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00:00:31Captioning made possible bydisney-abc domestic television why can't you, like, ever realize the truth, vince?
00:00:46I ate 9 pies and a meatball hero in one hour.
00:00:49That's a record.
00:00:50It wasn't 9 pies. it was 8.
00:00:51You left 2 slices of mushroom on the last tray.
00:00:57You guys, it was 6 pies, no hero.
00:00:59I hato cl the paramedics to pump your stomach.
00:01:02And it was 3 1/2 years ago.
00:01:02When are you guys gonna talk about something else?
00:01:04When someone comes through that door and breaks the record, then we'll stop talking about the subject.
00:01:11Enjoy your pie, guys.
00:01:13It's the last one I'll ever serve.
00:01:15Aren't you forgetting something?
00:01:16Forget it, pete. I'm not doing it.
00:01:19Sugar Ray: ♪ Oh, me, oh, my ♪
00:01:20.. ♪
00:01:22it's a tradition.
00:01:23Sign the card.
00:01:25♪ I ♪
00:01:27♪ just want to fly ♪
00:01:30.. ♪
00:01:32I got it, folks.
00:01:34I got the first autograph.
00:01:36Yay, violet. all right.
00:01:38Violet's on her way to the wall.
00:01:39.. ♪
00:01:41that's 20 years of girls leaving town.
00:01:47That wall is jinxed.
00:01:49I won't sit near that wall.
00:01:51Let's hope you have better luck than they did.
00:01:54Hurry up!
00:01:55Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, my best friend violet sanford has decided-- has decided to leave south amboy tomorrow and travel the 42 miles to new york city.
00:02:12..ok, come on. bring her up here, girls.
00:02:16Come on, violet.
00:02:17[Crowd cheering] come on, vi.
00:02:21 hey, violet, come on. come up here.
00:02:27Come on, honey.
00:02:29Now, I think it's only fair that tonight, on her last night here with us in jersey, she grace us with a little tune.
00:02:39No way!
00:02:41Go, go, go!
00:02:41♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified ♪
00:02:45♪ kept thinking I could never live ♪
00:02:47♪ without you by my side ♪
00:02:48♪ but now I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong ♪
00:02:53♪ and I grew strong, and I learned how to get along ♪
00:02:58♪ oh, no, not I ♪
00:03:00♪ I will survive ♪
00:03:02♪ oh, as long as I know how to love ♪
00:03:04♪ I know I'll be alive ♪
00:03:06♪ I've got all my life to live ♪
00:03:08♪ I've got all my love to give ♪
00:03:10♪ I'll survive, I will survive ♪
00:03:18[whistles] look at this.
00:03:204 People killed last night in new york, no reason at all.
00:03:26Police have no leads.
00:03:27Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. tragic.
00:03:29Dad, what are you doing?
00:03:31I guess 4 out of 7 million ain't so bad.
00:03:33Headline should read, "millions survive night " dad, stop. I get the point.
00:03:39Here. eat your eggs.
00:03:39They're not eggs, they're egg whites, and I'd rather eat the carton.
00:03:43You've already lost 6 pounds.
00:03:45You're staying on this diet.
00:03:46No fast food. no sausage.
00:03:48Oh, and I bought you some of those lean cuisine meals, and I put 'em in the freezer.
00:03:51My mouth is watering already.
00:03:53And I lined your vitamins up on the counter.
00:03:55I don't take vitamins.
00:03:57You do now. just take them.
00:03:59Oh, and I put fresh batteries in the tv remote and set the vcr timer so that you can watch-- am I missing something here?
00:04:04 you're the child running away to live by herself.
00:04:09I should be telling you how to live.
00:04:11Fine. how should I live?
00:04:13Simple. don't go.
00:04:16I got that irish spring you like.
00:04:18Oh, and, dad, whatever you do, just leave it by the dryer, and I'll do it when I come home every sunday.
00:04:27Oh, this is interesting.
00:04:28They say the handrails on the subway system could one day lead to an outbreak of plague.
00:04:37You said I could be whatever I wanna be.
00:04:39I never said songwriter in new york city.
00:04:40That's the exception.
00:04:43You saidanything, ..
00:04:47I'm not leaving this house without your support.
00:04:50[Car horn honks] that's gloria. what's it gonna be?
00:04:56[Sighs] violet, I saw how hard it was for your mother when she didn't make it, but if she was here, she'd tell me to shut up, wish you luck, and give you a big hug.
00:05:09I'm not gonna give you a big hug, and I'm not gonna wish you luck, ..i am gonna shut up, sit here with my coffee, and pretend to be mad.
00:05:18Is that ok?
00:05:26This is the last of it.
00:05:30Honey, are you ok with that?
00:05:32Yeah, I got it. I got it.
00:05:33Ok. wait.
00:05:35All right.
00:05:36That's everything.
00:05:38Let's hit it.
00:05:40Good luck.
00:05:43There, I said it.
00:05:54Love you.
00:05:55I put some pepper spray in your purse.
00:05:57Even if you're not sure, just start spraying.
00:06:03You know, you're not alone, mr. sanford.
00:06:06Hey, you know, me and you should have dinner sometime.
00:06:10I'm lockin' the doors.
00:06:12Man: ♪ At first I was afraid, I was petrified ♪
00:06:16♪ kept thinkin' I could never live ♪
00:06:18♪ without you by my side ♪
00:06:21♪ oh, no, not I ♪
00:06:23♪ I will survive ♪
00:06:25all right, this is it.
00:06:33What do you think?
00:06:36I had a feeling you were gonna need this.
00:06:39What are you doing?
00:06:39 it's just some emergency cash I saved up.
00:06:42Honey, from the looks of this place, I'd say this is our emergency.
00:06:47Well, I'm not takin' it.
00:06:54Fine, then.
00:06:56I'm freezing your assets.
00:06:58So, thanks for everything.
00:07:01And I'll call you.
00:07:05What is this?
00:07:08It's just that all our lives, you know, we always had one thing in common, you and me.
00:07:13What are you talking about?
00:07:15It's like, you know, we said we wouldn't lose our virginity until we got married, and that didn't happen.
00:07:21And then we said we'd go to college or junior college or dental hygienist school, you know?
00:07:27And that didn't happen.
00:07:31We've never followed through on a single thing, you know, and I think that's what makes us so special.
00:07:37[Both laugh] and this is why you're crying?
00:07:43A long time ago, you told me that you were gonna move to new york, but everyone thought you'd just stay in jersey and get married like me and danny are gonna.
00:07:52You know, and look at you.
00:07:58You really did it, vi, and I'm so proud of you.
00:08:17[Takes deep breath] [exhales] [playing softly] [pounding on wall] Woman:!
00:08:30You be quiet!
00:08:31[Pounding] you no fair!
00:08:33♪ I don't like to be alone in the night ♪
00:08:40♪ and I don't like to hear I'm wrong when I'm right ♪
00:08:46♪ and I don't like to have the rain on my shoes ♪
00:08:58[horn honks] [unbelievableby emf playing] I just recently moved to new york, and I was wondering if you would give my tape to one of your artists.
00:09:10Violet, that is so cute.
00:09:12Now, let me tell you about me.
00:09:14My name is wendy, and I first moved to new york when I was 21 to be a dancer, but I broke my big toe, and then I got knocked up by this actor who dumped me to join the peace corps, so for the last 16 years I've been raisin' my daughter all by myself.
00:09:26And then 2 weeks ago, she tells me that she is a bisexual and that she hates me more than any person on this planet.
00:09:37Tell me how I can help you, please, because I am dying to make your dreams come true.
00:09:46you don't take the tape unless it comes from an agent, but I can't get an agent until I get published?
00:09:52If we were to listen to that tape, that would give you grounds for a copyright or plagiarism lawsuit.
00:09:57It's just a little tape.
00:09:58All I want is someone to sing my songs.
00:10:01Welcome to the music business.
00:10:04[Telephone rings] ♪ unbelievable ♪
00:10:09♪ where I go ♪
00:10:11♪ maybe ♪
00:10:13♪ find out a way to ♪
00:10:16♪ make it back someday ♪
00:10:19what can I get you?
00:10:20Let me ask you something.
00:10:21I'm a songwriter.
00:10:22Is there someone here I could talk to about my songs?
00:10:24I've been a struggling sax player for 12 years.
00:10:27What can I get you from the bar?
00:10:29Pepsi and some crackers.
00:10:31♪ Shall fall ♪
00:10:34hey, how you doing?
00:10:37♪ Then I hope there's someone out there ♪
00:10:41excuse me.
00:10:42Who's that guy?
00:10:45That would be mr. o'donnell.
00:10:50He's the manager or something?
00:10:53Yeah. he's the music manager.
00:10:56He's in charge of, uh, ..
00:10:58[Giggles] booking new talent.
00:11:03♪ Run away with my heart ♪
00:11:07♪ run away with my hope ♪
00:11:12hey, where the hell were you, o'donnell?
00:11:13I got 15 orders stacked up here and nobody to run the grill.
00:11:1715 Orders, walt. is that all?
00:11:18Give me 10 minutes, I'll catch us up.
00:11:21Go on. lie down.
00:11:24You look tired.
00:11:25We can talk about my raise later.
00:11:27You think this is australia? there's no raise.
00:11:30I'm about to fire you.
00:11:37♪ ♪
00:11:41♪ ♪
00:11:48♪ ♪
00:11:54[ children laughing ] ♪ ♪
00:11:59♪ ♪
00:12:47good, here.
00:12:48I know you're busy with the launch- Yeah.
00:12:50But we gotta talk.
00:12:51The game is over budget.
00:12:51Creative guys, business guys, weneed to communicate.
00:12:52No more redundancies.
00:12:53Redundancies? From the woman with two phones.
00:12:56Well I need one for work and one for home.
00:12:59That sounds redundant.
00:13:00You ever write on a long email on one of these or take a picture on one of these?
00:13:02I have not done that, no.
00:13:05Uh Uh.
00:13:06So until someone makes a phone that can do both really well...
00:13:08Am I sensing sarcasm here?
00:13:12Do more with the Galaxy S IIIand Note II.
00:13:13Now at Safe technology.
00:13:17jessicaand emergen-c.
00:13:18Keeping up with the kidsis tough, so I drink emergen-c.
