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00:00:10Thanksgiving morning.
00:00:12In the scrub pine of florida, the air is still, broken only by the sound of a man's boots.
00:00:20A police officer works through the underbrush until he comes upon a hunter, 35-year-old greg wood, dead.
00:00:31He's taken a shotgun blast at close range.
00:00:35>> There was something about the crime scene that just didn't look right.
00:00:39I've been to a lot of hunting accidents, none of which look like this.
00:00:44>> Kurtis: Several things strike chance as odd.
00:00:47Wood's belt has been cut, his wallet missing, and two guns he carried, a shotgun and a .357 smith & wesson, are gone.
00:00:56>> You ask yourself, "how in the world would he have shot himself in the head, sitting down on a " and then where'd the gun go?
00:01:03>> Kurtis: Chance believes wood has been stalked and murdered, and it would appear he is not the first.
00:01:10Homicide detective jimm redmond arrives on the scene.
00:01:14>> There had, in fact, been another homicide which took place in the osceola national forest, also a hunting area, on the 19th of november of 1993, which would have been five days earlier.
00:01:31>> Kurtis: In osceola, the victim is 63-year-old don hill.
00:01:34Like wood, hill was killed at close range with a shotgun.
00:01:37Like wood, his belt was cut, his hunting knife stolen.
00:01:43In the scrub pine of florida, hunters are being hunted, and detectives need to find out why.
00:01:54On december 8, the hunter task force sets up its base of operations.
00:01:59The unit has little to work with.
00:02:02Each crime scene is clean-- no prints, no spent shells, no hair or fiber evidence.
00:02:08The two guns stolen from wood , the national crime information center, a program that tracks stolen weapons across the country.
00:02:22, however, draws a blank.
00:02:24Greg wood's guns have disappeared.
00:02:27(phone rings) >> Clay county sheriff's office.
00:02:30May I help you?
00:02:32>> Kurtis: The task force sets up a hunter hotline.
00:02:34It, too, turns up no significant leads.
00:02:37Meanwhile, redmond is growing restless.
00:02:40>> Officer chance and I had sat down and talked about it.
00:02:44We're getting nowhere here; the tips are not really productive.
00:02:47What can we do to lure this individual, or these individuals?
00:02:53>> Kurtis: Redmond devises a plan to draw out their suspect.
00:02:57He calls it the baiting game.
00:02:59>> I would grow a beard and dress in hunter garb and go out there, act like I was a hunter.
00:03:10>> Kurtis: Redmond sits under the tree where greg wood's body was found.
00:03:15Officer chance covers him with a scoped rifle.
00:03:19Quietly, they wait, hoping a killer takes their bait.
00:03:23The snare, however, comes up empty.
00:03:32Four years pass.
00:03:34The hunter homicides have stopped.
00:03:36The task force is disbanded.
00:03:38The case goes cold.
00:03:51Gloria southern is a records clerk for putnam county, florida.
00:03:56On a friday morning, she sits down at her computer terminal.
00:03:59The hunter homicides are cold four years, but that is about to change.
00:04:04>> Any pawn shop ticket, when I enter it into the system, .. if it's an article with serial numbers, it will automatically check it through the state system to see whether or not it has been listed as stolen in any county.
00:04:17>> Kurtis: On august 6, 1997, gloria keys a pawn ticket for a .357 magnum into the system.
00:04:24Two weeks earlier, it had been pawned at a local shop in palatka, florida.
00:04:29>> When I put this one into the system, this particular gun, it came back with a hit out of clay county.
00:04:35>> Kurtis: The serial numbers 357 match one of the guns stolen from greg wood.
00:04:39Four years after wood's death, cold case detectives have their first solid lead.
00:04:46>> Well, the lady came in, and she pawned the gun, not knowing herself whether or not the gun was involved in any type of crime.
00:04:58>> Kurtis: Doug worth owns super pawn, the shop where greg wood's .357 surfaces.
00:05:04>> We got this nine-millimeter used gun.
00:05:07>> Kurtis: On august 7, his shop is paid a visit from the law.
00:05:10>> Because they suspected that the firearm was involved in a murder, they actually came down here and gave us our money back on the firearm and took it.
