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00:00:00On't do this to the ñ÷ >> I can live with the truth, BUT I CAN'T LIVE WITH Ñx x÷x÷x÷x÷x÷÷ñ÷ñ÷LIES.
00:00:04>> I'm lost, I feel like I'm by myself.
00:00:06>> This is not the way we're suppose to end.
00:00:07>> I will get to the truth.
00:00:09>> I know this is isn't easy.
00:00:10>> I can't take it anymore.
00:00:12>> I knew something was going down.
00:00:14>> This has been a lie the whole time.
00:00:15>> I'm about to throw up.
00:00:16>> Aw, hell, no!
00:00:17>> Here we go, I see you right there.
00:00:19>> I want a hard target search.
00:00:20>> Is this what you call spending time with your daughter?
00:00:23>> Get your hands off me!
00:00:24>> Get the camera off me!
00:00:26>> You need to be baptized.
00:00:27>> Calm down.
00:00:30>> Knock that off.
00:00:32>> I saw you on the tape.
00:00:33>> This is the price of justice.
00:00:34>> This is not how this is supposed to work.
00:00:37>> Go, go with him.
00:00:38>> I'm done, I can't do this anymore.
00:00:41>> I do love you.
00:00:42>> I love you, too.
00:00:43>> Real reality television as brought to you by cheaters' detective agencies, private eyes on cheaters.
00:00:50>> I'm joey greco.
00:00:51Welcome to another exciting episode of cheaters.
00:00:56Please meet tanya manning, a pious woman with suspicions regarding her reverent husband's earthly desires.
00:01:04Feeling left behind, tanya hires cheaters to uncover the truth.
00:01:11>> Tanya manning, age 40, a receptionist worried that her husband's idle hands do the devil's work.
00:01:20>> Steven and I met at a family reunion 16 years ago.
00:01:25We've been married for 15 years.
00:01:27We have two daughters, raven and erica.
00:01:30We've had a great relationship until recently when my suspicions started to get worse and worse.
00:01:37Lately, steven has been coming home later and later from church and I noticed that he's been spraying on extra cologne because it's been really strong in the house.
00:01:49And it smells like he's been drinking and he's not a drinker.
00:01:54And when I asked him about it, he gets really abrasive and he starts questioning me about questioning him.
00:02:01One day after wednesday night prayer service, I couldn't find my bible, so I thought I left it in steven's car.
00:02:09So, when I go out to the car and I start to look around and I see a lady's hair clip on the floorboard of the backseat, so i start to go through his bag and what do I run across?
00:02:24A pink tennis ball.
00:02:27What man do you know that carries around a pink tennis ball?
00:02:33Steven is a pastor.
00:02:34He has not only me to answer to, he has a congregation to answer to, he has god to answer to and he's not practicing what he's preaching and I just want to know the truth.
00:02:49>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide you assistance.
00:02:56Exercise your right to be informed.
00:03:04>> steven manning, age 42, a pastor suspected of disregarding his vows to his wife, his congregation and to god.
00:03:16Investigation day two, getting the go ahead from headquarters, CHEATERS' PIs SET UP A PERIMETER Around the suspect and tanya's home.
00:03:24After a few hours on the job, agents see the susct's car pulling away.
00:03:30A few miles away, suspect steven manning arrives at the church where he is the pastor.
00:03:36Sometime later, a car approaches and an apparent parishioner gets out of her car and disappears inside.
00:03:44An hour later, manning emerges with this unknown female, walking hand-in-hand.
00:03:50The suspect kisses his companion's hand goodbye before they share one last brief hug and kiss as they part ways for the evening.
00:03:58After finishing up god's work for the day, pastor manning returns home for the evening.
00:04:04Investigation day nine, detectives staking out the manning's place of worship soon catch a glimpse of suspect manning as he exits the parish.
00:04:13After pursuing the suspect into another city 20 miles away from his home and church, manning arrives at a movie theater.
00:04:21He parks his car in a remote area of the lot.
00:04:25QUITE A FEW MINUTES LATER, PIs Spot the companion's car arrive and park close to the suspect.
00:04:32Manning exits his vehicle and hops into his companion's passenger seat.
00:04:37After some courteous chit-chat, manning and his companion, whose identity remains withheld, retire to the backseat where they get more comfortable.
00:04:47With their view obfuscated, CHEATERS' PIs CAN ONLY SPECULATE As to the couple's activities inside.
00:04:55Next, the pair move their cars closer to the theater before heading in to catch a flick.
00:05:00After the lights come up, manning walks his companion to her car where the couples cuddles and kisses as they say their goodbyes.
