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00:00:03The human drama of athletic competition.
00:00:10THIS IS "ABC's WIDE WORLD OF " >> hi, everybody.
00:00:16Welcome to "classic wide world " I'm chris fowler.
00:00:19As long as there have been bodies of water -- lakes, creeks, rivers, or oceans -- man has felt compelled to leap in, to jump, to dive, sometimes through flames, maybe even on horseback.
00:00:32And guess what?
00:00:32People like to watch.
00:00:34Target diving and high diving championships were staples of "wide world of sports" in the '60s AND '70s.
00:00:39And for those of you familiar with "wide world's" cliff-diving coverage, well, the drama here is a little less animated.
00:00:45In target diving, the jagged rocks and tides of acapulco have been replaced by a skinny ladder, a board, and a quaint ring of balloons floating in a nice, chlorinated swimming pool.
00:00:55Style points still count for something in target diving, but the main goal is accuracy.
00:01:00Cliff-diving fans might also recognize some of their favorite divers from the acapulco broadcast -- guys like bobby hoffman and, of course, the resilient barney cipriani.
00:01:12Now, he's a clutch diver, and when you're on the platform, you hate to have cipriani in your rearview mirror.
00:01:21>> The world professional ..
00:01:28>> There he goes!
00:01:50>> Here he goes.
00:01:51Forward triple somersault, half twist.
00:01:54I think he got a bull's-eye.
00:01:56>> Let's check out the first ever world professional target diving championships from january of 1966.
00:02:02jim McKay is enjoying las vegas in the daylight.
00:02:05>> We're out on the desert or what used to be the desert -- now the city of las vegas, nevada.
00:02:11And you're looking at something that the las vegas tourist very seldom sees -- the city in the daytime, because this, of course, is basically a nighttime town, the gambling capital of the united states, and one of the principal entertainment centers.
00:02:23We right now are on the grounds of one of the resort/hotels, specifically, the stardust.
00:02:28And we're here to televise today a most unusual, dangerous, and exciting sport.
00:02:32This is an aquatic event -- one that involves men, courage, and a tower 80 feet high.
00:02:39I'M jim McKay, and the event we're going to see here today on "wide world of sports" is unique.
00:02:43It has never been held anywhere in the world before at any time.
00:02:47It's called the world professional target diving championship, and here's the way it works -- they put a square of balloons on the surface of the water.
00:02:54Now, the diver has his choice -- it can either be a 4-foot-diameter square or a 6-foot-diameter square.
00:02:59And, of course, he gets a higher mark if he successfully dives into the 4-foot one.
00:03:02He dives into it first from the 70-foot platform, and then from an 80-foot platform.
00:03:07Here now come the official figures at the end of that third round of diving.
00:03:11John candler, a fellow who is pretty badly injured, is still the leader.
00:03:14In second place is john dininger, but get this -- barney cipriani has closed in on him to the extent that cipriani now trails him for second place by only 4.3 points.
00:03:25Right now, you're looking at a real display of courage.
00:03:28This is john candler, the leader in this competition, making his way up this ladder so slowly -- ever so slowly, because he has an injured thigh and an injured ankle.
00:03:39Just to get up there is quite an achievement, and then to dive into 10 1/2 feet of water from 80 feet and try to hold onto your lead takes a lot of courage.
00:03:49There you see it -- he has to swing it around.
00:03:56John, we'd like to congratulate you on a lot of courage just getting up there.
00:04:00I know it really hurts.
00:04:04John candler here is from london, england, was a member of the english olympic team in tokyo and finished 7th in the diving competition.
00:04:19Candler has a lead of 22 points, approximately, going into this final dive, over john dininger, who's in second place, and barney cipriani, 4 points further back in third position, but, remember, they haven't dived yet.
00:04:33Now, the balloons broke, but i think he's still -- >> perfect!
00:04:37>> That's right -- "perfect" is the word.
00:04:40The balloons broke simply from the force of the impact of john candler hitting the water.
00:04:45So, there's no deduction.
00:04:47He's gonna have a fine score.
00:04:48Let's see what the marks are, however, for the execution of the dive itself.
00:04:53Here they are -- I see an 8.
