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00:00:01♪♪ Clifford needed emily ♪♪
00:00:04♪♪ so she chose him for her own ♪♪
00:00:08♪♪ and her love made clifford grow so big ♪♪
00:00:11♪♪ that the howards had to leave their home ♪♪
00:00:15♪♪ clifford's the best friend anyone could know ♪♪
00:00:19♪♪ he's the greatest dog ever ♪♪
00:00:21♪♪ I really think so ♪♪
00:00:23♪♪ clifford's so loyal ♪♪ clifford!
00:00:24♪♪ He's there when you call ♪♪
00:00:26♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:00:29♪♪ so they packed up the family car ♪♪
00:00:33♪♪ and the howards left the city ♪♪
00:00:36♪♪ they moved to birdwell island and found many new friends ♪♪
00:00:40♪♪ there to greet clifford and emily ♪♪
00:00:43♪♪ clifford's so much fun, he's a friend to us all ♪♪
00:00:48♪♪ I love clifford, the big red dog ♪♪
00:00:51[laughter] woof.
00:00:54Captioning made possible byscholastic entertainment department of education Kid: move 'em away.
00:01:15I got it.i got it.
00:01:16Come on, I got it.pass it over here.
00:01:18Colet's go. yeah!
00:01:21No, give it to me.
00:01:22Here. I'm over here.
00:01:23Aah.uhh! aah.
00:01:30Get it, charley!
00:01:36Oh, no, you don't.
00:01:41Go, vaz!
00:01:43Go, charley!
00:01:50[Woof woof] yeah!yay!
00:01:55I can't believe it.
00:01:56I did it.idid it.
00:01:59I scored a goalall by myself.
00:02:04[Kids laughing] your pants ripped, vaz.
00:02:22I ripped my pants?
00:02:25Oh, no.
00:02:31That is the funniest thing I've ever seen.
00:02:36..] [kids laughing harder] [woof woof woof woof] hey, everybody, look at clifford.
00:02:46[More laughter] [bell ringing] it's ok, vaz.
00:03:02We'll cover you so you can get to the classroom.
00:03:05Ms. carrington will know what to do.
00:03:25There. this covers everything.
00:03:27That was a pretty amazing goal you made, vaz.
00:03:31I guess. but everyone was laughing at me.
00:03:36Oh, don't worry, vaz.
00:03:38Things like this happen to everyone.
00:03:41[Ringing] [kids chattering] ha ha ha ha!
00:03:50You should have seen it, ms. carrington.
00:03:52It was so funny when vaz ripped his pants.
00:03:56Ha ha ha ha!
00:03:57Perhaps you should consider if vaz thought it was funny.
00:04:05But how could you not think it was funny, vaz?
00:04:09Because I was embarrassed.
00:04:14And we all know how it feels to do something embarrassing.
00:04:18Not me.
00:04:19Nothing like that has ever happened to me, and I'm sure nothing like that has ever happened to you, ms. carrington.
00:04:26[Chuckles] oh, yes, it has.
00:04:29Many times.
00:04:30I remember one time-- the first time I ever had to perform in front of a group of people.
00:04:36Ms. Carrington: I was in high school, and I entered the super teen talent contest.
00:04:41Oh, my gosh.
00:04:42I am, like, so totally nervous.
00:04:45I totally hope I win.
00:04:46Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome miss debbie carrington.
00:04:54[Crowd applauds] hello, birdwell island!
00:04:59[Electric guitar blasts] [audience laughing] oh, my gosh!
00:05:10This is, like, so totally embarrassing.
00:05:15[Class laughing] we're sorry, ms. carrington.
00:05:23We shouldn't laugh.
00:05:25It's ok. it was funny.
00:05:27I mean, it was totally embarrassing then, but I can laugh about it now.
00:05:31Do you think I'll be able to laugh about my ripped pants someday?
00:05:35I'm pretty sure you will.
00:05:37 carrington, I can't believe that really happened to you.
00:05:43Oh, I don't know.
00:05:45I'll bet embarrassing things have happened to most everyone in this class.
00:05:50Yes, dan?
00:05:51One morning I woke up really late and got dressed so fast that I accidentally put on my sister's pink flowered sneakers instead of my own shoes.
00:06:01I felt really silly at first, but by the end of the day, I was laughing about it with everyone else.
00:06:07[Class laughing] you'll probably be laughing about your ripped pants by the end of the day, too, vaz.
00:06:18[Woof woof woof woof] clifford! clifford.