00:05:07The pair part ways, ending this day of investigation.
00:05:12Investigation day 16, cheaters' intelligence waits for manning outside his church.
00:05:18Spotting the suspect's movement, agents follow manning for a lengthy pursuit in another city.
00:05:26Manning's companion awaits her spiritual advisor out front and the duo duck inside.
00:05:32The pair grab a table and shoot the breeze before deciding to adjourn upstairs where the live music is playing.
00:05:39Suspect manning plays all the right notes for deceit as confirmed in this recorded phone call to tanya.
00:06:19>> The two then follow each other to a local motel where they book a room and disappear inside.
00:06:24With this final nail in the coffin, cheaters' agents head back to headquarters.
00:06:31Coming up, the confrontation.
00:07:47YoYOYOYOYOYY33333333333;r;r;rÑ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ Ñ ç ç ç?e t t t e K K V V / / uwuwfñfñfñfñfñrñrñwtçPoPoPo o o o o (whwhwhwhwhwjwjwH jwH pñúó(ó(óóñ óD?D?D9D9D9çççç ñHéé cñcñ3ñ5ñ5ñ5ñ5ñ=ÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑ ññññññññññññññññññññ >> with the pastor's disgraceful betrayal documented, cheaters reports the deplorable findings to tanya.
00:08:53Struggling with faith in her man, tanya prays for strength to deal with the harsh reality.
00:09:02Tanya, thank you for being with us today, I know the last couple of months have been particularly trying for you.
00:09:11I think we have some information that may solve the puzzle that your husband has created.
00:09:17Are you ready to see that?
00:09:17>> Yes.
00:09:19>> Okay.
00:09:24As our investigation begins, we pick up steven as he's departing church.
00:09:30>> Okay.
00:09:31>> Now, this is on a thursday.
00:09:32He arrived at a parking lot, parked at the back end of the parking lot.
00:09:37After some time, an unknown vehicle approaches.
00:09:41Your husband gets out of his car and gets into this other vehicle.
00:09:47>> I know who that is.
00:09:48>> Who is she?
00:09:49>> Her name is [bleep].
00:09:51>> Our detectives did a license plate check and they have confirmed that that's her name and she's a councilwoman in the town that you live in, is that correct?
00:10:03>> Correct, and supposed to be my friend.
00:10:06>> Well, they have a liaison in the car.
00:10:12They actually pull both cars closer to the theater, go inside, I can only assume, take in a flick, come back out.
00:10:21There's a prolonged, romantic exchange again before they each get in their vehicle and depart.
00:10:33Tanya, on this evening, we observed steven as he left the church.
00:10:40I want to point out that this again was on a thursday.
00:10:45I want to point out, but tonight, rather then coming home, he goes to a jazz cafe and his companion is waiting there for him.
00:10:53>> And he's always telling me, he don't want to take me out.
00:10:56>> They ascend to an upstairs patio area.
00:11:00Where they enjoy the musical stylings of this particular artist.
00:11:06After they close the events of the evening at the jazz bar, they each get into their own vehicle and they follow each other as they arrive at a motel.
00:11:18>> Do you know where they're at right now?
00:11:22>> Well, every time he's done something, it's been on a thursday.
00:11:26>> On a thursday.
00:11:27And today's thursday.
00:11:28>> Today's thursday.
00:11:30We know he's at the church now.
00:11:32We don't have any additional information, but what I suggest is we load up in the van, we know the pattern.
00:11:40>> Well, I don't want to go in the van, I want to go in my truck.
00:11:44I have his stuff already in the car and he can stay where ever he wants to stay, but I'm going in my truck.
00:11:51>> Okay, I'll tell you what.
00:11:52Can you give me a moment and let me consult with our producer and see what we can work out?
00:11:56>> Sure.
00:12:00>> She's not going to go unless she drives.
00:12:02She seems pretty adamant about it.
00:12:06>> In that case, we need a few moments to move cameras inside and set her car.
00:12:13>> Do you have some lipstick cameras with you?
00:12:15>> Yeah, we have some.
00:12:17>> How quickly can you do that?
00:12:19>> 15, 20 Minutes.
00:12:19>> Okay.
00:12:22Those are our conditions?
00:12:26Yeah, we're on our way right now.
00:12:30Okay, she showed up at the church.
00:12:31They've been there for an hour and a half to two hours.
00:12:38There's a store that's right across the street from the church.
00:12:41We're just going to go ahead and stage there.
00:12:45All right, sounds good.
00:12:48Yeah, they're coming out right now.
00:12:51Okay, let's move.
