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00:00:01Well, check it, please.
00:00:03Put it on there.
00:00:06(Rebecca) THEY'RE DONE? OH, GREAT. HOW DO They look?
00:00:07 they look good? okay.
00:00:10 of course, they're not cool enough to put the frosting on.
00:00:14And we're thinking, man, this is not gonna work.
00:00:17It's the homestretch. one minute left!
00:00:24 go aheadand do your thing.
00:00:29Mmm, that banana smells so good.
00:00:32Okay, we need three on the plate.
00:00:35Put them on the plate.
00:00:36Ten, nine, eight, seven.
00:00:40Six, five, four, three, two, one.
00:00:47Your time is up!whoo.
00:00:49(sighs) WHOO-HOO. YES.
00:00:52(murmurs) ..
00:00:59The children mending hearts undation has a strong commitment to the arts.
00:01:03So we asked you to step up to the plate and create a cupcake truly inspired by art through its flavor.
00:01:09Overseeing the battle today are our judges candace and florian.
00:01:14And they're being joined by our guest judge lysa heslov, founder of the children mending he foundation.
00:01:19Hi, lysa. hi. I amso happy to be here.
00:01:22Let's see what the judges say about what you've cooked up.
00:01:25Ivy, tell us about about your cupcake.
00:01:27I went with a fig and banana cupcake and then a cream cheese frosting with a honeydew melon glaze topped with waln you promised me three flavors here.
00:01:41I get one flavor of what you said, all right?
00:01:44And at the end, I get a wonderful banana- cream cheese cupcake.
00:01:48But this is not what I was looking for.
00:01:51I was looking for honeydew, and I was looking for fig.
00:01:53It just doesn't work for me.
00:01:56I felt like you didn't really attack the challenge today.
00:02:00I felt like I was eating something kind of store-bought.
00:02:04(Lysa) I THOUGHT ITTASTED REALLY GREAT, And I think you did a great job.
00:02:08Hi, rebecca. tell us about your cupcake.
00:02:12(Rebecca) WE WENT AHEAD AND MADE A BANANA Cake with a banana- cream cheese frosting.
00:02:17We adorned it with banana chip and kiwi, and we lightly swirled it with a blackberry-puréed honey.
00:02:26Weeem have a trend ing here everybody went with a banana cupcake.
00:02:30Again, this is a yum but I would have loved to haveseen you seize those ingredients and really incorporate them more into your cake.
00:02:39What we have here is a banana cupcake with a couple of extra ingredients as garnish.
00:02:44And I'm gonna talk to all of you very quickly.
00:02:46Kiwi is great when eaten fresh, but it cannot be baked.
00:02:51Kiwi just disappears in any baking.
00:02:53So it just doesn't work.
00:02:54Unfortunately, I don't feel kiwi at all.
00:02:57So it's a no to me.
00:03:01Hi, kara. tell us about your cupcake.
00:03:03Okay, so I thought what would bereally great and inspirational in this challenge would be to create a banana-fig cupcake and then to take the thyme herb and infuse that in a caramel and fill the banana-fig cupcake with it.
00:03:18And then I thought it'd be really nice to top it off with an italian meringue vanilla buttercream.
00:03:26(Justin) FLORIAN?
00:03:28This cupcake is so good.
00:03:29The combination of banana and fig is just perfect.
00:03:31The balance is perfect in your cake.
00:03:33 you really get the figs.
00:03:36It's a great cupcake. I'm missing one ingredient.
00:03:38With some other contestants, I was missing two ingredients.
00:03:42I love it, and I think you did a fantastic job.
00:03:49I just thought it tasted lovely.
00:03:51Thank you for attacking an ingredient like thyme.
00:03:55Yummy cupcake. great banana flavor.
00:03:58The buttercream was luscious.
00:04:00Good job.
00:04:01Hi, lisa. tell us about your cupcake.
00:04:04We were the only chocolate cupcake.
00:04:06So, I thought, ooh, we have a good chance.
00:04:09I used three flavors-- banana, kiwi and the blackberry.
00:04:17Unfortunately, lisa, is--is not good news.
00:04:21At the entire cupcake just to find out that I don't find anything.
00:04:26And to me, you're the first contestant here today that chose three ingredient, and I cannot even find one in my cupcake.
00:04:34He at the whole freakin' cupcake.
00:04:37You're kinda killin' me here.
