz.
00:35:23Oh, my g, you know.
00:35:24I mean, dogs know ings.
00:35:27You know, that dog is not coming .
00:35:33" one night, I decide that I'm going push the envelope and I'm gonna make him come into this hallway.
00:35:46[d growling] >> I've felt things.
00:35:50I'veea things.
00:35:52I haven't encountered something like this before.
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00:38:28>> I got a house in sohampn, w york, long island when I was onlaw & orderthat I tally fell in love with.
00:40:22I had befn gone from the house fosix or seven months.
00:40:27And when we got to the house thateekend, my dog was just really uncfortable at th ho ..
00:40:39Senses sething.
00:40:43F night, I decide that I'm gointo pusthe envelope and I'u gwnnnake him come into this hallway.
00:40:51I wanted to, le, confront it, becae I [as rely uncomfortable in my own house, which was sotrange.
00:40:58And I start to, you know, kind olike, you , get down andring him to me and bring hiup to the doframe.
00:41:07I want to know, if I push it,if sething's gon hap and he starts to growl really aggressively and starts to really, like, squat, you know, backing up really dramatically.
00:41:25I think myself, "something's here.
00:41:29Ve g to do something.
00:41:30" ..
00:41:40I justaid,if the is a spirit here, make yourself OWN."[screams] One of the dolls talked.
00:42:02>> [diorted] TNKS FOR THE Hu [dog barng] ..
00:42:11The most eerie thing, to hear a creepy sentence like, "thanks " how do you make that up?
00:42:22You know, who comes up with, "thanks for the hug"?
00:42:28It's not something that can come out ofour imagation.
00:42:33I'm a little bit, you know, smiling about it, because it makes me uncomfortable, basically.
00:42:39I was curious.
00:42:40You know, who halived ere?
00:42:42And had anybody, you know, died there and, you know, what were the utories of this hous people are born.
00:42:51Theyet mried, you know, all of t things that happen in a family.
00:42:54I had hed th thiold doctor had lived there his whole life, but he never had family.
00:43:01When he passed awa he wasstill alone.
00:43:08And I thought, "in a way, how lonely"-- there s this unresd presence.
00:43:17You know, maybe iserson, you know this house and it was just angry at me for leaving so long.
00:43:30I had had a lot of happiness in that house, and then suddenly I ft, you know, for half of a year, and I think, on some level, there was maybe discontent about that.
00:43:42You know, ist that what that sentence was?
00:43:46This presence was saying, you know, "thanks for giving me that affecti and that warmth " I got the message loud and clear.
00:43:57I didn't go running to a hotel that night, and I didn'tdi immediately want to give the house away.
00:44:03And I have continued to go back there.
00:44:06And it's never happened again.
00:44:08So whatever that spirit or presence or ghost needed to do, it got resolved.
00:44:21>> Thanks for the hug.
00:44:26>> I've always bee ..
00:44:31To outde energies.
00:44:32And it's funny, because some people have different gifts.
00:44:37Some people can see them.
00:44:38me people can communicate with them.
00:44:41I tend to feel things a lot stronger than actually seeing things.
00:45:00In 1993, I hadhe pleasure of working with tia carrere on a project calledtreacherous, and we were down imexico.
00:45:07And actually, it was baja, california, near rosarito beach.
00:45:15We were down there shoing a little actiopicture.
00:45:18And for about three nights, we were filming in this hacienda/hotel resort THAT WAS BUILTN THE '20s, THE EARLY '20s.
00:45:27It was aorgeous place with a view of the ean.
00:45:33It'd been run down.
00:45:37It w just a stunninglace at one time that had just been completely let go, and the rumor around the place was that it was frequented by al cape and his boys.
00:45:50They would go down there d lay low.
00:45:56When we first got there, tre were different statis set , you ow, the makeup area and the props people and all the differendepartment stationed upstairs.
00:46:05I recall specifically the makeupand hair pple we on the third floor.
00:46:11People are feeli things.
00:46:13The makeup lady in particular said that she ke feeling something, like somebody was watching her, and it was scaring the hell out of her.
00:46:27The entire makeup and hair team hapacked up and moved downstairs.
00:46:32And I'm talking,ou know, fragile women up to some really buff guys all sort of coming back with the same thing.
00:46:39And they said, "i refuse to set " it was scaring the hell out of them.
00:46:45That's what really got my attention.