00:12:52Got it.
00:12:53Coming around the corner right now.
00:12:59Okay, what I want you to do is if you can, pull in right behind there.
00:13:05>> Pull in right behind me.
00:13:10>> What is this?
00:13:12>> What is going on?
00:13:14>> Steven.
00:13:17>> What are you doing?
00:13:18>> I'm not doing nothing.
00:13:18>> What are you doing?
00:13:21>> What are you doing here?
00:13:23>> What do you mean, what am i doing here?
00:13:25You're in a church house, you hooked up with her.
00:13:27>> You didn't see me hug up on anybody.
00:13:28>> Yes, I did.
00:13:30I saw the tape.
00:13:31>> Why you bring these people here?
00:13:32>> Why are you at the church with her?
00:13:34>> I'm locking up and I'm coming home.
00:13:36>> Don't touch me.
00:13:37Don't touch me.
00:13:37>> Ladies, ladies, ladies.
00:13:39>> You should have seen this coming.
00:13:40>> Don't touch me.
00:13:43>> I thought nothing was going on.
00:13:44>> You should have seen it coming.
00:13:46>> Was something going on?
00:13:48>> It ain't got nothing to do with you.
00:13:49It ain't got nothing to do with you.
00:13:50It ain't got nothing to do with you.
00:13:53>> Hands down, folks.
00:13:54Hands down.
00:13:55Can you explain what's been going on?
00:13:56We've had detectives following you.
00:13:59>> Y'all have been following me for no reason.
00:14:01>> Coming up next, the conclusion.
00:16:09>> She showed up at the church.
00:16:10>> Great.
00:16:12>> What's going on?
00:16:13>> Steven.
00:16:14>> I'm not doing nothing.
00:16:14Y'all have been following me for no reason.
00:16:17No, you don't have a reason.
00:16:18Nothing's going on.
00:16:19>> What do you mean?
00:16:21>> We did see your liaison at the parking lot in a movie theater.
00:16:23>> You went to a jazz club.
00:16:23You went to a hotel.
00:16:24>> When do you see me go to a hotel?
00:16:25>> Don't worry about when and where.
00:16:28Don't worry about when and where.
00:16:29>> As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.
00:16:32>> Yeah, that's right.
00:16:33>> So, you can sneak around, creeping?
00:16:35>> I'm not creeping.
00:16:36No, I'm not.
00:16:37And you need to mind your own business.
00:16:39>> How far did you drive to go to the movie theater with her?
00:16:42>> We ain't -- went to no movie theater.
00:16:43You ain't seen me on nothing.
00:16:46>> Yes, I did.
00:16:46I saw you.
00:16:47>> No, you didn't.
00:16:48>> It was your car and your license plate.
00:16:49It was her car and her license plate.
00:16:53>> Since you want to go with her, I got something for you, how about this?
00:16:55>> You got something for me?
00:16:56You need to quit tripping.
00:17:00>> What's she got for you?
00:17:04>> I got this for y'all.
00:17:06How about this?
00:17:08>> No, no, no, hey.
00:17:09No, no, no.
00:17:11>> What is that?
00:17:12What is that?
00:17:13>> Bitch, I'll knock your ass out.
00:17:17>> Come on, why don't you step back.
00:17:18>> I don't have to step back.
00:17:19I don't have to step back.
00:17:20>> Come on, why don't you go to the car.
00:17:21>> I don't need to go to the car.
00:17:23Let her do what she got to do.
00:17:28>> You got underwear?
00:17:29I got an apartment anyway.
00:17:30That's all right.
00:17:33I have an apartment, I can sign a lease.
00:17:37>> Do you think this is based on anything that's going to last?
00:17:42>> I guess she left her husband, too.
00:17:44I guess she left her husband, too.
00:17:46>> She done left her husband.
00:17:46It ain't nothing to do with that.
00:17:49You can burn it.
00:17:52>> Look at this.
00:17:52This is what your daughter gave you.
00:17:55>> Yeah, this is my baby's.
00:17:58You need to quit tripping and you need to go to the house where the kids is at anyways.
00:18:03>> Tell you what.
00:18:05>> I mean, you can burn it.
00:18:06You can burn it.
00:18:08>> Yeah, I saw this episode, too.
00:18:15>> Whoa.
00:18:17That's enough.
00:18:17That's enough.
00:18:18That's enough.
00:18:19>> You know what?
00:18:19I got a whole new wardrobe anyways.
00:18:20>> Watch out.
00:18:21>> Get close to it, you'll burn, too.
00:18:23>> That's all right.
