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00:00:00Private eyes on cheaters.
00:00:02>> Greetings, I'm joey greco.
00:00:05Thank you for watching cheaters.
00:00:07Please meet jackie woudsky, a peaceful lady unsure of her younger boyfriend's intentions for the future.
00:00:13Questioning his nonchalant attitude, jackie calls cheaters to have a look-see behind the 38.
00:00:24A medical assistant worried that her boyfriend looks for companionship outside of their cozy relationship.
00:00:32>> I have been supporting him for these many years and he don't make me feel like that he appreciates me .. and especially .. ah, can't answer the little small questions that I ask, you know, and it's not that, um, I'm crowding his space or anything it's just that we're in a relationship and that's, I feel like that's communication that we should have.
00:01:05When he tells me to stay out of his business i, I think it's something that he don't want me to know.
00:01:10You know, think that he's hiding something from me.
00:01:14So why should I be in a relationship when your trying to hide something from me because you're not being honest with me.
00:01:22He does get argumentative when I ask him questions about where and who did he go with, ..
00:01:35" " " he has to have something more on his mind then myself because if he did, if he didn't have anything on his mind other than ..
00:01:59Our intimacy relationship wouldn't be as it is now.
00:02:04My love for him he has betrayed.
00:02:11It make me feel like that I've been used all this time and I've been in a, a wasted relationship.
00:02:21>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide you assistance.
00:02:29Exercise your right to be informed.
00:02:32[Instrumental music] >> jermaine washington, limployed gentleman suspected of accepting generous contributions from investigation day two.
00:02:50Off to a fruitful start, cheaters' agents hit pay dirt while on stakeout at the residence jackie shares with her boyfriend.
00:02:57Moments after noticing an approaching vehicle, 's spot suspect jermaine washington, whose likeness has been withheld, emerging from his apartment unit.
00:03:06Cheaters' crews prepare to follow their every move.
00:03:10Several miles away the duo comes to rest at a chicken joint.
00:03:14Showing his "chivalrest" side, suspect washington assists an unidentified lady as she exits the vehicle.
00:03:20Minutes later the couple returns to the companions vehicle after suspect washington comes to realize the establishment is closed for the night.
00:03:29But just around the corner, suspect washington and his date swing by a late night mexican restaurant.
00:03:34Having their fill of enchiladas, suspect washington and company finally head back to his place.
00:03:41With jackie gone for the evening, suspect washington has free reign to do as he pleases.
00:03:47Investigation day four.
00:03:49With jackie working the late shift, cheaters' operatives pay close attention to the couples' apartment unit.
00:03:55After several hours on the job, 's notice the same jeep approaching the complex.
00:04:01Taking his sweet time, suspect washington puffs on a cigarette as he emerges from the apartment.
00:04:07With cheaters' crews in pursuit, the dashing duo arrives at a local pool hall to play a little eight-ball.
00:04:14A while later cheaters' agents get a closer look at suspect washington's companion now identified as one wanda cooper.
00:04:22Ready to light up the night, suspect washington and companion cooper hit the road for several miles as suspect washington's current digs.
00:04:30Possibly unaware of suspect washington's living arrangement, companion cooper agrees to come up to jackie's place and hang-out with her new boyfriend.
00:04:39Investigation day eight.
00:04:41Cheaters' field agents wait patiently at the residence shared by jackie and suspect washington.
00:04:48Like clockwork, suspect washington emerges from his apartment ready for a night on the town and guess who's waiting outside?
00:04:56He greets companion cooper before they begin their journey.
00:04:59First stop a local gas station to pickup some refreshments.
00:05:03Next, a well liked bar popular for its half-yard long beer mugs.
00:05:08After downing a few, suspect washington and companion cooper head over to a tex-mex restaurant to satisfy their appetites.
00:05:15Taking all he can get, suspect washington demonstrates his selfish side in this recorded phone call with jackie.
00:05:22>> Hey, what's up with you.
00:05:24>> Nothing, what you doing?
