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00:00:00♪ Not even you idren naw give you no breaks ♪
00:00:03♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪
00:00:06♪ whatcha gonna do ♪
00:00:10♪ bad boys, bad boys ♪
00:00:13♪ whatcha gonna do ♪
00:00:15copsis filmed on location as it happens.
00:00:18All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
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00:02:27Sergeant John Bunnell: The neighborhood is in an uproar.
00:02:31We're going to do our normal entry.
00:02:33We've bought drugs there.
00:02:35We have testimony from the c.r.i.
00:02:38From officer byles that this guy's a belligerent weight lifter-type so take appropriate action.
00:02:45Bobby's going to do the back bedroom.
00:02:47I'm following bobby with that key ancover him to whatever bedroom might be locked.
00:02:52The rest of you guys, when you head upstairs just grab people like we do.
00:02:59(dog barking) Bunnell: I need three people to go for these people.
00:03:06Three people.
00:03:07Reserves-- go for these people.
00:03:10Police! search warrant!
00:03:13Downstairs! downstairs!
00:03:15Police officers!
00:03:16Right there, freeze!
00:03:17Nobody move!
00:03:18Okay, okay.
00:03:19What's on?
00:03:20What's going on?
00:03:24Get on the floor.
00:03:25I'm trying to.
00:03:26How can i when you got me up here?
00:03:28Deputy Jerry Hill: Hey, you listening up?
00:03:31I'm going to tell you what this is all about.
00:03:35Are you going to listen?
00:03:37Man: Go ahead.
00:03:38"To the name of the state of oregon police officer you are hereby commanded .." we'll wait out here for a bit and get some of these kids that arrive and roust them a little bit.
00:03:50See if anybody pulls in here and says they live here.
00:03:54Where do you go to school?
00:03:56Reynolds high school.
00:03:57How old are you?
00:03:59What are you doing?
00:04:00Seeing friends.
00:04:03These guys here.
00:04:04How old are you guys?
00:04:06What are you coming here for?
00:04:08I was just turning around.
00:04:10Don't give me that crap.
00:04:11What were you coming here for?
00:04:13You want to go to j.d.h.
00:04:13And talk about it or answer my questions here?
00:04:18What were you doing here?
00:04:19I came over to see if anybody was here.
00:04:22Now we're getting somewhere.
00:04:23Woman: We got a whole line of cars coming down here.
00:04:28Man #1: Party time.
00:04:29Bunnell: Party time.
00:04:30We bought marijuana here three times and they may have ..
00:04:35Not from me.
00:04:36But it came from this house.
00:04:38I had nothing to do with it.
00:04:40But your son ..
00:04:42I'm usually at work.
00:04:43Have you ever furnished alcohol to minors here?
00:04:46Yeah. my kids.
00:04:47None of these kids ever drank alcohol here?
00:04:50Just the ones ..
00:04:52Your son's not even here.
00:04:53He's at the dog races.
00:04:54Your son's 20-something years old.
00:04:57These kids are all 16.
00:04:58They're not drinking.
00:04:59Why are they here visiting you?
00:05:01They're just ..
00:05:03'Cause they like you?
00:05:04Are you the sugar daddy of the neighborhood?
00:05:07No, I'm not.
00:05:08What's the problem then?
00:05:09If I was 16, I wouldn't visit you.
00:05:12I wouldn't either.
00:05:13This happened to be ..
00:05:15But this happens every night of the weekend.
00:05:18We're just picking up steam.
00:05:21About two or three hours from now there would have been a lot more people here.
00:05:24No, 'cause I was going to bed and asking everybody to leave then.
00:05:28As soon as your son came home from the dog track they'd be doing it again.
00:05:35No, uh-uh.
00:05:36It never happens that way?
00:05:38Drop the bag.
00:05:39There's glass in it.
00:05:41Drop it.
00:05:41Now put your hands on your head.
00:05:44Man: Keep them there.
00:05:45What's the problem?
00:05:47You got all sorts ..
00:05:49Don't move.
00:05:51What's the problem?
00:05:52Come on out.
00:05:53We're doing a search warrant here at your house.
00:05:57You're doing a search warrant at my house?
00:05:59For what?
00:06:00This isn't my house.
00:06:03I ain't brad.
00:06:05Who are you?
00:06:06My wallet's in my pocket.
00:06:08We'll talk about it.
00:06:09If you run a house that furnishes alcohol to minors they'll string you up.
00:06:14That's as bad as selling them dope.
00:06:17Parents go crazy.
00:06:18And you can understand why.
00:06:19Their kids go out and get themselves killed.
00:06:23Graduation time is here.
00:06:24We lose more teenagers at graduation time because of drinking than any other time of the year.
