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00:00:18>>> Welcome to "college football live".
00:00:20Chris fowler and brock.
00:00:21We will talk football coming up.
00:00:23A look at our preseason top needs they have to fill.
00:00:29And coach mendenhall.
00:00:32First, what's being called the deadliest weather day of the history of the state of alabama.
00:00:37The storms yesterday hitting across the deep south.
00:00:40The death toll perhaps 200.
00:00:42Hundreds more injured.
00:00:44Particularly hard hit, the home of the crimson tide, tuscaloosa.
00:00:49The tornados coming very close to that 90,000 plus seat stadium and close to the alabama football complex.
00:00:58The alabama campus not as devastated as many other areas of the city of tuscaloosa thankfully.
00:01:05But debris picked up and carried many miles by this twister that was measured at a mile wide.
00:01:11You can see just in the city of tuscaloosa alone, 32 reported dead.
00:01:16More than 400 injured.
00:01:19The university closed today.
00:01:21As far as the sports counter, the softball game at uab canceled.
00:01:29No decision whether the game this weekend against kentucky will go on.
00:01:36And the golf tournament is canceled.
00:01:38This morning volunteers were gathered, those with skills.
00:01:45You see head coach nick saban speaking to the group of volunteers.
00:01:51>>> Alabama coach nick saban about to travel to new york for an nfl draft obligation.
00:01:56But he joins us now on the phone.
00:01:58Nick, first off, what information do you have about the safety and security of your players and your staff at this point?
00:02:04>> Well, you know, our greatest thought is to support, you know, everyone who has been, you know, devastated, lives have been devastated.
00:02:14This is the most devastation i have seen in my lifetime.
00:02:18We have one player who is injured.
00:02:19All of our players are in the building right now.
00:02:21So they're secure.
00:02:24The other player is stable and fine.
00:02:27But, you know, there's a lot that people can do to support the people of west alabama and the entire state of alabama who have been affected, you know, by this tragic, tragic, terrible storm.
00:02:40You know, we spent the day today, you know, going around to the shelters and supporting the homeless people.
00:02:49You know, one of the reasons that I want to come tonight to support our players is because it is an obligation and I want to support the players but the players want me to come so I can support the people of alabama as well.
00:03:02>> We're thankful the team was not impacted more tragically.
00:03:06Can you share with us the name of the player and his extent of his injuries?
00:03:12>> Carson was at his home with several others.
00:03:18It was pretty, right in the middle of the storm.
00:03:20His house was completely destroyed.
00:03:23He was thrown probably 50 yards from the house.
00:03:26Has a concussion.
00:03:28Has a fractured wrist.
00:03:31Pretty beat up but is stable and will be fine.
00:03:33>> The twisters hit very close to bryant-denny stadium.
00:03:40Describe your experience yesterday afternoon.
00:03:43>> I left because I was spoke to speak at a dinner last night.
00:03:46So I went home and changed clothes.
00:03:49Our video people actually filmed from my porch outside my office.
00:03:53And actually barely missed the indoor facility and the coliseum, the basketball arena.
00:04:00And I don't know if anybody maurinhos anything about tuscaloosa, but this thing stayed on the ground for a long, long time.
00:04:0916 Straight miles.
00:04:11Was on the ground for almost 78 miles, which is unusual.
00:04:15Hit some population centers like tuscaloosa that created tremendous devastation.
00:04:20Almost two city blocks were wiped out for the entire east -- west to east trail of this storm.
00:04:28So a lot of people were affected.
00:04:30>> I know you met with some volunteers this morning.
00:04:33What was your message to them?
00:04:35>> Well, I think that, you know, the thing right now is I talked to the students who are gathering to be volunteers and support.
00:04:48When you're part of the team you're not just part of the team on saturday afternoon, which is what I'm going to tell our players.
00:04:55But you have to be part of the team when things are difficult and tough and you have to be supportive for other people and help in any way that you can.
00:05:04Whether it's to lend in cleanup, be supportive of people who lost loved ones, whether you just give somebody a ride, whether you can contribute food and water.
00:05:16So anything they can do in a positive way is a good thing about being part of the team.
00:05:21And I think we have a great team here at the university of alabama and our students were very supportive.
00:05:26>> Alabama athletics, football in particular, galvanizing force in the city and state.
00:05:32What role, if any, would you expect to play, your players expect to play as the grieving recovery and rebuilding process continues?
00:05:39>> Well, you know, I think it's the same message to the team.
