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00:00:18 my name is emily elizabeth, and this is ifford, my big red dog.
00:00:24♪♪ Clifford needed emily ♪♪
00:00:27♪♪ so she chose him for her own ♪♪
00:00:31♪♪ and her love made clifford grow so big ♪♪
00:00:35♪♪ that the howards had to leave their home ♪♪
00:00:38♪♪ clifford's the best friend anyone could know ♪♪
00:00:42♪♪ he's the greatest dog ever ♪♪
00:00:44♪♪ I really think so ♪♪
00:00:46♪♪ clifford's so loyal ♪♪ clifford!
00:00:48♪♪ He's there when you call ♪♪
00:00:50♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:00:53♪♪ so they packed up the family car ♪♪
00:00:56♪♪ and the howards left the city ♪♪
00:00:59♪♪ they moved to birdwell island and found many new friends ♪♪
00:01:03♪♪ there to greet clifford and emily ♪♪
00:01:06♪♪ clifford's so much fun, he's a friend to us all ♪♪
00:01:11♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:01:14[laughter] woof!
00:01:17Captioning made possible byscholastic entertainment department of education [music plays] wow, the birdwell island fair.isn't it fantastic?
00:02:03[sniffs] just smell all thatdelicious food.
00:02:10There's nothin' likethe smell of popcorn in the morning.
00:02:16Hey, guys, just rememberour people-food rule.
00:02:19"If it drops on the ground,or it's headed ..
00:02:23Both:" [people chatter] Woman:..
00:02:40Both: Woof!
00:02:44Man: Yeah, check this out.
00:02:47Woman: It's you!
00:02:53Man: Did you see that?
00:03:04Woman: Look at that. that's so pretty.
00:03:12Woman: It's you!
00:03:16Man: Did you see that?
00:03:23[Ding] [laughs] back, back. steady, steady.
00:03:47 bleakman, that's quite a cookie you baked.
00:03:51Oh, I didn't bake this.
00:03:53Mr. bleakman made it all by himself.
00:03:55It's the biggest cookie I've ever seen at the birdwell fair.
00:03:59It's a beauty, isn't it?
00:04:01It looks like a prizewinner to me.
00:04:04How about a picture, mr. bleakman?
00:04:06Cookie and cook.
00:04:08Why, sure.
00:04:16I can't wait to see everyone's face when you uncover this treat at the end of the day.
00:04:22I know I'll be there.
00:04:30We'll see you then, folks.
00:04:32Bye. thanks for your help.
00:04:34Now, what do you say I go win you a big stuffed teddy bear, violet?
00:04:40Ooh, that would be wonderful, horace, but shouldn't someone stay here and watch your cookie?
00:04:46Don't worry, violet. it'll be just fine.
00:04:59[Sniffs] wait a minute.
00:05:02Do you guys smell that?
00:05:05[Both sniff] uh-huh. I sure do.
00:05:09Mm-mmm. scrum-dum-delicious.
00:05:14Let's go see what it is.
00:05:25It's coming from in there.
00:05:38All: Wow!
00:05:47That's one big cookie.
00:05:49It's humongous!
00:05:51It's just my size.
00:05:58But it's not on the ground.
00:05:59And it's not headed that way.
00:06:04Both: So it's not for the dogs, and it's not ok.
00:06:10 I have a feeling we should get out of here.
00:06:14Right. let's go.
00:06:19Ahem. clifford? let's go.
00:06:23Aw, now, come on, big guy.
00:06:35I think clifford has a giant cookie craving.
00:06:38Well, it's the first time he's ever seen a cookie his size.
00:06:44We have to help him forget about that treat.
00:06:55Oops, sorry, guys.
00:06:57You've just got to get your mind off that cookie.
00:07:01I'm trying, cleo, but everywhere I look, ..
00:07:08Is that big, sweet, delicious cookie.
00:07:19Clifford, come back.
00:07:21Wait for us.
00:07:27Are you ok, clifford?
00:07:32Uh-huh. I'm ok.
00:07:34Poor guy.
00:07:35He has a really bad case of cookie-itis.
00:07:38Maybe if I just had one little lick, I wouldn't want any more.
00:07:45[Sniffs] mmm.
00:07:51No, clifford! wait!
00:08:03I know I can't eat it, and I won't.
00:08:09And one little sniff couldn't hurt.
00:08:14[Sniffs] eh.
00:08:18Both: Clifford!
00:08:20 [gasps] wow! a piece of the cookie is on the ground!
