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00:00:00To exercise with us?
00:00:02Yeah! yeah!
00:00:03Let's start by doing 5 jumping jacks.
00:00:07Hey, I'm good at those.
00:00:09Hey, let's count them out, too. here we go.
00:00:131, 2, 3, 4, 5.
00:00:19That's it. great jumping jack.
00:00:22Now 4 froggy leaps.
00:00:241, 2, 3, 4.
00:00:29Are you doing the froggy leaps? great job.
00:00:33Let's do 3 windmills.
00:00:361, 2, 3.
00:00:40Oh, very nice.
00:00:43Now 2 toe touches.
00:00:451, 2.
00:00:49Now let's finish with 1 big spin.
00:00:58Great job, really good exercising, and great counting, too.
00:01:03Now it's time to play and learn with "clifford " Bo CLIFFORD IS FUNDED IN PART BY A READY To lea gnt department of education through the corporation for public broadcasting Proud supporter of PBS Kids...
00:01:23who know of all the things a kid can learn, one of the most important is learning to laugh.
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00:01:42Zabeth, and this is clifford, my big red dog.
00:01:48♪♪ Clifford needed emily ♪♪
00:01:51♪♪ so she chose him for her own ♪♪
00:01:54♪♪ and her love made clifford grow so big ♪♪
00:01:58♪♪ that the howards had to leave their home ♪♪
00:02:02♪♪ clifford's the best friend anyone could know ♪♪
00:02:06♪♪ he's the greatest dog ever ♪♪
00:02:08♪♪ I really think so ♪♪
00:02:10♪♪ clifford's so loyal ♪♪ clifford!
00:02:11♪♪ He's there when you call ♪♪
00:02:13♪♪ I love clifford the big red dog ♪♪
00:02:16♪♪ so they packed up the family car ♪♪
00:02:20♪♪ and the howards left the city ♪♪
00:02:23♪♪ they moved to birdwell island and found many new friends ♪♪
00:02:27♪♪ there to greet clifford and emily ♪♪
00:02:30♪♪ clifford's so much fun, he's a friend to us all ♪♪
00:02:34♪♪ I love clifford the big red dog ♪♪
00:02:38[laughter] woof!
00:02:41 department of education Emily Elizabeth: Keep going, clifford.
00:03:04Back, back, back.
00:03:09You're doing great.
00:03:11Now, this is what I call topsy turvy teamwork.
00:03:15Jetta: Emily elizabeth.
00:03:17Are you getting ready for topsy turvy day already?
00:03:21 we're practicing walking backwards for the most backwards day of the year.
00:03:26[Laughs] I love topsy turvy day.
00:03:29Everything's so mixed up.
00:03:31 clifford and I especially like all the fun backwards races.
00:03:36We won a first place trophy for 'em last year, didn't we, boy?
00:03:41Woof woof!
00:03:42Yes, I remember.
00:03:46Hey, you know what would be fun, emily elizabeth?
00:03:53Since everything'son topsy turvy day, why don't we mix up our dogs this year?
00:04:02[Gasps] you do the backward races with mac, and I'll do 'em with clifford.
00:04:07Well-- great!
00:04:09But i-- I'll be over tomorrow morning to drop off mac and pick up clifford for practice.
00:04:15Jetta, i-- [whimpers] you know, clifford. it might be kind of fun.
00:04:23 [laughs] we're gonna have to practice hard so i-- [laughs] I mean, we can win this year.
00:04:41 the first topsy turvy race is always the uphill rolling race.
00:04:46So, go ahead, clifford. roll.
00:04:50Woof woof!
00:05:00No, up the hill. up, up.
00:05:06[Whimpers] up, up.
00:05:13[Pants] woof!
00:05:27No, no, no, no.
00:05:35[Whimpers] [sighs] clifford, I want you to roll on your back up the hill.
00:05:54Ok, clifford. see if you can do this one.
00:05:58Race to that raft out there.
00:06:04I dog paddle like a dog, and you swim on your back like a person.
00:06:08Ok, so turn around, clifford.
00:06:12Woof woof!
00:06:14Ack! I mean, turn over.
00:06:19On your back.
00:06:21[Whimpers] [sighs] never mind.
00:06:26Well, I just hope you can do better tomorrow at topsy turvy day.
00:06:36 [grrr] I should have just stuck with mac.
00:06:44[Whimpers] [crowd chatters] happy topsy turvy day, caroline.
00:06:56Happy topsy turvy day, samuel.
00:07:00Mustard. get your mustard here. mustard.
00:07:06Charley, you're selling mustard?
00:07:09 I sell the mustard, and the hot dogs are free.
00:07:14[All laugh] ok, clifford.