00:05:25>> Ah, chillin' out at my brother's house.
00:05:27We just chilling drinking playing dominoes.
00:05:29>> So how long you gonna be over there?
00:05:31>> I guess when my brother gets tired of me I guess.
00:05:34>> 'Cause I was expecting you not too long from now.
00:05:37I mean to know I cooked a little somethin' so I wanted to know what time you was gonna come home.
00:05:43>> I do appreciate it but I'lle home soon as I can, asap baby.
00:05:49>> Okay then, I'll get done talking with you later.
00:05:51>> Alright.
00:05:53>> Cheaters achieves its objectives and prepares to close the surveillance portion of the case.
00:06:00COMING UP, THE [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@HEG [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@ wH XwXwúó([email protected][email protected] cñcñcñ5ñ5ñmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑoqoqoq @[email protected]@[email protected]@strumental music] >> with more than enough evidence providing the suspect's culpability, cheaters prepares a detailed file for jackie's review.
00:08:22Calm and collecte, jackie prepares to hear what cheaters' operatives have uncovered.
00:08:28Jackie, thanks for being here tonight.
00:08:30I know that you initially contacted the show because you had some concerns about your relationship with jermaine.
00:08:38Jackie, our detectives do have some information that they think would be important for you to see.
00:08:44Are you ready to take a look at some of that now?
00:08:46>> Yes I am.
00:08:50>> On this day, a detective was outside your home.
00:08:54We did observe a car that pulled in and at the time we didn't think anything of it.
00:09:00After a short time, jermaine exits the apartment and gets into the car that you saw pulling up just a moment ago.
00:09:10Our detective followed that car until they arrived at a restaurant.
00:09:14They leave and then travel back to your home where they go up the stairs.
00:09:22>> I can't believe he took someone to, to our house.
00:09:30What he's telling her about you.
00:09:34>> I don't know but I want to ask him.
00:09:36>> Okay.
00:09:37On this day, jackie the same vehicle was observed as it arrived at your home.
00:09:42Jermaine exits the building, gets into the car and their followed to a pool hall.
00:09:49They exit and they get back in her car.
00:09:54They go back to your home, the one that you're paying for, and he takes this young lady inside.
00:09:59>> This is not fair.
00:10:00It's not fair.
00:10:01He, he betrayed everything that we had, everything that we shared.
00:10:05He betrayed me.
00:10:07>> It's clear that jermaine's intentions ..
00:10:11Are far more than just casual.
00:10:16On this day jackie, same vehicle arrives, picks up jermaine and they are followed to a local bar where we do observe him leaving arm-in-arm with this young lady.
00:10:31As caring and as giving of a woman as you are, when you see this it has to affect you.
00:10:38>> It, it effects me emotionally for the most part.
00:10:43>> Now I know what he's doing isn't fair.
00:10:45>> No.
00:10:46>> Now I don't know where they are.
00:10:48I'm going to call the detective ..
00:10:50So I can find out where they are.
00:10:52But would you like an opportunity to, to confront jermaine face-to-face?
00:10:56>> Yes.
00:10:56>> Yeah, we just finished up with the briefing.
00:11:00Tell me what's happening.
00:11:03Alright, we're on our way right now.
00:11:05We're going to move.
00:11:06Okay, come on.
00:11:08[Phone ringing] >> yeah, tell me what's happening there.
00:11:12He's moving out?
00:11:14What are they moving out?
00:11:18The sofa, couch.
00:11:20>> I can't believe he's taking furniture that I paid for.
00:11:23>> Just boxes?
00:11:26How much stuff does he have?
00:11:27>> He, he didn't come with anything, just clothes.
00:11:30He just had clothes when he came.
00:11:32>> Okay, we're here right now.
00:11:34Keep going straight.
00:11:36I see a van.
00:11:36Yep, I see the van.
00:11:38We're here.
00:11:42Come on let's go.
00:11:45>> What is going on?
00:11:46>> What is going on?
