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00:00:01>> You better t right thod >> I love you.
00:00:07>> Announcer: Real reality television as brought to you by "cheaters" detective agency's " >> joey: Hell I'm joey grecco.
00:00:16Thank you for tuning into " please meet johnny navarez, a gentleman who suspects his girlfriend may be involved in an internet romance.
00:00:26Determined toiscover the nare of her long hours online, johnny turns to "cheaters," for invest >> johnny navarez, age 39, suspects his girlfriend'sdistance as evidence of closeness with a third party.
00:00:45>> We met on those singles a.
00:00:49>> Tommy: oh, really?
00:00:50>> Yes.
00:00:53And, uh, we met at one of the cafes.
00:00:56>> Tommy: So you talked on the phone a few times?
00:00:58>> We talked on the phone and, uh, we started going out.
00:01:01I come home and even when I'd walk in the door i wouldn't receive a greeting or anything, she'd dart into t kit into the laundry room.
00:01:16There for a while she was insisting that she take a shower as soon as I would get home.
00:01:21>> Tommy: That she would take a shower.
00:01:23>> Yeah, she would imately take shower, uh, before I even get a greeting.
00:01:30I would tice sme and then later on I wouldn't see like they had been intentionally erased.
00:01:41Well she does, she contuously tells me that she's always lonely at home and, uh, and it's because of my long hours.
00:01:54So it mit tonels.
00:01:56>> Tommy: Have you asked her?
00:01:58>> Yes, I have confronted her.
00:01:59Now here's the situation, I've asked her straigh if she would like to start seeing somebody else and e nies it, she doesn't want to have anything to do with anybody else.
00:02:10She tells me that under no circumstances should I e accuse her unless I know for a fact tshe's doing .
00:02:21But she's doing it right in front of me.
00:02:24>> Tommy: Right in front of you.
00:02:25>> Right in front of me, and she denies it, she told me, " >> announcer: If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, "cheaters," licensed investigators may be abl to provide you assistance.
00:02:36Exercise your right to be informed.
00:02:47>> Announcer: Suspect insistent on remaining anonymous, age, mid-thirties.
00:02:51A nurse suspected of scoring a secret love online.
00:02:58Investigation day one: "Cheaters" crews document the female suspect and an unidentified male companion sizing up their relationship in a men's clothing store.
00:03:10Initially their actions seem innoct, but further surveillance shows just how deceptive looks can be.
00:03:22Later than evening the lens of "cheaters" cameras lo- on the suspect and companion dining together at a dallas restaurant.
00:03:29It's later learned that the suspect may have ordered up her new romance online.
00:03:34"Cheaters" detectives discover her internet site and her hopes of meeting a latin lover in law enforcement.
00:03:42Investigation day two: The character of the suspect is revealed as she a h companion hug and kiss in a public parking lot.
00:03:50It suddenly seems the suspect challenged johnny for only one reason, she wants to get caught.
00:03:58Later that same day the suspect is documented outside a dallas restaurant tickling the hand and apparently the fancy of her as the two head for home the suspect allows her new man to drive her new car, something she would never allow johnny to do.
00:04:15"Cheaters," detectives have seen enough to call it quits on this case.
00:04:21After the break, SOYtr 2Y24Cheatetrip 2ters Strip [email protected];rÑ Ñ Ñ t V [email protected] o o o o24hwhwhwHw(ó(óC@ óD?D9D9D9ters Strip 224HE 5ñ5ñ=ÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑmÑ Strip 224Cheaters Strip 224eaters Strip 2 >> Joey: With the treachery of his girlfriend well documented "cheaters" catches up with johnny to report on the facts of the case.
00:06:42Awed by the speedy work of "cheaters" investigators, johnny maintains his decorum while considering his options.
00:06:53>> Tommy: Has things changed for you?
00:06:55>> Quite considerable, oh yes, quite considerable.
00:06:58Ere for a while shwas just blatantly, you know, just trying to stir up trouble between us.
00:07:05>> Tommy: right.
