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00:00:00as long as we kick back and keep it all in cash.
00:00:04So you're on your way driving back now?
00:00:07Yeah, I'll be back fore sunup.
00:00:09Well, that's good, babe, 'cause I can't wait to see your lying ass!
00:00:14(screams) No-no-no!
00:00:17Get your ass over here!
00:00:19Who the ll do you think you're talking to?
00:00:24Get in here!
00:00:25Stop it!
00:00:28(screaming continues) Hrtbreaker ♪
00:00:34♪ A pain maker ♪
00:00:36♪ Stole the love right out... ♪
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00:04:21♪ ♪
00:04:39(waves crashing) ♪ ♪
00:05:13(sighs) Someone hereto see you, Will. Yeah?
00:05:19Althea Johnson.
00:05:22Daughter Wandashot and dumped in the Badlandsback in '93.
00:05:27Banana bread, hmm?
00:05:2917 years this November.
00:05:30Calls me every year askingif there's been a break.
00:05:34Been hanging these faithfuz.
00:05:37Wish I could tell you we have a break in the case,Mrs. Johnson, but...
00:05:40I a lln my flyer,Detective.
00:05:43Man says he saw Wandain a car that night.
00:05:48Night she was killed?Yes.
00:05:49Green car, just like the onethe other witness said.
00:05:53Where? Corner of Kip anCamb That's a bad drug corner. I know.
00:05:58But my Wanda didn't messwith drugs, Detective.
00:06:02She was a good girl.
00:06:04You should have donethat homework last night.
00:06:07Mama, please.
00:06:08It's done.
00:06:09And you didn't eatyour breakfast.
00:06:10(school bell ringing) I got a Pop-Tart.
00:06:17Wanda, honey?What?
00:06:19You going to run barefoot?
00:06:21You forgotyour track shoes. Bye.
00:06:23Are you forgettingsomething else?
00:06:24Mom?You're still my little girl.
00:06:39Ten minutes lateto pick her up from practiceand she was gone.
00:06:44This man-- he justhappened to see her?
00:06:47I grilled him good.
00:06:49I believehe's telling the truth.
00:06:51STILTMWell bring him in.
00:06:52Check his story.
00:06:53Calls himselfBrother Olajuwon now.
00:06:57Says he turned his life around.
00:06:59Oh, one of those.
00:07:02I'efer if you keepan open mind, Detective.
00:07:07Hey, Valens.Did you hear about Mota?
00:07:10What's that?Just got Swiss-cheesedin the shower up in the big house Really?
00:07:16You didn't know abouthat?
00:07:19Just now hearing it.
00:07:21Hmm, just asking 'use, uh, I saw the visitation logs and you were up therenow two days ago paying Hector Cruz a visit.
00:07:28Yeah. Yeah, it's someother case I'm working.
00:07:32Something I need to worry about?
00:07:34Hmm, or anybody elsefor that matter?
00:07:36I don't see why.
00:07:41Couldn't have happenedto a nicer guy.
00:07:47Thanks for the heads-up. (cell phone chimes) Hey, buddy.Anybody asking for a Christina Rushlast night, room 48?
00:07:57I'm sorry.That infortion will require a warrantfrom a judge or a magistrate.
00:08:02Under the Fourth Amendmentbased on probable cause.
00:08:05You're going to require orthodontia you don't start answeringthe right way.
00:08:09Christina Ru, 48.
00:08:10I'm sorry. There's no onethat's checked in or out this week by that name.
00:08:15You open upor I'm going to put that fire extinguisherthrough this window.
00:08:18Well, that wouldn't seemprudent.
00:08:24Do I needto call the poli?
00:08:27Better yet, howabout I call Vic Shut down this fleabagfor narcotics and prostitution.
00:08:41Who paid the bill?
00:08:43They haven'tchecked out yet. (phone ringing) (on phone): Bernie,que paso?
00:08:50(speaking Spanish) "Alexis Childress"?
00:08:58I was just informed by housekeepingthat the room is trashed.
00:09:01The woman in 48,what did she look like? Sandy blonde, in her 30s.
00:09:06Looks a little like you.
00:09:07You take a credit cardr t(e deposit? I waived it on accountof her general hotness.
00:09:12That, and she paid cash.
00:09:14Anyone else coming or going from this room?
00:09:16Just you, and now room itrashed.
00:09:21Hey, who's going to pay for this?!
00:09:26Don't see that witness statement about the car back in '93.
00:09:29Could have swore it was here.
00:09:32Inez Kellog, little old lady site.
00:09:36Anybody else been in the box?
00:09:38Not according to the log.
