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00:00:10>> In forensics, a crime scene is very critical.
00:00:12Once we leave, it'll be changed.
00:00:14With the technology that we have today, we can use the leica system to freeze the scene in time.
00:00:20It basically preserves the crime scene in 3-d forever.
00:00:24So I'm gonna set the parameters so that it scans one side of the fence to the other side so I can get the full picture of the crime scene.
00:00:43We already scanned the area for cartridge cases and any other evidence, so we collected the vase that, apparently, the victim threw at the suspect.
00:01:03The blood spatter that's on the porch can tell us a lot about his positioning before he fell and when he fell.
00:01:22The victim had his cellphone in his hand.
00:01:24It was broken.
00:01:25>> Narrator: If detectives are able to restore the broken cellphone, they may be able to recover information about the victim's last calls.
00:01:33>> I have all the information.
00:01:35>> On there?
00:01:35>> On this part.
00:01:37>> Okay.
00:01:37>> At this point, we have a -- black male, MID-20s, NAMED Samuel mackenzie coleman, lives in the area, from what we know.
00:01:46>> Narrator: Sam coleman worked as an appliance mechanic and lived nearby.
00:01:50He was a father to two small children.
00:01:54>> When you start to get a sense of who your victim is, that's when it really hits home.
00:01:58And that makes me even more determined to find out who his killer is.
00:02:08>> Well, right now, we're gonna interview mr. mattox.
00:02:11He was inside the house where the victim was found, and he had several pre-existing warrants on file.
00:02:16How many warrants do you have?
00:02:18>> Four.
00:02:19>> All right.
00:02:20And if he starts acting squirrelly or acting nervous, his story doesn't add up, we're gonna read him his miranda rights and treat him as a suspect.
00:02:34All right.
00:02:34 mattox, once again, I'm detective lewis mills.
00:02:37Unfortunately, we're investigating a homicide that occurred in front of your house, and I'm gonna ask you some questions.
00:02:44Just don't lie to me about anything.
00:02:53[Male announcer] To the men and women Of the United States armed forces, The USO delivers the joys and comforts of home.
00:03:00Even out here.
00:03:01Find out how you can help at ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ ÷ >> unit's found samuel mackenzie coleman.
00:06:18Gunshot wounds to the body.
00:06:2048 and called shots fired and someone screaming, right?
00:06:24>> Yes.
00:06:26He's got a cellphone in his hand.
00:06:27>> Maybe he called the suspect.
00:06:29>> Willie mattox.
00:06:30We can talk to him really good.
00:06:44>> All right.
00:06:45 mattox, once again, I'm detective lewis mills.
00:07:43All right, let me go outside and make a phone call, okay?
00:07:46You can just hang out here for me for a minute, all right?
00:07:49[ Cellphone rings ] >> what's up, mills?
00:07:51>> I'm down here talking to this guy, and he is telling us that the victim -- he's a drug user, crack cocaine user.
00:07:57>> Uh-huh.
00:07:58>> And he was trying to score last night sometime after 10:00.
00:08:01 mattox has admitted that he'll run and get drugs for the victim.
00:08:05He did it last night for him, as a matter of fact.
00:08:09But our guy was down here saying he was inside, asleep, when it happened, and his story seems kind of secure right now, and he's not breaking a sweat.
00:08:19I'm not getting any type of indicators that the witness is knowing something that he's not telling us or he's holding back.
00:08:26I mean, time might prove me wrong, but at least right now at 00 in the morning, I don't think that he's involved any more than he says he is.
00:08:36>> Narrator: Willie mattox will be held in the city jail on charges from outstanding warrants unrelated to sam coleman's murder.
00:08:56>> The blood spatter that's on the porch can actually tell us a lot about his positioning before he fell and when he fell.
00:09:03These drops right here -- they're called falling-dripping.
00:09:07And if blood were to drip out of your mouth, it'd be just gravity pulling it to the ground, and it's a pretty perfect circle, so that's how you know that it wasn't a high-impact splatter.
