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00:00:00Kids,where a kid can be a kid.
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00:00:12 my name is emily elizabeth, and this is clifford, my big red dog.
00:00:17♪♪ Clifford needed emily ♪♪
00:00:21♪♪ so she chose him for her own ♪♪
00:00:24♪♪ and her love made clifford grow so big ♪♪
00:00:28♪♪ that the howards had to leave their home ♪♪
00:00:31♪♪ clifford's the best friend anyone could know ♪♪
00:00:35♪♪ he's the greatest dog ever ♪♪
00:00:37♪♪ I really think so ♪♪
00:00:39♪♪ clifford's so loyal ♪♪ clifford!
00:00:41♪♪ He's there when you call ♪♪
00:00:43♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:00:46♪♪ so they packed up the family car ♪♪
00:00:49♪♪ and the howards left the city ♪♪
00:00:52♪♪ they moved to birdwell island and found many new friends ♪♪
00:00:56♪♪ there to greet clifford and emily ♪♪
00:00:59♪♪ clifford's so much fun, he's a friend to us all ♪♪
00:01:04♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:01:07[laughter] [woof] department of education hurry up, t. clifford's waiting.
00:01:40[Panting] I'm coming, cleo.
00:01:44[Sniff sniff] hello there!
00:01:46[Gasp] what was that?
00:01:48Hi! my name's k.c.
00:01:52I didn't know a dog lived here.
00:01:54Oh, we're just here on vacation.
00:01:56 I'm t-bone, and this is cleo.
00:02:00We're on our way to meet clifford.
00:02:03Who's clifford?
00:02:05He's our friend. he's great.
00:02:08Would you like to meet him?
00:02:11I'll come out.
00:02:13He sounds nice.
00:02:18 [gasps] T-bone, whispering: He's only got 3 legs!
00:02:27What are you guys gonna do today?
00:02:32..we may go to the beach.
00:02:35Really? I've never been to the beach.
00:02:37What do you do there?
00:02:42We run around.
00:02:45Run, that is.
00:02:47Oh, running's fun.
00:02:49What else?
00:02:53There you guys are!
00:02:54Both: Clifford! whew.
00:03:02You're the biggest dog I've ever seen!
00:03:05Yep. I'm pretty big, all right.
00:03:07Who are you?
00:03:08 cleo and t-bone invited me to play with you guys at the beach.
00:03:15I've never been to a beach.
00:03:17Oh, you're gonna love it.
00:03:20Oh, great! I'll go get my ball.
00:03:26What a nice guy.
00:03:27He's only got 3 legs, clifford.
00:03:31Oh, my gosh!
00:03:33What should we do, clifford?
00:03:35He wants to play with us.
00:03:37..let's play!
00:03:41We just have to remember probably can't do most of the stuff we can do, so we have to look out for him.
00:03:54Yo, guys!
00:03:55Let's go!
00:04:02 cross the street.
00:04:06[Panting] I'm hurrying as fast as I can.
00:04:09I'll meet you guys at the corner.
00:04:12You can slow down if you want to.
00:04:15I don't really wanna catch up.
00:04:18Why not?
00:04:24And he wants to play tag?
00:04:33What if he's got some kind of leg-losing disease that he got from some terrible germ, and when he touches us, we get the germ ..
00:04:52And then we all lose our legs!
00:04:54I don't think that can happen, cleo.
00:04:57Do you?
00:04:58I don't know.
00:04:59But I think we'd better we careful.
00:05:05We have to wait for the cars to pass.
00:05:07I know. thanks, clifford.
00:05:16Looks clear now. let's cross.
00:05:29Go ahead. I'll make sure the cars stop.
00:05:32Ha ha ha ha.
00:05:33You don't have to do that, clifford.
00:05:36There are no cars.
00:05:37Well, this can be a hard street to cross.
00:05:41Do you have trouble crossing it?
00:05:45Huh. how 'bout you, t-bone?
00:05:48Huh? m-me?
00:06:04Good morning, guys.
00:06:05Got a new friend, huh, clifford?
00:06:07He sure is friendly.
00:06:09[Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff] hello there, boy.
00:06:14Have fun, guys!
00:06:19[Gasps] is that the beach?
00:06:21Hee hee, yah-hoo!
00:06:26K.c., wait.
00:06:27The sand is kinda hard to run on.