00:18:23I got a whole new wardrobe.
00:18:24She bought it.
00:18:24She bought it.
00:18:25That's something that you don't do.
00:18:26>> I got it.
00:18:27I got it.
00:18:29>> Hey, let's move this car.
00:18:30Let's get this car out of the way.
00:18:35All right, guys.
00:18:42>> Why don't you go ahead and go?
00:18:46What you going to do with my baby's things?
00:18:49What you going to do with my baby's things?
00:18:51>> Take it from me.
00:18:52>> What you going to do with it?
00:18:53>> Take it from me.
00:18:56Take it from me.
00:18:56Take it from me.
00:18:58Take it from me, you bad.
00:19:04>> That's all right.
00:19:06That's all right.
00:19:06>> Get these cameras out of my face.
00:19:08>> Why don't you get in the car and let's go.
00:19:10Straight through here.
00:19:13>> Why don't you burn in hell.
00:19:15>> Along with you with your gasoline drawers on.
00:19:19>> Now, you're just being mean spirited.
00:19:23>> I'll open your door again.
00:19:33Man, y'all go ahead with your cameras, get them out of my face.
00:19:37>> Now, I just got to go home and tell the girls, but I'm glad I found out.
00:19:42>> Please let us know if we can do anything else.
00:19:43If you need any help whatsoever.
00:19:46Please don't hesitate.
00:19:47>> Thank you.
00:19:48>> Good luck to you.
00:19:49>> Thank you, so much.
00:19:51>> Are you tired of being cheated on?
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00:21:07ú >> after the confrontation, tanya tries to find meaning in her husband's affair.
00:23:33Later we'll update you on her plan.
00:23:36But now, meet stretch.
00:23:38A former companion who was exposed on the show.
00:23:42Stretch comes in to give insight into his experience on cheaters.
00:23:48>> Stretch, age 44.
00:23:51Stretch rolls in to explain his thoughts regarding his girlfriend and us since the confrontation.
00:23:58>> We had been out riding and stuff and we'd gotten hungry, so we cruised in there to get something to eat.
00:24:04We were eating and it was almost a throw down.
00:24:10I didn't know what was going on, but it seemed too much drama for me.
00:24:13I ain't interested in all that.
00:24:15And I'd been dating for a while, for a little while.
00:24:20So, quite a surprise.
00:24:21Make a guy pretty angry.
00:24:23>> What the [bleep]?
00:24:26This is what's going on?
00:24:26This is how you're at work right now?
00:24:28Sorry dude.
00:24:30This is my old lady, man.
00:24:31You're out on a date with my old lady.
00:24:33>> This is not about you and you're not involved in this.
00:24:35How did you meet?
00:24:39>> You told me you loved me today before you left my [bleep] house to go to work.
00:24:43>> His bike broke down about a month ago and she's been giving him the run around.
00:24:47So, he called our show to find out what she was doing behind his back.
00:24:51>> I hadn't talked to [bleep] anymore.
00:24:53I ran into the dude that cheated on.
00:24:57He didn't say much, but he's a biker and everything.
00:25:02Bikers kind of stick with bikers and that's just one of those deals about chicks, you know.
00:25:11>> I don't have nothing against you, man.
00:25:14>> I don't got nothing to do with this.
00:25:16>> What do you mean get the hell out of here?
00:25:18How am I supposed to get back?
00:25:21What the [bleep]?
00:25:22>> Who the [bleep] are you?
00:25:28>> So, that's it?
00:25:28>> That's it.
00:25:30>> You're going to burn me off and leave me here.
00:25:31>> Hell, yeah.
00:25:33>> Leave me here, alone.
00:25:35No ride.
00:25:36>> Catch a cab.
00:25:38Just to set the story straight.
00:25:40Hey, it wasn't me.
00:25:41It wasn't me.
00:25:42I certainly didn't mean any harm to anyone else.
00:25:47My intentions were good.
00:25:49And as it turned out, hers wasn't.
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00:26:32>> after an explosive confrontation, tanya manning says she might be experiencing a change of heart and could decide to give her husband just one more chance.
00:26:43Tanya rationalizes that her husband decided to take on a girlfriend because he has too much love to give.
00:26:50She says, it's in his nature as a preacher.
00:26:53Steven manning tries to give his best interpretation of the events that took place, but has difficulty due to his emotional state at the time he was contacted by cheaters' producers.
00:27:04Manning's companion refused to comment on her involvement in the case.
00:27:09If you suspect infidelity in your relationship and would like cheaters' assistance, you may contact cheaters by web at com or by post to cheaters 4516 lovers lane, suite 104 dallas, tx 75225, or by toll-free telephone at 1-800-cheaters, that's 1-800-243-2837.
