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00:00:02and only $100K+ talent.
00:01:36Field a little bit.
00:01:37We are still at 0-0.
00:01:43Third down.
00:01:43Line to make is out at the 35.
00:01:51Christine michael is the lone setback.
00:01:53Offside by a georgia player.
00:01:54A flag finally comes down.
00:01:57Throws it.
00:02:00Enough for the first down to nwachukwu.
00:02:05>> Ed: Excellent job by johnson.
00:02:07He saw houston had gotten a jump.
00:02:10>> Ron: Yeah, there is a flag down.
00:02:13It's on the white of the number.
00:02:15>> Ed: Offside, defense, number 42.
00:02:17>> Ron: Houston jumped too quickly.
00:02:20So the aggies had a free down there, but they throw it complete.
00:02:24>> Ed: Just an excellent job.
00:02:25Stepped up in the pocket.
00:02:26Got over to the right nwachukwu, another true freshman.
00:02:34A good job by nwachukwu, seeing his quarterback was in trouble, mirrored him across, beyond the first down marker.
00:02:43>> Ron: Uzoma nwachukwu, very good speed.
00:02:47Christine michael ahead.
00:02:49That clock now is going to start to become a factor.
00:02:51The aggied had moved it until it just to around the 30 yard line.
00:02:55Then kind of sputtered a little bit this afternoon.
00:02:59Rennie curran with the tackle on that last play.
00:03:03Play action by johnson.
00:03:04Going to go on top.
00:03:05One-man route.
00:03:06And fuller could not ge there.
00:03:08Just a little bit long.
00:03:10I say a one-man.
00:03:12He actually did have a safety valve on the right side.
00:03:15At around the 30 yard line.
00:03:17Prince miller had this one pretty well covered.
00:03:20>> Ed: This is going to bother jerrod johnson.
00:03:24His receiver, fuller, had inside position on prince miller.
00:03:27If anything, underthrow that ball, because then miller would have to come through fuller to make that play.
00:03:33>> Ron: You see the difference in size too, ed.
00:03:35A much bigger receiver is fuller.
00:03:37Third down.
00:03:38Here comes pressure.
00:03:39Johnson going to run it.
00:03:40Cuts to the outside.
00:03:41Got yardage.
00:03:42He is going to have the first down.
00:03:44Never did go to the ground.
00:03:46As nick williams is trying to pull him down from behind.
00:03:50>> Ed: What a move he just put on one of the best linebackers in the sec, rennie curran.
00:03:55Curran came up and was about to make the tackle.
00:03:57Johnson dipped in, bounced outside.
00:04:00Curran was grabbing for air.
00:04:03>> Ron: Cyrus gray checks into the ball game at tailback.
00:04:06First down.
00:04:06At the aggies 49 yard line.
00:04:10Over the middle.
00:04:14Ball -- well, I'm not sure who that was one intended for.
00:04:18Tannehill was down there, but it was certainly not thrown on the mark.
00:04:24>> Ed: 2:51, Two time-outs.
00:04:26Not really worried about it.
00:04:27As we all know, here they go again.
00:04:29They're always in the hurry-up.
00:04:37>> Ron: Johnson, out of humble, texas.
00:04:51>> Referee: False start, number 65 of the offense, five-yard penalty, second down.
00:04:58Please reset the clock -- >> Ron: I think -- or did they call it on patrick lewis?
00:05:04>> Ed: I think it was eike, the left guard.
00:05:07>> Ron: A sophomore out of brian high school, right there in brian college station.
00:05:14>> Ed: Talking to mike sherman yesterday.
00:05:16He said whenever you hear a game's going to be an offensive blowout, georgia let go of their defensive coordinator two other coaches, in my experience, which is vast as a coach, it's almost always the opposite.
00:05:26I don't even think he thought it would be this opposite though.
00:05:29>> Ron: Second down and 15.
00:05:32Gets the pass away.
00:05:34And it is caught!
00:05:36At the 15 yard line!
00:05:40By brandal jackson, a freshman out of navasota.
00:05:50>> Ed: I think georgia should get a time-out here.
00:05:53Great job.
00:05:53I think this is the exact right thing for richt to do, call time-out, get the big play.
00:05:59That one, underthrown by johnson to jackson.
00:06:01I like this time-out.
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00:08:41>> Ron: We are back.
00:08:43Take us through the replay.
00:08:45>> Ed: Nice job by brandal jackson, leans back just enough on miller.
00:08:48Has a little bit of a size advantage.
00:08:50We were talking to nolan cromwell, the offensive coordinator, says this true freshman has a really good feel as a wide receiver.
00:08:59You saw that there.
00:08:59Nice throw by johnson.
00:09:01Exact same route he missed fuller on a couple of plays ago.
00:09:04>> Ron: Empty backfield for johnson this time.
00:09:07Cyrus gray is the tailback.
00:09:09Pulls it down.
00:09:09Still looking.
00:09:10Stops and throws for the end zone.
00:09:13Caught for the touchdown.
00:09:14Five yards in.
00:09:14jamie McCoy.
00:09:38Nine plays, 75 yards, 2:03.
00:09:42And he threw that thing with some sting on it.
00:09:45It was like a frozen rope.
00:09:49Bullock with the extra point attempt.
00:09:51He got it.
00:09:58>> Ed: What an excellent job by jamie McCoy.
00:10:01Lined up right here, just away from the line of scrimmage.
00:10:04Was a wide receiver when sherman and his staff got here.
00:10:08Just mirrors him.
00:10:10You make a good point, ron.
00:10:11He fires this ball because whenever you do that, when you're running that way, because you don't have the depth of field, because of the back of the end zone, there's going to be a lot of down, and the bodies back there, got that ball high AND HARD towards McCoy.
00:10:24And he makes a good catch.
00:10:26But I am so impressed.
00:10:28We saw jerrod johnson a couple of times last year.
00:10:31Remember, he took over for stephen McGee when mcgee hurt his shoulder.
00:10:35And didn't quite look like he was getting it.
00:10:37The improvement he has shown this year has been staggering.
00:10:41You saw it on that drive.
00:10:42He overthrows fuller.
00:10:44They come back to the exact same route.
00:10:46Throws a much better ball to jackson.
00:10:49And then that kind of play where it mixes his athleticism and his ability to see the field.
00:10:55This guy as a junior is really a star in the making.
00:10:58>> Ron: His maturity is very obvious.
00:11:00Yesterday we saw him as he was coming out of a session with the media, and as we shook hands, i held him up just a second, i said, do me a favor and yourself a favor, stop getting any bigger.
00:11:11They're going to try to make an offensive lineman out of you.
00:11:13>> Ed: He is a big guy.
00:11:15>> Ron: Huge human being for a quarterback.
00:11:18High spinner.