00:06:34I sure did!
00:06:35It's like he hardly even noticed that he's only got 3 legs.
00:06:39 I hope he didn't pick up any leg-losing germs.
00:06:45Looks ok to me.
00:06:49Hey, k.c., let's go over to the park.
00:06:52It's got nice soft grass.
00:06:55Ah, no thanks, clifford.
00:06:57I wanna play on the beach!
00:07:05Ha ha ha ha! whee!
00:07:12Come on, clifford.
00:07:34And he's only got 3 legs!
00:07:38Here comes one, cleo!
00:07:44Cleo, y-you missed!
00:07:45I don't wanna touch it, t-bone!
00:07:48It could have leg-losing germs!
00:07:50I really think you're wrong about this germ thing, cleo.
00:07:53I mean, I caught the ball, and I feel fine.
00:07:59Toss it here, cleo!
00:08:06: wow! that's...
00:08:08It's beautiful!
00:08:10 how do we get up there?
00:08:13Gee, k.c., rocky point's kinda hard to climb.
00:08:18Is it too hard for you?
00:08:22Then come on!
00:08:33[Panting] last one to rocky point is a rotten dog biscuit! ha ha ha!
00:08:39Careful, k.c.
00:08:46Hey, clifford, I think t-bone needs some help!
00:08:50He'll be ok.
00:08:51He's been up here lots of times.
00:08:58That's a high one.
00:09:00Let me help.
00:09:01No. no, clifford. I can do it.
00:09:14K.c., are you ok?
00:09:16Yeah, I'm ok.
00:09:16But what were you trying to do, clifford?
00:09:20I was just trying to help.
00:09:22Did I ask for help?
00:09:25Then why did you?
00:09:27Because you only have 3 legs!
00:09:32Oh, my gosh! you're right, t-bone!
00:09:35Where's the other one?
00:09:38Huh? huh?
00:09:39Ha ha ha ha!
00:09:41..ha ha ha! gotcha.
00:09:43Sorry, guys. I was just kiddin'.
00:09:46I must have just left it on the ferry.
00:09:49Huh? huh?
00:09:50Ha ha ha ha!
00:09:52Gotcha again!
00:09:53[Sighs] but I was wondering how long it would take .. [whispers] my leg!
00:09:59After all, you've been staring at it all day.
00:10:04 i--i, uh-- sorry.
00:10:09It's ok. it's ok.
00:10:11I'm used to it.
00:10:12I know it probably looks strange to you, but I'm still a dog, .. any dog does.
00:10:20 you can catch a ball better than I can.
00:10:24I can do most things the same as everyone else.
00:10:27I really like doing things for myself.
00:10:31Sorry, k.c.
00:10:34But I do need help sometimes.
00:10:37When I do, clifford, you're definitely the guy I'm gonna ask.
00:10:46And you, cleo?
00:10:48You've been avoiding me like I had a disease or something.
00:10:53You don't?
00:10:56.. I'm just looking for some friends, same as anyone else.
00:11:01And I'd really like to be friends with you guys.
00:11:03I'd like to be your friend, too, k.c.
00:11:07Me, too.
00:11:11Me, too.
00:11:12Hey, thanks, guys!
00:11:14Now I'd really like to see what's at the top of that lighthouse.
00:11:19Hey, clifford, can you give me a lift?
00:11:22Are the stairs too hard for you to climb?
00:11:24No. why climb when I can take the elevator?
00:11:29Ha ha ha! right!
00:11:36Here we go!
00:11:38[All laughing] whoa! oh!
00:11:51What a view!
00:11:54Thanks, clifford.
00:11:58Awoo! awoo! awoo!
00:12:11Emily: Clifford!
00:12:19It's story time!
00:12:20You wanna hear a speckle story, [ruff] ha ha. I thought so.
00:12:26He's your favorite.
00:12:29Today's story is speckle and the old wagon.
00:12:35One day when spele and his friends were playing, speckle saw something behind a tree.
00:12:47They gathered sponges and buckets of soapy water and went to work.
00:12:52Now it was time to paint the wagon.
00:12:54Ravi wanted to paint it purple.
00:12:56But luna wanted pea green.
00:12:59Reba's favorite color was blue.
00:13:02And darnell liked bright red.
00:13:05[Arguing] speckled wanted everyone to be happy.
00:13:14So together they painted it all the colors of the rainbow.