00:27:35Investigative services are free with your cooperation, if your case is one that qualifies for inclusion in an episode of cheaters.
00:27:43All investigators who provide services for cheaters are licensed in the respective state of their service.
00:27:50>> Now remember, if you don't get your programming from goldstien's why, we'll both lose
00:00:00El the way she does.
00:00:01>> I'm lost, I feel like I'm by myself.
00:00:03>> I just can't take the lies.
00:00:05>> I know this is upsetting.
00:00:09>> I have to know the truth.
00:00:10>> I knew he was a dog and I'm gonna get him.
00:00:13>> Let's make this happen.
00:00:15>> Whoa, whoa, whoa.
00:00:17>> This is what I think about your music.
00:00:20>> You're a whore!
00:00:23>> Get that camera out of my face.
00:00:25>> Get away from me, I swear to god.
00:00:28>> This is like not how this is supposed to work >> just remember, I'm getting it on camera.
00:00:37>> I'm sorry, I've ruined every day, I'm sorry.
00:00:40>> Real reality television as brought to you by cheaters detective agencies private eyes on cheaters.
00:00:47>> Greetings, I'm joey greco.
00:00:49Thank you for watching cheaters.
00:00:51Please meet trisha ludall, a young woman concerned about her fiance's fleeting affection.
00:00:56With no one to lean on, trisha seeks out the help of her friends at cheaters.
00:01:03>> Trisha ludall, age 30, a mortgage broker worried that her boyfriend concocts plans to dissolve their relationship.
00:01:14>> He proposed to me, um, two months ago.
00:01:17So yes, we're trying to make a future together and I'm hoping soon we'll be married.
00:01:22We've been talking to go looking at rings and I've kind of been working, um, later at night just to try to bring in a little bit more income to, you know, have financial security to help plan for the wedding and things like that.
00:01:36Yeah, he's been really, really stressed out about the long hours I've been working and has been asking me recently to come home earlier and I was, honestly, just trying to, as I said, just get, you know, better income for our future and for finances.
00:01:51But, so, recently I have been trying to come home early and I've noticed, um, that when I come home early he's kind of leaving.
00:02:00You know I'll be there for five minutes and he's like, "hey babe, I have to go out.
00:02:03I have to go do something for work.
00:02:05I have to go help somebody ..
00:02:07And, I've just kind of been getting this strange vibe because i, I find myself making the effort to take off work early and at first it was him wanting me to ..
00:02:19He's not there.
00:02:22I want steven's heart back.
00:02:23I don't feel that I have that anymore.
00:02:27I wa that man that walked in the door with a big, sweet smile on his face.
00:02:31I want his taste.
00:02:32I want his arms around me.
00:02:35I want that love that we once had.
00:02:38I want that back from him.
00:02:41I feel like I'm losing him.
00:02:45I want to know where it went.
00:02:48>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide you assistance.
00:02:55Exercise your right to be informed.
00:03:04>> Steven brians, age 31, a computer programmer becoming increasingly unavailable to his fiance.
00:03:12Investigation day four.
00:03:14Cheater's intelligence waits many hours outside the apartment that complainant trisha ludall shares with her fiance's.
00:03:22Moments after departing the residence the suspect zips through the city streets towards a location unknown.
00:03:28Trailing cautiously, cheater's operatives recognize suspect steven brians as he hurriedly approaches a popular downtown bar.
00:03:36Upon entering the establishment, suspect brians quickly finds himself among friends and lovingly greets and hugs an unknown woman.
00:03:45Armed with hidden cameras, cheater's agents capture footage of suspect brians and the same woman sneaking off to a private booth for some intimate conversation.
00:03:55To the surprise of cheater's sleuths complainant ludall shows up a short time later and takes a seat by suspect brians and the unidentified woman.
00:04:04Awhile later, the unidentified woman leaves the booth and strips down to a bikini in the middle of the crowded bar.
00:04:11With the camera rolling, cheater's inspectors watch carefully as she initiates a fire eating spectacle.
00:04:17Thoroughly entertained, both suspect brians and complainant ludall applaud their friends efforts.
00:04:24After the show, complainant ludall offers to buy a round of drinks for the threesome.
00:04:29Noticing the window of opportunity, suspect brians leans toward the unidentified woman to praise her on a stellar performance.
00:04:37A long time later complainant ludall and suspect brians bid farewell to their friend ending the night's festivities.
00:04:45Investigation day seven.