00:07:07>> Just so that we can have a break up and then all of a sudden she starts tellne)[ that shes got religious convictions that she has to feel better about, and try and correct, because her and I are living together and we're having sex, and she just can't live this way.
00:07:28>> Tommy: Have you spoke to her today and did she tell you anything about what she wadwtoy?
00:07:33>> Oh, as a matter of fact she called me up, and she told me she was going dealership and that she might be a little late.
00:07:43>> Tommy: really.
00:07:45Well the reason she's gonna be a little late is because she ish soone now your suspicions came out to be they were true.
00:07:53One time, and here, I'll show you where she said she was goin crch, when in fact she was--went and met someone that night.
00:08:01This was the night that she said she was going to church when in fact she met this gentleman and--in a restaurant, this wasside the restaurant after they had had dinner.
00:08:18We had--have surveillance footage of them on three separate occions where they had met for dinner, dinner twice and lunch a couple times, actually i think it was four fferencasions.
00:08:36My understanding is that her car is her prized possession.
00:08:40>> I think so, yes.
00:08:41>> Tommy: And we actually have surveillance footage of them driving, actually he was driving her car around.
00:08:46Are you okay?
00:08:47>> Yeah.
00:08:51>> Tommy: I think this tells the tale.
00:08:52>> Yeah, it does.
00:08:55>> Tommy: Your suspicions were--were in deed true, not only the fact that she met this person and has been seeing this person and basically running around on you but she has been advertising to meet people through the internet and through a local newspaper.
00:09:21What do you feel right now?
00:09:22What would you say to her if you have the chance, do youhink >> I'm furious right now.
00:09:31I had been thinking that this could be going on just the way she's been acting, you know, for the last three months.
00:09:42And all the time she's been telling me I'm delusional >> tommy: really.
00:09:47>> That I've been seeing things.
00:09:48>> Tommy: is that right?
00:09:49That's how she's passed it off?
00:09:51>> Exactly, you know, so.
00:09:55>> Tommy: Would you want to try to work this lawv out?
00:09:58>> No, it's too late now.
00:10:00It's absolutely too late, that's it.
00:10:03All this time she's been telling me she loves me d here she is with some guy tonight.
00:10:11>> Tommy: And her hands all over him.
00:10:12>> A her allver him.
00:10:13>> Tommy: How did that make you feel watching this video?
00:10:17>> Oh, it hurts a lot.
00:10:21I don't mess around, I don't mess around on her and I expecthe sam obviously it's double standards.
00:10:32>> Tommy: They are together now and if you want to go confront her that's why we set it up and we're meeting in this parking lot, because they're not too far from here.
00:10:42Would you like to talk would you like to talk to andonfronher about it and ask her--ask her why?
00:10:50>> Not yet.
00:10:53>> Tommy: I've got a call coming in, let's see if this is them.
00:10:56>> They are sitting at a table on the outside patio the se street, and she's got on black and he's got on a black long sleeve shirt.
00:11:08Y'all can come in from the back and park if you want, right off the sidewalk.
00:11:13>> Tom: We're gonna go ahead and roll, roll on 'em, alright?
00:11:16Let's get this done.
00:11:18You ready to get it done?
00:11:18>> I'ready.
00:11:20>> Tommy: alright, guys.
00:11:22>> Okay.
00:11:24Where is the patio, right there?
00:11:31>> T: Yeah, they are right there.
00:11:43>> What the hells g ? who's this?
00:11:46what are y doing here, you told me you're gonna be picking up your-- >> announcer: Coming up, the conclusion.
00:14:07>> Who is this?
00:14:10>> Hey, man, it's nothing to worry about.
00:14:11>> This is none of your business.
00:14:12Who was this?
00:14:14>> Hey man, stay back, stay back.
00:14:19S is a fend of my brothers.
00:14:21>> A friend of your brothers?
00:14:22>> Yes, this is john navaris.
00:14:23Whatever, just why don't you go home.
00:14:28>> Is this another one of my delusions?