00:46:49Well, finally, after, you know, the first night of heari this, I we back the second night,and had a couple scenes off.
00:46:55Ere was so much chatter about the fact that there was, ywu know, "energies" and a ghost around that, you know, I was a bit skeptical and bored, and I went hunting around with a flashlight.
00:47:11>> [whispeng] I'M SCARED.
00:47:12I'm scared.
00:47:17>> There was some light coming in through the windo, but for the most part, it was fairly dark.
00:47:33[indistincwhispering] As I was walking down a hallway, it went into what would be considered presidential suite, one of the bigger rooms.
00:48:12>> [whispering] WHAT ARE You doing?
00:48:14[indistinct whisperi] ndistinct whispeng] I lifted my light over.
00:48:46I haven't encounred something like this bere.
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00:53:07>> There was sw much chatter about the fact that there was, you know, "energies" and a ghost around that, you know, I was a bit skeptil and bored, and I went hunting around with a flashlight.
00:53:24I lifted my light over.
00:53:33And standing in the far side was this gorgeous woman-- stunning, frightful, ywung dark-haired girl who w so scared.
00:53:47I haven't encountered something like this before.
00:53:50Ain, I've felt things.
00:53:51I' hrd things.
00:53:52I've thought I've seen things.
00:53:54But this wn image that was crystal clear, just this picture of innocence, I mean, just fraught with fear.
00:54:03And that really confused me.
00:54:06So as I stood there looking at her, I could feel her fear disappearing a little bit.
00:54:19And in that mont of recognition, the two of us ..
00:54:26Not with words.
00:54:28I wasnpeaking to her, and she wasn'tpeaking to me.
00:54:31But we hads telepathic she just fed me this formation.
00:54:42What would, you know, normally take an hour overbiage tounderstand her story and what was goinon in that moment was exchanged in a few moments.
00:54:51And it was clear to me that ..
00:54:57Of n only a ghost but a stunning yng girl that I felt immediately connected to, and I had this need to comfort her and nurture her.
00:55:12I knew I understood her whole story.
00:55:18She had come down toic stay for a couple of weeks, d e was withne of capone's guys they'd been there for two fullweeks, and that was the room that she was staying in with this gentleman.
00:55:31And afr a wonderful trip-- and it was a great experience for her, but on the way home, there are some treacherous roads out e, winng rds.
00:55:44Boom, they have this car accident.
00:55:47She's killed.
00:55:49She didn't know that.
00:55:52She came walkingack to the hotel, wasn't recognized by anybody that freaked h out.
00:56:01And she sort of locked in to this room, this honeymoon suite.
00:56:08That was the place for her that she was unable to let go of.
00:56:17This makeup artist definitely felt somethi was going on.
00:56:20" she said no, she didn't see it, but she was so scared.
00:56:24And still, to this day, m fairly sed by what this energy moved behind ..
00:56:35And then almost dippeared.
00:56:37As thahappened, the makeup artist just opened up lihis and j immediately knfw what to do.
00:56:48I held her, and the mameup artist and I embraced for what felt like an eternity.
00:56:56I can't que explain the feeling thbt I get even talking about it, because it was an important moment.
00:57:03En we separated-- I'll never forget this-- thcold chill that we both felt immediately tted away during our embrace.
00:57:14Ani saw the woman that ias hugging rt of come back to pybnet earth, if you will, and e two of us shared this moment of shock, totally bewildered.
00:57:29And the makeup artist now is not afraid anymore.
00:57:33E's just complely dissolved y and all fears.
00:57:37There was no more spirit.
00:57:38The ghost had gone away.
00:57:46I mean, could you imagine, you know, you die.
00:57:50Thing's changed for you.
00:57:51You go back to the place that you just left, d nobody can recognize you?
00:57:55Nobody kws who you are acknowledges your presence?
00:57:59And then you're stuck in this place fo70 years.
00:58:02God knows how long she was tre with people, trying to get somebody's attention or just, ..
00:58:10In such a state of fear.
00:58:12It was just almost as if she needed to feel the human touch one more time before she went on h way.
00:58:22rambler complete with hardwood floors, loadof interior living space, and a large, shady backyard.
00:58:31What's not to like, right?
00:58:33Better ask potential hebuyers.
00:58:35It's a little busy in here.
00:58:35Kind of makes you dizzy.
00:58:37 looks like they need to pick up their mess.
00:58:40Oh, it's just two different colors.
00:58:42Two different colors that are both ugly.