00:11:47>> I'm just doing your job.
00:11:50Is going on jermaine?
00:11:52What is going on?
00:11:54Who are you?
00:11:54Who are you?
00:11:56[Confrontation] >> I already knew he had a woman.
00:12:00I don't care about that.
00:12:01>> Who are you?
00:12:01>> You got to get these cameras out of my face or something man.
00:12:04[Confrontation] >> you came here, you came with nothing.
00:12:22You came with nothing so you gonna leave with nothing.
00:12:26You can have her.
00:12:28You can have her.
00:12:30>> Say, you done broke my mother [beep] tv man.
00:12:33Buddy get out of the way fool.
00:12:35>> So that's where you want to be, you can be right there with her.
00:12:38>> Say, can you get out of the way though so I can leave?
00:12:41Can you get out of the way?
00:12:42Can you get out of the way please?
00:12:44>> Coming up next, >> you can be right there with her.
00:14:53>> Say, can you get out ..
00:14:54So I can leave?
00:14:55Can you get out of the way?
00:14:56Can you get out of the way please?
00:14:57>> You came with nothing, you're leaving with nothing.
00:14:59>> Don't even worry about that.
00:15:00I'll buy you some more stuff.
00:15:02>> Yeah, that's what you gonna have to do because I'm not buying anything else.
00:15:05>> That's trash anyway.
00:15:07>> I hope you've got a bank account.
00:15:11[Noise] >> let's go.
00:15:12You ain't got to put up with this.
00:15:13You with me now.
00:15:16>> Nothing in there belongs to you.
00:15:18Everything in there I paid for.
00:15:26>> Bye-bye.
00:15:27>> Look, jermaine.
00:15:28>> You, you can't be a man and explain anything.
00:15:32>> Jermaine, could you at least take a second and explain ..
00:15:37>> I already said what I had to say man.
00:15:40>> Couldn't you tell her that you've been out at least.
00:15:43>> Nope.
00:15:43>> After everything we've been through this is how you treat me.
00:15:46You come here and you move everything out and you don't tell me nothin'.
00:15:49>> Man, can I go man?
00:15:51Can I go?
00:15:51.. jermaine... listen.
00:15:55>> Can you get out of my truck man.
00:15:57Get out of the way.
00:15:58>> Calm down. listen.
00:15:59Hey. jermaine.
00:16:02Listen, just talk to me for a second.
00:16:03You talk with me for a second and then you can go, okay?
00:16:07>> Like, will you get out of the way though?
00:16:08>> Okay? yeah.
00:16:09>> Can you get out of the way?
00:16:10>> You talk for a second and then you can go.
00:16:11>> You can't even give me no explanation of why?
00:16:15>> Why not? why not?
00:16:18Four years and this is all I get.
00:16:21>> Can you get out of my grid?
00:16:22Can you get out of my grid?
00:16:23>> This is all I get.
00:16:25>> Yeah, he told me about you fussin' at him all the time, screaming and hollering, no wonder he leaving you.
00:16:31>> He not worth it.
00:16:32Four years into ..
00:16:36He needs to show me some kind ..
00:16:39..You nagged him all the time.
00:16:43>> Can you get out of the way?
00:16:46[Confrontation] >> so that's it?
00:16:52You're just going leave in the middle of the night?
00:16:57>> That's alright. come on.
00:17:01Come on jackie.
00:17:04[Car starting] >> can you tell me anything that you've learned through this experience?
00:17:27Learn a lot more about each other and be more friends then intimate padres or relationships and just, just grow to know ..
00:17:45Instead of just going straight into a relationship so quickly.
00:17:50I don't want another man to where, ah, I'm taking care of everything, finance, by myself and he's a part of my life.
00:18:03I want, I would rather have a man that can be there to help put in on what we're building and not just what I'm building.
00:18:14>> Are you tired of being cheated on?
00:18:16com and create your own profile in our online community.