00:09:40But you remember it?
00:09:41Yeah. Never went anywhere 'cause she couldn't I.D. the model or year.
00:09:45Oh... New info puts Wanda in a similar car three blocks from there.
00:09:49This guy better not be sowing false hope.
00:09:54VALENS: Hey, you all right?
00:09:56Yeah, I'm fine.
00:09:57But Christina's gone.
00:09:58Along with my service weapon.
00:10:00Lil, you've g to call this in.
00:10:02I need your help getting them both back.
00:10:03But you don't report it stolen, gets used in a cri-e, that's , Lil. You're done.
00:10:07Look, I know what this means, Scotty.
00:10:09I'm asking for your help.
00:10:13What do weot?
00:10:15Well, the guy tossed the room.
00:10:16He was looking for something.
00:10:19Oxys. Who's "Alexis Childress"?
00:10:21The same name the room's under.
00:10:23It's all we got to go on. But you want to go after these guys without a gun?
00:10:28Don't worry.
00:10:30I got a gun. Robert Miggs?
00:10:39As-salaam alaikum,Detective.
00:10:41Anit's Brother Olajuwon now.
00:10:43Yeah. ly reason we're meeting like this is 'cause of Althea Johnson.
00:10:46She said I could trust you.
00:10:48You find the prophet while doing that dime up at Camp Hill, brother? Allah had a plan for me.
00:10:54That plan include sprouting a conscience?
00:10:56The first thing I saw when I finished my incarceration was that woman out there in a blizzard hanging flyers.
00:11:03She wanted to find out what happened to her daughter.
00:11:05Yeah. Well, I saw that girl's face, and I remembered... Name's Wanda.
00:11:12Where'd you see her?
00:11:13Like Brother Malcolm, I, too, was in the game.
00:11:17The corner was "poppin'" as they say in the pusher parlance.
00:11:22Wanda trying to cop?
00:11:23I don't know what she was doing in that car.
00:11:26Just knew something wasn't right.
00:11:49Yo, check off, Young.
00:11:52I don't like that one.
00:11:55(arguing in distance) Something ain't right with that.
00:11:58(gunshot) (tir screeching) Can't get that girl's face out of my thoughts.
00:12:07You get a good look at the car?
00:12:08Green Fordlo Got a head for cars?
00:12:11Skill set you get on the corner.
00:12:14Only way to read your customer.
00:12:15What'd that car say to you?
00:12:17Caucasiaca- that's how co I rembered.
00:12:20Wondered what a beautiful, young sister was doing in a ride like tt.
00:12:24You see anybody in ther?
00:12:27No. Just heard voices.
00:12:29Some kind of dispute, then the gun went off.
00:12:36Different model years of Ford Explorers.
00:12:40Tell me which one you recognize.
00:12:44Like that. '92 Ford Explorer. Sure?
00:12:50Had one of them DARE stickers on it.
00:13:02Where'd you get that?
00:13:04It was a gift.
00:13:05You prepared to use that thing?
00:13:09They got my sister.
00:13:10Assaulted me and took my gun.
00:13:13Just evening the odds.
00:13:15Start withhis Rothman Drugs doling out a lifetime supply of painkillers, huh?
00:13:22100 count, 160 milligrams.
00:13:23That's a lot of blues. Worse than I thoht What's that mean?
00:13:32Come on, Lil. You saw her.
00:13:34It's whatill-poppers do: Use fakeeso get scrips.
00:13:37Why you so sure that they're Christina's?
00:13:40Checked into that fleabag under the same alias.
00:13:42He's gotta use a fake name 'cause she can't get a scrip for a controlled substance with a record.
00:13:47You know, my sister's a lot of things, but a drug addict?
00:13:51You know something I don't, Scotty?
00:13:54Here we go.
00:13:55When's the ta te you saw he When was that? She called me...
00:14:00a couple days ago...
00:14:01("Beast of Burden" by The Rolling Stones playing) Just tell her I'll be back soon, okay,aby?
00:14:07All right, take care.
00:14:16Thanks for coming.
00:14:20ListenI know I left a mess last time I was in town.
00:14:28I'm really sorry about that.
00:14:29All I want is for you to make love to me ♪
00:14:33What do you need, Christina?
00:14:38So it's like that, huh?
00:14:39Yeah, it's like that.
00:14:41Just get to it.
00:14:42♪ I'll never be your beast of burden ♪
00:14:44♪ I've walked for miles, my feet are hurtin' ♪
00:14:47You're the only one who really knows my sister; what she's like, what she's thinking.
00:14:53I don't know about that.