00:06:31They think it's a free ball game.
00:06:33Everybody says it's okay, they can have a beer and they go out and they kill themselves.
00:06:38You don't want that on your head but it comes right out of here.
00:06:43You know it.
00:06:44Am I right?
00:06:48This is you and me, right?
00:06:50This is you ..
00:06:51I know what I can do until I depart, okay.
00:06:54I'll just keep the frigging door shut, all right?
00:06:57There won't be no problem.
00:06:59Because like we've already told your dad if we have one more person come to us and say they bought drugs ouof here after we leave that person is going to testify and anybody that sold it to them is going to jail.
00:07:14You got 30 seconds to decide whether to go to j.d.h or jail.
00:07:19If you're still here I guess you decided on jail.
00:07:22Later, dudes.
00:07:23How fast you want to move?
00:07:28That's it?
00:07:29Okay, hook them up.
00:07:30They're going.
00:07:35What's the youth coming to, kevin?
00:07:37Hey, there goes the neighborhood, jer.
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00:08:51o Man: My neighbor just told me next time she seen me talking to a cop she's going to burn my house down.
00:11:05This is crazy...
00:11:06getting kind of out of hand.
00:11:07I mean, I never said a word to this lady ever.
00:11:11Dispatcher: We'll get someone out there.
00:11:15Hi. how are you doing?
00:11:17Oh, pretty good.
00:11:18Our infamous neighbor come over ten minutes ago and told me the next time she seen me talking to a police officer here she would burn my house down.
00:11:28Both my daughters, right here-- they were this close to me and she was standing at the gate.
00:11:34The little skinny gal?
00:11:37She said she'd burn the house down?
00:11:38Yup, the next time she seen me talking to a police officer and used a lot of four-letter words.
00:11:45Was this gal drunk tonight?
00:11:48Well, she had a fist fight with her boyfriend last night.
00:11:52I mean, she acts erratic, you know?
00:11:55She walked right there, to the gate.
00:11:57She didn't walk up the driveway.
00:12:00She says, "knock, knock" and I got up, looked out there and there she was.
00:12:05She says, "the next 'f' time "you are talking to a police officer out here I'm going to burn your house down" and started giving me a whole rash of four-letter words like she did the other day.
00:12:19, fort Forty.
00:12:21If you have another car why don't you send him down this way.
00:12:25I sure wish she wasn't ..
00:12:28 we'll go down and talk to her and if you'd rather not go to court we'll just deal with it that way, okay?
00:12:36Then she would probably burn my house down.
00:12:39Okay. all right.
00:12:40She's definitely got a drug problem.
00:12:43Yeah, I know it.
00:12:45Not much you can do about that, though.
00:12:47You just follow me up there, okay?
00:12:50There's a door on the west side.
00:12:52We're just going to go in that door on the west side.
00:12:56We'll just follow you in.
00:12:59How you doing?
00:13:00Why don't you come on outside so I can talk to you for a minute.
00:13:04We got a call from your neighbor a few minutes ago.
00:13:09For what?
00:13:09He said you threatened to burn down his house.
00:13:13No, I didn't.
00:13:14That's what your neighbor tells us.
00:13:17I did not.
00:13:18You know the first place I'm going to go if anything happens to his house or his car?
00:13:24My house.
00:13:25That's right, and you can.
00:13:27You'll be welcome to it.
00:13:29You'll be welcome to it.
00:13:31We've had it with you, okay?
00:13:34I've had it with you, too.
00:13:35That's not the first conversation I've had with you.
00:13:38You're driving down the street ..
00:13:42I don't remember that.
00:13:43Because you were drunk on your ass.
00:13:45And I'll be the first one to admit it.
00:13:48From now on, you're going to jail.
00:13:51We'll take you to jail every time, from now on, that there's a problem.
00:13:57Fine. great.
00:13:57Dispatcher: Contact regarding threats from a D.K. neighbor and apparently we've been here before.
00:14:04Officer: We'll be there in a minute.
00:14:06She came around the corner of the house while he was standing by the gate.
00:14:10He saw a bottle of clear liquid in her hand with a rag sticking out, so he ran over to stop her and she said, "i'm going to burn your house down" and she left, but he's definitely afraid she's going to come back and do something.
00:14:26Man: She threatened to kill me and my kids.
00:14:29Right, and his two daughters.
00:14:31Right in front of all three of us.
00:14:33When we talked to you earlier you said you'd rather not sign a complaint.
00:14:38We're not going to play.
00:14:39We need to go for it because we need to get her attention.
00:14:44We can't ignore her any longer.
00:14:46We're going to have to throw her in jail.
00:14:49How long is she going to be in there?
