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00:00:02♪♪ Well, every day ♪♪ ♪♪Every day♪♪
00:00:04♪♪ Is so glorious ♪♪ ♪♪Glorious♪♪
00:00:06♪♪ And everything ♪♪ ♪♪Everything♪♪
00:00:08♪♪ Is so wondrous ♪♪ ♪♪Wondrous♪♪
00:00:10♪♪ There's more to explorewhen you open the door ♪♪
00:00:14♪♪ And meet friends like this,you just can't miss ♪♪
00:00:19♪♪ I know you're curious ♪♪ ♪♪Cuous♪♪
00:00:21♪♪ And that's marvelous ♪♪ ♪♪Marvelous♪♪
00:00:24♪♪ And that's your reward ♪♪
00:00:26♪♪ You'll never be bored ♪♪
00:00:28♪♪ If you ask yourself,"What is this?" ♪♪
00:00:31♪♪ Like Curious... ♪♪
00:00:32♪♪ Like Curious...Curious George. ♪♪
00:00:38Captioning sponsored byUNIVERSAL ANIMATION NARRATOR: It was a perfect day to just walk down the street smelling.
00:00:52(sniffs) So that's what George did.
00:00:57(sniffing) (sniffs): Ah...
00:01:06(sniffing) George's nose took him to all the best smells.
00:01:13(sniffs) Then...
00:01:17he reached Monkey Nose Heaven.
00:01:19Hello, George!
00:01:20It smells better back here, you know.
00:01:25Ooh! (happy grunt) George couldn't believe all those different, plain-smelling things could become an amazing donut.
00:01:34(sniffs) (swooning sigh) George was wondering what kind of magic (cat yowls) donut makers knew...
00:01:43when his ears got in the way of his nose.
00:01:45George's friend Gnocchi was locked in combat with her archenemy, the extra large, cutesie bow.
00:01:55(meowing) George didn't understand Tabby, but he listened politely.
00:02:00Ooh... (angry meowing) (chattering) Gnocchi was thrilled Ah!
00:02:09to be free from looking cute.
00:02:11George was officially a cat hero.
00:02:14(purring) George almost forgot he was smelling today.
00:02:24Chef Pisghetti's kitchen grabbed his nose.
00:02:28Chef Pisghetti's kitchen was like a... a nose circus. Ooh...
00:02:37Il mio gatto dolce!
00:02:39You've lost your pretty ribbon.
00:02:41(mumbling, humming) There!
00:02:45she's a-cute!
00:02:47(yowls) (purring) Welcome, Giorgio.
00:02:51How is your friend, cappello giallo grande?
00:02:54(chatters) (chattering) Oh, I can't play.
00:02:59I'm making a very special meal for famous restaurant critic, Sally Tessio.
00:03:06Ah. Heh. (chuckles) When she likes a place, business booms!
00:03:12So it's very important that everything be perfect.
00:03:15She has the delicate taste.
00:03:18SALLY: You said there'd be fresh bread! (chuckles) (deep voice): I don't see any bread here.
00:03:26Well, her taste is delicate...
00:03:29(chuckles): but her voice, uh, not so much.
00:03:35(yowls) (relieved meow) (purring) Huh?
00:03:43This hard stuff was spaghetti?
00:03:45Hmm, didn't smell like anything.
00:03:48Meow, meow.
00:03:51(grunts) (chatters) George wanted to replace his broken piece.
00:04:00He'd seen the chef put the rest of it in the pot.
00:04:03(sniffs) Hm!
00:04:05It didn't smell like much, and the steam coming out was hot.
00:04:10George had to be careful.
00:04:17(chatters quietly) It had changed.
00:04:22(chatters quietly) Maybe... maybe it wasn't just donut makers.
00:04:28Maybe all kitchens were magic.
00:04:31Here was a pot that turned crisp things into floppy things.
00:04:37Ooh, ooh.
00:04:39(chuckles) What else could it turn floppy?
00:04:48A soft, floppy egg.
00:04:51That'd be funny.
00:04:53(chattering quietly) Ah.
00:04:59Good candidate for floppification.
00:05:10(chuckles): Oh... oh...