00:05:20>> Actually, I took the cash out of my pocket and bought in on the spot so I would have it in my possession.
00:05:25>> Kurtis: Cold case detectives must now track back in time to 357 off greg wood's body.
00:05:33They start with the woman who pawned the gun, april calloway.
00:05:37>> The name april calloway I didn't know right offhand.
00:05:41>> Kurtis: Putnam county sheriff scott simmons helps redmond track calloway down.
00:05:47>> We rode around, made contact with a few people on the street, and somebody advised me that larry watts was her boyfriend.
00:05:55>> Kurtis: Larry watts is a name simmons does know, a local with a history of drug offenses.
00:06:01Initially, watts and calloway are reluctant to talk.
00:06:05>> But once I invited them into a multiple-murder investigation and convinced them that they really didn't want any part of that, they were more than willing to cooperate.
00:06:16>> Kurtis: Calloway tells redmond she pawned the gun to get grocery money for her children.
00:06:21She had gotten the gun from watts, who in turn was holding it for his son, skeeter.
00:06:26Skeeter than points the finger at 14-year-old derrick mack, who sold him the .357 for $80.
00:06:34>> Lieutenant redmond and i went and found derrick mack.
00:06:37He came to the office with us, interviewed him, and he stated that he stole the gun out of a truck in hastings where his father and he were working.
00:06:47>> Kurtis: The truck belongs to michael tyler.
00:06:51He and his brother paul work at central tractor parts in hastings.
00:06:55More importantly, they fit redmond's profile for a killer.
00:07:00>> Here I came upon these two burly brothers within what i would consider the psychological age frame of the offenders.
00:07:12The fact that they were hunters, they were the first ones that i seriously looked at as possible suspects in the actual murder themselves.
00:07:23>> Kurtis: Redmond believes he might be at the end of the trail.
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00:08:28Call the number on your scre >> Kurtis: For detective jimm redmond, paul and michael tyler provide a perfect psychological fit for the hunter killer.
00:11:30BOTH ARE WHITE, IN THEIR 30s OR 40s, KNOW THEIR WAY AROUND THE Woods, and have the victim's stolen .357 in their pickup.
00:11:38One problem is the tyler boys also have an alibi, and a good one.
00:11:44>> I was in belle glade, florida, at the time of the shootings.
00:11:50I was working for a tractor dealership, and that was one of my runs.
00:11:55Me and my brother both just happened to be on that run, and the way we were able to prove that was we kept delivery tickets.
00:12:03>> I had no problem with them.
00:12:04I believed them.
00:12:05They both gave us the same account as to where the guns came from.
00:12:10>> Kurtis: The tylers tell police that they had bought the guns four years earlier from a cousin by the name of jimmie ray beagle.
00:12:15Beagle is of immediate interest to redmond.
00:12:18>> Jimmie ray beagle was not what I would call a success story during any point in his life.
00:12:28This man is 40 years old.
00:12:31He had spent a number of years applying to be a police officer, to be in law enforcement.
00:12:45>> Kurtis: For most of his life, jimmie ray has been nothing more than a wannabe, a security guard with a fascination for two things: the law and guns.
00:12:56On the day he sold greg wood's .357 to paul tyler, jimmie ray also gave his cousin a little insight into the gun's history.
00:13:03>> The only thing that he ever said to me about it was, "don't worry about it.
00:13:10The guy I got the guns from " and he was extremely serious.
00:13:16>> Kurtis: Redmond wants to get closer to jimmie ray without spooking him.
00:13:21He asks, and paul tyler agrees to wear a wire, to record his conversations with beagle, and to draw him out about the guns.
00:13:44>> Kurtis: At first, tyler tries to play on jimmie ray's conscience, telling beagle that police are asking questions about wood's guns, implicating the tyler brothers in a murder.
00:14:10>> Stone cold, nothing.
00:14:13The look on his face wouldn't even change.
00:14:21>> It was like he totally didn't care.
00:14:23.. he had done what he done, and he knew he had got away with it.
00:14:37>> Kurtis: Guilt does not work with jimmie ray.