00:14:54I wanna know if she still hates me.
00:14:57♪ Am I hard enough? ♪
00:14:59You're talking to me.
00:15:00You haven't even spoken to her yet, have you?
00:15:02♪ Am I rich enough? I'm not too blind to see ♪
00:15:07Do you think there's a chance that Lilly could ever get past it?
00:15:12What difference does it make?
00:15:13You're just gonna skip town. No, no.
00:15:16That's just it. I want to move back.
00:15:20This is my home.
00:15:22This is where my family is.
00:15:23I don't know, Christina.
00:15:28You'rena hav to call Lilly yourself.
00:15:31♪ Am I rough enough? ♪
00:15:32But you might wanna get cleaned up first.
00:15:36♪ I'm not too blind to see. ♪
00:15:39I'm trying, Scotty.
00:15:43I'm really trying.
00:15:43VALENS: I know that look from Narcotics.
00:15:46It wasn't pinned...
00:15:48but she was jonesing.
00:15:52My sister...
00:15:53hooked on hillbilly heroin, and you didn't tell me?
00:15:56(bottle clatters) What the hell was I supposed to say, Lil?
00:16:00After what happened last time?
00:16:01Hey, wait, wait, wait.
00:16:03What are you doing?
00:16:04Hey! Hey!
00:16:07You lied to my face!
00:16:08What? See? I knew you wld react this way.
00:16:10Why you think she came to me first, Lil?
00:16:11Of course, why wouldn't she?
00:16:13says a lot about your relationship, don't it?
00:16:14You think I wanna get put in the middle of this all over again?
00:16:18It didn't stop you before.
00:16:19Just another piece to you right, Scotty?
00:16:20You know, why don't ya take your ass back up to the feds and take that big job?
00:16:26You can forg about us just like you forgot about your sister.
00:16:31I figured you wereher next stop anyway.
00:16:35Was I right?
00:16:39Why wouldn't you just tell me?
00:16:41I don't know, Lil.
00:16:44Maybe I got my own family to deal with.
00:16:47Did you ever think of that?
00:16:57We just gonna stand here arguing all damn day...
00:17:00or are we gonna go get your gun and Christina back?
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00:19:50Anybody seen Rush today?
00:19:51Some family thing with her sister.
00:19:53Think Scotty went to help her out.
00:19:55I t even want to know.
00:19:56That missing witness statemt turn up?
00:19:59Gone. Any luck with the partial plates ran back in the day?
00:20:03I got 40 '92 green Ford Explorers, but none of 'em checked out.
00:20:07"Wreck, alibi, in for repair, out of search radius." What about this one?
00:20:11Every other one has a reason why it was deleted.
00:20:14Did you farm out any legwork back in the day?
00:20:16I was busy chasing down witnesses, so I used Joe Mueller in patrol.
00:20:23This is fault of patient.
00:20:25Pele change numbers, fax in forge scrips.
00:20:28Addicts stop at nothing to get pills.
00:20:29Ten refills and you don't even double-check with the doc?
00:20:32She didn't lo like an addict. Was she alone or was she working with someone?
00:20:35What do you mean? It's a lax pharmacy that doles out pills like candy. Word spreads fast.
00:20:40Lies You pulled tecor. She wapaying cash, right?
00:20:43You dealing painkillers or drug addicts?
00:20:45I call the DEA, that's fed time, Nazir.
00:20:48Look, we're not interested in busting you.
00:20:53We're looking for this woman and anyone else she was working with.
00:21:00She came alone.
00:21:01But she had the same address on her I.D.
00:21:04as the two other guys from New Yk.
00:21:06me address?
00:21:07Wh other guys?
00:21:08New York I.D. They pd with cash.
00:21:13RUSH: How often these guys come in?
00:21:15First guy's been in here before.
00:21:17Knows not comere than once a week.
00:21:19VALENS: Well, what about this other guy?
00:21:21Don't recognize him, but this is not the only place that takes cash.
00:21:25RUSH: All using fake New York I.D.s.
00:21:28And you don't report it.
00:21:29m cooperatinwith you now.
00:21:31(sighs) Pharmacies that play ball with drug addicts.
00:21:33Just one stop on the circuit?
00:21:35Like clockwork.
00:21:37And I can tell you the place they're going to hit up next.
00:21:43Got a minute, Joe?
00:21:46Signed Ryan Howard bat-- wife beat r huand to deathwith it st night.
00:21:49Well, maybe the Phillies will sign her.
00:21:52Yeah, maybe.
00:21:53What's up?
00:21:54Been going over the Wanda Johnson case.
00:21:57Drawing a blank.