00:07:27The uphill roll race is about to start.
00:07:30Try to do it right today, ok?
00:07:36Woof woof woof woof!
00:07:44[Slurps] [laughs] it's good to see you, too.
00:07:49Aw, there's my little mackie.
00:07:53You and mac aren't gonna do the uphill roll race, are you, emily?
00:07:58Oh, but you'll never get mac to roll up this hill.
00:08:02He hates rolling. it gets him all dirty.
00:08:05 well, he did a good job of rolling when we practiced.
00:08:10[Pants] well, you must have given him tons of doggie treats.
00:08:17A few.
00:08:18I thought so.
00:08:23[Laughs] but then, I ran out of tummy yummies, so I just gave him belly rubs.
00:08:29You did?
00:08:30Uh-huh. he's a very talented dog.
00:08:37 the uphill roll race will now begin.
00:08:50[All cheer] Jetta: Uh, clifford!
00:09:00Roll! up! roll up!
00:09:04[Whimpers] Jetta: they're way up there.
00:09:13How did emily elizabeth get him to do that?
00:09:16[All cheer] come on, boy. you're doin' great.
00:09:21Keep rolling. good boy.
00:09:24Look at that mac go.
00:09:28[Sighs] how is emily elizabeth making him do that?
00:09:33She's not making him do it, jetta.
00:09:35Mac wants to do it because emily elizabeth's been so nice to him.
00:09:40He's rolling up the hill just because emily elizabeth was nice to him?
00:09:48That's right. watch.
00:09:51Come on, machiavelli! you can do it!
00:09:54Yes! you won!
00:09:56[All cheer] woof woof!
00:10:00Great job, mac! great job!
00:10:07Being nice thing.
00:10:12Remember this race, clifford?
00:10:14[Whimpers] I didn't explain it to you very well ..
00:10:19But I'm sure you can do it if you know what to do, right?
00:10:25Woof woof woof!
00:10:35No, no, no! i--oh.
00:10:38I'm sorry. I mean, turn over onto your back.
00:10:43Ok, boy?
00:10:45Woof woof!
00:10:49Great! good job, clifford!
00:10:54Woof woof!
00:10:55Now, when sheriff lewis says, "swim," you swim as fast as you can on your back, ok?
00:11:03Woof woof woof woof!
00:11:05Whoa! oh! clifford!
00:11:08Oh! I'm sorry.
00:11:11I know you didn't mean to splash me.
00:11:13[Slurps] [laughs] you're a pretty nice dog, clifford.
00:11:28[All chatter] good boy, mac. keep going.
00:11:39Good boy, clifford. we're almost there.
00:11:42Keep it up, boy.
00:11:54And we're having fun.
00:11:57Woof woof!
00:12:10[All cheer] we did it! we won!
00:12:22Oh, great job, clifford!
00:12:27I'm sorry I've been yelling at you.
00:12:30No one likes being yelled at, and you really are an amazing dog.
00:12:37[Slurps] [laughs] woof woof woof!
00:12:42[All cheer] we did it!
00:12:47We won the first place trophy, clifford!
00:12:50Congratulations, jetta.
00:12:52You and clifford make a great team.
00:12:54 we're both very talented, you know.
00:12:59Emily Elizabeth: Congratulations, jetta.
00:13:01You and clifford were wonderful.
00:13:03What is that trophy for, emily elizabeth?
00:13:07Mac and I won second place.
00:13:09But it's bigger than my first place trophy.
00:13:15Of course. it's topsy turvy day.
00:13:19 [laughs] of course. it's topsy turvy day.
00:13:25[Clifford slurps] [laughs] clifford.
00:13:28[All cheer] om.
00:13:45I'm doing yoga.
00:13:47My mom does it all the time to stretch.
00:13:49Want to try yoga with me?
00:13:52Come on.
00:13:53Get on your hands and knees and stretch your bottom to the sky.
00:13:57This is called downward dog, but I call it downward guinea pig because I'm a guinea pig.
00:14:03Stretch. miss lori, look at me.
00:14:08Miss Lori:" now, don't forget you promised to mow the lawn today, horace.
00:14:41Don't worry, dear. I will.
00:14:43You know my book club party is here tomorrow, and I want every little thing to be perfect.
00:14:49 it's not the little things you have to worry about, violet.
00:14:53[Laughs] it's the big things.
00:15:04You don't think clifford would do anything to upset my party, do you?
00:15:07He's always such a good dog.
00:15:08Well, when it comes to that big red pooch, anything can happen.
00:15:13Woof woof woof woof woof!
00:15:16Oh, dear. I can just imagine.
00:15:21[All chatter] oh, do have a cheese puff.