00:09:20Over here, this right here -- this is the tail, so the drop came down like this, showing a downward angle, so you know that he was probably standing over here, and this is probably more falling-dripping blood.
00:09:38On the wall here, this is probably where he fell.
00:09:41He might have hit his head.
00:09:47This -- maybe his hands were bloody and, as he was falling, he grabbed for the windowsill.
00:09:57And then this big stain that leaks under the chair and everything is probably just where he laid and bled out.
00:10:20>> We're on our way over to sam coleman's family's house.
00:10:24We notified them earlier about the death of their son.
00:10:27So, we're meeting a local reporter who's gonna sit down with the mother and the sisters, and we're expecting to get some leads and some tips from this media coverage.
00:10:53>> Tell me, how did you hear about what happened?
00:10:56>> The detectives came and knocked on my door, and that's when he said, "you have a son by " " "there was a shooting last " I didn't want to believe him.
00:11:12I didn't want to believe him.
00:11:14I went in his room to see if he was in his bed, and that's when it hit me -- that my baby was gone.
00:11:22He was my only son -- the only son I'm gonna ever have.
00:11:27>> My brother was a nice person.
00:11:29He never did anything to hurt anybody.
00:11:32>> Okay.
00:11:33>> He never hurt anyone.
00:11:38>> At this point in time, i would like for the person that took my little brother, samuel mackenzie coleman's, life -- please turn yourself in.
00:11:53>> Whoever took him away from me, I hope that y'all catch him and he get what he deserve.
00:12:09>> Thank you so much.
00:12:10Anything you need, you call me, okay?
00:12:11All right. y'all take care.
00:12:12I'll give you a call next week.
00:12:14>> All right.
00:12:14>> Take care. all right.
00:12:25The emotion by the family is what sparks you to work harder, because you see their suffering.
00:12:30You see their pain.
00:12:31And they're looking to you to try to get the persons responsible.
00:12:35So, it's a lot of weight on a detective's shoulder, because they're waiting for the day when you come and knock on the door and you say, "ma'am, I found out who killed your son, and they've " >> I've just finished up mr. coleman's autopsy.
00:13:03Basically, this x-ray right here will tell you the whole deal.
00:13:10He's shot seven times.
00:13:12The first one impacted the skull, caused a skull fracture.
00:13:22Second one was the entrance over the left eyebrow -- went into the brain.
00:13:27I recovered a bullet there.
00:13:30Number three is a superficial gunshot wound to the right side of the face.
00:13:34There's an exit wound -- no bullet.
00:13:39Number four, gunshot wound to the left side of the neck.
00:13:43Got the bullet out of the right side of the neck.
00:13:47Then we've got a bullet that went in the left shoulder, and we got a bullet out of thoracic vertebra 1.
00:13:56Then we have a gunshot wound to the right shoulder, and there's an exit wound from that, so there's no bullet recovery there.
00:14:05And the last one, the entrance is in the mouth, so he must have ..
00:14:11For him to have a bullet that winds up in the back of the neck.
00:14:16>> What type of ammunition are we looking at that you recovered?
00:14:19>> All of mine are small-caliber bullets.
00:14:21>> Okay.
00:14:22>> The first ones are intermediate range, so there's stipple around all of those.
00:14:27You see these marks around here?
00:14:29That's gunpowder stippling.
00:14:31>> So, based on the stippling and the variation, we could surmise that there were three shots at close range?
00:14:37>> At least.
00:14:38>> What distance are you thinking on the bullet strikes with the stippling?
00:14:42>> In general, it's usually under 4 feet.
00:14:45>> Thank you, dr. kay.
00:14:48>> When you see stippling on a body, it shows that there's some close contact between the suspect and the victim.
00:14:54Usually, people do not allow individuals that they don't know close to them, and whoever shot sam knew him, so there's no doubt that that's gonna limit our suspect pool.