00:21:5915-year-old girl killed in the Badlands back in '93.
00:22:03Had you run some partial plas from an eyewitness statement.
00:22:06You say so.
00:22:07We got a better description of the car.
00:22:08Turns out we were looking for a '92 Ford Explorer.
00:22:11Came up zilch.
00:22:12Yeah, we see that.
00:22:13Why'd you cross this one out?
00:22:16That was a long time ago.
00:22:18If I had to guess, I'd say it was a wrong plate or somethi.
00:22:21Well, you listed a reason for all the others.
00:22:23That one... nothing.
00:22:26I'll have to, uh, consult my field notes, jog my memory.
00:22:29Like to see those notes, you don't mind.
00:22:34I'll get right on that.
00:22:40Covering up for sloppy work?
00:22:42Let's hope that's all it is.
00:22:53Before you even any odds with that street gun...
00:22:58This thing's still packing a charge.
00:23:01(clicking) I can't believe she's hooked on painkillers.
00:23:12Probably after some injury.
00:23:14That's how it starts.
00:23:15I mean, all the crap we went through with my mom.
00:23:19Growing up.
00:23:20You know, people thinkth c jt kick it.
00:23:23It ain't that easy.
00:23:27These pills, going straight from that pharmacy to the street.
00:23:30They grind up the time-release Oxys to smoke, snort, shoot, whatever.
00:23:36Docs give 'em to anybody.
00:23:38Pharmacists are...
00:23:54I und this in the room.
00:23:58She tried to show it to me.
00:24:00Saidheemembered that swimsuit.
00:24:03But she was only like... five.
00:24:07t photos of me that age.
00:24:09Makes you think you remember being there.
00:24:16("Slave" by Rolling Stones playing) That him?
00:24:42♪Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it♪
00:24:50♪Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it♪
00:24:57♪Do it, do it, do it, do it♪
00:25:03♪Don't wanna be your slave♪
00:25:06♪ Don'a be youslave ♪
00:25:09♪Don't wanna be your slave♪
00:25:13(scatting) ♪ Do it, baby ♪
00:25:17♪ Yeah, baby ♪
00:25:48♪ ♪
00:25:53(tires screeching) ♪ Don't wanna be your slave ♪
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00:27:21You sound like a spokesperson.
00:27:22I know, I do, don't i?
00:27:23You know they want me to be the spokesperson?
00:27:25How much would they pay you for this sort of thing?
00:27:27A boat load of cash.
00:27:28I think you should do it.
00:27:30I don't.
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00:28:19Why would you need 60 days,really, who is that indecisive?
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00:30:25Hey, I'm, uh, just knocking off to grab those files for you.
00:30:29t ther!
00:30:30Get your hands off me!
00:30:32I'm giving you one chance to explain how come you buried this.
00:30:35It was a fluke.
00:30:36Doherty had nothing to do with that kirl getting killed.
00:30:39Then why did you delete the file?
00:30:41He was my lieutenant.
00:30:42That puts him off-limits?
00:30:44Look, I gave him a heads-up.
00:30:46We had a good laugh about it, and that was it.
00:30:48He ask you to bury the report? No.
00:30:50figured the last thi my lieutenant needed was his name popping up in a hot investigation.
00:30:54Well, it popped.
00:30:55Look, I got respect for chain of command.
00:30:58So do I, Joe.
00:30:59Except when it comes to covering up a crime.
00:31:02There wasn't no cover-up.
00:31:05Breathe a word of this to anybody, I'll have you pushing a sector car around the 12th.
00:31:11Yeah, we'll see about that.
00:31:18RUSH: Where is she, numbnuts? (stun gun clicking) VALENS: You scream when I take that sock out, I'llakyou eat this whole bottle.
00:31:25(spits) The hell?
00:31:27What'I do?
00:31:28Where is Christina?
00:31:31How the hell should I know?
00:31:33That's Cliff's old lady.
00:31:34Who the hell's Cliff, and where is he?
00:31:35Back in Jersey. I don't know.
00:31:37I hooked him up once move some blues-- easy stuff from pain clinics in Florida.
00:31:41Run them up I-95 to Newark.
00:31:43So, why is Cliff coming down here 'Cause he senhis woman down here to buy some pills, and she kept lying to him, saying she couldn't get a hold of me.
00:31:49Why would she lie to him? She said she was working on another hooku One week turned to two, Cliff started losing it.
00:31:54He said he was going to have her ass. And you knew where she was staying?
00:31:58I saw her outside a rehab clinic, and I followed her to the Grand.
00:32:01And you told him where she was.