00:14:41Redmond instructs tyler to appeal to beagle's ego, to ask his cousin for help in dealing with the law.
00:14:48>> Jimmie ray beagle buys into this, and he is advising paul, "well, you know, you're in trouble, and I know redmond, and this and that, and I'll " >> Kurtis: On march 24, 1997, jimmie ray beagle makes an appointment to meet redmond at the sheriff's station in green cove, florida.
00:15:27Redmond has drawn out his quarry.
00:15:30NOW HE PREPARES THE TRAP.?.=(=PCPCPCPCPCPCPCPCPC2h, >> And there came a point on march 24 of '97 where I decided, "this is it.
00:17:49This is where jimmie's going " but he's just not going to walk in here and do that, so I have to set the stage for him.
00:17:58>> Kurtis: Jimmie ray beagle is a born-again christian.
00:18:02Redmond decides to play off that.
00:18:05He designs his office as a psychological trap for the suspect.
00:18:10On one side of the room redmond sets out all of the evidence-- crime scene photos, phone taps, pawn shop receipts, surveillance footage.
00:18:20>> (recorded): I BEEN IN Jacksonville, and I got to go ..
00:18:23>> Kurtis: Playing in the background, undercover conversations between beagle and his cousin, paul tyler.
00:18:28On the other side of the room, a bible lies open on a desk.
00:18:32Redmond himself dresses in black, symbolic of the confessor priest.
00:18:38As jimmie ray walks into redmond's office, he has two choices: heaven or hell.
00:18:44>> So what we've got here is a triangle.
00:18:47We've got jimmie ray beagle, who's very confused at this point.
00:18:50We've got his misdeeds here, and we've got somebody who's in a position to listen to whatever he might have to say, and i remember him saying something to " >> Kurtis: Within an hour, jimmie ray beagle confesses to the first of the hunter homicides.
00:19:09Then beagle tells detectives he needs to take a break.
00:19:15He asks to use the restroom, and that is where jimmie ray beagle's strange story turns even more bizarre.
00:19:22>> Well, he's been in there quite a long time, at which point I went to the bathroom door, and I knocked on the door, .. I said, "jimmie, " >> Kurtis: Beagle refuses to come out of the bathroom.
00:19:33Redmond decides to help him out.
00:19:35" I says, "you're going to have to open this door, or I'm going " and he repeated, "well, just " stepped back and I gave it four good kicks here, and with ..
00:19:48>> Kurtis: Redmond kicks in the door and falls forward into the cramped bathroom.
00:19:52To his right sits jimmie ray, on the ground next to the toilet.
00:19:56 beagle was in a crouched position, in a combat stance, with his arms extended toward me, with a firearm which was cocked and in my face.
00:20:08>> Kurtis: Jimmie ray beagle 38 revolver at redmond's head.
00:20:14>> And he was telling me, "jimm, if you don't get out, I'm going kill you.
00:20:19" and during the course of him talking to me, I just more or less sprang backwards out of the door to the hallway, and he kicked the door shut.
00:20:29>> A standoff tonight at the clay county sheriff's office is keeping deputies and the swat team on alert.
00:20:35>> For nine hours, police talk to their suspect through a bathroom door, getting more than they ever wanted from jimmie ray beagle.
00:20:44>> He is passing notes to me from underneath the door.
00:20:47He's writing on the walls.
00:20:49He's writing on the sinks.
00:20:50.. every little piece of paper that he can find in the bathroom, confessing his crimes, not only to include these murders, but to include arsons and insurance frauds and every other bad deed he's ever done in his life.
00:21:07>> The whole time he was in there negotiating, we could overhear him singing.
00:21:11He was singing some off-the-wall songs, religious songs and stuff that made no sense to us.
00:21:16It sounded to me like he was-- and to our guys-- like he was preparing himself, you know, for the end of it.
00:21:23>> Kurtis: As night falls, the final act in jimmie ray beagle's drama plays itself out inside the police station.
00:21:30>> Reporter: The clay county sheriff's office says they're willing to wait all night, hoping the man who could be responsible for the hunter murders will surrender and not take his own life.
