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00:05:45>> Bo W UKA, HEHA A Leg.
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00:07:11Brian:ILIME T SRE, Fwll EVERYB PES THEaTIL Thrhe ba.
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00:07:30Takeomee o ofhi Bob:GOOD JO A.
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00:08:52Tread on for maard.
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00:14:38>>n: WE TKED IN THE Enjg ab thm,reie barnes, eveime he sps the field22 catches 231yard it's phemenat.
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00:15:47>>n:OU ING TO Enyuns offe e'into see thr raight se id beuridif saw runng bngre.
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00:16:14T ed to stfaut.
00:16:16b:FOUR- RHO Uffalo.
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00:16:26Fouo arobabl eht hic a lf a yard.
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00:16:32Way t lor fie it lookse ing gre ea the offens fourth and lonk ri I DN'T T TH AN TIONHAu N he'ngo l his byersn field.
00:16:46Bb:O ALRDY G Onour do.
00:16:50Long c ni s edbwa fe FSE Offee in tha numbe fe-yardpeal remans f down.
00:17:01>> b: UTSI T 0 Ybrd ne now kt's fth dow and.
00:17:06Ye tey koing t nick iovut the tck iay.
00:17:11an: AH THAT'SHE Difnta ge wh y k om 8 to4 yardon the f wn tel tatav claon w gl au theirst quarte hey han' hadmany, heanted toetrig the.
00:17:25Thiishe rigall.
00:17:30Bo LI TIE ANGLE It. callfair catch.
00:17:35Y've got thino .
00:17:42E've got t t he hem ah w wepres all tough ttore.
00:17:50U can morfing, replacing, fastengnd uat eu msavimor that'r f e hoepot ow dll, rkg not 6% w newhion dri.
00:18:39) "modn rfe 2" y?
00:18:41Ofourse, yh, I got itat walmart at mjight.
00:18:43- Lready bg it. oh, too.
00:18:45, I'M ON SWMILEINAZHSTA -( ving There's det at f yet.
00:18:49-+ine r ) - HEARcs OFAN EIN Tn't out itv wiev get tthis level AnnoRATE"M"FOR RE GCA OFVTY:ODERN WARFARE 2" the eswayma. save mwnelivf btewaart.
00:20:07>b: HERF BUFFALO,HE Bul wth a7-0 lea dyb foolba inrihe o ya ay t t first quar ait bgreen.
00:20:16Bato work r zch uaynard.
00:20:24Eivsity o b rtaot in 77.
00:20:28And yn t e best arrbac ceai o the stat thehaad sie.
00:20:36Bocing inthe aride, ka obvisty, a t order for NA, I DREWWIY. THS A AG PL. Refe HOG, FJ.
00:20:52N- pealt repl first do > Bo SURDAYT NOON STERTHEUMR ONFWA Keyesturn t tion.
00:21:02'Ll tak okrtiwestern riy szifollowupast eek'ic and ke c >>rian: GOOD FITRIVEY FFAL BUT Aa Lty ear ts them at f and >> Bob NA GEUT HF Br e.
00:21:33A ppfte but, again sineelo vstated fooal in 1977, ch mayn is the first quterback tothr touchdwwnpasij each ei fist eightgames of t sso so for a sophomtav r van le t w aremendous arterback,'s haoag teay n't fnd h way uca.
00:21:56Masd has had ae o a ason.
00:21:58>ian:Li U.
00:22:00Tw f dillie w was aerhere.
00:22:03And tr sus.
00:22:05EY'RE DOING TREMEOB. >> b:E LOO.
00:22:09Braking tacks.
00:22:10T down at t 1 abmutix yards ofit wn.
00:22:17Bri: D ti tt he asng for him here at falo he's great orti c heotwo wideeirs there mends.
00:22:26G hisun ba nka thatveras 1 a rr and cee that has had n[ncren eit wns, t erceptns, bvt he's se critical errors incoencehis sea, ithe ieptions aitmac s.
00:22:43That'shy e c th yea >b: THIRD DOWNND SI A to mario hr nd henbord st made b jerett saerson BNDNGOVOian: You caee conative the pl lt aynar o thdan lg.
00:23:16Bowen is vyoo on fee.
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00:23:21And turnerill did n wa to e tuovntern ere it in hiswn ne.
00:23:34í> Bo"OB THE SNAP D HA Bloeked!
00:23:38Pi up by dojnde yardli.
00:23:43 hoyame up bal it wi bfirsbn boligreen,at tar ,achu cld ROL THE . >> Br WEL A TRNER G Nt t avdtuover wi srb buig here, ust dpptheap.
00:24:02And the on,er thh.
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00:24:11>>b:REERE A WCONS Therf,cusuarsther the ld on, ie getertaesap.
00:24:32He will stuffed.
00:24:33No gn.
00:24:35Ce I le thechar for bul it ll be second an at 1.
00:24:43>> Brn: Bowli geens difculties red zon las week agait nt chan.
00:24:49Ad essis.
00:24:50Th [nltov jifld gal out t.
00:24:52You'rno going tiv otll kamhout yo r zoneicienc the they td t ball ov ice inhagarely kth BoAIN IT GR. NO TIS .
00:25:05Uchdown, b gren.
00:25:06T fcons getthard.
00:25:08Afr the blockfd nt.
00:25:20Brn:WEL,HE FINALLY Othetdo in tfirst qute nlywoall yeor thi hh-red offens and davawspp at he'll ta tos ucowny h et them.
00:25:32N drf rd ard l take they way he them >>ob: AT TSN THE Era pot.
00:25:46'Red 7-7.
00:25:52Big ayn me Bo BOW GEN Touchdabout, onpec t age hnch bu has it blked.
00:28:17Aupleplays lateli geterom , balo lt ttheootball bck a-7 tje ph wit a lneive kickof ait boces insidhe 5 ybrd tine.
00:28:29Nd rol thpylon, ounds,or a toubb he 20 cmphi gam danoove hau te town catchfs ahi capd atobook seas.
00:28:45Rbul they ao retu aouple of fumfs ow in the third ar.
00:28:52And buffa -5 a above0 regularsean,h got themsees hamp game bull oset.
00:29:03Andeat ballst a they ahattm o-seaso specn about wheurne mupne znd t.
00:29:15Agaihrows on r.
00:29:16 heet a foot wn no complete.
00:29:25>> B ag t same hatheenrni, the roll-out wimaynard.
00:29:29ANOODt Lookse a go catch >> b: TLL REVI T. EYSHOULD GO UTAS AND oo ihiseftfo mes dandmakes cntact be he lands o ds.
00:29:42T the.
00:29:43Looked li hisoot cleay downn th.
00:29:49b: NOW, RLA Fls have t buz wn he d.
00:29:53D taveone at.
00:29:55>>efee: THEAY Er reviw.
00:29:58o --UHIST A T's a rrif cch by hain >> Bria CERTNL TERRIC CATCH.
00:30:05Zwue right-- r thee, ah.
00:30:07Lo liis cmedown innd he denilyseio ouestn out the possessi.
00:30:20>> Bo":OODSE OF LE.
00:30:21í>rian TH AMOVI RGET >>Bo I'M JUSTINTHAT'S Theplayhectance t tey wne rplay >> i!n:G ETP TM OU WVE CAN, YOU KN ob: HAMLIN D brlyth aman roosevee up to 50catch.
00:30:42He never h8n a season be velt hasour100-rd es thisye 'sraed t li share o the miateion.
00:30:56The comned for tht, is those t an du.
00:31:00Brian:,UT HAMLETS A ot looks, the gle-cora loks.
00:31:066Pcaveyby's ceri rmvelt.
00:31:09hrutf vereceivrsiv re thi g with oselt, hamn d bart. maybeew scou are watching foballme.
00:31:23>> Bwb:REDDIE BARNESAs Cially namedne ofheen sifinalists for the betviawa.
00:31:32T not be ar with baes, b ey're famia th manym on st.
00:31:37Eric decker at mardyilyard acincinnat dene.
00:31:45Lis o left sye.
00:31:47eferee: AFTER FREVIEW, E EEISOT Vednbn porto his oounds.
00:31:53Hveompletedcatch,t a f blo ae 3: Yaine.
00:31:58>> Bob: Teic tch by han is rewde firstten thbuv.
00:32:26Thei manard. he ves it to may.
00:32:30Hey'brght by dariuith.
00:32:33>> BrianA T A Klr buff dnrunhof the r i[n [ith willi a yeag butd aletism, andisility toun he foba, th li t rink in r op little bi throw the screngame.
00:32:46Ge o themer.
00:32:47On ed mdirectio a o psi ga.
00:32:51> Bob:HATANNY BRE E ofnse coordinator buo.
00:33:00Second andsi is freelay fmaynard. wthr.
00:33:05Hled berr ckn LETfSEA TTHEO. AND RYAN "SPORTSCEER"RIGHT N ád they d+tkikes cod be suspor appar tryingo gge ipd t shootarh flu-likymom 0 p e bo ron,s vemuch.
00:33:43Tgitook z ra than the cah toe it secondo and one a firstdown f mario henr BOUT THEELTYEVED Bi Urbanmeye wasit e >n: YE I PREC El cmi o j spis, but try toinjuomody in sh asit aa aso eyes, w nki about foobll, w're tnk a ife.
00:34:23Wth seby ey that hbs ace I footll, anhinksopensio wa awy ght.
00:34:29>> Forsthe jirstal the vaerbilt madagai rocketsone.
00:34:36H ooate, naman rooseveor t first dn o the run.
00:34:41Veryimped mard's accuracy. a g of.
00:34:46>>Brian: AND DNNYBAT LD US STDAY, TY WANT T get him the he'saskingor a rolluthis gh here get e w he gep he's able tooris p gets vity on thefotb an athe se me, be .
00:35:02Th'she kfy on e ru rd alady 5 f fo yar the frstqur.
00:35:14He'll t ign on fi down.
00:35:16Agai on t d agai fi aid open th me, chael mith tt's tough whs firsinleti.
00:35:26>BrnY KEEP.
00:35:27Th nhe 3pthey'reiing to out t edge.
00:35:31Ruone guy hi you seeim re.
00:35:33En toing to have o g low th en is into coep, thele of tfie.
00:35:39ead h to l on the te,aynbdoe fnobs e4 h ck te the eld t theht he hit him icehen.
00:35:50Shod ve bn aothe th me mna ulls it un a rit pisp o to s honet yrdinj bowling n.
00:36:05T ll be ird dondut URo Turns a a b as and lock nts kojf rernsor touchdown as meone os thfjets on o, weearnedhatpainfully this pase toalrd don alwa te e tory.
00:36:25And a btock pt by bli genown q ya lf gets tm one b inte of thectthat thisit quart heen moly dominaedbyalo. thd afou.
00:36:38Ynar he out ndsht at he roer.
00:36:41Dends twt.
00:36:42He rch te foball beydhe marker I ink, as stepped ds.
00:36:52Youeeis p atetism tting out onedgeoe thlay.
00:36:56Th iauicmteerop.
00:37:00S goodptect but e' nobody th t footbal no takes o a runs j thewwli genefense for thirst dv.
00:37:10>> Bob: T markem wn bardlin it'oing tbmrt down ne athe2 yard n n friendliest pots for buffalo ub th tnerl, gil co in f fir carry o nig thee freshm has t fir n.
00:37:30Hobovt at we've en nry, we ha t see gil the te frhman h nduka.
00:37:49Esur aone.
00:37:50They g splef bac ndua,hey, that FRESE' G A REATRE.>>ob:WL, W,T'SUREa Sprea first an emptyse an maynard,righup t am. wn to 10ard ne.
00:38:05F a goal as jerack who as mohe mkfy ad miseoncatch, d to the 20 >> Ban: A for maynar jobhrong thel ov you're going to ight here, thlinebafr's got éot the tign thefid,and 'sot to cart nfcker before canhrow theootbutthe has to the right aunt of toucho getto t safy.
00:38:34Dhrow Bob: Tt'he true frema again.
00:38:38Aj gil in t bacield, ay.
00:38:42Tak the haf and wn iksde t 10 atbt yard .
00:38:55Codyasler mde tye stop.
00:38:59Dyasls guy thhe cohes thias coue into own he l few eks.
00:39:05Volys dens use 's7he skordz b, tirrt tat s ted b buffal fens we' tied -7.
00:39:57so I can save a few we can enitn do oo u a cdicard "'wa good buynly solicored wrppg par, it'odor eryoccasioli a n sno, I got if seon, f 's a manmacne it'aggr (ar)AT WEW ERYONF Spuarter d we've gotots to lp.
00:40:20Ke credird with cash back c we alhasp so lsmt about .
00:40:24S WHY CINER . >> Bob: Ablke pun by wlgrn,rn toe 1 ye, themh touchd osioj tt blcked pu, t firuart belged buffo.
00:42:31'Red at7- B IT W LONGaDR F Er gi'ssquad they in the dsfrimber two.
00:42:40120,Imeof , in frst uarter rin:YE THJwST Mio th's the11 pfh drive jbual d they he beenable t nvert on thir doandeep theivesi now,t time tocht in.
00:42:54Thaven+terygood thma theni in the mac I t re ze.
00:42:59>> Bb: Scond agol.
00:43:00Eob ss, tooki f in inplete.
00:43:04Ad spcer may have face-ging.
00:43:13He tnack for el, spencer.
00:43:16Butedn't put hisus venho may have lked ke heay han ce-arding.
00:43:24Wel heet thne arm , tulasy hve be call acgvnk as a receiyough back t th bl.
00:43:33th kinofoun le urb tlkingut the RECEIV > BriaING HELP THE Tem.
00:43:45>> Bob: Trd and eigh heremes the itz.
00:43:47Manard uerpur messchnei brought dowv yeah t cwerofgech nezerbw himin andd byhe" sandrsoz, ywu'reng s thweak side.
00:44:07Andhe o lne iot g to ld up against tha blitz ot t r o that TBALL. Bob:PRINPE,LY FIEL Gols tr ofbual's l-time recd.
00:44:21Thnf for yardsawaand he'sit.
00:44:23That's his34 caer fie heot2 poin iis care.
00:44:30 t ag d d he n io ER ERE? >> Bob A PERSONA FO Rougng the cker lled agaiowli grn.
00:44:41Thiis ggo first wn a bfaloffse is goingohtck outon efield.
00:44:52Ch 4, inwh ett san.
00:44:58>í BriaIT LIPPHE FO >>eferefPERSONFOUL.
00:45:02Ghing ther.
00:45:05Ha the dist tth al.
00:45:06AWMATIR. 7> Bob IS FIRST GOA For f, and thatnot a mistake tat expecto s on o yourosensive pyersake.
00:45:17> Brn:S AOUG CA. HE'S YING O Heants make a play.
00:45:21E'ENIORLEAD PTAIN THE FOOTBL TEAMj AHE JU TRiTOKE A Ood lusottoo closo the kick.
00:45:27 veclwsn, hwon b t t wth peíal a eould o of the oter pna foulpenti was a efft pen there.
00:45:38Het t tct to e kike >> b:O FFAL Ints o e brd.
00:45:44D ableto g bk in offense.
00:45:47Rst and go fnsidhe 10.
00:45:49Mario wnto abuthe 2 yrd line carrying phone.
00:46:01ian: AND BUFFALO I ALLY Rushihe footyeaheyo into t football me wilotf shin t bal avdow grn n b hey aret in ece t rush andar ju going tge thiua pvnd dir ths theyn prove ey aswpheeining game.
00:46:36 uchdo t roughi eic pentstwlreen le d I buf convfrt on t it will be a -poina teld go a the mjck >>n: YCAN SEY'RE Ing phron ht ds areblog, ey nd can do s thinnd hry on e fdge.
00:47:10b:RINCIP EXTRA POINT Isect.
00:47:13Thfullsave a4-7 ea a bigta leads to the ae seit here, 's just gblki it'sot even - not evf a doubt o thone.
00:47:24 ty pued t guard andse all.
00:47:29Anfowlreen is going to ha anyt tn this footl ga thhaze got to opuffalo's rusi attack.
00:47:37C if they on+ thll p al yshn.
00:47:43>> B abc satuay ternoon ree reonalga mo othe nti llee aensta oters,ak f georgi de or okla sate andow te.
00:47:55Esented by kayelers.
00:47:57Ecour lalliingsmr the gamn yr area.
00:48:00Aswe tke lkat the s andings, we have lot unefted ballams ngwn the str me tams th ywonder, eiresivferences cinciati run tab.
00:48:10Cu and bis utatey areds-buster ando sas the game a cp [es no th might be their biggest chlen l o -- I gss o ho four t seots ia w do y is e mo lioave the gr gunt at te dthe o unfeednd e thatiingle t m t st tt lwoks tobe th oriexas/abamarace?
00:48:39>Bria WELL, I THINK IFOWA CAANDLE IT AST Oh ate, ty eertaiyllave a gd aument.
00:48:46Tcas we w bis.
00:48:48Ndboce sti ste sem t lkingin fn the out Bob: To aboutthe8ya ine. rorliams is pped.
00:48:55Ju undey he in e secd er.
00:48:57Bufjaloith 14-7 d.
00:49:00Hbn'seen fredde bar and offee f bowling muc th only hade ball aut 2 nus a0ndsal i the rst qer.
00:49:08Fie barn lor h 100th t is 10 ctch o t tches thfirsti games.
00:49:19He' putreal mbe >> BriaHA RLY HRD At ceptions inigh games12 2 catc hat+t world.
00:49:39To theline. rightatbo th30 yard lie.
00:49:43 udck jor the first time in a m nht.
00:49:47[A O WTH A EE INJURY. >> Brian: YEH,DS COMING eyos rf the deeivsateginng f the seas and at'seally whyreddnehas soan r bu rimht gtingudson ack inlv intheffense iu IN H BOG EEN.obTHATASN THE Vth pay fmcwiage ru sfa blkng gre.
00:50:16Apped anffto ter.
00:50:19Buff n fooled.
00:50:20A ssf ard t9 yard li e lly at the topf you screen,etng u bli eener on ojfense.
00:50:27Took toe rly stages of seco uarter I 't nk t wre ohefield g enough u'soeeheuflo te on defee.
00:50:37>> Bri:WL, THALASTLAY Tasir rh for boing.
00:50:41YO S WHY THEiON'T Y lo a ybrd ansecond d Bob: It looks picked to th sidive.
00:50:53Anch yis h THAT'S H TRDthCH O THE Seson.
00:50:58O fash ohe firstn.
00:51:06Domonicook ran him ou-th on aerag about 6 theave 40otalya ri THHETHI, EY Attemsece mu as tiey do rhing ll.
00:51:24You'not goito ru very welwhen y don't commit t .
00:51:29o O THEADF BAES.
00:51:31Mpletehi dn.
00:51:31Vt flag cws out.
00:51:36Nheuffalo sidelis ng an catchable ll efer:HOINEFSE.
00:51:43Er -YARD PLTi.
00:51:47Butirst dn.
00:51:51>>Brian: SEE GHT HERL, Barnes nes f, heot eah, thaoulalled bu hget hiararou M. >> BoHE PASS BING Unatchable isrrelant, lding, holding a the bl hgh -- if it pas teen you could ehearmentr uncatchableball bu holding a palall heballs thro.
00:52:19Re's get non fit dw.
00:52:21Mst aard.
00:52:27Well tie ingen n offenst'sinbea l ght.
00:52:33>>an: H,ZEH,EE Riht hert pttyclear thaty're ivg me a commitment tthe shinme.
00:52:39Ut they'oi tthtxf footbl.
00:52:41At's wh they o.
00:52:41And theyanto haveso PTAY AON O WFIHEiVE Otorun tll a few times egitize a b ei eadnduers thwinghe ftb >>ob: ONLY A-MANRUSH UP E eam.
00:52:59D a dr agn, it's jmy heidler.
00:53:03An th would ha bst wn for bowlingeen.
00:53:05Inste, 's trd down an oct jor sheehan.
00:53:11Heo a goodttihe otball, it's j a pchbn catgh th ju h head a t r with footll for cuty re-havdecejver scheidler'got 13 ctcs eyear.
00:53:30And they'oubli ceers ov eoutside, a sehan LOKSaTO H GMAPS.
00:53:34 ffalo shows blitz on third 11 shhan agai, dances t pocke avoidsherus ahes tch numer feddie barn s catchtoght.t's goodor airdo.
00:53:47Andhev flag own at d he play.
00:53:53Thflagcame o well afte bnes ta sonalu afte thmplay.