00:11:22Taken at the 19.
00:11:24Look out.
00:11:25Got one man.
00:11:26And he's open.
00:11:28He may go -- 20, 10, 5, touchdown, georgia.
00:11:33Boykin, 81 yards.
00:11:41Told you it's going to be high scoring.
00:11:43Third kickoff return of the season for boykin.
00:11:46A new sec record.
00:11:50There's a flag back at the 23 yard line.
00:11:53Which everything going on down the field did not notice.
00:11:56>> Ed: Believe it was a personal foul on texas a&m.
00:11:59So the touchdown stands.
00:12:15>> Referee: After the play, personal foul, unnecessary roughness.
00:12:20Number 12, of the kicking team.
00:12:22This penalty will be enforced on the succeeding kickoff.
00:12:28>> Ron: Boykin takes it 81.
00:12:30That 15-yard infraction will be stepped off on the kickoff.
00:12:35>> Ed: He had a 100-yarder twice this year against tennessee and south carolina.
00:12:42I think that started with a poor pooch kick.
00:12:45That ball didn't hang up long enough.
00:12:48>> Ron: Got it at the 19 yard line.
00:12:49As the extra point goes sailing through by walsh.
00:12:52Let's take another look at it.
00:12:54From the high end zone camera.
00:12:58A&m just completely out of their lanes.
00:13:01A middle return.
00:13:03And give him all the credit.
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00:14:43>> Ron: So we are back.
00:14:45Now, I don't know if it's decision time or not.
00:14:47I doubt that mark richt would look at this sort of thing with this major infraction stepped off now on the kickoff.
00:14:53He's kicking from the 45 yard line.
00:14:58There's still 22 left in the ball game.
00:15:01Do you pooch the ball here and try to get underneath it or do you just kick it away?
00:15:10>> Ed: Or, crazier thing, maybe an onside kick?
00:15:12>> Ron: I've seen it happen.
00:15:14He's going to kick it low.
00:15:16Low and hard.
00:15:17Taken right at the goal line.
00:15:20Cyrus gray.
00:15:22And gray's going to take it out almost to the 25 yard line.
00:15:25>> Ed: Now the problem -- and i guess you'd call it one of those good problems to have, you don't ever want to look a gift horse in the mouth with a kickoff return for a touchdown.
00:15:36Now jerrod johnson comes out.
00:15:38He's only been on thee for what 45, 50 seconds.
00:15:44The offense moved right down the field.
00:15:46Johnson looked great.
00:15:47He's on rhythm.
00:15:4815 left, two time-outs, which is forever with this offense.
00:15:55>> Ron: He's under center.
00:15:56He's going to hand it straight.
00:15:59Christine michael, has turned around and handed it to his tailback.
00:16:02It would appear that what the head coach is saying, if we're able to break something, wonderful, if not, we're going to play it conservative here.
00:16:10And make sure we don't give up any free points at this juncture.
00:16:21Here's pressure.
00:16:23Pressure against.
00:16:24Loses the ball.
00:16:25It's just what I was talking about.
00:16:27All of a sudden, they went away from conservative.
00:16:31IT was DeMarcus dobbs who made the hit.
00:16:33Aggies have made the recovery.
00:16:35Georgia calls a time-out to stop the clock.
00:16:38It's still running.
00:16:40>> Ed: Well, and that was a absolutely blown protection.
00:16:44Patrick lewis, a true freshman right guard, went down inside and allowed kade weston to become completely unblocked.
00:16:55A&m lucky they were a bell to recover this.
00:16:58>> Ron: You're right.
00:16:59>> Ed: We've seen that now for both offensive lines.
00:17:02>> Ron: Christine michael i think wound up on the football.
00:17:10It's amazing, such a short period in the ball game.
00:17:14A&m with the long drive.
00:17:15Scored the touchdown on the pass play.
00:17:17As you said, johnson playing so well, and then, poof, they get that home run.
00:17:22The 81-yard kick return.
00:17:24And then an opportunity and mark richt knows how close they came to putting this thing in a position to go in the lead at halftime.
00:17:34>> Ron: I like that time-out by georgia on this third down.
00:17:37See if he can't get it back with some time on the clock for joe cox and your offense.
00:17:48Rolls the pocket.
00:17:49Now throws it.
00:17:50That's too high for fuller.
00:17:56Good management by georgia.
00:17:57You see that a lot where teams just kind of feel lucky they made a play.
00:18:02Kade weston comes in, forces the fumble.
00:18:05You had the two time-outs.
00:18:06You use one.
00:18:08Now, you're going to get the 30 left.
00:18:11And we know that epperson doesn't have a booming leg as a punter so you should get good field position.
00:18:18>> Ron: Here's the snap.
00:18:19It is blocked.
00:18:20Picked up at the 10 and downed at the 2 yard line!
00:18:26Vance cuff recovered the ball.
00:18:31>> Ed: That was bacarri rambo.
00:18:36It took epperson too long to get the punt off.
00:18:41Rambo went unblocked.
00:18:44Desmond gardner, the wing man on that side, just waves at him.
00:18:49And rambo comes in.
00:18:50Although epperson took a little too long to get that off, you've got to get a better block on rambo.
00:18:56What a huge, huge turn of events, all in the kicking game for georgia.
00:19:01>> Ron: So special teams on two plays in about 35 seconds here has fallen apart for the aggies.
00:19:09You can see the first down line.
00:19:11And they are very close to the goal line.
00:19:13Straight ahead with the running play.
00:19:15Loses the ball.
00:19:16Recovered in the end zone.
00:19:18Caleb king.
00:19:19Now let's see, did he break the plane?
00:19:21Or will it be credited, a touchdown to the man who made the recovery?
00:19:32Michael moore is the man who made the recovery.
00:19:35>> Ed: The a&m fans in shock.
00:19:37They've seen this before though.
00:19:39They absolutely imploded in the kicking game against to
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00:22:13Ous, obviously, the entire situation.
00:22:15But it is an extraordinary step, mark, when a university suspends its head coach, particularly one who's been there as long as leach has, who's had the success he has and has a contract he the time-out has been called by a&m.
00:22:28They stop it with 34 1/2 seconds left.
00:22:397-0, A&m on top, and look at this return.
00:22:44Third kickoff return touchdown return of the year by boykin, an sec record.
00:22:49And then of course bacarri rambo comes in unblocked to get the block.
00:22:54And the -- all of the momentum seemed to be with texas a&m.
00:22:57King, I think you're right did not have possession.
00:23:00That touchdown should go for more.
00:23:02It doesn't matter, either way, still 14-7, georgia.
00:23:07>> Ron: For georgia fans, as you can clearly see in the end zone, it was michael moore, the senior lauderdale, who got on the football, because the running back surely did not have possession as he broke the plane.