00:04:47Needing to acquire more concrete evidence, cheater's intelligence offers assistance to trisha in installing several motion activated cameras inside the couple's apartment.
00:04:58's watch closely as complainant ludall welcomes the couple's friend who is now identified as denise pennington.
00:05:06The two plop down together on the couch to share a glass of wine and some casual conversation.
00:05:12Before long suspect brians comes in the front door and greets complainant ludall with a nice, big hug.
00:05:19He disappears into the kitchen and returns a short time later with his own glass of wine.
00:05:24When trisha excuses herself from the room, the two trouble makers take the opportunity to behave badly.
00:05:30Anticipating complainant ludall's return, suspect brians quickly returns to his chair.
00:05:37Moments later suspect brians grabs his suitcase and disappears.
00:05:42After a brief pursuit, suspect brians pulls into a nearby park and takes a seat while talking on his cell phone.
00:05:49Sometime later companion pennington arrives at the park and joins suspect brians.
00:05:55The nature of their relationship becomes crystal clear when the couple gazes into each others eyes as if under a spell.
00:06:02Finally, suspect brians returns companion pennington to her vehicle and the two share a long goodbye.
00:06:09Investigation day nine.
00:06:11On site at suspect brians' place of employment, one team of field agents notices brians leaving work quite early.
00:06:19Unaware of any special plans 's follow him straight to his apartment.
00:06:25After stumbling up the stairs, suspect brians does not have to wait long before companion pennington stops by for a visit.
00:06:32Suspect brians truly believes his scam is foolproof as demonstrated in this recorded phone call with trisha.
00:06:40>> Hello.
00:06:41>> Hey baby, what's going on?
00:06:42>> Um, just working.
00:06:43>> Oh, I'm just sitting here cooking dinner for you.
00:06:45>> Are you?
00:06:46>> Yes.
00:06:47You gonna be home early tonight?
00:06:48>> I'm not gonna be home right away.
00:06:50.. they delivered that server today so I'm, I'm going to be stuck up here for awhile.
00:06:54>> Are you going to be able to make it?
00:06:56>> I, I have no idea.
00:06:5800 before I'm out of here.
00:07:00>> This is like, really a very poor time.
00:07:02I just started dinner.
00:07:03>> I know sweetie.
00:07:06>> It's okay.
00:07:07>> You alright?
00:07:08>> Yeah.
00:07:08>> Love you.
00:07:09>> Love you. bye.
00:07:11>> Satisfied with the correct findings, cheaters' intelligence returns to headquarters for a briefing.
00:07:18>> COMING UP, THE CONFRONTATION.ç óoUñóMóççñoñoñ?=?=?=?u?u?u ?u+uuuu.Ñ.Ñ.Ñoc ?ÑñóYx ñ Io@@ oooñfooooooooooooooooooooooooo [Slow tempo music] >> with indications pointing to bold faced betrayal, cheaters supplies trisha with all the intimate details.
00:09:40Growing weary of the emotional roller-coaster, trisha prepares to get down to business.
00:09:47>> Trisha, thanks for being here tonight.
00:09:49>> Thank you.
00:09:50>> I know that the last couple of months have been quite challenging for you.
00:09:53We do have some information that obviously our detectives thought was important enough to get you out here this evening for you to see.
00:10:02Are you ready to take a look at them now?
00:10:04>> Yes.
00:10:06[Slow tempo music] >> on this day we had a detective that was stationed outside your home.
00:10:16They observed steve, as he left, and he was followed to a bar.
00:10:23As he arrived he's met by a young lady.
00:10:28Now, later on in the evening when you're downstairs, steve is in another area with denise.
00:10:37On this day we had you place a hidden camera inside your apartment.
00:10:44On this occasion, denise comes over to your home.
00:10:48After a short period of time, you guys are sitting down relaxing, steve comes home ..
00:10:54But as you left the room there's a quick moment or two between the two of them.
00:11:00As you return he goes back to his original position, gives you a quick kiss before he leaves.
00:11:07Our detective continued to follow him.
00:11:11After she left she arrives at the same park that steve was and as he brings her back to her car there's a moment ..
00:11:23Oh no, you don't need to see that.
00:11:27On this day we observed steve after he had left for work and after a short time denise shows up and I know this is ..
00:11:42Has been up to.
00:11:46>> Boyfriend and, and best friend.
00:11:48>> And how long have you been friends with denise.
00:11:51>> Um, 20 years.
00:11:52>> And when you see her doing this?
00:11:55>> Um, it really hurts.
00:11:56It really hurts because now i, I don't know what to think.