00:32:02Cliff-- he's got a possessive mean streak.
00:32:06He gave her the pimp hand and hauled her ass out of there.
00:32:09And you went there with him. No.
00:32:11He just told me to go back and find the stash.
00:32:14I found you instead.
00:32:15You took my gun. (stun gun clicking) Where's my sister?
00:32:18Your sister?
00:32:20No, man, that was Cliff. He took the gun, too.
00:32:23You said he was in Jersey.
00:32:24Where? I don't know.
00:32:25Jersey City-- I never been up there.
00:32:27I don't even know the dude's last name.
00:32:30Come on, man.l I got's a cell number.
00:32:33Check my phone.
00:32:34It's a Jersey area code.
00:32:35We'll be back.
00:32:37Better be ght.
00:32:38Try to make it last.
00:32:43What? No d?
00:32:44That deleted plate match came back belonging to Doherty.
00:32:48Could be one of those grassy kno coincidences.
00:32:51Be inclined to go there with you, Nick, except I also got a missing witness statement.
00:32:55Nobody's been in that box except you.
00:32:57Well, that's where Nightstick Joe comes into the picture.
00:32:59VERA: Let me guess.
00:33:00He deleted the license plate that came back to Doherty.
00:33:02ah. See where I'm going with this?
00:33:05He's trying to get in with the bosses, so he buri the report.
00:33:08Worse-- he shows it to Doherty.
00:33:10And Doherty says he'll take care of it.
00:33:11I owe it to Wanda Johnson to follow this thing to the end.
00:33:17Yeah, you're going to follow it right into forced retirement.
00:33:19So mote it be.
00:33:21MILLER: u got anything else linking Doherty to this except his car and a missing witness statement?
00:33:26How about a gun?
00:33:28VERA: Wanda was shot with a .38.
00:33:30Doherty never turned in his department-issue .38 when we got the new Glocks.
00:33:35Looks just like this old wheel gun of mine.
00:33:38MIER: Wow.
00:33:39You think a police lieutenant killed a 15-year-old girl?
00:33:43There's one way to find out.
00:33:45VERA: Suppose you know where Doherty keeps his gun.
00:33:47Desk, top right drawer, next to the bottle of Old Spice.
00:33:51MILLER: Just walk in there and get that gun?
00:33:53Doherty's got his local clergy meeting tonight.
00:33:56But after that...
00:33:58("Uner of the ght" by the Rolling Snes plays) (elevator bell dings) There's a priest, a rabbi, and a minister all in an elevator...
00:34:17The sink's clogged in the ladies' room, Sal.
00:34:19I'll get to it after I finish touching up the big boss's office.
00:34:22You been hitting the gym?
00:34:23Just pushing this mop and bucket.
00:34:26Oh. You're looking toned.
00:34:28SAL: What did you say was wrong with the sink?
00:34:30♪ Long enough to bust your brains out ♪
00:34:33♪ The oppion's tongue is cut in two ♪
00:34:36♪ Keep off the street 'cause you're in danger...
00:34:40STILLMAN: Accusing the of murder, Will, I mean, that's career suicide.
00:34:4516 years I've been chewing on this case.
00:34:48Dreading the bakedds she sendevy year letting me know her daughter's killer is still out there.
00:34:54♪ Keep it all out of sight ♪
00:34:57♪ Undercover ♪
00:34:58♪ Keep it all out of sight ♪
00:35:01♪ Undercover of the night ♪
00:35:12♪ The sex police are out there on the streets...
00:35:14STILLMAN: You better get your ducks lined up, Will, before you go slinging accusations at the brass.
00:35:19In the process of doing just that.
00:35:21What are you up to, Will?
00:35:22Suppose Doherty's gun were to turn up.
00:35:24#Could get preliminary ballistics on it from Fiu?
00:35:27We better be talking hypothetical here because I am all out of favors upstairs.
00:35:32♪ Undercover of the nht... ♪
00:35:34One deputy commissioner's gun.
00:35:43♪ Undercover of the night. ♪
00:35:48Subscriber info on the cell comes back to Clifton Harper in Jersey City Heights.
00:35:54(sighs) She's got this deranged boyfrid after he She really knows how to pick them.
00:36:00Easy I don't know why I should care anymore. Still blood.
00:36:04Still... hurts.
00:36:07Look, I'm sorry dragged you in this uu.
00:36:16I should have told you before.
00:36:22I mean, I-I feel like I'm still responsible for her.
00:36:27I-I don't know how to...
00:36:30keep doing this.
00:36:32She went through what you did, too.
00:36:35Well, you would think it would have brought us closer, but I barely remember a time when we got along.