00:23:21>> Ed: Let's not forget geno atkins of course got that blocked field goal on the attempt by texas a&m earlier.
00:23:28>> Ron: Tell you what, they're fortunate that was not fourth down because all fourth down rules apply then.
00:23:35Would not have even been a touchdown.
00:23:37Johnson, no place to run.
00:23:40No place to go.
00:23:42Now throws the ball.
00:23:43Just a little too much.
00:23:45>> Ed: That ball came out of johnson's hand a little odd.
00:23:48He had tannehill open.
00:23:49But because it came out and wasn't a spiral, took forever to get there.
00:23:53I think tannehill was trying to get up and knock that ball down because he knew that the ball was misthrown by his quarterback.
00:24:00>> Ron: Tannehill is just, you know -- I know it sounds overly general -- he's a footbal player.
00:24:06He finds ways to beat you.
00:24:08Not always a pretty way, but he finds ways.
00:24:11As the sack is recorded by geno atkins.
00:24:15Johnson goes down.
00:24:16And that's a tough one right there, with the clock showing less than 20 seconds to play until intermission.
00:24:25>> Ed: As bad as this has started to look with mark richt getting good pressure by his front, to me, that's been the entire story for georgia defensively in this game.
00:24:35Texas a&m coming in the number one offense in yardage in scoring in the big 12 with georgia having let go willie martinez, their defensive coordinator, two other assistants.
00:24:48The guy who stuck around, randy gardner, the defensive line coach, to me that's been the story for georgia, is their ability to get pressure fairly consistently on johnson.
00:24:58>> Ron: I mentioned this off the top of the telecast, but we really have not had time to revisit this because the game has been back and forth, back and forth.
00:25:05The kind of game we're witnessing right now is what georgia's accustomed to in the sec.
00:25:10They got a fullback, tight end on offense.
00:25:13They'll throw the ball but it's more conservatively played and they depend on their defense so much more.
00:25:19Quint, what do you have?
00:25:21>> Quint: Spent some time behind georgia sideline.
00:25:23Randy guarder in, their d-line coach and defensive coordinator.
00:25:27Loves the pressure.
00:25:27Not happy with the way they're staying in their lanes.
00:25:31So johnson stepping up or rolling out and that's causing them the problems.
00:25:35>> Ron: Okay, kwinlt, thanks very much.
00:25:36This is, you know, for lack of a better term -- that's caught by fuller at the 34.
00:25:42Georgia plays like a lot of clubs in the sec, some folks would even refer to it as old-fashioned football.
00:25:50>> Ed: Now with ten seconds left, they get akeel right at about 9.7 seconds.
00:25:57So remember the field goal problems for texas a&m.
00:26:01Randy bullock had one blocked earlier.
00:26:03They decided to go for the pooch.
00:26:06I don't think they're in field goal range right now.
00:26:08I feel like they need another 6 or 8 yards before they're going to be comfortable sending randy bullock out there.
00:26:14I would suspect no time-outs for texas a&m.
00:26:17Anything they do needs to be near the sidelines here.
00:26:20I think 6 or 8 yards outcut possibly to get more yardage.
00:26:25>> Ron: Tannehill is the third receiver to the inside, right there.
00:26:29Look for him.
00:26:29That's who they throw it to.
00:26:31He's got it.
00:26:32Going to have to get to the ground.
00:26:34He does with 3 seconds left.
00:26:36They call a time-out.
00:26:37Or it stops the clock at 2.8.
00:26:43>> Ed: There's an offensive lineman who's slow to get up and he can't get back.
00:26:50>> Ron: That's even eike who was shaken up on the play and having trouble getting back to the line of scrimmage.
00:26:55Boy, they caught a break.
00:26:57The ball is grounded.
00:26:58And the clock shows no time.
00:27:02Now that seemed a little quick.
00:27:04Georgia's headed for the locker room.
00:27:06They're doing the smart thing.
00:27:08>> Ed: Well, they caught a break because even eike was slow to get there.
00:27:13The officials game texas a&m a chance.
00:27:16I believe it was 2.5 seconds.
00:27:19I think sherman has an argument that ball was killed.
00:27:21Remember this is reviewable.
00:27:23This is reviewable.
00:27:24I would not be surprised, even though georgia is almost completely off the field, would not be surprised if, like texas got in the big 12 championship game, mike sherman doesn't get another tick on this clock to try a field goal.
00:27:43There's the -- all right, and you see them winding the clock.
00:27:47The clock was wound -- boy, i think they're going to put 3 back -- well, they're running off the field.
00:27:54It looked to me like there 3 seconds left on this clock.
00:27:59And a little surprised this is not being reviewed.
00:28:03>> Ron: Quint, what does the head coach say?
00:28:06>> Quint: Coach, what were you saying to the officials there about that last call?
00:28:10>> He spiked the ball with plenty of time.
00:28:13We should have had one second on the clock.
00:28:14>> Quint: How do you best characterize the play of your special teams?
00:28:18>> Not very good, we gave up two touchdowns.
00:28:23Not very good at all.
00:28:23>> Quint: What made the difference on the one scoring drive where you had flow?
00:28:26>> Just moving the ball down the field.
00:28:28Had a little bit of run going, pass going, hit a vertical.
00:28:30We just hit some plays.
00:28:32>> Quint: Coach, why has this game not materialized into the shootout that many people thought it would be?
00:28:36>> Because it usually doesn't.
00:28:37When you talk about shootouts, bowl one chips.
00:29:14Good one, little b.
00:29:16Ah. I thought of that in the shower.
00:29:17You actually paid money for this thing, bergwood?
00:29:21You talking to me, dummy?
00:29:24The more you save on insurance, the more you'll have for football.
00:29:29Saved an average of $473 a year.
00:29:32Are you in good hands?
00:31:09Proof for texas tech to do this.
00:31:11You've got a coach that's been there for ten seasons.
00:31:14He's taken texas tech to ten consecutive bowls.
00:31:17Last year, coming off their biggest success ver, 11 victories.
00:31:23For them to take this step, there has to be a lot there.
00:31:25>> I would agree with it because no victory is as important as the health of a young man.
00:31:30I think we all agree with that.
00:31:31I don't care what you do on the field, how do you treat your players off the field?
00:31:35>> Texas tech said all such complaints are considered serious matters and they are conducting an internal investigation into this rapunzel,i'm ..
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00:34:26>> Ron: So we're back in shreveport.
00:34:28We've been spending a lot of time during the half looking at what happened with the clock situation.
00:34:32I assume since I'm out of touch with my producer right now because of a headset problem here, but can we look at that to show that there should have been time left on the clock?
00:34:45When the ball was grounded?
00:34:47Remember, anybody who follows college football or watched the big 12 championship, as we show a split screen here, as texas a&m goes up, they had a problem spotting the ball, so it took an extra second.