00:13:21With vitamin cfor immune support and b vitaminsfor natural energy, I'm readyfor whatever they get into.
00:13:27Get your free sampleat
00:13:30Stay healthy and feel the good.
00:14:17things one?
00:14:19[ All kids ] TWOOOOO!
00:14:21[ Moderator ] YOU SURE?
00:14:22I am absolutely positive!
00:14:24[ Little boy ] TWO TIMES IS AWESOME.
00:14:26The thing I can do is ..
00:14:31That's amazing.
00:14:32I've never seen anything like that.
00:14:34Look I can do -- hold on -- I'm watching this.
00:14:37[ Male Announcer ] IT'S NOT COMPLICATED.
00:14:39Doing two things at onceis better.
00:14:41And only at&t's network lets you talk and surfon your iphone 5.
00:14:44♪ ♪
00:14:47] Cheese Infuses creamy mozzarella with the mediterranean flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and basil.
00:14:52At 35 tiny calories a wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit.
00:14:58The Laughing Cow Cheese.
00:15:00Have you laughed today?
00:16:03Monday, everythingthey care about is at risk.
00:16:04I know that youdon't understand.
00:16:06I don't.
00:16:07Now, they willstand together or fall.
00:16:10You're making a decisionthat affects over 100 deaf students,and you don't have time to listento one of them?
00:16:15And a secret leads to amother-daughter showdown.
00:16:18Who the hell do youthink you are?
00:16:20I was just trying to help.
00:16:22Stay out ofmy business.
00:16:23An all-new"switched at birth," " watch all-new mondays,only on abc family.
00:16:33Excuse me, mr. o'donnell?
00:16:35Mr. o'donnell, my name is violet sanford.
00:16:36 I just wanted to give this to you.
00:16:38I know it's not the most professional way to submit a tape, but this is all pretty new to me.
00:16:44It's pretty new to me, too.
00:16:46I just figured as the manager of a club like this, you must know every band on the east coast.
00:16:52.. of this club.
00:17:01You guys go ahead. I'll catch up.
00:17:05Mr. o'donnell.
00:17:10See, I don't usually do this, violet, um, but i--i have a feeling about you.
00:17:16So I'm gonna take your tape, and I'm gonna see what I can do.
00:17:21Thank you.
00:17:23I can't believe how easy this was.
00:17:26Neither can i. heh.
00:17:28Uh, you wanna go for, uh, some coffee or something?
00:17:31O'donnell, who do I look like, your personal maid?
00:17:36o'donnell, but I'll let it slide this time.
00:17:40I told you to take your stuff home and wash it.
00:17:43You got cow grease caked on the front.
00:17:44Walt, I've warned you about your attitude.
00:17:49You're fired.
00:17:51Oh, you better not push me, kid.
00:17:52I could find a hundred other little punks like you can burn a turkey burger.
00:17:59Minimum-wage punk.
00:18:03Maybe we should start over.
00:18:05.. I'm kevin o'donnell, and I work the grill here at the fiji mermaid club.
00:18:12I just made a complete fool of myself.
00:18:18I was gonna tell you.
00:18:21I'm almost sure I would have told you.
00:18:24I just want you to know, I'm not following you home.
00:18:28I'm just walking myself 26 blocks in the wrong direction.
00:18:32I asked you to leave me alone.
00:18:33Did I mention how sorry I am?
00:18:35I mean, not that it's all my fault.
00:18:37You did throw yourself at me.
00:18:38I didn't throw myself at you.
00:18:40I was pretending to be sweet and innocent so you'd give me a break.
00:18:43Can I ask you a question?
00:18:45Is there a reason we just walked in a circle?
00:18:47Are you lost?
00:18:48I'm not lost. somebody just moved my street.
00:18:53You--you wanna play a game?
00:18:55I bet I can guess where you're from.
00:18:57I'm about to get out my pepper spray.
00:19:00I reckon you're from a big city, and there's no sign from here of a bellybutton ring or a tongue piercing.
00:19:08I gotta go with chicago.
00:19:09Ok, I've never had anyone stare at my ass for half an hour, so I'm gonna say good night, and I'm hoping you're gonna say it back.
00:19:18I can take a hint.
00:19:20I really do know a lot of people in the music business.
00:19:23You just don't give up, do you?
00:19:25Well, it was the sweet and innocent thing that did me in.
00:19:28Good night, kevin.
00:19:30Just for the record, I was only staring at your ass for the first 15 minutes.
00:19:37[Unbelievableby emf playing] [TELEPHONE RINGS] Man: WILLIAM MORRIS.
00:19:42 I just want to leave this for-- I'll transfer.
00:19:46William morris. please hold.
00:19:47It's a demo. I'm a songwriter.
00:19:49William morris.
00:19:50I'll be right with you.
00:19:53♪ Unbelievable ♪
00:19:54I just wanna leave this for whitney or mariah.
00:19:57I'm sure they're personal friends of yours.
00:19:59Look, I'm sure it sounds great in your shower, but karaoke ended a half-hour ago, so if you'd like to get your songs heard, you're gonna have to take 'em to an open mic night just like everyone else.
00:20:11[Telephone ringing] william morris.
00:20:14I'll transfer.
00:20:15You're not getting validated.
00:20:17Next up, we have a young lady named violet sanford, so let's put our hands together for her!
00:20:24 come on up, violet.
00:20:27There we go, yeah. whoo!
00:20:29[Applause] [microphone feedback] [laughs] I'm a little nervous.
00:20:40So are we, honey.
00:20:44Don't tease me, honey. sing.
00:20:46Come on. give her a break.
00:20:49I'm sorry.
00:20:53 you look like somebody ran over your dog.
00:20:58Hey, um, how--how much is a slice of pie?
00:21:06We happen to have the best french apple in town.
00:21:10.. it's on the house.
00:21:14Man: It's enough to set up.
00:21:15Woman: You just have to pay attention, ok?
00:21:1720. 20 Says it'spretty woman.
00:21:19I will raise you 10, because it ishome alone.
00:21:23You guys have to read the signs.
00:21:25I call with saving private ryan.
00:21:29 and miss jennifer ..
00:21:36No way.
00:21:37There's no way! you already saw this one.
00:21:40Oh, you are such a cheater.
00:21:42Hello, a naked girl in army boots?
00:21:44Easy play to call.
00:21:46Thank you.
00:21:47Those boots are kind of cute.
00:21:49I'm gonna have to get me some of those.
00:21:52[The powerby snap playing] oh, romero, that is the jam.
00:21:58Turn it up!
00:21:59There you go. there you go.
00:22:00Oh, no. girl, what are you doing?
00:22:03Remember this? remember this?
00:22:06Go, girl.
00:22:07Watch my belly dance shimmy, girl.
00:22:13Whoo! whoo!
00:22:16Do you know those girls?
00:22:18 they're here every morning around this time, winding down.
00:22:23Wait, wait, wait, wait.
00:22:24They have to in their line of work.
00:22:26Are they hookers?
00:22:30[Cheering] coyotes.
00:22:34♪ I've got the power ♪
00:22:36♪ I've got the power ♪
00:22:38we each made 300 bucks tonight.
00:22:42You sure you wanna be going off to law school?
00:22:47Let's make a toast.
00:22:49To zoe's last week as a coyote.
00:22:54She's gonna be impossible to replace.
00:22:57I just wanna tell you both that I will never, ever forget you.
00:23:13Woman: Who's up there?
00:23:17I'm looking for the owner.
00:23:19Hey, come on down. bring a case with you.
00:23:24What are you doing here?
00:23:26I'm gonna drop this case.
00:23:27Where do you want me to put it?
00:23:28That depends. what do you want?
00:23:32That there might be a job opening?
00:23:36Put it right there.
00:23:37Let me take a look at you.
00:23:41Oh, let me guess.
00:23:44Piedmont, north dakota.
00:23:47South amboy, new jersey.
00:23:48Same thing. you do any drugs?
00:23:53Just coffee.
00:23:54That's all I can afford right now.
00:23:58Let me see your arms.
00:23:59Are you kidding?
00:24:01Do I look like I'm kidding?
00:24:04 where did you get that scar on your wrist?
00:24:07Pizza oven.
00:24:08It's a permanent burn from pulling slices for 4 years.
00:24:09That could be the saddest thing I've ever heard.
00:24:13Um, what's next? you want a urine sample?
00:24:17Ha ha ha. I prefer blood.
00:24:18Look, are you really the owner?
00:24:20'Cause I've had a rough couple of days, and so the last thing I need is some waitress on a power trip wasting my time.
00:24:38You start friday night.
00:24:39Be there at 11:00. that's when we get busy.
00:24:45Are you giving me a job?
00:24:46I'm giving you an audition.
00:24:49Don't be late, jersey girl.
00:24:54Tuesday, the liarshave been pushed too far.
00:24:55If you so much as touchone hair on their heads, I will make youvery sorry.
00:25:00Now, spencer hastingswill fight for their lives.
00:25:04There's no turning back.
00:25:10[Gasps] an all-new"pretty little liars," brought to you by toyota:let's go places.
00:25:17Watch all-new tuesdays,only on abc family.
00:26:26[ squeak, coin rattles ] Cheese!
00:26:33Oh, it's working!
00:26:35Crazy good!
00:27:24 yup, I've ..
00:27:26[ voice of Dennis ] ...Allstate. REALLY?
00:27:28I was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy.
00:27:31[ voice of Dennis ] THE Allstate Value Plan.
00:27:33It's their most affordable car insurance -- AND YOU STILL GET AN Allstate AGENT.
00:27:36I TOO HAVE...[ voice of Dennis ] Allstate.
00:27:38[ normal voice ]SAME AGENT AND EVERYTHING.
00:27:40It's like we're connected.
00:27:42No we're not.
00:27:43Yeah, we are.
00:27:44No, we're not.
00:27:47♪ ♪
00:27:48ASK AN Allstate AGENT ABOUT THE Value Plan.
00:27:51Are you in good hands?
00:28:24] antiperspirant has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you movethe more it protects.
00:28:31♪ ♪
00:28:32do more.
00:28:34♪ ♪
00:28:35degree. it won't let you down.
00:28:39Hey honey!
00:28:40Hey Alan.
00:28:41Uh, hey....
00:28:42I'm Bob, we talked at the tax store.