00:14:30>> Go home man, go home dude, eot worry abouit.
00:14:32>> Hey this is none of your business, now shut up.
00:14:34>> Okay, man.
00:14:34Okay, okay, okay.
00:14:41>> Tommy: You want to talk to her, johnny?
00:14:44>> I want to get o.
00:14:54>> There's nothing.
00:15:00>> There's nothing?
00:15:02>> Tommyhey, would you like to explain to him what you've been doing?
00:15:04We have, uh, we have video and audio.
00:15:05>> He's gross, he's gross.
00:15:09>> The thing about it is, you, you fall for all this stuff.
00:15:13>> I fall for all this stuff?
00:15:14Um-hu >> so it isn't another one of my delusions, right?
00:15:18>> No, it's not a delusion.
00:15:18But it's nothing.
00:15:24>> So it isn't another one of my delusions, right?
00:15:25>> No, it's not a delusion.
00:15:26But it's nothing.
00:15:27But if I can set something vp a watch you to follow me, then I have proof that thats what you're doing, and that's what you've always done, is to follow me.
00:15:35)A>> you just set me up, right?
00:15:36>> Yeah.
00:15:37>> This was just a set up.
00:15:38>> Yeah, because I knew you were going to.i knew you wfre.
00:15:45>> This is bull.
00:15:54>> Because this is the way you, you know, you stalk me and don't trust me and all.
00:16:03I knew you'd fall for it.
00:16:05>> Of course.
00:16:05>> I was waiting, that's why I sat on the outside table instead >> no, this has been going on since before christmas.
00:16:11No, no.
00:16:12>> And I have proof, the proof you asked for.
00:16:15>> Good.
00:16:21>> Tommy: You alright?
00:16:23I bet she was lying.
00:16:24>> It's always-- it's always somebody, it's always been somebody.
00:16:27>> She said it was, a brother of her cousins, or something to that effect, I don't know.
00:16:36Well, like I told you, she's always said that it's on my mind, she's always said that, when in fact, that's not true.
00:16:45She's telling me that it's all a setup.
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00:20:25>> Joey: After the confrontation joegs to untangle the web of lies to which he was subjected.
00:20:31At the conclusion of this presentation "cheaters" discloses how johnny decides to proce.
00:20:37But first "cheaters" presents michael jurgeon michael describes his state of mind when he caught his girlfrnd red h " >>> announcer: Michael jurgeon, age 25.
00:20:51Intent on puttinpa behind me, michael returns to close a sad chapter in his romantic life.
00:20:59>> When we first pulled up inhe van even though I had saw them on the video tape earlier, I still didn't--it really didn't even hit me until we really got there and I actually )asaw emn person.
00:21:10And it just--i didn't even know what to do or what to think.
00:21:13It just all of a sudden hit me like a ton of bricks.
00:21:16>> Joe christina, christina.
00:21:18>> Hey.
00:21:22>> No.
00:21:23>> Joey: Where did she go?
00:21:25>> Please, please.
00:21:26>> What is gng on?
00:21:26>> Oh, my god.
00:21:27Get these cameras out of my face, I'm serious.
00:21:29I'm not joking.
00:21:29>> What the hell?
00:21:30Icel, plea-- >> hey dude.
00:21:31>> Come on you guys, stop it!
00:21:32I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
00:21:33>> To be honest I was a little hesitant at first >> to hwvesi was litt hesitant at first about contacting "cheaters" because I felt like, you know, it was kind of spying on her but at the same time I had to know if she was or notbecause had thisut feeling that just something wasn't right.
00:21:52So I mean to be honest i really don't feel bad about--about doing that, about calling "cheaters" an-and because I mean i, like I said, I probably would never have known.
00:22:02>> Who is that?
00:22:02>> Look, it's a friend from school.
00:22:03>> Yeah, okay, yeah a friend, yeah, I saw the footage.
00:22:05>> What footage?
00:22:06>> They showed me, they've been following you.
00:22:11They showed me what you've been doing.
00:22:13>> How could you do this?