00:35:00It looks to us like there's 5 and -- mike sherman did not have a time-out.
00:35:10If he would have had a time-out, he could have used it.
00:35:13Obviously, they would have used it on the play.
00:35:15Had he more than one time-out, would have used it to challenge.
00:35:18Didn't have it.
00:35:18But mark that one down.
00:35:20Because at least a&m would have been able to get off a field goal attempt.
00:35:24We know that's been an adventure for them late in the season.
00:35:26But still, three points could make a big difference in this game.
00:35:32>> Ed: I'm going to have to get you to talk here, I'm gone with my headset, sorry.
00:35:39>> Ed: As georgia comes back to the field, texas a&m has to get over the momentum that was taken away by georgia with those special teams.
00:35:4799 Yards of total offense georgia was held to in that first half.
00:35:51And so -- but that momentum with the boykin kickoff return, the rambo block, down to the 2 yard line, and then caleb king goes in to score.
00:36:04For texas a&m, it's about getting momentum.
00:36:06When they went up 7-0, felt like they had all the momentum.
00:36:09That just switched around almost immediately.
00:36:12>> Ron: Okay, let's take a look at the stats in the first half.
00:36:14When you see the numbers, we talked about the a&m defense, and how they have played their hearts out.
00:36:20You better believe they have 99 yards by this georgia offense that had 339 yards rushing alone against georgia tech.
00:36:28And for the aggies, 260 yards.
00:36:32>> Ed: Unreal, 27 rush yards for georgia.
00:36:35For me, it's been offensive line play.
00:36:38Re have been mistakes up front.
00:36:39I don't want to take anything away from the a&m defense.
00:36:44They came in here everyone questioning them.
00:36:469 yards per carry.
00:36:48I think what mike sherman said, to quint on the way off was exactly right.
00:36:54Everybody was talking about how bad the defense were, and it seems they improved drastically going into this bowl game.
00:37:02>> Ron: Welcome back to the advocare v100 independence bowl.
00:37:11The bulldogs leading the texas a&m aggies.
00:37:19>> Ed: Of course a&m will get a chance.
00:37:22They'll go on offense first.
00:37:25They just need to settle in.
00:37:26I would a sum that was the message by mike sherman.
00:37:31Good effort, 260 yards of offense, only seven points to show, but settle down.
00:37:39Give johnson some time.
00:37:40The only time that jerrod johnson has struggled all year, and this is kind of an obvious statement, usually the truth for quarterbacks, is when he's been pressured.
00:37:50Georgia did get quite a bit of pressure on johnson in that first half.
00:37:55>> Ron: Okay.
00:37:56Trying to get settled down here.
00:37:59Thanks to our engineers for some very quick work.
00:38:03Got a headset that is totally operative here.
00:38:06From the 5 yard line.
00:38:07Now, this kick return is going to be out to the 27 yard line.
00:38:12And quint, let's check with you down on the field.
00:38:17>> Quint: I spoke with head coach richt.
00:38:20His biggest concern is on first down.
00:38:23Says a&m is doing a bunch of run blitzes.
00:38:28Clearly, very happy with the way his defense has played.
00:38:31He has felt that texas a&m has really gotten into their no huddle.
00:38:35Their rhythm.
00:38:36But they have to keep the quarterback in the pocket.
00:38:39>> Ron: Play action by the aggies to open the second half.
00:38:43The ball is thrown complete at the 40 to fuller.
00:38:46Just as you would expect to see georgia go to green to open their second half, you can see texas a&m go to their best, jeff fuller, and he made the catch and a pick up all the way to the 40 yard line.
00:38:58>> Ed: Three touchdown catches against texas.
00:39:01So you want to start going to that young man quite often.
00:39:08>> Ron: Michael.
00:39:09Gets the handoff.
00:39:11Waits for a second.
00:39:12That's a nice fake for the quarterback.
00:39:14Some of the defense still looking back at johnson.
00:39:16It's a gain of five yards on the play.
00:39:19Daryl gamble will make the tackle.
00:39:21So the difficult thing, which we have been talking about during halftime, is without the review, then the aggies are just caught with the situation, whether it is absolutely nothing they can do.
00:39:33Spun around.
00:39:34Still on his feet.
00:39:35He'll take it for the first down and then four more yards.
00:39:43>> Ed: Boy that play looked like it was dead.
00:39:45Michael never went down.
00:39:46Spun back around.
00:39:47Some of his offensive lineman were caught off guard.
00:39:50Otherwise, I think that could have been a bigger gain because the offensive line could have gotten some more blocks.
00:39:56Because they didn't expect him to come out of it.
00:40:00>> Ron: So another first down for texas a&m.
00:40:03They have it at the 45.
00:40:04Johnson, over the middle.
00:40:06Ball goes through the hands of jamie McCoy.
00:40:09McCOY WITH A TOUCHDOWN PASS IN The first half for the only score for a&m in the ball game.
00:40:15That one very dangerously slipped through its hands.
00:40:18>> Ed: Little behind.
00:40:19If you're going to throw it behind, you can't throw it that hard.
00:40:22That was a fast ball for johnson, throwing a touch behind McCOY.
00:40:25The umpire did a good job of bending down, letting the players make a play.
00:40:28That could have gone to a safety.
00:40:34>> Ron: Back into the middle.
00:40:36Throws it complete.
00:40:37THAT's McCoy.
00:40:38Breaks a tackle.
00:40:38He'll have the first down.
00:40:43>> Ed: Boy what a great call by nolan cromwell, the offensive coordinator.
00:40:51Tried a screen to right to christine michael.
00:40:54A bulldog defender is still down.
00:40:56The entire defense went over to their left.
00:40:58And then came back to jamie McCOY, WHO WAS JUST SITTING Right at the line of scrimmage, never even really left his position.
00:41:06Nice call.
00:41:08>> Ron: Marcus dalton is the man who is down, a sophomore out of upper marlboro maryland.
00:41:20>> Ed: The entire defense goes over there.
00:41:23Marcus dowtin leads with his helmet, doesn't go to wrap him up.
00:41:27That was just bad technique by dowtin.
00:41:29Hope he's okay.
00:41:35Of course, with that big ball on his fist, has a cast onhat hand.
00:41:40They have to protect it so much.
00:41:42It is tough to wrap guys up.
00:41:44>> Ron: Dowtin started the season in a very good fashion at oklahoma state in a losing effort.
00:41:49He was the leading tackler with eight.
00:41:51And then that one.
00:41:52Right now, third overall on the team with 44.
00:41:55So first down a&m from the georgia 33.
00:41:59They trail by seven.
00:42:00Pressure right up the middle.
00:42:02On johnson.
00:42:02Can he get away?