00:06:23 carrington told us about losing her hair.
00:06:28[Laughing] yeah.
00:06:29Almost as funny as vaz ripping his pants.
00:06:35Maybe I'll be able to laugh about it tomorrow, jetta, but today I still don't think it's funny.
00:06:42I'm sorry, vaz, but you have to admit it was pretty amusing.
00:06:47It's just that nothing like that has ever happened to me.
00:06:51Oh, it will, jetta.
00:06:52It happens to everyone sooner or later.
00:06:54It happened to me last year.
00:06:59Charley: It was pajama day, when we all get to wear our pajamas to school for fun.
00:07:04Oh, no!
00:07:09[Kids laughing] emily elizabeth, why isn't anyone wearing their pajamas?
00:07:22Today isn't pajama day, charley.
00:07:24Tomorrow is.
00:07:30Heh heh. now, that was embarrassing.
00:07:33I remember that day.
00:07:34You wanted to spend the whole morning hiding in the bathroom.
00:07:37 then I looked in the mirror and saw how funny I really did look.
00:07:41No wonder everyone was laughing.
00:07:43Oh, ho ho ho ho.
00:07:45I'd never do something like that.
00:07:48You never know, jetta.
00:07:50Come on, you guys, let's go over to the bakery and get a snack.
00:07:54Ok. great.
00:07:56[Woof] what about you, ily elizabeth?
00:08:03Have you ever been embarrassed?
00:08:05Oh, lots of times.
00:08:07But the one I remember the most was last year.
00:08:11My grandpa gave me a pack of my very favorite bubblegum.
00:08:20It made the hugest bubbles.
00:08:26Oh, no!
00:08:31Uh, do you really have to cut it?
00:08:34I'm sorry, emily elizabeth.
00:08:36I just don't know any other way.
00:08:49But my bangs are so short.
00:08:53And tomorrow's picture day at school.
00:08:57[Electronic flash pops] Emily Elizabeth:..
00:09:03But now I look at that picture, and it cracks me up.
00:09:07[Laughing] just hearing about it makes me laugh.
00:09:19You can say things like that happen to everyone, but I'm never going to let it happen to me.
00:09:25[Others laugh] oh, no. of course not, jetta.
00:09:29This hot chocolate is great.
00:09:32May I have some more, please?
00:09:34Why, of course you can, sir.
00:09:39 [others laugh] what does he mean?
00:09:48I don't know, sir.
00:09:53[Gasps] oh, my gosh!
00:09:54A mustache!
00:10:00Hey, it's not funny.
00:10:03We're sorry, jetta.
00:10:07But it is kind of funny.
00:10:10And it can happen to anyone.
00:10:13Besides, I think we look pretty good like this.
00:10:26[Slurp] mmm. day-old doughnuts.
00:10:31My favorite.
00:10:35Ahh. I think we all look pretty silly.
00:10:42You're a pretty good sport, jetta.
00:10:44You laughed at yourself really fast.
00:10:47Well, a whipped cream moustache isn't nearly as embarrassing as ripping your pants.
00:10:53Yeah. but it's just as funny.
00:10:58[Banging] whoa. what's that?
00:11:00What is that?
00:11:04It's clifford.
00:11:06[Whimpering] [laughing] how did he do that?
00:11:14[Whimpers] don't worry, clifford.
00:11:17Embarrassing things happen to everyone.
00:11:20Even me.
00:11:21And me.
00:11:23And me.
00:11:26And me.
00:11:30[All grunting] [laughing] [woof woof woof woof woof woof] Emily Elizabeth: Clifford!
00:12:03It's story time.
00:12:04You want to hear a speckle story, [woof woof] I thought so.
00:12:10He's your favorite.
00:12:11Emily Elizabeth: Today's story is speckle and the clean beach.
00:12:16One sunny day, speckle and his friends were on their way to the beach, laughing and chatting about all the fun things they were going to do when they got there.
00:12:25But when they arrived, they had a sad surprise.
00:12:29The beach was covered with litter-- not clean, like a beach should be.
00:12:33Reba, darnell, luna, ravi, and speckle couldn't imagine playing on a beach like that.
00:12:40Then speckle said they could, if they just took a few minutes to clean it up.
00:12:47Speckle used his beach bag to collect cans.
00:12:51Ravi, darnell, and luna picked up all the empty boxes and candy wrappers.
00:12:57And reba used her shovel and pail to collect bits of stray paper.
00:13:03Before they knew it, the beach was just like it should be-- clean and beautiful and ready for them to play on together.