00:04:39It is one of the moistestchocolate kes I've ever had.
00:04:42And I think, unfortunately, we have the chocolate cupcake as the star.
00:04:48Bakers, it's time for our judges to put their judging caps on.
00:04:54We'll see you in a minute.
00:05:00(Ivey) I WAS VERY NERVOUS, BECAUSE EVERYBODY Chose a banana-based cake.
00:05:04I thought, how are they gonna do this?
00:05:07How are they going to decide who goes home?
00:05:09(Rebecca) I'M THINKIN', OKAY, Kara's right in the forefront.
00:05:13At this point, anybody else may be going home.
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00:09:46(Justin) CUPCAKE MAKERS, Blending three very different colored ingredients together into one cupcake and making it delicious, well, that's the kind of tough challenge that cupcake wars is all about.
00:09:57Some of you baked up inspiring beauties, while one of you created a cupcake catastrophe.
00:10:09(Justin) LISA, You're done in this cupcake war.
00:10:15We lost! I couldn't believe it.
00:10:18I can't believe that we actually survived the first challenge.
00:10:23Okay, cupcake makers, we've got a whole lot more cupcake baking to do with you.
00:10:28The two of you who make itthrough to the next round will have to create an impressive 1,000-cupcake display.
00:10:35But first you have to prove yourself in this round.
00:10:38Now the judging is only half about taste.
00:10:41The other half is all about presentation.
00:10:44The children mending hearts foundation uses the image of a butterflyto encourage creative expression among children all over the world.
00:10:51So you're gonna create three distinct cupcakes that capture that spirit.
00:10:57To get you kick started, take a look at how these kids see a butterfly, and let that inspire you.
00:11:03Remember, in this challenge, 50% of the judges' score will be based on taste.
00:11:07The other 50%, presentation.
00:11:10This time around, you've got just 75 minutes to complete your task.
00:11:19(Ivey) I SAW OVER THERE A ton of beautiful, hand-drawn butterflies, and the colors, and, you know, that's when my mindstarted really turning.
00:11:30So the theme is butterflies.
00:11:33After the last challenge, we really need to step it up, okay?
00:11:36What I really wantedto do in this challenge is really let them feel from the heart how I feel about this dren's foundation.
00:11:42With the cupcakes, I'm just gonna take it back to things that I smelled and tasted back in our own household when we were children.
00:11:49I'm thinkin' pancakes, 'cause those are smells that I remember when I was a child.
00:11:54We came up with a buttermilk spice cake, a buttercream, maple, cinnamon and baconicing.
00:12:02We always had the smell of coffee brewing from morning to night in our house.
00:12:06We came up with a chocolate espresso cake, a coffee buttercream frosting, and we used french coffee flakes on top.
00:12:15 red velvet sounds great, 'cause grandma gave us some my grandmother always made the best red velvet cake.
00:12:21 my mother made it for us.
00:12:25And now we make it for our kids.
00:12:26We have to do the red velvet cake with the vanilla beancream cheese frosting.
00:12:33We decidedon strawberry cupcake, uh, with cream cheese icing, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing, and, um, the red velvet,the famous red velvet, with cream cheese icing.
00:12:46I think those are the three flavors we need so why don't we doa s'mores cupcake?
00:12:50'Cause I think it'sreally kid friendly.
00:12:52It goes with children mending hearts.
00:12:54Round, the firstcupcake that I was going to make was kara's sweet s'mores cupcake.
00:12:59It is a chocolate cake on top of a graham cracker crust topped with a marshmallow toasted frosting.
00:13:04So our second cupcake is our meyer lemony lemon cupcake.
00:13:09We have a fragrantvanilla cupcake filled with a homemade lemon curd topped with a lemon italian meringue buttercream.
00:13:15Our third cupcake is our sweet vanilla cupcake topped with a sweet vanilla frosting and our white chocolate sprinkles on top.
00:13:23My flavors were really kid friendly, which would convey the whole children mending hearts foundation.
00:13:29 uh, I don't know.
00:13:32Everybody's the team to beat.
00:13:37All right, my chocolate's gettin' ready to go in.
00:13:40MOVE FASTER, PUNKIN, OKAY?(Christiana laughs) Okay.
00:13:46Gotta be in it to win it.
00:13:48Will your butterfly-inspired creation take flight or crash and burn?
00:13:55You have 45 minutes.
00:13:58Oh, girl, 45 minutes.