00:18:21It's a fun and easy way to meet faithful singles IN YOUR AREA.÷éwÑ?GHC@ [Instrumental music] >> following the confrontation, jackie does some soul searching to understand how she got involved in such a predicament.
00:22:02Coming up shortly, cheaters uncovers her readiness for a fresh start.
00:22:06But now cheaters welcomes back randall bono, a former companion who sheds new light on an old case.
00:22:14Willing to come forward, randall speaks candidly about his lifestyle and defends his actions on the day cheaters crashed his party.
00:22:24>> Randall bono, age 40.
00:22:27Randall explains his part and defends his actions spellbinding busts in cheaters >> the first thing, we were having a party and I looked up and she looked to the left and there was this guy and it was her husband and I didn't really expect that at all.
00:22:46And, then, single file, like 20 peop come through the door and this is a private party.
00:22:52I, I really didn't expect that at the party at all.
00:22:55Tried to get up and defend myself and, ah, get him out of the house and then I'm just surrounded by all these security people in my house.
00:23:04You invaded my privacy and just really ticked me off.
00:23:07>> No!
00:23:08>> Yeah!
00:23:09If you can get, you get a ride back and get all your (beep).
00:23:13[Confrontation] >> I want to try and work something out with you.
00:23:17This is what you do?
00:23:18>> We were together, about ten years ago, we've always had sexual relations ever since and this guy comes along and proposes, she marries him.
00:23:28I just always thought it was crap because they just knew each other a couple of months before they got engaged and they haven't even been married a year.
00:23:34>> What would make you want to be with, be with a married woman?
00:23:36>> It doesn't matter.
00:23:37>> Oh, it doesn't matter.
00:23:38>> If it wasn't me it'd been somebody else.
00:23:40>> Yeah, right, I don't love you.
00:23:41That's why I want to go to a marriage councilor and try to work stuff out.
00:23:46[Screaming] >> well, that night, ah, things went on pretty much as scheduled after everybody calmed down, we continued to have the party and, ah, she moved in for a couple of months then she wanted to make house and, ah, I wasn't really going for that.
00:24:06>> Take it!
00:24:07Here, it's for you.
00:24:08You can [beep] have it.
00:24:10Here, take it.
00:24:11>> I don't want it.
00:24:12>> Go.
00:24:13>> Get that out of here.
00:24:14I don't want that.
00:24:14>> Get the [beep] out of my house.
00:24:18>> Marriage is not on my to-do list and that kind of put an end to it right there.
00:24:23So, um, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
00:24:27>> Get out! go! just go!
00:24:30There's the front door, go!
00:24:32>> You know what? bye.
00:24:34[Screaming] >> hey, don't touch me ..
00:24:46>> Watch out guys.
00:24:46>> People in any situation would've been the same as us and you guys made us look like .. sex mongers and it's all lies.
00:24:58All, everything that your show is about is lies.
00:25:02I will never watch it again.
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00:25:39[Instrumental music] >> fed up with immature men, jackie woudsky vows to never again commit herself to younger men.
00:25:50Though exciting at first, jackie says that men mature at such a slow rate and can never be counted on for the long haul.
00:25:57Jermaine washington describes jackie as an old maid who doesn't understand her role in their arrangement.
00:26:03 washington says his offer of intimacy is a means of making a living, nothing more.
00:26:10As for her involvement, wanda cooper feels quite shy about revealing details of the case but wanda did confirm that her relationship washington is not like the superficial arrangement he had with miss woudsky.
00:26:24>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship and would like cheaters' assistance you may contact cheaters by web com or by post to cheaters, 4516 lovers lane suite 104, dallas, texas, 75225.
00:26:41Or by toll free telephone at 1-800-cheaters that's 1-800-243-2837.
00:26:50Investigative services are free with your cooperation if your case is one that qualifies for inclusion in an epis services for cheaters are licensed in the respective state of their service.
00:27:05>> Now remember, if you don't get your programming from goldstein's, why, we'll both lose money.