00:13:12The end.
00:13:17That was a great story.
00:13:19Isn't reading fun?
00:13:21[Woof] heh heh.
00:13:43[Seagulls calling] [bell clangs] [kids laughing, shouting] Kid:..
00:14:05Go, charley! keep it up.
00:14:18Ah, so close.
00:14:19That was excellent, son.
00:14:22Thanks, dad.
00:14:23Wait till you see emily.
00:14:24She's really great.
00:14:31Whoa. whoa!
00:14:33I ink u want to go the other way, vaz.
00:14:37You almost made it that time.
00:14:39I've been practicing just like emily elizabeth told me to.
00:14:42I read this book with all kinds of skating tips from professionals.
00:14:46I can't wait to show her what I've learned.
00:14:49Clifford: [Woof woof woof woof woof] you don't have to wait, 'cause here she is.
00:14:54[Woof woof] hi, emily. what's going on?
00:15:01Hey, clifford. how are you?
00:15:04Thanks for the ride, clifford.
00:15:11It's gonna be a great day for skating.
00:15:14Hi, emily. hi, emily elizabeth.
00:15:16Hi, clifford. hi, clifford.
00:15:18[Woof woof] hi, emily elizabeth. hi, emily.
00:15:22You want me to show you guys what clifford and I have been practicing?
00:15:26Yeah. sure.
00:15:50Wow, emily. how'd you do that?
00:15:54That was awesome.
00:16:05Yay, emily elizabeth.
00:16:07Yay, clifford!
00:16:08You are incredible.
00:16:12Wow! the track looks great.
00:16:14And there's the quarter-pipe.
00:16:17Race you to it.
00:16:26Someday I'm gonna skate as well as emily elizabeth.
00:16:30[Woof woof] catch me if you can, charley.
00:16:35I can.
00:16:40Wow! you really are fast, emily.
00:16:47[Woof woof] whoa!
00:16:52Oh. wow.
00:16:54Thanks, clifford.
00:16:58You ok, emily?
00:16:59Are you all right?
00:17:00Sure. I'm ok.
00:17:02Are you sure?
00:17:04Ok. just be careful, now.
00:17:08Lucky for me clifford is here, and I have my lucky stone.
00:17:15[Gasps] my lucky stone.
00:17:17It's gone!
00:17:18It must've fallen off somewhere.
00:17:21I know it's just an old painted stone, but it always brings me good luck.
00:17:26You mean it's a lucky charm?
00:17:29I know there's no such thing as real lucky charms.
00:17:33I--i just like having it with me.
00:17:35I know what you mean.
00:17:37I've got my special shirt I always wear for luck when I play soccer.
00:17:40Don't worry. we'll help you find it.
00:17:43] thanks, guys.
00:17:50Sorry, emily.
00:17:52I wish we could have found your stone.
00:17:54I think we looked everywhere.
00:17:56[Ohh ohh] that's ok.
00:18:00It was just an old painted stone.
00:18:03But thanks for looking.
00:18:05You wanna go and skate some more?
00:18:07Maybe it'll make you feel better.
00:18:09Oh, I don't know.
00:18:10I've never skated without my lucky stone before.
00:18:14Oh, come on.
00:18:15You're a great skater.
00:18:16You don't need a lucky stone.
00:18:18Let's go try the wavy mounds.
00:18:20They're really fun.
00:18:22Well, ok.
00:18:37Heh heh heh.
00:18:38Heh heh. heh heh heh.
00:18:49Down the hill, emily elizabeth.
00:18:53[Gulp] oh--whoa.
00:19:18I'm ok.
00:19:28Go, emily!
00:19:29You can do it.
00:19:31[Woof] what's the matter?
00:19:35Uh, I don't think I can do this.
00:19:38But you're the best skater on the island.
00:19:41No, I'm not.
00:19:43Not anymore.
00:19:50Are you ok?
00:19:51No. I need my lucky charm.
00:19:54I can't skate without it.
00:19:56] look, emily elizabeth. your strap broke.
00:20:02That's why you fell.
00:20:04But my strap broke because I don't have my lucky stone.
00:20:07I don't think I want to skate anymore today.
00:20:11Ah, don't let that fall bother you.
00:20:13It happens to everyone once in a while.
00:20:15It happens to me all the time.
00:20:18It never happened to me before, until I lost my lucky stone.
00:20:32See? I need my lucky stone.
00:20:35I can't even get a drink of water without it.