00:13:59In between the batter, making the frosting, makin' bacon, I have to make and color these fondant pieces.
00:14:08We thought, of course we're gonna go ahead and put butterflies with fondant.
00:14:12These butterflies are gonna be so cute.
00:14:13(Christiana) YEAH.
00:14:17You need to melt down some chocolate.
00:14:19This round was about presentation, so I really had to make sure that my presentation was perfect.
00:14:26We've gotta do these now.
00:14:27You just squeeze the chocolate into the mold, and they pop right out, and they're perfect detailed molds.
00:14:34You've got 30 minutes.
00:14:4030 Minutes. that's allwe have is 30 minutes.
00:14:43Now we just gotta get these decorations done.
00:14:46So round two is, um, all about taste again, but it's also about your decorations.
00:14:51The paint palette is a sugar fondant.
00:14:53It's edible, and it had the yellow, purple, green colors-- something that kind of represents the children taking that paint and kind of creating that butterfly.
00:15:01Hey, bakers, go ahead and take your time.
00:15:04You got all the time in the world.
00:15:07And by that, I mean 15 minutes.
00:15:12How's it comin'? how much longer?two minutes.
00:15:16God, it's 15 minute.
00:15:23Okay, here we go.
00:15:28(Kara) WE WERE TORCHING THE MERINGUE On the s'mores cupcake, and if you torch it too close, the wrapper on the cupcake can light in a flame.
00:15:35So we had to, like, just kind of get it to just perfect, and we did just that.
00:15:40Don't turn the torch off, because it will not start up again.
00:15:43In essence,i'm still baking them.
00:15:45They're in the fridge,but I'm still working no, but we need to ice it now.
00:15:49Instead of just letting me think through the process of when I want to pull those cupcakes out, she was telling me to just go ahead and do it, 'cause she w nervous about the time.
00:15:59 it's already on.
00:16:01So right now. come on. let's go.okay, mom.
00:16:03Okay, I'm going.i'm doing it. I don't care.
00:16:06I began to feel a little bit nervous for what my mom was gonna do next,and I felt like I was 8 again.
00:16:13Wow, it looks great. you think?
00:16:15Let's eye the competition.
00:16:16I could not believe that we had everything done, cooled, decorated, made and ready to go with minutes on the clock.
00:16:22And when I looked around at the other two competitors, they were still struggling.
00:16:26No. no. no. no. no. no.
00:16:28High-five.high-five. sweet.
00:16:32You've got five minutes.
00:16:34If your cupcakes aren't frosted,they're not going to the gala.
00:16:38Let's go.this thing is not squeezing out.
00:16:39Come on. let's go. let's go. we can do it.
00:16:40I think we made it too-- ugh, the consistency, christi.
00:16:44(Rebecca) MY SISTER'S REALLY GIVING ME A hard time about my skills, 'cause this is the presentation round.
00:16:50I mean, it has to look great.
00:16:51 give me this.
00:16:54Move it. move it.move it. let's go.
00:16:56You know, you haveto work well under pressure.
00:16:58We're down to one minute, bakers.
00:17:03COME ON. HURRY UP. (Rebecca) I KNOW.I'M TRYING.
00:17:04I'm trying.
00:17:08.. put themover there quickly.
00:17:11Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
00:17:19Your time is up.
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00:20:33(Justin) BAKERS, YOU WERE ASKED TO CREATE Three distinct cupcakes inspired by the spirit of the children mending hearts foundation.
00:20:41Their theme this year is butterflies, and their language is art.
00:20:45Remember, this time it's 50% taste and 50% presentation.
00:20:50Let's see what you did.
00:20:51Ivey, tell us about your cupcakes. all right.
00:20:54Well, I really wanted to go with some of the top-requested flavors by children, and that's a chocolate cupcake with chocolate ..
00:21:03And a strawberry cupcake with cream cheese icing, and then it's an edible glitter over it.
00:21:08It really gives it that glam.
00:21:11And the traditional red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing.
00:21:14And with the decorations, I really wanted to go child's artwork feel.
00:21:18Lysa, did ivey's cupcakes give you butterflies?
00:21:23I think you did a great job.
00:21:24I think it's beautiful, and it's happy, and it makes me feel hope.
00:21:28Let me start with a positive here.
00:21:30I really like that you used the white molded chocolate.
00:21:33I thought that was a clever way to go.