00:04:56I SEE FOUR -- FIVE 8s.
00:04:578 Straight across -- excellent marks for john candler, who managed to make it all the way with a pretty badly hurting leg and ankle.
00:05:07The next diver will be john dininger, who's in second position, just 4 points ahead of barney cipriani, who is third, and who will be the final diver of the day.
00:05:15There's a look at our crane and our courageous cameraman dangling from it, complete with camera -- the tower just below them.
00:05:24John, did you learn anything on that first dive about this new sport?
00:05:31You got to be right on, or else it's all over, you know?
00:05:35It's kind of ironic.
00:05:39Us fellows should be throwing ourselves off these things to stay alive in some cases.
00:05:44>> John dininger just about ready.
00:05:46He's gonna do a flying full gainer this time.
00:05:50He has selected the large square of balloons.
00:05:53It looks like he's playing it, if you could call anything conservative in this game -- he's playing it conservatively to try to hold onto second place rather than go all-out for first.
00:06:04If he had chosen the small square, he could just have edged out candler by half a point.
00:06:09Here he comes.
00:06:11>> Beautiful.
00:06:11>> Yeah, baby!
00:06:12>> Boy, that looked like dead center.
00:06:15>> Perfect.
00:06:17>> "Perfect" say the judges.
00:06:20John dininger with a beautiful dive.
00:06:22Here come his awards now.
00:06:24He has gotten himself a 7, two 9s, AND TWO 8s -- TREMENDOUS Marks.
00:06:30That makes it pretty tough for barney cipriani, the only man left to dive.
00:06:34And barney cipriani is up on the platform right now -- the last man to fly through the air today.
00:06:47Boy, he doesn't waste any time.
00:06:50>> He is there! yeah!
00:06:51>> Dead center -- this is gonna be close -- I'll tell you that, 'cause that was a good-looking dive.
00:06:58We'll try to figure these up just as quickly as we can when they're awarded.
00:07:02The judges getting ready to put them up -- here they come -- all 9s.
00:07:07ALL 9s, AND, UNOFFICIALLY, WE Think that that puts barney cipriani into second place, passing john dininger.
00:07:14So, the winner of the event is john candler, the fellow performing with the injured leg, second place going to barney cipriani and third to john dininger.
00:07:24That's about the story from here at the stardust hotel in las vegas, nevada, on the first ever held world target diving championship.
00:07:35>> When "classic wide world of sports" returns, we go from black-and-white to color for more championship target diving from the desert resort that's full of dives -- las vegas.
00:09:31>> This is al michaels, REPORTING FROM SeaWorld IN Orlando, florida, where, today, you will see the world professional target diving championship.
00:09:39Most of the fans having a good time.
00:09:41There's one, however, who has a problem, and has asked for some air time to express what the concern is.
00:09:47>> [ Warbling ] >> now, you're sure you want cosell here next time?
00:09:52>> [ Warbling ] >> we'll work on it.
00:09:56>> Al michaels as dolittle -- anything for a friendly dig at howard cosell back then.
00:10:03As we go forward with more target diving, you'll notice that the targets themselves are evolving technologically.
00:10:07What began as a crude square of round balloons became a crude square of elongated balloons and then an actual paper target with a bull's-eye.
00:10:15Eventually, divers used a color-coded square target that allowed them to call out exactly what color they were going to hit.
00:10:22You could say target making for target divers is a lost art, and we should appreciate its advances, however small.
00:10:29We should also appreciate that certain tony franciosa air maintained by barney cipriani of miami beach.
00:10:36He's no stranger to "wide " heck, he captained the u.s.
00:10:39Cliff-diving team at one point.
00:10:40At this stage of his career, barney has 5 target diving championships under his elastic belt.
00:10:47Let's join keith jackson high in the air at the stardust hotel, where the crowds have swelled in the two years since the competition we just saw.
00:10:54Here is the professional target diving championships from november of 1968.
00:10:58>> All the gamblers are not inside the casino at las vegas, nevada -- at least, not on this sunny, warm afternoon.
00:11:05You're looking at one of them right now -- a chicken sports announcer.
00:11:09I'm keith jackson, and we're standing by for the world professional target diving championships from the stardust hotel pool in las vegas.
