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00:00:00>> Christa miller.
00:00:01>> And stars from tv's ncis.
00:00:03>> Royal pains.
00:00:04>> And the mentalist.
00:00:06>> Hosted by network tv correspondent, katrina szish.
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00:00:12>> Hi, everyone, I'm beauty and style journalist, katrina szish on location in beverly hills.
00:00:17In just a few minutes we'll meet one of the most beautiful women in the world, super model, cindy crawford.
00:00:22At age 45, cindy still looks impossibly young a gorgeous.
00:00:28She's just stunning.
00:00:28Her skin is just amazing.
00:00:30And so, I feel like now I have a chance.
00:00:33>> What's cindy's beauty secret?
00:00:34We're about to find out.
00:00:40>> the first time I saw cindy in person, she turned around, " that woman's gorgeous.
00:00:45And she doesn't have a drop of makeup on.
00:00:47Whatever she has, I want it bottled and I want to use it.
00:00:52>> Cindy crawford is one of the most beautiful women on earth.
00:00:56She's iconic and the buzz is " >> I want to have what cindyas because she gets the super secret info that we don't get.
00:01:05>> What is cindy's secret?
00:01:07>> After more th two decades on the job, cindy remains one of the most visible faces and sought after super models in the world.
00:01:15>> Yet her skin still looks remarkably youthful and gorgeously wrinkle-free.
00:01:20>> Everybody wants to know " because we all know we want to look like cindy crawford.
00:01:24>> Check out these photos.
00:01:26On the left, cindy at age 28.
00:01:29And on the right, at 41.
00:01:31Here's another picture of cindy at 28 and on the right age 43.
00:01:35And finally, cindy at 28 and today at age 45.
00:01:41>> How does cindy do it?
00:01:44>> Her secret is renowned french anti-aging specialist, doctor jean-louis sebagh.
00:01:49>> He's been called "the wonder doctor," "a miracle worker," " >> doctor jean-louis sebagh is a super exclusive doctor in paris.
00:01:58I was 28 when I first went to him, and I instantly noticed that my skin just came alive.
00:02:04And that was it, it was kind of love at firs >> doctor sebagh's treatments are in such demand, models, celebrities, and even vip clients wait months just to get an appointment with him.
00:02:15>> People don't mind waiting four hours at a time just to see him because they know that at the end of the day they come out looking fresher and healthier and younger.
00:02:24You know, he's the man.
00:02:26>> How is it that doctor sebagh is able to produce such powerful anti-aging elixirs?
00:02:31>> His secret lies in a fabled and beautiful part of the french countryside.
00:02:35>> Here in this secluded field in the south of france, scientists have discovered a rare vine-ripen melon with astonishing youth preserving properties.
00:02:45>> Check out this new time-lapse video showing how an ordinary melon wrinkles, ages, and decays.
00:02:51>> While the remarkable melon on the right stays fresh and firm.
00:02:55No wonder they call doctor sebagh's signature ingredient " >> yeah, that's pretty dramatic right there, when you look at the two melons side by side.
00:03:03It's like, "hm, what's in that melon that's making it not age?
00:03:07" >> it's been a very difficult process to extract the enzyme from this melon.
00:03:13And we've been the first one to use this melon extract in a very high concentration, which is exclusive to meaningful beauty.
00:03:22>> Since cindy first joined with doctor sebagh to bring the power of his melon-based serums to women like us, rumors of the amazing visible results have made it an underground secret in hollywood and around the world.
00:03:34>> You have cindy crawford; super model, and doctor sebagh; internationally renowned skin expert.
00:03:41Those two together, to me, that's gold.
00:03:45>> Now, for 2013 and beyond, doctor sebagh has re-engineered his melon-based formulas and enhanced them with even more remarkable age-fighting ingredients.
00:03:56Introducing meaningful beauty advanced.
00:04:00The ultimate youth enhancing system from cindy and doctor sebagh.
00:04:04>> Literally within seven days I can see results.
00:04:07>> Using meaningful beauty has been amazing.
00:04:09It's evened out my skin tone and it reduced circles and puffiness.
00:04:14>> This stuff is amazing.
00:04:15It's just a little miracle in a bottle.
00:04:17>> Meaningful beauty advanced is a revolutionary anti-aging system that is so advanced and so perfectly formulated women surveyed saw visibly healthier, younger-looking skin in just weeks.