00:28:43I did your taxes.
00:28:46I thout you were a tax expert?
00:28:47Today, I'm a master plumber.
00:28:49Major tax stores advertisefor preparers with "no tax experiencenecessary." At TurboTax, you only getanswers from CPAs, EAs or Tax Attorneys- all real tax experts.
00:29:00...than H&R Block stores and all other major tax stores combined.
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00:29:19I.d., please.
00:29:20Oh, I'm supposed to start work here tonight.
00:29:23 hey, you picked a good night to start.
00:29:25It's a little slow right now, but it should pick up.
00:29:30Def Leppard: ♪ Love is like a bomb ♪
00:29:31♪ baby, come on, get it on ♪
00:29:32♪ livin' like a lover with a radar phone ♪
00:29:36♪ lookin' like a tramp, like a video vamp ♪
00:29:43hey, cammie!
00:29:46Is this a church meeting, or is this a bar?
00:29:49Make some noise!
00:29:50[Cheering] yeah!
00:30:00You want it?
00:30:02♪ Shake it up ♪
00:30:04♪ break the bubble ♪
00:30:07♪ break it up ♪
00:30:09♪ pour some sugar on me ♪
00:30:11I'm sorry. sorry.
00:30:12I don't think so.
00:30:14Just in time. where you going?
00:30:17I was-- I was looking for you.
00:30:19Good. let's go.
00:30:27♪ Listen, red light, yellow light, green light, go ♪
00:30:31♪ crazy little woman in a one-man show ♪
00:30:37I really love your top.
00:30:38 I got it, um, on sale-- ♪ you gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little ♪
00:30:46♪ tease a little more ♪
00:30:47.. ♪
00:30:50ok. hair.
00:30:52Let's see your moves.
00:30:56That's rachel. you can learn a lot from her.
00:30:59She just cut some guy's ponytail off.
00:31:01 the court ordered her to take anger management classes after she pummeled a customer for grabbin' her ass.
00:31:08He pressed charges. I gave her a raise. cheers.
00:31:12♪ Pour some sugar on me ♪
00:31:16.. ♪
00:31:19there is only 2 rules, ok?
00:31:21What do you want? 2 beers.
00:31:23.. ok.
00:31:25Second--don't ever bring your boyfriends into my bar.
00:31:29As of this moment, you are to appear available, but neverbeavailable.
00:31:33Break my rules, I fire you on the spot.
00:31:37I--i understand.
00:31:40[Fly away by lenny kravitz starts] hey! hey, everybody!
00:31:45Shut up!
00:31:46.. ♪
00:31:47I'd like you to meet my new girl, ..
00:31:57Jersey is an ex-kindergarten teacher and a former nun who just escaped from the convent and is tired of being the only virgin in new york city.
00:32:11Would anyone like to buy her a drink? whoo!
00:32:16♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ 2 shots!
00:32:19♪ Yeah ♪
00:32:22come on, move. I'm working here.
00:32:254 Margaritas with salt.
00:32:27All right.
00:32:29We got tequila. no mix, no salt, no blender.
00:32:33Ok, how about a black russian?
00:32:35Got vodka, no kahlua.
00:32:37White wine?
00:32:37Never carry the stuff.
00:32:40Jim, jack, johnnie red, johnnie black, and jose-- all my favorite men.
00:32:45You can have it any way you like, as long as it's in a shot glass.
00:32:49Ok, i-i'll take a beer.
00:32:5100 I'm cammie, the russian tease.
00:32:56Violet, the jersey nun.
00:32:58That one's rachel, the new york witch.
00:33:01We all play our little parts.
00:33:03Only, rachel really is a witch, .. I really am a tease.
00:33:06Cammie, you can only be a tease if you stop sleeping around, babe.
00:33:09Yeah. I keep forgetting that part.
00:33:13I'll have a shot of tequila, and don't forget one for your pretty little self.
00:33:17Oh, thanks, but ever since I got really drunk on tequila, I never really drink the stuff anymore.
00:33:22Hey, lil, your new girl's refusing your good booze.
00:33:26No, I was-- I was just asking this gentleman to buy me a double.
00:33:29Man: That's more like it.
00:33:31Georgia Satellites: ♪ No huggy, no kissy ♪
00:33:33♪ until I get a wedding vow ♪
00:33:37I need 8 shots-- 4 canadian, 4 south of the border, and a double blended back.
00:33:41You want 8 shots of what?
00:33:44I got it.
00:33:4746 Even, honey.
00:33:48Hey, lil. yo.
00:33:50Your jersey girl can't quite keep up.
00:33:53..give me a scotch and water.
00:33:56Ok, you got it.
00:33:58Lil, do we serve water with our whiskey?
00:34:00Only water I serve's got barley and hops in it.
00:34:02 do we serve water in this !
00:34:07All: Hell, no, h2o! hell, no, h2o!
00:34:11[The devil went down to georgiaplaying] hell, no, h2o!
00:34:16Hell, no, h2o!
00:34:19Hell, no, h2o!
00:34:23Whoo! whoo!
00:34:26Sink or swim time, jersey! get up there!
00:34:29♪ The devil's in the house of the rising sun ♪
00:34:32lil, I can't do that dance.
00:34:37 no, child, .. ♪
00:34:48Here's some cash. you did ok for a nun.
00:34:53You're firing me?
00:34:54I told you this was an audition.
00:34:57Thanks for coming in. now get out of here.
00:34:59♪ Johnny said, devil, just come on back ♪
00:35:02♪ if you ever want to try again ♪
00:35:04♪ I done told you once, you son of a gun ♪
00:35:05♪ I'm the best there's ever been ♪
00:35:07♪ he played "fire on the mountain," run, boys, run ♪
00:35:11no, that's enough!
00:35:13Not again, please! oh, my god!
00:35:15Back off! hey!
00:35:16Guys, guys, back off. back off!
00:35:19Look, the way I see it, you got 2 choices.
00:35:20You can start a fight here and throw some punches, get a bloody nose, and make complete fools of yourselves, or you could take this 10 bucks I got right here and buy, uh, these 2 pretty ladies what do you say?
00:35:34Let's go to the bar! party!
00:35:38Hold it, jersey.
00:35:39I'm just dying to know where that came from.
00:35:41Try serving beer and pizza on monday nights when the giants play the cowboys in november.
00:35:46I'm giving you a second audition.
00:35:48There's a store at the corner of 6th and hill.
00:35:51Be there at noon tomorrow.
00:35:52I'm sending my fashion coordinator there to take you shopping.
00:35:55Now go home before I change my mind.
00:35:57 and, jersey, I'd be shocked if you survive another night.
00:36:02 no, child, no ♪
00:36:05[cheering] oh, yeah!
00:36:27So, um, tell me more about this bar.
00:36:30What kind of place is it?
00:36:31I don't know. it's just a bar.
00:36:32What are you eating?
00:36:34One of those lean cuisine meals-- rice and vegetables.
00:36:39Oh, see? they're good, right?
00:36:42Mmm! yum.
00:36:45So, yeah, well, what's going on with your songwriting?
00:36:48Songwriting. oh, he still has my tape.
00:36:51[It takes two by rob bass playing] I want my tape.
00:36:57I had a feeling you'd be back to see me.
00:37:00No dates in the kitchen, o'donnell.
00:37:02 i-- .. please.
00:37:10Thanks. bye.
00:37:11Did you really write all those songs?
00:37:15You listened to my tape?
00:37:18No, of course not.
00:37:19I mean, that would be invasion of privacy.
00:37:22♪ Baby, you're the right kind of love ♪
00:37:25go ahead, laugh it up, 'cause there's nothing you can say that's gonna bother me.
00:37:29I'm just trying to tell you I like your music.
00:37:31I mean, do you always take compliments so well?
00:37:37I gotta go.
00:37:39I wanna see you again. where are you workin'?
00:37:44I'm a coyote.
00:37:46Awoo! good.
00:37:47And what the hell is that?
00:37:48If you wanna see me again, you'll figure it out.
00:37:51.. ♪
00:37:54is that good? all right.
00:37:57Sorry I'm late.
00:37:58Al and I had a big fight, ..
00:38:04[Unbelievable by emf playing] you're the fashion coordinator?
00:38:07Lil told me to get you something that would make the kiddies drool.
00:38:12Trust me, violet.
00:38:14I have a serious shopping problem. ha ha.
00:38:18It has a zippered crotch.
00:38:22Who would wear that in public?
00:38:24Actually, I have it in blue.
00:38:26♪ You're unbelievable, oh ♪
00:38:30♪ you burden me with your problems ♪
00:38:33♪ by telling me more than mine ♪
00:38:35♪ I'm always so concerned ♪
00:38:37♪ with the way you say you always got to stop ♪
00:38:40♪ to think of us being one is more than i ever know ♪
00:38:45♪ the things you say ♪
00:38:48♪ you're unbelievable ♪
00:38:50♪ oh ♪
00:39:32♪ Dentro de mi mente ♪
00:39:35♪ ♪
00:39:37♪ Hola ♪
00:39:39♪ ♪
00:39:40¿Es a mi a quien estás buscando?
00:40:15] caribbean, our ships are designed for wow.
00:40:18♪ Oh ♪
00:40:19♪ sometimes ♪
00:40:20♪ I get a good feeling ♪
00:40:22♪ yeah ♪
00:40:24♪ ♪
00:40:25♪ get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before ♪
00:40:29♪ no, no, I get a good feeling ♪
00:40:31[ Female Announcer ] ALL THISONLY ON ROYAL Caribbean.
00:40:35♪ ♪
00:40:37♪ oh ♪
00:40:37royal caribbean's biggest saleof the year starts tomorrow.
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00:40:45to business.
00:40:46The moment my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis ..
00:40:51It was time for a serious talk with my dermatologist.
00:40:55This time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab.
00:40:57Humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body.
00:41:02In clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance.
00:41:08And the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months.
00:41:12Humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
00:41:17Serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened.
00:41:23Blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.
00:41:29Before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb.
00:41:33Ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
00:41:38Tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores.
00:41:45You should not start humira if you have any kind of infection.
00:41:49Make the most of every moment.
00:41:51Ask your dermatologistabout humira, today.
00:41:54Clearer skin is possible.
