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00:00:00Whatcha gonna do?
00:00:02Whatcha gonna do ♪♪ When they come for you?
00:00:04Bad boysbad boys Whatcha gonna do?
00:00:07♪♪ Whatcha gonna do Wheny come for you? ♪♪
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00:02:33>> OFFICER CHARLES TURCO: I've been assigned to the traffic unit now for just over four years.
00:02:37I'm one of the DUI Task Force cars, and a traffic homicide investigator with the unit as well.
00:02:42And, basically, what we're doing is hitting hot spots where we have noticed a spike in violent crimes.
00:02:53Uh, right now, we're trying to stop a vehicle who is running stop signs.
00:02:57Um, we lit him up and now he's taking off.
00:03:02>> (over radio): There's, like, three passengers.
00:03:04Three black males, dreads.
00:03:06(sirens wailing) His tire looks like it went out.
00:03:10His tire went out.
00:03:12>> TURCO: He made a turn and what happened is he blew the tire.
00:03:15>> (over radio): Right front tire is out.
00:03:17Right front tire is out.
00:03:18(sirens wailing) He's riding on the rim.
00:03:29(metal scraping) (sirens wailing) >> TURCO: Right now, he's still actively fleeing from us.
00:03:52Um, he's riding on the rim.
00:03:54They're three, four deep in the car, which means there's multiple occupants.
00:03:58We're heading into an opposite jurisdiction now.
00:04:06All right, we're coming up to heavy traffic now.
00:04:08He's gonna have to slow down.
00:04:15He's crossing multiple lanes.
00:04:16He's on three tires.
00:04:19Um... his right front is completely gone.
00:04:22He's on a rim.
00:04:23He's getting a ticket for ruining the road.
00:04:26(sirens wailing) Tango 33, looks like he's about to lose the, uh, right rear, as well.
00:04:34His speeds are slowing considerably.
00:04:36We're down to about 70 miles hour.
00:04:38Uh, he's trying to go faster, but he just can't.
00:04:41Looks like that back tire is going to be coming off.
00:04:46And it's sparking even worse now.
00:04:48Uh, speeds are still at-- holding pretty steady now, about 70 miles an hour.
00:04:52We are, um, still southbound.
00:04:57We are already through our second jurisdiction and coming up to Boca Raton.
00:05:01We'll be coming up to the Broward line very shortly.
00:05:05I'm boxed in.
00:05:18Bail out, guys! Bail out, guys!
00:05:20Bail out, guys!
00:05:31>> (over radio): Coming down on the train tracks.
00:05:33(indistinct radio communication) (indistinct shouting) >> TURCO: What are you reaching for?!
00:05:44>> K-9 OFFICER MARK SOHN: He was reaching for his waist now, guys.
00:05:47Reaching for the waist.
00:05:48>> I can't breathe.
00:05:49>> I got his arm, boss.
00:05:51>> SOHN: He was reaching.
00:05:52He was dumping something as he was running.
00:05:57>> Get his arm up here.
00:06:02(officers panting) >> Hey, we got another one here across the street.
00:06:07(siren whoops) >> Yeah, we got him!
00:06:10(panting) >> What are you reaching for, man?
00:06:17>> TURCO: This is the driver.
00:06:18>> What are you reaching for?
00:06:19>> What?
00:06:19>> What are you reaching for?
00:06:20>> Reaching for what?
00:06:21>> He was dumping something.
00:06:22>> It was a bag of marijuana, man.
00:06:24>> Just a bag of weed?
00:06:26>> SOHN: Where's the gun at?
00:06:27>> I ain't got no gun.
00:06:28It was a bag of weed.
00:06:29>> SOHN: Where's it at?
00:06:29>> I don't know.
00:06:30I dropped it.
00:06:31>> SOHN: Huh?
00:06:32Just one bag of weed.
00:06:33You gonna run like this for one bag of weed?
00:06:34>> Nah, 'cause I ain't got no license.
00:06:36That's why I did it, you know what I mean?
00:06:38I ain't trying to run for nothing.
00:06:40>> SOHN: You did?
00:06:40No, you blew a tire.
00:06:41You're running through three cities.
00:06:43That's not running?
00:06:43>> I was scared, man.
