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00:00:03>> I have to know the truth.
00:00:04>> I knew he was a dog and I'm gonna get him.
00:00:06>> Let's make this happen.
00:00:08>> Whoa, whoa, whoa.
00:00:11>> This is what I think about your music.
00:00:14>> You're a whore.
00:00:16>> Get that camera out of my face.
00:00:19>> Get away from me, I swear to god.
00:00:21>> This is like not how this is supposed to work >> just remember, I'm getting it on camera.
00:00:30>> I'm sorry, I've ruined every day, I'm sorry.
00:00:34>> Real reality television as brought to you by cheaters detective agencies private eyes on cheaters.
00:00:40>> Greetings, I'm joey greco.
00:00:43Thank you for watching cheaters.
00:00:45Please meet jackie woudsky, a peaceful lady unsure of her younger boyfriend's intentions for the future.
00:00:51Questioning his nonchalant attitude, jackie calls cheaters to have a look-see behind the curtain.
00:00:59>> Jackie woudsky, age 38.
00:01:02A medical assistant worried that her boyfriend looks for companionship outside of their cozy relationship.
00:01:10>> I have been supporting him for these many years and he don't make me feel like that he appreciates me .. and especially .. ah, can't answer the little small questions that I ask, you know, and it's not that, um, I'm crowding his space or anything it's just that we're in a relationship and that's, I feel like that's communication that we should have.
00:01:43When he tells me to stay out of his business i, I think it's something that he don't want me to know.
00:01:48You know, think that he's hiding something from me.
00:01:52So why should I be in a relationship when your trying to hide something from me because you're not being honest with me.
00:02:00He does get argumentative when I ask him questions about where and who did he go with, ..
00:02:13" " everything's just gotten " he has to have something more on his mind then myself because if he did, if he didn't have anything on his mind other than ..
00:02:37Our intimacy relationship wouldn't be as it is now.
00:02:42My love for him he has betrayed.
00:02:48It make me feel like that I've been used all this time and I've been in a, a wasted relationship.
00:02:59>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide you assistance.
00:03:07Exercise your right to be informed.
00:03:10[Instrumental music] >> jermaine washington, likeness withheld, an unemployed gentleman suspected of accepting generous contributions from kind hearted women.
00:03:25Investigation day two.
00:03:28Off to a fruitful start, cheaters' agents hit pay dirt while on stakeout at the residence jackie shares with her boyfriend.
00:03:35Moments after noticing an approaching vehicle, 's spot suspect jermaine washington, whose likeness has been withheld, emergingfrom his apartnt unit.
00:03:44Cheaters' crews prepare to follow their every move.
00:03:48Several miles away the duo comes to rest at a chicken joint.
00:03:51Showing his "chivalrest" side, suspect washington assists an unidentified lady as she exits the vehicle.
00:03:58Nutelater the upleetur to the companions vehicle after suspect washington comes to realize the establishment is closed for the night.
00:04:07But just around the corner, suspect washington and his date swing by a late night mexican restaurant.
00:04:12Having their fill of enchiladas, suspect washington and company finally head back to his place.
00:04:19With jackie gonefor the evening, suspect washington has free reign to do as he pleases.
00:04:25Investigation day four.
00:04:27With jackie working the late shift, cheaters' operatives pay close attention to the couples' apartment unit.
00:04:33After several hours on the job, 's notice the same jeep approaching the complex.
00:04:39Taking his sweet time, suspect washington puffs on a cigarette as he emerges from the apartment.
00:04:45With cheaters' crews in pursuit, the dashing duo arrives at a local pool hall to play a little eight-ball.
00:04:52A while later cheaters' agents get a closer look at suspect washington's companion now identified as one wanda cooper.
00:05:00Ready to light up the night, suspect washington and companion cooper hit the roador several miles as suspect washington's current digs.
00:05:08Possibly unaware of suspect washington's living arrangement, companion cooper agrees to come up to jackie's place and hang-out with her new boyfriend.
00:05:17Investigation day eit.
00:05:18Cheaters' field agents wait patiently at the residence shared by jackie and suspect washington.
