Courage the Cowardly Dog - King Ramses' Curse; The Clutching Foot   View more episodes

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00:00:01Rich, rich, rich, rich, rich.
00:00:04Fly swatter, spark plugs, shovel handle, razor blade, light bulb for the attic.
00:00:10[Door knob rattling] oh!
00:00:21Return the slab.
00:00:25Return the slab or suffer my curse.
00:00:31What's your offer?
00:00:32This night, you will be visited by 3 plagues, each worse than the last.
00:00:41Return the slab.
00:00:44Hah! nice try, professor.
00:00:47Who's he kidding?
00:00:49I can see the zipper on that cheap dime store costume.
00:01:02Courage, did you leave the tub running?
00:01:04Oh! eee! ooh!
00:01:18[Screaming] eustace? hold on. where's eustace?
00:01:44[Gasping] [gasping] oh, come on.
00:02:22Return the slab.
00:02:24What's your offer?
00:02:33What's your--huh?
00:02:35[Music blaring] oh!
00:02:50Courage, make it stop.
00:03:24Ghost: Return the slab.
00:03:26Oh! eustace, what are you waiting for?
00:03:30Till we're 6 feet under?
00:03:33All right, but a million's as low as I'll go.
00:03:44[Buzzing] aah!
00:04:07Return the slab.
00:04:10Muriel: Aah!
00:04:19Return the slab.
00:04:21Let go!
00:04:27Return the slab.
00:04:37Ok, ok, you can have it!
00:04:52Whew! oh!
00:04:55No! I can't believe I did that.
00:04:59It's mine!
00:05:01That's 3 plagues. you're out of ammo, mister.
00:05:06Heh heh heh heh.
00:05:07And don't think you can come around here pushing no tote bags on us, neither.
00:05:14What's your offer?
00:05:16Return the slab.
00:05:31At last, the allegedly cursed slab has been returned to king ramses' crypt, where it will remain buried in antiquity for all time.
00:05:41Oh, I wonder where eustace is.
00:05:44Eustace: Aah!
00:05:49What's your offer?
00:05:52.. ♪♪
00:09:49[snoring] [eustace muttering] wool socks.
00:10:15Wool socks!
00:10:16Yah! yah! yah! yah!
00:10:18Wool socks!
00:10:23You stupid dog!
00:10:27What are you doing itching my foot?
00:10:29[Babbling] eustace? eustace.
00:10:34Is there something wrong?
00:10:36My foot. my foot!
00:10:43Looks like you've got a fungus.
00:10:44Don't worry, eustace.
00:10:46I know some family remedies.
00:11:17[Muttering] aah!
00:11:27Oh, dear.
00:11:28There's just one thing left to do.
00:11:30Ain't goin' to no doctor.
00:11:32You really should, eustace.
00:11:35I ain't going!
00:11:36It's as big as a cow.
00:11:38You have to go.
00:11:40Make me!
00:11:41Ah, suit yourself.
00:11:42But I think it's starting to fester.
00:11:45All I need is a nap.
00:11:49[Snoring] ..a nap.
00:11:59I feel like a million bucks!
00:12:01Yep! nap did the trick. foot feels fine.
00:12:36I'm the big toe, see?
00:12:38Yeah, see?
00:12:38And what I say goes, see?
00:12:41Got me?
00:12:42Yeah, got it, boss.
00:12:43See what? see what?
00:12:45See this!
00:12:47Ooh! ooh! ow!
00:12:51Ooh. aah!
00:12:55Where's my eustace?
00:12:56What have you done with my eustace?
00:12:59Shut up, fat woman.
00:13:00You won't be needing your husband anymore, see?
00:13:03So, listen up.
00:13:04Yeah, listen up.
00:13:05Yeah, listen up.
00:13:06We're going to pull a heist, see?
00:13:09Yeah, a heist.
00:13:10It's sunday, and the banks are closed.
00:13:12So, we knock over a bank, see?
00:13:15Oh, no! gangsters!
00:13:18Muriel, get away!
00:13:20You can't do that.
00:13:21It's against the law.
00:13:29Ok, dog. it's like this.
00:13:30You drive us to the bank or the fat lady gets it, see?
00:13:34Yeah, or the fat lady gets it.
00:13:36Yeah, the fat lady gets it.
00:13:37I knew I should have learned how to drive a stick.
00:13:49Ok, dog, now you break into the bank and you bring us all the dough, see?
00:13:54Now, see?
00:13:54Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
00:13:57Get going or we'll put the squeeze on the fat lady, see?
00:14:01Muriel: Aah! ooh.
00:15:12[Ice cubes screaming] I don't know why I thought that would work.
00:15:17Oh! oh! oh!
00:15:48Courage: Uh-oh.
00:15:57Courage, you're all right.
00:15:59Dumb dog, you blew up the money.
00:16:02Quick, dog, get us out of here.
00:16:07Ok, I got another plan, see?
00:16:10Yeah, another plan.
00:16:18Ok, you stand still, see, and you make sure the train stops.
00:16:23Or the fat lady gets it.
00:16:25Yeah, the fat lady gets it.
00:16:26Yeah, the fat lady gets it.
00:16:29Aah! ooh.
00:16:59You dumb dog, you made me kick too hard, see?
00:17:05I've been thinking too small, see?
00:17:07So now we're going to pull a big job.
00:17:10A real big job.
00:17:11We're going to knock over florida, see?
00:17:13Yeah, florida.
00:17:15Yeah, florida.
00:17:18Where's florida?
00:17:19But knocking over florida is against the law, I think.
00:17:33Not me--the farmer! his foot!
00:17:45Fungus: Tampa, fort lauderdale, saint pete, miami.
00:17:50Not boca. they can keep boca.
00:17:52I hate boca.
00:18:13Computer: Dog spit.
00:18:20Then the brass ring, the pot of gold, the big bazooly, the burt reynolds dinner theatre.
00:18:26I just know this is going to leave a bad taste in my mouth.
00:18:30Muriel: Ow!
00:18:34Yuck! yuck! stop it.
00:18:38Yeah, see? yeah, see?
00:18:41Ha ha ha!
00:18:44Yeah, yeah! ha ha ha!
00:18:48Ha ha ha!
00:19:05Ah. wool socks.
00:19:18Oh, thank you, courage.
00:19:19I thought I was going to be squished.
00:19:22Plack! ptooie!
00:19:35Fungus, muffled: yeah, see?
00:19:42Yeah, big heist, see?
00:19:43Ok, listen up. here's the plan, see?
00:19:49Or the fat lady gets it, see?
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