00:06:44>> SOHN: All the lights and sirens and marked police cars mean nothing then, right?
00:06:47>> No, I'm just scared.
00:06:47>> SOHN: B you're an innocent guy, is that it?
00:06:49You got a bag of weed, no driver's license, cop tried to stop you for a lawful reason...
00:06:52>> No, I was just scared.
00:06:53You know, I panicked, that's all.
00:06:55>> TURCO: Walk up here and have a seat on the sidewalk for me.
00:06:57>> All right.
00:06:59>> TURCO: How many in the car?
00:07:01>> Three.
00:07:01>> TURCO: There was three of you?
00:07:03>> SOHN: Hey, here it is.
00:07:04Right here in the sand.
00:07:05Right where he was standing.
00:07:06>> TUR: Yeah.
00:07:08Tango 33, if you could, uh, add to the CAD notes, um, we recovered just a single baggie of, uh, 57 marijuana right now.
00:07:16We're still searching.
00:07:19>> SERGEANT JOHN BONAFAIR: We were watching an area, 'cause they were doing drug transactions out of there.
00:07:22We saw this car leaving.
00:07:24Attempted to stop it.
00:07:25It blew a tire out as it was, uh, trying to get on I-95.
00:07:28There's uh, drugs in the front seat of the car.
00:07:36What's your nickname?
00:07:37>> Smooth.
00:07:38>> BONAFAIR: Smooth?
00:07:38So, did you get hooked up with these characters?
00:07:41>> 'Cause I was at a friend's house since this morning >> BONAFAIR: Mm-hmm.
00:07:44>> And I saw them walking.
00:07:44They said was coming this way.
00:07:46I was trying to get a ride back down to Derry.
00:07:48>> BONAFAIR: Right.
00:07:49>> Then, you guys jumped behind us; I'm telling him to stop.
00:07:52"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" >> BONAFAIR: Okay.
00:07:54>> I don't know.
00:07:54>> BONAFAIR: Well, Smooth, realizing that...
00:07:56You still can't...
00:07:58You should've just stopped and given up.
00:08:00And that's why you're in cuffs.
00:08:02Okay? But you ran and that's why you got, you got dirt all over your face, all right?
00:08:06>> BONAFAIR: Listen, I'm not saying you were involved in it, but, you know, we get caught up in things in life and...
00:08:10>> Yo, they told me they was fixing to drop me off.
00:08:12We was heading down the street, going to jump on 95 and that's when you guys pulled behind me.
00:08:17They was dropping me off, man.
00:08:18>> BONAFAIR: Okay, well, that guy over there, that you call "CJ," says that, uh, it was the other way around.
00:08:25>> So, what does he say?
00:08:26>> BONAFAIR: Well, he said you and, uh, the other guy were into something and that he was just getting a ride home.
00:08:31>> No way, sir.
00:08:32>> BONAFAIR: No?
00:08:33>> No way.
00:08:33It's definitely not that way, sir.
00:08:36>> BONAFAIR: All right.
00:08:37All right, Smooth, just relax.
00:08:39>> SOHN: Just watch your head getting in, man.
00:08:43Okay, now sit all the way up at the front.
00:08:46Put yourself right up front.
00:08:47There you go.
00:08:47Make sure you don't slide around.
00:08:49You know why you're going to jail, right?
00:08:51For aggravated felony fleeing and eluding, and for your drug charges.
00:08:54We'll work on the traffic tickets when we get there.
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00:09:52GO TO
00:09:53[ indistinct shouting ] What's in your wallet?
00:10:03,,,,,,,,, >> FTO TROY ROBERSON: I actually grew up in Potter County, just outside of Amarillo, and I used to see the sheriff's department out there.
00:13:02I thought, "Well, I want to do that when I become of age.
00:13:06And once I turned 21, I applied and got hired on.
00:13:09Opportunity come along to move to the police department here, and so I came on board.
00:13:15And I really enjoy it here.
00:13:18Tex 6-5, would you send us that call on Seventh?
00:13:22>> OFFICER DEVIN CANTWELL: Went to a family fight.
00:13:24This address, we've had a lot of problems over there.
00:13:28We've had some weapons calls.