00:15:09>> Narrator: Detectives receive a call from the city jail.
00:15:12Willie mattox seems to be telling his fellow inmates more than he told police.
00:15:19>> We might have got a break.
00:15:21Evidently, mattox is talking and saying that he had something to do with the murder of samuel coleman.
00:15:27>> For real?
00:15:28>> Yeah.
00:15:29>> We've been working to clear his name, and his alibi seems to check out, and then he's going to put himself right back in the mix again?
00:15:37Let's do an affidavit and just do another search warrant for that property over there.
00:15:41>> Yeah.
00:15:44>> Maybe mattox wants to be a hotshot down at the city jail, get his street cred up, so you know what?
00:15:49He's a player down here.
00:15:50But right now, to cover all of our bases, we're gonna go back and we're gonna do a search warrant on that house.
00:15:580248 Hours this morning, we had a murder.
00:16:01Samuel mackenzie coleman found dead on the front porch of that residence.
00:16:05Small-caliber weapon, so we're looking possibly for some type of revolver.
00:16:09>> We're gonna execute a search warrant.
00:16:11The target's in jail, by the way, on outstanding warrants not related to this.
00:16:15We expect his wife to be there, her mother, mother's boyfriend, and I'd like at least two people to each room.
00:16:22Don't forget raid vest and identifiers.
00:16:24[ Indistinct talking ] >> I'll meet you over there.
00:16:30>> This guy mattox -- he's certainly telling people that he's the one responsible for it.
00:16:35Now we've got to find something -- the murder weapon or any evidence that disputes his earlier claims that he was inside the house in bed all night.
00:16:47>> Even though mattox is in jail, there could be other associates or other conspirators inside who could be armed, and it's a very dangerous situation, so you never really know when you go through that door what's gonna happen.
00:17:01>> Let's go.
00:17:03[ Knock on door ] >> richmond police!
00:21:34 coleman was shot seven times.
00:21:36>> Willie mattox is saying that he had something to do with the murder of samuel coleman.
00:21:41>> Let's get a search warrant for that property over there.
00:21:43We're looking for some type of revolver.
00:21:45>> I'd like at least two people to each room.
00:21:49>> Let's go.
00:21:51[ Knock on door ] >> richmond police!
00:21:55Police department.
00:21:56We've got a search warrant.
00:21:58Open the door. open the door.
00:21:59>> Step back. step back.
00:22:01Get off the phone, ma'am.
00:22:03[ Child talking indistinctly ] >> we're gonna search everything just based on information that we've received.
00:22:10>> We got detectives in e house right now looking for the murder weapon, for a small-caliber handgun, or any other evidence that we might be able to find that would show that willie mattox had a hand in the killing of sam coleman.
00:22:40[ Indistinct talking ] >> oh!
00:23:04>> Hey, sarge, there's some blood down here.
00:23:06I don't know if it's recent or from the victim.
00:23:09This right here looks like it's been dripped.
00:23:13>> But some of this looks like it's been tracked.
00:23:16If the shooter actually stepped in sam coleman's blood and ran past here, he could have kept on running around to the back of the house, or he could have ran inside the house.
00:23:28It looks like our crime scene just got bigger.
00:23:39>> What I wanted to do is look at the front porch of the residence to find out if willie mattox could have made it back in the front door or run around back, run back through the house, and crawl back in bed by the time that we got to the crime scene and picked him up.
00:23:56>> We've got the front porch here, and the blood starts right at the bottom of the steps.
00:24:04>> All right, so, if we go to the front-door area, there's no blood on the inside of the house?
00:24:08>> None.
00:24:10>> If mattox was the one that shot him and went in the house, chances are he wouldn't have been able to go in the front door without tracking blood.
00:24:16>> Without tracking blood?
00:24:17No, I don't think so.
00:24:18There was a large amount of blood on that front porch.
00:24:20I think he would had to have stepped in something.
00:24:23>> What's the side door look like?