00:05:12(loud chomping) Oh, this bread is pretty good!
00:05:17You didn't really make this yourself.
00:05:19Oh, everything here is homemade.
00:05:21I have the freshest, finest food in the city!
00:05:24And I'm making the special pasta just for you-- very mild, for your, uh, delicate taste.
00:05:33The great big onion looked pretty hard.
00:05:37(crunches) (crying) Uh, well, it didn't have to taste good, just turn floppy.
00:05:49(soft groan) If sugar were soft and floppy instead of grainy...
00:05:55you could chew it all day like gum.
00:05:59(chuckles) He put some sugar in the floppification pot.
00:06:07It disappeared.
00:06:08Well, this made no sense at all.
00:06:14(happy grunt) George was pretty sure the brown thing was a potato.
00:06:24(splash) (sniffs) Hm.
00:06:32Green vegetable bats.
00:06:43(loud clang) Huh?
00:06:53(chattering) (continues chattering) George explained thewholething to Gnocchi, including... how funny the floppy egg was gonna look.
00:07:07(giggles) Meow? Meow?
00:07:15(happy grunt) (sniffs) That puffy-making oven was evenmoreamazing than the floppification pot!
00:07:25(groans): Oh, my goodness!
00:07:28If Sally Tessio likes my food, she's a-tell everybody to eat here! Oh-ho!
00:07:34Wish me luck!
00:07:35(chatters) George wanted to show Gnocchi how pots make things floppy.
00:07:44(chattering) Uh? Oh.
00:07:55(yowling) (excited meowing) (yowls) (purring) (meows) (chatters quietly) CHEF PISGHETTI: What was all of that noise...
00:08:18(gasps): Oy gevalt!
00:08:22What have you done?!
00:08:23But I can't serve delicate pasta with the little monkey sitting in it!
00:08:28(groans) Eh! At least I still have this batch of plain spaghetti.
00:08:36George knew the chef would be happy with all the fun, extra things he'd turned floppy.
00:08:45Who turned my plain pasta into Crowded Spoon Soup?
00:08:54Somehow floppification didn't work on spoons.
00:08:59There isn't one cherry tomato in this salad!
00:09:03You promised cherry tomatoes!
00:09:09Well, I...
00:09:10Oh, don't... Wait. No, please.
00:09:13I... Oh!
00:09:15Oh! I don't like this at all.
00:09:17But it smells good.
00:09:19(sniffs) She was right.
00:09:20The longer that stuff stayed in the floppifying pot, the better it smelled.
00:09:25( slurping ) Do you know there's a cat and a monkey in your kitchen?
00:09:30(groaning) The monkey made the stew.
00:09:40Ooh! Quite good.
00:09:42But you said you no like it.
00:09:44If you made it, it's no good.
00:09:46But for a monkey, whoa!
00:09:49What's his recipe?
00:09:50Well, uh...
00:09:51Never mind. I've got it.
00:09:55Chef Pisghetti didn't scold George much, but he insisted George clean up the mess he made.
00:10:01(meow) Oh, you are lucky you got the four hands.
00:10:06You can do things twice as quickly.
00:10:09I wish I knew how you chose these ingredients.
00:10:15The green spears turned out nice and floppy.
00:10:19One hard-boiled egg.
00:10:25But the egg didn't look floppy at all.
00:10:29Eggs don't floppify.
00:10:31They get harder.
00:10:34A lot of cheese!
00:10:36Cheese becomes goop.
00:10:39Cooking seemed to have no rules at all.
00:10:42I'm done!
00:10:43You said there would be cookies. Please.
00:10:46This dish was excellent.
00:10:48What do you call it?
00:10:49Sudden Emergency Ravioli.
00:10:52And a meatball.
00:10:54Four stars!
00:10:55And another star for the meatball.
00:10:57I'll give your monkey a star, too.
00:11:00Oh! I'm so generous.
00:11:01Hot cookies coming up as promised!
00:11:11How did he make that into that?
00:11:16Maybe kitchens aren't magic.
00:11:21Maybe it's cooks who are magic.
00:11:23Gnocchi, how you can lose so many bows, eh?