00:13:29It usually gets pretty out of hand, so we're gonna go back up this other officer and figure out what's going on.
00:13:37It's a complex of several small apartment-type houses.
00:13:42>> ROBERSON: They're in a argument of some kind.
00:13:53Come here, man.
00:13:54What's going on?
00:13:55>> Nothing.
00:13:56>> Right here! Thank you!
00:13:57>> CANTWELL: What happened?
00:13:58What happened to you?
00:13:59>> ROBERSON: What's going on?
00:14:00>> Oh, we got into an argument.
00:14:01>> CANTWELL: Who did?
00:14:02What's going on?
00:14:03>> My brother walked up there.
00:14:04Joe attacked my husband.
00:14:06He lives with us.
00:14:07He's attacked him with a stick.
00:14:09>> ROBERSON: So these two are fighting?
00:14:11>> My brother-in-law.
00:14:12Look at his face!
00:14:13He attacked with a (bleep) stick and just started jumping on him.
00:14:16My brother-in-law attacked him with a stick!
00:14:19>> No, I didn't.
00:14:20I was sitting in the room where y'all fought.
00:14:22Sir, that's all I'm trying...
00:14:24And he started screaming, "Get out of the house!" And I...
00:14:28>> ROBERSON: Behind you, Devin!
00:14:29>> There's nothing in there.
00:14:31>> ROBERSON: Okay, so what's going on?
00:14:33>> There ain't nothing in there.
00:14:35You're welcome to go through anything.
00:14:36Nothing. We got into an an argument.
00:14:38I'm tired of working my ass off.
00:14:40>> ROBERSON: Why are you you bleeding?
00:14:43>> He beat me with a stick.
00:14:44>> ROBERSON: He beat you with a stick?
00:14:46>> And I just took him into a corner; I didn't hit him.
00:14:48>> Because he come running at me.
00:14:49I had to protect myself.
00:14:50I was back there not bothering nobody.
00:14:52>> He come out of the room, buddy.
00:14:54I can show you where he hit me.
00:14:56>> ROBERSON: Okay.
00:14:57>> I mean, I got the knot here.
00:14:58>> Sir, he's been drinking, and he's drunk. I don't drink.
00:15:01>> I'm not drunk.
00:15:01>> ROBERSON: Do you need an ambulance?
00:15:03>> No. No, I don't.
00:15:03>> ROBERSON: You got some I.D.
00:15:05on you?
00:15:05>> No, I don't.
00:15:06My I.D.'s gone, but I can tell you my name.
00:15:09>> CANTWELL: Where do you live?
00:15:10>> I live in the back room.
00:15:11Would you like me to show you?
00:15:13>> CANTWELL: You live here with him?
00:15:14>> Yes, sir, I'm his older brother.
00:15:15>> CANTWELL: His older brother.
00:15:16How long you been living here?
00:15:18>> Uh, since the first of October.
00:15:19>> CANTWELL: Okay, and so you decided to intervene and help him out?
00:15:23>> No, sir, I didn't try to intervene nothing.
00:15:25He just come running in there screaming for all of us to get out of the house.
00:15:29And I got up, and he started to jump on me.
00:15:31And he pushed me back, and I landed on the wall.
00:15:34>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:15:34>> And when I landed on the wall, I just reached down and grabbed the first thing I could 'cause he was raving crazy.
00:15:40>> CANTWELL: What was that?
00:15:40>> Raving crazy madman.
00:15:41He just goes raving crazy and starts...
00:15:43Look at the house, how he tore it up, man.
00:15:45>> CANTWELL: I can see that.
00:15:46>> I didn't do nothing.
00:15:47>> CANTWELL: What did you, what did you pick up?
00:15:49You said you picked something up.
00:15:50>> I just grabbed the first thing that was laying down there next to my shoe.
00:15:53>> CANTWELL: What was the first thing?
00:15:54>> It's a stick about this long; a Tire Buddy.
00:15:56>> CANTWELL: So you whacked him with a stick?
00:15:58>> I had to.
00:15:59>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:15:59>> God, he scared me to death like he's gonna kill me.
00:16:01I'm 55. He knows I'm in bad health.
00:16:04He shouldn't be jumping on me like that.
00:16:05>> Sir, you know me and you know I'm telling the truth.