00:14:52Not very long but I'll be out here five days a week for the next seven years and we're going to deal with her, okay?
00:14:59I'll have to move out of here tonight.
00:15:02I can't take a chance on my kids.
00:15:04She's crazier than a lunatic.
00:15:06Officer: I can't tell you you shouldn't leave here tonight.
00:15:10Woman: She was carrying a bottle.
00:15:12Officer: Did you see it?
00:15:14Did it have a rag coming out the top?
00:15:17I don't know about that.
00:15:18Me and my parents were standing out there 'cause we were cleaning the yard and she was walking by and screaming all these profanities.
00:15:27Did she say something about a fire?
00:15:29She was talking about blowing up the house.
00:15:32She was going to come home, it was going to be ashes.
00:15:36It was just ridiculous.
00:15:38There's lots of kids around here and she yells and screams.
00:15:41That's why she's on her way to jail tonight.
00:15:45Is that her?
00:15:46Looks like a little kid.
00:15:47Yeah, that's probably her.
00:15:49Officer: He said it was a wine bottle.
00:15:51Woman: GET OUT OF MY (beep) FACE.
00:15:54Officer: Calm down.
00:15:57Just relax.
00:15:59You're under arrest.
00:16:00For what?
00:16:01Tell me now.
00:16:03Attempted arson.
00:16:05Going to look real funny in front of the judge, aren't you?
00:16:12Okay, let's put her in the car.
00:16:15What's your name?
00:16:16I ain't saying.
00:16:17They won't let you out of jail until you tell them.
00:16:20That's all right.
00:16:21Well, it's a long time till monday.
00:16:24That's right.
00:16:25It sure is.
00:16:26I'll tell you what I'm thinking.
00:16:28Why don't you charge her with reckless endangering attempted arson, uh, .. no, harassment and that way, they'll keep her in jail over the weekend anyway.
00:16:44Woman: Get out of my house!
00:16:47You're on private property.
00:16:51Hey,you listen.
00:16:52Do you understand the seriousness of what's going on?
00:16:56Do you?
00:16:56I DIDN'T DO (beep).
00:16:57I'm the one GETTING THE (beep) ABUSE.
00:17:01Who's abusing you?
00:17:03You want to know?
00:17:04Yeah, I do.
00:17:05 you guys, all of you.
00:17:07We don't need any fires in this neighborhood.
00:17:10I'm not going to cause any fires.
00:17:13I did not do anything.
00:17:14You bring that guy up there for me.
00:17:16What did you go over there for?
00:17:19I didn't.
00:17:20He said you went over there.
00:17:22Oh, did he?
00:17:24So you're going to prove that.
00:17:26I don't think you're really sure what you've been doing tonight.
00:17:30We just sent her to jail.
00:17:31What's the most she's going to get?
00:17:34Just a slap on the wrist?
00:17:36That all depends.
00:17:36If she's charged with attempted arson it's a pretty significant charge.
00:17:40How long are they going to keep her downtown?
00:17:44Just tonight?
00:17:46She'll be back with us in the morning.
00:17:48But we're going to arrest her every time she gets out of line.
00:17:53We're done warning her.
00:17:55I've seen a lot of erratic activity on her behalf since I've lived here.
00:18:01What's going to stop her from getting one of her drug friends some dope and have him come over and fulfill her threats?
00:18:08I wish I could tell you that I guarantee there's not going to be a problem.
00:18:14I can't make you that guarantee.
00:18:16We're going to do our best to make this a safe place for you to live.
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00:19:29♪ whatcha want, whatcha want ♪
00:19:31♪ whatcha gonna do ♪
00:22:12hi, danny.
00:22:13Dominica just got out of his car.
00:22:16Oh, is that right?
00:22:17Oh, good, good.
00:22:20How you doing?
00:22:22What's the scoop, dominica?
00:22:27Jackson, didn't you hit me last month?
00:22:29Yeah, but warrants come out every day.
00:22:32Why were you getting in the car?
00:22:35He asked me if I wanted to go out.
00:22:37Dominica, you live around the corner.
00:22:39I don't live there no more.
00:22:41Where were you going?
00:22:42I don't live around the corner; I moved.
00:22:45Remember, I told you just yesterday you're out here more and more and we're going to have to deal with you?
00:22:53I turned this corner right here.
00:22:56This young lady was standing right about where that tree is.
00:22:59She indicated she wanted a ride by hitchhiking.
00:23:04Oh, did she flash you?
00:23:06With her thumb?
00:23:07No, I mean the old "t-shirt up over the head" thing.
00:23:11No. she didn't.
00:23:12So you went up here and you did what?
00:23:16You turned around?
00:23:17I pulled in right where you see that driveway and then I turned and came back maybe just a little further back.