00:54:009, Ose itllbe trd andown ter the pal ifce >> BrianWEL HELE O The piolay droed t , aon thi y,heets a personal foul.
00:54:16Ut righere,oue come up,'s findink he'sope he finding t hole,e fr ov the quartba.
00:54:27Wealked ab ndson the blocmedpunt.
00:54:29Atasan fopersal oul.
00:54:32Hit m fou AT'S UNACCBLE DA CLSO A BOuLG GR BobILL FIT WN, Thh,m itappow athe play6 nhou bowng green is down, frese F AG Referfe: False mber 56, firdnalt ai fir down.
00:54:55Bslrdy fi penaltief yere the first f bling gree BrianSOFTES,OUUNTHE-HDTE OFFENS WHI BOING G dmslmos esively offhe cage for lawnte, as ateac got etup gethe plays cad a run to l yr t at line o sriag for lome isot easy.
00:55:27> Bob:HAUNDETA Prure.
00:55:30Tucks itder.
00:55:32Getso idd bree steps out ofun in f soowtingreen w h rd ikpealties.
00:55:40Evenl8 yar of ot ose.
00:55:44So theve gebar almout they gone foards.
00:55:49>> Ban:H'VF T THE FJR Ow t go foards in ary hee.
00:55:56Dheean the fens k with maagem dn to the ance ox oren rds.
00:56:09ob: T4 KS THE Tackle.
00:56:16Ndis a bbl so it back to thirdow and four ehase theasr rint up cithhekies coverage starunday,2z30 pific jo more informa, lon .com6 ig plhe f bow green torynd k t dr t djw andthree.
00:56:57> Bob: The ddl it is bbnes.
00:56:59He's g a fit wnndre.
00:57:01Still on his feet,nsie t allhe w ohe 2 y line, bemonic cook NALLi RODEHI DWWN >>n: A BUFFALO DED I d knofhat's a good idea ast fdie rnes.
00:57:20GE IK SJh ONHE Shallow roe.
00:57:23He's get aicff wde ceivr.
00:57:25Wh' pyinganvver y c't sywith m.
00:57:30Ha eyersi for w gr j n owou tha for buffao, I may [ to plne ora erage.
00:57:38>>oW, BNESLL RUV JT Msf.
00:57:43A fpge ain, cook o t tackl again obout teeyas.
00:57:51Geer is, acording clawn,e he cwachor linggrn,f secondst skieduy bowling g s.
00:57:58F teatxalst exclvely ws thefoba thsaidatey freie barno ha t sttoues, theyant willie gew have th second motch >>rian: HE'SDYE Ry small.
00:58:145'7 They uches, it yoteurai ndoffsr ve m a seen ee here ge hin wdcat.
00:58:25b: INJULAYER FOR Bulo.
00:58:27E s have e 14-7ead miy inond qu aa obunen bob wchusen alongsid brian gese hre ta he <% bme n bowng gre d bfan thec.
01:00:53Th ofe tamtheac ea I the mif th ac rytoaka push athen of the season.
01:01:02>>an:EY GODIE Rnmatgk agn.
01:01:09>> Bob AND AGAIITGER.
01:01:11atro seven fo buffal loss of tw yards6 IT LL BD WN A NINE. >> ian: The tng about puting bs auaerck, ca toens a quterbk, a tn tey hed hm ig e soou goo evet h h t cabiesf wing t ba aitou of thbt ldca zbee' see o late tonht.
01:01:41Bo HE'SON GOT TWO CATEU Dfar, boin green, 2or 3n ird .
01:01:45'S t dn anve.
01:01:51Heeh wll probarn seto iside ha first andmoor wn tord l it's rst and goat f bowling v.
01:02:04n BUFFO COUT Ed play man THIS ,HELAYZONE. NDIEARNESeOES GREAT JOBj Can s h fagait the c jus was to find t h beyoqurbbek, as we said.
01:02:22Tt's at qrtercmle talt nentalit >>Bob: FIRNDGO AE6.
01:02:29Keter, offheeft e. eps peg.
01:02:31Close touwn brht djbly th lngth of thefootba shyf go li.
01:02:43Davozte tt pettig cto hol get tf zo,ut it will beonwndgoal.
01:02:49Bri! WHAT AOU R BY The id 175 un geer, he'sg get walloped right ere.
01:02:57Utis head do thetrength of thatwu mig there.
01:03:03Fterin rig he mid walks rightin f sy5% ucown!
01:03:09Andowlho had tf to I the , opemtheueco quarr are drive.
01:03:18They're ovie verf the ge.
01:03:24Aup hoses were nekati paysut t e thf,sa tmitmt to thehingame pay for bowli gree >nors's extpoi juea insheupri n wave it of t n ow t side upt.
01:03:53Thi ichoughtt ODaAr A o-poiead fobuffal > Bob: Niekovinel missed e t b eno it 14-13, altug noerlo efficiaht uer theuigs.
01:06:18Obouy, the havf a b ane do.
01:06:20Maybeth pth rce I a little of but I think davecla s ooking fo claricion.
01:06:27Br EAH,IT'SD Tl rig he thin abt at is, it's EhTRT, ANDALLY, THF Ll goe low o an extpo byei it geohe uprifyts whi are not far, it lde been w nough thetoake hat l corrtly: So they hettef it thane .
01:06:48Ll all, sl ve portt, vyimpressive play.
01:07:00-Run scori dre.
01:07:01Ia ment, wee go t ined brikey,he ad coae inna bearca OF THEsEA STORIES TH Aso wh cwlge fwoall.
01:07:09If ty have quark controversy, othest kin head o of the rbac storsoi wi ny pike.
01:07:19Gets hu.
01:07:20Zach collaros ces, ot nine uc psin o lie ta nicerobl have, buffalo'bou toet t oa k.
01:07:31Good ck m wn rc rs w getu itt abouthe ard ne.
01:07:37 t tbou 18ard and coaclly, iob schusen andbrjan ie.
01:07:43Rs o all4s for joining . of al to publiywledge th we ve t citi/rutgers g atthettf the as.
01:07:52Gouttedis thing.
01:07:54D like toe creditfor weuknw, wbzioly, b, hng br whichis a k in his firstm WEEED TO H Bob:E KE THECERAL Mn flagp ohescrn.
01:08:12You've t sft spotn your he for fence onight >> I a greaerence,week in k out.
01:08:19Ou arellentoay yr her maybequterbaek e te,he te level are ea coaches d grejo ave r for the coacs da d tu ai go job.
01:08:34>Bob: OBVLY, T BIGTORY Withr is [hat ry statusithtony pike?
01:08:40>>Ony toos fore first timeaz.
01:08:42fS CLOSE Wel g bettel whi heext 4 u.
01:08:47Hetting cler 's pyanous.
01:08:49He wants t g ther 'ive anotr couplef abablur decio fry.
01:08:58>> Bri:EY, COACH, AIOT ZA Claro tnyoerrific ings.
01:09:09T o,twnyouldbe ourer comg bak.
01:09:12>> Ban: Ell, ihink before eean stted,e does th ir and w tht t ke the qrterback i collegball ts yrhbt ody hadwe heard of.
01:09:22Ink he got off a ea but what a nice tunor y toaveh tw ys to g .
01:09:28Wel ityha zach laro ninehd i tweeks.
01:09:33E' dove greb. 'su asophome.
01:09:36An is gre to know tt we'reng t prettyod spe at t quartek poen tky gradtes.
01:09:42>> Bo SND DOWN ANDTEN.
01:09:45S ckles.
01:09:48Unni hard6 fstown for buffalo.
01:09:50We're talng tobriankely, he hdoac r ciijna weake ach,t ur remaingule.
01:09:56Boy, f are twoamas far as big east fa a concerne west virginmi I t week ywuave close oute tburgh.
01:10:06At about a conce mach for yo ij y gys 12-0, you hve earned it do'touink?
01:10:16Olelplay a tough uco this w dendu so much,nd ituconn,here reay a balleathat could b they'veost framesy a l ofpointu.
01:10:31'Ve g shedu it of us,buerly o guys ARE EXCITE > Brn:OH YO INT Lok in the pol, t ha lls, th cs, do you nto tomuch of dcussiongonwith the am and how muchyou t do to ghe champions well, we talk abut nt rtai gotueadnd cout contl whas iz th ga.
01:10:56At w cantro I big chaions that' wee f ae d of theye, iturns that're uead, wel ah,e t sy with tin we c corol d tat's the bcsamphip.
01:11:13>> b: IWERE TPUT YOIN COURTROO YOU COULD M your ca cuoukehe s at mouain wes bose gon.
01:11:23Whe can y ke if er asomebod thawas gointo liste hat ur story would be?
01:11:30Obvithe bchedule.
01:11:33Oregon at o st pa10.
01:11:36E bign, wed erybo inuronnce.
01:11:39Frhatstavdint, w de erything t wecan.
01:11:42We hen't played a s sche. ga iardo make thca whoue8-0.
01:11:49We've g a l wrk too, af o it, I'll bebdy to maketh case at tt me.
01:11:55Terrjfic sean o th f t bein enerouso usnit.
01:12:02>>Av, th, bri.
01:12:04Brian G LÑCK.
01:12:07Bob:HROTS O.
01:12:09Th in teirnfer,ne wi ilins.
01:12:12Competitionat that b thas itno asif they'ayi a I tem.
01:12:20Hve aig t team r schedu this la the season a iressve du as mynrdut on t down.
01:12:30>> y!n: N, AOOD OL BY MAYND RIGHTER Tif ciinti,t portanhisste in the s st,viewfactwr.
01:12:38Noy ist the cos, buu haveoin win impressiveland do itin ainlity oppen for the tohb west virgia LE HEIRSCUL AND TEN AE GAMEN DB 5h Pittsh,hat is gog the view facr thcinnti e,ftheyant to leap over, maybe, an unfeat >> BobRE GOES G AGAI Wn sideline6 vogill, insie 20 ian:HA'S GREAT JOBBY Theve le of bufa ' ging tosehe cevte nube75,geup o tend vel and get a btock o t libaer and susta tt blk andll him to g d the f this blinggre ts lked w theefe cooatke lc he saidhendwee th d anemasis on s÷oivg the ru eye aeo do it T. >>b: jesrac e tightnd loose.
01:13:53Zach mayna is using all the to it's afaloxten the lea a fag was thwn.
01:14:03A I hae r mispinthe ball aer > fee: NSPOSMAN-LE C OFE.
01:14:15Numb 82.
01:14:17THPEY FORCEaON T OFF. Brn:WETL, SEEIGHT THE, TWNNE GILL'S T ouma a gowd ou k ithe end zo he's sing r there acte yeeere befre.
01:14:30U'oink to be god pl and a uc do I withchact intt >> b: IIPS EXTRA POI ♪ five ♪
01:14:48- ♪♪ five-dollt-- ♪♪ - ftlg ♪♪
01:14:50♪ivllar j♪♪
01:14:52everyo l our newest ootlon uffa c. 's h.t's co.
01:14:56 st WAi. RESH.
01:17:12Bwb: Fulli lightingheater a nra fall jp th from downwnfalohehels have a2113 lead over bli green.
01:17:25Momago, jeack ady e car hh.
01:17:30He anrom gl when h got bk tohe ls in sepi thell.
01:17:36Eough d an unortsmanle penalt ebulsav to kick ogffr so sd be gooeld ositiofobowlg grn.
01:17:51Faotillith timouts.
01:17:52An:30 gbeforealfte.
01:17:59Rosshe40 o to trdtine.
01:18:01Et's cheack inith rn burr.
01:18:04>> ARIHT, B.CINGP tH COLLEGE Otball hatftime report, I beoid mh.
01:18:11We'll ta a lk atlle otballe of twk.
01:18:15Suvd aba6 iowa neds athercomefacko ayuvdefeated.
01:18:19Do thero be foth frhe bcs stndin nd 'll f out at tre thiab bran iks.
01:18:25Doe lty fcrime?
01:18:26Th's coming up on the cle footba halftim rep >> Bob: All rig, .
01:18:34Thanks very mu.
01:18:35W too for tr eehan beforelftime.
01:18:40D over eead o industryianhodg outf us.
01:18:44>ia A LITTLIT OF A Force b sheeha he baeseath he trd pusheball do the field a litbjé.
01:18:51He's in ttwoin drill now.he got a of his mts.
01:18:55Plenty t just that dfeniv freddiebarnes THAS WHT D . > b: Boy,aking a p wau chutos to th otl.
01:19:19Nd ftag com ocy.
01:19:23Raph akobad t.
01:19:25 a you weer tt's wh tta > n: THATELMET Helnet -- >>Refee: PEAL FOUL.
01:19:36Ssaryhnes ensenumb 51, afr t ply.
01:19:39First do > Bria.:HAT' Elt--helt vtt6 you'reing to se he's goivg to ca the ball here, and akobuns to a makf a fmack there justo hppens that his hm hit threceer elmet ght ere.
01:19:59Tough call.
01:20:00B isn emphisn colge ootblis yer t ofs6 there tryi to proct defensess receers, ruarte, anybodyhatets hit he t heme it'soing be a psonal ul.
01:20:19>b:SEHAN,O DUMP Down the e.
01:20:22It will bedndten. I in a od ll.
01:20:24>> Br , ACCNG TW THE A THEMISHAT Ncaa isaking tyeart uas a good call.
01:20:30Now, tuestnecoesat do ywnt the lebke do6 [t a u deal.
01:20:35E's got to come nde tackle a foru tackle.
01:20:38It's d to put yuread d mf the tle with your hel it's ajugh Bob: Younowathant the lbaer e player with shlder and n h hel ndow d te sh pveurefrom thlind si,nl to ho.
01:20:58Thi dndten.
01:21:02Stn s, a baloct, ut t tre f te sack.
01:21:06A gre story.
01:21:09He isind blac of what rnill isryngtond th is,b 't real A WELLthFGH SCHOOL FOOL Tent there areo play in ff niagara brea, gmad o b >> ia TT'S A GREATI For tuergill.
01:21:35N't holdnn third do noit's fo a tn at the .
01:21:38W, w yo?
01:21:41>Bria LL, AGAIN, IT'SE Me situationhezdhe a tnk ttcoach cla[son has morenfid his fens eong frt an N, TBN H CKER MG50-YA ALí b: The orptionld be tunnd tto kll inde the0 yardli.
01:21:59YOU DON GETT, AND NOW TEoT EDY BOG EN, YRE Going t gize buff withlenty of time heoretood field poo a reaieraturd ano eastn.
01:22:10Umr iowaack . ty't notern.
01:22:13Rky sta tryingoow up on last wele w ld tkeyes stay in hunt thenati chovm kn E FNOAL PRErENTEDY Ca.c.
01:22:28For re, l toespn.
01:22:30Justas were tgeaiev, cinc andhe we va and t pisb get the end the mtcircoh s at vemb 1th >>Bria WELL,HIO .
01:22:42 ats thyouant sleep o y' they've hadbiins pf ate. sns.
01:22:49Atmiigan e. thtmichigan.
01:22:52If theyca bse three teams o tede ht thyill ha a leat argument for the l title Bo TT'S THE AGU I Want hear6 ow d win,penn staicn ste alln t re nin thenatial aiohip?
01:23:09Foth and afrti-out.
01:23:11Ndfal D Y PROBLi AVE 5% >> ReALSSTART.
01:23:16Ofens5% nr 12 five-yard pealt remai fourth wn > b: WILL FOND 1 From thf 3ine.
01:23:24>> BriaWE AVD I THINKHE ARUMENTGAST IILLBE They vetonntyl faion.
01:23:31And t cerson watch thegam ts justcalcul t tha yo factor thats factor e fathathha bee dw in situ er.
01:23:44D frank had cat tt went hem inhendia ga that allod them t win thhresoy theyay ket.
01:23:55Bob: Ielendsitto abutheal n it's the endzoe.
01:24:01Hend whathold have been fouthnd ten t 33 yard liovly nebowlre abou15ardsrth ofield position.
01:24:12As bual wll it have the 29 rd lie, 19 wth clcktopping with fst owns a tee timeuts.
01:24:20S aot of time for bulls fense tathas teicerf f fir hal Bria EAH,ALLY, Owng gen d nhing t hat drive fkeld r tey've be onhe fld mst of thisst lf ndiveuffa mre oppoitieto get more ints.
01:24:41Bob AHEY RUNIT TH Ill.
01:24:43In o obound that stops clock.
01:24:48Iss buf bulls offen at nd waz it with.
01:24:55a AND THEY G THREE BAS THAT THEY REAL LIKE, Uka,andther andhey.
01:25:02Ereust ing this y really l aout gill y see re,starks, ally tr best pzer comg intohe ason.
01:25:11He the t-tel-mtrunningackn 00 16 uchd.
01:25:17Thy were couing him4e got hly I tye >> Bob: Thiutime eill t and falnup losing cole yb ukahak u eliern the lf.
01:25:28L anlly has t veal ames.
01:25:37Baue backn the win a game this past weend, 172 ds and 3 touchdnsin lossowench heas aame time decio wh ale njury, a onl fnde plangecse menry alsotut th a an injure.
01:26:00Game clockder aminut quarteack draw.
01:26:03Ynard h t firs n, cos to g ivtht .
01:26:11BrianTHAT'S INERESG, U KN, THIRDND SIX Th got aoftime o the .
01:26:15Ei time-outs and rnlt eling ay cnstively wit his young qrtck he's up 21-13.
01:26:23E't wao have any nativhings happenefor t ts o f al has be rolng I the firstlf.
01:26:33Give emeenlht, wn tas inh >>Bo TIS ISCONRVATIVE, NO Esn, a bufseemsoe fre aak thf eight-point le halfti.
01:26:45Theyl it again. gill down theide lyvn.
01:26:48Ands mped out of bwund stll 1 sono go sonow, evethou you'ryto the binheezer, youe cng u yas chunkh u t to tak shn 3p setup gattempt.
01:27:05rian: YOU GET YOURSELFN Ieldoa ryou'lik , mygood I g my time-o w, I suld thw wn fild and sapn Bo GLL WIT EIGHT He in trst ha eop lt ofr scre naan rse.
01:27:26E's the bweon. haine sl rt.
01:27:30Maynard,heside, looking terrl son.
01:27:34Knockedwa go positionfor adrian nc an[ithfi sonds o.
01:27:39Thfit ha do yake kne,r u owbi b a hope?
01:27:51'mcratchg my hea -ion't know whath gng todo.
01:27:54Iected themo thr5, 20 yarown e field ten ke a field goal.
01:28:02Desn't makt ajgh percente ow.
01:28:05I have nidhat they're to .
01:28:15 givet to ees7 defensive theay do[nfld f bok een,aifk e hail m it's a l ofoom n gill.
01:28:25He pa hisstats,but tre werebowlgreers aingor him td zo >> Brian IF THEYOULD HAVE Ledtimig now th b lining fo a el goal.
01:28:37>> Iti an eigoint lea atalft for uffalo oowling ee SO AOOD START E GAME FO TUER GIL'SrQUD.
01:28:46Let's go rnu it's the eollege footb hfte po >>> muh.
01:28:55Welco to the eollege fotball hlfme ort.
01:28:58Ryanburr,trevor matich e calendar has rn we're io er ouet tonovember,'s it'simply th's wt's importantw.
01:29:08We do ha ehan inhe t ee texas w eapfrogged or abaa, so it's fla,as, alabama.
01:29:16Owndefeatofhe big ® stillhe inti, undefted in th bi east.
01:29:223pND BY THWAi,SUT NBE ®E,SUaSTILLAS A CHANC A Chan, to a the way in that bcs champiip mas w takok at who at for congp on aturday.
01:29:33ser 9, lsu g to tuscoosa to tan alabama.
01:29:40®The tgers have n e last four tripto alama.
01:29:43Itulbe aood one in s.
01:29:45>> Likeve game th wepl year4 this is t ost rtt the plaedalear loecause it ishf that we play this wek: It' goaputur team good ti t able plthe beut ftbal hey c les milesas do fantastic J IN uHE F YEA THE'S Been at su they aaylay gh th play witgrea eortn ® ses of the ball spetes.
01:30:11Every timee pltabama wer on t ort , we recog 'sgog to be a ctive ge6 nd youkn, uatc twf ein collia in collegefoball.
01:30:25Sine I' beev her we' joy game of sifince.
01:30:29It only cnts on but 's an >> it sed o in the.e.
01:30:34Esti, as as getting i a a the bcs andings,hf le t®bndi o not, oy o teams can play ithe bcs amonship game.