00:24:24Could he have run off the porch into the side door without tracking blood?
00:24:28>> Can you actually, now, jessica, go from the porch and let us view the sidewalk right into the backyard for any blood?
00:24:35>> Sure.
00:24:36>> There's no blood anywhere as we travel down the sidewalk around the side of the house.
00:24:40>> No, I don't see any blood on the side of the house in the original scans.
00:24:44It's possible it was tracked later in the day by the fire department when they were washing the porch.
00:24:48>> So, we didn't locate any blood that would lead us to believe that if willie mattox was on the front porch, that he left the front porch and ran around the side of the house and went through the back.
00:25:01And the house was secure all the way around.
00:25:03That side door was locked.
00:25:05The rear door was locked.
00:25:06So, everything that we have right now, what we know from the scene, what we know from these 3-d scans, there's nothing that we can look at right here that says mattox is our shooter.
00:25:25Right now, we're back to square one.
00:25:27We don't have any leads, no new suspects.
00:25:33I think it frustrates any detective that's involved in a major case that their leads turn up to be dead ends, but you never know until you follow those leads all the way until you can't follow them anymore.
00:25:51>> Narrator: The victim's 911 call has just come in from the communications center.
00:25:55Detectives are aware that sam placed a call to 911, but the recording will reveal exactly what he said.
00:26:02>> Richmond 911.
00:26:12[ Tapping ] >> he's knocking on the front door.
00:26:18The food mart.
00:26:26>> [ Screaming ] no!
00:26:32>> Wow.
00:26:33That's him on the phone getting shot.
00:26:35>> Getting killed.
00:26:36>> Getting killed and falling, and when that phone hits the ground, it just breaks into pieces.
00:26:39>> Breaks open and cuts off.
00:26:40Do you want to listen to it again?
00:26:42>> Yeah.
00:26:46So, he's already been shot.
00:26:49He's saying the suspect's right there with him, near him.
00:26:54>> E-man?
00:26:54>> Telling us who did it.
00:26:56>> He says the nickname right there.
00:26:59 that's got to be that guy walking right up on him and shooting him on the front porch.
00:27:07>> [ Screaming ] no!
00:27:10>> Hello?
00:27:14>> Wow.
00:27:14>> Well, I guess we got to start checking nicknames for e-man.
00:27:17>> Yeah. "e," e-man.
00:27:18There's no doubt he knows who it is.
00:27:20" why would you tell somebody "stop playing" if you didn't know who they were?
00:27:33>> Narrator: Detectives hope that if they can repair sam coleman's cellphone, they might be able to find an e-man listed in the contacts.
00:27:40>> The most important thing is to get that phone book.
00:27:44We do need that.
00:29:15We americans are always at our best when we hear and heed the cries of others.
00:29:18Wh ms americans have always stepped up and answered the call to help.
00:29:24But there's never been anything on the scale of human tragedy in our own hemisphere like what we're now witnessing in haiti.
00:29:30Today president clinton and I are joining together óo Give now, and lives will be saved.
00:29:38Thank you. thank you.
00:29:46/sCv >> Everything that we know from these 3-d scans, there's nothing that we can look at right here that says mattox is our shooter.
00:32:18Hey, did you get the 911 tape?
00:32:20>> Narrator: The tech unit has successfully repaired sam coleman's phone, so they can access the victim's contacts.
00:32:27But there is no e-man listed.
00:32:29The cellphone is a dead end.
00:32:48>> After listening to the 911 tape, the victim states clearly when he made the call that he was near the r&s food mart.
00:32:55So we extended our crime scene from the front porch to over in the parking lot just to see if we can locate any evidence that might be over here.
00:33:04You're standing here, you got the light on, he's on the phone talking, and he just sees the suspect advancing along the fence line.
00:33:11He's on the phone.
00:33:12He's like, "i see you, man.
00:33:14" at some time, he probably picks up that vase that was up here and just trying to ward him off, throwing it.