00:21:39>> Kurtis: Just before midnight, the swat team's patience wears thin.
00:21:45They pump knockout gas into the bathroom, and beagle responds.
00:21:49>> He shot through the roof the first time, trying to hit me in .. deploying the gas.
00:21:58Just a few seconds later, he started firing through the doorway, through the walls.
00:22:04And at that point, one of our team members inside the perimeter in here engaged him through the doorway.
00:22:08>> Kurtis: This is footage shot from outside the police station.
00:22:13Inside jimmie ray and the police trade rounds.
00:22:16It ends quickly, with a final shot from inside the small bathroom.
00:22:22Jimmie ray beagle is found slumped against a toilet, after having shot himself in the chest.
00:22:30His cousin, paul tyler, is not surprised at the news.
00:22:33>> I just knew jimmie ray, when he was in a bind to where he couldn't go any further and couldn't get away from what was really eating him alive, he'd take the shortest way out.
00:22:46>> Kurtis: Why did jimmie ray beagle kill two men?
00:22:49The best guess is greed, pure and simple.
00:22:53Greg wood and don hill had a total of $20 taken off their dead bodies.
00:22:58The two guns beagle took from wood he resold for $75-- two lives for less than 100 bucks.
00:23:08Some crimes, even when they are vancouver, british columbia, an urban jewel set in a crown of ocean and mountains.
00:27:48On the city's outskirts sits stanley park, one of the largest urban parks in north america.
00:27:57Here, a team of investigators givescold case files access to two active cases, one feeding off the other.
00:28:08The first dates back to 1953.
00:28:13Homicide detective brian honeybourn remembers it well.
00:28:18>> I grew up in the area, and was born at the time the murder probably occurred, and I can remember hearing in the media accounts and such of the famous "babes in the woods" case.
00:28:29>> Kurtis: The babes in the skeletal remains of two young children found in these woods in 1953.
00:28:37At the time, investigators studied the bone structure of the skulls and developed a profile.
00:28:44They believed the children to be a boy and a girl, aged six to ten years old.
00:28:48Nothing more is known about the children, nothing more ever uncovered.
00:28:55Evidence from the unsolved crime was eventually moved to the vancouver crime museum.
00:29:02Here, behind a glass case, are items found in the woods that day.
00:29:06A child's lunchbox, an aviator cap, and a hatchet.
00:29:10Alongside are the skulls.
00:29:13For almost 50 years, these bones sat, the case cold, until 1997, when honeybourn decides to reopen the case with science as his ally.
00:29:25>> I removed the remains of the children from the vancouver police museum.
00:29:30I took the remains out to dr.
00:29:31David sweet at the bureau of legal dentistry at the university of british columbia, and he took biological samples of the teeth for d.n.a.
00:29:42>> Kurtis: This is the bureau of legal dentistry in vancouver, one of the few places in the world that specializes in the extraction of d.n.a.
00:29:50From teeth.
00:29:52>> Well, teeth are excellent , because the enamel on the outside and some of the other dental -rich pulp, or core, inside of the tooth.
00:30:10 sweet pulls a tooth from each of the babes' skulls and drills it for d.n.a.
00:30:14Amazingly, he gets a genetic profile from skulls almost a half-century old.
00:30:22What he finds next is nothing short of a bombshell.
00:30:27>> I got a call, a rush call sweet, and he says, " " he says, "because the babes in the woods are two boys, related to one another.
00:30:38" >> Kurtis: In an instant, d.n.a.
00:30:42Sweeps away four decades of investigation, and reshapes vancouver's most famous cold crime.
00:30:51But what can be done with the information?
00:30:53As far as catching the babes' killer, not much.
00:30:55He or she is probably already dead.
00:30:58But what about the science involved, the drilling of teeth that old to obtain a d.n.a.
00:31:05Sweet's success leads detectives to consider other cold cases, and other skulls.
00:31:12This is the skull of another unknown, found in stanley park in 1990.
00:31:20>> Area number three is an area of crushing.
00:31:25However, there is a regular profile in this area as well, indicative of a manmade tool.