00:36:42When we were just...
00:36:48(chattering) (screaming) Don't worry. We'll build it again.
00:37:00RUSH: One weekend, my dad came back.
00:37:03He, uh, took us to the beach.
00:37:06Christina was so happy.
00:37:10But I knew.
00:37:12You knew what?
00:37:13He was just gonna leave again.
00:37:17And he did.
00:37:21Look, whatever happens, Scotty...
00:37:33You pulled me out of a mayol fund-raiser, John.
00:37:35This better be good.
00:37:36Got a few questions, Pat.
00:37:37You got questions, you come up the fifth floor and ask 'em in the morning.
00:37:41I don't think you want that.
00:37:43Careful, Detective.
00:37:45Waa Johnn.
00:37:49That supposed to mean something?
00:37:50Well, we got a break in the case.
00:37:53t. Work it.
00:37:56Is this some kind of stunt?
00:37:58Wanda Johnuoshwtand killed in the Badlands back in '93.
00:38:02STILLMAN: Witness came forward, pu Wanda in your car.
00:38:05FFRIES:Green '92 Ford Explorer.
00:38:07Sounds like you have an unreliable witness.
00:38:10Oh, your car popped back in the day offal plate.
00:38:13Got deleted from the file.
00:38:16I see where this is going.
00:38:18And I'll warn you right now.
00:38:20I'll have both your badges and your pensions.
00:38:22Take your best shot.
00:38:23We'll see whose badge goes first.
00:38:25What the hell does that mean?
00:38:26Witness statement putting your car at the crime scene turned up missing from the box.
00:38:31You don't want the feds in this, Pat.
00:38:33We're doing you a favor.
00:38:39We're done here.
00:38:41Not until you te u how a bullet from your gun ended up kilng Wanda Johnson.
00:38:58You're bluffing.
00:39:01Came back a definitive match, Pat.
00:39:08I'd like my FOP lawyer now.
00:39:11I'm still waiting for the truth.
00:39:13And I'd still like my lawyer.
00:39:14STILLMAN: Night Wanda was shot you were at Timmy Murphy's wake.
00:39:17e whole department was there.
00:39:19Yeah. So what?
00:39:19I know what you're doing here, Pat.
00:39:21Stay out of this, John.
00:39:22STILLMAN: You left your gun at home.
00:39:24No.Car was in the Badlands.
00:39:26I know all about your boy Matt's struggle with drugs.
00:39:28This had nothing to do with my son, and I'll stand for the gun.
00:39:31JEFFRIES: at girl's mother has been twisting in the wind fo16 years.
00:39:35I said Matty didn't dohis.
00:39:39How do you know that?
00:39:41Because I asked him.
00:39:47What's this?
00:39:49I was gonna tell you about that.
00:39:51I'm listening.
00:39:52Me and Ronnie... You went out drinking?
00:39:55No! Don't lie to me.
00:40:00Just a little.
00:40:02How'd this happen?
00:40:03Ronnie got sick, and it was an accident.
00:40:07But we cleaned it up, though.
00:40:10ything el3eyou nt to tell me?
00:40:23I wanted to believe him.
00:40:25How'd he get your gun?
00:40:27I don't know. But you knew enough when you heard about the shooting to make that plate match go away.
00:40:32u knew Matty was involved. No.
00:40:34Buried that witness report.
00:40:37What kind of cop does that?
00:40:41He was my son.
00:40:43I was trying to protect him.
00:40:46It was that damn Ronnie Tavares.
00:40:47I told Matt to stay away from him.
00:40:50We'll talk to him.
00:40:54Matt's turned his life arnd.
00:41:00He's got a family and a son of his own now.
00:41:04Then maybe he'll understand the hell he's put Althea Johnson tough.
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00:44:41father's commando.
00:44:42It's been a dream of mine to resto it.
00:44:45And it's my dream for him to finish it.
00:44:46Frank has something great to save up for.
00:44:49This is my dad.
00:44:50Isn't that cool?
00:44:51And a very understandinggirlfriend.
00:44:53I showed him a wells fargo savings accountwith my savings plan.
00:44:55[ Frank ] AND WHAT IT DOES IS TAKES A LITTLE Bit of my money and puts it towards my goal.
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00:45:04So, one at a time.
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00:45:09♪ ♪
00:45:21STILLMAN: Good to see you've pulled yourself together, Matt.
00:45:24I understand you're a father now.
00:45:28You know what this is about?
00:45:31(papers rustling) Remember Wanda?
00:45:35We got your old running buddy Ronnie Tavares in the other room.