00:08:28It was an accident.
00:08:29Well, you know the people-food rule.
00:08:39All: And that's ok.
00:08:41That is the rule, so let's eat, guys.
00:08:45You go ahead, clifford.
00:08:47You can have it.
00:08:50It's all yours, big guy.
00:08:52[Crunches] mmm.
00:08:57That was so good.
00:08:59Gee, it looks kind of lopsided now.
00:09:03It sure does.
00:09:05Hey, I know.
00:09:06How about we eat all the way around the cookie and even it out?
00:09:10That way, no one will notice a piece is missing.
00:09:13That sounds like a good idea.
00:09:17Ok, everyone. let's eat.
00:09:20[All chomping] there. all done.
00:09:28No one will ever know a piece is missing.
00:09:30Oh, it was a tough job, but it had to be done, and we were just the dogs to do it.
00:09:38[Burps] uh-huh, but I'm kinda glad we're done.
00:09:43I'm so full, I couldn't eat another bite.
00:09:46[Burps] [yawns] me, neither.
00:09:54Uh, guys, doesn't it still look a little lopsided?
00:09:59Well, maybe a little.
00:10:02[Yawns] uh-huh.
00:10:04I guess we'll have to eat some more to even it out.
00:10:08 [slurps] ladies and gentlemen, get ready to see the biggest oatmeal raisin cookie you've ever seen-- a real clifford-size confection.
00:10:24Ha ha ha. he's right about that.
00:10:27Just wait until clifford sees it.
00:10:29Sheriff lewis, reveal my culinary wonder.
00:10:41[Crowd gasps] clifford!
00:10:58Clifford, what happened?
00:11:02[Whimpers] violet, look.
00:11:06That big red rascal ate my cookie.
00:11:11Now, now, horace, I'm sorry, but you can't really blame him, can you?
00:11:18Well, you made such a delicious smelling, yummy looking, crunchy sounding, scrum-dum-delicious cookie, how could the poor dog resist?
00:11:29Oh, it was a beautiful cookie, wasn't it?
00:11:34 bleakman, I'm so sorry clifford ate your cookie, and I know clifford is very sorry, too.
00:11:42[Whimpers] well, it was a pretty remarkable cookie.
00:11:48I guess I can't really blame him for not being able to resist it.
00:11:57Including leaving too big of a temptation in front of a very large dog.
00:12:19Emily Elizabeth: Clifford!
00:12:26It's story time.
00:12:27You wanna hear a speckle story, don't you?
00:12:30Woof! woof!
00:12:31[Giggles] I thought so.
00:12:33He's your favorite.
00:12:34Today's story is "speckle and his very own " one day, speckle was reading one of his favorite books.
00:12:42He was enjoying it so much, he decided to write a book of his own.
00:12:47So he sat down at his desk, and he began to write.
00:12:52In speckle's story, darnell finds an amazing treasure map.
00:12:57He asks reba, luna, and ravi to join him on an adventure to find the treasure.
00:13:03Following the map, they made their way ..
00:13:11And opened the secret entrance to an ancient ..
00:13:18Where they discovered the treasure that was to be shared by all.
00:13:23When speckle was finished writing his book, there was still more fun to be had because reba, luna, ravi, and darnell were eager to hear the story ..
00:13:35A story that was a true treasure.
00:13:38The end.
00:13:40That was a great story. isn't reading fun?
00:13:47[Giggles] [thinking] dear jetta, I have the best news.
00:14:24My mother just told me that she has to go to birdwell island ..
00:14:29"And she said I can come along " my pen pal monique is coming to visit tomorrow!
00:14:37Oh, it's just gonna be the best day ever!
00:14:41I'm gonna make sure it's perfect.
00:14:43I'd better start planning now.
00:14:52Thanks, vaz.
00:14:53This one's ready for testing.
00:14:56Ok, clifford. time for takeoff.
00:14:59[Inhales] [exhales] all right!
00:15:04Yeah! it's flying!
00:15:07[Grunts] hey!
00:15:15Sorry, jetta.
00:15:16We were just testing the new kite I made.
00:15:19You're making kites?
00:15:24Uh-huh, and tomorrow, we're gonna fly them together.
00:15:27Wanna make one?
00:15:28No, thank you.
00:15:30I have to take these groceries home and do about a million other things to get ready for when my friend monique comes to visit tomorrow.
00:15:38Monique, your pen pal from the mainland?
00:15:42That's great, jetta.
00:15:43Maybe you guys would like to fly kites with us.