00:31:34>> Kurtis: Blunt-force trauma to the skull tells a tale of murder, but little else.
00:31:40>> So we knew we were dealing with a homicide, even though at that time, all we had was a skull.
00:31:47>> In 1998, the file crosses the desk of cold case detective al cattley.
00:31:51>> We were also informed that the skull belonged to a female, probably a native indian teenager.
00:32:00>> Kurtis: That information came from this two-dimensional profile done by a forensics team in 1993.
00:32:07Using bone and teeth structure, they determined that the skull belonged to a female in her early teens.
00:32:13Now, cattley wonders, could this profile, like the one in the babes in the woods case, be wrong?
00:32:20>> All that work that was DONE IN THE '50s, WORKING WITH A boy and a girl, was wrong.
00:32:26So when we had a skull, we decided to test that with d.n.a.
00:32:32To find out what we were dealing with.
00:32:35>> Kurtis: Cattley brings his skull to sweet's lab.
00:32:38As he had done in the babes case, sweet drills a tooth from the 1990 skull and develops a d.n.a. profile.
00:32:44Once again, the results are a bombshell.
00:32:47This time the skull belongs not to a female, but a boy, about 13 years old.
00:32:55>> It just reinforces so much the power of this new d.n.a.
00:33:00Remains that were almost a decade old, we're able to get and now confirm the gender, and that, of course, refocused the investigation.
00:33:06>> Kurtis: For eight years, detectives had been searching for a girl who'd never existed.
00:33:11Now they begin a new search, this time for a boy.
00:33:18Working off missing persons reports from 1989 and 1990, detectives quickly focus on two ramsey rioux and kenneth lutz.
00:33:31In december of 1989, the pair ran away from a local foster home and disappeared into the streets of vancouver.
00:33:41Cattley asks for their dental records.
00:33:44>> When we checked the upper dental records, the similarity was such that we went to the parents of ramsey and conducted on them, and it was proven 100% that the skull in stanley park belonged to ramsey rioux.
00:34:02>> Kurtis: Who killed ramsey rioux?
00:34:05And what happened to his companion, kenneth lutz?
00:34:09Cold case investigators must begin their investigation fresh, and they begin where ramsey's skull was found, in vancouver's x@ @ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>@x@ @ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@>@ >> okay, I'm going to go and do my thing now, then.
00:36:24>> Kurtis: In vancouver's stanley park, police and over 200 volunteers gather to search for a killing ground.
00:36:30>> You got the radios and stuff?
00:36:32>> Perfect.
00:36:33>> Kurtis:COLD CASE FILES Is given full and unprecedented access as the search unfolds.
00:36:39>> You know why we're here.
00:36:41We're looking for the two 13- year-old boys that we believe are buried in the park.
00:36:47We found the skull of one of them, and we believe that the other boy's also in there.
00:36:53>> Kurtis: has identified this skull found in the park in may of 1990 as belonging to 13-year-old ramsey rioux.
00:37:01In december of 1989, he disappeared from the vancouver area with another 13-year-old, kenneth lutz.
00:37:08Police now believe that both boys were murdered.
00:37:12>> We're searching relatively short distances.
00:37:16>> Kurtis: Today, the searchers will look for kenneth lutz's body, the rest of ramsey's remains, and clues that may lead to the boy's killer.
00:37:23>> This crime scene is nine years old, okay?
00:37:26So we're now looking for material that has had a nine-year head start on it.
00:37:32It's going to be small; it's going to be covered with overburden and leaves and those kinds of things, so every square foot in front of you has to be searched.
00:37:40Are you ready to go?
00:37:45(whistle blows) ...And go!
00:37:48Nice and slow.
00:37:49>> Kurtis: The search teams comb through ten acres of forest, uncovering dirt a foot at a time.
00:38:01The pace and methods seem random, but are actually part of a carefully orchestrated plan of attack consisting of two waves.
00:38:07In the first wave are volunteers who use sticks and their hands to turn over the dirt floor of the woods.
00:38:16(metal detector beeps) Working with them are individuals with metal detectors and dogs, each making more precise spot checks of the searched areas.
00:38:26In the second wave is a team of anthropologists and cold case detectives.