00:05:26Like clockwork, suspect washington emerges from his apartment ready for a night on the town and guess who's waiting outside?
00:05:34He greets companion cooper before they begin their journey.
00:05:37First stop a local gas station to pickup some refreshments.
00:05:40Next, a well liked bar popular for its half-yard long beer mugs.
00:05:46After downing a few, suspect washington and companion cooper head over to a tex-mex restaurant to satisfy their appetites.
00:05:53Taking all he can get, suspect washington demonstrates his selfish side in this recorded phone call with jackie.
00:06:00>> Hey, what's up with you.
00:06:01>> Nothing, what you doing?
00:06:03>> Ah, chillin' out at my brother's house.
00:06:04We just chilling drinking playing dominoes.
00:06:07>> So how long you gonna beover there?
00:06:09>> I guess when my brother gets tired of me I guess.
00:06:12>> 'Cause I was expecting you not too long from now.
00:06:15I mean to know I cooked a little somethin' so I wanted to know what time you was gonna come home.
00:06:21>> I do appreciate it but I'll be home soon as I can, asap baby.
00:06:27>> Okay then, I'll get done talking with you later.
00:06:29>> Alright.
00:06:31>> Cheaters achieves its objectives and prepares to close the surveillance portion of the case.
00:06:38COMING UP, THE CONFRONTATION. x x x x P?toPÑPÑPÑPÑPÑPÑPÑPÑPÑ ébébé cñ5ñ5<5ñ=÷mymÑxqxqxq=ñ=ñ=ñ=ñ ñoqoqoqoqoqoqoqoqoqoqoqoq oqoqoqoqoqoqNSTRUMENTAL MUSIC] >> With more than enough evidence providing the suspect's culpability, cheaters prepares a detailed file for jackie's review.
00:09:00Calm and collective, jackie prepares to hear what cheaters' operatives have uncovered.
00:09:06Jackie, thanks for being here tonight.
00:09:08I know that you initially contacted the show because you had some concerns about your relationship with jermaine.
00:09:16Jackie, our detectives do have some information that they think would be important for you to see.
00:09:22Are you ready to take a look at some of that now?
00:09:24>> Yes I am.
00:09:28>> On this day, a detective was outside your home.
00:09:32We did observe a car that pulled in and at the time we didn't think anything of it.
00:09:38After a short time, jermaine exits the apartment and gets into the car that you saw pulling up just a moment ago.
00:09:48Our detective followed that car until they arrived at a restaurant.
00:09:52They leave and then travel back to your home where they go up the stairs.
00:10:00>> I can't believe he took someone to, to our house.
00:10:08What he's telling her about you.
00:10:12>> I don't know but I want to ask him.
00:10:14>> Okay.
00:10:15On this day, jackie the same vehicle was observed as it arrived at your home.
00:10:20Jermaine exits the building, gets into the car and their followed to a pool hall.
00:10:27They exit and they get back in her car.
00:10:32They go back to your home, the one that you're paying for, and he takes this young lady inside.
00:10:37>> This is not fair.
00:10:38It's not fair.
00:10:39He, he betrayed everything that we had, everything that we shared.
00:10:43He betrayed me.
00:10:44>> It's clear that jermaine's intentions ..
00:10:49Are far more than just casual.
00:10:54On this day jackie, same vehicle arrives, picks up jermaine and they are followed to a local bar where we do observe him leaving arm-in-arm with this young lady.
00:11:09As caring and as giving of a woman as you are, when you see this it has to affect you.
00:11:16>> It, it effects me emotionally for the most part.
00:11:20>> Now I know what he's doing isn't fair.
00:11:22>> No.
00:11:24>> Now I don't know where they are.
00:11:26I'm going to call the detective ..
00:11:28So I can find out where they are.
00:11:30But would you like an opportunity to, to confront jermaine face-to-face?
00:11:34>> Yes.
00:11:34>> Yeah, we just finished up with the briefing.
00:11:38Tell me what's happening.
00:11:41Alright, we're on our way right now.
00:11:43We're going to move.
00:11:44Okay, come on.
00:11:46[Phone ringing] >> yeah, tell me what's happening there.
00:11:50He's moving out?
00:11:51What are they moving out?