00:15:26They're just out of the oven.
00:15:28Violet, this is the best book club party ever.
00:15:31Everything's perfect.
00:15:31Emily Elizabeth: Come back and finish your bath!
00:15:34[Both gasp] Woman: Dear!
00:15:50You know, horace, maybe I'd better have a little talk with emily.
00:15:54That's a good idea, violet.
00:15:59You see, emily elizabeth, this party is very important to me.
00:16:03 bleakman, I'll make sure clifford is extra special well-behaved that day.
00:16:08 bleakman's party, would you?
00:16:17 bleakman thinks I might ruin her party.
00:16:21Emily elizabeth always tells me I have very good manners.
00:16:24You do have good manners.
00:16:27Thank you, t-bone.
00:16:28You're welcome, clifford.
00:16:30Your manners are ok, clifford, but just plain old manners aren't good enough for a grown-up party.
00:16:37They aren't?
00:16:39No. you have to have fancy manners for that.
00:16:43Lucky for you, I'm an expert at acting fancy.
00:16:47I'd be happy to teach you.
00:16:49 you're not the only one around here who knows how to act fancy.
00:16:55I happen to be an expert on fancy manners, too.
00:16:59Oh, yeah? yeah.
00:17:00Yeah? yeah!
00:17:02Yeah? yeah!
00:17:03Hey, guys, don't you know it's bad manners to yell at each other?
00:17:07T's RIGHT, MAC. HOW ABOUT If we both teach clifford fancy manners?
00:17:12Uh, i--i don't know, guys.
00:17:14 we'll I don't think I really need to learn how to be fancy.
00:17:23[Sighs] [sighs] clifford, you don't want to ruin mrs. bleakman's party, do you?
00:17:29Well, no.
00:17:30Then just follow us.
00:17:32We'll teach you just how to be.
00:17:35Right. follow us.
00:17:44I think you're just fine the way you are, clifford.
00:17:47Thanks, t, but I guess it won't hurt to learn something new.
00:17:52I hope not.
00:17:57Ok, clifford.
00:17:58The first thing we need to do is teach you how to walk.
00:18:02Huh? but I already know how to walk.
00:18:05[Laughs] fancy walking's different than regular walking.
00:18:09You have to keep your head up high, like this.
00:18:15And you have to keep your tail really straight, like this.
00:18:23Ok, I'll try.
00:18:31How's this?
00:18:32It looks great, clifford.
00:18:35Straighten your knees.
00:18:39Oh, take smaller steps.
00:18:42Stay up on your toes.
00:18:44And keep your head up.
00:18:50Both: And watch where you're going!
00:18:56Oh! whoa!
00:18:57Ooh! oh!
00:19:01I think I liked it better the way you used to walk.
00:19:05Yeah? me, too.
00:19:14Why do you have tires on clifford's tail, mac?
00:19:17We're going to teach him not to wag his tail, t-bone.
00:19:21 a wagging tail at a party can knock over a table or break a dish or get fur in the food.
00:19:27I don't think I'd want to go to a party where I couldn't wag my tail.
00:19:32What should I do, guys?
00:19:34T-bone's gonna try and get you to wag your tail, clifford.
00:19:38But whatever you do, don't.
00:19:41Well, ok.
00:19:43Um, hey, clifford, wanna play ball?
00:19:48Both: No, clifford!
00:19:50Oops! I forgot. don't wag my tail.
00:19:55[Sighs] hey, clifford. how about a fun game of tag?
00:19:59 don't wag my tail.
00:20:02Don't wag my tail. don't wag my tail.
00:20:04Let's go diggin' in the sand, really deep.
00:20:08Don't wag my tail. don't wag my tail.
00:20:10Don't wag my tail. don't wag my tail.
00:20:14Come on, clifford.
00:20:15Don't wag. aah!
00:20:17You can do it!
00:20:20All right!
00:20:21You did it, clifford. great job.
00:20:24I did it? yes!
00:20:28Both: No!
00:20:38Ok, cleo, what should we work on next?
00:20:40Gosh, I'm not sure, mac.
00:20:42There's so much more fancy stuff we need to teach him.
00:20:46T-Bone: Um, I don't know.
00:20:47I think clifford is just fine just the way he is.
00:20:50Oh, there's always room for improvement, t-bone.
00:20:55I guess that's true.
00:20:57Mac: Clifford! cleo: clifford!
00:21:01Stop! stop!
00:21:02What are you doing?
00:21:05Scratching my ear.
00:21:06You can't scratch at a party.
00:21:09But my ear itches.
00:21:11It doesn't matter.
00:21:12You can't scratch.
00:21:14Ok, I won't scratch, but it sure does itch, and I think it's spreading.