00:22:14Why couldn't you just come to me and ask me about this?
00:22:16>> Oh, don'be trying to put this on me.
00:22:19>> Damn, my whole family is gonna see this, you're gonna do this to me on television.
00:22:22>> Me?
00:22:23>> You couldn't come up to me and just ask me about this?
00:22:26>> You?
00:22:27>> I'm sorry.
00:22:28Okay, I'm sorry, it's over with.
00:22:31>> Yeah, it's all about you.
00:22:32>> She told me she was breaking it off.
00:22:34We mn class, she said I have a boyfriend, things are rocky, I'm gonna break it off, so we started hanging out.
00:22:39>> Joey: How long has that--how long has that been?
00:22:41>> Wks >> yeah, I don't know what was going on with that guy that she was there with.
00:22:46He--he seemed like he had some anger problems like mayb w rded or sethin'--weird.
00:22:50You know, I was just sitting you know, I was just sitting there and we were--we were kind of talking to each other and all of a sudden, you kw, I s him pick up some camera guy and slam him on the hood of this guys car.
00:23:02And then when the guy gets out he tries eam up too, don't know, maybe he has some problems but I guess she obviously saw something in him.
00:23:10>> We had something.
00:23:12>> Oh, yeah, we had something.
00:23:13>> Okay, okat happened, I'm sorry.
00:23:17>> I'm sorry, it happened.
00:23:18>> It was so good that you had to run off with whoever.
00:23:19You had to run off with the hulk over there.
00:23:22Get out of my face.
00:23:24>> Please baby, please.
00:23:25You guys get out of here.
00:23:30>> Get out of my face dude.
00:23:31>> Don't try to put this on me.
00:23:32>> Dyou have to get all of these cameras in front of my face.
00:23:45>> Joey: Are you alright?
00:23:46>> W--after we confronted them at the gas station and christina, joey g bk in the van, she tried talking to me, apologizing but I mean to be honest I didn't--i didn't want to hear or listen to anything she had to say because quite frankly i didn't believe her.
00:24:01Because I mean why am i supposed to believe her when I just caught her with some other guy.
00:24:06And she was all apologizing to me and everything but to be honest, I mean, it was over.
00:24:12I didn't want to hear anything.
00:24:15And I couldn't even believe I was nice enough to give her a ride back to her car that night.
00:24:20>> Can we just get somewhere and talk, just face to face, me and you without--without him?
00:24:25Please, please, go home.
00:24:26Please just go home.
00:24:29>> Damn!
00:24:37>> I'm going' in the van, I don't want you around me.
00:24:46>> I'm sorry.
00:24:48I'm sorry.
00:24:50I did it and there's no going back and there's no taking it back.
00:24:54But there's nothing I can do about it.
00:24:56>> Well since all this happened it's pretty much changed my outlook on relationships.
00:25:01To be honest it's kind of hard to trust other people now.
00:25:05I, you know, I guess I'm ready to start going back t there and, you now, but it's gonna--it's gonna take a while to auay real get over this.
00:25:17I mean it's, you know, it's not easy finding, you know, finding out that your girlfriend's cheating on you--one st on tv.
00:25:25But I'd really like to thank "cheaters" for helping me find out about that because, I mean, I probably would never have founout abt f it wasn't for them helping me.
00:25:34>> Announcer: For more information on these and other cases log on to:
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00:26:16The suspicions johnny navarez had about his girlfriend seemed to test his own faith.
00:26:21R finding out abher, johnny took a long look at his own life and decided to change course completely.
00:26:30Johnny sold his business and terminated his relationship with the suspect.
00:26:34He claims to have no regrets and firmly believes the lessons learned in this failed romance will make him strive for a more open, honend trusting relationship, the next time around.
00:26:46If you suspect infidelity in your relationship avd like "cheaters" assistance, you may contact "cheaters" com cheaters, 4516 lovers lane, suite 104, dallas, texas 75225 or by toll free telephone at: 1-800-Cheaters.
00:27:07That's 1-800-243-2837.
