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Aired at 03:30 PM on Thursday, Jun 03, 2010 (6/3/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00This is good.
00:00:02[ Cheering ] no! no! no!
00:00:11[ Crying ] lizzie! lizzie!
00:00:15Yes, nigey?
00:00:20Apology accepted.
00:00:23Thanks for the cake, delightful dorks.
00:00:26We'll see you next year, and make sure to bring enough cake for everyone.
00:00:32[ Cheering ] it's even bigger than I thought.
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00:02:42Who wants a picture with flo?
00:02:43I do!
00:02:43I do!
00:02:44Do you mind?
00:02:45Got to make sure this is -- oh.
00:02:51" protecting your family fun.
00:02:53Now, that's progressive.
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00:04:14[ Woman singing operain foreign language ] [ static ] [ country music plays ] [ rock music plays ] [ static, pop music plays ] numbuh 3, stop playing with that radio!
00:05:01[ Music stops ] but that was our favorite song.
00:05:04If we can't all agree on a station, the radio goes off.
00:05:07It's bad enough you brought your little sister on our trip to the kids next door moon base.
00:05:12We could get in serious trouble.
00:05:13My mom put me in charge of mooshie while she's at work today, so wherever I go, she goes.
00:05:20Best friends! best friends!
00:05:22Mmm. mmm.
00:05:26 were you ever that stupid with your sister?
00:05:30Uh, you're joking, right?
00:05:32 I'm picking up a distress beacon.
00:05:35Put it on view screen.
00:05:36Numbuh 2: That's a kids next door prisoner transport.
00:05:41And its engines have been blown clean off.
00:05:43This is numbuh 1 of kids next door shuttle "v" calling prisoner transport.
00:05:48Anyone there?
00:05:52Hmm, why aren't the pilots responding?
00:05:56Maybe spooky aliens ate their heads!
00:06:00 there's no such thing as -- aah!
00:06:03Hi, spooky space aliens.
00:06:06Please don't eat my head.
00:06:08Don't touch th-a-a-a-- [ screaming ] somebody stop that girl.
00:06:16Can we come over for a tea party?
00:06:19[ Speaking indistinctly ] maybe this one!
00:06:27 someone grab the control before -- [ groaning ] do that again!
00:06:37Mooshie, what did I tell you?
00:06:40Oh, yeah.
00:06:42Do that again, please!
00:06:46Absolutely not!
00:06:47" bad news, numbuh 1.
00:06:50The food processor fuel drive is totaled.
00:06:52 now we'll have to contact kids next door moon base for help.
00:06:56No dice. the communicator's dead.
00:06:59So, what now?
00:07:01Dance party!
00:07:05[ Dance music plays ] aren't you glad I brought her along now?
00:07:09[ Groans ] does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
00:07:13The prison barge has one of those fuel drives.
00:07:18Maybe we could salvage it.
00:07:23[ Eerie music plays ] you're staying here with numbuh 3 while I lead an away team to retrieve that drive.
00:07:36Eat your head?
00:07:38Oh, there's no such thing as head-eating aliens.
00:07:42Maybe we should bring weapons just in case.
00:07:46And a helmet.
00:07:47This was supposed to be a simple resupply mission.
00:07:56Now, stay here and keep the door locked until we get back.
00:08:00Mooshie: Well, what if someone tries to deliver a pizza?
00:08:03Can we get the door then?
00:08:07Come on, guys.
00:08:08Numbuh 2: I wonder what happened to the crew.
00:08:11Let's stay focused on finding that fuel drive.
00:08:14I'm not saying that there are aliens, but nobody's really proven that there aren't any, right?
00:08:20And who's to say they don't like eating heads?
00:08:24Knock it off, you two.
00:08:25There's no such thing as head-eating aliens.
00:08:29[ Dance music plays ] [ laughing ] [ doorbell rings ] pizza! pizza!
00:08:36I'll get it!
00:08:37I hope you brought cheesy breadsticks.
00:08:43Pizza guy?
00:08:47[ Gasps ] hey, let me in!
00:08:49How's the salvage going, numbuh 2?
00:08:52Oh, super not good.
00:08:53The drive is gone.
00:08:55But that's imposs-- [ moaning ] it's the space aliens! it's the space aliens!
00:09:01Come on, you're not afraid of aliens that don't even exist, are you?
00:09:06[ Grunting ] space aliens!
00:09:09Aah! aah! aah!
00:09:17Numbuh 3, where's the ship?
00:09:19There, and my sister's on it.
00:09:24She's lucky.
00:09:25At least she's not trapped on a powerless ship with a bunch of head-eating space aliens.
00:09:30[ Gasp ] man, numbuh 5 has got to stop drinking so much soda during space travel.
00:09:38Hey, you guys got the drive installed already.
00:09:42Girl: It's been a while since I rigged up a food processor fuel drive.
00:09:54Numbuh 11.
00:09:56My name is cree!
00:09:59And you know I'm not a member of your stupid babies next door anymore.
00:10:03I'm with the adults now.
00:10:05So, what's my big sister's big plan this time?
00:10:10Ll, if you must know, the only reason I let you runts capture me in the first place was because I knew you'd take me to your moon base headquarters.
00:10:19Once there, I would escape and then use the access code I stole from your brain to detach your little tree fort so it would just drift away into the sun and no more kids next door.
00:10:36But before we could even get to the moon base, the stupid pilots got into an argument about trading cards and accidentally hit the "blow up the engines" button.
00:10:48Who else but a bunch of stupid kids would put a "blow up the engines" button on a spaceship?