00:44:46♪ You burden me with your questions ♪
00:44:47♪ you'd have me tell no lies ♪
00:44:50whoa, yeah!
00:44:51♪ You're unbelievable ♪
00:45:00Here I am!
00:45:03♪ You're unbelievable ♪
00:45:09come on! knock it--hey!
00:45:10Knock it off! lil, the ice!
00:45:16How do you like that, huh?
00:45:21Third Eye Blind:..
00:45:26I don't know how you guys do it.
00:45:28I can't have another drink.
00:45:29Next time a guy buys you a shot-- that's on me, honey-- chase it with a beer.
00:45:38I don't get it.
00:45:39I don't swallow it.
00:45:40I just spit the shot back into the beer bottle.
00:45:43They'll never know. you try it.
00:45:45Hey, just keep an eye on your spittoon bottle.
00:45:48Once rachel served hers to lou by accident-- huge drama.
00:45:54Cammie, I think I just fell in love with you.
00:45:57Oh, violet, I'm not a lesbian.
00:45:59I've played in the minors, but never went pro.
00:46:02No, that's not what I meant.
00:46:05 lil's staring straight at you. come on.
00:46:07Grab this guy and make yourself look busy.
00:46:09Uh, hi. you look like you could use a shot.
00:46:13No, I'm waiting on lil.
00:46:14Aw, sorry, it's a no-parking zone.
00:46:16If you want to sit here, you gotta order a drink.
00:46:19Ok, give me a glass of water.
00:46:22He just ordered water? yeah.
00:46:25You know what to do.
00:46:27Oh, right.
00:46:32Hey, everybody, this guy just ordered water!
00:46:35Do we serve water in our bar?
00:46:38All: Hell no, h2o! hell no, h2o!
00:46:45Jersey, no!
00:46:46 nobody orders water in your bar!
00:46:49He can order whatever he wants.
00:46:51He's the fire marshal.
00:46:54Hey, mike, I'm so sorry. she's new.
00:46:56I'm ok. let's step outside.
00:47:03Nice knowing you, jersey.
00:47:05Come on, you guys! let me hear you!
00:47:11You ok?
00:47:12Who am I kidding? I can't do this.
00:47:15 now, cheer up, because there's a really cute guy at the bar asking for you.
00:47:21Somebody's asking for me?
00:47:23He says his name is mr. o'donnell.
00:47:29He's hot.
00:47:32[Follow me by uncle kracker playing] jersey, the fire marshal threatened to shut me down.
00:47:38He let me go with a $250 fine.
00:47:39Lil, I'm really sorry.
00:47:41I'll make you a deal.
00:47:42You figure out a way to make me $250 tonight, I'll let you come back tomorrow.
00:47:49So much for sweet and innocent.
00:47:54So you found me.
00:47:55Some guys at work told me where I could, uh, look for coyotes.
00:47:58Well, take a good look, because tonight's my last night.
00:48:01I think I'm gonna get fired. why?
00:48:03Because I have to make $250 in 2 hours.
00:48:05It's completely impossible.
00:48:09Here's $9 just to get you started, ok?
00:48:13I always like to help a friend in need.
00:48:19why are you looking at me like that?
00:48:21..i don't want your money.
00:48:27All right, uh, listen up.
00:48:29Ladies, the bidding will start at $25.
00:48:33For one night only, you get this purebred, housebroken, fully trained young stud.
00:48:43No way.
00:48:44That's pretty cheap.
00:48:46Violet, what are you doing?
00:48:49 let 'em take a look at you.
00:48:53What--why are you doing this to me?
00:48:55It's payback time, mr. o'donnell.
00:48:59Now turn around!
00:49:01No. god, no.
00:49:03Don't--don't do this.
00:49:04Come on. show them what you got.
00:49:07[I need you tonight by inxs playing] come on, ladies, what'll you give me?
00:49:10I got 20 bucks.
00:49:14I got-- I got $25 right here.
00:49:17Make it $35!
00:49:21♪ The 21st century is yesterday ♪
00:49:24$40! what are you doing?
00:49:26Come on, girls, 50. 50!
00:49:32I got 70!
00:49:33Come on, girls, $75!
00:49:36$80! $80!
00:49:38Come on, girls, do I hear 85?
00:49:4090! $95!
00:49:44$100, Baby!
00:49:49That's it!
00:49:50You wanna come home with mama?
00:49:51Is that what you want? whoa!
00:49:56Oh, yeah!
00:49:57♪ I need you tonight ♪
00:50:01oh, yeah! shake it!
00:50:03$125, Baby!
00:50:04I got $140 right here!
00:50:07Come on. come on.
00:50:12My goodness, girls, come on.
00:50:13$150, And you'll see the butt.
00:50:25You got $215 right here!
00:50:29Sold for $250!
00:50:35Come on up, honey! he's yours!
00:50:40Damn you!
00:50:42The blonde would have gone 275.
00:50:47.. ♪
00:50:50you're going to owe me big time for this one.
00:50:52That's $250 even.
00:50:54Anastacia:..Is on fire ♪
00:50:57♪ my love is alive ♪
00:50:59Blondie: ♪ I'm gonna see you ♪
00:51:00♪ I'm gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you ♪
00:51:03♪ one day, maybe next week ♪
00:51:05♪ I'm gonna meet you ♪
00:51:07♪ I'll meet you, I'll meet you ♪
00:51:09Lil: Ok, we're closing up, girls.
00:51:11Can I ask you something? what?
00:51:14What--what does "coyote ugly" mean?
00:51:19Did you ever wake up sober after a one-night stand and the person you're next to is laying on your arm, and they're so ugly, you'd rather chew off your arm than risk waking him?
00:51:28That's coyote ugly. my god.
00:51:30All right, let's go, ladies.
00:51:31Well, why would you name your bar after something like that?
00:51:34Oh, because "cheers" was taken.
00:51:37Cabs are out front.
00:51:39You're rich, jersey. yeah.
00:51:41Have a good night.
00:51:42The woman who purchased me is named sandy rosenfeld, a divorcee with 3 grown kids, a passion for long walks and short-haired hunting dogs and italian opera.
00:51:52, her favorite artist is van gogh, and her new year's resolution is to lose ..
00:52:01And to see barbra in concert.
00:52:02Ok, I owe you.
00:52:05Heh. what do you want?
00:52:07Well, it's, uh, 3:30 in the morning.
00:52:09I want what every man wants.
00:52:14 I go to breakfast with you, and we're even?
00:52:18No, we're not even close to even, because I danced on a bar, I took off my shirt, and I unzipped my pants.
00:52:24Ok, let's make a deal.
00:52:28Breakfast, lunch, and 2 dinners.
00:52:30That's 4 dates.
00:52:32Yep, which would make it the second-longest relationship I've ever had.
00:52:35Get in the car.
00:52:38Have you ever eaten turkish?
00:52:40Hey, how you doing?
00:52:41Hi, kevin. how are you?
00:52:434 Of the regular.
00:52:44Sure, man. got it.
00:52:45Hey. kevin.
00:52:47How are you, buddy? good.
00:52:48Here it is, man. flown in from miami.
00:52:52Check out the merchandise.
00:52:53Hey, man, no. I trust you.
00:52:55All right, all right.
00:53:00Look, uh, I don't know what you're into, but-- amazing spider-man number 129, mint condition.
00:53:09Worth 1,000 bucks.
00:53:10Comic book.
00:53:11No, it's not just a comic book.
00:53:13This is the first appearance of the punisher.
00:53:14This is the holy grail of comic books.
00:53:17You collect comic books.
00:53:19Yeah. that is so cute.
00:53:20It's not cute.
00:53:22It's very rugged and manly.
00:53:24It's just a bit geeky.
00:53:27I think it's sweet.
00:53:30So, do you always eat breakfast on the hood of your car?
00:53:34What can I say? I'm a romantic.
00:53:37You think this is romantic?
00:53:39Well, you may not be feeling it now, but I think one day you'll be onstage singing a song about this very night.
00:53:47When we were downwind from a trash barge.
00:53:50Yeah. catchy title. hum a few bars.
00:53:54Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm a songwriter, not a singer.
00:53:58When I get onstage, I freeze.
00:54:01What if the fate of the free world rested on your voice?
00:54:04Ok, if the fate of the free world depended on me singing, maybe.
00:54:09All I've ever really wanted is to stand in the dark and hear someone great singing my songs.
00:54:16I wanna be the one who writes the music.
00:54:20I remember the first time my mother played me bridge over troubled water by simon and garfunkel.
00:54:28I remember exactly what she was wearing.
00:54:30I remember exactly how her hair smelled.
00:54:33I remember exactly how I felt.
00:54:36And every time I hear that song, I remember exactly what she was wearing and exactly how her hair smelled and exactly how I felt, 'cause the great songs last forever.
00:54:51So what's the problem?
00:54:54Well, now they're telling me the only way to get my songs heard is to go out there and sing them myself.
00:55:00So then we're gonna have to try and fix this little problem straightaway.
00:55:04And how do you propose we do that?
00:55:05Well, is there anyplace you feel comfortable singing?
00:55:10The shower.
00:55:11We'll start there.
00:55:12I mean, I don't care how long it takes, how many hours we have to spend in that shower.
00:55:16Let's get to it.
00:55:18 before we hit the showers, maybe you could tell me a little something about yourself.
00:55:22Oh, really? what do you wanna know?
00:55:25What part of australia are you from?
00:55:26 my family moved around a lot.
00:55:29So the rest of your family doesn't live in new york?
00:55:31Do you always ask this many questions?
00:55:33Do you always dodge this many questions?
00:55:35You could at least tell me where you got all the moves you pulled on the bar tonight.
00:55:39Well, if I told you, I'd-- I'd have to kill you.
00:55:43That's original.
00:55:45..the sun's coming up.
00:55:48Late? late for what?
00:55:52Hey there, juliet.
00:55:58So how's it goingwith you, baby?
00:56:00Oh, I'm fine, are you?
00:56:01A networktelevision premiere.
00:56:06You're looking good.
00:56:08Is right next door.
00:56:09I can't go.
00:56:11I know how you feel.
00:56:12No, really,i'm stuck.
00:56:13"Gnomeo & juliet," premieres saturday at 7:30,only on abc family.
00:56:25♪ ♪
00:56:30♪ ♪
00:56:36♪ ♪
00:56:43[ children laughing ] ♪ ♪
00:56:48♪ ♪
00:57:07] Dawn long...