00:27:12Investigative services are free with your cooperation, if your case is one that qualifies for inclusio " all investigators who provide services for "cheaters" are licensed in thepective state of their service.
00:27:28>> All done, sir.
00:27:29>>Ha you, nn >> thank you, mr. g.
00:27:37Were prese I want you to "I'll deliver his co
00:00:01M g itn cara.
00:00:04>> I'm sorry I've ruined every day, I'm sorry.
00:00:07>> Real reality televisionas brought to yo by cheaters detective agencies private eyes on cheaters.
00:00:14>> Greetings, I'm joey greco.
00:00:17K you for watching cheaters.
00:00:19Please meet jackie woudsky, a peaceful lady unsure of her younger boyfriend's intentions for the future.
00:00:25Qutionnohalant attitude, jackie calls cheaters to have a look-see behind the curtain.
00:00:33>> Jackie woudsky, age 38.
00:00:36A medical asuistant worried that her boyfriend looks for companionship outside of their cozy relationship.
00:00:44>> I have been supporting him for these many yrs and he don't make me feel like that he appreciates me .. and especially ..h,nswe the little small questions that I ask, you know, and it's not that, um, I'm crowding his space or anything it's just that we're in a relatiohi and that's, I feel like that's communication that we should have.
00:01:16When he tells me to stay out of his business i, I think it's something that he don't want me to know.
00:01:22You know, think that he's hiding something from me.
00:01:26Sohy shoi be in a relationship when your trying to hide something from me because you're not being honest with me.
00:01:34He does get argumentative when I ask him questions about where and who did he go with, ..
00:01:47" " everything's just gotten " he has to have something more his mind then myself because if he did, if he didn't have anything ..
00:02:11Our intimacy relationship wouldn't be as it is now.
00:02:16Love for him he has betrayed.
00:02:22It make me feel like that I've been used all this time and I've been in a, a wasted relationship.
00:02:33>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, cheaters' licensed investigators may be able to provide y assistance.
00:02:41Exercise your right to be informed.
00:02:44[Instrumental music] >> jermaine washington, likeness withheld, an unemployed gentleman susp from kind hearted women.
00:02:59Investigation day two.
00:03:01Off to a fruitful start, cheaters' agents hit pay dirt while on stakeout at the residence jackie shares wi her bfriend.
00:03:09Moments after noticing an approaching vehicle, 's spot suspect jermaine washington, whose likeness has been wiheld, emer from his apartment unit.
00:03:18Cheaters' crews prepare to follow their every move.
00:03:22Several miles away the duo comes to rest at a chicken joint.
00:03:25Showing his "chivalrest" side, suspect washington assists an unidentified lady as she exits the vehicle.
00:03:32Minutes later the ur to the companions vehicle after suspect washington comes to realize the establishment is closed for the night.
00:03:40T just around rn suspect washington and his date swing by a late night mexican restaurant.
00:03:46Having their fill of enchiladas, ecwaington and company finally head back to his place.
00:03:53With jackie gone for the evening, suspect wash free reign to do as he pleases.
00:03:59Investigation day four.
00:04:01With jworking the late shift, cheaters' operatives pay close attention to the couples' apartment unit.
00:04:07Afteveurs on the j, 's notice the same jeep approaching the complex.
00:04:13Takingime, suspect washington puffs on a cigarette as he emerges from the apartment.
00:04:19With cheaters' crews in pursuit, the dashing duo arrives at a local pool hall to play a little eight-ball.
00:04:26A while later cheaters' agents get a closer look at suspect washington's companion now identified as one wanda cooper.
00:04:34Ready to light up the night, suspect washington and companion cooper hit the road for several miles as suspect washington's current digs.
00:04:42Possibly unaware of suspect washington's living arrangement, companion cooper agrees to come up to jackie's place and hang-out with her new boyfriend.
00:04:51Investigation day eight.
00:04:52Cheaters' field agents wait patiently at the residence shared by jackie and suspect washington.