00:42:05Still running.
00:42:06And now just throws it away.
00:42:09That was geno atkins who was applying the pressure.
00:42:13I mean, he was relentless in his effort.
00:42:20>> Ed: Three defensive tackles for georgia are going to get a shot at the next level.
00:42:23That's one of them, geno atkins.
00:42:26You also have weston and owens.
00:42:28All seniors, all over 300 pounds.
00:42:31Right through evan eike, the left guard, but wasn't able to finish the play.
00:42:34>> Ron: He's a first-team all-sec.
00:42:37And he has looked like it here tonight.
00:42:39Got this one.
00:42:43Too tall.
00:42:51Jones saying, I had the interception before I started to run and then all a sudden i didn't have either.
00:42:57>> Ed: You mentioned how tannehill doesn't get to practice much receiver because he's the backup quarterback.
00:43:03We've now seen twice what looked like miscommunication between he and his quarterback.
00:43:07That time, ball thrown behind him.
00:43:08It's hard to tell if the right route was run.
00:43:14>> Ron: Third down and ten.
00:43:17Over the middle.
00:43:18Got a comeback.
00:43:20Good for the first down, plus eight yards.
00:43:30>> Ed: Nwachukwu for a true freshman does a nice job in the scramble drill.
00:43:34We saw that earlier when the quarterback was scrambling around.
00:43:36A lot of young receivers don't understand how to get to a space where the quarterback can see them but that's twice we've seen nwachukwu do that.
00:43:44>> Ron: Ninth play of the drive coming up here.
00:43:54Turns the corner.
00:43:54He'll score!
00:44:06>> Ed: I think this touchdown is because of the rule change where you can no longer horse tackle, horse collar tackle someone, because hakeem dent reached up there to grab the back of the packs and let go because a penalty was going to be called.
00:44:19Looked to me like he could have dragged him down, but afraid to be called for it.
00:44:26Had his hand there.
00:44:28Looked like he let up, knowing he'd be called for the penalty if he made that tackle.
00:44:32>> Ron: Extra point attempt is good.
00:44:3436 mark, of the third quarter, we are tied.
00:44:3814 Apiece.
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00:47:03>> Ron: Welcome back to shreveport.
00:47:08That last drive, it was like maybe a little angst on the part of texas a&m and the fact they thought they were taken advantage of in the first half.
00:47:15>> Ed: Mike sherman talked about wanting to see his team compete.
00:47:18He felt like they didn't compete all the time last year.
00:47:21They did have some downtime but rebounded.
00:47:26He was excited to see how they'd compete against a good sec team.
00:47:31That was a wonderful answer to what felt like maybe he got jobbed a little bit at the end of the first half.
00:47:38>> Ron:36 Left in this third quarter.
00:47:40Here is a pooch kick.
00:47:41It's a spinner.
00:47:42Fair catch is called for at the 29 yard line.
00:47:49Munzenmaier is the man who made the fair catch.
00:47:51We'll see what the dogs can come up with offensively.
00:47:5599 Total yards in the first half.
00:47:58Aggie defense came up with some good solutions so far because that running game that had become so potent, 339 yards against georgia tech, it was not visible in the first half.
00:48:10>> Ed: To me it's all about assignments.
00:48:11Just clean up those assignments up fgest adjustment.
00:48:18There goes the mistake by orson charles.
00:48:22They've made a change at right tackle.
00:48:24That's justin anderson.
00:48:26>> Ron: In the second quarter -- you remember.
00:48:28I mentioned the fact that they had slipped him in there.
00:48:32But charles also came completely off the line of scrimmage.
00:48:34So both of them were very out of sync.
00:48:37They're going to open up with a five-yard stepoff to begin this third quarter.
00:48:42First down and 15.
00:48:45This aggie crowd trying to help the defense even more.
00:48:52Get behind the line of scrimmage.
00:48:54We'll pick up maybe a yard.
00:48:55And that's about it.
00:48:56It's going to be a second down and long.
00:48:59As garrick williams, the sophomore out of deso'oto, texas, made the tackle.
00:49:03We mentioned about garrick back in the first half.
00:49:06He was an offensive player until he came to texas a&m.
00:49:10He said, hey, we'd like to put you on defense, see how things work.
00:49:15They moved him to linebacker.
00:49:17It has worked very well.
00:49:21Again, caleb king, the tailback for the georgia bulldogs.
00:49:26Three wide receiver set.
00:49:27Out on the flat.
00:49:28That's green.
00:49:29Trying to make the catch.
00:49:30And break a one on one.
00:49:31And he will not.
00:49:33Taken all the way to the sidelines.
00:49:35And the tackle by dustin harris.
00:49:38>> Ed: This is exactly what coach richt told quentin at halftime, is getting behind the sticks, you get the penalty, then a negative yardage run.
00:49:48And now you have third and nine.
00:49:53And you've got von miller on the field going against an offensive line that's been struggling.
00:49:58The nation's leading tackler.
00:50:00This is not where you want to be to start the second half for georgia.
00:50:05>> Ron: We can isolate him, see exactly where he's standing, outside on the line there, middle of your vein.
00:50:11Here comes the blitz from the other side.
00:50:13They throw the screen.
00:50:14It's a great call on the blitz.
00:50:16He's loose.
00:50:1850, Down to the 40.
00:50:19Caleb king.
00:50:20And georgia caught him.
00:50:23And commakt exactly what they were looking for.
00:50:24The blitz was coming actually from two sides and that was the call.
00:50:30>> Ed: Mike bobo is turning into a really good play caller.
00:50:33Remember back before the chick-fil-a bowl at the end of the '06 season, was promoted to offensive coordinator.
00:50:39This is a wonderful call against a team that's been bringing pressure.
00:50:42Some blitzes.
00:50:43You have great rushers.
00:50:44Time it up with the screen.
00:50:45That's just an excellent call.
00:50:48>> Ron: 33 Yards on the screen pass.
00:50:59Rashon ealey.
00:51:01Replacing caleb king.
00:51:02This is ealey.
00:51:03To around the 33 yard line.
00:51:05So georgia trying to come back with an answer.
00:51:08Just as they did in the first half against a&m when they had the long drive.
00:51:13And they came back with an 81 kickoff return.
00:51:17>> Ed: Of course bobo had that wonderful outback bowl back in 1998.
00:51:24Threw 19 straight completions.
00:51:25>> Ron: We were doing that ball game and I think -- we looked it up yesterday, was 27 of 29 that he finished with.
00:51:32Against wisconsin.
00:51:34He was just unconscious in that ball game.
00:51:37Tackled at the 30 yard line.
00:51:40It's going to be a third down for the ball dogs.
00:51:43>> Ed: Right now, terrence frederick got up gimpy and then had to come in and make that tackle.