00:57:10...but he'd wait for her forever, for any reason, and would always be there with the biggest welcome home.
00:57:17For a love this strong, Dawn only feeds him Iams.
00:57:21Comparedto other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein. help keep Rocky's body as strong as a love that never fades...
00:57:30if he ever lets her leave again.
00:57:33Iams. Keep Love Strong.
00:59:09♪ and watch it surround you ♪
00:59:14♪ when we sail into the sun ♪
00:59:18.. ♪
00:59:23♪ when we sail into the sun ♪
00:59:27.. ♪
00:59:33♪ sail into the sun ♪
00:59:37[ Male Announcer ] WE STARTED WITH RAW INSPIRATION, And set out to create something entirely new.
00:59:46Something unexpected.
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00:59:57Introducing the radically newtoyota avalon.
01:00:02♪ ♪
01:00:03toyota. let's go places.
01:00:07You're a real charmer.
01:00:11Ok. good night.
01:00:13Good morning.
01:00:25Don't look at me like that.
01:00:32Spend it.
01:00:40What are you doing here?
01:00:53Have a nice day.
01:00:57Have a nice day?
01:00:59Yeah. I panicked.
01:01:01I didn't know what else to say.
01:01:04Pigeonhed: ♪ I said, "hallelujah" ♪
01:01:06♪ to the 16 loyal fans ♪
01:01:08♪ you'll get down on your knees ♪
01:01:16Make a hole. make a hole!
01:01:18Shoot! cops are here.
01:01:20Look at this place.
01:01:21 there's nothing we can do here.
01:01:24You're 50 people over max.
01:01:25If you try to shut us down, they'll tear the place apart.
01:01:27 I'll take care of it.
01:01:31Hey! hey!
01:01:34This is not a gas pump, son.
01:01:38Wait your turn!
01:01:44Hey, no pictures, man.
01:01:45Hey, I'm a reporter from thevoice.
01:01:51What are you doing? hey! put me down!
01:01:55Hey! cammie!
01:01:58Come on! let her go!
01:01:59Rachel! help!
01:02:01Sailor boy, come on!
01:02:04Break it up!
01:02:06Lou, where's rachel and cammie?
01:02:07I don't know!
01:02:10.. ♪
01:02:14let me go!
01:02:21.. ♪
01:02:21that's it! it's over!
01:02:32They're tearing this place apart!
01:02:37[One way or another by blondie playing] rachel! rachel!
01:02:42♪ One way or another ♪
01:02:44♪ I'm gonna find you ♪
01:02:47let me go!
01:02:48[Singing along] ♪ one way or another ♪
01:02:50♪ I'm gonna get you ♪
01:02:51♪ I'm gonna get you, get you, get you, get you ♪
01:02:54♪ one way or another, I'm gonna see you ♪
01:02:57♪ I'm gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you ♪
01:03:00♪ one day, maybe next week ♪
01:03:02♪ I'm gonna meet you ♪
01:03:04♪ I'll meet you, I'll meet you ♪
01:03:06♪ I will drive past your house ♪
01:03:11♪ and if the lights are all out ♪
01:03:17♪ I'll see who's around ♪
01:03:23♪ one way or another, I'm gonna find you ♪
01:03:27♪ I'm gonna get you, get you, get you, get you ♪
01:03:29♪ one way or another, I'm gonna win you ♪
01:03:33♪ I'll get you, I'll get you ♪
01:03:35♪ one way or another, I'm gonna see you ♪
01:03:39♪ I'm gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you ♪
01:03:42♪ one day, maybe next week ♪
01:03:44♪ I'm gonna meet you, I'll meet you ♪
01:03:47great. yeah.
01:03:49Last call, lil.
01:03:50Start clearing 'em out.
01:03:52You got it.
01:03:53Let's go.
01:03:56♪ One way or another ♪
01:03:58♪ I'm gonna lose you ♪
01:04:00♪ I'm gonna give you the slip ♪
01:04:02♪ a slip of the hip or another ♪
01:04:04♪ I'm gonna lose you, I'm gonna trick you, I'll trick you ♪
01:04:08♪ one way or another, I'm gonna lose you ♪
01:04:11♪ I'm gonna trick you, trick you, trick you ♪
01:04:14did you see their faces? I mean, wow.
01:04:17They all wanted you, honey, even the girls.
01:04:21Not a dry seat in the house.
01:04:27That I have to repeat, like, every night.
01:04:32She sang along with the jukebox.
01:04:34Let's not start polishing a grammy.
01:04:36Oh, come on, rach, she saved your butt.
01:04:38Admit it.
01:04:39 she saved me from kicking the stuff out of a couple of drunks, that's it.
01:04:45Ooh, that felt good.
01:04:48Where you goin'?
01:04:49 I gotta walk or celebrate or-- echh-- pass out or something.
01:04:57Hey, ladies and gent, how about a big round of applause for the singing coyote from jersey?
01:05:03So I'm a coyote?
01:05:055 Nights a week.
01:05:17Hey, what is it? what's wrong?
01:05:20Why would anything be wrong?
01:05:22Um, you called me in the middle of the night and then said there was an emergency.
01:05:29What was that for?
01:05:30Well, i--i had a good night.
01:05:32I wanted a good-night kiss.
01:05:34Well, wait a second. where are you going?
01:05:36Have a nice day, mr. o'donnell.
01:05:40A nice day.
01:05:48♪ Right kind of wrong ♪
01:05:54♪ right kind of wrong ♪
01:05:56[hip-hop] ♪ hey, let's party ♪
01:05:58♪ la-la-dee dah-dee ♪
01:05:59♪ bust my rhymes and enhance my scene ♪
01:06:01♪ on the east coast is the place to be ♪
01:06:04♪ toddy, diddy know how it feels ♪
01:06:06♪ makes no difference when you want to chill ♪
01:06:09♪ need to move on ♪
01:06:11♪ hey, let's party ♪
01:06:13♪ la-la-dee dah-dee ♪
01:06:14♪ loving you ♪
01:06:16.. ♪
01:06:17♪ isn't really something I should do ♪
01:06:21.. ♪
01:06:22♪ I should try to be ♪
01:06:26♪ isn't really somethin' I should do ♪
01:06:32♪ shouldn't want to spend my time with you ♪
01:06:37♪ I should try to be strong ♪
01:06:41♪ but, baby, you're the right kind of wrong ♪
01:06:46♪ baby, you're the right kind of wrong ♪
01:06:51what's going on? why do I need my guitar?
01:06:54You'll find out soon enough. no, this way.
01:07:01[Giggling] just there. uh-huh.
01:07:05Ok. take a look.
01:07:08Your fans want to hear you sing.
01:07:11 i-- I can't sing my own songs. I never could.
01:07:16Well, that's too bad, because they've requested to hear your songs.
01:07:21Be gentle on the keyboard.
01:07:22I borrowed it from the club.
01:07:26You did all this just to help me sing?
01:07:28I thought maybe we could cure that stage fright I've heard so much about.
01:07:33Kevin, I wish you could.
01:07:36Come on. let me try.
01:07:38Tell me what it feels like.
01:07:45You really wanna know?
01:07:52You asked for it.
01:07:54What are you doing?
01:08:16My heart starts to race.
01:08:24Good. racing heart.
01:08:28Yep. got it.
01:08:31My entire body starts shaking.
01:08:38Shaking body. I'm-- I'm getting that, yeah.
01:08:55The clouds are definitely rolling in.
01:09:03Losing control.
01:09:07Well, how long does this usually last?
01:09:10Oh, it's been known to last all night.
01:09:15That must be horrible.
01:09:17It's excruciating.
01:09:26[Keyboard beat playing] [turns keyboard off] I think that audience got more than they paid for.
01:09:52What's l.m.s. stand for?
01:09:54Lynn marie sanford.
01:09:57It was my mom's guitar.
01:09:59She died 5 years ago.
01:10:01She moved to new york to be a singer when she was my age.
01:10:04She came pretty close to the big time.
01:10:07Well, what happened?
01:10:10She hated the stage.
01:10:12She said it was the scariest place in the world.
01:10:16Sounds familiar.
01:10:21You really want me to sing?
01:10:24Just tell me what I have to do.
01:10:38All right, no problem.
01:11:06♪ I don't like to ♪
01:11:09♪ be alone in the night ♪
01:11:12♪ I don't like to ♪
01:11:15♪ hear I'm wrong when I'm right ♪
01:11:18♪ and I don't like to ♪
01:11:21♪ have the rain on my shoes ♪
01:11:23♪ but I do ♪
01:11:25♪ love you ♪
01:11:29♪ but I do ♪
01:11:31♪ love you ♪
01:11:35[beat playing] ♪ I don't like to ♪
01:11:39♪ see a sky painted gray ♪
01:11:42♪ and I don't like when ♪
01:11:45♪ nothing's going my way ♪ ha ha ha!
01:11:48♪ And I don't like to ♪
01:11:54if you wanna write songs, if you wanna be like a serious songwriter, you can lay your tracks down on a blank cd and you're done.
01:11:59Do--do you have a payment plan?
01:12:05Bring it home!
01:12:06Let's go.
01:12:10Come on, cammie!
01:12:14♪ Oh, I do ♪
01:12:18♪ and I don't like to ♪
01:12:21♪ hear I'm wrong when I'm right ♪
01:12:24♪ and I don't like to ♪
01:12:27♪ have the rain on my shoes ♪
01:12:29♪ but I do ♪
01:12:31♪ love you ♪
01:12:38[horn honks] !
01:12:41What are you, brain-damaged?
01:12:42You know what kind of maniacs we got driving through here?
01:12:44They don't stop for nothing.
01:12:46Whose boat?
01:12:47I borrowed it from a friend.
01:12:48Yeah? looks like a guy's car to me.
01:12:52How can you tell?
01:12:52Been staring at cars every day for the last 16 years.
01:12:56Who is he?
01:12:58He's a friend.
01:12:59Look, I brought you a turkey sandwich, no mayo, extra sprouts.
01:13:02Thank you. great.
01:13:04I'm starving.
01:13:05 is it a bunch of bankers having martinis after work?
01:13:11I gotta go. look, I love you.
01:13:12I love you, too. be careful.