00:21:35But unfortunately, I think overall, the flavors were very ordinary.
00:21:40If you're gonna go simple in this competition, it's got to wow us. and florian.
00:21:44The decoration is clever with the butterfly.
00:21:47I think it's well done.
00:21:53It's just, like, wow.
00:21:54The chocolate cupcake,just a stupid chocolate cupcake.
00:21:56There is nothing interesting about it.
00:21:59It's a no from me.
00:22:00.. yes.
00:22:02Tell us about your cupcakes.
00:22:04So I wanted to take you all back to my childhood and just some of the smells and flavors that just filled my household.
00:22:10It was so exciting first thing in the morning when I would just smell pancakes and bacon, so the first cupcake I made was a buttermilk spice cake topped with a buttercream, maple, cinnamon, bacon frosting.
00:22:24And the second one is a chocolate espresso cake topped with a coffee buttercream and adorned with french coffee flakes.
00:22:33I made a red velvet cake with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting.
00:22:39Lysa. I could crywhen I saw my logo.
00:22:42I'm so emotional.
00:22:43I-i love--i love this, and I love you.
00:22:46 in terms of decoration, I like it very much.
00:22:49You really took a risk here, and this is what the competition is about.
00:22:53And this one, to me, it's unusual, and it so, candace, did rebecca make you feel like a kid again?
00:22:59(Candace) REBECCA, I LOVE HEARING YOU TALK About your inspiration.
00:23:02Now having said that, all of these cupcakes could have used less time in the oven.
00:23:06I love that you went for it, and you went with the bacon.
00:23:08In this cupcake, I felt thatthe spice of the cake, however, really overpowered a lot of the maple.
00:23:14I was looking for the maple there.
00:23:16 thank you, judges.
00:23:19And, kara, tell us about your cupcakes.
00:23:22I went with our sweet s'mores cupcake, and it has a graham cracker crust with our chocolate cake and a toasted meringue frosting.
00:23:31And then we have next to it a nice lemon cupcake that has a lemon curd in the center on a vanilla cake with an italian meringue lemon buttercream.
00:23:39To encourage creativity, I went with a little crayon.
00:23:44And then on the end, we have a very popular sweet vanilla cupcake with a sweet frosting and rolled in some white chocolate sprinkles, adorned with the sugar butterflies.
00:23:53So, candace, what do you think of kara's creations?
00:23:56Well, I think this is trulyan inspiring plate of cupcakes.
00:23:59Visually, you've absolutely nailed it.
00:24:02The s'mores cupcake was genius.
00:24:04Obviously, kids and s'mores go together.
00:24:06All in all, I think it was a beautiful tray of cupcakes and would really celebrate the occasion perfectly.
00:24:11Florian? I'm just speechless.
00:24:13Technically speaking, this plate is just perfect.
00:24:16We've got a serious contestant here.
00:24:19These judges love her.
00:24:20Like, they wantto marry her right now.
00:24:21Great job. thank you, judges.
00:24:25Well, the judges are gonna put their heads together and come to a decision.
00:24:29We'll see you in a minute.
00:24:34You know, I tried to give myself a little bit of hope.
00:24:37I thought in round one, they loved my cupcakes.
00:24:41They know what I can do.
00:24:42So at this point, I'm just feeling uneasy, not knowing which way it's gonna go.
00:24:52For the presentation challenge, you were asked to take your grown-up aesthetics and apply them to a child's vision in the form of three cupcakes.
00:25:01It's hard to do that, as we've seen in one of your creations.
00:25:12You're out of the cupcake war. okay.
00:25:14(Ivey) WHEN I GET HOME, THE VERY FIRST THING I'm gonna do is add aupcake name to my menu, and that is "the florian stupid chocolate " there's a ri I can't believe we're going against kara who is just, like-- she's got her own cupcake factory in her two hands.
00:25:36you just can't.
00:25:40Is fight continues.
00:25:42IN JUST A FEW HOURS, CELEBRITIES AND V.I.P.s Will be packing into the children mending heartsfoundation's gala fund-raiser.
00:25:49And each of you are gonna create a colorful, vibrant, 1,000-cupcake display that will serve as a centerpiece for the celebration.
00:25:57Only one of those displaysis actually going to the event.
00:26:00(Kara) WE'VE NOW, YOU KNOW, MADE IT TO ROUND Three, and we're really excited, but then we've got this daunting task of making 1,000 cupcakes in 2 hours.