00:11:17[ Grunts ] that's like a mountain.
00:11:20I don't mean to suggest that I'm not in the peak of condition, but I think I'll sit down a moment as bobby hoffman starts his climb up to 70 feet.
00:11:29After the 3-meter springboard diving, bobby hoffman has the lead.
00:11:32The has 112.2 points.
00:11:34Barney cipriani is in second 1 points, and 4 points.
00:11:41And this, certainly, is the time for one to be very careful.
00:11:44You can have no doubts when you are leaving the platform from 70 feet into a 6-foot circle of balloons.
00:11:51A flying full gainer out of the tuck position.
00:12:01Hoffman -- a flying full gainer -- tuck position, and it is a perfect entry.
00:12:08Bobby hoffman, who is really one of the best -- a very high score coming up here for bobby hoffman.
00:12:16And the score for 50 -- gives him a total of 174.70 points.
00:12:27Standing on the 70-foot platform right now -- rick langdon of anaheim, california.
00:12:32>> Keith?
00:12:34>> Yes?
00:12:35>> Can you ask bob maxwell if we are allowed to use a small target?
00:12:38>> Bob maxwell, are they allowed to use the small target?
00:12:41He wants the 4-foot target.
00:12:44You can have it if you'd like it.
00:12:46And so, rick langdon shows us a little derring-do.
00:12:49Now, langdon went up on the 4 points -- considerably back of the leader, bobby hoffman, and barney cipriani.
00:12:59Realizing that he would have to maybe gamble a little bit in order to pick up the valuable points, he elected to go for the 4-foot circle of balloons.
00:13:09Now, this increases the degree 5 to an even 3.
00:13:16This is rick langdon out of anaheim, california.
00:13:20He's off.
00:13:21He's in it!
00:13:23>> Perfect!
00:13:24>> It's perfect.
00:13:25>> Perfect.
00:13:30>> And we wait for the scoring on rick langdon.
00:13:36HERE ARE THE MARKS -- THREE 8s, TWO 7s.
00:13:39Well, certainly, you need points in any kind of competition.
00:13:43To tell us about the point system in target diving, a promoter of water shows throughout the world, bob maxwell, who's also the entrepreneur of the world professional target diving.
00:13:51Bob, how do you score the points?
00:13:54>> Well, in the target diving, keith, they go through the square of balloons -- either a 4-foot square or a 6-foot square.
00:14:00The divers have the option of choosing either square.
00:14:03If they choose the smaller square, they get a higher degree of difficulty, of course.
00:14:08>> If you hit the balloons -- what?
00:14:10>> Well, if you hit the balloons, that is considered as a 10% deduction.
00:14:15If you go dead center right through the square of the balloons, that's 100% perfect -- you don't get any deduction.
00:14:20If you land outside of the balloons, you get a 50% deduction.
00:14:25>> Barney cipriani owns 5 high diving championships, 4 second places.
00:14:31He is a clutch man.
00:14:32When it gets tough, he gets tougher.
00:14:35Barney, I thought maybe you might be going for that 4-footer.
00:14:38>> No, keith, I'm gonna wait till the last dive.
00:14:42I'm after him, so I'm gonna wait till the last dive.
00:14:45>> Gonna wait till you go to 80 feet?
00:14:47>> Yeah.
00:14:48If he takes the 4 and hits it, then I'll have to take a 4.
00:14:50>> Okay.
00:14:51>> But right now, I don't need it.
00:14:53>> Right.
00:14:53>> So, I play it cool.
00:14:56>> Barney's ready.
00:14:57Over his shoulder.
00:14:58Here he goes -- 70 feet.
00:14:59Oh, he is right smack-dab in the middle.
00:15:03Beautiful form.
00:15:04>> Perfect.
00:15:04>> For the veteran from miami beach, barney cipriani.
00:15:07And now the marks for barney cipriani.
00:15:10LOOK AT THAT -- TWO 8s AND THREE 9s, SO IT'LL BE A 9-9-8 Multiplied by 2 1/2.
00:15:20So, barney cipriani comes up with 65 points, which gives him 10 and leaves him just 1 point behind bobby hoffman.