00:16:08>> You hurt my back real bad, man, when you pushed me.
00:16:10>> No, I didn't push you nowhere, brother.
00:16:12>> Yeah, you did.
00:16:13>> You hit me with a club.
00:16:14>> Tried to choke me around my throat, man.
00:16:16>> No, no.
00:16:17>> That's why I protected myself, man.
00:16:19I think in America you still have the right to protect yourself, man.
00:16:24>> It started up here in Joe's room.
00:16:26Nobody back here but us.
00:16:27>> CANTWELL: Okay. And this is Joe's room?
00:16:29This is where he stays?
00:16:30>> Yes, sir.
00:16:30>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:16:31>> And, apparently, I was in there in the bathroom, and all of a sudden all hell broke loose.
00:16:35And I walk out, and these two are on top of each other.
00:16:38And I said, "Okay, forget it." I went to the neighbor's house right over here and called y'all.
00:16:43>> CANTWELL: And called the police, okay.
00:16:44>> Yes, sir.
00:16:45>> CANTWELL: But did you actually see Joe attack your husband with a stick?
00:16:48>> When I went out the door, my husband, my brother-in-law had hitmy husband.
00:16:51Yes, he did, I swear to God.
00:16:53>> CANTWELL: Did you see it?
00:16:54>> Yes, I did.
00:16:55>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:16:57>> ROBERSON: It's a tire thunker and it's out there.
00:16:59>> CANTWELL: It's out there?
00:17:01>> ROBERSON: Yeah.
00:17:01>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:17:02>> ROBERSON: I found neither in here... yeah, it's out there.
00:17:08>> Where's my husband at?
00:17:09>> OFFICER TODD BACKUM: They've both been arrested.
00:17:11>> Why does he have to go to jail?
00:17:13My brother-in-law attacked him.
00:17:15>> BACKUM: Can't be beating each other with sticks.
00:17:17>> But my brother-in-law attacked my husband first.
00:17:20>> CANTWELL: It doesn't matter.
00:17:21That's what I'm telling you.
00:17:22>> BACKUM: Everybody here's drunk.
00:17:23>> I'm not drunk.
00:17:23>> BACKUM: Everybody here's fighting; those two are bleeding and fighting; and they're going to jail, and that'll solve the problem for tonight.
00:17:30>> CANTWELL: That's right.
00:17:31>> BACKUM: It's not gonna solve the problem next week, when both of 'em are back in here fighting again, but it'll solve it for everybody here involved tonight, and that's what we're gonna do, okay?
00:17:42>> CANTWELL: Tell me, tell me again, I mean, what was the fight over?
00:17:45>> Uh, mainly me asking them to get a job.
00:17:49>> CANTWELL: Asking both of them to get a job?
00:17:52>> Mmm... Tammy went and hunted a job today.
00:17:55>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:17:56>> I mean, she did go down on I-40 to Chatter's and tried to get a job and showed me proof...
00:18:03>> CANTWELL: But Billy didn't?
00:18:04>> No. No, she got back, the dishes were dirty.
00:18:08She called me.
00:18:09There's a record on that phone he got from me.
00:18:11He don't go to bed till 5:30, 6:00 in the morning.
00:18:15He plays this game called "Atomic Dove." >> CANTWELL: Atomic Dove?
00:18:19>> On his phone.
00:18:20>> CANTWELL: On his phone?
00:18:21>> Yeah.
00:18:21>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:18:22>> And that's all he lives for is this game.
00:18:24>> CANTWELL: Is the phone game?
00:18:26>> Yeah.
00:18:26>> CANTWELL: Okay.
00:18:27>> Anyone will tell ya.
00:18:28I got witnesses.
00:18:29>> CANTWELL: You got witnesses of the game?
00:18:31>> Oh! He brags to my boss.
00:18:33>> CANTWELL: Okay. Were you fighting about the game?
00:18:36>> No, no... no!
00:18:38>> CANTWELL: Oh, okay.
00:18:39>> It's just when you can't get up and get a job.
00:18:43I want him to move out of my house.
00:18:45>> CANTWELL: Okay, well, I explained that to you earlier, the eviction process.
00:18:48You need to call the county and get it started, okay?