00:26:09To help you realize your dreams today, we've giving each of you a master carpenter to help you build-- hey, guys-- and four baking assistants to help prepare one fantastic cupcake display.
00:26:21You've got just two hours reate a centerpiece that will enlighten minds and open hearts.
00:26:26And your time starts now.
00:26:30How you guys doing? hi.
00:26:32I'm so glad you guys are here.
00:26:33We're doing 1,000 cupcakes,and we have 4 different flavors.
00:26:37We have two hours to bake 1,000 cupcakes, to make a display and to have them iced, frosted and ready to roll.
00:26:46We got you on fondant. we need frosting.
00:26:47We need batters.
00:26:49So you two on batters and you on frosting, how's that sound? got it.
00:26:53So I'm thinking definitely stay with the .. right.
00:26:56And I think it would be really cool if maybe we could make the tier in the shape of a butterfly.
00:27:00Just like five of these, you know what i mean? okay.
00:27:03And then cupcakes all over this.
00:27:05What size do you see your largest, the bottom has to holdprobably 250 cupcakes, so probably 4 feet. all right.
00:27:12We want to keep itreally simple and elegant it's not taking away from everything else.
00:27:16 I'll get started.
00:27:19And come see me in a bit, make sure I'm doing it right.okay.
00:27:21I'm justin. nice to meet you.hi, justin.
00:27:24Rebecca. christi. nice to meet you guys.
00:27:25I really didn't want something so factory-made or polished or so adult-like.
00:27:29I wanted to use somethingthat was as honest as possible for this challenge.
00:27:33The tier's has to hold 1,000 cupcakes.
00:27:34Got ya.
00:27:35Lots of colors, lots of sparkle, lots of .. okay.
00:27:38Really childlike. okay.
00:27:40And then I'm thinking mydaughter also loves butterflies, so she has wonderful paintings and pictures of butterflies all over my refrigerator.
00:27:48this? yeah. sure. sure.
00:27:50Get me the pictures,and I can blow them up real big, and we can just stick them right onto the display.
00:27:55I just wanted to incorporate something in the display that shows my family and my children and how they inspire me.
00:28:03Awesome. I love it!
00:28:14butter, sugar, eggs, dry, wet.
00:28:20Everybody's doing something, right? okay.
00:28:24We want butterflies, and we want brilliance, and we want it all in 90 minutes.
00:28:30(Rebecca) YOU GUYS, I'M GONNA GO CHECK ON The display.
00:28:32I'll be right back. keep it up.
00:28:34I run out to the carpenter, 'cause I had to check on the display.
00:28:37 I got something to show you.
00:28:40What'd you get?do these look familiar?
00:28:42Oh, my gosh! those are sky's pictures!yeah.
00:28:44We had your assistant e-mail them to me.
00:28:47I'm gonna take these.
00:28:48I'm gonna print them outon some adhesive backing, oh, my gosh.
00:28:53The pictures came through.
00:28:53Her pictures are really gonna besuperimposed onto this display.
00:28:57Thank you so much. I love that one.good.
00:28:58No problem.
00:29:00That should definitely go on top.okay.
00:29:02It just really made me happy,and it really touched my heart.
00:29:11(Rebecca) HOW'S IT GOING, GUYS?
00:29:13Tell me we have 1,000 cupcakes frosted, please.
00:29:15Cupcake makers, you've got one hour to make the world a better place.
00:29:20 take the top ones and the bottom ones out.
00:29:22 keep those guys in for about another two minutes.
00:29:28Can we just pick up the speed a little bit?
00:29:33oh, my gosh. I know.
00:29:37I mean, hello.we need more people on frosting.
00:29:51good news--i see a lot of pretty cupcakes.
00:29:53Bad news--i see the clock says 45 minutes.
00:29:58Kara, can I get your help?yeah. what's up?
00:30:01This meringueis not picking up.
00:30:02The meringue for the s'mores was not coming together, and I'm really getting nervous.
00:30:08It's not rising properly. okay.
00:30:09So we don't have any meringue, kaitlin?
00:30:11The meringue is not working, and we have nothing.
00:30:14 we are gonna " 8ñq', him, best.
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00:33:49So we don't have any meringue, kaitlin?
00:33:51It's just--it's not rising properly. okay.
00:33:54The meringue is not working, and we have nothing.