00:04:30>> Cindy's secret is definitely the real deal because I see it.
00:04:33I see it in my skin.
00:04:35I see the difference.
00:04:36>> Take a look.
00:04:37That's not trick photography.
00:04:39It's not dramatization or a simulation.
00:04:42These are real results.
00:04:44And there's more.
00:04:46>> Today, cindy is here to announce a ground-breaking new innovation from doctor sebagh.
00:04:50Three powerful anti-aging formulas combine into one luxurious serum.
00:04:55It's called creme deserum.
00:04:58>> I was sold right away because this rocks.
00:05:01And it has such a silky glide on your skin.
00:05:03>> In the creme deserum, at the end they mix together and you achieve cream.
00:05:08Then you go the best of the best.
00:05:09You can creme de la creme.
00:05:11>> As soon as you apply it, your skin just instantly feels tighter and it feels like you can just feel your pours shrinking.
00:05:17And it is amazing.
00:05:20>> In the next few minutes, correspondent, katrina szish takes you deeper inside the story of cindy " >> as cindy shares how you can get access to the man whose amazing formulas have worked their wonders on cindy for over 17 years.
00:05:35>> There's probably nothing in my life that I do that's more exclusive than spending time with doctor sebagh.
00:05:40>> And what if you could have your own personal visit with doctor sebagh?
00:05:44>> Watch as one lucky meaningful beauty customer receives a surprise invitation from cindy.
00:05:49>> Hi, this is cindy crawford.
00:05:50>> Oh, my gosh, are you serious?
00:05:52>> I am serious.
00:05:53>> And a little later in the show, cindy does something very surprising.
00:05:57Hand held camera, totally candid, zero makeup.
00:06:00>> I still can't believe when people come up to me and ask me if I really use meaningful beauty.
00:06:04I do use meaningful beauty.
00:06:06And I'm gonna show you how I do it.
00:06:08>> Plus, imagine if you could have every one of cindy's youth-enhancing secrets for yourself at more than half off the regular price.
00:06:15>> It's no joke.
00:06:16Just watch for this special coupon code when it shows up again later in the program.
00:06:21And take advantage of over 50% in instant coupon savings thanks to cindy.
00:06:26>> Just ahead, it's your chance to look years younger as you discover the age-defined magic of meaningful beauty advanced.
00:06:37>> you know her as america's most celebrated super model.
00:06:40Appearing on over 600 magazine covers and counting.
00:06:44Hi, everyone, I'm katrina szish here today with one of the most beautiful women in the world.
00:06:50Please join me for this very special close-up interview with cindy crawford.
00:06:55Nice to see you, cindy.
00:06:56I am so excited to sit down and really talk to you about meaningful beauty.
00:06:59>> Thank you for being here too.
00:07:01>> People are talking about it everywhere.
00:07:02Women's wear daily even recently talked about it as one of the top ten fastest growing skin care brands in the u.s.
00:07:08This is huge.
00:07:09Why is it catching on like this?
00:07:11>> It's delivering results.
00:07:12I mean, women are getting great results and they're telling their friends or they're tweeting about it or blogging about it.
00:07:18With meaningful beauty your skin looks amazing.
00:07:20It has that glow.
00:07:21It looks great and it just feels like that youthful, lush skin.
00:07:25Everyone like "so, what's the trick?
00:07:26" " and really, the trick is meaningful beauty.
00:07:30>> Tell me about the man you work with to create this incredible line.
00:07:33Everybody in the beauty industry knows jean-louis sebagh.
00:07:36He's been called by vanity fair "the world expert " he's got a long list of celebrities, models, socialites, politicians who wait for months to come to him.
00:07:47What makes him so extraordinary?
00:07:49>> Well, jean-louis sebagh is light years ahead of everybody, and just how he's thinking about the way that skin ages.
00:07:56And I have been working with him since I was 28 years old.
00:07:58A makeup artist actually suggested that I see him.
00:08:01So, I went.
00:08:02I made an appointment.
00:08:03And his office is in this apartment building in paris.
00:08:06It's not marked, you know.
00:08:08It's like you have to knock three times and know the secret code and all that.
00:08:11And after the very first time I saw him, I saw like immediate results.
00:08:16My skin just felt radiant looking.
00:08:18It was just like a new me.