00:11:27(meow) Any day that starts out just smelling...
00:11:36( sniffs ) ...and ends with a cookie...
00:11:41is a pretty great day.
00:11:44BOY: George is a monkey, so he can thdo things that we can't do.
00:11:48He put lots of crazy things in the water.
00:11:52Look out, George, that's hot.
00:11:53TEACHER: And we're going to learn about which materials dissolve in liquid.
00:11:59What does "dissolve" mean?
00:12:02It disappears inside water.
00:12:04TEACHER: So when things are dissolved, they pass into the solution.
00:12:07And so it kind of just looks like it disappears into the liquid.
00:12:12Which of the things at your table are able to dissolve in the water?
00:12:18GIRL: This is sugar, and I think it's going to dissolve.
00:12:22I think it's not going to dissolve.
00:12:29(laughter) Okay.
00:12:35Yep, it dissolved.
00:12:36Okay. So it was true-- it did dissolve.
00:12:39So that one person that said it didn't dissolve was wrong.
00:12:45This is cornmeal.
00:12:47I think the cornmeal is not going to dissolve.
00:12:49I think it is going to dissolve.
00:12:56It falls like it's snow.
00:12:57I don't think it's working.
00:12:59It doesn't dissolve 'cause it's too hard and a little too big.
00:13:03It didn't.
00:13:04Some things do dissolve; some things don't dissolve.
00:13:28Hundley was proud to be a dog who couldn't be distracted.
00:13:33His mind was always on his job...
00:13:39whether his friend the doorman knew it or not.
00:13:43(woof) Ah! Whats it, bo Hungry again?
00:13:46(whines ) (elevator dings ) Elevator's here.
00:13:53Good morning.
00:13:54(chatters "hello" ) It's a beautiful day. Enjoy it.
00:13:58Good morning to you, too, Hundley.
00:14:00( chatters happily ) ( whimpers ) I know exactly what you're thinking.
00:14:07Hundley was thinking that, with George out there, the city might not survive.
00:14:13Or, worse, become completely disorganized.
00:14:17Who knows what his hungry boy wants?
00:14:21Can I read your mind, huh?
00:14:23The smartest wiener dogs are always the most misunderstood.
00:14:31George wanted to take the Man with the Yellow Hat to see where he'd done his job... Chef Pisghetti's kitchen.
00:14:43Oh, Giorgio was a big help to me.
00:14:47He was especially good at cleaning up a mess.
00:14:51Well, he's had a whole lot of practice.
00:14:54(chattering happily ) Oh, I'm afraid I have no work for you today.
00:15:01( disappointed chattering ) Hah! You know what?
00:15:05My friend, Mr. Glass, needs help across town, and you would be perfect for the job!
00:15:13( excited chattering) ( inquisitive chatter ) Oh, George, I don't have time to take you across town.
00:15:20Maybe another day.
00:15:21( whimpers ) Well, I can take him there if it's okay with you.
00:15:28( excited chattering ) Oh, great! All right.
00:15:31Do you promise to be a good little monkey?
00:15:34Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
00:15:36( laughing ) The job is at the building my friend owns-- the Glass Palace!
00:15:42Now, like I told you, Chef, I need a window washer who can work way, way, way, way, way, wayup high without getting dizzy.
00:15:52That's six ways.
00:15:54Oh, that's a lot of ways.
00:15:56But, Mr. Glass, Giorgio's a great climber.
00:16:00He's a monkey!
00:16:03(chatters enthusiastically ) I need every window clean by 2:15.
00:16:10Can you do it?
00:16:14( chatters affirmatively ) Well, here's everything you need, and a cool cap.
00:16:20Now, window washing is serious work.
00:16:27You take your work seriously.
00:16:29I like that in a monkey.
00:16:34Never mind what people inside are doing.
00:16:37Don't be curious or you'll get into trouble.
00:16:39( chatters "Who me?" ) George promised to be good, but a little monkey sometimes forgets.
00:17:00It was hard not to look inside, but George concentrated on his work.
00:17:34Oh! He's gone!
00:17:36Where did I go wrong?
00:17:38I should've bought the padded hamster wheel.
00:17:47I never would have found you in there.