00:45:39Really made something of himself: meth addict, petty theft, distribution.
00:45:45He's ready to cooperate.
00:45:46My father know about this?
00:45:48He's prepared to take the fall for you.
00:45:51You gonna let that happen, Matt?
00:45:55No. It's time to man up he, 3on.
00:46:01How'd you know Wanda?
00:46:04We met at a party the week before.
00:46:07She was still in high school.
00:46:08f dnt lo it.
00:46:10How'd you meet her that night We cruised by the school, picked her up.
00:46:17("Tumbling Dice" by The Rolling Stones playing) I didn't even remember her name.
00:46:21♪ Mm-hmm, yeah ♪
00:46:23♪Ooh...♪ (mumbling) Yo, Wanda.
00:46:28, Wanda, it's me-- Ronnie.
00:46:29Yeah, so? Yo, yo, yo, let's just go do this, man.
00:46:32Yo, in a minute, fool, relax.
00:46:33Yo, you're looking good, baby.
00:46:34Let me holla at you for a second.
00:46:39me and my boy Matt right here-- we're trying to get in a little adventure.
00:46:42That so? Yes.
00:46:44Oh. What you doing?
00:46:45Waiting on my mom. Looks like she forgot you.
00:46:48Yo, you know we can give you a ride, right?
00:46:51Come on.
00:46:52♪ Like I don't know how ♪
00:46:54♪ Baby, I go... ♪
00:46:56Madam. (laughs) ♪ Crazy... ♪
00:46:59All right? ♪ You got to roll me ♪
00:47:01♪ And call me the mbling dice.♪
00:47:06Listen up, Ronnie.
00:47:07We got Matt Doherty next door.
00:47:09Yeah, od for you.
00:47:10Wrong, bad for you, Ronnie.
00:47:12Matt's got his life together.
00:47:13Plus his dad's a cop, time.
00:47:15Means he knows the art of the deal.
00:47:17I know how to deal.
00:47:20What'd Matt say?
00:47:21Says you lured Wanda into that car.
00:47:24(chuckles) He said that?
00:47:25Said you wergonn giveer a ride home. Right.
00:47:28But you end up in the Badlands?
00:47:30Detour. For what?
00:47:32Show that dealer what's what.
00:47:34He ripped us off the week before.
00:47:36Huh, so...
00:47:40That what the gun was for?
00:47:42That's not my gun, and it wasn't my idea.
00:47:45Matt's painting a picture putting it all on you.
00:47:51he was tripping about that dealer getting over on us.
00:47:53♪ ♪
00:48:05All right, so how you want to do this?
00:48:07Do what? I said I wanted to go home.
00:48:09Yo, chill, baby, relax, We just got some business to attend to.
00:48:12Now you're allBoyz n the Hood?
00:48:14(laughs) Just tell him you want something. I'm not telling him nothing.
00:48:17Check this. (gasps) Come on. Are you serious? What the hell?
00:48:21We're just gonna go straight at 'em, man.
00:48:22You can't go point that thing at a dealer, fool.
00:48:24The guys shoot back, man.
00:48:25Just gonna put a little scare into him, okay?
00:48:27Yoget my back with his boys.
00:48:29You guys are crazy.
00:48:30I'm out. Give me that thing, man. This is no time to...
00:48:33Get off of it! Stop!
00:48:35(screams) ♪
00:48:38Ronn should have never grabbed that gun.
00:48:42It was an accident.
00:48:42!It also accident you don't take Wanda to e hospital?
00:48:51Lot of things I should have done different.
00:48:53Worried about what your father would say?
00:48:56(sighs) It was all I could think about.
00:49:02What the hel did you just do,!n?
00:49:03?! You grabbed the gun! (gasps quietly) We got to get her to a hpital, man.
00:49:06It was an accident. That's what we're gonna tell 'em, right?
00:49:08Wanda. was aac .
00:49:11Oh, man.
00:49:12Wanda. Oh, no.
00:49:13Oh, man, what are we gonna do, man?
00:49:15I don't know.
00:49:16n, we t to geter out of this car!
00:49:18Ronnie said we had to get rid of the body, so that's what we did.
00:49:23Just dump her like that.
00:49:27I cleaned out the car, put the gun back.
00:49:32Then lied to your father.
00:49:33But he knew, didn't he?
00:49:35Yeah, I could see it in his eyes.
00:49:40All these years sober.
00:49:43It's like I've been waiting fothis day to come.
00:49:48So has Althea Johnson.
00:49:56VALENS: All right.
00:49:58Unit number for Cliff Harper is on the left.
00:50:02No lights onNobody's home.