00:21:21Don't do it. don't scratch.
00:21:23But it itches so much.
00:21:26Can't he just scratch a little?
00:21:29No. no.
00:21:30I can't stand it. I have to scratch now.
00:21:41 what if he does that tomorrow during my party, horace?
00:21:46I warned you, anything can happen with that big red dog around.
00:21:51[Grunts] [sighs] I'm afraid clifford is never going to learn how to act fancy, cleo.
00:22:06I think you're right, mac. poor clifford.
00:22:10Thanks for trying, guys, but I don't really think it matters if I learn all this fancy stuff.
00:22:15But what about mrs. bleakman's party tomorrow?
00:22:19I'll just have to try my best to be the best dog I can be and hope everyone likes me just the way i am.
00:22:30[All chatter] Violet: Welcome, naomi.
00:22:33I am so glad you came to my book club party.
00:22:37Thank you, violet. whew.
00:22:39That sun certainly is bright, isn't it?
00:22:42Oh, I'm so sorry.
00:22:43I had no idea there'd be so much sun today.
00:22:46Well, I hope everyone remembered their sunglasses.
00:22:50[All chatter] horace, what am I going to do?
00:22:57Everyone's so uncomfortable with the sun in their eyes.
00:23:00Well, look on the bright side, violet.
00:23:02At least iffordsn't here.
00:23:04Emily Elizabeth: Hello, everyone.
00:23:07[Pants] it's emily elizabeth and clifford.
00:23:14It's always nice to see you, emily elizabeth.
00:23:16Clifford and I are just on our way to the beach, but we wanted to stop by and say hello.
00:23:22Woof woof!
00:23:23 now, I'm sure you and clifford are in a hurry to get to the beach.
00:23:28Excuse me, violet, but when clifford sits in that spot, he completely blocks the sun.
00:23:36Do you think we might ask emily elizabeth and clifford to stay with us?
00:23:42If it's ok with you, mrs. bleakman.
00:23:46[Pants] All: Oh!
00:23:54Oh, my.
00:23:54The breeze from his tail is wonderful, too.
00:23:56I'm sure clifford will be very well behaved, mrs. bleakman.
00:24:01, Of course he will.
00:24:03He's always such a good dog.
00:24:06I would love to have him stay for my party.
00:24:09Woof woof woof woof!
00:24:10[All laugh] [pants] hello, clifford.
00:24:26I brought you some leftover punch from the party.
00:24:29You really saved the day today, clifford.
00:24:30Thank you.
00:24:34[Slurps] woof!
00:24:36[Laughs] I promise you'll be the first one I invite to my next party.
00:24:45She loved having you at her party, clifford.
00:24:48Yeah. how come?
00:24:49Did you act all fancy like we taught you?
00:24:52Nope. I just acted like me.
00:24:55And just being clifford is the very best way to be.
00:24:58Woof woof woof woof woof!
00:25:00 department of education captioned by the nationalcaptioning institute Hola.
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00:25:15Let's remember everything we did today.
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00:25:32What was yourfavorite part of the day?
00:25:34My favorite waseverything!
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00:26:12♪♪ Whoo hoo ♪♪
00:26:17hey, everybody.
00:26:18Hi, mr. steve. hi, mr. steve.
00:26:19Today we're gonna sing a song about my pets.
00:26:22They're funny.
00:26:23♪♪ I have a dog, and his name is art ♪♪
00:26:26♪♪ he likes to answer questions ♪♪
00:26:28♪♪ and, I have to say, he's pretty smart ♪♪
00:26:29I asked him, "what do you call the thing on top of a house?
00:26:32" ♪♪ and the dog says, "roof, roof, roof," all day ♪♪
00:26:40, a born and bred aristocrat ♪♪
00:26:44♪♪ she's always having friends to tea ♪♪
00:26:47once, she burned her tongue, and she said to me, " ♪♪ and the cat says, "meow, meow, meow" ♪♪
00:26:53♪♪ and the dog says, "roof, roof, roof," all day ♪♪
00:26:59♪♪ I have a bird named tweedle dee ♪♪
00:27:02♪♪ she loves to answer riddles like this one ♪♪
00:27:05why did the chicken cross the kitchen?
00:27:07" sing it with me.
00:27:10♪♪ And the bird says, "to eat, to eat, to eat" ♪♪
00:27:13♪♪ and the cat says, "meow, meow, meow" ♪♪
00:27:15♪♪ and the dog says, "roof, roof, roof," all day ♪♪
00:27:21thanks for sharing a song.
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00:28:10Announcer: He investigates.
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00:28:13Announcer: Inquires.
00:28:14Have you ever seen a chart?
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