00:38:33As soft spots or suspicious areas are uncovered, this group goes in to excavate.
00:38:42This work is painstaking and meticulous, akin to an archeological dig.
00:38:47If any remains are found, these anthropologists are trained to identify and process them.
00:38:53>> Certainly nowadays, with and the like, we have probably a better chance of getting something useful now than we did maybe five or ten years ago.
00:39:02So it's a double homicide; we're pulling all the stops out.
00:39:09>> Kurtis: Buried in these woods are the clues to a double homicide.
00:39:14The question is where.
00:39:16As the search progresses, items begin to surface.
00:39:23>> This is an article found by one of our searchers.
00:39:25It's a small piece of bone, and as you can see, there's just a tiny hair attached to it.
00:39:28>> Kurtis: A fragment of bone.
00:39:29Anthropologists in the field classify it as animal.
00:39:33Dental fillings dug up near where the skull was found.
00:39:38The fillings are compared against the boys' dental records, but do not match.
00:39:42.. we have in the previous search searched up the hill.
00:39:46We're now starting from the top and working down with the assumption that perhaps, if an animal carried the skull, it may well have come downhill as opposed to uphill.
00:39:55>> Kurtis: The search shifts to higher ground, where a search team makes what police to believe a major discovery.
00:40:02>> There appears to be an umbrella, some duct tape, running shoes.
00:40:07>> Kurtis: A mailbag, filled with what appears to be an odd assortment of items.
00:40:11>> Would you classify a find like this unusual?
00:40:14>> Kurtis: Media excitement over the bag relates to its date.
00:40:18In canada, postal bags are stamped on the outside with the year they are placed into service.
00:40:25This one dates from 1989, the same year the boys went missing.
00:40:29The mailbag is sealed up and tagged as evidence, its secrets for the time being sealed with it.
00:40:36As the day lengthens, the search begins to wind down.
00:40:39With about an hour of sunlight left, searchers make the strangest find of the day.
00:40:46Buried under a foot and a half of mud, a police officer has found a hockey bag.
00:40:52Inside it, wrapped in a white duvet, or sheet, a shotgun.
00:40:56>> It was found brilliantly.
00:41:00I mean, it was buried, like, 18 inches under the surface, and a guy just came across it.
00:41:08>> Kurtis: A shotgun buried in a swamp.
00:41:12Whether it relates to cattley's investigation is unclear.
00:41:15It is, however, another story to be told, and cattley is eager for the telling.
00:41:20>> The barrel's been removed from the stock, and we'd like to know why.
00:41:29>> Kurtis: At dusk, police call the search to a halt without finding a trace of either boy.
00:41:34>> What can I say about today?
00:41:37I can't say enough thank-yous, and I just really appreciate your effort.
00:41:43I can't believe that we didn't find anything.
00:41:46I really thought in my heart of hearts that we'd come across ramsey.
00:41:51I really thought that, and i don't understand why we haven't.
00:41:54>> Kurtis: 200 Volunteers had given their time and effort to help catch a killer, but had they succeeded?
00:42:01The fruit of their labor fills the back of an evidence trailer.
00:42:04Tomorrow morning, police will mine these items for their secrets.
00:45:20 on the day following the search in stanley park.
00:45:23Cattley and his team gather to photograph, process, and examine the previous day's finds.
00:45:29>> Yep, well, it's like putting a puzzle together inasmuch that we start with the edges, and we work from there.
00:45:35And until we find some of the edges, it's really difficult to put the rest of the puzzle together.
00:45:40This is exhibit one.
00:45:42>> Kurtis: Cattley is eager for a look at the search's two major finds.
00:45:47>> This is quite an interesting find.
00:45:49>> Kurtis: The first is the canadian postal bag.
00:45:52>> It's just like christmas, and we're just going to see what gifts are in there for us.
00:45:55>> Kurtis: Cattley begins to dig through the bag.
00:45:58 a roll of duct tape.
00:46:02>> Now, the duct tape is interesting, because we found more and more that instead of using ropes and ties, that type of thing, to restrain people, more and more people-- I don't know if it's the television influence-- seem to use duct tape for restraint.