00:05:44You know, this is -- we can't just be a team on saturday.
00:05:48We have to be a team all the time.
00:05:50This is certainly an opportunity for us to represent ourselves in a way that's supportive of the community and reinforce the best of what we can be in a time of need for other people.
00:06:03And to go out as a university of alabama football team and, you know, represent that in a positive way to help other people.
00:06:13So that's going to be my message.
00:06:14That's what we'll try to do.
00:06:18And I know our players will be very helpful as well.
00:06:22>> Well, nick, we're appreciative of your time.
00:06:26We applaud your message in that effort.
00:06:28And travel safe again.
00:06:29>> All right, chris, thank you.
00:06:32>> Carson tinker, the player that was picked up and thrown 50 feet.
00:06:36His house was devastated.
00:06:38Long snapper fort crimson tide, murfreesboro, tennessee.
00:06:44He's a junior, number 51.
00:06:46We wish carson a speedy recovery.
00:06:48And our thoughts are with those who were affected in tuscaloosa.
00:06:53College students, brock, are affected in particular.
00:06:59>> That team becomes a family.
00:07:00There's two points there I heard from coach saban.
00:07:03He talked about the team environment.
00:07:06You're exactly right.
00:07:07You are separated from your loved ones.
00:07:10This is a chance in adversity to really come together as a family.
00:07:15The second important point, he talked about opportunity.
00:07:18We heard about experiences at alabama and how passionate the fans are there.
00:07:22What an opportunity for these players with those fans that adore them and love them as much as they do in tuscaloosa to lend a helping hand.
00:07:32I think it will be a tremendous opportunity for all of them.
00:07:35>> In the wake of hurricane qaa tree that, iowa players helping out.
00:07:39There is an opportunity because they are so visible.
00:07:43But, boy, just tough times ahead for the folks in tuscaloosa.
00:07:46tkpwrag McElroy is one of the crimson tide players in new york for the draft.
00:07:52A day that is supposed to be filled with excitement has been slapped with the realization of what really matters.
00:07:58Very sobering.
00:08:00That was on twitter.
00:08:01He followed up with, people are in need.
00:08:04Your city is in need.
00:08:08And he wants people to make a conscious effort for the people that are affected.
00:08:11God bless.
00:08:13Similar to mark ingram, who is up here for the draft as well.
00:08:17When we come back on "college football live", we'll return to the field.
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00:10:27>>> Jenkins, all sec corner dismissed yesterday by head coach after his third arrest in less than two years and second arrest in 2011 for marijuana possession charges.
00:10:38Not taking it quietly.
00:10:40He was quoted by orlando sentinel saying when he met with the coach the only thing he said is I was dismissed as soon as i walked into the room.
00:10:47He washed his hands of me.
00:10:52He made it seem like it was a mutual decision.
00:10:54According to jenkins, quote, they know he didn't give me no option to make.
00:11:02There was nothing else I could have said or done.
00:11:05My next step is to make the best decision I can make.
00:11:09I'm still open.
00:11:10I haven't decide, like I said.
00:11:12He could transfer to a division 1 school or division ii school or enter draft.
00:11:25There wasn't a lot.
00:11:26Or any apology to his team.
00:11:27That's the latest on that on jenkins.
00:11:30Stay tuned.
00:11:31>>> The latest from new orleans where the bcs annual meetings, 14th edition wrapping up.
00:11:36It's been a somewhat newsy week.
00:11:39Joe, we heard yesterday about the fiesta bowl saga.
00:11:42There figures to be increased scrutiny from the ncaa on all you also bowls.
00:11:48So what's the latest on that front?
00:11:51>>> You're suitly right.
00:11:54Mark announced today he's creating a special task force that will decide what changes, if any, need to take place to the ncaa's oversight of bowls.
00:12:04Now, this process could take up to three years, chris.
00:12:06In that time, emmert announced there will be no bowl added.
00:12:12What mark emmert is he wants is a rebuffed and thorough review of all bowls.
00:12:22>> Interesting.
00:12:23Now, I have to ask because it's an annual meeting, was there any discussion at all about any modification in the championship format, anything else, or are we going to be with this system going forward for the procedural future.
00:12:37>> Chris, as you know, this is the first year of a four-year bcs cycle.
00:12:42Sec commissioner mike did say that he is discouraged by the fact that the plus one format that he and the commissioner once pitched is essentially dead at this point in time.
00:12:54Chris, one thing that the commissioners have discussed amongst themselves, and I think they're in agreement on the fact that the bcs national championship game, they need to figure out a way to move that earlier in the calendar.