01:30:47N yo take t three, lorida, tes,alabamhic teamn en do you tnk is yan, I is ing t bor alanaas t tehe c thave to py nth-rd u forg c s.e.
01:31:04®Chmpiohip agns prba idbut inkf m florida and ala in th cmpiohjp game, both teams havetr the nsivy.
01:31:12In e d zone theing mndh on fens the bst w to get out its a lag, llng game.
01:31:21Even tflorida runs the ba welheirll fa guys,bama ha th buloz in mark in an I tat wille differenee.
01:31:30Here'sno nying w e ®op teamsre inthebc aalyead numb ur.
01:31:34Mber fo, wundejeated from big ten.
01:31:39Y nevlookrety doiit but they al[ays fi a way win.
01:31:42Oes iowaeserve to s be nu they allyhe w yby from fourown to through about t x.
01:31:53Rricwi w, I wins tot of close gaes ainst teamthat would I the fourth-ranked ine ntiond btow ut.
01:32:02A they n th spcar jashion.
01:32:05®Gainst nohe i,as bloi twel ®theyon atennate, trailing tr quarted bloing a p oheay that theun bockeam wn't evenonefild.
01:32:18It safe pt defense sn the eld.
01:32:20But thlocked it,ook or atouchdn.
01:32:23And,ours they eda benpe pas at iia tanin tyler sh'snded t game nd bu af awhile, got tgu at isn'lk thy're good att kin of in andhe fahh the be w thnd t tms hi them tells meat, ah, THEi DESEVE TATNSIDN.>> ILND OFING OUT The, tin wuldget crazy withtop-the tebms,here woiowc.
01:32:53T theystill are to t olums which w any amwh rern, we+l goo the heis E DS colt McFi hiel>> bndon spik talks abt sat suuedim - oh, me too "AH, M ON A SWM KAKHSTAN. ( enne rving ) The'no way youve de it at f yet.
01:33:15-gineevving ) - HEHAT?600ccs OF RUS-- - Was t - n'worry abt ityou will nev getthis lfvel.
01:33:24AnunRATED "MFOR MARE. GETLL OF MODERN RFARE 2" AT2:01 NOVBFR 10th.THE WPLAY IT IS XBOX 36</ £The fastt way play walmartmoy. litelmt.
01:35:16>> Ry with trev in he topree most of the seaso irst inhe p heost rntprdictor.
01:35:32co Mc By tim w a d a haf.
01:35:35with McY ing a posbleeaierscdulet o w.
01:35:39Mark ingram is the only oher ay100 poin thr wk nine and not damlausen and sller.
01:35:52Tre da4iyd wi pl agnst on surday sixeemftrea his llne.
01:35:57Hewa scovd in the nation in receivi yard at the te.
01:36:00Wlplygav >> moolleotnews.
01:36:06Georgiaug ba washn eey says he doest think brndon skes shoulbe spdhen he aareny trngto gougeeay'ye out6 heusndedkefor thf first halfof thegame.
01:36:21Spissaid, quoe, I at sponsior mytions and iept t consees my action.
01:36:26I woutd likf apolze f mz team washn ealey.
01:36:30Fooa is v phic and iackntrvo vor,he video doesno it I gruome t say t ast.
01:36:44Lf game suensi agast vandzy.
01:36:50>> Nin my ivion.
01:36:51Yio he suld beensuded f theest of seasonecausehat wasn't l.
01:36:57To, ballnal t VDE eGAR Blot, you los condyou let yr etions get t best ofu.
01:37:08S is set that ik ght out.
01:37:11An opportunity to getni to a swmebody eye.
01:37:15In m opinion,hat's n a continuio of foll, at t.
01:37:19Dny onion4ngat ody' ey aootbal pe is diffent from ugi atheir eye avie ater.
01:37:25Ehing you ha t abt vice in footll,t' tighteningispli a control.
01:37:31It'u n justbyhe itstarts with p.
01:37:34It'sorofd wh technies and rulesuri the play.
01:37:37An eds abruptly at the whistle.
01:37:39Ndhe in afterwds th li d thin thbat's ptffoall.
01:37:44It isot pa of fooatl t en in a piou eyes.
01:37:48For as, ithk he shouldeusndfo the season.
01:37:52>> A veryarsh sfnt by u.
01:37:55Let meolth,ou're yie the seas hear te [he here a loose ball, crazy ujfoesjn uneatthe it e I'veeen a paj tha que tenthis wasn't aose this was a whtlo a opportity t sticke fingers in ere eal he doestexct that ik should d d iexpecthat from aough like ke washaun ealfy.
01:38:20That'lion ck ®keall ga, you goo , the guythsu inth te asrepitting yoet yhand, ysay foul.
01:38:31Let's the next ay.
01:38:33in my opio it sn ftb fooll ey suld not be red f somhi tt exeme.
01:38:41>> GaSUFF OUT OF YO TR Pund s thelet.
01:38:46Sti s bowlids t handed out.
01:38:49Nd thereeeeamat hoove wne tcu,oise sta andcinnni.
01:38:53We'llreakown e bcs en we rn >>>ive bc bowl gaes anwhen iomeo thoseid in handed t, only one non-bcs coence team is gued a sot he i e top 12.
01:40:13This ye we got more tan e tainabout tc in t untainst.
01:40:19The nference do not get an automatthe bcthews in sxthtac there ed at san diego sta tis weem.
01:40:30E bend tcu, perleftindis bse stat e hope I fo uo ofit remainiamesr anicks naco.
01:40:43Broncos cse o their schedu wih on the ad, thr at he.
01:40:47Then there'scin a b ea conncchoolhose curly at nb fiv t e bearcs have a t ONCEMBER 5th.
01:41:01That will decide eonferee tle.
01:41:02It'sunlikely tjgeastt get me bc bwl bids.
01:41:07Leustay innatiin ge.
01:41:09Youhr in tc a boise sta out of those threemsho st likely get tbid?
01:41:18>> I tnk the mos likelt bf tcu.
01:41:21®Nonquif shod th ou ®ey+ve a toughle iputy bcs standi I thicu is st liky.
01:41:44N,hen uook atese five ow games, there areen ams there ivk th theay I wll ke ut,f erybo win the way I expe themo,f everybod wins out, what you' ndp havg wo at-large groupsavlabl d the mo likeree teamu be those ausc, penn state andoise stte forthose two.
01:42:09W, there a lot o jowtbal ft to byed they cld cng but ifverybody win out I cmewv to tha andn what wlaen is, esusu is not e.
01:42:27Theye re pu paying omers ine andraw eballs to is becaus of that boise wod be teft out.
01:42:40> Lft your o ere out y CHN TEPN FAMILi OF Neorks tsfray, asoise sta meets louisiana h.
01:42:50T'sn2 fnig p0 p.m.
01:42:53And en hd ®yoecide forzouruelf.
01:42:57Heillies have ex wor series t aame x.
01:43:05Ere I pedro rupeitte.
01:45:16>>> Espn honors aican sercemen andwoen wi v "amica'seroesalute to ouzeterans.
01:45:32Le from wespoin o WEDNES NOVBERth.
01:45:38Joins as way tibutf to auerica's heroes o espn.
01:45:42Stainay w scial edit of "fdanight figh," espn celrates ameri heroes.
01:45:51And air fce su "otsi he lis.
01:46:03The coachf epitalsays he hosvekin will not be str he hos he wilbackhis weke.
01:46:14The phiies extended I to a x pe lanig pedroti makes h second t,edy an ptitte ng short requt.
01:46:27Hers earpere lien,ou go pdrortinez gng on fouda rt,ompareto ttitten t des ® andy ptitte, ald as is, I don't tnkhe'sgoingbe a do it.
01:46:51Ts ishy the philties are backiv.
01:46:53> Itllowed urned hsame thr but did get T WIN.PEDRO IN tECOND UEASON This year has ben excelnt th r.a. 2.0.
01:47:042p0 >>> slocoe, zach maynard and jerack.
01:49:08 a very entertaing fstlf betwe bowlien nd buffo.
01:49:11'Re justbouet for stt ef e t arr.
01:49:14Importa me forothof eses the mac.
01:49:17Cleootll pime me d here I the fit hlf feively, jeffv gill from buffalo, carries fo8 b wischusenian ges lly, t sto,eptat g ba forbul ke ndu, oi ry henry out with an inry.
01:49:41>> Brian: Tss like ck in tays o nebraa wre ey uldu pug in th next gu freshma tonight, it'sn jefongill.
01:49:490ARDS THD FIHA Bob: BLIREENAS N Gotit goi ely.
01:49:55Ty'ad ssit freddi r what do the needoto get the franchise reierovg?
01:50:06Brian: Lltheye ho ge t football.
01:50:09Eyre only downightints soty wf timeto get o track.
01:50:14>> Bob: Fediebars.
01:50:16Aet fst alj.
01:50:21Tee tches for 56 yas.
01:50:23Th is payer aeais as setd rd fo most catcin aga bybowlggreen receivhreiffere tim.
01:50:30And t west reor 22 atese in eam again center st 22 ionsn o gbm bow start t condalf thhe footbl.
01:50:41Remr, bualo, w tos lected to rece soit's bwlng green on the ofnttedecd half.
01:50:47Ou to the37 ya for john ttigrfw on return.
01:50:53But domime possession the fir hlforu.b.
01:50:59>> BriaYEAH, UEE IIGHT Hee.
01:51:0219 For buffalo, 1 for bowling not goiu score m otball righno teygoin have anppounity to art the sendalf with the fll on down eiht.
01:51:14As asouayedn th fir halfdefeely, you still have a chae to éie the game.
01:51:22b: AND SETS HE SCREE Er.
01:51:27Geteride n.
01:51:30Mwiieer allthe y down tthe20 yarde.
01:51:33>>Brn:EALD IN THE T Lf about bwl n fensivelygeing creative wa toet thisdhe fotbal not very g.
01:51:41Youeoi ee itikht re on atl reen.
01:51:44Just get th ootbal allhefensve lito relwne and g blwck.
01:51:50You s t spdhtthre to getown the field.
01:51:52If you' not g to r the footballefctfl you ber able scr >> Bob: 4Yarda heslip screto te alr boi gen.
01:52:01Insidehe rne wigeter.
01:52:03Stingtpthe middle.
01:52:04Dn bo 1rd le r 8 me yard >B6ian: AN I LIKEHEAY Wng grn a comin outnd sttingheecond hal 'tet veryy tochesofe as we saidin the frst hal you realize, if yu're tyer shean and tis ense, have to makehestevery time youget the foll, you bse y know if you' going t get it bbck from buffalo for textivrix minus.
01:52:34Bo GETE DANCING IN THEBAELD ANDAN DANCO Ther mike's316 ckles comintoonht for d he made thstop6 se twosaties f snnonnd there's ewn.
01:52:59Both seniors, withl 3p0 tkls in eir cares.
01:53:04Th're on the son and thirdlar in buffalo proam onty arr b in the la 's.
01:53:15Theve bee tndem inhat sendy r lo t rd a short.
01:53:20Shean on th rñn,nd ally, he towbz stevemeans6 n: L B PLAY THERE.
01:53:32Eehan wing et t ll freddies, and they double cover himn the ondand heied toxt th play much ashecould.
01:53:41B a big opor the bualo dseo ve upwo big plays tt art the send hahat STIFF IN THE R jONE This has beentt for boli een.
01:53:49They're las ithe mac in red seaso eicieie I sri toudown is I aob fthem o theiroesarlin the s í> Bo THISS FROM34 YDS Ay.
01:54:01His e's g <- we sorsic, he missnx oit.
01:54:06But hedrawboineen a little closer.
01:54:10- e-doll f- ♪♪ - ♪♪ootl♪
01:54:13everyoov o newest $5 ftlg.
01:54:17Bfalohicken it hot it's cool is chycken iki'!ju $5!
01:54:22S eatrh.
01:56:23Just othe balmy ev buffa whe u.b.
01:56:27S the five-poi lov owlinggre 216.
01:56:31E hero o tat lastve th lted in onlyfidal, ie getlip screen for or 40yards, gotowling grn the redzone.
01:56:42 deepoffandled at about the 1 yard heomes .
01:56:51T to 77.
01:56:55D he ces zaayna jor th firstimee second hatf.
01:57:00Anhe it rolling I the fi hblf, but heed o by a if run me.
01:57:05>> BanWET,E RELY WAU.
01:57:07He w efici in the f hatf.
01:57:11Dn'tave to makeooany pla m the toudown pausx thad.
01:57:18En you hve 165 rdsrushing e fihal you don need to do too mh as a arterb >> b: BACK TO THERU FRES, JEVON IL D fourn fit timeown.
01:57:36Ready100 y ushi.
01:57:37Up to 2 now f jeffv .
01:57:41Bria AND I'M DAY Battcong at the sond lj I rez eht-poi led at halfti I'veot a go rushing game goin I'n going to connueoound the ball bvt I wanttoix play action6 becau ido hveremendus id recvf may I can get some play action goind take sots dowe fi >> b:to the outside.lww throw.
01:58:07Haul in byaaman roosfl hat's good a f wn.
01:58:13Brian: Andt'st quick the outside her a little beerthro allod him sque up maove oger williams right ther 'snteresng wetalking yesty wi coaches, and ed tharoosevel d eommates.
01:58:32Ro is r, maynard is a t soomore.
01:58:37Y dot se t ry ten.
01:58:39T spks a lot r roosevelt trying to bin him along.
01:58:46í>Bob: JONADTH.
01:58:48As we py fo mutes ren the thirdarter.
01:58:52Re'some youth.
01:58:53Auer gi w, it' impress whathe has ne wi pra they canpionip lst ear, butustittiwith h yestery, heis it's hard t escre,nguied mightbe he bt [ to use he'susb very iressive r.
01:59:14Gill mak people ce.
01:59:15Another first down.
01:59:15Wn t seline6 ardin tothe1a le bowng grn befo he'pushedut >> n: WELL, GREAT RUN HERE On theperimr.
01:59:273P EYfVOUNDING IN Tweth ackl and ver, mli gets a ock onerimet and bring the outside.
01:59:39You see tlent d asto ket down t field.
01:59:42Yo'r taing aboutur gill and thewohat ca tomy mi in ouret yeerday wa ssn.
01:59:52He lovesbssion toteach thesf ung me about laship anhateyee t doto be succes.
02:00:00At's what 'rhowi tonigh maynard throws itto nmas lan vio, beforeurner gl whe head ach heret flo, he sen png carr at neasma buthe liare of his cch are a an asstant was nebrk part heional championship s a'9'9 '9w a coh.
02:00:24And f tost pa under tom osborn we saidatou lear basicallythethings, how to reatople w good relationship howo py phys foll.
02:00:35Tosor's cch pe was otba is controlleviolence.
02:00:40CONFEN BYTERING tHR Abliti.
02:00:45 bu s he a vertilelayer quarterback neaska >> Brian: He really was.
02:00:55Heplednmf treous erms.
02:00:59S o of e gs tha ha eby tohro it or >> Bob: Abouthr?
02:01:05Iike hat.
02:01:07The sk pass.
02:01:10n: I DON+TTHI I Evsetin a other way in ootball, ohe th one, I've nev seen that beore.
02:01:18Bob: S theheisman trophy finalist.
02:01:228-2 A a starte in his c up theseam.
02:01:27'S g.
02:01:28Downo 10 t and goal t bre hamlin got.
02:01:35Flag wn back the le of rimge, ouh.
02:01:39WI IT AWA ALDG PELT >> Ree: Replay third down.
02:01:45>> BanIS HOLDING IS GNG Ring catch byaynardand mn.
02:01:52Ioue gng t seehe ce 75, I thinks tonehot cald.
02:01:56And hesim down right eneve y tkeefensive linem dno the gun t os of getting cald are ty gd.
02:02:06Fortunat for bualo, negates a huge play downhfield.
02:02:12>> Bwb: Wh chang itead isin fit gal at 6, it's third and 20,ack at bfalo 39 yard line.
02:02:21Jm violenthecte rmer lk on cd forhe penalty.
02:02:30Regill,r thetackle and pksp a yard.
02:02:34Nally finish o by dari smith.
02:02:39>> Bri Y SHERE, Penalty goesrom h the bl first and al onhe 2 linetoow pug from at penaltzook le rner.
02:02:52ia IT WAS.
02:02:53Wa die barn, deep.
02:03:12>> BoCHWILLRY TO KEEP Didback.
02:03:14Actually geter ck and h fules thf fotll at the 5 rd line.
02:03:19A scram f i andt's recovered byuffalo.
02:03:25Ax prre cwmes upit REOVY FOTHBULLS.>>n: Wel,tll rnheotf where ey wouldaven the cometion for han.
02:03:39Ut you can see rigre, just f the fingerps.
02:03:42And pierre'erto uake the very >> BobZ NOLD RULE AAYS Seemedto e, if y'rei the 5ard ne, let itounc aake iside t ze.
02:03:57Areourpriseget ted to eld pu >> Bri: If ges oveyour hebdu le go.
02:04:08>>b: BO[LING GREEND Hdown, andachuna couldn't hale ap,ha pu ocked ae5 yard li bowlg gee rered.
02:04:21Punched I fhe first touchdow , I loo like bufght beable get sr poi here f, gill.
02:04:27Ae gl lin he'sin.
02:04:29Toucn for u. b.
02:04:46So each tam bicallyhands t ot free touchdo an at the fir career uchwn ror gl.
02:04:57>> Brian:ND WE THOUGHTOMG O this fooall game t specl tea mght a rol now, blocked pun and afed put,oth lng to twn >> Bob:ND NOWBUFFALO'S GOIN TO GO FTW A te- called.
02:05:117> ReferFIRST CHARGED Time-on the secondhf.
02:05:14>>ob: WLINGREENWILLLL Aime fense 'm noture wthe gale iu for the bulls to go for ni m t in thed quer.
02:05:26Stl, the free sixis, TUOVER UPECIAL TEMS. >>riaND SCIAL TEAMS Definit pay a n why go for to here 'tfindut.
02:05:49w bo idoesve budightide!
02:05:54Inucing the bud lit eaker box!
02:06:00U! ieaa rty!
02:06:03( cro cheg . thank spker x.
02:06:09Haha ha! ke on dancg, otballans.
02:06:14Ilte ♪♪♪
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02:06:49(announceEREOMETHING Big, wooh, ni th's a t food!
02:06:52(announcer)GEG MEKE OUSTUFFED ZZA ROER A mia,he'zonndoupersonal panormousizza arng at justfi dolrs pizza hus g tny pce mu.
02:07:01Rder on phone.
02:08:14 if eercome up si niarafalls, yougot to see theys a la no zza.
02:08:23I thnk thnewe re com >> Brian DIDAT THATOL PIE URF? B: It w not alow clester meal that a ejod last nit.
02:08:37Ffal -up theygo for twooromren.
02:08:40'S epre ynd.
02:08:42Ande uakes ito the end dwo-point conveion go th07o go iheird.
02:08:55Brian: Well, ath questiw areaver I y .
02:08:58E et all theestions I they don'te it.
02:09:02A good run by mayna t make a ple guysiss in the e .
02:09:06LITTLE EARLY GNG FO O. Bob: Ieresng decis b turn gl.
02:09:12Tre a going to be interestingdes made by ismbvors we have brian gese hikh five.
02:09:20Thes are the fieads?
02:09:21 ieah, we we t bbthe three n of eg footba,brfo tw and McC A NONF OF SE GU MY HH-FIVE.
02:09:34C.j. spieris.
02:09:35He's dynamicpl.
02:09:38Shin eceivikick rur d pun retus4 he isynamic mark iramis anoer g that is alo for alana.
02:09:48cknows +sog run t football sll isunngthe foball, aveng123as rga.
02:09:58Usen nof dame, on two rnors, maso rll is o ats leepr.
02:10:04E' gott e wo and bck on bfr losing tt g t iarly in t think th'vade a tremenus comknd I's en al about hiu.
02:10:14Ifyou latis numbers, the mparle to what tim tebow at floridb.
02:10:17I thk 's a sleeper.
02:10:19Lk othe >> Bob:HO'S YOUR PIC Who's gng to >> Ban: Like said, I like spiller.
02:10:27Ler, I ha a chance tw s him t weekag sgle-handea hurrine<- BoAOW KICK BY WILS.
02:10:39And hf gehot dide the yard lie.
02:10:43Mangram I the g that tnk ing to beuch th naonal ue o those f ys.