00:15:46Oh, no, emily elizabeth.
00:15:48She'll only be here for a few hours, and I've already planned our schedule.
00:15:52Oh, it's gonna be great.
00:15:54First, we'll hunt for seashells, then have lunch at the lighthouse, ..
00:16:05[Whimpers] clifford!
00:16:12[Whimpers] I'm making a picnic lunch all by myself: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, monique's favorite.
00:16:22But, um, isn't that a lot to do in just a few hours?
00:16:27Not as long as we stay on schedule.
00:16:30This timer will help us stay on time.
00:16:35[Ring] [all gasp] [whimpers] that sure is loud.
00:16:43 it's going to let us know when it's time to move on to the next activity.
00:16:48Well, gotta go, or I'll never be ready for tomorrow. bye!
00:16:54[Whimpers] [horn blares] great. the ferry is right on time.
00:17:10Both: It's so good to see you!
00:17:12[Both giggle] ok, you two.
00:17:16Have a good time while I'm at my meeting, but make sure you're back here for the 4:00 ferry, monique.
00:17:22Don't worry, mrs. trumble.
00:17:24I have the entire day completely scheduled.
00:17:28Ok, then I'll see you back here at 4:00 sharp.
00:17:32A schedule?
00:17:34Wow, you're so organized, jetta.
00:17:37What do we do first?
00:17:39Well, for our first activity, we're going to the beach to look for seashells.
00:17:45I've set my timer so we'll know exactly how much time we have before our next activity.
00:17:55Huh? oh, that's clifford.
00:17:59Woof, woof!
00:18:00What an absolutely amazing dog!
00:18:03Thanks. I think he's pretty special, too.
00:18:07You must be emily elizabeth.
00:18:08Jetta wrote to me about you-- and clifford-- he's even bigger and redder than I thought he'd be!
00:18:15Uh-huh. he's big. he's red.
00:18:17We're late. gotta go.
00:18:18The timer is ticking.
00:18:21See you, emily elizabeth.
00:18:23[Ring] [both gasp] oh, no! we're running behind schedule!
00:18:27We should be halfway to seashell cove by now!
00:18:31Don't worry. clifford will take you there.
00:18:35Really? I'd love that!
00:18:38I don't know.
00:18:40It might help you get back on schedule.
00:18:45Let's go. thanks, emily elizabeth.
00:18:56Wow! it's absolutely amazing!
00:19:00And it's the best place on the whole island to find seashells.
00:19:05Let's go!
00:19:07Come on, monique, it's fun!
00:19:10Well, ok. here I come.
00:19:17[Laughs] that was great!
00:19:19See you guys. happy shell hunting!
00:19:23Monique: Thanks for the ride, clifford.
00:19:25Let me check my timer.
00:19:27Yes! we're back on schedule.
00:19:30Let's hurry and find some seashells.
00:19:32Wait till you see 'em all!
00:19:33There are some really big ones here.
00:19:38I don't think you're gonna find any big ones today, jetta.
00:19:42Oh, hi, guys.
00:19:43Monique, this is charley and vaz.
00:19:45Guys, this is my pen pal, monique.
00:19:48Nice to meet you, monique.
00:19:49I don't think you'll be able to find any shells today.
00:19:52We've been looking all morning and han't fod a single one.
00:19:55But they have to be here.
00:19:57This is our planned activity for the next 23 minutes.
00:20:02Maybe the shells have a schedule of their own.
00:20:04Or maybe you just don't know the right places ..
00:20:09Like I do.
00:20:12Well, good luck.
00:20:16Sometimes you have to dig for the really good ones.
00:20:18I'm sure we'll find one soon.
00:20:29[Both laugh] you didn't find any seashells, but you did find the sea.
00:20:37Get 'em!
00:20:38[Boys laugh] hey! huh?
00:20:44Ok, you asked for it.
00:20:47[BOTH LAUGH] Jetta: GOT YOU!
00:20:54Oh-oh! what's that?
00:20:58Oh, no! my picnic! my timer!
00:21:07Oh, this was our lunch.
00:21:15Oh, thank goodness the timer is still ok.
00:21:19We need it to stay on schedule.
00:21:23What about lunch, jetta?
00:21:25How about some fish and chips, jamaican style?
00:21:33What do you think, monique?
00:21:35These are the best fish and chips I've ever had, charlie. thanks.
00:21:43But we were supposed to have peanut butter and banana sandwiches.
00:21:46That's your favorite.