00:51:49He's trying to get himself off the field.
00:51:51If he does not, I think someone upstairs needs to tell mike bobo we need to find this boundary corner.
00:51:58Frederick is not feeling good.
00:51:59I think you go right at this young man right now.
00:52:02Dn so ealey with the gain.
00:52:03That's a third down.
00:52:04They need about two, maybe two and a half yards for the first.
00:52:08Cox now with an audible.
00:52:10Georgia now in an i-formation.
00:52:14This time, three wide receivers.
00:52:15Short drop.
00:52:16Gets it out far sideline.
00:52:18And dropped.
00:52:20That was a.j. green.
00:52:21I don't know if he lost it in the lights or what.
00:52:23It looked as though that was a calfable football for him.
00:52:27>> Ed: He definitely caught it.
00:52:29He definitely picked it up late.
00:52:31Working on one one again with harris.
00:52:33Harris does a good job.
00:52:37Well, he got his -- turns around looking for a penalty.
00:52:41If anything, he needs to make a play.
00:52:44>> Ron: I think he thought his hand was being held.
00:52:46This is going to be a field goal attempt from the 39.
00:52:5049 Yards on the try.
00:52:54And it squeezes through on the left side.
00:52:56Blair walsh.
00:52:59So we'll take a time-out.
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00:55:33S, obviously, the entire situation.
00:55:35But it is an extraordinary step, mark, when a university suspends its head coach, particularly one who's been there as long as leach has, who's had the success he has and has a contract he shows eight minutes.
00:55:48It was at 7:54.
00:55:51It's now at eight.
00:55:59Ealey at tailback.
00:56:00They fake to him.
00:56:01Throw to the far sideline.
00:56:03That one is overthrown and incomplete to tavarres king.
00:56:08King comes up a little gimpy on his left ankle.
00:56:13>> Ed: They went back to about the same route that was called incomplete.
00:56:17And that ball not well thrown by cox.
00:56:20Now you're in third and ten situation.
00:56:22You're clearly in blair walsh territory.
00:56:25To me this smells like a chance green can go make a play.
00:56:29He's into the boundary.
00:56:31Maybe a fade.
00:56:41>> Ron: Keep an eye on king.
00:56:43Cox, looking, got a man, over the middle, touchdown, georgia.
00:56:47It's aron white.
00:56:5224 Yards, as everybody is looking for green, king looking for everybody but the right guy.
00:56:59>> Ed: Well, and that's exactly -- joe cox took his eyes over to green, which took the safety out of the middle of the field, and allowed the tight end to run free.
00:57:11He's lined up on the left side.
00:57:14You see the safety completely bail out of the way to go chase green who was running a fade route on that side.
00:57:21>> Ron: So the extra point is good.
00:59:07the entire situation.
00:59:08But it is an extraordinary step, mark, when a university suspends its head coach, particularly one who's been there as long as leach has, who's had the success he has and has a contract he recently signed.
00:59:34>> Ron: So we appreciate some members the cadets from texas a&m with the welcome back here as we open the fourth and final quarter.
00:59:42After this play, we're going to show you the stats in this ball game.
00:59:47And it will -- you'll look at it and say how in the heck can a&m be down in ten points and about to be down by 17 if they don't do something quickly?
00:59:56It's movement on the part of georgia, I believe.
00:59:59>> Ed: Here are the -- reason anderson, I believe, number 79, came out of his stance too quickly.
01:00:14>> Referee: Offside, number 40 of the defense, five-yard penalty, first down.
01:00:17>> Ron: I beg your pardon.
01:00:19Von miller.
01:00:20Here are the stats we're talking about.
01:00:22A&m almost doubling what georgia has done.
01:00:24But what's not showing right there is special teams.
01:00:27A blocked kick.
01:00:29Cost them a touchdown.
01:00:30The snap over the punter's head cost them a touchdown.
01:00:34So there's 14 -- >> Ed: Kickoff return for a touchdown.
01:00:37>> Ron: 81 Yards there so that's 21 points on special teams.
01:00:40Georgia special teams also blocked a field goal.
01:00:47Running play.
01:00:47At the 5.
01:00:48And down close to the end zone is ealey.
01:00:54Ed, I look at these numbers and I think, you know, would have, should have, won't get it done.
01:01:01A tough pill to swallow, the way things are going, particularly if georgia pushes this in.
01:01:06>> Ed: The last interception by johnson, a young man who's played a wonderful year when it comes to interceptions, he just made a bad throw.
01:01:13They were in a position to get this thing back to close.
01:01:15Now georgia knocking on the door.
01:01:16The way they got their run game going, you think they might be able to shut this thing down here in the fourth quarter.
01:01:22>> Ron: So the situation.
01:01:25Running play.
01:01:28Nothing there.
01:01:29As ealey is just hammered at the line of scrimmage.
01:01:32In fact, he may have lost a yard and a half or so.
01:01:36>> Ed: This feels like the time -- whenever backwards on a first and goal, second and goal typically is going to be your play action pass.
01:01:43So we've already seen aron white and orson charles, two fine tight ends.
01:01:47But don't be surprised if a.j.
01:01:50Green is in there, they may try a fade here.
01:01:52Good penetration by von miller.
01:01:54That's what you'd expect from an all-american.
01:02:00>> Ron: Second down and goal.
01:02:08Gives it to the fullback.
01:02:10And chapas can go nowhere.
01:02:12Fights his way back, as he comes to the right, after spinning out of the pile.
01:02:16He's downed at the line of scrimmage.
01:02:19Mangan was the first man there to make contact, gets credit for the tackle.
01:02:23>> Ed: Little conservative there with the fullback dive.
01:02:28And now you're almost -- got 2 1/2 yards to go on third down.
01:02:32To me, again, get everybody sucked in and maybe look for a tight end, wide, over the middle.
01:02:40>> Ron: Line to the right.
01:02:40Rolls there.
01:02:41Throws there.
01:02:43Second score of the night by aron white.
01:02:45The redshirt sophomore out of columbia, missouri.
01:02:59>> Ed: This is where a young defense, all of these young players for texas a&m, just recognition.
01:03:10And that's kyle mangan, a freshman who should have had coverage responsibility there and got ) ( bark, heroic music ) Hey lady.
01:03:22( whimpers ) This is no time to play.
01:03:24I'm picking a photo for my capital one credit card.
01:03:28Old man sutter?
01:03:29Why would I put his picture on my card?
01:03:34( bark ) Nice drawing but this photo's cuter.
01:03:42( bark ) LADY!
01:03:43What's in rryour wallet?
01:03:44911, What's your ppemergency?
01:05:47Serious, obviously, the entire situation.
01:05:49But it is an extraordinary step, mark, when a university suspends its head coach, particularly one who's been there as long as leach has, who's had the success he has and has a contract he recently signed.