02:10:49Thm shod rnked numbe three, but is going be tle world ofcollege otball whi the ges tat texa alabamand flid play.
02:11:00THINK TIS P TH colt Mc And t tebow ve at lea statcallz played sees far khehd gm.
02:11:08Ingram is gooe cte ste.
02:11:10> BrnZE REIS.
02:11:12He hasmesagns l and missjssippi at title mes he'llave y opportunityto peform >> b: DHE HO RUN F Chriswri derth it. and it's t of bnds.
02:11:42Ylerheano f tonigh 8 h lastgames, re tonight, w averagi or 400yards per game.
02:11:53Aewne hd pass hasn gotten going far derso prsurend ju jerks .
02:12:04Thws I atheet ray hud turday no eaer e of thoseeamn thehah tentily, numbeour iowa reur to achey have rtestern this wf li uptowas weekr uatury+s chup wi ohio ate a rky sta ke it g.
02:12:22And the hkeye ay in spot fo the bc cpiship me collegtbl prented by fore, logon c if that am en defeed, it w meo bethhe gaes they pazis ythird and ten for bowliree sheeha cketsne ov the midde.
02:12:46A I droppe rht into t hs ofadria odges.
02:12:49 itwill be nalty agains wling green.
02:12:55í> Brian THINK IT A HOLD IN E bafi >> fere LDI Offense nuer,hatpenay i ecd.
02:13:07>> Brian: Th bowlingreen has hadlot of es nit.
02:13:12Roed pas, tig end.
02:13:14Odkesve dped some ball they had a lot o pena hey have haderson foul penales.
02:13:21They juslook slopptoni >> Bob:AIR CATCH AT E 36 Yar by hamlin.
02:13:33Od field posi for bfalo.
02:13:44am my kids cl me thehrde case e bl I goes r in my box t my mailb.
02:13:50Gethese xt meag; ty're cd "spen arts", I feel moirol6 f cus with cholate alerts.
02:14:00T'd g (annocer) , WE KNOW VERYS LKG Out eping n safe.
02:14:04D wve lots oways to help, likendints.
02:14:07Beuse whouney's ur mind'at ease.
02:14:10£Tt'why cineverleep Bob:HIWERE AY, A Pen calledn ben bo bacmupafetyr bfalo was calledforersol stfter the fair cah mae by htin.
02:16:10Hods s man , youan s him on the extremeef si of the n.
02:16:14Unch thrown at thend oe play.
02:16:20At costs buff5yas field pion.
02:16:23D tt this drive back ju as eiown 20 ya lin the workhoe,he t eshman, jeffvon gill.
02:16:41Ht int dus smit dwayne woods ereto help make th s >> Brn: I exctng green to st with some run bes.
02:16:50Andey've got -- they'ot palitzes a they'v t run blitz d somimes, you b bbth eate hav[c forhe block.
02:17:04Up the eldatlow the neback come insolock and f th up to make the tackle.
02:17:10'Ve ot too set ophe runni game for gfalo.
02:17:20Bob: Scrn todoit.
02:17:21Notng there.
02:17:22Kin alvad staye he d broug down gillr aoss of aup.
02:17:27Ithind lon Brian: Well,ndthingod hapens when yw a see bk ter y,s Y'REaDAINN TOMLINN OR Someonfat at daspr ts a freshmmistak when yet a scr yo ne to sta out by t numbe get dwnhe sidewalk,s th bu you can't getackn e le o theld for acreen a >> Bo T THREMANUSHN D wn and11.
02:17:59High throw er the head of mlin.
02:18:04E boingreen defse es great job to foe uflo threeownsnd out.
02:18:13>> n: WE,HAS Ch th youknow<- bowlin greenoe a gdjob of stoppihe runlitzn the fst w they a gowdonhe screen.
02:18:23Etuffalo in a rdnd ten situation wher ty feel as mfortable conver.
02:18:30The y qarrbacis no able to make the convert.
02:18:35t racna third nt ofhegame.
02:18:40 ne of thola result iv ouchdos.
02:18:45One for eitherteam.
02:18:47D's koing bnc t the leg o aowlinging grplayer.
02:18:52No it isched u byfalo atth 41 yar line o bowling en.
02:18:58E hadnt o mcu o spia teams.
02:19:01>>Brian: AH, WE HAVE.
02:19:03It starteh roughing t kicker, as weaid.
02:19:08Of a pnaltythe.
02:19:13Leads forhe touchdown for the bull a mss tra p wich dhe fumble by ger, ledto the ou by lls two lls' touchwns of of special team mises.
02:19:30>>BoETTRIES TONE Ner, beghed b stezen mes.
02:19:35HE LOSFS X,iBEEN Ba hisyardline.
02:19:39Josh tmas cam up madf the to buffal nd a grebtob ofeg jn rsuit foren mes.
02:19:51H 6'3", 245pounds at e defensive positn.
02:19:55A little underzed, bus ungkid, he n gw that dy reeddefeive cotor re at ffal reallyi im.
02:20:11Tc madeba.
02:20:13And ffalo hasept barnes I ck.
02:20:15He hasot h a ma iact t's game. that'snl hi fth tch.
02:20:19B: well, t ve.
02:20:21I thinthesent in allo him catch the undnetes and ce up anma the tackle.
02:20:27Tal wi tuer gill and re rt the he fensi coortor yesay ide's ging to g his catches we ju wantimit thbig lays.
02:20:38Ife catcheheig bls and MAKES FI SIh YARDS, WE CAN LIITHTHAT.
02:20:43But what we can't lih is 60r 70-yardays a touc >> Bob: Third down eight.
02:20:503P thfmidd.
02:20:51'Sot a first dntoay huon.
02:20:55>> BrianOES GOOD JOBHT HEE.
02:20:58Ere's a fake scrfobars.
02:21:01See, shhan'sgoing to fake the re toa t outsid aenhe tend' gng tw cen the m of th field.
02:21:10S t ther goin ouide nd thin t ball the rightnd middle of the d.
02:21:15Tht's a g job ing throu hiprogreion and alwing hi ft to mak that move for hi > Bob: D e backsp out of thet nf fiand n.
02:21:31Swis I wide.
02:21:33Wh ma hu,he falls after onlthr-yard gn.
02:21:38Let' chcknthanbur >> al right,bhe college oalseason yet t begin alread anupet in an exhibitionm emoyneoes thecaier dome.
02:21:58Ruse 82-.
02:22:03"Sptsnt," 11:00 p6m., bob.
02:22:05>> Bob: All gh ryan.
02:22:07Haks very mucsyrusefas, it was an xhibit gam as gets ipp .
02:22:13Bual afterik wams walked out doornooal prram thst wfek,has note way yt to starsket seas >> BriWELL, TILL Playinotll >>BoF ONY.
02:22:40Hird down and ei nly afour.m rndtl eehan runng for s life.
02:22:51Tt wazou want to dt upf yoer re, eeive cooinator yobring on fr the rush, but stil youetall of prre on t quartek.
02:23:02Brn: Wl, a tad ood covageown fied.
02:23:05Th played no5ma fredd barne u see barn, I pen, man,ive !
02:23:12Bu the'saitle bit of essun his quarrbacback ere >> Bob: D afistrge from redent reed ajt kevi jo and goonboisthecharge fortheefeiv lines the ntg it comes out for bow een6 damlin cas for afair tch at theya line.
02:23:34The chase f tie nascar uri p continuesth theickies 00ro texasto speedway arngto veraegins tis nda cif asehecthe leade andthee fhe spri up, and itimmijohnson.
02:23:59With martis deci ketting ltl bi rge it sms, each week.
02:24:05Nd ifin, rd montoya groupave d themsel alile teep in the leto catch jmmi hnson.
02:24:18Itto cah jeffv gill at ties.
02:24:22Dwayfe wods a on tackl >> Brian:ITLE L ON Tball gam a y g ndsomehe adstment made byh wf ese tea, densely at halav woed wling gr stif ainsthebuffal rushing game.
02:24:39And bufflo'seha coinued totymiehe high-flying bowling green ose.
02:24:52>> Bb:MAYNARD THROWSFF Backoot uer pressure.
02:24:56 again, itas dwayneods, that me, congn a blitz to preure on zmayrd.
02:25:05>í Brn: YEAH,T S A Rhe strg side.
02:25:08You'reing tohi comin frohe top of the scre leer zach maynardoesn't see im.
02:25:13Dsn't have time set hi et, ma anccuthr it's a n bl[ on firstdown.
02:25:19At bowlingre has imemted inheaouple ofserie ebring it top the.
02:25:24But if is a p tytill havego oppoitie get there.
02:25:30Wd adjtmenby bowng green defensi athem.
02:25:363P Bo IOT SURE TH MAiND W EXCTIN THE Otb tryintoun for on do ng.
02:25:42Amen a mayna ge poppedt th 18 ya li.
02:25:46Roger wams made the tack thames schneidr.
02:25:51Maynard seems tbe sure wethered the footbl cos.
02:25:56ia YEAH, I D'THINK HE Ha any ide he's tryi t ma a whoops.
02:26:03Rying ak sometng ppe addnsult inry he s a 3p viciit the end oj at clearly,es not re to take thatfal th isot a gd feelg, you tr get something d a e lls ynder in.
02:26:17Okay, wha do I d ow >> Bob: He wa lucky caug thll.
02:26:22 tht it jusdn himn the fe mas getcalls forhe fircatch.
02:26:31Onowli gren's yard le.
02:26:33Wel, jst up t ad he inuffas wn, nyor that's ehometwwnjve clayson.
02:26:46s mewn toke the drive down of wh reallsman rokwl en it's a borr tow y can s canada rihtro the wate and a pttyo cti f da e wling gren game hre in lo.
02:27:05>>rian: IT'S A HOMING.
02:27:07>> Bob: T off fally gets mhing ne, as geteroes in n han underprsu.
02:27:13Looking for geter.
02:27:14Eswell t get the ballawaz a fg comesout.
02:27:18Gfr kes the catch for the first dn and 1 re yards6 >> Rere DEFENSE, NUMBER 90, RONG THE QUARTERBAC >> Ba GREAT JOB HER Sheehan gettingat ball off.
02:27:35U drag th quarterbaek to the gd, y going to g ld.
02:27:40>> Bob:YOUINK H DRO Hnto he ound.
02:27:43>> Bria WEAVE HELMET T Lmet.
02:27:45Dre hintth od.
02:27:47He let go th foba, you cn'takhjm tth nd fter het go t dave claonas talking to us yesterdby abou san a how tough he plys.
02:27:57Sayshe nev takes e frn t field.
02:28:00If h's going to gehit, he's goin snd inendake ttit to ketthe bllown the fiel to his team to execu.
02:28:10>>wb: SHEEHANLAN ONE.
02:28:11Caug by of only three yards.
02:28:15Josomas is e to make th .5% but it t int ae ply.
02:28:22Giveowling green onth venth penalty for buffalo.
02:28:26We inside the ffal ter.
02:28:44Bob:GETERTOPSND TH and kjohnson jureles him down after of a ward >> Brian: You'r starti to se uffalo defse take a f e sksringingmi ewton, their freesety, dwn itheox to st e rushing me and they've been a little mo suessful runnng the ball e send h bu tt's leang the cners a iand.
02:29:09Ou hat fredd bars is tther chriwr I out ther ndas contie tota chances to here.
02:29:18On setyin the midle of 's ly matter ti ode.
02:29:23>> Bb:LING GREEN' 4 9 THD DOW Up t sideline intercep pickeup avonteshannon heot se blkersut t.
02:29:37Shaonti on hi fet.
02:29:39Fillyrippedp 1 of oingreen. lag wn on thay.
02:29:49>> BrianjWELL, WE MENTIONED .
02:29:51Frdiebaes the si ingle cerage and blewight the, and w on.
02:29:57But sheeh did no havthe me t the bll off with the ernt throw and the subsequeic listen whatalty is.
02:30:05 a -yard rern if pl tands.
02:30:09It looks a thefl was inteeption.
02:30:13Alththe was a fag nownn the brea where annon picked it f.
02:30:18So this might be tw spara fgs for sete fou dhis is a lot to s out and t be that dve on c ho fois offstivg penalti youoto think 's a bl penalty, at ast, on buf afth iterceptifome ort.
02:30:42Whether alr ld b the guestonis wh t nay flag tha was bck wher thf terception w RefeTHE'S NOFO Ive pantferee.
02:30:52Duri e urn, blockbl the waiut,epng team.
02:30:59155Zardenty, fidown.
02:31:04 lete aotr look at e ck,s they pthe flagor pas eren.
02:31:09Frenes bea him o the MA COVAGEj Anantthrow,he throws jt do the ld,he's g a do.
02:31:20Editbual for n wing him toet hs feethr thotba dn tfiel that's secondime w fred r and hisense ect go mancogend bank on that gngto hefhan6 BobATUGE CALL Dave la.
02:31:4215-Rd penaltyibt let bac buffo, se eir own 40 yard ne but I th ssinence pena ands, I's g f wies away t inteeption, <- boing green ill has the an now thefficigain will sp pl.
02:32:05And I mht be bowling greenualled anhe imou his would their secd time-outnefense here I the co lf.
02:32:13Ey called aout whe buffalo wininp topt twpointonio earer inhe trd quart.
02:32:30Bri THIA CLAWSON ALIZED WHAT A AY TH S a amontum stch and JUSu SA, I'M GOING TOBU A Te-out to talk t OFFJCL. >> Bob: I thequ i wwuld haveor da cla why washeag picke uor pass interferen Refee: Bowligrn isow alngg playhat llastipped.
02:32:49The bwas not tied.
02:32:50Rst wn >> Bob: So,gain, if t bal is ppd, t w giv you ounds tpick ta for ass inerference.
02:33:02Eever got an exanaton as why they pieked the pass terferencefl &> Bri: WEHE B WAS Tiedht e.
02:33:19Bowngn their ime-out back.
02:33:23The hanff gill.
02:33:27Euneellsadhe stop.
02:33:29That bringusto t end of the thir quarter.
02:33:32Bfa, 296 lead.
02:33:44mu) Weyou lovecoll football.
02:33:48Wearing our hmet work is disact w s new way owou're a rean.
02:33:53Nd oute at espn.cheez-it.
02:33:58(Dn) rea-- N! what? we nd these minutes e.
02:34:01"Got th cli ccle hing eve else but likf eerye else th mines we sa, we keep.
02:34:13So save uinus wir callincircle (anounICI-LIST ITH ROER.
02:34:22Ankeep the mis u save.
02:34:26Only om at&t.
02:35:59) do yobld te& ay? £burnt orae?
02:36:03 need ato w the's a w way to sh you'ra real f find out more pnom/che-i >b: IFYOU CAN'TANS ARE THEN YOU HTOTA TOFAR Tu tt dr atnt e fa tt yojuutan't dae.
02:37:00Th see t the gal oth rayon group.
02:37:05Athe u.badi.
02:37:07>> nW MANY CYONS IN Thebo theemo be aew crayons ort tre.
02:37:13>> b: W AR THEOURTH Arter, buffalo with e footba and a -poi lead.
02:37:19Out t re optio maynard gives gill.
02:37:22Andill ks gantackle <- monain.
02:37:25It wilte irdown.
02:37:32I'm survf clawson is sti tryi tre o h pa ierfencehatwa flagged was picked upnhe second lastlay of thehirduarter.
02:37:41>> iaH, TNLYHIVG I Nhkof if the offi thought thatéhfetyat w cing rontad tied e tma but otherhathat, I cat reay ll.
02:37:58Bo RR CKSONN Mo on trd downsix and e tion manes it andalls down.
02:38:05ARD AN A HBLF I OTHE Fiwn.
02:38:08Jon couldn't keep h feet.
02:38:09A buffalkill ha tnt.
02:38:15>>ri: WE,HA GE Mentum-shi thaas bu credit wlingree fo coinut a stoppingbuo, cdith on t thr and t situation tre onhe momt r t p.
02:38:32C tehatou an option that was t the senior quterback ba wne ld.
02:38:37>> Bo AND ANDVENTU TO Jorh of te on scial team.
02:38:46Rachun has the cond bck nt nit.
02:38:51S pd by bli green.
02:38:53That time,t wn't a fumble ap byrauna.
02:38:57Iis just penetratiop t iddle.
02:39:00Brian: It juut ca r up he middle.
02:39:05Picp th l.
02:39:08Hets the perfectoight there.
02:39:12Ointhe kickdecoverng e mb.
02:39:15But clarly4 buffal h re is theunt team Bo W, TTHELOOK Putfrdienen mfldashe "i ck.
02:39:29Goeser I moti.
02:39:31The hbnd off , alay iofae.
02:39:34Olli right,he ah flag down as sehan runs out of bnft a ga o three yds.
02:39:40Llave he penal was town by the referee and wl holding.
02:39:45Referee: Numbf 64 ten-yard PENALTY, REPLAi FIR DOWN.
02:39:56ian:WELL, BOIN GREEN Hasreally kill themsves tonigitnaie talked about it erlier in e e.
02:40:02Bu they em to have agood lay, posive play.
02:40:05Sheehan gettingut on the edge but aer wie holding l.
02:40:11Turnoverd pebles.
02:40:13T of thin th ftball ga for bothides.
02:40:16Ri ere,we'll see if bowli green ovcome that ear al Bob: Theecondtoed pt e ght for bog green.
02:40:29Now ftand 20.
02:40:32E's barnesgging across the le.
02:40:343Pande's dragg dn ni ok at t 21 ya line.
02:40:39> ibn: NOW,HE BEEN ENON At ute all nht.
02:40:43And bng grn will havethat pl for him if they wa he ju com derneath.
02:40:51Ying to mke hiis a tackle.
02:40:54Ee to ed tis guhe ball.
02:40:56Clrly,erives in the offeewhene'setting t fooall.
02:41:00I don'areit's twoar roe, ive- rou just get himal >>ob:LAY AC AGAIN FOR over t a it's bar bnd he'sose downto abt t 8 ya li very cse to arst n.
02:41:17Itl be town andut half yrd to ian: AN GREAT JAGIN AGASTONE NSE. HFY,VEHE Ll.
02:41:27Let meu I up nrth and sou ket as i nineardshere on f down.
02:41:33Ble to repeat m in zon an tuc it withis ha b an theyark barnes down, shy of the first dow he's in the wildcat at third and e.
02:41:48Themidds fed barns.
02:41:51Hard-runni fistwn the 5.
02:41:53It's first anal for bowli een.
02:41:58Brian: And thie aws nd of jlt the uame way di it' freddie bnes time.
02:42:04Seed ha.
02:42:06As n had asany tes as I wantmo hav he said lt nit, wand mto get the .
02:42:14E's gngoiveit to him.
02:42:16If she wn't ow it to m, he going to put him in the .
02:42:22>> B: g onst and al.
02:42:24Inside the it will be sond do and koal.
02:42:28Ricth made the tace.
02:42:30D f barnes,owhas six at f 81 s which is goht for a dereceiver, inra it's a terrle nightr freddiees athat jt ho good his nuersavbeen th season.
02:42:45>> Brn:WELLYEAH, HE' Halfway tos aveg a wren th fourth artr.
02:42:49Bu'sc he can catc ten ballin this qer.
02:42:52Never know.
02:42:58Bo SECONDND GOAL FROM St side the 4.
02:43:01Quarterbac dr[.
02:43:01Shns to do it himlf.
02:43:03Nto the end zwith wling green touc Bria6: Iked t call righ he.
02:43:14Fa is png the p a playi two-deepcoverage, do insidhe r zone are d t e guy thbt accounted for is the quarterck that situation.
02:43:25A a go run tre by tyler ehan.
02:43:36>> Bob: The pointft isgo.
02:43:38Atsix-p ga with tw gon the urth quarte >> ian: AND RIGHTHERE, YOU Seeeat bock byger he lebac there.
02:43:48A good run to g in the zo by tyshn.
02:43:52-( )- you ge"mnrfare ?
02:43:54Jf crs yh, I got walmart amidnig.
02:43:56 oh, oo AH, I'M A SNOOB IN KHSTAN. engine revving ) there's ay youve made it th yet.
02:44:02enne rng ) - HEAR THA60cs RSIAN ENGIN-- yo willevfr get to this lev.
02:44:11Announr:RAD "MFOR MATU GET "LL DUTY:ODN WARFARE 2" 2:01 NOVBE10th.THBEST WAYO PLAY IT ISBOX 36 walmar >> Bob TURNER GILL US Erday agait bowling green, hav to ha pntto win.