00:11:59I can't believe that somebody I'm in love with would do that to me.
00:12:01>> Where did steve tell you that he was going to be tonight?
00:12:04>> He told me he was going to be fixing somebody's computer.
00:12:07>> We have reason to believe ..
00:12:13Lying to you.
00:12:15Okay, I'm going to contact the detective right now and we'll find out exactly what's going on.
00:12:19>> Oh my god I can't believe he's doing this to me.
00:12:26>> Yeah, we just finished the briefing.
00:12:30So they're close by?
00:12:32They're not far?
00:12:34Alright, we're heading in that direction now.
00:12:39He did pick her up.
00:12:40They're in the car right now and I don't know if they've actually stopped anywhere.
00:12:44They're just kind of milling around an area ..
00:12:48Stopping and doing some errands.
00:12:50You want to go there right now?
00:12:52>> Yeah.
00:12:56[Phone ringing] >> yeah?
00:12:59He went to denise's apartment and he's with her now.
00:13:04>> Okay.
00:13:05>> Okay.
00:13:06We had detectives on sight there and they're there right now?
00:13:15>> Yeah?
00:13:17What do you got?
00:13:19Right. got it. okay.
00:13:24We're just gonna sit right here.
00:13:27His car is right up the street just about a half a block on the right.
00:13:32So as soon as they show up ..
00:13:36To steve as he gets to his car.
00:13:40You're alright with that?
00:13:42>> Yeah.
00:13:42>> Is that them?
00:13:43>> It's them.
00:13:45>> That's them.
00:13:46[Engine revving] ..
00:13:58You're doing?
00:13:59.. three years...
00:14:04My best friend.
00:14:05>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
00:14:07..Do this to me?
00:14:08>> Why would I make splashes with you at all.
00:14:12>> We just got engaged two months ago.
00:14:13You know that.
00:14:14How in the [beep] hell could you do this to me?
00:14:17>> Do you have a reason ..
00:14:19>> Get over here now.
00:14:20Explain something to me.
00:14:21I don't understand why you're doing this to me.
00:14:24We just moved into together and you proposed to me for what?
00:14:27>> 'Cause I love you.
00:14:30>> Why!
00:14:30Then why the [beep] hell are you out with her right now?
00:14:32.. back away.
00:14:34>> I don't know what these people have done to you but it's not like you're thinking.
00:14:38>> You're with my fiance.
00:14:50This is indeed a nation which was built upon the foundation of god.
00:14:57Founded upon the principles of god's word, upon the teachings of christianity.
00:15:04Those foundations indeed are crumbling in our time.
00:16:47>> I don't know what these people have done to you but it's not like you're thinking.
00:16:51>> You're with my fiance's.
00:16:53>> It's not like you're thinking it is.
00:16:55>> I confide in you on everything and you do this to me?
00:16:59How could you hurt me like this?
00:17:01>> And you want the whole world to know?
00:17:03>> I wanted to try to find out somehow.
00:17:06Okay I'm, I'm going to go inside and talk to steve.
00:17:08Excuse me.
00:17:10I just can't understand why you would do this to me.
00:17:14I didn't mean for you to get hurt.
00:17:17I don't know what to do anymore.
00:17:18I just want to go.
00:17:19I just want to go.
00:17:20>> Don't run away.
00:17:21>> I just want to go.
00:17:23..Discuss it...
00:17:25Not around them.
00:17:26>> I'm sorry but I can't do this.
00:17:27>> You know I love you.
00:17:28>> I can't do this anymore.
00:17:30>> You're making me sick.
00:17:32I just can't believe that two people that I've cared about and so deeply in my life have done this to me.
00:17:40>> I can't. I'm sorry.
00:17:41I've got to get out of here.
00:17:42I don't want to be around either of you.
00:17:46And you can find your stuff tomorrow in a trash-bag on the front-yard baby.
00:17:49.. I can't deal with this anymore.
00:17:52>> Please.
00:17:53>> I can't do this anymore.
00:17:54>> Do you want to run away and not talk about it?
00:17:56.. you, you [beep].
00:17:58>> Stop!
00:18:00>> I don't care.
00:18:01>> Where's she going?
00:18:08>> Trisha.
00:18:12>> You want to talk to her?
00:18:13>> Yes I want to talk to her.
00:18:14>> Will you tell her the truth and be honest with her?
00:18:17'Cause one thing she doesn't need right now, because she's been through enough, one thing she does not need right now is more stories.
00:18:25>> Okay.
00:18:31>> I just want to start over okay?
00:18:33I mean, I didn't mean for this to happen.
00:18:36Baby I think you're wonderful.