00:33:21And it hits the metal gate and just breaks.
00:33:23But there's one thing the suspect didn't know -- is that before he killed him, he talked on the phone.
00:33:29>> Yep.
00:33:33>> So, everything from here over here is our track, and maybe on the other side of the store.
00:33:37Wherever the encounter took place, we don't know, but it's near the r&s.
00:33:41>> Okay.
00:33:42>> Let's go on the other side of the store.
00:33:53>> Right now, we're gonna scan the r&s food store.
00:33:56We're gonna expand the crime scene a lot, actually, to add the whole block, the whole city block.
00:34:15>> We don't have any blood.
00:34:16We don't have any bullets.
00:34:17We don't have any shell casings.
00:34:19So, I mean, if sam was shot right on the other side of the r&s express, bled internally, and made it over to mattox's house without leaving any blood trail -- that's what we're looking at.
00:34:42>> I'm heading to the vigil for sam coleman.
00:34:45The family is trying to convince people from the community to come forward and provide leads that will assist us in solving this homicide investigation.
00:34:54We provide a presence at these events 'cause it shows the family that we care about their loved one and that we're still actively investigating this homicide.
00:35:02>> Father god, we pray right now ..
00:35:06>> Narrator: By working with the community, the richmond police department has experienced a 32% reduction in homicides.
00:35:13>> There's a lot of us in this community right now who are afraid to come outside at night.
00:35:18We have to take back our streets.
00:35:20I believe the only way we're gonna do that is if we're working together.
00:35:24>> Somebody out here knows who did it.
00:35:27Retaliation's not the answer.
00:35:29That's not gonna bring big sam back.
00:35:32I don't want any more homicides.
00:35:57>> Narrator: After several weeks of no leads, detectives finally get a break in the case -- an eyewitness who was recently incarcerated on unrelated charges.
00:36:06But he was not in jail when sam was killed, so it's possible he could have witnessed the homicide.
00:36:12>> We were looking for an eyewitness the whole time, so if he can actually tell us what happened, who he saw, and why it went down, this will be a very good break in the case.
00:36:24I want to hear the whole story.
00:37:01>> Right now, the witness' information corroborates what everybody else is telling us so far.
00:37:05His story at this point seems pretty credible.
00:37:22>> He has no idea that we've been looking for an e-man, and it could be very coincidental that it's actually -- we are looking for a t-man.
00:37:34The forensics work and all the circumstances that we've gathered so far gives us a thry of how this went down.
00:37:40We believe it's a strong theory, but until we identify our suspect and put the rest of the pieces of the puzzle together, we're not gonna know for sure what really happened or if this is our actual suspect.
00:37:52>> Narrator: T-man may be the same suspect that sam coleman named on his 911 cal so detectives have to find out who he is.
00:38:13>> We just got a great break in this case.
00:38:15We've been trying to identify t-man, and a detective that works on our gang task force talked to a confidential informant and gave us information that t-man is travis jackson.
00:38:27So I creed a photo array and showed it to our eyewitness.
00:38:42He identified travis jackson as t-man, so I'm gonna get a warrant charging first-degree murder in the death of sam coleman.
00:38:51And I'm going to have our fugitive unit go out tonight to look for travis jackson.
00:39:04>> We're out looking for travis jackson.
00:39:06He's got a murder warrant for sam coleman.
00:39:08We've hit a couple different addresses -- nothing yet.
00:39:11But we're going to his girlfriend's apartment.
00:39:13There's a good likelihood that he may be staying there.
00:39:16We always take everybody with the same amount of caution, consider everybody armed.
00:39:21Hopefully, being that it's dark outside, we'll be able to sneak up on him a little bit if he's in there and catch him unaware.
00:39:28>> Doesn't look like any of the lights are on, so that's good for us.
00:39:31Let me get another look at that picture before we get out.
00:39:34All right, soon as I get to the back, I'll hit you and let you know, all right?