00:20:42Clifford wants you to have a new lucky stone.
00:20:45It's beautiful, clifford.
00:20:48[Woof] [chuckles] but it's a little big for me to wear on my neck chain.
00:20:57[Whimpers] aww, thanks for trying.
00:21:01But I'm gonna go and look for my real stone.
00:21:08Nice try, clifford.
00:21:10That gives me an idea.
00:21:17Emily just thinks she needs her lucky stone.
00:21:20All she really needs is her confidence back.
00:21:22So we'll let her think we found her polka-dotted stone.
00:21:28She'll know that she doesn't need her stone to skate well.
00:21:32[Woof woof] so, what do you think?
00:21:36Does it look like emily's?
00:21:41[Woof] great. now, let's go find her.
00:21:46Oh, where is it?
00:21:48Where is it?
00:21:50Here it is.
00:21:51[Woof woof woof] !
00:21:54We sure did.
00:21:56You did! you found it.
00:21:58Oh, thank you.
00:22:00I feel luckier already.
00:22:04So, where was it?
00:22:06Uh--where--it was, uh-- by that tree.
00:22:10That's funny. I was never over there.
00:22:16Maybe the wind blew it there.
00:22:23So, uh, now that you've got your lucky stone, you want to try the quarter-pipe?
00:22:28Sure. I want to try it all.
00:22:34[Laughing] look at emily go.
00:22:39[Woof woof woof] ha ha ha! go, emily elizabeth.
00:22:53Ha ha ha ha!
00:23:17That was great.
00:23:18And you didn't even need your lucky charm after all.
00:23:21What do you mean? it's right here.
00:23:24Wait a minute.
00:23:28This isn't my lucky charm.
00:23:31No, it isn't.
00:23:32It's just a stone that vaz and clifford and I painted.
00:23:35We just wanted to show you that you don't need anything to give you luck.
00:23:39That you're a great skater all on your own.
00:23:44You're right, guys.
00:23:45I guess I don't need a lucky stone.
00:23:47I just need to believe that I can do it on my own.
00:23:52[Woof] but I'm going to keep this new lucky stone anyway.
00:23:55I think it's even better than my old one.
00:23:59Charley: It is?
00:24:01Because this stone will always remind me that I have the best friends in the whole world.
00:24:10[Laughing] captioning made possible byscholastic entertainment department of education captioned by the nationalcaptioning institute Grr. grr.
00:24:29Hi, t-bone.
00:24:30Can we py, too?
00:24:35I'm not playing, cleo.
00:24:37You're not?
00:24:38What are you doing, t-bone?
00:24:40I'm cleaning my doghouse.
00:24:42 wouldn't you rather be playing with us?
00:24:46Well, yes.
00:24:48Then let's play.
00:24:49Emily Elizabeth: Nothing's more fun than playing with your friends, but it's a good idea to be responsible and finish your work before you start to play.
00:24:56Ruff ruff! come on, t-bone, hit it back.
00:25:02I made a promise to myself to finish cleaning my doghouse first.
00:25:06Then I'll play.
00:25:07Ok, t-bone. can we help?
00:25:09No, thanks.
00:25:11Are you sure?
00:25:12Uh-huh. this is my job.
00:25:14You guys keep playing.
00:25:15I'll be done in a minute.
00:25:17Emily Elizabeth: It feels good to finish a job you start.
00:25:20That's why clifford's big idea for today " books.
00:25:56Pick one dog you want to talk about.
00:25:58And we're going to glue it with glue.
00:26:01And we're going to tape it and we're going to make a five-page book.
00:26:05Tell me what the dog is doing.
00:26:08We showed them how to write out the words.
00:26:10We teach them how to spell.
00:26:12And then, when we're done, we read the book back to them.
00:26:16" " " " visit your local library to discover all kinds of books, both big and small.
00:26:34Emily Elizabeth: Dig up more fun ..
00:26:44Announcer: Do you love stories?
00:26:46For a big red party, and you're invited.
00:26:48You can sing and you can eat.
00:26:51You can have yourself a treat.
00:26:52You can dance and you can play.
00:26:53You can have a special day.
00:26:56So come join the big red party with clifford the big red dog.
00:26:59[Woof] only on pbs kids.
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00:29:42♪♪ Emmy wished on a dragon scale ♪♪
00:29:45♪♪ and that's what started dragon tales ♪♪
00:29:48♪♪ around the room the dragons flew ♪♪
00:29:50♪♪ but emmy and max knew what to do ♪♪