01:13:15Hey, do I come to your office and honk?
01:14:04] antiperspirant you, so you can do more.
01:14:08♪ ♪
01:14:15♪ ♪
01:14:20only degree has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you movethe more it protects.
01:14:27♪ ♪
01:14:28do more.
01:14:29♪ ♪
01:14:30degree. it won't let you down.
01:14:36[ squeak, coin rattles ] Cheese!
01:14:42Oh, it's working!
01:14:45Crazy good!
01:14:49isa thing.
01:14:50This year,don't just take time off.
01:14:53Put time in.
01:14:54Turn spending timewith your family into spendingtime as a family.
01:14:59At the one place where everyheart-pounding, jaw-dropping, goose-bumping second counts.
01:15:10It's your vacation.
01:15:11Don't just take it.Mean it.
01:15:13Universal Orlando.
01:15:15Vacation like you mean it.
01:15:48to extender, and you'll dump your old duster.
01:15:51But don't worry, he'll find someone else.
01:16:02[ Female Announcer ] SWIFFER 360 DUSTERS Extender cleans high and low,with thick all around fibers that attract and lockup to two times more dust than a feather duster.
01:16:10Swiffer gives cleaninga whole new meaning.
01:16:13And now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain.
01:16:18Pizza here.
01:16:18They're big!
01:16:20Delicious Sliders.
01:16:21Get nine in a box for just ten bucks.
01:16:23Ten bucks?!
01:16:25I like that math!
01:16:26You can mix and match... up to three ways.
01:16:28New Big Pizza Sliders.
01:16:29Now that's how you Make it Great.
01:17:47 there's this club where a lot of music people hang out called the elbow room.
01:17:52 he owes me a favor, and you're it.
01:17:56Next thursday night.
01:17:58Are you forgetting about the stage fright?
01:18:01Uh, what about the bar?
01:18:03Come on, kevin.
01:18:03All I do is sing along with the jukebox.
01:18:07See? you're making progress.
01:18:08A few more nights at my place, and you'll be cured.
01:18:11Hate to burst your bubble, but I'll never be cured.
01:18:15It's genetic.
01:18:16Stage fright dna-- yes, I saw that oner last week.
01:18:20Ok, laugh all you want, but my mom couldn't do it, and neither can i.
01:18:24So, was your mother afraid to try?
01:18:26Look, I just wanna be a songwriter.
01:18:29Why won't you give up on this?
01:18:30Because I've been giving up on people my entire life, and it's a nasty little habit, ..
01:18:37Or you'll what?
01:18:39I'll never kiss you again.
01:18:41That sounds like a threat, mr. o'donnell.
01:18:44Well, let's just say it's gonna be quite a long, cold winter.
01:18:50That's supposed to convince me?
01:18:52It's working, isn't it?
01:18:53Your knees are getting weak.
01:18:55I'll think about it.
01:18:57Try again.
01:18:59Uh, I'll see if I can get off work.
01:19:01You're getting warmer.
01:19:03All right, you win.
01:19:06I'll do it.
01:19:07Oh, I love winning.
01:19:08Hey, we have a special treat for you tonight, boys and girls.
01:19:12Look who dropped by for a visit.
01:19:17Come on, zoe!
01:19:18[Cowboyby kid rock playing] time to get wet, girl.
01:19:25♪ Well, I'm packin' up my game and I'm-a head out west ♪
01:19:29♪ where real women come equipped ♪
01:19:30♪ with scripts and fake breasts ♪
01:19:32♪ find a nest in the hills, chill like flynt ♪
01:19:34♪ buy an old droptop, find a spot to pimp ♪
01:19:37♪ and I'm a cowboy, baby ♪
01:19:40♪ ridin' at night 'cause I sleep all day ♪
01:19:44excuse me. does violet sanford work here?
01:19:46She's on the bar. she's on the what?
01:19:48She's on the bar.
01:19:54♪ Yeah, kid rock, you can call me tex ♪
01:19:57♪ rollin' sunset woman with a bottle of beck's ♪
01:20:01♪ seen a slimmy in a 'vette, rolled down my glass ♪
01:20:03.. fits right in your-- ♪
01:20:06♪ I'm flickin' my bic up and down that coast ♪
01:20:10dad! wait!
01:20:13♪ Cowboy ♪
01:20:14dad, it's not as bad as it looks.
01:20:17Dad, it's not as bad as it looks.
01:20:20I just sing here every night.
01:20:22The people come here to see me.
01:20:25Say something.
01:20:26The guys are putting your picture up in their booths.
01:20:30I gotta go, get up early.
01:20:31Dad, it's just a bar.
01:20:33You can trust me.
01:20:35But you're my daughter.
01:20:38♪ I can smell a pig from a mile away ♪
01:20:41♪ cowboy ♪
01:20:43♪ with the top left back and the sunshine shinin' ♪
01:20:47♪ cowboy ♪
01:20:51please leave a message when you hear the beep.
01:20:54[Beep] dad, you can't avoid me for the rest of your life.
01:20:57I have to come over and do your laundry.
01:21:00We both know you're running out of clean shirts.
01:21:02I'll bet the one you're wearing stinks pretty bad.
01:21:10That would mean I'm doing something wrong, ..
01:21:14I'm playing at a club tonight.
01:21:17A real club.
01:21:19Someone important could hear my song and next month, somebody might be singing it on the radio.
01:21:23So wish me good luck.
01:21:25Good luck.
01:21:26Anyway, um, I'll call you and tell you how it goes.
01:21:30Take care of yourself, old man.
01:21:33[Beep] old man.
01:21:38All right, you could be dancing on the floor.
01:21:40I wanna see your bras!
01:21:42Ow! whoo!
01:21:42[Rock this town by the stray cats playing] ♪ well, my baby and me went out late saturday night ♪
01:21:51all right.
01:21:52♪ I had my hair piled high ♪
01:21:53♪ and my baby just looked so right ♪
01:21:5600 ♪
01:21:58.. ♪
01:22:02Come on, yeah!
01:22:05Is this the greatest party we've ever been !
01:22:0930 no matter what. here.
01:22:13I got it. I got it.
01:22:18♪ I love you ♪
01:22:20[scratching] ♪ yeah, hit me ♪
01:22:26here you go. what are you doing?
01:22:29I gotta go. it's half past.
01:22:31Can you have lou call me a cab?
01:22:32Listen, jersey, you're not going anywhere, not tonight.
01:22:35This place is out of control.
01:22:36But, lil, I told you, I'm only working 2 hours.
01:22:38You want to sing? sing forthem.
01:22:40These people drag their asses out here to see us.
01:22:43This is new york, and there's a line halfway around the block.
01:22:47That's something, jersey, whether you believe it or not.
01:22:51And if I go?
01:22:53If you were going, you would've left by now.
01:22:55Billy Idol:..
01:22:57.. ♪
01:22:59where are you?
01:23:01Lil won't let me go.
01:23:02Violet, just walk out. she doesn't own you.
01:23:05You can still make it here.
01:23:07I'm--i'm sorry.
01:23:09Call you tomorrow.
01:23:11Tomorrow? violet?
01:23:17What's the story? she's not coming.
01:23:20So what am I supposed to do, kevin?
01:23:22I got a whole spot to fill.
01:23:23I'm sorry. richie, I made a mistake.
01:23:26Whoa, this doesn't change anything with us, kevin.
01:23:29A deal's a deal. am I right?
01:23:38Don Henley: ♪ She wants to party, she wants to get down ♪
01:23:44♪ all she wants to do is ♪
01:23:45♪ all she wants to do is dance ♪
01:23:50♪ and make romance ♪
01:23:51I'm the guy! me!
01:23:54♪ All she wants to do is dance ♪
01:23:58zach, who said you could be up here?
01:24:05You're not supposed to be up here.
01:24:08All right, take it easy, zach.
01:24:10Zach, take it easy.
01:24:18Hey, hey, knock it off! kevin!
01:24:25Break it up!
01:24:26Kevin, that's enough!
01:24:35[Music stops] kevin, that's enough!
01:24:38Kevin, that's enough.
01:24:40Get off me. stop it.
01:24:41Kevin, zach's a regular.
01:24:42He was just having fun.
01:24:44Having fun with my girlfriend.
01:24:45Lou, get him out of here!
01:24:46You're gonna chill outside, or I'm calling the cops.
01:24:49Out of my way! move!
01:24:51Let me go!
01:24:52Get--get out-- out of here!
01:24:55Hey, everybody, free drinks on the house.
01:24:58I'm paying. get up here.
01:25:00Kevin. kevin, what is your problem?
01:25:02Look, I'm sorry about tonight, but look at this.
01:25:05There was no way lil was going to let me out.
01:25:07 this is about you and this place.
01:25:10This is my job.
01:25:11It's a damn sandbox for you to stick your head in.
01:25:13What is that supposed to mean?
01:25:14The place is a joke, all right?
01:25:16They don't come to watch you sing.
01:25:17They come to watch girls shaking it on a bar.
01:25:19And what would you have me do, sing for quarters in the park?
01:25:21Well, at least you'd be singing your own songs.
01:25:23I told you I can't do that, so stop pushing.
01:25:27I'm just asking you to try.
01:25:28But I guess that's asking a bit too much.
01:25:30Right. it's so easy to be you, isn't it?
01:25:34You have no dreams, no hopes, no chance of getting hurt.
01:25:37When was the last time you took a chance on something?
01:25:40Some of us don't have that luxury.
01:25:43And why is that?
01:25:47Oh, right.
01:25:48 it's a big secret.
01:25:52Come on, kevin. let's play a game.
01:25:55I'm gonna guess why you left australia.
01:25:58Doesn't matter.
01:25:59You were in jail.
01:26:01No, that's not it.
01:26:03You have a wife and 4 kids in sydney.
01:26:04 come on, kevin, why'd you run away from home?
01:26:10I didn't have a home.
01:26:12Is that what you wanted to hear?
01:26:14I don't have a family.
01:26:16I mean, that's the big secret.
01:26:18Are you happy? huh?
01:26:21You going to feel sorry for me now?
01:26:23You going to hold me close while I tell you I had to change homes every 2 years?
01:26:28I had a bad childhood. big deal.
01:26:30I don't need your sympathy, 'cause I'm here, and I'm living on my 2 feet like I wanted to. that was my dream.