00:00:00>> Star jacobi, age 26, a bank teller worried that her boyfriend is becoming distant at a time when she needs him the most.
00:00:10>> Well when I first met craig I was working at a recreation center and he used to come up there daily with two little boys and play basketball with them just, you know, show the kids a good time and I really like to see that.
00:00:25I like to see a man do that with kids for one and I also had doubts that when I first met him that he was a player or whatever but I did, still took that chance to go out with him and see what type of person he was.
00:00:38It's a lot of, lot of things that he does is different from his actions.
00:00:43A lot of things he says is different from his actions.
00:00:46Um, like on one particular day we suppose to been going to the movies and we had planned this like a week ahead and the day we suppose to be going to the movies I called him, you know, to make sure that we were still going to do that and there was a change of plans and was just not like craig.
00:01:01He doesn't do any type of change of plans if it's concerning me and him going out on a date or spending any type of quality time together.
00:01:10I just want to be wrong in this situation.
00:01:12I don't want to have these types ..
00:01:15Hopefully I am wrong because this is the man I'm, want to spend the rest of my life with.
00:01:22>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide you assistance.
00:01:30Exercise your right to be informed.
00:01:37>> Craig boggs, age 31, a webmaster suspected of emotionally abandoning his girlfriend duringn day two, cheaters reviews all the case facts before sending out field inspectors to the home star jacobi shares with the suspect.
00:01:57After many hours a shadowy figure appears from the abode positively identified as craig boggs.
00:02:04Suspect boggs eagerly makes his way toward hisic and as he approaches the silhouetted figure of a restless, unknown woman can be seen patiently anticipating his arrival.
00:02:14The two enter suspect boggs' automobile and finally leave the scene.
00:02:19Spect boggs surprises his companion with a quick trip around the corner to a quaint cocktail lounge.
00:02:25Suspect boggs picks up the bill and claims his reward in the form of a long, passionate hug with his affectionate companion.
00:02:33After securing his lady in the car, the couple departs evading cheaters mobile units in the process.
00:02:40Investigation day five.
00:02:42Back on the case and ready for action, 's catch up with suspect boggs just after he leaves his and complainant star's residence.
00:02:50After a lengthy trek across town, suspect boggs finally ends the trip at an apartment complex.
00:02:56He leaves his car running to retrieve an unknown individual at the location.
00:03:01Moments later they're off on a quick trip to a nearby bowling alley forcing operatives to infiltrate the establishment for a closer look.
00:03:10As suspect boggs and company play a round of pool cheaters identifies the woman positively as one peaches mcdaniel.
00:03:17After wrapping up the game, suspect boggs and companion mcdaniel get up close and personal for the long walk back to their vehicle.
00:03:26Pulling out all the stops in an attempt to impress mcdaniel, suspect boggs pours on the charm at a cocktail lounge.
00:03:33Once they are seated at the main bar, suspect boggs engages his unsuspecting date with a whisper and gentle kisses on the ears and neck.
00:03:42Many drinks later, the duo finally exits the establishment and drives back to companion mcdaniel's residence.
00:03:49The two continue their long goodbye as suspect mcdaniel half heartedly attempts to send suspect boggs home to an awaiting star.
00:03:57Investigation day seven.
00:03:59With luck on their side cheaters' agents again find suspect boggs sneakivg out of the residence he shares with his girlfriend star.
00:04:07Noticing the familiar pattern, cheaters sleuths anticipate his final destination is companion mcdaniel's apartment complex.
00:04:15Suspect boggs indeed arrives and walks up the sidewalk to pick up his date for the evening.
00:04:21On the flip side, star gets another taste of what it's like to be lied to as recorded in this phone call with her so called boyfriend.
00:04:29>> Hello?
00:04:30>> Hey, are you still coming by?
00:04:31>> Maybe a couple hours or so.
00:04:33>> What you mean?
00:04:34I thought you was coming so we could go out?
00:04:36>> Uh, well, I got tied up.
00:04:38>> What you mean, "tied up"?
00:04:40>> Don't start that right now.