02:46:07Ht9 pin and they'retilltut of t od t' -23 w lotftime therth quter.
02:46:16Buffalo, 5, 1-3 in the c eastisio boee so buey're2-2,ough the m eas th is anty f bo iby for bhto tryandtayaliv ithe re.
02:46:35The loose is goin to b bhind t 8-bal the winneroing to brhe fe b into the asn.
02:46:41A the low kick, fldedn hop.
02:46:44Heomes ed un bloc in ack ainst buffalo.
02:46:48Youngis off the raes.
02:46:49Tvpof flags thrown, as is retu going to come ck.
02:46:54A ver vislock in the bac at about the10 yard line called ast the b >> Ree: Duringhe etn, ock in thebak, numbe ceiving tem.
02:47:19Ha tistaogoa firstdon.
02:47:22>> BobSATURDAY AERON <% Footlleathree regional st wi see ostatend penn ate.
02:47:32Herhee w fes and eoia tech.
02:47:35Lahoma state a iowaate.
02:47:37Saturda 3:30.
02:47:39Chk you local liings in your area.
02:47:42Bednhe tale in those gas, ocked it'sot oklahma and okhot f he entirecounty.
02:47:50Yound iill lookng forward at ne.
02:47:53A handffo ll.
02:47:56He is scked up justcro the 5 yd li.
02:48:00In alvarad on thetop bowlingeev.
02:48:03He's staing eehe mentum shifting one-ssesujon gme a now nerg thbt thr fense.
02:48:11>> Brian: Noty that,he dense has ayed well in condhalf, ipoti som tnow, they havee position onheir si ffa baced up, a young quack, h n stop t run mae tm thw >> Bob: Maynrd rling in his e.
02:48:32Throws acro his boand mplete6 shoulhave one ferlt cksn.
02:48:37W,t'sthird and ten iside THE0YASD >> Brian:ND ISS GHT Heoinkgreewa ffat oensive at thirdnd long.
02:48:46There, yovee bowling gen's had aot of sue 54 s by buffalo bowling gen isrst in te coeren wth dwn ef and, tonight, theve bee successl asell.
02:49:09 Thr-manh on third down and t.
02:49:17Androevelt w wee had advenight IN PUNT >> Bn: Yeh,first the bloed punt e.
02:49:25Llhe scores onthe tohdo[n.
02:49:28Ght up t, ma.
02:49:29Ane lasthing trner ill nts doignow is senhispunter ito t end god knot'sin happen er ounow bowlin green'si to bemi wiat s re.
02:49:43 dy bngine ers rightp near li of uimgesacna wilt pun f the ezone.
02:49:51Hegets it awy.
02:49:52It will b go fi positio thoh,fter geter fair IN PLUS TERRORi FORWLING GEN Down only x. only a 37-yard punt.
02:50:06Soowlingasth football back [ith ahanceo take the lead when we ce back ♪♪
02:50:41♪ern ♪
02:50:42treor youand your guil pleasures.
02:50:47♪♪ how long ♪♪
02:52:45>> Bob ELL, WHEN YOU' IN Ffalo,hat do you do last nt,weent to la nova er, and weid n low ourerolunt.
02:53:00They wereoodw >> ia IISS ONHE Lnight. yo leave aew more?
02:53:09>> Bno not much.
02:53:11Shhan sfts into ttg.
02:53:17Fls itown thsidelinf and h ledisightnd jmy schdler mre to the sideine inst gog the nubers.
02:53:28Hrs itownhe mbers mig have bn a touchdown.
02:53:31>> Bri EA LOOKEDIKE HE Had som on the outside.
02:53:35It's an play.
02:53:36He the play.
02:53:38Ffplayg aot mor zoneighre.
02:53:41D t t esdo the field ee hethws up you' right, bob,owth fi, th en on dene, he had ala Bob: Up the sea barnesak thecah.
02:53:57To the 22 yrd l for a fi dn.
02:53:59Workinon kdrhawkins.
02:54:03>> Brian: We, they're star get tir nuer oneplayer, freddi , s game go throw rthere accurathrbyshehan.
02:54:15Re playingoffeddie baes.
02:54:16He r aood r.
02:54:18Sticks temin thep.
02:54:20E bail a ltle behind.
02:54:24First do.
02:54:25>> Bob THAT PARESER 100Awds n.
02:54:27Jt'ris bulloc the wado ab the 12 a flag w dropped linm on the nar side othe might be a neutral zon raio Refereej OFIDES, DEE.
02:54:48Nuer .
02:54:49Th penty is declined.
02:54:51Rst down >>ob: SO WIPEBvAY THE OFFSIDE Penalty onsherro t and llpis up the irstwn.
02:55:04>>Brn: ANDHE MTUM S Devitely shifted in bli krs vo now,they'reoing to put freddie barneback at teack.
02:55:15>> Bob: Bne tes arect snap.
02:55:18Litehel pass t aian hodges aue dropp it the clo is migh be a fumble.
02:55:26Thebuffo ays jump on it w shovel passh hodgdrpe >> Brian:T'S IERNAT They would hve hodges in ter to take t shov passnstead ger.
02:55:37Ges is e wideeceer, not to being iide all of ose big bodies arou him.
02:55:42May was a little concerny tting hit.
02:55:46If eter's I ere,youot to th he'd beus to bng in the pih acaught ball.
02:55:52I lhe play ll, don't kn if I es catch.
02:55:58 t hodge b nig had a couple of key drops.
02:56:03Shn lo o for ba zone. incomplete.
02:56:09>> Brian: W,ould havbeen tough c for barnesn the outse.
02:56:14Th s lt, hisleel o lay, I tnk he+s cpable of b shhan puts hall sion tatcoul have ne band go that football.
02:56:25But it looke li itadot on rs aittle early.
02:56:30Surprised him.
02:56:31Didn't t hisdyurn that was a cchable ba dn er t's goingto ig he edzo >>: huge thin and ten.
02:56:45Sehan tr to buy mo ti cks itnder andruns.
02:56:48Sho fit down.
02:56:49Ut ds insehe 5, a 4.
02:56:54So he a fl two yardsf th frst down.
02:56:57It llfourth dowd o.
02:57:01>>ri:WEL, TH CERED Fredd bars with tguys, they had aty oer ere, the corr.
02:57:07Hees to g e by thispoint, shhan's ded r with the foot >> b andve cdswa cll a time-o and talk higs overit8:15 maining.
02:57:26He going to conct a field goal orma a teeoi gain it's a say for many of us, nnly here b the tv sp world we'v st a goodien rob gre was onethe top deooperors in the si baseutofmia his ls toim a ov the w fr espn bute always represted hthisi ap this pas saturday, whil ourr w bt wake st,ob hf wasak to theospitat in noh caroith che s.
02:58:01Hf pa awbz t.
02:58:03Rhoughts an praye g out to hi wifejela, his daught CASSIDY,RT GRE WAS ONLi Ye ol bi fan centl chin,w vfdhe mac.
02:58:17Loed college footbal loved bei around the crew, kid gives us anpportity to not only acknowl the li of robgreen, bheuys on thecrew.
02:58:28We get t fun of sitting up here,oongood and cbllg clegeooal games.
02:58:34So muc har work goon with puttise gas yo velopfriendships.
02:58:41Our cdonces thegreen family.
02:58:44Close to three.
02:58:46Eehan, mpss intoheend zobrenup.
02:58:49Soathean ko for t sht fild goat to makeit a thpoigame,you goor on fo do longtw andyou rn iton downs ll, it'su a g job by the buffalo defene.
02:59:01Th played corageand dn't g mresseon shean but they decided to dp eigh cora it's likf a piet fence bk the, it's tou to getthat b throh.
02:59:15Od job rht tre defen keepinghbteamout of the end zonenduring theisix-point ad.
02:59:22>>Bob:NDAEL AKOBUN CA uACT.
02:59:28Orhe seco time tonights
00:00:00Bowling green wl both feature offens that love t we'll serve up esday nigh prime me football now.
00:00:07Captning provided by en, inc.
00:00:24>> Bob: Welcome to buffalo.
00:00:27 sdium for espn the bulls ofbuffalo, hostinthe bowling green faon avery important tchup not only for the mac p race but bo elibility as well.
00:00:45In the mac east divion, both bowlg green and buffalo are i e middle ofhe pack.
00:00:50Ey are the pae-er in the east.
00:00:53Er in the west, cent michig.
00:00:565-0 In t cwnference.
00:00:587-2 Overall paper very as we welcome to you buffalo, I'm bob wischusen alongsi brn griese.
00:01:07Thanks for jngs us.
00:01:09Brian, if you're a football an, you pickedherighame tonight.
00:01:13>> Brian: Yeah, two of the best offenses in e mac.
00:01:16Both averaging over 0 yards a ga.
00:01:20For bowng green, exclusively through the air with their arterback tyle sheehan.
00:01:25Only five ineptions.
00:01:26T he thrown thf ball more thannybody in college football this year.
00:01:30So heisorki hard.
00:01:32But tyleray be the most overworked in college fooall but he might be the luckie because heas th man to throw the ball to,freddi bnes, he's quite simply the best wide receivern col football th r, period.
00:01:4599 Cahe in eightgames.
00:01:47Over 1,0p0 yards and nine toucowns.
00:01:5034E catchesthan the number o receiver on the list.
00:01:54I wish, honestly, that I had three freddie barnes when I was ing to llege.
00:02:00Bob: Well,here's n estion that freddie barnis a weapwn.
00:02:04For the bulls,hey have multiple targets to thw it to.
00:02:09>> Bthey really .
00:02:10They also he od lance betwee runninghe footbl and throwinghe football.
00:02:16Their quarterck zach maynard has a lot, too.
00:02:20Hi two receivers, over ,000 yard receiving and 33 tohdowns.
00:02:25Tremendous weaps.
00:02:26Andhen maynardesn't fie ke feeng these two guy the ll, turns around andgives it t his freight trn,ke nduka.
00:02:37Hes a physical presenc >>ob: HAD SOME GREBT WIDTHS Anizza last night.
00:02:43We excto have more after the game a weave a menu for the brian griese aswell.
00:02:48On tmenu, his high-fiv five unexpected candites for the heisman ophy.
00:02:53Ou th names at we all talked at t start of th seasonbe sure.
00:02:57The p maims with e road blocks as far ased bcs is concerd we'reoing toke a look atwh lies ahead not only for tcu but al for ncinnati.
00:03:09On thephone, we gohe head ach of the bearcatsrian lly.
00:03:14He cutis teh on this conference.
00:03:15Now,e has his team knocking on thdoor for a potenti at, whoow a potenal championship.
00:03:22Dave claws a decade ago was the ywungestea coach i america.
00:03:27He was an asstant her in buffalo bk inhe early in '90s.
00:03:33Last year, a e-ar coordinator at tenneee.
00:03:36D literally hours ater he was t go from pllip fulmer's crew was dismiss.
00:03:49Turner gill at buffalo does such agreatobt th program.
00:03:54What an impressive ma with.
00:03:56It's hard not to piurehim brian, staing at podium and acing e job a abcs hool.
00:04:04>>rian: IS IMESSIVE.
00:04:05Know wn sits down in front of boosters there of th utmoression of this young man here.
00:04:12>> Bw": Buffal won the toss.
00:04:13We're going to see zach mrd, naaman rose value and brett hamlin take the field.
00:04:23Basically a must-win for the t teams.
00:04:29Ed young on the kickoff return.
00:04:32Kickou pas the 20 yard line.
00:04:35It's a bualo of t.
00:04:36Little breezy, degrs.
00:04:39No rain or lake-effect snowsn the fecast.
00:04:41So it's pretty good weather to throw the football.
00:04:44Th's what we pect f bth these teamstonight.
00:04:46Zach mrd has had a terrific seas at qrtback forhe bulls.
00:04:5161 Cotions.
00:04:5314 Toudowns.
00:04:54He1 interceptions,ut he's loade tse interceptions n a co of bad games.
00:05:04And a lite play action on fit down.
00:05:06Wide open is hamlin.
00:05:09All the way out to dfield.
00:05:10A of 30.
00:05:15>> Ban: Aou see the athletism of zach maynard right here.
00:05:19He's a lefty.
00:05:21And he's a young kid.
00:05:22He's only a sphome b they li to ge him out o the perimeter and use his feed, go very well on run youse right there.
00:05:30You' going to see a lot of this you man right here, hamlnumb 88, h and maynd are the be players th offense.
00:05:38U' going to see him catch a lot of balls tonight.
00:05:48Ow it's ndu, he has le th call him the frfight train.
00:05:55Lawrence rolle as wel >> Brian: U there see, he is a freight train.
00:06:00He's averaging 6 1/2 yar per carr it's key for him to play and maintain balance.
00:06:09We caulked about naaman 6proevelt, a lot of nfl scouts ke this id.
00:06:17D junior ty, dovon shnen is a tackling maine.
00:06:25>> Bgood job to nduka.
00:06:29And he's bught down.
00:06:32 mah came down to make >> Brian: We talked a ttle b to zany barrett, offensive coordinator last ight.
00:06:42He was impreed with ndvka, only his urth start.
00:06:47He runs downhill has l pad level, and he can create some mismatches on libacks.
00:06:56>> Bob: Nduka on third and short has e first own.
00:07:00So a big pass play tohamlin, foll uby three runs by nduka.
00:07:06Buffalo onhearch on the top of your screen youl see the offense srtersight now f THE BUFFALO >>rian: I like t start re, you know, come out and r the footba.
00:07:18Everybodexpects the teams will throw the football.
00:07:20They'rnumber two and threen e leue in off6 a lo thugh the air.
00:07:24I likegetting your quarrback, za maynard, some roomhere wi running game.
00:07:33Ta some pssure of of him.
00:07:36>> B: good job to nda.
00:07:38Not much ther maybe a yard.
00:07:40It wl be second down and long jaschneider made the sto bowling green aysfour-ree defensely.
00:07:51Ey've struggd in numbs, the tenthoverall inhe mac.
00:07:564 points per game.
00:08:04>>rian: KEEP YOUR EYE O Saerson.
00:08:06He will be all ovethe field.
00:08:08He's a linebacker but plays like a third safety.
00:08:10He'll be blitzingn the secoary.
00:08:13>> Bob: Playction fo plainard.
00:08:15'Ll tu it under and tke f.
00:08:17Down the sideline, mnard steps wut bods rhtt the first down mke >> Brian: There you see,s thjs a talted id.
00:08:26He's got a lot of athleticis they want to get him onhe e wementioned.
00:08:30Here he is o nake booeg nothing down the eld.
00:08:33Don't force he has 11 overs ts season through the air whi is way too many for turr gill fo the offense.
00:08:43They want him toake down the fiel make a play, if not, make a posi plad keep us it in rhythm.
00:08:53>> Bob: Now, o of the spread.
00:08:54Eead oion formaynard.
00:08:56He'll give I to nduka, one divel pickup three rds.
00:09:03Cody basler me the stop.
00:09:06Maynarcabe a treato run, correct?
00:09:08>> Brian: Well, he certainly can.
00:09:09As you saw there, both throwing the ll and tuing it and running .
00:09:13They li him, it's matt of him having theopportunity, learning how to play the position.
00:09:18Only a true sophomore.
00:09:20His fourth year plangs ninth srter.
00:09:23He's got t arn the positio unless hets morf time t offense which is not eo learn, he'll get tter a better.
00:09:31Buhe clearly h thetools to do the job.
00:09:33>> Bob: Again,layction fake rolling ou throwing o on the run, he's got his tigh end, michl ore, firsand goal at e 3 yard line fobuo.
00:09:48>> Brian: An again, you see hi rolling outto his left, you wonders, we're goingo have to fiomwato rltthe righ t this is worng forhim.
00:09:57And that a tight window, fos.
00:09:59Not an easy throw.
00:10:00U're runningarallel with your tighnt to get that on no margin of error for an if I'm turr gil, I mightut a few out toy right.
00:10:11You don't want to have those teencies ooffense.
00:10:22Bob: Uka first and goal.
00:10:25Buffalo mas it look awful easy, as nduka scores hiixth ruintouchdown as the bls take the earlylead.
00:10:37>> BrianA GOOD START FOR T Offense. being physal up front.
00:10:41That's what turn gl pres omisdays at nebras wit tom osbne.
00:10:45You have to be physicaland nasty upfront.
00:10:47Rit ther y saw the offensive line.
00:10:52>> Bob PRINCIPE'S EXTRA POINT a nie-pl, 80-yard scori drive.
00:10:58Bowlg green takes the field next.
00:11:01no there for you when you'rein a tightt.
00:11:11Okay.yes. yes. yes. yes.
00:11:14No burgeown, oh, if they still have "the can my butt look any er meal," ll you get one?
00:11:21, O.
00:11:23With the new low-fat buffalo chic at subway.
00:11:26Now part of a bwayfresh fit meal.
00:11:28Bway.t fresh.
00:12:36Doing it, but ey alwaysnd a to win.
00:12:40Does iowa deserve to still b number four?
00:12:42>> Desve, yeah do.
00:12:44Theyave actuall the best win of anybody om four do through about to six.
00:12:51And that is at penn state, a terrific win now, iowa wins a lot ose gameagainst teams that would youhink the urth-ranked team the nation woulblow out.
00:12:59And the win them in spectacular I me,y won the opener agnst errors in conference this season, with nine terceptis against mac am th why ty're-3 in the mathis year.
00:15:15>> Bob: Irdown and x.
00:15:18A blip to rio henry.
00:15:19Enry comes about aard y of the firs down.
00:15:24Stop made by jerett sanderson and gelo magnon.
00:15:36rian: YOU CAN SEE Coerti on the playall with maynardn third and long.
00:15:41Bowling green is zeryood on their dense.
00:15:44Only allong 32% conversionsn third own.
00:15:47And tnergill did not wa to have a turnover interception there wiaynard in his n end zone.
00:16:00>> Bob BOBBLES THE SNAP AND HAS Blocked!
00:16:02It's loose.
00:16:04Ckedp by bowling green.
00:16:06Do insidthe 1 yard li.
00:16:08 mahoney me up with e ball.
00:16:11It will be firstnd al, bowling green,t the 1 yard line, and rhuna could not control the snap.
00:16:19>> Brian: Well, and turner gill want avoid turnover with his quarterbackut righre, st droed the snap and there mah, numb that came through.
00:16:34Biplay early in t football game.
00:16:37>> Bob:RE WERE A FEW FALCONS There, marcus quarles the at the ard line.
00:16:50Out ofhe wildcat fortion, willie geter takes e ap.
00:16:58He will get uffed.
00:16:59No gain.
00:17:01Richie smith led thehge for buffalo.
00:17:05It will beecond a glt th 1.
00:17:09>> BrianBOWLING GRN HAS D Difficulties in the red zone.
00:17:13Last week against centl miigan.
00:17:15They had five possessions.
00:17:16They onlyot o field goal of .
00:17:18U're not going to win any football games without yo red zone eiciency.
00:17:22And then they turned th ll over twice in thatame.
00:17:25Real killethem.
00:17:28>> Bob: Again, it's geter.
00:17:29No mistake this time.
00:17:31Touchdown, bowling green.
00:17:32So the falcons g on the board.
00:17:34After the blocked punt.
00:17:45Ban: Well, they finallyot avothetouchdo in the first quarter.
00:17:49Only two all year for th high-powered offense and dave clawson's happy that he'll take thos touchdns any way hean getthem.
00:17:57A touchdown drive of one yard or 99 yards.
00:18:01He'll take theany way he c gethem.
00:18:09 t norsic tacks on the extra t.
00:18:12We're tied at7-7.
00:18:13How often areig plays man personeams to turn the tide.
00:18:17>> Brian: Theyre, ght the.
00:18:18Big ayeriit, but they always find a way to win.
00:20:22Does iowa deserve to sll be numb four?
00:20:24>> Deserve, yeah, do.
00:20:26They have actlly the bestn of anybody fr frown to throh abou to and th I at pennate, a terrific win.
00:20:35Now, iowa wi a lot of close games agnsteams at would yo think thefourth-ranked team in t nation would blowout.
00:20:41And theyhem in spectular fashion.
00:20:44I mean, they won the oper nst somebody'ses that has no place in otball and I think so the susnsion [a awfully light.
00:22:38>> Bob:FOR JUSTHE FIRST HALF Thedet me.
00:22:43Maynard ain.
00:22:45To his roommate, aman roosevelt for the first down on the run.