00:46:19(camera shutters clicks) >> Kurtis: Along with the tape, cattley finds three different belts, all ideal for binding a victim.
00:46:26Next out of the bag, a pair of white tennis shoes, or runners.
00:46:29" >> now, both the boys were wearing white runners when they disappeared, so this could be relevant.
00:46:40We'll have to see if somebody can either describe the runners the boys were wearing, of if they could identify them if we show them.
00:46:49(camera shutt To ramsey's killer?
00:46:53Inside, perhaps, the tools he used to bind his victims?
00:46:56Cattley is beginning to believe the pieces might just fit.
00:47:01At the bottom of the bag is a wet bit of newspaper.
00:47:06Cattley unfolds it carefully.
00:47:07He's looking for a date, a time frame within which to place the mailbag in the park.
00:47:12>> Now, this is important, because it's a copy of the province,page d11, two and a half years after the boys disappeared.
00:47:19>> The date is march 29, 1992, placing the postal bag in the park well after the boys went missing.
00:47:28>> I mean, this is police work for you.
00:47:30Yesterday, the mailbag, with that date on it, was very impressive from an evidentiary point of view, but today, looking at the newspaper article and the dates, yep, it doesn't dash your hopes, but it certainly brings them down just a touch.
00:47:46>> Kurtis: The team moves on to a shotgun wrapped up and buried under a foot and a half of stanley park mud.
00:47:55>> A remington 850 pump action, and it was certainly placed in there with loving care.
00:48:01>> Kurtis: The shotgun has been carefully preserved, perhaps to be used again.
00:48:06Cattley also takes note of the sheet in which the gun was wrapped.
00:48:13Scorch marks indicate it may have served as a silencer for the weapon.
00:48:18As of this moment, cattley has no reason to connect the gun to his cold case.
00:48:24An active homicide investigation, however, is just that: active.
00:48:30Leads often take detectives down blind alleys, into dead ends, and, in the case of a recovered shotgun, to even consider other crimes.
00:48:41>> I have a homicide investigation where a victim was at home, and there was a knock on the window, and she opened the drapes, and the suspect shot her with a 12-gauge shotgun through the patio doors.
00:48:57We believe we know who's responsible.
00:49:01But one of the things that's been lacking is the weapon.
00:49:04And wouldn't it be a coincidence if this was the weapon?
00:49:09>> Kurtis: The evidence recovered from stanley park is substantial and intriguing, but not enough to sustain al cattley's cold case investigation.
00:49:19>> We'll certainly welcome any information from the public.
00:49:22>> Mm-hmm.
00:49:23>> Kurtis: Cattley's next step is to reach out to the media.
00:49:26>> In case anybody missed it yesterday, it'd be nice to get some exposure.
00:49:32>> Kurtis: Cattley hopes someone out there will hear of his search and remember something about the missing boys.
00:49:37>> We've got to just jog their memory.
00:50:28>> Kurtis: West vancouver: A popular area for teenagers, and an ideal hunting ground for pedophiles.
00:50:36In the days following their search of stanley park, cold case detectives find their way here.
00:50:44>> Even though the search yesterday was unproductive as far as finding ken or ramsey, the tips that it generated were very rewarding.
00:50:54>> Kurtis: The tips place ramsey and ken on these streets, in the company of an older adult male, shortly before their disappearance.
00:51:04The story clicks with what police are hearing about the boys from those who knew them best.
00:51:11>> They done that quite a bit.
00:51:12They would leave, maybe friday during school, or they would leave after school.
00:51:17Instead of coming home, they would take off and go downtown in the vancouver area, where ken was from.
00:51:22>> They ran away, which was their wont.
00:51:25They went into the west end, picked up by somebody.
00:51:31>> Kurtis: Detectives scour the west end, looking for someone who can put a name to the man seen picking up the boys.
00:51:38Nine years after the fact, the search turns up nothing.
00:51:42Cattley's investigation has found a dead end, until one november morning, when he gets a call from a woodcutter.
00:51:53Peter mac lives alone in a house less than a mile from stanley park.