00:15:42So we've really got a battle on our hands as we go now to 80 feet, the final stage in the world target diving championships.
00:15:51The man on the platform right now -- bobby hoffman.
00:15:55Bobby hoffman, who is the leader, has decided to go for the 6-foot target area.
00:16:09So, bobby hoffman, the leader, has a near-miss.
00:16:13Hoffman, a little bit out of position, hit the circle of balloons, and he will be penalized 10% of his score.
00:16:22And now the scoring for ..
00:16:26FOUR 7s AND AN 8.
00:16:27The darkness now beginning to settle down into the valley here in las vegas, nevada.
00:16:33And rick langdon has climbed the tower.
00:16:364 points -- remember, from 70 feet, langdon decided to go for the 4-foot target.
00:16:42He was successful.
00:16:444, decides to go with the 6-foot target.
00:16:48If he can execute a good-form dive and hit the target the way he wants to hit it, he could score very high.
00:16:55Bob maxwell, how difficult is it?
00:16:57>> Well, his difficulty lies in the pressure of knowing that he has to score 65 points and also to hit in that target, and he needs a high score.
00:17:06HE NEEDS 8s AND 9s IN ORDER TO Come up.
00:17:15>> The target referee takes a good look and calls it perfect -- that is to say, he did not touch the balloons on his entry -- rick langdon.
00:17:26Here are the marks now for rick langdon, trying to catch bobby hoffman.
00:17:32FOUR 7s AND AN 8.
00:17:33So, here are the point totals for rick langdon on the dive from 80 feet -- 63 points even.
00:17:384 going off the 80-foot mark, gives him 4 points and leaves him exactly 1 point behind bobby hoffman.
00:17:48Now at the 80-foot platform, barney cipriani, and he definitely has a chance to win it.
00:17:55If the 3 middle numbers, when the judges flash them after his dive, total 20 points or more, then barney cipriani will have won the world professional target diving championship here at las vegas, nevada.
00:18:07Barney cipriani being very careful here, because he's got a chance to win it all.
00:18:12The world professional target diving championship -- he is very aware of it.
00:18:15Bobby hoffman is the current leader with 231.4 points.
00:18:21Barney cipriani, as he stands there, has 173.1.
00:18:24He's on his way.
00:18:25He's in the middle.
00:18:27That may very well do it.
00:18:29It looks to me like -- bob maxwell, that he has won it.
00:18:33>> I'm very sure that he's gonna END UP WITH 8s AND A 9 OR TWO IN There.
00:18:36That was a perfect dive, as usual, for cipriani, and I'm sure that he's won it -- a perfect dive.
00:18:42>> And now here are the marks for barney cipriani.
00:18:49YOU HAVE FOUR 8s AND ONE 9, AND Barney cipriani has just won the world professional target diving championship.
00:18:58>> How about a nice round of applause for barney cipriani?
00:19:02[ Applause ] >> and now here's the old war-horse I'm gonna call him -- a fellow who just wins and wins and wins and wins -- barney cipriani.
00:19:09>> Thank you very much, keith.
00:19:11>> That $500 you just won is gonna make that trip back to florida mighty easy.
00:19:15>> It'll make it comfortable.
00:19:17>> Barney, how long can you go on?
00:19:19>> I think this is gonna be it.
00:19:21This is gonna be my last year.
00:19:22I really do.
00:19:23I don't have the ambition anymore.
00:19:25I don't have the enthusiasm for it, and I think I'll let the younger boys get in now.
00:19:30>> Barney, you've given us a lot of thrills in a lot of different places, and we wish you the very best.
00:19:34>> Thank you very much.
00:19:35>> Have we really seen the last of the suave barney cipriani?
00:19:39We'll find out when we return on " >>elelmemeacactotoclclsisiwiwi wod d s srtrt"" 4 yes s veveasasd d ncncthth amininbabaeyeyipipanancocobaba wianan6 6 ararsisie e ee inceioioofofarart t vivi a aaa spor thtataetethaha b bn n fifidd for eaear r cucucycyy y didi a a bull-e-e, , d d e e -y-yr-r-dd ciprninis s ckck it o oobob o o1919 I i mii I acac a a b b p pmemeisis stanngngy y ththomomlolo-l-lt,t, LONGARAR I INSNSF F E E 0s0s Ta a aoooo >>elel g gd d teteoooo evybyby.y.