00:39:42All right, "b," I'm in the back.
00:39:44We're good to go.
00:39:53>> I'm knocking.
00:39:55[ Knock on door ] police! come to the door!
00:39:57>> I can see through the door.
00:39:59He just came downstairs and ran back upstairs.
00:40:02>> Copy that.
00:40:07Police! come to the door!
00:40:08>> "B," there's a female getting ready to open the door.
00:40:10I can see her through the glass door back here.
00:42:33Anuary 12, a massive earthquake ravaged haiti's capital.
00:42:36But there's still so much to do.
00:42:38Please, join theclinton bush haiti fund and other organizations as we answer the call to help haiti build back better.
00:42:45Thank you. thank you.
00:43:53>> We're gonna expand the crime scene to add the whole city block.
00:44:01>> A confidential informant gave us information that t-man is travis jackson.
00:44:07>> Police! come to the door!
00:44:08>> "B," there's a female getting ready to open the door.
00:44:13>> Put your hands up on the wall.
00:44:15Get 'em up. get 'em up.
00:44:16Get 'em up.
00:44:16Travis, I got a warrant for your arrest.
00:44:21All right, let's go.
00:44:24>> You mind if I come in and talk to you for a second?
00:44:29Be advised, she's giving us consent to search the apartment.
00:44:31>> It is not your day.
00:44:46>> They just brought t-man down here, and I'm getting ready to go inside, and I'm gonna interview him about what he knows about the murder.
00:44:53Our witness has already identified the suspect, so we're gonna see what he has to say about it.
00:45:00>> What happened when you got over there?
00:45:02>> Girlfriend comes to the front door.
00:45:04He comes out hands up.
00:45:05Put him in handcuffs, and we started asking if we can search the place.
00:45:08>> So, he's here?
00:45:09He's in the back?
00:45:10>> Yeah, he's in the back now.
00:45:115 ounces 38, and about $16,000 in cash.
00:45:18>> So, the gun is a .38?
00:45:19All right.
00:45:20I was looking for more like a 32 or a .22.
00:45:24That's probably what sam was killed with.
00:45:27>> But I think with the amount of drugs -- hey, melissa.
00:45:30>> What do we have going on?
00:45:31>> The gun and the drugs -- i mean, if taken federally, i think he's looking at probably ..
00:45:37>> Easy.
00:45:38Billy's gonna run back, try and interview him, and if he's gonna confess, I think now's the time.
00:45:44>> If we can get him to confess to the murder, we're straight.
00:45:47Plus the drug charges, we get a double whammy for today.
00:45:49>> The drugs are a bonus at this point.
00:45:50>> I'll take a look at this, then.
00:45:52If we can take it, we'll definitely take it federal and start working on him.
00:45:55>> Narrator: The gun and drug evidence found during travis jackson's arrest could allow federal agents to bring charges against him.
00:46:01If convicted, travis could serve up to 20 years on federal gun and drug charges alone.
00:46:56>> Yes.
00:47:23Travis jackson denies any involvement in the murder of sam coleman.
00:47:27He actually gave me an alibi that he was at the hospital that night, so it looks like I have a little more work to do.
00:47:34I can go to the hospital, and i might be able to find someone there that can help disprove his alibi.
00:47:43>> Narrator: Without a confession, the murder case will rely more heavily on the forensics.
00:47:47Detectives have three weeks to decide what kind of charges to bring against travis jackson.
00:48:02After visiting the hospital, detective thompson found no evidence that confirmed or denied travis jackson's alibi.
00:48:15So they review the evidence one last time.
00:48:17>> First of all, let's start out with our eyewitness.
00:48:19He's saying he was across the street near a set of bushes, so we're all gonna take a look at it.
00:48:24>> Okay.
00:48:24>> So, up on the screen, those are the bushes across brookland park.
00:48:27>> Now, thbushes that are sitting there on the corner -- that's where the witness is going to be.