00:11:56The sofa, couch.
00:11:58>> I can't believe he's taking furniture that I paid for.
00:12:01>> Just boxes?
00:12:04How much stuff does he have?
00:12:05>> He, he didn't come with anything, just clothes.
00:12:08He just had clothes when he came.
00:12:10>> Okay, we're here right now.
00:12:12Keep going straight.
00:12:13I see a van.
00:12:14Yep, I see the van.
00:12:16We're here.
00:12:20Come on let's go.
00:12:23>> What is going on?
00:12:24>> What is going on?
00:12:25>> I'm just doing your job.
00:12:28Is going on jermaine?
00:12:30What is going on?
00:12:31Who are you?
00:12:32Who are you?
00:12:34[Confrontation] >> I already knew he had a woman.
00:12:37I don't care about that.
00:12:39>> Who are you?
00:12:39>> You got to get these cameras out of my face or something man.
00:12:42[Confrontation] >> you came here, you came with nothing.
00:13:00You came with nothing so you gonna leave with nothing.
00:13:04You can have her.
00:13:06You can have her.
00:13:07>> Say, you done broke my mother [beep] tv man.
00:13:11Buddy get out of the way fool.
00:13:13>> So that's where you want to be, you can be right there with her.
00:13:16>> Say, can you get out of the way though so I can leave?
00:13:19Can you get out of the way?
00:13:20Can you get out of the way please?
00:13:22>> Coming up next, the conclusion.
00:13:29Were prese I want you to "I'll deliver his co >> >> you can be right there with her.
00:15:31>> Say, can you get out ..
00:15:33So I can leave?
00:15:33Can you get out of the way?
00:15:34Can you get out of the way please?
00:15:36>> You came with nothing, you're leaving with nothing.
00:15:37>> Don't even worry about that.
00:15:39I'll buy you some more stuff.
00:15:40>> Yeah, that's what you gonna have to do because I'm not buying anything else.
00:15:44>> That's trash anyway.
00:15:45>> I hope you've got a bank account.
00:15:49[Noise] >> let's go.
00:15:50You ain't got to put up with this.
00:15:52You with me now.
00:15:55>> Nothing in there belongs to you.
00:15:56Everything in there I paid for.
00:16:04>> Bye-bye.
00:16:05>> Look, jermaine.
00:16:06>> You, you can't be a man and explain anything.
00:16:10>> Jermaine, could you at least take a second and explain ..
00:16:16>> I already said what I had to say man.
00:16:18>> Couldn't you tell her that you've been out at least.
00:16:21>> Nope.
00:16:21>> After everything we've been through this is how you treat me.
00:16:24You come here and you move everything out and you don't tell me nothin'.
00:16:28>> Man, can I go man?
00:16:29Can I go?
00:16:30.. jermaine... listen.
00:16:34>> Can you get out of my truck man.
00:16:35Get out of the way.
00:16:36>> Calm down. listen.
00:16:37Hey. jermaine.
00:16:40Listen, just talk to me for a second.
00:16:42You talk with me for a second and then you can go, okay?
00:16:45>> Like, will you get out of the way though?
00:16:47>> Okay? yeah.
00:16:47>> Can you get out of the way?
00:16:48>> You talk for a second and then you can go.
00:16:49>> You can't even give me no explanation of why?
00:16:53>> Why not? why not?
00:16:56Four years and this is all I get.
00:16:59>> Can you get out of my grid?
00:17:00Can you get out of my grid?
00:17:01>> This is all I get.
00:17:03>> Yeah, he told me about you fussin' at him all the time, screaming and hollering, no wonder he leaving you.
00:17:09>> He not worth it.
00:17:10Four years into ..
00:17:14He needs to show me some kind ..
00:17:18..You nagged him all the time.
00:17:21>> Can you get out of the way?
00:17:24[Confrontation] >> so that's it?
00:17:30You're just going leave in the middle of the night?
00:17:36>> That's alright. come on.
00:17:39Come on jackie.
00:17:42[Car starting] >> can you tell me anything that you've learned through this experience?
00:18:06Learn a lot more about each other and be more friends then intimate padres or relationships and just, just grow to know