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00:23:18And atathohod d epepononapap .
00:23:22>> Lieieanangegelelen,n, mr. rnrn c cririi.i.
00:23:28>> T v vceceououeaea w w t ttt of b m mwewe, , orornanar r thtataetetivivg g amamononipip anununngngarary y prprniniwhwh isn n urur p pcece loededikikananheheyeyeowow bull-e-e f f b bneneciciiaia he h hisisn n owowototn.n.
00:23:51That's right through -- another yellow bull's-eye for barney cipriani.
00:23:57Now we'll wait for the judges.
00:23:58There they are.
00:23:59HIS MARKS -- TWO 8s AND A 7 -- 207 For this dive.
00:24:02Okay, here's the final diver of the competition, tom gompf, a former champion who lost last year.
00:24:09On the final dive from 80 feet, he partially missed the target.
00:24:15And on his final dive to catch barney cipriani, he almost needs to hit the yellow and get good style points, as well.
00:24:24And the yellow measures 18 inches in diameter.
00:24:27Here goes tom gompf for the world target diving championship.
00:24:43Oh, I don't know!
00:24:44[ Cheers and applause ] I don't know whether he hit the yellow bull's-eye or not.
00:24:48He seems to think so, as does the crowd.
00:24:50We'll have to wait and check it in slow motion.
00:24:52This is most important.
00:24:59He misses the yellow!
00:25:01It's in the white.
00:25:02That will mean his multiple is 2 1/2.
00:25:05HE HAS AN 8 AND TWO 7s -- A GOOD Dive, but he loses to barney on accuracy.
00:25:11And barney cipriani wins the championship by 2.1 points.
00:25:20>> How about that barney?
00:25:21What a dude.
00:25:22And don't you just love that 2-way communication system with the announcers and the divers?
00:25:26So, now let's step to the edge of the platform and leap into an update on target diving as we go full circle.
00:25:33The dashing diver barney cipriani, detroit native and a miami beach gadfly, passed away in 1993.
00:25:39His aquatic legend includes the rumor that he once used a lasso to catch a swordfish.
00:25:53IN THE 1980s, TARGET DIVING WAS Replaced by high diving on the competitive diving circuit.
00:25:58The highest dive ever on "wide world" was 172 feet in march of '83 in san diego.
00:26:04The world professional target diving championships appeared on "wide world of sports" 13 times -- first in 1966, and the last time in 1979.
00:26:14Up next on "classic wide world of sports," a competition with plenty of ups and downs.
00:26:20>> Oh!
00:26:21>> Another 2 3/4 somersault!
00:28:40>> You're watching " >> we've got air and plenty of it.
00:28:52Trampoline masters try to one-up each other, while flying discs are pursued by flying dogs.
00:28:58Catch it all when "classic wide world of sports" continues.
00:30:40>> The origin of the trampoline has been traced all the way back to the eskimos playing with walrus skins.
00:30:46But in the homespun light of "wide world of sports" coverage, we like the story line that has circus acrobat george nissen inventing the trampoline in his garage in 1936.
00:30:57Now, during world war ii, allied forces used trampolines to help fighter pilots develop equilibrium.
00:31:02It became a backyard fixture after the war, and now, athletes from many other sports, including the "x games," use trampolines for training purposes.
00:31:11The first televised championships were in england in 1958, and london hosted the first world championship in '64.
00:31:18We're about to see the world add-on trampoline championships from april of 1975.
00:31:23They were held at great adventure amusement park in new jersey, a place known more for its twisting, turning, and flipping roller coasters than its high-flying, flipping trampoline artists.
00:31:33Despite the cold and gray weather, there's a huge crowd on hand to see this add-on trampoline match.
00:31:39Basically, it's a case of "anything you can do, I can do " let's throw it to frank gifford.
00:31:46>> Great adventure in jackson, new jersey, ordinarily the home of many types and varieties of jungle animals, amusement rides for kiddies, but today, it's the site for the world add-on pro-am trampoline championships, so we'll be covering some of the world's top trampoline performers.