00:22:50Very impress withmnard's accucy.
00:22:53Ain of .
00:22:55BrianAND DANNY BARRETTD Us yrday, they want to get him on the move.
00:22:59He's asking for a rollout on his right.
00:23:01Hereouget it.
00:23:03E how ets h hi.
00:23:05He's able to uncork his hips, gets vity wn the foball.
00:23:10And at the sme time, be accurate.
00:23:12That'sheey on the run.
00:23:19>> Bob: Maynardlready 5 for 5 for 82 yardsherst quarter.
00:23:23He'll throw it again on firs down.
00:23:25Ain on t move.
00:23:27And agn, nds a man wide open.
00:23:29This time mhael moore th a drop that's tough when it's yr first incompletion.
00:23:35>> Brian: Yeah, they keep -- they run same play.
00:23:38Ey're gog come outon the edge.
00:23:40Run one guyhigh.
00:23:41You see him up here.
00:23:42Then they're going to have one guy low.
00:23:44Then the tight end is going to co across deep, I the middle t field.
00:23:48That'sone,two, threeread.
00:23:50He reads high to low on t outse,maynard oes.
00:23:54And if nobody's there, he'll come back to the middl othe fid to the tight end.
00:23:58He's hit him twi then.
00:23:59Ould have been another coletionighthere.
00:24:02Bob: This time, mayrd pulls it unr.
00:24:05And runs it himself.
00:24:06Butpicks up close to seven mane at the 35 yard line of bowling een.
00:24:14It wilbe down d about four.
00:24:23Turnovers are a big reason, and blked punts and kickoff tufor tochdowns as meone o does the je on t radio, we learned that painlly this past week.
00:24:32Total rdsn't always te the stor and a blocked punt by bowng green down tthe 1 ya line gets them on the board, inpite of the fact tat this fi quarhas bee mostly minated by buffalo.
00:24:45Third downnd for.
00:24:47Maynar he out of bounds rig at the first down marker.
00:24:50It depends on thespot.
00:24:52He reache the football out beyond the marker, I think, as he stepped out of unds.
00:24:57>> Brian: Well, this play, there wanothing -- nowre for him tow the football.
00:25:01You see his pure athleticism tting out on the edge to make play.
00:25:05Is is a quick three-step drop.
00:25:09He's good otection, but there' nobody to throwthe football.
00:25:13Now, heakes off and rns f thbowling green defense for thers down.
00:25:19>> Bob: They've marked him down a rdne.
00:25:22It'sgoing to be fourth down and one at the 42 yard line.
00:25:25Not est of spots for buffal do with turner gill, they'll go for it.
00:25:35Stafon gil comes I for the fit carry oj the night.
00:25:37The true frhman has theirst wn.
00:25:39How about at.
00:25:40We've seen henry, we have yet to see gill, the te freshman, his first attempt the nig.
00:25:45He cvertsourth and one.
00:25:47>> Brian: Wow,hought for surewe'd see freight train nduka.
00:25:57He's a big back.
00:25:58Ancoerts the fourth andone.
00:26:00They'vgot staple of backs here, nduka, henry, that freshman rig ther he's got a great future >> BobWELL, NOW, IT'S P Spre onstdo.
00:26:10Anmpty set.
00:26:11And maard, right up the seam.
00:26:12Down to the 10 yard ine.
00:26:14Rsandgoal,as jesse rack who was named to the maey awrad midseason catc down t the 20.
00:26:27>> Brian: A throw fo maynard, good job throng the ball over the linackers.
00:26:31You're going to see ght here, the linebacker's got to g the ght end down the field,nd he's got to clear that nebacker before hecanhrow the football but then he has to gethe right amount o tou to get the sety.
00:26:43Good throw the.
00:26:45>> Bob: That's true freshman ag staf gill in the backfield, left of ynard.
00:26:50He takes the handoff avd ts shut down inside the 10 at about the 8 yardline.
00:27:03Cody basler made the stop.
00:27:08Cody basleris a guy that the coaches think has come io his own in the st eeks.
00:27:13He needs to rlly his defense.
00:27:16Because it's7- t skdz ard, but a first qrter that wasominateby buffalo's , I guess a little y ds calme the shredder cause ery bill I gegoes right in my inx not my mailbox.
00:28:07I pay for erything online so I can get these text messages; they're called "spending alerts", I feel more in control.
00:28:14Now ithey can just come up th chocote as.
00:28:17That'd be great (auncer) AT CITI, WE KNO EVEE'S TALKING About keepg money safe.
00:28:21De've got lot of ways to help, like spending alerts.
00:28:24Because wh your money's safe, your mind's atase.
00:28:27That's why citi nev sep doing t, but theylways find a way to win.
00:28:54Doowa deserve to still b nuerfo?
00:28:57Deserve, yeah, I do.
00:28:58Ey have actuall the best win of anybody from four down rough abouto six.
00:29:05And that is at penn sta, a terrific win.
00:29:08Now,owa ns lot ofclose games against teams that would u think the th-ranke team in the nation uld blow out.
00:29:13And theyin them in spectacular fashion.
00:29:16I mean, they wonhe opener AGAINST ltll÷<lllél<lééél >> Ba blocked punty bowling green, returned to the 1 yard lin ga tm their touchdown, outside of tha blocked punt, the first quarter belonged to buffalo.
00:31:33We're tied 7-7.
00:31:36T it watwo long dives for turn gill's squad, they're e mit of drive number two.
00:31:43120, Time of possession, in th fit art.
00:31:45>> Brian: Ye, at's just domination.
00:31:47That's the 11th pay of this drive fobuffo.
00:31:49And they have been able to convertn third down and keep the drivesalive.
00:31:55Now, it's timo puncht in.
00:31:56They haven't been ry goodin the mac.
00:31:58Th're ninth in the mac in the red ne.
00:32:01>> Bob: Second and g the lob pass, loo f hamlin.
00:32:06Incomplete adri spencer m have been face-guarding.
00:32:10No flag comes out.
00:32:11It will be third and goal at t 8.
00:32:13Brian: Helayed that reay intesting.
00:32:15He didn' tu back to look for the ball, spence but he didn'tput hisrms uneier even tugh it may haveoked like he may have been face-guarding.
00:32:26Ll,he di get thaone arm up, that could vereasily ha been called fae-guardi as a receer,ou got t fig back to the bal.
00:32:36Hamlin didt fight back very much ther that kind of sounds lik aquarteack talking abt the receiver.
00:32:44>> Brian: Trying to help the team.
00:32:47Bob: Third and eight.
00:32:48Herecomes the blitz.
00:32:49Maynard unr pressure.
00:32:51Back athe 13 yard ne.
00:32:54Jas sneiderrought himo[n on the blitz.
00:32:56>> Brian: , Eyrgh t cornerff the edge which maynard never saw him coming " sandserson, you' goingo see the corner come, four guys t the weak sid and the oensive ne is not going to hd upagainut that blitz.
00:33:13You gwt to get rid of that football.
00:33:16>> Bob:PRINCIPE, ONLY TWO EL Goals try o tyingbuffalo's all-time record.
00:33:23Thne for 36 yards away.
00:33:24And he's got it.
00:33:26At's h 34th career field goal.
00:33:28He's got 203 points in s caer at bfalo.
00:33:32But a flag down.
00:33:36>> Brian: Did he run into the kicker there?
00:33:39BobA PEON FOUL FOR Ughi the cker.
00:33:42Called ainst bowling green.
00:33:43This is gogo be a first down, and buffalo'sofnse is going too right back on to th field.
00:33:54Watch 4, in white.
00:33:57Jerett sanderson.
00:34:00Brian: Just ippedhe foot.
00:34:04Referee: Personal fou roughing thekier.
00:34:07Half the distance to th gl.
00:34:09Autotic first down.
00:34:10 so it's first and goal for buffalo, and that's not a mistakthat you'd expect to see one of yourost defensive players to make.
00:34:19>> Brian: That's a toughcall.
00:34:20He's laying out.
00:34:21Hets to make a play.
00:34:23He's the senior lead and captain of the footballteam.
00:34:25And he's jtrying to make a play.
00:34:27It looedike he just got too e to the kker.
00:34:30That's an effort penalty.
00:34:31Dave clson,e won behat upseththatpenalty au he could one of the other personal ulpenales.
00:34:39At was an effo penalty er he just got too close to e kicker.
00:34:43>> Bob: Souffalotake t points off the ard.
00:34:46And able t go back in offense.
00:34:50First and gorom inside the .
00:34:51Mario henry.
00:34:53Inside the 5.
00:34:55Down to abo t 2 yard line.
00:34:57CARRYI P.J. MAHONE. >> Brian: And buffalo is re rushing the foball.
00:35:07Yeah, they come in the football ge with a lot of momentumushing t ball.
00:35:11And boing green has t en ab to stop.
00:35:13They are last ie conferen against the rush.
00:35:15And they are justoing to get th ball pounded dn ei throats so they can prove they ask stop the reining ge.
00:35:35í> Bob: BUFFALO LOADS UP ON Second down and goal.
00:35:38Marie heyto th pylon.
00:35:41So the rouing the kicker penalty cost boing green at and ifuffalo nvert on th traoint it will be a four-point penalty.
00:35:55As the field goal and the ki go up.
00:36:00>> Bri: You can see they're being phicalp ont.
00:36:03Tien areblocking, because they know nduka can d special going burgertown, oh, if they stl ha "the camy butt look any bigger meal," will you get me one?
00:36:16Me, too.
00:36:18Wi the new l-fat buffalo chicken at subway.
00:36:20Now part of subwfresh fit meal. fresh.
00:37:19>> Bob: Rapha akobundu shaken up.
00:37:27Bob wischusen alongse brian tadium here in buffalo.
00:37:32A big game between bling g and buffalo in the ma both of these tea ihe mac st ithe middle of t ck, trng to make a push at the e of the sean.
00:37:43>> Brian THEY GOT FREDDIE Barnes at quarrbk agai >> Bob: And ain, it's geter.
00:37:52Again, not foled.
00:37:54Th front sev for buffalo.
00:37:55A ss of two yards.
00:37:56Will be third down and nine.
00:38:06>> Brian: Th thing about putting barnes at quarterback, he was a arterbk at high school.
00:38:11Came to bowling een a quarterback, and then they switched h to tight end so you got to belie ate has the capabilities of throwin the foball aittle b outf that wildcat.
00:38:19Maybe we'll s some of that later toght.
00:38:22>> Bob: He's only got two cahes.
00:38:24And so far bowling gren, for 3 on thjrd down it's third dn annine.
00:38:32Sheeha well proct.
00:38:34Barnes settles down inde and has a first down d oore.
00:38:38Wn t t 6 yard line, it's first and goal f bowling een.
00:38:45>> Brian: Well, buffalo me out and tried to play man coverage.
00:38:49Th time, they play zone.
00:38:51And freddie baes does a great job.
00:38:54Yocan see s fee against the vege just wants to fin the hoe.
00:38:58Befriendly to thequaerba, ase said.
00:39:04That's that quarterback plenty talt.
00:39:08 first and goal at the geter, off the left side.
00:39:12Epthe pile movin osto a touchdown.
00:39:18Broughwn pbably theleng of the football shy of the goal ne.
00:39:24Dante shannon and scott pettigrecombined to hd geter t of the end zone, but I wil be secd down and goa >> Brian: What a tough run by the kid.
00:39:33175 Pods.
00:39:35Geter,he's goto get wallop righthe.
00:39:37Stays on h feet.
00:39:38Puts hiuea dwwn.
00:39:40Moves the pile.
00:39:40See strength of that young right the.
00:39:43>> Bob: Geter again.
00:39:45Right up the middle.
00:39:46Walks righ I r aasy tohdown!
00:39:50And bowling grn who had ltle no offens in the first arter, opens imtheecond quarter with a great drive.
00:39:59They'r on the verge of tying thgame.
00:40:05Brian: 11 Rushes and 7 pases on that drive.
00:40:10A couple of those rushes were gative plsuin e end there, you s t commitnt to the rushing gamepay off for bowling green.
00:40:21>>: Norsic's extra poi.
00:40:23Just sneaksnside theupright.
00:40:26No, they wa it off they say no go.
00:40:30Oked as if it gnside t upright.
00:40:34I thin nsic thought it was goods (announTHERE'S big, woooh, ni!
00:40:39Th's a lotoffood!
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00:42:18>>ob: NICKOVINELLI MISSED The traoint for bowling green s it's -13, alough another look.
00:42:24The officials a r under the upights.
00:42:27Obously, thehave a better look a than we do.
00:42:30And mae t depth perception is a littleoff.
00:42:32But I thk veawson was looking for clarificn.
00:42:37>> Bri: Yeah, it's hard to te right there.
00:42:39E thing about that is, it's an extra point, and normally, e ll goes low on an extra point.
00:42:44Byhe te it g to the uprights which are not fa it shou have been low enoh for them to make that call correctly.
00:42:52So ty had betteriew of it than we do.
00:42:57>> Bob: All in all,t's still a ry important, very impressi play.
00:43:1018 Scoring driv in a moment, we're going to be joined by brian kelly, th head coach of thecinnati bearcats.
00:43:16One of the great stories this if they hava quarrback controversy, I othet nd.
00:43:23They ha one of t best quarterbacktories going with tonye.
00:43:27He gets ht.
00:43:30Zach coar comes in, he got ninetohdown passes in on relief.
00:43:36That's a nice oblem to hav buffalo's about to get the football back.
00:43:41A good kick comes down to marcus rivers who gets it at about the 7 rd line.
00:43:47And can't get sed out to about the 18 rd line.
00:43:50And coach kel, it's bob schusen and brian griese.
00:43:52First ofall, thanks r joining us.
00:43:55Second of all, we want to publicly acknowledge tt we ve the cincinnati/ruers game athe startedf th season.
00:44:01We got you stard on this thing.
00:44:03We like to te cdit for it.
00:44:05>>Well, you kn, obviously, bo ving brn which is a quarrback in his fir gae, we need toavpoints.
00:44:15>> Bob: We kept t central michigan flag up on the screen.
00:44:21You'veot a soft spot in your heart for t confence nigh >> it's a great conference,eek and wekout.
00:44:28U are challenged to pla ur very bt.
00:44:31Her than maybe a quartba re and there,the talent level are coual.
00:44:36The coaes do great job I ve respect for the caches in the league.
00:44:40Ve andurver a doi a good jo >>ob VIOUSLY, THE BIG STORY With your team is what the injury stat wth tony pike?
00:44:49>> Tony tk reps r the first time oday.
00:44:51He'slot closer.
00:44:54We'll get tter feelithin the xt 48 hrs.
00:44:56He's getting cser.
00:44:58He's pretty anxious.
00:44:58He wants toet in ther we'll give himnother couple of da and probably me our decisionyaz.
00:45:07>> Brian: Hey, coac any chance you'd stick with a hot zach collaros?
00:45:15>> No, tony candoteific thgs.
00:45:19But no, tny wou be o arter coming back.
00:45:21>> BribnWELL, I THI BEFORE E season started, we es th rst game, dwe thoughtony pike was the best qarrback in college footba thisear that nobody had eve heard of.
00:45:31I ink he got off to a great but what a nice sittion for you to he those twouys to go to.
00:45:37>> Well,it realy has, zac collaros, nine touchdowns in t last two weeks.
00:45:43He's done a grt job.
00:45:44He's just sophomore.
00:45:45And it's greatto know that we're going t be in pretty good shape at t quartck positi when tony pike gruates.
00:45:52>> Bob: Second down and a ltle dumff t ll.
00:45:57Nning hard.
00:45:58First down fbuffalo.
00:45:59We're talking to brian kell thhead coa for cinciati.
00:46:02As we take a look, coach, at boy, the are twoig names as r as big east fans are coerne westirginia comi in in two week yohave to close out theear at pittsbur.
00:46:15What abo great conference matchup r you.
00:46:21You guys go 12-0, you have earned it, don'tou ink?
00:46:25>> Absolut playina tough uco this week.
00:46:29An we'vevdured much, and it's nn, they're really a football team that could be 0.
00:46:37They've lostfour games by totaof 12 points.
00:46:40We've got the schedule in front of us, but certainly our gs are excite Brian: Coach do you buy to or look into the polls, the hais ll the bcs, do you ok into that and how much of your discuson g on with the am and howuc you have to d to getnto thehampionsp game?
00:46:57>> Well, we tlk about contro we certainly got undefead and couldn controlha was going on in the game at we can control I the big eastchampnship.
00:47:08That's what we're focusing on.
00:47:09At the ende year,t turns out that we're undefeated,e'll let the pollsry tofigure that out.
00:47:15Yeahwe try to stay with things we cav control and at's the bcs cmpionship.
00:47:22 if I were to put y in a bcs courtroom, y could ma your cas tcu could make their case abo the mountaiwest.
00:47:31And boisebout en.
00:47:32At case can you mke if there was somebody thawas gointo listen to what your story would be?
00:47:38>> Obvious, e bcsedule.
00:47:42And oregon at oregon state.
00:47:45The pac-10.
00:47:46Th g ten, weplay everybody in our conference.
00:47:48Om that standpoint, we've done everhing thatwe can.
00:47:52We haven't played a soft schedule.
00:47:54But, agin, it's hard to make the case when yore we've got a lot of wor to do, and if we do it, I'll ea to make th casfathat time.
00:48:04>>ob:ATULNS ON A Terrific season so far.
00:48:07Thanks forhe ti,being generous to us tonight.
00:48:11>> Thank bob.
00:48:13Than, bri.
00:48:14>> Brian: Good luck ob: REE MORE STERN TESTS To go.
00:48:18Ree in their conferen, one wi illinois which obviously I't the best mpet that big te h to offer.
00:48:25It's not as ifey'r plang a i-aa team.
00:48:29To have a benea on yo schedule this latein t seasona prey imve scdule a maynd rolls out on first do.
00:48:39BriAGAIN, A GOO LLOUT By ynard t there.
00:48:42But if you're cincinna, it's important in tis system, in the bcstem, the view faor.
00:48:47Not onlys it the computers, but you hve win a win impressively ando itn a way agait a qlity opponent that people see that.
00:48:55Fo them haveest virginia left on eir schedule, and then a huge game on decber 5th in pittsburgh, that is going to be the v factor that cinciati nes, if they want to leap over, maybe, an unfeated iowa.
00:49:15>> BobTHERE GOE LL AGAIN.
00:49:17Down the deline.
00:49:19Jeffvon ll, inside the0.
00:49:27>> Brian: That's a geat job b the offensive line of buffalo you're going to s the center, number 7 getpon the send level and get a bck on the linebackernd sustain that block an allow hi to getown the field.
00:49:41This wling grn team has really ruggled stopping te run.
00:49:44Talked with the defensi coordinator, mike alcove, he sahe tended week, ey had an emphasis on stopping th run.
00:49:53They're not able to do it tonight.
00:49:55>> Bob: Up the seam, toucown!
00:49:58Jesse ra the tight enot loose.
00:50:02Zach maynardis using all t tot's.
00:50:06And ffalo extends the lead.
00:50:11A flag w thrown.
00:50:12Andit mayave been for rack semiiking the ball after scoring the touchdown.
00:50:19>> Referee UNSPORTSMAN-LIKE Conduct.
00:50:25Number 82.
00:50:27The penalty enforced on the KIOFF. >> Brian: Weyou see rit th tonner gl's not happy with rack.
00:50:33You make a good play.
00:50:34You get in the e zon what he'saying rit there is act like you've be the before.
00:50:39If you're going to be a good pl and score a touchdown, act like you'vebeenthere do ith charact and integrity.
00:50:49>> Bob: Principe' extra pnt doing it, but they always find a way to n.
00:52:58Does iowa deserve to still be mber four?
00:53:00Deserve, , I do.
00:53:02They have actually t best win of anybw from four down to throh about to si d that isat pe sta, a teific win.
00:53:11Now, iowa ns a lot of close games agait teams th would you tnk the fourthankedeam the nation wo blow out.
00:53:17Andhey win them I spectacular faion.
00:53:20I mean, they won the or against the defense gives yo escially wnhey gve u dibaes.
00:54:56That's what I wod do.
00:55:07>> Bob: Boy, taking a p was chris write, he holdsn to the ftball.
00:55:16And a flag comes occupy.
00:55:20Raphel akobun made the h.
00:55:22It was a violent collision.
00:55:23And you wonderf that's what drew t flag.
00:55:28>> Brian: At would be a lmet to helmet -- >> Refer: Rsonal foul.