00:18:51>> I will. I will.
00:18:52>> CANTWELL: But for tonight, you're both going to jail for mutual combat.
00:19:01>> Yes, sir?
00:19:02>> CANTWELL: ...what's going on?
00:19:04>> Well, actually, sir, nothing really was going on.
00:19:07I was sitting in the back room playing my phone game Atomic Dove.
00:19:11If you look on my Web, you'll see I played right up till it happened.
00:19:14>> CANTWELL: Okay, he told me about the Atomic Dove game.
00:19:17>> And I do that to stay out of their hair when we're out of work.
00:19:20>> CANTWELL: Right.
00:19:21>> And he kind of jealous of that.
00:19:23>> CANTWELL: He's jealous of your phone?
00:19:24>> Oh, yeah, he's jealous of me playing the Web.
00:19:26I'm one of the top, top nations in the country.
00:19:29Actually, in the world.
00:19:30It's a worldwide game.
00:19:31>> CANTWELL: So listen to me, Billy.
00:19:33>> Yes, sir?
00:19:34>> CANTWELL: Let me explain something to you.
00:19:35When he pushes you back, and he's done pushing you, you can't pick something up and go back and whale on him for a while.
00:19:41Probably the best thing you could have done was to get away from him and go call us to handle it.
00:19:45That's why y'all are both going to jail tonight for mutual combat.
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00:22:08>> Sergeant jeff helfrich: Yeah, I think I'd break down the job percentage-wise, five percent that's action-packed-- emergency type calls, homicides and shootings; 15 percent high-incidence occurrence-- domestic violence, fights, that type of stuff; and the rest of it's what you consider routine police work-- problem-solving, trying to make the community a better place to live for the people that are here.
00:22:25(indistinct radio communication) >> (over radio): ...a group assaulted the manager of their apartment.
00:22:31>> HELFRICH: Responding to a disturbance call where an apartment manager is being assaulted.
00:22:37This is secondhand information, coming from a tow truck driver that's out there.
00:22:41So we're responding to see exactly if there's a fight or not.
00:22:45Sometimes you end up with a fight, and sometimes it's just a bunch of yelling and screaming.
00:22:48>> (over radio): Tow driver is on-scene.
00:22:50They are telling dispatch that there's about ten people involved.
00:22:53It's physical, but no weapons at this time.
00:22:55>> HELFRICH: 9-14 arriving.
00:22:57(indistinct radio transmission) >> (over radio): Let me get an ETA for you.
00:23:06>> HELFRICH: Hi.
00:23:07>> Those are the customers with the vehicle, they're walking away right now, but they were all brawling with the manager, and other people out here in the parking lot were pulling each other's hair and starting big fights, so I thought it'd be appropriate to call you guys.
00:23:16>> HELFRICH: Okay.
00:23:17Supposedly, he's involved.
00:23:17That's the guy, one of the guys down there.
00:23:19The two walking away.
00:23:20>> There's a guy and woman down there walking...
00:23:21>> HELFRICH: Want to grab them?
00:23:22They're involved.
00:23:25Who got assaulted?
00:23:26>> I called you guys.
00:23:27>> HELFRICH: Okay, who was assaulted?
00:23:29>> Me. She just hit me in my mouth... because their car got towed.
00:23:32>> HELFRICH: Who's... who hit you, who was it?
00:23:33>> She doesn't even live here.
00:23:36Come on.
00:23:37>> Let me catch my breath.
00:23:38>> HELFRICH: Okay, okay.
00:23:39>> I was in my house sleeping with my kids; I was laying down with my kids and my nephew.
00:23:42I heard boom-boom-boom-boom!
00:23:44"Open the door, bitch!" I'm, like, "What?!" Open my door.
00:23:48"Bitch, you got our car towed!" First of all, I didn't get the car towed.
00:23:52I do the towing, but they come whenever they feel like coming.
00:23:55>> HELFRICH: Okay.
00:23:56>> "Bring your ass outside!
00:23:57You gonna get your ass whupped." I go, I tell Josh...
00:23:59>> HELFRICH: Can you stay here for a second, so we can get a statement from each of you two?
00:24:02>> ...the other guy that lives down in 15, "You need to get her away from my apartment, or I'm calling the police." >> HELFRICH: Okay.