00:33:59 we are gonna " well, the problem is you need to reconstitute it and whip it right before you pipe it.
00:34:08We got egg whites. let's do it.
00:34:10Finally I was like, "kaitlin, just grab more egg whites," and got it done.
00:34:19Wow, that looks so amazing. cool.
00:34:33I see frosting flying, fondant getting cut and butterflies galore.
00:34:37We want it on your displays in 30 minutes.
00:34:40yeah, 30 minutes.
00:34:45Kaitlin, come here.check out the blue butterfly.
00:34:47Oh, perfect.
00:34:49Yeah, with the purple,it's gonna be amazing.
00:34:52My tier came in, and it looked really great.
00:34:54He did such a wonderful job on making these beautiful butterflies, and the color palette really matched the cupcakes.
00:34:59I thought, this was gonna be really beautiful.
00:35:03I'm thinking that our display has to literally be dropped out of the stars in from the heavens floating on clouds on a dove's back and landing in the studio in order for us to win.
00:35:22(gasps) LOOK IT. OH, MY GOSH.
00:35:24Oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? that's beautiful.
00:35:28I can't believe that's my daughter's paintings.
00:35:32I'm sorry. can I get a closer look?
00:35:37You like it?
00:35:43This means more to mebecause my daughter did it.
00:35:46She signs her name because she wants to bean artist when she grows up.
00:35:49So this means everything to me.
00:35:51I'm glad you like it.
00:35:55I think everything at oncejust really kind of fell on me, and I just lost it.
00:36:03Happy tears.
00:36:04Candace, florian and lysa's eyes, your displays-- they'll meet in 15 minutes.
00:36:11(Rebecca) WE NEED TO START PUTTING EVERYTHING ONTO THE DISPLAY. (Kaitlin) I'M GONNA WAIT Till ten and do this.
00:36:16It was definitely high-stress.
00:36:20We had to get these cupcakes on our tiers, pack it in, guys. pack it in.
00:36:27All right, we're sweating.
00:36:28We had pans and pans and pans and pans of cupcakes to load onto the display.
00:36:35I mean, our assistants were working overtime.
00:36:38Let's get the job done.
00:36:39Two minutes left, bakers.
00:36:41That's it, two minutes.
00:36:45(woman) OOH. (Kaitlin) OOH, MAN DOWN.
00:36:49(Rebecca) LET'S JUST THROW 'EMON. LET'S JUST Throw 'em on.
00:36:54(Justin) TEN, NINE, Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
00:37:05Time is up.
00:37:06(cheering) Yay, you guys. whoo!
00:37:11think it beats theirs?
00:37:15(speaking indistinctly) ♪♪♪♪♪♪
00:37:24bakers, you've gone head-to-head in brutal cupcake battle all day long.
00:37:31In this final round, you were asked to create a 1,000-cupcake display inspired by the brilliant work of the children mending hearts foundation.
00:37:39Now the fighting is done, and one of you must stand victorious alone.
00:37:46Rebecca, tell us about your display.
00:37:48Well, earlier we all talked about the children mending hearts foundation and how they inspire children.
00:37:54Well, my daughter-- she's 6 years old.
00:37:56Her name is sky-- an she wants to be an artist when she grows up.
00:38:01On our display is her actual artwork.
00:38:03My assistant sent your carpenter her drawings and pictures, and he superimposed it into this beautiful graphic piece.
00:38:10And I think it's a really great art piece for the foundation.
00:38:14I think it'll really stand out at the benefit, and I think it really complements the flavors.
00:38:19Hope you like it.
00:38:21Thank you, rebecca.
00:38:22Hi, kara. please present your display.
00:38:25In order to stay with that whole theme of creativity and inspiration and imagination, we thought it would be really beautiful to create a tier in the shape of a butterfly.
00:38:35And so we have four tiers.
00:38:37Um, we have the color theme, as well, within it, which is the yellow and the green.
00:38:41We put a little blue for a little extra color.
00:38:44When it all comes together, they're almost just kind of fluttering away, so it's a really, um, fun display.
00:38:51Well, our judges have a lot oftalking so we'll see you in a second.
00:38:58Even though I've got this successful business, I still doubt, you know, what I'm doing.
00:39:04(Rebecca) I'M NERVOUS, And I'm just thinking this is just way too intense for me.
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00:40:45Junior, run the numbers!
00:40:46>> On it, dad.
00:40:49>> Hrmmm?