00:32:03Hi, I'm frank gifford, and working with me will be kenny sitzberger, the olympic gold medal winner in diving in 1964.
00:32:10And, kenny, I'm sure the trampoline, as it did to so many divers, helped you in your career.
00:32:14>> Yeah, most of the divers use the trampoline as a training aid.
00:32:17It's somewhat of a diversion, too, but you can learn tricks on the trampoline and practice them repeatedly without having to enter the water, and it's a tremendous help.
00:32:26And, of course, it's a very aesthetic sport, and it's a great contest to watch.
00:32:30>> You're looking at paul luxon, and he is in competition one-on-one with homer sardina of fremont, california, and basically, kenny, I guess you could say, a sort of follow-the-leader.
00:32:40>> That's right, frank.
00:32:42There's no judging in the event.
00:32:44They simply build trick upon trick, and when one of the competitors can no longer complete the routine, the competition ends.
00:32:51>> All right, here's homer sardina.
00:32:53He's from fremont, california, as I mentioned.
00:32:55He's -- has his own gym club out there at the moment.
00:32:58He has several titles -- well, the 1967 ncaa all-american, for one.
00:33:06He'll duplicate the tricks of paul luxon, then add one more on of his own.
00:33:12They're having a lot of fun, too, kenny.
00:33:15>> Yeah, it's a fun event.
00:33:16And they get to kidding around about it, but they are serious, because it is a serious championship, but they train together, and they have a lot of fun doing it.
00:33:27>> All right, here's paul luxon.
00:33:28Now, he will add one more trick on to those which homer sardina came up with.
00:33:33>> He can take as many bounces as he wants in the beginning, but once he starts the routine, he must complete it exactly the way that homer did.
00:33:40The first trick is a onto-the-back back somersault to the stomach, back double somersault.
00:33:48Double back somersault.
00:33:49Now he's got to add, and he adds a 2 3/4 -- that's gonna be tough for homer to duplicate.
00:33:56>> Boy, do they catch a lot of air.
00:34:01>> This luxon is a real strong athlete.
00:34:03And this position he does here -- this is not allowed in diving.
00:34:07It's referred to as a puck, and that is that he's not quite tucked, and he's not quite pike -- he grabs just below the knees, and it enables him to rotate in his spinning motion quite a bit faster.
00:34:19>> All right, here's homer.
00:34:20He'll try and duplicate the feats.
00:34:22That last one should be a beauty.
00:34:24>> All right, now, when he finishes this one, he's got to do that triple -- here it comes.
00:34:28Now he's got to work out of it.
00:34:29He's got another double somersault.
00:34:32>> Whoo!
00:34:32>> And, so, homer sardina has put a lot of pressure on paul luxon.
00:34:37Let's look at that last one again.
00:34:38>> It doesn't look like he can make it, because he's not that high off the bed.
00:34:43Now, when he comes here, he'll do the same type of thing that paul does -- this puck position -- grabs under his knees, and he makes another double somersault to his back.
00:34:53Now, paul is gonna have to duplicate this same routine and add something onto it from there, and that's gonna be awfully tough.
00:34:59>> And he's stripped down a little for the competition.
00:35:03Okay, coming up.
00:35:05>> Okay, now he's gonna do the triple.
00:35:07He's got to do a double.
00:35:08He's got to work out of this.
00:35:10He's very high.
00:35:11>> Oh!
00:35:12>> Another 2 3/4 somersault!
00:35:15>> Paul luxon has made the going tough for homer sardina.
00:35:18Let's look at it again.
00:35:20>> I can't believe that he got that high off the trampoline bed.
00:35:23But now he comes -- with the 2 3/4 somersault -- you can almost count them.
00:35:29Just gets his head underneath.
00:35:33My guess is that homer's not gonna be able to do this.
00:35:35That's -- that's an awful tough routine.
00:35:37>> I think it might be homer's guess, too.
00:35:40Let's watch.
00:35:41>> He's not in good shape, 'cause he seems out of balance here.
00:35:46He's too low.
00:35:48He got -- oh.
00:35:51Here he comes!
00:35:53>> Oh!
00:35:54One more chance.
00:35:55>> He gets two attempts to complete the routine.