00:08:20And I was like, "okay, " and I was sold right away.
00:08:24You know, he's been my guy ever since.
00:08:26>> Right.
00:08:27>> With meaningful beauty you don't have to go to paris to see him.
00:08:30You can still have access to doctor sebagh through meaningful beauty.
00:08:35>> The secret to meaningful beauty advanced is doctor sebagh's ground-breaking serums featuring a rare melon enzyme discovered by scientists in the south of france.
00:08:45>> This melon produces a large quantity of an antioxidant enzyme called s.o.d.
00:08:50The enzyme keeps this unique melon from decaying and in the skin, helps prevent cells from aging as fast as they normally would.
00:08:59>> What's unique with meaningful beauty is we use this very powerful super antioxidants and we are one of the first in america to use it in a skin care.
00:09:12>> I talk to a lot of people about a lot of different skin care and when I see meaningful beauty, people say "what is it about that secret melon, " I think of it as the magic melon at the core of this story.
00:09:24>> Meaningful beauty is based around this special melon that is grown only in the south of france.
00:09:29It has this very special and very potent antioxidant.
00:09:32In the beginning if you put it next to a regular melon, you wouldn't see that much difference.
00:09:37But over time this melon doesn't decay as fast.
00:09:41It stays fresher and firmer longer.
00:09:43>> That's amazing.
00:09:43>> And I always joke.
00:09:44I'm like, "i want to be " and doctor sebagh and his chemists figured out a way to extract this very special and very potent antioxidant that's been called the youth molecule.
00:09:56>> That melon extract clearly works.
00:09:59I've been using doctor sebagh and cindy's formulas for three years and it is amazing how great my skin looks.
00:10:05>> I actually went to my dermatologist and she said "your skin looks fantastic.
00:10:09" and I thought that it might be like candid camera.
00:10:13I looked around because I thought, " and she's like, "no, your skin tone looks better.
00:10:18Your pores look smaller.
00:10:19" and I was like, " >> I've had the opportunity to review before and after photographs, which were taken of subjects using meaningful beauty.
00:10:29And what we see here is the appearance of the crow's feet are visibly diminished.
00:10:33We see the dramatic improvement in the redness of the cheeks, in addition to a reduction in the size of the visible pores.
00:10:40And finally a remarkable improvement in the appearance of these deep forehead wrinkles.
00:10:48>> think about it.
00:10:48You've got this amazing skin doctor from france and he has this secret weapon.
00:10:52And you've got the world's most beautiful super model.
00:10:55And they've developed this beauty system.
00:10:57Now, wouldn't you want to try it?
00:10:59>> Imagine if with one phone call you can get some of that same magic that's kept cindy crawford's skin looking so youthful for over 17 years.
00:11:08Well, now you can.
00:11:09Introducing meaningful beauty advanced.
00:11:12The ultimate youth enhancing system from cindy and doctor sebagh.
00:11:17>> Call now and get started with cindy's luxurious skin softening cleanser.
00:11:22>> This unique formula can be used with water or dry to cleanse and remove makeup, leaving your skin soft, dewy, and refreshed.
00:11:30>> Next, you'll get doctor sebagh's incredible anti-aging day cream for a beautiful glow throughout your day.
00:11:36>> Complete with broad spectrum spf20 and doctor sebagh's rare melon extract.
00:11:41>> You'll also receive his new advanced lifting eye cream to reduce the look of puffiness, dark circles, and crow's feet.
00:11:49>> You'll be impressed how your eye area appears more firm and lifted with this new super treatment.
00:11:55>> My makeup artist on the mentalist noticed that when I started using the lifting eye cream within two weeks there was a reduction in the darkness underneath my eyes and the puffiness.
00:12:04I mean, that's pretty amazing.
00:12:05>> You'll also get doctor sebagh's newly advanced decollete and neck treatment.
00:12:10>> This skin brightening super cream helps smooth the look of sun damaged skin and minimizes the appearance of age spots in this eye-catching area that often shows premature aging.
00:12:20>> And for night time, you'll get doctor sebagh's ground-breaking new creme de serum, which features three powerful age-fighting formulas swirled into one.
00:12:29>> You'll be amazed how this decadent super serum nourishes, firms, and fights the signs of wrinkles while you sleep.
00:12:36>> The creme deserum is magic in a bottle.