01:26:38And at least I did it with a little bit of dignity.
01:26:43And I didn't? that's it?
01:26:46Well, just unbutton the blouse a little and unzip the pants, show a little bit of flesh.
01:26:49I think you can figure it out.
01:26:56Go on in.
01:26:57Your fans are waiting for you to crawl on the bar.
01:27:20Monday, everythingthey care about is at risk.
01:27:21I know that youdon't understand.
01:27:23I don't.
01:27:25Now, they willstand together or fall.
01:27:28You're making a decisionthat affects over 100 deaf students,and you don't have time to listento one of them?
01:27:33And a secret leads to amother-daughter showdown.
01:27:36Who the hell do youthink you are?
01:27:38I was just trying to help.
01:27:40Stay out ofmy business.
01:27:41An all-new"switched at birth," " watch all-new mondays,only on abc family.
01:27:54♪ Fishy-fishy ♪
01:27:55♪ Fish...Fish... McBites...McBites ♪
01:27:57♪ Fish...Fish... McBites...McBites ♪
01:27:59♪ Fish...Fish... McBites...McBites ♪
01:28:02♪ Fish McBites ARE SUCCULENT ♪
01:28:04♪ And breaded to perfection ♪
01:28:06♪ SO TAKE A TRIP TO Micky D'S ♪
01:28:08..get...get... get you some ♪
01:28:09[ Male Announcer ] GET hookedon McDonald's NEW Fish McBites.
01:28:12Pop 'em with tangy tarteror spicy buffalo sauce.
01:28:15Catch 'em while you can. love. ♪ fishy-fishy ♪
01:28:17♪ ba da ba ba baa ♪
01:28:21[ Female Announcer ] HEY LADIES, You love it, you gotta have it.
01:28:24Cinnamon toast crunch.
01:28:25'Cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible.
01:28:29[ slurps ] [ chuckles ] EVERYBODY CRAVES THOSE CRAZY Squares.
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01:28:38So brighten your smile a healthy way with listerin® whitening®plus restoring rinse.
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01:28:46♪ ♪
01:28:48Power to your mouth™.
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01:29:02Nivea.touch and be touched.
01:29:20] caribbean, our ships are designed for wow.
01:29:23♪ Oh ♪
01:29:24♪ sometimes ♪
01:29:25♪ I get a good feeling ♪
01:29:27♪ yeah ♪
01:29:29♪ ♪
01:29:30♪ get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before ♪
01:29:34♪ no, no, I get a good feeling ♪
01:29:36[ Female Announcer ] ALL THISONLY ON ROYAL Caribbean.
01:29:40♪ ♪
01:29:42♪ oh ♪
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01:29:50Ed theelp I n ge thai li n tlas a dezelnutspread wleamlove mom, have you eny -- back?
01:30:01Tella go gre hohest wraafes ans grt ta mes from a unie ion silengdienlhas, im mila hintf coco ah, ve seen my ye ..yo Me Anr A.
01:30:17Reakstever tasdts having tonight?
01:30:51Well, I was thinking steamfresh chef's favorites rotini and broccoli with cheese sauce, but don't go crazy.
01:30:58[ Female Announcer ] TURN VEGETABLES YOU Want to serve into vegetablesthey want to eat.
01:31:01BIRDS EYE [ ding ] Now dinner's complete.
01:31:50I told you not to break the rules.
01:31:53What are you talking about?
01:31:54I'm talking about you and your boyfriend making a scene in my bar.
01:31:58I'm talking about a friend of mine inside with a broken nose.
01:32:01The rules were simple, jersey.
01:32:03I've fired girls for a lot less.
01:32:05What, so I can't have a boyfriend now?
01:32:07What kind of stupid thing is that?
01:32:09Hey, this place is my home, and I'm not willing to risk everything i have on your personal life.
01:32:13It's business, plain and simple.
01:32:15This is not business.
01:32:16I work my ass off for you, and you're supposed to be my friend.
01:32:20I never said I was your friend.
01:32:21I'm your boss, and you knew the rules like everybody else.
01:32:24Will you stop with the rules?
01:32:26It's a bar, for pete's sake!
01:32:33Then what are you so upset about?
01:32:56♪ Please remember ♪
01:33:06♪ how we laughed, how we cried ♪
01:33:11♪ how this world was yours and mine ♪
01:33:15♪ how no dream was out of reach ♪
01:33:19♪ I stood by you, you stood by me ♪
01:33:24♪ took each day and made it shine ♪
01:33:28♪ we wrote our names across the sky ♪
01:33:32♪ we ran so fast, we ran so free ♪
01:33:37♪ I had you ♪
01:33:39♪ you had me ♪
01:33:48♪ please remember ♪
01:33:55The Miracles:..
01:33:56oh, my god. give me a bite. I'm starving.
01:34:04Thank you.
01:34:05How does it feel to be mrs. mulinero?
01:34:08You know, I think he was a perfect choice for my first marriage.
01:34:16Hey, gloria.
01:34:21I gotta go to work. I'm on graveyard tonight.
01:34:24Thank you, mr. sanford.
01:34:25Yeah, well, it's not worth a hug, dear.
01:34:28It's only 50 bucks.
01:34:29.. your old man's a 10, vi.
01:34:3211. Some days a 12.
01:34:36Well, it's a beautiful wedding.
01:34:37 I just want one picture of you and violet dancing together.
01:34:43Elvis Presley: ♪ Wise men say ♪
01:34:48ok, come on. smile.
01:34:49♪ Only fools rush in ♪
01:34:55.. ♪
01:34:58are you really working, or are you just leaving because of me?
01:35:01You know I don't like to wear a tie.
01:35:11Ha ha.
01:35:12So, this is how it's gonna be?
01:35:14You're not gonna return my phone calls?
01:35:16If you needed money, you should have come to me.
01:35:19I would have found a way to take care of you.
01:35:21Dad, you can't even take care of yourself.
01:35:24Hey, I am doing just fine on my own, thank you very much.
01:35:28 so how come you're not wearing any socks?
01:35:35I had a minor disagreement with the clothes dryer.
01:35:41Look, just face it, dad.
01:35:46And I moved out, and that's what bothers you.
01:35:54No, what bothers me ..
01:36:01I was ashamed of youse.
01:36:02I would have never thought that would have ever been possible.
01:36:06..Whole life, too ♪
01:36:11♪ for I can't help ♪
01:36:14[telephone rings] ♪ falling in love ♪
01:36:18[ring] leave a message after the beep.
01:36:22Kevin: Violet, I've just finished work.
01:36:25You're not picking up, so I'll call back, ..
01:36:34Will wanna talk.
01:36:36Kevin, hello?
01:36:50[Telephone rings] kevin, hello?
01:36:55It's me. I'm here.
01:36:58Woman: Is this violet sanford?
01:37:01I'm calling from riverview medical center.
01:37:03We have a patient here by the name of william james sanford.
01:37:07Is that your father?
01:37:08Violet sanford?
01:37:13Your dad's in recovery right now.
01:37:15The car struck him on his right side while he was walking to the booth.
01:37:18His right leg is broken, and there was some arterial damage we had to go in and repair, but other than that, it's just a lot of bumps and bruises.
01:37:24I'd say he's a pretty lucky guy.
01:37:42[Groans] I'm sorry.
01:37:55So much.
01:37:59I never did thank you for the dance.
01:38:05That's ok.
01:38:07It's all right.
01:38:24My tapes.
01:38:37Come on. just call him.
01:38:38Just pick up the phone and call him.
01:38:49Don't call him.
01:38:52I told you. this place is a palace.
01:38:54 are you sure you want to do this now?
01:38:58Well, here's my door.
01:38:59There's no turning back now. come on in.
01:39:03Oh, you were so right. this place is a palace.
01:39:06Would I lie to you?
01:39:08This was a great idea.
01:39:08I am so glad you talked me into coming.
01:39:11Don't look at me like that. I'm a sick man.
01:39:16You can eat whatever you want now, but when we go back home, it's egg whites and lean cuisines.
01:39:21I'll see you later, bill.
01:39:23What--wait a minute.
01:39:24What do you mean, until "we" go home?
01:39:29I'm moving back.
01:39:33I couldn't do it.
01:39:35I couldn't sing my songs.
01:39:38I was afraid.
01:39:44Do you know why mommy quit?
01:39:47Yeah, she told me.
01:39:49'Cause she couldn't do it.
01:39:51No. that's not it.
01:39:56She wasn't afraid, vi.
01:39:59Your mother onstage, oh, she was amazing.
01:40:06Then why'd she quit?
01:40:09Because of me.
01:40:12Right after you were born, she told me she wanted to quit, and I let her.
01:40:22See, I knew how good she was, but I never told her.
01:40:32More than anything, and I just wanted to pretend that there was no other choice.
01:40:39Dad, it's ok.
01:40:41 I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice.
01:40:44You're not going back to work for pete.
01:40:47I don't care what it takes.
01:40:48I don't care how many bars you have to stand on.
01:40:51You are not coming home.
01:40:53I'm not letting you back in the house.
01:40:56Forget it.
01:41:07Are you wearing cologne?
01:41:11Oh, well, that's just a splash of old spice.
01:41:15Where'd you get old spice?
01:41:18That nice redheaded nurse gave it to me as a gift.
01:41:22Then she asked me out for coffee.
01:41:25I'm scared.
01:41:27Are you gonna go on a date?
01:41:29God, a date.
01:41:32I better buy a pair of socks.
01:41:34[Dance beat playing] [pounding on wall] [groans] ok, come on in here.
01:41:45Watch out for the-- ok. ok.
01:41:55♪ Try to resist ♪
01:41:56♪ try to hide from my kiss ♪
01:42:02♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:42:12[high-pitched voice] ♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:42:15ha ha ha!
01:42:16♪ Surrender your heart ♪
01:42:19♪ don't you know, don't you know that you ♪
01:42:28ok if I eat here at the bar?
01:42:32Do you have a reservation?
01:42:35Uh, yeah.
01:42:36" could it be under "stubborn and pigheaded"?
01:42:44Yes. that's the one.
01:42:48I'll have a double water on the rocks, please.
01:42:52How'd you find me?
01:42:53Cammie. she told me about your pop.
01:42:57I'm sorry to hear about that.