01:06:01>> Ed: We've already had the issue with mangino this year, no longer at kansas.
01:06:05Wouldn't be surprised if a change was made at lubbock.
01:06:11>> Ron: Everybody's looking around like they thought a flag should have been thrown.
01:06:16The officials are saying "play " and now a time-out is called.
01:06:21>> Referee: Time-out, georgia, their third and final.
01:06:34>> Ron: Well, capital one bowl week continues on espn wednesday with two ball games.
01:06:3830, it's bowling green against idaho.
01:06:44And the roady's humanitarian bowl.
01:06:48And then the pacific life holiday bowl at 8:00 p.m.
01:06:52It's arizona number 20 against number 22 nebraska.
01:06:57And of coursndamukong suh.
01:07:07>> Ed: We've got a chance to see not just ndamukong suh but the rest of the defense.
01:07:16They had five sacks against baylor.
01:07:17I don't know you want that quarterback standing by when you've got that front you're going against.
01:07:25>> Ron: First down.
01:07:27Running play wide open.
01:07:28Has five.
01:07:29Has ten.
01:07:30Is loose all the way down inside the 15.
01:07:33Caleb king.
01:07:34The redshirt sophomore out of norcross, georgia.
01:07:38Trent hunter finally tripped him up.
01:07:4324 Yards in the carry.
01:07:45>> Ed: This is what georgia expected I think at the top of this ball game was to be able to do this.
01:07:50This offensive line finally settled in.
01:07:53They did not play well.
01:07:54They made a change.
01:07:55Brought justin anderson in there on the tackle.
01:07:58This second half has been more i think of what mark richt and bobo, his offensive coordinator, were expecting in that first half.
01:08:06>> Ron: Green in motion.
01:08:07They pitch it back.
01:08:08They want to keep it on the ground.
01:08:09Running for the end zone.
01:08:11At the 5.
01:08:12He's down at the 2 and the 1 and they say stopped at the 1/2 yard life.
01:08:24>> Ed: What a great job by the fullback.
01:08:27He made a wonderful cut block.
01:08:30He had the nice career long run.
01:08:33Watch chapas get out here.
01:08:36Gets the cut down -- boy, that's just tough to defend, when you're not getting people from the inside, you get the linemen out there in the cut block.
01:08:45That's tough to defend.
01:08:51>> Ron: And caleb king, touchdown, georgia.
01:08:58And now here comes a late flag in.
01:09:03>> Ed: Von miller and orson charles getting into it a little bit after the play.
01:09:18>> Referee: Unnecessary roughness, personal foul -- number 7 of the offense, number 40 of the defense.
01:09:27These penalties offset.
01:09:34>> Ed: The scary part for teams on georgia's schedule next year -- >> Ron: Who?
01:09:40Only one senior on the offense.
01:09:43That's the question.
01:09:44>> Ed: They've got three capable guys ready to battle it out in the spring, between logan gray, aaron murray and zach mettenberger.
01:09:54They'll find a guy.
01:09:55>> Ron: Walsh knocks home the extra point.
01:09:57We take one more work as we go to 97% americans.
01:10:33That's over 300 million people.
01:10:35I've collected a few postcards of all the places that at&t has coverage.
01:10:38Spokane, washington. boston, mass.
01:10:40San francisco.
01:10:42Tulsa, oklahoma. dated a girl from there.
01:10:43Warren, michigan. didn't work out.
01:10:44Bozeman, montana. daytona beach, florida.
01:10:46Madison, wisconsin. big college town.
01:10:48I think we get the picture.
01:10:50[ Male Announcer ] IF YOU WANT COVERAGE, We've got it.
01:10:54This holiday, get a touchscreensamsung solstice free after mail-in rebate.
01:12:30Serious, obviously, the entire situation.
01:12:32But it is an extraordinary step, mark, when a university suspends its head coach, particularly one who's been there as long as leach has, who's had the success he has and has a contract he recently signed.
01:12:44Pitch back.
01:12:44Chapas and -- munzenmaier, I beg your pardon.
01:12:46Takes it down to the 5.
01:12:53>> Ed: One for georgia, they won three of their last four games.
01:12:56Only loss was to kentucky.
01:12:58And that 339 against georgia tech was the most ever in the mark richt era.
01:13:04It's amazing when you look at those last four games leading into that game, they were averaging just over 100 yards rushing per game.
01:13:13So really turned it around down the stretch.
01:13:16>> Ron: He said one of the times when they were at georgia they had a 300-yard plus.
01:13:21When they were at florida state, they had several.
01:13:27Running play.
01:13:29That's chapas.
01:13:38>> Ed: Get a feeling that's mike bobo keeping the guys who work really hard happy going into the off season.
01:13:44You guys better work really hard because we may hand it to you as many times as we did in the bowl game.
01:13:51Boy, that's just excellent blocking.
01:13:54That was vince vance who came back in at right tackle there.
01:14:01>> Ron: Well, we have a i are getting a little lonely.
01:16:09Nobody left in the stadium.
01:16:12There's a look at the lee michaels trophy.
01:16:19One of the advocare v100 independence bowl for 2009.
01:16:25Last time that these two conferences will meet up here in shreveport.
01:16:29Next year it's acc and the mountain west.
01:16:33Mr. cox, the quarterback.
01:16:36Has had a very, very good evening.
01:16:41>> Ed: Very, very patient.
01:16:45Sit behind an eventual number one draft pick, matthew stafford.
01:16:50Worked incredibly hard during the off season to get himself ready.
01:16:53Had an up and down year but going out on a nice high note.
01:16:58>> Ron: Walsh came back in to kick it off.
01:17:00Caught at the 20.
01:17:04Then cyrus gray took it out to around the 35.
01:17:09So we've got four minutes and 24 seconds left to burn on this one.
01:17:20And we will pack up and start heading toward memphis, tennessee, in the auto zone liberty bowl.
01:17:27Arkansas/east carolina.
01:17:28That game will be played on the 2nd.
01:17:42Johnson's pass off the mark.
01:17:45Time now for tonight's player of the game brought to you by capital one.
01:17:50>> Ed: It was all about special teams.
01:17:52And the thing that got that started, they were down 7-0.
01:17:56Remember, we showed the game was scoreless for almost the first -- >> Ron: 27-27.
01:18:03>> Ed: We almost got out of here at the half at 0-0.
01:18:06Boykin returned his third kickoff return touchdown for the year.
01:18:10Really is what exploded this thing.
01:18:11It became all about special teams for georgia.
01:18:17>> Ron: Yep, 71 seconds.
01:18:20And 14 points tallied by the bulldogs.
01:18:24That set the tone.
01:18:25The aggies came right back out in the third quarter and took the ball right down the field and scored.