00:23:24By that time, she met me and got in the car.
00:23:27Did she ask you if you were a cop?
00:23:31Did she grab you?
00:23:33No, sir, she didn't.
00:23:34What else did she say?
00:23:36I said, " because I was headed back this way.
00:23:40My car was already turned around headed back out this way.
00:23:45She said, "turn around.
00:23:46I want to go back " I said, "i'm not going that way "and you can get out of the car.
00:23:55" then she reached over and grabbed the keys.
00:23:58Her and her boyfriend has worked this corner for the two-and-a-half years I've been working prostitution.
00:24:05She is a prostitute.
00:24:06What she usually do is take you over in the schoolhouse yard gets your pants down around your ankles.
00:24:13Then her boyfriend comes out of the bushes and pulls a gun on you.
00:24:17Guess what you have when you leave?
00:24:19Nothing but your underwear.
00:24:20Come here, let me talk to you.
00:24:25I said, noni.
00:24:27No, you'll go when I get done talking to noni.
00:24:32You got any warrants?
00:24:35Now, is this a new guy?
00:24:37This is a different one than I remember seeing you with.
00:24:41No, that's him.
00:24:42What's his name?
00:24:44Same problem you had before.
00:24:46You decided to stay and walk up and down union avenue with this guy who's going to beat you and make you work prostitution.
00:24:56Is that the choice you made?
00:24:58That's the way it sounds ..
00:25:02Remember driving around looking for a place to stay, for you?
00:25:06This guy beat your butt and had your baby and you wanted out.
00:25:11You had a chance and chose to stay.
00:25:13You could go with your mother.
00:25:16She told me I could come down.
00:25:18She didn't say come down right today.
00:25:21You could have went with her?
00:25:23I probably could have.
00:25:24You had your chance and you blew the opportunity.
00:25:27I understand that.
00:25:28Anytime I see you standing on the street you don't get any sympathy.
00:25:33You don't get any rides to any shelter home.
00:25:37I'm only concerned because the baby has no choice, understand?
00:25:41Yes, I do.
00:25:43Why are you still here?
00:25:45Because his mom doesn't want me to take the baby.
00:25:49She feels like if I take it he's going to get taken from me even though she knows that if I leave this none of this stuff would be going on.
00:25:59You heard what I said.
00:26:00If you work the street, I'll take the baby.
00:26:03The state will have the baby.
00:26:06See, if you stay here-- there he is down there-- you're going to have to work the streets and do violations of law, prostitution.
00:26:14You're going to do drugs-- for you and for him.
00:26:18See, I just can't let you do that.
00:26:20Is it all right if I prove you wrong?
00:26:23I'd love it if you prove me wrong.
00:26:26I would love that.
00:26:27I'm not talking about a year.
00:26:29I mean soon, so you and the baby get out of here before something happens to you.
00:26:34Dispatcher: ...North Interstate.
00:26:35Apartment number 19.
00:26:38She's got a pair of scissors in her hand.
00:26:42Says she doesn't know her at all.
00:26:45She's a black female.
00:26:47Say, my man.
00:26:48Somebody told me you pulled your pants down and was mooning these people.
00:26:54Did you do that?
00:26:55No, I was pulling my pants up.
00:26:57It's a violation of law to be showing your butt out here in the street.
00:27:03That's public indecency.
00:27:04These people don't want to see your butt out here.
00:27:08I don't want to be in jail.
00:27:10Now you got real loose pants.
00:27:12If you got a problem with them dropping down you better get yourself a belt.
00:27:17Man: Excuse me. I'm sorry.
00:27:20You're sorry?
00:27:21I apologize if I did.
00:27:23What's this lady to you?
00:27:25That's my wife.
00:27:26Are you married to him, noni?
00:27:28Soon to be.
00:27:29Not officially.
00:27:30See, now don't tell me a lie.
00:27:32I just got through talking to noni.
00:27:35Soon to be.
00:27:36You taking her home now?
00:27:38I'm taking her to my mom's house.
00:27:41My stepmother.
00:27:42Sounds like a good idea.
00:27:44Let me tell you something now.
00:27:46Listen to me.
00:27:47You may think that you can go around the corner and pull your pants down again.
00:27:53Let me tell you what's going to happen.
00:27:56If somebody-- a citizen or i-- see that you pull your pants down I'm going to arrest you for that.
00:28:04You can go.
00:28:05I suggest go before I start thinking about that citation.
00:28:09It's a hard life.
00:28:11Nobody said it was going to be easy.
00:28:17Officer: I've got him at gunpoint.
00:28:19Dispatcher: Okay, gunpoint, 132 and Bush.
00:28:22Coverage code three.