00:04:59Like clockwork, suspect washington emerges from his apartment ready for a night on the town and guess who's waiting outside?
00:05:08He greets companion cooper before they begin their journey.
00:05:11First stop a local gas station to pickup some refreshments.
00:05:14Next, a well liked bar popular for its half-yard long beer mugs.
00:05:19After downing a few,suspect washgton and companion cooper head over to a tex-mex restaurant to satisfy their appetites.
00:05:27Taking all he can get, spect washington demonstrates his selfish side in this recorded phone call with jackie.
00:05:34>> Hey, what's up with you.
00:05:35Nhiwhat ywu d?
00:05:37>> Ah, chillin' out at my brother's house.
00:05:38We just illing drinking playing dominoes.
00:05:41>> So how long you gonna be >> iue wn my brother gets tired of me I guess.
00:05:46>> 'Cause I was expecting you not too long from now.
00:05:49I mean to know I cooked a little somhin' so I wanted to know what time you was gonna come home.
00:05:55>> I do appreciate it but I'll be home soon as I can, asap baby.
00:06:01>> Okay then, I'll get done talking with you later.
00:06:03>> Alright.
00:06:05>> Cheaters achieves i objectives and prepares to close the surveillance portion of the case.
00:06:12COMING UP, THE [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@HEG [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected];r;t rÑ Ñ ç>i [email protected]@Poñ.0w [email protected](whwhwhwhwhwhwH [email protected](óhéD?D?D9D9HE tal music] >> with more than enough evidence providing the suspect's culpability, cheaters prepares a detailed filefor jackie's review.
00:08:34Calm and collective, jackie prepares to hear what cheaters' operatives have uncovered.
00:08:40Jackie, thanks for being here tonight.
00:08:42I know that you itially contacted the show because you had some concerns about your relatii with jermaine.
00:08:49Jackie, our detectives do have some information that they for you to see.
00:08:56Are you ready to take a look at some of that now?
00:08:58>> Yes I am.
00:09:02>> On this day, a detective was outside your home.
00:09:06We did observe a car that pulled in and at the time we didn't thinhiit.
00:09:12After a short time, jermaine exits the apartment and gets into the car that you saw pulling up just a moment ago.
00:09:22Our detective followed that car until they arrived at a restaurant.
00:09:26They leave and then travel back to your home where they go up the stairs.
00:09:34>> I can't believe took , to our house.
00:09:41What hs telling her about you.
00:09:46>> I don't know but I want to ask him.
00:09:48>> Okay.
00:09:49On this day, jackie the same vehicle was observed as it arrived at your home.
00:09:54Jermaine exits the building, gets into the car and their followed to a pool hall.
00:10:00They exit and they get back in her car.
00:10:06They go back to your home,the one that ye paying for, and he takes this young lady inside.
00:10:11>> This is not fair.
00:10:12It's not fair.
00:10:13He, heetd evything that we had, everything that we shared.
00:10:17He betrayed me.
00:10:18>> It's clear that jermaine's intentions ..
00:10:23Are far more than just casual.
00:10:28On this day jackie, picks up jermaine and they are followed to a local bar where we do observe him leaving arm-in-arm with this young lady.
00:10:42As caring and as giving woms you are, when you see this it has to affect you.
00:10:50>> It, it effects me emotionally for the most part.
00:10:54>> Now I know what he's doing isn't fair.
00:10:56>> No.
00:10:58>> Now I don't know where they are.
00:10:59I'm going to call the detective ..
00:11:02So I can find out where they are.
00:11:04But would u ti an opportunity to, to confront jermaine face-to-face?
00:11:07>> Yes.
00:11:08>> Yeah, we just finished up with the briefing.
00:11:12Tell me what's happening.
00:11:15Alright, we're on our way right now.
00:11:17We're going to move.
00:11:20[Phone ringing] >> yeah, tell me what's happening there.
00:11:24He's moving out?
00:11:25At tmoving ovt?
00:11:30The sofa, couch.
00:11:31>> I can't believehe's taking furniture that I paid for.