00:12:39I put this on at night before I go to sleep, every single night, and every morning I wake up and my skin looks refreshed and happy.
00:12:47It's fantastic.
00:12:49>> Doctor sebagh has been called "the wonder doctor," "a miracle worker," " >> his patients wait months for an appointment and often pay thousands of dollars for a series of treatments containing his rare melon discovery.
00:13:03>> That's why the regular price of only $119 for meaningful beauty advanced is already a total bargain.
00:13:09But because cindy is using her unique position to bring doctor sebagh's elite formulas direct to you through tv without excessive retail markups, you can save big on meaningful beauty advanced.
00:13:20>> Just mention this special coupon code when you call toll-free now and you'll receive over 50% in instant coupon savings.
00:13:27>> That's right.
00:13:2895 for the complete new meaningful beauty advanced.
00:13:33>> Something is happening and it's changing your skin, which is wonderful.
00:13:38>> In france at the hit paris boutique, colette women have lined up to buy meaningful beauty, paying 275 euros for a kit.
00:13:45>> That's nearly $350 u.s.
00:13:48But all you'll pay is just $59.95.
00:13:51>> I can't imagine your skin not just loving it.
00:13:55My skin looks younger, more youthful.
00:13:57The lines don't show as much.
00:13:59Meaningful beauty is the best product I've ever used on my skin.
00:14:03>> And cindy has a special proposition for you.
00:14:05Be among the first five hundred callers right now and she'll send you $45 worth of personal gifts absolutely free.
00:14:12>> You'll get doctor sebagh's model secret, his incredible glowing serum, a favorite of hollywood insiders.
00:14:19>> This is my red carpet secret for my celebrities.
00:14:22It will refirm, hydrate, and it will give you an instant glow to your face.
00:14:28>> And we'll also send you doctor sebagh's enhanced wrinkle smoothing capsules.
00:14:32Named a best new anti-aging product by allure magazine.
00:14:36>> You'll love how it targets the look of frown lines, crow's feet, and even expression lines and lip lines.
00:14:42>> It's just like silk in little capsules.
00:14:45You can apply it here, up here, and here on those smile lines.
00:14:49They're just amazing.
00:14:51>> Imagine you get all these age defining super treatments for just $59.95.
00:14:56That's an incredible steal.
00:14:58>> But what if we could go even lower.
00:15:00>> That's right.
00:15:01>> Today, cindy is offering a special one time reward for smart shoppers who act quickly.
00:15:07>> Order in the next 10 minutes and use today's special coupon 95, 95 for everything you see here.
00:15:17>> Pick up the phone, try it.
00:15:19It's gonna make you feel beautiful.
00:15:22It's gonna make you feel more confident.
00:15:23It's gonna make you feel revitalized.
00:15:25You're gonna be thrilled, I promise you.
00:15:28>> Remember to mention today's special coupon code when you call to lock in all your discounts and free gifts.
00:15:33>> We'll even fast track your shipment with a free upgrade to priority shipping.
00:15:37>> But supplies are limited, so call now and start looking younger like cindy with meaningful beauty advanced.
00:15:47>> Imagine you're sitting at home, the phone rings, and it's cindy crawford inviting you to spend the day with her.
00:15:52Sound impossible?
00:15:53Well, that's exactly what happened to this meaningful beauty customer.
00:15:57Take a look.
00:15:59>> This is so exciting.
00:16:07>> Hello?
00:16:08>> Shannon?
00:16:09>> Yes?
00:16:09>> Hi, this is cindy crawford.
00:16:12>> No, it's not.
00:16:13>> It is.
00:16:14How can I prove it?
00:16:15>> Oh, my gosh.
00:16:16I'm shaking right now.
00:16:17>> Well, listen, I am going to new york this week and I was wondering if you wanted to fly up on friday to hang out with me and you know, go on some appointments with me.
00:16:28>> Oh, my gosh, are you serious?
00:16:30>> I am serious and actually one of the appointments that I'm doing is with doctor sebagh.
00:16:34And if you wanted to meet him, he is in new york.
00:16:37>> I would love to, thank you.
00:16:39Yes, yes.
00:16:40>> So, if you think you can get off from work, come out and have a meaningful beauty day with me.
00:16:44>> That sounds wonderful.
00:16:46Oh, I'm so excited.
00:16:47I won't be able to sleep.