00:10:54So I've been stuck on that transport with -- the spooky space aliens?
00:10:59Hey, why didn't they eat your head?
00:11:06Yay! funny fight!
00:11:09[ Suspenseful music plays ] come on, crabigail!
00:11:11Let's see what you've got.
00:11:19Give it up, sis!
00:11:20You know I was the best fighter in the kids next door!
00:11:24That's right. he-yah!
00:11:27[ Grunts ] youwerethe best.
00:11:33[ Upbeat piano music plays ] do you mind? do you mind?
00:11:37 [ suspenseful music plays ] whoa!
00:12:34A special person who loves me for who I am, ..
00:12:43My sister.
00:12:48What happened to us, cree?
00:12:51I-i don't know.
00:12:54I got older.
00:12:56Things change.
00:12:57You know, when you were in the kids next door, I wanted to be just like you.
00:13:04You were the best, and I was so proud to be your sister.
00:13:11Oh, abby.
00:13:14Best friends!
00:13:17Oh. oh.
00:13:19Cree, there's something I've always wanted to say to you.
00:13:24Yes, sweet, little abby.
00:13:26I beat your butt!
00:13:30[ Crash ] ew.
00:13:34[ Laughs ] sucker.
00:13:36Lucky shot, girl.
00:13:37I was about to do the same thing to you.
00:13:40Maybe next time.
00:13:42[ Laughs ] you are so in trouble when I get home!
00:13:51Mooshie: Older sisters -- they always fall for that teary junk.
00:13:56Must be hormones or something.
00:14:02[ Screaming ] hold your fire!
00:14:13Numbuh 2: Did we get them?
00:14:15I think so.
00:14:26Hi, spacey spooky space aliens!
00:14:30Hey, you're not space aliens.
00:14:34At least someone knows the difference.
00:14:37Numbuhs 92 and 93.
00:14:40[ Nervously ] LONG TIME, NO SEE?
00:14:43I don't know what's worse -- being bound and gagged by that stupid teenager cree or you idiots.
00:14:48 she's not supposed to be here.
00:14:51Kids next door headquarters is gonna want to hear about this.
00:14:53I'm seeing big, fat decommissions all around.
00:14:57 help us out of these!
00:15:01Hey, what are you -- ow!
00:15:04Cut that out! stop it! ow!
00:15:15All according to plan.
00:15:18[ Laughs ] all according to plan.
00:20:14[ Spy music plays ] >> and now, for his efforts to end world pollution, the award goes to dr. simon cleanair.
00:20:58[ Cheers and applause ] >> [ groans ] >> uh, dr. cleanair?
00:21:09Dr. cleanair, are you here?
00:21:26[ All panting ] >> Megan: I can't take this anymore!
00:21:30I'm sweaty, stinky, and feeling wayungirly.
00:21:32>> Lee: Other than the "ungirly" part, I'm right there with you.
00:21:35We've been at this lame mission for hours!
00:21:37>> Marc: Actually, judging by the sun's trajectory, we've only been on backyard rake" for 35 minutes.
00:21:42Of course, with my dear friend acer campestre here to keep us company, who cares how long it takes?
00:21:49>> Megan: Ugh.
00:21:50Whoa! waah!
00:21:52[ Gasps ] somebody help me!
00:21:53>> Marc: You might want to stay in the compost pit awhile longer, megan.
00:21:57Not only is it good for the hair, but it's also a proven stress reducer.
00:22:01>> Megan: Uh, thanks.
00:22:02But I don't want a geeky speech.
00:22:04I want out of this grossy muck on the double!
00:22:06>> Tony: Relax, sis.
00:22:07The tonester's got your back.
00:22:08>> Marc: I'm sure you do, tony, but your hand won't help, because, at present, megan has nothing to anchor herself to.
00:22:14It's simple physics.
00:22:15>> Tony: Physics shmysics.
00:22:17I'll have her out of that hole in no time.
00:22:20>> Megan: Gaah!
00:22:21>> Tony: Whoa!
00:22:22>> Marc: [ Sighs ] told you so.
00:22:24>> Lee: Don't worry, guys.
00:22:25Big lee will save you.
00:22:26>> Marc: Uh, sorry, lee.
00:22:27Your plan won't work, either.
00:22:29The flimsy stick just isn't -- >> Lee: Can it, einstein.
00:22:31I'msonot in the mood for your " [ grunting ] whoa, whoa!
00:22:40>> Marc: Do I have to do everything?
00:22:45>> Tony: Hey, what are you up to?
00:22:46>> Marc: Filling the pit with water, which, in a few seconds, will unstick your feet and cause you to float to the top.
00:22:53Okay. you can thank me now.
00:22:55>> Megan:THANKYOU?
00:22:56If it wasn't for your boring leaf lecture, I never would have fallen asleep and tumbled into that sludge in the first place!
00:23:01[ Liquid bubbling ] >> Lee:!
00:23:11[ All screaming ] >> Marc: Aha!
00:23:15I knew it was woohp when I saw the compost bubbling, because effervescence isn't a quality -- >> Together: Enough!
00:23:22[ All grunt ] >> Jerry: Hello, spies.
00:23:26Thanks for dropping in.
00:23:27>> Tony: Thankyou,jerry, for saving us from our chores.
00:23:30>> Marc:ANDFROM ANOTHER MARC Speech.
00:23:31I mean, as much as I like composting, can you say, "lame topic"?
00:23:34>> Jerry: You're quite welcome.
00:23:36And now for the first reason I've summoned you -- to give you the results of the aptitude test you recently took.