00:52:03It is his habit to forage in the park for pieces of wood to use for his work.
00:52:06In 1995, mac made a discovery.
00:52:09>> I found this white spot on the ground.
00:52:13By taking a leaf off of it, i just knew it was just a skull from a person.
00:52:21>> Kurtis: Mac liked the way the skull looked.
00:52:25He put it in the basket of his bike and carried it home.
00:52:28>> The first week, maybe, I was looking, you know, all the time, but with the time passing, I was sort of forgetting about it.
00:52:37>> For three years, the skull sits on a shelf in mac's house, until one morning when a friend hears about al cattley's search in stanley park.
00:52:49>> Well, my friend told me, .. you have to give up this as evidence," so I agree with him.
00:52:57So the next day, I try to get in touch with cattley.
00:53:01>> Kurtis: Cattley takes mac's call and heads over to the woodcutter's house.
00:53:05There he finds the break he's been waiting for.
00:53:09>> Who would think that somebody would find a skull in a park and take it home and keep it without notifying the authorities?
00:53:15No wonder we're having difficulty in locating body parts, if people are coming into the park and taking them home.
00:53:22>> Kurtis: testing proves the skull to be that of the second missing boy, 13-year-old kenneth lutz.
00:53:31Cattley returns to question mac, not sure if he has a suspect or a key witness.
00:53:37>> I don't know.
00:53:39It's hard to tell when you find something like this if it was killed or he wants to die himself or something.
00:53:46>> He's quite an eccentric-type guy, and I questioned him and interviewed him, and I have certainly not excluded him from the investigation, but he's certainly on the back burner.
00:53:59>> I would never kill somebody, especially only a kid, you know?
00:54:03>> Kurtis: Cattley asks mac to lead police back to the exact spot in the park where he found the skull.
00:54:10It is less than 70 yards from where the first skull was found.
00:54:14>> I must admit, when he stopped the car and got the uniformed members out in this area, I got quite excited, because, as i said, I knew it was ken, and to find him in the same location was very positive as far as the investigation was concerned.
00:54:30>> Kurtis: With two locations now, cattley will go into the park again, a second search for the killing ground.
00:54:47A winter and spring have passed since these searchers last met.
00:54:52They assemble again for a second search of stanley park.
00:54:56>> Go!
00:54:58Nice and slow!
00:55:00>> Kurtis: Again they are looking for the remains of two boys, and evidence of why, how, and where they were killed.
00:55:07>> Our first and foremost theory is that both bodies were dumped in the park, and as a result of animal interference, the skulls have been removed from the remainder of the body and rolled downhill and left where they were after the animals finished gnawing on them.
00:55:29>> Kurtis: Teams work between the two sites where skulls were found.
00:55:33Their search patterns grow wider.
00:55:36>> And if you find, like, that one big mound there, dig a trench through the middle of it.
00:55:41>> Kurtis: As more forest area is uncovered, speculation mounts that the boys' bodies may have been dumped in two different locations.
00:55:50>> My own personal feeling is I think they were probably separated.
00:55:53>> Why would you guess that?
00:55:54>> Just the location, it would ..
00:55:57If it's a dump site, and the incident occurred at the same ..
00:56:02Take one one way; take one the other way.
00:56:05>> Kurtis: This second search is the team's only active lead in a crime now ten years old.
00:56:13Unlike the first, this dig does not even turn up the whiff of a lead.
00:56:19If there is a killing ground here, it remains inviolate to those who search for it.
00:56:24>> I'm as disappointed as anybody.
00:56:29I don't know how we can't find anything.
00:56:32.. we haven't found a ..
00:56:36>> Kurtis: For al cattley, the day is frustrating, but not surprising.
00:56:41In working a cold case, the race most often goes not to the swiftest, but to those who stay the course.
00:56:48>> We're interested in any assistance from the public, because I think that will be the break of the case, because there's somebody out there with that evidence, even though they don't think they have it.
00:56:58They have information, it doesn't matter how insignificant, that could lead us to another step in the puzzle.
00:57:05>> Kurtis: This is a cold file that remains open.
00:57:09The search in vancouver's stanley park, the search for a killer, continues.