00:48:31>> Okay.
00:48:32>> Now, as we spin around to see what he can see, that's the front porch.
00:48:37>> He's got a clear, unobstructed view.
00:48:39>> Yeah.
00:48:45>> What I think occurred is t-man sees sam in front of the r&s food store, and then it's on.
00:48:52At some point, t-man starts shooting at sam.
00:48:58And those are the shots that are heard by the eyewitness who's walking nearby.
00:49:05But the only place sam knows to get shelter is the house of willie mattox, so that's where he went, directly in the line of view of the eyewitness.
00:49:14Sam is running for his life.
00:49:15He reaches the edge of the porch.
00:49:18He's already bleeding.
00:49:19We know this because there's blood droplets in front of willie mattox's house.
00:49:26He runs on willie mattox's front porch.
00:49:29He's banging on the door.
00:49:31We hear it on the 911 tape.
00:49:32>> Man, I've been shot, man.
00:49:34I've just been shot.
00:49:35>> And then things start speeding up.
00:49:37He sees the guy coming up behind him.
00:49:40Sam's cornered.
00:49:40He can't go anywhere.
00:49:41He can't get in the house.
00:49:43He can't get back down the steps to run.
00:49:45He's caught on the front porch.
00:49:47So, he picks up the vase, he throws it at the suspect, and he " and then they're face to face, and that's when he shoots him and kills him.
00:49:58>> [ Screaming ] >> can definitely see the muzzle flashes at 3:00 in the morning.
00:50:04>> Exactly right.
00:50:08Our witness, on his own account, said, "it was t-man.
00:50:11I know him, and I've dealt with him before.
00:50:13He's the one that shot " >> but who is this guy?
00:50:17I mean, how do we actually know what he's saying, he actually saw?
00:50:21>> This witness knows more than willie knows.
00:50:23I think billy's got the right frame on this one.
00:50:25>> Well, obviously, before we can move any further on getting travis charged, what do we have evidence-wise to tie him to that murder?
00:50:33>> We got eyewitness testimony putting travis at the scene.
00:50:37We also have travis being identified by the eyewitness as t-man.
00:50:42We got the 911 call that sam made, and we also have stippling on the victim's body which shows that there was an intimate-type relationship between these two guys that sam would let someone get as close to him as the suspect did.
00:50:59They must have known one another.
00:51:01So, we have all those factors that lead to travis jackson.
00:51:04>> But what we have is basically a one-witness case, and we need more.
00:51:09We don't have enough to convict travis of this murder based on what we have.
00:51:14The federal drug charges is our best shot right now for keeping him locked up.
00:51:19It's probably in our best interest to non-process the murder charge, proceed on the federal drug charges.
00:51:24He's off the street.
00:51:26He's gonna stay locked up for a long time.
00:51:28And before we proceed any further on the murder charge, be certain 100% that he's our guy.
00:51:42>> We've decided to not go forward with the murder charges against travis right now.
00:51:47The case is gonna be non-prossed, and that means the charges of murder against travis jackson are going to be withdrawn, but at any time in the future, when we get more evidence, we can get an indictment through the grand jury and bring the charges back against him.
00:52:02The key is that with the federal case pending against him, he could be looking at almost 20 years in prison, which would give us plenty of time to really work on sam's case and definitely point the finger directly at travis jackson.