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00:41:52Wow! Who knew?
00:43:29Well, judges, where do we begin?
00:43:32Two gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous displays.
00:43:35(Florian) IT'S A CLOSE CALL.
00:43:36I mean, both of them made really an effort to bring a great display.
00:43:41Kara's display, beautiful cupcakes.
00:43:43We know those cupcakes are delicious. mm-hmm.
00:43:48Each tier is shaped as a butterfly, which, I mean, you can't embrace a theme any more than that.
00:43:53I wish there was maybe a butterfly at the top, but just practically speaking, the tiers are all at exactly the right height for picking up a cupcake.
00:44:00We love to see that as judges.
00:44:02Rebecca just did--she did an amazing job, and her story is amazing.
00:44:07And it's really whatmy charity's all about.
00:44:09It just reallytouched my heart, and I felt myselfget really etional.
00:44:14Immediately what came to mind was all the children that I work with.
00:44:18She has been referring to her family all day long.
00:44:27And now she transported us, in a way, to her daughter, so the future generation.
00:44:38Well, judges, do we have a decision?
00:44:43All right, let's bring 'em back.
00:44:46Today's cupcake war was about more than just taste and presentation.
00:44:50It was about creating a cupcake display that can help bring as much attention to the great cause of the children mending hearts foundation as possible.
00:44:57Kara, today you proved yourself to be an artisan with cupcakes.
00:45:03Your flavors, your fillings, your cakes all received high praise from the judges.
00:45:09And, rebecca, the judges didn't like one of your cupcakes in the last round, but you did get much praise for your other two creations.
00:45:18So it comes down to this, how can you take your cupcakesand make them speak to a cause?
00:45:28Congratulations, rebecca.
00:45:29(screaming) TODAY YOU'RE THE WINNER OF "CUPCAKE " when justin called our name, I was just thinking in my head, my family, my mom, my dad, my daughters are-- for my sister's recipes.
00:45:45I was just really, really, really overjoyed.
00:45:49Um, you were reading my mind.
00:45:52A lot of the kids I work with have lost hope, and they don'tdream anymore.
00:46:00This makes them dream. thank you.
00:46:03Oh, lysa.
00:46:04(Rebecca) THIS IS HUGE. THIS IS BIG.
00:46:07This is bigger than any dream weever thought was coming for us.
00:46:11We dreamed for a storefront, and we got this-- the winner of "cupcake " rebecca, it's time to dry your eyes, 'cause you got to get these cupcakes to the event.
00:46:22Congratulations. thank you.
00:46:28Who puts cupcakes on a red carpet?
00:46:31(both) WE DO.
00:46:32This was just an amazing experience.
00:46:34I'm still in this dream world that we won right now.
00:46:39Is it like impoliteto eat this in one bite?
00:46:40BECAUSE, FOR ME,THIS IS ONE BITE. (Rebecca) You can eat that.
00:46:43It's edible. how do you like it?it's delicious.
00:46:45I do love cupcakes. who doesn't like cupcakes?
00:46:46(laughs) It's delicious. I don't play. all right.
00:46:49Thank you. thank you so much.
00:46:53(man) CHEERS.
00:46:55How do you like it?mmm. very good.
00:46:57Thank you. oh.
00:46:58(Rebecca) YOU SAW MY TEARS. YOU HEARD MY Battle cry.
00:47:01And I think that christi and I earned our stripes.
00:47:04We found out that this ain't no cakewalk.
00:47:07It's a cupcake war.
00:47:13This is "food network challenge" paranormal cakes.
00:47:14Four competitors are creating cakes based on a brush with the beyond.
00:47:19For the person who can make a great cake and tell a scary story, it's worth a cool 10 grand.
00:47:28Nothing is going right in our kitchen.
00:47:29stop saying things like that.
00:47:33Seriously, at this point, what else is gonna go wrong?
00:47:36YEAH, BRAIN-- (woman) GUYS, WHAT ARE WE DOING?
00:47:40(woman) THAT'S A LITTLE CRAZY.
00:47:44OH, MY GOD, THIS IS FOR REAL.(woman) IT'S Daisy.
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00:47:52Welcome to "food network challenge" paranormal cakes.
00:47:58I'm claire robinson.
00:48:00Everyone loves a good ghost story, and tonight four cake designers are gonna tell a story about their very own eyewitnessencounter with the supernatural.
00:48:09The competitor that can make a great cake