00:35:58>> I'm not surprised he'll take it.
00:36:01He's gonna try it again, taking off his warm-up jacket.
00:36:07The crowd loves it.
00:36:10It's a little chilly here in new jersey.
00:36:12All bundled up -- look like green bay packer fans.
00:36:15>> The key to this is to be in control and to have enough height off the bed in order to complete the -- the routine.
00:36:22There he goes.
00:36:22He's got to do 2 now.
00:36:23He's not close.
00:36:24>> No, he didn't get those at all.
00:36:26>> You can't win them all.
00:36:27Give him a nice hand.
00:36:29>> So, paul luxon of west germany is the winner over homer sardina.
00:36:32So, paul luxon is the champion once again of the add-on pro-am trampoline championship, and all the competitors given a rousing ovation by a cold but enthusiastic crowd here in jackson, new jersey.
00:36:50>> We're going full circle now to check out the progress in the topsy-turvy world of trampoline competitions.
00:37:05The add-on championship is considered a novelty in professional trampoline circles, and no longer has an official title.
00:37:16Trampoline competitions appeared twice on "wide world" -- the add-on matches we just saw from '75 and the world championships from tulsa in '76.
00:37:26Up next, we go to the rose bowl, but not for football.
00:37:29It's frisbee anarchy at the grand dude of them all -- the world frisbee disc championship.
00:39:42>> Wd d s s t tt t e e isisee WAS VEVEEDEDN N E E 0s0sWHWH A A Coup o oegegeaea f fm m lele grabd d fefepipiplplesesroro thfrfrbibipipicocoananinin bridpopo, , nnnntitit,t,ndnd stard d p py y tctc th t tororisisefefededhohoveve byheheowowefefctctririieieieie platcocoanan th c cimimt t s s e e rkrkss who ipipd d e e scscfifit.t.
00:40:00Whaterer- - eyeyo o yy .
00:40:03Now,ririeeeewowodndn t te e ff intoheheigigimimununl l ee westoaoa t t c cpapa w wh h ee greaststf f meme----hahao o sttetecrcrkiki t tm m t t t t .
00:40:10BY T L LE E 0s0sKIKI W WEE Exprsisi t tmsmsvevewiwi t t beh-h-ieielylylylyg g scsc so e eugug m m's'sesesfrfrndnd woulgegeininlvlv, , d dss fancd d e e rsrst t t t pltitipipiplple,e,hihi o oenen .
00:40:24We'rababt t s s t t w wldld frise e scschahaioiohihifrfr .
00:40:28The n-n-enenededososbobo I i padede I iththpepeececseseinin foththcocoetetioio w wchch featesesutut a aomomhaha meevev v vsisi o ofrfrbebe doe e llllththflflinin frststerer a a t t a aayay .
00:40:42Hoisupupouoututu s sksks wee e inintotoeeee l l o o .
00:40:45And pepep p ururininrsrs it c cmpmpnsnsp p isise e meme in snynyououerercacafofoiaia bobebetitiisisroroininononhehe scen >> ts s t t r re e wlwlnn pasananacacafofoiaiaththfafausus settg g r r m my y ofofsisialal and lllle e ototllll .
00:41:07It'slmlmt t bebeevevlelehahaaa crowofofpepeatats s ululgagaerer hereo o tctcananththtiti coeseswhwhh h esest t vovoe e meanana a gsgsn n llll [ eeee a a a alalae e today, these fans won't be watching the usc trojans and ohio state or the steelers and the rams or whomever down there on the field.
00:41:39Rather, about 40,000 people have gathered for quite a different championship contest.
00:41:43We bet you've played this game at least a few times yourself.
00:41:50Hello, everybody.
00:41:51I'm bob beattie.
00:41:52And frisbee discs are flying all over the rose bowl.
00:41:56You know, we're here for really a new and kind of exciting event " it's the world frisbee disc championships, and you're really going to see something -- team competition.
00:42:03We're going to see trick events.
00:42:04We're going to see dogs chasing frisbees.
00:42:06I'll tell you -- this is some event.
00:42:08The best in the world are here.
00:42:27You know, every sport has its little subtleties, particularly when they come to equipment.