00:13:19Then off they went down the grassy hill in their wonderful rainbow wagon.
00:13:30The end.
00:13:33That was a great story!
00:13:35Isn't reading fun?
00:13:37[Ruff] clifford, you lucky dog!
00:14:15I've never seen a bone so big!
00:14:17Are you gonna bury it, clifford?
00:14:20Sure am. wanna help?
00:14:22Yeah! yeah!
00:14:27Let's go!
00:14:34There you are.
00:14:36The best fish 'n chips on birdwell island.
00:14:43 looks like we might get a storm this afternoon.
00:14:47Hey, samuel, I asked for a fish sandwich, not a sand sandwich.
00:14:53What is going on here?
00:15:21You can't dig here, boy.
00:15:22You're getting sand in everyone's food.
00:15:25[Whimpers] go do it somewhere else, please. hmm?
00:15:36That dog sure likes to dig.
00:15:39Now this is a perfect place to bury your bone, clifford.
00:15:43Yeah! and you don't even have to dig.
00:15:46The hole's already here!
00:15:47It's like it was meant to be.
00:15:52But not deep enough.
00:15:55Here take this. I'm gonna make it deeper.
00:16:09Wow! he's good.
00:16:12Yeah! he's a natural!
00:16:18Ok. now my bone oughta fit just right.
00:16:26This tree is gonna look great!
00:16:33Seems a little short.
00:16:35Hmm. how did this hole get so deep?
00:16:39There's your answer.
00:16:42Clifford, did you do this?
00:16:45[Ruff] that was not a good thing to do.
00:16:52[Whimpers] [sighs] the hole we started here was for our tree, not for your bone.
00:16:57We wanted to get it in the ground before the rain starts.
00:17:05Clifford, if you must dig, go and do it someplace else.
00:17:12Ha ha ha. ok! ok.
00:17:14I know you're sorry.
00:17:16Now take your bone and go.
00:17:18[Woof woof] I'm letting you go a little early today, class.
00:17:27A storm is on the way, and I want you all home fe and sound before it gets here.
00:17:31Last time we had a storm, the library was flooded from the waves!
00:17:35Do you think this storm is going to make the waves that high again, miss carrington?
00:17:40I suppose it's possible.
00:17:42Maybe it'll turn into a hurricane with lots of rain and really strong winds that blow things all around, like-- like--like that!
00:17:56Oh, my goodness!
00:18:01Nobody does it better.
00:18:08Emily elizabeth!
00:18:09Clifford, what are you doing?
00:18:11You can't just dig a hole here.
00:18:14[Whimpers] but this is not a good place to dig.
00:18:21You interrupted our class.
00:18:26You better go home now, ok, boy?
00:18:29[Whimpers] go on, clifford.
00:18:33You, too, cleo. you, too, t-bone.
00:18:43T-Bone: The sky's getting dark.
00:18:45Looks like it's gonna rain!
00:18:46Yeah. I should go home, clifford.
00:18:49Mrs. diller hates it when I get wet.
00:18:52I get frizzy. you know.
00:18:54Yeah. me, too.
00:18:56Not the frizzy part. I just should go home.
00:18:59 thanks for trying to help me bury my bone.
00:19:03Maybe I'll just bury it in my backyard.
00:19:06Great idea, clifford!
00:19:08We'll see you tomorrow!
00:19:16Yeah, this should do the trick, violet.
00:19:21Our flowers will be well protected from the storm now.
00:19:26[Splashing] [gasps] oh, dear!
00:19:32Of course, nothing can protect 'em from clifford.
00:19:39[Ruff] would you mind doing your digging somewhere else, please?
00:19:44Like on another island?
00:19:46Now, horice.
00:19:55[Whimpers] the storm is moving in fast.
00:20:08It's gonna be a big one.
00:20:09Will the library be ok, dad?
00:20:11Well, I think if we can get this seawall built in time, everything should be just fine.
00:20:17We'll have to dig up plenty of sand and dirt.
00:20:20We'll need it to make the wall high enough to protect it from the waves.
00:20:28That's an awful lot of digging.
00:20:31Yes, it is.
00:20:31I wish we had a few more diggers to help.
00:20:34Wait a minute. I know the best digger around.
00:20:39I wonder where he is.
00:20:44Ok, bone.
00:20:44I don't think my digging can bother anyone way out here.