00:04:41Don't start acting crazy.
00:04:42>> What you mean, "srted acting crazy"?
00:04:43You told me that you were going.
00:04:45>> I got something I had to do.
00:04:46>> Okay, whatever.
00:04:47>> I had a change of plans.
00:04:48I had to go to school and stuff like that.
00:04:50>> So when you coming?
00:04:51>> I'll try to call you later on.
00:04:53Maybe we can try to still go out or whatever.
00:04:56>> Okay, well just call me later.
00:04:57>> Alright, bye-bye.
00:04:59>> Bye.
00:05:00>> Determined to end the madness, cheaters withdraws all agents to carefully review the evidence.
00:05:06[email protected]@[email protected]@he?p?p?p?
00:06:07[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@Ñ Ñ Ñ t K?K V /?/ uwfñfñfñrñPoPoPwPwpo o oHEhwjwH jwjwD?HEHE cñ5ñ5ñmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑ ñ [email protected]@[email protected]@HE [email protected]@[email protected]@heheghc@ [music] >> with multiple offenses documented, cheaters moves to warn star of the unfortunate results.
00:07:27Ready to begin her life with eyes wide open, star sets aside her apprehension to study the evidence.
00:07:34Star, thanks for being here tonight.
00:07:37I know that, ah, you've had some concerns about what was happening in a relationship over the last few months.
00:07:45The reason that we did have you ..
00:07:48Is that our detectives do have some information that we thought it was important for you to see.
00:07:55Are you ready to take a look at that?
00:07:57>> Yeah.
00:08:04>> As the investigation starts we had a detective outside of craig's residence.
00:08:12On this particular evening craig was observed leaving his apartment with this young lady.
00:08:22Where you can see them inside and I'm, I am sorry.
00:08:26>> Hmm-mmm.
00:08:29>> I know you didn't expect that.
00:08:33So there you do see them in an embrace.
00:08:37After some time they get back in the car.
00:08:39Our detective did lose them at that point.
00:08:43Now on this day of the investigation craig was observed leaving his home.
00:08:48He travels to a residence, picks up this young lady, takes her to a bowling alley but they did go inside and spend some time shooting pool.
00:09:01And again, you can see their body language as they leave.
00:09:05>> Yeah.
00:09:06It's very clear to me.
00:09:11He takes her to another .. and our detective did get inside on this occasion and again you can see.
00:09:21>> Oh my god.
00:09:22I cannot believe this.
00:09:27>> You can see the gestures that he's making.
00:09:30>> Yeah.
00:09:32>> He brings her home but before she gets out to go inside she leans in and, obviously, gives him, it seems that she gives him a kiss.
00:09:47On this day star, we had a detective again, outside of craig's apartment.
00:09:52He's followed.
00:09:53He goes to the home of the same young lady.
00:09:56They're not in there very long before they depart and are followed to a restaurant.
00:10:05He opens the door for her as they leave.
00:10:09Craig does bring her home but on this occasion instead of dropping her off and leaving, he goes inside and I know that's not what you want to see.
00:10:19>> It's not right.
00:10:21This is not right.
00:10:30.. I know how you feel.
00:10:33I can understand how you feel.
00:10:35>> Yeah.
00:10:36>> Where is craig right now?
00:10:39>> He's out of town.
00:10:39He went to houston with his job.
00:10:41>> When was he going to arrive back in town?
00:10:45>> He's suppose to be back today, sometime tonight.
00:10:48>> Were you going to pick craig up at the airport?
00:10:52>> Well I had called and ask him.
00:10:54He told me he was going to just take a taxi home.
00:10:58.. when craig left town our detectives followed him to the airport and we know that when he left, this young lady was with him.
00:11:11[Crying] >> you're going to be alright.
00:11:22You're going to be okay.
00:11:23Let me check with the detective.
00:11:32>> Yeah, we just finished the briefing.
00:11:34What are you looking like on your side?
00:11:38.. we just finished up so we're just going to load up and come over right now.