00:13:06>> Well, joe, I think a lot is plugged up.
00:13:10See if they can make progress on that front.
00:13:12Thank you very much.
00:13:13We appreciate your reports from new orleans.
00:13:15Of course this is nfl draft day, the beginning of the three-day extravaganza.
00:13:19Begins in primetime tonight at 8:00.
00:13:22Only 10 minutes between picks.
00:13:24First round should move pretty quickly.
00:13:25It will be interesting to see.
00:13:27Nice to watch this from a college perspective, isn't it?
00:13:30Different angles you can watch the draft.
00:13:34I always watch to see the guys we covered the last few years, how they fit in, how the teams draft by conference and so on.
00:13:40Let's shift and say the top 10 preseason college football teams could draft to fill their needs the way the nfl can.
00:13:51Let's start with the best.
00:13:54>> This was a fun little exercise that I did this morning.
00:13:58Each of these teams, remember, these are top 10 teams from all the analysts combined.
00:14:04We'll start with the number one team in america right now at espn, and that is oklahoma.
00:14:08I think there's really two areas for the sooners.
00:14:13Up front, a point to get better.
00:14:16It was the point of emesis for stoops.
00:14:20They have to get help on the back end of the defense.
00:14:23For alabama, quarterback of the future.
00:14:26They still need to find.
00:14:28It really comes down the a pass rusher.
00:14:31Two junior college transfers have come in this spring.
00:14:35But to create pressure off that edge would be imperative.
00:14:38When you get to the ducks, three concerns.
00:14:40Depth number one, wide receiver number two.
00:14:44You lose your top two, wideout and offensive line.
00:14:47Three starters you have to replace.
00:14:48Remember, they got pushed around in the national title game a year ago.
00:14:51Oh, by the way, they're going to play a pretty physical team in week 1 in lsu.
00:14:57They have to find an offensive identity.
00:15:01Jefferson now a senior.
00:15:04Can he be the answer croton wasn't?
00:15:08Lastly, in our top five to round it out, boise state broncos who very phaeul start 17 seniors if they lose their two big targets to the nfl.
00:15:21Those guys set every receiving record for boise state.
00:15:26New targets to throw to.
00:15:27>> Of course the college version of the draft is recruiting.
00:15:31Respect two freshman contributing right away.
00:15:35I think the sooners will be okay.
00:15:36Good athletes there.
00:15:37They have a guy who started 23 games.
00:15:40Quarterback continues to be in need.
00:15:42Number 6 through 10.
00:15:43>> 6 Was tough.
00:15:44This was a tough exercise of florida state.
00:15:46That's a good thing I think for the seminoles to try to find a weakness.
00:15:50They're very deep in many spots.
00:15:52They have to replace two line backers.
00:15:55For manuel as well to have a big play target.
00:15:58Year 2 for stoops's system.
00:16:00If they can find the line backers, they're going to be devastating.
00:16:04Stanford will stick with the 3-4 scheme.
00:16:06You know football, chris, in a 3-4 scheme, you better have two big boys up front.
00:16:11Graduated the nose tackle.
00:16:17You go to south carolina.
00:16:19Same old story as florida.
00:16:21Find me a consistent quarterback and some big bodies up front.
00:16:25That story doesn't change in how many years have we talked about that?
00:16:29If he can get the consistent quarterback, they can be consistent.
00:16:36And moving on to west virginia.
00:16:38This is all about the front seven.
00:16:40Lose their rusher, middle linebackers.
00:16:45Front seven is work to do yet.
00:16:47Ohio state, we talked about them all week.
00:16:51This is about leadership.
00:16:52The five seniors will not be there early to start the season.
00:16:55Who is going to fill that leadership void and how much of a role can trestle play?
00:17:01What a mess for columbus.
00:17:01Because if they have the five seniors they wouldn't be number 10.
00:17:06>> Those are the teams with the fewest question marks and fewest needs to fill.
00:17:09You think about the reality.
00:17:12A lot like to have the problems of the top teams.
00:17:15All right.
00:17:15We'll come back and pay a visit to pro bowl utah, byu.
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00:20:07>>> This is "college football live".
00:20:12>>> Snap.
00:20:14At the five.
00:20:14Into the end zone for the touchdown.
00:20:17>> Throw down the left sideline.
00:20:20What a catch by hoffman.
00:20:21Touchdown, byu.