00:17:50Thank you, Window Monkey!
00:18:16Are you here to fix the lights?
00:18:18It's always too dark in here to read.
00:18:24Wow, what an improvement!
00:18:27But it's still too dark to read.
00:18:36(gasps) The whole world is so bright and clear and colorful!
00:18:43Thank you, Window Monkey!
00:18:50George was feeling tired, and there was still a lot of glass to clean.
00:19:03Then he found a way to work faster.
00:19:12George thought he saw a giraffe.
00:19:15It looked just like a giraffe.
00:19:17Could a giraffe live here?
00:19:20Well, it was possible.
00:19:22And that looked like a zebra...
00:19:25and a leopard.
00:19:26This had to be the best party George had ever seen.
00:19:30We have to ask Mr. Glass if he really wants the whole room this rotten color.
00:19:43George wondered if the giraffe lived here with a friend like the Man with the Yellow Hat.
00:19:51The giraffe and the zebra weren't saying hi.
00:19:55Maybe they couldn't see George in the dark.
00:20:06There weren't any animals here at all!
00:20:20This was an amazing thing.
00:20:24Shadows made animals out of furniture.
00:20:28If only there was a way to show others this amazing thing.
00:20:35(elevator dings) We want you to see how the new color looks before we paint the whole place, Mr. Glass.
00:20:45I chose that color myself.
00:20:46Everyone thinks it's a dull room.
00:20:49I want it full of life!
00:20:50But I don't know if this is exactly what you mean by "full of life." (gasps) George was thrilled someone was here to see what he'd done.
00:21:13People didn't seem happy.
00:21:15Hmm... maybe they needed to see it again.
00:21:25Now with the lights off or the lights on, everyone could see the same animals that George saw.
00:21:38Did you do this?
00:21:39No! That monkey must've done it!
00:21:42George had seen people this unhappy before.
00:21:45They usually needed some quiet time alone.
00:21:49Stop that monkey!
00:21:53(screeches) (whistling) "Monkey paints room. Human painter upset"?
00:22:11That's got to be George!
00:22:29That's just a bird.
00:22:30George liked his bird okay, but he knew he could make a much better bunny.
00:22:38It's a bunny.
00:22:42I want to talk with you, George.
00:22:53(car horn honking) George!
00:23:02Did you paint a room, you naughty monkey?
00:23:06I don't know how to thank you, George.
00:23:09Yes, I...
00:23:10Thank him?!
00:23:11Thank him? Thank him?
00:23:14You know, I would've thought that was a horsey, but, whoa, it's a zebra!
00:23:20Only a genius or a monkey could've thought of this.
00:23:23I can rent it out as The Glass Palace Jungle Room.
00:23:28George, The Glass Palace is always half empty, but with more special rooms like this, I bet the Glass is gonna be half full.
00:23:40Have a good day?
00:23:41Yes. George had a job today, and it turned out just great.
00:23:46(chattering) (barking) (chuckles) Hundley seems happy we're home.
00:23:54Hundley was very happy to know George was home, and the city was still working just fine.
00:24:04I think he's just hungry.
00:24:16GIRL: George is a monkey, so he cado things that you can't do.
00:24:21BOY: Like when he cleaned those windows way up high-- when he saw the shadows.
00:24:30My mom set up the sheet.
00:24:32The sheet is hanging from a rope.
00:24:35The sun goes down, and it hits the sheet and the sheet is white.
00:24:40If you stand betweenthe sun and the sheet you make a shadow.
00:24:47(laughing) GIRL: They're trying to make four arms.
00:24:50They're moving them like ♪♪ De-de-de-de-de ♪♪
00:24:53♪♪ De-de-de-de-de-de-de. ♪♪
00:24:59(laughing) The scene was all about her trying to water a plant.
00:25:10She was watering me.
00:25:10GIRL: She looked like she growed out of the ground.
00:25:13And then we had a funny tree chopped over.
00:25:17What you see on the sheet is different than what's happening behind the sheet.
00:25:26The head falls down.
00:25:27First you put the hat on the ball.
00:25:29Then, I put it on her neck. She waves.
00:25:38We can do tricks with shadows.
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