00:18:37I just love you so much.
00:18:40>> What am I supposed to do now?
00:18:45>> But we'll work it out okay?
00:18:47Please. please.
00:18:49>> Yeah, let me get back.
00:18:56>> I don't know.
00:18:59>> Are you tired of being cheated on?
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00:22:32[Slow tempo music] >> after the confrontation, trisha reconsiders her original decision to call it quits with her fiance.
00:22:43At the end of the show, cheaters announces her thoughts on the matter.
00:22:47But now cheaters speaks with shauna sorolla, who employed cheaters' services to uncover her boyfriend's infidelity.
00:22:54Shauna revisits her case and brings forth the fruit that it bore.
00:23:02>> Shauna sorolla, age 22.
00:23:06Shauna walks us through her experiences on the night her child came into the world.
00:23:12>> When I saw ricco in the car with the girl, the first thing that came to mind was just go after him .. just beat the crap out of him.
00:23:20I mean, I mean I was mad but I was already due.
00:23:23What is this?
00:23:25What is this?
00:23:26>> Easy, easy, hey.
00:23:27[Confrontation] >> this is his wife.
00:23:32>> Get the [beep] out of the car.
00:23:33>> There is no excuse for what he did.
00:23:35.. I'm, I'm the one that was at home doing everything for him right?
00:23:40What, what kind of good excuse could he ever give me?
00:23:44>> You okay?
00:23:46Shauna, you alright?
00:23:48[Slow tempo music] >> you okay?
00:23:52>> I just got some pains.
00:23:53>> Hang on. alright.
00:23:54Hang on guys.
00:23:56Talk to me shauna.
00:23:57>> I feel wet.
00:23:58>> Her water broke.
00:23:59Okay, let's get you out of here.
00:24:00>> When I first had my first contraction I thought it was, I was hoping it wasn't real and I thought it was okay it was just a little pain but when I started having the other one after the other and they were coming really fast and hitting me hard I mean, I really couldn't believe it was happening then and there.
00:24:19>> Folks, you want to move out of the way that way the ambulance can get in here.
00:24:22>> Let the paramedics through.
00:24:23>> Oh my god.
00:24:24>> Alright.
00:24:25>> Whew.
00:24:26>> Okay, the paramedics are here.
00:24:28The paramedics are here okay.
00:24:29>> What do I do?
00:24:30[Delivering baby] >> after the bust a lot of stuff was very crazy and hectic and we had a lot of arguments and stuff and, um, he, um, he comes around and I have a mom that says, " she said, "i come because " and, but, I allow, I allow him to come around because of the baby, becausof our dauter.
00:25:02>> Okay guy, for the night do you think this is over with to where you need, you can go to the hospital and take care of your wife?
00:25:07>> Oh yeah, yeah most definitely sir.
00:25:08>> You have a vehicle here?
00:25:09>> Ah, yes sir.
00:25:10>> Okay, well will, will look at the matter after, after you take care of your wife and your family here.
00:25:15Just stay back.
00:25:16>> My daughter she means the world to me.
00:25:18She, she's a blessing from god.
00:25:20This is what ricco would of missed out on if he would of, um, chose to be with another girl.
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00:26:07>> still shocked over the confrontation, trisha ludall gathers her strength to examine the significance of the betrayal.
00:26:15She says to lose your best friend and fiance in one day is enough to test anyone's tolerance level.
00:26:22Admitting fault, steven brians confesses he made an impulsive mistake by indulging in the unthinkable.
00:26:29 brians says he simply did nothing to extinguish his insatiable desire for ms. pennington.
00:26:34 brians declares that his love for trisha remains strong and hopes to be offered a chance at redemption.
00:26:41For her part, denise pennington admits she has trouble looking at herself in the mirror after disgracing her close friend.
00:26:48Still riddled with shame, pennington cannot explain how she could hurt someone so close to her heart.
00:26:54In a brave attempt to save what's left of trishastevens' relationship, pennington vows to cease meddling in their relationship even if it means severing her oldest friendship.
00:27:06>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship and would like cheaters' assistance, you may contact cheaters by web com or by post to cheaters 4516 lovers lane, suite 104, dallas, texas 75225 or by toll-free telephone at 1-800-cheaters.
00:27:27That's 1-800-243-2837.
00:27:32Investigative services are free with your cooperation if your case is one that qualifies for inclusion in an episode of cheaters.
00:27:40All investigators who provide services for cheaters are licensed in the respective state of their service.
00:27:47>> Now remember, if you don't get your programming from goldstein's, while we'll both lose money.