00:11:35>> Just boxes?
00:11:38How much stuff does hav >> he, he didn't come with anything, just clothes.
00:11:42He just had clothes when he came.
00:11:44>>Kay, we're here right now.
00:11:46Keep going straight.
00:11:47I see a van.
00:11:48Yep, I see the van.
00:11:50We're here.
00:11:54Comes go.
00:11:56>> What is going on?
00:11:58>> What is going on?
00:11:59>> I'm just doing your job.
00:12:02Is goingn jermaine?
00:12:04What is going on?
00:12:05Who are you?
00:12:06Who are you?
00:12:08[Confrtation] >> I already knew he had a woman.i dot care about that.
00:12:12>> Who are you?
00:12:13>> You got to get these cameras out of my face or something man.
00:12:16[Confrontation] >> you came here, you came with nothing.
00:12:34U came with g so you gonna leave with nothing.
00:12:38You can have her.
00:12:40You can have her.
00:12:41>> Say, you done broke my mother [beep] tv man.
00:12:45Buddy get out of the way fool.
00:12:47So th's where you want to be, you can be right there with her.
00:12:50>> Say, can you get out of the way though so I can leave?
00:12:52Can you get out of the way?
00:12:54N you get out of the way please?
00:12:56>> Coming up next, >> youan bright there with her.
00:15:05>> Say, can you get out ..
00:15:07So I can leave?
00:15:07Can you get out of the way?
00:15:09T of the way please?
00:15:10>> You came with nothing, you're leaving with nothing.
00:15:11>> Don't even worry about that.
00:15:13I'll buy you some more stuff.
00:15:14H, that'at y gonna have to do because I'm not bung anything else.
00:15:18>> That's trash anyway.
00:15:19>> I hope you've got a bank account.
00:15:23[Noise] >> let's go.
00:15:24You ain't got to put up th this.
00:15:26You with me now.
00:15:28>> Nothing in there belongs to you.
00:15:30Everything in there I paid for.
00:15:38>> Bye-bye.
00:15:39>> Look, jermaine.
00:15:40>> You, you can't be a man and explain anything.
00:15:44>> Jermaine, could you at least take a second and explain ..
00:15:50>> I already said what I had to say man.
00:15:52>> Couldn't you tell her that you've been out at least.
00:15:55>> After everything we've been through this is how you treat me.
00:15:58You come here and you move everything out >> man, can I go man?
00:16:03Can I go?
00:16:04.. jermaine... listen.
00:16:08>> Can you get out of my truck man.
00:16:09Get out of the way.
00:16:10ermain listen, just talk to me for a second.
00:16:16You talk with me for a secondanouan g oka >> like, will you get out of the way though?
00:16:21>> Okay? yeah.
00:16:21>> Can you get out of the way?
00:16:22>>Ou tr cond and then you can go.
00:16:23>> You can't even give me no explanation of why?
00:16:27 why no four years and this is all I get.
00:16:33>> Can you get out of my grid?
00:16:34Can u get out my grid?
00:16:35>> This is all I get.
00:16:37>> Yeah, he told me about you fussin' at him all the time,screaming and hollering, no wonder he leaving you.
00:16:43>> He not worth it.
00:16:44Four years intothe relationip.
00:16:48He needs to show me some kind ..
00:16:52..You nagged him all the time.
00:16:55>> Can you get out of the way?
00:16:58[Confrontation] >> so that's i you're just going leave ome on.
00:17:13[C starting] >> can you tell me anything that you've learned through this experience?
00:17:42friends then intimate padr or rationships and just, just grow to know ..
00:17:57In just gwg raht into a relationship so quickly.
00:18:03I dov' anoth man to where, ah, I'm taking care everything, finance, by myself and he's a part of my life.
00:18:15I want, I would rather have a man that can be there to help put in on what we're building and not just what I'm building.
00:18:26>> Are you tired of being cheated on?
00:18:28com and create your own profile in our online community.