00:20:27>> Optimism as byu enters a bold new era based on the strong finish last year when they won six of the last eight games after an awful start which was the result of very poor defensive.
00:20:41Mendenhall took over duties after jamie hall was relieved.
00:20:43Look at the improvement.
00:20:45That, combined with the play of jay, has folks looking to 2011 as a big year.
00:20:51Of course as a milestone of byu.
00:20:56Directv mobile studio was coach mendenhall.
00:21:04>> Just the exposure, number one.
00:21:08As soon as the letters espn go in partnership by byu's brand and our name with the current way we're playing football, all of a sudden the credibility and the visibility is increased.
00:21:19And that is very exciting.
00:21:20The next thing is basically having the chance to schedule whom we want, when we want and what venues.
00:21:26That, again, will allow more people to see what kind of football we're playing.
00:21:30But more importantly, what our institution stands for, what kind of kids we have.
00:21:35And that is -- I think has all of us excited.
00:21:38>> You mentioned the places you'll get to go play, the programs, being on national television a lot more than you have been in the past.
00:21:45What does that do for how you recruit?
00:21:50>> It's interesting because not as much as maybe many would think.
00:21:53We have a very specific profile, very specific man we want at byu.
00:21:59Standards are high athletically and morally.
00:22:03So certainly what this might do, and it's a little early to say, what it might do is for players around the country what aren't members of the lds faith, that want christian standards, high morals and high values, and unique standards of lifestyle, maybe they'll be attracted to what we're doing here.
00:22:19So that's my thought at this point.
00:22:22But we'll see if that plays out.
00:22:23>> Now, on the field you guys have a quarterback.
00:22:26I think a lot of people are excited to see as a sophomore jay keeps.
00:22:30He started as freshman last year.
00:22:34Three interceptions.
00:22:35We saw the improvement from beginning to end for jake.
00:22:38What did the way he finished for him when it comes to going into this season?
00:22:44>> Well, not only for jake but our entire team, it was the most rewarding season I've coached since I've been a coach.
00:22:52But watching jake basically he was the epitome of what happened to our team last year.
00:22:56He went from kind of learning and growing to being very poised, mature, great decision maker and one that could execute the toughest moments.
00:23:07That carried through into spring practice.
00:23:09You're talking about a young man with a chance to be starter at byu as quarterback again as a true sophomore.
00:23:17Not only will he be successful this year, the continuity for the next three years, especially now adding that to the independent stage with the national visibility.
00:23:25It's a srel exciting time.
00:23:27>> I know that spring ball is over and your spring game, not surprisingly enough, perhaps fittingly, was played in snowfall in pro sroe.
00:23:34But when you look back at the spring as a whole, coach, what stood out to you the very most?
00:23:40>> If you go back to the spring game, that kind of epitomizes i believe this team is about.
00:23:46We divide our squad up as equally as possible.
00:23:47We played for 60 minutes.
00:23:49The game went to overtime.
00:23:52And one side chose to go for two to win the game.
00:23:57They carried off the assistant coach, who was head coach in charge, carried him off the field for a spring game.
00:24:03I haven't coached a team that likes to play and as competitive as this particular team.
00:24:08I think we're deep.
00:24:09I think we're talented, and i think they love to play the game.
00:24:12My hope is our execution, especially in the early running can match their enthusiasm to give us a great start.
00:24:18>> Coach, it's going to be a lot of fun to watch this program as it moves into a new time in the history of byu football.
00:24:27Head coach of the broncos.
00:24:28Best of luck to you.
00:24:31>> Thank you very much.
00:24:32>> Pointing for a bcs bowl visit.
00:24:36In case they fall short, they locked in bowls for the next three seasons.
00:24:41Bell helicopter armed forces bowl, off to san diego in 2012, and kraft fight hunger bowl for the 2013 season.
00:24:55>>> The ducks headed for their spring game on saturday.
00:24:59We'll have coverage of that one for you as well and talk to chip tomorrow.
00:25:03>>> And this tragic story out of ohio university.
00:25:06Marcellis williamson, a starting defensive lineman, fifth year senior, found dead late this afternoon.
00:25:14Cause of death still a mystery, although they do believe that the heart may have been involved.
00:25:22But williamson, 23-year-old, former ohio university player, dead.
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00:27:36>>> How did cam newton rise to where he is now?
00:27:40Five writers share five stories about his journey to the top now on
00:27:48Just a few hours away.
00:27:49>>> Meanwhile, as you look back at the college football conference perspective since