00:53:00♪♪ Woke up this morning ♪♪
00:53:02♪♪ got yourself a gun ♪♪
00:53:04♪♪ your momma always said you'd be the ♪♪
00:53:09♪♪ chosen one ♪♪
00:53:09♪♪ she said, you're one in a million ♪♪
00:53:12♪♪ you got to learn to shine ♪♪
00:53:15♪♪ but you were born under a bad sign ♪♪
00:53:18♪♪ with a blue moon in your eye ♪♪
00:53:20♪♪ when you woke up this morning ♪♪
00:53:23♪♪ all that love had gone ♪♪
00:53:26♪♪ your papa never told you about ♪♪
00:53:29♪♪ right and wrong ♪♪
00:53:31♪♪ but you're lookin' good lately ♪♪
00:53:34♪♪ I believe you're feelin' fine ♪♪
00:53:36♪♪ born under a bad sign ♪♪
00:53:39♪♪ with a blue moon in your eyes ♪♪
00:53:42♪♪ woke up this morning ♪♪
00:53:45♪♪ got a blue moon in your eye ♪♪
00:53:53♪♪ you woke up this morning ♪♪
00:53:55♪♪ the world turned upside down ♪♪
00:53:59♪♪ things ain't been the same ♪♪
00:54:01♪♪ since the blues walked into town ♪♪
00:54:03♪♪ but you're one in a million ♪♪
00:54:06♪♪ 'cause you got that shotgun shine ♪♪
00:54:09♪♪ born under a bad sign ♪♪
00:54:11♪♪ with a blue moon in your eyes ♪♪
00:54:15♪♪ woke up this morning ♪♪
00:54:17♪♪ got yourself a gun ♪♪
00:54:21♪♪ got yourself a gun ♪♪
00:54:24♪♪ got yourself a gun ♪♪
00:54:39junior, hey.
00:54:40Jimmy, how are you doing kid ?
00:54:42How many of these things we gotta go to, huh ?
00:54:44Brendan filone's mother at that kid's funeral ?
00:54:47The way she carried on.
00:54:48Freakin' manners.
00:54:49I just want you to know I always thought you had that right too.
00:54:53You know.
00:54:54Jimmy let me tell you something.
00:54:55Don't worry about what I know.
00:55:01I was just over to tony's house.
00:55:03Oh, yeah.
00:55:05How was he ?
00:55:11Maybe he's got hypoglycemia.
00:55:14Maybe he's depressed.
00:55:15What's he got to be depressed about ?
00:55:17He talked to me about it.
00:55:19Depression ?
00:55:22What the hell do you know about depression ?
00:55:24Nothing I'm just saying, that's all.
00:55:26But he's sleeping all the time.
00:55:27He's not taking care of himself.
00:55:29A lot of top guys have dark moods.
00:55:31That winston churchill, drank a quart ofrandy before breakfast.
00:55:35Napoleon, he was a moody jerk too.
00:55:44Am I nuts ?
00:55:44A day at the mall in mules and I'd be crippled for life.
00:55:52I told lilliana to put some giambott' in the microwave for you when you get up.
00:55:58Tony how are you fixed for sweat-socks ?
00:56:00We're gonna be right by the sports authority.
00:56:07Tony ?
00:56:10Tony I know you're in there.
00:56:11I know you hear me.
00:56:13Will you let me sleep ?
00:56:14Does your lady therapist know about this ?
00:56:16Maybe you need more medication.
00:56:18She already got me on lithium and prozac.
00:56:21What else you want ?
00:56:25This is not normal.
00:56:26For a healthy adult male to take to bed like this.
00:56:29I got a lot on my mind.
00:56:30Oh, really ? move over then.
00:56:33Those indictments are hanging over my head too, ya know.
00:56:39My best friend, pussy, has disappeared.
00:56:42He's probably freaking dead, okay ?
00:56:43This downturn started long before pussy bompensiero disappeared.
00:56:51If you want me I will be at the paramus mall.
00:56:55Getting your son a suit to wear to his first formal.
00:57:08Carmela c'mon.
00:57:09Sunlight is good for people, tony.
00:57:11In alaska they wear these little light hats in the winter so they don't get depressed.
00:57:35( music )♪♪♪♪
00:59:21Sorry, jr.
00:59:22Jun', the jackson street bridge was up.
00:59:25If you say you're gonna be someplace, be someplace.
00:59:30Junior, are you alright ?
00:59:32Pork chop boy was here, freakin' altieri.
00:59:34Running his mouth about the brendan filone hit.