00:20:48So let's start digging.!!
00:20:58Emily elizabeth.
00:20:59I'm coming, emily elizabeth!
00:21:12We're never gonna get this done in time, emily.
00:21:16Sure we will.
00:21:17Just as soon as clifford gets here.
00:21:22All: Here comes clifford!
00:21:24[Woof] clifford!
00:21:33I knew you'd come, boy.
00:21:35We need your help.
00:21:36We need you to dig!
00:21:38] no one digs better than you do.
00:21:44[Mm mm mm] what's the matter, boy?
00:21:47I told clifford to stop digging just this morning.
00:21:52[Mm] I told him digging was not a good thing to do.
00:21:56I wouldn't let him dig at school this afternoon.
00:21:59And I told him to go away and dig on another island.
00:22:03Poor clifford.
00:22:05No wonder he doesn't want to dig.
00:22:10I know everyone's been telling you not to dig today.
00:22:14[Whimpers] but we didn't mean for you to think that all digging is bad.
00:22:18In fact, digging is one of your best talents.
00:22:21You're very good at it!
00:22:24[Woof] it's just that there's a right time and a right place for you to use your talent.
00:22:30And right now, if you dig here, you'll really be helping us.
00:22:36[Ruff ruff ruff] go, clifford!
00:22:48[Cheering] good boy!
00:23:07Good work, boy!
00:23:14[Cheering] I love the way that dog digs.
00:23:24That's clifford, my big red dog!
00:23:29[Thunder] let's go everyone. the big storm is here!
00:23:42[Sighs] it feels good knowing the library is safe.
00:23:46We never could have done it without the help of clifford.
00:23:53He's a very cool dog.
00:23:55Hey, clifford, did you ever find a place to bury your bone?
00:24:02[Whimpers] don't worry. I'll get you another bone.
00:24:06A really big one.
00:24:07I'll get you one, too, amigo.
00:24:09Me, too. you certainly deserve it, clifford.
00:24:14I'll get him one, too.
00:24:15As long as he doesn't bury it in my backyard.
00:24:19Oh, horice.
00:24:27Just like you!
00:24:41Wow, t-bone! your sandcastle looks great!
00:24:45It sure does, t.
00:24:46Thanks. I did the whole thing all by myself.
00:24:49Clifford and I know that it's always important to be thoughtful of other people's feelings and ideas.
00:24:55That's why clifford's big idea for today is respect.
00:24:59You know what would make it even better though?
00:25:03A great big flag.
00:25:04No. I think it's great just the way it is.
00:25:09There. now it needs a big wall!
00:25:13No, it doesn't!
00:25:14Cleo, this is t-bone's castle.
00:25:17Before you change it, you should find out if he wants you to.
00:25:21 next time I'll remember to ask first.
00:25:25Sometimes our friends have thoughts and feelings that are different from ours.
00:25:29When we take the time to find out about those differences, it shows how much we care.
00:25:35That's why clifford's big idea for today is respect.
00:25:43Pick one dog you want to talk about.
00:25:44And we're going to glue it with glue.
00:25:47And we're going to tape it and we're going to make a five-page book.
00:25:51Tell mwhat the dog is doing.
00:25:54We showed them how to write out the words.
00:25:57We teach them how to spell.
00:25:58And then, when we're done, we read the book back to them.
00:26:02" " " " dogs.
00:26:13Black ones.
00:26:14Brown ones.
00:26:16White ones.
00:26:18Big ones.
00:26:19Some are fuzzy.
00:26:22Barking ones.
00:26:24Sleepy ones.
00:26:27Some are little.
00:26:28Dogs are cool!
00:26:29Spotted ones.
00:26:31Some are playful.
00:26:33Some do tricks.
00:26:34Silly ones.
00:26:35There are all sorts of dogs.
00:26:37We love our dogs.
00:26:44Visit your local library to discover all kinds of books, both big and small.
00:26:50Emily Elizabeth: Dig up more fun ..
00:27:00Announcer: tales of clifford, the big red dog on tv!
00:27:05All: Here comes clifford!
00:27:07So, exactly how big is clifford?
00:27:09Gigantic. I knew that.
00:27:11See for yourself.
00:27:11Catch clifford, the big red dog.
00:27:13Let's go play.
00:27:14That's my clifford.
00:27:15 department of education