00:11:45Alright, we'll see you in a second.
00:11:47You ready to go?
00:11:48>> Yeah.
00:11:48>> Alright, come this way.
00:11:50[Phone ringing sound] >> perfect. yeah?
00:11:56She's with him.
00:11:57They're at the baggage claim right now.
00:11:59There's a detective that's on site right now.
00:12:01Okay, alright.
00:12:02We're just pulling in right now to the terminal.
00:12:06They're heading towards the door right now?
00:12:08Alright, stop and then go through on the right.
00:12:10Look on the right.
00:12:11They're coming out right now.
00:12:12Alright, look to your right.
00:12:14There they are right there.
00:12:15You ready? let's go.
00:12:21>> Craig!
00:12:22>> So what is this?
00:12:23Who the [beep] is this craig?
00:12:25[Yelling confrontation] >> if you would let go of me!
00:12:32Who is this bitch?
00:12:33>> Who is all these folks right here?
00:12:35>> Craig you didn't have to lie to me!
00:12:37Craig, you didn't have to lie to me craig!
00:12:39No! you talk to me.
00:12:40You did not have to lie to me.
00:12:40>> Hold up baby, hold up.
00:12:41>> No, there ain't no "hold up".
00:12:42>> He's been lying to her.
00:12:43>> No, no you talk to me craig.
00:12:46>> They need to go.
00:12:47>> You need to explain this to me.
00:12:49No, you need to be explaining it to me.
00:12:50You need to be explaining to me what the [beep] you doing.
00:12:56>> No, you no.
00:12:57Hell no, you need to go on.
00:12:59You need to go on!
00:13:01You need to go on!
00:13:02You need to go on!
00:13:03Hell no.
00:13:07[Confrontation] >> say hold up baby.
00:13:16You need to hold that down.
00:13:18>> Put your hands right there.
00:13:19Put your hands right there.
00:13:21>> Coming up next, the conclusion.
00:13:24[Music] >> you're going to jail.
00:15:30>> Puttin' me in handcuffs?
00:15:32>> Alright.
00:15:33Put your hands right there.
00:15:34Put your hands right there.
00:15:35>> Oh god, I can't believe you did me like this craig.
00:15:38Why in the [beep].
00:15:42>> Why did you have to lie to me.
00:15:44[Confrontation] >> it's that tv show.
00:15:50They're the ones causing the problem out here.
00:15:52Would you get me some more cover please.
00:15:55>> Alright wally, I got three or four people coming.
00:15:59>> You're okay. you alright?
00:16:01>> Oh god.
00:16:04I love you.
00:16:05>> Okay, relax, relax, relax.
00:16:10>> They got that camera in my mother [beep] face.
00:16:14>> Oh god, I cannot ..
00:16:21>> You're gonna have to get off of me.
00:16:24We'll just pick him up .. and we're out of here. alright.
00:16:32Craig? start down.
00:16:34The officers are okay with us giving you a ride home if you guys are going to have a conversation.
00:16:40We don't want it to get out of hand but, but we want you to be truthful.
00:16:45>> Okay.
00:16:46>> Come on craig.
00:16:47>> Everything's all set.
00:16:48>> I know I almost ..
00:16:50>> Yeah, we all almost went ..
00:16:54>> So what's it going to take for us to work this out now?
00:16:58>> I don't, I don't know.
00:17:00I don't have a clue in my head.
00:17:04>> How long have you been seeing craig?
00:17:06Did you have any suspicions that he was still seeing someone?
00:17:09>> No, he spent all this time with me.
00:17:11>> How long has that been?
00:17:14>> Been a month.
00:17:16>> Well the first step, craig, is to have a desire, a sincere desire to work it out.
00:17:26>> I'll do whatever it takes.
00:17:27You know I'm going to hang in here for as long as I can, for as long as it take, .. as long as it take to show you, hey, I do care about you.
00:17:34>> If you can say something to craig right now what would it be?