00:42:32When we think of frisbee discs, usually, we think of one model, and this happens to be the standard one, but here in competition, we have about 12 different types of models, all really for kind of a different purpose.
00:42:41As I said, this is the standard.
00:42:43It's used, really, in what they call "guts," when 2 teams stand 15 meters apart, and they throw this thing over 90 miles an hour.
00:42:52And this one is really kind of when you throw it up in the air, and then it comes back.
00:42:56And it's got a little rise here, so that when it floats back down, it comes back down to you.
00:43:00It's a little bit more forgiving.
00:43:01I'll kind of heave that one right out there.
00:43:03I'm getting pretty good at this.
00:43:05This is the biggest one.
00:43:06This one is really kind of used for freestyle.
00:43:08It's more forgiving.
00:43:09It stays up in the air longer, and you're gonna see some great tricks, really, done with this particular one.
00:43:14And, you know, for you kids back home, when your mother won't let you play in the living room, or if you want to play in the office, we have this little one right here.
00:43:20How about that one?
00:43:22When I got the call by the director of "wide world of sports" to do frisbee, i thought, "well, you've done about everything else in the world, and this is an unusual event.
00:43:33You'll learn the rules on the way to the event," which I did, and it's like everything else -- if you stop and appreciate the athlete -- take in mind that this guy really is into it, then you can really get into the event, also, and that -- that was what I really enjoyed doing.
00:43:59The name of the game is guts, and it's not hard to see why.
00:44:032 Opposing teams line up 14 meters apart, and the disc is thrown at speeds that reach 75 miles per hour.
00:44:10This is an exhibition game between all-stars from the east and west.
00:44:13The rules are that the disc must be thrown from behind the line.
00:44:17If the opposing team misses the catch, the throwers make a point.
00:44:25However, if the throw is overhead, the receivers get the point.
00:44:36The catches have to be made cleanly in one hand, but the team must work together, tipping or deflecting the shot before the catch.
00:44:56A thumb shot gives the disc opposite spin and a dipping curve just before the receiving line.
00:45:03Here's a power backhand delivery.
00:45:04The full turn of the upper body and the whipping motion of the arm and wrist produces the speed.
00:45:14>> [ Grunting ] >> 21 points for the east, and it's all over.
00:45:29>> When we return on "classic wide world of sports," every dog has its day, even at the rose bowl.
00:45:36Flying fidos and hovering hounds coming up.
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00:54:44Now t't'toto t t p p p ptete boomananstste e d d f fll circ o oththwowod d isise e scsc chamononipip tohihidada m my y isisee enthiaias s ilildodot t owow theye e dede m mtete o owhwh phicictstsalalgygyscscicic .
00:55:18Alpoogogoooononospspsoso t t caneneririeeeehahaioiohihi whh h h hd d nunulylynn washgtgt, , c.c.
00:55:24Thisasashehenlnlapapararceceff the rlrlfrfrbebedidi chpipishsh o o"w"we e rlrl"" whene e tutu, , 'l'lhaha s see finaththghgh o othth a aiaia edioioofofclclsisiwiwi w wldld of srtrt"" >> legendary fashion maven coco chanel once said, "fashion fades -- style is " we certainly saw some faded fashions in this show, from those target diving judges in their eisenhower-era short sleeves and ties to the "denim and sweat suit" look of the trampoline guys to the free-flowing, shirtless, and bandana-clad frisbee dudes.
00:57:44They're all proof that "wide world" couture has always been ready-to-wear.
00:57:49We also got excellent glimpses of dedicated fans -- the bikini-clad women staring upward into the las vegas sun to watch barney cipriani, the bundled-up trampoline throng shivering at great adventure, and, of course, the audience participation of those california dreamers in pasadena, who watched the new yorkers win the frisbee championship.
00:58:08Sure, the fashion industry goes retro every few years, but espn classic goes retro every day.
00:58:15And in the spirit of coco chanel, we like to think that our style is eternal.
00:58:20I'm chris fowler.
00:58:21Thanks for joining us.
00:58:30>> He's on his way.
00:58:31--Captions by Captions paid for byespn, inc.
00:58:48>> [ WARBLING ](marching band playing)