01:42:59He's ok.
01:43:04So am i.
01:43:05Yeah, yeah, I can see that.
01:43:09What's good to eat here?
01:43:11Lil, you didn't come here to eat.
01:43:13What do you want?
01:43:22I just wanted to let you know you can come back to the bar whenever you want.
01:43:29I appreciate the offer, but I'm ok here.
01:43:33I figured that. you were never a lifer.
01:43:37I'm married to that bar.
01:43:38Hell, I'd, uh-- I'd sleep there if I had the guts to walk around barefoot.
01:43:45But that's me, you know?
01:43:47I'm the original coyote.
01:43:49Just a small-town gal trying to make it in the big, bad city.
01:43:56Small-town gal?
01:44:00Piedmont, north dakota.
01:44:03You ever tell anyone that, I'll kill you.
01:44:09Take care, jersey.
01:45:05[ squeak, coin rattles ] Cheese!
01:45:12Oh, it's working!
01:45:15Crazy good!
01:45:19nasal me.
01:45:20I made the clear choice.
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01:46:00Stay healthy and feel the good.
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01:46:06[ voice of Dennis ] Allstate.
01:46:07With accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident.
01:46:12Smart kid.
01:46:12[ voice of Dennis ] INDEED.
01:46:14Are you in good hands?
01:46:18] antiperspirant has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you movethe more it protects.
01:46:26♪ ♪
01:46:27do more.
01:46:29♪ ♪
01:46:29degree. it won't let you down.
01:46:35[ Male Announcer ] WHETHER IT'S MOM'S SMARTPHONE...
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01:46:53And when you connect a tablet,you save $100.
01:46:57♪ ♪
01:46:59at&t. rethink possible.
01:47:35♪ Dentro de mi mente ♪
01:47:39♪ ♪
01:47:40♪ Hola ♪
01:47:42♪ ♪
01:47:43¿Es a mi a quien estás buscando?
01:49:04[Beep] you have one new message.
01:49:07I have one message in 8 hours.
01:49:10How pathetic am i?
01:49:11Violet, this is lyndsay morgan from the bowery ballroom.
01:49:15Listen, we loved your cd, and we want you to play in our songwriters showcase next sunday night.
01:49:21You're on at 10:00 sharp.
01:49:22So drop your music by the club, and the house band can learn your song.
01:49:25 it's all yours.
01:49:28I can't thank you enough for subleasing me this place.
01:49:31You don't know how long I looked.
01:49:33And when's your boyfriend moving in?
01:49:34He's actually coming in tomorrow from boston.
01:49:38It's historic, guys.
01:49:39This is the first night I've closed early in 3 years.
01:49:42Ta-da! will you hang that outside for me?
01:49:45Hey, lou, you got that number I asked you about?
01:49:47So why are you moving to chicago?
01:49:49I'll figure that out when I get there.
01:49:52[Telephone rings] oh, hang on.
01:49:55[Ring] hello?
01:49:57Lil: Hey, do yourself a favor and look at page 137 of thevoice.
01:50:00I can't believeyour name's in the paper.
01:50:03I'm getting this framed.
01:50:05Dad, if you're not ready in 5 minutes, I'm gonna leave without you.
01:50:08 I'm physically challenged.
01:50:12Let me see.
01:50:14 I hope that's enough.
01:50:16Dad, I'm only singing one song.
01:50:18Right. I'm gonna go get another one.
01:50:23Ha! hey, bill!
01:50:24My kid's singing tonight at some club in the city.
01:50:26 hey, maybe you could give us a 1-2-3 for luck.
01:50:31You got it.
01:50:32All right, let's give it up for bill sanford's daughter.
01:50:38 [Ringing] oh, look, vi.
01:50:45I can't do this.
01:50:46[Horns honking] did I mention to you that I was recently !
01:50:54I--i can't do this. I gotta go back.
01:50:56Violet, listen to me. are you listening?
01:50:59You have nothing to be afraid of.
01:51:01You're already a star.
01:51:02Dad, what are you talking about?
01:51:03I'm a nobody.
01:51:04If you're such a nobody, then why did I buy this off pete for 20 bucks?
01:51:10Why do you have that?
01:51:12I saw it on the wall, decided I wanted the first autograph.
01:51:15I figured it'd be a damn good investment.
01:51:17Now, what are you waiting for?
01:51:19I didn't spend 3 months in physical therapy you got me?
01:51:24Yeah, I got you.
01:51:25 how about another u-ey?
01:51:33 now, let's do it again!
01:51:36This time, I wanna feel chills!
01:51:38Here comes bill again. he's back for seconds.
01:51:39Come on, now. let's give him all we got!
01:51:42[Ringing] whoo! let's go!
01:51:45The only reason why I came down here tonight is to see her fall on her face.
01:51:49Oh, take it easy, rachel.
01:51:50It's supposed to be a fun night out.
01:51:52Excuse me.
01:51:52I'm cool, ok? don't worry about it.
01:51:53Hi. good evening, ladies. can I help you?
01:51:55No. no. no.
01:51:56Oh, it's packed, lyndsay.
01:51:58The house band has been on for 15 minutes.
01:51:59If she's not here in 5, she's bumped.
01:52:05Now that we're here, I'm feeling a little nervous.
01:52:08Thank you, mr. sanford.
01:52:10Oh, probably just carsick.
01:52:13Forget I mentioned it. I'm fine.
01:52:16Have a great show.
01:52:21Gloria: Get your butt in there.
01:52:23Come on. we're right behind you.
01:52:25Break a leg, sweetie.
01:52:30Ladies and gentlemen, making her bowery ballroom debut, miss violet sanford.
01:52:36[Cheering and applause] I'm sorry.
01:53:07[Crowd groaning] ♪ under a lover's sky ♪
01:53:21♪ gonna be with you ♪
01:53:23♪ and no one's gonna be around ♪
01:53:27♪ if you think that you won't fall ♪
01:53:31♪ well, just wait until ♪
01:53:33♪ till the sun goes down ♪
01:53:36♪ underneath the starlight, starlight ♪
01:53:41♪ there's a magical feeling so right ♪
01:53:46♪ it will take you in tonight ♪
01:53:50♪ you can try to resist ♪
01:53:54♪ Try to hide from my kiss ♪
01:53:56♪ but you know, but you know that you ♪
01:53:58♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:54:00♪ deep in the dark you'll surrender your heart ♪
01:54:04♪ don't you know, don't you know that you ♪
01:54:11♪ no, you can't fight it ♪
01:54:14♪ it's gonna get to your heart ♪
01:54:18♪ there's no escape from love ♪
01:54:22♪ once the gentle breeze ♪
01:54:25♪ weaves its spell upon your heart ♪
01:54:29♪ no matter what you think ♪
01:54:31♪ it won't be too long ♪
01:54:33.. ♪
01:54:36come on, baby, shake it!
01:54:39Hey, pinhead!
01:54:39That's what I'm talking about, baby, now shake it!
01:54:42Don't do it, rach.
01:54:42He's a big guy, and you're still on probation.
01:54:46 those classes are really paying off.
01:54:51♪ You can try to resist ♪
01:54:54♪ try to hide from my kiss ♪
01:54:56♪ but you know, but you know that you ♪
01:54:59♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:55:01♪ deep in the dark you'll surrender your heart ♪
01:55:06♪ but you know, but you know that you ♪
01:55:09♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:55:26ok, let's give a big coyote welcome to leann rimes!
01:55:30♪ You can try to resist ♪
01:55:33♪ try to hide from my kiss ♪
01:55:35♪ but you know, but you know that you ♪
01:55:39so tell me, what do you do when you realize that all your dreams have come true?
01:55:43Pay off old debts.
01:55:46♪ But you know that you ♪
01:55:48♪ can't fight the moonlight ♪
01:55:49volume 129--the original appearance of the punisher-- the one I cost you.
01:55:56Thank you.
01:56:00♪ You can try to resist ♪
01:56:02♪ try to hide from my kiss ♪
01:56:05♪ but you know, but you know ♪
01:56:07lil, don't think your new girl's gonna hack it.
01:56:16Crowd: Jersey! jersey!
01:56:18Jersey! jersey! jersey! jersey!
01:56:21Jersey! jersey! jersey!
01:56:25♪ You can try to resist my kiss ♪
01:56:28♪ don't you know, don't you know that you ♪
01:56:34♪ no, you can't fight it ♪
01:56:39♪ it's gonna get to your heart ♪
01:56:43[i need you tonight by inxs playing] ok, in true coyote tradition, I'm gonna make every woman's night and auction off the most handsome little hottie in the place.
01:56:55 you can't do this to me again.
01:56:57Here he is, girls.
01:57:01[Coyote howls] come on, dad.
01:57:04Ok, ladies, the bidding will start at $25.
01:57:10See, nobody wants to do this.
01:57:11What are you getting me into, violet?
01:57:14You said you wanted a more active social life.
01:57:18Come on, girls!
01:57:18There's a lot of miles left on these tires.
01:57:22Come on, dad. strut your stuff.
01:57:27♪ Your moves are so raw ♪
01:57:29♪ I've got to let you know ♪
01:57:31♪ I've got to let you know ♪
01:57:35♪ you're one of my kind ♪
01:57:37take--take some of it off!
01:57:43Ok, put-- put some of it on.
01:57:46Yeah, baby!
01:57:5090! 95!
01:57:58♪ I'm lonely ♪
01:58:00♪ can't take it all ♪
01:58:15Hey! I'm a coyote!
01:58:17Well, your father has no problem with stage fright.
01:58:23[Howling] so tell me, what doyoudo when you realize allyourdreams have come true?
01:58:29Captioning made possible bydisney-abc domestic television captioning performed bythe national captioning institute, inc.
01:58:39♪ Time ♪
01:58:40♪ sometimes the time just slips away ♪
01:58:47LeAnn Rimes: ♪ And you'releft with yesterday ♪
01:58:50♪ left with the memories ♪
01:58:55♪ I ♪
01:58:57♪ I'll always think of youand smile ♪
01:59:02♪ and be happyfor the time ♪
01:59:05♪ I had you with me ♪
01:59:10♪ though we goour separate ways ♪
01:59:17♪ I won't forget,so don't forget ♪
01:59:22♪ the memories we made ♪
01:59:25.. ♪