00:17:40>> You're not willing to reconcile?
00:17:42>> No, for what?
00:17:44>> Right now the way I'm feeling is just that, I'm not ready right now.
00:17:48Only thing we could do is take it one day at a time if anything.
00:17:52[Music] >> are you tired of being cheated on?
00:17:54com and create your own profile in our online community.
00:17:58It's a fun and easy way to meet faithful singles IN YOUR [email protected]@ [Instrumental music] >> after the confrontation, star begins the healing process.
00:21:34Stay tuned as cheaters spotlights her outlook for the future.
00:21:37But next, cheaters presents denise pennington.
00:21:40Denise returns to discuss her part in the confrontation and the betrayal of her trusting friend.
00:21:48>> Denise pennington, age 33, denise stops by to offer her recollections of the evening she was caught with her best friends fiance.
00:21:57.. just blown away that she called cheaters.
00:22:04I don't know if, I mean she didn't, she didn't come to me first, she didn't talk to me about it.
00:22:09I mean I knew she had some concerns about him and if they were really going to work out and, and how devoted he was to her but, I had no idea.
00:22:19I would have never, ever thought she would have gone so far as to hire a private investigator.
00:22:26>> Whoa, whoa!
00:22:26..Do this to me! no!
00:22:30Stop it!
00:22:31>> We just got engaged two months ago.
00:22:32You know that!
00:22:33How in the [beep] hell could you do this to me?
00:22:37>> Do you have a reason why ..
00:22:38>> Get over here now!
00:22:39Explain something to me!
00:22:41>> We were so close, all of us were so close and it just, you know, things happened with him .. I don't know.
00:22:53I mean I felt bad of course but it just didn't seem like, you know, I guess I just sort of justified it in my head that I wasn't really hurting anybody.
00:23:02That it wasn't going to play out like that anyways.
00:23:04>> I just can't understand how you would do this to me.
00:23:08I didn't mean for you to get hurt.
00:23:10>> I don't know what to do anymore.
00:23:12I just want to go.
00:23:13I just want to go.
00:23:15>> I just want to go.
00:23:19>> Can we go somewhere and discuss it, not around them.
00:23:21>> I'm sorry but I can't do that.
00:23:22I can't do this anymore.
00:23:22>> Please, please, and you were over here.
00:23:24>> You're making me sick.
00:23:25>> And looking back I know that they weren't right together and my role in that was, was horrible but she should know that i, that I love her.
00:23:35I mean, you know if she were watching right now, tricia if you're watching right now, you know I love you.
00:23:40I would never do anything knowingly to hurt you.
00:23:44>> You want to run away and not talk about it?
00:23:48>> Stop!
00:23:50>> I don't care.
00:23:52>> Where's she going?
00:23:55[Music] >> I would say that nothing is more important than friendship.
00:24:02I you have a best friend that you love and cherish, don't ever do anything to mess that up.
00:24:09There's nothing that's worth it.
00:24:15Just nothing at all is more important than that.
00:24:18If you have that with somebody ..
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00:25:02[Music] >> still angered boggs treatment, star jacobi vows to rethink her original decision to give him a second chance.
00:25:14With the surveillance foage seared into her brain, star says it'll take a miracle to undo the damage caused boggs gross mishandling of their relationship.
00:25:23Shocked by the surprise visit from star and the cheaters' boggs says the ambush was unnecessary and would like to clear his name.
00:25:31From his viewpoint, boggs assumed that he and star had an open relationship with the option of befriending members of the opposite sex.
00:25:39For her part, peaches mcdaniel claims that star was lucky to have a crew around to protect her.
00:25:45Testing her patience, mcdaniel says being spoken to in a disrespectful manner always causes her to react in a less than cordial way.
00:25:53 mcdaniel states that she will not indulge in any further comment regarding her involvement in the case.
00:25:59>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship and would like cheaters' assistance you can contact cheaters by web com or by post to cheaters, 4516 lovers lane suite 104, dallas, texas, 75225.
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