00:50:05Record for assault, domestic violence.
00:50:08Guy's a real charmer.
00:50:09Let's pull around back.
00:50:10See if we can find a way in.
00:50:13(glass breaking) (woman groans) Christina.
00:50:53He did this to you?
00:50:56He won't leave us alone.
00:51:00Cliff-- where is he, Chris?
00:51:03No matter what I do, he always finds us.
00:51:07I'm so sorry, Lil.
00:51:09What do you mean "us"?
00:51:10iou have tout of here. No, we're not leaving without you.
00:51:14(yells) It hurts to breathe.
00:51:18Can you walk?
00:51:20I tried.
00:51:23I can't leave.
00:51:25I'm not like you.
00:51:26VALENS: Need to get her out of here.
00:51:29I thought if I just le her with a iend and came home, I could get it together.
00:51:38Le, left who?
00:51:39Then I could come and get her and then we could be like that again.
00:51:45What are you talking about?
00:51:46Christina, we have to go.
00:51:49Like at the beach...
00:51:52in the pho that Dad gave .
00:51:56You remember that day, Lil?
00:51:58Yeah. When he came back?
00:52:00Yeah, yeah, sweetie, I remember.
00:52:05(laughr anplfuscreing) Can you help us rebuild it, Dad?
00:52:15CHRISTINA: I ought we were going to be like that again.
00:52:22Sure, Chris, why not?
00:52:26(groans) I want it to be like that for her.
00:52:30Let's get r ou Let's go.
00:52:32I got to go, Lil, 'cause I got to switch out the laundry. It's okay.
00:52:36VALENS: Come on.
00:52:37(Christina gasps) (Valens grunting) (baby crying) (door opens) CLIFF: Christina, time to get up.
00:53:17(cing) The hell?
00:53:26(both grunt) w could you dohat to my sister?!
00:53:32(panting) Don't.
00:53:37You don't want to do that, Lil.
00:53:41Come on.
00:53:46Let's go home.
00:53:55(clicks safety on) ("Winter" by The Rolling Stones playing) ♪ Oh, oh ♪
00:54:28♪ Well ♪
00:54:29♪ My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my ♪
00:54:36♪ And it's sure been cold, cold ♪
00:54:41♪ Winter ♪
00:54:43♪ And the wind ain't been blowin' ♪
00:54:46♪ From the south ♪
00:54:49♪ It's sure been ♪
00:54:51♪ A cold, cold winter ♪
00:54:56♪ And the light of love ♪
00:54:59♪ Is all burned out ♪
00:55:03♪ It's sure been a hard, hard ♪
00:55:07♪ Winter ♪
00:55:09♪ My feet been draggin' ♪
00:55:12♪Cross the ground ♪
00:55:15♪ And I hope it's gonna be ♪
00:55:18♪ A long, hot summer ♪
00:55:22♪ And the light of love ♪
00:55:24♪ Will be burnin' bright ♪
00:55:27♪ And I wish I'd ♪
00:55:31♪ Been out in California ♪
00:55:34♪ When the lights on all the Christmas trees ♪
00:55:38♪ Went out ♪
00:55:40♪ But I been burnin' ♪
00:55:42♪ My bell, book, and candle ♪
00:55:46♪ And the restoration plays ♪
00:55:50♪ Have all gone 'round ♪
00:55:55♪ It's sure been ♪
00:55:57♪ A cold, cold winter, Lord ♪
00:56:01♪ My feet been draggin' 'cross the ground ♪
00:56:06♪ And the fields has all been brown and fallow ♪
00:56:13♪ And the springtime ♪
00:56:15♪ Take a long way around ♪
00:56:19♪ Yeah ♪
00:56:20♪ And I wish I'd been out in Stone Canyon ♪
00:56:26♪ When the lights on all thehristmas trees ♪
00:56:30♪ Went out ♪
00:56:32♪ But I been burnin' ♪
00:56:34♪ My bell, book, and candle ♪
00:56:38Andhe restoration plays ♪
00:56:41♪ Have all gone 'round ♪
00:56:44♪ Oh, Lord ♪
00:56:48♪ Well, well, well ♪
00:56:56♪ Sometimes I think about you, baby, well ♪
00:57:04♪ Oh, sometimes I cry about you, Lord ♪
00:57:08♪ Well, well, well, well, well, well, well ♪
00:57:13♪ Yeah, and I'll wrap my coat around you, woman. ♪
00:57:15Captioning sponsored byCBS andWAER BROS. TELEVISION Captioned byMedia Access Groupat WGBH >>> Is this the man lice are looking for?
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