01:18:30But then georgia had an answer.
01:18:32They came and kicked a field goal.
01:18:37And it's -- >> Ed: It's a little cold for the gatorade bath I think.
01:18:44>> Ron: Have some heart, guys.
01:18:46At least warm it up.
01:18:47Or hot chocolate.
01:18:50Johnson looking.
01:18:51Throws the ball.
01:18:53Has it complete at the 49 yard line to fuller.
01:18:59>> Ed: Paying this thing forward like we just did for georgia, think of all the young talent texas a&m brings back, including jeff fuller, explosive wide receiver, jerrod johnson, just a junior who will have better days than he did today.
01:19:13Two very good running backs in cyrus gray and christine mike rl back.
01:19:19>> Ron: Christine just left the field and was limping a little bit.
01:19:23Fuller, the intended receiver.
01:19:25Commings got a hand on it.
01:19:29>> Ed: Where the growth is going to come for texas a&m is young defenders.
01:19:34Joe kines who was brought out of retirement by sherman.
01:19:38He was at alabama when mike shula's staff was let go.
01:19:41Was just going to work there in an administrative capacity and was brought back by mike sherman.
01:19:49They've got their work cut out for them.
01:19:51If anybody can do it, it's kines.
01:19:57>> Ron: Michael is going to be stopped at the 42 yard line.
01:19:58Clock running with 3:40 left.
01:20:05Well, we've given georgia the win so it brings them to 45.
01:20:10Over the history of their all-time bowl wins, alabama on top, followed by texas and tennessee and sc.
01:20:19>> Ed: 11-2.
01:20:21They've been in 13 straight bowl games.
01:20:26So they've been, over the last several years, awfully good in the postseason.
01:20:32>> Ron: Tell you something, this is going to move the mark of the head coach of the georgia bulldogs to 38-4 in his history against nonsec ball clubs.
01:20:43And that's pretty stout now.
01:20:49Mark richt has not lost to very many people outside the sec.
01:20:52Hit as the ball was thrown.
01:20:54It's going to be an incomplete pass.
01:20:56The official right there to say no, he was delivering the ball.
01:20:59The hit was by brandon wood.
01:21:02Interesting couple of weeks for mark richt.
01:21:04You want to keep all the recruits.
01:21:07I mentioned texas a&m had a highly ranked recruiting class.
01:21:11Georgia by most accounts has a fine recruiting class coming in.
01:21:16Richt has to hire a defensive coordinator.
01:21:18Now looking at a couple of guys in the nfl who are still coaching.
01:21:21So you have to be very careful about that.
01:21:24But once that's done, will hire two other defensive assistant coaches.
01:21:27Going to be a busy couple weeks for richt.
01:21:30>> Ron: Middle screen.
01:21:33Tackled at the 34 by tyson.
01:21:39Right now, mark just wants to get this thing in the record books.
01:21:43And as I said, 38-4, his record in nonconference games.
01:21:51One of only seven fbs coaches to record 80 or more wins in his first eight seasons.
01:22:01>> Ed: I think sometimes we forget how good and solid he's been.
01:22:08There was some grumbling at the end of season.
01:22:10It's like everybody, just relax, this guy has got it under control.
01:22:14>> Ron: Caught by fuller at the 10 yard line.
01:22:27We stood and talked about that, the pressure on coaches, what alumni do, how they get hot and bothered over when a couple of games don't go squared away.
01:22:35Sometimes you don't realize how fortunate you are by having a guy as a head coach.
01:22:41Mark richt to me is one of those type of guys.
01:22:44>> Ed: We saw the stress with urban meyer, what he's dealing with, now taking an extended leave of absence.
01:22:52>> Ron: No, they say incomplete.
01:22:54Howard morrow.
01:22:55That was what, the 90th play by texas a&m tonight.
01:23:01>> Ed: It was interesting talking to sherman and richt about the urban meyer situation.
01:23:07Looked like morrow was going to come up with this but did not.
01:23:10Both of them commending urban meyer.
01:23:17We forget about ourselves all the time.
01:23:20If you're not careful, you can let that part of your life go, your family and your health.
01:23:27>> Ron: Quarterback draw.
01:23:29Will take it down to around the 5.
01:23:39Coach sherman looking on.
01:23:40As we mentioned, 90 plays a moment ago.
01:23:42Now 91.
01:23:45>> Ed: Got to be happy with what his offense was able to do this year.
01:23:48Now a lot of the focus has and will be on shoring up that defense a little bit.
01:23:55>> Ron: That is a touchdown.
01:23:56That's morrow.
01:24:011:13 Showing on the clock.
01:24:21>> Ed: This is all about teaching.
01:24:23This is the opportunity to work more with what is a very young team.
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01:27:02Went for naught.
01:27:03We got 73 seconds left in this one.
01:27:09I hate to watch this.
01:27:11I mean, this is going to be painful.
01:27:15>> Ed: Are they not happy with the mix or are they trying to get the ice out of it?
01:27:20If they're compassionate guys, they're trying to get the its out.
01:27:23We're down below freezing.
01:27:24Coach, you better zip up your collar there.
01:27:28And hope -- you have a waterproof jacket on.
01:27:32>> Ron: Standing behind him is chappy they call him, the chaplain, also happens to be the brother-in-law of the head coach.
01:27:42He need to run interference or lead prayer to make sure mark doesn't get filled up with that ice-filled can.
01:27:48He's got his head on a swivel.
01:27:51His quarterback, he knows they're lurking.
01:27:54They just got him.
01:27:56And they got bobo.
01:27:59>> Ed: He's a young coach.
01:28:00He doesn't understand his head needs to be on a swivel.
01:28:06>> Ron: Look at the head coach laughing.
01:28:08They got him, not me.
01:28:09You know, mike bobo just -- we were talking about the great game he had in the outback bowl against wisconsin where he only missed two passes.
01:28:19He and his wife had been blessed with two young kids and they -- she became pregnant and they thought, well, three kids will be wonderful.
01:28:27She had triplets.
01:28:28They have five kids and he is still a very, very young man.
01:28:34>> Ed: Busy week for them.
01:28:34>> Ron: Yep.
01:28:37They'll go with the running play.
01:28:38Now they just want to run this clock out.
01:28:52Now you see the policemen moving around him.
01:28:55I think mark made the call when he said, you guys come up here and protect me.
01:29:00Look it, he's still looking over his shoulder.
01:29:04>> Ed: Head on a swivel, coach.
01:29:06>> Ron: I was going to say, once a quarterback, always a quarterback.
01:29:09He's trying to have eyes in the back of his head.
01:29:12He'll sprint to the field when this thing's over.
01:29:28So, the bulldogs.
01:29:32Mark richt coming over to shake hands with mike sherman of texas