00:21:47That's ok, jetta. this is great.
00:21:51[Ring] lunchtime's over!
00:21:53Come on, monique, we'd better hurry!
00:21:58It's bike riding time.
00:21:59Thanks for lunch, charley.
00:22:01See you later, guys.
00:22:06[Squawks] I can't believe I got a flat tire.
00:22:13Oh, well.
00:22:14Things like this happen sometimes, jetta.
00:22:17Hey! come back here with my timer!
00:22:22[Ring] [squawks] no! my timer!
00:22:32Oh! this was definitely not part of the plan.
00:22:37Well, maybe there's something else we can do here, jetta.
00:22:41There's nothing to do here. absolutely nothing.
00:22:46Look, someone's flying a kite.
00:22:50 some of my friends were making kites yesterday.
00:22:53They must be flying them today.
00:22:56Let's go see!
00:22:57But wait, monique, kite flying isn't on the schedule. oh.
00:23:02Oh, well. I guess we're going kite flying.
00:23:08[All chatter] [barks] oh, my gosh! it's almost 4:00!
00:23:26Oh, no! I'm gonna miss the ferry!
00:23:30Not if you take the clifford express!
00:23:33[Barks] we're almost there!
00:23:48Gosh, monique, I'm sorry things got messed up, and we didn't get to do everything I'd planned.
00:23:53It's ok, jetta.
00:23:54I did the most important thing on my list.
00:23:57You did? what was that?
00:23:58I spent an amazing day with you.
00:24:01It didn't matter what we did, just as long as we did it together.
00:24:05Oh, thanks, monique.
00:24:08Wow. I had a pretty amazing day, too.
00:24:12Bye! I'll write soon!
00:24:16Me, too!
00:24:17Both: Bye! woof!
00:24:18[Horn blares] I'm sorry you didn't get to do everything on your list, jetta.
00:24:25You know, emily elizabeth, you don't always have to stick to a plan.
00:24:28Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow like I do.
00:24:33I guess you're right.
00:24:34[Both laugh] woof!
00:24:50Eh, gotcha!
00:24:51Hey, you're not my hedgehog toy, but you sure are a great toy!
00:24:59Hi, cleo.
00:25:01Cleo, you found my bunny squeak toy!
00:25:03 diller just, uh, bought this toy for me.
00:25:10Emily Elizabeth: Sometimes it seems like making up a story will make things turn out the way we want ..
00:25:15Um, I don't really feel like playing right now, guys.
00:25:18But most of the time, it's a much better idea to just tell the truth.
00:25:23[Whimpers] t-bone, wait.
00:25:26This is your bunny squeak toy, t-bone.
00:25:30 diller just bought it for you.
00:25:33I made that up.
00:25:35The toy belongs to you.
00:25:36Thanks, cleo!
00:25:37Emily Elizabeth: Telling the truth .. whoo-hoo!
00:25:40But it is always the right thing to do.
00:25:43That's why clifford's big idea for today ..
00:25:46 [barks] my name is isabel.
00:25:49They're all different sizes.
00:25:51Dogs come in different sizes, too.
00:25:54This is a small bone.
00:25:55Small bones are for small dogs.
00:25:58This is a medium-sized bone.
00:26:00Medium bones are for medium dogs.
00:26:03This is a large bone.
00:26:05Large bones are for large dogs.
00:26:08Small dog.
00:26:09Small bone.
00:26:10Medium dog.
00:26:11Medium bone.
00:26:13Large dog.
00:26:14Large bone.
00:26:15Dogs like bones.
00:26:19This is my dog yukon.
00:26:21He likes to play.
00:26:23This is my dog butterscotch.
00:26:24His name was going to be scotch, but he looked like butter, so I named him butterscotch.
00:26:30I snowshoe with him.
00:26:32Sometimes he pulls me on the sled.
00:26:34He's a good doggie.
00:26:37He protects me a lot.
00:26:39I like it because he never runs off, he always stays with me.
00:26:44I love you, yukon.
00:26:51Visit your local library to discover all kinds of books, both big and small.
00:26:57Emily Elizabeth: Dig up more fun ..
00:27:07Announcer: Do you love stories?
00:27:10So come on, you can play with them, too.
00:27:13You can jump rope with a hose.
00:27:14You can put on funny clothes.
00:27:15You can play a game of skill.
00:27:17You can even roll uphill.
00:27:19Yay, clifford!
00:27:20So let's play with clifford the big red dog.
00:27:23Woof! only on pbs kids.
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