00:18:33It's a f and ey way to meet faithful singles IN YOUR AREA.÷éwÑ?l [Instrumental music] >> following the confrontation, jackie does some soul searching to understand how she got involved in such a predicament.
00:22:11Coming up shortly, cheaters uncovers her readiness for esh art.
00:22:16But now cheaters welcomes back randall no, a former companion who sheds new light on an old case.
00:22:23Willing omforward, randall speaks candidly about his lifestyle and defends his actions on the day cheaters crashed his party.
00:22:34>> Randall bono, age 40.
00:22:36Randall explains his part and defends his actionsduringne of thmost spellbinding busts in cheaters storied history.
00:22:44>> The first thing, we were having a party and I looked up and e looked to the left and there was this guy and it was her husband and I didn't really expect that at all.
00:22:56And, then, sivgle like 20 people come through the door and this is a private party.
00:23:02I, I really didn't expect that at the party at all.
00:23:05Trd to u and dffend myself and, ah, get him out of the house and then I'm just surrounded by all these security people in my house.
00:23:13You invaded my privacy and just really ticked me off.
00:23:17>> No!
00:23:18>> Yeah!
00:23:19If you can get, you get a ride back and get all your (beep).
00:23:22[Cfrontati] >> I want to try and work something out with you.
00:23:27This is what you do?
00:23:28>> We were together, about ten years ago, we've always had sexual relations er sif and this guy comes along and proposes, she marries him.
00:23:37I just always thought it was crap because they just knew each other a uple of nonths before they got engaged and they haven't even been married a year.
00:23:44>> What would make you want to be with, be with a married woman?
00:23:46>> It doesn't matter.
00:23:47>> Oh, it doesn't matter.
00:23:48>> If it wasn't me it'd be some ee.
00:23:49>> Yeah, right, I don't love you.
00:23:51That's why I want to go to a marriage councilor and try to work stuff out.
00:23:56[Screaming] >> wl, that night, ah, things went on pretty much as scheduled after everybody calmed down, we continued to have the party and, ah, she moved in for a couple of months then she wanted to make house and, ah, I wasn't really going for that.
00:24:16>> Take it!
00:24:17Here, it's for you.
00:24:18You n [b he it.
00:24:19Here, take it.
00:24:21>> I don't want it.
00:24:22>> Go.
00:24:22>> Get that out of here.
00:24:23I don't want that.
00:24:24>> Get the [beep] out of my house.
00:24:27>> Marriagf to-do list and that kind of put an end to it right there.
00:24:32So, um, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.
00:24:37>> Get out! go! just go!
00:24:40There's the front door, go!
00:24:41>> You know what? bye.
00:24:44[Screaming] >> hey, don't touch me ..
00:24:55>> Watch out guys.
00:24:56>> People in any situation would've been the same as us and you guys made us look like ..ex mru and it's all lies.
00:25:07All, everything that your show is about is lies.
00:25:11I will never watch it agai [instrumental music] female announcer: FROM JENNIFER, A microfiber sofa bed at the extraordinary price of $329.
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00:25:48[Instrumental music] >> fed up with immature men, jackie woudsky vows n again commiherself to younger men.
00:25:59Though exciting at first, jackie says that men mature at such a slow rate and can never be counted on for the long haul.
00:26:06Jermaine washington describes jackie as an old maid who doest undersnd h role in their arrangement.
00:26:13 washington says his offer of intimacy is a means of making a living, nothing more.
00:26:19As for her involvement, wanda oper feels quite shy about revealing details of the casbut wanda did confirm that her relationship washington is not like the superficiaement he had with miss woudsky.
00:26:33>> If you suspect infidelity in your relationship and would like cheaters' assistance you may contact ch b com or by post to cheaters, 4516 lovers lane suite 104, dallas, texas, 75225.
00:26:51Or by toll free telephone at 1-800-cheaters that's 1-800-243-2 investigative services are free with your cooperation if your case is onelifies for inclusion in an episode of cheaters.
00:27:07All investigators who provide services for cheaters are licensed in the respective state of their service.
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