00:55:32Unneceary roughnes defense, number 51, after the play 15-yard penay.
00:55:36First down.
00:55:39>> Brian: That'shat helmet-to-helmet contact.
00:55:42You're going to see 's going at the ball here, and akundu is going t co in and make a formackre.
00:55:51Just so happens that his helmet hitse ecves helmet rightthere.
00:55:55 but it is an emphasisn cle football this year fro t offials.
00:56:00'Re trying to prect defenseless receers, quarterbacks, abo thbt gets hit.
00:56:11Helmet to hemet.
00:56:13It's goingo be a personal fo.
00:56:16Sheehan,ries toump it down the middle.
00:56:18It wi be second and ten.
00:56:19I think it was a good call.
00:56:21>> BrianWELL, ACCOING TO THE Rule and the emphas thathe nc is making this year, it was a good c now, the queion becomes what doou want theinebker to do it's a tou deal.
00:56:31He'sot to comepnd make a tackle.
00:56:34A form ackle.
00:56:35'S hard to put your head up and make the tackle with your lm.
00:56:39It's a ugh ing.
00:56:40>> Bob: You know what they want the linebacker do to do.
00:56:43They wt the linebacker to hit the play wh his shoulder and t his helt.
00:56:48Second down and ten.
00:56:51Pressure coming from the bld side, unloa to hges.
00:56:54It will be third dow and ten.
00:56:58Even means, a buffalo prodt, just about got there for t sack.
00:57:02And means,number 40, in blue is greatstory.
00:57:06He is kind of emblematicf what turner gill is trying to do and that is, take what isn't really WELLth OF HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL Lent but there are good players in the buffalo, niagara area, and gth jnstead of going penn state, syracuse wherever, to play at u.b.
00:57:29>> Bri: That's a great find for tuer gill.
00:57:32Bob: Can'told on onhird do.
00:57:34No it'sourth and teat the 33 now, what do youo?
00:57:37>> Brian: Well, aga, it's t sameituation they had in the first quarter.
00:57:41Andhink that coachclawson has more confidence in his offense, cnvting fourt and ten, than hisicker making a 50ard fieldal.
00:57:51>> BobTHE OTHER OPTI WLD Be to punt and try tokill i side the 10 yard line.
00:57:55If you don't get it he, and now time-o called by bli gree you're going to gi ffalo with plenty ofime on the clock pretty good field position.
00:58:04A remainders, saturday at noon eastern.
00:58:06Number four, iowa, back in ac.
00:58:08They'll host norwestern.
00:58:10Ricky stanzi trying to jollow up on last week's miracle win.
00:58:14Could the hawkeyes stay in t hunt for the national championship gam o ows.
00:58:20College fotball presented by cars.c.
00:58:24 just as we were taing earlier, cincinnati and the west virginia gamendhe pittsburgh game at the end of the month, circle oh state at november 14.
00:58:37Brian: We, ohio ate.
00:58:38But also minneta.
00:58:39That is a game that you cav't sleeon if you're wa.
00:58:42Buey've had b wins at penn state.
00:58:45At sconsin.
00:58:46At michigan state th bat chigan.
00:58:49If th can bea those three teams on their schedul right there, they willve a legitimate argent for the national title.
00:58:56>> Bob: That's the argument i want to hear.
00:58:59How doou beadsconsin, pen statiigan statell o the ed and not win the natna championship?
00:59:06Fourth a ten after a timeut.
00:59:08And a false start.
00:59:09And no you pbably do have to punt.
00:59:12>> Referee: False art.
00:59:13Number 12, five-ya pelty.
00:59:16Remains fourth don.
00:59:17 it will be fourtand 15 fromhe 38 yard line.
00:59:21>> Brian: Well, a I think the gument against iowa ll be they haven't won a stylish shion.
00:59:27D while e cputers don't watch thegame, theomputers justcalculate, there is that you factor that is factor into the b.
00:59:37The fact that ty have been downn uglysituatio this leer.
00:59:41And frankly d callthat wen for them in the india game that allowed em win.
00:59:46At's the rn why they may not make it.
00:59:51Bob: Iovinel ndsit to about the goal ine.
00:59:55It's in the end zo.
00:59:57In thend what shoul have been fourth anden from the 33 yrd line on nets bowling gree about 15 yardsth of fiel position.
01:00:09As buffalo will it have at the 39 to go with e ccktoin withirst wns ma and three me-outs that's a lot time for the bullffense that has been terrificerin t first half.
01:00:21>> Brian: Yeah, sicall ovhat drive.
01:00:26To get that dense back on th field after 've ben on the field most ofs first half, and ve buffalo more oprtunities get me POINTS >>ob: And theyrun it with gi.
01:00:39Up the sideline.
01:00:40Out of bouvds.
01:00:41That stops the clock.
01:00:44Thjsis a buffalo bulls offense that fin a way to do it ith.
01:00:51Ban: An they've got thre backs th they ally like, nduka, and thermilus and henry.
01:00:59There uust be thinghis ey real le abwut gill, you see here, starks, really their best player cininto the season.
01:01:07He was therst-team a-mac at running back in 208.
01:01:1216 Touchdowns.
01:01:13They were counti on m, he got hurtrly in theyea this time, g trips and flls and ends up losing coup yards.
01:01:23Uk shaen u earlier in the first ha.
01:01:25He was playinwith a sore kl andctlly has en out zeraes me back in t win and I'd say the ls, but a trendous game this pt ekend, 172 yas and touchdowns in the loss to western michiga he was a game timeecision wit ankle inury, andnly ended up playing because mio henry also went out wi annkle inju.
01:01:57Game cck under minu.
01:02:00Maynar hasthe first do, so that will stop the clock.
01:02:0344 Secondso go inhe first half.
01:02:07>> Brian: That's interesting, you kn, third andsix.
01:02:09They've got a lot of timeon th cloc their time-outs and turner gill electing tolay conservatively withis young quarterback.
01:02:18He+s up21-13.
01:02:19Doesn'want to have any netive things happen before thlf.
01:02:23But offense for buflo has beenolling in the first hal I'd gve themhereen light, turn on the gas I this situat this is conservave, no estion, as buffalo seemsbe contt to put the ball I th freezer and take the eight-pot lead a lftime.
01:02:41They'lrun it again.
01:02:42Gill down theside lynn.
01:02:45And he is bumpe out of bounds at the8 yard line.
01:02:48Still 12econds to go s now, even thoughoue trying to put the balln the fezer, you+re piing up yards in chunhat you ght he to take shs to set up a fie goaatmp >> Brian: You get youelf in field goal range, you're like, oh, goodness,t allof my timeuts.
01:03:08Now, I should throw it down the fid dsee what ppens.
01:03:12>>ob: GILL WITH EIGHT CARRIES Here ithe frshalf.
01:03:17The p leftfyour sc is naaman roosevelt.
01:03:22He's t big an.
01:03:23Hamlin, the otight.
01:03:27Maynard, down the sideli, looking r terrell jackson.
01:03:31Knocked away.
01:03:32Od positnor adrian spencer.
01:03:34Bnd now th five seconds to go.
01:03:35Theirst half.
01:03:40Ou take a knee, or do you throw big ben an hope?
01:03:47>> Bri: I'm scratchinmy ad.
01:03:48-I don't kno what they're g do.
01:03:50I expeeted the to row it 15, 20 yards down the fie a then take a field goal.
01:03:58It doesn'tmake it a high percentage throw.
01:04:02So I have no idea wt they're gointoo now.
01:04:11>> Bob: Give it to gil.
01:04:14Three defensive backs.
01:04:16All the w downfield for bowling green,waiting the hail mary.
01:04:19'S a lots of om to run for ll.
01:04:22So he pads his stats, b tere wereowling green players waiting for himn th end zone.
01:04:28>> Brian: If th would have called a time-outight now, they'd be lining up for a field goal.
01:04:33 it still an eight-pot lead a halfmeor buo overbowling green.
01:04:38So a good art to then'ttn'cky.
01:06:42They're just good at that kind of thing.
01:06:43And t fac that they have the best win of tm and the teams hinds them tells m that, yeah, th deserve that considerati.
01:06:50Still kind of hng out ere, this would get crazy with the top-three teams, tre uld be iowa.
01:06:56But thetill are to go to combus wich won't be an easy game.
01:07:01When we return, wll go to the isma times.
01:09:08And theewest record, 22 catches he in the game ainst center stat 22 receptions in one game.
01:09:15Bowling green lltart the send half wi thetball.
01:09:20Remember, buffa, w the to and eleed to receive.
01:09:23Sot' bowling g on t offense to started second half.
01:09:26And pretty od field potion out to th 37 yrdine foro pettigrew on the return.
01:09:32But dominant timf possession in the first half fo u.b.
01:09:37>> Brian: Yeah, you it right here.
01:09:4119 For buffalo,11 forowling green.
01:09:44You're not going to score many points if you don'tave the football.
01:09:48Right now, they're going to have pportunity t stbr the second ha withhe fool onlyown eight.
01:09:52Asad as you plainhe first lf defensivy,yo stilhave a chance to tie the ball game.
01:10:00>> Bob: And setsp the scren to geter.
01:10:05Gete wid open.
01:10:08Hereomes willie geter, all the way wno th 2 yard lie.
01:10:12>> Brian: We tked in the first lf aboutowling green ofnsively getting cative ways t get this kid the football.
01:10:19Not very .
01:10:19You're goingo see it right here a little slip screen.
01:10:23Just getim the football.
01:10:24Allow the offensi limen to releaswn the feld an ge a block.
01:10:28You seehepeed right thereto get dn the field.
01:10:31If y'rt gng to run the football effectively, youetter be abl toscreen.
01:10:36>> Bob: 43-Yar gain on thelip scen to geter.
01:10:39Already wling green.
01:10:40Sidehe red zone with geter.
01:10:42Buing uphe middle.
01:10:43Down to about e 1yard lin for 8 re yards >> Brian: An I lke the way wlg green are comin out and startink t second alf.
01:10:53You doest gft very man hes on offense as we said in thfirst half.
01:10:56You alize, if you're tyler sheehan and this offense, you have to make theovery t you t the fotbalyou to go down and sco.
01:11:05Becausyou dotnow if you're going to get it back from buffalo for the next five six minutes.
01:11:13>> Bob: Geer, danng I the backfield and can dance no furtr.
01:11:21Ke newton, he'got 6 tackles coming into tonight fwr his carr.
01:11:24And he madthe st.
01:11:30These two saes from ffalo's defen, davonte shannon, and tre's mike on.
01:11:37Bo siors, both with well over 300 tklesn their reers.
01:11:43They're only the second and third player in buffalo's program on after 300 career in the late '70s.
01:11:54'Ve been a tandem in that secondary r a nge.
01:11:56Third and shor sheehan, o the run,d eventually, he's tracked down by steven means.
01:12:09>> Bri: Well, big play there.
01:12:11Sheehan wa trying to get the ball to freddie baes, and they doublecoveredhim in the secondy and he tried to extend the play as much as he could.
01:12:20But big stop f the buffalo defense to give up two big plays that utart the second half that stiffen in the red zo.
01:12:26Th has been a pattern f bogreen.
01:12:28They're last in the m in red on eiciencs in scoring ucowns.
01:12:33Is is a problem for them i o of their lossarlier in thason.
01:12:37>> Bob: This is from 34rds away.
01:12:39This ne'sgood.
01:12:40Last time, we sa norc, he mied an extra point.
01:12:44But he draws bowling een a little closer.
01:12:51excuse me.
01:12:57Wheyou get a minute, can- ( ng ) ( grunt, shatteng glass ) En you get a minute.
01:13:10ing ) Notoo heavy,not too light.
01:13:14BUD LIGH ( di ) E difenceis dkability.
01:14:24Doing it, but they always find a w t win.
01:14:27Es iowa deserve to s be number four?
01:14:29>>Deseryeah, ido.
01:14:31They he actuall the bes n ofnybody fromouown to throh bbout t six.
01:14:38And that at penn state, a terrific win.
01:14:41Now,owawi aot of close mes against tams would u tnk the fourth-ranked team in the nion would blow out.
01:14:46And ty them in sctacular fashion.
01:14:49I me, they won thepener agt ♪♪
01:15:08point ♪♪
01:15:12♪♪turn ♪♪
01:15:13there forouand your guilty pleures.
01:15:15 ♪♪
01:15:18♪♪ how long ♪♪
01:16:22ird and 20, back at buffalo's 39 ybrd line.
01:16:27Josh violenty, the center, rmer wk on called for the penalty.
01:16:36Screen, gill, breaks the tale and picksp a rd finallyinishedff bdaus smith.
01:16:45>> BrianYOU SEE THERE, TH Penalty goes f havg the ba first a goal on the 2 yard line to now punting from urn 0.
01:16:54>> Bob: That penalty looked like a turnover.
01:16:58BriIT WAS.
01:16:59It was.
01:17:09Freddie baes, ep.
01:17:18>> Bob: Rachuna will tro keep did back.
01:17:20It'sactual ger bac and he fumbles thefootball at th5 yard line.
01:17:25A scramble for it.
01:17:25And it's recover by buffalo.
01:17:31Alex pierre comes up wh the revery for the bulls.
01:17:40>> Brian: Well, it'basically rikht inhe spot ofwher they would have been, the completion for hamlin.
01:17:45But u can e right here,ust off the fingertips.
01:17:48And pier's there to make the recovery.
01:17:53Bob: Now, old rule always seemed tbe, if you're inside the 5 yar line, let it bounce and take it iide the end zone.
01:18:03Are u surprised geter triedo field the n >> Brian: If it go over your head, u let ito.
01:18:14>>ob: BOWLING GREEN SCORED A Toown, and rachuna couldn't ha a snap, had a pt blocked the 15 yard line.
01:18:25Bowling grn recoved.
01:18:27Puncd in for thr fst uchdown.
01:18:29Now, looksike buffalo mit be a to get some free pots here.
01:18:33Handoff, gill.
01:18:34At the goal line.
01:18:34He's in.
01:18:35Touchdowfor u. b.
01:18:52So each team basical hnds the other a free ouchdown and that's the fst caree touchdown n for gill.
01:19:03>> Brian: And we thought cong into this football ge that spfcial teams might pl a role.
01:19:07W, a blo punt and a mfed punt,oth leadink to toucowns.
01:19:12>> BobAND NOW BUFFALO'SGOING To go for two.
01:19:15Ana time-out called.
01:19:17>> Referee: First charged time-on the second half.
01:19:20>>ob: BOWLING GREEN WILL CALL A time-outn defense.
01:19:23I'm sure what the goal here is for the bull to for o.
01:19:28Nine minutes to goin the third quarter.
01:19:32Stil the fe six poins, turnover on scial teams.
01:19:36>> Brian: And spe teams definitely playing a role inlet's get down to the nuts and bwlts.
01:19:41You've t thino do.
01:19:43We' got the tlsnd hardware to get them done.
01:19:46And with new lower pres a through the store.
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01:21:03: If you ever come up to visit niagara falls, you got to see the guys at la na izza I ink they knew we we coming.
01:21:14>> Brian: Did you e thathole pie yourself?
01:21:18>> Bob: Was not a low cholesteromeal that a eoyed last night.
01:21:26Buffalo, 27-16 p, they goor o for reason.
01:21:29It's a kep are for maynard.
01:21:31And maes iinto tnd zone.
01:21:33And a two-point conversion is good so the lead goesrom 11 up to 13.
01:21:41With 9:07 to go in the third.
01:21:44>> BrianWELL,LL THE Questions are anered I you make it we get all the quens ifthey don't make it6 a good run byaynard to ma a cole guys missn the end zone.
01:21:56A lite eay going for two.
01:21:58>> Bob: Intesng decio by turner gill.
01:22:01Therare g be terestin decisions made by heisman voter weave thean griese high five.
01:22:09These are th five leaders?
01:22:10Brian: Yeh, we were talk about e three kings of college football, bradford, tebownd McCOY AND NONE O THOSE GUYS ARE M high-five.
01:22:23 sller is he's a dymi playe quadruple thre.
01:22:28Ruing,recving, kick returns and puntreturns,e is dynamic mark ingram is another guy that is a load f alabama.
01:22:37 kno going to run the football but he still is running the footll, averaging 123ards r game.
01:22:47Clausen atotre me, only two turnover masoli really is the onf that is my sleeper.
01:22:54He's gen the worknd ck on track after losing that game to ise rly iv the season.
01:22:59Think they've m a trendousomack a it been all about him.
01:23:03If you look at his numbers, theye comparab tohat tim tebow has done at florida.
01:23:07I think he's a sleeper.
01:23:08Look out for them.
01:23:10Bob: Who's your pick?
01:23:11Who's gog to win?
01:23:13Ban: Li iuaid, I like spiller.
01:23:16Spiller, I had a chance to see him two weeks ago.
01:23:20He single-haedly beathe icanes.
01:23:26>> Bob: A low kk bywillia an he gets shot down inside the 25 yard l mark ingram is the guy tha thk is going t be such the nation stage out of those five guys.
01:23:38The team should be ranked nbe ree, but there igointo be the whole world of colle otball watching the games that texas, alabama and florida py.
01:23:49Do you think at t point that lt McCoy and t tebow have at least statistally played themselves far enough behind inam.
01:23:57Ingram going to be center stage.
01:24:00>> Brian: He really is he has gamesinst lsu and mississippi state.
01:24:04 title games.
01:24:08He'll have every opportunity t perfor >> BobZ AND TH HOME RUN FOR Chris wright.
01:24:17Underthrows it.
01:24:17And it's out obounds.
01:24:31Tyler sheeh sfar tonight, 8 of 1for 146 yards.
01:24:36S last four games, before tonit, he w averagin over 400 yrds p game.
01:24:42And threw nine touchdowpasses in t four games.
01:24:48Ha't gottenit going so far is eveng.
01:24:51Der some pressure and just jerks it.
01:24:53Thro it athe feet ray hu.
01:24:56Turday, noon easrn, one of those teams inhe championship pontially, numbefour returnto acon, th ve northwestern ts week leading up towds a week fom saturday's matchup with state andcky stai, keep it rolling.
01:25:11And canhe hawkeyesta in a spotorthe bcs cmpionsp game?
01:25:15Lle football presented by comnsaturday, noon eaern.
01:25:22For more, logon to
01:25:24If that team ends up undefted, it was meant to be with the gamesheylayed this year.
01:25:29Third and tenfor bowli gre.
01:25:33Rockets one over the middle.
01:25:35And it dropped.
01:25:36Right into the hands of adrian hoes.
01:25:38A flag own, thoug it will be a p agast bowlingreen.
01:25:44>> Bri: I think it's a hold the backfield.
01:25:46Referee: Holding.
01:25:48Offens number 77, that penalty is declined.
01:25:51Fourth down.
01:25:56>> Brian THISWLING GREEN Am has had a lot of mistake ght.
01:26:01Droppedpauses, tight end.
01:26:03Dgesavdropped some balls.
01:26:05They've d a lotf penalti.
01:26:07They he had two personaloul penalties.
01:26:10Ey jt look sloppy ni >> Bob FAIR CATCH MADE ATHE. R ONE.
01:28:52The passing game.
01:28:54And when you strgle on offense, the bt way to get out of it is a blasting, bulldozing running ame.
01:29:01Playing otball6 Bob: If only.
01:29:12Third do and eight.
01:29:19Only a four-man rush and still shhanunning fris lije.
01:29:23Well, is that the way y wa to dw itup if youefred reedthe defensive cooinat?
01:29:29You bring only fou on the rush, but, l, you get all of that prsure on t quarterbac >> Brian: Wel and they had od coverage wn the field.
01:29:38They ayed man-to-man.
01:29:40You seredd rnes, you se barnes, I'm open, man, give me the ball!
01:29:44But there's little bit of essu on his quarterback back ther >> Bob: And aist purge fom esidenreed after kevin john and gordon duboi led the charge for the defensive line as the punting unit comes out for wling grn.
01:30:00Andamlin cas for a fair catch at t 11 yard line e chase for the nascar sprint cup ctinues with the dickies 500 from the texas motor speedway in arlington.
01:30:15Covegeegins th sunday, pacific on abc.
01:30:23As we che the leerboard, and thrace forheprint cup, and it's jimmie johnson.
01:30:31Withark artin's deficit getting a le bit larger, it seems, each week.
01:30:37I wonder if matin, gordon, montoya an the group have dug themselves a litle too deep in the le to catch jimmie jon.