00:24:07>> I can show you... tell you...
00:24:08>> HELFRICH: Fair enough, fair enough.
00:24:09>> I'm 24.
00:24:10I tell them, "You need to get our off of my... my, um, steps... right now." >> HELFRICH: Hey, Leslie, I've got the victim here.
00:24:16Albert's got the suspect down there... or suspects.
00:24:19>> She doesn't even live here.
00:24:21>> HELFRICH: Okay, okay.
00:24:22>> Okay, so I come downstairs to talk to them.
00:24:24She's still in my face talking crap.
00:24:27"You bitch, da-da-da.
00:24:28You got... That's my brother!" I'm, like, "Okay, I can tell you're intoxicated," you know what I'm saying, "Leave me alone." She starts screaming she gonna hit me.
00:24:35I said, "You hit me, I'm gonna defend myself, but do not touch me.
00:24:39I didn't call the tow truck people, okay?
00:24:42They come when they feel like it.
00:24:44Get out of my face." >> HELFRICH: Okay.
00:24:45>> "You deal with the tow truck, people," okay?
00:24:47"They said apartment seven..." They're gonna say apartment seven, 'cause I'm the on-site manager.
00:24:51They're gonna say my apartment, period, okay?
00:24:53They're gonna do that, regardless.
00:24:55She don't want to hear it.
00:24:56She comes up to me.
00:24:57I said, "Do not hit me." She hit me in my lip, right here.
00:24:59>> HELFRICH: Okay, all right, let me see.
00:25:01>> In my lip.
00:25:02>> HELFRICH: Yep, I see the blood.
00:25:03>> Exactly. She hit me in my lip, and I hit her back.
00:25:06And she pulled my hair; she yanked all my hair right here.
00:25:08>> HELFRICH: Can you guys, like, go back there while I'm doing this? Thank you.
00:25:11>> She is my witness that saw her hit me first.
00:25:13>> HELFRICH: Okay, that's fine.
00:25:14>> She hit me in my lip.
00:25:15She starts pulling my hair.
00:25:16We started fighting, I'm not gonna lie.
00:25:18We got apart, her boyfriend, whoever he is to her, pulled her away.
00:25:24I let her go.
00:25:25My friends is pulling me away.
00:25:27She runs up again and wants to fight again some more.
00:25:29She pulls my hair like this.
00:25:31I'm going like this to let my hair go.
00:25:33I pulled her hair.
00:25:34He comes again to pull her hair away, and I said, "Call the police right now," to my nephew.
00:25:38>> HELFRICH: Just hang out right here for me, okay?
00:25:40You mind standing by my police car real quick? Thanks.
00:25:42Okay, what did you see what was going on tonight?
00:25:44>> Um, I saw the girl with the the curly hair run up to her door, bang on her door, tell her to come outside.
00:25:49She got to fussing with her about the car being towed.
00:25:52>> HELFRICH: Okay.
00:25:52>> And, uh, she ran up on her and swung on her, hit her in her face.
00:25:56>> HELFRICH: So did she...
00:25:57>> And then they started tussling.
00:25:58>> HELFRICH: Yeah, they... so she goes against her, she takes the first swing, connects, they start tussling, the hair-grabbing and all that stuff goes on.
00:26:03>> Yes.
00:26:04>> HELFRICH: Okay. We need you to hang out while my... the primary officer, uh, is gonna...
00:26:07will be dealing with this, we'll take care of that, and then we'll get your statement from you, then we'll clear everything else up, too, okay?
00:26:13All right, thank you.
00:26:15Hi. I'm Sergeant Helfrich.
00:26:16I'm just trying to figure out what's going on.
00:26:18>> Well, I came to visit them.
00:26:20So we park in the visitors' section, went to go get my little brother to take him home.
00:26:24>> HELFRICH: Mm-hmm.
00:26:25>> When we came back out and the tow truck was hooked to the Jeep.
00:26:28And we're wondering why-- it's not 10:00 yet; we parked straight in; no problems, okay?
00:26:34They didn't have a reason why.
00:26:35They kept towing him.
00:26:36Well, somebody said something about number seven.
00:26:39Number seven came out and