01:30:51It's hard to catch jeffvon gill tis.
01:30:54Dw woods again on the tale.
01:30:56>> Brian: A littl low on offeive acti in this foot game, and youot to wond, me of the adjustments made by both of these s, fensively at hatftime have ed.
01:31:06Bowling green hastiened agnst the buffalo rushing game and buffalo's dense has ntinueto stymie the high-finbowling green offee.
01:31:25>> Bob: Mynard throws off his ba foot under pressure.
01:31:30Again, it was dwne woods, tt me, cing on a blitz to get pressu on zachmayrd >>ri: YEAH, IT WAS ABLITZ Heren the strong e.
01:31:40Yore going to seeim coming from the t of the screen er.
01:31:44Za maynard doesn't see him.
01:31:46Esn't have time to set h feetman accurate throw.
01:31:49It's run blitz on fir down.
01:31:51That bling green has implemented in the last couple seies.
01:31:55They bring to stop the run.
01:31:57T if it is pass, they still ve godopportunities to get there.
01:32:02Gooddjustment by bowling green densively at them.
01:32:09Bob: I'm not sur that maynard was pecting the otball.
01:32:12Tryi to run for it on third down and long.
01:32:14A broken play.
01:32:15Maard gets poppedt the 18 yard line.
01:32:19Roger williams made the tackle with james schneer.
01:32:23Maynard seems to be surprise weatherethe footballom >> Brian: Yeah, I don think he d any ide rying to make a call.
01:32:35Ying to makeomething happen.
01:32:37Add sult to injury, he takes a vicious hitt the end of that early, hwas not ready to take that football.
01:32:43Th is no a gd feeling, y try to get something done thball hits you under the chin.
01:32:49Okay what do do now?
01:32:51>> Bob: Was lucky he caught the ball.
01:32:54He looked ba in time.
01:32:58That ijust didn't hithim the face mask.
01:33:00Geter call for t fair catch.
01:33:04On bowng green's 35 yard line.
01:33:06Ll, just uhe road from here inbuffalo isystown, new .
01:33:11That's t hometown of dave clayn.
01:33:14He told u he expecte somewhere betw 70 and 80 pople fro his hometown to make e drive down of what realy is a norman rockwellind of scene.
01:33:25It's a bder town.
01:33:26You can see canada rig across the water.
01:33:29D a prty good cheeng seion for dave clawson with the bowlin geen gamehere in buffalo.
01:33:38>> Brian: It's a homecomi >> Bob OFFENSE FINALLY G Someg done, as geter goes in motion.
01:33:45Sheehan under essur looking for geter.
01:33:47Es well to get the ballaway.
01:33:49D a fl comes out.
01:33:51Ter makese tch the first down andackon5 more yards.
01:33:56>> Reree: Defense, number 90, roughering the quarterback.
01:34:00>> Brian: Greatob here by -- eehan getting at bll f.
01:34:07You dragt qrterback to the ground, you're going to get call.
01:34:12>>ob: DO YOU THINK HE DRO Him in the ground.
01:34:15>> BrianWE HAVE HELMET TO Heet there.
01:34:18Ove himin the ground.
01:34:19Had he lets go o that football, yocan't take him to e ground after he lets go of the otball.
01:34:25Dalawson was talking to yesterday about sheehan and how tough heplays.
01:34:29Heys, he never takes his eyes from dn the field.
01:34:33'S going to get hit, he's going to sta in there a take that hit to get the ball down the field to his team to ecute.
01:34:42>> Bob: Sheehan ants one.
01:34:44Caht by hudson. gain of onlyhree yards.
01:34:47Sh ts is thereo make the stop but it turns into a huge play.
01:34:55Gives bowling green on t seveh penalty for buffalo.
01:34:58Well inside the buffalo territory.
01:35:16Bob GETER STO AND THEN Tries to start again.
01:35:19And kevin johnson jus wrtles him down after a gain of a ward.
01:35:24>> Bri: You're srting to see this bualo defenseake a few more risks, bringing ke newton, their free safety, down into the box to stophe rhi game.
01:35:34And theye been a ltle more successful running t ball in the second half.
01:35:38Buthat lving their corners on an land.
01:35:42You know that freddie barnes is out there.
01:35:46Ris wrightis out ther AND AS THEi CTINUE TO TAKE Chances as they do here.
01:35:51E safety in the middle ofhe eld.
01:35:52It's only a matter of te t the ouside.
01:35:55Bob: Bowling green's 4 for 9 onhird down.
01:35:58Uphe sideline.
01:36:01Picked up by davonte shannon.
01:36:03He's got some blocke out in frt.
01:36:10Shannon's still on his feet.
01:36:11Finally tripped up o the 15 of the bowlingreen.
01:36:14A flag down on the play.
01:36:21>> Brian: Well, we meioned t.
01:36:23Freddie baes on th tside, ngle coverage andlew righ by the corner, and he was wide open.
01:36:29But sheehan did not have the time to get the ball off with the erra thw and the subsequent pick.
01:36:35Lieno what the penalty is.
01:36:37>> Bob: A 42-yard return the playstands.
01:36:41It looks if the fl was thro pretty well after the interception.
01:36:46Although thfre was another flag thrown down in the area where shannon picked it off.
01:36:50So this mit be two separate flags for sarate fouls.
01:36:54And iss lot to sort out for the officials.
01:36:59>> Brian: A t best thatve clawn can hope for is offsting penalti.
01:37:07You got tohink it's a bloing penalty, at le on uffa, afthe interceptionof some sort.
01:37:14Whether 's a clipr a hotd.
01:37:16But th b question ishat th penalty flaghat was back where e interception was.
01:37:21>> Reree: Therno foul.
01:37:23Defensive pass interference.
01:37:25Dvring the eturn,lo blow thwaist, inteepting team.
01:37:3215-Yard penblty, fst dow >> Bob: Les take another look the ck,as the pickp t flagor passinterference.
01:37:41>> Brian: You see rhthere, freddie barne beats him on the man coverag as an errant thr, he rows it down the field, he's got a touchdn.
01:37:52Credit buffalo f not awing him to set hiseetnd throw the foball down the field.
01:37:56That's the second time we saw fred reed a hi defenselect g man coverage and bank on th getting to sheehan.
01:38:08>> Bob:AT'S A HUGEALL R Dave clawson.
01:38:13The 15ya penay will at ast back buffalo up, we insideir own 40 yard line.
01:38:20But if the pssnterference pelty stands, it's a big first wn penay.
01:38:26Pes away the interption4f bowling eestill has the football.
01:38:34And nowthe officials again w stop play.
01:38:38And it mit be that bwlg grn justled another time-out thisld be their sd time-out on dense her in the second half.
01:38:45Ey call a time-out whe buffalo was liningp to attemp a two-int conversion earlier in the trd quarter.
01:39:02>> Brian: I think dave clawson realized what g play that was and a mnmentum switch and just sai I'moing to burn a time-out to talk to the ficial >> Bob: I guess the queion i would hve fordave clawso is why was the flag picked up for pass inrferen.
01:39:18>> Referee: Bowling een is now challenging the pay that the ball was tipped.
01:39:21The ball w not tipped.
01:39:22First down.
01:39:27>> Bob: Soagain, if the ball tipped tha would give you grnds pick uhe ball for pa ierrence.
01:39:35So we never got an explanaon as to why theicked up the interference flag.
01:39:43>>an: WELL, THE BALL WA Tipped right there.
01:39:47>> Bthat was afterhe contact with freddiebbes.
01:39:51Bog green gets their time-out back.
01:39:55The handof t gill.
01:39:57To t 37 yardline.
01:39:59Eugene fes ma the stop.
01:40:01That brin us to the endf the third quarter.
01:40:05Buffalo, 29-16 lea ) we kw you love colle fotball.
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01:42:25In t red zone.
01:42:25In the passing game.
01:42:27And when you struggle on offense, theest wayo get out of iis a blasting, blldozing running game.
01:42:34On the momentum for the stop.
01:42:37I c't tell what you an option that was to get the senior quarterback back onhe fiel >>ob: AND AN ADVENTEONHT Forotf the teams on special team.
01:42:52Rachuna has the second bcked nt tonigh it's pked up by bowling green.
01:42:59That time, it wasn' a fumbled snap by rauna.
01:43:02This is jtnetration uphe midd.
01:43:05>> BrianIT JUST CAME RIGHT UP The middle.
01:43:08To the side of the punter.
01:43:10And then he picks up the ll.
01:43:13He gets the perfecto right there.
01:43:17Blocking the kick andecovering the e.
01:43:21But clear, buffalo has had severe issues on the punt team.
01:43:28>> Bob: Now, they sift the look to p freddie barnes in the backfield as the i" back.
01:43:34There goes geter in motion.
01:43:37The hand off -- no, a play action fak rollrighe ahand.
01:43:42Flag down as sheehan rns out of bounds after again three ya we'll have tchec the penal.
01:43:47It was tn by the referee d it wille holding.
01:43:51>> Referee: Number 64, ten-yard penalt replay first do.
01:44:01>> Brian: Well, bowli green has reallilled themselv tonight wi penalts.
01:44:05We talked about it rlier the game.
01:44:07But they seem to have good play, posive play sheehan gettg out on the ge, but albert with the holding call.
01:44:17Turnovers and palties.
01:44:18A lot of the in this football game for bot sides.
01:44:21Right here, we'll see bwling green can overcome that early call.
01:44:29>> Bob: The second blocked pun of the night forowling green.
01:44:34Now fit and 20.
01:44:37There's barneragging across the middle.
01:44:39And he's dragged downy domonic cook at the 21 yard lin >> Bri: No he's been openn an bowling gree will have that play for him if they want.
01:44:53He just comes uerh.
01:44:54Giving h the football.
01:44:56Trying tke him miss a tackle break free.
01:44:59You need to feed this guythe ball.
01:45:02Clearly,ehris the offense when he' getti the otball.
01:45:05Don't care if it's a two-rd route,five-rd route ju get himhe ball.
01:45:12 Payaction again fo sheehan.
01:45:14Ov t ddle.
01:45:15Again, it's barnes.
01:45:16And he's loose down to about the 8 yard line.
01:45:20Very close to afirst down.
01:45:23Itl bethird wn and about a lf yard to go >> Ban AN A GREAT JOB AGAIN Against the zone defense.
01:45:31Hey, give me the bl.
01:45:33Let me turnt up north and south.
01:45:35Get as much as I an.
01:45:36Nine yds there on first down.
01:45:38That's wt this kid givesyou.
01:45:40He'se t repeat, in zon touch it with his ha >> Bob: And they mark barnes wn, well shy of the first down.
01:45:51He's in theildcat at third and e.
01:45:54Uphe mle is frdiebarn.
01:45:56A hardunning first dow to th 5.
01:45:58It's first and goal fobowling green.
01:46:04>> Brian: And I thk dave clawnind of ft the same wathat we did, it'sreddie barnes te.
01:46:10Cond half our guy has not had as many touches I wt him to ve.
01:46:16He said last nit, he wante him to get the ball.
01:46:19So he'soing to givet to hi sheehan won't throw it to hi he's going to put him in the game.
01:46:28Bob: Geter on firstndgoal.
01:46:30Inde the 5.
01:46:31Itwill be sfnd down and goal.
01:46:33Chie smithe the tackle.
01:46:36And for rnes, heow has six catcs fo yards whic is a good night for a wide receiver4 ingeneral.
01:46:44It's a terrib night for ede ba, and that's just how good his numbers have been th season.
01:46:50Ban: Well,yeah, hs halfway to hisrage.
01:46:53Anwe're in the fourth quarter.
01:46:54But he' capable.
01:46:55He c catc t balls ithis quarte you never know.
01:47:03 Second and goal from just inside the4.
01:47:06Quterbdr sheehan ts todo it himsf.
01:47:09He into the zone with a wling een touchdown.
01:47:18>> Ban: I liked the ca right here.
01:47:20Buffalos plang the pass and ptaying two-deep coverage, down insi thered nearea.
01:47:26And ene g th's unaccounted for he quarterback inhat situation.
01:47:30And a good run there byyl sheehan.
01:47:42>> Bob: Theoint after is good.
01:47:44AND IT'S A SIh-POINT GAME WITH 30 To go in the fourth quarter.
01:47:50Brian: D right re, you see a great block by geter on the linebacker there.
01:47:54Aood run to get I the e zone by tyler sheeha tourgeown, oh, if they still ve "the can my butt look anbigg meal," will you t me one me, to ..
01:48:34With the new low-fat buffalo chickev subway.
01:48:37Now part of a subwayfresh fit meal.
01:48:39Subwayeat fresh.
01:50:27The red one6 in the passing game.
01:50:29And when you struggle on offense, the bt way to get out of itis aasting,ulldozing running game.
01:50:37Guy breakhe tackle and mbe g a first down.
01:50:41Barnes at the top of your scre >> BobSHEEHAN UNDER PRESSURE.
01:50:48Releases to the sideline.
01:50:50Right at the 15 yard line.
01:50:51The tch is made.
01:50:52Chris wright has a first down, again on thirdown and ten.
01:50:56A big thro from ler sheehan.
01:50:58>> BrianA BIG PLAY THERE OM Sheehan.
01:51:01But on the other side of the field,'m telng you, throw the ball tobarn, he's wpen for a touc join right herf t win the footbalgame.
01:51:09But sheehan I worng the other side of e field.
01:51:11At least he got a first down, but man-to-man coverag on barnes again.
01:51:16Isook rght here.
01:51:18>> Bob: Sheehan gve a glance to barnes instead.
01:51:23Cos ck to the 7 yard line.
01:51:24Agn, h finds the senior chris wrht.
01:51:28Jo tmas brought himdown.
01:51:29Two yards shy o a first down.
01:51:31The ockontins to go down 10 now, you startto think buffalo might wanto call their time-outs.
01:51:39>> Ban: Well, they've got three of th.
01:51:42>> Bob: Because theyot three, they might be able to preserve me forhe field goal attempt.
01:51:48Shhan takeshe snap.
01:51:51Under preur shovs one.
01:51:53Flag don, it'saughty geter at the 5.
01:51:57At theirst down marker.
01:51:59>> Referee: Holdi, fense.
01:52:00Numb 56 ten-ya penalty.
01:52:04Replay uecond dow >> Bob: Rons played down sheehan.
01:52:09Wiped it all away witholding penay.
01:52:11>> Brian: Yeah, hol call on the right tackle.
01:52:15Donohoe right here let's take a look.
01:52:20Wi the bea si.
01:52:21That a clear holdi ll.
01:52:23That's a tackle is what th i and a quick move inside.
01:52:29>> Bob: A very important game for bofhese team 3-5 on the season in the mdle of t mac east divion.
01:52:38Tohe end zone.
01:52:42Behindheovage is bbrnes!
01:52:44Freddie barnes finally gets ee, scores the touchdown, and bwwling green is a pointway fromaking thelead.
01:52:52>> BrianI TOLD YOU, ALL YOU Got to do is row it to nber 7.
01:52:57He's wide open the lasthree plays.
01:53:00And right here, he's beating the corn off the line of scrimuage.
01:53:05That's just o go rig ther this is an important ext point right here.
01:53:14>> Bob:1st CAREER TCHDOWN For barnes.
01:53:23Earlier,osic missedwne.
01:53:24This could give the lead.
01:53:26No dou about it.
01:53:2739 Secds to go.
01:53:28Buffaloasll three ti-outs, but noth trail by a poin >> Ban: Well, it's a goo job the offensive line giving th time to throw t football.
01:53:42T I think in that situation, wi the game on e line, if you're buffalo, you've got to put twouys on freddie barnes.
01:53:49He's done thisll yearlong.
01:53:51Over 100 catch and now ten touchdowns.
01:53:54And it tk tyler sheeh a little while to find his.
01:53:58>> Frid on th drive.
01:53:59But once he did, heroduced it.
01:54:04>> Bob AN11-PLAY TOUCHDOWN Drive for bowling green gives them a chance.
01:54:11Boing green tyi toet to 3-2 theconference.
01:54:14And even more imptantly, just to keep their bowl hopes ave toeto 4-5.
01:54:19You have to win at least six games play in a bowl gamf.
01:54:23They wou take a g ste forward as they comeown the stretch in tir season to playing aostasonge.
01:54:29But buffalo, with 39 seconds to go a all three time-outs, can use the whole field andall whater play th like.
01:54:37And they need ovly field goal.
01:54:39>> Brian: You know, it been rely impressiveto watch freddie baes thisyear.
01:54:45He has done everzthi you can ssly do from the wide receiver position.
01:54:48From catching theall to tkes snaps quarterback.
01:54:51But the best thg about freddie barnes, he's a humblekid.
01:54:55Comes to work every day.
01:54:56He's a leader does well in the classrm.
01:54:59That'shat you li to see in llegfootball.
01:55:01>> Bob: lose steamon that rur at about the 25 rd lie.
01:55:12Brought down by jrett ndson.
01:55:15Only an 18-yard return.
01:55:1832 Seconds to go.
01:55:23And freddie barnes who was quiet throughout the first half, finally mas the b play i the closinginute to give his team the lead.
01:55:30>> Ban: Yoknow, the thing, we saw him open a couple times on tha drivebuter came back tthe huddle with any kind never said, hey,hw me the balli'm open.
01:55:41He's supporte of this team.
01:55:43However they winey win.
01:55:50Threit behind roosevelt.
01:55:52Keith morgue hadn't a chanceat ck.
01:55:55That only cost buffalo four seconds.
01:56:00Naan rooseve has been quiet because maynd has h far different second hal >> Brian: Yeah, 12 yards I the secondhalf.
01:56:07And give credit to bowling green defensively.
01:56:10I mean, they came out at halftime with plan to sop buffalo offensively on the ground.
01:56:17And force them tthrow the footba.
01:56:24>> Bob: Only a two-man rush.
01:56:26And a drop.
01:56:28Marcus rivers hast right in his hands ath39 yard line and drops it.
01:56:34>> Brian: That's a big op right there.
01:56:37I mean, there's 23 seconds on the clock.
01:56:40They only need a field goal.
01:56:43Theye got bll three of thei me-outs.
01:56:45At's a good throw here.
01:56:46As a quarterback, you g to do everything you possibly mayba a time-out,empt 15 yards down thefield.
01:56:55Another time-out, and maybe get it I feld goal range.
01:56:58Rit now, it's tough.
01:57:10Maynard, underpressure, loses the footba that's a fumble no they have to call a time.
01:57:15Ey cor, with t clock winding down to 13 econ,12 cos, they finallycall.
01:57:22>> Referee: Timout, rst time-out of the second half.
01:57:27>> Brian: Well, held his ball alittle while,trying tpush it downhfiel ght there, th ball comesut and go backwas.
01:57:35His arm wasn't coming forward, so that wasuled a fumble.
01:57:39>> Bob: Now, ftoght's mt vaable player game brought to you by sonic.
01:57:44And as often habeen the case for bowling grn, freddie barnes makes the b play en it needed the mo.
01:57:56Eight catches for 122 yar for m.
01:57:59It's just another night at th office.
01:58:00That's on the low end.
01:58:04>> Brian THAT'S 4 1/2 UND HIS Average.
01:58:08Bob: He averages2 1/2 a game.
01:58:10>> Brian: I thinhe'll take the victory.
01:58:12This is a bigin forhis bowling green team.
01:58:16Freddie is a team guy first, there'no doubt abo it.
01:58:18He gr up in chicagoon the st de.
01:58:20He's paid hisdues.
01:58:22Come a long way.
01:58:23And as a senior to be acmpshg what he's doi this year and t seas he's had.
01:58:28And everybody's hap for him at bowling green.
01:58:32>> Bob: Stasp for the bulls.
01:58:39Maynar trying to ru f it.
01:58:41And h comes way short of a first down and so bowng gre turns buffalo ov on wns with three seconds to go.
01:58:51Itwill be tyle hao take a knee.
01:58:54And bowling green comes jrom behind in theourth quarter with a touchdown drive in the closingnutes.
01:59:00And they aregointo win it and 500 in the mac east.
01:59:06>> Brian: A big win for wling gree and a tough loss for turner gill and the buffalo team.
01:59:13They controlled most the first half,uin the football justould not stophe pasng game for bowling green in the fourth quarter.
01:59:21Sheehan and barnes were too much.
01:59:26>> Bob: Sheehan tes a knee.
01:59:27And bowlireen will he hom winners.
01:59:30What a tough lo for buffalo as well